Chattanooga Media Sounds the Alarm on our Toxic Skies


Credible media sources and people are increasingly speaking out about the all too obvious crimes occurring in our skies day in and day out. The undercurrent of awareness in regard to the climate engineering insanity is growing by the day. My most sincere gratitude to David Tulis of Hot News Talk Radio for his exceptional writing in the article below. As respected members of media from all over the globe increasingly address the critical issue of the covert climate engineering programs, soon enough the criminal spraying of our skies will be fully exposed and recognized by the public. Once this happens, the dominos will begin to fall. Populations will be furious when they finally realize they have all been sprayed like lab rats without their knowledge or consent.
Dane Wigington

Uncle Sky Stripes City On National Holiday; Should We Worry, Or Say Thanks? – And Response (5)

chemtrail steeple

Americans celebrate their country’s patriotic day looking up to exploding fireworks in the night sky. On Thursday thousands of souls in folding chairs and with snacks in hand crowded a downtown Chattanooga park to hear a symphony and to watch the shaking and streaming pyrotechnics over the Tennessee River.

On Friday, the hallowed Fourth of July, the skies over Chattanooga are filled with another symbol of extravagant might and bold report. But a symbol one scarcely bothers to crane one’s neck to observe. Sky striping. Sky tattooing. The dragging across the blue a stitchwork of white streamer that turns into exuberant agonies of cirrus-like cloud.

Nature under siege
Sky striping is not a mere incidental to our age of iPhones, electric autos, Tennessee Valley Authorities, environmental whoopings and jet travel. Sky emissions are vital to the so-called “war on global warming.” Sky striping is an official pollution intended, supposedly, never to filter down to Coolidge park or the sidewalk in front of city hall. The haze of nanoparticulate aluminum and other goodies is intended to stay aloft permanently, though coarser particles and the hazards of nature bring the dust to our nostrils, for better or worse.

Yes, the debate over global warming is heated and confusing. It is a theory that pits two parts of God’s creation against each other — the earth vs. the sun. The earth is at fault — nature itself is inadequate to deal with the sun. Mankind, by government power worldwide, is courageously intervening.

The fix is on and operates entirely outside a laggardly scientific literature about stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Academia assumes absolutely nothing has been done to armor up the higher atmosphere and make sunlight ricochet back into outer space. As practiced today, chemtrailing is an untested protocol under U.S. patents but lacking peer-reviewed study.
Uncle Sam’s marketing of “enmod” (environmental modification) works on two fronts. On one hand it proposes reducing pollution from factories, farms and autos which it claims add to global warming. The EPA on June 3 declared the U.S. will cut carbon emissions from utilities by 30 percent by 2030, enough to “prevent up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children and as many as 3,300 heart attacks by 2030,” Reuters says.

Separately and entirely beyond notice of Reuters and the Wall Street Journal is SAG, the nation-state’s official aluminum particulate spraying effort — a cloud-making program paid for on the digital charge card — to affect what policy wonks call solar radiation management.

Of course you are not surprised. Uncle Sam manages all kinds of things. Light bulb wattage, toilet water hoppers, auto manufacturing, bank loans for the poor, genetic material for biowar viruses. Perhaps its most magnificent claim to power has been upon the weather. The scenario of sky seeding for Uncle’s military interests is outlined in “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” a fanciful 52-page essay published in 1997.

From smoggy city to environmental city?

SRM is the weakening of the sun by artificial clouds such as those that tattoo the sky over Hamilton County, home to 345,500 souls, half of whom live in Chattanooga, once a smog pot but of late a mere haze pot. Since the 1950s,  places such as Southeast Tennessee have been hit by what British scientist Gerry Stanhill calls a “a staggering 22% drop in *** sunlight.” The causes are said to be “anthropogenic” — human activity.

But 22 percent may not be enough of a reduction, and so upper atmosphere aerosol deposits are being stepped up. Dates for the uptick of sky striping are unknown, but 2002 and 2010 suggest themselves. By my recollection, the sun has felt distinctly weak since summer 2013. Have you noticed what I’m talking about? Sunlight any more is mild, nonferocious, paltry. A neighbor, Doug Womble, a Soddy-Daisy logger and outdoorsy jack of all trades, says the sun lost its oomph three summers ago. That golden orb today, thanks to aerial munificence of Uncle Sam, is a sweatless wonder.

A day of spraying brings haze, a milky background against which even striking natural cloud formations from the hand of God in nature look pallid. Sometimes Chattanooga’s haze is tinged yellow, as if something were afire.

Another phenomenon in the city’s assembly line weather on July 4: The sun halo and the related chemical rainbow. In the Bible, Joseph’s coat of many colors tells of his father, Isaac’s, special favor of the boy; so, too, might “chembos” tell of the favor with which Uncle views his gauzy progeny drifting over the Tennessee River. Friday’s prism appeared at 7 p.m.

Beyond haze and halos, one more thing. Chemtrailing seems to make the air very dry, as if a desiccant has been sprinkled across the giant bowl embracing the city. Geoengineering by policy alters the planetary winds and hydrological cycles, acting as a drying agent, reports indicate. National news coverage Friday tells of the West Coast’s four-year drought and whether New Mexico counties would allow fireworks when ground “is so dry that the grass crunches under the hooves of horses and cattle.” Some gain, some sufer. A crosshatch of 300 jet trails over the Pacific coast causes a drought in the plains and a deluge in New York.

My patriotism stirs
It’s July 4. All across Chattanooga on the national birthday planes deposit white trails at 45,000 feet, a local private pilot tells me. One jet flies over my workplace in Hixson and lays a cloud that in two hours billows out into a real cloud. A man calls to say downtown is grandly criss-crossed.

At 5 p.m. I go with family to a church picnic in Brainerd. We eat inside and afterward horse around in the yard in such delights as three-legged races and egg tosses. A jet streams directly overhead and lays a white cloud that seems to drip cloudlets from the main stream, like a white cake batter on a plastic spoon handle.

Local economy in suspension?

Sky hacking is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. One part of government seems to know nothing about what another arm is doing. In Hamilton County, pollution watchdogs as policy disregard readings of aluminum, strontium and barium as mere traces, regularly in the air you breathe. Schizophrenia marks a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration report that strongly suggests chemtrail results but leads readers into a conceptual void. The paper says a “recent increase in the abundance of particles high in the atmosphere has offset about a third of the current climate warming influence of carbon dioxide (CO2) change during the past decade,” NOAA notes in an essay in Science (2011).

In the stratosphere, miles above Earth’s surface, small, airborne particles reflect sunlight back into space, which leads to a cooling influence at the ground. These particles are also called “aerosols,” and the new paper explores their recent climate effects — the reasons behind their increase remain the subject of ongoing research. *** The reasons for the 10-year increase in stratospheric aerosols are not fully understood and are the subject of ongoing research, says coauthor Ryan Neely ***.  [Italics mine]

Press reports and the scientific literature suggest the government operates in self-contradictory fashion, with an unknown agenda behind the official but secret program. Was the NOAA paper the best warning its anxious staff dared make?

Our options are limited

My exploration of  government intervention raises three questions. What do these trails mean for human health in one Southern city? Can we protect ourselves or undo damage already done to our health? Can we hold the good people in Washington to account?

— Chattanooga health prospects? Negative. Chatter magazine gives a two-page color spread showing the city’s haze from atop Lookout Mountain and ascribes the mist to pollen. You can do better than that. Heavy metals are associated with skyrocketing incidences of Alzheimer’s, ALS and autism, which could arise from human absorption of aluminum particles existing near the atomic scale. If we accept at least the possibility that Uncle is looking out for No. 1 and that geoengineering is old school, we will be able to focus on the program as a threat.

— Draw metals from your body? Yes. Contact your local supplements supplier to learn about oral chelation. Chelation is a therapy for the body to draw from it metals poisoning. My supplier tells me he has a mix of four supplements to undo neurological damage from metals. The cost is about $200 for a year’s treatment that lasts three months.
Holding government to account? Can’t do it. Sky striping may pretend to save the planet by deflecting sunlight, but it also is causing planetary harms I overlook here. For us as victims, it is a mass tort, a public nuisance, a pollution imposed without tests or consent upon a population kept in the dark. Until a criminal category of aggravated battery by toxic chemical is developed (as suggested by Florida attorney Ralph Behr), we have weak legal remedies. One could petition for a civil order of abatement of a public nuisance. If the plaintiff is a minor, the case would be firmly in Hamilton County chancery court jurisdiction. The defendant would a U.S. agency operating over Hamilton County. But which organization? The U.S. Air Force? EPA? Suing the local pollution control board would be useless, as it denies any jurisdiction over aircraft.

The government’s defense? It’s unbreakable. Sky striping is in military jurisdiction, serving a compelling state interest. The public interest, remember, is not identical to state interest. The state has no alternative by which it can accomplish its public policy goals (and, perhaps, the goals of the deep state and its minders, parties whose role would never appear in public court). Sky hacking will go on.

Court of public opinion
What about publicity? Protests? What about public hearings such as that held June 26 in Kingman, Ariz.? Happily, public noise and political interference are growing worldwide. You should learn more by visiting the website of a leading greenie, Dane Wigington. The site is Activists should make a ruckus. Journalists should stop kow-towing to government and press a great story.

If nothing else, the existence of geo-engineering should make us despair entirely of the U.S. government, lead us to understand we look to it for no benefit or salvation of any kind, whether it’s an SBA loan or a college freebie. Its mix of malice and bad faith in geo-engineering seems inexhaustible, and we should studiously ignore the federal power’s every glory. Still, honorable people are on the front line of the program. They have taken criminally enforceable confidentiality oaths to not talk, but they are all well paid and will get treasury department direct deposits when they retire. Pilots, flight crews, mechanics, contract managers, supply chain overseers, airport tower operators — all have a stake in saving the planet, and so act in honor and good faith. These people cannot help us — except if one by a sense of fair play is driven to spring a leak.

I await revelations within the next two years from Edward Snowden about how SAG operates. Until then, let’s do what we can.

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28 Responses to Chattanooga Media Sounds the Alarm on our Toxic Skies

  1. carolyn says:

    Its time to spread the word and take on our government,f**k them assholes,they no exactly what there doing its called population control,our government makes these diseases for that f**k them,our government is our enemy.don't trust the government .there not for us there for themselves.

  2. george says:

    I called the local authorities in Tenn. about the spraying and 45 minutes later got a call from homeland security. Gee whiz, fellas, cool out. I only asked what all the planes were doing. Hmmm.

  3. steve whitt says:

    those fibrous particles and the hexagon plates associated with morgellons are truly bizarre,, Clifford carnicon is studying them, if you look him up,, he needs help. I remember 35 years ago while I was sitting at my school desk,, thinking as I learned about history, that I was brought to a planet full of psychopaths,, but im starting to think its much worse than that,,.who are these people ????

  4. steve says:

    a very important point,, I see an American senator being questioned about chemtrails, who flatly denied their existence,,, I am hoping he will be the first to be stripped of his bonus, pensions and will look forward to seeing him in the dole que and the soup line,. It will come to a tipping point but boy people need to realize that very point you made. Thankyou,, I wish every body well

  5. Sandy Shore says:

    This article is the first expression of truth in media that I have seen on the topic of geoengineering since witnessing the first chemtrail crossing the sky. I only wish this was presented in a national publication, but I still applaud your effort to enlighten and I will share this on Facebook as there are multitudes that need to be introduced to this unfortunate reality.

  6. JR says:

    Hey Steve; I posted on other article on UV rays on this page for a must watch dvd called “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”. This must be happening in Michigan where I believe a private water company is putting the clamps down on the poor people who live there not able to pay water bills. In this country private corporations are already running water systems in it for control and money of course. I hope people open up eyes and ears believing they may have it made and it’s someone else problem and does not affect us as whole. Also Sunshine, remember that 1/3 of angels were cast out of Heaven with Lucifer who can transform as shining light and deceive many and be followers of it. Rebuke it in the name of the Lord and it will flee. We must be strong, no if and or buts….

  7. Southernbelle says:

    On July 4th 2014 we were completely covered up by chem trails by 12 noon in Columbus, NC. They seem to fan out and fall faster now. The 4th is a day when everyone is outside with their families. It does make you wonder about the real agenda for this. God help us all if this continues.

  8. Steve says:

    Hey JR, thanks so much for your godly encouragement! I often wonder about the pilots and crew of the planes spewing the nanoparticles. Commercial flights are doing it as well, not just military. Undoubtedly the spraying equipment on civilian airliners is remote controlled via satellite, but the crews must still be aware of what is going on. Everytime I see the trails overhead, I say a prayer that they will be convicted in their spirits to become whistleblowers, and that their consciences are NOT “seared as with a hot iron” Here’s a little tune about spiritual origins and consequences of chemtrails:

  9. sunshine says:

    You are assuming that they are human. There are many theories about why they do it, that they are terraforming the planet to make it more like their home world, that they are actually human but are doing this to kill us all off while they go hide in underground bases, or they are just demons controlling human bodies. Who knows? Whatever the reason, if we don’t stop it, we are dead. We can hope that God will get them in the end or we can get them ourselves. Either way, what do we have to lose? They are killing us and we will die either way. Think about it!

  10. JR says:

    Hello; Man let me tell you today we (our) rain clouds were super bombarded to nothing but black funky crap left in wake. I’m talking big thunderheads clouds, these punks mommas and papas must really be disgusted in what they brought into this world. The word tells us to Honor your mother and father. What a disappointment to the Human Race. God Help Us…..His peace be with us, His people. He knows who His people are, make no mistake about that….07-10-14

  11. Angelica Pugatschew says:

    I am not an American but have strongly admired the honor administered to the writing of your original Declaration of Independence.

    This is a quote from another source I am following. Perhaps it is something to think about and act on.

    “The Declaration(also)states that governments are to be instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed (that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to abolish it).”

  12. Ramola D says:

    Fantastic article–thank you for the detailed research, the clarity of the writing, and the candor in speaking out. We desperately need more and more ethical, thoughtful, and aware journalists who are unafraid to speak out. The toxins being sprayed on us openly are the elephant in the room no-one wants to notice. In the Boston area, criss-crossing trails cross blue skies by the water on sunny days, and stripe the sky openly over neighborhoods. The end result is supreme smog, weird burnt smells in the air, and children in school playgrounds suffering increasingly from breathing disorders, skin rashes, and incessant colds, flus, etc.

    These days the chemical payload seems to be mixed in with vinegar or something like it which causes faster dissipation of the white trail and sprayed over the ocean so that patterns of oddly stationary cirrus then float over in the daytime. They are also sprayed at night. Last night on a walk in Quincy, MA, we witnessed a trail streaking out beneath the three-quarter moon and slowly dissipating.

    Perhaps someone like Dane can start a new petition online we can sign, or submit to Avaaz or another large organization which can begin to effect change. Where are the real climate scientists, the ones who know what this is doing to the environment, and where are the real physicians who know what this is doing to us humans and animals on the planet, and especially the children? Why are they not speaking out?

    But this is a great step–thank you to everyone associated for writing and publishing and posting this article. We need to keep the momentum going.

  13. гега says:

    after the visit of Lavrov in Bulgaria, the Zionist government sent us a devastating hail and hurricane damage and now who will pay -Obama or Putin??​​??

  14. rhonda says:

    Thank you so much for presenting this well written article. The word MUST get out! The rate of occurence is rapidly rising, as we, on the ground suffer. Let’s get this stopped!!!

  15. Constant Walker says:

    “Criminal”-izing this activity and those engaged in it will likely result only in their being even more protective of both their ‘project’ and their “selves.” Besides, under the ‘umbrella’ of “national security” and all of the “laws” buttressing that conceit, none of the activity is actually “illegal,” anyhow.

    David Tulis seems to understand that strident accusations like those in the introduction here are worse than useless. The levels of the privateering pyramid scheme at which geo-engineering is instigated are not even approachable, much less reachable, by the muddled masses or their immediate overseers. The poor saps bribed and intimidated into doing the actual dirty-work are, as suggested by Mr. Tulis, mere cogs in the death-dealing contraption, and likely convinced they’re doing “a good thing.”

    Meanwhile, the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, already deep into its late terminal stages, rampages on to its DEAD END conclusion, with the geo-engineering craziness only one of its symptoms. The sickness is running its course here in Earth’s Living Arrangement because of the severe organic dysfunction of most of the Human component of Her immune system….the “self”-obsessed “civilized” part.

    No man-made “legal” set-up ever cured a disease. It sure won’t work on this one.

  16. Laurie Taylor says:

    Thank you for the awesome article! People are waking up!

  17. Ladonna says:

    I live in Dayton, TN 45min north of Chattanooga. I see this happening every day in our sky’s its a true shame & makes me sick. They are sorry people doing this.

  18. Jaye Harding says:

    To put it quite bluntly: “We’re FUCKED!” If there are provable damaging affects that can be proven to the public it won’t happen until they literally see people keeling over in the streets before it dawns on them that something is awfully wrong.

    If good old Uncle Sam and his cohorts have a more diabolical agenda in motion they now know that it’s doable due to the public’s ostrich coping method of dealing with the unbelievable regardless of looking skyward questioning, “What the Hell is all that stuff in the sky?”

    I’ve been watching this phenomena for at least 16 years since I’ve known what it is, and you simply cannot engage the public to look outside the box of what is clearly visible overhead. Despite the distrust and outspoken opposition to some of the many things our Government does there is still a very significant portion of the US population that’s been so successfully “conditioned” they adhere to the mindset that it’s not real until the government acknowledges that something is real.

    There’s a hiatus in spraying here where I live in California that is into it’s eight day, and this is only the second time I’ve seen this long of a break in spraying in which August 2012 they stopped for almost 28 days.

    However, at the end of the 28 day cessation I noticed immediately that the dissipation of the Chemtrail was considerably different from before: within 15 to 20 minutes you couldn’t tell it was a Chemtrail. Conversely, if you’ve been paying attention to the skies like I have you learn how to identify those cigarette smoke looking cloud formations from whatever a real cloud looks like nowadays.

    I’ve seen this phenomena overhead from San Diego to San Francisco as late as 2013, and sadly people don’t even look up. Alarmingly with what’s going on seemingly with impunity I’m wondering what’s going to be different when they resume spraying after the current hiatus I’m witnessing?

  19. Ejo says:

    I say we pick a day in the near future and have as many people around the country and world call the white house, dial 911, FEMA, FDA, EPA and any other government agency. Something to create havoc. It’s got to hit the news. Just the way my aluminum filled head is thinking…lol. I’m beyond pissed off at this point.

  20. Rachel Robson says:

    What about the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer–an international treaty intended to hasten the recovery of Earth’s depleted ozone layer?Is this a viable avenue to pursue? This was suggested by Darin Toohey, a scientist at University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009, saying: If people are going to put particles into the stratosphere, they’d better be careful.” Having first said: ” There are people in the geoengineering world who think we could address global warming in a way that could destroy our ozone layer.” Says this runs up against the Montreal Protocal.

  21. Dave says:

    I have noticed this here in the Bay Area of San Fran and it is also going on the ground with bug sprays which also have caused many illnesses and we are currently suing San Jose via BanPesticidesSouthbay! Great article !! Thank you

  22. Cynthia says:

    Chemical weapons are weapons of mass destruction. Charge them with treason and war crimes. Also, start a class action lawsuit, try to get a ruling to cease and desist until the lawsuit settles. If this was truly a out global warming, they wouldn’t lie about it. This is owning the weather for military and economic purposes. Soon, we’ll be paying for rain instead of praying for it provided we survive. No, it is no ok to destroy the planet to make a fast buck! Revelation 11:18 “God will destroy those who destroy the earth.”

  23. Kathy says:

    Outstanding article.

  24. Ladonna Pelfrey says:

    I see this happening in our Sky’s every day. It truly makes me sick at how sorry our government is. I live in Dayton, TN So many people don’t believe this is going on, but it is. Just look up

  25. Stu says:

    Fantastic article. Thank you.

  26. Earth Angel says:

    Great Article- thank you!

  27. In Louisiana the ground from the DEW is wet at 8pm and it used to get wet at 3am or so.. I believe there is so much metal in the air that as soon as the sun goes down it carries the water particulates to the ground quickly… We are getting record rains in Louisiana as California where i used to live is DRY…People here most have no idea what Chemtrails are and when you speak out they seem to hide in a BOX of FEAR of MIND CONTROL TV everything is ok mentality there source of information is from friends and friends know nothing and they seem not to know how to dig deep on web sites or recognize evil vs good ones… Extreme denial i have met many who know truth but most are afraid, i on the other hand care more about the EARTH and my children than myself so i have lost all my LIVING IN FEAR friends because i speak out and call them what they are cowards… I have filmed chemtrails at night as my infrared camera’s pick up the reflective qualities of the chemtrails and I have seen many days with patterns in the sky, we are so close to the GULF that they spray the gulf when the wind blows to the north and most do not see what my eyes see, no stars at night rings around the moon, clouds that look like something my mind does not remember, we drank from the creeks, swam in the rivers and we fished with so many fish in the waters it was simply an amazing planet however not any more and i can see how the administrations are covering it up, working for banks, media i saw there lies long ago and now i see them more clear than ever… LOUISIANA is literally a DEAD ZONE compared to what it used to be and most do not even remember the abundance of fish and wildlife, the criminal bankers and there criminal networks are releasing hybrid coyotes, hybrid dogs and they are killing all wildlife even the deer i have seen these DOGS with my own eyes and i wish i had a camera at the time they eat my chickens on a regular basis i lost 25 chickens last year alone to these HORROR MOVIE looking wild dogs that look like a lab experiment gone wrong and they have no fear, i chase them off and they come back and eat the same chicken they chased before like it pissed them off or something strong wild hunting skills and they are literally invisible in the woods killing them off will take a huge effort they are truly cunning… Traps do not work, snares i tried all sorts of methods and these WILD dogs are very smart like they were trained to hunt destroy and avoid the enemy… I have filmed chemtrails for over 4 years, and i lived in California in the bay area when they sprayed in 1996 and so on. I believe they have many agenda’s tied to this madness but mostly ENERGY weapons in my opinion tied to smart meters smart appliance and microwave energy cymatics cell disruptive energies, protein killers that are greatly enhanced by the processed foods they sell, pesticides, GMO’s etc…Ultrasonic and Infrasonic radiation, the chemtrails are like a giant microwave oven a sheet that separates us from our own magnetosphere and soon they will launch a campaign to destroy our reputations maybe even try to arrest us for promoting what they will call bullying the government, these energies will also help there weapons that area 51 has been working on for years not only fly but kill today’s drones are to me a weapon years behind the others that are probably remote also.. I will continue to teach truth it is what i was born to do i will never deny GOD or truth…

  28. Ginny Hunt says:

    I know this is happening. Been watching since 2000.
    But why? They have to breath same air and live here too. They are insane.

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