Colorado Flood 2013: Detailed Explanation of Geoengineered Event


As skeptics continue to scoff at the evidence of ongoing geoengineering, the destruction from these programs is unparallelled. This is an excellent video, detailing exactly what just took place in Colorado. It is inconceivable that more people aren’t demanding to know what on earth is going on.

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  1. Alan says:

    From what I can discern, the elite have bougt many if not most of our Government officials..The people to whom we are suppose to go to for issues. The media is also owned by the elite, and only the information they want to publicize is aired. If you are a Christian is it explained in the Bible. We are not fighting flesh and blood but dark powers and principalities. Christ told us you cannot serve TWO masters..GOD and money. Those incharge seem to be more involved in the mighty dollar..Satan is here to destroy. All the earmarks are in Holy Scripture..Sometimes I feel we will just have to ride this out. The bible has an ending, and there are only two endings to this story..Those who choose God will have and eternal life with Him in Heaven, and the others will burn for ever…Not my decision, but Gods plan..If you are not Christian, I urge you to call on the Lord for direction..Without his word I would be frantic. But with Scriptual knowledge I can peacefully await the outcome..Take Heed..God Bless everyone who reads this and calls out to the LORD..

  2. Sandy says:

    No, they don’t care if we see them or not. After all, what are we going to do? We can’t just pull a plane out of the sky. The agenda is depopulation. These elite feel they are unstoppable. Fluoride has been put into our water to keep us dumbed up and unresponsive to whatever is going on around us. Interesting factoid. Last September there was a blizzard in South Dakota that killed tens of thousands of live stock. This type of blizzard has not been seen for 100 years. News of this blizzard never made msm news as far as I know.

  3. gingercake5 says:

    I heard about “Fogmageddon” in the Seattle area over the last few days. Read other articles/see videos on this site that show massive chem coverage of the Pacific – sprayed out there where no one can see – so it’ll come onshore somewhat disbursed and no longer in straight lines. I have no idea why they spray in plain site over the land during the day. Do they not care anymore if people notice?

  4. otter walks says:

    Greetings, May you all be well.
    Having watched the changes as the operational agenda became apparent, I made note of the systematic Weather Modification and archived the entire Event. (At least as much as was not censored…) Having a vested interest in CO, I have come to the conclusion that the US government should have a class action suit brought against it! Even if it is their Handlers that were behind this Operation. At least it could/would bring further attention to the Criminal Actions Perpetrated. There are virtually no insurance payouts being made — “Act if GOD !”… — and I do have a bridge to sell cheap, any takers on that one? This disgusts me and it is ever harder to communicate with persons that do not, will not listen. Bless them for it has been an Operation in high gear for a long time that has taken their critical thinking from them…
    Naturally, this should start a chain reaction given that so many researchers have documented Extreme Weather Events since prior to Katrina… (Like myself, those events are in multiple formates, located in disbursed locations for storage, to cover the event of my absence…) Ranting; Apologies… o… 18th October 2013 – 18th October 2013 – 7:20 AM – EDT

  5. lora says:

    They’re taking us down. The US is finished. We are at war. They don’t need us anymore. We’re a pain in the butt. Like Afghanis and Iraqis and Indians. We’re in their way. We’re expendable. Too many people cause too many problems. Need more reasons?

  6. Selene says:

    As a resident of Boulder County, I found it extremely strange that FEMA, Red Cross, and the National Guard were on scene IMMEDIATELY. As if the whole disaster were orchestrated. Evacuations, rescues and road closures were handled effortlessly. This has been a very sad eye opening experience for me. Thanks to yours and others websites, I fear my government even more.

  7. Ron says:

    Why do this? MONEY!
    What was the insurance payout for Commerce City? Was it close to bancuptcy like Detriot?

  8. Muhima Moses says:

    Admin.I wish To thank your boldness about geoengineering in To manipulate the earth’s climate system. I have boldly informed the world that,one To the major causes To the global warming To the planet is God’s destruction To the atmospheric layers in space,besides, the gko

  9. Celeste says:

    On September 5 at 2;30 PM from the Co State capitol, DHS and the Red Cross, announced a special CO Preparedness Program. All in all it would not seem that out of the ordinary because September is National Preparedness Month BUT the announcement was CO specific and only CO. One would expect a plethora of national announcements but this one was uniquely specific to Colorado. They proposed to engage all counties of CO in their preparedness cycle. Two dozen companies and agencies from insurance companies to healthcare supported this ”effort”.

    A few days later the unnatural flooding began, with FEMA placing the event in their Sit Rep report on the 12th.

    Currently FEMA is drawing in private land owners in many counties for assistance with all counties under control in three years.

  10. debbie says:

    It finaly worked after I sent that message.

  11. Colt says:

    I can tell you chemtrails were huge 3 days before the floods. Why would they do this?

  12. debbie says:

    So, the video isn’t working? Hmmm.

  13. Stacey says:

    There was a massive spraying campaign going on in washington state today. between 9 and 10 a.m. on my commute, I counted, no joke, six visible sprayings with at least 20 trails already. This lasted at least til 5 p.m. as I saw a number of active sprays on my commute home. Does anyone know why???

  14. Tim says:

    Not one meteorologist gave a reason as to why so much rain fell so fast. I can tell you that the chemtrailing prior to this flood was insane. We had 3 days of white outs from chemtrails. The particulates hold on to moisture then dump it. If that weren’t bad enough, it cleared finally on Tuesday and we had 1/2 day before monster chemtrails again.

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