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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 31, 2016


Dane Wigington

Will the hacking of Hilary Clinton's emails be the best excuse the western power structure can come up with to try and prod Russia into WWlll? According to the western media, Russia seems to be responsible for countless ills in the world and yet so far no proof has been produced by the accusers to back up these allegations. But in regard to computer hacking acts of war, which countries have indisputably committed the greatest crimes by far? The "Stuxnet" computer virus has done immense harm around the globe, including likely disabling emergency equipment at Fukushima (thus further contributing to the ongoing triple meltdown). Who created this highly destructive virus? Us citizens continue to be victimized by the worsening weather warfare. A massive engineered chemical cool-down is coming for much of the US. Those in power are desperate to usher in the new year with extremely anomalous (and completely unnatural) engineered winter weather in order to further confuse and divide the US population regarding the true state of the global climate. We will see if the climate engineers are actually able to temporarily chemically cool things down to the full degree that they have scheduled. And what about freedom of speech and freedom of the press? If those in power have their way, we will soon have no such freedoms. If that happens, we will all be completely cut off from uncensored information with only the constant flow of official lies from official sources. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As the new year is ushered in, I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to all the dedicated activists that are doing their best in the critical battle for the greater good. For many in our willfully blind society, the converging threats we face will not seem real until these threats metaphorically kick down the door. We must alter the current equation of public apathy and blindness. We must wake the masses, that effort will take all of us.

This week's GeoengineeringWatch.org outreach booth is at the Washington County Fairgrounds, Hillsboro, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.org booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


145 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 31, 2016

  1. Sallie Robinson says:

    We are trying hard to wake the masses due to your bravery and encouraging leadership. However it doesn't seem to be enough and none of us hold powerful positions that we can use as a bully pulpit. Governor Jerry Brown believes in everything many of you on the GW blog do. Why isn't Gov. Brown doing something for California to put a stop to climate engineering?  Why aren't the citizens of CA beating a path to the State Capitol?  Gov. Brown's term ends on Jan. 2019. Dane, please run for governor of CA. That would give you a good vantage point to fight this battle. Many of your followers do not support President-elect Trump. Please find a great candidate to run against Trump in four years-someone that you can support that you think will stop America's geoengineering problems. We need greater strength to fight this battle because most people are oblivious to how a natural sky should look. Most people don't want to believe our paper fliers and words of truth. 

  2. Mario says:

    "Rain Event" in Northern California . . . The Doppler Radar (shown on ABC 10 Sacramento) showed very clearly and very vividly gigantic beams of energy beaming in all directions.  It looks like the center / origination is Beale Air Force Base KBBX.  Massive beams, right through the "rain" and "snow".  They are absolutely not trying to hide it.  We're all being slowly conditioned to accept this as normal.  Please look at the radar, folks.  That is not normal.  They are amping up and doubling down.  It is absolutely undeniable.  Look at the radar.

  3. Cherie says:

    I wish to God ya'll could see this on my radar app!  It looks like lazer beams and explosions in Memphis (HUGE!), Nashville, Clarksville and surround states.   I watched them make the snow occurrence out of nothing  last night  between Amarillo and Lubbock.  Damnedest thing I ever saw!!  I know my head is killing me, I'm freezing with heat on.  Stepped outside after 30 degree drop in temp and think probably I got enough metal in my body to freeze me in 0 seconds flat!  I can't go out without getting choked, like walking in a blasted gas chamber!  What the hell!!!  I love to see it snow, but after getting in touch with with I've seen here I just simply …. well It's the same with my cloud watching, they are taking what's real out of God's creation!   oppress us with no sun and darkness.  The Light shines from within and as the dark grows darker, the Light shines brighter.  Never lose heart.  Never lose faith. Never lose hope! God be with us ALL!

    • Dennie says:

      Like swapping butter, for… margarine.. an improvement, of course, back in the Sixties, because WE KNOW that fats cause heart attacks, never mind that plastic causes cancer.  UGH!– F*ckin' KNOW-IT-ALL "Scientists," NEVER MIND that "they" actually DON'T know so much as the Half of it all.

    • BaneB says:

      Cherie:  There is a NEXRAD tower in the Memphis area.  KNQA.  Radius 250 miles.  Diameter 500 miles.  Power 748,000 watts.  That is the likely source of what you describe. Good luck!

  4. Chad says:

    Otherwise who cares!!!! Keep it real!!!! I have!!!

  5. The Matrix says:

    Hello Dane,

    Here is a great documentary about the loss of artic sea ice and the release of methane.  I think it is a great way to introduce people to the extremely dire situation with our climate.  Please put this up on the home page of geoeneingineeringwatch.org.

    Artic Death Spiral and The Methane Time Bomb


    Thank you for everything you do Dane, we are with you.



  6. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, And all my friends I haven't met yet.

    My gracious it's cold up here on the north Okanogan, WA. I looked at Dane's charts he posted regarding what was headed(scheduled) our way. Well by golly, here "we" are smack dab in the middle of  the beginning of those charts. It's gonna be cold this week folks. Just as the schedule indicated. Not sure how you folks feel about that, myself, I'm not good with it. Weather forecasting should not be right 100% of the time. It seems these days they are wrong if they were a few hours off of what transpired. I remember a time when a whole day off mark was good predicting and we that needed to be aware of the weather were quite forgiving in the time line. We just needed to know what was headed our way. These days it seems that Raytheon is the only one with such abilities. And how accurate they are. "Remarkable". Geesh……

    Lately I've been going through old films of logging from the 1860's to the 1960's. Good grief, literally. I can only imagine the stress and pain our Mother went through during those times. I watched a segment of a man walking down a row of stacked logs. "NONE" of them were less than he was tall, in diameter. Most were much taller in diameter than he was tall. This was from film from Ore, Wa, and Ca. Sorry, you Californians don't get all the credit for having once had "big trees"(smile). I watched all those films and correlated the equation with fractional reserve banking(look it up). All the centuries it took for those trees to grow and down they came in less than the blink of an eye. I grew up during those times. I am the son of a very prominent USDA forester. Even as a young boy, I could sense that there was something wrong with what my eyes told me to be true. To this day, I touch a tree, matters not which one or where, I can feel the energy or lack there of. Here where I live, my trees are telling the tale of doom.

    Met up with a dear friend of mine at the hardware store(he works there). He mentioned that he and his wife had resolved to let the doom and gloom not affect them so much in this coming year. I pondered this for several days. I respect my friends thoughts greatly. So what I came to was a cross road of sorts. I doubt my friend will cease to learn AND teach others. But he won't take his work home at night. Which is OK in my book. At least his "day time job" is true and fair, in more ways than one. My guess is, and I have adopted the thought, that, we need to be balanced in all ways so we can be strong and steady, "in all ways". I look for "parallels in nature" to guide my own path. Maybe some of you remember my mentioning such a ponder. So!, back to topic. Our trees are and always will be the membrane that connects the heavens with our planetary surface. 65 to 70% gone now they are. Good god man, how can a creature stay together and survive with that much of itself diminished? Any creature?!! And then there's the Oceans! Ahhh!!!!

    Funny, "I wished I could see and live through the apocalypse". I figured there would be a need for "good teachers" on "the other side".  I had no idea at the time how much need there was for "teachers" on the forefront of "this side". And in that, I teach now and will teach "on the other side"…. Being a good example is being a good teacher. At least it's a good start. Hmph, seems to be at lot of "goods" in that there statement(grin)….

    My oh my how many thumbs it is taking to keep the dyke from bursting. Keep up the pressure my friends I haven't met yet!!

    Top of the year to you all. Together may we all stand stand strong in this fight for the lives of people we don't even know.

    • "a" simple horseman,
      Thank you, for sharing your views and vision… there was so much you said that I deeply relate to.  When you mentioned logging, I knew all too well of which you spoke.  Too many film clips of Giant Sequoias and other old growth trees crashing to the ground have left an indelible mark on my heart.  My husband's family had a summer cabin in the Sequoias… located near the Alder Creek Grove and an old logging camp.  My hikes there would take me past hillsides of desecration punctuated by amazing survivors… the Stagg Tree being one of them.  It is the 5th largest tree, by volume, on this planet.  I have shed tears of simultaneous joy and anguish, seated at its base… knowing the magnificence of this being that had shared the same air as Christ, seeing what the past had taken from its brethren and pondering the terrible reality the future might hold.  The last time I was there was over 20 years ago and, sadly to say, my misgivings about the future have come true in spades.  Among the species now falling victim to the geoengineered aerosol assaults, is the Giant Sequoia.  Capable of attaining an age that reaches beyond 3,000 years, survivors of all that nature could throw at them, even fire, they now face oblivion at the hands of man.  
      As a 5th generation Californian, born in the mid 1950's, I grew up in a family that knew the state from it's early days and cherished all that it had to offer.  I bear sad witness to the desecration of that great and wonderful gift of God.  My immediate family gave up on California back in the 1980s and now resides not far from you… in Valley.  Passing through that region, I see the same devastating crash in the forest that I am finding in my adopted home in the mountains of Idaho.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand how so many are oblivious to the fact that nature is crashing all around them.
      So many things you said in your letter rang out loud and clear in my heart… the importance of teaching the value of a balanced connection to nature, paramount among them.  Your point about surviving the shift, to be a part of those left to help create a balanced future, and your understanding of the need to teach those same values now, is exactly how I feel.  I have often wondered if anyone else felt this way… now I know.  I also know, if there are two, there are many.  This is comforting, inspiring and, most importantly… compelling.  It compels us to do everything in our power to insure that there is a future to preserve, and to persevere into.  Thank you, my friend, for sharing this sentiment… as the days grow ever darker, it will be the lights shining in the wilderness, such as you, that will guide the way for those who remain.  It is our job now to make sure as much as possible of nature survives, and as many people as possible truly understand the importance of our connection to it, so that we can rebuild, from whatever the future now holds, into a balanced, sustainable relationship with that incredibly complex tapestry.
      On that note, you have probably seen this documentary but, in case you haven't, I think you would find great value in "Nature Was My Teacher, The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger".  My links haven't been posting lately so, if there is no link with this just do a search on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wl-Temag9E  (Nature Was My Teacher, The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger). The film is old and a little dated but very inspiring, enlightening and well worth watching.  I think you, in particular, will find much to relate to.  Thank you again, for sharing your thoughts…
      Much Love and Respect
      Laura Marinangeli

  7. MS P says:

    Today in S CA. Cloudy & cool. It's been like this for some days now. Today I  had noticed the microwave patterns in the clouds. Silvery clouds, with that reflective glare tint. (I try not to look at it for too long,it's bad for my eyesight)

    What I also noticed & have not seen or  (maybe ) realized before, is this.    ►Black lines. Looked just like chem trails. but black, in a silvery cloudy micro waved sky.

    Has anyone else seen this?

  8. jeff says:

    Thank you Dane,and every one in the battle to expose this crime.

    I just wanted to suggest a book(not specifically connecting to geoengineering),that covers a medical scientist discovery of pollution's connection to health,and genetics. If you are a reader,its a must. The book is "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce H. Lipton,PH.D.
    It connects dots,as to the deep generational effects that will be felt from the chemicals raining down on us, in our food,and environment. At the same time touching on our interconnectedness we all have with every living thing,regardless if we know it or not.
    All attacks on us are (I believe) deliberate,and planned out by very organized and intelligent group of psychopaths.
    I am optimistic seeing so many concerned,and willing to act here.I have been doing my best to help raise awareness for years,and will never quit.
    Thank you

  9. Teri says:

    insane weather reporting in this report for ''possible'' snow for alabama..no one knows what is going to happen they say. we think that maybe it will snow…maybe not…well…we just are not sure.

    what a bunch of nonsense. they are the weather makers. they know what they intend to do. they just are not going to let the public know what they intend to do.or perhaps they really do not know as the results are not the same. they have destroyed the weather to the point no one knows what will happen or when. after they drive the cold air down they have no idea what the result will be? what a bunch of b.s.. 




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Teri, thanks for sharing this link. The “weather forecasters” are all just reading scripts that are passed down the chain. 

    • Mario says:

      I heard some of the same type of confusion from the weather readers in the week leading up to the current rain event in Northern California.  In tonight's weather script from ABC 10 in Sacramento they called it (with big cheesy smiles) an "atmospheric river".  "Making it up as you go" shouldn't be our policy with our Mother Earth's weather patterns.  In fact it's the worst f*ing idea in the history of mankind.  Now with Trump in office it's going to be like an episode of Dynasty meets The Twilight Zone.  Hang on to your hats folks!

  10. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Those in power always have a method of implementing harmful, destructive actions, which they gain even more power and wealth. They all need to be exposed and (legally) punished immediately, for the irreparable destruction they have inflicted on the Biosphere as well as humans!

    • Dennie says:

      While cruising the Google maps looking for directions to something else, I found this nonprofit institution listed on the map in Richmond, CA:  https://www.autismspeaks.org/resource/california-autism-foundation  So there's money to be made on autism.  Wondering how much the people there know about the dastardly TOXIC METAL sprays containing massive amounts of deadly neurotoxin aluminum we are receiving?  Would be reeeally interesting to send all of these institutions a poll and see how it comes back…hmmm… anyone?

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I just found a three hour documentary behind psychoactive drugs and how much of a hoax the DSM and physiatry and pharmaceutical industry is and how much fraud and crime they are involved in as well as big money our kids if you a parent which I'm not are literally $$$ almost everyone is to them it's such a large number 1 in 5 or even 50% of the population are profitable for the pharmaceutical industry and 100% of the people are potentially profitable but not all get diagnosed with a fake disease or accept fake dangerous medication or treatment thanks to the disintegrating laws that protect our right like knowing how dangerous these drugs really are and they should not be called meds there drugs that's what they are and I am not even done talking I am just going to stop here for now (https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLS0oegAsYdlUZYkGx5VHCLUEqog75czLC&v=ojZn1P1CxJE)

  11. Joseph L. says:

    Great movie on Nuclear —


    Knocking on the Devils Door our Nuclear Legacy

    Everyone should see this.

    • virginia says:

      Joseph:  Thank you so much for informing us about the Gary Null film on nuclear disasters and their effects on our world. It is unbelievably scary to view those graphics presented in the film and even without the sound on, the messages are clear – nuclear power plants are going to destroy our world.  I had no idea over one million souls died because of the Chernobyl disaster.  Beyond tragic.  I am particularly interested in all things related to Fukushima Daichi  'accident' of March 2011.  Whether it was due to accident or terror remains questionable because both earthquakes and tsunamis can be caused by human 'intervention.'  Politically, Japan was, at the time, going against the Rothschild's plan regarding a Palestinian State..  Which brings up the possibility that nuclear plants are beyond dangerous for many reasons, terrorism being just one.  The comments in the film by various well-known scientists and activists enlighten us to the real dangers and horrible consequences of nuclear power plants.  A very powerful film and you are correct …..everyone should see this.  It is not a short film, but worth every  minute one can expend viewing it.  So thanks once more. 

    • Dennie says:

      AGREED!  Fabulous documentary by Gary Null.

  12. Seeing Clearly says:

    If you think about the spirit of our society that can be determined by what people watch listen to and do and even believe and what they don't do I have a hard time believing people are going to care about the truth and good if they don't even care about how they live there lives for example many people live there lives from the idea that if it feels good then do it which also means if it doesn't feel good don't do it that's many peoples foundation of how they live there lives and I hope you can all see how and why that is a problem for fixing/curing our problems from Geoengineering to finding the cure to disease let alone wanting a cure.

  13. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Dane — Did you read the paper posted at http://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/16/2843/2016/ by Anthony C. Jones, James M. Haywood and Andy Jones of the College of Engineering Maths and Physical Sciences, University of Exeter, Exeter, UK? "Climatic impacts of stratospheric geoengineering with sulfate, black carbon and titania injection" is a very good article published on Mar. 4, 2016. You should share this with everyone. I post many of these scientific papers to my Facebook page — of course no one ever responds to these papers. Most people are more interested in funny videos and recipes than they are with what the government is doing to our climate!! Heavy spraying over Phoenix the past week — lots of rain and colder than normal weather all this pat weekend. Strange-looking sky this morning.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clare, thanks for the link you posted. The problem with all such studies is that they do not admit to the blatant climate engineering reality that has been going on for so many decades. These studies are used to pacify the population into thinking geoengineering has not yet been deployed, which is patently false. All of us should make the attempt to contact the authors of studies (like the one in the link you posted) in order to plead with them to tell the whole truth. Put them on noticce that the public will one day soon hold them legally and morally accountable for their lack of disclosure.

    • horsegirl says:

      You don't know that.

      I've been trying to expose Mug Book for what they really are doing to divide and conquer people by misunderstanding.  Here is an article about how F Book was caught red-handed doing a pseudoscientific study intent on manipulating people's emotions:


      I have had a nightmare dealing with that outfit.  For years.  Over Christmas the new defense budget included grants for outfits like Mug Book to meddle with public discourse by combating "fake news" or foreign propaganda, take your pick.  This however has a long history.  Just like geoengineering.  They're trying to make it seem like a new topic, yet it's been going on for seven decades.

      Mug Book users take heed.  It is also a dragnet.

    • horsegirl says:

      The first draft of my answer to ou was "disappeared" and I did not emphasize my point in the rewrite:

      It is quite likely that none of your Mug Book contacts ever saw what you posted.  Never ever assume they did.

      Most of my contacts on there are people I have known in person.  I have checked it out with them.  Most are not reading my posts, and in several cases can not even receive my messages.

  14. Wanda D. says:

    Hello to all. Happy 2017!

    Here in SE NC on the morning of 12/31/16 the temp was 28F. The next morning, 38F. This morning it is a balmy 58F. What is up with that?? Not natural!

  15. Rosalie says:

    How many hours of sunshine per day would be the norm in each region, without geoengineering?  If people could see it in black and white, a break down over the decades of the sunny days we had and how they are robbing us of that sun today. I know my New Year's plan is to track how many hours of sun shines each day where I live. Today, not even a half hour.  Anyone have any suggestions of what can be used as a temporary sun substitute? I've seen a Happy Light (mood booster) product and considered buying it.  These constant, grey skies are brutal.         

    • BaneB says:

      Rosalie:  Geoengineering the weather and dimming the sunshine is a major assault on our psyche.  It's depressing, not only because we know how big a physical threat this terrorism is to our bodies, but, too, lack of light depresses our mental well being.  And that again depresses our immune system.  The color yellow is a good antidote for giving a boost to the human psyche.  Paint a room.  Sky blue is another "anti-depressant.  Light it up!  I took a skylight, the inside wall well, which is about 14 inches deep and used yellow paint. Wow, the entire room became "sunny" on a cloudy day.  Hell, just spray paint the entire house:-))

  16. Joseph L. says:

    Happy New Year — Great Show

    • Joseph L. says:

      I was wondering if Fukushima could have been prevented .  Personally I think all nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons are a threat to this whole planet. 

         We need everyone on board sharing climate engineering and this site w everyone they come in contact with.

    • Joseph L. says:

      http://www.fairewinds.org —Great site on nuclear

    • Dennie says:

      Nuclear disasters will be completely preventable when everyone in any position of decision-making comes cleanly OUT of DENIAL and realizes that splitting atoms has NO place on Planet Earth.. it is far and away too dangerous and we have NO "RIGHT" to polluting Earth, our only real home, any longer.  And it is NOT a "tech" planet.  The idiots who brought you nuclear bomb blasts and so-called "atoms for peace" (really just excuses to keep making weapons-grade plutonium) need to put every single nano-twitch of their pointed little heads into getting themselves OFF this planet and safely into a whole 'nother DIMENSION, where they should promptly be WALLED OFF and QUARANTINED from the rest of Creation.  We need a massive sea change of an overhaul in the 11 Dimensions of Creation, this time it should be all about RIGHT PLACE

  17. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia; It is very hot and fairly humid. Large fluffy white clouds are trying to form, but very strategic and minimal SRM is dispersing them. They are getting better at using the minimum required to get the job done. I gather this is to be more covert as it is a public holiday and more people are outside. At one point a short while ago, the sky was filled with heavy, shapely clouds that you would have thought might rain on us, but no, they have SRM'd the skies just enough to stop any rain.

    The heat of the sun is intense as usual and NEWS programs have been warning us to cover up even when spending a short time hanging the washing on the line. The maximum UV ratings are up to 14 (very intense) on the meteorological forecasts. Of course they don't mention that the ozone layer is destroyed and that dangerous UVB is coming down to ground level. Not all UV is equal, is it?! Most people do not know about UVA, UVB, UVC etc. Though many are wondering why they are getting burned when spending even less than 10 minutes in the sun. 

    • Dennie says:

      Wonder when His Royal Majesty Ruler of The Universe, a.k.a. David Keith, is going to switch us all over to calcium carbonate sprays… guess they won't need to supplement our orange juice with calcium after that gets started, eh?

  18. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    This is extremely IMPORTANT. This MAN talked in a press conference openly about the geoengineering issue and the fall out of aluminum that comes with the sprays. He says and states that the MFs are spraying fluoride on US also. He is a DOCTOR and he says and states that now the first cause of MORTALITY in WOMEN ( Worldwide ) is not anymore breast cancer but now is LUNG CANCER. And he connects this REALITY with the ALUMINUM we are BREATHING. He sows also a chart of the amount of ALUMINUM we are breathing in several different countries in the World. And he tells that the situation is DRAMATIC.

    This is a great CHANCE Dane, HE is GERMAN. Germany has 85.000.000 well educated persons, and is a heavy country regarding international politics. We know that the current leaders of the country are working for the money pushers and for the masonic SCAM, but people, over there, are in the vast majority unaware of the situation.

    Good Luck!!


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane.
      ILA 2016 – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt – Photopheresis, heavy metal toxicity and immune mobilisation
      This is the Man, Dane.

    • stephan says:

      @ Pedro, Surprise Surprise – The video is "UNAVAILABLE".

    • Dennie says:

      @Pedro:  Yes, I believe that CDC now is saying that respiratory illness is The Number One cause of death– gee, I wonder why?? 

      "A fool wonders; a wise man questions."  — Confucious

  19. virginia says:

    Interesting posts from all and to all my wishes for a healthy and safe 2017.            

    Dedicated to the Standing Rock brave hearts whom this government is pounding by its use of weather warfare, I post this wisdom of a Cree Indian prophecy.  One can substitute the verbs in each line with the appropriate terms of devastation used today.  It is simple.  It is pure truth by a people wiser than all of us.

          Only after the last tree has been cut down,

          Only after the last river has been poisoned,

          Only after the last fish has been caught,

          Only then, will you find that money cannot be eaten.

                                                 Cree Indian Prophecy

    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautiful words of wisdom.. if only the Native American peoples had  been able to defeat the white man's onslaught 200 odd years ago. I say that as a person born of caucasian descent here in America. The planet and all it's life forms today would be soooo much better off. 

  20. horsegirl says:

    Our roof is beautifully and intentionally designed for water capture.  However because we know it is toxic, we only use runoff for non-household purposes.  It siphons into a trough, then is collected into empty plastic gallon water jugs.  Until now, the only color change has been that slime green of water exposed to air for a length of time.  This morning my husband pointed out a first-time-ever development:  the water in jugs collected a week ago – previously clear – has turned coral.  The same color as the phony sunsets and dawns.  No wonder we're coughing up lungers.  A phony sunset in every jug.  Bright coral color.

  21. gene maynard says:

    I know the truth is we, America, are toast. These people will not stop and there is nothing Trump can do about it. It is not wild imagination to say these people are capable of and will not stop before destroying all life on earth. My blog has been blocked, a post such as this would go no where. I'm going to try again later, please let me know if you can receive it.

    America the Great; Not so Much

    We are all pretending to be someone we are not. This world has brainwashed us and convinced us we are here at this time and in this place as free people, engaging in critical thought, making a life and enjoying ourselves…but God calls us actors. The world mistakenly credits Shakespeare with coining “The world is a stage”…God said it first!

    And he said also to the people, When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, straightway ye say, There cometh a shower; and so it is. And when ye see the south wind blow, ye say, There will be heat; and it cometh to pass. Ye hypocrites [actors], ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time”?

    We worship money and authority figures as we engage in self delusion. In direct contradiction of God’s command to not love the world, we have actually given ourselves to this world while convincing ourselves we haven’t. Like a burgeoning alcoholic or drug addict we deceive ourselves that we can labor in the world and enjoy its perks without the addiction…”the perks have no hold on us”…but they do have a hold on us; so much so and so deeply embedded it’s easy for us to convince ourselves we are in charge, masters of our own destiny…but forgetting it is impossible to serve God and mammon. This world demands nothing less than our full attention and we are mesmerized by it. The truth is we are not free to engage critical thinking…the vast majority of Americans are incapable of independent thought. The majority of Americans would disagree with the statement they are not critical thinkers; that’s because all of us have been indoctrinated under a system of mind control that’s very adept at mimicking freedom; the truth is five minutes of critical thought would reveal the deception.

    We gladly trade critical thinking for obedience to tyranny and the nanny state. We do and think what government controlled media programming tells us…we are bound to politically correct speech; the government schools teach our children through Common Core that we have no inherit rights and government exists to assign our rights…public schools exist to train societies for obedience to the state; not to excel; rather to be part of a common work force. The “common” in Common Core reflects the selfishness of individualism and the evils of Christianity; Core speaks of a common source; common values, common future; a don’t rock the boat mentality is prized in the children and nurtured from a young age . Today every adult up to the age of forty that has gone through the public school system, has gone through this “common” indoctrination, trained to accept a future chosen for them by someone else. Mark Tucker from the National Center on Education and the Economy said this in part through a letter to Hillary Clinton in 1992 ; …”job matching will be handled by counselors. [Public]Education should have as its aim the destruction of free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than their schoolmasters would have wished…Diet [GMO foods], injections [vaccines], and injunctions [laws] will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable; any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible”[mind control].

     We are not a free people in the same way the citizens of North Korea are not free. In N.K. they are controlled by brute force because they have been disarmed and cannot resist. In America we have been and are being controlled in more subtle ways; toxic aero-soled aluminum [geo-engineering], fluoride laden drinking water, disinformation through the corporate owned/government controlled media/complicit alt. news sites, chemical addictions in the guise of medications and vaccines…in the phraseology of Agenda 21…the government agenda for the 21rst century…Sustainable Development and Sustainable Medicine translates into the public’s duty to die. To compliment the deception, history has been revised, addictive wireless technology and virtual reality supplement the distraction. Government has a strangle hold on the churches through economic tyranny…the hierarchy in the government controlled churches tell their patrons what to think and any attempt at deeper thought is shamed.  God calls us actors, hypocrites playing a role…pretending to be someone we are not; pretending we have answers to life’s questions, we are thespians occupying a world stage…disingenuous…dishonest with ourselves and therefore with others.                  

    Psychopaths run world governments through deceit, intimidation, and policies that assure self preservation. In the 20th Century there were twenty major genocides around the world perpetrated by governments on their own citizens…in every instance first came mind control and weapons confiscation…America is following the pattern. We are constantly told that we live in the freest and greatest nation on earth…the truth is 180 other nations have freedoms comparable to ours. The North Koreans are told the same thing by their leaders and they worship Kim Jung-Un as they despise America as their enemy. They willingly sacrifice for the state while the occasional lucid thought is met with a bullet to the head. We are among the controlled,  we learn our lines and we stay in character; we see our leaders as authority figures who rank barely below gods, they must be trusted, obeyed, and pleased. Americans come out of public school with a very shallow world view and a skewed view of history; basically we see the world as an enemy and the government as our protector…but all governments do this in a form because it keeps the people under control.  We are playing a role that will very soon run head on into cruel reality. We are not free but we insist we are…this is our story and we are sticking to it like the programmed souls we are. “If Christ makes us free we are free in TRUTH”; Jo.8:36…until then, we are hypocrites.

    In America thousands die yearly from medical mistakes; thousands more are killed every year from F.F.A. approved drugs. America was founded as a Constitutional Republic but quickly morphed into a Democracy as no one questioned the difference. Democracies give wealth and power to an elite few…America’s warring ways around the world have been to “democratize” the world as if that was a good thing for the world. Many nations have been “democratized” and true to form wealth and power have shifted to the same “elite”. America is not a great nation…it has never lived up to its potential displayed in 1776. As a warring empire America has fought in over 200 wars since 1776 and takes a back seat to no one in that category, including Rome, Greece, and Persia. With hundreds of bases around the world it is a military giant; but it is not a great nation. America is the richest nation to ever exist but it is not a great nation. America is at once the most vaccinated nation on the planet and the sickest. Today America ranks 7th in the world in literacy, 27th in math, 22ond in the sciences, 49th in life expectancy, 178 in infant mortality, 3rd in median house-hold income, 4th in labor force, 4th in exports. America leads the world in only two important categories; America ranks #1 in the world in the incarceration of its own citizens, and #1 in defense spending as we spend more on defense than the next 26 nations combined; children at pretend play.

    There is a time to be a child but children must accept responsibility if they are to grow up. To remain a child is to rob your generation of the wisdom God intended for you alone to implant in that generation. You and I are here at this time in history for a purpose…no one is here by accident. We are here for such a time as the present circumstances reveal. The Apostle Paul put it this way; 1Co 13:11 “When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish thing”. Adulthood is for independent thinkers…a child will always be subject to the thoughts of men who will rule over him.

    A myriad of walls are closing In fast. God gives us a clear glimpse into that day when all Americans would wake up and realize they have been play-acting, pretending; hypocrites playing a role they convinced themselves would never end; That day is assured!

    America, unless we repent here is our future. Rev 18:14-19 “And the fruits that thy soul lusted after are departed from thee, and all things which were dainty and goodly are departed from thee, and thou shalt find them no more at all. The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, And saying, Alas, alas, that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought. And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships, and sailors, and as many as trade by sea, stood afar off, And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and wailing, saying, Alas, alas, that great city, wherein were made rich all that had ships in the sea by reason of her costliness! For in one hour is she made desolate”.

    • virginia says:

      Gene, you have made some valid points.  Here is another version by someone who gave his life for his country.
      "There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child.  Before I leave this high office, I intend to expose this plot."
      President John F. Kennedy
      Spoken seven days before November 22, 1963 ….his assassination.

    • Steven says:

      Gene, all I can say is WOW! I believe you hit the nail right smack dab on the head with that one. Great letter. Thank You Dane for posting this, as controversial as it may be for you, it is the truth. This attack on our Host goes far beyond Governments, Presidents, Kings and Queens. I can hear HAARP humming in my ear as I type this. But Hey, I'm just a crazy ignorant organism right? Not a human being. Just a disposable piece of flesh made up of water and calcium. A defaulted rebel slave. God Bless the unknowing souls on this Earth and soften their hearts so that they may be able to accept the truth that is right in front of their faces, above their heads, and behind their backs. Lets now see how much chemically nucleated ice water we can all drink. Cheers.

    • Michel B says:

      Thank you Gene for your apt views on Democracy. Democracy has not worked and will not. It is always utilised by the ruthless. An Constitutional Republic that is decentralised is a very good idea to sustain a fairer and more just society.

    • Joseph L. says:


      George Carlin and the American Dream

    • Ed Bee says:

      Bravo, Gene! I was cheering you on while reading your post under a dismal, gray "foggy" sky. I was going to my car after church yesterday, incredulously observing the many white lines disseminating overhead. I took a couple pictures, but no one else seemed to notice the blatant show overhead. I've said it before, but I am so disappointed in the church that, instead of being at the forefront of fighting against this assault of God's creation, would rather address sin of a much smaller scale. I was shocked by the custom-made United States sized cold front being squeezed down by the two high pressure zones. It reminded me of the unnatural "snow" we keep getting. It seems no amount of irrational weather will wake people up.

    • BaneB says:

      Gene:  Great post!  And while on the subject of how "others" view our potential future, given the math" of the factors we know is eating away at the "foundation," take a gander at Revelation 17, verse 18:  "And that woman you see is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth."  The 9-11 con job revealed that 'Mystery.'  Tic tic tic….

    • Dennie says:

      @gene maynard:  Yes, "the system" of America is toast, as it should be. As for the American people, well the genuine ones who're paying attention,"not so much."  There is still a great amount of good here that is being covered up or SHOUTED down.  We are NOT MOVING THE MOST RAW parts of our consciousness or we'd be faster at changing this.  There is waaay too much "fragmentation" manifested as flesh-and-blood people but they have NO power to do any of the changing, which starts in consciousness first.  "MOVE OFF YOUR DOMINEERING PROGRAMMING" and "MOVE OFF THE PLANET" is what needs to get received by the Luciferian Corporate-Controlling "Angels," and their MOST UGLY children, the military f*ckrs. 

  22. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: 2017 will increasingly become ever more dystopian, more repressive, more insanely incomprehensible, as the climate-engineers continue their massive attempts to mask the fact that the poles, both the Arctic and Antarctica, are in complete irreversible meltdown and that there is nothing they can do to stop the global methane release and rising sea level that will inundate coastal cities forcing catastrophic migration. There is snow today all over the Olympic Peninsula WA for the second time this winter, and I’m certain more is to come as long as they go on ice nucleating the atmosphere, destroying Gaia's natural balance in their blind madness. These are obviously men & women who in abject pitiable arrogance think they are gods. They have no faith in the greater good. They have misunderstood their relationship, their potential role as subtle instrument and stewardship with the sacred Harmonic Principles that govern Creation, that are the substratum of this universe. They have strayed far from the eternal imperishable immutable Truth, and have become unwitting eyeless heartless instruments of destruction, of an inevitable dissolution, forces of suffocating darkness. Dane Wigington remains our North Star. His relentless adherence to truth grounded in credible fact and his irrefutable intelligent analyses of simple weather data are the solid ground we can all stand on, when others around us begin to lose their connection with reality and believe the big LIE! For surely this is the biggest Lie that has ever been perpetuated promulgated on mankind. Surely planet Earth has never before been so assaulted by such insidious intentionally calculated evil propaganda. The planet’s population is literally being brain washed as they are permeated in toxic metals — and this will increase and get far worse. These monsters will rachet up their techniques, and I expect that this year many sources of Truth that once were available will be extinguished one way or another. Chris Hedges has been warning about this again and again, and he is not the only one.Indeed I hold Hedges on a par, equal in adamantine wisdom, courage and strength to Mr. Wigington. There are also others who may soon be silenced. Yet we know, the Resistance will go on no matter what. It is my intention, and I hope what I will say here is contagious, to make myself stronger, better informed, and impervious to the tsunami of Orwellian propaganda heading our way — so that I may be, with the grace of God, living the Truth. We will be like the people in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” — each of whom had memorized a book and walked about reciting it. Do this for yourself, to keep your sanity, to protect your precious mind and health. Place your Heart into strengthening your faith, in whatever form that takes. A man is what he or she believes.  And we will need our Faith now more than we can imagine.  
    Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 movie adaptation.

  23. Susan Ferguson says:

    TOM ENGELHARDT: A Message for Planet Earth / Dec.22, 2016
    "Planet Earth, drop dead!"  … into the future universe of Donald Trump, which is, of course, about to become all our universes. I suspect that his will turn out to be the screw-you presidency of all time. And believe me, that will prove to be dystopian beyond compare – or do I mean beyond despair?
    Take the most dystopian issue of all: climate change.  In recent weeks, Trump has mumbled sweet nothings to the assembled New York Times staff, swearing that he’s keeping an “open mind” when it comes to the link between humanity and a warming planet.  He's also sweet-talked Al Gore right in the heart of Trump Tower.  (“I had a lengthy and very productive session with the president-elect,” said Gore afterward. “It was a sincere search for areas of common ground… I found it an extremely interesting conversation, and to be continued.”)  Whatever else Donald Trump may be, he is, first and foremost, a salesman, which means he knows how to sell anything and charm just about anyone, when needed, and reality be damned. If, however, you want to gauge his actual feelings … pay no attention to what he’s saying and take a look at what he’s doing.  On climate change, it’s screw-you devastating all the way and visible payback to the many greens, liberals, and those simply worried about the fate of the Earth for their grandchildren who didn’t vote for or support him. The Guardian recently did a rundown on his choices for both his transition team and key posts in his administration having anything to do with energy or the warming of the planet.  It found climate deniers and so-called skeptics everywhere.  In fact, “at least nine senior members” of his transition team, reported Oliver Milman of that paper, “deny basic scientific understanding that the planet is warming due to the burning of carbon and other human activity.” Combine this with the president-elect’s urge to release American fossil fuels in a way no one previously has and you have a message that couldn’t be clearer or more devastating for the future of a livable planet. Think of it as so dystopian, so potentially post-apocalyptic, that it makes 1984 look like a nursery tale. The message couldn’t be clearer. If I had to put it in just five words, they would be: Trump to Earth: Drop Dead.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, yes, Trump’s lack of acknowledement of our disintagrating climate is disturbing. This being said, the epedimic denial of climate engineering by the so called “environmentalists” and “scientists” is every bit as alarming. There is certainly more than enough denial to go around on all sides of the fence. Lets hope that changes very soon or we will have nothing left to salvage of our once thriving planet.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan and Dane,  Dane, I could not agree more.  We've had zero luck with all the supposed Nature loving groups, and their peoples! who are out and about all the time!  No luck with the government's scientists either, little to none with politicians.  Though it may kill me, who knows but what we need a Trump to upend things?  Shaking the bushes to see what falls out.  Meaning wasted money.  Being a tweeting, FB kind of guy, he's bound to have heard of GW.  Or will.  He seems to truly love his children if too much.  Doesn't he own beach front property?  He's gonna want to know what the bottom line is if only for himself.  So, I do hold out hope that he just might let this cat out of the bag.  And he doesn't trust most of the agencies.  That has got to be a good sign.  I live in hope always.  At least not the same old same old, even if more than a little embarrassing!  His gaffes crack me up.  Maybe I should thank him for the humor.  It does help the medicine go down.

      Susan, this pointed out what a great salesman Trump is and I saw it for myself and also saw a guy on Bill Maher, who when young was into magic and knew all sort of tricks of distraction, subliminal messaging, that sort of thing and he pointed out exact ways Trump was doing just that, I watched and too true.  He drew his crowd by appealing to their anger and sense of disenfranchisement and it worked.  He is now trying to walk back the hate he stirred up because that really is not who he is.  Seems as if the only other one like him in the world is Kim of North Korea.  There is a personality clash waiting to happen!  

    • Dennie says:

      Trump and his minions won't last.  Rome didn't.  Neither will the corrupted American Empire.  We all are going to need to learn how to live between the ones and zeros of Cartesian tyranny.  I think that means getting back to sane and local living in harmony with the rhythms of the planet, it's days and nights, it's seasons, in our neighborhoods, in our regions.  People are going to have to learn how to manage their anxiety and what to do with their terror and their rage.  And how to live in peace and not fight over Every Last Resource.  At the end of this all we will have left is one another. 

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      I lived in Manhattan for over 25 years and it was common street knowledge that Trump’s money came from his father's connections with the New Jersey Mafia. I cannot find hope in a man spawned out of the Mafia, a man who appoints billionaire bankers and generals. Didn’t we learn anything from Obama’s Psy-op of HOPE? Empires don’t require “a man of the people” – only those that feign to be so. The truth will out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Susan, I did not mean to imply anything good about Trump or his plans.  It will all destroy me, my health, my living circumstance, my grandchildren's health and circumstance–I may well be homeless.  I have been going around in a state of shock and depression.  It is clear, even to one not from New York, that many of Trump's buddies are mob guys.  I grew up around the mob in KC-my father made sure I understood.  I am terrified of what all will happen.  But, I can't just dwell in that state.  My urge always is to attempt to find the humor wherever I can because humor buoys me.  And, given that there is not much I can do about the situation, I try to see what may tumble out of this unholy mess.  Meantime, I am working politically to do everything possible to slow his roll.  I even got Ralph Nader's new book: Breaking Through Power.  And yes, I fortify myself with my spiritual beliefs.  I see no good in this man and the hell to come, the hell he has already turned loose and is responsible for.  But, I will not be streamrolled.  I will not give up or give in or dwell in despair.  At first I thought, well someone will kill him.  Quickly followed by NO, not Mike Pence!  A rock and a hard place.  But who can say, given this bizarre wild card, what will happen?  I live in hope always, my saving grace, always.

  24. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I have Never been a Fan of…What can I Do,  crap!   How Can I, make a difference… We Can All Do Something !   Many Things!    Please Read On….

  25. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I so Ignorantly responded a couple of weeks ago, when the question was asked? What should we do if this site were taken out. I asked if we should all get together the weekend following. Hoping through m y rose colored glasses that a mass rally would then bring mass awareness!  Yes Gail, That will wake Everyone Up! Another un-reported rally for change by the mainstream media. So, I then thought about this question deeper. We now have so many on this site stating they are having issues with even sending links etc. dealing with SRM Programs. We need to use other tactic's it is clear. If we are being blocked at ever turn online. A Hit & Miss!  We need to think as we/they did in the 60's & 70's. How did they reach the masses?  I read decades ago, that, for every hand written letter( A typed letter would do ) that a company receives, it was considered as a thousand persons views on the topic at hand.  This could be as high as twenty five hundred by now. Or more!  I do a lot of mailing Geo Eng. info out. This cannot be deleted, as an Email or a Link can be. They have it in their hands and they are curios!   And… everyone likes a letter because there are so few now sent to us.  And no one knows this information was sent to them, so they can read it in the privacy of their homes. Well sort of!  Don't look at it in front of your T.V. !  Write a list of a group you want to inform, find their addresses online or in an old fashion phone book. Sometimes you need to search to find the postal codes/zip codes. I find that keeping a book on who you mailed out to is handy, so as to not double up. I hit one group at a time to get a reaction from many in the same field at once. I usually mail fifty or more each mail out. It has taken a long time to come up with groups I Hope it will Piss off the most! Starting with the Largest size ones & working your  way down. Money talks and the government seems to respond to the Larger groups. Go Figure!    So to save you time… Here's some of mine.  Birding or Wild Bird.  Anyone raising Bees or Honey makers. Wild Animal,  Zoo's, & Habitat's. Ranches & Farms. Fishing Clubs & Resorts that offer fishing during a retreat. Even Hunting Groups. Outdoor Groups of all kinds. Hiker, Skiing, Cycling, Biker Clubs ( Hey! Maybe we should get the "Hell's Angels onboard. They are Bad Asses! ) Just Kidding !  Fitness Clubs & Sports Players. You can even reach Olympians with a little effort. Rugby Teams & Weight lifting Clubs. Outback Groups.  Organic Growers, Hutterite Farms, & the alike. They are Very Aware of the Weather & Growing their own food. Colony's of all sorts.  Tree Farms, Orchards & Wineries. Seniors Groups of all kinds. We have a place for Vets to go here in Canada, that is called the Legion. Vets get together to enjoy each others company.What a Great Topic for those that have been so terribly treated.  Observatory's of all sizes, Star Gazers. They are ones that do look up! Hot Air Balloon & Ultra flight Company's along with Helicopter company's that take passengers out.  Sun Worshipers! Solar & Wind Power Company's. Human Rights Groups & Human Rights Lawyers. Professors who seem to really care. High Schools where they are pushing Green Energy. Putting up Posters outside where the students pass each day.  Military bases< Airports that fly these planes. Let them know, We Know!  Journalists? I mail out to a dozen at one station & hand deliver so I know they made it there! And three, four stations at a time.  Send them photo's of the area so they know what to look for. They seem to be confused! Including the Directors of that station. And let them know there has been a Law suit filed in the U.S. & in Canada to Stop SRM Programs. And they will look Real Bad for not reporting on them to the Public., when they declare that they report on "Breaking News"!  Yet we can find this Law Suit Online ! I also have written out JFK"s Full Speech, which you can find online written below as he's speaking. Powerful words to read as well as hear.  The News papers and all those that write to the Editor on "Climate Change". These addresses are easier to find in a smaller town.  Fire Stations, They are working over time with all of the Fires started by these Toxin's. Most of these groups share information in some form. They get together throughout the year for events.  Thus spreading the word further. They just need to be woken up to this Madness. Whatever is indicative to your area or climate. And of course your local Politicians. Bring into their office the information & Photo"s, this let's them see you face to face.         I once went to three Hardware- Building Stores after a 450 million dollar Manmade Hail Storm hit a small community in Alberta (Airdrie) Everyone was out to buy building supplies to repair there Homes that had been through this insane downpour. I put letters under hundreds of wipers that day. On my own. So many busy people when you need Help! I'll never forget a man that pulled up next to me & said; You are Killing Trees!!! I saw his Wife next to him reading the letter I had put on their car, So Hopefully he changed his mind on who is Killing the Trees! I also after this event wrote to a dozen Car & Truck dealerships that had Huge damages to their vehicles. And the IInsurance Company's, They too are taking a Hit!  We need to reach those that haven't taken a bribe.  If you live in a Rural area…Make up pkg's of info & put them in a plastic sleeve,(This keeps them  water proof)  fold top over a string & tape Then  tie over entrance or field  gates. Always easier if someone else is driving.  Then,  Good Ole Door to Door! And anyone you see on the street.    Place stickers in the back window of your vehicle. A very inexpensive way to bring attention to the cause. I have changed mine a dozen times over the years. ( No I Have not scratched my window once removing them, although it would be worth it)  I keep it simple now, with the slowing minds.  "Where are All the Clouds Coming from?" Then simply Geoengineeringwatch.org You can overwhelm the Ignorant.  Or…"Where is Our Daily Blue Sky?"  LookUpBanff.com then this Site. Many options.Get them Curios. There are many that advertise this way. And I've never been hassled. I even got a speeding ticket 60Km in 50Km leaving town. Ugh!  But, my back window is clear in the frame of the photo, So, even those at the photo lab got the word! And the Cop that took the photo. See how it works. Giggle! This works well for those that are in heavy traffic each day. The slower the better. And you can know, that you even in traffic, are getting the word out!  Yeah!  And for those that drive great distances…Truck Drivers, that I have written many of also.  Many drivers with nothing else to do but to read the back of your car, Wink, Wink!   I drove 3500Km putting up Posters on poles & hanging info off gates. I never saw the Sun & Blue sky once! This was three years ago & Nothing has changed as of yet. Can you even Conceive of this?  I Will Not Give Up, I Will Not Give Up!    You can also write on a T.Shirt front & back, so on your outings others will read it & you don't have to say a word. Better to be Busty, in this day & age!   It attracts more attention.  They've used Sex for years, We can use old fashion, Sexy! And lastly for me…I have put up a few Billboards that I painted. They are at the beginning of our driveway, beside our gate in. We live on a dead end road that is up from a Fishing Lake that gets a lot of traffic during the Winter & Summer months. Some stop. Some Don't. They have been knocked over a few times & someone even tried to make us take them down (brought up at a town meeting) I had no idea about. It was agreed by them that just moving them back to the property line that we had passed when putting them up. Two Feet Back!  So my Billboards are still up.  How about a Town Meeting bringing this issue that affects us all. If you blanket your area with info. they will be informed before the meeting.   We all have a Dog in this Fight.  All of these methods vary in cost. Pick one or all that fit your budget. And if you only have money to contribute…Put up a Billboard or two, Donate to this Site, and they can distribute it where needed. Always think in the terms of Masses! No more trickles! Our time is Short,and like Dane says; You maybe the One that tips the scales!  Please Help Us Do It!   Maybe We have become too reliant on Dane for guidance. I Hope Everyone that has other suggestions to how they tackle the masses, will include their methods also. Not everyone has had the time to think as others have. This will make it easier for them.  Dane too offers info & photo's to hand out.   So easy to print off.  We Have the Means.    Dane & All at Geo Engineering Watch…. Thank You for the time we have had. Please know we are with You All, even if you no longer can broadcast.    We Will Make You Proud!!!   

    • ron hall says:

      Gail: your comments simply contain too many items for this aging brain. I was an activist in the 60S, so I can respond a little to that part–mostly through the link below.  One MUST understand fully that we are now living in a totally dystopian, fascist, surveillance state–the emphasis on surveillance– with a quick military/police thrust aimed in your direction if you attempted to do what we were able to pull off. We even frightened 2 presidents. Those days are gone.

      I'm too damned old now. I would suggest that now is the time for slyness–know your enemy better than your friends.  Confront, demonstrate, etc., but consider the possibility of penetrating quietly the "system' from the inside.  That is an age old technique of theirs–progressives, radicals and activists never have made serious use of that method.  Just sayin'…


    • Dennie says:

      @Gail, Yellowhead County, Alberta:  The nature of information is to spread.  For tens of thousands of years we did NOT need the internet for this to happen.  I suggest the hand-held HAM radios if we're going to be shut out.  Personally I've not had much problem getting on this site, once in a while a "server error" comes up– would reeeeaally L-O-V-E to find the little Order-Following computer NERDS who's wreaking havoc with this site, claw out his EVIL PIG-EYES then strangle him to death with my bare hands– RRRRRGGGH!!!!! THESE PEA-BRAINED LITTLE MOTHERFCKERS REFUSE TO FACE THEIR OWN REFLECTION– WELL, I'D LIKE TO SET UP REALITY TO AUTOMATICALLY RUB THEIR NOSES IN IT FOR THE NEXT ONE-THOUSAND MILLION LIFETIMES.  .

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Dane.  Bless you for your strength.  It's astounding, but not surprising, stuxnet got to Fukushima.  Can't quite yet get my mind fully around that without it snapping.

    Unless I've got the wrong list, your site no longer seems to be listed, which seems interesting (?)



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, thank you for the link you have posted. Though GeoengineeringWatch.org is not on this list (as you stated), we were on the original list that was published. Time will tell, I will continue to do my best to report on the most critical data regardless.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you for persevering, Dane.  You set an outstanding example for all of us to emulate.  Even if we're not on The List, we're on their radar. . . . . without a doubt.

      It's remarkable you've stayed operational up to now.  I still remember in summer 2013 (the time of UV test results) how the site and email content were made inaccessible.  I've heard how Pirate Bay has had to move around the web really a lot, but still persists : )

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bella, GeoengineeringWatch.org was definetely on the original list, FYI http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/11/breaking-media-list-fake-news-websites-includes-breitbart-infowars-zerohedge-twitchy-blaze/

      We must all try to be spot fires of credible information, thank you for all you are doing to help Bella (and all truly commited activists).

    • Bija says:

      I suggest we all take a picture of the list of sites at the bottom of propornot.com! There is a wealth of resources here…thanks propornot. And just so ya know, no one is buying your fake news BS! Your blatant betrayal of our first amendment rights only spotlights YOUR tyranny…oh and stupidity as well, as prohibition of anything brings interest in droves. Cowards, dummies and bullies rule the day but not for long

  27. youss says:

    Hello everyone,
    it seems here in Germany the awareness of all the toxic particles sprayed heavily everyday/night got so intense and hard to ignore that the powers that shouldn't be where forced to start another 'newspeak' campain to prepare for future control of the narrative regarding the real origins and purpose.
    They named the particles 'ULTRA FINE DUST' and they frame it to the exhaust of the normal airplanes starting and landing and so affecting mainly the area around airports.
    In the article below they tell the people they will start to measure and monitor the air in the future to get to the bottom of the issue. And as everyone here is aware this will not happen and instead they will give us anything than the truth and a story that fits and protects their agenda.
    Anyway a 'happy' new year to all
    Ps:As a sidenote as some people still believes anything Nasa and other space agencies tell us about their 'Space Programs', please consider at least that it all could just be a distraction of their real agenda, and they not even know how our universe functions much less to get anywhere outside our beloved planet!

  28. stop geoengineering says:

    I've been getting sicker this year.  Whereis a cheap place to send hair samples to test? Our doctors won't do that.  Also how to get vitamin D if you have digestive and liver problems but there is never sunlight?  The last rain was oily, should food gardens be covered from rain?

    • moderncalamity says:

      Trace Elements in Addison Texas will do hair analysis if your state allows it (NYS does not).  You can buy liquid Vitamin D3 in coconut oil (Calson's) and put it on your skin (some of it will absorb).   You can also self test for Vitamin D if you participate in Dr Mercola's Vitamin D study (about $120 per year for two tests per year). It is also possible that a naturopath can arrange for the testing.

    • Dennie says:

      Great information.  May I add that we all need to start taking good-quality PRO-BIOTICS; good ol' homemade sauerkraut is a good and tasty start, and there are many ways to make good and tasty krauts.  Mercola's a great source of real health information.  I am not even sure that I should be so terribly dismayed at the Repugnicanz murdering of the Affordable Health Insurance Act– it's true I'm being nicely covered at my low income level, but someone else just a little above me economically probably has to lift a little harder now.  And just look at the kind of system you're continuing to be forced into having to deal with: Brain-washed Allopathic Western Medical personnel controlled by the Big Pharmaceutical Luciferian-Angel-controlled CORPORATIONS– ???  My premium went up about $15/mo. this year, so even the poor folks are going to have to pay more.  Pity the A$$HOLES in D.C. cannot find a way to do REAL national HEALTHCARE, as in other truly civilized nations on Earth. 

  29. ron hall says:

    Powerful statements Dane!!

    You touched on an area that has fascinated and concerned me for years! Based on many studies it is clear that  usually PSYCHOPATHS rise to the top or damn close to the top(cf., Neocons) and are obsessed with power and RULING us.  They are NOT TRUE LEADERS(like yourself)–they demand total CONTROL and 9 of 10 are male. Being a public "servant" is hilarious for them.  We, the masses are mere saps, losers no-nothings, etc., because we obviously do not lust for power(and $, of course).
    Let us postulate the following: on a scale from 1 to 100 the intensity/degree of PSYCHOPATHY.  Those in the 1-15 area being caring, and posses empathy.  Those in the 80-100 zone are  essentially mostly psychopathic and we know the evils they will commit. So, what about those humans in the 16-79 category? My educated guess is that group is where the followers are.  They will follower their RULER OR "LEADER" in a cult-like haze to the gates of hell, war, and or sure suicide!!
    This has always begged the age-old question:  "If there were no Adolph Hitler, would the Germans of the early 1930s found somebody to replace him?" This points to a strange brain phenomenon which I've noted for quite sometime:  namely,  For a very large proportion of the masses, their brain needs/searches for "THE ALPHA"–usually a MALE(consider the Trump case). This is why the seekers of fact and truth have such a difficult time.  A majority of their fellow humans are "ok" with their(unbeknownst to them, PSYCHOPATHIC RULERS).
    Folks, PREPARE for an intense 2017!!  And squeeze out some happiness.

    • Dennie says:

      well, and the women who think somehow it's "cool" to breed with this sick group of subhumanoids are in the same category.  Dumbshits.

  30. Seeing Clearly says:

    I just found out about a disinformation Facebook page ,it is a wolf in sheeps clothing it claims to expose disinformation and myths however what they are really doing is promoting disinformation and bias anti- cure propaganda this page is the page that doesn't believe autism is a disease this page is the page that believes autism is not an epidemic this page is the page that supports the drugging of kids with psychoactive drugs I would add what's the real difference between drugs that come from your doctors and ones you do without a proscription from your doctors ,there is none and they completely ignore the evidence and data that exist that proves vaccines are dangerous and mind altering drugs are dangerous and the fact that autism is an epidemic shame on the people who run this site what's the possible motives for this Facebook site to be on the web most likely pride and ignorance that blinds and devices they don't love the truth that autism is a disease they hate that truth and they are deceived liars shame on this Facebook page it's a complete assault on the real beautiful truth it needs to be exposed as fake because that's what it is it's a site spreading lies they also push the fake news narrative they believe we should be protected from "fake news " as if news posed a threat to our safety ohh no. We live in a dark age these are very dangerous times we live in peace the first link is the Facebook page and then the articles about the increased autism rates in California.



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Seeing Clearly, For what it is worth, in my emails I've gotten info from Natural Health saying they are under assault from those trying to take their cures away.  In addition, I've brought up the spike in Autism to a number of Docs who actually said it is because Autistic spectrum people marry and have children.  Which I guess implies genetics!  My next guess is money.  Pushing Big Pharma, and Mds.  Most Mds do not believe in so called natural cures nor feel the industry is regulated well.  As if They had a leg to stand on!  I'm having a Very hard time convincing any medical people about vaccines.  Very.  Despite overwhelming evidence. Can't wait to run this one by.  Haven't we been told to report fake news?  Hmmm.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Epigenetics can also act like genes that you can pass on and inherit it's why fat people often have fat children studies have been done in rats and this usually proves the case even with mental habits or disorders it's how genes express themselves and there is no thought that our genes are mutating now more than ever as we have more radiation and toxins and many factors we are mutating however we are also mutating our epigenetics how we express our genes we need to correct our health as much as possible we have an epidemic of not just autism but many other illnesses how can any parent of young children and future parents not be alarmed of the fact that they have a 1 in 5 chance of there children having a "neurological disorder " plus all the other problems in the world people need to get off the couch.

  31. SD says:

    Here in CA we saw yet another earthquake "swarm" today, Sat, near Brawley in the Imperial Valley.  Weather forecast calls for 90% chance of rain tonight.  That area is NOT known for heavy rain this time of year.

    In describing the mass of frigid air stalled over NW Nevada, a well known weatherguy in Mammoth Lakes used the term "out of kilter"

    Here in SoCal it has been drizzling all day.  KABC TV meteorologist called this a snow event rather than rain event.  Local mtns accumulating snow now, first time in over 6 years. Geoengineers are in the snowmaking business, just like ski resorts around the world.  I bet they use some of the same technologies. Geoengineers also love and use CONVECTION to maximize precip from storms.  Convection also increases lightning.  Many reports of "snow thunder" and lightning strikes lately.

    • MS P says:

      As a skier It does snow in our local mountains. The problem is we get snow, them it gets rained upon. Melting the snow. For the past 5-6 years, it seems to be 1 good day around Christmas /New Year. Then a better day in March. Then winter is over.

      Gone are the years where I'd get 45 days of skiing in a season. I grew up skiing the local mountains of S CA.

      Very seldom is MT High East even open anymore. With the longest chair lift/ski run in S CA. It takes a major snow event to open MT East.

      I also have noticed  that the snow events are in isolated areas. It was puzzling to be standing at the top of a ski run on MT High in Wrightwood CA. To look across the high desert to the Tehachapi Mountains. Having no snow upon these peaks. Same story for Big Bear & Wrightwood. Sometimes it snows in the San Gabriele Mountains,  but nowwhere else locally.

       MT High West Snow blows with snow making machines. 

  32. Greg O. says:

    I have not posted for quite some time but I keep up with everything  on this site.  I am inspired to see so many more people awakening and becoming a part of the critical mass.  With mass extinction so close, the relentless geo-engineering campaign, the out of control global corporate fascist elite cabal,and possibly some strong gamma-ray bursts, we are collectively in a pickle.  I am honored and humbled to know so many of you are out there, consciously speaking the truth and confronting the lies.  I, too am doing as much as I can to awaken the sleepers.  May we all embrace the new year with renewed vitality, compassion, co-operation, community, and service to all life forms on this planet we call home.  Thank-you Dane for your relentless efforts in this most critical battle! Thank-you all who are out there in the trenches doing your amazing work for the good of all.  In deep respect and gratitude,  Greg O.

  33. Marc says:

    Guy McPherson has revealed in a talk that, while Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, he discovered he'd been under surveillance by an undercover agent of the NSA posing as a student from around 1995 to around 2005, give or take a few years. His lectures consisted of viewpoints and socio-political perspectives considered threatening to the PTB, which includes the administrative whores who run the U of A. This in spite of the fact that he was primarily a conservation biologist, who, to his own detriment as it turns out, became exquisitely aware of the extent to which the MIC/ Corporatocracy posed the singularly darkest threat to the future of humankind and indeed, all life on earth. And he was compelled to share his realizations with his students. Bad career decision. The most insidious thing about this is the realization that he was covertly surveilled for so many years which directly led to his "demotion" at the hands of his department head. This repulsive fact relates directly to the better part of Dane's discussion today about efforts to crush "free speech" in this country. Geoengineering aside, I can think of nothing more worthy of my rage than some cabal of pansy-assed, pedophilic, psychof*cks who are attempting to shut down major internet sites because they are now interpreted as threats to the aforementioned heavily armed fruitcakes. I have often wondered why, what with so much at stake for these bastards, they haven't ALREADY found a way to shut down this magnificent website. Or, heaven forbid, something happening to Dane that would render his leadership impotent. Dane's revelations here with regard to this so-called Ministry of Truth, or whatever dumb-ass name they choose to give it, is the most alarming development I have become aware of since I first finally understood what they were doing to the atmosphere. Dark and getting darker. May God have mercy on us all. 

    • nobodiesfool says:

      The darkest hour is just before the dawn.


    • BaneB says:

      Marc:  Stephen Lenderman has a blog, and he states the censors ARE already actively shutting down sites.  He says there is no appeal because the only contact one has to Facebook, etc. is a non-person…."HAL."  To learn what specific parts of a article is upsetting the censor is impossible to discern.  Millions of fans, incomes, and jobs, are on the line.  There is a "spider" in the center of the web.  A mere giggle can mean death.

    • ron hall says:


    • BaneB says:

      Haha))). Make that giggle into jiggle:-). And while I am here making a correction, snow is coming down at 4,000 feet in central Mendocino County, California.  About 3 inches overnight.  The "flakes" are very small and lots of them.  And don't worry…..I will not be making snow ice cream out of urea and e-coli-laced fallout from THIS "gift" by the weather gods.

    • Nigel says:

      On Dec 23rd, Obama signed into law the "Ministry Of Truth" .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arJFqe6zhG0

  34. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I am so pleased to finally hear Stuxnet addressed!  Thank you! Like weather modification we need full disclosure on Stuxnet and cyber war, but I guess that would be telling!  So, probably not going to happen.  But, so few know, so few aware and so serious, again, not unlike geo-engineering, it belies a too secretive government.  I mean, of course every Tom, Dick and Harry does not need to know or should, every little machination of government politics, but when it is something so huge, so secretive–I mean the cyber department itself is a gigantic building and compound with tons of staff doing God knows what with precious little oversight, that it really needs the light of day to hit it.  Can't just be left in the hands of unknown persons.  I mean, it is not even the military, per se!  Beyond accountability.  Gee, sound familiar?

    The so called fake news, some of it really was.  It is a crying shame GW gets lumped into the likes of Alex Jones and Pizzagate craziness.  I had my own list of crimes for Hillary, mainly focusing on land sales to foreign entities to mine, such as to Putin in Oregon.  I've never been able to disprove that one, only more proof.  Yet never mentioned!  Never!  Instead this stupid pizza gate thing, which was such an obvious lie, that I would have thought all would see through that but no.  There are indeed lots of lies and schemes to be found on the net.  But also or moreso in MSM.  One guy being interviewed by Anderson Cooper about this said that MSM does not give us the truth.  Oooh did Anderson's hackles go up!  He seemed truly shocked, asking the guy and with attitude, what do you mean?!  Are you saying CNN spreads lies and fake news!  God I thought I'd die laughing yet again.  Meantime, even as CNN still wonders why it got the election wrong, their background has changed and looks a lot like, uh, weather modification!  Parts look as if a view of Earth from space with clouds moving in, a bit like one would see on satellite, and lines around Earth, full half circles or part of lines, some with an oblong object in the line moving with it like a plane or a satellite?  Clearly, intentional confusion.  As if they need to be more confused.  I've been watching them some lately as I can't get enough Trump laughs, and there seems a new one everyday.  My biggest takeaway is that all is lost and no one but for Trump wants to be the captain who goes down with the ship.  But, what all you have, I mean the motherlode of stuff about geoengineering, the sheer truth of it too–and by the way The Brothers Vonnegut book is outstanding and walks us through GE as they first develop artificial snow, also plasma and oh so much, the snow at the end of '46, all this truth is too convenient to dismiss as fake news along with the obvious fake news, many will swallow that one whole.  Rats.  We didn't need that.  But, we didn't need Trump either.  As soon as all found out about Stuxnet it was game on, now, everybody is doing it, so why not Russia?  I am no fan of Russian politics.  But it is a bit like comfort food to blame Russia for everything, when much more sinister things are afoot.  Not that Russia is not sinister, it is, big time.  But, is the USA not?  And who is scarier?  China.

    • virginia says:

      Rachel….happy new year to you.  Regarding your post, paragraph 2, wherein you state PizzaGate is a lie.  I beg to differ with you.  Pizza Gate is no lie.  Every individual named to be involved is a known pedophile and worse; trafficking and all that goes with it.  If you research each individual, then do a Jeffrey Epstein research and if you have time read about the Franklin Bank Scandals (child trafficking) involving our top (very, very top) government personnel, you just might change your mind about what is going on in Washington DC and internationally regarding  pedophilia and all the sordid machinations involved.  It is all true.  It is all disgusting to the extreme.  And Americans should wake up and do something about it, for Washington DC is the top pedophilia center of the world and a ripe field in which to blackmail anyone involved.  Anyone.

    • Bija says:

      Rachel, yes…Virginia is absolutely correct! The fake Main Scheme Media has tried to paint pizzagate as a non event…nothing to see here so move on narrative. But where there is smoke there is fire and this supposed pizza shop owner is DC connected to the max. If you research his tweets, he is anything but an innocent victim. And his relationship to the Hillary and Podesta email leaks inevitably leads one down a trail of unfathomable sleaze and horrificly despicable acts. This pedophile satanic depravity is being categorically whitewashed and covered up rather than investigated. The FAKE NEWS frenzy has a lot to do with trying to sweep this under the rug.  Mainstream Journalism is DEAD, along with many who have tried to tell the truth over many years. From the McMartin Preschool episode to Bohemian Grove to Jimmy Saville to Dennis Hastrid, Anthony Weiner, our VP (Vice Perv), and on and on to the scum who run this world! All these powerseeker, psychopathic, child molesting and murdering scum have sold their souls (literally) to keep their positions as the puppets of the real powerbrokers. They have so much dirt on every one of these slimeballs in positions of power that no one dares speak out. It's a sordid and stomach turning chapter that few care to squarely look in the eye. If you do, it can never bear 'unseen'. In my opinion both Mark Passio and David Seaman give credence to the topic on YouTube.

      Folks, its all connected. The agenda is far, far more evil than most of us could ever have imagined. We are called to fight a battle few of us would ever have willingly volunteered for. This is what true darkness looks and feels like and a!l we have are us – you and me with our slingshots taking our best shot and hoping for a miracle!

      May 2017 bring us all some peace, love and understanding. May our efforts bring results, and if not, then some comfort in knowing we are doing the moral thing. May Dane and all of you here whose intelligence and strength I have come to depend on, who risk living life with eyes wide open and speaking truth to as many as will hear it, stay safe from harm and remain strong in spirit! May we prevail!

  35. Paul Barbara says:

    Angela Merkel Plans to Fine Social Media Sites $522,000 per Day for “Fake News”:


    The PTB cannot let the truth continue to get out.

  36. jean ballard says:

    THANK YOU DANA.  fir all you have done in 2016 to bring the truth to light. i wish you and your family  much love and  good health this  coming year.  my health is failing from respiratory disease.  for the last 3 years. but i listen and share all you say do almost everyday, and i will continue as long as i have  breath speak and the internet to share.  i have been speaking out about the danger of vaccines for over 15 years, i have been speaking out on geoengineering and haarp  for the last 6 years when i woke up to it .  now i add  fracking of oil and gas wells to that list 4 years ago.  in my  community we were told last month we now have lead in our well water.  if  i should not  live to see the end of 2017 . i want to thank you for all  the information and the speaking out platform you have given me, and the courage to to keep on speaking out until i no longer can.  many blessings i send you and your family for the coming year. i may never get the chance to tell you this if  the internet is shutdown.. 

  37. Michel B says:

    Brisbane, Australia, New Years Day. Summer was predicted to be hot and dry and it certainly is. 'Rain events' are far and few between, predictions of a certain percentage chance "of any rain" seldom result in any significant rainfall. They now predict rain very locally, Western suburbs/Bayside suburbs, etc and they are normally correct. One can see why they are correct when you look into the sky and see the mess of SRM trails visible before and after, fore and aft of rain events.

    UVB is stinging my skin even from very early on in the day right up until sunset. One can easily see the damage to flora from this solar onslaught. Today the sky is too light a shade of blue. About 10.30am there was a very distinct section of SRM sky that was being manipulated by RF. The ripples were unmistakable.

    • Michel B says:

      Part B: I went for a drive to the north of Brisbane at about midday and in a 3 hour round drive I watched towering thunderheads trying to form and come in from the NW to SW but they were obliterated by massive sheets of SRM. Just melted away. Yep, that 'prediction' of hot and dry is spot on. It really is "covert in plain site". I wonder how many others in my region watched it and knew what they were looking at?

    • carrie from aus says:

      Michael B, I notice all the geo engineered clouds as well and despair. Every morning such a white glare from the East & South. We call them "oxide white' and "aluminum grey" clouds now. (No one gets the joke)  Sat & Sun hit 38 C deg OMG. It was 32 C deg at 8am! And it just got hotter.  Sunday night it was still 28 C deg at 11pm!  Plants that are meant to be in full sun, the leaves get sunburnt, unless watered every day the soil becomes water repellant.

  38. Dennie says:

    Dane:  Where did you get the information about the Stuxnet attacks on Iran and how the virus got loose around the world?  I'm hoping we can find a link to the article.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, there are many sources of Stuxnet data, FYI stuxnet fukushima

    • Dennie says:

      From the New York Times, all the way back in June of 2012:  http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/01/world/middleeast/obama-ordered-wave-of-cyberattacks-against-iran.html&nbsp; Amazingly enough, this story aired on NPRs Fresh Air:  http://www.npr.org/2012/06/04/154282712/obamas-secret-wars-against-americas-threats

      And WHO was paying ANY attention at all???

      Obama was the one leading the charge against Iran– (yeah, we sure got our "hope" and "change," all right.. and Oh Bummer got a "peace" prize, HA!).  He and his merry band of psychopathic-joo computer scientists CAUSED the meltdown at Fukushima– and so who's that harming now?  The entire planet, especially the west coast of North America.  So I'll raise my glass of glow-in-the-dark orange juice in a toast to the New Year 2017.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, I have been going on about Stuxnet for some time.I first found out via the documentary Zero Days.  This doc is via a whistle blower.  I've since studied it and it is fascinating.  I mentioned the names of people involved, and who knew, even those now retired cannot say much about it.  Top Secret.  It is very very complex and was begun out of fears that Iran was building a nuclear bomb.  Most initial reports and those that still go around, say that we damaged but a few of their centrifuges, like twenty, but I believe it was more, and yes, they did want nuclear capability-which scared the bejeezus outta Israel.  This cyber warfare was primarily the US's baby, but Israel was working with us on it and it was not finished.  Not ready for prime time.  Though nearly perfect, bug wise, tip wise, not quite.  But Israel could not wait and without informing the US, without the finishing touches, set it loose.  I believe this is why Obama just threw major shade at Israel over the settlements, which, indeed are grievous, but Israel has held such sway here that I find it hard to accept that as a reason and much easier to accept Stuxnet, because our "fingerprints" were on Stuxnet, not Israel's.  Thus leaving us wide open to attacks ourselves and who knows but with the same virus.  It is called Zero Days for a reason, which is that from moment set loose, nothing can be done about it, can't be stopped, can't be fixed.  It is indeed designed to go computer to computer via USB port devices, thus infecting much of the world.  It had four built in Zero Days.  Iran is ONE.  Where, who, what are the others?  It went 'silent' after the hit on Iran, so sophisticated Iran thought they had made an error.  Basically, it 'just' damaged, trashed, some centrifuges and they assumed they'd erred.  We get hammered with millions of cyber hits per day.  Usually, always, they are full of bugs, dings, glaring mistakes that make them trackable.  This was So clean, so bug free, so complex, finally it was clear that only the US could have done it, so that despite Israel setting it free without telling their counter parts in the US, they are not on the hook, we are, and who knows what they added that might bite us?  I had to watch this doc three times and take notes to do further research.  Obama seems to have been intellectually fascinated by this cyber stuff and way upped the game.  This was real soon after he first took office, so it had been in the works prior.  Complex works indeed.  So, all hold their breath for the 3 other Zero Days.  The Iran one was considered so small, it was probably a test run.

      I remember how adamantly Japan refused Any outside help?  All thought that odd, and too self confident.  When researching it at the time, because all seemed to think it was HAARP related, including GW, I did find some unsavory sites with thugs discussing this with regard to Israel.  I have trouble seeing how this would in anyway benefit Israel, or the US for that matter.  Can see what China might like about it.  Speaking of which, if you can stand to get really freaked out, China has the upper hand in Space now, and cyber wise, Space Wars are like Stuxnet on steroids.  Our military generals say that Space Wars are not a matter of if, but when.  I want cube sats (land based GPS satellites) everywhere now!  This is some truly scary ass shit.  No more dicking around.  This is  terrifying.  And why I laughed so hard so long when the orange idiot said cyber attacks cannot be traced.  He has NO clue.  Some time later, I heard that our cyber people got the giggles over that statement of his too!  Retired General Michael Hayes fears this cyber program of ours is too large, too powerful,too deeply buried in secret and should be disclosed, saying there is a reason the CIA literally sits on top of them.  This is also why nukes just don't matter anymore, old tools for old wars.

      By the way, the name Stuxnet is made up from a couple of words found in coding-one hell of a lot of coding.  Word itself, meaningless.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      With computer virus or not, this is not the first time that happens.

      The Chernobyl "error" that has lead to the DISASTER, occurred as a result of an testing inside a partnership program and project with American military at the time. Most do not know that.

    • Dennie says:

      And Nukes certainly Do matter, as long as we have crazies with access to The Button, running countries that have nuclear weapons.

  39. MS P says:

    Dear Dane, Thank you for your very informative program

    Unbelievable is all I can say to what the mainstream  media puts out.

    WOW! (With-Out-Words)  To what really is going on.

    You are  so amazing, with your reports. So much to absorb. So much to learn. I can only hope to share the info in  all the right places, in effort to help make a positive difference.  I too wish to help save planet Earth. 

    Happy New Year to you, & your family. Thank you again. 

    Happy New Year to all here. May 2017 be the year, that we actually change the world for the better.

    ♥ Peace ♥

  40. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Garden Guy says:

    Apathy and Ridicule Killed Charlie's Pizza. Everything good in their lives will be taken away, starting with their favorite pizza.


    • chad says:

      Never give up steve. Good luck with your new business.

      Chad from Washington state

    • sea says:

      @ Steve (aka the Pizza Guy) this is so wonderful to see you move forward! ( I have followed your commitment to Dws site for a while)Kudos to you and your family.You give me inspiration amongst the insanity that we all know is here and bearing down on us, every day and all day.Thank you! and best wishes for changing the "landscape" you are making such efforts in.


    • Laura Marinangeli says:

      It's sad to see Charlie's Pizza end but, when it is replaced by such a powerful, important vision, that reflects your commitment to your community in such a balanced way, it is truly not a loss… it is a blessing.   It is very inspiring to those of us who struggle with the realization of how little the public at large seems to understand, or care about, the big picture.  If people in communities around the country, and around the world, would step up with the same commitment as you, in pursuit of local, self-sustainability, we would be much closer to ending the industrial paradigm that is destroying our future… much closer to moving away from the desperate hour we all now face.  In replacing Charlie's with a feed-store and greenhouse, that serves your community in such a balanced way, you are already making the paradigm shift that the entire world needs to make, and setting a beautiful example for any who look with their eyes and see with their heart.
      I salute you my friend… you are a true hero!
      Much respect!!!
      Laura Marinangeli

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steven, Though these two sentences sound so depressing, what you are in fact doing is wonderful to hear!  Like a butterfly emerging to take wing.  Seems a very positive and growth type transformation that will benefit many.  I love how you are using what you tear down to build something else, and your choice of else.  Seems perfect for Alaska especially Alaska Now, as in warmer.  What an adventure.  This article was very kind and clearly, you will be missed, pizza wise, yet there all the same and still helping to get food to people.  I doubt you'll regret it!  What fun!

  41. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    May continual blessings flow to the Gemfaire Exhibition organizers for their awesome, effective booths….cannot wait to see them at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Jan 13-15!!

  42. Dennie says:

    We've been sooooo heavily sprayed lately, there's a mass of ugly gray-brown/black clouds up there, barely moving.  The bubbling nanoshit we are being bombarded with is making everything freezing cold and I'm stuck indoors with severe stomach cramps, throwing up because the bubbly shit is causing massive air bubbles in my GI tract.  I'm betting the farm that NO ONE here or elsewhere has any health problems related to the genocidal spray programs remotely like mine– not even close.  It continually amazes me that so many whose biggest complaint is that they "do not like the way the sky looks" just are NOT EVEN AFFECTED BY THE F*CKING POISON they are forced to breathe.  Sometimes I sincerely wish everyone would just drop dead, all at once.  Starting with the GENERALS and ALL of the CHILDREN and "SIGNIFICANT" OTHERS (they're "significant," so we'll spray them with poison, of course, goes the thinking) of EVERY LAST ONE OF THE MONSTERS PROFITING BY and RUNNING THE SPRAYING PROGRAMS.  Then EVERY LAST ONE of the PEONS who DO NOT NOTICE and DO NOT CARE about any of this.  BTW:  NO ONE is supposed to talk about this, certainly NOT the way I do.  "SHUT UP and go in your house."  Happy New Year!!

    • sea says:

      @ Dennie you are NOT alone- as you suggest no one discusses these sever, deadly health issues.Here is a very valuable interview with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt (Sophia Health Institute , WA).He covers many facets including the #1 fastest growing illness in US is Alzhiemers , woman are more effected than men to to hormones...VERY VALUABLE this man is like no other ! Please note that he has emphasized the aluminum component and its destruction to our body and brains like no other period in our history.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f77YvdVzq5o&ab_channel=KlinghardtInstutute

    • Dennie says:

      I don't have Alzheimers.  Yes I understand what it is and what causes it.  Not saying it's not a problem.  Or that it never will be.  It's just. that. Alzheimer's happens not to be MY problem.  Ugh.

  43. Susan Ferguson says:

    CHRIS HEDGES: Inverted Totalitarianism  / Nov 1, 2015
    * Inverted totalitarianism also “perpetuates … a politics that is not political.” The endless and extravagant election cycles are an example of politics without politics. “Instead of participating in power, the virtual citizen is invited to have ‘opinions’: measurable responses to questions predesigned to elicit them.”  Political campaigns rarely discuss substantive issues. They center on manufactured political personalities, empty rhetoric, sophisticated public relations, slick advertising, propaganda and the constant use of focus groups and opinion polls to loop back to voters what they want to hear. Money has effectively replaced the vote. Every current presidential candidate— including Bernie Sanders— understands … that “the subject of empire is taboo in electoral debates.” The citizen is irrelevant. He or she is nothing more than a spectator, allowed to vote and then forgotten once the carnival of elections ends and corporations and their lobbyists get back to the business of ruling.
    * “The United States has become the showcase of how democracy can be managed without appearing to be suppressed.”  The corporate state … is “legitimated by elections it controls.”  To extinguish democracy, it rewrites and distorts laws and legislation that once protected democracy. Basic rights are, in essence, revoked by judicial and legislative fiat. Courts and legislative bodies, in the service of corporate power, reinterpret laws to strip them of their original meaning in order to strengthen corporate control and abolish corporate oversight.
    * Our system of inverted totalitarianism will avoid harsh and violent measures of control “as long as … dissent remains ineffectual… The government does not need to stamp out dissent. The uniformity of imposed public opinion through the corporate media does a very effective job.”  But, he warns, should the population—steadily stripped of its most basic rights, including the right to privacy, and increasingly impoverished and bereft of hope—become restive, inverted totalitarianism will become as brutal and violent as past totalitarian states.
    * Wolin saw the militarists and the corporatists, who formed an unholy coalition to orchestrate the rise of a global American empire after the war, as the forces that extinguished American democracy. He called inverted totalitarianism “the true face of Superpower.” These war profiteers and militarists, advocating the doctrine of total war during the Cold War, bled the country of resources. They also worked in tandem to dismantle popular institutions and organizations such as labor unions to politically disempower and impoverish workers. They “normalized” war. … as in all empires, they eventually will be “eviscerated by their own expansionism.” There will never be a return to democracy … until the unchecked power of the militarists and corporatists is dramatically curtailed. A war state cannot be a democratic state.

    • Dennie says:

      Money's not only replaced the vote, it's replaced God Himself, apparently– it's everywhere (except for when we ordinary people need it) and it's all-powerful.  Except when it fails, of course.

    • ClearCreek says:

      Susan, Great article!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All. Citizens are fuel to ignite.. but if we "ignite ourselves" in the right direction, the MFs will get BURNED.

      Good Luck to Us All.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      And Eisenhower did warn us.  Supposedly, the stirrup on a saddle was invented in the days of knights owing to heavy armor.  The lawnmower was devolved from tanks in WW2.  War seems to yield things humans find useful.  Then everyone wants one and hello capitalism.  They box us in.  One side gives, the other side takes.  And all along, war.  To establish democracy! of course, and occasionally it does, as in Myanmar now.  The bottom line as always is money, and wars do make money for some.  A few.  And money buys the best and newest geegaws and Everyone wants one!  A perfect example is Saudi Arabia.  In my life time they went from tents in desert to fantastical mansions and a ruling class that does not do labor and who will?  And they are so top heavy now, not to mention how the climate is hitting them, their days of wonder are ending.  The idea of democracy was well, kinda sweet.  Except never true.  Majorly excluded Indians in the main, who did in fact have a democracy and ours patterned after it, also excluding so called blacks, also called slaves.  Indians would not be slaves, killed themselves instead if that was the circumstance.  This country has a lot of nerve to call itself a democracy and in this election, people kept referring to the democratic right, as in right wing, as in war.  And they wonder why they lost.  We just lost the illusion of democracy.  Now, we can be seen for the idiots we really are!

    • Dennie says:

      There's a saying in Saudi Arabia that goes like this:

      "My grandfather rode a camel. 

      My father rode in a car.  I ride in a jet.  My son will ride a camel ;-)."

      There IS a reason why Saudi Arabia has been making the switch to renewable energies. 

  44. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    2017 will be the Year for Exposing the MFs. Abracadabra, I create what I speak.

    Health and Strength to Everyone.

    Nikola Tesla Deathbed Confessions, about the 41st U S President george bush grandfather



  45. Leslie Hirschfeld says:

    I am finding the fate of our trees in Pennsylvania and in all of our states in an unconscionable state of death and dying.  The Penn Extention at best is a dismal path to disinformation. I wrote and left messages for their arborist Julieanne a number of times with no response. I was able to reach Emily (there is , it seems, an objection these days in using ones last name). She complimented me on my "wonderful observance ability" and suggested with great sorrow how DEPRESSING it all is. She did offer an explanation for the death of Ash trees. They are dying from the Emerald Beetle from Asia. Chalk it up to trade right, oh how sad.  When I challenged her for an explanation for the same green/gray patches on Pine, Oak, Maple and many other plant life under the sun she had no explanation. Nor does it seem an explanation is coming forth soon. The tree limbs continue breaking off like lepors fingers. Ive talked to farmers, neighbors, arborist and no one makes sense. Im scheduleed to talk to a local representative in January. The woodlands here have a sci- fi  quality about them, but unlike a bad movie this is not going away.

    • Lindy says:

      Hi Leslie, it's the same thing here in western North Carolina. I have been in touch with my local Arboretum as well the past couple of years, but they are so far behind the learning curve, that they just accept the destruction without any verifiable research or explanation. All the meteorologists are gagged by government order; so our only hope is to take THEM to task, and hope for some whistle blowers to stand up to the destruction of our once beautiful planet. Also, I urge everyone to go over to the Tree Decline Archive at Facebook and SEE the contributions worldwide. And yes, not only is it depressing, but almost terrifying. I'm not so sure any of this will survive, unless these destructive programs are stopped, and the sooner the better!

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Same same in Oregon. When I pointed out the astronomical deaths, disease, and lack of acorns in trees, was told " beetles." I got angry when my own children said this, and informed them that no one dies of Aids. Aids was engineered to destroy the immune system, so too geoengineering.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Leslie, Hello.  I and we all can relate.  I grew up in hell which I began being able to escape at age four when I'd make it to the woods at the end of our block and up a hill where I could see our house, see when my "father" got home and then return.  I'd lie on my back on the ground looking up through the trees and tell them my troubles, crying.  They responded and played games with me, even taught me games.  And so when grown I took on the last name of Tree which I kept until I had a child and had to get legal.  I still get some mail addressed to Rachel Tree, and even Rachel not given name, chosen for a reason.  My father could turn any place anywhere into a paradise with plants and trees.  In my mid teens I had a tree house, nothing fancy but it did have 3 levels.  In a huge Dutch Elm near our barn.  Great fun until Dutch Elm disease swept the country and at one point there in Kansas we were ordered to have ours cut and moved.  I remember it was about 500$ per tree and we had five of these on our 5 acres.  And damn.  I've been growing trees and plants, or otherwise dealing with them all my life since age 4, so almost 66 years now.  This beetle thing makes me nuts and gee, how many kinds of, but as you know, not! the main problem and not entirely unlike the human body.  A plant under stress will develop various issues, that, the stressor, comes first, the beetles are just opportunistic, taking advantage of a weakened tree.  Here is a really easy way to prove this.  Buy two sets of pansies.  Pot both.  Leave one alone but for water.  The other, stick your fingers in it to see if wet enough.  Thing is, pansies Hate that, cannot stand to be messed with.  That one will begin to attract aphids which will pile on, the more you do to fight it, the more they will.  Have the two pots near each other.  The healthy one you left alone will do fine.  But the aphids will pile thick and high on the stressed one.  Blows my mind.  You'd think the aphids would think hey!  Juicy healthy one right here, yay!  But no.  They just keep on going for the stressed one, inches deep even!  From this I learned to use stressed plants as foils.  And to never finger or pet a pansy!  Uber point is the same, sorta, with trees.  First comes the stressor.  Then, the opportunistic bug.  Not unlike human bodies.  Or critters.  Even my beloved pinons in Nevada got hit with a bug and gone.  Trees can take a lot of stress.  But, if every single tree of all species dies from this bug and that, IT IS NOT by BUG/BEETLE !!  The stressor did it.  The main stressor here would be the freakin' aluminum.  Because of radically shifting the ph. of soil.  Granted, there are a lot of stressors, a lot of kinds of beetles too.  But, when every single tree is ailing of all kinds in all states and all circumstances THAT should be Huge red flag.  HUGE! 

  46. Joe Marman says:

    HI Dane.  That is a surprise about the Stuxnet affecting Janpan;'s nuclear power plants also.  I thought the Stuxnet was developed by Israel and the US CIA to destroy the Iraq nuclear energy power generators.  I didn't think it was still being operated around the globe.   Joe

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joe, as all available data indecates, the Stuxnet computer virus at minimum escaped in to the matrix and continued to wreak havoc. Beyond this,why should we believe that those who created such a weapon would not continue to utilize it? The simple aswer is the would, and they have.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Joe, the key words are Four Zero Days.  As I said, this was being developed prior to Obama taking office, but when he was clued in, he had the brains to appreciate its worth and seemed intellectually drawn to it.  The Iran centrifuge hit was/is considered one zero day implant.  This clever worm is designed to seek out openings for various targets.  Then, it lies in wait.  The Iran hit was what? 2010?  And really, such a small hit, no one hurt, just some centrifuges, but enough to slow down for good their development of a nuclear bomb which in that environment these days would be scary.  So, for six years, holding breath.  Not to mention Israel finished it without us, breaking that rule so who knows what they may have added?  We can't know unless there is something like full disclosure.  It could be an if sort of thing.  As in if this, then that.  It cannot be stopped.  If the second one was indeed Japan, and I doubt it, but could be I suppose, then there are two left.  Tic toc! 

  47. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 146th email, titled "Plan for Old Age vs Prep for Survival":

    1.  Next week there will be a persistent rectangular heat anomaly centered on Franz Josef Land, an archipelago in the Kara Sea, Arctic Ocean (straight lines and right angles are very rare in nature).  Temperatures of around minus 10ºC will seriously limit the amount of natural ice formation.

    On 25th Dec, most of the methane veil above the Arctic was over 2000 ppb. 

    Last week I mentioned the much talked about potential 50Gt methane release.  

    A gigaton is a unit of explosive power, and 50Gt equates to 3,333,333 Hiroshima bombs. 

    Of course, there may be no ignition, in which case the heating effect from the methane will take slightly longer (1 or 2 years) but it will be even worse globally. 

    2. 'Planning for Retirement' and 'Preparing for Survival' are not mutually exclusive – there are many similarities in the requirements for each:

    Comfortable and secure home/location

    Access to/supply of – food, water, medicines

    Access to/for family and friends

    Electricity/fuel/general services supply/storage

    Transport options, and therefore luggage/carry options

    Being with a like minded group of people/community

    The "What if…" attitude.

    In both scenarios, probably the best person to know is the DIYer who has knowledge of, and experience in, a wide range of skills/trades.  This person will probably also be accomplished in solving unusual practical problems.  Other ideal people to have in your community are the military, medical, horticultural types – they may not currently be as informed as you, and therefore not as concerned as you, but keep them on your list as potential contacts.  

    The most obvious difference between the two scenarios:  The typical Retirement Plan aims to have sufficient money in the bank – in a survival situation there is no access to these funds so you have to think of other ways to 'purchase', and this will involve bartering your skills or stores.

     New Year Resolution Number 1: To become more practiced in general building trades, gardening and survival equipment/techniques.

    New Year Resolution Number 2:  To be careful whom I tell about Resolution Number 1 (and any stores/equipment I have), as this could make me a target for the less well prepared criminal element of our society.

    This may not be an extinction event for humans, and the survivors may not be the best prepared or most proficient in military/martial arts.  

    With just a little bit of self help, the survivors may be those who are the most adaptable or show the most understanding, love and compassion to all life forms. 

    3.  I send my sincere condolences to the families and friends of the Alexandrov Ensemble – internationally known as The Red Army Choir.  The casual and derogatory BBC reporting of the incident, using the term "a russian army choir", is rather like calling the London Symphony Orchestra, "an english orchestra". One has to question the possible use of an EMP weapon.

    Ukraine continues its organised collapse (still no news of what the Azov Battalion and the hundreds of contracted sniper teams are up to): http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraine-in-full-blown-collapse-deep-seated-economic-social-crisis-and-environmental-crisis/5564916 

    4.  "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature" Joseph Campbell 1904-1987.


    • Dennie says:

      and the Goal of those whom we've ignored, who've hoodwinked, snockered, lied and domineered their way to "power," is to "conquer" nature and supplant it with their own "superior" rulership-by-technology.   I can't wait until the jet fuel FINALLY runs out.  How long will that take? 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.
      Hello Andrew.
      Thank you.
      Love must conquer All.
      Harsh times are coming.

  48. Vito says:

    Hi Dane,

    I thought you would appreciate the irony in this articles photo:


    Thanks for all you do!

    • Steve Thomson says:

      It never ceases to astound me how few of the people involved in solar power, be they the manufacturers, installers, or end-use buyers of the panels…NONE of them ever seem to speak out concerning the obvious paradox of promoting solar energy WITHOUT also demanding that skies be cleared of the sunlight-wrecking geoengineering aerosols. Are they blind, or stupid, or afraid? Dane, you must know quite a few folks in the solar power industry…why do they not speak out?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, about your question, yes, I do know some upper level people in the solar industry. Though they absolutely know climate engineering is going on, they (like so many others in our society) choose not to create any waves in their own world by speaking the truth. It seems they would rather go silently into the night. Courage is in short supply at this most critical time, those of us that are awake and willing to make our voices heard must do so while we can.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dane,  Is this why solar costs, for setting up, are coming so far down, seemingly all of a sudden but not really, not quite?  I keep wondering about that given how little sun you get with yours.

  49. carol says:

    Has anyone seen a sunrise that isn't immediately bombarded by several planes spewing out persistent "con-trails"? We see the sun periodically, but never a sunrise that lasts for any length of time. What is so wrong with the sun that they must occlude it EVERY morning?


    • r k says:

      The sun keeps all humans, animals and plants alive, healthy, and  happy. It warms the air, our bodies and hearts and lifts our spirits. They don't want that!

      They spray the sky over and block the sun every day here too.

    • Rodster says:

      Here in Venice Florida the sky in the morning has a silverish look to it with typically no clouds.

    • Glenn Bennett says:

      The Sun is vital to certain processes within the body, Vitamin D…I'm sure part of this agenda is to slowly degrade people's health to the point where will be feeling drained and sickly, unable to really fight infections and disease. On a clear day try and get the Sun on your skin, it feels good and builds immunity. 

    • Dennie says:

      And those "con-trails" are much too low to create condensation, even if the type of jet engines used today actually could.  Ask the next dumbbunny on the street, at what altitude does condensation actually take place?  They WON'T be able to give you any kind of an answer.  They have NO idea what 60,000 ft. high-flying aircraft looks like:  Barely visible.  Are these jets spraying this crap "barely visible?"

    • Dennie says:

      The truth is, "they" couldn't care less about the sun, actually; it's the ozonosphere that "they" have ruined and now feel they have to work overtime to "mitigate" the effects of having destroyed the ozone layer, letting all the harmful rays of the sun come down here. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Not in Years Carol. Not in Years!

  50. Pia Jensen says:

    Stuxnet was the result of a collaborative effort between the US and Israel. This has been proven. While Stuxnet is a far worse crime tool, threatening utilities, globally, than HRC's email crimes, it remains swept under the rug.

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