Gaia Foundation calls for more transparency on cloud formations


Foundation’s CEO concerned by the “great number” of airline trails being witnessed in Malta’s skies of late.

“The Maltese population is owed an explanation as to how the trail formations like those seen recently in the sky, could take place” – Ragonesi, Gaia Foundation

The Gaia Foundation has called for more transparency and information from airline companies on cloud formations and their possible links to geo engineering.

“In the wake of the great number of trails observed over Malta’s skies in the last few days, we call upon airline companies flying over Malta’s airspace to declare unequivocally whether or not some of their airliners are involved in some forms of geo engineering tests or exercises over Maltese airspace, with a view to affect climatic conditions,” the Foundation’s CEO Rodolfo Ragonesi said in a press statement.
“For some time now the cloud formations being left by some aircraft have caused great consternation and worry amongst a large number of people in several countries. Many years ago the contrails left by aircraft would disappear within seconds. Today some of these trails hang in the sky for several hours, leading to cloud formation, and could even be seen covering huge areas and forming massive clouds on satellite images.”

“Many times planes have been seen actually switching these trails on and off, creating even more suspicion of some intentional acts of commission. The engineering of clouds to manipulate climate is a reality and has been recognised by the scientific community and geo engineers in particular as a possibility for many years. It also exists in the policy documents of some nations, as well as in several registered patents.”

“Yet the public is unaware of any information as to whether a form of geo engineering is taking place in and around our skies, and if so, what chemicals are being used.”

Gaia said that the airline industry was “under obligation” to act with the “utmost transparency and accountability”, whilst air traffic regulators had an obligation to investigate and provide any relevant which could affect the environment.

“The Maltese population is owed an explanation as to how the trail formations like those seen recently in the sky, could take place,” he said.

The Gaia Foundation announced that it will be lodging a formal request with the Transport and the Environment Authorities to investigate the incidents and to ask the airlines flying over and around Maltese airspace to provide “all the necessary information” to establish the nature and reason for the these cloud formations.

The Foundation has also been carrying out its own investigations to ensure that that Malta’s skies “remain free of any form of geo engineering” carried out by foreign corporations.

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  1. manufactured2012 says:

    I live in Edmonton Alberta, Canada (Central Alberta) I can say just by observation they are undoubtedly extending our winter. They have be doing massive high altitude spraying creating a sort of foggy upper layer, day after day, with only the occasional break in between weeks. Whenever there is an opening in the sky guess what they fill it. I HAVE NO DOUBT THE EXTREME COLD WEATHER EXTENDING INTO SUMMER IS THEIR DOING.


  2. barb says:

    Should have read “under controlled conditions”.

  3. Maureen says:

    Some folks have had their soil tested after heavy chem-trail spraying. Although there are many nefarious compounds in the chem-trails, they contain mostly tiny nano-aluminum particles, small enough to go through the smallest of filters and right into your lungs. They cause cardiac problems as they build up plaque in your veins.
    Chem-trails also contain barium, and strontium. The combination of these elements with the aluminum particles is said to neutralize the alkaline in your soil, which makes it more difficult to grow your own food.
    An interesting side-bar to this: Monsanto has a patent on…Get this: Aluminum Resistant Seeds!!!
    (GMO’s grow the best tumors)
    Is it wrong for me to suggest that Cancer is an industry? Or is it just about whittling us down to half a billion ‘useless eaters’?
    Just sayin’…

  4. JR says:

    Over Las Cruces, N.M. coming down into what is known as Mesilla Valley from Ruidoso, N.M. (upper-mtns.) this valley in last weekend of March was inundated with crap flying North to South, and yes east-west flights, sickos. They were seen in mountains as well, but coming down into valley it was as if going into Los Angeles, Ca. full of pollution. This was all being done by jet-flights! As I’ve stated in past the winds come year-round now apparently accompanied with HAARP and mix of chemtrails as today 4-2-14 12:08 p.m. A couple of weeks back this city was illuminated in green with pulses, an all night event after heavy spraying during days leading up?????

  5. Cassandra says:

    Will this work? Absolutely nothing else has.

  6. Italian says:

    Where is my comment you guys?

  7. Susan Boye says:

    Well who do you think the FEMA camps are for??? It is for us and they have lots of them in U.S.A

  8. Karen Strong says:

    Just, more than sad that this is happening to our home … How has it come to this, when a few dictate the health of our home .. When they think that dumping chemicals is not going to destroy everything .. What manner of people are they … Do they have a brain …. And I am so surprised that everyone I talk to ,know nothing about chemtrails …. I would think that The Green Party in New Zealand wouldn’t be in denial .. But they are … And quiet abusive over the subject … They do not have my vote nor that of my friends anymore … It’s easy to call it a conspiracy theory .. To put it in the too hard basket … But I know the truth when I hear it and know for a fact that morgellons syndrome .. As I believe it isn’t a disease does exist ….

  9. Peter says:

    By the time our sun has become a red giant, we will need to have sourced an alternative environment to live?

  10. Heywood Jablowme says:

    Yvonne, this passion needs to spread. What you just wrote is the tip of the iceberg of what the powers that have made the world broke and sick plan on doing to us. We are blessed to be the few awakened on this planet. Let’s wake everyone else the F up. Don’t be afraid to be called a “nut”
    Wake up and rise up!

  11. Lynn says:

    Sorry, but that’s not going to help. The chemicals/poison are so minute that they can come in through ventilation systems. You are breathing this crap everywhere.

  12. JM says:

    I’ve been wearing a mask whenever I go out for the last year
    Besides other measures to keep chemtrailia out ouf my home
    We have not gotten sick, yet people in our valley are actually dying!

  13. Cris says:

    Really?! If you have nothing constructive to say, you should leave this group. By informing as many people as we can with solid real facts can and will make all the difference, including information that is shared online. This issue effects every single one of us. No one is exempt. Please think of your children and future generations. It is not right at all that they are growing up in a world that is so toxic. Everyone has the right to clean air, water and food, so they can thrive and live to their fullest potential.

  14. Constant Walker says:

    And using the same means to bitch about the ‘bellyachers’ ……how is that not a similarly SLACKTIVISTS “Self”-indulgence? Besides, not everybody here is complaining. Some are urging various responses. Some are just offering observations. What, exactly, other being just another float in the ‘bitch’ parade, is riley marx up to these dahys?

  15. riley marx says:

    everyone of you bitching about this is part of the problem..using carbon based energy to go online and bellyache does nothing to solve the problem SLACKTIVISTS…

  16. Laurie driver says:

    Well said Yvonne I could not have said that better there is an evil force at work here.and i think you would be very surprised on who they are.

  17. Yvonne Hoffmann says:

    We don’t want corporate governments, we don’t want banking cartels, we want need a paper based civilization, we want FEMA, we don’t want nuclear weapons, we don’t want GMO, we don’t want HAARP, we don’t want chemtrails, we don’t want aganda 21, we don’t want transhumanism, we don’t want the corrupt Elite Group to keep in enslaving humanity. WE, AS THE TRUE CUSTODIANS OF THIS PLANET, NEVER ASKED FOR ANY OF THIS! WE DONT WANT ANY OF THIS! WE DON’T WANT OUR PLANET AND INHABITANTS TO BE DESTROYED. WE WANT TO BE FREE FROM ALL OF THIS. WHY ARE YOU DESTROYING THIS PLANET?????

  18. Al C says:

    I get the same symptoms Deb…After a recent heavy spray event, my eyes burned for 3 days and now I have a cold that’s tough to shake.

    The meteorologists are just puppets…..I actually heard a forecast after heavy spraying calling it a “filtered sun.”

  19. Kent Mack says:

    Where and when was this published? It’s not on the “News” tab of the Gaia website.

  20. DebW says:

    well, I was right..clear skies with REAL clouds for 2 days, and about an hour ago, they starting pounding out the chem trails..sick of this…I actually get dizzy and light-headed when I go out when they spray…another thing is, many people I know, or even the ones I don’t, have all been coming down with respiratory problems. Hear about it on the news, and our own weather man won’t answer questions from anyone asking about chem trail skies. I feel that we don’t need weather men any more because they are being made a fool of when they make a weather report for “partly cloudy” skies, and all of a sudden, we get some storm of whatever kind.

  21. skywatchergrandma says:

    “The Maltese population is owed an explanation as to how the trail formations like those seen recently in the sky, could take place,” he said.” ….. I think the American people and people all over the world NEED an explanation! I’m sick of seeing and hearing these chemtrail jets. I’m sick of hearing them all night long on most nights. The dog wakes up barking, then I’m awake. I want those crystal clear dark blue skies returned. All this crap being added to our atmosphere is ridiculous. Common sense should tell them this is just adding more polution to our sky. Stop destroying our air, soil, and water. Every living thing needs the sun! Chemtrails are heating the earth and we wonder why the artic is melting. The sun is hotter because it reflects on all those metals they are putting up there. The earth has taken care of itself for billions of years. Why do they think we have to mess with it. They are destroying it, how could you even think of taking a chance with messing with the atmosphere? Haarp needs to be destroyed before something happens that can’t be undone.

    • Constant Walker says:

      What “can’t be undone” has already happened. If the geo-engineers and their sponsors do ‘come clean’ about what they’re up to, it will be a sure sign that their idiotic “dominance” paradigm has reached its inevitable DEAD END conclusion.

      As for “common sense,” besides being anything but common these days, it doesn’t stand a chance against the dead certainties offered by ‘the scientific method.’ Skywatchergrandma and her family, friends,, and neighbors will be ‘on-notice’ of THE END when the dog no longer bothers to bark.

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