Engineered Winter Weather Whiplash


Dane Wigington

The completely engineered weather "whack-a-mole" is winding up with "winter storm Ajax"  In recent years, the naming of "winter storms" adds to the geoengineered winter weather theater that is the last ditch effort of the power structure to mask the severity of the rapidly accelerating global meltdown. In order to achieve the jet stream manipulated temporary chemical cool-downs, the overall warming of the planet is further worsened. Even if you know nothing about meteorology, the "temperature departure from average" map below should look anomalous. The radical inconsistencies are historically unprecedented. 


Record shattering warmth in the oceans and an extreme band of warmth from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Arctic, yet, "winter storm Ajax" magically materializes over the western US.

The "daily average" temperature map below further clarifies the anomalous chemical cool-down down in the western US while surrounding temperatures are much warmer.


The overall area of "cool zones" on our planet are getting rapidly smaller.

Extreme jet stream "dips" are a primary component of the engineered winter events."Winter storm Ajax" is no exception.


Such massive dips in the jet stream are also utilized to pick up moisture from the very warm Gulf of Mexico. The moisture is then carried north as far as the Arctic where it is also chemically nucleated in the ever more desperate attempt to slow down the shrinking of Arctic ice.

How anomalous does the precipitation map below appear?


With frozen precipitation as far south as southern New Mexico, it is still raining and relatively warm (with tornados) all the way into south central Canada.

What is the role of the  power structure owned and controlled agencies like "The Weather Channel"? To create as much theater and as many headlines as they can from the engineered chemical cool-downs. In the image below, Ari Sarsalari is doing his best to hype up "winter storm Ajax" without much mention of the warm thunderstorms and rain that appear on most of the map behind him.


The cast of criminals who purchased "The Weather Channel" for 3.5 billion are able to control the message and the flow of information from top to bottom. When the weather anomalies are too big to cover up, The Weather Channel all too often airs reality shows instead of covering the weather.

The latest list of dramatic "winter storm" names from The Weather Channel is below.


The Weather Channel theater is conducted with enthusiasm by the paid script readers that masquerade as meteorologists.

What is a primary goal for the geoengineers? To blot out the sun. In the combination satellite radar map below (Nov 17, 2015), nearly the entire North American continent is covered with canopy. ​


Any areas of moisture are heavily sprayed with atmospheric aerosols. The excess of cloud condensation nuclei then help to scatter available moisture into vast expanses of rainless and often amorphous cloud canopy (solar radiation management). Radio frequency transmissions are also used to broadcast the electrically conductive particulates into the widest possible pattern.

The NOAA "departure from normal high temperatures" map below further highlights the ever more extreme weather whiplash that is going on around the globe.


The scenario shown in this NOAA map is the exact antithesis of the constant parade of engineered cool-downs that were carried out over the Eastern US over the last two winters.

It is imperative that the completely engineered "winter storms" be recognized for what they are: not natural. Those who use such engineered events as ammunition to claim the planet is not warming are repeating the exact narrative that the power structure wants them to parrot. If we are to be effective in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, our conclusions must be researched, credible, and verifiable. Though the world is full of criminal disaster capitalists like Al Gore, reality is still reality. And what is the current reality in regard to the state of the climate? The planet continues its descent into total meltdown with geoengineering helping to fuel the fire overall. This being said, it is also imperative to understand and acknowledge that there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and climate system. Denial of this fact is no different than denial of climate engineering. Here are the facts, October set heat records around the globe (following September's record shattering heat). The beginning of November was in the same trend. 2015 will be the warmest year yet recorded, breaking the record heat just set in 2014. Record warm oceans are the bottom line, the overall planetary warming is accelerating at blinding speed. The planet cannot respond to the damage already done so long as geoengineering is allowed to continue. If the climate engineering insanity can be exposed and halted, the other sources of anthropogenic damage to the planet must then be dealt with. It's up to us, make your voice heard.  

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  1. Trace Meek says:

    Dane, have you tried to approach the media to help warn the public? You have the proof. I believe RT would welcome you. Maybe we need to start our own media station. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Trace, although RT does have good coverage on many issues, Russia is also a member of the global atmospheric spraying cabal. I have had a number of communications with talk show host Abby Martin when she was still on at RT, she would not touch the geoengineering issue.

  2. horsegirl says:

    @ Rachel,

    Can you post your top three or four Raytheon links please?

    Sorry I am not able to get online on a routine basis and keep up with an ongoing dialogue.  Makes me sweat bullets…  Thanks.  Sure appreciate sharing ideas and validation with you.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @horsegirl, Hello and how are you doing?  Feels like freezing here!  I really wish I could give you links.  I posted the majority of what I found out on one of these blogs, if not this, then the one before this?, by now older.  I just started by researching the company under their name and one thing lead to another.  I took notes and realized I was seeing a time line that relates to geoengineering.  Here and there I hit links to find/read more of this and that which must be how I found the 2013 article in Forbes which was worth it, but for me not noting the month or gaining a link. I do need to develop linking skills, but this is one one heck of a lot of headache inducing reading and scribbling, yet it yielded so much.  However, just when I thought it looked like Raytheon was done at the end of this year, being granted only 700 million, no.  They are moving into Cheyenne Mountain for reasons that will become obvious but also a happy coincidence for them.  Hardened from RFs by nature.  I may never fully recover from my exploration of Raytheon.  They are as evil as Monsanto and there are correlations, and to geoengineering, even to the Cobell lawsuit on behalf of Natives from whom was stolen, conservatively, 55 Billion, 5 of that by Chrysler Corp, which originally really confused me, but no more.  So many pieces fell into place.  Raytheon apparently did all the, at first? or still?, modification of special airplanes.  They began in a public way, but took careful steps to become "our" #1 defense contractor.  I got a bit confused with all the various weather stations.  Dane helped me out on that.  Raytheon models for: NWS, the National Weather Service and NOAA.  Hope that helps.  I am always surprised what all I can find from just going to the source, making notes and a time line.

      Warning!  Studying Raytheon will have a negative affect on your brain!!!   

  3. cinny says:

    Got up at 4:30 AM her in southern NJ and noted only partly clouded skies as I could see stars.  At 5;00 am I felt ELF's/RF's kick into high with ringing and severe pressure in my ears and the usual nausea.  Looked out around 5:30 and noted the entire skies were filled with charcoal black chemclouds and chemtrails.  At dawn the chemtrails glowing bright red and the chemclouds remained black smears, they looked like someone had exploded soot into the atmosphere and was slowly drifting down.  In addition to the nausea and ear pressure, my eyes having been burning and watering.  We had a breif "rain", it was more like a mist because it was dancing around in the air, like snowflakes.  It is now 2:40 pm, and we have solid pale grey skies.  As Dane mentioned, about have the trees in the area whose leaves turned brown back at the end of September, are still hanging on the trees.  So far, my Mom has lost 10 trees in the past 2 years.  "They" are terraforming the entire planet.  My neighbour who had just had his cedar shingled house restained/painted 2 years ago, is having it redone again.  Probably was told it was a inferior stain product, they are an older couple, so didn't even bother with my 2 cents

    I like many of the comments, and like Dane are fed up with this BS.  Even those I have gotten thru to, seeing no end in site, are telling me, they are so overwhelmed with this and keeping a roof over their heads, taking care of sick relatives, they just go day to day.  It is too much for them, which is exactly the direction "they" steered us into..F'ing prostitutes and pedophiles, devoid of any moral compass or soul, whose only goal is to "make" us become one of them and kill the rest

  4. jk says:

    I wish you had 'like' links in the comment section, there are so many who add to the depth & breadth of this discussion.  Great people are following you.  It is so helpful to know there are really good people, knowledgable & skilled, who are fighting this fight.

  5. Robo Sapien says:

    The national security act of 1947 is what all the courts will pull out of their butts if you try to do anything, the end game is the government will simply say the spraying is a matter of national security.  I know this is what they will do. I sincerely doubt any court case will get heard and if they for some reason do hear a case they will simply say its a matter of national security. this is where all the protest ends…national security. It overrides the constitution for some illegal reason. I see their stance clearly they are invested in the worst crime against humanity ever…national security.

    • Robo Sapien — I agree. The 'national security' shut-down is in the air. I assume this is one of the many reasons the Neo-Cons are pushing for war. Waking Times has an informative article up today on the "Six Painful Truths About the War on Terrorism":

    • Paul Craig Roberts: Having been at the top of government, journalism, and academia for a lifetime, it is clear to me that there is a great deal wrong with the explanations [of Paris] that people are being given. However, the majority of Western peoples have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe that anyone who doubts official explanations is a “conspiracy theorist.”
      In other words, only governments and their media presstitutes tell the truth.  This makes it simple for governments with their secret agendas to protect their agendas from the facts. Who would believe me when the alternative is to believe Fox News, CNN, the BBC, NPR, Dubya, Obama, Wolfowitz, Hollande, Merkel, Cameron, the Weakly Standard?
      If Putin’s government and the Chinese people are so desperately determined to be part of the “glorious West” that they will accept a false reality, the world is doomed.
      If it is up to Western politicians, the world is doomed for sure. To the man and the woman they are warmongers. Moreover, the response to the false flag/hoax attack is mindless. The morons declare that the West is attacked because it allows women to be educated. The West is attacked because of “french values and French way of life, because we dance” (Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius). In other words, the nonsense that worked for the idiot US president, George W. Bush, works for the French. “We are attacked because we are good.” All of us good people here in the West would never be attacked because we have looted and robbed the Middle East for a century and followed up the looting with 14 years of military devastation of seven countries, producing millions of deaths and displaced persons.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robo, yup.  So National Security since the year I was born.  And war my whole life.  More than a half of a century.  9/11 being the pretense for taking this to extremes and now France too.  Doing the same.  It used to be my understanding that this constitution loophole was built in to be limited.  If true, then looks like they have to keep manufacturing wars to keep the constitution suspended, doesn't it? 

  6. Dennie Mehocich says:

    In spite of the record heat I feel just like a person who's dying of hypothermia.  It's reported that many have experienced a feeling of actually being warm as they are near death, never mind that they really aren't.  So, what's crazy?  Maybe, just maybe, some of the Idiots-In-Charge actually DO "get it," that the spraying is a cause of the warming now, and will begin to raise One Holy Stink to get it to stop.  Like the person dying of hypothermia, part of me wants to see this happen, but soon.  Am I now that close to death yet??

  7. Marc says:

    With the focus of world attention on the Paris circus of mayhem, any glimmers of hopefulness pertaining to the UN Climate Summit have retreated amidst the frenzy in progress. But the paradox, and the tragedy, is that the Climate Summit will not have the cessation of massive world-wide geoengineering as one of it's paramount objectives, but will instead dilly-dally endlessly with how to coordinate international carbon reductions with the stated goal of a signed agreement, while "mitigation" strategies of every conceivable kind will be on the table. And we all know what that means. It means that sooner or later, somewhere in the midst of this gigantic cluster of world leaders, event coordinators, climate scientists, politicians and corporate reps, there will arise discussion of geoengineering as a mitigation strategy. There is no way geoengineering can be magically omitted from this Climate Summit. I'm talking about discussions of geoengineering "above the table", not under it. We all know by now that most so-called world leaders are already in on this game of geoengineering, but the secretive nature of the whole undertaking and the collusion going on behind the curtain and away from open public disclosure implies, by it's very secrecy, a dark and potentially malevolent agenda. None of us who come to this site are naive enough to be deluded by the structure and mission statement of this Summit. My cynicism is not total, though. I'm quite sure there will be many hundreds of attendees who will be there for the right reasons, earnestly seeking a way through the quicksand of politics and controversy and science to come out on the far end with a carbon emissions agreement that, they hope, might just put Earth on a path to a brighter future. But how do we square up the FACT that massive world-wide geoengineering (aerosolization and HAARP) is and has been deployed for decades, with the fact that the SUMMIT will refuse to acknowledge or take into account this stupendous FACT? Will the real science (such as we find here) on the truly dire state of our world be openly presented, or will many of the most dire assessments be soft-peddled somewhat so as to encourage signees to the agreement? Who would sign on to a carbon agreement if they felt as Guy McPherson does? Why bother? I'm not suggesting that the premise of the Summit is utterly pointless, but we all have to ask ourselves: on order of magnitude what will make more of a difference: ceasing immediately all aerosolization and HAARP manipulation of our skies or…….getting world governments to sign a carbon agreement that won't effect changes on a time scale that matters.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan and Marc: Right on!  The carbon agreement will be as much about the failing money system as it is being sold to us as an environmental issue.  We are continually told that "national security" trumps all, and now EVERY WESTERN NATION is now in process of being forced to swallow countless hundreds of thousands of middle eastern refugees as our military depopulates their countries, considered to be not much more than repositories for the remaining petroleum on the planet, to turn them into giant oil refineries, while setting the stage for middle-eastern-style "terror" in our lands– exactly the opposite of that Holy Cow, "national security."  Can't help but wonder when that icon will finally fall– when the pilots' hair catches on fire or when the jets doing the spraying finally melt?? 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Seems that clearly there will be some, at least, clamoring for geo-tinkering from AMEG, for the arctic, and for Antarctica.  Situations will be described as dire all over the place, there is no hiding it.  Things are dire, but who wants to say how dire?  As you implied Marc, if people knew the world is ending, can you just imagine how very crazy things would get?  How many bad or iffy people would just go for it whole hog because why not, why follow laws, why be kind to a neighbor?, why not loot and plunder?  So, they can't really tell the truth about the state of things.  Perhaps someone under pressure for geoengineering will give something away, by saying something like we've tried that-on a small scale and the consequences are too great.  Perhaps something will out something.  Or they could say efforts have been successful and they want to do more-to help, of course.  If we are lucky the cat will get out of the bag one way or another.  Certain ideas may fall by the wayside as not timely enough, or too costly.  There will no doubt be a focus on sea level rise and protecting shores.  If they get into carbon controls, the expense and time frame will come up.  Perhaps as usual, nothing helpful, a big snooze.

      I'd like to see all nuclear facilities start shutting down right now.  Before things get anymore crazy.  It would be nice if they weighed in on that.  Then f***ing stop the geoengineering!  I happen to think stopping would go less dangerously if we didn't have to worry about the sheer number of nuclear facilities around the world.  I know.  I'll ask Santa!  That is how useful or important I find the Climate conferences.  Useless!  We should start our own and I don't mean a geoengineering one.  I mean a people's climate talk, everyday people along with free to speak out scientists and specialists.  Draw up our own state of the world climate and how to address it, and present that to these useless ones, to this charade, and it always is.  See how many are aware of what is going on, how many are not and have real and meaningful discussions.  

  8. Michel B says:

    I have worked in a coal fired power station on a short stint. It is an immensely large and complicated structure, relying on many resources to feed it: Rail network, roads, its own water (usually a dam) supply for steam production and cooling, regular maintenance and huge amount of manpower.

    And power stations only last several decades before they become too expensive to maintain. They usually build the superseding one next door to the old one, since the rail and roads and dam are nearby.

    So, they are burning large amounts of coal to produce megawatts, necessary for our industrialised cities. Combusted coal fly ash and CO2 are some of the waste products.

    But because we are producing too much CO2, we have to use the combusted coal fly ash to build a 'shield' against the sun's thermal energy. But to keep using the ash we have to burn more coal and produce more CO2 for which we have to use more ash to stop the sun for acting on and thus keep burning coal which keeps producing more CO2….. You know where I am going with this of course.

    I once met a fellow who was painting some articles and he used a friend's chair to do this on. He accidently got some paint on the chair and ended up desperately painting the whole chair to cover up the small bit of paint he initially splashed on. Sound familiar?

  9. Irene Parousis says:

    Hi Dane, good to see your impact on this blog, Ascendingstarseed, as she acknowledges your effort in the Geoengineering battle.

    "God bless Dane Wigington for having the courage to continue pounding the war drums every week, because it’s critical that we turn our focus on the “Elephant in the Room” which threatens all life on Earth…geoengineering and climate change."

    • annette says:

      Thanks for sharing the link Irene, it was a tough weekend watching so many self proclaimed "awake and aware" people get sucked into another obvious false flag event. So, here's a great montage of REAL events: Earth changes unfolding at an exponential rate around the planet. Anyone who watches these monthly updates knows Earth is in a death spiral and it's time to wakey, wakey. IMO Dane deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his dedication, time and sheer tenacity in continuing to deliver this message to so many deafened ears. Fortunately people are beginning to hear the alarm bells, especially those directly affected by Earth changes. Big MAHALO Dane, keep up the great work…those of us who are listening love you and will continue spreading the word!

  10. Larwence says:

    Heavy spraying here in Bakersfield California today. 11/18/15 all day, before sunrise and after sunset. I found this short video that I think everyone will be interested in.

    We really need to do something soon. Keep up the fight. Regards, Larwence

  11. wayne says:

    The Program Managers are changing their strategy by a constant “light dusting” our skies in Coachella Valley, CA versus the blatant long wide contrails from horizon to horizon, still folks don’t seem to notice and continue to shop, shop and shop again, absolutely nuts.
    During “season” we have a lot of wealthy “educated” retirees, so I thought…….
    One at a time…….

  12. Melody Meachum says:

    Stop the crazy NWO carousel! I'm sick & I want off.. No more synthetic weather, synthetic food, multiculturalism, false terrorism, democracy, technocracy, phony money and phony world leaders.

  13. Martha says:

    "Ajax" hit us very hard yesterday in N. Idaho and Eastern Washington causing major destruction.  We had wide-spread power outages with some still going on. Many trees were blown down including a huge one in my yard.

    The good news about yesterday is that I presented a paper on geoengineering in an English class that I'm taking. I used a personal story about the experience of  writing my congressman in 1998 seeking answers regarding unusual contrails in the sky (my letter was "red-flagged" and months later of course, I was told they're "normal condensation trails"). I then shifted to the present and used a lot of information from this website. It went extremely well and seemed to open many eyes.

    Thank you Dane, for your dedication, research and making this vital information available!

    Keep on keeping on everyone, we're in this together even though at times it may feel like we're all alone. Thank you to everyone who's striving to awaken the masses. We will persevere.

  14. Ann says:

    Well programs are ramping up 'down under'. Here in Australia we are partners in crime. Spraying is often above the clouds,sometimes at night  but mainly on magical blue sky days. The planes like to stop/start the plumes as they take on a more"natural appearance". They might just do several regions at a time otherwise its trails as far as the eye can see. Today is a 35 degrees Celsius, cloudless but a dirty brown hue visibly covers the sky. You can see a saturation of particles shielding the sky and your skin burns in just a few moments outside. If it's a "protection / reflection" shield it sure ain't working. We have been told to expect some 40+ degree days this week after weeks of low 20s. It is still spring here. More weather anomalies that we are being programmed or convinced to accept as normal fluctuations. Nothing is as it seems and sadly keeping positive and waking people up is the challenge these days. The Climate Conference in Paris will be the deal breaker. Thanks again Dane for your strength and courage in this crazy haze of "globalism"…

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, yesterday (19th) started off OK and then the thin and complete covering of the sky blew over. You could discern the lines of the former spraying from wherever they had recently done it. The temperatures are going up as the week goes on.

      Today the skies are kind of fairly blue this morning. When it is like this, I always look with apprehension for that horrible change that seeps out overhead.

      Are they manipulating the temperatures up so that people will greet with enthusiasm the decision to 'start' geoengineering, as might come out of the Paris Conference? Whatever the case, the truth is the biggest victim at the Conference. Lies, coercion, deals and long held goals of World Order are shining in the eyes of those pulling the strings.

  15. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 86th email to my contact list, titled: 'Glass Half Full'.

    1.  The northerly winds bringing cold air down from Greenland to Scotland/UK this w/end are a disaster.  

    Greenland's glaciers are near collapse and "hey presto", they are due a heat wave this w/end (21/22 Nov)…temps between 0 and -10ºC, an anomaly of +20ºC.  

    The East Siberian Arctic Shelf, where the 50Gt methane release is expected, has had a +20ºC anomaly all week.

    2.  October 2015 is set to be the hottest month (and 2015 the hottest year) since records began in 1880.

    3.  Here is a good analogy for public awareness of the dire global warming situation.

    Imagine a bacteria which divides in two every day; thus after day one there are two bacteria, after day two there are 4, and so on.

    Put the single bacteria into a large glass and tell it that when the glass is full they will all die.  When the glass is 3/4 empty, 99.99% of the bacteria will say there is no problem since they have been in the glass for so long and look, the glass is still 3/4 empty.  The next day the glass is half full, and 99.97% of them still say there is plenty of time since they have been in the glass for so long and look, the glass is only half full.  At the end of the next day they start to die.

    Our global warming 'glass' is half full.

    Most of the population are deliberately distracted from this understanding by being kept busy, terrorism and war.  It is an old tactic: "Arbeit macht Frei".

  16. bija says:

    The absurdity of this malevolent attack on all life is taking it's toll on the psyche! I feel as though I have landed on a planet  that does not suppot human life, health, or development. Everyone who lives on this planet is being diminished in all ways. I can no longer even know if my thoughts and feelings are my own, or artificially manipulated through chemical and electrical attack! All the evil agendas are connected and everything is a lie!!

    I will keep doing what I can as long as I am able! But some days it really feels like EVIL has outwitted anything GOOD and MORAL in this world! This travesty just keeps going on and on and we who are awake, aware and active are consistently thwarted and ignored. The sraying here in S. Arizona is now so covertly misted upon us that it's now rare to even see the planes. It's  as if this spreading gloomy gauze appears out of nowhere. They continue to stack the deck against our best efforts by ever perfecting their vile technology. It's little to no consolation to know that they destroy themselves as well, or evsn that their souls are lost for all eternity. Thanks, friends, for tolerating my rant. Without you there I would truly be beyond despair! Oh, and if I have to hear anything more about this CIA created ISIS-IS-Islamic Nation false flag distraction, my head will explode! Is there no such thing as ENOUGH!!

    • stephan says:

      Well said Bija – take care.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      bija, Hello and boy do I agree with you!  I too feel as if my head will explode!  A few weeks ago, I could swear I felt a rupture of sorts in my brain, then, a week or two ago I asked Dane how he keeps his head from exploding.  No answer.  But I've just about had it.  There really is such a thing as too much.  How is one to keep fighting, to keep spirits up, to even smile or enjoy one second of life as evil does seem to be winning everywhere?  Guess I just answered my own question!  By not letting it win me.  Still, my state of mind is not good, not good at all.  Like you, I'm sick of false flag theories.  I mean I know they exist and 9-11 was obvious.  But this?  Not so sure and seems an easy out.

      I spent a good part of today, besides learning about the harm we've done and are doing from Africa via military's "best kept secret", ahem!, I've been studying morals versus ethics, rather with and if there really is a difference and I think there is.  And I think when ethics break down, fall apart, we are in a world of hurt.  Is it even possible to get out of all of this?  Doesn't look good, does it.  But good to hear you, and feel you!  

    • Melanie says:

      Dear Bija, 
      Please know we are all here with you in this fight. It is a sign of a strong mind to know about the geoengineering and to persist and spread the knowledge. You are a strong person, and I am right here along side of you.  Best to you, dear sister! Stay strong.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It's all connected– the attacks in Paris by ISI, or ISIS, or ISIL are just a pretext for massive clampdowns now on people like you and me.  "They" cannot take a chance on folks like us showing up to spoil their little party over there in Paris next month, when "they" will discuss much bigger stuff, like maybe CLIMATE, now could they?  So stage something melodramatic in order to legitimize a need for "maximum security."  That's how this works.  Until we decide otherwise.  Here's something from about CIA deciding to clamp down on encryption:

      And here's something else about our lives in the Land of the "Free" and the Home of the "Brave:"  The state owns your DNA:

      In spite of the Evil, I definitely know I have control over what I'm going to think, unless I'm having some kind of obsessive compulsion, like a tune that gets stuck in my head, usually, but microchips are NOT responsible for most of what I think– where would those be located on me?  I believe that "they" are working on ways to subvert your ability to call your thoughts your own but I also definitely understand the power of PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS.  We're not kids anymore.  Time to grow up and smell the coffee.

    • horsegirl says:

      Beautifully expressed.  I know that number well of "are my thoughts/feelings my own?"  I am often so reduced.  People used to say I write with fire.  Sometimes I feel like myself when writing by hand.  But on this laptop I have had the impression of some utterly evil circuitry sabotaging my mental process simultaneously with manual dexterity.  Phoneticizing words I know perfectly well how to spell.  Lapses in concentration.  Tangents and so on.  DARPA and others specialize in just such psychotronic voodoo.   If I can think of using this laptop as a psychotronic weapon of petty subterfuge they can too. And why would they restrain themselves?  Hubby says we've armed ourselves with their weapon.  As for mind control at its junction with eugenicide,I learned of the likes of Ernst Rudin because of how the VA decimated my own family.  Things too throbbing painful to even voice here.  Hubby and I say "time out" to each other often because we have good reason to believe going to town involves driving through an ELF-tortured area.  A few times we have both briefly experienced double vision.  We've hear that's the only explanation for such an effect.  We're in southern AZ but near Douglas.  Perhaps you're aware of how Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, some 100 miles south of the border, boasts what I would term a manufacturing center of geoengineering gasses.  I can't help but wonder if this proximate  activity may be the source. of your mystery pollution  Planes constantly infuse the sky with gridworks of filthy death.  We have witnessed so many non-clouds wafting into areas where no planes are visible – then staying put in one spot the rest of the day no matter how hard the wind blew – that we developed the hypothesis that they "manufacture" them one place and somehow direct them to another.  If we only had the resources Id shoot down there to video it all.  It seems the scum wafts westward from El Paso way to Douglas, but also up from Mexico.  Curious to hear your observations going forward.  Many thanks for your witness, courage and especially clarity.  Like you we come here as if for a daily drink of water.  The rest of the world fleering at one another with something along the lines of "so what are you doing after the orgy?"  As for the archfiends orchestrating this collective horror, the most electrifying read I ever found was in the Psalms:  God satisfies the desire of every living creature.  Hence watch out what you want.  Throughout the ages some have wanted to play God.  Now it's their ungainly turn.  Their parody will be brief.  With geoengineering we come to where it's possible for some "transhumanized" beings to be thrown into an eternally incendiary superfund site precisely because they created it.  Object lessons to all generations as to the peril of playing God.

  17. Ken says:

    Dane, is this pattern shift in the weather, cold in the west and warm in the east, to prevent stronger el niño affects in the arctic or are they trying to prevent the west and Alaska from going into total melt down?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, the answer is “all the above”, and more. The paradox is this, every day their operations of insanity continue, the are making the situation far worse overall, not better.

    • penny says:

      Yes, it seems to me that coating the northern hemisphere with particulate clouds during the winter would cause far more warming from the greenhouse effect than cooling due to solar influx reduction (SRM).  Have they ramped up spraying in the southern hemisphere?  Because if not, one might suspect that they are just trying to kill off the planet as quickly as possible.  Which they are doing anyway, heavy sigh…

    • JACTN says:

      I'm not Dane but I'm not sure its a pattern change.  A good deal of this moisture flow is pushing the large amount of heat from pacific and gulf area's over the land area as dispersed clouds and then into the arctic as well as cloud cover.  In my opinion with out this storm and the hurricane patricia storm the entire north American continent would be even more above normal then what we are observing.  It can be 65/70 with rain and people will mentally approach it as cool when in reality it is 20/30+ degree's above normal at some point in a 24 hour period of time.  Parts of the Hudson Bay area was 50 degree's above normal this morning.  Feedback loops are out of control and major weather events are now routine to keep people sedated.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Massive spraying, with busy busy busy busy busy little drones flying through the skies over the San Francisco Bay Area today.  I could taste the air all day long– mmm, mmm, GOOD (NOT!)

  18. So they are now trying to cool the west to combat El Nino in the Pacific?

    Bloomberg: This has been by far the hottest year on record, and the thermometer just keeps rising. Blame climate change and a merciless El Nino, which is still gathering strength in the Pacific Ocean. …This week the El Nino weather pattern started setting records of its own, with some of the warmest weekly temperatures ever seen across swaths of the equatorial Pacific. …If current conditions persist, 2015 could exceed that.    
    big image of El Nino on Bloomberg:

    And another bit of fantasy research (probably paid for by Monsanto!) Zinc is the problem — not aluminum. So they can drop aluminum on us, trees, water & soil to their hearts content…

    Objective: To determine whether changes in brain biometals in Alzheimer disease (AD) and in normal brain tissue are tandemly associated with amyloid β-peptide (Aβ) burden and dementia severity.
    Methods: The authors measured zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and aluminum and Aβ levels in postmortem neocortical tissue from patients with AD (n = 10), normal age-matched control subjects (n = 14), patients with schizophrenia (n = 26), and patients with schizophrenia with amyloid (n = 8). Severity of cognitive impairment was assessed with the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale (CDR).
    Results: There was a significant, more than twofold, increase of tissue zinc in the AD-affected cortex compared with the other groups. Zinc levels increased with tissue amyloid levels. Zinc levels were significantly elevated in the most severely demented cases (CDR 4 to 5) and in cases that had an amyloid burden greater than 8 plaques/mm2. Levels of other metals did not differ between groups.
    Conclusions: Brain zinc accumulation is a prominent feature of advanced Alzheimer disease (AD) and is biochemically linked to brain amyloid β-peptide accumulation and dementia severity in AD.

    Reality: Aluminum: a neurotoxin, aluminum blocks nerve impulses, dulls thinking and concentration, can produce dizziness, memory loss, impaired coordination, involuntary tremors, speech disorders, loss of balance and energy; airborne nano-aluminum slips up the olfactory neural tracts into the brain, passing through the brain-blood barrier and cells membranes to disrupt mitochondria; can lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s diseases; 10-20 MEGATONS per year of aerosolized aluminum will be sprayed into the atmosphere [geoengineer David Keith]; along with barium, aluminum is one of the silent producers of global warming.

    • ???

      Published on Oct 17, 2015
      On SKYKING (8992 or 11175 kHz USB) a call sign called “COLLAPSE” which has not been heard since 2001 has just broadcasted 4 messages to numbered stations/units in the last few minutes.
      * I heard last year on shortwave, that Ham frequency jammers we're being erected and installed across the united states. They are planning for an event, in my opinion.
      * Today was very – Well it was so bad with chemtrails, I never think i have seen it that bad in Texas. I am concerned for some reason and i'm sure it is not good, I have a sense something is about to happen soon. As far a cern goes they are starting the lead ion collisions. The magnetic field around the sun is strong and visible almost every day in the morning and evening. I have seen alot of light sources behind these curtains of chemtrails.
      * You will need the codex sheet to decipher it, that is attached to the station signal.The meaning could be anything under the sun. The code could be predesignated to other words or situations. It being echoed around the world from short wave radio, Iceland is just rebroadcasting. Probability just a wave prank some old pre-record message file being dumped out.
      * hese are encrypted messages, like the old enigma machines. on the other end is the key to cypher the coded message. probably telling them to prepare for the worst.
      * it appears to be an emergency action message broadcast likely is DoD for North Europe and Russia. See


    • penny says:

      I am not a particle physicist but it seems to me that the worries about CERN are probably misplaced.  I say that partly because the theories behind most of their experiments are dead wrong (string theory in its many manifestations), but even more because the people at these sites really are not that competent.  Each scientist there has his or her little specialty, but from what I saw during my time in the science realm, no one has the slightest grasp of a big picture.  I could be wrong (but hope I'm not), but it seems to me that CERN is just a criminal misuse of public funds.  They could have built and run how many free hospitals or organic farms with what they've put into it?

      ps~ Susan, I realize that you are not saying here that we should all worry about CERN.  This was more a general comment, inspired by your post.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You know, THEESE GUYS who just love to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT are The Biggest Cowards in Creation– SOOOOOOOOO AFRAID, ALL the time:  "LET'S just KILL whatever moves next, Hell, LET'S JUST KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES;  that way I WON'T HAVE TO FEEL MY OWN TERROR!!!"
      SCARED TO DEATH most fits "their" psychological profile–
      WHY ELSE and all-out-all-the-time WAR, on an EMOTION?? 
      A "WAR," on "TERROR???"  REEEALLY?  Why not just feel your feelings, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL THE TERROR YOU ARE ACTUALLY CREATING EVERYWHERE YOU GO, because your terror is INSIDE YOU– then get over it, like an actual ADULT–

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Susan Ferguson, that's some really great work you're doing– "Good on ya,"

      Putting together your dots re the Emergency Action Message referred to on SKYKING, I'm wondering how far out we are from the 500 days until the "climate chaos" mentioned by the French foreign minister (surprise, surprise!) on May 13, 2014.  Seems to me this would have put that some time near the start of October, so I think we're now actually past the 500th day when counting from May 13, 2014.  Maybe "they" needed a little more time to try once again to scare the daylights out of everyone and distract us, or absolutely dreadful things, like mass not-so-random strikes on the people using a space weapon called the "Rod of God:"  Makes sense to me.  Now just wondering what in Hell else "They" would have for us hidden up their sleeve at this point?

    • Thanks Dennie — This 'Rod of God' article is rather mind blowing, thank you. Mike Adams is amazing. Here are some excerpts:

      (NaturalNews) After publishing an article last week which explained that dissidents in China believe Tianjin was hit by a "Rod of God" secret space weapon from the Pentagon, I've looked more closely at the physics and telemetry control required to place such a weapon on target. …after analyzing the capabilities already found in today's precision-guided munitions — such as Raytheon's Excalibur guided artillery projectile, I've come to the conclusion that today's weapons technology is more than sufficient to build and deploy a functioning "Rod of God" orbital kinetic weapon platform.

      …if this weapon exists, it puts a weapon on target while producing no apparent launch signature. This is, in every way, a stealth weapon that no one can stop once it's launched. You wouldn't even be able to see it approaching, either. Dropping through the atmosphere at Mach 12, it would strike the target like a bolt from the heavens, causing enormous destruction and leaving quite a large crater in the ground, just like we saw at Tianjin.

      penny – CERN is messing with Earth's magnetic field.

    • penny says:

      It may well be that CERN is messing with the magnetic field, Susan.  I was thinking more of it being able to produce a black hole or warp us into a parallel universe or some of the other possible catastrophes people mention that are wholly dependent on string theory being right.

      The magnetic field problem has many contributing factors, probably, including the now-conductive atmosphere and the near-constant blasting of ionospheric heaters.  Electricity and magnetism always affect one another.  We are doing innumerable insane things to the planet; it''s a wonder we are still around (for however much longer).

  19. James says:

    The Spraying goes on .

    Yesterday and today in Amador County the Spraying has been very Heavy . 

    You  would think by now The California Air Quality Resource  Board  Employee's would get off their Lazy Incompetent  White Trash Gravy Trained  Ass , and put a stop to  THIS poison  ASAP . 

    But  No   ,,,,,,  They  Love   all the Poison  ,  They Love  Being  Sick     ,,,,,,,,,,   They  love  killing all of our  Cow's  ,  Deer  . Raccoons , Fox's ,  and  yes  our  Fish  Too .

    Do  you  Guys  at The Department of  Fish and Game  get it ?

    Negative  , 

    Game Wardens  are as Brain Dead  as the rest of our  workers  who  are employed  by the great state of California .

    Prop 65  has big Teeth . 

    Can  I find  just one Brave Attorney  who want"s  to Sue  the  The State under  Prop 65  ?

    I will never  Give up This Fight .



  20. JR says:

    From SW, New Mexico 09:40 a.m. Over Las Cruces, N.M. the SAG-SRM (Chemtrails) sprayers are blanketing this city with east to west operations. The trails are parallel lines silver looking like some  electrical wires strung out on power poles. I would not doubt they are running electromagnetic frequency waves in daytime over all of us. For those that have not seen dvd "Holes In Heaven", see it. Dating back on 3-13-14 after much heavy spraying over the same city here it was lit up in green flashes, pulses at night until next morning! These were very close on pulses, within seconds of each other. It could be seen from a very good distance in miles. There were other people who witnessed this foolishness and evil. These punks are experimenting on everything and everyone people. Thank You for your time and efforts….

  21. DL says:

    Yesterday in Michigan was the most heavy spaying I've ever seen! Totally filling the entire skies. So many jets in the air I wonder how they do not crash into each other. Many of them flying at same altitude with short emissions at same time as the Jets with the emissions that linger all day. Complete Blick out of blue sky. Might break record high today. No blue sky today either but supposed to rain,  with snow mix by the end of week too. I knew those short emission jets are the new technology to nucleate.

  22. Jonathan Leitch says:

    A couple of years ago prior to my mother's impending passing, I went to the hill behind my house and looked into the beautiful golden sunset and made my peace. Now, whenever I go there I cannot see that sunset in the same way.  All I see is the destruction of our planet and the insanity of the power structure.  It breaks my heart and now the tears are for us the innocent, the wildlife, and the gullible.  I try as much as possible to politely educate knowing it may not be enough. I just hope anger does not take over and I can remain sane and rational enough to continue the fight. My sincere thank you to all.  Jonathan.

  23. Truman says:

    Same type of heavy spray here in the Jackson, Ca area yesterday. Line after line with plenty of X's and squares. The number of lines of spray I could see from Jackson looking East toward the Sierra's were staggering. The mixed types of spray, quicker dissappating ones and the long lasting ones, were also obvious to the eye….this has got to stop soon!

  24. JACTN says:

    Weather temperatures are being under reported in Southeast TN.  Chattanooga TN right now multiple thermostats on cars, and outside gauges are showing 69/70 degrees.  Lows in the area's in the upper 60's over night.  Average lows here are 46/47 degrees F. We have been 20 plus degree's above normal in the AM.  Read up on Methane guys overnight temps are affected more then day time temps.  All the cloud cover does is retain heat like a blanket.  Very concerning is the spraying you can observe visually between the haze and clouds.  Sun came out yesterday pm and temps rose into the lower 70's in just a few patchy minutes.  Several aware people and I are concerned now that in the past 4-6 weeks we've seen prolonged SRM massive geoengineered events to cover most of our area with clouds.  When there is no sun it gets very warm very fast.  Nights are warm.  We had our first freeze and it was more like a frost, but reported as a epic freeze.  It really is starting to unravel in our opinion.  Going to be sobering to see how things spin out of control now.

    • penny says:

      I think that Norway takes its reports straight from the US weather services, not from local stations; their daily highs are never the same as what people report here (they are consistently lower). 

      The Norwegian weather channel ( frequently runs articles about "natural" lenticular clouds – even a perfectly donut-shaped cloud was explained away in cutesy terms.  All they are missing is a smiley-face logo and the 3 monkeys demonstrating "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" and a 4th one with a gun to its head for "tell no truth".  (There could be a US and a UN flag in the background, maybe, though that would lean toward telling the truth.)

    • bija says:

      penny…very funny in spite of how serious this truly is!  It's  refreshing to still find humor in the face of so much ill will!

    • penny says:

      bija, that's the only way i can get through at all, reality being such a bite in the shorts.  If you like British comedy and are temporarily drained of fighting energy, here is a bit of medicine:

  25. Irene Parousis says:

    Yesterday, in Toronto, was one of the heaviest trailed days I've seen so far, even the blindest should have taken notice.  I have a friend who knows how active we are and that my health has been affected by these programs, yet, she had the gull to say "the weather is beautiful".  I'm sorry but, sometimes I wish our species was the first to go extinct.

    • penny says:

      Irene, I know what you mean.  Here in Europe, in the wake of (and because of) the horrors that unfolded recently in Paris, we are suddenly expected to discuss only very cheery topics.  The EU equivalent of "everybody just keep shopping."  I don't see any difference between what is happening here and what happened in the US after 9-11, sad to say. 

      Okay, it's more than just sad.  All I can do is hope that I'm missing the real Zeitgeist.  But most of the people I know are associated with a university – progressive types, supposedly.  It doesn't look like hopeful.  Maybe Andrew from Scotland, Ana, or Karl S, or another European who visits this site has a different take?

  26. JR says:

    Good morning from SW-New Mexico at 28 degrees. We are colder today than in the east like Ohio, or New York  at 24 degrees warmer? On tuesday 11-18-15 after the super winds from monday going east the lowlifes were up there spraying SAG_SRM over the rain clouds coming in from west. They were trying to be discreet it seemed flying from north to south over clouds in Las Cruces, N.M.  I don't know why, they don't bother hiding? That trash was going east. Wispy looking SAG-SRM, fake clouds! This is an act of terrorism no doubt and an all out assault on us with intent of doing harm in more than one way, not good. We know we are being lied to lie after lie and not represented by our so-called leaders. The scales of justice are not balanced. The author of deceit and lies is Lucifer! They yoke themselves with evil, their Father Satan who goes by many names. God remember His on that Day, let us make the best of this one….

  27. Abby says:

    In our area- the Upper Peninsula of Michigan- we are seeing temperatures that are double digits higher than average.  This morning when I woke up the temperature was 53 degrees- and in November that is extremely rare in an area that is known for snowstorms and high snowpack.  Thank you Dane for your efforts- people need to know what's really going on.  

  28. Joey says:

    That Weather Channel guy Ari Sarsalari was employed on a local TV station (news 19) in Huntsville, Al.  The one year that he was there,  he made it snow and it was obvious that he kept predicting snow on a record warm day and later that evening you could hear  the jets flying above and spraying their soup and eventually the heavy snow came and wreaked all types of damage — this was that weird heavy snow that broke tree limbs and caved in roofs.  In no less than a month after this show,  Ari the clown must have gotten promoted to the Weather Channel where he's been ever since, continuing his convincing act of weather scripting.

  29. Christy says:

    The winter storm advisory in Kansas just dissipated suddenly at 3:45 am.  Thunderstorms and tornados last night and now the mini blizzard stalled in Kansas and 'poof' now its gone.  

  30. Mala Na Colove says:

    Hi Dane,

    Great information ~ thank you. Whenever I read an observers perspective timeline of this atrocity from previous years, I think back to where I was in my life and what was I observing, if anything. The 'dots' are now glaring, as connecting them seems unbelievably simplistic of a task ~ thanks to such well relayed and researched information from people such as yourself, Dane. While researching some weather details related to this great post Dane, I happened to stumble upon some fascinating writing on Rense, beginning in and around 2000, by a woman by the name of Diane Harvey ~ maybe you're familiar with her, as she seemed to have been a very vocal activist on this issue. Her writing also appear on Carnicom and other early vigilantly attuned observer sites. I thought her perspectives very much profound, as she so heartfeltly wrote with overwhelming and deep-seated passion. I was moved by this article in particular and thought I should share it. She has a library of fantastic reads on Rense ~ just search her there by name ~ you will be glad you did. Unfortunately, it seems that Diane might have passed (although I cannot verify), but her posts seem to have ended many years ago. If anyone has any information about Diane it would be appreciated.
    "Nature is the living body of the world, the source of all human physical existence: the font of our health, well-being, material security, and individual freedom. The inconceivably complex web of life supporting us in this physical world is the literal bedrock of spiritual evolution for every soul on earth." Diane Harvey, "Global Totalitarianism And The Death Of Nature."

    • Wes from Nebraska says:

      Mala Na Colove,

      That was a beautifully written article by Diane Harvey. And I read Dana Durnaford's articles and looked at his photos about Fukishima. Then panning down from Rense's  homepage you get to read about; don't allow those ISIS Syrian killers into the US and contacting your government representative and not allowing the Syrian and Mideast killers into this country really discredits the whole site in my opinion. How can you have complete B.S. on that subject and spew such nonsense as those "ISIS" killers. What rubbish! We all know ISIS="Israel Secret Intelligent Service" I sure do wish I would not have read that on the Rense site. Now it's done for me. Kinda like Cockburn claiming anyone who doesn't believe the gov's rendition of that fatefull day on ground nero, is a truther. I quit reading counter punch at that point. More disinformation. IMO.

    • penny says:

      Wes from my Grandma's home,

      You have more tolerance than me.  I dropped Cockburn when he thought the most important flaw he could find (or mention, anyway) in the Embodiment of Evil, Jean Kirkpatrick, was that she is ugly.  And Rense is way too out there with his racism for me, too.  But Dana Durnford is independent, and his documentation of the Pacific die-off has been invaluable.   Hope you'll keep following him!  If he survives his court case, that is.

  31. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The San Francisco Bay Area got BLITZED yesterday, from Berkeley to Brisbane, Sunnyvale and south, to Sonoma and on north, mostly with the "invisible" air crap, ringing the Bay like some kind of demented merry-go-round.  The air seems like it feels colder after they hit us with the invisible crap.  Now today, the Big Fat White trails were back, blowing out behind The Jets (I NOW HATE JETS!  LOOK HOW THEY'RE BEING USED) like toxic cotton, criss-crossing everywhere here, a chem-trail pie, until white-out occurred, some time around 3 p.m.  Don't know what "they're" up to now.  The moon over the Pacific and the lights of San Francisco, as well as Mt. Tamalpais, were clearly visible up to dark, driving from San Rafael to Muir Beach at sunset/dusk today.  What's in store for us tomorrow, God only knows.. how about STOPPING the mthrfckrz in their tracks, find a way to hand them the same dishes they've been so good at dishing, meeting the same fate as many of the climate scientists who've mysteriously died?  If "karma" works, it really does not work the way sooo many insist it does, or these Cosmic A**holes woulda been outta here eons ago– how about working on our own guilt for saying to ourselves that we DO NOT HAVE TO put up with Them and their bullship any longer?

    • Larwence says:

      It has been the exact same treatment of of our skies here in central California. I hope we can get it stopped soon. This has to be hurting a lot of us. Keep fighting!

    • PatinSF says:

      Yesterday Tuesday November 17th the morning the sky over San Francisco was very clear and then the jets came.  They had been gone for a number of days very nice. Interesting how the first wave of jets leaves very little trail. The next wave a little more and off and on. By yesterday afternoon the trails were in full dispersal mode and nothing to hide. A milky hazy sky was the end result They are very good now at making this look natural and doing it slowly. To day they are in full force again. On plane finder it is always the international flights and mostly flights coming and going from China and other Eastern destinations. There are some flights with no Id or destinations mixed in what possible filth can they be spewing!! 

    • jk says:

      I moved from there, always saw the stuff, no one else seemed to notice, and it was blatant.  Now I'm in NoCa., Shasta County, and watched yesterday from dawn to dark constant flights, today the same.  It is huge, an armada of jets no one regards as pollution, at the least.  Sorry, it still makes me mad, but the fight will not be helped by that anger, only keeping going forward with the message.  I can look at the skies without being filled with anger now, and that took many years to accomplish.  I pray, which has power.

  32. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, as noted by Oliver, it has been overkill in Southern Ontario. First, since as most planes are flying west/east and east/west, also covering Lake Ontario which is the water supply, I am concerned that the heavy metal polymer residue is polluting our potable water and as a result we are ingesting it.  Then what about the vast business of the bottled water industry?  If the chemicals are in soil then will they not bleach into the aquifers and as an end result contaminate us? If we see ice boulders in Lake Ontario this year then have we all been deliberately poisoned? Regards.

    • Jonathan L — "then have we all been deliberately poisoned?" It surely appears that way, doesn't it? I think this is why they go to such totally insane Orwellian lengths to deny that chemtrails exist. Surely if even half the people in the USA who have children knew the truth, they would go riot nuts. What's even scarier is that by the time they wake-up, we all may be too weak to resist. Is that the plan? Denial until we reach the abyss?

      We had wild winds, rain, power outages, and huge dark ominous clouds here on the Olympic Peninsula WA today and tonight. Reaching freezing temps tonight. I can hear the Growler electronic warfare jets, but it's too overcast for photos. Ratzoids!

    • penny says:

      Deliberately poisoned through the water, but first by having to breathe the air.  A double dose!  Susan, it seems to me that efforts are being made to break us down, as you suggest.  I find it almost impossible lately to get motivated to do anything.  It could be that I've just always been naturally lazy, but I don't know: in addition to having no energy or motivation, I can't remember anything!  🙂

  33. Pat says:

    Since early 2015 our area in WI has been sprayed almost daily. Sinus and throat issues, allergies are unending, as others above have mentioned. Local paper and libraries contacted and sent photos and info from your site. They as well as most I talk to think I'm crazy. Get right with the Lord. They're evil plans are in many books, I found Battle Hymn by John Scura explains well. God bless all you active in this fight.

  34. Rhonda says:

    In Michigan it has been in the low 60's everyday.  The skies are completely covered by thick clouds.  I can only imagine that we would likely be in the upper 60's to 70 degrees without the blotting out of the sun.  It has been horrible near the Great Lakes, they spray very heavily daily.

    thank you Dane for all your efforts, 


    • Mike looking up says:

      Detroit area 11-17, major spray day East to West and West to East. Very noticable all day as Rounda pointed out high temps near or at 70.

  35. SD says:

    Yes sir, the Geoengineers really outdid themselves with Ajax. The capacitor banks on their transmitters must have been overheating as they blasted the upper atmosphere with gigajoules of energy.
    Observations 0500 Monday in Socal: 40-50 mph winds at tree-top level in N. Orange County. Commute to downtown LA saw highest N winds in 20 years?
    Observations Tue PM: Resumption of spraying over LA basin.  Noted Mt Baldy (10,000 ft) without snow on S face.  Sun glare driving home @ 1600 was BRIGHTEST I have ever experienced, absolutely painful, wearing sunglasses.

    • SD — Wow! "capacitor banks on their transmitters"! I'm impressed, tell me more. What does this mean? Can you explain the terminology? What is a capacitor bank? Can they overheat?

    • Marc says:

      SD, I have experienced the same phenomenon with the sun's brightness and aura exceeding, at times, anything I have ever seen before. And nobody seems to give a damn or even notice. We're living on the funny farm now, folks. 

    • SD says:

      Susan – there is a very interesting video on Youtube which outlines the development of the Jicamarca Radio Observatory in Peru.  It is a three part video which plays like a 60s era travelogue.  Part 3 covers the transmitter components and the power supply.  The facility is still very much operational and was undoubtedly the predecessor of HAARP.

      HAARP is Jicamarca on steroids in terms of power output and weather changing capabilities.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Marc and SD,  suggest reading the Daniel Papers, particularly the Geoengineering one.  Start from bottom up.

  36. Jeff says:

    As far as the effects it has on people,I have been experiencing it first hand for 4 days now,with a terrible cold (or at least that is what it would be diagnosed to be). My theory is that due to the extra massive spraying,the day before,and day that I came down with this crap,that my body went into overload.My sinus ,and lungs,have been effected the worst.

    I believe that the vanishing spray trails,and persistent ones,are chemicals being mixed. The vanishing trails I think have much to do with cooling,or ice nucleation,and the persistent ones for manipulation. Who knows what other additives are added each time (like mold,viruses,germ,ect.)

    I know this hasn't been a regular cold,because I have never been scared enough to think it might be fatal. I eat organic,and healthy,and take Nacent Iodine,vitamin B 12,and bee propolis(helps repair damage caused by aluminum  ). I believe that a young,or elderly person will be in deep trouble if this insanity is left on its course.

    I honestly think our biggest hurdle is going to be with order followers(police,military,ect),not saying they all evil,just ignorant,and believe there masters are infallible. I have family ,and friends that are both.I care enough for them,that I don't hesitate to speak to them about there ignorance,regardless what they think of me.

    Thank you Dane,and as a father my self,I am in this to the end.

  37. Michael says:

    Today in Lake County (Northern California), the spraying was constant. Heavy spraying early in the morning and continued all day. By 10:30 am chem-trails everywhere and nothing but white haze spreading out over the whole sky. By afternoon the sky was totally hazed out. I felt great when I got up this morning and by late afternoon my sinus's were throbbing. I suffer from the spraying. I have a tree that I take good care of. It has wide purple leaves. This summer by August all the leaves on the side that gets most of the sun were fried. Brittle and dead with a silvery residue on the dead leaves. I try to wake people up to what is happening but the sad truth is most people either don't believe what is going on or don't want to know. My boss at work said this, "Don't tell me. I don't want to know", when I started talking about the overhead spraying. Some do listen and at least I am educating a few people. Keep up the good work Dane and God bless you and your family.   

  38. Oliver says:

    Sharon, I am seeing the same kind of spraying in Toronto, Canada. Trails disappearing quickly. Although the sky stills looks hazy afterwards. A few days of this and then it seems they go back to the regular pattern spraying, which is visible. Could this be a new type of mixture they are using, or testing something new? 

    • BaneB says:

      Ditto for the same here in Mendocino County, California.  Your comment about the shorter less showy trails being the nucleation is intriguing.  We did have a cool down and some snow and rain after a day long "short trails" spraying.

  39. Ian Mitchell says:

    Look's like the climate summit that was to be held in Paris is going to be held behind closed door's with no real debate from the wider public.Look's like that terra attack in Paris came at the right time to shut the opposition down so there will be no protest aloud to happen,How convenient.  

    • Cheddar says:


    • penny says:

      It also came conveniently right after France had sent a warship to the Syrian coast, and after the EU had made a certain country furious by deciding to label all imports from the Occupied Territories as such.  Combined with the COPout talks, a triple header!

  40. Jerry R. Mullikin says: The Tracker (1988) Chem Trail at 1:11:12 into the movie

    This movie had a very large spreading chemtrail in a scene: Time 1:11:12 into the movie. Thought U would want a record of this because it was filmed in 1988, long before anyone took notice

  41. Kathy says:

    WHIPLASH flash news:This just posted with the severe storm that arrived today. Unreal the lies accepted by the masses but as Dane states we must communicate with the facts and all available data to properly combat articles sent on down the line from the power structure like this one. I have managed to reach some people that still have some cognitive ability left and one small piece of concrete data can be enough to open eyes. Thank-you Dane again,you help keep my sanity and hope. Just your sheer determination alone inspires me as well as your gift to articulate the undeniable facts period. 😉


  42. Terri says:

    after a super dry summer and lots of aerosol spraying killing trees we get dumped in for rain. 5 inches in 24 hours and still raining..didn't get much for the summer crops. now it dumps and floods. all engineered. the weather makers at work. 

    our oak trees look exactly as Dane said in his show. none of the leaves have dropped they just turned brown and black and hang off the trees. i expect to see a lot more dead trees this spring. 

  43. Ian Mitchell says:

    In New Zealand the power structure is hell bent on hitting our country with drought,I do not no why the people in our met service can't see the weather manipulation going on, to the west of us in our Tasman sea.For a layman like me it is so so obvious,the distortions to the weather that is incoming is so easy to see just looking at the satellite maps.As far as trying to wake people up it is a hard ask,as soon as you try to mention anything like this people just switch off and don't want to know. It's like they have been programmed  and soon as they here certain thing,s they switch off.

    • Marc says:

      Ian, I experience the same thing sometimes. When I bring up some aspect of weather manipulation it almost seems as if their minds are pre-programmed and the REJECT! program starts playing. They simply don't wanna talk or hear about it. Head in sand. But you what ? IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS.

    • penny says:

      Same here.  For the past year in Norway, I assumed it was my clumsy Norwegian that made people look at me cross-eyed (same look whether discussing SRM or pizza toppings).  But back in the English-speaking world, mention pepperoni and everything's fine; turn to weather manipulation and it's pretty clear that the immediate psychological response is to "Run away! Run away!'  Spreading the truth is as unpopular as spreading menengitis.

  44. Sharon says:

    They are spraying a lot but these trails are disappearing instead of the usual cris cross patterns we see. Is this another phase or have they discovered how to hide their tracks? (I'm in AZ)

    • Larry Charles says:

      Sharon,  Thanks for stating where you are, 

      It helps us to get a clearer big picture.


    • tag says:

      I'm in Ohio and seeing the same thing.  Yesterday, no less than a dozen at the same time were criss-crossing the sky, but the trails were disappearing.  I wondered the same thing.  Found a way to cover their tracks?

    • Elaine Woodriff says:

      Re trails disappearing – here in Northern CA (40 miles N. of SF) I have not seen distinct trails for some time now. My personal belief is that they are spraying at night, when the trails are hard to see.

      Every day there are some clouds in the sky and hazy-blue skies along with the clouds.

    • Donna says:

      I'm in AZ also, NW of Phoenix. I noticed the light trails on the 8th, this new recipe must be what's making it cold here. I still send pictures Skyder Alert every day they spray. Also, N95 particulate masks help while outdoors, I wear them everywhere.

    • mark Dixon says:

      In England, they just started naming storms, latest Abigail, bar ney, 2 days apart , they spray day and night, they are using harp, I can compare with cloud patterns I’ve seen on your site, I have chronic sinusitis, high bp achy joints, son has asthma that's why I researched

  45. david says:

    i'm in florida and the last few days except today there was massive spaying to the point where the whole sky was just a canopy of aerosols above the normal puffy clouds.  It's still hot here and i'm sick of it.  I wonder if we'll ever see winter.  Last year our winter was just a series of fronts but the cold didnt see to last.  it was hardly a winter.  Not to mention the spraying ruins our beautiful sunsets here with lines.  

    • penny says:

      David, I keep wondering the same thing, and i'm clear up in Scotland.  You guys down there in Florida probably won't ever see a cold day again – unless it's an intensely engineered one.

  46. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Interesting! Returning back to Phoenix from So. California on Nov. 12, the skies were criss-crossed with trails. Two jets flying in tandem south to north leaving side-by-side trails, which I'd never seen before. Another one moving from west to east. I wondered then if we were in for some big storms. Sure enough, lots of rain on Sunday through Monday morning – low hanging clouds, cold (high of 58 on Monday.

  47. Chuck Schoon says:

    What terrifies me is that as the weather becomes more and more erratic and bizarre from geoengineering, the authorities will think that MORE spraying will be necessary instead of STOPPING it and we will continue to be caught in a vicious cycle; chemtrails cause the ruined weather and will prompt them to spray even more !  Lord help us and open the eyes of the people who are doing this.  They live on this planet too and they will suffer as well.  God bless you Dane for your great work !   ~~~  Chuck S

  48. Mawis Stover says:

    Dane, as I look over these maps trying to find answers, there is one question that sticks out at me. Do you feel that these kinds of "weather whiplash" scenarios directly correlate to the movement of the artificially constructed/maintained western Pacific "RRR" (ridiculously resilient ridge) to a different position within the mainland western US? In other words, do you believe that a repositioning of an artificial ridge formation is to blame for the program pattern/dynamic changes we are witnessing right now?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mawis, yes, the geoengineers can make or break high pressure zones as they wish. A massive component of the changes you mentioned comes from the chemical ice nucleation, there are many layers to the insanity.

  49. Irene Parousis says:

    Yes it's getting much worse.  The whole of last week was overcast and very cold then Saturday, for the Santa Clause parade, it was somewhat clear and temperature went up abruptly. Next day back to spraying and cold again.  I have a feeling most of the trees here will not survive this winter as they are already dry and brittle with many limp branches. 

  50. carol freiberg says:

    Yes, yes, and hell yes! No sun, at all, for days. As soon as we get a break in the clouds here comes the bombers spewing their chemicals in a very obvious pattern to fill in the blue with their madness. I hope we get a short ski season like we did last year. This will give the elites something to think about as they sit around in their million dollar "cabins" waiting for enough snow to ski on.Brundage Mtn always used to get copious amounts of real snow in the 70's and 80's, best skiing in Idaho. Last year they barely got enough snow to open and closed the season early due to the lack of snow. This is where some of the elites hob nob so maybe they will see truth about their weather modification programs. Can't get my elected reps to respond to my concerns anymore. Either they are complicit or as stupid as they come.

  51. sandra says:

    Is it possible to list what ingredients is in the chemicals and what efforts it has on everyone. I am sure that others don't understand the dangers it has on a person. 

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