9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open


The only thing keeping the truth about 911 from reaching critical mass of awareness with the US public is the fact that many of the citizens of this country have so far refused to wake up no matter how many facts they are given.  The ten minute interview below with Rudy Dent, a 32 year New York City Fire Department veteran, is extremely compelling. The mountain of rock solid information being put out by 911 Architects and Engineers for truth is irrefutable beyond any reasonable doubt. Richard Gage is the courageous head of the 911 A&E group. Richard will join us on geoengineeringwatch radio this Saturday at 12pm PST for a one hour interview. 911 is the event that changed the course of the world. Along with the climate engineering insanity, the truth about 911 must be exposed. Each of these two issues will help to shine the light on the other. Each will help to wake the masses to the true gravity and criminality of what has unfolded around them.
Dane Wigington

911 Architects and Engineers for Truth

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  1. Brian Steere says:

    Because they do not want/are not yet ready to face their fear.
    Be aware that running away from one’s fear does not portray itself as such. It will spin whatever story protects it and assert it true over and above any ‘facts’. Have you any idea how powerful is the will in one’s own perception as opposed to how weake it generally presents itself?
    The reflections of the world can serve your awakening FROM what you took to be your own mind – or at least the thoughts you accepted true for you and have thus used as your foundation.
    One way of looking at what is going on is that fear – indeed terror – is exerting an increasingly intense suggestion of commanding allegiance to ITS agenda and you and I are obliged to choose whether or not we want to live within its agenda and base our lives on its assertion of power. In its own terms it holds the power of death, destruction, depletion and desecration – for it makes all things in its own image.
    But it only has the power we give it in fear of change perceived in terms of death, pain and loss.
    These fears are coming up ANYWAY – and the ‘world’ the mind collectively makes to try to keep them at bay is disintegrating.
    Waking up is not just to that the alarm clock is going off – but recognizing from outside the dream what that actually is as your own Call to Wake. So walk out of the dream/nightmare to the embrace and guidance and support of a dimension that one might call inclusive Consciousness rather than a world of mental displacements and separations.
    The alarm is not to be denied. But the use of the alarm to persist in the dream is a subtle deceit of seeming to wake up – but persisting in the mentality that IS denial, that is mental sickness in all its legion of personae and devices that defend the sickness.
    Change: you cant fit the new wine (Living Idea) into the old bottles (mental framework). The desperate attempt to do so generates the kinds of crisis we are calling upon ourselves.
    So if you choose you can live in a reality where SHIT happens and adapt to that as best you can OR you can decide that SHIFT happens by MAKING THE SHIFT of perspective within your own consciousness that realigns you to who and what you Truly Are – and not persist in asserting what does not and can never work.
    The demonstration and witness of this consciousness is what triggers the metamorphosis or shift back into a unified expression of Consciousness Knowing Itself through all its parts – rather than the grandiose adventures, discoveries and conquests of an arrogant ignorance fed with Life Energy to prevail over whatever any shifting aspect perceives as evil, adversity, opposition.
    Everyone plays their part whether they know it or not, but the awakening part is the willingness to live and love anyway – any way that you make your own because it is resonant with your core being. Love as a word is degraded and disinfo’d – so let love be the willingness to see and be that which is real in any situation. Life happens through you – not to you.
    Changing the channel is an alternate to compulsive fascination with horror, a channel of true worth shared is one from which it is natural and easy to wake up gracefully.
    Perhaps the destination is simply that which facilitates the journeying.
    Perhaps forgetting who we are is part of setting up the journey home. Why not?
    A judgment of evil tends to be that which we judge against with most intensity – giving it our power and energy in a presentation that then perceives itself as righteous – at least relatively so.
    Jesus story – not the disinfo of fearful separation interpretations of magical wish manipulation – speaks directly to human beings. Thirst for truth only rises in those who have been disturbed and exposed to their lack of foundation – or the adulterated and distorted confusions as to who and what they are.
    Everyone chooses what they in the moment define to be in their best interest, without exception. The key word is ‘define’. Freedom is at the level of evaluating the definitions that dictate our conception of our self, our perception of the world and our experience of acting in it. As you are no doubt aware the term freedom can be used for slavery. It is up to you to be clear or honest with yourself.

    How can you deceive yourself? Just watch the mind. Humans are expert at using deception to generate particular kinds of experience for themselves alone. We’ve been at it for millennia – but is the game of mind alone worth the candle?

  2. Thorolf Nyfors says:

    If that what hit the buildings were not any commercial jets loaded with people, then what really happened to the planes and the passengers? Did the also go up in nanosmoke as the buildings? Why is there so little told about all those vehicles catching fire and burning hundreds of meter from the towers?

  3. c.weatherhill says:

    Probably in a secure hangar in Diego Garcia, waiting for another 9/11 false flag operation.

  4. Laura Sutton says:

    Where is that ‘missing’ Malasian plane???? Why has the USA press been so silent about it? Google it…hardly anything in our press….??!!

  5. Christopher Bains says:

    And, STILL so many believe that it was done by al-Qaeda. It is difficult to believe your own government would do something so horrendous. The firefighters were not listened to, they were ignored, and so many died!

  6. Judi Brisse says:


  7. Lola Anders says:

    How many people have been deceived?

  8. lu says:

    Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

    Another false event:

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