A Timeless And Moving Message


In a world that is spiraling out of control, there are times when we all need to hear a short and hard hitting message of clarification. A message with focus, purpose, and great depth. The three minute video below contains just such a message. “The Greatest Speech Ever” is well worth the time to watch and consider. Our will belongs to us and us alone, it can never be taken, only given up. We must all unite in the struggle against the fading of the light.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Constant Walker says:

    Some years ago, while visiting Relatives in Salish country, this Old Man and the Old Woman were sitting with them one night around the Council Fire when a very bright streak of Light flashed over us and seemed to ‘disappear’ into the hills south and west of St. Ignatius.

    We all were pretty quiet for awhile. Then a Young Person asked, “What does it mean?” An Old Woman replied, “It means The Light is in the Bison Range.”

    Domesticated Humans, attempting vainly to act only in what are perceived as their own narrow interests (which, unfortunately, is the basic ‘message’ of this video), have lost The Light, the Tao, of our Kind. Infected with the “self” sickness that is the operating ‘mechanism’ of the immune-suppression regime of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, our tame Sisters and Brothers are unable to fulfill our Organic Function in Earth’s Living Arrangement as a component of Her immune system. So they behave, instead, in their relentlessly “self”-referential fashion, as ‘agents’ of the wasting disease.

    If there is any “struggle” to be made among them, it is not against the mere symptoms of the sickness. It is, rather, to get over the organically crippling and alienating affliction that is their own usurping “self.” It is to escape finally from the artificial confines of their fake “individual” ID, and to re-emerge into Her Living Arrangement as Free Wild Natural Persons coalescing spontaneously into the Free Wild Natural Communities that are the true Organic Form of our Kind. It is to recover, thereby, a sufficiency of the Living Virtue of Organic Functional Integrity to BE The Medicine Earth and ALL of us need to perhaps, (even here in its late terminal stage) arrest the “progress” of the wasting disease somewhere short of its otherwise soon-to-be DEAD END outcome.

    “Fighting” only feeds the tormentors whose ‘process’ has manifested here as this sickness. They have no ‘answer,’ though, for our ALL-together getting together to get altogether well.

  2. George says:

    Wow, well said

  3. Ria den Breejen says:

    Charles Chaplin, a visionary who, in spite of the many stones that were placed in his way, today posthumously again confirmed to us that evil is very stubborn and destructive – and should never be the content of human history. The confusion of status, money and power with the actual purpose of life remains a hugely abject affair.
    The “heroes” with the many zeroes (on their accounts) might intend to destroy as much as they can, may attack Russia soon with nuclear weapons, spoil the entire earth with irresponsible interventions, pollute the air (as we observe since many years), poison the water supply with fluoride and let their blood be washed (just like Keith Richards, also a junkie). But in the end they end up in nothing more than a noble and imposing, wretched tomb, (doesn’t matter if they are called Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kissinger, Bush, Obama, Gates or whatsoever) and the people will possibly later spit on these and may even destroy them completely, because these were some of the people who have destroyed life in an unspeakable way.
    Bringing these people to the show has no sense at all, because they are too sick. Psychotic lunatics, only trained to: Kill, kill, kill….!
    Rabble, riff-raff, scum.
    What did these people experience in their childhood???
    Only compassionate thoughts and loving understanding for each other result in a livable future perspective.
    “I alone can’t change anything” – think seven billion people.
    We should all go again in a mathematics course and finally become aware of our gigantic majority!

  4. Gene Maynard says:

    What a fantastic truth; Great! Great! Great!

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