Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 20, 2016


Dane Wigington

The ongoing and completely out of control experimentation with Earth's climate and life support systems is destroying what is yet left of the biosphere at blinding speed. The power structure is pushing back hard with new waves of propaganda in the desperate attempt to hide reality from the population till the last possible moment. I could never count the times I have been asked why would "they" (those in power) do this to themselves? Countless times I have given a long list of examples of all that "they" have already done to themselves (and to the rest of the biosphere). The detonation of over 2000 nuclear weapons has contaminated the entire planet. Fukushima is a triple nuclear volcano with no known technology to end the nightmare, and yet "they" are already building 60 more nuclear plants while putting old and dilapidated facilities back on line. Then there is the fact that "they" (central bankers at the core) have constructed enough nuclear weapons to mathematically exterminate all life on Earth some 12000 times over. "They" are not sane, but the following quote must also be considered, "We have seen the enemy and he is us". Apathy, complacency, and outright denial within the ranks of global populations, has so far been the primary factor that has allowed and actually facilitated the cancerous cabal of criminality to expand completely unchecked for so many decades. If the current course of certain demise is to be altered, we must all help to pull the weight of the battle at hand. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

A key path to exposing those behind the curtain is to expose the media cowards who help to hide them, this effort will also require all of us. What are our priorities?

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  1. charles says:




    I did the Bees aluminum search, and one interesting article, study done at Harvard, sure enough finds aluminum in the bees.  


    Dane, keep up the good work and it is all starting to sink in.

    Yours truly,





  2. Peter says:

    Marc  bayne

    Great post, I too am in Australia. I've seen those same air force ads with the air tanker dispersing a trail over a city  my immediate thought was here we go, that has to be laying chemtrails. And I recently read where our federal government wants to ramp up the number of aerial tankers in the RAAF.

    In Melbourne I regularly witness evidence ofgeoengineering. I'm convinced Pine Gap has something to do with it as it always appears out of the northwest. On clear days there always seems to be those milky wispy high clouds about which by sunset obscure the sun in a murky brown muck. Then there's those scalar type clouds that appear to have been ripped apart. HAARP doing its sinister work of disipating forecast rain bearing clouds.

  3. Teri says:

    need to correct myself already…symptom of the aluminum poisoning the mind. it is David Keith…not Keith Calldera…i am combining these monsters on my own mind…go figure.  

  4. Teri says:

    brilliant post i must say.!! excellent! 

     is it any wonder that keith calldera the demon in human clothing can say the jet traffic has increased even when he knows it hasn't? he is right in a way. it is the military jet activity that has increased not the commercial. (though we all know that isn't the reason for the extra chemical clouds in the sky.)  the commercial traffic has decreased yet the military tankers and bombers have increased their flights a 1000 times over i am sure. how much fuel is burned with those extra planes needed to destroy the planet and all life on it? how much exhaust alone is created to tear holes in the atmosphere? this isn't about depopulation of the human race. that could be accomplished with a simple vaccine or in the prescription drugs people pop like little pieces of candy.  it is a depopulation of the planet. you have to wonder why they would declare war on all life?. omnicide i believe it is called. though my spelling isn't right. 

      people tend to think in terms that is all about us. all about destroying humans. mass murder. control and power. weather manipulation. . but what if it is something else? what if it is a deliberate attempt to destroy ALL LIFE…not just human. the facts are. they are pumping millions of pounds of iron filings in the ocean daily. for so called global warming. but we know that is a lie. propaganda. it is an attempt to mass murder the oceans of the world and all the life it contains. water has life. not just life forms in it that is being murdered. premeditated murder. 

      anything that comes out of the mouth of the media, a politician, or a scientist is a paid for lie. someone paid them to say and do those things. someone made up the 'party line' for it. there are a handful of people who are of the same profession who are honorable but they are few and far between. could count the number on one hand. 

      so i have to ask myself..why? why deliberately dump radiative waste into the oceans? why pump fracking chemicals into the deepest water in the planet? why open holes in the middle of the earth and dump chemicals in them ? to kill the earth itself? to kill the living waters? to mass murder the oceans, streams, creeks, ponds, rivers? why dump lead in the water of the rivers if not an attempt to kill not just human life BUT ALL LIFE! to kill the planet itself. 

    why spray the planet daily….DAILY…will millions of tons of metal particles and other poisons to kill the plants, animals, insects, people, mammals, and soils and trees? its deliberate. they are not ignorant about the affects. they want people to remain calm and remain ignorant while they finish killing all life. 'remain calm…stay in your home…believe what we tell you…do what your told…'…and people are stupid enough to do it. even while they are dying. not able to breath. dying from radiation and cancers. sick, tired,. ect.

      the earth is  alive. it is a living organism that breaths and resonates at its own frequency. it too is being murdered. along with all the life it supports. 

      why detonate thousands of nuclear bombs that cause radiation to remain in the upper atmosphere forever? why punch holes in the ionosphere with their HAARP machines. ? why detonate bombs in the upper atmosphere..nuclear bombs tested in the outer shield of the planet….what are they trying to let in? or are they trying to let something out? 

      why create a machine to literally rip holes in the ionosphere under the guise of better communication for their little hand held radiation devices? (the cell phone puts off its own radiation). 

      why create the cell phone and cell phone masts that put off a massive amount of radiation and electromagnet interference with the planet? it also kills people, animals, planets, trees, bees, ect. the list goes on and on and on. if mass extermination of humans was the desired results they could do that easily without destroying the planet and its other life as well. 

      so one has to look at the big picture. it does indeed seem to be a deliberate and cooperative effort with the governments of the world to destroy the planet and all life forms on it. the thing we don't know is the why? 

      the only ones who know why is them and their are not about to tell us why. no matter how many lawsuits are filed. by the time the appeals take place it will all be over. 

      it reminds me of a star trek movie called 'insurrection' except the people willing to destroy the planet are not moving the people off the planet before they destroy the planet. they destroying the planet and everything that lives on it. deliberately.  

    only their worm filled diseased minds know why?  

  5. Teri says:

    A deliberate attempt to murder people. to lie convincingly enough that it causes harm to them and the environment. in my mind it is called murder. these reporters have made their deal with the devil. willingly and of their own free will. they have sealed their fate. accepted who they serve. 
    the battle is for all life and these murderers with a poison pen have chosen the side of evil, darkness and mass murder. Truly, anyone who can believe these monsters deserves their fate. abdicating their brains, their morals to these monsters? claiming them to be ''scientists''..right. remember Frankenstein? he was a 'scientists'. 
    from what i have learned in my life is science is a way to cover up the truth much as the media is a way to keep the slaves from ever knowing the truth. 
    scientists are paid liars. they do and say whatever their 'employer' tells them to do. they concoct lies and opinions and pass them off as fact. then they go so far as to destroy anyone who has evidence to contradict the ''official'' opinion. they have even destroyed artifacts and relics that don't fit the ''party line''. 
    We live in a scientific dictatorship solely because people will not learn to say NO. that people swallow this swill is truly telling how far human kind has sunk. how badly de-evolved they have become. willingly stupid. willfully evil. 
    You cannot make the claim of ignorance today. no one can. those who do are simply telling you they choose to accept and embrace evil and darkness over enlightenment and truth. they choose to remain in a state of perpetual childhood. That too is a choice and sadly one that kills. Ignorance has the power to murder as well. it murders the mind. 

  6. a simple horseman says:

    Dennie, If you're going to reply often, you might get a response often.

    Your quote, "So we need to target the RECRUITERS and find ways to get the word out before more stupid kids get caught up in the propaganda and turned into brainless zombified Order Followers.  Where do the kids go to sign up? Post Offices?  How about we put up posters near the P.O.s with pictures of the skies and information about what they're seeing and where to find out more about it?"

    Thank you, thank you for the GREAT idea. I'm not being sarcastic. I live in a region that still has pin up boards for the general public to display there "what ever". I think the "2" grocery stores that have 2 of the 3 pin up boards in town would be a great place to put up a very cool(eye catching poster). I see kids all the time shopping with their moms or dads and most all have their heads buried in one of those dumb phones. Often they are sitting right under the pin up boards waiting, "in private" for their parent to finish the drudgery(in their minds) of supplying a household. (My oh my to the extent of how parents have let their kids "not learn" how to do for ones self and others too). I think I'd better get down to the print shop, the owner is a friend, and get some things put together to put up on pin up boards.

    Young minds are quite malleable. I'm sure many of us here would not be the person we are today if that were not so. Dennie, thank you for your spurring thoughts(pun intended), "for the good of the many"…..

  7. a simple horseman says:

    "Dennie", Your reply to my comment here puzzled me. It had an adversarial tone to it. Maybe I miss understood. After all I am somewhat socially retarded, self inflicted of coarse.

    "Your quote", "Simple Horseman:  My cousin, her daughter and granddaughter are competitive calf ropers and barrel racers out of Ft. Lupton, CO (our grandmother was a trick rider), and all I got was the horsehair (for my violin and cello bows, what else?)".

    Adversarial is always my last choice in any circumstance.

    I do NOT! approve of competition with horses. The horse always ends up paying the "price". They are not slaves for hire or ownership. They are waiting for us as humans to wake up and live as our mother intended. We all have a "job" in this world, for the good of the many, not profit. The horse knows this, my dog knows this, and so should we as humans.

    I've got an offer for you Dennie, I have hanging from my rear mirror, enough horse tail hair(from one good and painful tug from my most ever prized horse. He got his tail hair caught in a gate) to make a fine violin bow. The story that goes with it is a fun one and one that "bares"(remember that word) great vibrations(lessons) that will transfer well into a well tuned instrument. It's yours, if you will actually use it and play your violin with it. Maybe you'd send me a recording of your work while using your new bow.

    For what it's worth, I rarely use anything but a piece of bailing twine to lead my Mustangs around and even then it is only when "I" am in a hurry. And I "never" use bits, EVER. A 'simple' comfy web halter is all that is ever needed while out exploring my neck of the woods. The Mustangs and I are "partners".

  8. visitor99 says:

     Yes I liked to read Paul Vonharnish posts too

  9. CJ says:

    You learn something new everyday. I knew years ago about the GMO wheat and the use of Roundup. Not only is it a common practice in United States. In Canada it is used widely. Lots of the potato fields are done with the same method using Roundup. The problem is this. When you eat GMO there are some very adverse effects that the human body can get from injecting this type of produce. Here are a few that I know of.

    #1. Neurological Damage to the Brain

    #2. Weight gain

    #3. You want to eat more of it. (Like potato chips and bread)

    #3. Depression

    #4. Some study's I have read whether true or not say that it can cause tumors and cancer

    I was at a restaurant one day and was talking to a man from the western Canada that farmed wheat. I ask him if used Roundup. He said yes.

    I talked to another man in Ontario that said his neighbor was a Potato Farmer and used the Roundup on the Potato Fields.

    Most people don't know about it, just like H.G. that posted the link. She knows now and it is good to see someone that is reporting it. 

    Along with the Geoengineering Practice and the GMO produce that we buy, one can assume that the Big Pharma can profit from this. People getting sick because their body can't process this properly, not to mention the Toxicity intake.

    I heard that fish are being GMO engineered. Oh what a wonderful world that this has become. It is by design though. It all boils down to Profit. Don't worry about the Health Aspect of things.

    Nestlie Water has a plant in Guelph Ontario. People there say the aqua firs are running out of water and the wells are going dry because Nestlie is continuing to draw it from the ground even though there is a drought. Once Again Profit is the Name of the Game. It is pretty hard to Imagine what the years to come will Harbour.


  10. Mark Bottorff says:

    This is my response to the young turks final judgement on "chemtrails".

    Either Iadarola has not even bothered to look at the "study" or he knows absolutely nothing of scientific method. This is no scientific study at all. It is a survey of people who have not studied the subject thoroughly if at all, or who have some other problem like having sold out or been threatened into silence or are under a gag order like NOAA, NWS, or possibly "temporary incompetence". Of the four authors, I am only familiar with two: Mick West aka Metabunk who is the disinfo agent of all disinfo agents, and The ridiculously phony Geoengineering proponent Ken Caldeira. Obviously the other two authors have much in common with the predispositions of the first two or they would not have co-authored the paper. There are too many problems with this pseudo study to get into here. It can be found here: While there are mountains of real evidence on geoengineering, a very good place to start is here:

  11. penny waters says:

    so many people with knowledge of the idiocy of humans

    i too sob with the knowledge of our stupidity

    but i also feel joy when i read that others feel the same – feel not so alone being alive amongst people here (essex, england) most of whom cannot or will not open to real knowledge of being alive – being conscious

    when young i was involved with the womens movement because most of the political activists, whether right or left wanted to 'fight', and i just wanted to help to make the human world a better place

    i am a co-operator, the right and the left keep me centred

    read a book by german economist, schumacher, written in the 1930's, called 'small is beautiful' within which he explains that organisations are okay as long as they are run by kith and kin – but once they get bigger than that the organisations start to run the people

    is that the human problem?

    everything is on such a large scale that no-one is in control – that our organisations run us!!

    as i have been living in this small country for a long time now, (since birth 1949 – not long after WW2) i have watched as people have become disconnected from their own kith and kin, and the people born after have not known what it was like when if one said something at lands end in cornwall then it would be in john o groats (scotland) some days hence

    neighbours do not know each other – and younger people have no clue how life can be when people are born and grow and live with each other

    when real knowledge of a person is knowledge from a whole tribe living together

    it is only just over one hundred years since people started to move about because of petrol – and it is destroying us – people need that tribal knowledge – but too late!

    without caring about the person next to you – how can we live in any decent fashion?

    or as i have said before – maybe we are coming to the end of time – that we, in ignorance of our true purpose, are meant to gobble up this wondrous place so that the solar system will go through its next phase

    i cannot believe that if humans are meant to live forever we would be doing what we are doing!!!!!

    so many clever people doing so many stupid things!!!

    shakespeare's puck in midsummer night's dream – what fools these mortals be!

    thank you dane and all you good people who aren't able to stick your heads in the sand and cover your ears, i salute you all as we go down in flames!!

    much love to you all – and try not to feel the pain – divert the mind when you can – otherwise – too much pain

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Much love to you too Penny Waters across the pond from Canada~~~ We are kith and kin….

    • a simple horseman says:

      Penny waters, Wow, what a well written comment. I thank you for the info, personal and public, you offer. Your soul cares greatly about this world. Don't we all as we get older. I will not imagine us all going down in flames as you stated. "Diversions, keep them to a minimal. It will take us all to face what is coming at us and prevail. Maybe I'm dreaming, maybe my thoughts are all it takes to prevail. I know the later is true. "IF" there are enough "masses" aware of the same endeavor and need for our times. I wish we had a "not worn out term" for that.

  12. Marc says:

    Check out the new 1,690 page EPA document spelling out new regulations for fuel economy on designated classes of vehicles etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. The document carries on endlessly about climate change and human mortality and vehicular fuel economy and science and ozone and on and on. IMMENSE EFFORT has gone into the preparation of this document not to mention the vast back story in government that brought it into being. I confess I did not read the entire 1,690 page document but I did read sections and scanned hundreds of pages in fine speed-reading fashion. When I have the time I'll sit down and read more. But I'll put five one-hundred dollar bills on the table and bet there is not the slightest direct mention in this document that massive and deadly-toxic polluting of our skies is underway through geoengineering, while AT THE VERY SAME TIME the imbeciles at the EPA who concoct this worthless long-winded and pointless legislation work feverishly to create the appearance to the American people that they are actually doing something to address CO2, global warming and so on. Could anything possibly be more absurd? Or more tragic? F**k the EPA! Worthless mountains of bureacratic lies and deception. As long as the jets are still flying up there soiling this world for power and profit, anything the EPA comes up with should be seen for what it is: a front for criminal activity of the most despicable kind.

  13. a simple horseman says:

    For those like me that didn't know. I am seriously pissed off after reading this article. The extent of the damage of these practices are vast. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how vast.

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, pesticides, but of course– what else??

    • Teri says:

      what is readlly disgusting is the number of farmers that are willfully poisoning people in the country. they are NOT IGNORANT about the effects. they know EXACTLY what it does because they also guard themselves and their employees from the spraying and they have safeguards for their own health. protect themselves at the same time they are willingly poisoning the people and animals of this planet. 

      that wheat also goes into feed. into dog food. into cat food. into chicken feed. the eggs we eat. the meat we consume. poisoned with that same chemical. it poisons all life. deliberately so a farmer can increase his profit…right…

      and does the farmer ever say no? i have asked one that question once. they leave that up to the experts. point of fact, most are corporate farms and they really couldn't care less. i got mine is their answer. what do i care about you? the employees are willing participants in the mass poisoning of the planet. thei r answer is JUST DOING MY JOB….as if that gives them an excuse or a pass for murder. they are guilty of just that…murder of all life in exchange for tiny bits of worthless paper with dollar signs printed on it. 

  14. a simple horseman says:

    To ALL, I about fell over when I read this article my neighbor sent to me. Makes me wonder how up the power structure ladder this "directive" came from. Does anyone know more about this?

    • LS says:

      The film with the Vaxxed team and bus are a  rolling compilation of data that the CDC and doctors would never report. This is a huge threat to many in medicine and way beyond. I personally saw 7 doctors between my son's adverse vaccine response and my own and not one put the adverse response in our medical records or told us to file a VAERS report. I found out myself. I had to make a copy and insist that it be put in my record. The CDC never told me about the compensation fund when asked directly about how they help the vaccine injuried. There is a lot to hide and it has people sweating. The walls are crumbling and no one can stop it now. This is the paradigm shift in progress. Hang on everyone.

    • Marc says:

      It could not be more clear that we live in a world now where true assholes learn early on just how to game the system to the max so as to maximize profit and gain AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING THAT STANDS IN THEIR WAY. This kind of thinking is entirely unsustainable. It is fundamentally selfish, self-abusive, self-limiting and spiritually devolved. It is the polar opposite of LOVE. The "world" these fools seek to dominate and exploit is vanishing before their very eyes, yet they are too nearsighted and un-educated to see themselves as part and parcel of an extinction event which will not discriminate between them and the rest of us.

  15. LS says:

    Time to see the ancient native American hunting camps and grinding stones as they are being covered in fungus. So sorry to report that the grinding stones are being filled in with a substance that feels and looks like cement. It's not anything normal. It could be a lichen but if so I have never seen it before. I know these rocks like the back of my hand and started to weep when I saw what has happened yesterday. The one way you can always tell where they ground seeds and grains is the smoothness of the rock and that doesn't go away. I am one of the few keepers of the knowledge of the ancient places nearby. Anyone who comes to the area south of Tahoe, let me know and I will show you treasures that will soon be lost forever because of the insanity of modern man. Recently, what is left of goodness in the world, can only be found in the refuge of like-minded and like hearted souls on this site. Thank you Dane and all you nature loving commenters.

  16. CJ says:

    Hell Eff'n No. They are scared to face the Truth. Good for you Den.

  17. nikki says:

    Who can we contact from Shasta Co School district to let them know how disappointing and disgraceful it is that they did not support Vaxxed?

    • Terri says:

      Earthquake here in Italy this morning. Although 2 hours away from the earthquake epicentre, the tremor awoke us at 3.40 am, house creaking, bed moved, windows rattling. We were fortunate the house wasn't damaged and we were OK but our thoughts and prayers go to those in the devastated area of Amatrice, in Central Italy. Last count 38 dead and 150 people still missing.  Like the last L'Aquila earthquake here in 2009 it happened while people were sleeping.  Dane, I wonder if this new earthquake was caused by underground testing?  A natural or manmade earthquake? Who knows these days? 

    • Dennie says:

      @Terri:  I heard the horrid news on NPR over here in Berkeley, California this past afternoon.  The first thing I thought was "seismic warfare–"  Now what's Italy not done that Our Lords and Masters want done?  I think you'd have to do a lot of sleuthing to find out if testing's been done in the area in the past.  There was a pretty destructive quake that happened in Napa about a year ago, knocked down some walls from older buildings and destroyed a manufactured home area.  Because there are award-winning fancy high-end vineyards, residences and retreats in the area the first thing I thought was that Someone wanted to send a message to the resident Illuminati.  Who knows for sure?

  18. horsegirl says:

    We are having a Mayday moment with the nucleated rain.  Because of a subterranean water flow under our land – we surmise – the fiends cause about two feet of annual rainfall to drench our land while neighbors watch in bone dry dismay.  Well it's getting biblical.  The place is growing like the Congo.  However the rain seems to come forth borne on some particle field of toxin.  Before it rains, we begin to cough.  The next morning we cough up enough lungers for ten years of living.  Yesterday morning we awoke as though hung over due to oxygen deprivation.  Groping our way around the house,k steadying ourselves lest we fall.  Evidently enough of this horrible material entered our lungs to cause an oxygen shortage during sleep (we were not hung over).  All this moisture/humidity is doing very strange things.  For example has anyone else ever observed a bowl of lemons at room temperature in a basket rapidly turn moldy blue and rot from the outside?  Or seen a mango simply be consumed from the inside out?  Food spoils so rapidly.  For the first time ever our fireplace filled with mold when my husband blocked the opening.  Within two days the room was suffused with the stench of mildew.  Luckily the situation was quickly cured by building a fire in it.  But it is as though a jungle effect sought to consume our premises.  Not to mention the "reptile vision" effect of whatever they do to the atmosphere before a rain.  It totally shatters light, making it almost impossible to focus one's eyes (especially if like me one is recovering from a vision impairment).  It takes several seconds to focus on anything.  We realize that just as stated in the absurd document "Owning the Weather by 2025" they deploy charged particles in concert with microwave towers or other control methods to create these events.  While this is known, the nature of the particles has us very worried.  I simply didn't recognize my own lungs yesterday.  Inhaling GSE mist finally broke the cement lung effect.  Also we notice radical change in mental clarity relative to proximity to the border.  If we leave the region for a couple of days there is a market uptick in vocabulary and imagination.  At home we feel sluggish, mentally torpid, often quite depressed and incapable of art of any kind.  

    This will be the third time we have evacuated a home because of intolerable effects of geoscatology.  

    Even the light is different in the border region.  Where we reside, even on "sunny" days with "blue" skies, it is as if the top and bottom of the gray scale were missing.  Nothing appears totally white or black.  The white lines on the highway look grungy.  The effect is quite different driving to southwestern New Mexico, where despite ceaseless geoengineering at least to a slight degree, the sunlight seems much brighter.  Sorry for such a ramble.  Just sick and bitter from what the fiends are doing to our planet.  Time to read one of Marc's rants…

    • Earth Angel says:

      Just a thought horsegirl, I was listening to a discussion recently on whatever mischief and mayhem they are causing through the use of CERN. The person being interviewed mentioned they thought it could be affecting both our vision and hearing negatively. Perhaps this also might factor in to the problems we are experiencing. I for one have noticed a fairly signifigant and rapid decline in these functions. I know I am aging but this seems ridiculous. Also I notice more and more young people wearing glasses which I did not see as much of 40 odd years ago when I was growing up/ Does anyone else of middle age notice this too? Of course the spewing of toxic waste everywhere in the atmosphere is the most likely culprit for our woes today but we can't rule anything out. Things are getting so crazy. So sad to hear how very bad it is in your area. I hope you can get some relief. No one should have to live under these circumstances. God Bless.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Horsegirl…your "rant" is very much appreciated! Otherwise we couldn't compare bizarre health episodes. And it's basically of no use to recant health issues with the majority dwelling in the land of "denialania". At least those of us aware of the warfare in the skies have a fair sense of why and what we ail from and where/whom we should cast blame.

      Agreed with some symptoms you describe. Not sure if the biologic/pharma sprays are done on a rotational basis because it sure feels like it!! I cycle through extreme bouts of feeling wired up/sleeplessness then on to waking up like I'm drugged, lethargic, lack of interest, head pain, head-aches, tinnitus, vision issues, etc etc.

      Hang in there, push on & be blessed!

      "Those who wish to sing always find a song"


    • Earth Angel says:

      I forgot to mention the website is Has some very interesting articles on a variety of subjects. Check it out if you like.

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Thankyou Horsegirl, I am here in beautiful Saskatchewan Canada to confirm all that you say today. Air purifcation on and new N100 particulate masks have arrived , having to use them now in the house  during this holocaust when it's worse and "they are up to their evil". Mowed the lawn the other day and thank God I had one to wear which saved my lungs. Otherwise coughing and stumbling like you say, brain fog. God help us all . Definitely warfare going on out there, be strong , you are NOT alone! Robbed of walking the trails this whole summer but still standing! Thankyou Dane and all who have the courage, wisdom, vision, angels all around you.

    • horsegirl says:

      Hi, so good to hear back from everyone.  Had to make the trip into town because in lieu of oxygen at least our conversation sustains us.  I need to look up this CERN info, and I don't understand if it is an energy field projected elsewhere or is instead specific to its locale.  There is something going on at the college next door.  A low rumbling two miles away on the back side of where Northrup Grumman has tenancy.  A ranch that mysteriously changed hands last winter, and now this rumbling which happens in the middle of the night and when the college is not in session.  No equipment or activity is visible above ground.  I called security at the college and was told they are "putting in an aquifer wall" (if he meant well, I'm uncertain).  This is above a huge aquifer system/lake, which is fed by runoff from our land in part – hence the deluge.  This can't be an ordinary well, which is done in a day or two.  Been going on for months.  The noise is always stationary but fluctuates in tone and intensity, never audible when people are around at teh college in numbers.  To my imagination, the sound corresponds with breaking through layers of ground of various composition.  We have had the impression it affects our dep inner ears.  Of course any significant tunnel would exert strange pressure on the land and atmosphere above.  If it is a well, they have surely drilled through to China.  No, I wonder if it is not a subterranean component of NASCO – the transcontinental transportation behemoth.  Perhaps the hidey hole where Antichrist candidate Schwarzenegger will break out of the earth with rogue armies to destroy?  Some great tunnel, which may be what "fracking" is really about?  They should warn us of "global worming" – all the rich burrowing in for the kill, down to hide in their DUMBS.  So go the flights of fantasy about what this great, low, monstrous intermittant rumble some two miles distant might be.  In any case Northrup Grumman – renting the coterminous parcel south of the ranch – are the authors some of the most hellish works done to our poor planet and the vanguard of the defense contract industry.  Sorry for the lengthy bafflement here, but it literally is weltering our brains.  Looks like we've found another habitation in a better area of the southwest, and you may hear suitcases slamming around all the way to this website.  These vile scum who assault the heavens and the earth… while I realize there are troubles everywhere just of late this has become intolerable.  Even the county has no idea what is going on behind the college.  Good conversations with those people.  To let them know exogovernmental entities are working behind the backs of local authorities on such projects.  This is the price of a national emergency declared fifteen years ago and never withdrawn.  People don't realize that in a state of national emergency, executive powers trump all others.  They do anything they want.  Thanks for the kind comments.  At least we have this consolation.  I am so sympathetic to everyone's suffering.  It just beats us to pieces. 

  19. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Monsanto Gets Away With More Harm ( Monsanto could care less if children suffer brain damage or other health issues ,Get sick with "Autism" ,Damage to the environment and the rest of us I wonder if we are going to get rewarded with rain for letting Monsanto get away with its stupid shit.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Its hard to know if rain is even a reward anymore with all the toxic/ radioactive crap it is now laden with. I guess its preferable to drying up completely and burning everything to the ground with massive raging fires. Great choices abound for us these days don't they?

  20. horsegirl says:

    Hello Dane, and all the beloved commentariat,

    Great presentation, and we would never expect less. 

    It's been awhile since going in to the library, and someday I hope the laptop is rid of the virus that prevents me from making comments.  Otherwise I would proudly be more active here.  There has been discussion of blue sky,lately, and we seem to be at the avant garde of phony blue sky experimentation.  I wish I could post a photo here, because just after sundown on a day with apparently clear blue skies, we saw huge, fat rays of darker blue "Jesus rays" extending from an axis located in Douglas, AZ at the Mexican border.  It's been our hypothesis for quite some time that the border zone is open season for alphabet agencies engaged in phased array weapon experimentation.  We are the consummate lab rats.  But this "blue" sky!  These were not clouds or evident particle fields.  "Nothing" but blue sky visible, yet like spokes on a wheel giant swaths of darker blue stemmed out across the sky.  To leave us wondering just how "blue" they can make some dense particle field appear.  I took some photos which I'll send to you, Dane, by email for posterity.  As though something cast huge shadows from east to west at sundown, despite nothing evident to the naked eye obscuring any light.

  21. Dennie says:

    My neighbor down the street came up and parked his car near my house today.  We had a good conversation about low-water plants.  He mentioned that mine are looking good out front.  We talked about plant nutrients, water and soil, and the drought.  I spoke up about the metals we're being sprayed with via SAI-SAG, SRM, etc.  He said he was going to excuse himself while he put on his tinfoil hat– Without missing a beat I replied very nicely in a nice tone of voice, "Oh, not a problem- I can send you a whole page of links to the Patent Office website complete with patents filed that spell out the sprays, and you can also read the Calif. Dept. of Health Drinking Water Div. toxicology tests proving that the heavy metals they're mandated to test for in your drinking water matches the patents;  And we have U.S. Senate Committee reports on weather modification going back to the 60s– it's all there, and it is public information– no tin-foil hat required, but hey, don't take my word for it– go look it up yourself!"  Wow, he did not know what to say.  Now will he do this?  Hell Effing No.  Because another truth of reality is that many, many MANY people simply DO NOT WANT TO KNOW the truth about reality and there will be nothing you can do to force them to accept it.  They either have to hurt a whole lot more and really see that they need answers that The System can't give, or they'll just have to face the consequences of their own willful ignorance– let 'em GO!

    • littleoaktree says:

      good for you! may we all find such fortitude and quick wit! we must keep trying our absolute best in the face of absolute horror.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Dennie, thanks for the giggle. I always enjoy reading what you have to offer. Especially the ones with teeth. Funny, just yesterday, I started a new job building a new addition to a house. The customer, unsolicited bellowed out a barrage of comments regarding how folks think those contrails are chemtrails. It seems as if he thinks the contrails are the same as he once knew when younger. I smiled and nodded as he went on. How could I not. I not only know better but, I also know he has over $20,000 worth of solar panels newly installed on his roof. I can't wait until he gets them up and operational. Then I will be able to talk of "solar uptake". I believe that is what got Dane into this fight in the first place. My customer thinks he is going to run his power meter backwards on a routine basis. Boy have I got some sad news for him. He is a newby in this land where I preside. I too have a few solar panels(I live off grid). I can't count the times I have had to charge my batteries from the generator because the solar uptake was pathetic to say the least. Dennie, I like to give a person just enough rope so as when they get to the end of it, there is enough snap to get their attention. Truth, facts and a sincere conveyance are hard to step around. Especially when the data keeps getting updated. Should we move on or when ever opportunity presents itself, genuinely offer more data and acute observations of our situations locally? Maybe you know the boy and the starfish story. That is where my consciousness is most at home and most outwardly projected. A bicycle chain has many links. it only takes one to break to make one pay attention to the "state of affairs". I wish I had your energy Dennie. I certainly have the same fire that burns within you. Good job on your effort and opportunity presented. My hat's off to you.

    • Marc says:

      Dennie, I agree. It is astounding how so many people are so willing to abdicate responsibility for ANYTHING if it means getting their sorry asses off the couch. It's a malaise that runs deep in our culture now, and I'm not at all sure it isn't the direct result of psychotropic or pharmacological substances we are breathing in our air column, thanks to the f**kfaces up above. Not to mention EMF bombardment 24/7.

    • Dennie says:

      Simple Horseman:  My cousin, her daughter and granddaughter are competitive calf ropers and barrel racers out of Ft. Lupton, CO (our grandmother was a trick rider), and all I got was the horsehair (for my violin and cello bows, what else?) 

      Marc:  Other than the fact that we have a lot of psycho-spiritual fragmentation from all the denial that creates kind of like clones of (real) people, the Big Problem I see is Lenient Parenting.  Seriously.  Parents who're terrified of saying The N-Word ("NO") to their own kids, The Little "generals." And by the time they should be adults, these kids won't know ANY kind of real self-reliance… too spoiled, can't even hang up their own clothes from off the floor (think:  brown recluse spiders like to hide in clothes thrown on the floor,  YEEEESH!!!)  I see this around me everywhere I go almost all the time.  I am a performer/music teacher.  In self-defense I am starting to get my Suzuki teacher training because of the structure so everyone knows what to expect and you can always conveniently point to a "guru" (if you say the facts about progressing as you know them to be from personal experience they won't believe you really do understand first-hand) and I now do intake interviews because I cannot waste any more time with the indecisive who don't know what they want and the kind who think they have to have their kids doing ten activities for five minutes each, every day of the week– UGHHH!  It's my belief that substances, toxins and emf frequencies are more like excuses for folks that don't have what it takes anyway.  Being of 1957 vintage I'm just as exposed and maybe more so than many now.

  22. Worldwide concern over 'too many immigrants': study
    AFP•August 22, 2016
    Paris (AFP) – People throughout the world are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with immigration levels which are higher than any time since the Second World War, according to a new survey published Monday. At least six out of 10 people in France and Belgium, which have recently suffered deadly jihadist attacks, believe immigration has had a "negative impact", said the Ipsos polling institute. Similar figures were found in Russia, Hungary and also Italy, which has had to deal with large numbers of migrants fleeing the Middle East or Africa and seeking to forge new lives in Europe.

    SF: This was prophesied in the early 1970s by Jean Raspail in his book “THE CAMP OF SAINTS”. [From amazon reviews]: “…European civilization is unilaterally morally disarmed. The thesis is simple: suppose a million starving people … actually took Western rhetoric of compassion, exploitation, etc., to heart, and commandeered, en masse, shipping, with the intention of moving to [Europe] … Would anyone stop them? The imagery employed is interesting. The title comes from Revelation, Chapter 20, and refers to the forces of evil laying siege to the camp of the saints, here meant to be the nations of the West.”

    • Dennie says:

      and NOT ONE WORD about the mean, nasty, arrogant and brutal  U.S. foreign policy driving all the people out of their traditional territories, just because an A$$hole named "' Z'Big-Enough  Brrzzzhsshzhitinski or somethin' like that whispered in the ears of the Anglo-American Zionist Corporate-Banking-Military-Industrial War Lords's twisted ears that "we" need to empty those countries of any remaining people who might notice the droughting in "our"effort to chase them out, then move right on in and take their resources.

    • stephan says:

      Why didn't we hear of this ?

    • littleoaktree says:

      dear susan, i wish to reply to you and share a few ideas. first, i wish to thank you deeply for your contributions here on this incredible forum. second, i've been exploring your site and wish to thank you for the wealth of spirit shared within. third. i would challenge ideas of ages as i'm under 40 (still?!) and have watched this mess unfold with eyes prised open. i share almost everything with my 12-year-old son including information here. he deserves the truth (i never played santa or toothfairy nor did i encourage disneyland brainwash).

      ok, i could keep counting but 3 is a magic number – ye, thee, and us combined! having resisted email and cell phones for a decade because i knew where the technology came from – it's all to easy to see in hindsight to all! – i am driven to reach out to people being human, such as yerself.

      to make a long story shorter, this post reminds me to encourage others to watch the documentary 'salam neighbour'. someone was in my ear the other night after i'd just watched this film. they were going on about the 'immigrants from syria and how they cause such problems'. words cannot express my feelings! i live a very sheltered life on a very small island and count my blessings that i do not have to hear such vitriol often. i myself am an immigrant seeking refuge from the largest terrorist empire in the history of man! leave them to their tiny boxes: they think they are safe there. meanwhile, may we smile in our inner sunlight!! be well and blessed always.  

    • littleoaktree — Thank you for your kind words. You and your son give me hope for the younger generations. And I agree that your son and everyone else deserve the truth.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  PNAC, and A Clean Break, and the Yinon Plan state this chaos as the policy and objective.  9-11 was planned and executed and leads the world into WW3 over Syria.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Yes… I read Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert, three times already.  If you know that title you know it's all about 9/11 and PROVING it was indeed an Inside Job– amazing there are those that can't figure that out.  And Ray Tagliaferro of KGO (on from 1-4 a.m. weekdays, back in the day when they had live radio shows) was always talking about the "P-Nackers," HAH!

  23. Ron Marr says:

    someone said that we all have a dream. When we lose faith in our dream we live in someone else's dream. That is hypnosis. When we stay in someone else's dream that is mind control. When we make choices outside ourselves  we have chosen someone else's dream. Caldeira and Keith are good examples of mind control. How hypnotic and dangerous it can be. Dane, who has stayed within himself is a good example of consciousness. We are all consciousness. That is all we are. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. The confusion is everywhere. They have done a brilliant job of separating us from ourselves. I was in court yesterday fighting for my thirteen year relationship for my partner. I am the only one that makes her happy.  Her daughter who has power of attorney, primary care giver and the guardianship through the probate court showed with her greasy attorney against me. Diana and I are both artist, so we always had a connection, respect, and love for each other. She now suffers from Parkinson disease. She was told she had it about three winters ago in Florida and immediately put L'Dopa. When we returned to Rhode Island her doctor here said that Diana had no systems of Parkinson. I took her to Connecticut to a Holistic doctor. This doctor had plans to pull everything from Florida, Rhode Island, Diana's history and figure this thing out. She thought it may be Lyme's disease. It can form in the brain tissue. Her daughter canceled Diana's appointment, arranged her medications in an everyday venue. Once I claimed that Diana's symptoms are all the severe side affects of L'Dopa I became a danger to Diana. I have always been a conspiracy theorist in her daughter's eyes. Diana always thought that her daughters would love me like she does once they got to know me. But here I stood in court. If I lose I would be unable to see Diana for three years. She won't live three years. I hope for six months with these killer medications. I battled her and her greasy attorney for three hours. At the end the judge could not make a decision. We are put off until Sept. 12. In her affidavit she stated that she feared for her and Diana's safety, that I would do harm to them. Last thing the judge asked her in court was, can something be worked out or do you feel for your safety? She replied, I don't fear for my safety,but I fear for my Mom's safety from his philosophy. I was emotionally drained at that point. I should have called for a default on her affidavit and oath of truth. I should have never been there. Mind control is a severe disease in our world.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Ron Marr:  Man, I am so sorry to hear about this idiotic drama based on yet another Big Pharma NIGHTMARE unfolding in your life.  As for me, I believe I am now suffering a permanently impaired right wrist caused by having taken The System's POISON, a.k.a. "moxyfloxacin," a fluoroquinolone drug that causes permanent tendon damage or even rupture (Cipro's one of them so don't take it!). 

      I'm in the process of trying to find a Wholistic M.D. and even create a movement to demand that such physicians be made available to "consumers" of health care here in the S.F. Bay Area, where you can only find something like six total listed between Marin and Alameda counties– completely unbelieveable.

    • littleoaktree says:

      i am truly feeling your pain, ron. your sharing of this very desperate personal situation speaks to me of why we are connecting here. nobody can truly relate to your situation. in this earthly way we are alone but in a cosmic sense we are complete and connected: some closer than others perhaps. you are doing your best to honor her – they can never really come between you. stay strong.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Ron Marr, I can only imagine what you have pulsing through your mind. It's tough being an "aware" person and having to deal with the power structures inflictions(plural, more than a lot). Interesting that a judge did not pass "judgment" on that day. Was it revenue related? Or did he/she need to separate the heat from the coming judgment. 13 years is a commitment in most aspects of the law. Given the personalities involved, one could "reasonably" surmise there was some kind of unity among the two parties. The law will not address that you are the only one that makes Diana happy. But still, you have a very firm leg to stand on. I hope your endeavors of commitment prevail before your loved ones time runs out. Fight man, be "real", present what ever you feel is necessary to secure the health and well being of your loved one, Diana. Don't be afraid to do some foot work and push it on your attorney. Don't be afraid to present in court "all" that you know that could help Diana.

  24. Donna-AZ says:

    "Hidden Messages in the New $100 Dollar Bill" on utube with over 11 million views mentions NYC possible nuclear explosion, or could it be a hydrogen bbomb blown off-shore under water to create a tidal wave such as Ken Caldeira mentions. And with a little imagination, you can see the smoke-filled Twin Towers on the $20 dollar bill that came out 3 years prior to 9-1-1.   

    "The Bells Are Ringing" 

  25. Marc says:

    To anyone who read my post in this column about the "Weekend Psy-op", guess what? That's right, you got it. Come Monday morning, BAM!!!! the worthless shits were at it again, defecating long, ugly trails all over the sky. In fact, the contrast between Sunday's comparatively beautiful skies and Monday morning's waking nightmare could not be more stark. And yet, AND YET, there are STILL dumb-asses out there (some are so-called friends of mine) who dismiss it all with a wave of the hand and a snarkey. condescending comment or two. Apparently, as the saying goes, YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID. It's one thing to enlighten and inform those who at least have an open mind to the possibility that geoengineering is really taking place. It's quite another to encounter smart-alecky, bull-headed egotists whose anger and certitude prevents them from realizing that the very brain they are utilizing to DENY GEOENGINEERING is the same brain whose blood-barrier has been crossed trillions of times by invading armies of aluminum nano-particles rained down upon them by the very geongineering their aluminum laced brains deny. Could anything be more ridiculous?? 

      I remember a comment from about a year ago posted by someone wherein he said that when people he talks to about geoengineering call him nuts and deny it, he very calmly and without fear tells them to pull their f**king head out of their ass and wake the f**k up, and that if he didn't come close to getting punched he figured he was not doing his job well. I applaud that fellow, even though I confess I don't employ his tactics very often. I have zero tolerance for deniers at this late stage of the game. I pray (yes, I pray) they ALL loosen their grip on STUPID and help us in this effort.

    • Dennie says:

      A "Don't take my word for it" phrase when you find yourself needing to defend the truth and steer people in the direction of all the U.S. government documents proving the ongoing 70+ year insanity is usually enough to get some kind of spark of recognition– a blink of the eyes, some kind of physically expressed acknowledgement that maybe you might really be onto something.  But reality is, there's a whole lotta people who actually prefer the darkness of their little pink-bubble fantasy world and having their noses rubbed in so much as a whiff of the actual truth might mean they have some kind of responsibility to live up to, actually.

    • littleoaktree says:

      i am reaching out to my fellow humans tonight. it is not something i do. i watch from the sidelines. i stew in despair. i understand too much. please dear friend, we must keep peace and love in our hearts because these make us oppose them in the truest sense. i know you are a father. i am a mother. we see through our children's eyes and they return us to innocence yet we know they will witness the death of the oceans, forests, and …

      …there really aren't words at this point. we old souls know the proper path and how it has been profaned. walk with peace. we will rise again!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, in St Louis, I'll be damned if that wasn't what we all need to read. I'll eat my hat if it ain't. My friend I haven't met yet, when this is all over, I'm going to nominate you for "speaker of the house".

      I remember the comment you refer to. It's not the way we in the know need to behave. (Grin), however, we need to have that confidence in our words, politely and factually. As you know. "Toughest guy in bar never threw a punch". I sure love that saying……

  26. kathleen says:

    The problem with using the term "chemtrails" is not that it is inaccurate — it IS accurate (hey, we can see trails of chemicals leaving airplanes that linger and spread). Rather, the problem is that we HAVE seen them, experienced their effects when they fall to the ground, and coined the term; thus, TPTB have deemed them nonexistent, or figments of our imagination, and dispatched the term as equivalent to a "conspiracy theory" Hence, we need to use technical terms such as geoengineering, SRM, etc., and dare I suggest "weather warfare."

    I used the chemtrail term for years until I learned of you, Dane. Thank you for enlightening me. And on another good note, today I saw my first cumulous cloud in months. Well, that's a sad note actually, but you get my drift.

  27. BC says:

    The new buzz word on the Canadian whore weather networks is (upper level low) take a look on enviornment Canadas website. Go into satellite images & then western Canada. This spinning low began in the gulf of Alaska 3 days ago. About the tenth one in two months. They sprayed like stink into it. Shows up quite well on the space shots if you know what to look for. Moved cold/warm air together over central BC. Strengthened & stalled over Alberta causing snow wind. & up to 3 inches of rain wrecking farmers crops again. Oh & by the way meteorologist are looking at another upper level low that will track into western Canada this weekend bringing more??? Where is it? Come on Judas weather freaks where is it? You can't show it because it doesn't exist does it. But no worries it will be there when you want it. You can make one in two or three hours when & where you want it. Fun & games eh boys & girls? Can you imagine someone sitting at a computer terminal somewhere pulling this off eating Doritos & drinking Coke. That's how scary this is becoming. It's like some guy somewhere in an office looking at satellite shots of what's supposedly a Taliban convoy in Pakistan & droning them with a missile only to find out it was a wedding party & killing 70 or 80 people! Get it folks! The entire North American weather manipulation begins way out in the Pacific. Monstrous lows high in the Aleutians spinning all winter, for months on end like the one spinning for weeks over Hudson Bay as we speak. Constant spraying into these massive pinwheels that are used to move vast volumes of cool/cold air into warmer drier air to the south. Smaller (upper level lows) like stairsteps to move the jetstream & other pressure systems. It's like one grand experiment being carried ot over North America. Tomorrow the world. These creature are Mad! Think folks. Time to get out of the box. Weather control is one part of a very big picture. Like a wedged pie with maybe fifty pieces. Weather control is one piece..a very deadly piece to be sure but one piece. Everything is controlled. Everything! There's a scrap going on between some huge players & the prize is the planet. Who's going to win? Bankers? Sorry friends they're small potatoes. They are cornered like the rats they are. Criminals but flailing around trying to keep from going under. Watch the anti semitism that has erupted online since  the banking crisis. One wouldn't dare say the things on Blogs eight years ago that are said today. Remember they're going to be the fall guys hung out to dry before the whole world. Every piece of that great big pie is going to be blamed on them. All of it! By the very same ones who are really behind it all.


  28. Denise says:

    Remember Rome?

  29. Belle says:

    This is a "must watch" youtube video, another ray of hope out there sharing the truth!

  30. Larry S says:

    May I recommend a book ? If so google ( Rulers of Evil ) by T. Saussy . The book is free online in pdf form . It will bring a few lingering questions into focus .

  31. Rebecca S says:

    Please read through this and comment.  What is going on?  This world has truly flipped upside down.  I can't remember the last time I made it through a day without weeping.

    • ron hall says:

      Rebecca: Of particular interest is the section on "Metamaterials" whereby phrases like "various sheets and levels of nanoparticles"— silver and whatever are directed, manipulated, etc. …the "whatever" now is aluminum and barium. Basically what we are reading here is a description of another F***ING theoretical, sophisticated analysis/experimental piece of COLD, HEARTLESS SCIENCE WITH NO CONCERN WHATSOEVER for the BIOSPHERE. This a DR FRANKENSTEIN PIECE!  And there are more than enough psychopaths hanging around this sh*t to eagerly promote it. And this f***ing stuff has been going on for decades!  I am truly sorry that you cry daily.                    I am so sick of this crap, I don't even cry…just shake my head at what certain humans can do to life on earth. Perhaps I've seen too much.  Hell, I dunno…Good vibes to you, Rebecca!


  32. Michel B says:

    I watched the trailer for the new Ben Hur flick. The movie looks bad with over the top CG and bad acting. But at about 2 min 17 sec into the trailer there was a quick sky shot that looked like a messy SRM job. It was a brief shot, who knows how it will look in the movie, but it is now typical of the propaganda being peddled via Hollywood. How did the skies from 2000 years ago look like that???!!! This has to be pointed out as evidence of a massive psy op. When they edit those movies and add in images and so forth, they do it by the split second. The insertion of an SRM image is no accident, whether actually filmed or edited in. It is an attempt to normalise SRM skies.

    • Dennie says:

      @Michel B:  Look, the skies look like this now in movie frames because that's how the skies look now— no one even so much as has to try any longer to put that kind of crap in a movie frame, it's just there

      The sadder truth is that THOSE SKIES ARE NOW THE NEW "NORMAL." And you can bet that the Hollywood "bosses" are not the ones at the top of the heap of the Order Barkers.  If that were really the case, they'd simply call up the Air Force and demand that they stop the spraying in order to have a clean-looking sky in the background when they shoot movies. 

    • Michel B says:

      Either way they make sure they are there to subliminally educate the public in this lie.

  33. CP says:

    Skies above me this morning on the way to work (North of Atlanta) looked like a spider web.  It was as much spraying as I have ever seen them do in this area at one time.  My son and I counted at least 15 distinct lines and there were several more jets, off in the distance, laying down new ones.  How are people so blind to this?  They just can't believe their lying eyes I guess…..

  34. CJ says:

    Back in 2014. July 13. 
    Geoengineering Watch. Google it.
    That is all I need to know.
    It reinforces everything.
    Your Air
    What you are Breathing In!
    Thank you Dane the Leader for exposing this and Informing Us.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello CJ, thank you for your support, it is a team effort, all of us are needed, all of us that are necessary. I am truly grateful to all that are committed to this fight for the greater good.

  35. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    David Keith explains, by reducing Carbon in the atmosphere by spraying sulfuric acid, this being said will lower the human death rate from 1 million people to 10,000 people. Is killing any amount of innocent humans, by spraying harmful toxic aerosols, without their consent acceptable, I think not. These scientists and government officials experimenting with the planet and life, is one of the harshest crimes against the human race and planet period.

    • Dennie says:

      You know, WHY does David Keith get to decide the future for 6+ billion people on Earth??  REEEALLY??? 


  36. The motion of sea ice on the Northern Sea Route from June 1st to August 20th 2016.

  37. michael says:

    i made a video looking into the scientist survey and ripping it apart

  38. William Abrams says:

    Went to silverlake, ca this past weekend (aug 19th-21st), which is in the sierras close to kirkwood resort off of hwy 88.  Saw the geoengineers spraying all day, from morning till evening.  I lost count after about ten jets, and that was within a thirty minute time span.  What seemed to be ''more normal'' looking clouds in the morning above the sierras(by that i mean white and puffy, rather that weblike and flat), became dissipated and turned into a blanket of dull aerosolized cloud cover by the end of the evening. 

    The next morning, relentless spraying again, and this time I saw one jet spraying a trail that was of a pink reddish hue.  Somebody must have put red food dye in that patch of condensation.. I'm being facetious of course. 

    Thought this post would be of importance as I've heard many people saying as of late that they have not seen much spraying going on..well plenty of it over the sierras this past weekend.

    • LS says:

      William A.  Yes we are near Silver Lake and we got pounded the last few days. The precipitation that fell was black and the storm looked like the alien, city sized, ship in Independence Day. These storms were over the area for at least two days and everyone is knocked down today. I can barely type. The metal taste and feeling is the worst ever. Poisoned. BTW Marc suggested Radiation Omnicide with Alfred Webre. The first hour is a must see. It is what Ray has said. We are getting fried. Everyone knows instinctively.

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, so that's where "They" all went.  As they say in Marin,
      "Thanks for sharing."

  39. MS P says:

    Thank you to Dane. For another dose of reality. It sure helps. The comments here too. Thank you. Good to see we, as a group, do flock together, on a very  important issue.  We stay stronger,  as a result.

    People who see this & do not understand, get written off as depressed. Given meds. Then end up dead. It happened to a  dear friend of mine. A few years ago, she said that  all the trees were dying.  Then a week of heavy (local) spraying. She had no energy..( I felt the same way that week  too) Then  her husband took her to be committed. Nothing was wrong with her. Sent home again. Husband found her dead?  She had lots of money-so who knows for sure? Highly intelligent & very aware. Was the real fate.  RIP.

    Goes to show those who are aware, or sensitive to one;s surroundings, must be extra careful. 

    Funny how the face in the phone crowd, does not see a thing. Too busy Or something like it. 

    I too have noticed, that recently; the liberal media- really trying to call all of this "conspiracy theory'. Lots of articles just have come out. Nation wide. All using the same exact words.

     My latest disappointment was Earth Sky news. I liked the site, for the astronomy info. The stars & visible planets, to look for at night. If the strange fog does not roll in. They had 2 articles, disturbing recently. So some money must have come their way?. First was a story about up side down rainbows.
    OK now on a good note. Reading the comment sections of some (liberal media) news stories. Geoengineering gets mentioned. So does H A A R P. Such as in the local So Cal, fire news. People are starting to post about this. In news comment sections. 

    The skies have erupted with massive smoke plumes. I'm somewhere between the Blue Cut fire -east of Los Angeles & the Rey Fire up in Santa Barbara county. Call it the "valley of the smoke filled skies". There is a native American word for that.

    Yet this is not normal. We can only wonder???? if the army corp. of engineers will buy out valuable lands, in the wake of disasters?Anyone else notice this? Some suggest it's a developer's plot. More to it than meets the eye.

    NWO, globalization, & Agenda 21, gets mentioned more too.

    It sure makes it easier to hang tough during such times. With good folks here. Dane, you do wonders in helping. More than you know.. Thank you.

    My latest way of sharing this geoengineering info. Is by suggesting to people to watch old TV shows, westerns, & movies. In mentioning how the skies have changed. Never are there skies like what we have now.

    Or even recent movies. Like that Bourne adventure movie, with the car chase, through France. Where you can see the lines, in the skies. 

    Locally. We get  AM fog in August. Not normal.

    Normal fog would roll up along the river. Not come out of the west in a mass, sometime after midnight. I have seen the thick line clouds at night. Fog in the AM. It's a dry fog, for the most part. Outer edges have some moisture. Gone by 10 AM or noon. Daily. Wrong time of year for fog. After living here in this county, most of my life.




    • Wanda says:

      I have recently noticed that the comment section for most "news" stories have been taken down. I am glad we have this site to discuss the things that matter most.

      God Bless

  40. I think one of their last cards is also related to gender.

  41. Gary says:

    In the news the Air Force said it is short 700 pilots. Months ago read Air Force want to order 400 Aerial tankers split between Boeing and Airbus

    Doesn't sound like good news

    • a simple horseman says:

      Gary, I put the same dots together. Things that make ya go hmm.

      It seriously irritates me that the american public is unable to connect these quite obvious dots. A child's puzzle this one is.

      Still, I keep trying to help folks, "connect the dots"!!!….

    • Dennie says:

      So we need to target the RECRUITERS and find ways to get the word out before more stupid kids get caught up in the propaganda and turned into brainless zombified Order Followers.  Where do the kids go to sign up? Post Offices?  How about we put up posters near the P.O.s with pictures of the skies and information about what they're seeing and where to find out more about it?

  42. levi says:

    Thank you Dane you seem to have insight to all my challenges i face and look into serial bullies cause the symptoms can be directly translated to the people who are invested too total denial.denial runs deep in our society very deep.

  43. Leo Derosia says:

    Lame cherry was writing about NYC getting nuked….probably by us govt like on 911 false flag 

  44. Ellen says:

     Our sky at dusk  was covered with  black very large patches today.,  . It looked horrible and frightening. What  chemical and method  is being used and how harmful is it to life below? Would one of you faithful people have an answer! Thank You!                                                           



  45. HamFistedIdiot says:

    In some areas I hike a third of the old growth trees are infested with a deadly parasitic mistletoe. Most don't last three years with the mistetoe taking water and nutrients away from them.

  46. Jeff says:


    what have you heard about NYC?

    Scary. So many souls there, including

    my son.


    • rosemary says:

      What happened in NYC????

    • Diane Friday says:

      I haven't heard or read about anything happening in NYC, but I just found this on Yahoo! News. Of course, it's all about ISIS terrorists and refugees. Of course it is.

    • BaneB says:

      Diane Friday:  How does one approach a subject matter that creates various levels of consternation in so many.  Regarding Jeff's concerns in his response above, I can only suggest he go to Revelation Chapter 17. There towards the end, the last several verses, is the admonition to flee a great city represented by a 'woman.'  I won't go into the details because one can read and make up their own mind to what and where these verses refer.  The following Chapter 18 is modern in its descriptions and import.  I won't get into the people who wrote the tome, nor exact out the demographics.  Suffice it to say, in my humble opinion, this has everything to do with current events.  Anyone can read and make their own epiphany or not.

  47. Jeff says:

    Hello all,

    Marin County is saturated non stop.

    Even when we can't see the dispersals it 

    floats in from the ocean. Many trees dead.

    pines mostly, redwoods are dead or look sick,

    disciduous trees with burnt leaves.

    Last year fog was scarce. This year fog

    With little or no moisture. Doesn't roll in like days

    of old. Floats in. I'm sure they spray it

    to cause a chemical cool down.

    Keep moving the ball forward all. Never

    never give up.


    • helot says:

      Dear Jeff,

      I visited the West Coast in ’86 and ’91 for a time. I know about, ‘the fog’ you’re talking about. It was a pleasant thing to experience from my Mississippi River rat perspective.

      To say the fog is different is a lot like how the clouds in the Midwest no longer have form. A person used to be able to lay on a grassy field and look up at the clouds and make out shapes and say, ‘This one looks like a bunny’ and, ‘This one looks like a fish’.

      Nowadays, clouds look like nothing. They have no shape, no form, they All look like stretched out fuzzy cotton balls. Every single one.

      Even the very air seems different from what I remember it was only a few decades ago.

      But try telling that to someone. They Just Don’t Get It.

  48. Elena says:

    Skies were as gross today here in SoCal as they've ever been, solid silvery grey, looking towards the east, not a cloud in sight. They've pretty much been like this since they stopped spraying the visible horizon to horizon trails. There is actually more toxic matter in the skies now than before, I know because my eyes burn and I get headaches now. Several times I've wished they would just go back to spraying the trails, because then at least the sky behind the trails would be blue, and eventually the trails would blow away. Whatever they are doing now it is dumping even more particulates into the skies. I went to My Baldy yesterday for a peace pilgrimage and we were favored with some real clouds, puffy and white. But towards the east you could see all the white in the sky, and off towards the horizon a huge white streak, of course it was aerosols. The trees looked better than when I went about a month ago, but they are surviving, not thriving. There are plenty of dry brown pine needles in the middles of the trees, and many still with cones. But at least there are still trees alive, amazing when you consider all they have to contend with. The tenacity of life is incredible. 

  49. Joseph L. says:

    Wow Dane you are a shining light in a world of problems.– I personally continue to hand out flyers about geoengineering -. I live in new york so I lead w indian point nuclear how bad that is and then hand out your great 2 page Look Up flyer.  Here is an interesting link about chevron- Texaco  not paying to clean up the amazon rain forest in Ecuador.

  50. Donna-AZ says:

    Gag Orders don't give them the right to cover up illegal activities.  

    • Dennie says:

      The gag "orders" are illegal, actually– singling out one group of people to keep them from having the same civil rights to free speech as you and me is unconstitutional but then what else can we expect from the same people who invented the scams known as "false flag" ops, then shred that same flag and are having no problem using it as toilet paper after they've half-eaten you and me?

    • a simple horseman says:

      This is a very valid question and remark! Personally, if any of those folks that could blow the lid off this case needed a hide out, I put them up for sure. I wish americans knew the need for this frame of mind in these dire times. "F" Obummer and his prosecuting more whistle blowers. One of the biggest ass chewings I ever got as a kid was for saying "close enough for government work". My dad gave me quite a lecture. He worked for the government, go figure….

  51. The Fed Launches A Facebook Page… And The Result Is Not What It Had Expected  / Zero Hedge / Aug. 21, 2016
    "While it is not exactly clear what public relations goals the privately-owned Fed (recall Bernanke's Former Advisor: "People Would Be Stunned To Know The Extent To Which The Fed Is Privately Owned") hoped to achieve by launching its first Facebook page last Thursday, the resultant outpouring of less than euphoric public reactions suggest this latest PR effort may have been waster at best, and at worst backfired at a magnitude …  Here are some examples of the public responses to the Fed's original posting: they all share a certain uniformity…"   [You will enjoy reading these wonderfully informed LOL responses from people like you & me…]

  52. Marc says:

    I look up at the sky constantly when I'm outside. It's the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning. The very first thing I noticed this morning before I even went outside was the STRONGER AND CLEARER QUALITY OF SUNLIGHT ACROSS MY BACK YARD. I went outside to examine the sky and was stunned to see a noticeably "bluer" sky behind a gorgeous palette of puffy white clouds interspersed nicely across the width and breadth of the sky. I thought to myself: "It must be Saturday or Sunday, look at the pretty sky." Uh…hello?? Am I the only one noticing this phenomenon? The WEEKEND PSY-OP??? I rather think not. It's no wonder my friends and family have put me in a box, the "crazy" box. That way they feel more comfortable and safer knowing that the stuff I've been talking about and posting on FB and texting people about is just "crazy old Marc" flapping his gums about geoengineering and weather warfare. But again, hello?? This ENTIRE past week over St. Louis, Mo. the guttersnipes have been exercising their illegal "right" to spray deadly substances in the form of long white trails across the full canopy of sky over this city. Yes, in prior weeks things did seem to abate and the skies seemed to appear more "normal" more often. But careful scrutiny almost always revealed that somewhere a jet or two or three could be spotted dragging little white trails behind their ass-ends. And even just yesterday, Saturday, August 20th, 2016, the pricks were spraying gigantic criss-crosses across the heavens as if to say to all of us: F**K YOU, YOU TINY INSIGNIFICANT LOSERS, WE HAVE THE POWER TO DO WHATEVER THE F**K WE WANT, SO GO F**K YOURSELF AND SHUT THE F**K UP ABOUT GEOENGINEERING AND CHEMTRAILS." But wait!!!! Then TODAY HAPPENED!! NO TRAILS, NOT A SINGLE ONE, NOTHING!!!  I scanned the sky carefully from one horizon to the other, NOTHING!! Now, it should be noted that these insects may be utilizing other dispersion technologies that cannot be detected from the ground with the naked eye during daylight hours. But the fact remains that the quality of light reaching the ground today is far superior than is usual, and the sky is much bluer and profoundly more pleasing to the eye. I call a spade a spade when I see it. I don't give a rat's ass what my friends or family think of me. Knowing what I know now about this issue, it is my humble opinion that weather psy-ops are a routine part of their game, and this beautiful, trail-free sky is just a chess-piece on their chess-board. And this is one of many counter-moves to the recent unmitigated and audacious move by the LASG and Of course, recent catastrophic weather just solidifies my point. All weather phenomena must now be seen as moves on a giant chess-board. I guess the question that remains is….what will CHECKMATE look like?

    • helot says:

      Good comment, Marc.

      The skies here in Iowa have been just about the same.

      So many people notice these clear blue skies, for days or weeks on end, and then the sky is filled with cris-cross grids. That’s the #1 observation that something is not quite right.

      Imho, there’s something not quite right about the people who think nothing of that.

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, weekends are less obvious with the SRM. This is because more people are not in a building for work or school as they are during the week and more likely to be outside to notice the weather patterns. This occurs in Australia just as you describe it in America, Marc.

    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Hopefully checkmate will result in a weather warfare treaty by the major weather geoengineering nations.  Of course the high sign is really to the in-house captive population.  How do the people of a nation actually force a permanent cessation of the experimentation and deliberate psychotic attacks conducted by our own military and government departments and agencies?  How does one end shakedowns and thuggery?  

    • Jeanette S says:

      We probably have clear skies when the idiots didn't get paid.

  53. Gretchen says:

    Hey Dane,

    Thank you.

    Your weekly radiocast re-inspires and re-motivates me to be part of the solution. Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to hears the truth about that haze in the air. Someone laughed at the particulate mask I routinely wear while outdoors. I told him that from my perspective, he is the silly-looking one; knowing about geoengineering, and acting like it isn't happening, acting like he's not being poisoned as he goes on about his daily business. I wear the tan lines on my face with pride 🙂


  54. kitlofroos says:

    an admission of sorts re: SRM/SGE  from

    [….] “An interesting question is the extent to which the scoping team will want to include solar geo-engineering, which is probably the most feasible method of stabilizing at 1.5 degrees Celsius, at least in the short term,” climate scientist Ken Caldeira said by email;[….]"

    and a bundling of some of the latest documented ecosystem unraveling, some of which Dale has talked about (basically blaming humans):         

  55. a simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Here is a comment that didn't get replied to. I felt quite delighted when I read it. Oh how I wish I could read thousands more just like it. I'm sure we all feel this way…

    Mark says:August 19, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    I had my doubts about Chemtrails until a few days ago. I looked outside at about 7 AM. The skies were incredibly clear, there wasn't a cloud in sight. I heard the sound of a jet (it definitely wasn't a plane) in the distance. Ten minutes later I looked up, and there were multiple white lines across the sky. An hour later, these lines expanded into clouds that had an artificial look to them.

    Now, I find it incredible that I didn't connect the dots before, and that so many people still don't.

    • Jennifer Symonds says:

      That's what happened to me about 12 years ago, ( first read about SAG [AKA Chemtrails] in Namaste magazine back in late 90s, but was skeptical until I woke up early enough to see it taking place.) Welcome to the wide awake club !!

  56. Richard says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters of Shasta County, the local paper, the "Wretched Flashlight", is doing everything in its power to bolster the misinformation regarding geoengineering, even publishing "Letters to the Editor", referring to those of us who are awake as 'people in the tinfoil hats'. See Allen Cichanski's smear piece asking (why spraying is not done at night to hide efforts to poison the populous with spraying), rather than at night, which would make the 'chemtrails' mostly clandestine?

    If I were a better writer, I would rebut his 'letter to the editor' in the 'comments section' of that wretched flashlight below his letter myself… but I'm hoping that one of you, who are swift of type and  talent will do so for our entire group? Many of you are so talented and smart; will one of you please step forward and educate Mr. Cichanski, along with those who are not aware of the 'facts', about why the spraying actually goes on during the day and night/early morning hours? God bless you all.

  57. BaneB says:

    WOW!  Not to deflect from this current update and discussion, it seems the Marcia McNutt National Academy of Sciences discussion of a few days ago is continuing to spark commentary, none of it particularly flattering to her or her vaunted "academy."  There now are 234 posts!  I found a post regarding a Internet website censoring company, Websense (I think that is the spelling).  Their speciality is to censor sites out of government and corporate personnel computers.  Therefore a website such as geoengineering might very well be blocked and government employees would be none the wiser.  Maybe McNutt needs a heads up because she stated she could not get into this site.  Does she not know of Websense?

  58. Duff Thompson says:

    Hey everyone,

    My friend (a very intelligent person), refuses to accept that geoengineering is taking place, regardless of how much evidence I present. Part of the problem is he's a millennial and doesn't remember when planes did not make clouds. I have given him videos of planes spraying on/off trails and his argument is that disparate pockets of warm/cold air are responsible for the phenomenon!  This is ludicrous, of course. Any suggestions as to how to counter this theory? Or am I wasting my time on a guy with incurable ostrich syndrome?

    • ron hall says:

      DUFF:    For starters, why don't you and your intelligent friend comb through this– as a warm-up for him.


    • Dennie says:

      I've noticed that the "millenials" are the first true generation of Socially Engineered "humans."  They think all the sh!t they see that makes their lives "better" is actually reality.  And these are the people who'll be taking care of you when you're very old and probably dying– SCARY!!!

    • Marc says:

      Tell your "millenial" friend to pull his f**king head out of his ass and try educating himself as to the vast amount of high quality data that irrefutably confirms that geoengineering is AND HAS BEEN occurring for longer than he's been alive. But as I said in my current post, it's very difficult to fix "stupid." Willful ignorance will soon enough give way to recognition, and even if it doesn't, in his case his erroneous certitude defines his irrelevance. 

    • a simple horseman says:

      Dennie, I'm glad to know that I am not the only one to see this fact. I have two "millennial" kids. God help them. They both will not listen to me. They think I'm nuts. Video games and fake book, I can't imagine the compression taking place in their minds. And then there's my grandkids, what will become of them in this strange world we are faced with. All 6 are very vaccinated. I am a single grandfather living in the "mountains" that is considered to be nuts. I assure all, I am not. I am "awake",rational and calm, polite, always, and that brings many reactions from many people. Truth is a tough one to face in our world. Even the most seasoned of us here are not immune to the harsh realities of truth. That's what keeps us alive and seeking a better way to live. Life in truth. Can't you just imagine????

    • Eva says:

      Duff Thompson, ron hall, Dennie, Marc, a simple horseman – The lack of concern from (most) Millennials is indeed very scary, however, quite understandable when you factor in all the social engineering that has gone into the making of their mindset.  I, too, am frustrated with trying to awaken one of my daughters.  She is a recent graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  Maybe being so closely tied to academia makes it impossible for her to wrap her mind around the criminality of the geoengineering programs.  She actually believes “studies” like the Caldeira/Carnegie “Science” over any other proof and documentation.  Maybe it’s a generational thing, I do not know.  Regardless of the reason for her denial, I believe it is imperative that she, and all Millennials, accept the fact that the toxic spraying is a real threat and become vehement forces in exposing this geoengineering omnicide.

      My daughter’s resistance to “waking up” baffles me.  She does not deny the spraying but does not believe it is malevolent.  I imagine her response is typical of many; “Oh Mom, if this was true, why would they want to kill us?”  How do we get past this?  How many others see the aerosol spraying, acknowledge the strangeness, but fail to seek more information or shutdown at the mere suggestion of sinister intent?  Understanding this disconnect is crucial to awakening the masses.

  59. littleoaktree says:

    Hang in there everybody: That this forum exists and that so many wonderful, courageous people gather here is testament to the existence of a positive, powerful hope for raising human awareness of the truest nature of being. Do not forget that acceptance of the calculated mass destruction of everything sacred upon this earth is preceded by other, traumatic stages of grief. Of course, by acceptance i do not imply agreement but a lack of continued denial – for WE DO NOT CONSENT! i've never been one to subscribe to organized religion but knew instinctively as a child that our purpose here was to be good stewards to this earth and to honor the connectedness of life. In my frenzied investigations (which thankfully led me here), i sought action to take to rally against this destruction. It now seems there is more wisdom in finding inner balance, bearing witness, and reaching out to those at every stage of grief. Thank you all for having the continued strength to keep our collective eyes open and to keep hope for those who are lost. Be well, dear friends.

  60. Andrew from scotland says:

    I'm not into heavy metal bands, but this version of Simon and Garfunkle's "The Sound of Silence" is good, and very apt: 

  61. Katie says:

    This broadcast is powerful, and powerfully concise, and I am particularly sharing it with more individuals I know.  Instead of saying that the American people need to wake up, I will amend one word and say that the American people need to grow up.  Eight years of working as a caregiver/housekeeper throughout the entirety of the country, I have witnessed the true breadth of this juggernaut of insanity.  It is all-pervasive and extends to the day-to-day life and choices and mind-set of the "ordinary" person.

  62. Michel B says:

    "Experts"? Mary Poppins is a better expert. She at least had her umbrella which we don't need ourselves these days as the normal rain patterns are now so altered. I don't believe anyone or anything unless I seriously research, investigate, observe and deduce logically a conclusion for myself. I temper my preponderous skepticism with investigation and often I find my presumptions or assumptions to be wrong. I love learning when I am wrong, because I know I have reclaimed a little more qualified knowledge of the world about me.

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  I want to say that I for one do look for and appreciate your thoughtful, insightful measured comments, while not denying the emotional side of this process, because that part of it is HUGE.  FYI:  The other name for umbrella that we use is "parasol," (translated: "para sol: for the sun..")  I've recently seen parasols being sold for their original purpose– to keep the sun's harmful, burning rays off our skin.  Knowing the reality of the off-the-charts UV levels, companies producing them should be doing a land office business; now that's where we should be investing what's left of our money, hah!!

  63. Veritas says:

    Speaking of Central Bankers ( thieves engaging in mass Usury and GENOCIDE ) and shills ( paid whores ), what we are seeing now is a final push to birth their pathetic agenda to try to be gods over all creation. Cultural Marxism and Terror of all types from ISIS to BLM, from Geoengineering to GMO poisoned food, to putting grown men in women's bathrooms and infinite war. This is a good documentary about Who the bankers "elite" ( they are not elite they are weak of body, mind, and soul, they are parasites ) are, and what ideals drive their Genocidal, Earth destroying actions. God Bless all who fight for a better future for humanity, and to heal Mother Earth!

    • Veritas says:

      The link I posted above did not post on this site, it is a documentary called " Communism by the Backdoor ", look it up on youtube if you are interested. It explains about the "New World Order" or simply known as inbred, bloated, obscenely rich, psychopaths. There are a few parts in the documentary I believe to be wrong such as the Druid's being cannibal's and The Bohemian Grove having relation to them, they worship Moloch at the Grove not the nature god's of the Celtic Druids.

      As always trace the money back to the Central Bankers, since they print all the money and only 3 countries in the world do not have a Rothschild Bank in 2016, they are Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. In the year 2000 there were 7 countries n the year of 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya,Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. They control the Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF, etc. Below is info and a link about the 8 families that control the entirety of "our" Federal Reserve and whom run the Fractional Reserve Banking Scam on us. Since 1913 when Woodrow Wilson gave the right to print our money at interest to us, thus ensuring the slavery of future Americans.

      "J. W. McCallister, an oil industry insider with House of Saud connections, wrote in The Grim Reaper that information he acquired from Saudi bankers cited 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank – by far the most powerful Fed branch – by just eight families, four of which reside in the US.

      They are,

      the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York

      The Rothschilds of Paris and London

      the Warburgs of Hamburg

      the Lazards of Paris

      the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome

      CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates McCallister’s claims, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches.


      He names,

      N.M. Rothschild of London

      Rothschild Bank of Berlin

      Warburg Bank of Hamburg

      Warburg Bank of Amsterdam

      Lehman Brothers of New York

      Lazard Brothers of Paris

      Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

      Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy

      Goldman Sachs of New York

      JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York                                      

  64. Mark bayne says:

    Here in Australia people don't care !!!! They care about one thing and one thing only – Themselves!!!! As long as their little bubble is OK then they won't look at anything else and they will happily believe all the propaganda because it confirms what they want to hear , that everything will be OK for THEM .

    my father is a retired dentist who couldn't care less about anything outside of his bubble . As long as his life is OK  then nothing else matters and this is how most people are  from my experience . It's only when they are touched personally that they care !!!

    Even good people say you have to find what makes you happy and let the world take care of itself but I'm sure these peoples bubbles are OK . People will tell you to stop looking at the negatives out there , that it doesn't help you feel better personally , just focus on yourself , let go of things that bring you down and on it goes and until something touches these peoples lives they will choose to live in their bubbles .When you encounter people like this remember their lives haven't been effected from their perspective so they will deflect anything that upsets their bubble !!!

    People also think bad things happen to other people not them . Why else would they ignore warnings on cigarette packets ??? The greater good is not on most people's agendas otherwise we would have a much different world !!! It's good to see people out there that care about the greater good , let's hope when can change things !!!!

    For most when their is no food or when their being loaded up on fema trains is when they will care !!!!

    Here in Australia the armed forces are advertising heavily and on one airforce ad on TV they showed a large plane above a city with a huge continuous dispersal trail behind it , exactly what you see in geoengineering . Advertising for geoengineering pilots in plain site . How many people do you think make the connection ??

    The short trails being recently mentioned , occur here also , as does on off trails particularly over blank areas of sky , so somebody must be looking up paying attention and making noise . I'm sure this website is a contributor to that !!!

    The geoengineering is not as heavy here as it is in the states but it is still a massive program here that I believe is going to be globally ramped up As the runaway greenhouse accelerates  .

    Soon the heat and weather will go to a new level where it can't simply be explained away because it will be affecting most  people's bubble !!!! At the moment most people here know something is going on but it's business as usual and not effecting their bubble but this will change soon . I agree with Dane that it will happen blindingly sudden as our man made world is a house of cards and once more links start dropping out it will fall as such !!! It is starting to fall now !!

    The earth is delicately balanced and it won't be long before it collapses the economy as its imploding to anyone who chooses to look both with our eyes and at scientific data . Anyone that says this is off into the future is happy in their bubble but these peoples days are numbered!!!!



    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Well written.The scary part of all this is we are not dying quick enough for the elite and does that equate to a nuclear war? I hope to hell not.

    • carrie says:

      I also live in Australia & yes you are right, except I call it "Rainbow Land". First people have to except the Government is a corporation, it does not care about you, next you have to accept the medical industry is not there to help you.  Big Pharma is all about keeping you sick, not healing you. It's all about MONEY. Than you have to get poeple to recognise they are being consistantly poisoned by Geo Engineering.  I can get people to accept that air pollution is affecting their health but that is it. About 85% of QLD is in drought, if people would only realise that is by design not nature, perhaps people would say that's enough. So far I have only talked to 1 (one) like minded person….we are doomed!!!!!!  No one will listen, no one feels as horrified as I feel & despairs for the next generation & all the creatures we share this earth with.

    • Marc says:

      Mark bayne, brilliant post, my friend. Thank you.

  65. ron hall says:

    Rachel Robson:  Please never stop looking for points of humor!  This life we live is more of a tragic-comedy, as opposed to pure tragedy everywhere for everyone. Although if I gaze towards most of the continent of Africa, it seems like like for many souls it is pure tragedy all the way through.  Unless one lived in a third world country for a couple of years, Americans cannot possibly grasp certain levels of endless toil and suffering.  No one on this planet asked to be born unto this world, nor could the location be chosen. Here we are–the ones who comment and we have electricity and a bloody computer to boot!

    But I'm straying from the other point I should make.  I saw the Viet Nam horror coming in late 1963 while living in Southern Philippines. Little did I foresee myself becoming an activist by 1965.  Importantly, the US was not a Fascist- Military-Federalized -Police-State as is is now. And in those times the War was broadcast into your living room and we who were against war believed the footage, but never believed the commentary.  That was a time when one could skip trying to convert people or wasting time writing your Congressman, etc. ACTION was the deal! Marches, civil disobedience, rallies, storming mobs of students crashing into classrooms, Martial Law in Berkeley(where I was living), a Peace Mobilization of some 300,000 to 500,000 people closed down traffic in San Francisco in April 0f '67(as Dane says, check the evidence), and people were shot, beaten, tear-gassed and running in all directions at times. 

    But that was then and this is now—This State is now fully Orwellian and armored up to the teeth. It seems we who are against the total domination of Earth's weather for power and control note that it is already in an advanced stage and nano-particulates are in our blood, in our beloved pets–hell, everything. From my point of view some serious action needs to affect the psychopaths. We need to ask ourselves just how cunning can each of us be? Lying, secrecy, zero empathy towards human and biosphere havoc and slaughter is part of a power hungry psychopath's mode of operation.  Obviously that is not us. I do know one thing, however, getting to CRITICAL MASS requires mass action and protesters can suffer.  It is the way of the world–especially when one won't back off. And we can't wish our way out of this thing.      Thank you Dane     

    • ron hall — Thank you for your passionate insights grounded in your personal experience:  "Unless one lived in a third world country for a couple of years, Americans cannot possibly grasp certain levels of endless toil and suffering." 

  66. frank says:

    This whole thing is exhausting. There are so many angles to everything, but one thing just hit me. The power structure will NEVER admit to geoengineering. Asphalt shingles will drip off your roof. People will die from standing in the sun. People will eat their shrubs, but the power structure will never admit, so stop waiting for the day it "comes out" to tell all your friends you knew about it for years!!


    • I agree with your overview. One main reason the high-tech weather manipulating establishment will never admit to geoengineering is the massive amounts of money at stake, and more importantly, where the huge sums originate, financing their domestic and international weather altering agenda.  

      An August 2016 reported audit of the Pentagon's budget reveals $6.5 trillion dollars was "missing", "unaccounted for". In 2010 $9 trillion went "missing" from the Federal Reserve and was never accounted for. Congress held one or two hearings and then the issue was incredibly dropped.

      These ongoing "missing" (stolen) trillions of tax payer funds is how the leftist totalitarian elite are bankrolling their various "black operations" around the globe, especially geoengineering, which continues resulting in horrible loss of life and massive destruction.

    • Angel says:

      I echo what Frank says. Why should they when the majority of the population would not care enough to even call their state rep even if they were fully informed and totally believed this was happening.

      I have a relative who works in the medical field. She see's the trails and knows they are not contrails, she knows very little about geoengineering except that it is real and they are spraying. She knows about the arctic methane emergency and with the few details she has she has concluded that the spraying is being done in our best interest, that it is someone working, and that to say this is poisoning all of us is over-reacting and that our government would never do that to us. And that's it. There is no way she will ever come to this website or look up a single thing for herself. She bumped into a few convenient facts and then drew her own conclusion and she has moved on. She has to work so she can buy some more shit.

      To the vast majority of mall dwelling sloths everything is as it should be and that is the way they will continue to live until the power goes out, until they can't get food or water. Of course that is just where we are headed and by then it will be too late.

      We can do what we do as individuals to speak out but with little organization due to a massive hole of self induced ignorance in our ability to organize and the media with its head right up its ass one needs to come to the complete reality and that is we are absolutely F***ED!


    • Teri says:


        i believe they hope to kill off the planet long before starvation comes. long before people look up from their ipad and realize something is wrong. i think their goal is keep people distracted and entertained while death comes swiftly to the masses. keep them watching the latest election circus as if it is the be all end all of existence instead of a way to keep the human herd from realizing they are being led to slaughter. 

        what most do not realize is there are no choices….those have been taken from us long ago. there are only options. elections are chosen by someone else…they give the slave an option…this person or that person. pre-selected wanna be masters. which store to buy food at? doesn't matter. what is inside is pre-selected for us. poison A or poison B. brand X or brand x…exactly the same thing…all choices belong to someone else. the masses get only options. the option to buy what your ALLOWED to buy. nothing more. directed to a pre arranged location. pre arranged food to eat. pre arranged job to go to. pre arranged school to choose. but only a few options for career. you have to be part of the mob family to be a vet or a doctor. again. choices made by someone. the human is allowed only to accept the options given. 

      never once do they learn to say NO. and make their own choices and refuse the 'options' they are given. 

  67. Anon — I was in NYC for 9/11. A few days before, I "saw" a plane flying into a tall building. Not really a vision as such, but perhaps a premonition in the air.  I never went downtown to the actual scene, but could smell the chemicals in my apartment, even with three big air filters going.  Except for the F-16s flying overhead, you could hear a pin drop in Manhattan, deadly silence. They closed all the bridges and tunnels. In two days all the food was gone from the shops. The local Fire Department was overflowing with flowers, heart wrenching, and everyone cried as we walked by.  Many ghosts.  The subways in NYC have people living in them who they say were forced out of mental institutions, some kind of cutback – and soon they began to emerge on the street probably curious about the silence. Their faces were swollen, purple yellow red blue from the life they lead down there in the shadows. It was very strange surreal to see them on the street. All the police etc. who would have picked them up were downtown involved in the rescue. I must say that New Yorkers are at their best in these emergencies, I was also there for both black-outs. But after 9/11 I knew it was time to get out. I remember walking through my beloved Metropolitan Museum of Art thinking this was the last time I would see my favorite paintings, statues, and the Temple of Dendur where I would meditate. I was quietly weeping, but I knew that much worse was inevitable. Manhattan is currently populated by the children of the rich elite from all over the world.  They want to play, to enjoy their wealth in the great restaurants, designers boutiques, theaters, and symphony halls. Fate is moving towards them…as it is for us all.

  68. Rosalie says:

    Who are these 78 scientists who took part in this propaganda "chemtrail" report?  It's name and shame time!

    • Jenny says:

      I noticed there was an image with the article that said "Mick West".  So there was probably at least one paid shill in the bunch, and who knows?  Maybe some of the other 70-something were his other noms de plume!  

      Interesting how most of the "experts" contacted apparently wanted no part of this survey. 

    • Gary says:

      The whole article was fake. Wonder how many fake names and fake titles.

  69. Drew says:

    You could say that about any place in the world.   Are you hinting about some inside knowledge that you are keeping to yourself?


  70. Jack says:

    Do everyone in the World a HUGE favor and post this all over the internet. It is being censored so more people need to post it:

    Everybody knows the Central Bankers create ALL Currency out of thin air as debt to themselves, and are attacking We The People to retain the Power to create the Currency. The instant they make a loan they just created Currency out of thin air payable back to themselves, and they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank. Now you know who it is who TOTALLY controls the Government and is taking ALL the power from the People and giving it ALL to the Government. The solution for this is that the GOVERNMENT MUST CREATE the Currency and NOT BORROW it from the Central Bankers !!

  71. sky says:

    if u have a youtube account please give these 2 videos a dislike and/or leave a comment:
    paul beckwith "think critically. reject conspiracies"
    the young turks "the real truth behind chemtrails"

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      They're all parroting the same message this week all over, Word for Word.  The New York Times started it.  Call them out!

    • D says:

      Thank you for pointing out these videos and the need to address their misinformation. It is in my opinion that we need to view people who blatantly cover up the truth as our enemies and we need to take the fight to them, doubly as hard as their efforts to mislead those who we need to join us in stopping the global weather modification insanity, as well as other issues that are in dire need of being addressed. 

    • Dennie says:

      @Bella_Fantasia: Yes, the "noise" from the Great Unwashed in the Peanut Gallery is becoming especially strident and shall I say, militant about the "chem trail conspiracy theorists."  Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    • Marc says:

      Sky, I actually used to have a small measure of respect for Paul Beckwith. Well, after this video he posted, he finally showed his true colors and his true allegiance…..henceforth I shall regard him as not worth a pint of cold piss, to use a colloquialism. And the other video link you shared is not even worth discussion, though I did watch it. Just another snot-nosed punk carrying out his assignment for the jack-offs who sign his check.

    • SD says:

      Let me see if I've got this right.  Caldeira and this professor of Geophysics (the OTHER Dismal Science) who worked together at Stanford years ago team up with our old friend "Mick West" and surveyed 70 "scientists" about the chemtrail issue.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

      But once again, I don't blame the Geoengineers, I blame the NYTimes and the YoungTurks (read youngjerks) for their incompetence


    • Rachel Robson says:

      You know, we could take the high road and let that dropped fruit rot.  After all, Dane did call them out.  Not them per se, rather the perps themselves via law suit.  So, no doubt the NAS got on the phone and called in favors.  Voila, a chorus marginalizing us more and more.  Myself, I won't stoop to this tail wagging that dog.

    • MS P says:

      Page not found.

      I agree. There has been many "new" news stories. Saying this is not real. Goes to some university-funded by the Bill Gates foundation. Go figure!

  72. Mark from SW Florida says:

    Why was Louisiana hit?   

  73. Dennie says:

    So let's see… we're going to sell massively overpriced tickets to front row seats so rich folks can watch the A$$holes drive the last few stakes into what remains of Mother Earth's heart.  And for their mere pocket change, the One Per Cent folks can now get on board for the "ride of their life" and enjoy our arctic-ice-free future!!!

    With all the Ph.D.-Mind-f*ckers' psychology experiments and research since the NAZIs were brought here via Operation Paper Clip "to work for us," (excuse me, didn't anyone see, shouldn't we all have, just a little bitty bit of a quibble about the morality of such a potentially problematic situation?) ya'd think the Ghouls would have a lot of information about why so many people learn to prefer fantasy and simply refuse to face reality, even as it hits them right in the face. 

    Any of our favorite researcher-posters out there wanna get busier, conjure up and post the links to the Mad Doctors' research papers for their Overlords and Masters on How To Control The Sheeple?

    • Mike looking up says:

      Dennie, at this late hour I believe we can honestly call it, without being overly PC,  Gods Earth. For we all need to pray for a mirical.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Dennie, I'm so glad you hit this topic. I about fell over when I heard Dane tell us about the cruise. With a tune, "Let's get sinacle"(sp?). Might we have titanic 2 going down in the near future? from those monstrous ice burgs floating around?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      @ a simple horseman, not to mention the methane burps. 

  74. Wow you guys are amazing !!!!!! I love you.
    I know I know it seems impossible but don't give in or give up.
    I feel bad because I have a consciousness and I love people
    everything created by man is a extension of man. 
    from a screwdriver to a gun to a computer. 
    What part of us are these new engineering tools a extension of?  
    I don't think it's a extension of man but by a extension of the anti-man. 
    Pray and work for the best and plan for the worst 
    We can not engineer our way out of this.
    We have to leave the planet alone so it can rest reset and heal.

  75. Phil says:

    Dane, THANK YOU for your continued effort in exposing this very important life threatening issue!  Maybe on the west coast they can arrogantly use the excuse of wildfires causing the toxic industrial whitening of the skies, but here on the east coast they can definitely NOT use that excuse, because here we have NO wildfires!  We have not seen a blue sky here in at least a month, and the spraying here is so obvious and out of control.  There are constant X and TicTacToe patterns in the sky as well as many "microwave" clould.  I have awakened many of my peers to this issue and they are now noticing and taking pictures.  Also, lets not forget the fungus problem that this is associated with this.  Many of my crops this year are being destroyed by blight (fungus) due to lack of sunshine.  I am sure that global crop failure is definitely part of their agenda. 

    • Angel says:

      Thank you Phil and peeps need to travel around and see there is a huge difference between California and New England. In CA the sky is blue and clear almost 7 days a week – even when the sprayers are out they are using the go-light type that disperses into a silver haze. In New England they are spraying thick horizon to horizon zig zags day and night and you rarely get a glimpse of the sun. In CA you do have flower beds with roses still on them even though many are burned brown, and you do have really lush green trees still primarily in your immediate view. In New England everything that blooms is covered in fungus, and the trees are mostly bare, slumped over by the hundreds of thousands along the two lane highways all dead, along with most of the wildlife we used to see there.

      The great difference in what people see day to day per region is another reason why the mall dwelling sloths cannot wake up.


  76. Marc says:

    I wonder what goes through the minds of those responsible for this latest repulsive psy-op, which Dane covers here most eloquently. Do the Ken Caldeiras and David Keiths of that world (and all their supporting personnel) actually view this whole thing in the context of THEM vs. US?? Or in otherwords, are WE are the imagined ENEMY in their eyes, because we have the audacity to adore LIFE AND LIBERTY AND THE HOPE OF A LIVABLE BIOSPHERE??? Really?? Does this latest wave of psy-operations really reveal nothing more complicated than that they are out to WIN? To win the contest to see just how convincing their bullshit can be when it's repeatedly strewn out on the ground in front of a shallow and impressionable public whose total knowledge of reality is experienced through the murky lens of chronic attention-deficit-disorder?? This psy-op was very skillfully packaged for maximum snark-factor, and it doesn't take a freaking genius to see that the whole goddamn hit piece was actually designed with Dane Wigington,, and the LASG in mind. 
    It is undoubtedly safe to say that SOME of the general public was concerned about geongineering, trails in the sky and so forth since long before this current wave of disinformation hit the MSM. But I'm gonna wager that the vast majority of said public STILL doesn't have a clue what any of this is about, could not care less, wouldn't even care if you told them they were being sprayed to death with deadly biological warfare agents. Utterly blissful ignorance. Just exactly the kind of public malaise that infuses this Cabal of Dickheads with glee. 

    • Marc,  Yours is an astute and enterta​ining read.  🙂


    • Dennie says:

      Marc:  The Hegelian Dialectic and the pressure to continue to conform within the Uber-Male "either/or" Yang trajectory is sooo strong, the A$$holes-In-Charge do not even notice that they are a part of nature, a part of life on Earth, and not just some "special," rare and entitled… whatever, looming over Nature and every last minute aspect of actual life on Earth, in an entitled, domineering pose.  These "special people" are truly so fragmented and fractured, they have ZERO ability to see The Bigger Picture, beyond their puny little mortal egos– UGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Angel says:

      It's not that complicated, really. People have been a money resource for the sick bastards at the controls and we no longer are. We are now viewed as taking up the last of what is theirs. We are therefore being eliminated. The End.


  77. Alistener says:

    Great show as always, but I was really expecting to hear more about Louisiana.  Were the rains there not directly a result of geoengineering?  We had some heavy rains here in TX as well and it has made the weather here a very surreal experience for August with temperatures cooler than usual.  There are articles about the LA floods causing the maps of the state to be redrawn – see  There has been little coverage from MSM.  Was very interested in hearing your thoughts on these events.

    • BaneB says:

      Alistener:  I was brought up to ask six questions….who, what, where, when, why, and how, not necessarily in that order.  This board has more than enough links to information to answer your question(s).  The 'why' from my perspective is more difficult to conclude because there seem to be more than one 'why.'  Trying to get inside the mindset of agencies, organizations, and the individuals involved in destroying our atmosphere and thus our living but dying planet is probably easiest to understand by their actions of course.  And these weather assaults, controls, experimentations, deliberate droughts and floods can be summed up in one word.  PSYCHOPATHY.  Because these creatures in human form have stealthily created the parts of a science-created mechanism that uses weather to terrorize, these subhumans are flushed with god-status, the kind that precisely describes Lucifer.  These are the bright bulbs of lucid intelligence who are well paid to destroy by way of the atom and the microbe.  Their jets, their rockets, their microwave apparati, their toxins, these are their designs upon life.  Why Louisiana?  Why Katrina? Why Texas?  Because they can.  And you are an easy target.  Climate change?  You bet!  They laugh and high five and think the minions of the masses are too stupid to figure out the parts or observant enough to see.  I should think the people of your region would be wide awake by now.  California is coming around slowly but steadily to the realization that our drought is your flood.  I recommend also you search out 1PacificRedwood (utube) and review is last three updates on Louisiana.

    • Dennie says:

      There was a fair amount of coverage of the latest Louisiana flooding on NPR I heard on kqed fm radio (northern California). 

      As far as the role of geoengineering in any storm, look, NO ONE is going to come out in any news story and personally tell you or anyone else exactly what the real cause of the crazy weather on Planet Earth is.  Connect the dots.  There are plenty of them listed for your edification and reading convenience on this website.  Here's a big one:  U.S. Senate Committee on Science and Technology's 2010 report on "climate engineering."  THIS IS PUBLIC INFORMATION.  LAST TIME I CHECKED, THE UNITED STATES SENATE IS NOT A "HOAX–"  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alistener, Hello.  These days, Alistener, it might not have been intentional as it begins to seem as if they have lost control.  After all, they are messing with stuff beyond their ken.  

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Yes, it does have a quality to it that a few juggled balls were dropped.  This is the sense too when watching the satellite imagery that the weather is becoming more screwed up and complex, creating a hurried quick muddle fix here and yonder.  The more they seek control of their control the more uncontrollable and disastrous is the result.  To use that old phrase…."he who rides the tiger dares not dismount."  Of course at some moment in time they will drop all the balls and nature will make quick work of them.

    • Dennie says:

      The "environmental sacrifice zone" explanation is the most plausible answer to why Louisiana keeps getting it in the neck, also the same answer as to why California and the west keeps being droughted.. one and the same answer.  Why?  Because the greatest population (i.e., the most people in the United States) lives east of the Rockies, so if your name is David Keith or Ken Caldeira, that's where you're going to do your darndest to fool everyone into believing that nothing's wrong, ohhh noooooo, not at all– it's cool and everything's just f-i-i-i-i-i-i-ne.. of course.  Though it really isn't. 

  78. Lord Rothschild: "This Is The Greatest Experiment In Monetary Policy In The History Of The World" / Zero Hedge / Aug. 17, 2016
    … central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world. We are therefore in uncharted waters and it is impossible to predict the unintended consequences of very low interest rates, with some 30% of global government debt at negative yields, combined with quantitative easing on a massive scale. risks… the geo-political situation has deteriorated … Conflict in the Middle East continues and is unlikely to be resolved for many years. We have already felt the consequences of this in France, Germany and the USA in terrorist attacks. … As a result, Rothschild has put his money where his mouth is: "we have reduced our exposure from 55% to 44%. Our Sterling exposure was significantly reduced over the period to 34%, and currently stands at approximately 25%. We increased gold and precious metals to 8% by the end of June."
    From the Zero Hedge comments:  "I’ll never forget him [Lord Rothschild] coming on to CNBC at closing bell in 2009 after crash in 2008 with a botoxed Maria Bartrolhomolo … asked him should investors still put money in their 401ks????? keep their contributions up? he couldn't stop laughing…at her and the system…finally belly laughing he said 'probably not, I don’t think so' … more laughter"…

    • Larry S says:

      Rothschild & others are known to be the Vatican bankers . The politicians do what their told by the CFR . The CFR is controlled by the Knights of Malta and Jesuits who are loyal to the Vatican . The USA is controlled by the Jesuit order and the Vatican !

    • Susan, Your posts are much appreciated.  Could we impose upon you to use quotation marks (") so we can more accuratelly distinguish between your comments and quotes of others?  Thanks.  Larry

    • Dennie says:

      … which only goes to show you, our "Lords and Masters" haven't the slightest clue, they are absolutely BANKRUPT of answers or even real solutions (because any such things would not benefit THEM, of course) and it is Game Over– THEIR game, that is. 


    • Veritas says:

      @ Larry S

      Actually the Rothschilds control the Vatican not the other way around since they control all its money. That is the root of their power they subvert and take over the monetary systems of a country or institution.

  79. Shocking Government Report Finds $6.5 Trillion In Taxpayer Funds "Unaccounted For" / Zero Hedge Aug. 19, 2016
    … government corruption, falsification and potential fraud and embezzlement … has resulted in the Pentagon being unable to account for up to $8.5 trillion in taxpayer funding. Today, Reuters follows up on this disturbing issue, and reveals that the Army’s finances are so jumbled it had to make trillions of dollars of improper accounting adjustments to create an illusion that its books are balanced. The Defense Department’s Inspector General, in a June report, said the Army made $2.8 trillion in wrongful adjustments to accounting entries in one quarter alone in 2015, and $6.5 trillion for the year. Yet the Army lacked receipts and invoices to support those numbers or simply made them up. As a result, the Army’s financial statements for 2015 were “materially misstated,” the report concluded. The “forced” adjustments rendered the statements useless because “DoD and Army managers could not rely on the data in their accounting systems when making management and resource decisions.”
    “Where is the money going? Nobody knows,” said Franklin Spinney, a retired military analyst for the Pentagon and critic of Defense Department planning, cited by Reuters.  … the Defense Department … 2016 budget is $573 billion, more than half of the annual budget appropriated by Congress. … for government employees, such as those at the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS), which handles a wide range of Defense Department accounting services, the whole issue is one big joke, and they refer to preparation of the Army’s year-end statements as “the grand plug,” Armstrong said. “Plug”, of course, being another name for made-up numbers.

    • Jenny says:

      When it comes to missing money in the military, all I can think of is Kristen Meghan's story of her time in the military, having to account for all the materials they purchased an what they were used for.  I wonder if geoengineering materials and planes and manpower have anything to do with the missing money.

    • izzy says:

      Just an informed speculation, but a lot of it is probably going into all the black-box projects that no one can really keep track of. Like whatever they’re doing at Area 51, the high-tech hidey holes, and and the undisclosed and unaccountable but periodically observed developments which feed so-called conspiracy theories. Perhaps these lunatics have some secret scheme to save themselves, even if it’s delusional. That could get expensive. When the truth is buried, then alternative story lines flourish. At some point someone is going to make a correct guess.

      “There are many things under heaven and earth, Horatio”…etc.

    • BaneB says:

      I am willing to bet you Dov Zakheim knows all about the "plug" and where lots of the loot has gone.  

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  Most people here probably have no idea who you're talking about when you mention Dov Zakheim, an ordained rabbiso he can do no wrong, but of course) and owner of a remote-controlled flight company headquartered in.. you guessed it– right along with Enron and CIA– WTC7, the only trade center building that "fell," as reported by the BBC (never mind it was very visibly standing in the background as the clueless reporter told the world that it had fallen– there it stood in the background), because as WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein explained, the New York fire department called him and said that "because there'd been such a terrible loss of life" they'd have to "pull it.." hmmm… so fast, just like that?  HOW DO YOU DO THAT, GUYS??  I HAD NO IDEA FDNY was in the business of large building demolition.. Anyway, you can listen to Silverstein tell you all about it right here: 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, For quite some time now I've been putting the number at 7 trillion because that figure has been thrown around a lot.  As I just said, for some long time now, such that I am only surprised this figure is not much higher!  I mean if 7 trillion has been true for more than a year, nearly two?, then we still don't know, and never will? the true amount.  Double dog dare Any business to run like this!  You just gotta believe our military is running the whole show!  No other explanation. 

  80. Denise R Stewart says:

    Personally, I do not think anything can be done to stop ALL that is occurring.  It's been in the works for decades, and there are TOO Many people, from the Top level to the low level of local gov'ts as well as large, medium, and small businesses ALL on board with the New World Order Agenda. There are many of us who have educated ourselves with help from people like yourself, Dane, and we have shared info with many other's, MOST of whom, wish to reject ANY information – no matter how valid, as a conspiracy theory.  They are too brainwashed by mainstream Media to believe anyone who is NOT mainstream media.  With regards to the geo-engineering,,, if someone like you, Dane, cannot stop this, none of us can. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Denise, we must all summon the courage and fortitude to continue our march in this battle, this is the correct choice. No matter how dark the horizon, much can change in the blink of an eye, there is so much we cannot know yet. We have allies even behind the curtain of global power, allies that are now finally finding their conscience. Stand fast Denise, ALL OF US are essential in this most critical fight.

  81. Rick Paley says:

    Thank you Dane!

     I can't thank you enough for all that you do. I for one greatly appreciate all that you have sacrificed to stand up in the forefront of all in order to get this extremely important information out to the human race. Although I see more and more people linking to your excellent source of information there still are not enough people in the know. Hopefully more will awaken and do what is necessary to begin to move against the perpetrators of this insanity before our reality changes completely.  I also hope that the "right" people, people with authoritative power will awaken in time to help stop this madness. 

    You briefly stated how "they" continue to destroy the biosphere and the ecology of this planet I believe there must be more to this.

    Without intentionally comparing yourself or any other sane individual to these insane megalomaniacs and euphemistically postulating, if you or I were in their shoes and insane like them, would you knowingly destroy the place you live?  Like my grandfather so eloquently stated, "never crap in your own back yard".

    We know this is all leading towards WWIII but to destroy the planet that they need to exist on as well is beyond understanding. And so I wonder if those in the forefront of engaging in this kind of insanity have an exit strategy and what it might be?  What do they know that we don't?  Are they looking to leave the planet or hide within it? 

    I have heard about major underground bunkers that have been and are being constructed in preparation of something. But what kind of human being would destroy their own home for their own personal gain? If running to the bunkers and living underground is their end plan then it would take a special kind of sick mind to do so. I can't imagine any human being that would prefer to live in a sunless underground. There must be more here than meets the eye.  I don't mean to divert from the most important issue at hand which is the destruction of our biosphere through geoengineering, but it bothers me deeply as to why and how someone could do this. Just my thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

    Rick Paley

  82. John says:

    What an excellent but sobering report Dane, which can leave no one with a functioning brain in any doubt that we are all in serious trouble.

    Caldeira, what a demon- possessed, lying psychopath – only one puppet from the demon possessed cabal globally (otherwise known as 'governments'.)   Personally, I am sick of living with their evil, sick, dark and demonic realm they impose on all of us, I am ready to go, I've had it with them all.

    What we have had to endure this summer in the UK is simply horrific – generated cool-downs, gales, rain and relentless black chemical blanketed clouds permanently over our heads!  We have had no sunshine whatsoever  in months and it is terribly depressing facing this day after day.

    I have tried just about everything to expose our so-called government and their complicity (the UK government I'm talking of) by writing to them and letting them know they are complicit in the poisoning of the population and their response?  Silence!  It is hard to be strong when you are continually ignored. But I have a question here, if there is an economic collapse, do you think at least these geoengineering programs will stop?  That is all I am clinging to at this stage.  What are your thoughts on this Dane? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello John, the coming collapse will force many more to awaken. It is imperative for us all to keep sowing the seeds of awareness. such seeds will soon enough be forced to sprout.

  83. Janice says:

    If we knew the 'plan' or overall objective and goal for the spraying than we might be able to answer the question, "why would anyone harm themselves in the process?"  There is a plan and a strategy that was withheld from the public, and we are left only to surmise, because we were not told why.  All we know is the facts of the spraying and the destructive consequences.

    Lame excuse not to recognize the destruction, just because we can not answer the insanity behind the action.  

  84. Roger Gibbons says:

    Back in Ontario from St Petes Florida …..

    Just heard on the radio that this summer was the hottest on record EVER in Southern Ontario …….they said EVER ….wow ….

    No their is no climate change  …..WHAT …..are they all idiots and liars….

  85. Andrew from scotland says:

    Dane, I wrote "Good Global Alert News"…it was excellent. Many thanks.

    Cori Gunnells, I see you are having fun on Climate Alert – keep it up, more people are seeing it than you may realise.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Andrew!  About Bromie, when you wrote Postassium Bromide, I immediately got it, remembered haering about it!  Did it work?  Here, I remember something called Salt Peter?  Is my memory right and what the heck was that?

  86. Charlotte Collins says:

    Oh God I'm sorry for humanity

    I'm sorry for the loss

    I'm sorry for the victims

    of this huge and awful cost.

    I'm sorry for the waste of life

    and horrors yet untold

    The wars , the hatred, sorrows borne,

    Events  that still unfold.

    I'm sorry God we've messed this up

    This planet's jewelled tides

    Oceans, rivers, atmosphere

    from which Your creatures hide.

    Oh God I'm sorry all who wage

    this awful sickness here

    are hell-bent to destroy this earth

    and all that most hold dear.

    Forgive us God we don't speak up

    when clearly eyes can see

    It's all our obligation now





    • BaneB says:

      Charlotte:  Thanks for the custom-designed poem that paints the picture.  Of course you undoubtedly know the situation was expected, foretold, prophesied, and presented to mankind by way of the Tower of Babel.  In so many words to paraphrase…"Come let us confuse their tongue that they can't create this 'tower' because everything unto their IMAGINATION they will do.  This "myth" had its beginning in the story about the tree of KNOWLEDGE.  The computer has sped up the degenerative process.  

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Heartfelt right backatcha BaneB… amazing to me how yes prophecies are coming alive as we speak, only I never imagined how these criss-cross lines and haarp crap clouds would be such havoc in these last days! Took photos up here in Saskatchewan Canada the last few days, rings around the sun, aluminum particles circulating throughout, aerosol sprays aimed AT the sun now, me choking and coughing and birds flying circling low to find a spot to hide… just awful! I hear others around me coughing, clearing their throats, and some are willing to discuss what they see with their very own eyes, yes for REAL. And I appreciate every one of them because  whoever is perpetrating this assault on humanity and nature is hell-bent for sure. Keeping my eyes on Truth, Jesus is my Lord,

    • Maobe says:


      This poem moved me to tears and I was choked up as I read it to my beloved husband. Thank you, dear, "for saying it so beautifully."

      Oakland, MI

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      Big hugs to you dear Maobe and your husband~~~ Friends like you and all who speak the truth across the miles make the daily Spiritual battle all worthwhile! Meet you one day in a whole lot better place~~~  from the heart…Saskatchewan Canada

  87. Free Energy Technologies says:

    This mentality of cure nothing fix nothing and accept everything or you are a hater or racist ,and the success shaming is a big part of this equation we must change that mentality as well that's why they are pushing autism acceptance because it's normal now under the eyes of the power structure this mentality is an epidemic how many Christians think it's ok to sin because your church tells you it is that is a deception that's going against Christ a non religious version of the same statement is how many people think it's ok to be corrupt wicked evil dark and full of addictions and desires and much more because the world tells you it's ok and now it's normal to be an idiot, now it's normal to be mentally retarded in fact you are applauded for being one you are called special and super powered and you get a cute little label like autism that is not given to you to define what is wrong with you instead it's a little game that they are playing with us it's the label game your job in the game is to beat the drum of acceptance what a scam this really is I preach a cure to all disabilities and problems not acceptance to all disabilities and problems it's not normal to be wicked or disabled or to even have problems its normal to not have disabilities or be wicked or have problems that's the historical definition of normal that is the true meaning of normal.

  88. Karl Schreiber says:

    My latest global alert news from Germany:

    Die “Eliten” wollen uns töten! / The “elites” want to kill us! / Bonn, Germany, 16.08.2016

    (English translation provided in the video and in the information section.)

    Separate Images:

  89. izzy says:

    A truly mind-numbing compilation. Of course, banging the drum and yelling like hell is a necessary and “normal” response to such a situation. But as there is no happy resolution at this late date, and some sort of cataclysmic collapse is surely just around the corner, it will get intensely personal real fast. Once the global economy and its world-girdling supply chain breaks apart, we’re going to be in very local and very compromised environments without the ability to call in whatever we lack or need. And then what? Another tough consideration that will eventually have to be faced, probably sooner rather than later. There is still strength in numbers, and good company may be our most important asset at that point.

  90. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 127th email, titled "Hareing About".

    1.  In the USA (and probably elsewhere) they are using aeroplanes to spray Naled (trade name Dibrom) over areas that are reported to have 'Zika mosquitoes' 

    Naled is an organophosphate insecticide first registered for use as an "adult insecticide" in 1959, primarily to control mosquitoes.  Naled breaks down into dichlorvos in animals and in the environment, and has many health effects, both chronic and acute.

    It is considered one of the most toxic organophosphate pesticides and has been banned in many places. Worse, it has been proven to be dangerous to pregnant women and its breakdown product, dichlorvos,  actually causes – wait for it – microcephaly.  It can also increases aggressiveness…

    Thinks…were the British Army given "Bromine in our tea" to quell sexual arousal?

    2.  First we had "…happened faster than expected".  Now we have "…far faster than anyone thought possible".  What will the next superlative be? 

    3.  A few years ago an industrial wind farm was built on hills about 5km away.  Since then hares have been born in the grass behind our house – I believe this is because they are trying to hide (protect their babies) from the Infrasound emitted by the turbines.  This year one leveret has survived and we have had much joy in watching him (her?) grow into a very handsome young chap.  Most evenings he has taken to coming into our garden and enthral us with his agility and athleticism, leaping and hareing about at top speed – just because he can – before he stops to eat some grass or choice bit of rose or other shrub.  He is not the only culprit to do this: at sunrise and at dusk, roe deer saunter through the garden nibbling the young shoots of our roses, rhododendrons and other plants, and drink from the burn.  We easily forgive both hare and deer for the harmony of sharing our garden with them. 

    4.  Another good Global Alert News for 20 Aug.  Definitely worth listening to: 

  91. Jill M. Clarkson says:

    I have nothing to add,….but my sincere Thank You!  These 54 minutes save MY sanity,…week in and week out. Namaste!

  92. Cynthia says:

    It's very easy to understand but most of you still can't hear. These people are void. And you can expect more far greater insanity. Get ready?

  93. That one question or another is impossible to answer does not nullify the proposal that raises the question.
    Further, a discrepancy in interpretation of a statement made by a third party does not negate the remainder of evidence presented that otherwise supports an allegation.
    The above notwithstanding, when certain facts contained in a proposal sufficiently threaten one's psyche, one's sense of survival, some mentalities simply will not accept or acknowledge the validity of any part of the proposal.  
    In addition, some mental/emotional makeups simply can not manage the the trauma imposed by the threat to them should an allegation prove to be true.
    Therefore, denial is the quickest, safest, and surest, if not the only, choice one might have to avoid having to deal with a potentially devastating truth.
    The evidence Dane presents to the world carries such an enormous potential threat to one's innate sense of survival, that we should not be surprised at the rate of its unacceptebility. 
    So, when those of us who are trying to 'spread the word' knock on the door of someone's mind, and the door does not open, we maybe should knock once or twice more. Then, in the absence of the response we seek, we would be well advised to accept that that mind is, closed; that it is doing the best it is able to do.   
    Then, without torturing ourselves with anger or frustration (that won't help…), just move on; and continue to do the best we can.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Howdy Larry Charles, Well said, but for knocking down the door!  It is not enough to plant a seed anymore.  Takes too long and environment too poisoned to grow it to fruition.  Yet I quite agree with the why you mention of the resistance to learning.  My own daughter, et tu Brute?!-she who first made me hip to this via some of her brothers' mother who has been talking about this since the 80s, says why can't I be more like her?  Gracefully dropping seeds.  Uh huh.  Oh and making money off of selling anti geo t-shirts and such.  Found my self writing letter to daughter, not that she would read it.  She says I am gloom and doom all the time which just is not true.  I've gone the extra mile to be as funny and fun as possible for a sick person and I'm always smiling these days and laughing over so many things, gobbling up any humor I can find.  But, I do tell her stuff, and she helps me print stuff, so I take it that it wears on her.  Flaming arrows and seeds dropped were a beginning but we are now past that.  She is not willing to do more than occasionally tell others the most superficial stuff.  And while that helps, not enough!!!!  I truly believe she thinks I am exaggerating!  Absolutely does not get that I am fighting for her future and her boys.  For real.  Not for some distant threat.  Not because I am dying and so cling to the morbid!  So offensive!  Pisses me off.  I do get it, though.  They just want to have a life and some real fun as they go, to hell with how poisoned the water they swim in, the skies they bask in.  Their lives are extremely stressful.

      Grandson #1 was in two bad, really bad car wreaks in the last two and a half years, and struggling with the details of the last one which is holding him back and he is frustrated and angry-a supposed aspect of a bad concussion.  It has been 104 degrees or more where they live.  One of his closet childhood friends was shot 6 times, yet lives, in a wheelchair with a pee bag and all.  Shot on his 21st birthday, shortly after grandson's 21st birthday.  Then, more of his school friends shot and killed, then just last week 3 of them killed.  Shot.  All are stunned.  The 11th of this month was the anniversary of her father being attacked with  knives, nearly bleeding out and 3 months in hospital fighting for his life then dead.  That full blood throw back had had a vision a couple or 3 years prior, of the whole world burning up.  He told everyone all the time like a heads up.  Not as if he'd ever done this before and he would not shut up about it.  So when he died, many said, well, it was the end of His world.  So given my age and health issues I think she thinks this is an aspect of my own personal world ending.  Not!  I am used to being in and out of death my whole life.  I am nothing.  But, this world and their future means everything to me.  It takes more than planting seeds.  You have to nourish that seed and water it, weed it.  Sure, awareness counts, but many who are aware cannot handle how deep this all goes and I don't blame them.  I have trouble with that myself, but I get over it and learn.  Some of us are motivated, others not so much!  Some of us can handle the details and background, others are just put off by the sheer effort, and the mental deconstruction that must follow.  So, short of knocking down the door, I think once the seed has been planted or dropped, there must! be follow though, like it or not.  Of some sort.  That would encourage one to go further.

      Dane, God bless his extremely stubborn soul, has gone to great lengths to make this easy!  Hit this and write comment to whomever.  Perhaps though, for those who will not go there, we could begin collecting signatures.  Some are willing to understand enough, but go no further.  But maybe they'd be willing to sign a petition brought to their door!  Or outside of a store.  Few are willing to do the petition work online as I do.  But I bet some would sign a big sheet, given the right title which could be more than stop geoengineering.  It could be Stop War.  And under that geoengineering.  Some would automatically sign that and then ask about the geoengineering.  At which point you hand them info as they walk away.  We organize this and who all the petition goes to.  Just one idea.  We must get creative in new ways.  Come at this from various angles.  It does lend itself to that.  Defend Nature!  Whatever, it works in all cases!

      Thank God and Dane for the Legal Team and filing.  But the law is slow.  Painfully slow, and TPTB will slow it more.  We must boost this!  And fast.  Ideas anyone?  I mean cartoons lend themselves to this.  Even if tongue in cheek.  Mockery?  Picture a submarine at sea, a boiling sea, the whole world blown up, smoke only, but the sub's captain says: We Won!

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