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Geoengineering – Ubiquity, Discontinuity, and Sphinx-like Riddles



“It,” has affected the “all.”

How can something be ubiquitous – everywhere – all around us and within us – and simultaneously, nowhere, nonexistent, and invisible?  How can something be a completely new “discovery” – apart from the established and broadly recognized known world – something outside of shared history, knowledge, and the domain of traditional science, and be simultaneously everywhere, in everything, living among us, within us and everyone, and integrated into everything we look at?  How could “something” be simply invisible and unrecognized by the majority, while simultaneously being identified, observed, researched –  pervasive, present, and persistent?  How could these discontinuities in public and personal awareness continue to co-exist while the realities behind them are being published and are public, thoroughly available on the internet, extensively reported through multiple channels of information, the focus of documentaries, subject of dedicated websites and news outlets, and amplified in countless science articles?

Chemtrailing: the geoengineering pseudo-science of aerosol spraying payload that imbues our atmosphere in chemical salts and heavy metal nano particulate – suspended nano material that rival the size of bacteria and virus.  Aircraft disseminated, precisely engineered aerosols intended for Solar Radiation Management (SRM), weather modification and weaponization, chemical ice nucleation,  and atmospheric conductivity manipulation (HAARP).  After several hours of atmospheric load distribution, the trailing aerosol load increasingly disseminates and becomes invisible to the eye, progressively distributed within the atmosphere, and eventually falls to Earth.  Nano particulate metals, salts, undisclosed chemical content, and biosynthetic compounds are cumulative, pervasive, persistent, and poisonous.

How could it possibly be that everyone and everything appears to be “infected” individually, while no one appears to be affected generally?

How could it be we have mounting direct evidence, and current research and data originating back over a decade, indicating all of life on Earth – the entire ecosystem and totality of the biosphere – has already entered, or is under threat and currently entering, a stage of “criticality,” a “catastrophe,” a “tipping point” of sickness challenging the essential viability of life itself, and redefining all future projections within new and radically narrowing parameters of Life’s trajectory?  How is it possible to learn this could possibly be true while simultaneously hearing about a “new biology” that seems indestructible, transcendent of the known domains of life, ubiquitous, self-replicating, and emergent from some unknown source within the “black labs” of science – a synthetic life form that is parasitic to ourselves and our ecosystem and embodying relentless abilities to “remain,” grow, and even thrive.

“…this condition actually represents a fundamental change in the state and nature of biology as it is known on this earth.  The evidence now indicates and demonstrates that there is, at the heart of the “condition”, a new growth form that transcends, as a minimum, the plant and animal boundaries.”  […]

“…accepted that this growth form appears to be ubiquitous in the environment, food supply, plants, and animals…”

Carnicom Institute Jan. 2014

It, has affected the all.

It is impossible to find the words.  We struggle to affirm conclusions that are explicit – and to embrace realities that are implicit.  We resist the discontinuity of dialogue between our intellect and our emotions, our mind and our soul, our brain and our heart.  We look to each other for another way – another conclusion – for some unseen potential or new data point that has escaped us, but certainly must remain as a hidden “pointer” to a viable path forward – a previously unrecognized dynamic that allows us to see once again, “it’s going to be alright.”

The terms we use are not sufficient.  The analytics we engage do not provide justice.  The language we have is not able to adequately describe the implications – the sadness – the mounting price being payed by Creation itself, and by each of us individually and as families, communities, cities, nations… and as a collective global civilization.  The weight of the burden we carry in the form of our children’s future is immeasurable and crippling.  The operators of this madness are kept in the dark or sworn to silence, the executives swim in secrecy, and the programs are not held to account by any legitimately authorized body.

The unholy marriage of geoengineering and bioengineering was consummated years if not decades ago.  We have years and years of conclusive research, patent history, direct observation, whistleblower testimony, and field data clearly indicating multi-phasic programs involving aircraft aerosol spraying, global use of energy and frequency weaponry, and biosynthetic production, release, and disbursement.  The offspring of catastrophic climate disaster is manifest and maturing.  The infiltration and manipulation of our food system is closing in on total.  The observations within our biological systems are documented.  Our oceans are broken.  The poisoning of our ecosystems nears cataclysmic – our air, water, and soil – contamination is quantified and cumulative.

Once pristine and relatively untouched habitats are saturated in aluminum, barium, strontium and other quantifiable nano particulate, chemicals, and salts   Our atmosphere has been seeded for conductivity.  Our immune responses have been triggered and in many cases overwhelmed.  Our ecosystem convulses with global, regional, and local response mechanisms throughout the biosphere.  Methane expulsions radically ramp up exponentially.  Weather is made to be artificial, disasters made strategic, and relief efforts are exploited by vested interests.  Our cultural “chatter” of mass media and entertainment can begin to sound like civilization’s labored breath in a death rattle.

Concerned citizenry of Earth, there is a time for reconciliation – for balancing these discontinuities.  There remains within us a struggle for harmony in the face of disequilibrium.  There remains the power and hope for light from within the darkest reaches of the Universe, and from within the depths of every soul.  We have had the pursuit of truth affirmed from within every faith tradition, the halls of science, and by the great personalities of Jesus, Gandhi, KrishnamurtiBuddha, Kennedy, Einstein, King, and of course, many, many others.  We have been warned of the dangers of secrecy, the curse of vanities, the outcomes of unrestrained power, and the results of unquenchable greed

We have been set upon.  Geoengineering must be a first-tier priority within our hierarchy of truth.  If the biosphere is shredded beyond its ability to sustain the complexity of the web of life, other issues simply don’t matter.  Our world is being targeted and fundamentally destroyed.  The harmony and chorus of life is under relentless, brutal assault. Our world views are being dramatically challenged.  Our courage is being called out.  Our sensitivities are confronted.  Our understanding is being ignored.  Our hearts are disquieted by media fed distractions and division.

It has affected the all.

We all have a roll in making what is “invisible” to some, readily apparent to all.  There are no essential conclusions regarding geoengineering that remain suspended as sphinx-like riddles beyond our understanding.  Even as we continue to bring to light the full scope of these programs, their “executors,” and the purposes being pursued, we have decades of clear data and research, and drawn firm and clear conclusions.  These conclusions need to become a part of what we refer to as “common knowledge” – and inspire appropriate outrage.  This is a matter of embracing clear and overwhelming science.  This is a matter of needing to look no further than one’s own family to find the rationale for engagement – and no distance beyond which we can find escape.

There is little time to make our voices heard.  There is little left to live for if there is nothing left worth dying for.  There is no hope in our silence – it is time to raise our voices above the white noise of distraction, and proclaim our unity in saying:


No To Spraying!

No To Chemtrails!

No To Geoengineering!

No To Being Silent!


10 Responses to Geoengineering – Ubiquity, Discontinuity, and Sphinx-like Riddles

  1. Lorna says:

    Great web site you’ve got here.. It’s hawrd to find good quality writting like yours nowadays.
    I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

  2. Gail says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful and penetrating look at how serious this situation really is. For those who want more, please read “The Sun Thief” by Cara St. Louis-Farrelly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  3. A says:

    It all sums up to Light, and yes, the answer is ambiguous.

    Good vs Evil, reason vs ignorance, and light vs darkness. Balance is the key that Nature (order) gifted consciousness with in the simplicity of comparison.

    Comparison of the extremes of slavery and ignorance give understanding to liberty and truth.

    Search for what isn’t there in The Evil Light.

  4. Laura says:

    the sycophants get away with it because the deny it exist while at the same time lobby our congress to pay for their criminal behavior against all humanity and our planet.
    this is an older letter, but it shows just how secret the operations they do are. it is a whistle blower that is a mechanic for the airlines that was threatened when he started to ask questions about the chemtrail planes.

  5. Rebecca says:

    This is a very well written and informative article on the atrocities “our government” continues to secretly force upon us. I’ll be posting this to my social media account and to my elected state representatives to encourage those who are conscious to wake up and Speak up! Thanks for your insights, JM.

  6. Grace says:

    JM–This commentary brought tears to my eyes as the most revealing, well-thought out dissertation regarding geoengineering I’ve ever heard or read. Thank you for articulating the disconnect that I feel in all my relationships regarding the evident destruction of our planet. Justin Bieber is all the rage while chemical ice nucleation fell in East Texas last night after a day of heavy spraying the day before. The joy of snowfall has been taken from me…the innocent pleasure of walking through it with my dogs is no more as I know it is POISON!!! The curses of vanity and greed will ultimately be destroyed and the ground will be sanctified and cleansed by fire. We should never give up our hope and faith that a better day will come in whatever dimension we are. Thank you for your voice among so many that are just plain pissed off about it all and don’t know what to do. Quite frankly I’m with Catherine as to why lawsuits have not been filed and these devils have not been taken to task in a courtroom. Maybe she’s on the right path and Dane and WeatherWar101 are the men for it. There should be more discussions in this regard. Peace

  7. simpleman says:

    They have made northeastern north carolina,feel like new england.and now comes the homeowners insurance hikes.trying to get passed.with as much as a 35% increase in rates.why dont the insurance people “mitigate” that….wait its about money and control…

  8. Mark says:

    I agree. Even if this activity were stopped today, there would be a need for investigation, justice and accountability for all the activity and destruction unleashed to this point.

  9. Tony C. says:

    Perhaps the phrase “Military-Industrial COMPLEX” is also the name of a psycho-pathology, as in “Oedipus Complex”.
    It might be described as a symbiotic disorder in which an industrial machine builds a military machine to protect the industrial machine. The larger and more complex the industrial machine becomes the larger and more complex the military machine becomes.
    The military machine is the tool for wars to obtain territory and resources to feed the industrial machine.
    The enslaved population used to run the machine is conditioned to think it needs the industry to provide money and the military to protect it.
    The cycle of industry feeding the military and the military obtaining the spoils of war becomes a spiral of increasing need to feed the addiction to wealth, power and control.
    The psycho-pathology of the Military-Industrial COMPLEX is a disease consuming life on this planet.
    It cannot survive because it will ultimately consume itself.
    If the forces of Nature are in balance, then the cure for this disease already exists.

  10. Cathrine says:

    I do not understand why legal teams are not being formed and taking their governments to task for allowing these agendas in their skies. Surely we have constitutions which protect us. So many well informed people are posting and doing research. Do we not have enough evidence and facts on the table by now to draft proper legal documents against our governments ??

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