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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2016


The looting, pillaging, and plundering of planet Earth continues unabated, the all out aerial assault taking place in skies around the globe is the most stunning and destructive example. Populations have thus far silently stood by and accepted the official lies from official sources that are carefully crafted to continue pacifying them. Some of the most blatant false information is coming from our local meteorologists. Weathermen claim to represent the public, yet they are a key component to the continued cover-up of the climate engineering insanity. It is time to hold them publicly accountable. From radiation leaks to massive methane well blowouts, the cover-ups are business as usual with industrialized and militarized civilization. After many decades of official deception (and epidemic denial from the public), the unraveling of the biosphere and organized civilization is rapidly accelerating. As the global power brokers are increasingly pushed into a corner, they may become desperate enough to play their final cards. Will this include WWlll? Are the chess pieces already being put in place for this final option of the global elite? Each of us must play our part to help alter the current course of imminent global cataclysm.
Dane Wigington

100 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2016

  1. Nono says:

    Are them C-Trails comin or goin?


  2. Just got a Huge dumping of snow here in Central Ontario. Even worse in  the eastern provinces. I could hear the "low tankers" above the Mucky Mess above. I assume they were big tankers because they were loud. And there were several of them. And then the big Dump of snow came. Shortly after I heard Sirens and assumed it was car accidents or possibly Ambulances picking up more people with some sort of sickness. I talked to a lady today and she has been off work twice because of pneumonia and alot of other people have breathing and coughing issues. 

    Now off the topic: People always say yeah it's just a Conspiracy Theory.

    Well the American 100 dollar bill. The old one I believe or whatever bill it was showed the Twin Towers coming down when you folded it.

    And that certainly happened. Stage or not staged, it happened.

    The new 100 dollar American bill shows a Tsunami when you fold it apparently.

    Of course people will rule that a conspiracy also.

    I would not rule it out. Just like the people that say weather modification is a Conspiracy. Well BS. It's happening. 


  3. Mawis says:

    I realize I am reintroducing the same topic twice in the same thread, but this question of nuclear winter initiation via substantial thermonuclear weapons exchanges as a means to arrest abrupt climate change is such a seemingly feasible prospect that I am beginning to believe that there is no other way forward for them, and that the time is now or drawing very near for them to pull the trigger.

  4. Ken L says:

    Sitting here watching the "artificial" snow fall, trying to make sense of this all, then this rememberance came upon me…Do not ask me why, because I do not know, only have a high school "dip loma" did not study this or any such studies, just came to me and wanted to post.  I can only pray, that this was brought upon me, to share with you all.  Read, and reread the propoganda that was set force even back then.  SHAKE SPHERE AND HIS 

    Now is the winter of our discontent – meaning and origin.

  5. horsegirl says:

    Just want to invite those driven mad by solid aluminum skies to our area. Which to date evidently gets about 50 blue sky days to most people's one.  So far.  We're out of Bisbee, Arizona.  No, skies are not free of geoengineering.  There is particulate, there are various energy field weapons along the border, and Douglas, AZ is under constant assault about 12 miles away.  Reports indicate that most of the rest of Arizona is hideous.  Even Willcox, 60 miles to the north, never fails to get creamed with nanoscum.  Seems we're in a tiny area of respite, which they could slam with toxins any time they decide.  Yet for those who are sick of watching jets pass, this might provide a ittle relief.  There's an RV court a mile from us that charges about $200/month for trailer rental.  Very quiet, very rural.  People keep asking, so we invite any emissary to come have a look.  I repeat:  not perfect.  But evidently better than any of the cities.  Admin here has permission to pass email info to anyone who wants to know more.  Glad to serve this most excellent community who have become our best friends in this insane world.

    • bill mudd says:

      "energy field weapons" – I like this term because they lie everywhere, and yet the common person doesn't recognize them for what they are.

      They come in all different configurations and sizes and you see them in the middle of nowhere. I haven't seen too much discussed about them in the open forum here, and welcome further comments on them. Obviously they are used in a microwave manner to disperse the contents of chem-trails – but at what human cost?

    • Karen Rich says:

      I would love to hear more from the person in Bisbee, AZ…please connect when you can. Thanks.

  6. Concerned in Cali says:

    Have been seeing massive billboards where I live in California to join the Air Force Reserve . " Your Adventure Starts Here " is what the billboards say . I ask myself  are they running out of pilots for all the spraying ? Do they need to recruit more young men and women to do this spraying ? I  don't see the billboards for other areas of the military like Navy or Army . 

  7. Bob says:

    Back when I was growing up in southern Vermont, when we got bitter cold spells, the ones below zero, the skies were always super clear.  I remember being told this is because when its so cold, the air is typically drier, contrary to the optimal conditions for cloud formation.  This common sense has always stuck with me.  These days now, even cold really bitter days are cloudy.  Which kind of goes against my weather and climate studying, which always stated, cloud cover is a greenhouse effect creator, a warmer.  So this stark contradiction is so obvious to me, it boggles my mind that its not common knowledge, common sense anymore. <insert that cartoon, head shaking sound>  I remember in my studies that super cold places, like Antarctica, were some of the driest desert regions of the planet.  Generally, super cold meant dry.


    So, last few days here in northern Vermont, its been bitter cold, last two nights been around -15, the days maybe breached 0.  Not real optimal conditions for cloud creation.  However, the days had hazy cloud cover, obviously from aerosol spray, where once again, you could tell the cloud cover was thin because you could see the outline of the sun, and there were intermittent patches of clear blue sky high overhead (what you would expect the entire sky to be).  Telltale linear clouds, with the obviously apparent spreading out phenomena.  Not convection created clouds even slightly.  Cumulus cloud formation seems a very rare cloud formation these days. It used to be, when I was growing up, and studying it, the most common cloud formation, by far.  Another mind boggle.  People so out of touch with nature and its processes, that such an obviously artificial panorama of the sky, doesn't compute as being out of place, or wrong.  Low-grade, yet constant hypnosis, we suffer.  If, in the now we were, we would see these details out of place.  But we are not in the now, aware.  Sorry, I digress. 


    So, this morning, before the sun rose, it was -15 degrees out. Checked to see what Lord Weather Channel was calling for today and tomorrow.  Daily high of 25, with increase in clouds, and gave it the "Mostly Cloudy" moniker.   Went hiking with dog in morning, after the sun rose, and it was clear blue sky, beautiful.  Air crisp, and clear, full of oxygen.  Took but a couple of hours and spraying ensued.  Now, close to noon, its total haze clouds.  Forecast stated for tomorrow, 47 degrees and rain, 100% chance.  <cartoon head shaking sound>    Forecast also has the day after that, back to low 20's in day, below zero at night.  Up and down, up and down.  So out of place, wrong.


    Update, family STILL has this "Ridiculously Resilient" sinus thingy.  Still same symptoms.  No fever, no gastrointestinal issues, just crazy amounts of continually generating, infectious goob, causing "high pressure" in sinuses and upper respiratory coughing spasms.  But no constant sore throat. Netty pot morning and night, stay hydrated, eating and sleeping well, getting exercise.  Not going away.  Having kids for over a decade and this is first time it hit everybody in house, and lasted for weeks. Everybody has same symptoms too.  I know my body well, and feel the source of this is way up in upper sinuses, like something is just jammed up in there.  Netty potting doesn't seem to reach it or isn't able to "break it up".  Its like its "clinging on".  Ok, sorry for graphic grossness, but I am not ruling out that we didn't "breathe" some crap into us.  It all started after the last up and down temperature week, where the ups both had 50+ degree days and rain, followed by 30+ degree colder days.  In February, in Vermont!?!  Really? <that sound again>.   I am VERY suspect with what tomorrows forecast holds…

    • orange says:

      Here in NW FL, we have had the congestion off and on for months.  It started in August and has come and gone since, I've averaged it about once a month.  We have kids and they get it in varying degrees, two have phlegmy coughs and the other has a constantly runny nose.  It always starts the same for me…a scratchy throat, then turns into a sore throat, then the cold moves UP into my head and I get phlegm and a runny nose for about a week.  The end is the worst, the mucus eventually dries up (it is odd looking and often can be clear but sticky, like nothing I've ever had before in my life) but then I get a dry cough that lingers until the next go-round.  It is awful. 

      The weather here has been OK until yesterday.  They had called for "thunderstorms" today and they really ramped up the spraying yesterday, it was all chemical soup and haze, it wanted to burn off this morning, we saw peeks of real sky but I suppose they kept it up and we finally got our thunderstorm.  At one point we thought there was going to be a tornado it was so fierce.  But really, it's noticeably "not real" and I don't know how people don't see it, or care.  Whenever I talk to anyone about it they just look at me uncomprehendingly, even the people I know that are more open minded and closer to my "conspiracy theory" mindset. 

      I do wonder though, would the weather happen without the chemtrails?  Would we have gotten rain and a thunderstorm or are they making it happen because the Earth can't do it on its own any longer since we've messed it up so badly?  Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, I am so brain fogged nowadays that I can't remember anything.  It's terrible.  I'm just glad I'm not alone and thank you all for commenting here and to Dane for doing this.  I will do what I can here….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Orange, about the hydrological cycle, climate engineering and the particulets from it that are being sprayed into the atmosphere are only harming the rain patterns. If we can expose and halt geoengineering, rainfall around the planet would increase profoundly.

  8. Marc says:

    The extreme cold over New England has two primary functions. One is to obviously psy-op the holy hell out of the region and the country via MSM coverage. The other is to poison the f**k out of the region by extreme aerosolization with bio-agents and heavy metals (and God knows what else) which are carried down to the ground by massive subsidence of the cold, dense air. I am reiterating what I speculated in a previous post. Fantasy? Delusion? Think it through. As if we weren't poisoned enough as is, they have devised ways to vector the toxic crap right into our homes and streets and workplaces and parks. 

  9. Ken L says:

    Typical ice nucleated "clouds".  see how low they are and the dissolving into a "fog/smokey" appearance below.  Seen this many times

  10. dawnski says:

    After several days of cloudless skies, the aerosol spraying commenced on Sunday morning. Huge X's filled the skies and pummeled us until we could no longer see what they were doing. It didn't take long. By the time we got to church the sky was a hazy mass of chemical cloud cover. It got darker by the hour. . .

    Obviously the unnamed winter storm that was forecast needed to be created, so I am guessing it will now get it's proper name. Ice is sheeting up on windows and cars. I looked and looked for where this storm had commenced but could find hardly any precipitation on the radar maps. And I see it is a balmy 70* in Cali. I will continue to sound the alarm.

    Even if the LIFE group wants to run in FEAR. "Why go to church?" So you can be equipped and mobilized to declare, defend, and display the TRUTH and live AT ALL COST a Passionate God filled life. . . .isn't that what we are learning in the REVELATION Class. WAKE UP and LOOK UP. And help sound the alarm while there still is time people. 

    Don't try to shush me. . . if you do you are part of the problem not part of the solution. Our calling and our ministry isto the helpless children and elderly who do not have a VOICE. Turn off your TV's. Stop wasting time with the sports worship and entertainment. Stop looking down on your selfie social mememedia dumbphones. The planet needs us all to UNITE and EXPOSE the DARKNESS to the LIGHT.


    • dawnski says:

      Lake Norman Region, North of Charlotte, NC

      Location of the aerosol spraing of X's and OH NO's on Valentines Day.

    • Right on, Dawnski! Great message for these ongoing days and nights of spiritual and physical testing, for all of us who are resisting the daily demented onslaughts of evil and ignorance. May God bless you and strengthen you and your church family! It is a great help to me to know there are others out there who can discern the times, and are trying to spread wisdom, faith and knowledge.

    • Melody Meachum says:

      Great post Dawnski….yes, yes and yes on all fronts you mention.

      Everyday life is about complete self-absorption. Hey, nothing too serious now, only fun, fun, silliness and frivolity and that includes most of those within the church. Give me Revelations, just don't apply it to my time on earth, cuz you're ruining it with all your harsh facts.


  11. Mawis says:

    Dane, I am beginning to consider that perhaps the global elite would like to initiate a significant nuclear exchange in order to plunge the planet into a nuclear winter. By taking this course of action, could these insane  people actually achieve the goal of arresting the Venus syndrome and then wait out the rehab in a bunker??

    • orange says:

      WOW.  That is something I hadn't considered….it gave me chills because I truly believe they are so sick, demented and evil that they WOULD do this.  But, it would do them well to remember "The dead tree shall not hide them, and the rock giveth no shelter".  God (the Creator, the Universe, whatever you want to call Him) is not mocked.  Not trying to preach anything just saying that there is no escape, if not this life then it's the next for them. 

  12. Rats trying to expose free energy technology says:

    I am looking forward to a Spanish section eta. I think we should be strong and not panic time is running out thats how I feel I see that nearly all low income people have health problems and canser is in every corner please do not ignore I deal with chronic of too many things to explain fatigue is the main nightmare I am sharing because I am becoming more concern some people are crying because of how bad the drough is and in many stores I hear that people are worried I am sure we are soon going to fall ina panic but war is preventable a panic is a way people wake up from the cloud of lies they live but in a war many will die and I am suppressing that from happening the sooner the better in the summer California may become unlivable the forests will burn down it will rain ash and they will be choking air I am prepared for it.I am estimating this summary above its not fack its a forecast here is a link of something https://youtu.be/39CZ9oTsOnQ

    • Rats trying to expose free energy technology says:



    • Rosalie says:

      I love the efforts you're putting in to fighting the geoengineering insanity, through song.  It might be worth it to also come up with a song that isn't rapper style. Something with even more mass appeal. Good song all the same though.  

    • Rats trying to expose free energy technology says:

      Its not my song but I am helping him by exposing his work but thank you anyways for your positive feedback.

  13. The Neoconservatives Are Brewing A Wider War In Syria — Paul Craig Roberts   /Feb. 14, 2016
    …the insane neoconservatives who control Western foreign policy and their Turkish and Saudi Arabian vassals might be preparing the end of the world.  Any person who relies on Western media has no accurate idea of what is happening in Syria. … a brief summary [link below] and then send you to two detailed accounts.  …  Russian air power in support of the Syrian Army has turned the tide against the Islamist State. The invaders are being driven out. The neoconservatives cannot accept this defeat.
    Washington is preparing a Syrian invasion by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the purpose of which is to split Syria in half with Washington controlling the eastern part with the oil fields. … what the insane neoconservatives are doing is giving the Russian government a big incentive to introduce Russian ground troops into the conflict. Once those troops are there, you can safely bet that the insane neoconservatives will cause conflict between them and US/Turkish forces. A wider war will have begun from which neither side can back down.  [full report & links here]:

    Road To World War III: Turkish Army Enters Syria After Second Day Of Shelling As Saudi Warplanes Arrive  / Zero Hedge / Feb. 14, 2016
    "The Syrian government says Turkish forces were believed to be among 100 gunmen it said entered Syria on Saturday accompanied by 12 pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machine guns, in an ongoing supply operation to insurgents fighting Damascus," Reuters reports. "The operation of supplying ammunition and weapons is continuing via the Bab al-Salama crossing to the Syrian area of Azaz," the Assad government says. 


    • Dennie says:

      The Megalomaniacs are actually trying to do as their puppetmaster, Brzezinski, recommended in The Grand Chessboard.  Haven't  they learn one thing from history?  NOBODY f***s with Russia!

    • Dennie — I have heard others expressing what you have said about Russia. Paul Craig Roberts states that Russia will not back down. Craig B. Hulet has said that it is quite possible Russia's cyberwar technology and electronic warfare is more advanced than ours. The rumor is that the Russian plane that was shot down sometime ago over Turkey contained secret technology NATO wanted. And Hulet has expressed the concern that the Global Corporate Regime was pushing the USA into a war it knows we will lose and thus America as a conquered country will be forced to submit to them.

  14. John Sobieski says:

    The message is finally getting out. I have been passing out videos for the last few years on my national travels and as of the last 6 months am surprised at how many young college kids know about this !!!!

  15. Stephen says:

    Another example of the climate engineers attempting to control the publics perception. 4 days of extreme cold during a profile event with lots of media coverage and above average temperatures directly after. Unbelievable. 


  16. TNGEOWATCH says:

    This arctic blog update is disturbing.


    Methane is out of control in our arctic regions.

    We must plant tree's! Oxygen is affected by all the methane, carbon, and pollution.  Read this and spread the word.  http://disinfo.com/2013/01/atmospheric-oxygen-levels-are-dropping-faster-than-atmospheric-carbon-levels-are-rising/

    Plants in your home while you can as well so they can help filter the air in your homes.  


    • Tamra says:

      Yes, gov wants a world carbon tax, but they will not use ALL resources to stop Fukashima and LA gas leak that is mind boggling insanity. 

  17. TNGEOWATCH says:


    Just throwing this out. It appears the aware which I consider myself one must do something.  Do exactly the opposite of what President Bush stated to do after 9/11.  Stop shopping.  Become a minimalist, stop working, stop paying taxes, travel less, do not buy new products buy already manufactured products, limit your carbon foot print, drive less, reduce all consumption as much as possible.  I know many who are now starting to do this.  If we consume less our voice will truly be heard.  Plant Non-GMO plants. Create a biosphere safe zones in and around your house.  Grow plants that purify the air in your homes.  

    Stop flying.  If we all stop flying we can keep flights out of the sky.

    I would think thousands to millions of people aware of this cutting back significantly would make a serious dent.  

    Good luck everyone!  I don't want to go to sleep I want to stay awake and save the fish in the stream, whales in the oceans, bee's in the forest!  

  18. Karen W says:


    You are such an encouragement for us.  You continue to speak truth.  When you mentioned Nicholas Wiltgen immediately I thought of Dr. Jack Wheeler,  Ashley Turton, (and many others before and after them, even the reporter who raced his car into a tree when he was investigating our "bad guys" shenanigans. And now recently Judge Scilia.

    It appears to me that all the "good guys" seam to dissapear, yet the bad guys continue in evils against the people.

  19. Damon Duval says:

    Thank you again Dane. Tireless.

    "Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act."

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."
    ~quotes from intellect

  20. Kenny Simpson says:


    The skies were beautify brilliant blue yesterday morning  in Waxhaw North Carolina.  I noticed jet activity beginning between 8-9 AM.  I would estimate there were 6-8 tanker jets flying overhead in the general vicinity of my home.  Unusual as it may seem, all I visualized  were 100% actual vapor trails protruding from the tankers.  There was normal disappearance of vapor in a matter of minutes from all of the jets.  It was almost as if they were in a holding pattern waiting for orders whether to begin chemical spaying or not.  As one would expect in such a situation, the obvious occurred, heavy spraying began.  Henceforth, we had thick chemical laden skies this Valentines Day Sunday Morning with pour air quality.

    May I share with you my factual knowledge as to the true identity of the Global Financial Elitist.  This goes much deeper than the corruption on Wall Street with the presence of Goldman Sachs, Criminal activity against America from George Soros, Henry Kissinger and his desire for a "One World Order", The United Nations-Agenda 21, The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Group of 30 and much more.  The true evils of power far supersedes anything imaginable, unbeknown to  98.9% of the US Population.  Almost as if it were myth or ficture.  I can unequivocally assure you that the following comments are true.  We are controlled by a family that has been in existence for more than 275 years of world financial dominance.  This family has total control of all Central Banks in the World with the exception of two countries.  Unfortunately, the United States is not one of them.  They are vindictive and beyond comprehension of the damage they have done to humanity well beyond two hundred years.  We are all currently right in the middle of another Chapter of their destructive power.  There's a reason why I don't want to relinquish their family name.  I want all who read my post to complete their own diligence and then share it with everyone you know.  This families Coat of Arms is "The Red Shield".  One of the family founders was born in the mid 1700,s, his first name was Amschel.  Begin your journey of knowledge immediately.  Don't vary from it.  This is one of the Worlds greats secretive mysteries.  Be patient do to the complexity of information you will research.  Make no mistake in judgment.  This family is an enemy to America.  There are seven family members of power that are alive today.  The truth shall set us free!  Please also acknowledge that  Dane Wigington is an America Hero!  God willing, we'll survive as a nation.  Thank you for reading my post.

    • dawnski says:

      Thank you Kenny. I shared my concerns in my Life group via an email. One reply that I got was from someone who is very active in Rotary Club and name drops the mayor and various other political figures. She said she didn't know what NWO was and I suggested she do her own research. Thank you for sharing your post. The town crest of Mooresville,NC Incorporated in 1873 has a sheik in a white winged cloak yielding a spear rearing up on a black horse. . .I asked her to find out what the heck that represents. It's creepy.

  21. The Time Is Now says:

    If revolt against the Oligarchy, which owns the apparatus, due to the fact they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank which creates/prints the money and uses it to Geo Engineer, to spray us, then you best bet is to blockade every media studio throughout the US.

    If you take the protest movement to the doorstep of the lying media studios, then they have to cover it, because it will disrupt their delivery of the propaganda they are putting out.

    • Barbara Lee says:

      What this country needs is a complete overhaul.  The persons in charge of poisoning us, the Corporations, should all be held accountable and tried for Treason against the people.   The whole Illuminati needs to be exposed and dealt with.   A few protestors and rebels pounding on their doors isn't going to work, it has to be done by a militant army of civilians to take over and end the Tyranny of the present and past regimes in this and other free countries.


    • Dennie says:

      Americans don't protest any more.  They just want more of the Status Quo.  Here's what former Assistant Sec'y of H.U.D. Catherine Austin Fitts has to say about this in the Introduction to her online book, Dunwalke:  Dillon Read & Co. Inc and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits:

      Surviving and thriving as a free people depends on creating and transacting with currencies and investments other than those printed and manipulated by Wall Street and Washington to the eventual end of our rights and assets.  I had come to Montana to develop a venture capital model to support a healthier, fresher local food supply. If we want clean water, fresh food, sustainable infrastructure, and healthy communities, we are going to have to finance and govern these resources ourselves. We cannot invest in the stocks and bonds of large corporations, banks and governments that are harming our food, water, environment and all living things and then expect these resources to be available when we need them.  What I found in Montana, however, was what I have found in communities all across America. We are so financially entangled in the federal government and large corporations and banks that we cannot see our complicity in everything we say we abhor. Our social networks are so interwoven with the institutional leadership — government officials, bankers, lawyers, professors, foundation heads, corporate executives, investors, fellow alumni — that we dare not hold our own families, friends, colleagues and neighbors accountable for our very real financial and operational complicity. While we hate "the system," we keep honoring and supporting the people and institutions that are implementing the system when we interact and transact with them in our day-to-day lives. Enjoying the financial benefits and other perks that come from that intimate support ensures our continued complicity and contribution to fueling that which we say we hate.

      Austin Fitts contrasts that system with the vision she created at Hamilton Securities Group.  She ends her Introduction: 

      My hope is that Dillon, Read & the Aristocracy of Stock Profits will help you to see the game sufficiently to recognize the dividing line between two visions. One centralizes power and knowledge in a manner that tears down communities and infrastructure as it dominates wealth and shrinks freedom. The other diversifies power and knowledge to create new wealth through rebuilding infrastructure and communities and nourishing our natural resources in a way that reaffirms our ancient and deepest dream of freedom.

      My hope is that as your powers grow to see the financial game and the true dividing lines, you will be better able to build networks of authentic people inventing authentic solutions to the real challenges we face. My hope is that you will no longer invite into your lives and work the people and organizations that sabotage real change. If enough of us come clean and hold true to the intention to transform the game, we invite in the magic that comes in dangerous times.

      Yes, there is a better way and, yes, we can create it.


      Anyone who's even half-way serious about wanting to know how the financial system works must read this book.  It was written by a very knowledgeable financial professional who was intimate witness to the type of impractical system as well as the actual machinations and personalities involved in the final down hill run to the looting and gutting of the U.S. economy: 


    • Dawnski says:

      Stupor Bowl Sunday was.prime viewing . . NC Piedmont got hammered with mega X's as the sheep less curried off to church. Blanket of haze by noon. No incoming precipitation on the radar. Just what was created today for the unnamed storm forecast. Sad to see such denial  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      I have always enjoyed the diversities of the climate, weather, trees & plants for most of my life, I always envisioned myself working for the EPA, NOAA, NWS or even the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida. Since seeing all the denial, lies and secrecy that goes on within these agencies, against what is truthfully unfolding in regards to our climate system's, I would never even consider having any association with any of these agencies. Since when is the weather, climate & oceans data and environmental programs classified as confidential or secret. All these engineers, scientists and government agencies definitely know that the earth and all of its systems, are in bad condition, so why is GeoEngineering/Climate Modification SAG/SAI/SRM such a BIG SECRET. What is it, in these programs that is so confidential, obviously they are aware of what their actions are causing to the entire biosphere. The agencies do not want any of us to know the actual truth and what grave harm their actions are causing to everyone & everthing. Dane has mentioned in the past when NASA was asked about the atmospheric particulates, they responded by saying they do not know, the particulates are from an unknown origin. What kind of incompetent answer, from an agency as big as NASA is that. In December of 2013, Pilot Whales & Dolphins beached themselves in the Florida Everglades in very shallow water, 20 miles away from water that would support them! The reason for this occurrence is still unknown as of today. I have heard from avid golfers, that they now see toxic algae blooms in the ponds, lakes, rivers & streams in Northeast Florida, year round, even in the Winter. The process is caused by toxic blue/green algae (Cyanobacteria) blooms, which causes oxidizing events "rusting of earth" These Oxygenation Events dramatically change the composition of life forms on Earth, leading anaerobic organisms to near extinction. People in the Agricultural/Horticultural professions need to be far better custodians of the chemicals, herbicides & fertilizers that they apply to flora, so this can be curbed.

  22. JR says:

    Hello to all in U.S., and those from other countries who come to this website. From Southwest, New Mexico just briefly letting you know how our weather has been. Our rain clouds or snow is demolished by the Chemtrailers-SAG/SRM, this is nothing new. For those who come to seek truth and are new to this subject 2-14-16, stop doubting. Weather Modification was not one of the 4 seasons our Lord made or had in mind, I'm sure.

  23. Chris Hedges /Winner of the Pulitzer Prize
    "Wages of Rebellion, The Moral Imperative of Revolt"
    Nation Books, Perseus Books Group; 2015 [excerpts]:

    We live in a revolutionary moment. The disastrous economic and political experiment that attempted to organize human behavior around the dictates of the global marketplace has failed. The promised prosperity that was to have raised the living standards of workers through trickle-down economics has been exposed as a lie. A tiny global oligarchy has amassed obscene wealth, while the engine of unfettered corporate capitalism plunders resources; exploits cheap, unorganized labor; and creates pliable, corrupt governments that abandon the common good to serve corporate profit.
    The relentless drive by the fossil fuel industry for profits is destroying the ecosystem, threatening the viability of the human species. And no mechanisms to institute genuine reform or halt the corporate assault are left within the structures of power, which have surrendered to corporate control.

    The citizen has become irrelevant. He or she can participate in heavily choreographed elections, but the demands of corporations and banks are paramount.
    History has demonstrated that the seizure of power by a tiny cabal, whether a political party or a clique of oligarchs, leads to despotism. Governments that cater exclusively to a narrow interest group and redirect the machinery of state to furthering the interests of that interest group are no longer capable of responding rationally in times of crisis. Blindly serving their masters, they acquiesce to the looting of state treasuries to bail out corrupt financial houses and banks while ignoring chronic unemployment and underemployment, along with stagnant or declining wages, crippling debt peonage, a collapsing infrastructure, and millions left destitute and often homeless by deceptive mortgages and foreclosures.
    Our inability, as citizens, to influence power in a system of corporate or inverted totalitarianism, along with the loss of our civil liberties, weakens the traditional political vocabulary of a capitalist democracy. The descent of nearly half the country into poverty or near poverty diminishes the effectiveness of the rhetoric about limitless growth and ceaseless material progress. It undermines the myth of American prosperity. The truths are dimly apparent. But we have yet to sever ourselves from the old way of speaking and formulate a new language to explain us to ourselves. Until this happens the corporate state can harness the old language like a weapon and employ the institutions of power and organs of state to perpetuate itself.
    We have been captivated in the modern age by what John Ralston Saul calls 'a theology of pure power' built on 'organization, technology and information.' Our new priest, he writes, is the technocrat. 'the man who understands the organization, makes use of the technology and controls access to the information, which is a compendium of facts.' These technocrats have 'rendered powerless the law,' which is no longer used, as it was designed, 'to protect the individual from the unreasonable actions of others, especially those in power.' It is a weapon of injustice wielded by those who have married 'the state and the means of production.'

    • Natalie R says:


      Thank you for excerpting Chris Hedges! Here is another Hedges' quote, as he explains Sheldon Wolin's concept of Inverted Totalitarianism:

      "Inverted totalitarianism is different from classical forms of totalitarianism. It does not find its expression in a demagogue or charismatic leader but in the faceless anonymity of the corporate state.

      "Our inverted totalitarianism pays outward fealty to the facade of electoral politics, the Constitution, civil liberties, freedom of the press, the independence of the judiciary, and the iconography, traditions and language of American patriotism, but it has effectively seized all of the mechanisms of power to render the citizen impotent."

    • Natalie R — Thank you Wolin’s definition of Inverted Totalitarianism. Chris Hedges is inimitable. I believe he comprehends the pulse of the world psyche better than anyone and simultaneously is able to express what we have become in all its layered complexities. I started reading him in 2004 with his “War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning” a heart wrenching book, which has been recently reissued. He is profoundly eloquent — and yet I often find him painful to read because he compels me to look at things I have buried deep within me, secret horrors, atrocities that are interconnected with and defy my feeling of a misplaced loyalty to my ancestry and country. But I keep buying his books and forcing myself to face these terrible truths about the ‘heart of darkness’ in my own times. Hedges leaves me skinless, just exposed nerves. Paul Craig Roberts understands the politics, but Hedges is cosmic deep and gets it all. He see into our very soul and reveals the cannibal. I am totally indebted to him.

  24. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, since I cannot attend the meeting I look forward to your follow up. Since 2500 scientists have already stated publicly their findings, may we see the presentation? I have already challenged local "weather" talking heads if they are able to comment on today's broadcast.  

  25. susan gortva says:

    They don't know how to fix Fukushima. I was shocked they covered the gas hole in CA. penguins are dying. the scientists that control the weather don't have a handle on it. they are scared too. last week I had the door and windows open and wore a t shirt. upstate ny its minus 40 with wind chill(those winds were blowing) today. we are supposed to have "ice pelets" as a weather forecast next week. never heard of that. this never ending war is their way to hide $ and pocket it. the soldiers are given shots and military food. they are mind controlled. even through all this I still believe we, as humans, have a chance to save ourselves.

  26. Dawnski says:

    Why aren't they naming this fake winter storm? They have a list and yet this historic record breaking storm goes nameless.

    • Diane Friday says:

      They must've read your comment Dawnski. It's been named. Olympia or Olympus, some such mythological God or Goddess name. Appropriate really, since the entirety of this latest geoengineered storm, as well as all the weather everywhere on the planet, is now just as mythological. 

  27. Rick says:

    Hello.  To whom this may concern, 


     I would appreciate information on the event of March 12 2016th location and time thank you 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rick, the event in Redding on March 12th will be held at the Redding city library. The free viewing starts at 2pm, free commercial 911 Architects and Engineers for Truth DVDs will be given to those who attend.

  28. jeremy says:

    There are more of us out here that hear your message than you know man…  we appreciate it… =)

  29. michael drown says:

    A couple of weeks a go in the early afternoon Iaid down on my bed up stairs and was looking at the sky through my catherdral window.  The sky was the very typical gray white canopy of heavy metal particulate so described by Dane in his presentations.  The canopy had wholes in it.  To my amazement I observed through one of those holes a very huge aircraft flying above the canopy spraying from wing to wing a very heavy wide trail of spray apparently patching up all of the holes in  the canopy.   I have never observed such a massive heavy wide spraying directly, only that presented in Dane's videos.  Clearly the sprayers are finding the canopy to be camaflouge for their heavy work.  This was eery and chilling.

  30. Dennie says:

    On today's Living on Earth radio program heard on KQED fm, we hear that California is "probably" in a "permanent drought" condition.  Well, yeah– at least as long at the Ghouls (YES THEY ARE) continue to send out their damnable drones to spray us, that is.

    Anyone who wants The Definitive Skinny on all that went into what caused "Nine-One-One," (that ridiculously named disaster– ughh!), go out get yourself a copy of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, 2004, a NY Times best-seller, a copy of which is in the Harvard School of Business library.  But I'm warning you, it is slow reading because every single sentence is packed with information, backed up by 1,000 footnotes, most of them government documents.  I've read it three times now. 

    Anyone who wants to know what went into the death of Pat Tillman, read this:  http://fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/062306_tillman_files4.shtml&nbsp; This is the fourth installment, about the actual firefight.  I recommend starting with the first installment of Stan Goff's excellent expose. 

    • orange says:

      Seconded with regards to that book (Crossing the Rubicon).  HIGHLY recommend it for everyone.  Another I might add, would be "Propaganda" by Edward Bearnays. 

  31. Dave says:

    DW, thank you for all that you do, you and I are a lot alike I too have been alienated from my family for talking about collapse and spraying. I have had little success in waking anybody they are all stoned by the television set. A few years ago I met the editor of a newspaper and I showed him the pictures I had taken of the skies and other information. I wanted to write an article for the paper about spraying, in the beginning he was all for it but in the end it was suggested that it would not be a good thing to do but I did succeed in waking him and he is now my friend so one is better than none. I learned one thing people will only listen to what they want to hear, talking about the madness in the sky or politics is no different than giving a country music lover tickets to a rap concert they don't want to hear it. A cold beer, a ball game, a 40 hour work week, and a new toy is reality nothing more. This is sad and in the end the herd will run into the hands of the people that destroyed their lives. 

    • Tamra says:

      For all those who can't believe that the Globalist Could really be this evil. Watch video and see these quotes. These men are pure evil 


    • Cynthia says:

      I just want to say keep on doing what you're doing. I get the same response. I'm finding if I keep talking and sharing they will star liking up. I talk to every young person I can and the days where there's heavy spraying I take people out side and show them. I haven't I phone ready at every stop light. People sometime look to see what I'm doing.

    • Tamra — Thanks for the video link. The evidence is becoming insurmountable. Paul Craig Roberts has said "Anyone who thinks that democratic governments would not kill their own citizens is uninformed beyond belief."  I found a written list of these quotes on depopulation from the elite and have posted them on my blog. Chemtrails laced with barium and aluminum is said to be one of their 'weapons'.   http://metaphysicalmusing.com/blog/2016/02/14/quotes-on-the-depopulation-agenda-of-the-global-elite/

      “It is easier to kill a million people rather than trying to control a million people… people are fighting back…our capacity to impose control over humanity is at an historical low…”    – Zbignew Brzezinsk

      A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” - Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb

      “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”   – Dr. Henry Kissinger

  32. Philip Stone says:

    Hi Everyone
    I sure that lots of people here have seen the video in the link below.  Since Dane is talking about 9/11, this video is very prescient.  I sent it to all my contacts.  It is the actual crazy OFFICIAL story all in one place.  what we are asked to believe is put here in one place and all the 'coincidences' that we are asked to take in without a thought.  Perhaps Dane can add this short video at the beginning of his talk on the 12th.
    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE,   needs;  NEEDS;  needs;  NEEDS; to watch this funniest video EVER about 9/11.  No claims, no fictions, no BS, and it puts into 5 minutes all anyone EVER can know or has to know about the events of 15 years ago.  And did I mention:  it's funny—
    Really:  Download this now.  Worth every second.

  33. Rachel Robson says:

    I want "my" El Nino back!  No fair!  They kept saying it would come.  The weather people seem truly confused.  We did get some pouring rain, one day 3 inches.  The ground just soaked it up and gone.  We had so much really cold weather and now are to expect hot.  They stole "my" El Nino for Greenland it appears.

    About the salamanders I think that was what Dane was talking about.  During our last rain and possibly a one just before that, my redwood tree had many leaves seemingly glued together.  It looked so odd, so very odd and shiny too giving the effect of a snake in light, very reptilian looking.  The weight of whatever the heck, which given the fish, sounds like it must have been aluminum as with the fish, the weight of it caused these branchlets to hang down from upturned big branches.  For days now I've watched these needles trying to free themselves with some but too little success.  Some new bits are starting but it appears that swaths of the tree will die.  A lot dead already.  Which happens, this tree sheds like an old dog.  But later in the year, or in drought and part of Fall cleanup- a lot of work.  Not something I see after a rain when the tree is so happy it appears to be dancing.  No more dancing.  Just looking at this massive drooping turning brown breaks my heart.  The squirrels are not playing in it, nor are the birds.

    Yesterday, downtown in Berkeley, I had opportunity to view the sky large.  I could not quit looking.  Seemed as if every chem cloud known to man was being used at the same time.  Very high up several planes were laying thin straight lines.  But the main thing was the forms in the sky, the shapes.  Three dimensional shapes.  Like say, uh, gee how to say, like a three dimensional triangle, multiple geometric shapes with depth and form.  There was lots of a pretty blue but just in between or here and there, lines, all sorts of chem stuff and the shapes.  And I don't mean like cloud shapes.  Geometric.  Just stunning.  In the mix I saw a few planes just flying-kind of a curiosity these days.  Someone mentioned watching planes near airports, regular flights leaving no contrail.  Even back when there really were contrails, the plane had to be at about 35,000 feet and the conditions just right, so don't expect close to the ground to show contrails or any for that matter since planes for some very long time now cannot make them as all are high bypass turbo fans.

    Weather people are saying that not this week but possibly next Thursday after, we may get rain.  This makes such a change from what they had been saying that they seem at a loss for words.

    I've been following architects and engineers for years and glad they are finally getting their due.  It does seem that many many people know about this.  I could tell when it happened, thanks to having watched a lot of demolitions from the guy who paved the way for the footprint drop.  but that was not the only suspicious thing by a long shot.  All said that within seconds, Cheney pulled out of his briefcase a war plan for Iraq.  On Bill Maher's show when 9/11 mentioned, the entire audience seemed aware and made noise.  Few seem to buy the story told then, now.

    Occurs to me, by the way, that Caldeira's wanting people to move out of the wilderness may well have to do with selling off more of our lands to other nations for rape of, and, or, our military.  Cannot imagine a positive scenario in which he wants this.

    What to make of this report from Morroco?  White foam falling in mass quantities?  Thoughts on that Dane?

  34. Dave says:

    Dane, any updates on the legal effort that seemed to have some promise to back up our mission? Every week I am amazed at your unrelenting passion to sound the clarion call to all who care about this beautiful planet. There has to be frustration at the apathy and indifference of so many people that you're trying to enlighten, yet please know the seeds being planted are bearing fruit as each of us can testify to. I would ask all people of faith to be active in exposing this evil as well as being prayerful for Dane and the cause he has called us to be apart of.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, my gratitude to you and every other activist that is truly commited to this fight. Constant effort behind the scenes on the legal front, I hope to have very important announcements very soon, stay tuned.

  35. virgina says:

    Dane:I do not mean to be disrespectful nor is this comment a critical condemnation in any way; however, you keep writing that 'everyone should do his part."   How much more do you think one of us simple individuals can do that will really make any difference?  Do you think the global elite, the  Rockefellers, R othschilds, DOD, Raytheon and other criminals will listen to us? 
    I've busted my rear to try to educate others about global engineering, even about Fukushima, and yes, the 'methane' leak in L.A.  So? How do they respond?   They don't.  Life, such as ii is under our white skies, goes on.  There has to be a concerted effort by thousands of us to even make a dent.   Frustrated, angry, helpless against all with which we are bombarded….and that doesn't even include trying to cope with the inflation, bank closures, taxes, etc.
    It takes a warrior with your intensity and I guess I just have worn mine out.  Thank you, sir, for continuing your efforts.  Who knows, maybe a presidential candidate will come out and speak to the subject.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Virginia, thank you for your message and for all you are clearly trying to do to help move this fight foward. Yes, indivitually we would have no chance, but together, it is another equation completely. Though many are indeed currently ignorning the truths that are being shared with them, the seeds are still being planted. Unfolding circomstances are already forcing many to wake up and take a look around, this trend will increase as conditions around us rapidly worsen. We all need a break from the battle occasionally Virginia. When I feel this way, I load my pack and trek to out into the wilderness. I hike, climb, scratch and crawl to the top of rock escarpments were I stay the night and gaze at the stars (if I can see them through the spaying). After catching our breath, the wind can again return to our sails and we are ready to march forward in the fight once more. Thank you for all your efforts Virginia, we all march together in this most critical effort.

  36. Susan E. says:

    Why would the US Navy admit to war games in the ocean using depleted uranium?  Are they using that as a cover for dumping tons of radioactive waste into the Pacific? Tons of radioactive waste that is too caustic to store on land.  Was Fukushima a planned event designed to turn the Pacific ocean into a toxic toilet of nuclear waste? The thought of this makes me sick to my stomach.

  37. Ken B says:

    Amazingly, the majority of people I approach have basically the same two things to say: 1. those are normal condensation (con) trails…usually followed by a skeptical – are you crazy look. 2. Why would our government do that – for what purpose.

    I've learned that rather than trying to hit both points at once, I pick the first one to respond to: A. modern jet engines don't leave contrails like that, they haven't for decades. B. Do you think the environmental conditions in the atmosphere that are conducive to "contrails" stay the same all-day-long? Even at high noon sun?

    So far, people don't want to hear it. Critical thinking has gone bye-bye. Look up some of the stuff Mark Dice has done. Makes me cry…

    • Alex Gaston says:

      I use This one, and it usually gets their attention unless they are a sociopath.

      If They Would Feed Radioactive Oatmeal to Little Kids, What Wouldn’t They Do?

      ne story that has really stuck with me (even though it is far from the worst) discloses how boys at a known eugenics school in Massachusetts were fed radiation-laced oatmeal by MIT scientists under the ruse that they were chosen to be part of a special club. Their parents were even sent letters which made this violation of human rights sound like a good and even healthy thing for these kids, stating the study was, “in connection with the nutrition department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology” with “the purpose of helping to improve the nutrition of our children.” It went on to say the boys would get, “a quart of milk daily… taken to a baseball game, to the beach, and to some outside dinners” and “enjoy it greatly,” all with zero mention that the government, via the Atomic Energy Commission, had signed off on turning their kids into human guinea pigs.

      In 1998, MIT and Quaker Oats agreed to pay out $1.85 million to 45 victims of the radioactive oatmeal study; Massachusetts was forced to pay another $676,000 to 27 participants. The book says some federal and state lawsuits on this matter are still pending.

      The question is, if they would do this… if they would feed radioactive oatmeal to helpless children and lie to them and their parents about it for years… well gee, is there anything they wouldn’t do?

      The real boom in experiments against the population didn’t begin until World War II, when the military not only began testing truth serum and other chemical agents against its own soldiers, but the military sailed ships up the California coastline spraying bacteria on coastal towns to see how far it would spread. Some died of pneumonia. After the war ended, and the country was swathed in the national security blanket, and unwitting citizens including soldiers, prisoners, terminal cancer patients, and even children, were subjected to all manner of experiments from radiation injections to mind control.



  38. Dan says:

    I'm curious about the pilots of the jets who spray us like bugs. Do they believe they are doing anything good. Do they not have family? How can they do what they do with a clear conscience? No Guilt? No soul? 

    I'm surprised that not one pilot has come forward. Cowards…?I'm urging the pilots of the jets to grow a set of balls and be heros who stand up for the rest of us now. What could possibly be stopping you??

    • Dennie says:

      Does it STILL not occur to anyone here that the spray jets could in all likelihood be DRONES?? 

      Why would "they" not use them for the spray programs?

      I'm far from a "genius" but I can already think of at least six very good reasons why you really should use DRONES for the spraying:

      1.) WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY for remote controlled flight.  It's been here since the early 70s (do your own research, why take my word for it?)

      2.) NO salaries,

      3.) NO insurance,

      4.) NO benefits to pay;

      5.) NO ONE GETS SICK and

      6.) DRONES DON'T TALK.

      Seriously, what's not to like about using drones for this insanity, when we already KNOW that "their" line of "thinking" goes like this: 

      "IF YOU CAN THEN YOU SHOULD."  Translated:




    • Hey Dan! Excellent question. Those pilots MUST know something very different is trailing out behind their planes. They would have to be blind not to see the trails left by other aircraft while they are at cruise altitude. The only commercial pilot I have heard of who is now a SAG-exposer is Willem Felderhof. He is a former pilot for KLM Royal Dutch Airline, and now a wonderful truth warrior. We need a hundred, yes a thousand more with the balls he has displayed….THEN we’d get somewhere fast. He was the inspiration for this music video I’ve done:
      If you know any pilots, air or ground-crew, pass it on to them!

  39. Shirley Whitford says:

    Dane, thank you for your tireless efforts to disclose the truth regarding Geoengineering. It is appalling the amount of smart people who refuse to believe the truth about the poisoning of our air, water and food supply as well as mind control, Fukishima, NASA and the Education if our children and vaccinations.  Its overwhelming!   Disclosure needs to happen in so many areas but Whistleblowers are sucided or threatened and discredited  as you well know.  There are many disinformation shills spreading panic in the markets and banking but we are fighting back.  I suggest you follow Karen Hudes, World Bank Whistleblower as well.  Thank you again for all you.  I will do my part to share and support you and others fighting for our very lives and exposing the lies.  Sincerely,  Shirley Whitford

  40. Too many war-coming-inevitable stories…timed with the global markets crash… and the biosphere collapse …soon…
    End NATO Now. “An Insanity that’s Driving the World Inexorably Toward World War III”   /Feb. 13, 2016
    The continuation of NATO, after its counterpart the Warsaw Pact ended in 1991, is an insanity that’s driving the world inexorably toward World War III. The trigger for that war is now being set by NATO member Turkey, which wants to invade neighboring Syria, and which has the support of the Gulf Cooperation Council (including the world’s biggest buyer of US weapons, Saudi Arabia) who are massing troops and weapons on Syria’s northern border, in preparation for an invasion southward into Syria.  Once they invade Syria from Turkish territory, it won’t be enough for the Syrian army and its Russian ally to wage war against them inside Syria, because the invaders will then need to be counter-attacked in order to be defeated, and so there will be an invasion of NATO-member Turkey – a counter-invasion, in defense against Syria’s invaders – a counter-invasion which, however morally necessary it will be, will trigger nuclear war, for this reason:
    The NATO Treaty in its Article Five, «Collective Defense», asserts (as summarized by NATO): «Collective defense means that an attack against one Ally is considered as an attack against all Allies». In other words, when Syria and Russia respond to Turkey’s aggression by counter-invading Turkey, the entire NATO alliance are automatically Treaty-obligated to ‘defend’ Turkey from that justified invasion of Turkey by Syria and by Syria’s Russian ally.
    Either Russia would instead abandon its ally there, which would mean for Russia to capitulate to NATO’s invasion of its ally, or else Russia would do its moral duty to its ally, and there would then be World War III, between Russia and all NATO nations, which would be an all-out nuclear war, which will end civilization and make all continued life on this planet intolerable.

    We are in a new cold War!  It was just two days ago when Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev warned that if Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar invade Syria in a transparent attempt to shore up their Sunni proxy armies currently under siege by Moscow’s warplanes and Hezbollah, a “new world war” would be inevitable.  …such a conflict would likely drag on for “decades. … Do they really think they would win such a war very quickly? That's impossible, especially in the Arabic world,” Medvedev said. “There everyone is fighting against everyone… everything is far more complicated. It could take years or decades."
    On Saturday, Medvedev was back at it with the hyperbole (or at least we hope it’s hyperbole) in Munich where more than 60 foreign and defense ministers are gathered for the 52nd Munich Security Conference. In his speech, the PM challenged NATO’s military maneuvers in the Baltics as well as the alliance’s general approach towards relations with The Kremlin.
    “The political line of NATO toward Russia remains unfriendly and closed,” he said in a speech to the conference. “It can be said more sharply: We have slid into a time of a new cold war.”
    “NATO on Wednesday approved new reinforcements for eastern Europe, including stepped-up troop rotations on its eastern flanks and more naval patrols in the Baltic Sea,” Bloomberg notes. … NATO made a concerted push to place new weapons and troops near Russia’s borders and prepare allies for a rapid deployment in the event Moscow invaded a neighboring state."  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-02-13/we-are-new-cold-war-russia-pm-delivers-stark-warning-nato


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well, this makes it clear that Putin's acquisition of some of our public lands for uranium was a deal done during a more peaceful time with Russia.  A "minute" there of de`tant with Russia.  What now of that?  And what wishful? thinking or rather lack of thinking, went toward brokering that deal, and financial boon for the Clintons?  All the same for Hilary the hawk.

  41. "Anyone who thinks that democratic governments would not kill their own citizens is uninformed beyond belief."

    * President Kennedy and His Brother Robert Kennedy Were Murdered By The Military-Security Complex
    Paul Craig Roberts / Feb/ 13, 2016 [excerpt]
    At the time of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, the CIA was conducing mind control experiments. Experts think that Sirhan Sirhan was one of those under the CIA’s control. This would explain why Sirhan Sirhan has no memory of the event.
    President John F. Kennedy had experienced in the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer a high level of insubordination. Lemnitzer showed in White House meetings contempt for the president. When Lemnitzer brought Kennedy the Northwoods Project to shoot down American citizens in the streets of America and to blow American airliners out of the sky in order to place the blame on Castro so that the US could invade and achieve “regime change,” a popular term of the George W. Bush regime, in Cuba, President Kennedy removed Lemnitzer as chairman and sent him to Europe as head of NATO.
    Kennedy did not know about Operation Gladio, an assassination program in Europe run by NATO and the CIA. Communists were blamed for Operation Gladio’s bombings of civilians in train stations in order to erode communist political influence, especially in Italy. Thus, Kennedy’s way of getting rid of Lemnitzer put Lemnitzer in charge of this program and gave Lemnitzer a way to get rid of John Kennedy.
    Anyone who thinks that democratic governments would not kill their own citizens is uninformed beyond belief. If, dear reader, you are one of these gullible people, please go to the Internet and become familiar, for example, with Operation Northwoods and Operation Gladio. [full report here]:

    • Kathy says:

      Kennedy also fired Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA who are the foot soldiers for the Elite. Prescott Bush started the CIA. They all have dirty hands.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The real powerful people control the evil doings in this world and they are beyond stopping now. They are the ones who create the chaos that started with JFK's murder. It doesn't matter which political group leads the nation, the leaders are all puppets of these evil people. NATO, the UN etc are a planned system for the ultimate control of the world by these people. THEY are the real NWO. Most of the tragedies we've seen in the last few decades are manipulated by this group towards their ultimate control of this world. Disarming peoples of nations is their goal for this achievement. The US is the last nation for this disarmament, but the population is very well armed. If the disarmament won't be successful politically, look out for martial law to step in where people will be systematically killed just as you fear. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      I wonder if Lemnitzer was one of the nazi's affiliated with Operation Paperclip?? I wouldn't be surprised. I hate to be so cynical but so many of these crooked psychopaths seem to have been imported into our nation at that time. I remember the bumper sticker popular during the 60-70's which said Question Authority- nowadays it should read Suspect Authority!

    • Earth Angel says:

      I guess he's not from Germany- Wikipedia says Lemnitzer was born in Pennsylvania in 1899-  he has connections to the Rockefeller Foundation however; could be a prime source of his corruption!

  42. michael says:

    i listen every week and keep trying to tell my friends and family about the different things i learn through your weekly reporting on global event , very appreciative , keep up the good work dane….

  43. jason says:

    Many people don’t know that the Oligarchs own all the banks and the corporations, and pay off the CEOs, Congress, and the President to do their evils.
    The Oligarchs are the Central Bankers.
    The Oligarchs privately own the creation of money because they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank under the Federal Reserve aAct of 1913.
    It doesn’t matter if you split up the big banks into a lot of small banks or split up corporations into a lot of small corporations, the Oligarchs will still own all of  them because they privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and the creation of money. The Oligarchs own all of the apparatus.
    They are using their apparatus to Geo Engineer, to spray you.
    The only way they can totally be stopped is to NOT let them privately own the creation of money, to NOT let them privately own the Federal Reserve Bank.

    • Good Vid. on 2.3 TRillion Dollars Missing from DOD Day before 911 2001 Rumsfeld LIES


    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Hi Jason …..if you did a little deeper you will find that all the banking systems go back to the Vatican through the efforts of the Jesuits.
      They hold in their hands ALL secret Clubs around the world.
      Just look into why the Jesuits want to have a one world government ….its all about the religious order they SERVE.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Hmmm, that is what JFK wanted to do. He wanted the federal government to control the money in America and we all saw what happened. His murder was so well planned and deceived that people don't know who to believe. The events of 9/11 were designed the same way. The Middle East chaos is the same part of these evil people. 

  44. Abdelmone Izzeldin says:

    Today in the news a strange thing happened in Moroco where white -foam like – masses has fallen in quantities . People are scared and emotional to tears. I think we will see much of these things very soon. Definitely it is a result of spoiling climate. Thanks.

  45. Dang says:

    Thank you  for the weekly daily updates . Soon I fear communications will be severed then what . 

    • Dennie says:

      Dang:  Why worry?  Like with finding "the cure" for cancer, the telecommunications industry is making waaay too much money to do something so abjectly stooopid as to cut the cord to the geese that lay "their" golden egg, certainly for long.  Even, and especially, with regard to all their users. 

      While it's been said that "history doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes," we are NOT NAZI Germany.

  46. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 101th email to my contact list, titled 'Will 2016 be the Tipping Point Year?'.
    Feb 4th, methane was 1900ppb over most of the Arctic Ocean. 
    Feb 6th, CO2 level was 410ppm over most of higher latitudes, peaking at 416ppm.
    Feb 11th, sea surface temp off Svalbard (in the Arctic Ocean) reached 11.2ºC
    Feb 11th (day 42), Arctic Sea Ice reached 14.188 million sq km, the lowest level for time of year since 1979.
    Feb 11th (day 42), Arctic Sea Ice reached 12.564 million sq km. This is a difference of 1.624 million sq km to the above data, or about 6.666 times the size of UK – using the same ridiculously low 15% ice cover measurement! http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/arctic.sea.ice.interactive.html
    Oxygen levels are dropping faster than CO2 levels are rising:  http://disinfo.com/2013/01/atmospheric-oxygen-levels-are-dropping-faster-than-atmospheric-carbon-levels-are-rising/
    Will 2016 be the Tipping Point Year when the the effects of uncontrollable global warming are so great that the general public wake up and see the lies and misinformation they are being told?

    • michael says:

      let's hope so , and im thinking this year is going to be the tipping point where many other large scale things happens on top of that , like global monetary economic collapse , governments around the world attempts to go full martial law on their populations , and hopefully a break in the military chain that will see some of those 'men and women who joined the military for the right reasons' (as dane puts it) stop serving the power structure and start serving the greater populations again…..

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Agreed Michael, …Is the US leading Saudi Arabia down "The Kuwaiti Invasion Road"?…


      War is the biggest distraction available to them.

    • Roy says:

      I have brought up oxygen depletion over the years in various forums and my concerns were inevitably disregarded. It is truly life's most under appreciated natural resource.  The American Lung Asociation said it best: "when you can't breathe, nothing else matters"

    • Dennie says:

      And I wonder where American Lung Ass'n stands with regard to the poisoning of our planet with nanoparticulate heavy metals VISIBLY sprayed over the whole place, 24/7/365???  Don't tell me; somehow I already can imagine the lame answer.  TRULY disgusting, sad, enraging.  What's happening here on Earth does not entail just the simple REPORTING of the crimes.  And you're a psychopath, too, if that's the only thing you think it's about.

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