Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 27, 2018, #129


Dane Wigington

The “Doomsday Clock” has yet again been moved closer to midnight by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Though this signal should be a dire red flag warning for us all, the bleak assessment from this scientific organization does not even take into account the immediate threat from our imploding biosphere and climate engineering (which must also be considered weather and biological warfare). Our government continues to radically ramp up its all out assault on the environment and thus on civilian populations. How much longer till the breaking point of total collapse? The US military still holds the #1 spot as the world's largest single source polluter, how many flag waving Americans even care. Does our government view the biosphere implosion as a very temporary engine of economic growth and job creation? Is the majority of the US population looking through the same tainted lens? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The power structure's attempt to control the masses will accelerate as the converging catastrophes we collectively face can no longer be hidden in plain sight. All those who feel a sense of responsibility to stand against this insanity must help with the critical effort to sound the alarm. Sharing factual and compelling data from a credible source is critical, make your voice heard while it can still make a difference. 

This week's outreach booth is at the Washington County Fairgrounds, Hillsboro, Oregon, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


Our deepest thanks to Larry and Kathy Burns who spearheaded a critical climate engineering awareness raising effort in Washington State. On January 19th, 2018, over 53,000 Geoengineering Watch color glossy 2 sided informational flyers were placed into 53,000 copies of the "Federal Way Mirror" newspaper, assisted with the funding of this effort.

778g wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to activist Brian Nibley for his awareness raising efforts at the Simi Valley Library, Simi Valley, California.


235 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 27, 2018, #129

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The government has many secret ways to harm the biosphere and humans. Climate Engineering being the top and most critical, vaccinations, spraying for mosquitoes, Lead in the drinking water and the list goes on and on. The Disaster Capitalists have made a fortune from the 2017 Climate/Weather Disasters! Tropical Storms, Multiple Major Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Flash Floods, Droughts, Heat Waves, Wildfires, Mudslides, Winter Storms, Record Cold in the Eastern Half of the U.S.. The average citizen should definitely recognize all these disasters and investigate for themselves, time to wake up, there is enough evidence out there, to be observed by those who have been sleeping!!!!

  2. Flyeater says:


    can someone explain the correlation between the spraying and “ La Niña”? Our local weather person has this has blocked every winter storm coming our way this season. One day it looks as if we are gonna get hit and then it fizzles out. I need some sanity to be able to conversation this madness to people. Thanks in advance!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Flyeater, the role of the weather “forecasters” is to explain away the completely engineered weather as being a natural phenomenon. This is not to say that there are no natural processes at work, but there is much more to the story.

  3. lawrence LB says:

    Report form Long Beach California

    Heavy spraying most days. Whole coast line.

    Different sprays judging by the fake clouds, lines or quick disapearance of spray.

    Thank you 'Horseman" for the moon light ride. I will not forget that!

    Expect to see Ross shelf to break off this year. Penquins to go way of north pole seals in year or two. When shelf breaks off will temperature  increase at south pole and increase speed of melt off?

    Will more plantton die and reduce oxygen production?

    Normalcy bias, everything will  continue as before. Whether your time line is long evolution or just 6,000 years and 6 days creation Dane proves great changes are upon us all. Only a couple out of many actually understand. The information presented here is simple, real but incomprehensible. No one asks 'what does that mean' NO BUGS? DYING PACIFIC? NO ICE IN NORTH POLE? 


  4. Dennie says:

    So just how are our "brothers and sisters" in the military (and in government) spending their time?  On this episode of Guns and Butter from January 31, 2018 on KPFA, Berkeley, we hear from Dr. Lori Handrahan, Ph.D., London School of Economics and former professor at American University at Washington, D.C., about David O'Brien, chief science specialist in the U.S.A.F. charged with monitoring nuclear threats around the world at Patrick A.F.B.  O'Brien was actually spending his time on his U.S.A.F. computer looking at child pornography websites, trading porn and in child porn chat rooms, never mind monitoring nuclear threats:

    Catherine Austin Fitts, former ass't Sec'y of H.U.D., also noted that large amounts of money are going into the human trafficking and sex trades: On the video we hear former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney addressing Congress re the involvement of Dyncorps, a military contractor, in the buying and selling of young women and children, in a speech by George Bush at the U.N. in 2003.

    Can we bust the military?  Heck, yeah!  Check it out:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie!  This secret base reveal is stunning on So many levels– it does give one hope!!  Now what?!!  Too funny.  Scary too that people are such idiots!  Wow.

    • Blue Sue says:

      The darkness, evil and suffering in this world is a boundless bottomless pit that literally sucks  and pulls people down and without the balancing force/presence of (divine) light — truth, goodness, service and LOVE we'd all be lost to it's sinister magnetism and weight.  We can easily become overwhelmed by the immensity of the darkness when we forget to focus on the light.  May we bask in it daily for strength and righteousness.  Blessings to all. 

    • Dennie says:

      My Tuesday 4:30 student's father is an engineer at FitBit, the fitness route tracking software company where the exposures occurred.  The exposures of the military locations were actually posted by military personnel, logging their routes on public-access pathways.  THEY exposed their own secret locations.  

    • Pedro says:

      Incredible post. Thank you.

    • Military rodents in a maze of their own making. I read the page of one-liner blithers and stupefied commentary on the fitness app page cited. > Sometimes I think Agenda 21 is a practical and serviceable measure for the self-servitude that modern man has achieved…

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    "A fine whine", (grin)I don't know how else to put this contribution. Last night I got almost 3 inches of seriously "nucleated" snow, "again!" It fell upon 2 or so inches of "ice". Ice that was compliments of the rain we had in the near weeks before. ((Never have I seen rain in January at my cabin). I've never had to put chains on my 4×4 truck to get home, well, not until this year. There's a lot of folks around here with a whole new set of dents in their car/suv/truck. Knock on wood, I am not one of them. The weather scheduler says one more little spat of "precip" and then it will be "partly" for the following 12 to 14 days. Temps barely getting below freezing at night and 38 to 45 F during the day. This is not the February I remember. The forecast should be 5 to 15 at night and 20 to 30 during the day with clear sunny skies. Back in my dog days, February was rock and roll month. The peak of the season. Always, the Sun made the celebration possible and the still cool temps kept you humble. The dogs loved it.

    "A note to last nights snow fall", I was visiting a friend of mine yesterday and my friend said she had noted the time difference from when the tankers fly over the cloud canopy until it starts snowing(35 minutes). Also, she noted how she heard them at 5 after the hour and half hour. Well, at 4:05 we heard a tanker fly over the canopy and at 4:40 it started snowing. No Joke. (Teachers have their own little rewards)…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      horseman: "A fine whine" is hysterical!  From grapes of wrath?!!  Your friend sounds detail oriented, thus very helpful!  By the by, I got reamed on Nextdoor by a bunch of guys, males, telling me stuff like how I should not believe info wars, and everything I read.  Or, "Take your right wing BS somewhere else, we just want to grow fruit trees."  Uh huh.  So this is what I notice–people are very concerned about putting one foot wrong these days, scared of being seen as a dupe for fake news, of how they are perceived by others.  All men too but for one woman, perhaps the original woman asking if pomegranates can grow here who said: "Only in Berkeley could a question about a fruit tree devolve into a chemtrail argument!!!"  It did not feel funny at first, does now!  When something upsets me or pisses me off, I find it useful to wait a day, at which point often humor Can be found.

    • Dennie says:

      Unfortunately these same eedjots won't even notice when the pomegranate (and other) tree is no longer thriving and it actually dead.  Over 90 per cent of the population looks to be heartless in the truest sense, soul-less and brain-dead.

    • Alan says:

      Thank you, Jeff:

      An excerpt from page 91 of that report:

      "In 2016, NASA selected two additional satellite missions as part of its Earth Venture–Instrument series of missions: 1) the Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols, which will provide observations of small atmospheric aerosol particles to be combined with health information to determine the toxicity of different particulate matter types in airborne pollutants over the world’s major cities; 2) … "

      It took 70 years for them to get around to studying the health impacts of what they've been doing?  Goodness gracious sakes alive.  


    • larwence says:

      We all know that is a complete crock. We have been being sprayed for some 60 years, heavily since 1998. I looked at some rings of a tree that was recently cut down because it died, the tree was only 50 years old and the rings for the past 10 years of its life,( 12 years back )the rings are very close together, no white growth between the bark rings, when this tree was young the growth rings have 2 or 3 inches of white between the bark rings. Geoengineering is  killing all of the trees on our wonderful planet. It has NOT just begun. Its has been and is going on. I think they are trying to cover their butts because of people like us that know its going on and what it is doing to the web of life.

    • larwence says:

      This is about the article in the Guardian that Jeff posted. 

    • Dennie says:

      "…..oh, um, YEAH, RIGHT!!!! Better check to see if all that poison we've been crapping all over the planet for only the past 70 years is actually poisoning anyone!"

  6. Dave says:

    It broke my heart to hear Dane explain how he has talked to most faith groups and not one has offered to if not lead, to at least help in raising awareness of these crimes against this beautiful creation. Just as Dane said when I e-mailed my pastor, I got the boilerplate response, "it's all in his hands". Again, shame on us, who and what do we believe and who are we afraid of! Speaking to all christians ,and other faiths, some who visit this site and know but remain silent , it is our imperative to speak up and speak out , after all do we really believe the bible where it says "if God be for us, who can be against us". I'm sick of the cop out clergy and cleric compromisers,twisting the scriptures to suit their sold out positions. I can't help but wonder how many thousands of people who call themselves christian, in gov't, agencies, etc, especially in our ruling class, and are aware of these programs and possibly profiting from them, go to sleep at night. If anyone is aware of a site that challenges people of faith, to do what is right, and go around their "leadership", please let me know.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dave, Good Job, it had to be written. Thank you. Funny how the religious folks underestimate their own individual power.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank-you Dave….Few understand/the day of Apathy in the church and ALL is going strong just as HE predicted.

      Thank-you Dave/few will stand on all sides of truth!

      Revelation 3:16 – So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
      Romans 14:12-13 – So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.

      Matthew 12:36 – But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dave, It seems that by that logic, your pastor would believe that God had something to do with geoengineering, in HIs hands.  Perhaps there is a way to show your pastor the error in his logic?  Perhaps via other examples more readily understood?  I mean the whole point about Jesus is that he took a stand against wrong doing, thus showing others another way to go.  Jesus is said to have thrown the money lenders out of the temple.  He did not say wait, it is in God's hands.  He took action and said that we are all the sons and daughters of God.  Are Christians not instructed to do as Jesus would have done?  Your pastor's answer to you was a cop out showing how very little he/she understands about the subject.  He/she needs educating!  Perhaps you could head a discussion group at your church and so get a feel of what others there know and how they feel about it, separately from a service.  I hope you are not the only one there who is aware, but that is possible.

    • Dennie says:

      Other than Earth's indigenous peoples and Native Americans, NONE of the spiritual leaders are talking seriously and in a sustained conversation about the status of the environment and how WE are treating it.  Noooooo– they're talking about getting more people on board to serve the poor, never mind the servers are going poor, for the most part, as well.  Jesus said "Feed my lambs," but when the food they eat will no longer grow because the atmosphere on which the plants depend for that growth is so defiled, degraded and damaged that they can no longer grow, what then???  Are ANY of these "leaders" talking about this?? Do any of them notice???  Do ANY of them actually CARE????!!!!

    • Hello Dave: I generally avoid posting quotations from the Christian bible, but this verse seems quite appropriate to the times: >

      John 15:6 >>> "If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned." <<<


  7. Joseph L says:

    Not far from where I live they are doing a 10 day conference on health , nutrition, the food system , the medical system and the environment.  You can also register on your computer and watch it free . I plan on going  there and bring Geoengineering watch flyers. Anyway, the website is;

    They also do the dangers of vaccines.

  8. Jeff says:

    A war is going on in the skies of Alabama today. Hell its been going on bad everyday for over a year. Birmingham, and Central Alabama are being sprayed 10 fold today. Its really bad today. The weather is for sale! They claim Alabama is in a drought. All this spraying is right before a predicted rain event. Are they paying weather mod companies to make it rain?

    Evil stupid man and ruined this earth. Thank you Mr. Trump for the chemical sky. Its worse than ever due to you. Do not worry about me ever voting for you again, much less voting period. It does not matter!

    • Jan Becker says:


      You are right not to vote.  It is implying consent to be ruled by a psychopathic beast of a system.  Read "Manufacturing Consent" by Noam Chomsky for the bigger picture on this.  By the way, it seems someone has gotten control of Noam's brain lately.  In a recent appearance at Harvard or some place like that, he said the 911 explanation didn't matter and that "people die every day."  I must assume he has been threatened with something he was willing to cave in for.  But his early works are excellent.

  9. barbzi says:

    PHILLIPS STATION, Calif. (AP) — California’s brief escape from severe drought ended Thursday after scientists declared more than 40 percent of the state in moderate drought and water officials confirmed lower-than-normal snowpack in the Sierra…

    Los Angeles and some surrounding areas have received only one significant rainstorm in nearly a year.

    • Dennie says:

      Lying bastids– The ones "They" are fooling are mainly themselves.  We've had no significant rain this season in the once-great state of California.  I am seriously thinking of leaving this country.  Watching the NASA weather satellite pics and studying videos of travelogues in two countries I'm considering.  No place is being sprayed heavier than the United States of Amnesia and its bullied and badgered toadies in Norte America and Europe.  Glad I have kept up what I know of Spanish, planning on signing up for classes to improve my knowledge and skills in this language.

  10. Larwence says:

    Heavy spraying here in South East Oklahoma. They have been really bad this whole week. They are going every direction, X's, tic tac toe, U turns. It is terrible! Can anyone tell me how to download the picture they used to create the billboards, I want to have a wrap made for the rear window of my truck.

  11. neil says:

    I hesitate to share this link, but please do take the time to see how the gatekeepers at the BBC attempt to discredit geoengineering as an 'online conspiracy theory'. Take special note of their use of derisory language, which is a common propaganda tactic, used in order to assure the readers that the 'official' story is correct, and that any dissenting voices are marginalized and disparaged. The journalist responsible, Chris Bell, also has a hit-piece on '911 Conspiracies', which is in a similar vein. I don't think he's working for the government or part of any cover up, I just think he's locked into a mainstream bubble, and is unable to accept (or even properly investigate) anything outside his indoctrinated reality box. He's just another useful media fool for the people who are really making the decisions on planet earth. Try not to throw your computer across the room while reading…  

  12. simone says:

    HERE IS THE POST ON GOOGLE WITH A "PRETTY PICTURE"!!  The author of this post  wrote a MESSAGE "Time ….Fly in dreams ….
    goodnight ✈ "


  13. Jeff says:

    It is so pathic now! The local Birmingham, Alabama weather paid liars have fake sprayed clouds, trails, and lines in their graphics along with current pics outside. Drones and Planes spraying. They all lie and say look at the cirrus clouds! Its every weather person in Alabama!!!!!!

    What bought and paid for POS!!!

  14. gene maynard says:

    We are entering a “Brave New World” as Huxley phrased it, if the powers that be have their way. A world without borders with one government. A “Technocracy” if you will, not noticeably dissimilar from Communism or Fascism. This will be a world in which every person will give up their freedoms and individuality; he/she will not be allowed to own property, vote, opt out, demand Bill of Right freedoms, or offer any opinions”.


    The Country called The United States of America does not exist as most of us have thought it to be. A little known fact is it hasn’t existed for almost one hundred fifty years.


    On February 21, 1871, the Forty-First Congress passed an act titled “An Act to Provide A Government for the District of Columbia”. This is also known as The Act of 1871.This meant that without any constitutional authority to do so, Congress created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia.


    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." 
    — Preamble of the original Constitution


    "We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”…excerpted from the Declaration of Independence of the original thirteen united states of America, July 4, 1776


    In 1871 the corporation now known as THE UNITED STATES was brought into being. This corporation is wholly owned by foreign interests. It usurps the original “organic” constitution. Written in all caps THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as opposed to the lettering of the original that reads The Constitution for the United States of America, the rights given to the people are now privileges subject to authority. This is a complicated issue requiring lengthy explanation; an issue in which if you are interested means you will need to research. It explains and gives clarity to many of today’s issues.


    In 1865 the 13th Amendment freed the slaves. This intentionally created another issue. Slaves who had been the property of their masters were now free but without a country. A solution however was waiting in the wings. Three years later the 14th Amendment was drafted which gave the slaves citizenship.


    Understand that before the Declaration of Independence there were no Americans because there was no America. Once this document was signed all who were born in America became Sovereign Citizens of said nation. Sovereign means; chief, supreme in authority, supreme in position to all others. Remember, the Declaration of Independence gave us unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…[the governed being the sovereign]. However the 14th Amendment changed all of that. Here is the 14th amendment; 14th Amendment (1868). Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges and immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any States deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


    Notice, by design, the first part of the amendment; All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction there of are citizens of the United States…second part; their privileges and immunities shall not be abridged without due process. The Sovereign Citizen is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States…in fact the United States government derives their authority from the Sovereigns and therefore it is subject to same. The Sovereign Citizen has now been eradicated under the Act of 1871 and the 14th Amendment. Actually the Sovereign must now declare his/her allegiance to the corporation and become an American citizen [small c] to even have the right to vote. You become this citizen when you are issued a S.S Card and you agree to it when you vote or receive any kind of government benefit. We are wholly owned by the corporation and we work for the corporation. The Supreme Court ruled that everything brought into being by the corporation is property of the corporation. The corporation is profit driven as opposed to the organic constitution which made our government service driven. Were you taught any of this in school? No…and you never will be.


    Why is the Deep State Shadow government acting as if they are totally in charge of the slaves? Because according to their constitution, one that has been empowered longer than the original, they are. Understand, slaves were and are owned by their masters.


    • Hello gene maynard: Thank you for your fine contribution to readers here. Whilst some persons believe political descent should be relegated to pages "elsewhere", I would submit that turning the planet into a geoengineering slaughter house, is at least somewhat political

      In the final analysis; ALL Constitutional Amendments ratified by congress and founded subsequent to the original Thirteenth Amendment, should be considered as Acts of treason. The original Thirteenth Amendment "disappeared" from service sometime around 1855, and Abraham Lincoln knew damn well what the ramifications might be. "Honest Abe" was in fact, a traitor to the Republic…

      The missing Thirteenth Amendment – TONA Research Committee – The Thirteenth Article of Amendment

  15. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest New Mexico, USA. These lowlifes are going mad with SAG/SRM spraying over Las Cruces, N.M, & El Paso, Texas. Most of spraying, but not all are mostly from East to West on purpose. It's pretty evident with super heavy on spraying. Evil and greed run hand in hand, someone is making a killing $$$, at all cost to human lives as well and Earth. God Bless, I'm sure there will be Hell to pay for the evildoers. We all have freewill, will we be doing good or bad with it? Have a good day for those wanting a better world…

    • V says:

      I'm also in NM. Just north of central. They have been hitting us nonstop and extremely heavy, since October. We usually start getting snow in October. It will continue to snow off and on through Spring. We've gotten nothing. It's the most bizarre thing I've seen since moving here, 9 years ago. I know the drought here is being engineered, but do you have any idea why this area is being hit so hard? I don't see this going on anywhere else. Not this bad, anyways.

  16. Dennie says:

    Trump's SOTU address yesterday was nothing more than a flag-waving fest of patriotic platitudes and self-congratulatory lies of The One Percent, by The One Per Cent and for The One Per Cent."  "America first" means that the aggressive packs of predators at the front of the line get everything and you'll have to go pick sh!t with the chickens.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Spot on Dennie!!!!!!

      Exactly my take on it too!  Didn't he look like Hitler standing there in that big black coat clapping for his propaganda being fed to the sheople? Creepy. The trance most are under is so deep that the sheople are cheer leading, asking for, and living under the guise of,  this is all good for we the people. It is sooo ugly! 

      BTW, wasn't the train wreck ironicly fitting last night? A train full of pubs gets hit by a garbage truck? Lol!!!!!! 

    • Larwence says:

      Well I see we have gotten political here like so many other things I enjoyed spending time on. You hacks are not achieving anything useful with rhetoric and propaganda, this is not the website for that CRAP!!!

      Thank you Dane and Family for all of your hard work and the many hours you spend for the halt to the insanity that is Geoenineering.

      Warm regards, Larwence  

    • Bluv says:

      I have to agree with Lawrence that this isn't the place to discuss what his Orangeness and deciples have to say. We all know what script they're reading from so let's stick to the reality of what's happening above our heads and not give them any say or legitimize their rhetoric. To the bravest man I know, thank you Dane for your inspiration and dogged determination to expose these subhuman detritus. 

    • Dennie says:

      The United States of Amnesia is more closely resembling a Banana Republic dictatorship with each passing day, each passing year, each passing President.  Time to consider moving to beautiful Cuenca, Ecuador.  The expats there say the air is clean….

    • Dennie says:

      Yes… we're talking about RESOURCES, kids.  

      And RESOURCES are ALWAYS about POLITICS, kids.  

      Time to WISE up and grow up.  

      EVERTHING'S political now, so get your heads out of your backsides– because most who've been coming here have the unique ability to "talk and chew gum at the same time," so to speak (write in with useful information and vent our actual feelings re what it's like to be treated like a lab rat, but if you, like the average uhmerukun, don't actually have any feelings, then you're running on empty (.. that would be, as in, "you're a shell of a "human.")  If you still can't figure out what I'm talking about, then just what ARE you doing here– trolling, perhaps, eh…..???

    • penny says:

      I don't know Hawkeye well, but from her previous postings I think it's safe to say that Dennie is not talking partisan politics here.  She, like Dane (whose site it is, and who talks about such things quite often), seems to see it all as theater – but with a featured show that only the lobotomized could stand to watch.  So I think Dennie's comment was well within the scope of the usual discussion.

      And Hawkeye made me laugh.  I'm always grateful for that, in these dismal days.  I'm guessing he's aware that there is only really one party, too.  What we're talking is not really politics, anyway: it's oligarchy.  Here's a highly insightful analysis of the current situation (good for a laugh).

    • Joseph L says:

      You know sky is important but Trump is cutting all regulations on the environment.  Biggest polluter on the planet is the military. You cannot get around politics  when your air. food and water is being comprised. 

      Food Shouldn’t Be Grown with Toxic Oil Wastewater


    • Martin says:

      There is only One Party with 2 Wings. They are All paid actors. Trump represents the Trump Card of the bankers who own you and everything around us. Enough said. 

    • Dennie says:

      Get THIS:  IT's ALLL about RESOURCES and resources are about POLITICS– If your poor little brain is incapable or just refuses to see how resources connect with politics, then you really have a B-I-I-I-G Pr-OBLEM!!  If you're poor little brain can't connect the dots, THAT IS THE PROBLEM.  Most eedjots in Western society have been completely trained to compartmentalize, compartmentalize, COMPARTMENTALIZE, until NOTHING makes any sense.  Well, that is coming from the predominant style of thinking of the male brain, because in most of them, the two sides of their brains literally don't talk very well to each other (corpus callosum is not as well connected as in female brains) so for hte most part, the poor bastids absolutely are incapable of multitasking or understanding the notion that more than one thing at a time can happen, or even be true– as in the CRAP that wants to whine "Why the Hell are we talking about POLITICS here when this is all and only about GEOENGINEERING" , Well.  It. Isn't.  Believing that is life in the mental slow lane, so the rest of us are supposed to dumb down and march in lock-step to this Johnny-One-Note binary mental functioning that creates our current paradigm.  It's too restrictive.  The fights we see going on around us are all about STUFF, and who gets how much of the pie. If you've actually been paying attention here then you'd already know by now that YOU CONTROL YOUR "ENEMY" with geoengineered droughts– how's that, for a "hack," hmmmm???? Now if you can't see that, then who is the "hack?"  If you're slinging that crap at us, go look in the mirror.  You'll find The Hack looking right back atcha.  

    • Joseph L says:

      Dennie I love reading your posts and alot of others too.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Dennie: You're killin' me here: "Johnny-One-Note binary mental functioning" That's just too rich. As Kathleen Dixion once said:

      "I would hate to get caught hating someone because they said something true"

      Be well my friend.

  17. Blue Sue says:

    Beheld the most gorgeous moon rising tonight — that milky orb was enormous, absolutely the biggest one I've even seen.  This once in 150 year "super blood blue moon" or "super blue-blood moon" (lunar eclipse) was worth getting up for (at 2:30 am and then again at 4 am) to see last night.  The moon appeared mottled in rust.  Alaskan skies were clear for a change, but only because the wind has been wildly raging for the past four days with wind gusts exceeding 50-60 mph throughout the day and night. It's been so brutal that the school children have had to stay inside for recess the past 3 days and Alaskan kids go outside even when it's 8 below zero!  Mother nature seems to be stirred up royally.

    • JR says:

      You don't think HAARP has any thing to do with the winds combined with SAG/SRM? I've seen it for over 13 years now since my eyes were opened to the sprayings and the boiling of our upper spheres. With billions of watts attacking the sky, the winds will come more radically. The mother nature as you call it is not normal with HAARP, not to insult your intelligence. I've seen super heavy winds produced like never before seen come with the combined SAG/SRM for a good amount of years. X marks the spot it is said, grid patterns, etc. What man and his imagination will do to cause havoc and do evil works is just plain crazy by these lunatics in our world. The 4 seasons are not normal. Thanks…

    • Blue Sue says:

      JR yes, you could be exactly right about the frequent and very severe winds being caused by SAG/SRM and HAARP.  I've suspected as much myself.  We don't really have four seasons here in Alaska.  Half the year is winter, then we have "break-up" (or we used to, back when we got normal snowfall that lasted for months) and then a short summer followed by an even shorter autumn.  But, like you say, absolutely no natural weather anymore. 

  18. son of san quentin says:

    The SOTU address from the hellish chamber of satan was a lengthy and completely disingenuous jesuit/masonic obituary of murder, madness, insanity, and the planned apocalypse. Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler were much more eloquent and inspirational when spewing such venomous vitriol.


    At least the universal god is cleaning house if we are currently incapable of doing so ourselves. A very uplifting and inspirational news article is attached for your reference. Notice how the “lawbreakers” fittingly smashed into a garbage truck for quick and easy cleanup.



    Good People, keep up the consciousness as the grace of god very slowly returns to cleanse, protect and rejuvenate this rotting concentration camp back to a community and nation worthy of decent people.


    • Dennie says:

      I don't know how much that speech actually had to do with the Jesuits and the Masons, who're generally far more intelligent and certainly more subtle than this Whites-House occupying demented delivery boy of spoiled brat whining Angry White Males who are more pissed off than rattlesnakes at the notion of having to share any of "their" so-called "power" (which ISN'T, BTW– more like a hoggish, selfish narcissistic POWER GRAB for the last remaining resources left on the planet), that he has been "elected" to represent.

  19. CDC Director Resigns Due to 'Complex' Financial Entanglements. News | OPB

    Bullcrap. The director is resigning due to the fact that the CDC/mafia is up to their eyeballs in lawsuits and investigations into steering and falsifying medical and scientific data. Too bad we can't invent a vaccine that destroys liars and corporate shills…

    • Erik says:

      That CDC director should be hold accountable for his actions and for lieing and knowing what is going on with vaccines. He is taking the easy way out. These cowards fine ways to not be part of their mistakes and corruption. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      FYI- The man shown in the picture with the resigning CDC director is Georgia's governor Nathan Deal to whom I personally handed a packet of information (in the fall of 2013) on geoengineering containing photographs taken over the State of Georgia (for which he is supposed to care about and be responsible for the well being of the people there, right?..oh, I forgot actually he's just working for the corporation there) showing jet spray trails over the area where I live and damage from it to numerous plants & trees, my livestock, a professional cover letter, (written by myself with assistance from the incredible Rosalind Peterson) a DVD on climate engineering for him to watch and professional color literature from Geoengineering for him to read and research from. Despite my following up a few weeks later with a phone call to his office.. guess what?.. That's right folks, absolutely NOTHING.. ZIP.. NADA..NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. Copies of the entire package have been sent to the Geo Watch legal team. So when Nuremburg type trials are held regarding the criminal activities in our skies- make no mistake- Mr. Deal WAS GIVEN NOTICE and specific evidence of what has been taking place over his State..and DID NOTHING.

  20. Dennie says:

    We had a lithium-red sunset tonight in the S.F. Bay Area.  I thought we'd be okay since the spraying wasn't as heavy as it's been and it seemed to stop before the sun set.  Came out of the auditorium after playing with the symphony tonight and saw big fat streaks in the moonlit sky, so they got very busy after dark spraying and spraying and spraying away.  Got home and out of the car, and there was a smell of something like chlorine in the air, which is also quite humid– can't these monsters ever leave us alone?  God only knows what kind of air I'm going to have to breathe tonight, or whether I'll even be able to, it's already feeling toxic– a new chemical to try on us, again.  Many nights I sleep not much for not being able to breathe and having to cough, as well as needing to drink a lot of water from the desiccants we're being hit with.  This is an all-out assault on us and is most definitely chemical warfare on the citizens of Planet Earth.

    • Dale K says:

      In years past, I've always had to pull out the dead tomato vines and branches by the end of November or mid-December. Not this time around. There are still two vines planted last year that are still alive and sporting green leaves. Unbelievable! Moreover, the taller of the vines even displays a few green, cherry-sized tomatoes. In addition, the Calla lily is maturing early, while the strawberry plants are already producing flowers and fruit (albeit, very green and not ready for picking).   

      I checked the weather forecast for next week and daytime temps are supposed to hit 70 degrees with no rain in sight. It looks like the weather 'gods' have decided that winter is over and it's time to get into spring.

    • simone says:

      You're not alone, Dennie. I feel the same.. terrible.. The worst feeling is that we are ultimately violated and have no way out…  That is why We Must Remain Alive and Awake!! (Those who "perform" their hellish "duties" are very ill-minded and our greatest problem is that they are soooo MANY out there!!!)   Cheers!  

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I'm sitting here in my 3 big windows tonight looking out at a darn near full moon. The horseman needs to tell a story…..

    "Once in a Blue Moon"… Well… Once upon a time, when the weather was right, I'd wait until the full moon was at about 10:00 in the sky and hitch up the team. You've never seen such an excitement to GO! Usually when those nights were during the winter and on snow, I'd run(the dogs would run, lope and canter) until the moon was at about 2:00 in the sky. (Approx 4 or 5 hours). I swam in a pool of positive energy in the moon light. On those nights, I always hooked up the "veterans". I knew what I wanted and they always 'gave' it to me. "We" Rocked! "We" were a unit. Not master and slave, oh no my friends. One runs better with the taste of honey in their mouth. It would have been unfair to bring along a "rookie". I knew damn good and well what those dogs would do, running in the moon light. "Talk about primal". I once went 14 miles in 45 minutes flat and didn't say a word. And that was on a wheeled cart! Funny what a full moon can do. Especially if you can still feel the "primal ways". I used to run two teams each time I ran dogs. Rookies went second. It was always fun when a rookie made it into and was able to, "run with the big dogs". The joy they exuberated was off the charts.

    Well, either tonight or tomorrow night is "once in a blue moon". I wish for each and everyone of you folks to symbolize it as a line between the past and "what are you going to do 'now'?" A few words of encouragement if I may. Those of us "awakened" ones need to level "our" playing field. And I'll start with myself. I know damn good and well that I will never be the super sleuth that many here seem to be. Bless them all. I will never write words with such fervor like marc can. I will never have the snap that Dennie has. What I know is this: "It will take us all, each in our own way to overcome what we have to face in times to come". It took me a long time to come into the light here, but once I did, it wasn't long before "I was running with the big dogs". Or so I'd like to believe. I consider myself in company here in this distinct column. On that note, I would like to "pay it forward". I have two banners I'd like to send to anyone that is prepared to emulate Brian Nibley on a consistent basis. One is the size you see at Brian's table and the other is an 8 foot wide one. Please know they come to you by way of "Gem Faire"(thanks Steve).

    We all get the same amount of glory in life(It's just an example here, the 1% excluded). Some take it all in the beginning, some in the middle, some get to have it in the end… and then there's some of us that learn to savor it and conserve it through out our whole lives……. "Gotta give it, to get it", "fact of Nature"…

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    • Rachel Robson says:

      'a' simple horseman,  Oh God I've done it Now!  Must have been that moon coming what set me off.  Via the Nextdoor thing I mentioned and I'm sorta freaking out.  I mean it is in my neighborhood.  Tough nuts to crack!  Walking on eggshells.  I don't like to think of myself as a chicken. But….this is not easy.  At all.  These people did not start out curious.  And there are more people and more people asking me questions, trying to trip me up.  You'd think they would have noticed Something!  And who knows where these people came from.  One guy just asked me how 'we' could possibly manipulate weather when a hurricane has way more energy than we could possibly handle.  Mercy!  Meantime, lack of heat in this cold, plus the moisture in house has destroyed much and mold everywhere, I can barely think!! Yikes.  Keeps reminding me of the first time I dove off a high dive.  My hands are actually sweating!

    • Dennie says: has earned a reputation as a place where posters there get into fights of every kind.  I've chimed in more than a few times over the years there to mention geoengineering on pertinent discussion threads and have provided the link to  Many in Marin County do understand what's going on and they don't know what to do about it.  But it's simply amazing that people who believe they're intelligent and well-informed do not understand the meaning of the patent process, especially when a patent is granted… the process is long and costly, so, umm, why wouldn't you use your invention once you've been granted a patent, including the patents for hurricane-busting.  I just tell people they can go to the web page where the patents are listed and find the patent for hurricane busting (and the other nearly100 years of weather modification patents listed there) for themselves.  After all, the website is public information.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Mike, I will take you up on the offer of the GeoWatch banner. I will put it to good use and not just one day a week. It will be on display everyday at Everett's Acres Farm and Feed Store (formerly Charlie's Pizza) in Nikiski, Alaska.

      I make a freight run to Anchorage about three times a month and I plan on displaying it on my truck while I am shopping at Costco. I know Costco's are a busy place, but this one in Anchorage always a madhouse.  It seems like every time I am at Costco in Anchorage someone in the parking lot comments on the three Geowatch bumper stickers on the back of my truck. Having a four foot wide banner tied to the sideboards of my white lifted F-350 will be a game changer for sure.

      Thanks for the offer my friend I haven't met yet.

      Steven Chamberlain

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Right on Steve Chamberlain!! I sent you an email just a bit ago.

      OK folks, now who is going to get the 8 ft banner? And put it to good use?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, thank you!  This is helpful and I confess I've not gone there, this patent site.  But by the way, I do have friends who have patents on things they've invented but cannot get into play.  Some patents apparently go nowhere!  But while maybe not proof enough, it does make a statement and a start.  What I've figured out is that many people just plain like to argue.  I suppose that putting someone else down, seems to place one above the put down one, like a game.  I have an old friend who lives to argue, a major know it all.  We'd not seen each other in maybe 20 years, now back in touch.  So, to prepare, I called him and brought all this up.  Boy did he rail against all I said!  Which is what I was aiming for, practice.  Kinda surprised myself by how deftly I handled him! As well as the degree to which his slings and arrows just bounced off my confidence and made this very intelligent person seem like a light weight for once.  Yes, already, the bits of Nextdoor show bickering, but also some useful stuff I suppose, I've gone there so little, resisted so long. Rat and garden questions drew me in.

      By the way Dennie, is there any chance you've become a mouth breather at night?  I ask because much of what you say lately given dry mouth sounds like it and I wouldn't have known that I'd become a mouth breather, even snoring for the first time in my life, if not for having to share a motel room with my daughter and 3 of her brothers who told me.  I wake sometimes feeling as if my tongue is a foreign object and right away soak it in a glass of water!  So I think this sky crap has affected my breathing since at least 2010.  The brothers informed me in 2011.  My nose is always stuffy now, so long, so long.  Fun to hear you were again playing with symphony!  Still have your Berkeley teaching gig?

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Rachel:  The air is now so filthied with the as-now-daily spraying of powdery nano-crap that it dries you out very quickly, sometimes in just 10 minutes.  I get the Walgreen's version of VapoRub and put a very small amount in each nostril as needed.  Tea tree oil mixed 1 part to 10 parts olive oil also helps.  I also use a "sinus clear" herbal powdered tea from The Yellow Emperor in San Anselmo.  Depending on what's going on I use several formulas to clear the nasal passages, but you'll need an L.Ac. to help you know which to use when:  Six Flavor Teapills (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan), Mai Wei Di Huang Wan; Chuan Bei (Fritilary lily) formula; Isatis Gold formula by Health Concerns of Oakland for bronchitis/pneumonia/tuberculosis, which I'm using to overcome the latest assault, which gave me a nasty case of bronchitis.  Now on to Health Concerns' Lily Bulb formula and Lo Han Kuo tea.  Last time I checked there was a little business up on Shattuck near Rose St. that carried the Health Concerns formulas.  They are more expensive than the Chinese patent meds you'd be able to buy most thriftily in Oakland China town.  There is a place on University Avenue just west of MLK Jr. Way called the Berkeley Acupuncture Project and I think they do affordable acupuncture there.  They may be able to work on you at no charge.  If one practitioner doesn't help, try another one, keep going until you do ;-).

      I still have the lease on my Berkeley teaching space and am there at least 2 days a week. Go to North Berkeley Fat Apples, you can find me nearby… 

  22. MillionMilerFlier says:

    January 16:  In the coldest village on Earth, eyelashes freeze, dinner is frozen and temperatures sink to -88F


    January 30:  The temperature in Siberia warmed more than 100 degrees in two weeks

    As an antidote to the report of minus-88 degree weather in the Siberian outpost of Oymyakon earlier this month, we give you this: The temperature in a settlement just to its east was an astonishing 126 degrees warmer two weeks later.

    • Dennie says:

      The Average American's answer to this news:  "So what?!"

      We all see that of course, Jeff Bezos knows about this.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, I've Never gotten a 'so what'.  What I see amounts to fear but not fear of geoengineering.  Fear of reputation, of being considered 'one of those' nut jobs.  Plus an underlying fear of is it true?  What does it mean?  As well as the implied helplessness.  Seemingly No one has the time to look into it.  Nor what it takes to wend through things and peoples they may find offensive.  Many have dear ones dying of cancer. Many have demanding jobs and families to feed and be with.  Time is so precious that it is hard to convince many/any to take the time to research.  Many are aligned with groups who do good deeds and so get tons of positive feedback.  Reinforcing their own choices.  This work does not do that!  

  23. 'a' simple horseman says:

    @Dennie, yes of coarse there's "aerosol dispersions" in Seattle. Not as many as down your way though. It does rain a lot there and that keeps the dust down. Keep your heat turned up and that takes care of any mold problems. Look, I've traveled from the Canada border all the way down to California land. The air is better up this way, without a doubt. Mind you though, these days it's just a matter of percentage of toxicity in the breathable air column. Matters not where you are on this big ball we live on. And for the record, not only is Puget Sound home to Whidbey Island Navy air farce base, we also host Fort Lewis Army base, McCord Air farce base, Everett Navy base and Bangor submarine base. We also host Boeing, Microsoft, Bill Gates mansion, Paul Allen(creepy as he is), Nintendo, and many other big names in the power play. Why do you think this region always is colored blue on the anomalies from norm? In my opinion, NW Washington will 'not' get bombed or anything of the like. Just make sure you're above 400 ft ele. That Cascadia fault line is going to let loose any day now.

    @Rachel Robson, You ask good questions. My customer with the solar system has moved 3 times in the last 15 years. He is hooked into the grid. Some days his meter runs forward and some days it runs backwards. I visited him a few weeks ago and he was only getting 1200 watts of solar at mid day. He said it has been happening a lot this winter(he keeps his panels free of snow). Funny, this place up here used to be "the land of the Sun". 25,000 watts of potential uptake and only getting 1200 watts. What a rip off! Hope that helps. Rachel, you or anyone here, ask Dane for my email address and I'd be glad to answer any questions or engage in conversation. Keep up the good fight my friend I haven't met yet.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee!  Thanks horseman!  I will!  And I do have more questions, always it seems!  This info helped.  Many here, but not as many as one might expect, have solar.  That was one thing I thought for sure would yield something from the Nextdoor site.  So I was preparing for that, and used that as an example, our so very, very heavily sprayed skies could not possibly give much to solar, so thought that would ring someone's bell.  But you've helped me figure out how to quantify it.  Thank you, 'talk' to you soon I hope!

  24. Joseph L says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you do. We need new people to step up to the plate and get on the playing field. It should not be hard  to talk about the weather and the planet.  I personally do it in passing and are able to hand out credible info from the information that you supply.

  25. son of san quentin says:

    Here's a couple of satanic demoralizing tidbits of truth for the good people out there fighting the good fight. Subconsciously and in your face, integrating the NFL super bowl with geoengineering and the mystical chemtrail is nothing devious compared to the ritual human sacrifice of the imprisoned “patriot” Aaron Hernandez on the very day that the previous super bowl champs, the patriots, paid homage to the new CEO of the US corporation. And now with all the kneeling, they know not to which false god they pray.


    As for Russiagate, it's a secret society psychodrama for the enjoyment of the geoengineered vaccinated audience. However, it does not exist. Russia was long ago overthrown and bought and paid for by the US federal reserve, courtesy of the American worker and taxpayer. The American people unknowingly own the USSR, now Russian Federation, for goodness sake. However, now that everything has been taken care of and is under control, the American taxpayer only has to flip the bill as their commander and trustee in bankruptcy, financial, moral and otherwise, smokes the finest cigars, drinks the most exotic cognac, and fondles the same pre-pubescent boys with comrade Putin in the thermal healing spas of Europe.


  26. marc says:

    My digital thermometer, on my front porch in the shade, shows 78 degrees F right now in Tucson, Az. at 2:45 p.m. Not beastly hot. HOWEVER, I DID opt to sit out in the sun for a short spell, keeping my bare feet on the ground. (grounding for health, you see, no matter how pointless) Holy Jesus!!! The sun felt intolerably hot on my skin. The sensation was SO intense and uncomfortable that I was driven back inside after 5 minutes. One must ask oneself: how on earth can plant life and trees cope with this? They don't have the option of "going back inside". It is easy to see that if we continue on this trajectory, with inarguable loss of ozone protection, we are DONE within only a handful of years. The collapse is certain to produce suffering on orders of magnitude so far above human prediction that no words can possibly describe it. I, for one, am very afraid. I see with crystal clarity what horrors are coming.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm seeing that in San Rafael, CA.  Feels abnormally cold, yet hot in the sun– who's noticed the difference, people are idiots who, having been taught by idiots, have no idea what's going on or even any way to tell.  We've had massive, massive spraying daily for two weeks now.  Everyone's sick and hacking, people all believe it's "flu–" HAH!  Yeah, "flu," all right– chem trail flu.  Idiots.  No end in sight to this bullshit, wondering what they have to put up with in central America?

    • simone says:


      The “smart”, “ruling” and wealthy Morons believe that they can save themselves hiding in artificial man-made caves..These bunkers are "complete with food stores, fisheries, gardens, and a pool, and it could pass as a setting in the game "Fallout Shelter," wherein players oversee a community of post-apocalyptic residents in an underground vault." /  It is hard to believe that these "chosen ones" (who can pay) can be soooo ignorant trusting these underground luxury hiding "constructions"…. No one who is born in human body is able to survive within these artificial coffins for too long!!! Before buying a bunker-space one shall see millions of reasons to be scared of sitting LOCKED-UP  in these "pretty"  prisons ~ they shall expect attacks and vandalism  from desperate people suffering outside, including the bunkers' guards, they shall expect unavoidable mental and physical illnesses, disasters facing collapsed artificial systems,  resources, supplies.. etc Also because you need to get rid of lots of sewage, like ejector pumps and garbage removal,  you will be eventually visible outside…  You cannot hide for too long in any case.  There is No perfect hiding place from the hell you have been creating for so long..   LET THE HELL-MAKING MORONS KNOW WHAT THEY SHALL EXPECT!!!!!!




    • Nina says:

      Same here in Portugal. The intensity of the sun is unbearable now.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc and Dennie too,  Yup, yesterday was a prime example.  The day before had been warm, all things considered.  But yesterday began so cold I was actually surprised though we've been locked into cold for some time now, I mean very cold for Here.  So, thinking it was warmer, and in warm clothes I did not put on a coat as I headed for doc appointment around 1:40 PM, surprised then to feel so chilly.  By the time I got out of the Over 60s clinic, it was HOT.  What a surprise!  But maybe an hour later or a bit more, back to very cold again!  And I, who catch every thing that blows in the wind did Not get this flu?!?!  I'm glad of course, but?  So odd.  I mean my healthy daughter caught it and family too.  I'm going with my dirty house on this one.  Saved me?  Even as the mold is threatening to kill me?  I swear Berkeley gets the most geoengineered skies ever.  Can we have a contest?  I think we'd win hands down.  They must love us so much!  Yet, who notices?  Driving past campus late in the day earlier this week I saw just tons of people walking alone or in groups, students and adults, just lots.  At a long stop light I looked around.  To my surprise, not one person, not one, on phone!!  All talking with one another in person.  I mean scores and scores of people.  So can't blame that.  I always seem to be the only one looking at the skies. Which, I mean, every single kind of sky crap possible, mind blowing.  One day though, having to wait a long time uptown for another appt., I was so cold in my car in the shade, reading, that I got out to lean against a big chain link fence with my back to the sun to get warm.  Did Not help!  That was a surprise.  Usually, that sun does burn.  "Weatheman" says it is gonna be dry, some high pressure system 'locked in'.  Very cold this morning.  We may not get another drop of water.  I want the sun, I fear the sun.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Oligarch Jeff Bezos / By Margaret Kimberley / Jan.29, 2018
    “Republicans and Democrats alike are willing to turn over government coffers to Bezos and his ilk and the rights of the people be damned.”
     Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $105 billion and is the richest man in the world. But he is not just the richest man at this moment in history. He is the richest person who has ever lived.  As of 2017 he and seven other billionaires had a collective net worth equal to that of the poorest 3.6 billion people on earth. … The Bezos juggernaut is not restricted to theft of public money. He is also the sole owner of the Washington Post, one of the most influential newspapers in the country. Bezos owns a newspaper that is an organ of the ruling elite and he also has a $600 million contract to provide the Central Intelligence Agency with cloud computing services. … The effort to make government an irrelevance is thoroughly bipartisan. Republicans and Democrats alike are willing to turn over government coffers to Bezos and his ilk and the rights of the people be damned.  … there is nothing funny about him. He is deadly serious and so are his intentions. In a Bezos run world every worker will be impoverished, every level of government will subsidize corporations, and anyone who speaks out will be discredited and under surveillance. … We need an end to billionaire rule in this country and around the world.

    • Hello Susan Ferguson: Thanks again for consistently posting high quality information and links. The information you post daily, is invaluable to those who are new to this site or unaware of these subjects. Here's a person willing to confront industrial pigs such as Mr. Bezos. >>> Dennis Kucinich calls for end to oil and gas drilling in Ohio >>> Updated Jan 25; Posted Jan 25

      "If the governor can't take a stand for the health and safety of this state, then why even run?" he asked.

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: By chance I came across this magazine: Military & Aerospace Electronics. I was truly amazed at the articles which will give an idea of how vast our monster of a military money machine has become. America has turned into a military economy. The Trump administration is expected to raise its defense spending target to $716 billion for the 2019 budget, a significant increase from the prior year. The funding allocations for these projects are staggering! Have a look.  For example:
    January 30, 2018
    WASHINGTON – U.S. Navy surface warfare experts are taking another step toward deploying powerful laser weapons aboard front-line Navy warships with a $150 million contract announced Friday to the Lockheed Martin Laser and Sensor Systems segment in Bothell, Wash. Officials of the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington are asking Lockheed Martin Laser and Sensor Systems (formerly Lockheed Aculight) to develop a combination laser weapon and electro-optical dazzler to disable optical sensors called the High Energy Laser With Integrated Optical-Dazzler And Surveillance (HELIOS) system.
    Hyper Velocity Projectile can be fired from ordinary cannon and go 5,600 miles per hour
    Jan 30, 2018
    WASHINGTON – The Pentagon’s Strategic Capabilities Office will test-fire a radical new missile defense system in less than a year. Breaking Defense reports.
    Air Force orders unmanned aircraft flight simulation upgrades for practice and mission rehearsal
    Jan 30, 2018
    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, Ohio – Flight simulation experts at the L-3 Technologies Link Simulation & Training Division in Arlington, Texas, will upgrade the communications capabilities of 40 crew simulators designed to help unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) pilots practice their skills and perform mission rehearsal.
    Lockheed Martin to build additional anti-ballistic missile interceptors for missile defense / Jan 29, 2018
    HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Missile defense experts at Lockheed Martin Corp. will build additional anti-ballistic missile rocket interceptors to protect against incoming ballistic missile threats under terms of a nearly half-billion-dollar order announced Friday.
    DARPA seeks to attack enemy relocatable targets with air defense-penetrating smart munitions / Jan 26, 2018
    ARLINGTON, Va. – U.S. military researchers will brief industry next month on a new project to attack enemy time-sensitive relocatable targets like mobile ballistic missiles with ground-launched rocket-propelled smart munitions that can penetrate modern air defense systems.  Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Va., will conduct industry briefings in Northern Virginia from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on 14 Feb. 2018 for the Operational Fires (OpFires)


  29. Bryan says:

    For those of you looking for a little distraction this weekend — and I realize most of you couldn't care less about sports — geoengineering has once again been conveniently interwoven into the official hype leading up to the Super Bowl.

    I pointed this out for the Pro Bowl last weekend. Just in case this happened to be a coincidence, I tuned in to the opening ceremonies for the big game this Sunday and sure enough, there they are again: persistent contrails blatantly embedded in the logo itself.

    Many might claim that sports is just a big distraction — and I would agree.  But when you have that many eyeballs glued to one national event, you can bet that there are signs and symbols that can't be ignored.  This is a global spotlight whether you personally watch or not.

    And when the powers behind that event choose to subliminally normalize geoengineering into the pre-game experience, you can bet there are other agendas going on as well.  It's important to understand how this plays out on the average American psyche that is only tuning into the game for "entertainment."

    When I walk around my city and witness the near complete apathy to what's going on all around us from 5G towers to constant aerosol spraying, it's hard sometimes to stay motivated for the fight.  I'm constantly inspired by Dane's courage to engage for the common good and to preserve what's left.  It's so hard when nobody else seems to give a damn.

    Thanks to all for marching and raising your voices while we still can.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Bryan: > Check out the “electronics” equipment displayed in various photos. Note that the article even admits that the “equipment” will remain installed after the event is over. Why???

      Republic Broadcasting Network » Super Bowl Security Has Turned Minneapolis into a Military Police State

      The pictured "equipment" could very well be active denial – crowd control apparatus. We have PLENTY of black money for military grade weapons, but not enough money to feed the 20 MILLION people who will starve to death in this following year…

  30. son of san quentin says:

    Now that the unevolved other-world political demons have deceitfully betrayed and maimed, murdered and raped planet earth along with all its legitimate inhabitants, the saturnian cult of misleaders are now permitting disclosure in some cases, a satanic exercise in the “revelation of the method.” Entire populations have been thoroughly poisoned with ungodly vile toxins, and the satanic handbook requires the petty con artists to inform all the suckers that have been had, not as a courtesy for their business and patronage, but to further bait and destabilize entire toxic populations on the verge of murder and insanity. Please refer to the following link with almost 10 hours of intense documentary footage on vaccines. Dane has already covered the dire issues discussed (thank you and god bless), but this extensive and properly researched program pins down with certainty the entire filthy demonically religious practice of shanking innocent children with shit that not even a condemned cut-throat bandit son of a bitch could imagine.



    The children require immediate protection and immunity from such a system of voodoo, heathens and profiteering degenerates. Where is the immunity for children from the rape and murder perpetrated by those in government, the “health” care and education “sewer” systems and the almighty satanic entity known as the corporation? If children shared only a tiny fraction of the protection afforded the criminally immune politico, there would be no problem.


    • Webster Tarpley playing fast and loose: 

      Who are the Windsors? – Webster Tarpley – YouTube

      Mr. Tarpley has produced dozens of quality expose's regarding the satanic-like influences of the "royal families". I agree, it is voodoo…

      Most of the royal mindset – (if one could call it a mindset) –  is due to diseases like syphlis or strange nocturnal habits such as intermarriage and incest…

    • son of san quentin says:

      PV: Back in the 80s or 90s a curious MSM investigative journalist possessing honesty, integrity and an erect spinal column (a species now officially extinct) dug up the queen mum's severely retarded (that's royal-ish for intensely inbred) and frighteningly deformed (but a spitting image of sis) twin sister hidden from the glamour and glory of the paparazzi, but festering in the dungeon of a london asylum.


      But the poor ignorant peasantry of today with their intoxicating “hi-tech” smartphones of arrested development and their thoroughly prescribed and well commissioned pharmacological diets line up under mind numbing satanic toxic geoengineered skies to bow down and grovel, shedding genetically modified tears, at the feet of hidden incest, mental retardation and carnal and spiritual evil to the pathological core. Such a tragic Shakespearean comedy is the actual demonology of our times and current existence.


      The duke of buckhingham adored his fellow men so much while detesting women that he decided to balance his sexual desires by murdering his own mother. Yet the demonic rituals, festivities and celebrations never cease at good ole buck-in-ham palace.


      By many well researched accounts jack the ripper was of noble descent and royal bloodline. A fine chap he was and harbinger of the rape, abuse, sexual deviance and pornographic filth pouring forth from the elites on a global scale.


      Concerning the newest batch and proliferation of unnatural ungodly royal spawn growing up in the spotlight and multi-media pop culture, my simple non-medical advice is grab a copy of the bloody “Omen.” Hollywood sent the message many years ago about the satanic london connection, loud and clear.


    • Dennie says:

      I love Webster Tarpley.  Wikipedia's bio entry on him calls him a "socialist" historian– well, that's because he's telling more than just "HIS- story."  So if you don't tow the Official Line (Translated:  The Rich White Older Moneyed Powerful Corporate-Military-Industrial MALE's story), your history is somehow "off?"  We already know that in school, we hear the story only from the point of view of the "conquistadores."  Most Americans have no idea that Lincoln went to the Czar of Russia to ask for financial aid in order to fight the south and keep the Union together.  The Russian Pacific fleet was in San Francisco harbor from 1862-3, in case the Confederates decided they'd come up across the Rio Grande and attack California.  There was Russian Intel in the skirmishes in the combat zones where the war was actually being fought.  It would have been harder winning the war without the help of the Russians, who understood that they would not benefit dealing with a divided United States. 

    • Pedro says:

      The culture of the modern world ( last 500 years ) resumes itself basically to satanism, to psychopathy and to the consequent extreme and compulsive narcissism of these same historical and contemporary "leaders" which built the system. The legacy of the "leaders" of this system of mental and physical slavery ( and of murder ) is the legacy of genocide. It's a shame. Since centuries ago these monsters are finding pretexts for cutting down the population. Our beautiful Planet has proven century after century that this World is a magical and incredibly fertile World capable of give Food and shelter to many billions. Now ( at least since the last 70 years ) this incredibly fertile World is again under the sabotage of the same players ( the satanists of the masonic cult and its helpers ) this time through the poisoning of the Planet via geoengineering and the destruction of the climate and atmosphere through the same plan of geoengineering. And for the building of this upcoming catastrophe ( this time global ), these eugenicists criminals spend billions over billions every year. Our fight is against the concept of empire and against the blood thirsty psychopaths which are the genocidal rulers of this lunatic system.

    • Excellent follow up posts in reply to son of san quentin's insights.


      There are a multitude of reasons as to why the corporate state remains so interested in infiltrating and destroying the Muslim tradition wherever it exists. A corporate financed ISIS is just one control method. However; the decimation of the Mideast is not entirely about oil. It's a bit more complex than just "resource management": >

      The Absence of the Corporation in Islamic Law: Origins and Persistence 

      Edited by: Timur Kuran

      February 28, 2006

      Mr. Kuran's treatise has come under quite a bit of fire from the usual suspects. Read it and weep for the innocents fallen…

  31. SD says:

    Record high temps here in southern CA past two days @ 85-90F.  Also heavy SRM spray activity from tanker fleet. Santa Ana winds (offshore) have died down. Slight drop in Barometric Pressure.

    RED SUNRISE this AM @ 0630 ws also one for the record books. Any rational human would ask "What the hell is going on?" Radio and TV reported live accounts of the colors.

    I would estimate 70-80% of this ENGINEERED cloud cover was particulates of SRM aircraft origin.

    • Hawkeye says:

      It is freezing here in SWFL today, yesterday, the night before,…..but the 29th daytime high finally made it to about 78 balmy humid cloudy degrees until this latest cold front came barrelling through that night but  without the usual no rain but did include the usual big bad winds. We get two cold fronts per week now and for the past several winters. My local news calls them scheduled fronts! Lol…. Subliminal messaging ya think!?? People don't hear that though or remember FL never was this way before. Three or four cold fronts per winter used to be the norm and rare for 30's & 40's temps, was all we ever got. And out of 365 days a year we had about 355 days of " count on it sunshine". Now half of every week all year round is cloudy. 

      I complain with each cold day and had one friend say to me they like these 40 degrees fronts because it is too hot in summer and so good to get this relief. I answered with, no it is too cold but yes the summers are too hot. What we are now with several past years of the same, is extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter. FL is no longer a tropical place, our climate has changed significantly. She agreed and I keep planting my seeds to those who are not seeing the real picture or deciphering the weather mans subliminal clues!


  32. Roma says:

    New Zealand has been suffering a series of heatwaves since November with temperatures in some places now reaching 37C (although probably hotter, its downplayed), humidity is high as are night-time temperatures. Hottest January on record and the whole country (small as we are) is talking about it.  Saw a small article on TVNZ1 (our country's foremost news site) on their website stating that the Minister for Health has said its caused by global warming and that summers will continue to get hotter over the coming years, and they are instigating plans for the forthcoming health issues arising from this. Finally, after the many articles about "by the end of the century" stuff, they are telling it like it is. (Interestingly driving my car the other day on a hot 27C day with all the windows down, the air rushing past felt icy!)

    • Joe S says:

      Roma, In New Zealand…


      I have, starting 2000  seven times visits to lovely NZ.

      .  I traveled from California to Auckland. What happened?

      NZ was mostly pristine.  Now garbage dumped upon.

      I know chem trails, I did not see   in 2000- 2007.


      You have the good Royal New Zealand Air Force


      Contact them. Did they sell out to USA  money?

      That sleezy  former P M , UK, former banker, John Key

      wrecked  NZ.. British bankster in incognito….


      Now you all in NZ, Australia have the USA Geoengineering

      devils, nasty ones…..

      I watch this all since 1996 from California side… Just keep

      each other informed in NZ.

  33. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I guess they shouldn't start these "Possible" Spray Programs, seems they can "Never" be stopped, once started, &  they don't know what "Harm" they could cause, if started.   How are they ever going to explain all of their continuous lies?   What will they tell the "Waking Public" when they ask? … Why did you use these  "Manufactured Cloud Creations" in Our Children's school books, In Cartoons, Animated Films & in the Movies, In Posters, Commercials, Billboards, Calanders, Canadian Stamps, Lego Boxes, Banking Informational flyers & during Sporting events & pass them off as "Normal", & "Natural"?  Why did you force the Weather spokes persons to LIE about the "Manufactured Cloud Creations" & the Weather scenarios "they created" during their daily reports? Why did you force some to sign illegal "Gag Orders" so they couldn't be Honest & keep their jobs?  Why did you tell us it was a "Conspiracy" & that it wasn't happening?      Why did you tell us it was "Condensation"?    Why did you tell us it was additional air traffic? Why did you tell us that grid's in our skies were normal & ain't mother nature grand?  Why did you tell us that dying of Alzhiemers is a normal life expectancy when you knew that without the Toxic Alumninum sprayed on us each day & the World breathing it in, "We would "Never" come down with this condition in a 100 years of living"?  Cause it ain't no disease if you know what causes it. Period!  Why didn't you find out why so many around the World, Incuding Children, were having "Off The Charts", Respiratory issue's  & connect it to what YOU HAVE BEEN spraying & what we all are breathing in with each & every breath? Including several other neurological conditions that are now rampant over the past few decades or less. Why didn't you connect Crop Failures to what you Have Been Spraying above our Heads, our Lands, our Trees, & Fauna, each day of the year around the World?  Why didn't you admit that these programs can move Storms that were created by you to areas that have destroyed Homes & Taken Lives. Storms that have caused Floods, Land Slides, Mud Slides, Car Wrecks, Deadly Hail Events, & Droughts. Wind Storms, Hurricane's & Typhoons? Why did you tell us that Grey Skies were normal & it is our "Imagination" that we had Blue Skies for 300 Plus days a year & Now ZERO days a Year is perfectly normal & we are remembering wrong? Why did you pretend that Pink & Black clouds have always been in our skies? Why did you stop Natures Creations of Rainbows, Northern Lights, & Chinook Arches due to these spray programs & think it was okay & that we would never miss them?   Why did you Create Toxic Cool Downs via Ice Nucleated substances which have killed people stuck in cars & in their travels, & snow bound during a "Flash Freeze" & caused Ten of Thousands of deaths of Livestock, Llama's, Iguanas, & Wildlife. Not to mention the Great Loss of Trees from the weight on Trees in leaf when you create these Toxic Cool Downs during "Summer Months"!    Why did you "Silence, Threaten & Kill" those that knew of their dire findings from spraying "Massive" amounts of Toxic Metals & Biological substances into our environment had caused over the past decades? Why did you Can, (Lay Off) hundreds of Scientists that knew the Truth? Why did you wait until our lose of Wildlife was over half & more were dead or dying, in just a blink of time, A half a Century. Then the Bees, Butterflys, Birds, Aquatic Insects, & not connect the dots that experts were warning you about ? Why did you keep these spray programs going on when our waterways were dying & starving for much needed oxygen? Why did you keep these spray programs going when you saw the "Great Barrier Reef Was Dying" And Quit before it was Dead?  Why did you not find concern for the "Millions" of Sea Creatures that have beached themselves or washed up DEAD?  Why did you LIE about our Ozone depleation & fudge the findings? Why did you LIE about the temperatures to further keep us "Miss-lead"? Why did you not admit to "Global Warming when the "Facts" showed this to be "True"? Why didn't you wonder why Canada's Forest Fires were UP by 600% & Why did these findings not Set Off Fire Alarms? Not to Mention Forest Fires are UP Around The World & Burning Hotter & Longer then ever!  Why did our hired by the public & paid for politicians deny these spray programs when we gave them proof & then they Ignored them, yet still keep, Their Jobs?  Why did you tell us that we were all Insane for "Thinking" these programs have been happening for "70 Years" when YOU KNEW FULL WELL, they were?? Why did you test this on the public & our Environment instead of rats & a sample of soil? This alone would have ended these programs! A Year would have been sufficient.  It's now clear the death toll would have been great in a year of testing!   A Few Rats, instead of a Planet that is Dying because YOU Decided these programs were so safe.!  Why didn't You ask ,OUR OPINION?

    • Dennie says:

      Simple:  They.  Don't. Care.

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Gail for that excellent rundown of all the harm to ourselves and our planet. And I would like to add; Why did you gut and purge the Canada Research Council of all its REAL scientists who wanted to keep their integrity and tell us the truth about what’s happening to our health and our environment? 

    • Rosalie says:

      Wow, that is so powerful, Gail.  Now if we could only confront and capture these criminals and put an end to these weather crimes.

  34. Kathy says:

    I want to Thank ALL who helped make this flyer insert effort happen. It would not have happened otherwise. A very nice couple from Florida and and an anonymous lady from Federal way in addition to


    I thought you all might enjoy Andy's response when I copied YOUR comments from here and a link to show him the flyer pic on is the publisher of Federal way Mirror that has been just an honor to work with. He has taken some heat for it but he told me "I cant please all the people all the time" He has said he will continue to work with us and even asked to keep a laminated Geo AD`  from the last circulation we did. Anyone who so feels moved to do so can reach him at Federal way Mirror if you want to encourage him or send a comment here and I will copy and paste further. THANK-YOU again all who made it happen.

    Andy's response:
    "Very cool – thank you for sharing! I'm glad it worked out."

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy, thank you for the "update". Andy will be getting a call from me first thing in the morning. "I'm going to report you"(grin) and personally thank him for his service in this battle we all face. Publisher or broom pusher, matters not. Seems like he just might "get it".

      Kathy, I am so proud of your efforts. With any "luck", seeds will sprout. "Here's to pouring clean water on them and watching them grow!"

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Kathy,  Here is what I sent to the fine people at the Federal Way Mirror.

      I would like to thank ALL at The Federal Way Mirror who helped Larry and Kathy Burns to get the full color glossy  flyers inserted in your publication. You are true hero's in this battle and I encourage you to continue in the efforts to raise awareness of this most critical issue. Please check out what I have been doing to raise awareness in Nikiski, Alaska.

      I am in this fight until my last breath without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity.

      Steven W. Chamberlain   a.k.a. The Pizza Guy

      If you would like to thank the Federal Way Mirror and let them know that WE stand with them please use the link below.

      Contact us via mail or phone:
      Federal Way Mirror
      31919 1st Ave. S., Suite 101, Federal Way, WA, 98003
      (253) 925-5565

    • Kathy says:

      Steven Chamberlain THANK-YOU SO SO MUCH FOR STEPPING IN to encourage Andy. Wow did not expect anyone to respond. Like you I (we) am in this fight to the bitter end Steven. Again thank you!! anything I can do support you efforts in Alaska let me know!


      Simple Horseman..THANK-YOU,THANK-YOU for placing a call !!!!   I cannot WAIT to hear back a report. Cant wait to hit the Gem Faire booth again Horseman, cant wait! Gonna hit the peddle to the metal !

      As we say over and over …it takes each one of us. Layers upon layers of each of our efforts will and can and must change our circumstances. We have to continue to bring to light the worst human secret operation ever to have been unleashed upon us all.

    • Dennie says:

      Kathy:  How are the skies looking over Federal Way?  Isn't that pretty close to Seattle?  Are you getting the kind of massive blitzing up there that we're being treated to down here in the S.F. Bay Area, N.California?

    • Kathy says:

      Dennie In my estimation…We can run but cannot hide. There is no where that will escape this global atrocity. I have been up and down the whole west coast many times. EACH State is bombarded and presents its OWN issues. YES Seattle is HAMMERED to say the least and its surrounding.  I often say I wish I had a camera to catch what I see here because in Calif I think much of the spraying is off the CA coast unlike here EVERYDAY ABOVE my head with all the system steered in. Now..from a special place we have further south, the ONLY saving grace is the trees that are not dead yet due to the obvious oxygen provided. Choose the lessor of the evils Dennie. I agree with Horseman,pray, find a spot and "Fix it" Hope that helps. I would NEVER move to Seattle, never! …talk about the walking dead! We are all in this together…

    • Dennie says:

      I'd have to visit a place to determine for myself if there truly is less of the spraying than here in northern Cal.  My neighbor bought land in Nicaragua several years back and loves it there.  I have a good friend in Topanga Canyon who's traveled all over Costa Rica, two years back.  Said there were very few trails there at that time.  He has radio biz friends in Nicaragua and I'm waiting to hear from them via my SoCal friend regarding the amount of spraying going on there, frequency, heaviness, etc.  A teller at the credit union told me yesterday that one of the members who is married to a man from Ecuador informed her that they are going to retire to Ecuador.  

  35. Rachel Robson says:

    All, from Earthweek, a diary of the planet:  Unusually warm conditions in northwestern Canada have for a second winter in a row prevented a seasonal 'ice bridge' from forming over the Yukon River to connect Dawson City with West Dawson.  During the summer, the two sides are connected by a ferry, but in winter, residents have to wait for the water to freeze over to make the crossing.  The ice bridge has historically been open to traffic by mid-December.  Crews worked for a week to create an 'ice Band-Aid' by spraying a cold mist to cap a 300-foot-wide stretch of the river with ice.  But the project proved impractical when daytime temperatures didn't stay below freezing.

    Oceanic warming:  Chinese researchers say that 2017 was the warmest year on record for the world's oceans.  A report by the Chinese Academy of Sciences published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences says that the increase in heat content of the ocean's upper 6,500 feet last year occurred in most regions of the world.  It exceeded the previous record warmth set in 2015.  Scientists say the record warmth of 2017 resulted in a 1.7-milimeter rise in global sea level, along with a further decline in ocean oxygen and an increase in the bleaching of coral reefs.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      All, from elsewhere I find that this is the first year ever wherein all the world's economies are doing better than ever before and all at once.  

      But is it really?  Or all based on stock market madness?

  36. BaneB says:

    Dane:  Many of us commenting here from various nations, states and regions impacted by the Geoengineering of our atmosphere have noted the destruction of our once blue blue skies.  In my area of Mendocino County there are very few days with full sunshine.  90% of 365 days are either thickly hazed over, or as is now occurring more often, simply clouded over with no rain nor direct sun at all.  Of course this hugely impacts solar cell arrays used to generate power.  I am curious if you have had contact with solar power manufacturers.  Surely they would be aware of the Geoengineering threat to their industry.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bane, yes, I know individuals in the solar industry who are well aware of climate engineering, but even with the dire ramifications, they are also afraid to speak out. Such silence will only ensure our common demise, we must all make our voices heard while it can yet make a difference.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, I have a customer with a brand new 25,000 watt solar system. It's huge! It's his third system, third location. Pretty fancy system for sure. "I've yet to see or hear of it generating more than 20,000 watts". Most of the year it runs an average of 10,000 watts. Here's the punch line, He won't even 'look' at the material I have to offer him. Case in point, "there's an ego still riding on the skies we once knew that no longer exist". Status symbols come in all forms. Those that see beyond such inclinations will prevail. "It's a law of nature". I know you know that BaneB, it's almost like watching someone get swept away buy a flash flood, right? Solar is still making money in the production of needed product. Therefore it will still make the banksters happy. What a messed up equation it all is. What a waste of time and resources. What a taxation on the planet, geesh!

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      I send SRM information to Solar Energy Providers,  Home Owners & Company's that are highlighted on Green Energy Futures in Canada. Green Energy Futures reps (David Dodge for one) are dirty dogs & know full well the rubbish they spew to the public.  Never mentioning what they know full well about. Weather Modification Programs that block the sun daily. It's like snake oil salesmen selling glasses to a blind man.  They don't care that you will pay thousands & gain nothing.   Once we stop these lunatic's involved, that ARE blocking our Sun. I am sure they will get their money's worth!  They could sell a lot more of them if only they joined our team!   We seem to understand the Sun's importance & power!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @'a' simple horseman,  Thank you!!  I wish I could ask you more for my questions anyway, and I just stuck my neck out big time, in the huge Nextdoor thing.  It is huge in that it is all over the nation, and in my 'hood' writ large, and, as always, I  used my full name.  When I tentatively answered a tree growing question for pomegranates–well, firstly I'd recommended our outstanding nursery, there are many but this one is all organic from seeds to all plants and very kind and helpful too as well as gorgeous, this person said that that nursery said it does grow here but not with good flavor–so I suggested that may be due to both soil conditions and lack of sunlight as our skies have allowed very little through for a long time, and while back when we had warm/hot summers, we've had oddly cold ones for a long, long time.  So, a combo of those three could indeed affect flavor.  A 'neighbor' asked me to say more about the skies.  I gingerly did, quoting the Navy's statement not two years ago now, regarding placing aluminum in the skies to facilitate long distance radar and with submarines.  The guy shot back: "chemtrails, the government's skill ability is not adequate enough to do that."  So I said more!  Saying yes, not skilled enough as is obvious rendering solar ineffective and what goes up comes down affecting ph of soils, and even causing Alzheimer's.  Also that what I said about aluminum was a direct quote from our navy and amazing what they sometimes straight up say, this along with their war game practices along our coast. I started out by saying that the word chemtrails is not viable, does not lead to credible information.  And I suggested one resource.  I kept it way short, for me, wanting to get people to question stuff, as opposed to trying to lay it all on them.  Many have just moved here from elsewhere and many are tech peoples.  If I say something wrong, or conflicting with their own findings, I'll lose them.  This effort is an experiment.  I had no idea how to quantify the loss of light.  Quite a few down here now do have solar panels on roof.  So, I'm grateful for your example here.  Can you tell me why this guy you know is on round three of his?  Does his average of 10,000 watts suit his needs?  Does he supplement this with another source?  Why a third location for same person–hoping to be better placed for sun?, or?  Are you saying solar is a status symbol?I   Just a bit afraid to go to Nextdoor today and see what hell I may have stirred up!!  And of course to say more as I just realized what a great tool this may well be for spreading awareness of geoengineering.  Drip by drip.  But I feel like a tight rope walker!  Minus a net!  Thank you horseman, this helps!  More would help more!!  Can't help but notice solar getting cheaper by the year and wondering if this is the why of that!?

    • Dennie says:

      We hear in this week's Global Alert News that global dimming is now 30 per cent.  

  37. Abigail says:

    Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you again, Dane for all the relentless work you put into keeping the public informed about what the Military is doing to our environment! The Government will be sorry, FOR SURE!

    Sharing with Russ Tanner's forum. Sincerely blessings and prayers. ~

  38. gene maynard says:

    “In the western world lies have displaced truth with lies”; really! “The Deep State is in panic mode”. “The Deep State is draining its own swamp”. “Make your voice heard while it can make a difference”. I understand where you are coming from but did not all of our problems explode out of the decades of complaisance we now are decrying the loss of and seek to regain?


    We act as if we have entered a new paradigm and we strive to regain the old paradigm; in reality we are entering the final phase of the same flawed paradigm. We clamor to return to some semblance of the former status quo…a state we were comfortable and safe in before this bad old deep state reared its ugly head. Why do we do the same thing over and over while expecting different results? Why do we strive to return to the flawed paradigm that spawned the Deep State in the first place? Geoengineering was no problem when we were unaware of it. Suddenly solar panels became useless, dying trees were noticed, it was realized billions of dollars were missing, treaties that were against America’s best interest were made law, we were told law abiding citizens with guns cause terrorism, even though aluminum and mercury cause dementia and autism…and even though fluoride destroys brain cells…we are told we need more of it. Vaccines maim and kill people because of those stubborn anti-vaccers who refuse to have their children injected with poison.


    Why is the Deep State here? Why is the scourge called Geoengineering now destroying the life support systems of the planet? Why are vaccines crippling young people and killing the elderly? Why have cases of autism and dementia exploded off the charts? Why are the American people slaves to a financial system that favors only 1% of the world’s population while by design enslaves the 99%? “A curse doesn’t come without a cause”; Pro.26:2. Did not our comfortable paradigm of ignorance and bliss give birth to all of these plagues? Why are we so anxious to return to a life model that has proven to be so flawed as to now threaten the extinction of the human race?


    If we manage to stop illegal immigration and the giveaway of our home, will not nuclear radiation give us cancer? If we do and end run around Deep State’s efforts to stop a nuclear war, will not the aluminum we are breathing with every breath choke out all life? What will be our end? An EMP attack, a currency collapse, famine, civil war, toxic food, contaminated water, nuclear radiation, all out nuclear war? What? “A man fleeing from a lion met a bear…as he ran into his house a snake bit him” Amos 5:19


    Is there anything else we can try?

    • Laura says:

      Gene…Your description above very eloquently describes the trajectory of the pinball from one catastrophe to another and/all of which can be the one that does us in.  I feel this daily, and it's terrifying.  I was so hoping that the your final paragraph or two contained the magic bullet but alas, it did not.  


    • gene maynard says:

      Laurie, I agree with you. It can be terrifying when you realize there are those in the world who have come to hate life. These people are beyond reasoning. To reason with someone there must be the assumption of the presence of rational thought or the glimmer of cognition…something for reason to connect to. These people are void of all common sense; they have proven this by their callous indifference to the thoughts of others…destroying a prerequisite for civil societies to exist in peace. They don’t even consider their own lives. My hope was for all to consider what’s before us. The world has never seen what is before us…it is especially shocking in America where life has been easy compared to most of the world. We are witnessing a curse that is slowly devouring the entire world; and as I quoted, a curse doesn’t come without reason.

      We must continue to do what we are doing but in the process we must also change. We are guilty of becoming a people who pretend to love others but really love only ourselves. We didn’t purposely do this; we simply bought into the allure of the world, eat, drink, and be merry. We are in danger of becoming like those we hate; even now many in America are depressed and unhappy. Even in a crowd we are finding ourselves alone. It’s because we live in our imaginations of what could be and what we wish for, instead of the reality of what is. Cell phones, video games, and virtual reality have become our de-facto reality. I asked a question; why have all these curses come upon us? Now I’m trying to give some reasons. We are not hopeless in this fight. We have God and therefore we also have the ability to stop being self centered; we can put away all those things that have by purpose made us into selfish introverts and we can be “people persons”. That’s why I ended with an encouragement to think. Together we do not have to be a victim; there is much hope and there is much reason to hope.

  39. marc says:

    Need a vacation? I suggest visiting: will not even believe what you see at this website. I was slack-jawed in disbelief for several minutes…..

  40. Nina says:

    I see now that at dusk (and probably throughout the night) they change the formulas of the sprays to black ones. By morning the black and the white trails have intermingled to form what looks like storm clouds. Fools many people I am sure if you cant see them being created. These fake storm clouds dont bring rain though. Also we have had sunsets of a deep red I havenot seen before. Is this Lithium?

    • Dennie says:

      LITHIUM IS BEING USED TO TRACK UPPER-LEVEL WINDS.  The better to steer the weather, my dear…

    • Roma says:

      In New Zealand I live in a small city with large hills surrounding it.  I do the Saturday morning market and have noticed quite frequently that although the day starts fine by late morning misty very dark gray almost blackish clouds roll in over the top of the hills and hang around them, looking like we will have a torrential downpour any minute, but nothing happens, they just gradually dissipate.  I have been wondering what is causing these dark rainless clouds?

  41. Dave says:

    Had to pass this along, I flipped to the weather channel and their paid off pack of whores, and sure enough, get ready for super bowl Sunday, with 5 degree temps in Minneapolis, as I'm sure will be hyped up all week long. Just as Dane has pointed out, so often, to keep the people asleep and uninformed as much of the country will be transfixed by the spectacle including me, but I always keep the sound off. What orchestrated evil! Thanks again for all you people that continue to give me hope.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Wow, is it really going to be super bowl sunday already? Who's playing?

    • Dog says:

      AKA, "The Stupor Bowl", where in a Great American Tradition, people drink themselves into a stupor while they watch the Gladiators fight…and absorb the military -recruitment commercials…

    • Kathy says:

      Well at least ya made me chuckle Simple Horseman….proud to say NO IDEA who is playing, suggestion….those in the city, its a great time to walk if not too heavy of a spray day or go anywhere you want while all the kool-aid drinkers have their intoxification/delusion pacifiers for 4 hours , its kinda funny to hear eruptions of cheering raising roof tops meanwhile the one day a year everywhere else is eerily peaceful.

    • Martin says:

      I noticed during the army-navy football game back in December that the Weather Warlords made sure to create a toxic geoengineered snow storm. And many of the sheeple were talking about  that snow storm the days afterwards. “They” make sure to run their Psyops during major sporting events. 

  42. marc says:

    This is a 100% pure, undiluted serving of complete dominant culture bullshit. Must be read to fully appreciate the intricacies of the disinfo/misinfo/deception on full display here. Notice the wording and the layout of this alarmist hit piece. Unbelievable. Yet all too believable….that the extremely low-vibratory shitheads who are behind this filth can so easily reach a wide audience through the mass media. 

  43. marc says:

    After only a two or three day respite about a week ago, wherein skies were completely blemish-free over southern Arizona, the vermin behind all this have resumed their raping, their disgusting aerial verifications of what we all knew already: they are subhuman, with hearts of stone. That the Octopus has somehow managed to conscript so many thousands into contributing to this horrific scheme is not a success story. It is a dark tragedy of the human soul. I confess I do not fully understand it. If earth is a school for countless millions of inter-dimensional, intergalactic souls, a place where spiritual growth is the currency of the land, I confess again I do not understand how so MANY among us have so readily agreed to participate in massive deception and omnicide. Really? We've willingly incarnated here to participate in this grand scheme?? What's the takeaway from the profound realization that there are many thousands incarnated here who make it their routine daily business to poison their fellow man AND the entire web of life? The very web of life that happens to sustain their very own rare opportunity to grow spiritually? What, indeed, is the relationship between the consciousness and the soul of those who would routinely commit these horrific crimes?

    • Anthony L Lana says:

      Well said Brother, I'm so damn physically sick .I'm hanging by a thread! It's everything I have to put one foot in front of the other! My doctors would have killed me, if it were not for an Eastern medicine physician who simply listened, not sure what the out come will be, but I just live one day at a time, and try to enjoy each moment and simplest of life's pleasures! Trying to just be mobile by summer, and hit some favorite fishing holes and visit with the last  of my family! I feel you brother, this is insane and my only hope is our celestial brothers and sisters will intervene and save those of us who realize these atrocities! Peace out my friend, your not alone!!!

    • Nina says:

      Do they even have a soul? I see them as soulless vessels with some kind of "Hive-Mind." How could any Being still connected to Source commit such a crime against all of Life?

  44. simone says:

    Since millennia ago, humans have begun to “learn” to "control", devastate,  and demolish Life on earth by  interfering with endless Wisdom of deeply interactive web of Life on this planet


    • Hello Simone: Pagan beliefs in early cultures recognized the fragile web of life, and all things of Nature were held sacred. Perhaps you could look to the works and writings of archeologist Marija Gimbutas for some sense of solace. >>> Marija Gimbutas <<<

      Leonard Shlain is another excellent source. Mr. Shlain was a neurosurgeon who theorized that man shifted from the graces of iconic natural languages, to an abstract process of modern alphabetic language. The book is absolutely stunning and informative.

      The Alphabet Vs the Goddess | by Leonard Shlain >>>>>

    • simone says:

      Hello Paul, I'm absolutely! going to visit and read the sites you recommend.  We have over 10000 thousand books in our house,  mostly carefully selected history and sciences, math, classical philosophy, human mind and perceptions.. and some books about advanced views on this whole mad, man-made world ..   Many Thanks for your  very inspirational comments!!!  I always read them. Be very Well!


  45. What's More Dangerous Than Fukushima? >>> Published on Feb 10, 2015

    "From Chernobyl to Three Mile Island to Fukushima, we've seen time and time again the dangers that nuclear power presents. So, if a plant has already had a near disaster, why would anyone want to build ANOTHER nuclear reactor at that same plant? Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear discusses." >>>

    Still no one talking about reducing energy consumption by eliminating the ridiculously inefficient grid system in it's entirety. Mark I and Mark IV General Electric power systems were considered junk technology before they even left the drawing board.

  46. marc says:

    This present Global Alert News show is, I concur, up near the top. I will share it on FB as I always do. However, out of almost 500 friends on FB, the same one or two people are the only ones who ever comment or "like" anything I ever post about this topic. It may get shared and re-shared. I can only hope. But what's with my other 500 so-called friends?? Yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody is busy…..right…

     I once composed a long paragraph about the direness of our present situation which included mention of climate engineering. I thought the short piece was pretty damn good and I posted it on FB. NOT ONE SINGLE "like" or comment. Is FB complicit in this? Are they filtering stuff if the "content" doesn't meet their dumbass criteria?

    • Pedro says:

      About geoengineering, send personal messages to everyone, because the publications probably are not seen by all the persons with which you have "friendship".

    • Rachel Robson says:

      marc, have you or any here seen the site Nextdoor?  It seems to be a nation wide neighborhood thing wherein you can communicate in brief with neighbors regarding everything from crimes to looking for dog walkers to will this or that grow here.  I've tried to stay away from it, kinda got forced into it by a neighbor, am now giving it a look and the opportunity presented itself to mention geoengineering.  Actually I mentioned less sunlight, regarding a plant, as we get bombarded constantly here, relentlessly.  But I only mentioned the whited out skies. Someone then asked me to say more and I did, mentioning aluminum. This guy then said: oh, chemtrails, government not qualified enough to do it.  So of course I said more, but just a wee bit.  Reeling in the fish. But gee, I could have started this awhile ago!  Opportunity knocks, but am I listening?!!!! 

    • bob says:

      Fb chooses who gets shown what.  Most people aren't seeing it.  Partly to censor and partly to get people to pay to "boost" posts (you have to adjust a setting after you followed people if you want to see all their posts, and most don't know this, it is worded unusually as "see newest first"or something) . 

    • simone says:

      Your story is very familiar.. I guess because the majority of people cannot digest the term GEOENGINEERING…

      I've tried to replace it with  Weather-Making or something similar – this works better! The Very Best Wishes!!!

  47. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Kathy and Larry Burns, my friends I have met, GOOD JOB!! I'm sure that circulation cost a pretty penny. Thank you for helping out with the effort. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you folks once again at the Puyallup fair grounds in March.

    Brian Nibley, I am seriously proud of you. This is the second of your efforts you have had highlighted here on this web site. Good for you for taking up the Lone Ranger strong hold and getting out there, looking people in the eye and talking with them. I hope you will find the strength and support to keep up your efforts.

    Once again, I see no one behind the tables at the Gem Faire awareness booth. What gives(or doesn't give)? If any of you folks actually show up and tend the Gem Faire awareness booth, I'd sure like to hear about it. It would do me wonders to alleviate the stress that builds up inside of me by thinking that so many are passing an opportunity to help out on the "front lines of this battle". Dane mentioned in this weeks broadcast that he has seen many folks "come and go" in tending the front lines of this battle. The way he said it pulled on my heart strings. To ALL and to you Dane, I'm in this fight to the very sweet or bitter end. The only thing that will stop me is if for some reason or another, I quit breathing. The Trump clan has doubled down on geo engineering and I am doubling down on my efforts to spread the word and plant seeds. This year I will be at "50" farmers markets 4 Parades and 3, 3 day Gem Faire appearances. Time is quickly running out my friends. How will 'you' deal with it? Personally, I will fight, educate and stand strong to the end. What ever that may be, I will know I have done all I could with the modest means afforded me.

    'a' simple horseman

    • marc says:

      Bravo, Horseman. Your example is the best among us. I am in awe of you and your efforts.

    • Dennie says:

      I wanted to go to Gem Faire in San Rafael last weekend but was instead sidelined with a nasty case of bronchitis/laryngitis caused by the very heavy geoengineering sprays.  Not much good if I can't talk and am hocking up large amounts of phlegm, which is totally unlike me.  It's been over two weeks with this crap and the spraying just goes on and on and on and ON!  I am seriously considering moving out of the U.S. and going somewhere where the spraying isn't this heavy.  I've heard Ecuador doesn't allow it.  Probably not much in Costa Rica, but that's a more expensive country to live in.  Maybe Nicaragua.

    • Dennie says:

      FYI:  Here is the sad history of Nicaragua, yet another country the greedy U.S. set its sights on in order to build an inter-oceanic canal, and more easily facilitate the spread of Uber-Capitalism and U.S. hegemony more fully across two oceans:  The "evil" Saninistas were simply Nicaraguans who resisted occupation.  Thus goes the story of every U.S.-occupied sovereign nation:  Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Duh.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, thank you for your kind words. FYI for ya, the sign you put in the rear window of your Jetta was my first inspiration of what I, "joe citizen" can do to make a difference. Thing is though, I don't want to be the best among us. I am a very non-competitive personality(as a true horseman should be). I want to be "one of many", "that are dedicated to doing the same thing", "Looking folks in the eye and teaching them things they see but did not know". The Creator has given me several avenues to pursue the cause of saving what can be salvaged of this once abundant planet. If I were at the pearly gates and someone asked me what I was in life, I would say, "a teacher". I've been told many times that I am such. It always means the most when it comes from the "student". This is why I am at the same location at the same times, week after week. And yes this year I am dedicating twice as much time to that effort. Most folks would stay home and do chores. Hell, if I don't "get out there", there won't be a home(cabin) to go home to and do chores! There are many reasons I have my convictions in the battle I fight for us all and for our "mother". A place we all call home. Someone above this comment wrote about "complacency". "Well I'll tell you what(grin)", if someone would have told me the truth in the first place, "I would have got it right the first time!!". Back to my point I wanted to make here. I"m nothing special, not even. Hopefully more folks will go out and be "nothing special" too. That'd make me real happy.

      Brian Nibley… Now there's a person putting it where the rubber hits the road. How simple, how impactful, set up a table and be nice to folks as they pass by. Get a taller seat Brian. You'll be amazed as to what difference it makes at point of contact.

      Lastly, Dennie, I am sad that you were not able to attend the Gem Faire booth. I was holding my breath for your precise report. I remember when you tended it last time it came around your area. Maybe you'll get that old Volvo of yours a good stretch on some highway and tend another Gem Faire down your way… Have you considered moving to Seattle? There's lots of money there and you would do well with your trade of higher learning violin stuff. There are several venues that have a full time symphony orchestra. The air quality there is better than most anywhere else on the mainland 48. Moving out of country should have been done a long time ago when there was a chance of making real friends. To anyone, I do not recommend "jumping ship", "fix it!"

    • Dennie says:

      What– no chem trails in Seattle?  I wonder.  If Whidbey Island's close by, I'd imagine it would be worse.  Isn't Federal Way up near Seattle?  Anyone from the area wanna give a report on the level of chem spraying compared to the uber-sprayed S.F. Bay Area?  Yes, it's a major metropolitan area and with all the high-tech and Tesla here, there's plenty of money.  I have only to start teaching in Mt. View (50 miles south) again where you can get top dollar for private in-home teaching.  I just need to go someplace where the spraying's not so damned heavy like it is here every single day now.  If they're not doing it in Ecuador I'm taking a serious look at teaching there.

  48. marc says:

    We all know with certainty that somewhere there is a warehouse full of losers who brown-nose their way through life monitoring this and other "alt" websites for some covert agency or another. I have to also assume that Dane is perpetually on guard against snot-nosed trolls who also work for such agencies who delight in trying to infect this site with their pansy-assed bullshit. Not to mention the other 10,000 trolls who drink the kool-aid everyday and pummel this site with their attempts to post here. We probably have no real idea of the amount of crap that Dane must sort through to maintain the integrity of this site and the message it forever strives to get across. I would like to post a letter to the government agents who not only monitor this site, but who also monitor and surveil every single individual who posts comments here. Don't think this is happening?? Ha! Remember who we're dealing with. These guys have absolutely nothing better to do than to surveil each and every one of us. They know where we live, where we work, how we vote, where we shop, where we vacation…Hell, they probably have all of our DNA in a database. I'm paranoid and delusional?? Nope.

      Dear agents, 

         Do you guys have the slightest comprehension that literally everyone who legitimately posts here has a depth of love for the Earth that you will never understand? While you do the covert bidding of your shadow-masters, allow me to point my middle finger at the bankruptcy of your souls. You may draw a paycheck from the "government" but you don't serve me. In your vacuous, unbalanced state of mind, devoid of heart, you imagine that you are doing something oh so very important for the country. I do not grieve for the extent to which you will never experience the true and real joys of life. If you've been brainwashed, MK-ultra'd or perhaps been subjected to some other covert training-program horror, I concede that you deserve my compassion and forgiveness. However, my gut tells me that every last one of you know the difference between right and wrong but you have chosen "wrong", maybe for a paycheck or a "career", or for some other shortsighted, unenlightened and immature reason. There is not a single day that goes by I don't pray for an end to geoengineering of our skies and for a massive awakening among the entire lot of you soulless bastards. If you surveil me and my compatriots here, you are working for those who falsely imagine that somehow WE are enemies of the state. If to be a lover of the Earth and all living things in it is considered to be a threat to you and what you pretend to stand for, then so be it. I'm happy to disappoint you. I will never, I repeat, NEVER forsake my fight for all that is good and vibrant and alive in this world. There are vast armies of those who feel as I do. What we seek is so very simple: a sustainable and poison-free future for all living things on land, sea and air. Though you may sneer at these words, I nonetheless redouble my efforts to invite you to forsake the "dark side" of the paradigm and to join with those of us who seek a long and fertile future for all living things on this magnificent planet.

        Signed, …….someone you thought you knew but were wrong.

    • Hey marc: I've always enjoyed the acerbic side of your postings, as I can't stand the pansy-ass blither of new-age programming and politically "corrected" neutrality. However, I disagree with your comment: > "I concede that you deserve my compassion and forgiveness."  No they don't. Not at all. You were on the right track giving them the fickle finger of their own chosen fate. >>>>>

      The excuse of modern war is that war has always existed. So let's continue to fund warmongering extortionists, to insure that war continues to exist. >>>>Undoing the New Deal: Eisenhower Builds an Arsenal of Nuclear Weapons and a Cabinet of Millionaires (pt7)

      Published January 29, 2018–Eisenhower-Builds-an-Arsenal-of-Nuclear-Weapons-and-a-Cabinet-of-Millionaires

    • B Kind says:


      Marc and all others. Had fhe same thought about the precipitation and the cold at recent sporting events. It's nonsense. As Dane always says, these particles are dessicants and they are reeking havoc on all terrestrial life.

      PS. We lost at least ninety percent of the bugs here in North east Ohio, last Summer.


  49. Donna-AZ says:

    Larry and Kathy Burns, 53,000 copies of Dane's flyer in the "Federal Way Mirror" in WA state.  Well Done! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Ditto's to Larry  & Kathy! Congrat's on an amazing and successful feat accomplished. And kudos to the newspaper for having the guts to allow the flyers to go out. Well Done indeed by all involved there.  : )

    • simone says:


    • Pedro says:

      Many Thanks to Larry and Kathy!

      To the newspaper too, you're great Citizens!


  50. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I wonder if the Scientists canned in Canada , will reach out to Geoengineeringwatch with the clear knowledge that they are disposable & not Important to our Country. Maybe they will want to do the Right Thing after seeing how little their education was worth. What a Waste of money, education hours & time. A Proffession that you are told to lie about your findings & Fudge data! Then they Dump you & your Dire Findings.    The Duty of a True Patriot is to Protect his Country from it's government.   —  Thomas Pane  —      The Greatest threat is a free thinking mind. Mind Control. The Perfect Enemy!

  51. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Aldous Huxley words are very Poweful. Another one of his quotes is; Facts don't cease to exist because they are Ignored!         I use to have such Great Respect for Scientists. I have a magazine called Science Digest from October 1981 & several OMNI Magazines from the 80s.  I found an article in Science Digest titled: BACTERIA THAT KILL MOSQUITOES  It states, A microscopic weapon has been found that kills mosquito & black-fly larvae within 30 minutes after they eat it & it poses no threat to other forms of Animal & Plant Life.  The killer is a bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) , isolated in 1977 from a soil sample taken from the bottom of a swampy pond. It's discovery was the result of a search for a benign insecticide undertaken by Joel Margalit, a mosquito entomologist from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, & Leonard Goldberg, a biophysicist from the University of Californa, Berkeley. Their quest was a continuation of work begun in the1960s  to find a alternative to chemical pesticides. First introduced in the 1940s, pesticides were thought to be harmless. But when insects, increasing resistance to them necessitated larger & larger doses, the toxic dangers of pesticides became apparent.   In 1967, Goldberg began screening soil samples to find bacteria that could do battle against mosquitoes & yet not be dangerous to other living creatures.  He moved his search to Isreal in1976. It was there he & Margalit discovered BTI. According to Margalit, BTI is completely safe environmentally.  It does not harm natural enemies of mosquitoes, such as fish & other aquatic life. He explains that BTI produces a protein that reacts with the skin cells lining, the insects midgut. The cells absorb excess fluid, then they inflate & rupture. Goldberg reports that health agencies around the world have been producing BTI "in quanities of of tons" for test purposes. Bacterial spores in powder form are spread over mosquito & black-fly aquatic breeding grounds. A pound of spore powder can control the larvae in an acre of water, he says. Abbot Laboratories in Chicago is among the companies now seeking approval from the Environmental Protection Agency for the use of BTI in the United States. If an EPA go-ahead is received,  Abbott plans on selling the insecticide by 1982. Although most of the sales are expected to be federal, state & local governments, BTI will be available to homeowners as well.  End.     Isn't it amazing how many years this Crap has been going on to Force Farmers & others into using toxic sprays to kill mosquitoes, black- flys & have Killed so many others in the process.    Has anyone heard of this BTI?  Was it as effective as they stated?    Or, did it make it to market?

    • Dr elizabeth lowenthal says:

      A friend of mine just did an eco tour of the Amazon. There were tributaties wherein "total mosquito control" had been achieved by various sprays and other techniques. Sadly, there was no bird life or aquatic life in those areas. An ecological wasteland had been created. We must be careful in upsetting the balance of nature or pretending we can "out-clever" her with our biotechnology. What looks like our enemy, also looks like life-sustaining food to other species.

      Sadly the BT toxin that you allude to has been incorporated into corn and other genetically modified species, since the mid 1990's. BT corn has never been tested in any human trials. The only feeding study in mammals was done in rats  and it induced large breast tumours. This was published by Dr Seralini in the journal Nature several years ago, but the journal retracted it when pressured by Monsanto. It was re-published in another journal of lesser impact. BT corn is the source of almost all high fructose corn syrup sold in America since the 1990's. You can draw a direct parallel with the rise in cancer, obesity, diabetes type 2 and leaky gut in the western world. Regulators were told that we humans have an acid stomach and insects have an alkaline stomach, so we are not the "target" of the poison. They did not account for all of the people taking proton pump inhibitors (millions) whose problems only worsen if they eat these processed foods containing HFCS. Furthermore, our levels of roundup (glyphosate) excretion have risen 1500% in the last 10 years since more untested biotechnology ("round up ready") cropping has found its way into our diet. Round up was patented as a broad spectrum antibiotic in the 1970's. It is a soil poison and it literally poisons your gut microbiome. Wheat (and most cereals) are heavily sprayed with Roundup, as a dessicant prior to harvest. Roundup is literally baked into our bread. THis is why the whole world seems to be "gluten intolerant" these days. Dane is so right. On every front, we seem to be being systematically poisoned (air, water, soil, food). That which we do not know, truly can harm us. Our collective ignore-ance is not blissful, but has lethal implications.

    • Hello Gail Yellowhead County Alberta: I have quite allot of information on these various modified agrobacterium. Too much to excerpt here… Many web pages devoted to university studies of modified agrobacteriums have been scrubbed in recent years. The usual suspects are deeply entrenched in covering one another’s asses… So to speak… Never-the-less, here’s a reasonably complete expose’. >>>  Bacillus thuringiensis >>>

      Also refer to the many pages of "The Institute of Science In Society". >

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dr. Elizabeth, Thank you!  I did know about BTI.  But could not remember what I knew.  I did wonder why so many are going gluten free including some neighbors who are also ethical vegans.  Luckily, where I live, there is one fantastic organic bread company.  Luckily California has been holding out against GMOs.  And yes!  One very good reason for so few insects.  I only recently found out that black flies, hate them, are pollinators!  Who knew they had a saving grace, nature knew.  And Black Phoebe, the flycatcher!

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Dr. Elizabeth Lowenthal, It would have to turn out to be what I had dreaded. And here I thought it was just a great soil bacterium from the bottom of a swampy pond!  

    • bob says:

      You can buy them as a tablet, I think one brand is called Mosquito Dunks.  

      Though governments have no right to cull any species in large numbers, even if they don't use chemical toxins, a lot of things rely on mosquitos for food.  (I think they're so bad around here because the little brown bats are almost all gone)  They pretend some disease is being spread by them as an excuse to put out toxins or release "vaccine mosquitoes" or gm ones.  Like they tell us there is an outbreak of a deadly disease, but if you look it up 13 people who had been in the tropics got sick in one year. 

    • Hello Elizabeth Lowenthal: Great to see you posting here. Quality information is getting more and more difficult to find. Here's another article of interest:

      US government approves 'killer' mosquitoes to fight disease : Nature News

      Not to worry. The EPA has it all under control…

  52. Tom Keith says:

    "Ever since I was a young boy, I've played the silver ball."

    When I played my favorite pinball machine, it would give me a pre-tilt warning when I "gunched" her too much. Mother Earth is giving us a pre-tilt warning as we speak.

         Too few are observing or are distracted by the MSM fairy tales. As they say "you keep doing what you're doing, you're going to keep getting what you're getting."  As some have observed, half the populace will never "get it." (We have to concentrate on the other half)

    Still digging. TK

    • Dennie says:

      It's like a sinking ship– if people are too stupid to notice that the house is on fire and they're too stupid to notice because they're absolutely addicted to playing pinball or whatever, thinking that "winning" those idiotic games where money is the prize, then what happens, happens.  Runawayglobal heating will kill the good and the bad, equally.  And if you really think THEY have The Answer, living in underground bunkers, you need to figure out that that kind of problem-avoidance lifestyle is only temporary.  THEY STILL NEED TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR and their nano-sh!t can't be filtered out.  And don't believe any of the propadan-duh that says the so-called "elites" have "antidotes" to the poisoning– THEY DON'T– PERIOD.

  53. Joseph L says:

    Dane you did a fabulous job on the latest edition of Global Alert  News. It is very sad that we get half truths from environmental groups, alternative media and scientists.  Alot of these organizations are lying for a paycheck and a pension. IF we continue on this course none of that will matter.


    Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

  54. Jeff says:

    Thanks for your care,thought,and action Dane.Thank you most for waking me and so many others,may we prevail in this fight.

    I am not sure how many fallow such deep speculative works as Zacharia Sitchin's ,but I have been reading one of his books"The Lost Book of Enki". In this book on page 86 there is a connection to the programs we are facing(in an ancient account). This is as far as I have read yet,but it stood out as if highlighted. My point being that most have realized this is a spiritual battle as well as a fight for the future life of this planet. The book reads like "Yoda"speaks,but has insights into the history of catastrophic events repeating. I don't buy into all that is stated,but I am open minded as many of you,to the validity of a different perspective. I hope there is a solution to this madness to save the future of all we care deeply. Thank you Dane,and every one in this battle. Like many of you I do my best to get the seeds planted and suffer the ostracism from those I care the most. In my view it is a small price that will be realized "TRUTH"in the end.

    • joe strause says:


      The Enki story is not a myth.

      I refer you to a woman, Barbara Marciniak, who has info on

      the Enki story.  She is on

      Do check her on the OFFICIAL SITE , BARBARA, MARCINIAK.

      I saw her personally , 1993 in San Francisco, CA seminar.

      All one does is rise to a higher type of awarness, consscience.

      Yes, many will not even…acknowledge the Geoengineering.

      And those in gov't positions deny to save the paycheck/benefits.

  55. Hello Lawrence Beck: I contracted Lyme disease in the late summer of 2004 and spent over nine years fighting for my life due to the total incompetence of the medical "establishment". By 2008, I suffered seizures that would throw me across the room, and/or cause me to suddenly fall to the floor. I lost my ability to work, lost my cabin, lost friends and business associates, and eventually lost my ability to recover in any substantial way. Thank you Rockefeller Institute and all you fine AMA ghouls who practice medicine as insurance brokers…

    Dietrich Klinghardt  is perhaps one of the most well informed authorities in the world regarding the health consequences of man made pathogens such as Lyme disease.

    Also see this important series: Borrelia spirochetes Detected in autopsy Alzheimer Brain by Dr. Alan MacDonald

    Auto-immune stressors such as metallic compounds in the atmosphere, multiple food poisons such as POEA surfactants and Glyphosate,  combine with electromagnetic induction to create a perfect storm that impairs or kills the host. Cellular phone towers, HAARP systems, SBX radars, even portable DECT phone systems, are in fact, military grade weapons.

    Informed public consent to the experiment was certainly NOT part of the intended package…

    • Pedro says:

      One of the bad Ecological consequences of Global warming is the proliferation of parasites like ticks. Many years ago I was bitten in my back. After some months the symptoms begun, and I stayed sick for almost 2 years. In the morning after waking I was already exhausted. I went to the Dr and I was very lucky. A foreign Dr ( from Central Europe ) saw me and passed the prescription of one antibiotic that gave me immediate results ( Klacid 500mg. Clarithromycin – Claritromicina ). I was lucky, I don't know if the recovery is always of 100%. Some Indians in North America since ancient times avoided some low regions in Summer, at that time the Indians didn't knew that the fevers they were catching in those regions were connected with the ticks, but the regions were normally avoided in Summer because of the presence of bad Spirits. Ticks are causing major problems to Wildlife also, due to global warming. Many Moose and other mammals are dying because of ticks infestation

    • Pedro says:

      Millions of ticks, everywhere draining the life of Moose populations.


    • Dennie says:

      So the researcher found 7 out of 10 brain samples with Borrelia Burgdorferi DNA in them that is the suspected cause of Alzheimer's?  Is that what we're supposed to think?  Let's do a wider sampling of brain tissue, beyond 7, of patients who'd had Alzheimer's and see if Borrelia Burgdorferi is in most of them.  We need more than 7 samples that tested positive for Borrelia Burgdorferi before we can extrapolate that the bacterium is causing Alzheimer's in the population at large.  We need a number of thousands.  Still and all, B. Burgdorferi as an agent involved in precipitating Alzheimer's and ALS, another degenerative neurological disorder, is an interesting theory:

  56. Nina says:

    Heavy bombardment today of the short trails that quickly disperse in this cold dry wind. The TV was on as my husband was watching the golf from Dubai . I clearly heard the commentator say that the rain that was falling was caused by "cloud-seeding"!! Ofcourse he made it sound quite benign, no mention of  nasty chemicals or heavy metals. Is this where our rain is going, to water golf courses in the Middle East?!!!!  We used to get such heavy rain showers here in winter that refreshed  everything. There were wild animals and insects in abundance. Mostly gone now. Hardly anyone notices. So sad.

    • Pedro says:

      And to France also, Nina.

      Here the prevalence is blue skies and dry "weather". For every 5 or 6 days of not very heavy rain, we are getting at least 25 days in average of dry "weather" created by the high pressure zone that is being "offered to us" artificially by the electromagnetic transmissions ( this is the rain we are having since last June! ). Criminals asking jail. Even with blue skies, they never stop the spraying of the desiccant aerosols ( there is always some level of spraying happening ), these materials are those that do not cause any shift in the "weather", serving only for drying up everything. We are having our Spring, 7 weeks before the right time.

    • Dennie says:

      @Nina:  We're getting the exact same treatment today in northern California– short invisible trails, as well as longer white ones.  But some of us CAN INDEED feel, taste and suffer the consequences of the sprays.  Most, even here, do not.  If everyone here only could know the burning, bubbling lung damage this is creating.  I will be lucky if I can sleep tonight.  THEY ARE BLASTING THE HELL OUT OF US WITH THE SHIT EVERY SINGLE DAY NOW.  WHEN DOES IT STOP??? DO I HAVE TO DIE FROM THIS–????  

    • Pedro says:

      Masks with FFP2 filter.

    • Diana says:

      Pedro, my famuly and I were in a small village in France for a wedding 2 Junes ago. About a half hour north of Toulouse. It was sooooo hot our heals were sinking into the asphalt as we waited for the bride and groom. Paris was totally baking as well. In So Cal we're going to have temperatures in the 80s for the next two weeks. February has always been a rainy month, no rain in sight. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Diana. People think that food comes from the supermarket.

      Making the reversion of a programed human being is much more difficult than de-programing a Wild Animal. The problem lies in the ego and in the notion of belonging to something. More two years of drought and we will stay without Water.

  57. Jeffrey Fish says:

    Dane Wigington has been the main catalyst for us to have this information and become a collective force to distribute it to who and wherever we can. I hope that you stay safe Dane. I believe that if action was taken against you to stop you from alerting the masses that it would backfire and only serve to solidify your credibility. As dark as this knowledge is, I thank you sincerely.

  58. Jeffrey Fish says:

    There has to be an entity or group that is in control of this global assault who is far removed from the U.S. government and who uses the U.S. government as it's main vector to distribute the spectrum of dark applications around the world. This whole thing seems to present a conundrum and I believe, personally, that there is more to the end game than what most believe. That being the complete end of mankind in a few sort years from now. I believe strongly that a major depopulation event is already underway and this atmospheric assault is part of it but to believe that the end will be just that and for all, to me, is suspect. I think their is a huge piece of the puzzle that we will never see and that our handlers have a strategy that will insure their survival. 

    • Dr elizabeth lowenthal says:

      It is called corporate fascism (when you can't tell where corporate interests end and your government begins, and corporates have more rights than the people who elected their government). Our governments, almost all governments,  literally around the world, are controlled behind the scenes, by just a few multinational corporations, with just a few ruling elite families behind them (the oligarchy). They are motivated by greed and lust for power. They have always done better under socialist regimes (despising the middle class, and entrepreneurs-devising ways to redistribute the wealth of the middle class, so that the global oligarchs have no competition and retain ownership of all the chess pieces on the board-all the big banks, big pharma, big food, big mining, and big power companies). They are controlled by shall we say, "darker energies". Every year these families celebrate "the cremation of care". They are conditioned literally "not to care" about anything on the planet except more power and money for themselves. Their inbred families and aspirations are inter-generational. They are untouched and invisible to us lumpin because we forget history and we actually think professional sports and hollywood celebrities really matter. These darker energies are here to challenge us and we have failed so far. On a spiritual level they worship the "god of mammon". They own all the distractors and all the things that make us afraid. As we play their games on wall street and become perpetually  either afraid or just entertained and distracted (rather than taking our rightful role as informed stewards of the planet living in community, and taking responsibility for our families, our food etc) we are their stoolies and we are doomed as a species. The good news is that it only takes a little bit of light and truth to expose the darkness. Stand up. Take back your sovereignty over your food (plant a "spray free" garden, even if its on your curb), use less resource, reduce your dependency on the government and the matrix. Turn off you television. Its called "programming" for a reason. Share your surplus and reach out to your neighbors. Remind them of their power. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love God, who lives in all of us as our life spark.  Forget religion-just another distraction and a wedge. Jesus couldn't stand religious people. In the end, they killed him. Don't get Jesus confused with religion. He said "have I not told you that you are all gods?" Let this mind set, based in love,  be in you and take back your power. Let go of fear. Share your spare squash and accept their spare tomatoes from your neighbor (small food solutions and a little kindness add up). Boycott the companies that  are killing us. Boycott processed food and stupid packaging that is fouling our oceans. Stop buying plastic bottled water/fizzy drinks (or aluminum cans). Get a water filter instead and store your individual drinks in glass or re-usable stainless steel. By your votes and letters to your representatives,  begin dismantling the war machine-stop listening to all fear-based crap and propaganda that keeps it alive. Its our own government stirring things up for us to be afraid of so we keep funding the war machine.  There is good evidence that the black ops of our own government created all the bogey men we are now fighting. Vote the bastards out who would enslave us and our children by endless taxes, ill health, foul water, and foul air. There is a way forward and it starts with one free-thinking, empowered person at a time. Check out the international impact of the "gangster gardener". God Bless Eric Snowden, Andre Assange, Chelsea Manning, and all the persecuted truth tellers who have exposed the lies and corruption of our government swamp creatures (existing in all political parties). God Bless the real America-the dream of all of our hearts of liberty and justice for all. God bless and save our beautiful planet.

    • simone says:

      THE ULTIMATE HUMAN STUPIDITY IS AIMING THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN SUCCESS OF THEIR MORONIC MANIPULATIONS WHILE ABUSING MIGHTY NATURE.  THESE ULTIMATELY IGNORANT "PLAYERS" WILL NEVER SURVIVE, even for some months, even if hiding in artificial caves .. human bodies are not designed by nature for artificial existence, period!  They will face madness and deadly illnesses, and while having no real sun, no real water and no real food, eventually, will fight one another, and even begin to devour one another.   I WISH WE CAN EDUCATE THESE "PLAYERS" about the facts they want not to know.

      Since humans have begun to “learn” to "control", devastate,  and demolish Life on earth by  interfering with endless Wisdom of deeply interactive web of Life on this planet


      CHEERS! dear friend Jeffrey!

    • Pedro says:

      Gregory of Nyssa also asserted that Mammon was another name for Beelzebub.

      During the Middle Ages, Mammon was commonly personified as the demon of wealth and greed. Thus Peter Lombard (II, dist. 6) says, "Riches are called by the name of a devil, namely Mammon, for Mammon is the name of a devil, by which name riches are called according to the Syrian tongue." Piers Plowman also regards Mammon as a deity. Nicholas de Lyra, commenting on the passage in Luke, says: "Mammon est nomen daemonis" (Mammon is the name of a demon).

      Under the influence of the Social Gospel movement American populists, progressives and "muck-rakers" during the generation of 1880-1925 used "Mammon" with specific reference to the consolidated wealth and power of the banking and corporate institutions headquartered on Wall Street and their predacious activities nationwide.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dr. Elizabeth Lowenthal, Thank you!  Perfectly stated in full!

  59. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 202nd email, titled 'Two mins to Midnight'.

    1.  On 27th Jan, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume remained at record low @ 12,968km3. 

    There is a very high chance that we will have zero Arctic sea ice in 4 years.

    2.  The Doomsday Clock has been moved forward to 2 mins to midnight. This is disgracefully inadequate and will not awaken the general public to the imminent collapse of so called civilisation (imminent meaning within 4 to 8 years).

    The reason given for not being honest (and also for the disastrous, toxic covert geoengineering), is that they 'do not want to scare people or cause public distress, unrest and rioting'…This is a huge lie – it is not that they want to avoid these things per se (they deliberately cause death and destruction in many countries around the world), it is because they want to maintain their extremely profitable income and power base for as long as possible.

    Unless something truly amazing happens, so called civilisation will collapse within 8 years. 

    It could happen within 6 months of a major methane release from the Arctic, or within 4 months of major heat release from the oceans, both/either of which could happen this year.

    Crops do not grow above 40C/104F, and when the crops die, we die.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 55 of 104). If they were honest with the general public, it is possible that someone from the general public will suggest a sensible, workable solution. The solution will necessarily destroy the massive incomes and power base of those currently in charge, and it could be successful if the public realised the seriousness of the situation and got behind any sensible efforts to avert disaster.

    On a positive note (!), this week's news is that evidence points to an extreme Arctic methane threat in 2002…so, we could have 4 years, and I ask again, "How would YOU refreeze the Arctic within the next 4 years?".  Also, what other definite action would you advise/take to avert disaster?

    If you have a soul, please gather your family and friends and put an hour aside to listen to this most important Global News Alert: 

    The meek will not inherit this earth.


    • Pedro says:

      I agree with you; " is a huge lie".

      "they" ( the masonic / satanic criminal mafia ) want to see the Earth in global mayhem.

      psychopaths without Souls.

      the masonic triad: banksters, church and "royalty" – the MFs.

      We need global awareness. 

    • Mishelle Shepard says:

      Hi Andrew, I was curious if you could tell me where you got the following info: "Crops do not grow above 40C/104F, and when the crops die, we die."  Do you know which crops will grow in such high temps?  I ask b/c we grow many crops and there is very little we can grow at above 90 degrees F, especially when night temps are not falling below about 80. We even use shade cloth in summer but with limited success. Thanks for any links or more info!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi Mishelle, My comment was really about the 2C increase in Global Average Surface Temperature (GAST) that many talk about without mentioning that it will cause food riots in almost every country and greatly increase the mass starvation of humans and other life forms.

      You are quite right: light, CO2, temp and water levels affect photosynthesis and therefore plant survival. With regards to temp, photosynthesis slows down dramatically above 20C/68F and stops completely at 40C/104F – different plants having different tolerances. Many of our food crops die at temps below 38C/100F.

      For example, the humble lettuce can survive 29C/85F temps provided the night temps are cool.

      Sorry, I don't currently have any links or info on crops that grow at high temps.


  60. Catalpa says:

    Hi Karen

    It would be interesting to see how far a petition regarding Geoengineering on would go or be allowed to go. The guy who runs it, Ricken Patel, has a very interesting background. He worked for the U.N. under Kofi Annan, The Rockefeller Foundation, Care International, the Gates Foundation et al. His admirers are the likes of Al Gore and Martin Schultz, head of the European Commission, the guy who said "it wasn't intended that the people are allowed to decide this" after the Brexit vote. 

    I would be very, very cautious of getting involved with this Globalist front organisation. All of those organisations and institutions he worked for, including the U.N. are the enemies of humanity.

    • Mishelle Shepard says:

      Catalpa, I agree with you about the U.N. This is a very dangerous, corrupt institution who should not be trusted in any way, imo.

  61. Catalpa says:

    Thank you, I see Rachel Robson has answered my question

    Keep up the good work Dane

  62. Catalpa says:


    Can anyone tell me who the person is at the start of the broadcast talking about controlling the world through controlling the weather?

  63. Star Messenger says:

    Hey Dane, you quoted from an article that you used in this week's Geo Watch Global Alert that states: Methane is 25 times more destructive to the environment than CO2.  Then you made a correction to the article by stating: Methane is 100 times more destructive.etc.

    However, I've heard that methane is several times more destructive than the 100 claim.  The last time I checked, reports were saying methane is 200 times more destructive than CO2 is to the environment.  But with this report that I found dated December 8, 2014, it appears that methane is even worse than I or anyone else had thought.  This report states that methane is 300 times more destructive to the environment than CO2!

    That is only part of the story.  Methane production/emissions come from ALL sources including farming, raising cattle, and the melting of permafrost in the Arctic Circle, methane hydrates coming from sea and lake beds, which this report does not mention.

    But what I am trying to point out is that methane (in its various forms) is a far more potent gas than any other greenhouse gas that we are dealing with.  So, if the tipping point for CO2 is 450 ppm, then what is the tipping point for methane which is 300 times more potent than CO2?   You, Dane, are technically minded.  Can you do some calculations on this issue?

    P.S.  Try not to scare yourself or others with the results.  Cheers, pilgrim!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Star messenger, methane’s power as a greenhouse gas is dependent on its time frame in the atmosphere. For example, on a 10 year time horizon, methane is from 100 to 120 times more potent a greenhouse gas than Co2 (studies vary slightly on the conclusions). The shorter the time from in question, the more potent methane is.

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      The amount of methane being released into the atmosphere now is already at levels that would probably cause the implosion of the biosphere. The use of HARRP frequencies has been and is being used, right now to render the gas inert by use of these frequencies that can be tuned to do so. At the molecular level, methane can be altered and converted into a form that is inert or presents less detriment to the atmosphere. How effective it is and for how long, I have no idea.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      This week I went to see the Matt Damon movie called Downsizing. People were convinced they could help save the planet, by going through the process of being shrunk to a very small size. The original community of small people built a large underground bunker, in case something bad happened to the planet, and then they would have some where to go to survive. Something did happen and it was the out of control methane release, that was going to kill many on the planet. So they watched their final sunset, and then went quietly into the bunker. 

  64. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Dane for this most incredible broadcast. I've been in the fight since 2012 after becoming aware of this horrific crime against all life on earth in a very personal way. I have followed your site and done research into Nikola Tesla, HAARP & Dr. Nick Begich, 911, scalar weaponry, and many other related subjects ever since. I share what I have learned with others EVERY CHANCE I get. Your site has the most well organized and comprehensive data and information available anywhere. I have to say today's address has been the most frank, direct, and courageous broadcast I have ever heard you give. If this doesn't convey the dire circumstances and the lateness of the hour for ALL of us to people- NOTHING WILL. Again, the deepest gratitude to you for providing us with the example of your impeccable research, moral fortitude, and courage to persist in speaking the truth. May God bless you and your family and everyone here that is so dedicated to loving and caring for our home, Mother Earth.

  65. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Another careful insight regarding the psychosis of war and delusions held dear. Mr. Trump is not exactly an exceptional character…  

    Propaganda Buries Facts & Manipulates Emotions – Abby Martin with Chris Hedges – YouTube

  66. Heidi says:

    As always thank you Dan.

    I came across this press release of a study supported among others by the US government:."

    "Tiny (nano) particles have outsize impact on storm clouds, precipitation" "….We've shown that under clean and humid conditions, like those that exist over the ocean and some land in the tropics, tiny aerosols have a big impact on weather and climate and can intensify storms a great deal "

    Now they know, right.

  67. Steve Davey says:

    Dane and Friends,

    My wife and I are on Easter Island. No spraying at all. The most amazing blue skies and white puffy clouds!  Just like the old days. I mentioned geoengineering to a fellow Aussie and he broke out laughing about a big conspiracy theory. So many people around the world will just not believe the truth. I tried to educate him on solar radiation management and that now all we see at home in Eugene, Oregon is milky gray skies daily.  When I asked him how do you explain grid patterns all day his eyes glassed over…as usual. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      In the last days we have had some planes during the day passing high without leaving any trails, in the same altitudes and in the same routes in which the planes always pass.

      But nothing of "con-trails"!!  Amazing.

      Without the aerosol lines is very difficult to spot the planes fast, I'm used to find them easily, today and yesterday was very good to have difficulty in search for the damn machines in the air.

      I can foresee a day in a near future in which all aviation activity will be suspended in more than 90%. Want to bet?

      Dane, I've seen carefully your audio report now for the second time. Great conversation and call of attention about the Truth. Thank you for all the very detailed information about the scenario of pre-mayhem in which we are living already.

      Natural Law is merciless.

      To all Humans, a humble word of advice;

      some foods are easy to grow inside the house: mushrooms, some plants and vegetables, some fruits ( though not many ), some plants have very nutritive berries rich in vitamin C. Insects are very nutritive and rich in protein and easy to grow in a big box ( I'm being serious ). Some little mammals like rabbits and guinea-pigs grow easily in small spaces. Be creative. Store water, woods. Other here in the site have more knowledge about surviving tactics than me.

      Buy with sense. Buy glass and paper, do not buy plastic. Buy small Animals for eating, not pig meat or cow. Buy what you need, not what you don't need. Buy in small stores. If hundreds of millions start buying with sense, the corporate masonic / satanic criminals will stay weaker. Pay in cash not with card. Use a simple cheap phone, is harder to track. Don't give money to the banksters or to the church.

      About the insanity of the moment; pesticides in the fuel of the airplanes??? How can this get madder? …Oh, yes, Fukushima.

      Do not forget that all of you are exceptional.

    • Pedro says:

      Talking about a "crash" in the numbers of the global Population brings bad luck.

      220 or 230 years ago, the Animal biomass of the terrestrial Ecosystems was several times greater than the Animal Biomass we have now, including ALL Humans. The problem are the levels of consumption of the "modern" societies. In this issue, if we talk about Oceans and Rivers, the difference is even greater. – That's the Truth – . The Truth can be hidden, but Natural Law will be the last to speak. And to crash down  the population numbers we are going in the right direction, through the GE way ( it is because of that GE was created. GE it's not about weather control ).

  68. isle says:

    How can Trump have skepticism? He has no idea what the word means.

  69. isle says:

    I saw the sky this morning in Riverside CA, blue, and clear. But around 8AM , airplanes with "contrails" were crisscrossing the sky and blocking out the sun. People around me seemed not to notice anything unusual, even though I pointed it out. They simply have no idea and do not care.

    • JF says:

      I live in the same city. They have been spraying really heavy the last 5-6 weeks. I also can't understand why people cant see what is happening.

      We rarely ever see a nice, clear blue sky.

      Also there is no rain is sight for at least 7-10 days according to wunderground. Humidity is around 15%. We've only had one storm here in Socal this year that we received a decent amount of rainfall.

      It seems they're drying out the West. There is has been hardly any rain.

  70. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, I've been wanting to thank you for so long, one, for this bit of Lyndon Johnson dramatics beginning your broadcasts, I love that!  Never saw it before here.  Perfect old school insanity!  Another is that I really did appreciate your explanation of Mars in that I posted what I'd read, but put a question mark as it made no sense to me.  You did make sense of it, one can count on you to clear these confusions.  Love that. Another was your comments about compartmentalization and bubbles, which I often note.  I keep saying there is no cross pollination!  A doctor I know to whom I mentioned this said but everything is like this and why not?  Oh dear God….Yes, BUT there goes everything!!  What happens when an animal is too specialized?  It disappears forever, like, say the saber tooth tiger.

    It occurs to me that one reason people come to interview you and then do not comment is because you are Not a kook!  Not some blowhard that can be written off.  Worse, perhaps, is your upfront explanation of getting into this via your background in solar, then building your home off grid and not getting your solar which launched your investigations.  This will be, is, a blow to solar selling everywhere.  What is the point?  And how much can one or billions give up fossil fuels with no solar working? Huge kink in alternative energy!

    I really don''t know what All you mean by MSM.  I will post some, but my Sunday Chronicle section: Earthweek: a diary of the planet is excellent.  Brief bites of reality.  I don't know what all you mean by Russia Gate, but some stuff is pertinent.  Such as the laundering of money from rich Russians through various Trump boon doggles.  Such as two golf courses, one in Scotland, one in Ireland, doing horribly.  But more to the point in my mind, is the harm golf courses cause.  Prior to my finding out about geoengineering and what is in the skies, in my life long effort to help the planet and critters on it including birds, beloved birds, the two main causes listed as killing off song birds were one: house cats, and two: massive pesticides on golf courses.  Birds tend to congregate in these large, park like, mostly predator free golf expanses with water features.  In fact, one Chumash reservation I knew of in early 70s lost all their water, stolen by a new golf course upstream, meaning the Chumash were left with no water, none, dire.  For the love of golf!!  And now Herr Trump wants to drill up and down the east coast too, but, ex-empting Florida of course!  Mar-a-Lago!!!  Trump is in fact the most in your face heartless user that ever seems to have lived, caring nothing for anything unless it is guilded in gold.

    Lastly, what is this I read about Russia beginning weather modification before the US?  Such that it was game on when US found out?

  71. Josephine l Hogg says:

    In Australia, like Alan and his wife in San Diego, I garden prodigiously, and over the past Spring-Summer season I too have noticed the ABSENCE of smaller insects. Today, for the first time in 5 months I saw 2 bumble bees on a plant that should have been covered in bees and other insects. It's ANTS that are pollinating most of my flowering plants!

    recently I watched a video from Dane, wherein David Keith was spewing his doctrine of "kill the Earth in order to save the Earth" lies. out of his own mouth he said that the nanoparticles 'GRAVITATE TO THE POLES…"  and a little later he said "… it will take about a year for the particles to be washed out of the stratosphere."  

    Now, if these nanoparticles mostly, eventually gravitate to the stratosphere above the poles and collect there due to the Earth's electro-magnetic spin, then they must be thicker and denser there than anywhere else in the atmosphere?   

    If these nanoparticles are supposed to be "reflecting" sunlight out and  away from the Earth, wouldn't it stand to reason that the sunlight 'bounding' off the snow  will also be getting "reflected" BACK down to the snow?  We all know how incredibly hot the sun's reflection from snow is because we get so terribly, badly sunburned on a snow field.

    Therefore: not only are the Arctic and the Antarctic receiving more heat from Global Warming, but David Keith's attempts to geoengineer the weather with metal nanoparticles are actually making things much, much worse?

    I would like to read someone else's thoughts on this matter

    • Dennie says:

      I don't know how Dr. Keith can say with total confidence that the nano-particulate metals sprayed into the atmosphere will reflect sunshine in one direction only– away from Earth– when it's pretty clear to me that these are so small, they're going to reflect light in every direction.  Including back down to Earth.  I've written here wondering whether Dr. Keith'd be able to make the particulates obey his command, every last one of them staying "shiny side up…"  I can't help but wonder, therefore, if Dr. Keith's story is just that– a story, that's really a pretext, essentially a cover-up for the real reason the particulates are being sprayed everywhere, which is that it's a military operation involving weather warfare.  You can't use massive amounts of metal nanoparticulates for weather warfare, then turn around and use them to "fix" the planet's atmosphere so no one notices the massive ionospheric heating events when you've been messing with the weather.  "They" cannot have it both ways and it's going to do a HAL on them (like the demented machine in 2001:  A Space Odyssey) 

  72. David says:

    So they're saying 50,000 people are expected to die from the flu this season.  I've suspected a biological war in going on from the sky because of the fact that all areas of the US mainland are affected at once in such a short time. My theory.  I'm betting they will try to mandate the flu vaccine in the school's after this. 

  73. Karen says:

    Please contact   They can get the word out for you by the millions

  74. simone says:

    I've  RE-SHARED THIS LATEST DANE'S VIDEO DOZENS OF TIMES ON FB, also on Google and Twiiter, also on some sites I know, with my made-up message:  


  75. trish says:


    hope you and your wife immediately went in and took long showers—=when you are outside and you sweat, your pores open up- and the skyshit gets in— a good epsom salt bath will help–

    and- there is stuff to take for the lungs- it is called clear lungs-

    and– i used to have hundreds of slugs cleaning up my patio– until the past few years–now- none—–they left their slime, but cleaned up all the other gunk on the bricks–but- they are gone—-

    i honestly do not know how i am gonna live anymore– can't breathe inside- can't stay safe outside- if i open my windows for even a few minutes, both my dog and i are coughing and hacking-

    God, please help us!

    • Dennie says:

      @ trish:  The crap they're spraying the past week or two has changed formula.  The ice nucleation crap is hotter than hell, and finer than the finest powdery crap I've ever noticed.  You instantly cough when you get a plume.  It's burning my lungs.  You can't go outside or you'll burn your lungs.  There was something two days ago that gives you a slamming headache.  It's amazing to me how most people cannot feel this crap.  I think the people that can't feel it at all just are not real.  They're just fragments of people, not whole people.

  76. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The NASA Worldview images of Antarctica are getting very interesting lately. I was not aware that the Ross Ice Shelf, which is larger than the state of California, is being intensely watched for collapse. The New York Times on May 18, 2017 posted a good article about the Ross Ice Shelf (link below), with an excellent map with flowing line showing animated melting ice flows. A few excerpts:

    The acceleration is making some scientists fear that Antarctica’s ice sheet may have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration. Because the collapse of vulnerable parts of the ice sheet could raise the sea level dramatically, the continued existence of the world’s great coastal cities — Miami, New York, Shanghai and many more — is tied to Antarctica’s fate. … A rapid disintegration of Antarctica might, in the worst case, cause the sea to rise so fast that tens of millions of coastal refugees would have to flee inland, potentially straining societies to the breaking point. … Alarmed by the warning signs that parts of the West Antarctic ice sheet are becoming unstable, American and British scientific agencies are joining forces to get better measurements in the main trouble spots. The effort could cost more than $25 million and might not produce clearer answers … … The Ross shelf helps to slow the flow of land ice from Antarctica into the ocean. … scientists have no doubt that large parts of Antarctica will melt into the sea.  But they do not know exactly what the trigger temperature might be, or whether the recent acceleration of the ice means that Earth has already reached it.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Ross Ice Shelf. Look at the indentation “hole” on the shelf itself – up on the right. It appears that an entire area of around 150 miles across has collapsed. Is the Ross Ice Shelf disintegrating? Why would they warn us…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Is this not the very area I watched last year streaming water rivulets like crazy?  Those who watched this saw this coming.  I'm glad you mentioned it as everyone is so focused on the Arctic, rightfully, but out of sight, and mind? the motherlode of ice is melting, going, going gone.  The sea rise will come as a sudden shock to many.  My research indicated that excess? waters migrate to where the oceans are deepest and around the equator.  This one thing will affect everything, including the moon and tides and even perhaps Earth's balance, tilt, so much that people never give a thought to.  Thank you!–for this reminder of yet more doom.  Even as so many say the ozone hole there has healed.  At what price?!!!!!

  77. Alan says:

    My wife and I worked about five hours in our large Northern San Diego County front yard yesterday; raking, hoeing, trimming, moving small rocks, getting down on our hands and knees pulling Bermuda grass runners, and bagging all of the loose stuff.  My wife worked on two-thirds of the yard and I worked the rest.  (I know – she's a good wife!).  The grand total of living creatures I encountered during the course of my work: TWO – one small garden snail clinging to the underside of a leaf and one lonely "pill" bug looking for a friend under a large rock.  No earthworms, spiders, ants, lizards, unidentifiable insects, field mice, rabbits, grasshoppers, mantises, ladybugs, honey bees, wasps, bumble bees, dragon flies or butterflies crossed my path.  In fact, I don't remember hearing any birds either.  In years past it would have been reasonable to expect to see most, if not all, of those garden regulars during the course of a five-hour work detail.  Anyway, when our work was completed, I asked my wife how many creatures she encountered in her larger work area.  Her answer – ZERO.    

    Today was another s#!% show in the sky above San Diego County.  The local paper took the cowardly way out and did not publish the forecast air quality indices for various areas in the county this morning, noting "N/A" for every single station.  It is tempting to conclude that their omission indicates foreknowledge of the spraying schedule.  Honestly, the spray is so thick that it hurts the back of my throat and upper chest to inhale deeply – exactly the same feeling I had growing up in SoCal's "Inland Empire" when the smog episodes were at their worst in the 1960s.  

    • Joe ceonnia says:

      Vince, On the East Coast is the same as my wife and I observe this Fallout  barrage of aircraft White Out our Skies. And everyone is looking down at their phones. We as  human societies are in serious trouble. Our ignorance will be our downfall as we tried to alert others and they failed to see the obvious. We've been warned for generation, Eisenhower, Kennedy, etc. Whistleblowers from all different government agencies are also being ignored, there is little hope for my grandchildren, and everyone else's!! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I have had some bugs and have seen some, but fleeting.  A few weeks ago a huge, black, pissed off bee came into my kitchen and threw a fit on the window glass!  Stunned me.  I never got such a pissed off bee before, much less all black and Huge!  No more moths, except for occasions of those tiny arrowhead like ones that eat cloth.  A few of them.  Also saw some very small and black mosquitoes.  Oooh, also found a grand daddy long legs in bathroom for first time in years!  Got all excited at having a pet again, but then gone.  Meanwhile, my daughter has tons of them and even dragonflies too!  If the snails are gone, I will Not miss them.  Some newish sweet sounding bird around here but none will drink from the bird bath if it has rain water in it.  Last I knew, we did have ants.  I've been too sick to go out.  As of last year we had way too many pill bugs, they can be so destructive to wood, like my porch pots of plants, under them.  I grow things that will feed birds.  Helps.  Last year we set up a wild life cam which basically caught one heck of a lot of raccoons and cats, but to my surprise and even irritation as the camera snapped each time, so many night time moths!! I had No idea!  So many!  Big too.  This may sound odd, but I'm noticing a significant absence of rats.  Is anyone else?  Just me?  Did find a fat earth worm under a rock!  I know, paltry, but something!  I am noticing a serious lack of spiders which I thought would never happen.  I mean there were so many of so many kinds large and small.  For awhile, seemed only the spider mites survived and I so hate what they do, but now even they seem gone.  It would seem that only very small things are surviving, but no spider mites?  I'd thought they'd outlive us, wrap my old carcass up!

  78. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I laughed at the total absurdity of it, when Dane read the bit about Trump believing that the “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”  In fact, Trump has tweeted climate change skepticism 115 times according to VOX. The question to your friends who are Trump true-believers would be: If and when you accept that the geoengineering aerosol spraying operations are everyday dumping toxic-to-all life metals on us, the air we breathe, our land & water — how can Trump claim to ‘make America great again’ and at the same time 100% support geongineering, which is killing Americans and the planet? Is a man who supports the funding of slow-death toxic spraying operations going to restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Where’s the logic. Synaptic disconnect. Insane world…

    Nov.6, 2012
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Heh… Mr. Trump's writer had a small problem with his spell check when drafting the original campaign speech. He actually meant: " Let's make America grate again". And the rest has become history… 

    • Pedro says:

      Will it be possible that this president does not understand what Global Warming is and what is causing its exponential increasing?

      I think that this possibility is real, and that is a BIG PROBLEM.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Paul, Who knew You could be funny!  Twice now that I've caught.  Thanks for the laugh!  Laughter helps!

  79. I don't know whether anyone has yet linked video interviews of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt yet.  If so, I apologize for the repost.  These two interviews of Dr. Klinghardt are first on the subject of: "How Toxic Metals Promote Parasites," with Wendy Myers,

    and second:  on" EMF Dangers," with Dr. Joseph Mercola   

    In the first interview Dr. Klinghardt states that Lyme spores in the most virulent cystic state have been found in air samples after atmospheric spraying.

    In the EMF interview Dr. Klinghardt speaks of EMF and ELF being a major contributing factor to Alzheimers and Autism as well as dying insects and trees.  There is a wealth of information in these two interviews as well as recommendations on how to minimize and mitigate exposure to EMF radiation.

    Dr. Klinghardt founded Sophia Health Institute, in Woodenville, WA, in 2012, and is actively involved in patient care at his clinic.  

    I think it would be fascinating to have Dane interview him and see if he has any information on how toxic metals in the atmosphere act with EMF and ELF radiation like Aluminum acts as an adjuvant with vaccinations.  He is a brilliant Doctor who's voice is needed in our camp. 

    • Pedro says:


      You are 100% CORRECT.

      I wish to see Dr Klinghardt here too.

    • beatriz says:

      thanks so much Lawrence for your links to Dr. Klinghardt, and to Pedro too, I first found out about Dr. Klinghardt thru Pedro's posting here. I appreciate it so much. I encourage everybody to watch Dr. Klinghardt's videos, he has been corageously open about geoengineering and its ill effects for a long time. we need him in this Fight!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Thank you for your kindness, Beatriz.

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