The Ebola Card, Commentary From A Former Government Official


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is a former Reagan administration cabinet official who has been an outspoken voice of truth and reason for decades. Dr. Roberts is highly respected and regarded internationally as a source of accurate perspectives and information. So what is Roberts saying about the whole Ebola situation? The article below makes some very important observations that should be considered. Whatever the global powers are up to in regard to the Ebola outbreak, all indications are that our government and others are highly involved with the manipulation of this situation. More and more information is piling up to indicate that the Ebola virus was likely engineered. The power structure is being pushed further into a corner with each passing day, this makes them more dangerous than ever. Even if steps were taken on the ground to curb the spread of the deadly Ebola pathogen, the aerosol spraying programs (geoengineering, SRM, SAG, SAI) could be utilized to distribute engineered pathogens anytime those in power wish. The collective health of the human race has already been horrifically compromised from what we conclusively know they are spraying above our heads (countless lab tests prove this), what might they be spraying that we don’t yet know about? If they are not yet spraying pathogens, what is to stop them from doing this at any point of their choosing? The spraying must be exposed and halted, it’s up to all of us to engage in this battle to expose the truth.
Dane Wigington

The Ebola Story Doesn’t Smell Right

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

The federal government has announced that thousands of additional US soldiers are being sent to Liberia. General Gary Volesky said the troops would “stamp out” ebola. The official story is that combat troops are being sent to build treatment structures for those infected with ebola.

Why combat troops? Why not send a construction outfit such as an engineer battalion if it has to be military? Why not do what the government usually does and contract with a construction company to build the treatment units? “Additional thousands of troops” results in a very large inexperienced construction crew for 17 treatment units. It doesn’t make sense.

Stories that don’t make sense and that are not explained naturally arouse suspicions, such as: Are US soldiers being used to test ebola vaccines and cures, or more darkly are they being used to bring more ebola back to the US?

I understand why people ask these questions. The fact that they will receive no investigative answer will deepen suspicions.

Uninformed and gullible Americans will respond: “The US government would never use its own soldiers and its own citizens as guinea pigs.” Before making a fool of yourself, take a moment to recall the many experiments the US government has conducted on American soldiers and citizens. For example, search online for “unethical human experimentation in the United States” or “human radiation experiments,” and you will find that federal agencies such as the Department of Defense and Atomic Energy Commission have: exposed US soldiers and prisoners to high levels of radiation; irradiated the testicles of males and tested for birth defects (high rate resulted); irradiated the heads of children; fed radioactive material to mentally disabled children.

The Obama regime’s opposition to quarantine for those arriving from West Africa is also a mystery. The US Army has announced that the Army intends to quarantine every US soldier returning from deployment in Liberia. The Army sensibly says that an abundance of caution is required in order to minimize the risk of transferring the ebola outbreak to the US. However, the White House has not endorsed the Army’s decision, and the White House has expressed opposition to the quarantines ordered by the governors of New York and New Jersey.

Apparently pressure from the White House and threats of law suits from those subject to quarantine have caused the two states to loosen their quarantines. A nurse returning from treating ebola patients in West Africa has been cleared by New Jersey for discharge after being symptom-free for 24 hours instead of the 21-days it takes for the disease to produce symptoms. The nurse threatened a lawsuit, and the false issue of “discrimination against health care workers” has arisen. How is it discrimination to quarantine those with the greatest exposure to ebola?

Once symptoms appear, an infected person is dangerous to others until the person is quarantined. As the CDC now has been forced to admit, after stupidly denying the obvious fact, the current ebola strain can spread by air. All it takes is a sneeze or a cough or a contaminated surface.

In other words, it can spread like flu. Previous denials of this fact helped to create the suspicion that the new ebola strain is a weaponized biowarfare strain created by US government labs in West Africa. As University of Illinois law professor Francis Boyle has revealed, Washington placed its biowarfare laboratories in African countries that did not sign the convention banning such experimentation.

Washington’s deviousness in evading the convention that the US government signed has produced another suspicion: Did the new ebola strain escape, perhaps via some lab mishap that infected lab workers, or was the strain deliberately released in order to test if it works? See: and

The only intelligent and responsible policy is to stop all commercial flights to and from ebola areas. Health worker volunteers should be transported by military aircraft and should be required to undergo the necessary quarantine before being transported back to the US.

Why does the White House oppose the only responsible and intelligent policy? Why is Congress silent on the issue?

The resistance to a sane policy fosters the suspicions that the government or some conspiracy group intends to use ebola to declare martial law and herd the population or undesirable parts of it, into the FEMA camps that Halliburton was paid to construct (without the public ever being told the reason for the camps).

It is certainly strange that a government involved in long-term wars in the Middle East, the purpose of which is unclear to the public, and in fomenting conflict with both Russia and China, two countries armed with nuclear weapons, would so recklessly create more suspicions among the public of its motives, intentions, and competence.

Democracy requires that the public trust the government. Yet Washington does everything possible to destroy this trust and to present a picture of dysfunctional government with hidden and undeclared agendas.

Source: Paul Craig Roberts

6 Responses to The Ebola Card, Commentary From A Former Government Official

  1. Bella_Fantasia says:

    To Pamela Gerry–That video makes sense of much of this nonsense. Thanks for offering it. I knew mining was devastating the populations, but this puts it much more in focus. I can also guess why our troops were sent, rather than medical or construction workers. Thanks, Pamela.

  2. Mallorie says:

    Indeed there is!

  3. Ana says:

    Reading this excelente article and looking at things happening around the world it seems that government or governments are just gaining time for something big,something that is going to take us all by surprise and that we will not be able to stop it or to revert it .look like they are just gaining time for something big and with no chance for us to turn back the situation (a social collapse of some kind ?maybe ebola is just the trigger or the excuse for puting their plan/agenda in action?).About the Army being used to test vaccines i think they already did that with west Africans cause looking at some of their (west africans)testimonies saying that only the people that took vaccines went sick with ebola makes it sounds to me like vaccination tests that were donne and that maybe went wrong (or not so wrong ,maybe were calculated risks or planed),but to test a vaccine the vaccinated person(suposely a volunteer ) needs to be exposed to the vírus in order to test the eficace of the vaccine(i think !isn´t it?how would they do that with no volunteers?)having donne this afther sometime volunteers would be at thousands to their experimentations and vaccines tests with the fear of the vírus or many getting sick and with no choice(like must be happening now ) …
    If they are sending combat troops it probably just means that they intend to use that kind of task force or maybe the troops were sent for some special training of combat far from the eyes of the Americans and in a place where nobody wants to be in the these presente times(west africa) ,very useful for training in secrecy and with a real virus epidemic in a colapsing society ,maybe to prepare all these men and women for some important mission(inside USA or not) or to use them for some experimentation or vaccination…West Africa became hostage of the USA government with this ebola outbreak but we can´t Forget that we are all in that position with this ebola threat-scaring us and threathening us but giving us stories of success with the new experimental drug used in health workers,like if they were delaying something or preparing another scenario for bigger pourpose or more complex that we can´t guess.We are hostages of their agenda that includes all this weather manipulation and chemtrails and the study of lethal virus and how it spreads and how it can be used if needed… and they can turn the game at anytime and we can´t even say that this was all part of a sick plan that was prepared years ago with fema camps,supplies,bunkers and coffins (bunkers for what?)…they can find an enemy from night to day or a new story as monica lewisnsky …tomorrow maybe some more cases of success in west Africa or maybe all the region will get worst…they are the ones who write the stories of our lifes and we just follow the script…
    something that doesn´t make sense is that they(government and media) are telling us on the news(i see CNN and euronews)how people are dieing in west africa and how ebola is still killing and then Obama doesn´t want quarantine to people that were in contact with affected regions or in contact with people with the ebola ?it almost look like that west Africa ebola epidemic are not contagious enough to spread to other countries(?),strange ,very strange…and US government wanting new laws to detain any suspected person of having ebola but at the same time they are worried with the law-suits from those subject to quarantine?(doesn´t make any sense),they keep telling how dangerous this world situation is but at the same time they don´t take special measures to such situation ? yes ,Mr Roberts is very right!

  4. ronfoster says:

    The Ebola vaccine is being fast-tracked by GSK (About 27 minutes into video).

    “GSK is as evil as Monsanto — or worse.”

    What could go wrong with taking a vaccine made by GSK, a company being sued for 30 BBBBBBBBBBIllion dollars for an experimental vaccine that comes from a virus the government has the patent on. You can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Pamela Gerry says:

    There is also this to consider….

  6. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thank you for the thoughtful article. To add to your perspective would be that this whole ebola thing is just a psychological operation. Perhaps the nurse in Maine knows the truth and cannot be bought out by those in charge? Sure, there’s probably ebola in West Africa where there are poor sanitary conditions and unprotected sex but we have no idea if it is as serious as our media portrays it. This would explain why they don’t really care about those coming in from “ebola regions”. We have to begin thinking critically about these scenarios that presented to us.

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