Are Microwave Transmission Weapons Of Mass Destruction Being Used To Trigger Catastrophic Earthquakes?


Dane Wigington

Are unimaginably powerful microwave transmissions actively and aggressively being used as weapons of mass destruction? If all available evidence is examined, the logical conclusions are chilling. Understanding the full potential of the power that can be projected from the ionosphere heater installations (like HAARP) is difficult and complex. We all know and understand that microwave transmissions produced in our countertop ovens can heat a cup of water (or frozen TV dinners) at blinding speed. Unfortunately, most don't know and thus have never even considered (let alone investigated) what massively powerful and interlinked microwave transmissions can do to the planet. When immensely powerful microwave transmissions are bounced off the atmosphere (facilitated by the atmospheric aerosol saturation) and directed back into the Earth's strata (in a seismically sensitive location), the triggering of seismic activity becomes scientifically possible. The constant jet aircraft spraying of reflective and electrically conductive particles into the atmosphere (as part of the ongoing climate engineering/geoengineering assault) is a verifiable fact. Is New Zealand, yet again, the victim of microwave transmission super-weapons? There is a long list of shocking facts surrounding a number of recent catastrophic earthquakes. It is imperative to examine these facts without preconceptions or programmed denial. Let's start with the month leading up to the extremely destructive 2010 earthquake in Haiti, MIT satellite monitoring detected a radical increase in ULF (ultra low frequency/microwave) radio transmissions over the quake epicenter

Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti before January Quake

A French satellite observed a dramatic increase in ultra low frequency radio waves over Haiti in the month before the M7.0 earthquake earlier this year.

DEMETER’s is an unusual mission. Its job is to monitor low frequency radio waves generated by earthquakes.

Today, a group of geoscientists release the data associated with the M 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti in January. They say that DEMETER saw a clear increase in ultralow frequency radio waves being emitted from the Earth’s the crust in that region in the build up to the quake.

The anecdotal evidence of electromagnetic effects associated with earthquakes is legion. Various accounts link earthquakes with mysterious light and heating effects.

After the Haiti quake, the US military moved in and occupied the country. In addition, the long drawn-out Clinton Foundation reconstruction debacle began. The following year a deadly earthquake struck Christchurch, New Zealand. Many circumstances surrounding this disaster were also troubling. Did US officials know the earthquake was coming? Some excerpts from a report on the disaster are below.

Was the Christchurch earthquake a terrible natural disaster, or was it a terrible MAN MADE disaster?

9 members of US Congress were in Christchurch for a summit meeting on Feb 21 & 22 but left Christchurch 2.5 hours before the earthquake hit and relocated to Wellington even though the meeting was not due to finish until the evening of Feb 22nd. 

The US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was supposed to be visiting Christchurch and speaking at the summit meeting on Feb 22, but on Feb 18 announced she was cancelling her visit 3. The Deputy Administrator of FEMA (US Federal Emergency Management Agency), Timothy Manning, just happened to be in Christchurch at the time with a US delegation. 

All of the rest of the delegation left Christchurch shortly before the quake hit except for Mr Manning who stayed behind, and then after the quake hit he assisted with directing the emergency response.  Exactly the same thing happened with FEMA delegates with the Haiti earthquake.  In Haiti , the FEMA delegates just happened to be there at the time conducting training exercises for responding to major earthquakes.

Recent releases from Wikileaks resulted in the headline below:

Hillary Clinton Emails Show Advanced Warning of Christchurch Earthquake.

In the days before the catastrophic Japanese Earthquake (that occurred on March 11, 2011), world renowned research institution, MIT, yet again, noted extremely profound and anomalous atmospheric heating directly over the quake epicenter.  MIT published the following report:

Atmosphere Above Japan Heated Rapidly Before M9 Earthquake

Infrared emissions above the epicenter increased dramatically in the days before the devastating earthquake in Japan, say scientists.

They say that before the M9 earthquake, the total electron content of the ionosphere increased dramatically over the epicentre, reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck.

At the same time, satellite observations showed a big increase in infrared emissions from above the epicentre, which peaked in the hours before the quake. In other words, the atmosphere was heating up.

Though the science community is desperately trying to link pre-quake atmospheric heating to some unknown phenomenon of an atmospheric coupling with the pressure buildup in the strata, is this a rational conclusion? The much more logical and straightforward conclusion is this, the atmospheric heating is being intentionally created by the global network of ionosphere heaters as immense microwave signals are bounced off of the atmosphere and back down into the planet. Unfortunately, the science community is not allowed to even consider this possibility, let alone talk about it. In the period preceding the decimating Japanese earthquake, US Japanese relations were very strained. The post-quake scenario of US/Japanese relations seemed to suddenly be unquestionable, was there a connection? Was the catastrophic quake just a natural event? Or an engineered warning to Japan?

On the 13th of November, 2016, another catastrophic earthquake struck near Christchurch, New Zealand. The list of troubling questions surrounding this earthquake is long and growing. Below are some quotes from seismologist Anna Kaiser (who is investigating the latest New Zealand earthquake activity):

We don't know what we are dealing with right now but it may be … it involves potentially more than one fault … we need to figure out what was going on before and after the 7.5 magnitude quake…

Kaiser went on to say this:

We're working very hard … this is looking quite complex. The epicenter was possibly just south of the Hope fault, but it did look like "something else was going on.

The seismologist statements are only the beginning, there are many more concerning factors surrounding the latest New Zealand Earthquake that should be considered.

In spite of the unfolding US election circumstances, in the days before the latest New Zealand quake John Kerry first went to Christchurch, and then on to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. The stated purpose of Kerry's visit was to examine the effects of global warming and the record low sea ice, but this trip at this time was criticized by some.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to head back to New Zealand after checking out summer in Antarctica.

He's been criticized for heading to such a remote place while the US election riveted the world

He tweeted a photograph of himself boarding C-17 cargo plane in Christchurch saying "headed to Antarctica to see firsthand some of the drastic effects of climate change".

In Antarctica he was scheduled to meet with scientists and researchers at McMurdo Station, the largest research station of the US Antarctic programme, as well as visit surrounding areas on Ross Island, and the US Government's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

He is the first secretary of state and the most senior US government official to ever travel to Antarctica.

He is hosted by the US National Science Foundation, which manages the US Antarctic program me.


In fact Antarctica has just broken a new climate record, with record low winter sea ice. After a peak of 18.5 million square kilometers in late August, sea ice began retreating about a month ahead of schedule and has been setting daily low records through most of September. Though Antarctic sea ice (and global sea ice) are at record shattering low levels, why else might John Kerry go to McMurdo Station at this exact window of time? Could the ionosphere heater (microwave transmission) facility that is constructed at McMurdo be a factor? 


Noctilucent clouds in the skies above Antarctica are an ominous harbinger of the atmospheric damage that is occurring there.

Many are under the belief that HAARP, now labeled IRI, no longer exists Operationally due to the Gakona,  AK  spin. One must understand that these Frequency Generators are Globally Ubiquitous. There are so many that are of dissimilar designs, and go by different acronyms, it is not seen as functionally one and the same. In the case of McMurdo’s Radome and all of the Radar equipment there; Raytheon has had the contracts beginning to end. The National Science Foundation and Raytheon Polar Services Company are housed in the same building. For years the station has grown. It can house 1258 personnel and an average of 200 winter over. 

Raytheon is one of the largest private "defense contractors" on the planet, this corporation is also the holder of numerous climate engineering patents including some that relate directly to ionosphere heaters. The power structure is likely microwaving the skies for a multitude of reasons, none of those reasons are in the interest of the common good.

Shocking atmospheric flashing lights were filmed in the skies above New Zealand as the massive Earthquake was occurring.

Kerry returned to Christchurch from Antarctica, and then promptly (and conveniently) departed only hours before the catastrophic earthquake struck

The statement below is from CBS news.

Sec. John Kerry had left the country before it struck, and just landed in Singapore on his way to Oman when news of the quake was reported.

Is it just a coincidence that US officials always seem to safely depart quake impact zones just prior to the event?

Then there is this headline to consider:

World’s Biggest Seismic Testing “Blast” Ship – Amazon Warrior – Parked on top of New Zealand Fault Line

Is this just a coincidence?

Another point of interest, New Zealanders protested against US Oil exploration continued right up to the day before the quake. Then there was the conflict in New Zealand over the visit of a US warship, this story was covered the day before the quake hit.

The New Zealand Prime Minister's apparent apprehension about the US election results just days prior to the quake are also of interest.

Finally, could known massive oil deposits just off the New Zealand coast also be a part of the equation?

Microwave transmission signals/rings near Antarctica are clearly visible in the satellite composite image shown below.


The regions of New Zealand near the epicenter have been constantly assaulted with aerosols spraying and microwave transmissions.


The uniform ribbing of aerosolized cloud cover is a clear indication of microwave transmission exposure. Though some "official" sources try to explain this type of cloud pattern as being a result of the underlying land topography, this explanation is patently false. The same patterns are now regularly seen over oceans as well as land as is shown in the satellite photo below that was taken of New Zealand directly over the quake region.


The image below bears testimony to what the global power structure does to those that try to get in the way of their agendas and operations. This photo is of the bridge of the Greenpeace ship "The Rainbow Warrior". It was bombed and sunk by the French Secret Service in order to prevent the ship and its crew from witnessing ongoing illegal and unimaginably destructive nuclear detonations. 


Over 2 decades ago I dove alone on the wreck of the Rainbow Warrior, as it laid on the seafloor off the coast of New Zealand. I swam through the area shown above, around the ship, and examined the gapping bomb blast hole in the hull of the once noble vessel. I hovered over the wreck and contemplated the tyranny of those who rule the world. We are all at a crossroads, and the horizon is darkening rapidly. The power structure wields weapons of unimaginable destruction, they can only do so because of the order-followers that carry out their insanity. As the saying goes, "we have seen the enemy, and they are us". It is up to us, the people, all of us, to refuse any further participation in the insanity. It is up to us to fully investigate and fully face the whole truth. It is up to us to prioritize the fight for the greater good because we owe that debt to our children, to the planet, and to the whole. Make your voice heard, while you can, while it can still matter.

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  1. Longtime Listener says:

    Excellent article!

    And another epic installment of the Global Alert News Hour on this beautiful Christmas Eve Saturday, Dec 24, 2022!

    Thank you for everything, Dane and the whole team!  You all are bright shining lighthouses in the murky darkness, and most cherished!

    I can't believe we are about to enter 2023, it's a miracle we are all still here, who knows for how much longer. 

    With that in mind, never give up on the truth, it is the most important thing in existence right now.

  2. 2 California Earthquakes -5.8 & 4.0; Ultra Low Frequencies In Area – YouTube

    Published January 25, 2018

    5 Earthquakes Hit California: Is the 'BIG ONE' About to Happen? – YouTube

    Published January 25, 2018

    I'm pretty sure these are only a coincidence…

  3. panhandler says:

    Like it or not we are being controlled by computers. You may not be able to guess who's programmed those computers, but it could be your neighbor who works for IBM or Raytheon. We need divine intervention at this point since he or she has no idea what they're doing cause they're just doing their job. No one thinks anymore. Get in your car, start the engine and attempt to pull out of your space…. suddenly a line of cars keeps you imprisoned for what seems like an eternity. What about the grocery store? Wherever or whatever. Just when you think you are out of debt, watch what arrives in the mailbox. That's just the half of it.  Try to sell your house. Try to withdraw a large sum of money to pay bills.

    Let's talk politics – which is anything but political. The word politics comes from the derivative "polarity", "pole" or "polar" – as in polar opposites. As a "race" humans are being set up over and over again. It doesn't matter if it's the US, Britain, France or Russia, Africa – it's the end game, baby – because the media has been weaponized for the benefit of the highest bidder, hypnotizing the masses – it's always the highest bidder. At the other end of the political  spectrum we have what are known as no bid contracts, ain't that convenient? It is if you're the only one submitting the bid. Cheney invented that one.  All media is owned by the corporatocracy and is following an agenda that has our worst interests in mind. As a cult-ure we have never been more divided. As a civil-ization, we have never been more un-civil, allowing the bastard politicians "we" elect wide berth to sell their soul to the highest bidder. Money replaced the Creator and everything has been, or is in the process of being monetized "to the highest bidder". The footnote, it's all over for man and we're facing the end of the world as we knew it – think serfs and when paper currency disappears think slavery – working for food, shelter and "medical" "care".

    We are witnessing a theater of the absurd and an illusion of grand proportion. What we are experiencing however is dreadfully real and will get lots worse. The only solution may be a massive pushback that could involve bloodshed on a major scale. Why do you think the planet-masters and their elite minions have been building DUMBS for the last 40 years? The end is here and the distractions of reality TV, sports and ubiquitous entertainment prove this to be true. If that isn't convincing enough consider the fact the US has a reality TV personality as president with a colorful history no previous president could ever hold a candle to. Research it. The chem-trails are wearing down people's bodies quite effectively, and globally. This story is so deep, convoluted and morbid it could only come out of science fiction, but unfortunately it's science-fact. Science has replaced religion but they've both always been illusions in the first place. Unfortunately the new world inquisition is taking place before our very eyes in the skies above. Breathing deeply insures  that your body becomes one with the toxic plasma they're dishing up for humanity. Turn on your computer and bathe yourself in elf waves designed to wear out your nervous system. Many levels to play, many lives to lose.

    The best advice is to protect yourself and your family preparing for a global nightmare of epic proportions. We are looking at the worst future anyone could ever imagine in our lifetime, one that will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park. Don't pray, prepare. Think 2020 – 2025.

    • Professor Mark Alla'n Reese-dharm says:

      Yes. My own view is so similar you seem me! Glad you are celebrating intelligence whilst most others snooze. The root error of the villains is this: total absence of inneright. Sub human…what wise ancient Enoch channeled by Elizabeth Clair Prophet channeled…Enoch describes the fallen foes as “beast men”. They refuse to listen.
      And always know it all. Unfortunately for them their acts violate the Constitution. Each act is a separate action of fraud under U.C.C. worth 5 years in fed slammer and $5 fine upon conviction. Executive Orders of President are fraud. No such Power lawfully exists legally.

  4. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.



  5. Reviewing our 2013 photos in China, I see signature radiowave cloud formations overhead.  

    In Yueyang, China, there's a statue with a missing arrow.  Here's sending a flaming arrow package in defense of children everywhere.  Scroll down .

  6. Phillipa Holden says:

    Are you able to comment on the grid patters that have showed up with some quakes and after shocks, particularly in the US?

    Thanks for continuing to shed light and share this information.

  7. Linda Lee says:

    SaruG:  A great song…it needs to travel everywhere…thank you and praying for NZ…cannot believe how far the evil of the "controllers" is extending…God bless you and keep you safe

    The heart weeps for our Beloved blue-green planet that is so under siege by monstrous psychopaths


    • Professor Mark Alla'n Reese-dharm says:

      I taught with YALE…Psychopaths? Yes! Totally so…a research fact. BREAST-RAGE aka “Mom Rage” is the name of their type of psychopathology. Breast-rage combines a dynamic of Neurosis (bottom line: you must love ME and Never now…don’t you even think or try so;) the psychotic bottom line is similar to the facist m.o.: Let me do as I wish now with your stuff and you and you are rewarded with the gift of me…and that you accept my pain, on you because of me, shows me your love for me…and if you refuse to carry the pain I cause…refuse to reward me…I fuc* you up big time, fast!” In the Breast-rage Psychological behavior, the breast (or its representative) must be Got, Drained and Defaced to the degree nobody finds her attractive now…I am not inventing this crap…psychiatrists publish and I report the bottom Line: psychos are 4 times more in gov than in life at large. Hive minded, no reflection, root brain pretending to be men…sub human…mentality of insects, it seems.

  8. Lz says:

    Why is nz being targeted? What have we refused to do? Have we pissed off the elite or Washington enough for them to unleash that level of destruction?? Heard on 1 website its because Key refuses to resettle 1 million refugees.?  Cam someone shed light plz

    • Dale K says:

      BLOOMBERG: Tsunami Detected as Quake Strikes Off Japan’s Fukushima, Nov 21, 2016

      The temblor struck at 5:59 a.m. local time at a depth of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, which issued a warning for a tsunami of three meters (10 feet) for the coast of Fukushima and a lesser warning for the northeastern coast of the country. The warning is the largest issued since the aftermath of the 2011 disaster.

    • Mandy Winsloe says:

      We have kicked up a big stink about the TPPA … just a thought.

    • Andy says:

      It seems we now know the real reason behind John Keys unexpected resignation, My guess is he knew all along about all these events happening before they happened, Maybe Wellington is next on the list as this would explain his sudden retirement away from the Wellington area. I'm sure that very few kiwis would have read this article and even fewer would know of this website….Between Haiti, New Zealand & the Japanese events, there seems way to much US involvement & official people present and then leaving these locations just before the event to be mere coincidence

    • Michael Rogers says:

      Perhaps there is as much happening in other remote, small countries, The war mongers can understand how things work there, there's good access and communications as opposed to many others. that you're not hooked up with Russia, Cuba, Egypt means they can mistreat you without repercussions, what's the queen going to do?

      recall the joke: everyone knows it's there but no one cares?

    • Frances says:

      Isn't it because the NZ govt. wouldn't allow exploration of oil/gas in its territorial waters?

  9. kay says:

    Very informative article, Dane, thank you!

    I welcome anyone and everyone's opinion on this. Electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), which is created by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), et al, could it be related to or connected with geoengineering/climate mismanagement, etc.?

    I am plagued with EMHS, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, and have been for a very long time. Not knowing what was happening to me, I ultimately learned about EMFs and EMS April 2014 and have been keeping a daily journal of the symptoms/sensations and how EMFs are affecting me.

    I plan to go back now and with each entry in the journal I'm going to track the weather and atmospheric conditions for that particular day. I'm doing this mainly for my own curiosity. I only wish now I had kept pictures of the skies every day but failed to do so.

    I can't help but think that if everything is connected that electro waves, microwaves, radio waves, etc., coupled with the 'trash' in our skies are every bit responsible for suffers of EMS/EMHS. For myself I know that a change in atmospheric conditions does have an affect.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts about this issue?

    • John says:

      Does anyone else have any thoughts about this issue?  Yes.  I figured out the personal protection part of the equation over the course of many years.  Haven't yet figured out how to stop or even slow down this insanity.  There are two major types of weapons being used on people — burn weapons and HAARP.  My protocol changed to HAARP about seven years ago.  For protection use Brainwave audio (I recommend Kelly Howell's BrainSync) and clay packs and lead bags at night (protect your head).  At night I recommend that you play the MP3s over a decent speaker system AND earbuds.  Alpha waves for daytime; Theta at night.   

  10. Mandy Winsloe says:

    I live in Christchurch and have been learning about geoengineering over the past few years.  I feel angry every time I see those trails in our skies or unusual cloud formations –  of course the weather presenters always have a "legitimate" scientific name for them.  Brett, can you share any links/proof about the military exercise going on at the moment – I see now that it is under the guise of our navy's 75th birthday celebrations!  I did also think it was really weird that John Kerry was hanging around down here while the elections were going on at home!  By the way, everyone should know that Christchurch is still a VERY long way off being restored following the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes – I predict it will be 20 years before a visitor could come here and not notice that the City Centre and some of our Eastern suburbs had once been completely destroyed. 

  11. virginia says:

    This is a tremendously important piece, Dane, with far-reaching implications that are too fantastic and scary to contemplate.  Thank you for educating us.  I have long felt that there was more to the Fukushima quake and tsunami than met the eye.  Japan for months leading up to March 2011 had been actively supporting Palestinian aspirations  to claim their own state.  Japan contributed over 3.1 billion dollars to the Palestinians to recover access to water, schools, and for the re-construction of Gaza.  They also voted for an independent Palestine.  Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, after the disasters, all overtures from Japan to the Palestinians ceased and then Abe came into power. And that was that.  One has to wonder.
    Here is a heads up on another topic:  There is a petition that all of us can sign asking Pres. Trump to end the vaccine mandates, including funding, etc.  I hope all of your readers will sign this important petition now on line.  I found it on

    • Gordon says:

      also at that time the Japanese were providing Iran with support and expertize on their Nuclear Programs   maybe even refining weapon grade material at the Fukushima Plant.  – Nuclear Power Stations are so well built that no way a tsunami could ever destory one – the story the MSM has bullshitted the world with is far from the truth….. that more sinister events and actions were being played out as a message to Japan

  12. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    All the links of evidence seem to all join together here! Remember also during the 911 Attacks, President George Bush was in Southwest Florida, at an Elementary school reading a book to students. Like Dane has said many times in previous posts, how could the U.S. Military not be able to scramble fighter jets during 9/11, especially the attack on the Pentagon. Why is ISIS not being completely diffused? I once watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel or PBS, about Highly Sophisticated Devices that could produce under water earthquakes etc!

  13. JR says:

    From the SAG/SRM seen spraying of 11/15/16 through 11-17-16 El Paso, Texas this morning over skyline was black and ugly like sack cloth described in Scripture. Once the sun rises the color of these false cloud cover change color as if real clouds for the unknowing who may read this. I do pray for the innocent and gullible people in this tyranny of a so called Free Government of Democracy and Free Republic run by a Shadow Government with people of no character.

  14. Marc says:

    Fantastic article, Dane. I concur 100% with your speculations regarding the almost incomprehensible power and capability of the "machinery" now at the command of the Dark Side. These realizations are utterly beyond the comprehension of the vast majority of humankind due to their implausibility as it relates to the average person's understanding, or lack thereof, of just how far technology has magnified and complexified in recent generations. The madmen behind all this are hopelessly intoxicated with the capabilities of their relatively new toys. To commit what are essentially acts of war behind the disguise of "acts of God" (weather events, earthquakes, etc.) would seem like the perfect crime, wouldn't it? No obvious signature. No "smoking gun". Nothing that anyone can say for certain is an act of aggression attributable to a specific aggressor. This allows the aggressor to remain anonymous while carrying out unspeakable acts of destruction. But, we must ask ourselves, are there REALLY those heartless, conscience-less and soulless enough to deploy such abominably monstrous microwave technologies for what are arguably petty and/or selfish reasons? As if the whole goddamn planet, and all the lifeforms on it, were nothing more than a chessboard upon which to strategize and devise ways to "win". Who the f**k thinks like this? How is obliterating the Fukushima nuclear plant a "win"? How is blasting the holy f**k out of New Zealand a path to some kind of "victory"? How do we, the people, stop these monsters? CAN we even stop them? The same holds true for geoengineering.The geniuses who hold all the keys to the most superior and far-reaching technologies, no matter what the field of endeavor, would now seem to be unstoppable. Who gets to decide who will live or who will die in the approaching collapse of civilization? Who gets access to the bunkers? Who gets to jump off-planet to safe havens beyond earth?

    • Dennie says:

      We wouldn't "need" bunkers with these "people," and the many many many minions who just wanna go along to get along with the ones who make the decisions.  Tried to say that below.  Yes, nearly everyone is fine going along with war.  They don't even begin to understand what that's all about, really (HINT:  Most everyone does not have the consciousness many of us here do… got it?). 

  15. Marc says:

    I absolutely promise you that the reasons Kerry went to Antarctica have little to nothing to do with surveying the "loss of ice" situation. It is infinitely more complex and disturbing than that. There is a mountain of historical info detailing a very, very long relationship between the superpowers of the world and Antarctica, going back before the second war and thereafter. Antarctica is the "final frontier" for resource acquisition and more. Can't say anything more about it at this point.

    • horsegirl says:

      Absolutely.  Thank you for bringing this up.  Some years ago, concerned about programs developing chimeras to which Great Britain openly admits, we did some reading on Antarctica.  Significant – and easily available on Wiki – is its policy of "scientific freeom" crafted in the immediate wake of German takedown.  It's a free-for-all.  And Kerry proves himself among the very hatchet men betraying the colony to its future invaders.

  16. MS P says:

    Great article. Thank you Dane. Thank you Dane, for such great educational information. Thank you to all who reply, in sharing info. May we survive all this madness. ♥

    Earthquakes are so very scary. Italy sure has had a lot of strong ones too.  Perhaps to get rid of the the old historic cities? Erase history?

    To the people of NZ. I wish you the best. 

    People just do not get it. That the weather & earthquakes, are the WMD. This is just so crazy. It's  very hard to comprehend.

    I've seen conflict with countries on the news. Then they get a big earthquake or typhoon. The conflict stories, no longer are an issue. The M E countries,  is a good example of earthquakes. Along with all that  Dane has mentioned, in this article.

    It's happening more & more.

    We as children laughed at  N.Tesla, in school. That was the way education/teachers  had talked about the mad scientist. Who claimed he could control the weather, & split the earth.  He had the vision & the technology.. One hundred years later, we have Tesla technology. Cell phones included. Bernard Eastlund  worked on this project. He was from MIT. Old  1950'/60's books from the Columbia Broadcasting School were used to create this nano  technology. H A A R P Sold it to the military. Raytheon eventually did a lot of the  MFG. Once the contracts were created.


    On the topic of earthquakes. Over the years/decades. Since the early 1980's.  I  had noticed something from the Old Farmer's Almanac. There was a page, with info, that is now gone, the last time I looked. It was when earthquakes were most likely to occur. Moon rides High, moon rides Low, moon on Equator. 

    Explained as follows►

    "MOON RIDES HIGH/RUNS LOW The Moon is highest above or farthest below the celestial equator.As the equator wraps around Earth, so the celestial equator wraps around the sky. It runs in an arc from east to west, passing low in the south; the farther north one stands, the lower it passes. When the Moon runs low in the sky, it is the farthest beneath this equator. If you live sufficiently far north, it will never rise above the horizon at night. Similarly, the Moon will be unusually high in the sky when it rides high." ( Old Farmer's Almanac)

    Like clock work, the extreme big quakes, (M6+)  would happen about 2-3 days after the moon passed over the celestial equator. The moon passes over the equator about  2 x a month. Earthquakes were most likely to occur on the southern hemisphere, when the moon rides low & the northern hemisphere, when the moon rides high.  Both sides of the equator, when the moon was on the equator.

    So I'd look up the  O.F. Almanac when a big quake had struck. Sure enough. 2-3 days after the moon was on the  celestial equator. It was so very accurate.

     A few years ago, the book had changed. This info was no longer there. I can not seem to find the  moon's location info anywhere?  Go figure. It was so very predictable. It's now no longer available to read. Unless someone here, has this info? I have yet to look up next years book. I quit buying this book, once it had changed.

    The 1989 San Francisco,  1992 (Humboldt county) & 1994 ( Los Angeles County)  quakes; were 2 days after the moon was on the equator. Going towards Moon Rides High.  As listed in the  O F Almanac. I looked this up. Sure enough. it was accurate.

    The  1992 a major quake  (M7+) had struck the Lost Coast of California. A stretch of beaches, just south of Ferndale.Humboldt County. I used to live & work up there.  So I knew the area well. All along the coastline, the land actually rose up about 5 feet. Making the ocean look like permanent low tide. Rocks, just below the surface, of the ocean, are now  above the  water. Miles of  raised earth in a  big long ripple, along the shoreline. 5 feet tall. It went along the shoreline.  Rio Dell had  dropped the same amount, in elevation. As the lost coast had risen. A major land shift.  

    Scientists came to study this. Since nothing like it had happened. People talked about blue lit  skies & light beams at the time. It was the first time I had heard of this. The quake was so very strong. It had  pinned people on the ground. I worked a job up there. The stories were rather interesting. I was visiting  in southern CA when the quake had struck. 

    1992 was the year I had first noticed the SRM spraying too. Mostly when on the I-5 driving  between Sacramento & the grapevine summit. About 300 mile stretch of I -5 FRWY.


    When I went back up north. The 1992  aftershocks were very sharp. Compared to any that I have felt in southern CA. Including the 1994 Northridge quake. Which also had a big flash of light. Then the power went out. No gas, no banks, no stores. Since all was run by electricity. A couple stores eventually opened doing old fashioned cashiering. Only allowing a few people in at a time, to shop.

    So much  of modern life, depends on the power grid. Including the CA aqueduct.   If  the power goes down. We are on our own.



  17. Donna-AZ says:

    Unless people write down the word geo-engineering or climate engineering when approached, I think many would forget quickly, probably by the time they got home. I am having a lot of luck with business cards. 500 business cards-$13.39, 1 outdoor banner-$14.05, 1 yard sign-$13.39, 2 car magnets-$26.79, 10 postcard magnets $10.04 from (Not a plug, just happened to use them) A small price to pay for awareness. The biggest lie against mankind needs to be exposed. These crooks are stealing our rain, and their metals, and the metals in the rain we do get, are trespassing on our property, since it did not fall there naturally but was produced artificially (according to the 1978 Massive US Senate Document On National And Global Weather Modification, page 456)


    • MS P says:

      Good Idea. Perhaps post some info,  in the rant/rave part of craigslist too.  Lots of political junk there now. 

  18. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico. Around 2-3 years back over Las Cruces N.M. from the time of sun going down over city a green flashing light came over it every few seconds. This flashing light went on all night until rising of sun and because of light could be seen no more. It was the color of green as when you light a match (phosphorous) color I believe it's called, much SAG/SRM was going on throughout day at time. There is much humming going on daily in homes and buildings. If anyone recalls I also posted a while back with much spraying at another time and no clouds in sky and a dry like lightning covering the sky at night with no thunder afterwards. The rats from SAG/SRM spraying I'm sure were contributing to this cause as well along with cohort HAARP devils! With no repenting the word says one day we all will be held accountable….There will be no laughing then by the like, ha

    • JR says:

      We were bombarded today 11/16/16 with SAG/SRM, the air stunk like diesel fuel or the like and nose running like water with snot-much. The SOB's are having their fun but like the word says will pay one day, but not by my word-nope. The sky was occluded with rain like looking skies, purple, grayish and the like to the blinded, but we know all false like they are. These deceivers are full of them selves, so full of dung they must stink when they walk and talk because they are full of it! Goodnight folks, God Be With You All wherever you are in Your Walk…

  19. Paul Panza says:

    Your cell phone is part of the mobile phone companies contribution to Agenda 21. It is a weapon of mass destruction that reaches through three generations when used by a pregnant woman. Hard wired is the safer way to go. I even shield my house from my smartmeter as it also is a weapon of mass destruction.

  20. Larry S. says:

    I remember Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran in 2010 or early 2011 . Soon after that is when the earthquake happened .

  21. Larry S. says:

    I remember Japan had offered to enrich uranium for Iran in late 2010 or early 2011 . The earthquake was shortly after .

  22. This article was written shortly after 2011 by a Civil Engineer on the ground, during these events >

    • BaneB says:

      GodElectric:  Thanks for the link.  The last of your videos, all excellent, displays many of the very powerful radio frequency microwave transmitters located in so many nations around the globe.  To realize that these various entities are all in the same "business" of experimenting upon, and punching holes into the ionosphere, and in general messing up the earth's magnetic field protection against solar storms, is not a comfortable revelation.  The truth hurts.  And liberates. The images from on land and from Goggle Earth are a litany of insanity, though the madness is even greater.  The number of facilities in the US alone is staggering.  The weather is responding to the enormous tampering.  And the earth is staggering and weaving, the crust being set loose from its mooring.

  23. maam says:

    Excellent reporting. There are HAARP installations still operating on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic and
    Diego Garcia island as well.

  24. maam says:

    Excellent analysis and reporting.  There are HAARP on Ascension Island and Diego Garcia still in operation by joint UK and USA military.

  25. ron hall says:

    Just how dumb are most voters in terms of simple arithmetic?

    The USA is at least 20 Trillion(that's 20 thousand billion) $ in Debt!-and escalating. The largest debtor nation-state in world history!   Trump never discussed that.  Instead he wants to spend MORE $ on/for the Military Industrial Complex and cut taxes–the biggest cut will go to the wealthy, of course. The PRIVATE federal reserve will simply create FIAT(phony) digits as "money" based on nothing to fund this insanity until the entire financial system collapses from its own weight.

    We were all shoved through the "looking glass" decades ago. What is so pathetic is that these few words I just typed will cause most voters to  simply brush them aside, shrug their shoulders and continue to read the NY times and watch NPR. Karma is slouching on the horizon and it's heading for us. 

    • MS P says:

      Add the interest owed, to that amount. It can make a person dizzy. 

      I think about 7 years ago the reality went like this. If the US was to stop all spending/borrowing. Pay $100. million a day towards the interest part of the National debt only. It would take about 360 years to pay the interest off. 

  26. Deb Buckler says:

    After this last article, I am even more worried about the water protectors at Standing Rock. There are thousands of people there now and what a perfect way to get rid of them with a geo-engineered storm and flood. That way no one can blame the government and they can hammer that pipeline through since all the protesters will have been washed away. God be with us all. I feel like I'm just screaming and screaming inside.

    • BaneB says:

      Deb:  I can't provide you with a direct link.  However, if you do a search under Woodstock and weather modification, or Woodstock rain deliberately created, etc., you will find the descriptions of low flying aircraft spraying.  Many witnesses say these aircraft were creating the downpours to make life miserable for the hundred thousand of attendees.  One can we'll figure out how hugely advanced is the weather terrorism technology.  My guess is given winter is approaching, as someone else here has stated in an earlier post, to create a horrendous "heavy snow" assault upon the redressees.  Make life utterly miserable for those camping, and make entry into the area impossible for others. Fifteen feet snow drifts and 70 mph winds?

    • Doreen says:

      My friend, scream something powerful to stop this awful situation over mankind: something based on brotherhood, and love, being the way now.  It will be from each person's own mental "deep state" change which stops collectively this destructive force.  We have been for too long lead away from who we are by believing solely in our single identity and allowing it to wax strong by propaganda feedings which inflame the lower passions and desires to ever consume, and to flight for that right!  Now we have this deplorable condition we find ourselves in reflecting really only ourselves in our deep, dark selfishness as our governments.  

  27. Dennie says:

    M.I.T. also reported low-frequency activity before the Fukushima quake: 

    Was post-Fukushima Japan also the "guinea pig" for large-scale development of renewable energy?  M.I.T. studied that, too…hmmm:

    I believe I remember reading there'd also been a meeting in the U.S. about what happens in case of just such nuclear disasters, just the day before, in the U.S.; also, not long before that disaster we saw raised the limit of "safe" dosage of ionizing radiation that humans can withstand– we've evolved that quickly, apparently…? 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Having read much over the years about the nukes dropped on Japan, including diplomatic entreaties and demands from both parties, I came to the conclusion that the two nukes were dropped for more than the most popular official version "to end the war with Japan."  Japan was seeking to surrender before these mass murder devices were dropped upon two civilian cities.  There seems to have been a stalling tactic about accepting a surrender of Japan by US officials.  It's so odd and illogical, unless one considers the planner and creators had the rationale of war to WANT to do the deed to see just what would be the result of nuking two cities. And each of the two bombs was unique in construction and size/shape.  Simply put, this was as much of an experiment as it was "revenge."  Immediately after Japan begged the US for unconditional surrender, US scientists invaded Hiroshima and Nagasaki in droves. They were most anxious to see how their handiwork had played out, the destruction, the maimed, the sick and dying, levels of radiation, anything pertinent to how the "experiment" could teach them ever more about what these bombs were capable of inflicting.  And, as we all know, and indeed carry with us in our bodies the radioactive residuals from this AND the 2,000 other above ground nuclear tests since 1945, the various nations capable of the garnering and implementation of nuclear technology have gone on into our day to threaten all life on earth with extinction.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes.  I do in fact know this.

  28. sea says:

    I felt a quake in Aptos (Santa Cruz county ) this afternoon that has been denied by seismologists  here is the link to a brief commentary.

  29. Concerned One says:

    It does matter to all people. And it matters to all people regardless of where they live, who they vote for and what they believe. Our country should and must protect itself but my fear is that these weapons will be used to persuade agendas worldwide and will be terribly abused. There should be laws put into place for protections of people, animals, land, sea, air, water and space. It seems that because of the secrecy of these issues, those in power can just do what they please without any legal recourse. That is not only scary for entire populations, but it seems criminal to me and definitely not part of a democracy, but of a crazy, hateful, evil and mean Dictator. By that sentence, I am not referring to any one in particular, but for just one person or a few to have the power to be able to do this, is downright frightening. No one should ever be the victim of this heinous technology, and this is just what it is. Science should be used for the betterment of societies, not for destruction and used as lethal and invisible killing machines. Thank you for the info. As always, amazing and incredibly frightening. 

  30. Mario says:

    Something shook the San Jose / Santa Cruz area today . . . widely reported shaking . . . but the USGS says it WAS NOT an earthquake.

    • Dennie says:

      I believe that Loma Prieta was a test-run for targeted earthquake weaponry. When I hear about these devastating quakes in places like Chile, Turkey, Italy, Japan and New Zealand I want to KNOW WHO are the "people" who 1. GIVE the orders and 2. THE ONES WHO EXECUTED THE ORDERS.  WE NEED TO START RATTING and ROUTING OUT these A$$HOLES with the hot trigger fingers and NAME NAMES.  Also, publish addresses of work place and home addresses.  Now, THAT oughtta SHAKE 'EM UP but GOOOD.

  31. Seeing Clearly says:

    If you stack two rocks or more for that matter and you vibrate the rocks they slide they lose there drag or friction or whatever it's called they lose that so they slip and get hotter as well.

  32. BaneB says:

    Playing the role of God…  It's funny, really because science is in the business of replacing the mysteries of the universe with a natural cause proven in labs and by complex equations.  The term Is back engineering."  In order to do this these wingnuts have to take apart the creation.  Of course they will never put it back together as a viable functioning natural world.  These sociopaths cannot produce a new earth once they destroy the natural earth.  Weather control is a  military "force enhancer."  Knowing the mindset of these Luciferians, it should be expected their Raytheons (god's ray) will seek to induce earthquakes as a force enhancer.  This reminds me of the myths about Atlantis, and how her "futuristic weaponry" caused the earth to wipe her out of existence.  That is where these mad scientists and their military sponsors are leading the world.  Regarding New Zealand, a resident there by the name of Nigel Gray predicted six days prior to this latest quake that the super moon might trigger a quake there.  And he said the following:  "Also, geo-engineering is more likely to have success during this time and can be targeted on a specific area." I do not know his credentials, except that the usual detractor-personas labeled him a "conspiracy theorist."


  33. Seeing Clearly says:

    What A masterpiece of an article, I learned something from here . Making connections like this is healthy the probabilities of this happening by itself time and time again are virtually zero the power of frequency oscillations needs to be investigated more closely there are many videos  that show what frequencies can do like science experiments I also want to point out aerodynamics should be studied if you can disturb  a small region of energy in the atmosphere you can steer storms and all that type of stuff geometric shapes are a technique they commonly used to control the weather.

  34. Earth Angel says:

    Excellent information. Especially enjoyed the link to the otterwalks article about McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Who knew?..Noctilucent clouds look like something out of a DaVinci painting. Beautiful, yet frightening and other worldly. The abuse of technology is our downfall. I don't see how we come out of this mess. Live every day as best you can. I love all of you for trying so hard. This world has many wonderful people in it. Most of all I hate seeing God's beauty in nature destroyed. An unpardonable sin; I hope those responsible suffer unimaginably for it. Thank you for your tireless research and efforts to educate us Dane. We love you for it.

  35. LS says:

    Thank you Dane and all the other commenters that have provided so much information. I knew Dane would be all over this when I heard Kerry left before the quake. Bravo!  How tragic it all is. Why are these NOT crimes against humanity and the planet? The tentacles spread far and it is hard to imagine how this can be cracked, it is so deep. Today was one of the worst R/F microwaving days in awhile. It makes my eye ball spasm. My husband went up to the tower that we are sure is part of this and he said there is a humming sound/feeling,  constantly there. It is over 10,000 ft altitude. There are 216 solar panels and multiple propane tanks as big as buses. I never want to go back there again because the first time I was there 36 years ago, there was no tower… only a herd of about 30 deer. Science channel is taking nominations to acknowledge citizen scientists that are making a difference. Who has done more than Dane to save us all? I am definitely nominating him. Thanks Dane for all you are and do for all of life. 


    • BaneB says:

      LS:  Search out the huge Sutro Tower in San Francisco.  It is located atop Twin Peaks which overlooks all of San Francisco.  I watched it being built back in the 70's.  And at the time I thought it looked sinister with its three "horns" on the top, not to mention it was an immediate eyesore.  Still is.  I lived not too far away down hill. I had a scanner.  One day while fiddling around with it I listened to what sounded like two robot voices passing off to one another a series of gibberish and complex numbers.  The "voices" we're cold, mechanical, other worldly like something from an extraterrestrial science fiction movie.  I am sure the Sutro Tower is more than presented at face value.  And this experience was around 1972 or thereabouts so one can imagine the advances in this technology.

  36. Saru G says:

    Hi Dane,

    Some of us in NZ have known for a long time now, not only that we as a nation are being targeted by the world's elite, but also how and why. The earthquakes over the past few years (including Christchurch) have been designed to bring us to our knees. The oil and mining industry is deeply involved as our our own military. Especially our own government is deeply complicit and should be arrested! Anyway, I wanted to share with you a song I made a couple of years back when Statoil were here surveying off the north-west coast of NZ. The risks of these activities – including geo-engineering and chemtrailing – are just not worth it. Please check it out and feel free to repost. Arohanui from NZ…Saru G 

    Just ain't worth it





    • Marc says:

      Saru G, we have a force of evil unleashed upon this world whose existence depends upon humankind's complacency. Your song is awesome….many thanks for posting. Namaste, my friend.

  37. Julie says:

    Oddly coincides with the TPP. Great post Dane.

  38. Patrick Johannesen says:

    Thanks Dane Wigington, I'm starting to see more news about this biological warfare coming out on Facebook pages. I just hope that we can stop this before it gets too late. Certainly once you know what you know about this world, you really wish it was never run by money and greed. Is there any way besides spreading this news to help stop this insanity??

    • Doreen says:

      Yes, there is.  And as we do all we can on the outer, we must wake up and see the problem in its real truth also: that our own personal and selfish desires have created this mess which our governments now reflect.  We must stop and turn this around.  How?  By collectively changing our own inner deep state to brotherhood, cooperativeness, giving and living to benefit all of life, and radiate that out into the world.  

  39. Steve says:

    We have a summer home here on the beautiful central Oregon Coast, about 20 miles south of the NOAA Newport Headquarters.

    In the last several months, several of my neighbors and friends have noticed an obvious increase in white Homeland Security Vehicles along with multiple sightings of FEMA vehicles weekly, which is very odd, as we've never seen them in the area before, but dismissed it, because of the earthquake/tsunami drills earlier this year in June of 2016.  However, they have remained here in the Central Oregon Coast area, seemingly on a permanent basis now.

    A lot of concern about the Cascadia Fault Zone here in Oregon, but Dane's editorial brings to light "coincidences" prior to each event.  Will the Cascadia Fault "rip open" creating a 9.0+ earthquake during the new administrations incoming transition, in 2017?

    Read an earlier article & videos, showing the lights above the epicenter in New Zealand, prior to Dane's excellent editorial along with videos that were posted.

    All too coincidental.

  40. otterwalks says:

    Excellent article and comment thread voices with broad ranging topical levels of dialogue.  Bravo…!  

    While registered data was showing low Heater activity impacting the south polar region, the days leading to this New Zealand disaster show a definite uptake prior to it in the southern island. The proof of this ongoing Plasmic Assault is archived. It reveals the south island under siege. The Antarctic IR Composite animated satellite loop runs on one frame per hour leaving significant gaps in the data streams. Yet, these frequency weapons have been seen, yet again, actively inducing Synthetic Plasma. This experimentation, upon an active geothermal region, is purposeful. As with the massive Methane releases that are continuing to spread topographically, here, we have, the subterranean foundation being co-opted. The optimal conditions are preexisting for ease in R and D. The pre heated foundation, under geologic stressors is rife for coercion by means of these Radio Tomographic Waveforms. The process is simply the passage of frequency, exciting molecular and smaller forms of matter, gleaning the results of the process of heating; the expansion of extent parameters. The ripples, upon and below, a pond's surface so to say. 

    That is the below trigger… Now, examine the ionospheric/stratospheric issue. The Nacreous Clouds – PSC's – are intended products of this same agenda. They are the evidence of the chemical reaction which is Ozone Negation. This directly leads to the proven uptake in UV Radiation…!  UV A, B, and deadly C escalate with the diminishing of Earth's protective shield. 

    These agendas are all interfaced. There is no failure in them as any refinement is another step toward on demand weaponization. Awareness of GeoEngineering has given rise to the comprehension of the many, varied, covert operations that reside under that umbrella label. 

    There exists, a Global Future Weapons Arms Race, and it is escalating…! The populous, life on earth, are actuarial commodities. Life's value resides in a pathology imbued with a M.A.D. heedlessness.

    We are being exterminated…!


  41. David Kramer says:

    HAARP was on with 8M watts of power for 3 days prior to and with a wave length hitting Japan in full knowledge of the alignment-they magnified the intensity to cause the damage we now have. The NWO will do anything to disguise their agenda. With this one move they have poisoned one-third of the world. Radiation has been blown down into the US by the polar air fronts now forming blown to the East of the Rockies and across the top. Their seeding has intensified due to the discovery of the amount of damage they are causing. Since the range is so wide and our facts so scattered, we have failed to equate the total equation as our crops are covered, our water polluted, with our trees dying and the chromosomes mutating-the NWO has yet to be identified. BUT, the sources of these planes and chemicals can BE! You decide.    

  42. Rachel Robson says:

    Stunned.  I remember when the big one hit Japan that there was video and people reports of blue light in the skies.  And did I not see info earlier this year about a new volcano just off New Zealand?  I also think I recall that Antarctica has a smaller version of the aurora borealis somewhat like in the far north here.  But these noctilucent clouds there are so very weird looking, creepy.  

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Notice the very dark round object in the noctilucent photo.  That is one of those encasing shells that harbors inside a phased array microwave transmitter.  

  43. Brett says:

    Thanks Dane. We live in NZ. Few comments to add though: Admiral Thad Allen who led the response to Katrina and Deepwater Horizon Oil spill was also in Christchurch when the February quake hit. There was a large joint military exercise underway at the time. "

    The New Zealand Army responded to the February 2011 earthquake within minutes, due to a large number of defence personnel being in the South Island when the earthquake struck. At the peak of the Defence Force's efforts, they had 1379 personnel on the ground, 77 Unimogs transporting equipment and stores, and 47 Pinzguaer Light Operational vehicles on the move.

    Their support ranged from medical, logistical and planning, to engineering tasks, cordon maintenance, and forensic dentistry.

    The RNZN were also able to quickly respond to the 22 February 2011 earthquake, as HMNZS Canterbury was in the port of Lyttelton when the earthquake hit. In early 2011, the ship had been announced the core asset of a joint Australian-New Zealand task force for disaster-relief operations. As a result it was already loaded with much of the vehicles, supplies and personnel needed to respond to the event.

    Over the next few days, HMNZS Canterbury provided support to Lyttelton in a multitude of different ways. They set up soup kitchens around the township, serving over 700 meals to local residents. Its sailors also performed security patrols of the town, assessing any other needs that would have to be met, and guarding cordons around damaged buildings. When its supplies ran out, HMNZS Canterbury took an overnight trip to Wellington to resupply."(Source:

    Additionally there was a large seismic exploration ship owned by Anadarko Corp just off the coast and deals were done the same day as the quake. (Anadarko were also involved in the Gulf Oil spill)

    There is also a military training exercise underway in New Zealand presently with the NZ Navy and a number of international participants.  Quote:

    A fleet of international warships is bypassing Auckland's historic naval celebrations and heading for Kaikoura to assist with the earthquake response. Friendships were realigned with the US supplying helicopters for rescue.

    The fleet includes the first United States warship to visit New Zealand in 33 years." (Source: (Additional note interesting John Kerry Skull & Bones was here and the 33 years – probably just a coincidence lol)

    One further thing NZ has committed $20billion to defence spending and there is a weapons conference being held in Auckland this week hosted by Lockheed Martin. So all in all quite a lot of military activity happening here presently.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Brett, Thank you for your in person, there when, account of all things military!  Oh holy sh**!  When is enough never enough?!  Why NZ?  I get it about signing on for defense, I do not get the why but for the quake, but how does defense help that?  If that was pressure, I'd back away!  I mean, zap me/join you?  Wow.  Help us stay informed please.  Am I right about remembering a newly forming volcano near NZ?

    • otterwalks says:

      I was waiting for it; sure enough. Quote: There is also a military training exercise underway in New Zealand presently with the NZ Navy and a number of international participants. ——-

      So, a gathering to data mine the experiment..!

    • Dennie says:

      LOTS of "coincidences" re appearances of Principal Players at opportune moments in the drama, huh?  Wondering how the shareholders of Lockheed are doin' these "Ana-dark-o" days?

  44. Jhere says:

    Dane, thank you for addressing this!!!!! The information you provided backing this up is phenomenal…

  45. Dennis says:

    Glad to see covering some of the topics that make up the insane Orwellian nightmare we live in.


  46. JP Cain says:

    All I can do is pass your articles around & I have made a few believers , one of which is a pilot.  Wonder what will happen when the G5 waves are turned up on our population?

    Good work Dane, keep it up it sure is appreciated.

  47. Bob shroyer says:

    Excellent report, Dane. Is there and scientific report that

    gies into detail of how this energy creates an earthquake?

    Thanks for your work on this. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, more detailed information relating to your question is contained within the hyperlinks that are a part of the article.

  48. Susan Ferguson says:

    Manifestations of the earthquake preparations in the ionosphere total electron content variations / Alexander A. Namgaladze*, Oleg V. Zolotov, Mikhail I. Karpov, Yulia V. Romanovskaya / August 2012 / Department of Physics, Murmansk State Technical University,  / Murmansk, Russia
    Recent ionospheric observations report anomalous total electron content (TEC) deviations prior strong earthquakes. … common features of the pre-earthquake TEC disturbances on the basis of statistics covering 50 strong seismic events during 2005-2006. The F2-layer ionospheric plasma drift under action of the electric fields of seismic origin is proposed as the main reason of producing TEC anomalies. The origin of such electric fields is discussed in terms of the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling system. This theory is supported by numerical simulations using global Upper Atmosphere Model (UAM). UAM calculations show that the vertical electric current … flowing between the Earth and ionosphere over an area of about 200 by 2000 km is required to produce the TEC disturbances … Ionosphere responses on the variations of the latitudinal position, direction and configuration of the vertical electric currents have been investigated. … not only the vertical component of the ionospheric plasma drift but also horizontal components play an important role in producing pre-earthquake TEC disturbances.
    * The ionosphere of the Earth is no doubt an important part of the global electric circuit and is a subject to dramatic perturbations related mainly with geomagnetic and solar activity. It also reacts on going from “below” impacts from different processes like thunderstorms, dust storms, radioactive pollutions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. …There is no common opinion in scientific society on the physical mechanism that could explain the penetration of the seismic preparation processes’ impact into the ionosphere. … two channels of penetration are proposed: the wave channel (including Acoustic Gravity Waves) and electromagnetic channel. … We strongly believe that the ionospheric response on the pre-seismic processes is explained in terms of the electromagnetic channel …  … Convective transportation of charged aerosols and their gravitational sedimentation in the atmosphere as well as radon and other radioactive elements emanation into the lower atmosphere over the faults leads to increase of the atmospheric radioactivity level during earthquake formation. It also causes enlargement of the ionization and electric conductivity of the near-ground atmosphere. … such electric fields are required to produce the observed TEC disturbances. …vertical electric currents … between the Earth and ionosphere are required to produce such TEC disturbances.

  49. marlene says:


  50. Grant Jones says:

    Very good article Dane.  If only we can wake the masses.

    • Edward Palys says:

      This US election has exposed a huge chunk of the corrupt nature within the government as well as the real world powers agenda for the NWO. But, look what's happening now. All kinds of disinformation on why Clinton lost the election, blaming Russia for interfering, the chaos in counting votes etc. Clearly, the election was rigged from the start and people woke up to the truth that the alternate media provided. Also people like Wikileaks are the whistle blowers who helped expose the truth. The establishment is so powerful that they will not only quash the truth through their media, but secretly use mind control on people everywhere. We are living in a crazy world where those elite are hell bent on destroying the world and themselves. The powers have technologies developed that we hardly know about but can see happening. Nature can handle natural disasters, but cannot handle unnatural ones that these mad scientists are conducting. This is all happening because for GREED and CONTROL. One would think that evil people like Soros would have been offed a long time ago, but he's still here and going crazier by the day. We need many more whistle blowers to wake up enough people to stop the insanity.

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