Arkansans Against Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering to Host Dec. 7 March

Arkansans Against Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering (AASAGE) is hosting a march on Saturday, Dec. 7, starting at noon.
Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering (better known as chemtrails), is an issue of growing concern for groups like AASAGE all across the country. While groups like AASAGE continue to form around the world, there are others that take the opposite approach and work to debunk the chemtrails issue.
AASAGE is serious about its stance on chemtrails and is raising money to take its message to billboards in Hot Springs. It hopes to raise $2,200 to cover the cost of one billboard rental for a one month period. The billboard will display photos taken in the skies above the Hot Springs area. Click here for the AASAGE crowd funding page on GoFundMe to make a donation.
The billboard (click here to see the location) will also state claims about the dangers of chemtrails and their ties to illnesses related to heavy metal toxins routinely found in air, water, and hair samples all around the world. AASAGE’s goal is part of a worldwide mission to display as many anti geo engineering billboards as possible.
On the group’s Facebook page, founder Charles Thornton says that “Of all the subjects I have researched, the Chemtrail issue has always been met with the most skepticism: I’ve been scoffed at more times than I care to remember. What frustrates me the most is how blatantly obvious the program’s existence is.”
“Despite the fact that the proof is right in front of their eyes, most people dismiss the suggestion as unsubstantial. In order to get them to even consider the existence of Chemtrails, it usually takes a hefty volume of documented proof. This is not a particularly difficult task, as there is such a large body of evidence that not only proves Chemtrails exist, but also that the practice has had devastating effects on the environment and public health,” says Thornton.

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