Geoengineering The Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor


Dane Wigington

It's official, one of the largest icebergs ever recorded just broke off from Antarctica. This extraordinary ice calving event happened in spite of it being the middle of winter at the South Pole. It happened in spite of the all out climate engineering chemical ice nucleation assault being carried out on both polar regions.

Due to extreme intimidation by the current administration and its fossil fuel industry / military industrial complex appointees (previous administrations as well), the science community is generally afraid and thus unwilling to speak candidly about the Larsen C collapse (or climate engineering), its causes, and its ramifications.

Chemical ice nucleation processes must be seen to be believed. The vast majority have no idea how powerful chemical ice nucleating / endothermic reacting materials are. The vast majority have no idea that such chemicals are being utilized by the global climate engineering cabal on a massive scale. The use of such patented processes is not just for engineering winter storms on a rapidly warming world, but the same chemical elements are being used to artificially / chemically nucleate ice on sea surfaces. Power structure funded disinformation individuals and sources, of course, never mention chemical ice nucleation (and its use by the geoengineers) while putting out completely false information about "global cooling" or "global warming is a hoax".  Such false narratives are extremely harmful to the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering. Such false narratives are also exactly what the power structure and the climate engineers want. The climate science community also toes the line for the power structure and the geoengineers by never mentioning the ongoing climate engineering insanity in any way. To do otherwise is a very bad career decision, or worse. The illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service (NWS) and all all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employees (courtesy of the Obama administration) is further proof of this fact. Sea surface chemical ice nucleation creates extremely anomalous patterns that resemble a chemical spill dispersion (because that is exactly what these patterns are). The recent NASA satellite images below (taken in the polar regions) provide shocking proof of these sea surface patterns.

Click images to enlarge


Northern Antarctica sea surface, 2017


South of Greenland, 2017


South of Greenland, 2017


South of Greenland, 2017

Historically unprecedented completely uniform "ice balls" are now often showing up along the shores of water bodies where ice nucleating materials are being dispersed.


"Ice balls" on the Baltic Coast in Northern Poland. "Official" sources say this recent unprecedented phenomenon is just "natural", are we to believe them?


"Ice balls" have formed and accumulated on Lake Michigan in the last few years, why? Such "ice balls" have even formed on lake water that was 40 degrees, how is this possible at temperatures far above the normal freezing point? Without chemical ice nucleation, it isn't possible.


Ice balls on the coast of Finland. The "official" explanation for this recent mysterious anomaly? Again, we are told this historically unprecedented phenomenon is just a "natural" occurrence.

For decades, the climate engineers have been able to mask the true degree of planetary meltdown with various processes like chemical ice nucleation (the Chinese government openly admitted their use of chemical ice nucleation for weather modification). But we must consider at what cost has this grand deception come? Geoengineering has created short term toxic cool-downs at the cost of an even worse overall long term planetary warming. Not only are all climate engineering elements highly toxic, but by chemically nucleating sea surfaces in the polar regions the climate engineers are actually preventing rapidly warming seas from releasing their heat. This in turn is further fueling the thawing of formerly frozen methane seabed deposits. The releasing methane then greatly contributes to feedback loops which, in turn, radically worsen the overall warming of the planet. Over a 10 year time horizon, methane is over 100 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than C02.


Global sea ice extent (surface area) has continued to decline rapidly in spite of (and in many ways because of) the decades long global climate engineering / chemical ice nucleation programs. "Official sources" have also long since resorted to manipulating data in order to help hide the implosion of Earth's ice deposits (the cryosphere). For example, any sea surface area in the polar regions that has 15% or more of surface slush is "officially" considered to be part of the ice pack. Isn't such an area of sea surface still 85% open ocean? Of course.


The volume, or mass of the sea ice, is the real bottom line.  Even with the unimaginably extensive sea surface chemical ice nucleation onslaught by the geoengineers, the Arctic sea ice volumes have continued to plummet as shown in the graph above.


The color-coded ice mass / thickness graphs above are a further illustration of the rapid ice thinning in the Arctic.


Temperatures in the far north are rising rapidly as is reflected by the increasingly sharp decline of freezing degree days, as shown in the above graph. 


The GISS temperature anomaly map above reflects the changes that are rapidly occurring on our planet.


A recent GISS high temperature anomaly map reflects even more accelerated warming, especially in the Arctic.

In addition to utilizing climate engineering / solar radiation management, and chemical ice nucleation, to cover up the true extent of planetary warmimg (while actually worsening the overall warming scenario in the process), various data sources have also been manipulated in the past in order to further mask the unfolding climate meltdown. Recent assessments of all data sources has now made clear that not only was there never any "hiatus" in the rising temperatures, the planetary warming is actually accelerating rapidly.​


All available data indicates that the overall global climate engineering assault has been further ramped up under the Trump administration, especially over the polar regions shown in the surface temperature map below.


The "Temperature Departure From Average" map below further reveals the areas of concentration for climate engineering orchestrated chemical cool-downs and sea surface chemical ice nucleation (also fueling extreme hail events). The extremely varied temperature extremes are indicative of the "weather whiplash" effect being created by global geoengineering programs. Greenland, Siberia, and Antarctica, should be noted as climate engineering concentration areas due to the grave ramifications posed by the melting ice and / or frozen methane deposits in these regions. But, again, this must be remembered and considered, the climate engineers are further worsening the overall long term warming of the planet in their attempt to mask the warming over the short term. This is in addition to geoengineering programs shredding the ozone layer, totally disrupting the hydrological cycle, and completely contaminating the biosphere.


As the state of the climate and biosphere rapidly worsens, the more aggressive disinformation sites and sources will become in the attempt to cover up the threat. Sites and sources that do not post credible and verifiable front line data. Sites and sources that are proficient at putting out pacifying lies that the majority of the population chooses to believe because the unvarnished truth is very difficult (but necessary) to face. Disinformation sites and sources try to claim that there is nothing wrong with the climate (while completely omitting any mention of climate engineering), that the oceans are fine, the environment is fine, and that anyone who says otherwise is just an "alarmist". The disinformation sites often simply cite past predictions from various individuals and sources (that have not yet come to pass) as proof that everything is fine because Wal-Mart is still open and McDonalds is still selling Big Macs. Anyone that chooses to believe such a baseless argument for "everything is fine", is a part of the problem. Denial won't save us, denial won't save the planet on which our lives and our collective reality depends. A truly healthy mind does not run from the truth, rather, it is willing to face it head on, no matter how dire the truth is. On the current course (short of a complete change of direction by our species), our days are numbered. The greatest and most immediate threat we face, short of nuclear cataclysm, is climate engineering (which also must be considered weather and biological warfare). The greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction at this late hour is to fully expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity. continues to do our best to provide the tools and information necessary to assist activists in their efforts to wake those around them to the geoengineering assault, please, help us to sound he alarm.

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74 Responses to Geoengineering The Polar Regions: The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor

  1. David Casella Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The giant ice balls are not a natural occurrence. The media says the ice balls are formed by low temperatures, winds, water currents and tides. If this was the case, why have we not seen these anamolies, numerous times per year over many decades past.

  2. Sean says:

    The big problem I see here Dane is the world probably needs a drastic (complete) reduction in sea ice in order order to actually wake the f*** up to what is going on. We tend to not react in the frog in the boiling pot of water scenario. The jury is still out on what will happen this year, but as someone who has been analyzing sea ice data for years, it seems to me they may have successfully kicked the can down the road again. I'm not sure we can be the 2012 minimum of 5 years ago. What we really need to catalyze a response is zero ice this year. I'm not sure that can happen. The geoengineers must be concentrating their efforts in the polar regions to try to prevent this. Meanwhile lower latitudes fry. 50c Seems to be incredibly common this year in the middle east. Absurd temperatures.I'm so weary of all this. We need this to finally come to light but these assholes seem to do just enough to be able to keep people in denial.


    Thanks again for your efforts.

  3. helot says:

    For awhile here in Eastern Iowa we’ve had almost unbearable high heat and humidity. Yesterday, the sky started off clear blue, no trails in the sky, and it felt like a giant outdoor air-conditioning unit had been turned on. Is that due to an ice nucleated cool down?

    I hate to admit, it felt wonderful.

    In the Winter when we experienced these cool downs as brutal cold spells I used to think they were caused by falling precipitation of some sort, not so sure now.

    The fast moving clouds that did roll through yesterday afternoon looked a bit like weird light-blue video animations. They cleared off and again this morning the sky is clear blue, no trails, and the giant outdoor A/C unit is still on. Is there another word or short phrase for this effect other than the phrase, ‘ice nucleated cool down’? …’Plasma shock’, maybe?

  4. Donna-AZ says:

    Hi Dane, This article came out a few days ago. Lindemann: Weather modification is contributing to recent drought

    The last two sentences- Weather modification needs to go away. It is time to let nature decide the weather.

  5. Patti K says:

    Hi from Upstate NY.!

    Will share a short version of my story. Over 26 years as an RN, suddenly totally disabled almost 10 yrs ago from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity with Asthma/ Bronchospasm. I've suffocated over 20 times since then, and the Good Lord keeps bringing me back. After finding this website about a year ago, I no longer question how I got this condition. And I no longer question what I am supposed to be doing.

    How wonderful to be awake with my eyes open! I spent the first five years as a recluse, and the last five helping people regardless of my physical state or well being. I look for opportunities that God gives me, even if they're small.

    Having the gift of gab has been a blessing. I have been telling people "Look up!" "Research GeoengineeringWatch.Org" " There is factual data galore!"

    I've been so inspired by Dane and everyone here! I'm going to get some flyers and hand them out. I'm also considering a magnetic sticker for my "so last century" pickup. I think that I'll put it on my tailgate, since so many people like to drive with their nose in my tail lights.

    Thank you all, and Dane, for what you're actively doing in this worthwhile battle. I would be honored to join your ranks. You all are truly doing God's work!

    In closing, a little poem I wrote today…

                                       Soul Conundrum

    Through cloudy skies and fog that blows

    I can hear you fly, loud and low

    Even my dog perks up her ears

    She can hardly walk at just 5 years

    We comfort each other because we know

    Soon to a place for souls we'll go

    As all the suffering and the strife

    Leaves our memory from this life

    We'll be happy as we're free at last

    From the evil spell that was cast

    By powers that thought they did all control

    But now find themselves without

             A  Soul…

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Very Powerful Poem, Patti K.   Thank You !

    • Dennie says:

      I find it particularly sad and enraging that people, for so very long now, are all so terribly, horribly imprinted with the wrong-hearted, wrong-headed notion that Earth, once a Paradise (and could be still) is now a place that good Christian and other religious/spiritual traditions feel that we need to escape in order to be "happy" (!??!!!).  My take on this facet of idiocy is that these mind problems and errors in thought/feeling/belief are 180 degrees in the opposite direction of what the REAL God actually intended. 

      "The longest journey you'll ever take is the one from your head to your heart." — Michael C. Ruppert

      …and we have so very faaaaaaaaaaar to go….  Let's all get going!!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      You are a gifted poet Patti K- Thank you for sharing that with us. We are honored to have you join us in this fight for life on our planet.  : )

    • Ludovico says:

      Very beautiful, Patty, thank you for sharing.

  6. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane,

    Congratulations for what you DO everyday, and for what you ARE.



  7. marc says:

    A simple horseman: I have seen an ENT doctor about a different issue recently, but while there I asked him about my ear-ringing and why it's getting worse. (just to see what he'd say) Of course, as expected, he said it's just a function of aging, nothing much you can do about it. Oh, really? A different doctor (not an ENT) suggested bioflavinoid supplements but couldn't vouch for their efficacy. In any case, what I have also noticed is sudden, very intense increases in high pitched tones in one ear or another, such that I have to stop what I'm doing, wait it out, and then continue. These tones are really LOUD! Sound totally electronic. When this happens I curse the losers behind it all for about three seconds, hoping they can hear me. Ha! Of one thing I am certain: these ear ringing issues are NOT a function of aging. With 5G about to burst upon us, God help us all. If their intention is to drive us all mad, to foment conflict, to make us irritable and depressed, to ruin our health and our lives, then it's looking like they're gonna get their way.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, thank you for writing about your personal experiences with yourself and what you got for feed back from so called doctors. Your contributions add to the compellation of our own analogies of our own perceptions.

      You never said how things turned out with your sister. I sincerely hope it was a mutual commensuration of understanding.

      A thought about "5G". If we can recognize the influence, we have the upper hand in the battle to ward off the effects. Recognition always "trumps" being blind sided. (Thought you might like that one). "They" may get their way with some of you folks as you wrote. But, Not with me.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  The high pitched electronic ringing in my ears comes and goes.  The last month or so has been greatly diminished.  This coincides with a nearly 100% cessation in the visible aerosol spraying of those monstrous trails, and with virtually no jets nor the roar overhead.   This is no proof of a connection.  We probably should be asking young people about their hearing.  If they have high pitch "tinnitus," then we have probable evidence that the planet is a high pitch microwave tuning fork interfering with our brains.  There is no end to the increasing of microwave technological applications.  More remote wireless, more smart cities, more smart bombs, more smart phones, more dumbed down populations…..  We are being packaged inside a microwave fog, slow cooked and done to a turn.

    • Dennie says:

      I know we have electro-sensitive people whose physiology goes haywire the instant the juice is turned on (a neighbor whose daughter reacts instantly, and very badly, to wi-fi running in the house– her husband tried to fool her but she sussed out that the signal was on, instantly).  I too have tinnitus, but just in one ear– the left one– from years of playing the violin, a high-pitched instrument.  I think I may have lost some of my upper frequency hearing, tho not much, on that one side, and I'm now 60.  Thank God I had the sense to follow the good advice of my Local 6 colleagues and wear ear plugs when playing the big Broadway shows downtown in S.F. for the years that they were hiring real live string players– now we have a buying public that understands not the difference– chalk it up to the absence of music education, never mind what Plato said about the only two things we really need to study ("music and gymnastic"), because, after all, those "useless" subjects just won't get us the rocket scientists who can come up with the formulas so that the richest, most "powerful" of our species can simply blast off and wave Earth "buh-BYE…" after, like hogs at the trough, they've finished plundering, polluting and otherwise raping this once-beautiful paradise…, to which I will now say:  "GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAAAAD RUBBISH!"

    • Dennie says:

      " We are being packaged inside a microwave fog, slow cooked and done to a turn."

      They're doing it to themselves, too, but "they" choose not to feel.

      "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  — Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 25:40

    • Earth Angel says:

      marc, I hear these high pitched tones that you describe occasionally although they are relatively faint and do not last for very long after first occurring. I assume they are haarp related. This has been happening on and off for a few years now. I agree this is not something related to aging but rather to weather manipulation.

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yeah Marc i have the ringing in my left ear. I swear it is a man-made digital signal sound, not just regular ole tinnitus, it started for me coincidentally when the "smart" grid meters were activated.

    • William says:

      I have had tinnitus for decades. I find that deep, diaphragmatic breathing helps ease the symptoms. 

    • SilentSister says:

      I'm right there with you. My ears have rang my whole life – but weird the last Five years or so. Everything you described. I'm a musician, and super sensitive to sound, anyway. But yeah- you took all the words right out of my mouth.

  8. Jack B. Nimble says:

    Yesterday I would like to mention this

    I heard low flying aircraft flying around and shortly after I could smell a familiar smell

    I don't think it was a coincidence that there was weed spraying at the same time, although I could not be sure

    The smell was Round Up

    It was strong and I had to close the window

    It wasn't car exhaust or diesel truck exhaust, because that has a completely different smell

    The smell was distinct to me because I had used the Round Up in previous years

    After finding out it's destructive quality's I stopped using it

    I found that out later when my dog got a huge lump on it's back and I had to eventually put it down

    I know that a great amount of people still use it along with other weed extermination chemicals like weed be gone

    Sooner then later, I would hope that people find out and learn about how toxic it is to everything on this planet we call Earth

    I do believe in my own instincts

    Something tells me we are being sprayed with some very nasty carcinogens

    I say that because so many trees and vegetation are dying at a most alarming rate

    i also would hope that people use their instincts to verify what I have noticed also



    • Tanya says:

      Thank you for sharing your observations. I too have noticed a smell the last 3 days here in Maine. There is often a chemical smell in the air after rain and I have noticed that I haven't seen any earthworms. In fact I can't remember the last time I saw a worm. The birds and the bees are greatly diminished.

      I think an important thing that Dane said is to offer information to people who would care. I made the mistake of assuming everyone would care. I recognize that fear and confusion is part of whats behind the mass denial. I am fascinated with this thing we call 'denial'. I became a hypnotherapist in 2002 and it was a massive Awakening for me. I went into the field because it interested me but moreso because I wanted to help people. Instead I recognized that the entire population was under hypnosis. I could suddenly see all manner of tricks, techniques, manipulation and coercion being thrust upon the populace, in unethical ways. Even more shocking to me was the fact that my colleagues, other trained hypnotists did not see it. So this is what I offer: some people will see only what they want to see, always. Other people have been so trained into following their own personal agenda that they just can't snap out of it. My mother  for instance, told me  that our purpose  in life  was to be a productive member of society. She would often say to me, " Why won't you get with the program? Or "why can't you be normal?" Many have been drinking the Kool-Aid (ge foods and gmo's, vaccines, pharma) and following their doctor's advice for so long that they are completely mind-controlled. And all of this is the outer control, the influences in the physical on the physical. But to really buuld up your defenses realize that you are being controlled and manipulated at other levels too. Pay attention to your dreams. As silly as that may sound you are being given information at many levels. If there is a soul lesson to be learned, then it may be 'discernment'. It's time to throw beliefs out the window. Somehow I've been more aware than others since I was a kid. I've always been concerned about the environment. I've always felt that I was at a party in a large house and everyone around me was drunk and the house was burning down and I was the only one that could see it. And as I ran around the house trying to warn people and get them out nobody would listen. They thought I was crazy.

      And here we are.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Jack B. Nimble, Thanks for your observations. One thing that has pissed me off royally for the past several years is how liberally the power companies now spray poison all over the places under the lines where they want to control the growth of trees and brush. Who ok'd spraying this toxic sh*t everywhere?! It looks so ugly seeing brown dead EVERYTHING under their power lines. I really DON'T appreciate them dumping the poison chemicals on my property line either. What a bunch of careless lazy son of a b*#ch*'s!!.. What happened to just sending out a crew of guys with chainsaws to clear the brush?!

  9. Jack B. Nimble says:

    Interestingly enough the answers are most the same from a lot of tired and helpless people. I have been told the same thing that others have repeatedly said. "Oh Well" "What Can WE Do About It"

    Then there are the humongous amount of acquaintances or so called friends that abandon such a luxury of being informed because they don't care and want a grandioso life style where everything seems to be perfect

    The escalation of this Termination is very high if on a scale

    When it hits the top of the scale

    The goal will be achieved

    Then what will be left

    Devastation is what I see over and over and over again

    Maybe after that it will stop or get worse

    I have high hopes that all of this will stop

    On a scale of 1 – 10

    I believe that number will be miniscule

    It is slow rape that isn't stopping at this period of time

    And most do not give a Damn

    That is how our Society is

    No big change over the horizon any time soon

    Just more Madness


  10. marc says:

      Great interview with Dane Wigington by Claudia of "Cabin Talk". Brand new. 

    • beatriz says:

      thanks so much, Marc. I dont do FB, but will email this interview to everybody I know. Overwhelming gratitude to you Dane.

  11. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, I have a few questions, That I'm not sure of, I met a gentleman from Finland on my journey's through the southern states at a Hotel in North Carolina, and as always I had mentioned Geo-Engineering, SRM & HAARP and many other things going on… He said something that struck me in a funny sort of way because I hadn't thought about this point, and now that this article is here I thought I would ask you. My Question is,1) "IS IT JUST THE NATO COUNTRIES CARRYING OUT THESE GEO-ENGINEERING PROGRAMS & INITIATIVES"? AND 2.) WHAT OTHER MITIGATING FACTORS OF WHY JUST NATO COUNTRIES, and NOT countries like CHINA NOR RUSSIA or NON-NATO COUNTRIES? Because it seems to me as if this program is all over the globe

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, as I have always stated, and as available data supports, all the major powers are involved in the climate engineering assault.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Joe Ceonnia: “…it seems to me as if this program is all over the globe”
      Joe, by observing the astoundingly unnatural patterns of atmospheric aerosols on cloud formations around the planet – via NASA Worldview (online) – one can visibly observe the effects of geoengineering around the world. For example, the Russians are very busy, obsessed, producing endlessly 'creative' patterns in various areas, including the Caspian Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, Sakhalin Island, Kamchatka Krai, and the Kurils. The Sea of Okhotsk is amazing every day. I surmise that the Russians have moved past the ‘Woodpecker’ technology, however they are hardly quiescent.
      Putin formally appointed Vladimir Fortov as the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The research of Fortov is related to thermal physics, shock waves, and plasma physics. He was involved with applications, in particular, to energy production. Fortov is also the prime contributor and author of multiple texts (Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma / Oxford) on the plasma physics that is the technology base of geoengineering.
      The Chinese are also noticeably active, but not so much as the Russians. I have occasionally read that the American military knows the Russians are ahead of us in plasma technologies and weaponry. All war is electronic EW now — and the race is on.

    • jeff says:

      I come to this sight to see the newest information that Dane has exposed to those of us that care.Even though it is not a happy subject by any means,it is always a comfort to read comments by awake,caring people.

      There is a book that explains,and gives a solution to all the greedy power hungry insane  that the majority of the worlds population see as the powers that be.It is simple and yet very difficult,and requires no blood shed. It is the total mental separation from the insane belief that "Authority"(the right to rule another) is valid or needed to keep society functioning. The book is called "The Most Dangerous Superstition" by Larken Rose.

      We have been programmed from birth to kneel to "Authority"keeping us as obedient children for life. For those that get this fact have the most important task of waking the hardest people on the planet to wake,the order followers. With out the order followers lack of personal judgment in there actions,"the powers that be" would simply be a group of power hungry psychopaths with little to no power.. It is time for people to finally grow up,and this sight is ripe with good people willing to change.

      Thanks Dane for arming us all with the information to use in helping wake those that are ready to join the battle for our lives,and most importantly our children's future.

  12. Seeing Clearly says:

    The 5W's who, what, when, where, why and How.

    We want to know as much as possible on the matter.


    Geoengineering is an identical concept to a disease, the man-made disease that will kill the planet's ability to sustain life.

    Geoengineering is a branch or an aspect of the phenomenon or concept known as full spectrum dominance.

    Diversity or variation in the climate and how weather manipulation is destroying the equilibrium of the climate:

    THE HOW:

    By creating repetitive weather patterns that is displacing the balanced distribution of energy in the planet.

    Morphology in Weather manipulation

    The geometricalizing of storms is creating a man-made induced artificially concentrated areas of energy of negative and positive space or expression.

    This amplifies certain properties and/or aspects of the climate or weather system they target.

    We see stationary high pressures we see repetitive blocking in the jet stream.

    To elaborate what is taking place is the sharpening weather by that I mean we have less middle neutral ground and more extreme on both sides of the end type of weather this is partially due to the geometricalizing of the weather however there are other contributing factors like global warming.

    It is creating a climate of extreme weather either you bake or you drown this is what we see in weather manipulation the geometric shapes allow for large storm systems and cloud masses neighbored by large strong high pressure areas.

    THE WHO:

    The men possessing whether weapons can park the extreme they chose to park either you flood or bake.

    THE WHY:

    For areas they desire to have nice weather they can allow weakened versions of low pressure systems aka the rifting cloud mass that hardly brings any rain.

    THE HOW:

    This can be done by stretching the cold front in come cases completely peeling it off, however, there are many ways they can achieve the desired outcome.

    We are triggering feedback loops by sending pacific low pressure systems up north into the arctic.

    We are causing environmental damage by locking weather patterns in place and not allowing for the natural weather patterns to dominate.

    This is contributing to the superheating of the ocean surface as well as creating heat waves over the land, causing drought and dust bowl like conditions.

    THE WHY:


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Seeing Clearly, we must remember and consider that the climate engineering equation is extremely complex, especially in regard to “why”part, much more complex. There are a great many agendas being carried out at once. Many we can identify, many are likely as of yet, still obscure. The bottom line is this, there is NO benevolance in these programs, none. We must all continue our march to fully expose the insanity,

  13. marc says:

    Observations: here in southern Arizona everybody anxiously awaits the summer monsoon season, which historically begins around early to mid-July, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, sometimes almost not at all. Well, as of 3 days ago it has arrived and people are going nuts. The last two evenings in Tucson, like clockwork, violent storms erupted right about 7-8 o'clock and wandered across the huge Tucson valley from southeast to northwest approximately. Both nights, identical storm tracks, identical characteristics. These are occurring after the longest absence of overt spray-trails since I moved here 8 months ago. It has literally been close to a month that a conspicuous alteration of spraying seems to have been put in place, around Tucson at least. God only knows what the hell goes on at night over our heads when we're all asleep, though. But in recent months I have witnessed blatant aerial SRM over this area off and on for all those months with only a few breaks. What does it mean? That is the question. Conventional reason would deduce that fleets must be routinely rotated from region to region based upon the goals of the asswipes who control all this crap. Or….are changes in their technologies enabling them to spray without visual detection?……… It's pouring outside right now. Pouring! The dry washes are filling up fast and becoming raging hydro-snakes of terror. Keep well away, folks, or they might find your body 20 or 30 miles down-stream. 

      On a different note, I talked on the phone with my sister today about the July 4th sucker-punch of family ridicule (by voicemail, not in real time) that I was on the receiving end of about "chemtrails". I related the whole story in a previous post. I made it goddamn clear I won't stand for that bullshit again. None of us here need to wilt before anyone, family or otherwise, who tries to belittle us for our deep concern about this issue. This issue is an environmental issue, essentially. But there are still to this day countless millions who remain utterly disassociated from environmental reality. We are all victims of this in varying degrees. Thank God for the internet whereby we are miraculously able to quickly learn about weather and other events taking place all over the whole world. Not to mention the access to high-value data and analysis. We are all utterly dependent on our "windows into the world". Having said that, there are, of course, countless ways we can all see with our own eyes the changes coming hard and fast. But it's no wonder so many cannot yet appreciate the gravity of our global situation. They're just totally unplugged from any concern at this point. Too many other "funner" things to do than waste time on bummers and downers. Boy, many among us are really gonna be in for a big surprise when they fully realize that what so many of us have been talking about all this time turned out to be 100% true.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  Same here in my region.  Few jets can be seen, nor heard.  The last month has been free of any aerosol terrorism except for yesterday when one high flyer was spraying with a relatively short trail that "dissipated" quickly.  The sky is equally saturated with a white haze that is easily discerned in the mornings and afternoons.  And powder-blue at high noon.  Temp highs still consistently in the 90s to 100F.  No 70s nor 80s which I recall being part of the temperatures in past years.  The nights do cool down into the 50s.  The point of this post is WHERE has the aerosol spraying fleet of jets gone?  They are not overhead here.  It's very quiet.  Have the perps been getting questions from our Reps?  Are they curtailing the program's due to constituents demanding cessation?  Or is the atmosphere so effectively saturated that the program is in a hiatus mode pending the next assaults?  Granted their enhanced annual high pressure dome over California does not allow moisture into this region thus no moisture to collect within their rafts of robbery needed to go flood out someplace else.  No approaching moisture field, no activity is the pattern from my observation.  These weather terrorists are capable of blowing apart the tropical depressions with their powerful microwave apparati. It's patently obvious.

    • BaneB says:

      marc:  As I understand it, much of your monsoon rains originate from out of the Central American region of the Atlantic and more so the Pacific.  These tropical storms, including hurricanes , send moisture north up through Mexico and into the Southwest US, and into Southern California.  These storms are routinely being targeted with powerful microwave applications that literally blow these apart.  I have observed time and again the destruction of storms bringing much needed moisture to the Southern California region.  The weather control terrorists have no intention of letting monsoonal rain of any drought quenching capabilities come into the south.  Its obvious.  The satellite images, the ones the phony TV weather forecasters ignore and do not put up on their cartoon animations, prove this to be the reality.  So, will the psychopaths show magnanimity towards your southwest region this season?  It really is a confidence game, the public kept guessing, so who knows.  Hopefully, the bastards will.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Hi BaneB, Yes, the moisture is coming, storms almost every day up from Mexico, but most are being squashed at the border. They did let us have a little bit the other day. I collected about 50 gallons of rain water which I might use to flush the toilet, since it's too toxic to give to my plants.

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was Farmers market #10, 12 more to go. (grin, I feel like Andrew from Scotland when writing that), (that's a huge compliment Andrew).

    Wow, it was hot today at the market. 96 degrees and a UV index of 8, or so it was reported. It felt like more. There were several visitors of mention today. A gent stopped by that actually owns a UV meter and has been tracking our local UV index. He knew Dane's name and this site and reads here often. It was good to connect with him. I learned a few things. I had a tall gal stop by that wore a clerical collar. She is a pastor at two churches in my region. She's new to the area. We had a good conversation. She was sent on her way with a load of info that she was happy to receive. I'll look forward to speaking with her again. A gentleman about my age stopped by for the second time. He is a walking encyclopedia with self proclaimed genius IQ. He said he had 4 college degrees by the age of 27 and now considers them to be useless in leu of what he has learned since leaving the indoctrinated system he was groomed for. We talked for about 45 minutes. Most of what he said went over my head, but I did catch on to several aspects he spoke of regarding translation of ancient texts. Susan Ferguson would love speaking with "Dave".

    Ben in Taos, please know, your contribution was a home run today. Many folks around here do not have a computer. Sending folks away with printed copies of articles from this site was awesome. Thank you my friend I haven't met yet. Several copies of Dane's videos were returned today and were re-circulated.

    In this life, one has to "give it, to get it". Matters not what "it" is. In my case and my point here, "trust". I live a one key life. That key is in the ignition of my truck. I have no locks on anything and that key for the truck hasn't come out of the ignition for years. I 'trust" the Creator, completely. Give it some thought. You might find a little bit of renewed freedom. A break away from the power structures mind game.

    Stay tuned for the next "Ponderosa Report". You won't like it….

    • JR says:

      To Horseman from down in Southwest, New Mexico. Thanks for your concerns on my motorcycle wreck. I was on the accident end of this wreck. The driver who hit me (negligence) was trying to pass as I was making my left turn from behind me on a double painted do not pass zone marked a good 300-400 yards?! What an idiot brother. Broken nose deviated septum, broken left collar bone, punctured left lung, and 12 broken left ribs and a couple of titanium plates. Neck and lower back right side kicking butt. Thank God I still have my limbs on and intact, ha ha, wheew. Left eye a little cloudy like, hopefully all will get clear. We're mending. I had helmet on and goggles over glasses, TG. Older early HD Shovelhead, cone style lower bottom. Last night with rain clouds west of us we had much lightning but no thunder, dry like effects. I've seen that a few years back with no clouds in sky! More than likely HAARP and no rain. Much SAG/SRM as soon as our sky is filled with many rain clouds & as I post broken down to nothing. What a bunch of punks partner. Hello to you also Donna from Arizona. Thanks to all the Warriors here…..God Bless 

  15. ron hall says:

    For struggling Indonesians the future is now! And we all know this is kept hidden from MSM in America.  In fact, most Americans will avert their eyes from this level of reality. Yet, this will come no matter what.

  16. Seeing Clearly says:

    Good article!

  17. Dennie says:

    Rode the S.M.A.R.T. (Sonoma-Marin Area Transit) train today, part of the "free ride" days before the system goes into daily operation.  We started from San Rafael, CA, the southern end of the line, and rode the entire current length, to Santa Rosa airport, about an hour's ride with all the stops.  We all had to get out of the train and get on another one going back south.  The train was full of pushy, selfish people with many grossly obese, would just plop themselves into "their" seats after bulldozing their way via their massive gross avoir du pois.  Also, stoopid clueless "bread & circus" types who would ask you to snap a picture of them, while you're squeezed into a corner, one hip perched atop a folded-up "jump" seat, left arm squeezed into a space between two seat backs, trying to figure out where to put your feet so you don't get them run over by the guy in a wheel chair next to you, or step on the guy in front of him off to his left… UGHHH, so VERY GLAD I'm finally home!!!!  But the weather, clear and warm today, cooler than usual here in the S. F. Bay Area– I was expecting it to be much hotter in Sonoma County.  Oh, it's hotter there, but just not in the 90s, though I was guessing it was about 85-87 degrees Fahrenheit.   Wish we had a link to a Celsius-to-Fahrenheit conversion chart here, for quick reference (I'm being lazy today), and it's supposed to heat up this weekend– I can't wait– UGHH!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Maria R says:

    Hello all, well this all is getting very dire, My vegetable garden is rotting in the ground, to much rain and scoring heat,,I noticed most of my trees on my 5 acre farm are browning at the top and the leaves are thinning on all of them and around 10 of them are completely dead…We live here in the carpet capital of the world and seems to me that most don't see or don't care about the sky or the trees or the air they breathe… Just this week We had to completely drain our grand kids pool and start over, with all this rain it turned green and no amount of algae killer would clear it up,The PH was insanely high…… It's the small things in life that make what's left of life on this planet……..One's 4 and the other is 7…….worth living….

  19. WILLIAM says:


    • Dennie says:

      Okay, now, let's clear up this huuuuge misunderstanding and misquotation, once and for all. 

      Here's the scripture from which you have attempted to quote:

      “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” — 1 Timothy 6:10, NIV

      NO, money in and of itself, is NOT the root of all evil– MONEY ITSELF IS MORALLY NEUTRAL, IT'S HOW IT IS USED– SO LET'S GET THAT THROUGH OUR HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NOW, imagine taking all that money spent on developing weapons of mass destruction and geoengineering crap, then using it to CLEAN UP THIS MESS and EDUCATE people SO THEY WON'T KEEP DOING IT AGAIN, AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!!!  This is a total no-brainer. 

      EVERYONE MISQUOTES ST. TIMOTHY, who wrote that it was his observation that it is THE LOVE OF MONEY that's the root of all evil.

  20. CP says:

    It would appear that the Southern Hemisphere is faring better than the Northern (I could be wrong?).  How long before many awake to this difference and start to relocate?  At some point, it may truly make sense.

  21. Jack B. Nimble says:

    THIS IS COPIED: Thanks to the person that wrote this. This is only part of what was said. READ IT and then come to your own conclusion………

    >>>>>Restore the blue sky, restore peace and values in humanity. This travesty of zombie-like humans must continue no further.

    All weather modification is murder. Murder is illegal. Murderers are the scum of the Earth that have always ruined it for the rest of normal people. Not to mention, ejecting white stuff where it isn’t welcome also makes them a rapist.

    Nobody asked for cloud seeding. Nobody asked for geoengineering. Keep it away from normal people. If there is anyone who supports such mentally-ill behavior, they need to buy their own little island and destroy themselves with it.

    Here in the real world, we call that “selective breeding.” 1 out of 4 “men” beat their spouse. It’s not hard to imagine some loser with a cloud seeding machine killing children from a safe distance anymore – now is it?

    “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” -Charles Dudley Warner

    It’s time to arrest anyone who intentionally releases any type of “cloud” into the atmosphere like the Napoleonic-complex ridden, psychopathic terrorists that they are.

    Side note: This death toll does not include the totals from all-cause mortality due to Vitamin-D deficiencies induced by geoengineering. Also does not include accidents caused by weather modification (over 6,000 deaths per year and 480,000 injuries in America alone).




  22. susan says:

    I think so many more people have opened their eyes now, at least in Oregon.  I have been persistent in using FB as my forum to post as many pictures and my opinions as possible over the last 5-10 years.  There will be people who don't want to see this.  Most are afraid and feel helpless.  Their attitude is, "what can I do about it?"  It is on a grand worldwide scale and I liken it to being raped.  I am helpless and I can't seem to fight back and WIN.   I believe it will end.  Maybe not soon enough…

  23. BlueSky says:

    They are definitely playing with the weather in Canada. Devastating fires in BC. And in Eastern Canada, all the way to Ontario, weather whiplash is in full effect, plunging temps over 15 degrees in less than 24 hours. In Nova Scotia, the environmental authorities are warning residents to remove bird feeders due to a spreading bird disease. Along the trans-Canada highway, the increase in cell towers has skyrocketed in the past year. While driving through Eastern Ontario about three hours from Toronto, I felt an impact on my brain that scared me. I almost had to pull off the road.  I knew it was coming from the cell towers nearby.  They are manipulating our minds. So many accidents today, July 13 in Toronto. 

    • Alexandra says:


  24. Tanya says:

    Thank you Dane for the information. Regarding the graph that's titled "no slowdown in global warming", I note the period between 1940 and 1980. I see a sharp rise that begins in 1940 and drops by 1950 and by 1960 it's gone up and dropped again. I'm wondering if this was the effect of the Industrial Revolution and then the response of the Geo engineers? But it also occurs to me, that this may have been the result of environmentalists and activists. And of course, by now I realize that it's never just one thing and probably not two or three things but many many variables most of which I am unaware of and have no control over. Am I being naive in thinking that the movements of the sixties and seventies actually had an impact?

    Update from Maine. Yesterday, July 12th, my porch thermometer read 88 degrees but the official forecast was 78. I've been documenting the geoengineering in this area for about five years by taking pictures and movies of what I see. I took some video last night of some of the strangest chemically engineered skies I have ever seen. This morning it is gray overcast raining and 54 degrees. 

    When Dane read the headline a few months back about the testing of 5G beginning in the fall, intuitively I understood that the testing was already taking place. I am sensitive to EMF. I feel it when they activate haarp or whatever Technologies they are using now. I believe others feel the effects as well, but the realization is just below their awareness. For example when these things are activated I can experience sudden anxiety over things that I'm normally not anxious about. I can experience physical discomfort sometimes in my ears or jaw. Sometimes they cause various muscles in my body to spasm. It can also cause irritability. This is already being tested on us. And it's about controlling us, our thoughts and our emotions. Set and maintain a strong intention to keep your wits about you.

    I'd like to say thank you to ' a simple horse man ' for responding to one of my messages last week. You are an inspiration to me and to many here, keep up the good work! And thank you to everyone here, but I would like to acknowledge Marc, Susan Ferguson, renate, Andrew from Scotland, and BaneB, others too, for providing so much great information. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tanya, in regard to your question on the overall global leveling off of temperatures just after 1945 (continueing until the mid 1970s), this was the result of full scale climate engineering deployment. But at what cost did this temporary (and highy toxic) reprieve from the warming come? The polar regions were the initial focus zones for the geoengineers, they have since encoumpassed the entire planet. There is no benevolance in the climate engineering / weather warfare / biological warfare insanity, none. The climate engineering assault is ultimately about power and control. The attempt to hide the true extent of damage to the planet and climate system (at any cost) until the last possible moment is also related to power and control. Examine page 12 of the fact and photo summary link attached for a more complete answer to your question on the climate engineering deployment that was launched in the mid 1940s FYI

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tanya, thanks for the 3rd paragraph in your contribution here. It is good for us to share what we experience when recognizing the influences of the micro wave pounding we all are bombarded with. And by the way, they're always on. It's just the frequency changes that we can recognize. Folks here used to write often of the ringing in their ears. Been a while since I read one comment to that aspect of the micro waves. Funny how the mind stops registering things that become to frequent. I have been taking mental notes of the frequencies and what is happening in my skies. The first time "Dave" came to my/our booth it was a crazy weather day. He noticed the change in the tone in our ears and said what would happen next. 3 times in the hour we spoke together, he was right. Things that make ya go hm, right? I often wonder if folks notice what I do happening in my ears. My life is a very quiet one. I have no modern back ground noise, like radio or CD music or the TV. I've driven over 300,000 miles in complete silence(so to speak). One really gets to be in touch with the real realities that surround us when we block out, 'not' subject yourself to, the "back ground noise". If we can not be at peace within our own thoughts, where can we be at peace? My point is this, "I notice" when the ringing in my ears starts and/or goes up or down in tone. It used to be intermittent, but lately the ringing is almost always there. I'll go ya one more. I know what a horse looks like or is doing when they are trying to rid themselves of a pain or in this case, maybe a ringing in their ears. Today for about the 10th time this year, I drove by horses that are displaying an effort to get rid of in inner discomfort. Add to that the amount of times I have seen my two Mustangs doing the same things.

      Lastly, I think we are all sensitive to the influence of micro waves. It's just that very few of us pay attention to more than "back ground noise".

    • BenBarzman says:

      Hello Tayna and a simple horseman, I just wanted to let you know that i am one of those who hear the high pitched frequencies and can feel the EMF. I'm usually lurking here and not really posting much. You both pretty much hit the nail on the head with what i am also experiencing, strange sounds and feelings of ups and downs, on and off, pains, headeches, strange feelings. i notice that the majority of people seem to be effected by it at the same time, like everybody wakes up in a bad mood one day, and the next we are all feeling something else. It used to be that everybody had there own unique outlook and perspective, but now we are all in the same sh!ty mood. but nobody "hears" or "feels" anything or wont admit it for fears of being called crazy. i am convinced these sounds/feelings are my body's way of picking up the very deliberate man made frequencies/energy.

  25. Joseph L says:

    Great work by you.

    This article is  quite long.  It is worth a read. This is put out by N.Y. magazine.  Geoengineering is mentioned towards the end of the article has if it isn't happening. 

    The Uninhabitable Earth

    Famine, economic collapse, a sun that cooks us: What climate change could wreak — sooner than you think.


  26. Black Cat Italy says:

    Here in central Italy the temperatures have been pretty unbearable for days. At one point it was 113F and most days ranging from 105-110F.  The sun is too intense to sit in.  Even our Italian neighbours say they think it is hotter than they have experienced before.  This is all before August when it normally gets very hot.  As Dane said last week the night-time temperatures still remain high.  Even the insects appear dehydrated and are trying to get into the house out of the heat. I saved a honey bee a few days ago which was almost ready to die – it couldn't stand up. I gave it a little honey and water and after an hour it recovered. Other insects are drying out and dying – like the large fig beetles that visit every year but now the ancient fig tree (about 100 yrs old) is dead and the bark has come off. It no longer produces figs so the beetles have little to feed on.  We also have Holme Oak trees where the leaves look as if hot cigarettes have been put on the leaves – bleached patches. The plants are all turning yellow despite watering and if we don't get some cooler temperatures soon we can forget the strawberry plants – they are burnt brown, the leaves dessicated.

    We still continue to tell people about what's happening but they just want to stare at their cell phones and Facebook.  I was admonished by a family member for sharing petitions on Facebook saying "Don't you have anything better to share on Facebook than doom and gloom"! So now I do not bother. Here is a quote that is quite apt:

    "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true. 

    The other is to refuse to accept what is true"

    by Soren Kierkegaard.


    • Frank says:

      Back in the 90's we had the excuse that the heat was just starting. We could still remember clearly summers with a few hot spells, but relatively nice. Now we remember only hot and it is getting hotter. The only real thought is "what the hell is happening and can we do something?" and yet the TV spews anything but that. I don't know how people think. You know a great man said, "no one is blinder than he who will not see." I am not even religious, but that is the truth. I will never give up faith in myself, but without an immediate, spontaneous uprising, I do give up faith and hope in man.

  27. marc says:

    The relatively small number of people who rule this world, who control it's resources, who command it's militaries, are disconnected from their hearts. I pray everyday for even just a fraction of them to experience the opening of their hearts, to experience real empathy. If enough of these monsters were to undergo such a transformation, the world would and could change overnight. All well and good, except for the fact that another several or more degrees C is already baked into the system, which will only exacerbate the 60 or so feedback loops already in play, which will then handily draw down the shade on the human experiment.

    • Dennie says:

      Some of us have heard, and do understand, the problem of Heartlessness, it's probably The Biggest Driver of what's happening, or  not, here on Earth.  Living here is so very often like trying to play a game of cards, while missing the suit of Hearts.

  28. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    That is three minutes of Horror to watch. "4 Times" Bigger Than London!!!  Oh My! Those Ice Balls are Shocking to see every time you show them from around the World. It takes ones breath away to See such obvious changes to Our Planet. And not in a Good way.      The Struggle to Survive this Toxic Chemical Saturation is becoming more difficult with each passing day. The Planet is showing it's Angst.  We now have Hard Plastic's Melting From The Heat in Arizona.  Global Cooling?   Give Your Head A Shake. You Have Brain Fog!  What will it take before the Environmentalists & Scientists stand up & Speak Out with Concern to the Madness these Programs are Causing?   What will it take for the Pilots to STOP SPRAYING these Toxic Materials into Our Environment?  What will it take before the World Speaks Up, Stands Up &  Acts on behalf of Our Planet?  The Truth Can Stand Alone.     A Lie needs constant nourishment to survive.  So many are Willing to Feed The Lie, to misslead & misdirect the Facts to the public. So many are Willing to Downplay such Shocking Worldwide Destruction's that are happening simultaneously. They say that the Insane sleep like Babies. So not only do they Act like Infants, they sleep well.  Lucky Them!  I Can't Sleep Worth a Damn. And a Glance at the Morning Sky Slaps you back into Reality of the Real World & what you Need to do again & again in this Ground Hog Days of Insanity World We Live In.  What Gain Is It,  If It's A Threat To The World?  How much longer do these Lunatic's think We can go on before this Fine Eyed Planet Unwinds, For The Last Time? When will YOU give the time necessary to awaken those around you? When Will It Be Worth It To You To Give Your All & Not Worry If You Look Like A "Conspiracy Theorist" Or Fear Your Government For Standing Up To Them & Their Evil Deeds?  Who Cares!  Suck It Up. OUR PLANET NEEDS ALL OF US NOW, THIS IS "OUR" BURDEN!  We've Allowed This Mess To Get To This Most Dire Level By the Masses Staying Silent. Please Find Your Strength & Your Voice. We Need Your HELP NOW.

  29. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Global warming my ass, this is global torching.

    Food for thought here, "there is no Larsen D", just sayin.

    What part of game over do people not get? There will be no forum to debate any of folks political strategies. I don't care if you're on the good guys side. No habitable planet, no debates, discussions, no philosophical ponderings, None! I offer this, for millennia, mankind has spoken of or even predicted the "end of the world". And now, in our current times, those that can see that we are truly faced with the end of the world as we once knew it, are scoffed at and disregarded. Tell me something I 'haven't' heard before, they think in the back of their controlled minds.

    Mankind is on a collision coarse unlike ever before in recorded known history. That in it's self, should raise at least an eyebrow. Not surprising that with most, it doesn't even register.

    There is one and only one thing that the power structure fears. This is where I concentrate my efforts. I often feel like a spoon digging away at the walls that imprison me, but I know that enough spoon fulls will eventually set me free. Then I will become a part of the power that structures life as it should be, "can be". We do not have a population problem, We have a morality and governance problem.

    Help people wake up. Help them help us all. Give me one reason we shouldn't quit this system and make the power structure tremble in their boots and run away. The "system" as it is, will become obsolete sooner than anyone with electronic money could imagine.

    Face to the wind, one step in front of the other, keep moving. It might just keep you alive. I've been there, done that. Had the frost bit fingers to prove it. "I'm still breathing" by the grace of one awesome lead dog. Our fight for our Mother is NO different……….

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Great obs regarding the 'system' Horseman!

      You'll be in the 'high command' for sure on the 'other' side.

      Most don't (yet) realize the wheel of our metaphoric car is on the hook and we're being drawn into the building with spinning brushes, jets of water and foaming soap.

      And on the other side, life / existence will be dramatically different and likely not dissimilar to life before the industrial revolution which led to the current fossil fuel empire.

      Fossil fuels have enabled the terrifyingly widespread 'control' that we see manifest everywhere and those IN control will squeal like cornered bobcats at anything that threatens their existence/ viability.

      Hence, they will continue to do everything at their disposal (SRM is one of many strategies) to maintain their grip although unlike 200 years ago when this 'battle' began and average folks like you and me and all gathered here recoiled against the early 'system', their power and influence is diminishing and faster than they collectively realize.

      As with Dane and all the other posters, keep up the great work and help set the stage for rebuilding on the 'other' side. Helping those who are 'unaware' become 'aware' is important work and will make the transition less difficult. The 'showdown' will occur when the fossil fuel empire begins to stagger and sway and though we're not there just yet, the forces they are facing and will face inevitably are cumulatively destructive and all efforts matter.

      Some info that should be helpful..

      "The ruling class will never give up fossil fuel, because it's key to their power over workers."

      Keep up the great work amigo-your resolve helps carry us all!

      Hope to eventually meet you at "Silver Reef ";be sure to saddle up Rising Star before setting that bay free.

  30. Lee Eyerman says:

    The spraying won't stop even though I thought we were getting a break for a while in Ohio. Right now adults in the U.S. are no longer working,almost one-half  are on the government dime.Do we really think these people really care about the air they breathe? Are we too far gone as a species that working for something doesn't matter? As long as someone throws you some food stamps,and free health care we keep getting lazier and fatter and just don't care as long as we have our stupid phones.No wonder the elite wants us dead.Who is going to take care of all the drug addicts and dregs of society.The Chemtrail dilemma will never go away as long as the schools don't recognize it,young adults don't care ,and our government is not held accountable.How hard is it to control people when they don't care about themselves?We who still have hope must never quit our quest for what is right and try to survive.There will be many deaths caused by people's own negligence and not being aware of what they are becoming-controlled souls.

    • marc says:

      Food stamps and free health care?? Sign me up for that! Especially since the US Chamber of Commerce punched a gigantic hole in the middle of our country by assisting the corporate manufacturing exodus to Southeast Asia, China, Mexico, etc. We have been and are still being systematically hosed by this off-shoring bullshit, leaving countless millions of trained workers to fight eachother over the scraps. Rest assured, none of this model is sustainable. For that matter, nothing we do is.

    • Dina says:

      Well said Lee

    • Dennie says:

      "How hard is it to control people when they don't care about themselves?"  Well, yes, they are out of control, not caring other than superficially about themselves, satisfying their base appetites, stuffing their faces with food, their ears with junk music, their eyes with disgusting images and their brains with every kind of psychic sewage, they are lucky if they exhibit the lowest threshold of societal engagement or care for their fellow humans.  No, they really do. NOT. care about themselves, others, OR their environment either– face it, most humans on this planet aren't worth the chemicals making up their protoplasm, as my train ride today alongside the Great Unwashed as described above will attest.

    • MAP says:

      It is well known that the "Elites of the Power Structure" are very very patient in seeing their goals to fruition. At least a hundred years (possibly more) they waited to bring upon the world what Lee writes about in this posting.

      Everything is calculated and there is very little coincidence. It was no coincidence that 17 years after Federal Reserve (by the way it is not a Federal entity and has NO reserve of capital) was "chartered" in USA that Great Depression occurred. Remember the term Order out of Chaos that Elites use.

      Chaos is created and they set up the "New Order". So every government program and social benefit program set up during and after Great Depression brought us to the point where things now stand as Lee so perfectly describes. Think of it as Hush Money. Remember that Dane often uses the term "paychecks and pensions" to describe the reason that many well educated people refuse to join the movement to oppose GeoEngineering. So all bases were covered with paychecks and pensions for some and then "the scraps" of other government assistance for the remainder of the masses.

      A few years ago a financial analyst made a public comment to the effect that "why should anyone work when the Fed can just print money hand over fist till Kingdom come". Yes why? As for Marc's comment about offshoring of jobs in USA: In addition to efforts of "chamber of commerce" the Federal Reserve "greased the skids" for the offshoring of millions of jobs through "Easy Money Policies". 

      Back to Lee and his comments about decline of the masses in USA: there are many things at work with this transformation of people over past century but you can be damn sure that the Elites and there tool known as "Federal Reserve" played a large part in this transformation.

      What's the old saying?:  "Never let a crisis go to waste"



    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Marc, and Lee love your post(s), Sign Me Up Too!!  Were all fighting each other, and that's exactly what they want. Divide & Conquer. Your right Lee, Let's keep our wits about us, and hold on, It's going to get much worse before it gets better. Everyone feels it coming, it's like your waiting for the other shoe to drop. Everyone feels it!!!

      God Bless All.

  31. Chrys says:

    Thank you for this, Mr. Wigington.  There is so much happening now in the world; many issues of major importance affecting our collective livelihoods.  I have been following the geoengineering situation long before it was called that, and appreciate all of your work and the information you provide.  This has been a key issue for me for some years now, and is being complicated by the current US administration, which I believe is a threat in and of itself, not only to our well-being as a nation, but globally.

    Thank you for your constant fight against geoengineering, and for keeping us all in tune and aware.  It is all too easy to be sucked into a state of complacency, and we need to stay awake and aware and stand by our convictions, and communicate them with others.

    Thanks again for the inspiration to speak the truth.


  32. Frank says:

    I am sad to lead off with the idea that what is going on in the skies is obvious to every human being and has been for years. The trails applied by unknown planes, the way they spread, the way sometimes just sections of the trails are obviously and unnaturally blown out over a large area while the rest of the trail sits there, the ripples in the trail material, the way the trails are now being laid out in sections or curves in a belated attempt to mimic nature, all leads me to one conclusion. I am sorry to say that either I possess the mind of a genius or the human race is so stupid they are not worth saving… and I sure ain't no genius.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Frank, I hear you loud and clear, but when a crime is committed, we are starting and have been blaming the victims of the criminals. Example; all Whistle Blowers are jailed, or worse they're ostracized in their own profession and can't get another job in their chosen profession, they are now the rats. While the banksters get away with what ever they please, and the Military Industrial Complex commit war crimes and nothing is said;  The people that tell the truth, well they are labeled a Conspiracy Theorist! But these are the people I want to know, but even that is changing, because the power elite have caught on, and are letting these ex-cia whistle blower suppose to be fresh out of jail, (who even really knows they were in jail) speak on TV and The Internet, which really wouldn't happen, They would have to wait ten years and write a book, and that would have to be reviewed first by the cia, you see what I am saying, disinformation; this is exactly how disinformation works, Mix lies and truth, or truth and lies, either way, YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and LOOK AND READ MANY DIFFERENT OPINIONS.. LIKE I SAID MANY TIMES BEFORE, IT'S GETTING WORSE NOT BETTER. Frank, keep trying, if only one person knows the truth, it's still the truth. You could be that one person, history will bare witness! I want to be on that side of history with everyone I come in contact with. I know people in my own family think I'm nuts, but I don't care, because even the mainstream media can't keep this lie alive any longer, that's why you will be hearing it soon on the mainstream media as a launch to help mankind from climate change, also there is a movie coming out in October 2017 on this very subject, only as a Hollywood Horrific Horror Story…But still you will be on the side that tried to wake the sheeple up!!! I hate that new word being used, (SHEEPLE) b, and YES, I do believe we should try and save the entire web of life! Which means Mankind too, even though mankind isn't that kind any longer. Man is playing GOD, and Frank, history has taught us what happens, I think we all know what happens when someone try's to be GOD, people die, usually by the millions!

      God Bless All

    • Frank - PHL says:


      What I am saying is that anyone, everyone, even the boobs that argue with you about this stuff, even they look up in the sky. And so even though they fight you, they know deep down that something is wrong. They cover it up well, but they know and they fear with all their hearts what is around the corner if they look.

      I know that now even we are starting to get a little scared: the 3-4 years of record temps, the heat waves now, the heavy rain on me today and yesterday (probably carrying desperate chemical ice nucleation), the wildfires, the missing and deformed insects.

      My point is that if WE can see ourselves going over the top of the tipping point, then I hold everyone responsible for not connecting their long-term "feeling" that something is wrong with the current news to break out of their fog of fear and look for what is really going on.

      We found the story. Now the story is finding us all.

  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    An Empirical Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation for Multiple Chemical Species of Aerosol
    Vaughan T. J. Phillips, Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii; Paul J. DeMott, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, ColoradoConstantin Andronache, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts / 2007
    A novel, flexible framework is proposed for parameterizing the heterogeneous nucleation of ice within clouds. It has empirically derived dependencies on the chemistry and surface area of multiple species of ice nucleus (IN) aerosols. Effects from variability in mean size, spectral width, and mass loading of aerosols are represented via their influences on surface area. The parameterization is intended for application in large-scale atmospheric and cloud models that can predict 1) the supersaturation of water vapor, which requires a representation of vertical velocity on the cloud scale, and 2) concentrations of a variety of insoluble aerosol species. … field studies of IN activity and insoluble aerosol in the troposphere. … Aerosol species are grouped by the parameterization into three basic types: dust and metallic compounds, inorganic black carbon, and insoluble organic aerosols. … water saturation for warm subzero temperatures, is represented. Conventional and inside-out contact nucleation by IN is treated with a constant shift of their freezing temperatures. … Alternative schemes differ by up to five orders of magnitude in their freezing fractions (−30°C). … the use of data concerning atmospheric IN sampled directly from the troposphere.

  34. Leslie Nye says:

    Dane, thank you for your courage and your leadership in sharing this information. Putting one's head in the sand will not solve our escalating problems with Earth's environmental decline. We must all touch as many lives as possible – as quickly as possible – to reach a critical mass of awareness. Your leadership is strengthening our resolve!

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