Climate Engineering Contributing To Climate Chaos


Dane Wigington

Earth's former energy balance has been completely derailed, we are now in a free-fall state toward an irreparably altered and very inhospitable planet. The majority of populations (especially in industrialized countries) are even now immersed in total denial in regard to the damage that has been inflicted to the environment and climate systems by human activity. Any form of anthropogenic activity that impacts Earth's natural processes must be considered a form of geoengineering. The greatest and most destructive form of biosphere interference is the ongoing highly toxic climate engineering/weather warfare global assault. Burning forests, drought, deluge, volcanic eruptions, nuclear contamination and die-off, are already now the norm and this process will accelerate rapidly. Geoengineering is being ramped up to unimaginable levels as the collapse of the biosphere and social structure unfolds. The 9 minute video compilation below is a revealing recent update that covers numerous climate and environmental catastrophes.

Catastrophic flooding has just occurred in Europe, the stunning 45 second video below is yet another example what is unfolding and accelerating around the Globe.

France is one of the latest victims of flooding while the torrential downpours in Texas are becoming relentless. Though such disasters are still considered "natural" occurrences, this conclusion should be considered complete deception. The human race has decimated the planet and its life support processes, climate engineering is the epitome of this destruction. 

Each of us bears the responsibility of choosing what our priorities are, each of us chooses what we will do with the time we have been given. Make your voice heard in the critical battle for the common good, all are needed in the effort to sound the alarm. The greatest single leap we could make in the right direction is to fully expose and halt the climate engineering insanity. Help us to fully expose global geoengineering by forwarding credible information to media sources and those that are uninformed on the issue. Every day counts in this fight to salvage what is yet left of our planet's life support systems.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Hello everybody, Happiness for all.

    Mrs Bella, thank you very much for your words. I wish we could be an inspiration for a billion. We need that.

    Thank you Mark and E. Patriot. I'm ready to fight, but I find no strength enough for this evil that someone put us ahead. We will see.

    Veritas, Thank you too. I know that the MFs aren't Germans. But in this game of wild liberalism I think that there's more whom to blame besides the Big MFs that Michel B had mentioned. They have gold, but straight Persons are immune to gold and greed. And in European "leaders" I can't find no one with straight character… I've call them that, just because. But I understand that this can lead to misinterpretations.

    …The irony of all this is that Water and the Atmosphere is a trillion times more valuable than all the gold in the Cosmos..  .

    ..And these evil talmud / nazis MFs will die too, or they do not realize it??  …The spraying is "only" a camouflage for global warming. Yes we know. And the hundreds of planes they have spraying burn tons of jet fuel everyday, this is more CO2. Only Trees and Plankton can fixate CO2 – in the Oceans, in the soil and lignite. Cold Water can fixate methane in the deep Ocean. And these MFs are destroying Trees and Plankton… And warming the Ocean. I think that we are talking in something very bad for us. …If they want to change the F###g sprays, this can end fast.. Everything is set for annihilation. They spray everywhere and no one cares!    …I hope not.


    Good Luck to Us all.


  2. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Multiple types of extreme weather conditions are now occurring all over the planet. Droughts and Fires in Rainforest's. Record breaking Heat Waves in the Arctic. Rapidly accelerated Ice Sheet melt off. Tropical cyclones occurring in Desert regions. Record high Low temperature minimums.  Seawater temperatures in the 90's in the Gulf Of Mexico. Dry lightning (without precipitation) occurring & triggering fires! The entire conveyor belt of ocean currents, the jetstream and high & low pressure systems are totally out of their natural atmospheric balance. All these unusual and abnormal weather phenomenons, are occurring in areas of the planet, that they should not!


  3. izzy says:

    As long as we're swapping bad news – looks like temperatures in the Arctic Circle are headed into the 80s.

  4. Pedro says:

    Michel B. ..Not Michael. Very sorry.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Pedro, No need to apologise. What are you sorry for and why do you say "..Not Michael."? The signature is 'Michel B'. If you do truly wish for this Communist Talmudic Psychopathic Genocidalist Israeli/US/Saudi Arabia fake money cabal of mal-evolved creatures to be stopped (and why wouldn't any normal person want this?), you have to correctly address exactly who is doing this. Then they have to be confronted by the proper means and made to stop these programs, which have been worked on for the best part of a century now.

      Isn't that incredible?! For over 70 years now and most people do not yet know anything about it. Hats off to TPTB for keeping it under wraps for so long, but now the curtain is parting and like the Wizard in 'The Wizard of Oz', he desperately tries a bit longer to keep the charade up even when he knows he is seen.

      It is good to cite the plight of the whales as these gentle intelligent giants of the sea have special appeal for us. Some of us like to needlessly hunt them for their oil and turn them into pet food as well as items on certain countries' restaurant menus, while the rest of us like to watch them frolic, play and migrate. We know they are exceptionally intelligent, they have a social culture and very good memories. They use song to communicate and rear and care for their young like any mammal. How disastrously we have treated them and their watery home and the whole world for that matter.

      My advice is to forget about Hitler and the Fourth Reich for now. We have to wise up and point the finger at those responsible for so called 'Modern History'. What's so 'modern' about it anyway, except for the technology used to kill more and more of the world? The psychology behind it is still on par with our primate ancestors who had no choice but to obey instinct. We now have the choice to rise above instinct and its reactive gestures and use the profound well of wisdom with which our higher intellects can connect. Our brain has that dichotomy and thus gives us that choice: we can subscribe to the old reptilian urges of aggression, territoriality and conquest or we can use our frontal lobes for compassion, manners and wise intelligence.

  5. Grant Jones says:

    The Economic Wall Is Cracking.  I've been reading that the IMF and World Bank are admitting that their policies of unregulated capitalism for the past 40 years have lessened growth and greatly increased inequality. They  did succeed in transferring wealth to the top 1% at the cost of ruination of many economies. Within the articles are the facts of The CIA manipulations in cohort with the banks. The facade is starting to crumble as more truth leaks out.

     Aside from a global economic collapse I see little effort to stop this and regulate these policies.  They are even more desperate and dangerous. Thanks to all who seek the truth. Keep getting the word out.

  6. Dave says:

    Have to pass this along. I am seeing outside my window at 9pm the absolute desecration of the sky in Grand Rapids, Mi and has been going on many days in a row as many of my fellow Michiganders can attest. What prompted me to post was a camera shot of the sky in Detroit as I'm watching the Tigers on TV, and it was completely smeared with SRM/SAG, and being presented as a picture perfect sunset. My spirit sank, and my anger rose, so I had to come to this site to bolster my hope from my fellow "awakened". Again a warning to those who visit this site and are involved and profit from these programs, from the Bible, "and for destroying those who destroy the earth"  God bless Dane, and all those involved in exposing this evil.

    • Alan says:

      Yesterday was a big spray day in San Diego too.  This morning I stood in my back yard and looked toward the rising sun.  There was so much chaff strung out from the plants and waving in the light breeze that it was really surreal.   Since we know from patents that the chaff contains aluminum, I'm wondering if it might have another purpose other than keeping the spray particulates aloft for a longer period of time.  For example, could the chaff on the ground be intentionally electrically charged from a remote location to affect a designated area, or could it somehow be used to enhance communications?  Anybody know?

    • At the risk of sounding alarmist, we have to consider (for those not in the know) that the-powers-that-be, such as Bill Gates, (supposedly involved with dangerous, worldwide, anti-society activities such as geoengineering, GMO's, dodgy vaccines, etc,) have advocated a depopulation of the planet, with billions of people so targeted for annihilation.

      Personally, I have come to think that there is a much more darker side to all this than just weather manipulation to be used as a weapon against mankind. I I related elsewhere here, I am having a big problem just getting UK government agencies to even acknowledge this is happening in our skies when it is there in our face almost everyday for hours on end. I just keep getting stonewalled. This must be costing $/£billions so it must be worthwhile for somebody.

  7. (Re-posted to this latest article)

    DEFRA – Website Mission statement-

    "Our broad remit means we play a major role in people's day-to-day life, from the food we eat, and the air we breathe, to the water we drink."

    If I may, I would like to follow up on my comment here some 3-4 weeks ago in connection with my request to the UK's Dept of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)  for information about what knowledge they had about the illegal dispersal of various metals/elements/chemicals via aerosol spraying of our skies by numerous aircraft, often 24/7, and at high altitude, in a process called Geoengineering, the visual affects of which are commonly referred to as `chemtrails'..I also asked if they regularly took water, soil and air samples, the safety and quality for which they are responsible. I asked if they produce reports on samples taken over the past decades, was there any concerns with the increase, say, of various metals and can I gain access to copies of such reports?

    This followed an article (link below) where I got the idea to contact them. I made a comment about geoengineering and others, for the first time, came forward to support me. Also for the first time, I got more green arrows than red ones!

    I also told them I had previously expressed my concerns to my local Member of Parliament who referred it to the Dept of Transport and who came back with a flat denial that it was happening. I said I increasingly witnessed this virtually every day and that another denial would be unacceptable. There must be evidence in samples taken pointing to higher levels of these materials being present.

    Well surprise, surprise, my reply this evening was not from DEFRA but from the DoT, who they had passed it onto in an effort to disregard my request for relevant information off them. I wanted information on changes in soil, water and air samples regarding metallic content in recent decades, nothing else – nothing to do with transport this time. There reply is here-

    Dear Mr———–


    Thank you for your email of 4th May 2016 to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) enquiries team, which was forwarded to the Department for Transport. I am responding from the Department for Transport’s Aviation Directorate, which administers aviation policy.

    The Government receives a large amount of correspondence from people witnessing ‘chemtrails’ (aerial spraying from aircraft) over the UK or claiming that they pollute our skies, impact on climate and even lead to serious health impacts. Letters on this topic have been received by the Department for Transport for a number of years and because of the widespread claims on the internet the volume of letters has increased considerably in recent times.

    There is however no credible evidence of the release of any matter or aerosol being ejected or sprayed from aircraft in the UK, other than the normal aircraft exhaust products.

    As a result of the large amount of correspondence received on this topic, the Department has put together answers to commonly asked questions on the matter that I have included with my response.

    I hope you have found this response helpful.

    Yours sincerely,

    (No, I D*mn Well certainly have not!)

    This is obviously a pack of lies, they are fobbing us off and it is obvious from the reply that people ARE waking up (largely due to Dane's fantastic work) and stating to put pressure on!

    I want to take this further but am not sure how, I don't like being had for a fool. I thought I should now put in a formal FoI request to DEFRA demanding access to the air/water/soil sampling taken in recent years and what they know about any increased air-borne contaminants Even if I got anywhere, I probably haven't sufficient scientific background to understand them. I had thought about sending a letter to ALL 650  M.P's to highlight what is going on and that I suspect a cover-up, For a start, a foreign power could well be spraying UK skies, which can only be against international law – with our government's covert consent of course. It is a big job. We could do with starting a UK pressure group of concerned patriots to start targeting people of influence and the MSM.

    Anyone else got any helpful suggestions? I am sick of seeing them spraying these poisons on us all everyday, and it is getting worse. Thanks!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Enlightened Patriot aka, Malcolm, Hello, on prior page I think is my response to this as you had posted the same. I gave some ideas.  Hope they help!

  8. Alan says:

    Quote attributed to Tacitus, Roman Senator and historian: 

    Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

    To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace.


  9. tina says:

    Folks- Mr Donald Trump in Redding,Ca @ 1:00 today!!!

  10. Catherine D says:

    Chris Hedges has joined RT News & gives his first 'Contact' talk show on June 11th!!

    • Rodster says:

      I’m not holding my breath that he’ll do a segment on geoengineering.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Catherine D

      Thank you for the heads up on Chris Hedges.  He's been a regular columnist on the Truthdig site that I followed for ten years.  My comments gained credibility there and all my climate engineering comments were permitted as well, that is, until targeted malware crashed my computer when I accessed that site.  Climate News network has an article there nearly everyday, and I suggest it might still be a good place to inform others.  Truthdig editors even choose pictures for the climate articles that show clear evidence of geoengineering.  So that's a place to start.

  11. Pacific Northwest prepares for the Big One – the Cascadia Rising earthquake drill
    Bruce A. Smith / June 2, 2016 [excerpts]
    Since 75% of all structures in Washington are not designed to withstand a 9.0 earthquake—such codes were only enacted in 1994—the destruction will be widespread.
    Specifically, FEMA anticipates the following scenario:
    3,000 schools will collapse or be compromised throughout the Puget Sound region
    1/2 of all highway bridges will collapse
    1/3 of all rail lines will be destroyed
    1/3 of all fire stations will be inoperable
    1/2 of all police stations will be compromised
    2/3 of hospitals will be damaged
    90% of all port facilities destroyed
    In additional, all airport runways are expected to be severely damaged.
    Since the Cascadian subduction zone lies about 50 miles off-shore of Washington and Oregon, the resulting tsunami will strike land within ten-fifteen minutes. At the beginning, a wall of water about 15-20 feet high will inundate miles of coastline. Then, the seismic waves will push ever-greater plateaus of water every 60 seconds or so, for an hour, peaking with a surge of 35-40 feet. As a result, most coastal areas in Washington will be obliterated, and FEMA predicts that the urban areas of Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Ocean Shores and Westport will experience a “total wash over,” producing a complete loss of life. Speculation exists that the tsunami may travel up river valleys as far as Chehalis, placing some saltwater onto I-5.


  12. Carol says:

    Hi.I live in UK and for days now we have grey skies lots of dark clouds its  supposed to be flaming June ??and it so cold I never know this cold we get its not normal  !! we have SkyWatch uk website. I have signed petitions and put signs on me widow and car I tell everyone I can who will listen , sent emails out to everyone Took pictures of the skies when they r spraying .How can we stop it ((( MADNESS ))) ..

    • expat in Belgium says:

      Haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks, while it rained for 24 hour in Belgium on Monday.   Can't even plant a garden while tilled soil doesn't even grow weeds while sitting for 2 weeks waiting for seeds.   Note:   Germany's Merkel came out publicly to denounce TTIP.   The word is that TTIP will fail in the EU, and then there is the Brexit vote coming later this month.  Now we have unheard of floods popping up all over Germany, France.   A large number of people were hit by lightning strikes in Paris and in Germany several people killed on a soccer field by lightning, but under a clear sky?    I assure you it wasn't heat lightning which is endemic to Arizona.   I know the difference and Germany has no climate conditions similar to the SW.  We experienced raindrops last year twice with no clouds in the sky.    When you voice these bizarre events that you witness, people think you're nuts.   But we all know that rain can't fall without clouds and lightning doesn't strike out of the clear blue sky in the middle of the day.  

    • L says:

      Hi Carol I am in the UK also, along the Norfolk coast. It has been so grey here that from where I live on many days, I can't tell the difference between the grey of the sea and the grey of the sky. My boots are still drying out from the torrential rain we had on Tuesday and the winds have been very high for days now and cold enough to wear winter garb. Whereabouts are you Carol?

    • Pedro says:


        – Hello Dane ( Silver Wolf ) and friends. Thank you for your Work.


       Mrs Carol, You can't stop it, don't have illusions. This thing – the total control of everything, and standardization of Human Culture ( nazism ) – began ( in more recent times ) 500 years ago, with the colonialist Holocaust that cost ( in more and less 350 years ), the lives of 100.000.000 Humans ( underestimation ) from all the Equatorial regions ( and some from North and Southern territories too) and Cultures ( Real Cultures ) that were enslaved ( in one way or in the other ). And these MFs nazis are the same now. They will reduce the World to their aryan ideal of themselves; the – death "god" of absolute power – over ; Love, Life ( all Creatures ) and Humanity. It will be so, or..: Global imposed suicide for everybody.

       But You can Fight.

      Now we are talking about the demise of Life as we know it.

      And the exhaustive Work that Dane have, in showing this to us, is maybe the only hope of Global Awakening that we have. This INFO must go cinema or tv channel!! All Countries!!

       And we will die with our heads down, as lambs. Or fighting with spears buried deep in our bodies, like the Sumerian Lioness, that when cornered by hunters had fought beyond death with deadly wounds on her body, killing a big number.And now she is Alive forever, trough the Ancient Tales of the men of the past, were it comes from – Culture and Tradition..  ..because of her Courage.

       In my country they start spraying in the morning, with dozens of planes, ..the white trails stay in the sky high ( I live in the mountains ), they don't vanish, and go slowly spreading until they form an immense white sheet covering all the blue sky ( we don't have pollution here ), as far as sight can go!! The scale of the PROBLEM is overwhelming.. 

       Spirituality must flourish again.

      They have NO respect for our Children, for the Ecosystems, for Water ( fresh or salty ), or nothing that is Alive. And these MFs only have respect for: narcissistic behavior, sociopathic attitudes, tyranny, obsessive control and money..

                   Welcome to their "new" order – the 4th reich..

      We must be the Warriors of words and Acts, fighting against Oblivion.

      And do not forget please that these MFs are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in these operations. Because having world wide spraying, with hundreds of airplanes, all days – must be very F ###.. EXPENSIVE..

       But money and support for the refugees that are running from the Syrian genocide ( 10.000.000 are RUNNING, because that is a – GENOCIDE ), they haven't ( "they": all the so called 1st World governments – the POVERTY MAKERS!!! ).

       There is now, about 60.000.000 Persons ( children included ), in the World, running away from some form of deadly persecution.. In the EU, they "help" these Persons spending millions building fences of barbed wire.. and in other countries, tons of money is spent; with drones that are used for the surveillance of innocent civilians. Or in the coward and total senseless and psychopathic slaying of magnificent individuals that belongs to the most Magnificent of all Mammal orders;

       – The Cetacean order.   ..among others..

                         We must wake up. The 4th reich is here.


                                        Good luck to us all.

    • Marc says:

      Pedro, AWESOME POST! 

    • Hi Carol,

      I live in the NW of the UK and see this atrocity happening just about every day, like today, which started with a nice blue sky but across came the criss-crossing, widening trails, then a sliver/white haze, then clouds, then cold, grey weather. We, in the know, can all witness it. It is getting worse and seeing this every day, getting angry for being unable to do anything about it, is badly affecting my quality of life, for sure. I have been aware for some 3 years.

      I thought it was a to do with weather control, which is partly true, but I have reached the conclusion that it is much darker than this. The Bill Gates of this World (and I think, the pope) have declared support for massive depopulation, possible up to 90% I think. That is billions of people.

       Below, Pedro is right when ho states – Spirituality must flourish again.

      But as he says, we can and must fight. That is easy to say though. I know I try to push it to the back of my mind myself to get on with everyday life. In my comment above, if/when it appears, I mention my latest attempt to get a government agency to admit to what is going on, this time it is DEFRA, and again, as with my MP and Dept of Transport, I am just getting denials.

      Those pulling the levers at the top can manage this but what about all the pilots, aircraft service personnel, chemical supply workers, tanker drivers, etc. They cannot ALL be part of the conspiracy. Are they ignorant about what they do, blackmailed, threatened, bribed? They can't all be kept quiet forever – there must be a whistle-blower come forward. Yet who will publish? No one, 95% of the MSM is owned by the same `group' of people. I noticed to day how the BBC when showing outdoor shots of the sky, they are very careful NOT to show those trails. It is now so obvious because they are so prevalent.

      Troubled times ahead.

      All we can do is to try and put out the warnings and try and get spiritually prepared. Good luck.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Excellent work Carol, keep doing what you're doing!  The weather that you are experiencing is in no way normal, as you well know. We are all under siege from weather warfare.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      @ Pedro

      You are an inspiration to me.  Having lived a life full of challenges, I've met my ultimate challenge here, fighting the behemoth that threatens the very real opportunity for Life to continue on Earth. 

      May all of us take courage from the Sumarian Lioness.  How we live is more important that how we die.  Spirituality isn't "fuzzy" or esoteric, but absolutely concrete.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi Pedro, you are wrong about this all being perpetrated by the 'Nazis'. This is all being perpetrated by a Communist Central Banking Cartel that has taken over all the power centers. Just listen to JFK's speech on secret societies for this very important point. Hitler's NSDAP lasted only 12 years before it was crushed by the recruitment of over 50 nations by the Allies, but primarily by England, Russia and the US. Howling "Nazis!" and "The fourth reich is here!" is very much derailing the true understanding of who are behind the atrocities of modern history. Germany was defeated so it cannot be adherents of National Socialism who are behind our dilemma.

      Operation Paperclip was most likely an ultimatum to German scientists: Work for the US Military Industrial Complex or find yourself twitching at the end of a rope.

      It is very important to understand the nature and true history of the last several centuries. It has been the rise of the Rothschild banking dynasty and several other banking families that have taken over not just the fiscal and financial aspects of our lives, but have gone on to absorb and control the military, educational, political, medical, journalistic, scientific, construction, food production and entertainment industries. Like Dane says: "Follow the money."

      So, there is a specific group that are behind this Financial Communism which is but a tool to enslave the whole world. The word 'Holocaust' was used well back in the 1800s, long before 1933 – 1945. If there is one force that is the penultimate of genocidal Holocaust, it is Communism, whether Bolshevist, Sino, Imperial, Marxist Revisionist or New World Order American Post Capitalism. No matter how it is dressed up, Communism is the method of taking resources and power by the gun and eliminating whoever is standing in the way.

      I'm not quite sure what you mean by mentioning the Aryan ideal and it being a "death god of absolute power". But I do know we can now identify who owns the corporations, including banking and whatever else. By arming ourselves with the true facts of history and scrutinising the activities of corporations and military companies, we can put together an accurate picture of reality.

      As for the Syrian problem, wouldn't it be best if they weren't driven by war from their homes and being herded quite deliberately into Europe, funded at huge expense by specific interested parties? Who benefits from the Middle East Crises? The banks and the corporations, that's who. Resources to grab, political manoeuvrings, planned population redistribution, the expansion of terrorist nations and empire and the instigation of internal national strife that divides a country by petty conflicts so that we cannot see the real enemy behind all of this.

    • Veritas says:

      Very well put Michel B.  Pedro, the only Nazi's are the ones currently doing this, the AshkeNAZI people from ancient Khazaria and its predecessors, the followers of the evil Talmud. Germany and The National Socialists were destroyed in World War 2. Look at Germany now they have power over very little, so if its not the National Socialists of Germany then maybe its the Trillionaire Talmudic Banking Cabal. These facts are little known as most people get their history from controlled TV, Media, and Movies, not from books written by people who were there to experience it firsthand. Remember their golden rule " He who has the gold, makes the rules. "

  13. Marc says:

    Our whole situation is illustrated by the "3 blind men and the elephant" story wherein each is asked what an elephant looks like. Of course, one grabs a leg and says the elephant is just like a tree, another grabs the tail and says it is just like a rope, etc. Indeed, most fields of awareness are not seeing the bigger picture. And even when some do see an expanded picture they inexplicably don't (or won't) GET IT, even when the evidence could not possibly be any more obvious. This complacency will soon enough be shattered. All it will take is severe disruptions to the food supply. Take away peoples' food and all hell breaks loose. But by then, the chaos factor will more than likely completely eviscerate one's access to an accurate understanding of how the planet got to that point. I'm sorry to say it but from my perspective the vast majority KNOW something is wrong, they sense it and feel it, but prefer to remain status quo and milk the last bit of comfort and entertainment out of their sojourn here on earth. But there IS a breaking point. There is a point at which we will ALL be physically forced to wake the f**k up and say goodbye to our comfort zone and all we ever held dear.

    • Marc,

      Probably so.   I believe the "majority" of whom you speak find the prospects so frightening they are actually incapable of processing the information; hence the blank stares, and other, like responses.  Bravery is not a common human attribute.  Larry

  14. mike says:

    ….broaden your vision…..

  15. Dawnski says:

    Big bad Bonnie lies, lies, all lies over the ocean again resurrected and described as a zombie. How can any storm vanish into thin air and then resurface in the spot it fizzled in a week later? Puhlease. . .goes to show how much sorcery is going on! Now you see it, now you don't.

    • Dawnski,   But just imagine the sense of power they enjoy, being able to do that!  Then realize that power is addictive.  Power easily over rides good sense, to say nothing of what it does to compassion.   Larry






  16. Eileen Kuch says:

    Parts of Texas – especially, near Houston, has suffered one of the worst floods ever. At least nine people died in these floods, which were (are) at least 9 inches above flood stage.

    Usually, the area wherein these floods occurred, receive little rain; however, it has received two or more months' rainfall in mere hours. This is definitely through geoengineering.

    • BaneB says:

      You might want to go to UTube site 1pacificredwood.  He does a daily meteorological updated analysis.  You might find this of interest for your region.  He was wondering in his last update of yesterday what Texas has done to deserve the weather warfare it is suffering.  Maybe building your very own state repository for bullion currently being stored in NYC.  Or the other independent thinking Texan are known for?  Terrorism via weather control and manipulation.

    • JR says:

      Hey Bane; I read something several months back where Texas could be targeted for airing concerns over Operation Jade Helm. On another note a while back I posted for people to see dvd "Blue Gold-World Water Wars". It mentions towards end of documentary that resistance, tension will result from states as N.M.-USA where I reside for lack of water, also out West. Drought-Control, (people) by 2025!!! Hello everybody.! WATER IS A BUSINESS. For years we have had our rain clouds obliterated causing drought by SAG/SRM, aka-Chemtrails by the snakes flying in the sky as recently as yesterday, the day before and on and on. SCUM IS SCUM…..

    • Earth Angel says:

      It could also be that they need to pull the Gulf moisture up through that area to do the chemical cool downs(or whatever the f*#k they are attempting to do) and so Texas may not be specifically targeted but are just experiencing the collateral damage from the insanity being perpetrated. Nothing good can come from any of this. : (

    • BaneB says:

      Earth Angel:  yes, your point is well taken.  I go into the UTube site 1pacificredwood daily to scrutinize his amazing meteorological revelations.  Utilizing satellite imagery from the weather control utilities he exposes the twin pillars of weather warfare….geoengineering via jets spraying nano-particulates and the utilization of very powerful phased array microwave transmissions that target the vortex of developing low pressure systems.  These powerful pulsed microwave facilities dotted up and down California's Pacific coastline (giant "golfballs") and up into British Columbia are blocking and redirecting the jet stream.  These techno-beasts are dotted throughout the US and blanket the entire land mass.  The range of each overlaps their nearest neighbors.  One can observe these machinations at this enlightening UTube site.  While a low off of southern Califirnia was chemtrailed and microwaved into virtual oblivion, the parked low over Texas has been allowed for days to squat there.  It is held in place by a surrounding wall of microwave energy.  Yes, it could be Texas is the required gateway for importing excessive moisture for cooling down the eastern region of the US.  And much of that moisture is I suspect stolen via geoengineering from other regions such as Southern California and Mexico.

  17. a simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, My neighbor sent this video to me today. It's 4 and a 1/2 minutes. "What would happen if all humans disappeared?". I found this video interesting in it's inaccuracy of what would and or can happen in the near future. Some of it is correct, some of it paints things with rose colored lenses. I'd like to know who funded this video? I love our planet enough to have faith in her long after we have de-structed ourselves into our demise, IF, that is what happens. Lord I hope it doesn't come to that. But, this video actually made me feel good. Hmph?, I wonder why?, I'm in this fight to the very end!! I have myself quite a quandary this evening. I'm leaning towards Earths(our home) ability to achieve "balance", no matter what. Talk about a good roll model. I do my best to keep life "simple"….  (smile)…..

    • ron says:

      A simple horseman:             Your words:

       "But this video actually made me feel good. Hmph?  I wonder why?"  I've been having such feelings/reactions for decades. In the beginning(5 decades ago) they seemed curious.  As I gained certain insights through tons of research, it was more and more clear to me. Now, it is almost routine for me to nod my head quietly and acknowledge the incomprehensible brutality and toxicity that so-called "civilization" has done over the centuries to this beautiful, breathtaking, savage, heartbreaking, flowing, changing dynamic we humans call the biosphere. I have loved this "thing" to the point of tears streaming down my face.

      And I am living in "THE TIMES OF TOXICITY". The humans, without any understanding of their consequences of their actions and are driven by a brain that was simply too clever.  And I know that I am part of the problem and have blood on my hands. Who actually picked the coffee I drink? The clothes I wear? The lap top I'm typing on? Working Slaves, mostly, in some hell-hole and surrounded by toxic chemicals. What pain did nature go through so I can put oil and refined oil in my car?

      Of course, it serves no purpose if I collapse into a pile of guilt.  Somehow, over the years, I've been able stand up to some serious degree and realize that this is my/our state of existence now.  As Dane said, this level of awareness and continual struggle needs to be grounded in one's philosophy/world view.  Therefore, we never give up no matter what comes our way.  

  18. Emily Summer says:

    It seems that they have changed what they are spraying lately.  The stuff is a thin line and then in a matter seconds it dissepates filling most of the sky.  I could not even get my camera out fast enough to catch it.  Also seem like more of a curly exhaust with spraying.  Hard to explain.

    • Nancy says:

      your description occurred here today in PA, but with lots of colors in one sprayed area which dissipated a lot before I could get a photo.  by late afternoon, lots of milky gray muck in the sky.

  19. Steven says:

    I think it is very important that all of this be pointed out to our children because it might be their generation that is in all out battle for the freedom of life. Just imagine what is going to happen when the truth unfolds. The worst possible thing is nothing. It seems that a lot of the upstanding people that seem aware of all this are still putting all of their faith into the USA always doing the right good thing, and since they are doing it, it must all be for the best. Even I sometimes find myself believing what I have been taught to believe, But then I tell myself, If it is for the greater good, then why the 'lie' in the first place? What makes you anymore 'alive' than me? Why do 'you' get to know the truth while we all sit down here wondering what your next scheme is? It will all cause 'mass panic'. That is what they would tell you. Keep pushing aliens, bigfoot and false idols, I know the truth. Good news is sometimes bad news but good news is also "knowing" and exposing the "truth". Be brave for the greater good. I am proud of you Dane. Truth in Trinity.


  20. herb says:

    Dane the Weather Channel reported 10 uv today, under reporting ?

    • herb says:

      this was in central Arizona

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Herb, the UV readings should be considered completely fictitious. UV levels have been off the charts and steadily rising for over three decades, it appears the UV data falsification was initiated in the early 1980s. FYI on the UV situation

    • herb says:

      oops , apparently I cant navigate to the weather channel off microsoft edge 's generic weather report anymore.Now their calling it Foreca.Hmmm, So Dane is uv 10 high,low ? I saw your video when you checked it at your place and if I remember correctly the Uva was 2.5ish and Uvb 6.5ish which was high.Has anybody out there checked the Uv in Arizona lately on a dependable meter?Its freaking hot here and about to get in record territory in the next few days.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Herb, the UV readings I took are not in any way related to the “UV scale” that is   “officially” used. Since we do not have access to any credible baseline for the UV levels, what we must go by is the stated baseline percentage levels of incoming UVB as compared to total UV radiation. All official sources state UVB should only be 5% of total UV, we are seeing 55% UVB levels as compared to total UV. We are also seeing some UVC on the surface, that is the last band of UV before X-ray. The UV levels are off the charts.

  21. Our lives are almost certainly being conducted within an artificial world powered by AI and highly-powered computers, like in The Matrix, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO suggested at a tech conference in California. Mr Musk, who has donated huge amounts of money to research into the dangers of artificial intelligence, said that he hopes his prediction is true because otherwise it means the world will end.

    • Grant Jones says:

      Oh, an sit in a quiet dawn watching a bird alight nearby, singing for all to hear. See the forgotten wonder of awakening of spirit.  The desire of wealth an power is no match.  So we dedicate to Knowledge an Truth to save not ourselves but the wonder we have seen. There is no greator purpose than to salvage this earth. Do all that we can for our time is short. Thank you all for your efforts. G

    • Drew says:

      If you think AI is somehow going to take us over (like skynet/terminator) then you don't understand computers.   Truth is, if AI of that sort were possible, someone or someone's would have been able to program it by now.   Musk and Hawking are idiots in this area and it shows.  Of course, the masses eat it right up.  There are REAL threats out there.  "AI" is not one of them.

  22. Rachel Robson says:

    Wow Dane, talk about a picture worth more than a thousand words!  These would make one fat book!  From no water, to more than any could imagine and in no time at all.  Not to mention lightning from a cloudless sky.  And one of the most perfect monster tornadoes I've ever seen and I've seen a lot.  Almost beautiful in its perfection.  And all this harkens back to what I said about people not being prepared–but, given geoengineering, how could one possibly prepare?!  Thank you for all these insights.  Visual evidence brings it home!

    Been wondering if you or anyone else here is aware of Ice Cube in Antarctica?  A device for particle physics to study neutrinos from beyond our solar system at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, involving one cubic kilometer of ice with many bore holes that go down for approximately one to one and a half miles!  In this they capture these building blocks of everything so very tiny and difficult to study, and hot!  This just must have a negative affect on Antarctica?  I'm guessing.  I love particle physics, I confess, but this is extreme and perhaps dangerous.  When you think of such things, the Large Hadron Collider springs to mind, but there are also many other colliders and versions of, as well as many versions of Cern, and the Ice Cube to top it off.  I knew of some of this, did not know how very much and many of.  Is this a risk?  I know many did think so with the LHC, but combined with so many others?  Check out Ice Cube.  Wonder how long that ice will last?! 

  23. Kerri Beam says:

    Dear Dane, thank you so much for all the information you put out on geoengineering…I've been following your website and I've really learned a lot. I live in Oklahoma and everyday I can count up to 7 planes in one day spraying their poison on us. I tell and share every time I see this.. I'm the mother of 4 I have 2 grown daughters and, 8 yr old twins. My twins have had both chronic coughs and upper respiratory issues for months now. I think it's due to the things they are spraying on us!! I also have 5 grandchildren and I worry for what the future has to hold for them.. I do believe we are causing terrible irreversible damage to our planet, and it scares me for them. I just personally wanted to say thank you for your hard work and keeping us informed. Respectfully, Kerri Beam

  24. Erica says:

    Today I spent the day in a campus biochem and molecular biology lab, one of the best in the country, with several post docs. The topic at one point became the ozone layer and one of the Dr's said that the ozone layer was getting better due to some Canadian legislature. I asked him where he was getting his info and argued that wasn't what I had been reading. He quickly pulled up an article from 2015 published by NASA stating that the hole in the ozone layer is getting smaller and should be completely repaired in the 2040's.

    How do I reason with people that are incredibly intelligent and seemingly good intentioned but blind to the realities of the world around them? If I had some hard evidence in my hand, I may have felt comfortable enough to share my opinion further. Yet all I could do at that point was say I had read otherwise and was glad to hear something positive on the matter. 

    Any advice on how to handle this situation in the future is greatly appreciated.  

    Thank you Dane and everyone else out there who is brave and confident enough to share the truth. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Erica, thank you for your courage in confronting  your associates. Know that they are trained and conditioned to strictly adhere to the official narrative, but there is much more to the story on the ozone layer status. We are metering UV levels ourselves, we are not speculating. FYI links below.

      But not to worry, the “experts” are trained to always downplay reality as the recent article below makes clear (even though the article admits to the record ozone hole damage).

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Erica, you're to be highly commended for speaking up to those "smartest people in the room".  The late Dr. Sr. Rosalie Bertell writes in her 2002 book, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, that the loss of 20 percent of the Ozone Layer would blister peoples' skin, produce cataracts and cancers, destroy immune systems, kill surface plankton and sea life and make it impossible for food to grow.  The food web would collapse.  Humans could only survive two years on such a impaired planet. (p. 74) 

      She goes on to say that while high atmospheric nuclear testing and solid fuel rockets have caused intense and immense damages, in 1981 researchers learned from the Space Shuttle NASA space lab 3 that they could "induce ionospheric holes" and began to experiment with holes made during the day and at night over Millstone, CT and Arecibo, Puerto Rico.  (p. 73)

      The Ozone layer in the northern hemisphere was reduced by 4 percent due to atmospheric nuclear testing (1940-1970s) and reduced a further 4 to 8 percent from 1978-1990.  During that period the Ozone was reduced 6 to 10 percent in the southern hemisphere.  The 1990's brought nuclear powered rockets into play, which can severely damage the Ozone over vast swaths of territory within seconds. (p. 74)

      I can see and feel the damage of the Ozone Layer in spite of my cataracts, and this factual information leads me to wonder how much Ozone remains.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, thank you for your efforts in this battle. Dr. Bertell did address serious issues that are absolutely a part of he equation. What she did not address is the aerosol spraying operations and the ionosphere heaters continue to inflct constant damage to the ozone layer. The UV issue is much more dire than almost any yet realize. FYI

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ooops, did not read Dane's reply.  Unfortunately, Dr. Bertell died.  She was greatly encouraged to write her two books because of her intimate knowledge of this stuff.  There is a short video under her name that shows her in Paris pointing above to chemtrails.  She was aware, but too old to take on more.  She would have though.  I believe she says her books were typed by a blind nun.  At first paid for and done with the help and encouragement of her nunnery.  The first copy I got of second book was from Nevada and took 3 weeks to my library in Berkeley.  Then, surprise, her books on Amazon.  With an off putting cover, not like the original but certainly contemporary of people in huge face masks.  My neighbor is reading my loaner one now.  The other, mine, is a referance book for me, the woman anondates her work so well, all from government documents and first hand accounts.  Absolutely indispensable!  Like a text book.  A user friendly textbook, and a great ground work laid for geoengineering.

  25. My recent photos of the rf/microwave sky over the Olympic Peninsula WA and a brief introductory summary of the plasma technology used in geoengineering: The many interconnected layers all emerged with advances in plasma physics, space physics, and heating the Ionosphere. … no matter what, I still believe that it is wrong to lie to people. I believe people are better than that, actually most are good at heart. Even if we can’t stop the Navy, people deserve to know the truth and that’s what I’m determined to do. Most politicians are ‘professional’ polished liars. That’s how it goes these days. … I think my government is in dire trouble. And we need to educate people because this is going to get much worse.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Susan, To my knowledge, all have always understood that politicians are professional liars, depends on how good a lie they spin.  Even so, something more has happened indeed.  As I keep saying, science has been hijacked and locked up!  Politicians are front men and women and many start out with a good heart, but bit by bit lose it.  Again and again I think of that old adage: "You don't dance with the devil, the devil dances with you".  I agree, I think most people are good.  It's kinda shocking if one thinks otherwise, to discover how good hearted, just uninformed, unaware of oh so many things.  I used to hitchhike all over the place and never once did anything bad happen.  I met so many odd but wonderful people.  In '72, hitching through Sacramento for a ride over the Sierras, at a gas station, two guys in a white van picked me up.  I had my beloved husky with me. It was 112 degrees!!  So hot that I didn't care at the time if they killed me!  Just flopped on the floor in back and slept until they let me out near Sparks I think it was.  It is enough to restore one's faith in people.  People just don't understand.  And some are not blessed with really good brains, or genes.  We should keep this in mind and be kind I think! 

  26. Kimberly Marshall- Botelle says:

    My 8 year old Grand daughter watched this with me. When she saw the plane in the sky, she finally said. "I want a President that will will stop the spraying". She doesn't want people to get sick anymore. Out of the mouth of babes. No, I do not believe she is too young for this. We live in Arizona. We see.

    • Cori Gunnells says:

      Kimberly Marshall – Botelle, bless your granddaughter's heart for knowing and for caring about others. This isn't an easy thing to navigate with little kids, or big kids. ~ Cori 

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hello Kimberly,  Your post touched me.  Some children grow up wise beyond their years.  A truthful education and upbringing are so very important for the leaders of tomorrow to change societies belief systems on pretty much near everything.  Truths only fear is to be concealed.   

      It never ever has stayed concealed.  Ever.  Thanks for sharing.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      At least, as things unravel, your grand daughter will know for sure that it was NOT YOU who failed to protect her.  Such wisdom and caring beyond her years is so unexpected and a lesson for all of us.  Bless her young heart.

    • Marc says:

      Kimberly Marshall-Botelle, I am reminded of a life changing moment when my 2 year old daughter and I were sitting on the couch (18 years ago) and I was watching PBS when suddenly a documentary came on about WW2 and the narrator was saying essentially blah blah blah WAR, blah blah blah, WAR. Seems like every 3rd, 4th, or 5th word was "war". My daughter turned to me and said, and I quote: "Daddy, what's war?" When I looked into those beautiful hazel eyes peering at me from her precious little angelic face, I completely lost it. I mean I really lost it. I was suddenly so consumed with emotion at her innocence and at how evil and unnecessary and tragic and morally reprehensible this thing called war is, that I sobbed and felt bad because she did not and could not understand why daddy was crying. 

        But life goes on and things change. When 9/11 came around the motherf**kers behind it all had so much of the drama so well orchestrated that I personally allowed myself to be duped and hoodwinked by their schemes and I actually felt something akin to real "patriotism". I remember even being in favor of going in to kick Saddam Hussein's ass, such was the extent of my delusion. But not only am I ashamed of having felt that way back then, I promise you I will never allow this phony-ass government full of lying sacks of s**t to fool me again. The words "Daddy, what's war?" will forever ring in my ears as a reminder to me. A reminder that the United States of America has defrauded, molested, and exploited us on a scale that cannot be comprehended. Gee, isn't it odd how geoengineering turns out to be just another perfect expression of this. 

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