Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 4, 2017


Dane Wigington

Much has already transpired since Donald Trump took office, and road signs do not bode well in regard to the direction we are headed. Should this be a surprise? More than ever before the power structure is trying desperately to hide reality from a population that is largely uninterested in the bigger picture in the first place. More than ever, those in power are doing their best to completely eliminate any remaining restraints on the military/industrial/banking complex. Will the last remaining remnants of the planet's life support systems (that are still functioning) be looted, plundered, and pillaged in order to keep business as usual till the last possible moment? Environmental and societal collapse will be blindingly swift. What is the current state of our oceans? US government officials declare fisheries disaster for the entire west coast of North America. 6654

The satellite photo above was captured at 11 pm Pacific time on 2/1/17. This is a shocking example of radio frequency/microwave transmissions manipulating a square cloud perimeter around an extensive circular low pressure circulation.

On the other side of the world, in the Bay of Bengal, another fisheries collapse is unfolding. The global refugee crisis from collapsing ecosystems will soon "fuel an unimaginable refugee crisis" according to a new military analyst report. The city of Miami Beach is going to spend half a billion dollars ($500,000,000) to temporarily keep a few neighborhoods from being inundated from rapidly rising seas. Coastline cities all over the globe face the same fate, the efforts to mitigate this process is futile. Total nuclear fuel rod meltdowns at Fukushima are confirmed, and the world's top scientists have advanced the hands of the "Doomsday Clock" to an alarming 150 seconds to "midnight". Will the masses be awakened to our collective peril before the sand in the hourglass runs out? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many choose not to stand up and make their voice heard in the battle for the greater good unless or until someone somewhere can give them a guarantee of certain success, this scenario must change. Life gives no such guarantees, ever. No matter how daunting the odds, we must make the decision to do what is right, because it is right. We are free falling into the most defining and critical chapter of our species, indeed, of life on Earth. How can we know what difference we may have made unless or until we are willing to stand and be counted in the critical effort to fully expose the untainted truth on countless fronts? We must take a stand today, if we are to salvage any tomorrow.

This week's outreach booth is at the Placer County Fairgrounds, Roseville, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



198 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 4, 2017

  1. penny waters says:

    i have been reading more on previous posts and i now feel humbled in the presence of such amazing humanity as you all are

    this is the first time that i have really appreciated the global village via the magic box

    to communicate with other humans

     who have such astounding variety of how 'to come at life' – are we the last of the hunter gatherers – people with real love, imagination, joy and compassion – makes me well up

    you are like the robins in my garden – whenever i am down they come and cheer me up – in fact most of the birds do – as each generation turns – so the knowledge seems to get passed to each other

    noticed today with the snow – some years back with really bad cold weather birds were frantic with fear of hunger and would fight each other – certainly saw the pecking order then

    but i set out to stop it – by chiding them when they fought and talking to them gently when they behaved right – backed up with a wave of the arms ( they are fed just outside my large window by my sitting reading space) i didn't have to do that this year – they all took turns

    nature is a joy and you people are proper nature or natural  – real humans

    and i love you all for it – you give me hope – i will always know that there is love of the best kind of light energy out there amongst you

    thank you all so much for your help in maintaining my love of human kind

  2. Glenn Adger Whittington says:

    I am writing this because I just read your "Chemtrail Symptoms" article, and it has probably solved the issue of my mysterious health/mood/energy issues.  I have been aware of the issue of geoengineering for quite some time.  But, now it is personal.  Over here in Huntsville AL, they have been aggressively spraying for the past few months.  Not the usual one or two or three stripes in the morning, but now tic-tac-toes and up to a dozen stripes at a time morning and evening.  Which leads me to question:  What are they doing at night?  All of this 'weather-weird' winter I have been feeling kind of 'odd and off-center'.  Now for the past week, I have been weak kneed, light-headed, headachy, runny nosed, coughing, melancholy, frustrated, and the ringing in my ears is about to drive me nuts!  These symptoms have increased as the week progressed, and I had just about made up my mind to make a doctor's appointment.  But, after just now reading this article, I know what the heck is wrong with me.  Now, what to do about it?  Further research this week-end.  I really can't take this.  Earlier this morning, I just suddenly wanted to punch a wall, and I almost yelled at my wife, FOR NOTHING!  I haven't talked to my wife about my symptoms, because she will make me go to the doctor for sure.  However, she has told me that she is experiencing headache, scratchy throat, and occasional (she says for no reason) nausea.  After I do some more research on what to do, I will open a dialog with her about our symptoms.  We have talked a little about 'chemtrails' whenever we are together and notice them above us, so the subject is not foreign to her.  Dane, thank you for your pioneering work on this evil known as Geoengineering.  Bless you, and keep you.

  3. Dale K says:

    If the Gem Faire is happening in Placer County Fairgrounds this weekend, please be advised that if you live in the Sierras or Truckee/Reno, that all I-80 lanes at Baxter have been closed due to a major mudslide.

    Mudslide closes all lanes of I-80 in Sierra
    SFGate | Feb 10, 2017

    • Chad says:


  4. Jennifer Evans says:

    I was wondering if you could comment on the status of your legal actions underway. I live in Pennsylvania and was wondering if you think it would be beneficial to print out some of your fliers and send them along with a letter to my congressmen and/or state attorney general? Thanks very much. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jennifer, thank you for your willingness to help us sound the alarm on the climate engineering assault. Our legal efforts are absolutely still progressing, I will give a short update on my tomorrows weekly broadcast. About raising awareness with our informational flyers, yes, this would be very helpful for the cause. You can download the flyers from for free, and print them locally. We MUST reach a critical mass of awareness, there is no other way forward. FYI

  5. Bobbyndallas says:

    Has anyone on this site seen the sky over Dallas lately? The cloud cover has been so thick, I can hardly feel the sun on my skin. At the end of the day I see only a bright metallic object through a vast silver oxide filter. The jets are flying criss-cross and irregular patterns constantly, huge trails now at much lower altitudes and so obvious to even the untrained eye that four trails from two engine aircraft sweeping in arcs and varying altitudes and angles. 

    At work several people have commented on their sinus/respiratory problems. One today asked me if I knew what was causing it and, of course, I said yes. Look up in the sky. He (typically for this area) said I am crazy and probably did not vote for trump. I did not. I also did not waste my vote on hillary either.

    This has become so blatantly in your face, they don't care if anyone knows now. Our citizenry has become so deluded and misinformed and well, just plain dumb.

    I have been trying for years to make people here aware. Those that do acknowledge what is happening want to blame it on liberals. And I have been threatened and criticized.  But I have printed and distributed over 750  color flyers I downloaded from this site. Very few will listen but the ones who do become so scared they are ineffectual. 

    I am looking for anyone in this area, one of the most heavily sprayed regions today, to communicate with me and possibly even help spread the word. 

    I welcome any thoughts anyone has about how to make a better case. This is the most pressing issue we face today. And I am very grateful for all the work Dane and others have done to alert us all to this horrific act of terrorism.


    • MAP says:

      Bobby: Keep forging ahead and spreading Truth regarding SRM/SAI. Most of the people that I have informed on this topic are only concerned with their paycheck which is derived from Fake, Phony, Fiat currency so that they can live a "comfortable" yet delusional life of hyper-consumption and therefore bringing about environmental destruction. This situation we are facing now has been 100 years in the making.The training, conditioning, and literally brain-washing of the masses over the past 100 years has been thorough and brutal. I like to look at the situation in this manner: the masses have been led into a "trap" of epic proportions.


      That said, we must keep spreading the Truth as best as we are able to do so. Do not give up.

  6. BN West says:

    Maybe this was already covered but I have a question. After years of targeting California (and other western states) for drought….why in the last few months have we gotten all this rain and snow? Thanks. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello BN, though we can speculate about all the agendas being carried out behind the curtain, in regard to precipitation, the climate engineers control the flow. The equation is very complex, we must always consider that fact.

    • Chad says:

      Because people are catching on, they want to confuse the newcomers, And they are upping the ante and putting some serious toxins in there now. So why not let it rain and really soak the toxic crap up and tell you lies like they have that oh boy the drought is over. Just like they said the war is over. Right!!!! Hopefully you dont buy that bullshit. New world Order government documents prove otherwise.

    • Bobbyndallas says:

      I can't say for sure but it maybe worth investigating how many public water utilities were purchased by private partnerships/funds and now are for profit.

      How many smaller farms were droughted out and acquired via eminent domain for wall street profit. 

      I read a very credible report on this matter and it seems they (the spraying elite) are now turning their attention to the Midwest. They now own the (commons) public water utility and now sell the water for much much more. 

      Just food for thought. 

    • MS P says:

      Last night I watched the Waxing Gibbous Moon rise. The clouds were so fake, that they had Sun Dog rainbows, reflecting  in the moonlight. 

      Not even real  or pure Sun Dog rainbow colors either. Dirty at best, in the metallic colorful cloud reflections.


      On a side note. There has been some very low flying jets above our clouds. The military kind. For they have a flight pattern, going towards PT Magu. (Base) Only such planes will fly. Most often it's an official on this route. Lately this is happening more often. They fly low (above our low cloud line) & are very big & very  loud! I can hear them over  any other large aircraft that flies by here.

    • MS P says:

      Bobby in dallas I saw a whole lot of R E bought up by the Army Core Of Engineers. From disaster zones. CA is next. 

    • Chad says:


  7. Sean says:

    Hey Dane, 

    It would appear that El Nino may be reforming, already. Any idea how this is possible? La Nina was by all accounts a weak one. How can an El Nino be forming again so soon? Thanks for any info you can supply relating to this. Keep up the good fight.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, the entire planetary climate system has now been completely derailed, we are in uncharted territory. Certainly the oceans are superheating overall, this must be considered. 

  8. Henry Stein says:

    We will be saved by what we do not see. And do not know. And that is good.  We in truth; the one we came from and must return to are not divided.  That is were hope and valor come in as we reduce fear to zero.  It will be OK.  Even if we fail in our attempt to wake up the destroyer element of fools who fail to see their mistake.  Which is that if they achieve there goal we will all be permanent slaves with them as our masters and all of us together in the very same trap.  Helpless in a bigger spiders web.  And when they awaken to the true intentions of the bigger spider it will of course be to late.  That we hope is not our fate … We have many possible dawns after all this darkness and we earthlings are not alone in our concerns. I suspect our fate will be a just one and as regards that I chose to be fearless and forgiving and appreciative of an unseen even larger spider who is not hungry and has no desire other then for us to realize that intelligent life is not an a Darwinian accident.  We owe are consciousness to a creator who must be acknowledged sooner or later.  In this potential pure love existence.  Love is like a flower the just gets more beautiful every day …  I hope this is true.  I see the dawn.  I believe in love.  Its ok.

    • Dennie says:

      Our "just fate" means we'll all be wiped out, starting with the poorest, along with the rest of nature.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Chad, (and all here), I apologize that my referring to your watching the super bowl may have come off as singling you out. I promise you my friend I haven't met yet, that is not true. I appreciate the energy you have produced in response to my posting.

    • Chad says:

      Its all good Horseman. Love will eventually cure all. I believe in the Creator ill call God and Jesus. Not trying to save the planet, just a few SOULS. TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS. UNAFRAID IN IDAHO. LOVE, PEACE, JOY TO ALL HERE.

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Another amazing broadcast Dane. Your finishing statements brought me to tears. Once again thank you for your courage and tenacity in your research and your mission to enlighten us all to the dire plight we now face. One thing very encouraging to me is to see how fast the visits to your website are now multiplying. Numbers that used to take months to reach now seem to me to turn over in just days or weeks. Proof that your message is now reaching vast amounts of people in relatively short time! Thank you sir, for remaining at YOUR post as you have. You have inspired all of us to keep fighting for what is right; and remain faithfully at our own. Godspeed everyone in the name of rescuing our Mother Earth.


  11. Mario says:

    A THOUGHT ON TRUMP:  Many have convinced themselves that the corporate media is against Trump and that he is in fact not "in their script".  I am going to go out on a limb and disagree and postulate that he IS in their script and HAS BEEN for a long time.  The script calls for maximum division.  Think back to primary season and the months and year leading up to it.  The #1 topic of pundits during this period (and every moment since) was / is ALWAYS Trump.  The lead story was / is always Trump.  The banner graphics always put Trump's name in your face from the very first moment of the "news" program.  Not to mention every other program on television was / is also leading with Trump this and Trump that.  It was / is Trump Du Jour.  Everyday, without fail, continuing up to this moment.  Even the Clinton emails always took a back seat to whatever The Donald said or did.  I saw it coming a year or more out — just by their choice of what name they push first and how hard they pushed it.  You have been beaten over the head with the Trump name and the Trump brand.  TPTB absolutely dig his side show and his antics.  They think he's a righteous dude.  They help / helped create and fuel this theatrical debacle.  

    And the theatrics have been shoved down your throats for a good two years now.  Not only are people divided on purpose, but now with the failing integrity of media and academia, people don't know whether to s**t or go blind.  I truly feel sorry for the media illiterate, because they are truly screwed.  So before you go having another family fight political discussion and writing off your cousin for being racist or ignorant, realize that a vast majority of people in this country are media illiterate and are simply caught up in the rhetoric that is rammed into their psyche 24 hours a day.

    Trump is the consummate American melodrama.  It is absolutely 100% intentional theater with an agenda of divide, confuse, monetize, exploit, conquer, and then destroy.  The American military and multi-national corporations run this country, and Trump is their ultimate stooge.  Anybody who thinks this is isn't theater . . . look who's sitting next to him during presidential meetings — Omarosa for god's sake.  You have to be effing kidding me.  While you're at it why don't you appoint Carrot Top to run the DHS.  This government side show is a farce.  Don't waste your time or hope on this garbage.  You're better off watching Dynasty or Dallas.  

    For those that are awake to all of it . . . I know . . .  we feel like the guy strapped to the chair in A Clockwork Orange.  

    • Dennie says:

      @Mario:  Well-said. I have learned to avoid the political "discussions" most are involving themselves in precisely because they are not in the habit of reading a very wide range of material and commentary, and taking in more complete information by doing other than tuning in to the news sources that reflect their own beliefs; they wouldn't have a clue where to look.  I've liked The Lip T.V. with Allison Hope Weiner, and The Real News Network, also PRN.  Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt, generally a good alternative news source, but he has Catherine Austin Fitts in his corner who is on record saying that there's something "decent" and "human" about Trump, this before the election.. never mind his current wife (no. 3) who is staying waaay the Hell out of the limelight, not so much, I say, because she doesn't like it, but that there are very good reasons not to shine too much light on her past, having done a number of nude photo shoots for European "men's magazines."

      Here's a link to Allison Hope Weiner's interview with Michael C. Ruppert on the topic of journalistic integrity, alternative media and the September 11, 2001 disaster:  Allison Hope Weiner is an attorney and journalist.  Here is her bio, as found on the Huffington Post:


    • MAP says:

      Exactly Mario.  The Free Mason/Illuminati/Psychopath Cabal have created one of the greatest distractions in human history. And what are we being distracted from? 

      Pending Environmental/Economic/Social collapse. It has been in the works for a very long time. The motto of this Cabal is "Order out of Chaos". And the greatest amount of chaos has been served up by these nut jobs.  

      Conclusion. Do not partake in their endless distractions and keep your focus on making preparations, eating healthy, nutritional supplements and spreading the Truth about GeoEngineering. 

    • Dennie says:

      And at the VERY end, the ONLY ones "they" are deluding are… themselves.  What does that leave? 

      Now, we know where WE stand, so, where does that leave THEM?

  12. Rob says:

    Hello all,

    This another video I came across on  It is from 1995 when members of various militias testified before congress.  At one point, weather manipulation is discussed!

    It is also interesting to see Senator Arlen Specter dribble at the mouth.  For those of you who may not know, he is the one that pushed the single/magic bullet theory during the investigation of JFK's assassination!

    • Chad says:


    • Marilyn Avila says:

      William – thank you for this excellent article regarding the ongoing Fukushima disaster by West Point graduate Joachim Hagopian. The bottom of article led me to his website and part of his manuscript "Don't Let the Bastards Getcha Down" regarding the US war machine.   There seems to be no end to the poisoning of all life on our planet.   I think I will write to him and ask if he's aware of climate engineering.  Thanks to all the enlightened people who read this website, and especially Dane.     

  13. Donna-AZ says:

    I thought of something different that could help spread the word. I was looking at all the flat roofs here where I live, and thought if I lived on a flight path, (which unfortunately I don't) I could go door to door, inform the home owner of what is going on, and ask to paint one large letter on each home roof spelling out, STOP CLIMATE ENGINEERING or STOP SPRAYING US, etc. Maybe someone lives in an area where this could be done. Hundreds of planes per day, and maybe even make the news! 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Donna-AZ, That is a seriously good idea. Mobile home parks would be a good place also. "They" put "us" in boxes all in row. Why shouldn't we use those boxes to the advantage of "for the good of the many?"

      "If you don't like the way the game is played, learn to play it better than anyone else". I believe Dane and those like him know this and will prevail in the end. I wonder how many in "the end" will have learned "the game?" The Creator knows it will be they that are left standing in the end of things as we now know it. "They" will create a new world. It is a cycle that will be brought to fruition. Our mother earth will take many lifetimes to heal. Like it or not. The Creator will know who to leave behind so the healing can take place. This too is a cycle. Be careful what you wish for. Myself, I wished to survive what is coming down the pike. At the time I did not know it would be like this, but I stand now more firm than I ever have in my whole life. My oh my is it ever going to be a hard row to hoe…. Find a good hoe, bro. (gotta grin when ya can, eh?)

  14. Shirley Kistner says:

    The Number 1 problem we face as a Nation is the fact that the US does not control its own Banking System.  The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with European shareholders.  The Fed is in turn controlled by The Bank of International Settlements, Basil. Switzerland, the Central Bank of all Central Banks in the Universe. Want to talk about a "Onc World Order"?  It's here! These men control your dismal destiny.  Face the facts! 
    World Bank Control by the Eight (8) Individuals listed below who “Rule the Universe.”
    Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild
    (England, age 84)
    Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob de Rothschild
    (England, age 79)
    Nathaniel Philip Victor James de Rothschilds
    (England, age 44)
    Son of Jacob above
    Baron Eric Alain Robert David de Rothschild
    (France, age 75)
    Baron David rene' James de Rothschild
    (France, age 73)
    Edouard Etienne Alphonse de Rothschild
    (France, age 57)
    Half Brother of David rene' above
    Benjamin de Rothschild  (France, age 52)
    Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild
    (France, age 35)
    Son of David rene' above

    • Ryan says:

      It's storming and raining in Chicago tonight.  Ridiculous.

    • MS P says:

      Thomas Jefferson Qoutes►

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

      Do you want to know who you are? Don't ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

      I hold it, that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

      When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.
      Thomas Jefferson 

      It is incumbent on every 
      Generation to pay its own debts as it goes. 
      A principle which if acted on would save 
      One-half the wars of the world. 
      Thomas Jefferson 

      I predict future happiness for 
      Americans if they can prevent the government 
      From wasting the labors of the people under the 
      Pretense of taking care of them. 
      Thomas Jefferson

      My reading of history convinces me 
      That most bad government results from too much 
      Thomas Jefferson 

      No free man shall ever be debarred 
      The use of arms. 
      Thomas Jefferson 

      The strongest reason for the 
      People to retain the right to keep and bear arms 
      Is, as a last resort, to protect themselves 
      Against tyranny in government. 
      Thomas Jefferson

      The tree of liberty must be 
      Refreshed from time to time with the blood of 
      Patriots and tyrants. 
      Thomas Jefferson 

      To compel a man to subsidize with 
      His taxes the propagation of ideas which he 
      Disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. 
      Thomas Jefferson

      Thomas  Jefferson said in 1802:
      'I believe that 
      Banking institutions are more dangerous to 
      Our liberties than standing armies. 
      If the American people ever allow 
      Private banks to control the issue of their 
      Currency, first by inflation, then by 
      Deflation, the banks and corporations that will 
      Grow up around the banks will deprive the people 
      Of all property – until their children 
      Wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers 

    • Chad says:

      Snow 3 hours ago and 29 degrees F , now 36 and turning to rain in Idaho

    • penny waters says:

      no wonder my mum, when i was a child and asked for something out of our economic ability, would always say

      'what do you think my name is – rothschild!!!!!!!' – didn't understand the significance

      the wonder of natives knowledge when culturally connected!!!!

      makes me feel quite sick – but hahaha – they will never know the love of nature

  15. SilentSister says:

    Winter storm Maya came through Seattle last night and today. Last week, Heavy spraying during the week. Then, of course, your shot of the square cloud in the satellite. Ironically enough, I had looked at satellite imagery and saw a heck of a storm brewing, ( the one that just rolled through). But, that satellite data only showed what looked to be almost a hurricane. I don't know what to believe- but I do know this- logic dictates that with all the experiments running around this planet by " ego gone mad"- logic would dictate the weather is beyond big messed with too. How can they terraform Mars without messing with bio- systems on the only planet we know supports life? Good luck everyone! Keep eyes open!! 

  16. horsegirl says:

    Dane, or Susan, or anyone who knows:  On heavy particulate field days like today – bad visibility for everyone, even the dog is torpid, etc. – I experience bad vision even indoors.  The eye chart for my exercises, normally not difficult, is almost unreadable.  Is this primarily because particulate has wafted indoors, or because of microwave transmitters moving the fields also causing brain/vision malfunction?  If a combination, is one or the other a predominant cause?  Thanks in advance if anyone knows.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      I experience the same problems with my vision, I have to squint a lot on days the sky is heavily HAARed.

    • renate summers says:

      Yes, my eye sight was blurry, doubled vision, indoors. Here in BC canada west coast.Truly a horror show. Still in a deep freeze and my lower back is in pain. Feeding the birds in my car-port, poor babies need all the help they can get. 

    • Chad says:

      Fungal infections. Ask a doctor to test, then TESTIFY.

    • Hawkeye says:


      Boy am I glad to read your post!!!! Don't misunderstand, I don't think you will, but same for me with my vision and driving me crazy it is!!!!It helps to know it is not just me. I see such haze most days I was thinking I had cataracts or worse! I even asked a couple people a couple different days, "is it hazy or is it me?" One replied no its clear and blue skies. Ouch…..knew that wasn't correct since blue skies are never present anymore here in FL. We only have pastel blue or silver blue or just white out glare every dam day now. One other person said, yes its a bit hazy. But they no not of what is over their head every day, so at least I knew the haze was haze and not me. But it is getting ridiculous and yes, indoors now too but mostly in daylight and rarely at night. 

      I still see things are clear when I look at photos from years past, so then its not my eyes right? Wouldn't I see haze on everything if it were a vision issue? These skies are not only ugly and poison they are blinding!!!! Reflection haze and it almost seems as if I can see the particles in the air too! Is this possible Dane? 

      To Chad, why do you say fungus and see a doc and TESTIFY?? Any further input would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

      But, speaking of fungus, this radiation sun has given me that but on my skin on my legs and tops of feet. Terribly hard to rid but making progress slowly and must stay out of the sun to win against it. Tough to do in FL! Hydro peroxide is the only thing working to rid the fungus – good to know info there folks!! It works! 

      Well thanks again horsegirl for giving me some relief on my vision! You all are so great and I thank God for this site of truth!!!!!

      Blessings to all and keep it going until the last man standing!!! We are really very blessed because we see! 


  17. horsegirl says:

    In my early 20's my artistic thesis was clouds.  I took thousands of slides from every which way, also during plane travel.  I spent countless hours studying their pearlescence.  In allegedly gray clouds, one could find glimmers of all hues of the rainbow.  In their shadows, refraction of light brought forth splinters of my full palette.  I translated my findings into paintings and drawings with various media.

    What we saw today, given my informed point of view, is sheer slow terror.  The sky was thick, murky, the color of mucous.  For all of which there were no cast shadows at all.  Vision was extremely immpaired.  Formerly there existed clear space between clouds and the earth where we dwell.  Well forget that sacred space.  The visual mistake we might make now is believing the murky lighting results from cast shade by a cloud above.  It is not.  The billows above continue vertically in shafts reaching the ground  Light is not impaired by cast shadows , but rather dense particle fields billowing all around us through which we drive, live, and walk.  We traverse fields of this filth which GWEN and Nexrad towers hold in place, or dispatch here or there.  The darkness is not cast shadow.  The visual laws with clouds don't apply.  We are taking a bath in nanoparticulates.  "Your soaking in it" as the cliche went.

    Even on "sunny' days the clouds lack the beauty of before.  Now they have the gray undersides of a novice painter's error.

    • MS P says:

      Well said. I was thinking about much of the same. Wondering what children are taught in schools, when it comes to clouds by definition?

  18. Wayne Koppa says: 

    No. 2 at Fukushima has reached 530 sieverts per hour—a figure described by experts as “unimaginable.”  The nighmare news is endless right now.

    • Chad says:

      I saw the same thing Wayne, and ive worked at a Nuclear plant before. Thats a Lethal dose many, many times over and then some. Some without a doubt is entering our ozone and reaching us in Us. Keep spreading the word of Truth take care and God bless.

    • penny waters says:

      eat fermented food – macrobiotic inventer – george ohsawa – recognised that people in japan from nuclear bombed cities eating fermented soya survived so much longer than others who didn't

  19. CJ says:

    Of course they are spraying us with roundup. Silent killer.

  20. Ron Marr says:

    Even Trump's top advisor, Steve Bannon, said, "Trumps is just a blunt instrument for us. Rather or not he gets it or not, I don't know." From, Back in the day of the PNAC, nothing has changed.

  21. Seeing Clearly says:

    I want to bring another threat to our childrens reality we are lying to our children and we are signing them up for things without there will (deception disorders or mental disorders )


    Mental disorders and the labeling theory is there a hidden agenda?

    Things to know about this theory 


    Labeling theory is the theory of how the self-identity and behavior of individuals may be determined or influenced by the terms used to describe or classify them. It is associated with the concepts of self-fulfilling prophecy and stereotyping.

    Labeling theory was created by Howard Becker in 1963. Labeling theory takes the view that people become criminals when labeled as such and when they accept the label as a personal identity.

    Stigmas are deepened by retrospective labeling, which is the interpretation of someone's past consistent with present deviance. People may also engage in projective labeling, which uses the person's present deviant identity to predict future actions.


    Ok so now think of the effects a label like ADHD and autism and ocd to name a few does to the child physiologically physically and emotionally does it change them does it change who they are if they believe there label to be fact this is a threat to our children and ourselves we are stigmatizing them and we are corrupting them and yes we are stripping them from there future this has to end we need to demand science and ethics and cures. 

  22. Susan Ferguson says:

    Radiation In Fukushima Is Now At ‘Unimaginable’ Levels
    Readings over 100x the lethal dose were detected.
    Radiation levels have been detected at the crippled Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant that are being described by some experts as “unimaginable”. According to the Japan Times Tepco, the company that ran Fukushima, detected atmospheric radiation levels of 530 sieverts an hour. That’s 100s of times more than a lethal dose for humans and even brief exposure would be fatal.  This will be a major blow to the operator which faces a cleanup that some say could take almost 40 years to complete. To put that figure into context, just 1 sievert is enough to cause nausea and radiation sickness while 5 sieverts would kill half of those exposed within less than a month. [video]

    • Dennie says:

      .. and still, stoopid Uhmerukunz and their so-called leaders are clamoring for ever more building of nuclear reactors.  Seems that too many of the "powerful" people on this planet cannot and WILL NOT learn lessons.  What happens to organisms that can't learn?

  23. TP says:

    Dane, We live in Italy in the Sangro Valley. We are being sprayed by heavily laden, low flying, slow moving planes, which commence under the cover of darkness and I think they now turn off their lights so cannot be detected (like those crop dusters spraying the poor people making a stand on the Dakota Pipeline).  On certain nights during the week they are only spraying the bottom of the valley because we count how many minutes and in which direction they go. This is terrible – we feel like we are being attacked in a war and are defenseless.  Other people don't even notice because they have double glazed windows and don't hear the very low flying planes.  We have had weird pains in the centre of the chest and in the night I awoke with a pain over my heart.  

    Also, there was the recent extremely heavy snow and the avalanche and earthquakes at the same time.  The weight of the snow (appeared to be chemically nucleated) brought down the powerlines in the Sangro Valley and left factories and hundreds of people without power. My husband went out to clear the snow at the beginning and he remarked that it looked like tiny polystyrene balls. What has Italy done to deserve all this?

    • Chad says:

      Together we Stand, Divided we will fall. We must gather in large groups soon and make a stand. If nothing else, to see what they will do!!!!

    • Chad says:

      We are already Falling, dropping like flies, heart attack and respiratory mortality…..

    • Chad says:

      Please investigate mortality rates and whats causing them. Also, take a gander at newspaper or online obituaries daily for a week then take average consensus and i promise youll find the average mortality rates of previous times have declined in age drastically. More 40s 50s and 60s than ever. Heart attacks and Respiratory issues being major cause. From 8th on list to 2nd only behind Cancer, which these aerosols are causing both with Undeniable proof.!!! Please investigate. Thx Chad in Idaho. God bless in Jesus name.


  24. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska Update;

    Relentless genocidal aerosol attack all day yesterday(Sunday). Unreal how many trails were laid down throughout the day. Lines, checkerboards, diagonals, one looked like a longbow curving through the sky. Everyone at work this morning seemed to be in some silent daze. The ubiquitous throat clearing and sneezing attacks.

    A lot of big chunks along with the usual gaziolions of particles at 5:30am when I went out and looked this morning.

    I would definitely not eat the snow. A few weeks ago I took a heaping bowlful out of a small drift. Melted it down and it's full of small short white fibers and the same looking particles I see in the sky. I wish I had a microscope to look at these with more magnification. I'm about ready to buy one. I ended up with a couple of cups of melted water and in that small amount is an ungodly amount of "stuff". Hundreds/thousands of particles in that small of amount.

    When I first read this a few years ago, "Roundup found in air and water",  I thought it might be from transpiration. Now I'm thinking they might be giving us small doses in the aerosols to weaken everything.

    Here's some "fun filled facts" I'm not sure if you know. If you spray plants with roundup that are grown in sterile soil, it won't do anything to them. Glysophate (the active ingredient in roundup) is a mineral chelator. What it does is basically gives the plant aids. The plants can't fight the naturally occurring soil microbes and funguses.

    Along with industry using the municipal water supply to get rid of their toxic waste. They also use farmers to get rid of toxic industry waste. You all know of the three macro chemicals found in water soluble fertilizer. NPK( Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium). Lets say you have a bag or a mix that is 10-10-10 that's makes up 30% of the mix. Here's the kicker. The other 70% is "inert" ingredients. NOT, that's where they add their toxic waste. As an example; Nucor(a steel company in Nebraska) adds some sort of waste product from their steel processing. That's one example, there is many more.

    • MS P says:

      I agree Round Up is a load of crap! Very Bad News! That stuff makes me very  sick. I am allergic to it.

      Then I get some farmer, with major health troubles telling me it's OK after 3 days. Trying to sell it, the same way that they were bought & sold, to use it. Most people, that  I knew who said this is a good idea, are now dead from cancer. Go figure. Farmers do not look healthy at all, who use this product.

      I wonder if they also wear a HAZ-Mat suit when they eat their vegetables for dinner?


       The soil is poor where Round UP is sprayed. For example one needs a jack hammer to dig a hole in dirt. Also the same weeds do come back. Year after year. What a rip off. To our earth, & our health. Yet the planet is sprayed with billions of tons,of this evil poison yearly. 

      What for? 

      If you really want to get rid of a weed, or plant. Use vinegar & salt mix. Just be careful. For this remedy will kill anything that grows out of the ground. Great for sidewalk crack weeds, & so on….I tend to dig down to the roots of weeds & then apply lightly. On the root.  Not water the area after that. That weed will not come back. It's also cheaper than what Monsatan sells. They create those GMO seeds that grow well in roundup. To get the food monopoly of the world. Pure evil. We have the former Pres. Bill Clinton Administration to thank,for allowing  Monsanto patents on seeds. (GMO's)

      I never buy fertilizer. Rabbit mulch is the best fertilizer. My soil is like digging into beach sand. Rich in earthworms too. Rabbits are great to have when it comes to growing food. Sadly with all this spraying. even my rabbits are having a difficult time  conceiving & raising any babies. I feed them organic foods & never any GMO  rabbit pellet feed (Junk food)  They used to put barley, in the feed. Now it's soy. 

      I also use 5 gallon planter buckets. Toss some alfalfa hay & rabbit mulch into the bucket. Set it on the ground. Take some  organic potato peels, & top off with some earth & earth worms. The worms will make that entire bucket into castings. They can come & go out the holes in the bottom of the bucket (Free range earthworms).

      When done, the bucket is very heavy from the earthworm casting, & full of potatoes. Just flip the bucket over. Walla, Food & fertilizer.

      Farmer's consider earthworm castings as black gold. Expensive to buy & easy to make.

    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  Thank you for giving me a stomach ache. I am drinking snow melt, granted filtered, but not efficient enough to clean out all of the threats.  I do boil my filtered coffee water.  Thank God I am old, otherwise these revelations could cause me drop dead.  In earlier years about 15 of them ago, my mulch came from the Bay Area.  I quickly changed my supplier when bed springs were found in it, among other oddities.  Found out it was a concoction from Oakland's sewer waste, "treated" of course.  Later, there was an article somewhere suggesting Chicago sewer waste is trucked out to large potato farms as fertilizer.  This stuff can't possibly be free of all manner of contaminants.  Small wonder so many people act so peculiar and deranged.

    • MAP says:

      Tidbit from Central Indiana. Yesterday, the "authorities" allowed some sunlight most of the day. This morning, sunlight was very bright indeed. Then the GeoEngineers got to work in the skies. Before the "haze" set in during early afternoon, the temperature rose to 58 degrees F around 12 Noon. 58 degrees F in early February in Central Indiana. Get real folks.And Weather Whiplash returns tomorrow evening/Wednesday.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Thanks for this info Wes. Horrible news that it is, I'm not surprised. 

    • Dennie says:

      FYI:  Glyphosate has been classified as a "probable carcinogen" by WHO. You're not just "allergic" to it, you're actually INTOLERANT of it– like with all poisons, including the sh!t we're being sprayed with each and every day and night.  UGH.

  25. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dichotomous thinking, Dane speaks of it often, and so he should. That train of thought will kill everything on this planet. I write that the middle road is the 'only' thing that will bring us all together so we may stand united in our quest to save what is left of our planet/home. By todays standards, dichotomous thinking should be my enemy. It is not. It is something I must be able to reach beyond when I am teaching things that need to be considered in our lives so "we"may once again be good stewards our our mother earth. You'd think by now that man kind as smart as we think we are could at least be able to find the path to restore us to "factory default settings". I find this aspect hard to conjure. Though I am a simple man, I can grasp the importance of these notions.

    • Chad says:



    • Chad says:

      Exposing the Truth, banding together, and living right is the only way. Faith in God too. Because quite frankly, we all die in this world. Dont Be Afraid. Lol. 

    • Chad says:

      Main pollutant PM 10 rt now in Idaho 23 mile hour winds. A lot of microwaving going on right now. Rain just started

  26. Mario says:

    The precipitation and snow events continue in California, and all along the west coast.  That cone shaped "moisture field" (pictured on this week's cover photo of the Global Alert News) is a feature that I see repeating over and over again during the January / February storms.  It is just oriented differently depending on where they want to concentrate the moisture.  It seems to morph from a single point and fan out in a cone shape.  It looks similar to the moisture fields emanating from northern Mexico and east Texas.   These "moisture fields" are highly controlled and manipulated. 

    I have seen the transmitter in the Camano Island, WA area working overtime.  Just like in California, it looks like they're putting the snow down in very deliberate places.    Lot of transmitter activity on the Olympic Peninsula as well. 

    I have noticed a different pattern with the California transmitters during the storms this week.  Some of the main ones (Bunker Hill and Rainbow Peak) are giving off similar signatures, but it seems as if a whole lot more of the smaller arrays are being utilized.  I have especially noticed some odd RF patterns pointed towards, and possibly emanating from Mt. Shasta.  Earlier in the week it appeared that they were focusing on the Mammoth / Yosemite area.    

    It seems as if they are targeting the watersheds and the mountains that feed them.  I know its not that simple, but that seems at least a partial goal. What are the ecological implications of all the chemicals used to produce these weather events being highly concentrated as it melts and makes it way down the entire water system?  I can't imagine it is positive in any way to "augment" "snow" when that "snow" is full of deadly chemicals.

    A big part of this is water management.  But what good is it doing if the water is poisoned?  Kids, don't eat the snow.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  The snowfall of three weeks ago was so intense, deep, and heavy, that I was buried and am still unable to get to my water barrels.  The snow off the roof piled up from ground level to the peak, like a ski chalet.  Lovely to see but my water supply is buried.  So, I have to utilize the snow, bring it in and melt it next to the wood stove.  This is of no issue to me.  What is the concern is what is IN the stuff.  And it is realized no matter the quality of filter, nano aerosol particulates cannot be filtered.  Nor can Fukushima!  And so my drinking water is contaminated.  Nothing can be done until this white toxic snow melts.  And forget sunshine.  I have forgotten what that is.

      A news report of a couple of days ago stated about 3,700 birds fell dead out of the sky in the Sacramento area.  The article seemed to suggest these were all coots, a water bird.  And the "expert" gave the opinion that the birds are infected with a parasite.  And the inclimate weather caused their immune systems to collapse.  One might suppose these wild birds all decided to count all together now 1 2 3 and dropped dead in mid flight.  And then the scare tactic to suggest all these dead birds must be collected in order to prevent contaminating other bird species.  This story will go no further in the public domain, but you might pick up something local there to add to this.

    • SD says:

      Mario – You're right about the Water Management aspect of these storms.  But of course the 100 million dead trees in CA aren't coming back to life. This is an Engineering Project  and that's how engineers think.  They are targeting specific areas.  Let's see if Santa Barbara county gets it's reservoir (Cachuma) refilled in the next few weeks. Mission Accomplished.

    • Chad says:

      Can somebody come get you out Bane? Family?

  27. Dennie says:

    Listening to the Cambridge Forum on NPR tonight, the topic was:  Climate Change.  NOT ONE mention of the highly visible ongoing geoengineering programs.

    Looking through the article in The Independent about the Government of Britain trying to bury it's own alarming report on climate change, I found this photo included in a slideshow article about Melania Trump, which pretty much says It All:  Bill and Hillary Clinton were invited and very happy guests at Donald and Melania Trump's wedding.  Check it out. 

    • Dennie says:

      Specifically, the title of the Cambridge Forum as heard on KQED San Francisco this evening was "Normalizing Denial."  Not one word about climate change mitigation by geoengineering.  Not surprised to see Bill McKibben listed as a speaker. 

      Here's the late Matthew Simmons, the petroleum expert and oil investment banker, videoed at a Cambridge Forum lecture speaking about his 2012 book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Oil Shock.  Simmons was reportedly found dead in his swimming pool, or his hot tub, depending which media outlet report we were treated to, of a heart attack, shortly after speaking on CNN about the Macondo oil rig disaster:

    • Dennie says:

      Simmons said that the Gulf oil disaster, which spewed 120,000 barrels of oil a day into the water off the Gulf of Mexico, was a crime against the planet that rivaled World War II, and that BPs days were numbered:  We were being told that there was a "hole" that needed to be "capped" when in fact a very large section of the gulf floor collapsed and nothing could stop it.  That got ignored in the media.

    • BaneB says:

      Joseph Keel:   Often time the images taken before a death of the individual will give a hint of what is to come.  For instance, in the Nicole Brown murder O.J. Simpson is sitting at a table and behind him is Nicole with her hands on his shoulder.  Behind her is a modernist visage painting depicting a type of violent encounter.  O.J. states "this is my pain" referring to Nicole.  Princess Diana was opposed to land mines.  Who would not be except those who produce them and profit from civilian murders. There is  a photo of her, and in the background is a skull & cross bone image on a sign.  In this linked video of this activist, the word 'killed' is painted in the macadam with an arrow.  When you think about this from a two dimensional plane, that arrow was pointed up at him.  RIP.

    • Chad says:

      To simple horseman, its still good to keep up with the enemy to know what one is against occasionly, otherwise you are in a blind battle which is futile. If you read Nd understood my remarks , youd clearly see how im exploiting the evil powers that be, NOT condoning or supporting. I rarely ever waych tv, buy things, music, computer, etc. Also, anyone with any intellect knows you cannot escape the matrix, but can merely mitigate your usage and strive to forward the beneficial agenda for good of all and Not just for oneself. Have you not listened to Danes presentations? How doy think he knows whats going on worldwide other than by researching. I beg for you to do some homework and please spread credible knowledge!!!! LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY AND PASS IT ON THX. Chad in Idaho, unafraid and pushing forward. More rain and bs snow in future with excess microwaving and unrelentless Wind. Take care God bless in Jesus name. Ps, horseman, if you werent a part of the Matrix, you wouldnt be on here. Mitigation at best. Ive done a lot for this cause, You however dont know. Ive done So much, ive Lost just about All my family and friends for Exploiting the TRUTH and whats right in the Biggest part of the Matrix. Please look up and understand the matrix and algorythyms, i already DO.

  28. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Happy super bowl sunday every one! (LMFAO).

    While the nation is watching the gladiators battle it out I'm sitting up here in my cabin looking out my front 3 big windows watching it snow while looking through the comment column here. I look at "everything" that is presented here in these comments, thank you all. At the time of this writing it's almost sundown. The snow, it is pretty in a way, but knowing it's all fake/induced gnaws at me greatly. Another 5 inches coming tonight and a few more tomorrow. And "another" water tank change out for the Mustangs. I am lucky to have a customer that will let me haul 250 gallons from his well every week, sometimes more. On this national holiday of one of the greatest weapons of mass distraction of all time, I'd like to offer a few thoughts…

    Here goes: More and more I am reading comments and articles about how "we" need to stop participating in the "matrix". (Good to see). How can this be done? What would we do or not do? Simplicity is the best clue I can give. Sacrifice is another, however I do cringe at the term. To often sacrifice is pared with "going without" or is a default term when someone is considering "a different way of life". Lastly on that note, "There are two ways to get rich. One can earn more or require less". I've spent the last 10 years unraveling the former and learning the depth of the later. The later is deep with abundance, I promise. Last week "Ken" replied to one of my comments and exclaimed his dream had been stolen by the weather manipulators. (I replied back Ken). Those SOB's have stolen my plan/dream also and it was a good one. My trees are toast, literally, 20 acres of them. This chemically nucleated crap burns them in the winter and the high level UV radiation burns them in the summer. Those two factors are even killing the sagebrush. And the last thought here on this "national holiday"(lol), is this: I often write about choosing the middle road. If you choose one side you empower the other. So my thought I want to convey is to 'not' think about bringing those guilty to justice. Think about and dwell on the halting of geoengineering. It's all any of us really want, plain and simple. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, be careful where you lay your thoughts of intentions. The middle path is what will bring us all together and will halt the plunder of our planet/home. Those that have the capacities will take care of what needs to be done with those that are guilty will do so. The rest of us are best off just wanting this assault of geoengineering to stop and ourselves 'stop'. Last I checked, no one has come along and made me a "judge", how about you? We are well on our way to "mass awareness" on this issue. Keep being a good teacher, send those emails or what ever else you young folks do these days, take the word chemtrail out of your vocabulary(you may as well shoot your foot if you don't), speak kindly and patiently. "Be" a good teacher and know you are not alone.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I almost forgot, My neighbor sent this to me the other day. Many of you can understand what is on these charts. Susan F, I'd like to know what you think about what is in this article. Anyone else know about this stuff?

    • Chad says:

      Did you all watch the mind controlled illuminati commercials in the superbowl. Lol. What a joke. They did humpty dumpty which i posted on here couple days ago. Lol. They mocked us and God with the whale, trees, and north pole ice caps, the Cube about changing the world with cyborgs, lol, the secret society with avacados and Triangle!!!! Lol. What a mockery. Then Lady Gaga and the one eye, sun ,and praying to her. All biblical prophecies and mockeries of God!!! Theyve been microwaving me all day here in Idaho, wind, little rain, predicting snow and rain next few days. 30s and 40s… lol. God bless you all in Jesus Christ's name. Amen. Keep spreading TRUTH, IT SETS YOU FREE!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      If you want to take action and make a difference, vow to do so right where you are.  You don't have to "save the world."  Attend a neighborhood association meeting, go to your city council meetings, volunteer at a church or homeless shelter, find your local Habitat for Humanity.  Get involved.  Be civically engaged.  Even just once a month is better than staying at home doing nothing.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Chad, well… I see that some of us are still participating in the matrix.

      And in great detail too. Have you asked yourself "why?"

      Maybe you're trying to keep up the flow of your algorithm?

      I had 3 invites to stuper dish parties, turned all 3 down. You'll live a long time trying to find 'me' a hypocrit.

      3 new inches of white fake stuff so far this evening and counting.

    • Smilzalots says:

      I Really do think someone needs to start a Petition to President Trump and get the ball rolling to Stop this Crazy GeoEngineering !!!!

    • Chad says:

      Like i said, ive done so much research, thousands upon thousands of hours. I could give you a wealth of knowledge, a lifetime if you wanted. Im in the middle road, not high, not low. Whenever youd like to know, i can help enlighten you. If you truly read all these posts , you would have seen past posts, and read them. Ill give you a few to look up and chew on. WEATHER MODIFICATION, INC. BOHEMIAN GROVE, ILLUMINATI, JESUIT ROMAN CATHOLICS, GWEN TOWERS, HAARP, FEDERAL RESERVE, DUMBS AKA MILITARY UNDERGROUND BUNKERS, 528 HTZ, MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL, BIDEBERGER GROUP, NOAA GAG ORDERS, ETC,ETC,ETC. I COULD GO ON FOREVER. PLEASE LEARN HOW PEOPLE ARE MANIPULATED. THEY CANT GET ME, THEY ARE PISSED. VAXXED. IM DIFFERENT THAN MOST, AND MY FAITH IN GOD OPEN YOUR HEART AND USE DISCERNMENT!!!!! LOVE, PEACE,AND JOY HORSEMAN.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Asimplehorseman,  thank you.

      I checked out your links re: the Schumann resonance's radical spike from the norm and have felt this in my being, like many others, as an acceleration of time. It has been increasingly apparent to me for the past 7 years or so. Even my 5th grade students all remarked today, "It's time to go home ALREADY?" (and many other times previously they  stated how quickly the day passes)  — it amazes them and me even more.  Everything seems much more condensed now — if that makes sense?  I am realizing the necessity of doing some serious "pruning" in my own sphere of life to make more room for experiencing/embracing the moment and seeing and feeling and doing the essential.  The middle way is a wise path my friend.

    • Dennie says:

      I find absolutely NOTHING compelling about the STUPOR BOWL. Or football, or any other oppositionally defiant dichotomous team sports.

  29. SRoss says:

    My facebook page is NOT re-posting's posts.

    I re-posted the recent Redding, CA image 3 times- all with different commentaries- and no one is seeing them, even if I tag them.

    I'm so fed-up with this manipulation. Foul, foul, foul.

  30. Kate Koch says:

    Hi Dane, once again thank you for keeping the truth torch burning……..I am listening to you every week from here in northern NSW Australia. Only yesterday I saw the sprays in the sky Criss crossing against the most beautiful blue sky  …….opening out to feathery haze……….most people I talk to don't want to know about it……….I agree with you that we are almost up against the wall with the oncoming biosphere decline. 


  31. Dave says:

    Kathy, thanks much for passing along the report about Calvary Chapel pastor and fellow pastors who are willing to forgo the tax exemption and tell the truth to their congregations. I will be praying (as I know many who post here will also)  for eyes and ears to be opened and the encouragement, safety, wisdom, and conviction for all involved, and this would be the springboard for a very soon much needed christian leadership against  this evil. Blessings to all.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank-you Dave! I appreciate that greatly. Please do pray for these pastors and churches. Their demand is high but these are men of integrity and absolute boldness.I encourage you all to support the ones that are taking a stand to break these strongholds that have been placed over them.I am contacting Chino Hills, CA Calvary Chapel  to commend them for promoting and airing VAXXED and to see how I can further help and expand this to other churches in my own state of Washington. Its a great burden of mine to help open the eyes of those who should have been awake long ago. Thanks for praying!!

    • Bija says:

      This is what all pastors should be doing! All who believe in a Creator understand that this Supreme Being hosts an army. The bible teaches that Jesus died to give us power and authority over evil or our enemy. We are expected to fight for this Earth and not sit complacent in the expectation that everything will be done for us. We must claim victory through our actions. If we do not do so, all will be lost. It's as simple as recognizing that our lives, the lives of our children, family, and those still to come are worth fighting for!

      Thanks Kathy and Dave for highlighting this important component of hope and awakening. Never underestimate the power of prayer and the spiritual underpinnings of all life. Bless all in this battle!!

  32. Andrew from scotland says:

    Marc, Hmm well, Guy is not alone with the human extinction by 2026 theory. The Sam Carana group/Arctic news group seem to have the same prediction: 

    I accept that they fall short (probably for health reasons) of actually admitting to existing geoengineering programs.

    TNGeowatch, I think prepping is a worthwhile pursuit, and am glad your contacts are not bragging about it as they a). would soon become targets themselves, and b). may be the type to quickly turn to cannibalism.

    As for Trump, I am sure he has been fully briefed on the climate situation and as a ruthless business man has agreed with the the advice that it is best to keep the public in disinformation ignorance so that the status quo/lack of public unrest, be maintained as long as possible – as far as NTHE in concerned.  I still think he is the 'fall guy.'

    • marc says:

      Andrew, I first gleaned the NTHE projections from Sam Carana well before I got hip to Guy McPherson. Carana's a great site but won't acknowledge current geoengineering, which is bizarre yet understandable given their need for academic "self-preservation" .

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Agreed Marc, the nearest Carana gets on his 'Extinction: 10.02C potential temp rise by 2026' chart, is to call it "Falling away of the aerosol masking effect".

      On on.


  33. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The square cloud pattern around the Low Pressure circulation, is a glaring example of climate & weather manipulation. The cover-up of what is going, on continues to be enforced by the government agencies. I salute the EPA employee for exposing the truth about the aluminum harming the environment and flouride that has contaminated the drinking water! Unfortunately he was punished for speaking out the truth. 

  34. Kenny Simpson says:

    Lots of Toxic Disbursements today over the PGA Waste Management/Phoenix Open Tournament.  Once again, blatantly obvious.  Thank you criminal Dr. David Keith, criminal Dr. Ken Caldeira, criminal Ben Kravitz, criminal Douglas MacMartin and former Obama Czar, criminal Dr. John Holden.

    Kenny Simpson, Myrtle Beach, SC

    No toxic disbursements today, however, extremely heavy yesterday in SC.  Tanker Jets everywhere.


  35. We don't hold out much hope.  Trump is likely to be another ruse in the Zionist script.  Sorry if this offends.

  36. Treshon Felder says:

    Hey Dane, thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You are LITERALLY IMO doing God's work on planet earth. So keep fighting the good fight!

    I live in Anchorage, Alaska. What are the most effective ways to get involved with the raising awareness of this life or death issue? Locally? Online?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thank you for standing with us in this battle, Treshon, FYI link attached

  37. Joseph L. says: 

    Just heard about this on using agent orange type chemical on San Carlos Apache reservation in Arizonia from 1961-1972

    On an Apache reservation in Arizona, a toxic legacy and a mysterious history of chemical spraying

  38. MS P says:

    Speak of Shadow GOV… SNL did a great one here….

    Oval Office Cold Open – SNL (You Tube)

  39. Robert West says:

    I don't think there will be a change in attitudes regarding Geoengineering as long as oil people are in the White House. We are living proof that "The Hunger Games" is for real. The elite live in their bubble and we are manipulated on the outside at their will. Who is going to be the Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) to pop their bubble and Stop Climate Engineering. I think we are doomed very soon unless we can find a way to make President Trump really understand what is currently happening to life on Earth.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Robert, it is not over till it is over as the saying goes. About Trump, we would do well to remember that if he was truly a threat to those in power, he would already be dead. How long did JFK last when he challenged the power structure? A week? It is not up to Trump, it is up to us, all of us, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We must all pick up the torch of truth and carry it forward with the full fury of what the literal fight for life on Earth justifies. Trump will not save us, that task rests in the correct and just use of our own will. Our will belongs to each of us alone, it cannot be taken, and the proper use of that will, until our last breath, is our primary responsibility. Face to the wind Robert, lets all press forward with every bit of strength and determination we can muster.

    • donna in NM says:

      I use Twitter every day and ask him to stop the spraying.

      I also Tweet his daughter an ask her to plead with her DAD to stop spraying.

      Could not hurt…

    • MAP says:

      Donna in NM: In my estimation, the people in the Power-Structure who control GeoEngineering and associated activities are about 3 "pay grades" above Presidency of USA. We lost "our constitutional republic" back in 1913 when US Federal Reserve was created. Everything in politics since at least FDR has been a "sideshow". We did receive a warning though from President Eisenhower in his Farewell Address in January 1961. I urge everyone to view it on youtube. It was very telling of what has rapidly accelerated ever since the day of that address. Gob bless us All in this battle to expose the nightmare GeoEngineering. Everyone keep fighting and keep spreading the truth about SRM/SAI.

    • MAP says:

      God bless us All that is.

      Dane, thank You for all of your tireless efforts to expose this madness. it is unimaginable the amount of stress that is put upon you and your family to carry on this battle like you do. You have my utmost respect. I pray to The Almighty for your Safety and Well-Being.

  40. Kathy says:

    FYI….Calvary Chapel chino hills, CA is airing VAXXED. On website and announced in the weekend services. Its also the only church suing CA state on issues and….This Pastor has stated he is willing to give up 501C3 exempt if needed because he is choosing to speak out. Geoengineering has been brought to his attention. There is a circle of Pastors around him choosing to wake up and speak out.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathy, thank you for the news on the Calvary Chapel courage. Lets hope others groups in spiritual circles follow their lead. All of us are needed to share credible data with all such groups.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Kathy, Its wonderful to hear this news of the courageous Pastors willing to speak out against climate engineering and these other important issues! Hopefully many more around the country & world will soon join ranks with them. Its about time.

  41. MS P says:

    Hi to Dane & All Here,

    Dane I am still catching up on this week's info. Your compelling info is what I wait for to learn some clues from. I do look up what you have to say. I fully agree with your warnings! Very disturbing at best!

    Just a fast note. From your 2/4/17 report.  Your Salmon  die -off mention.

    Mass Weapon Of Distraction!

    _Dane's great words

    Did anyone notice that instead of saying massive Salmon Die off. In Southern CA. They (THE MEDIA BS) are spinning it in a more evil way.► Scare tactics. ◄

    For our local news is saying that that Salmon is loaded with parasitic worms.  To get people  too scared to buy any Salmon.

    In S CA there has been NO NEWS MENTION AT ALL!  About the Salmon dying & lack of food supply. Go figure…..


  42. Joseph L. says:

    Thank you Dane for doing all you do.  I also try to get the word out. I am back on common dreams and  posted there a few times and got a very good response. My mistake before was posting on an  article that Bill Mckibben wrote.  It is very sad that all these environmental groups only give us half truths

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joseph, about McKibben and so many environmental groups and organizations, yes, half truths and hypocrisy. Though the planet is indeed spiraling into total meltdown, and though there are of course many anthropogenic causes, there can be no legitimate discussion of the climate without first and foremost addressing the catastrophic climate engineering assault.

  43. Dutch Abraham says:

    Hi Dane, great show as always and thanks for everything you do. I've been following your website for a couple of years now and have much love and respect for you and all the commenters. I have a crazy idea I wanted to run by you and all the readers. I live in Central Illinois and we've just endured the most dreary January in years. Very few sunny days if any. Most days a repetition of the one before. Sunny first thing in the morning but shortly after dawn the planes show up and before long gray overcast for the remainder of the day.

    Now I know this is geoengineering and am not naive, however, I decided to try a different tack. I called my congressional office and requested him to propose the following simple legislation. " Require jet fuel refiners to revert back to the formulation that was used years ago when jets left little or no visible contrails. What is being used now leaves highly visible trails that do not dissipate and in fact sometime lead to complete overcast skies blocking the sunshine needed for life to thrive."

    The person taking the call was very receptive and said he had noticed the same thing and would definitely submit my idea. The next day, which happened to be brilliantly sunny and clear for once, I was standing outside with a couple of customers to my cabinet shop. When one of them remarked about how clear the skies were, I made the comment that they were clear because there was no air traffic that day, which was true. (An odd coincidence?) When they looked at me questioningly, I told them about my call to the congressman the day before and encouraged them to do the same. By the end of the conversation, they readily admitted that they had been noticing the same thing with the planes and didn't know what to think about it. They thought my idea about changing the jet fuel was a brilliant idea and thought about calling themselves.

    Friends, sometimes I think all we can do is throw the government's lies back in their face and let them try to deal with them. If they are going to tell us that what we are seeing are just contrails from the jet fuel, then we can say "Why don't you reformulate the jet fuel back to the day when it didn't leave contrails?"  Now, I have no illusions that the criminals running our government are going to do anything about this, however, it's an easy way to broach the subject with people, without triggering their cognitive dissonance and sending them away screaming and yelling, which isn't a lot of fun. It might also be a good way to get people  that are aware of the chemtrails to find their courage and get in the game. Everybody should feel the rush you get when you take a stand and do something brave! Anyway, I think I'll try this tack for awhile and see what comes of it. Feedback on this idea will be very much appreciated.

    Much love to all and keep up the good fight,   Dutch

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Good tack, Dutch.  It usually has the opposite to desired effect if we charge straight in…bulls in china shops; pearls (of wisdom) before swine; etc 

    • MAP says:

      Dutch: I like your creativity in regards to your idea to "throw the governments lies back in  their face". At this point, we need to show more cleverness in pushing back against the Power-Structure.

      I also have a comment about your conversation with customers. Their reaction is telling; you mentioned they have begun to notice all of the planes in the skies and the subsequent haze and overcast skies (Right now I am living in Central Indiana and I can confirm to January 2017 being the most dreary on record with at most 2 or 3 days of sunshine). Now your customers' admissions of observing all of the aerosol injection occurring with great activity of planes represents we are reaching a "Tipping Point" of mass awareness regarding GeoEngineering and Weather Modification, in my estimation. The aerosol spraying has become very intense and blatant since 2010. So it was only a matter of time before "some people" began to notice, even if many of the observers who noticed could not "connect-the-dots" between each of the many parts of this nightmare.

      Staying on the subject of "Tipping Point": I made some family members aware last summer of Climate Engineering, including my mother. During past 3 months while involved in Church or Charity activities, people have made comments to my mother about all of the activities of planes in skies and aerosol spraying. Another lady mentioned to my mother a few weeks ago that she and her husband were outside for a walk. While taking exercise outside, this couple noticed what looked like cobwebs falling down on them. The lady said it was out-of-season for cobwebs outside. My mother mentioned the issue of GeoEngineering and also this website.

      Not everyone of the masses is dumbed-down and not every one of the masses "blindly follows the government and patriotic tendencies". There is a saying in France that goes something like this (paraphrased), "Whatever information comes from government ,the masses should assume the opposite is true". In conclusion do not trust anything that is presented by "governments" or "Corporate Media". Mussolini called fascism a "blurring of lines" between or "merging of" the government and Corporations. Ding, Ding, Ding! We have a winner, people. We have reached this "merger" in spades, so to speak.

      We who have been awakened here must be "the change" right now by living a "radical" lifestyle of simplicity and by coming up with "clever ideas" to approach others in regards to nightmare of GeoEngineering/Weather Warfare-Modification and all that it entails. We must find ways to "connect-the-dots" for those around us.

      Thank you Dutch Abraham. Many thanks.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Good thinking Dutch, common-sense proactivism that reveals your awareness, tact, and concern.  Blessing to you!

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hey Dutch, I have figured the same after terrible reviews from head on talking points! It does work better and promotes less fear to those who just cannot digest the actual truth. 

      Here is an example of how I have been pointing it out now:

      I am a Realtor in FL. Ugh!!!! Lol….. Had to regain my strength to be able to perform my job after a couple really lousy years of friends and family rebuking my attempts to awaken them. Left me broke, homeless, on the path to divorse and very scared. 

      So, OK, they don't want to know or can't cope with truth?There are other ways to do this……while showing properties to buyers, waterfront prop in FL, saltwater properties, I have been noticing tides really getting higher lately and now on high tides alone in summer months all docks go under water. So we stand on the back porches and looking out at the waterways with all docks under water….. I act surprised and wowed….hey look at that I say, all the docks are under water??? What the….

      The guy responds positively with yes! Then he confides in me he has been noticing this lately too! Gee, I say, do ya think there is something to this warming or what???? Silence with a smile then back to business. I planted a good healthy seed that will grow but it may never admit what it retained and that's OK because its about awareness and saving good souls now. 

      Another method I use regularly now is complaining of the extreme temps fluctuation, that dam haze, don't need to say why, just say what is seen. Surprising it is but most people do notice but do not take it any further. Maybe with these mild mannered baby steps we can plant the seeds and watch them grow into more of us to fight the good fight and be stronger! Recommend new milder approaches like this until trust is born. Then they come right to you because they realize you know better and they trust your info. 

      Trying to sell this shit is a nightmare and I am hungry!!!!! But I will sacrifice and be better off for it! Sales are really not so good and I think people are feeling something is way off balance even if they can't see or grasp the actual reality.

      Hey, ya gotta do what ya gotta do these days! I'm trying!!!!!!!! 

      Lol, said this to someone I began to wake up and they replied in humor and acceptance to my subliminal warnings, "what's a gotta-do?" Ha ha!!!

      Blessings to all!!


  44. Eva says:

    Thank you for another informative update.  I recently watched Fluoride: Poison On Tap.  Everyone needs to see it:

    Fluoride: Poison On Tap – Full Documentary

    • Eva says:

      Addendum:  My holistic dentist has these five short videos on his website which show the actual changes to our blood cells when exposed to different toxins, i.e., fluoride.


      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3a

      Part 3b

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I saw it from the link you provided and it was very informative they are literally selling is that fluoride is acceptable to us just like or similar to how they tell us autism is acceptable , GMOs are about ending hunger, ADHD pills some which contain fluoride are safe and effective while at the same time telling us we are not supposed to cure ADHD because its Neurodiversity and we should embrace it yet take your pills because it's no different than heart medication I seriously came across this argument    .

      Ok Neurodivergents if you embrace Neurodiversity so much why are you telling us it's ok to suppress our neurology with lethal medications medication is a misleading term there is nothing medical about phycological medications there simply drugs why are we supposed to suppress our neurological differences with poison/ drugs (pills) but we are not supposed to cure our disease or disorder because we are demonized as ableist. In the case of fluoride we are anti- health if we don't support fluoride thats what they do they stigmatize us yet they themselves fear monger and hype the dangers of NOT getting vaccinations with phony arguments and demonize alternatives to vaccines as junk science even when there is logical reasoning and evidence that alternatives to vaccinations work I guess it's this ableist thing that all anti–vaxxers have against autistics (those who identify autism as there character) that have in common they don't want the truth about there identity to get out because then they would be exposed as diseases and that is shameful and embracing to them.

      Ok I know this stuff can be complicated and complex and confusing I myself am trying tonmake sence or understanding it in addition we live in a time of phycological confusion and disorder or deception we have all these opinions all these controversies all this hate for what is acceptable and love for what is not good all this chaos knowone is on the same page anymore/ the absolute truth and the absolute good and the absolute bad not what we call good and bad based on our own desires I mean people rebel against the truth all the time they want to change reality.

  45. Mark in OZ -MN native says:

    Consistent with what Dane has been / is saying about the collapse of the biosphere, it IS happening all around us. Anyone paying at least a small amount of attention can see this.

    However, the principal reason most folks that we associate with each day do not get agitated ( like most of us here) is that the attendant 'message' that all is OK is everywhere and soothes the ignorant / frightened populace.

    It's not just banking and fossil fuels and weather news that is owned by the global elite, but the media ( TV, radio, print, online etc) are concentrated in just a handful of mega players. Comcast, Sky, Fox, Disney, Google, FB. Algorithms have been developed to 'personalize' what news suits the end user. Hence, Big Bro will 'tell' you what 'it' wants you to know.

    Denial and placating stories about 'there's still plenty of time', and nothing to worry about until 2100 etc all are used to appease the concerns and to permit biz as usual while the masses remain in their fog.

    To help wake the people who still 'believe' that the threat is out on the horizon, focus attention on events that can be seen now from the physical world; forest die back, glacial melt (Note Greenland is now melting 600% faster that 'forecast'; ocean fish stock emergency and that since 1970, the populations of the world's animal vertebrates has declined by > 52% and is falling fast!

    Both Q- land and NSW (home to Sydney) have experienced record  hot January temps.

    Now, sand temps are breaking records with 75 C (167 F) temps burning up the turtle hatchlings as they try and reach the Pacific.

    Don't let people pretend that they (we) have time infinite to act. We do not and bringing attention back to the 'current' state and away from the pleasant, utopic future where all will be 'fixed' is the first step. That 'future' ( if the problems of the present are not resolved) will be a terrible place.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Great blog! People here in Ohio are dying of heart attacks at an alarming rate.I personally know 3 friends one just 45 that suddenly passed.The sky yesterday was so chemtrails that the cloud plumes actually we're right above the ground.Yet no one seems to notice the checkerboard sky.I know where the sprayers are being funded by but you can't post that kind of information.A part of me thinks the killing agenda has been escalated by the globalists since no one knows what Trump will take on next.People every where are dizzy and sick.Isn't it funny the people protesting meaningless politics are representing the same factions that want them dead.Sad!

    • MAP says:

      Lee Eyerman: I live in Central Indiana. During many days last month in January, the plumes of aerosol were called Fog by local weathermen/women. Yet the conditions for Fog did not exist at the time. The authorities understand that the majority of the masses will accept whatever lies are being spewed by Media/TV weather forecasters. The masses have been "programmed" by television "programming" for decades.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Omg- the poor turtle hatchlings. : o  So sad for innocent nature's magnificent creatures being destroyed. : (   Perhaps it will save them from a worse death later on swimming in the Fukushima poisoned Pacific waters. I'm trying desperately to find a bright side where there clearly is none. : 0

  46. AP says:

    The wave of poisons has started a vew decades ago with the poison fluoride in the water, artificial sweeteners and food colors in our food, and also gmo food, plus all the unregulated pesticides, herbicidesand insecticides washed into water supply system. The number three killer are the prescription drugs. For four days we had a nice clear blur sky in El Paso. No cloud in the sky. On friday past, chemtrails went crazy over the entire city creating a cloud cover of mettalic particles like aluminum, strontium 90, barium and whatever elsethey place in those sprays. There is a book coming out shortly titled Silent Killers…are they weapons of mass desctruction.

    • penny waters says:

      how many people know that the artificial sweeteners and food colours (azo dyes)and prescription drugs are made from petrochemicals. and i am sure that is where most -icides come from too

      no coincidence that the petrol companies are inextricably linked with chemical companies

      take the petrol out of oil and all the chemicals that are left have to be used so they use them up in other ways

      some one told me years ago, a young woman with a love of physics, that the things that are made from petrochemicals – although the molecules have the same atoms in them the actual shape of the molecule is different – and it is the shape that the human body recognises

      the reason for that is that there is less energy in the made one – so shape is different

      a live plant molecule obviously has more energy than the molecules found in oil – which although also initially comes from plants – has been degrading inside the mantle for millions of years

      and anyone who knows about chemicals should know that chemicals are not fixed but constantly degrading energetically – look in any science data book for isotopes

      because we live such short lives we have little idea about nature, energy and any other thing that science thinks it can fix in time and space

      think it interesting that as we go into a collapse syria is in the process of unravelling

      being a herbalist i understand that damascan rose is good for the human heart – and that poor place of origin is being bombed to hell

      as the conscious ones have their hearts hurt so the damascan rose is too

      ps also used to be grown near chenobyl

      don't ya love our human brothers and sisters!



    • MS P says:

      Also in case folks do not know? This was brought to my attention by a young woman who's 20 something boyfriend, was dying of cancer

      (RIP Stevie C.)

      She had said to me that she it trying to raise awareness, in regards that most fertilizers used commercially are made from petrochemicals. I looked up what she had to say. Sad, but TRUE!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      What if I told you you have been stripped away from your future from your success would you investigate it , would you deny it or would you believe it or spin it or make war calling me a fear monger or would you admit it? I don't know what you're spiritual beliefs are but there is one thing I can say and that is there is no hope here on this earth and in this life I could be wrong maybe an earth like planet will randomly come from deep space and replace mars with lots of green life maybe we discover something tha can reverse all the damage we done but because that is the unlikely the truth is if earth can even recover it will not be in a time frame that matters so if by future you imagine a healthy planet the truth is no you don't have a future sadly.

    • horsegirl says:

      Penny, perfect – you're talking about dynamic symmetry – the geometry of life and the secret to architectural proportion (often mistaken for the previous concept of ratio).  Versus the geometry of coming to the point of least resistance, evident in hexagonal stacking forms, a geometry pertinant to death and decomposition.  There's a great book by Matila Ghyka titled The Geometry of Art and Life which I came to understand not at first by reading but by copying the drawings.  From that the equations made sense.  I became so versed in this I eventually taught classes  This is the science of which your friend spoke.

      And what you said about the molecular discrepancy between living and dying material made a light go on for me about the yogurt crisis.  Suddenly at Safeways (as almost everywhere I look), despite being a top seller they no longer offer plain organic yogurt  It is a premiere source of calcium, our body's first responder to sickness.  The only kind of organic yogurt now available is the sugared stuff, which of course augers against the beneficial chemistry.  Persons recovering from antibiotics seek probiotic nourishment in yogurt.  Now the ghouls have made certain they can't find what they need.  Just another way we are being systematically poisoned.  I went combat over it – talked with the stockers of the store.  Gracious kids of Mexican American ancestry, they listened.  Got them up to speed on geoengineering.  Told them to look up Owning the Weather by 2025 and asked them if they thought the Air Force put out "fake news" with that report.  These boys were eager to take notes  Quite frequently I find the Mexican American community extremely open to sharing about this subject.  I never get the kind of sass one finds among the white colonists.  Now I take every technical failure, every such irritating occasion as an opportunity.  I get even with the corporate behemoth and then some.  I always talk with Verizon reps when the phone service is problematic.  I've spent as much as an hour trading notes with them.  When the corporate world steps on my toes, I do my best to deal it a sucker punch with truth.

  47. marc says:

    There is a You Tube video that is a ten minute long beseechment of Donald Tripe, uh, I mean, Trump, to please, please, please investigate the geoengineering which is desecrating our skies around the planet. It is an entreaty of the most poignant kind, for it truly comes from the heart of the woman who is speaking. However, as Dane made abundantly clear in this current Global Alert News show, everything this administration is doing is succeeding in only one thing: maximum distraction, maximum incitement, maximum division, maximum "middle finger". To those who retain a glisten of hope that Trump's seeming renegade (or dare I say it: "maverick"…thanks John McCain) persona might rampage through the Washington status quo and actually, maybe, just possibly might take a look at geoengineering and decide to pull the plug on it, I say to y'all…… I understand you. I understand why, at this late stage of the human game, one might still be hoping for a savior. Someone who wields immense power and influence and who just might be in a position to actually blow the lid off this whole geoengineering pot of bullshit. Me? I don't see a big baby like Trump taking this one by the horns. And besides, even if Trump wrote an "executive order" to halt all SAG, SAI, OCEAN FERTILIZATION, ALL HAARP, SBX, AND OTHER MANIPULATION OF THE ATMOSPHERE, does anyone really truly think in their heart of hearts that the motherf**kers staging this repulsive and ignorant show are all just gonna drop what they're doing? The miniscule chance that Trump might have brought the geoengineering debacle out into the light of day has, I'm sure, already been squeezed completely out of him in secret "briefings". I suspect he was advised of the programs, their magnitude, and so on, but cautioned not to ever touch it or speak of it lest he end up toes up. And besides, there's a better than average chance Donald Tripe is profiting from weather derivatives, and from a vast portfolio of defense contractor (and other) securities all associated with the smooth implementation of this murderous agenda. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, thank you for reiterating several extremely relavant points and bringing several more in line with them. They had to be said. Mass awareness is the "ONLY" way out of this mess we live everyday. There won't be any Davids slinging rocks coming to our rescue. We all need to be that person, every day. Why awake people still participate in politics is beyond me. It's only weighing them down. Many have heard the phrase, "what if 'they' declared war and nobody showed up?". Same goes for politics. And why can't folks wrap their minds around those thoughts/concepts? It wasn't that hard for me. In fact it was rather easy. Especially knowing I vote every single day by choosing where I do or don't spend my money, "it matters".

      I don't believe Tripe is the former but more the later of these two.




      noun: maverick; plural noun: mavericks


      an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

      "a maverick among Connecticut Republicans"


      individualist, nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox person, original, eccentric; More

      rebel, dissenter, dissident, enfant terrible;

      informalcowboy, loose cannon, bad boy

      "he was the maverick in the family, the only one who valued freedom over an inheritance"




      North American

      an unbranded calf or yearling.


  48. barbzi says:

    MSN Weather reports rare phenomenon….
    The rare natural phenomenon is most commonly seen when nearly flat, hexagonal-shaped ice crystals reflect city lights, according to These ice crystals are usually found in higher-level clouds when the air is very cold.
    “We had a bigger snowstorm, lasted about 36 hours, and typically when those clear out we get a plunge in the temperature. As the temperature plunges it takes the remaining moisture in the air and it turns it into ice crystals,” said Bell, explaining that he’s studied light pillars over the years. “What creates light pillars is when those ice crystals form in a certain way and they have to be diagonally shaped.”

  49. ron hall says:

    Re: Doomsday Clock.  Forgive the sarcasm–If there were an actual physical Doomsday Clock, its micro- and nano-particle level would be damaged by now–probably by Aluminum oxides and radioactive isotopes.  You know, the toxic s**t which we breath everyday; whether inside or outside. The "matrix" is everywhere and now we have a deranged President accompanied by psychopaths.  That you Dane for your inner warrior!

    • Mark in OZ -MN native says:

      Hey Ron

      Sarcasm is perfectly OK with regard to the topic at hand. It's origin is Greek " to tear flesh like a dog."

      Biting ankles to get attention is a proven method!

      WRT the 'clock', I'm thinking it's already half past 12 but 'they' don't want the people to get alarmed.

      Stay vigilant!



  50. Sara says:

    Mankind's stupidity has sealed his fate.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      It's this notion that life is short why not live it how you want ( If it feels good then do it) ( Do what make YOU happy) ( What make you happy?) Exposing the Deception or believing it? And no life is not all about what makes us happy it's about what is right at least that's what I believe as of now . There is still a lot of controversy as of what is the meaning of life .


  51. WILLIAM says:


  52. Jjule says:

    I didn't vote Trump. Seeing some dangerous things happening.
    Too bad the masses can't get out for something that is going to make All the Conjecture about Trump obsolete.
    But w Soros funded riots. People keep their eye still on what might happen, as opposed to what is happening …..

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Your comments are right to the point.. The mainstream media is distraction

    • MS P says:

      It's all part of a strange & evil  plan that we do not know…..?

      Trump is a great distraction. See what's on TV today…TRUMP!

      As I was watching & having to listen to a  TRUMP believer, (talking like a parrot)  who non stopped talked about the Trump news, as I was watching TV ….

      I saw the news print going on below, the  Media spin on the Trump ban on immigration story.

      This is what was more disturbing & never made such news?

      US Ship COLE on it's way to the waters by Yemen, due to the fact that Iran had, got into a snafu/attack with Saudi Arabia,


      When I said something about it. the reply was OH Yemen, thay are bad news. Well now. Yemen is not involved. This is going down off their waters.

      Back to 911 It was Saudi Arabia citizens, who were flying those planes on 9/11. USA attacked countries as a result. Never went after the country that the rouge pilots, who caused 911 were from. NO it was we got involved with the countries that Saudi Arabia was fighting, in their 800 year old battles. Your Tax Dollars at work here folks!

      FYI- BIN LADEN family had built most TALL  buildings in the USA.  Look that one up please!

  53. Tracey says:

    We've been hammered by geoengineering activity for the past 8 months. Very few blue sky days, although we've had more in the last 3 weeks."Hard to shake" respiratory illnesses are on the rise. Many people complaining of persistent coughs, flu-like symptoms and sinus infections.

    Listening to this episode made me think (once again) of the three whales that died in captivity recently – Tilikum at Seaworld, of an "undisclosed cause of death" (although he suffered from persistent lung infections) and Aurora and Qila at the Vancouver Aquarium in the last few months. From a news source regarding Quila's swimming behavior: "She was psychologically disturbed.”. In all cases, necropsies are being performed. Have they tested for fungal infection and the aluminum levels in these beautiful mammals? Is so, will they release the results? Will they be truthful with the results? So far, they're "baffled by the deaths."

  54. Rj richards says:

    On a lighter note, Spring is on the way. Let's enjoy the time we have left. 

    On a post before I stated I was afraid to eat snow while x-country skiing. Today on one of the morning Saturday shows I heard a lady for parents of children to tell them not to eat the snow or rub their eyes. She said that the snow was full of pollution !!! That it filters the air on its way down. She is right and that is sad. Very sad. 

    • Chad says:

      Month and half almost 2 months from spring. Weather whiplash you dont know what it is. Its what they make it. Snowing and in teens week ago, now 45 rain and UV sunshine.

  55. Mario says:

    Another tidbit from California: PG&E customers are outraged over unexplained increases in their utility bills this winter.  Remember that the local utility companies have a deep connection to weather modification (along the local Bureau of Reclamation – they work hand in hand).  The MSM local media in Sacramento is actually covering it, but none have or will make the connection to weather modification.  The few reps from PG&E have given stammering, almost non-sensical justification for the rate increases.  Remember, follow the money and asks who directly profits off of the temperature extremes brought on by a manufactured winter?  As Dane has mentioned, one of the side effects is that the cold air mass is pushed down to ground level, making it feel even colder.  As I stated before, in my part of California, there is a weather modification program known as The Upper American River Snow Augmentation Project.  The information I found listed SMUD as the contact for the project, although I have seen video of a gentlemen from NAWC (North American Weather Consultants admitting that they had a contract for making the snow in Tahoe).  So the utilities are contracting out this work.  Under who's directive I have no idea.  From my reading of the Sierra Ecology Project report (1978-1982 study by UC Berkeley scientists and The Office of Atmospheric Research based in Denver), their directive for the study came from the Federal Dept. of the Interior. 
    Weather Modification and local utilities are heavily connected.  Mad about your utility bill? . . . ask them if they know what's happening with the local weather modification program.  Not like you'd get a straight answer.    

    • Mario says:

      Correction: It was Weather Modification Inc. based out of Fargo that admitted they had the Tahoe snow contract.  Different private company from NAWC.

    • Dennie says:

      @Mario:  We also will be forced to pay for the decommissioning of the Nuke plants– what happens when civilization collapses and there is NO ONE to fund the cold shut down of those plants?  We have 23 Mark I nuclear reactors in the U.S., identical to the ones that blew their inventory into the atmosphere (Unit 4 zirc fire and total loss of inventory from spent fuel pool) and continue to bleed ionizing radiation into our Pacific Ocean at Fuk-U-shima Dai'ichi.

  56. Seeing Clearly says:

    The human races  kamikaze behavior should not be called patriotism or a future because it is not its good to take us into damnation. As the problem grows people tend to be more and more satisfied with it they try to make friends with the problems they have instead of fighting them and fixing them and they bash and demonize anyone else who disagrees with there idea of making friends with the problem (the cancer) why because it makes th look bad you can't look good embracing a problem if you're neighbor doesn't embrace it as well it brings blame and guilt and dissatisfaction and discomfort and irritation so what do you do you stigmatize those who are out there who acutely are fighting the problem helping to cure / fix the problem.   3 trending terms used to stigmatize those who are fighting for a cure / fix to our problems/ diseases "ableist " and "conspiracy theorist " "fear monger " those are just the ones that I can think of for now . 

  57. Deborah says:

    The last three days beautiful clear skies here in Florida, until today Feb., 4, 2017, spraying us like roaches again.   I was hoping that things were going to change for the better from the intel on the Cabal getting positive, now not so much. Has anyone besides myself attempted to contact President Trump on this issue?    Forget the speculation on what is to come, the poisoning of our skies, water and soil is ongoing NOW!

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      Deborah, yes, I have attempted to inform Obama, Trump, Trudeau. Generic responses back from Obama & Trudeau offices

  58. Mario says:

    As part of my job as a teacher, I was asked to hand out vaccination mandates to my students this last week.  Needless to say I was depressed and felt deeply ashamed at what I was doing.  I handed out each child's vaccination record to them that spelled out which vaccines they had (compliant) and which vaccines they didn't have.  If they do not get all the vaccines on the schedule, they are not compliant and will not be allowed to enter the next grade.  The major vaccine that almost none had, and will need to get in order to enter the next grade is the Tdap (Pertussis) vaccine, which is supposed to "immunize" these children to Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis (whooping cough). 

    The school was holding a raffle as incentive for the students to get their updated vaccination records to the school as soon as possible.  They are offered gift cards ($10 dollar gift cards – and there's only four gift cards).  The district person in charge of this is known as the Immunization Compliance Nurse.

    If I were a betting man, I would say that adult vaccine mandates are next.  We are losing the freedom to govern our own body.  Vaccine mandates, poisoned water, poisoned air, and poisoned food.  I'm not saying this to play the victim . . . because we can make certain choices to to turn away from these things (to a point).  Doing what you can to make your body as strong as possible is the only chance any of us have at maximizing survival and our time in this life.

    As far as my own participation in this Orwellian nightmare . . . had I known 5 years ago what I know now, I would not have focused my talents into being a part of the pubic school system.  I honestly thought I was going into a profession that had some socially redeeming value and that I would be contributing in a positive way.  As I stated in threads from a while ago, I'm at a crossroads.  I won't be able to be part of the public indoctrination system much longer.  But, like many I am faced with the prospect of trying to keep the very meager roof over my head, and the electricity on so I don't freeze.  The system is not set up to reward people who tell the truth or question the power structure that pays them.  The more truth you want to tell, the harder financial solvency and providing the basics becomes.  But this can't become a cop-out anymore.  The situation is too dire.  I'm going to have to get creative.     

    • penny waters says:

      i am horrified by your info on forced vaccines

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Mario, Dude, I feel for you versus those kids. You are standing face to face with morality. I'm proud that you realize this. You stated you are going to have to get creative. I hope you do so with courage. I'm not sure what your boundaries are in being a teacher, but can you send a flyer home with the kids with a list of and the links to the important videos about vaccines? I will not be surprised if you are restricted in those regards. Good luck my friend I haven't met yet.

    • Dennie says:

      @Mario:  Man, that is BEYOND SICKENING– medication-by-force of our children.  Now that this can happen, the fvcking "power" structure can just force anything on ANYONE at ANY TIME. 

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Mario,

      As the mother of an adult (damaged by childhood MMR vaccine) and as a fellow teacher, I can sympathize with your plight. Many of the parents where I teach (at a charter school) are savvy to the dangers of vaccines and opt out with philosphical or religious exemptions. Are your students' parents aware of these options?  I feel your angst and pray for you all. 

  59. L says:

    Thankyou Dane for referencing that UK Climate Risk Assessment report. I have drawn this blatant media omission to the attention of a group.

    Here in the UK, we currently have a shortage of lettuce, broccoli and zucchini, which has been blamed on storms, flooding and frost in Spain. It goes without saying this is due largely to the effects of geoengineered weather systems globally.

    I have said this before, but it would be good if some of us in the UK could start coordinating our efforts….

    • BaneB says:

      L:  From having given some attention to the satellite weather imagery over the Atlantic that moves mostly from west to east. My best guess is much of your weather troubles originate from the North American continent.  Once the weather terrorists have screwed up the weather patterns from myriad regions such as the aerosoled flow of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and the northern Pacific jet stream, both travel in a general west to east trajectory, the mass combinations of these two sullied non-natural weather makers arrives in Europe with their crop damaging extremes.  The Atlantic Gulf Stream gets mix with a southward/eastern forced (jet stream microwave tampering) migration of cold arctic air.  Imagine the effect of England's weather warriors chemically nucleating the weather creature's arrival.  Ice storms.  Cement-style snow, and erratic temperature swings.  Yes, England is in on the weather terrorism program.  As an aside, check out your phased array radar facilities, including NEXRAD.  These play a major role in weather terrorism.

    • Steve Adams says:

      I am from London and what I have observed and posted is nothing short of madness.
      The reaction I get is also nothing short of madness with people left and right not understanding the implications, but at the same time not being that surprised and just wanting to get on with their daily lives.
      I haven't looked into any groups in the South East of England that talk about this, so if you know of any that would be great.
      It's now getting real freaky out there, and that comment comes from 10 years of watching the sky!

    • L says:

      Thanks BaneB for that information. Yes, I had indeed suspected as much about the connection of England's weather with North America. We are bound to be affected.

      Steve Adams, I know what you mean about people's responses. They seem to have absolutely no concept whatsoever of the implications. At Dane's suggestion, I watched and recommended The Road to try and get people to start to understand the implications; one person to my knowledge did it but they had already woken up anyway! Yes, I too have watched the skies for years- since the millennium and witnessed the growing horror of it all.

      With regards to groups in the UK, I do not know of any. I live right out in Norfolk!

  60. Susan Ferguson says:

    From a nuclear physicist/electrical engineer with a lifetime of experience, including military: “These cloud formations indicate algorithms of a very precise intent.  The patterns we see depend on the signal that they are exciting it with, they use the R/F and microwave transmissions to heat, excite, and squeeze the plasma clouds. The metals, aluminum, barium, etc. facilitate this. Water moisture is a conductor, a spherical device, that reacts and conforms to the signal being emitted. Spherical coordinates are much more efficient, less residuals mathematically. The patterns in the cloud formations [link below] reflect different frequencies of the exciting voltage, signals intelligently created.  The separations are 'boundary conditions' of the RF changes." Only emphasized the fact that water is sensitive to these frequencies because of its electrical  nature, hydrogen is a conductor that can be influenced by electrical charge.  [Image link here]:

    • Dennie says:

      …yeah, well I'd certainly like to "excite" some patterns on the heads and other body parts of the "scientists" and the GENERALS and their ORDER-FOLLOWERS who are responsible for the goddamnable spraying, using voltage.  Like a cattle prod maybe– HAH!  Then again, as the Chinese say, "When fighting dragons, take care lest you become one."

    • nick says:

      Susan can you please reference where this article is from so we can do more research!!

  61. Andrew from scotland says:

    Dane, great talk and photo, thanks.

    "God always strives together with those who strive." 
    Aeschylus 525 – 456 BC

  62. Ron Marr says:

    When they place events before our eyes, they want us to, THINK, that is what happened. That it is real… rather it be a tragedy with death or a sporting event that ends with sooooo much EXCITEMENT. As long as we participate in illusion we will be victimized. We allow them to create our history in a vacuum, from every angle of a fake reality. No past, no future; we are beat down, with the five senses, through dogma; with televisions, cell phones and computers, socialized technology. They tell you how to be, who to like, how to dress and wear your hair…. they separate you into religion, race, gender, status, class, age, education, relationships, ancestry and sports teams. Then, they can watch you, control you and manipulate you. They place before your eyes, billboards of fashion, action and words of opportunity and patriotism… for the mind. But, we must remember, our eyes are not how we see. The five senses are only on loan to us. Our spirit and imagination see a much more beautiful, brilliant, convivial, loving environment; HUMAN…. this, their lies cannot show us. They are weak, insecure and delusional…. We must stop participating…so their illusions can dissolve.

  63. Jackson Davis says:

    When should we start thinking about Human Extinction?


    • Seeing Clearly says:

      The answer is we should start thinking about it now.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Okay, I read the report and think it's misleading. EPA was set up to do what? It became just another government agency full of bureaucracy just like so many agencies. What solutions does the EPA have to climate change? I would hope that it would be run by knowledgeable people who have open minds to SEE what is happening to our weather patterns and climate change.

      To quote anything from NYT on climate change is useless fake news. Will China actually spend 360 billion dollars on clean energy by 2020, just three years away, when they are opening new coal plant every week? Many Chinese people want to leave the country because of smog problems spreading all over their cities and getting WORSE every year.As for the US, look at all the alternative renewable sources already set up and show us the impact they make to improve climate change. Yeah, have the US spend 360 billion for renewable energy while they spend more on weather manipulation that is ongoing today and getting WORSE. Blame carbon for climate change and line the pockets of people like Al Gore while the US military alone spews 48 BILLION TONS of CO2 into the atmosphere yearly.

      Where are all the topnotch scientists speaking out against geoengineering? Their voices are mute compared to the "other" scientists who get paid by the government grants. Look at the useless global meetings like Kyoto and Paris and what they blame for climate change while totally IGNORING chemtrails above their heads. There is a much simpler solution to the world's problems as exemplified by this forum: STOP ALL WEATHER MANIPULATION AND TOXIC SPRAYING TODAY and we'll start seeing a better future starting tomorrow. Let NATURE take it's course like it was designed to do.

    • BaneB says:

      Jackson Davis:  Long before I was born!  Indeed, given the basis for the creation of what we foolishly refer to as "civilization," which is devil's spawn via the enslavement/war/profit motive, it is not a stretch to suggest "civilization" born in it cradle was actually DEAD ON ARRIVAL.  The psychology of this beast was evident then and formed the basis for some very astute prophetic understandings about how it would eat itself alive.  Even in that early stage of the creatures development, the seeds of destruction were realized by a few great thinkers.  The warnings were given.  Few recoiled.  It's a wee bit tardy to want to close the barn door after the four horses have escaped.  

    • penny waters says:

      think it was said by friend 'a' simple horseman – death can come at any time

      what is that piece

      love as if you've never been hurt, dance as if no-one is watching ??

  64. Chad says:

    Great message as always Dane. Thx once again. Keep posting pictures and visuals, it seems to work the best, hence the asleep do a lot of tv watching , i phones, and computers. Its the best way to reach people . Thx God bless you and yours, all the good people on this site, and keep up the battle. Chad in Idaho, unafraid, and pushing forward. Listo por Jesus de Christo. Ayeeee! Amen.

  65. Sandra beebe says:

    Thank you Dane, god bless you for keeping this out there.. We are all so concerned, well many of us are…  I'm so scared at what these chemcials are doing to us…  Constant coughing, sickness and the ER is being filled with Respiratory illness.

    Thank you for being so diligent here!

  66. Andrew from scotland says:

    2.  To go back to the collapse of civilisation in 18 – 42 months, with no humans left on the planet within 10 years. This is primarily based on the highly likely arctic blue ocean event in 2017 or 2018 with resultant mega methane burps. Within days, this methane will cause a very rapid rise in global temperatures which will lead to the collapse of civilisation, which causes a further estimated 3ºC rise in global temperature within days, which leads to… 

    Why does civilisation collapse cause a rapid 3ºC temp rise?…Well, after 9/11 when flights to, from and in USA were stopped for 3 days, the diurnal temp range in N America immediately rose by 1ºC. This was then brought back under 'control' by intensive atmospheric spraying. With the collapse of civilisation, global aviation (and global atmospheric spraying, aka global dimming) will cease and, hey presto, we have an estimated immediate 3ºC temp rise, which destroys food production, which leads to…

    3. During 7 – 10 Feb in the Arctic, an area much larger than the UK is expected to have temps 30ºC above normal.  If that heat was over the UK, we would currently be sweltering in temps well over 30ºC – which could be the case this time next year. Instead we currently have freezing air coming from the south – go figure.

    4.  On 3 Jan 2017, the US congress activated "H.J Res.10" bill authorising the US to carry out a preemptive strike on Iran. 

    Most likely it is yet another option to cause a nuclear winter – they can then blame everything that follows on Iran – oh, and Russia:

  67. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 151st email titled: 'What does NTHE mean?'

    1.  The Brits always talk about the changing weather, but rarely talk about climate change.  That will soon change, as our rapidly changing climate will soon become our weather. It is just a matter of timescales – our climate is changing 1 million times faster than it has in the past several million years.

    When people talk about NTHE (Near Term Human Extinction), they have different definitions for: 

    a.  Near Term – Professional climatologists agree the extinction event has started, but differ on when it will be undeniable to the general public – some suggest in about 18 months, others 2035, and our governments/media say 2100. The trouble is, it will be too late for any human corrective action when it becomes undeniable.  In fact, with the multitude of feed-back loops activated, it is already too late.  Several top climatologists suggest human extinction by 2026/2027.

    b. Human Extinction – Most people try to soften the extinction word by saying that maybe 2 – 5,000 people could survive globally, others refer to it as the collapse of 'civilisation' as we know it. Either way, the "survivors" might be those who have a 'lottery ticket' for the DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) and/or those who show remarkable adaptability and survival instincts.

    75% of wildlife is predicted to be lost by 2020 – some say it is 75% extinction by 2020, but few have suggested that humans could be in that 75%. 

    Currently about 200 species go extinct every day. That is 2 every 15 mins, or 8 per hour, or 6,000 per month, or 73,000 per year. Humans will certainly not be the last to go.

    So, what is being done about it?  Well, the crazy climate 'experts' who have the ear of our governments are suggesting: 1) explode one or more supervolcanoes; 2) have a limited number of "H" bombs go off; 3) move the earth farther from the sun; 4) dim the sun at the source; 5) change the orbit of the moon to provide extra shade.

    Since these same 'experts' have already activated such crazy ideas as atmospheric spraying of toxic substances, we can be sure that at least one of the above will happen. 

    5 years ago (Feb 2012), Malcolm Light wrote: 'Twenty estimates have been made of the times of the various extinction events in the northern and southern hemispheres…The absolute mean extinction time for the northern hemisphere is 2031 and for the southern hemisphere 2047 with a final mean extinction time for 3/4 of the earth's surface of 2039.…..The lifetime of the globally spreading methane atmospheric veil at different methane global warming potentials (shows) the start of extinction begins between 2020 and 2026, and extinction will be complete in the northern hemisphere by 2057.  In the southern hemisphere extinction will begin around 2024 and will be completed by 2087.'

    Two weeks ago Kevin Hester wrote: "It is patently obvious that the energy balance of this planet has been lost. The only unknown now is how soon the planet will become uninhabitable. One thing is for sure, it will become ungovernable long before it is uninhabitable."

    Last week Warren Taylor wrote:  "The only way to stop what is coming is a nuclear winter, no amount of geo-engineering can help – it will only make matters worse… this is why governments have been building deep underground bases and stock piling them with food. Nuclear bombs placed in certain parts of the world, the EMP will take out industry, and the rats will go underground and let the rest of us fight it out until only a few million are left. Then they will come out of hiding…"

    Interesting that the Doomsday Clock only went forward by 30 secs for the year – now 2 and a half minutes to midnight.  Maybe the "high heid yins" who tend to the clock (atomic scientists and a board which includes 15 Nobel Laureates) have decided that, if nothing changes, we have just 5 years left.   



    • marc says:

      Andrew from Scotland, great post. I won't say I'm in lockstep with Guy McPherson's total "brand", as it were. But I will say this: he is one of the very, very few who, as far as I am concerned, not only actually "get's it", (re: extinction) but has the balls to go out there and lay it out on the line: it's game over. Why is it game over? Because over fifty climate feedback loops are now in full play that are self-sustaining thanks to human civilization, which he often refers to as a "heat engine". He has nothing left to lose, academically speaking, for coming out and saying so. He is beholden to no one. His latest opinions on the matter of NTHE give us ten years max. Why? Because of loss of "human habitat". Pure and Simple. Loss of the necessary climate conditions to grow sufficient food to feed the world, and it is getting EXPONENTIALLY WORSE with each passing month. Have a nice day…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, yes, Mr. McPherson does directly address the severity of the climate disintagration, but he is unfortunatley pushing total deception in regard to the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare assault which he vehemently denies. What happens if and when the atmospheric geoengineering assault is halted and the planet is allowed to fully respond to the damage done on its own? After over 70 years of climate engineereing derailing Earth’s life support systems, who, honestly, can answer this question? We are in completely uncharted territory with the horizon growing darker by the day, but if there is a quantum leap we could yet make in the right direction, it is to expose and halt the geoengineering cataclysm. If Guy McPherson gives us a half truth by completely ommiting the climate engineering factor, that is not OK, and his peddling of certain doom while only giving half the truth, is some sort of agenda on his part. Having had two personal meetings with Mr. McPherson and seeing first hand his finatical denial of climate engineering, something was clearly wrong. FYI

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      The exceptional fact among the MADNESS is that "we" have enough money in the World to stabilize the F situation, and for this to happen it just would require that the "leaders" of the World come forward and talk to the PEOPLE. Persons are not stupid. In no other moment of the Human History have we had so many persons with academic degrees in the World. People are smart and we have Instinctive cleverness, the problem is the false culture of the West that made People to detach themselves from Nature. – Thank you industrial F revolution – . And in concern about the crazy ""solutions"" the MFs are reasoning;

      The only possible but that will NOT solve anything, is the explosion of a super volcano. 74.000 years ago the super Volcano Toba ( Indonesia ), almost dictated the end for the Human species ( a group of no more than 5000 has survived in ALL World ). And here we are again. A nuclear winter is the same in matter of results as the continuation of the massive spraying that is going on in the World right now.

      With the EXTRA F PROBLEM that everyone will BURN with the F RADIATION!!!

      The MFs have lose. ""science"" have lose.

      The Beautiful but also imperfect Nature has won.

      The rat hole strategy is NOT Time-proof.

      But we are in the same boat.

      They are going underground because they fear the masses, they know they will die underground sooner or later. They are COWARDS until the END. I'm proud to be radically different from this F monsters. My Soul is Free forever. They can't touch me. I'm the Lion that bites their necks and that sever their F spinal-cords in their F nightmares. Dying is good if we die with Integrity and COURAGE. The only thing that makes me nervous is that these MFs are untouchable. COWARDS until the END.

      Things must STOP and everything must work LOCALLY.

      But this is a Utopia. Thank you MFs of the F oil centered "economy" ( AKA as parasitic plutocracy ).

      Living without Elephants and Whales in this World will be a very sad reality.

      Lets see what will happen.

      Good Luck to Us All.



    • TNGeowatch says:

      Unfortunately of late. I actively tell as many people and have posted printout after print out. Forwarded images after images. 

      But…. it's in my area turning into a fight club mentality! 

      First rule of climate change is we don't talk about climate change. 

      Im being real here. I know a lot of people now. Winking and prepping. 

      This is going to get ugly very soon I believe. 

      Dane are you getting feedback that people are just biding time and prepping vs caring for the earth and everyone around? 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNGeowatch, the short answer to your question is yes, many are unfortunately choosing to crawl into a hole and thus abandon the front line of the fight. Lets hope they find their courage and sense of responsibility to the whole, but until that time comes, it is up to those of us who remain to continue sounding the alarm. We can yet turn the tide, but we must remain at our appointed posts, without yielding to feelings of fear or futility. We are not helpless, we are here, and awake, for a reason.

    • marc says:

      Dane, I am more than acutely aware of Guy's absolute refusal to acknowledge climate engineering on a huge scale. He has always lumped climate engineering under the broader heading of "human-caused or industrial aerosols" or the like. For whatever reason he won't openly discuss the deployment of global geoengineering, it is the climate feedback loops whose self-reinforcing aspect is of the gravest concern. Are we to ponder that should all geoengineering immediately cease, at least some of these feedback loops might reverse themselves in time? Aren't the majority of these feedback loops "baked in" regardless of what we do on timescales that matter? Even more visible and mainstream climate scientists are saying this, as well. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, about the feedbacks, the short answer is yes, some of the most dire aspects of the disintagrating climate would be dramatically improved if the climate engineering insanity were completely halted. The ozone layer and the hydological cycle are two, the end of total planetary contamination from climate engineering fallout is another. There is no benevolance in the geoengineering/weather warfare insanity, none. Geoengineering is a weapon of mass destruction, nothing less. For McPherson and so many others in academia to deny the climate engineering assault is criminal. Does exposing and halting climate engineering matter? Yes, it is the single greatest leap we could collectively make in the right direction at this late hour.

    • penny waters says:

      don't know where else i wrote this so please excuse repetition

      big split hole on sun's surface – tis known that holes on sun's surface provoke volcanoes and earthquakes – believe it has started – why geoengineering when the earth is going to block out the sun – humans have no patience – the earth provides!

  68. Wilson says:

    I tell everyone I can but most think I'm crazy.  Only other thing I know to do is feed social media with this info.

    • Linda says:

      Just keep swimmin'…For every 20 that think yer nuts one may just take the info to heart. We have to try.

    • Rj richards says:

      I think like you, governance will collapse long before the end. They will run to their underground hideouts, we will be desperately trying to live.

      people better wake up to prepare. 

    • Rabbitnexus says:

      I find it quite hard to tell people the more I do. I'm pretty good at getting them to realise it's serious, but the fear and horror I see settle in as realisation begins is hard to bear.  I don't have any solutions to offer. The Fukushima problem is insoluble absent a miracle and if you can't offer hope, who wants to just be the b@stard wo tells them?

  69. JB says:

    My uncle lived in a "third" world country and would send my father quarterly cassette tapes in which he recorded news about family back home. I'd sit with my father and listen to the tapes, occasionally hearing a cousin in the background. Listening to you sometimes brings me back to that time. Anyways, thank you for your time and care, sincerity and above all your intellectual fortitude to stand up and engage with these lying devils. If no one challenges them, it is much worst than if they win going unchallenged. It's hard to step on a battle field that contstantly changes and morphs to fit the needs of those who own the battle field. I just have two additions that may be of some kind of resource. 

    –bill waits for moment to shine

    — your thoughts on this (enter into google earth or maps) 

    : 74°38'18.53" S 164°31'48.53" E

    • Edward Palys says:

      JB thanks for the lead "bill". I question the US congress on what authority they have to call out Iran for such actions? Where was the US when other nations attained military nuclear capabilities? Nations like Israel, India, Pakistan or North Korea? Let's see the US expose the truth about Israel's nuclear capabilities, let alone using them already many times. Presently there is NO balance of power in the middle east because Israel can can wipe out the whole region in a day's work.

    • BaneB says:

      Edward Palys:  Someone recently stated that HYPOCRISY is the history of politics.  "Never again" is the Israeli mantra.  And righteously so.  But, they mean to say never again to them but all is "fair" to everyone else.  This is not to say Israel is the major hypocrite, and not caught up in the global conundrum to suicide itself.  It's a world of nations caught up on its own petards.

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