Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2016


Dane Wigington

Another terrible tragedy (the most recent attack in France) conveniently gives cover for the power structure as they continue to put their chess pieces in place in preparation for biosphere and societal collapse. The US stock market has been pumped to new all time record highs by the completely out of control fiat financial system that is (and has been) nothing more than a snake eating its own tail. The US and NATO are being ever more aggressive in their push for global conflict, they will stop at nothing to retain their grip on power. Venezuela is still descending into starvation and chaos, their government is now controlling food distribution.

Back on the home front, the masses are waking up to the very real vaccination dangers thanks to the VAXXED documentary and all those that are a part of it. In Northern California the media is already starting a campaign of disinformation against VAXXED and Dr. Andrew Wakefield in what appears to be an attempt to slow the momentum that is rapidly building for the major public awareness event that will occur on August 5th, in Redding, California. All the while, the planet is continuing into total meltdown with climate engineering further pushing the process. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Where do we go from here? What will our part be in this unfolding convergence of catastrophes? Can we still make a difference for the better? That choice belongs to each of us, and all of us together. Let's make every day count.

172 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 16, 2016

  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    It is plain as day, the majority of the medical field, is masking the true effects of inoculations/vaccines on peoples health. The power structure puts a plan in place, that the medical field has to follow, no matter how it affects the environment and people. Words cannot describe how bad such actions are from all involved with this behavior!

  2. Nothx says:

    Canada maybe. Ontario, Oregon, sucks!!

  3. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Gut bacteria is being linked to Alzheimer's its already known to be linked to autism while not admitted by anti cure medical industry and medical and government officials because if they admit that these sickness are caused by the environment they will have to do something about it which goes against there agendas so Alzheimer's a nd autism blame it on genetics and sell out the there is no cure phrase that's what they do best  ( 



  4. Free Energy Technologies says:

    For those who demonize the iphones just letting you know I could be doing a whole lot more if I had one instead I have a very outdated device and ts really hard for me to do just about anything its the missuse of technology we should be conserned about not techology itself I cant even type well in my device.

  5. Peter says:

    Hi Dane,

    Have a look at and the weather over Russia for the 16,17,19 July. There's some very strange looking activity going on there over the whole country.

    Regards Peter.

  6. Terri says:

    I put a comment on a few days ago that the TV weather showed the Mistral wind coming down from Northern Italy all the way down the Adriatic Coast.  Are they now meddling with this too?  At school we learned that the Mistral was a NW wind coming up from the south affecting FRANCE around Marseille and blowing down the Rhone Valley.  That is NOT the Adriatic coast of Italy!  

    Also notice, there has been no spraying here where we live in Central/southern Italy. The sky is a perfect blue as it always used to be. Of course, it could be that some of the powers that be have taken a holiday here in Italy and don't want there vacation spoilt by spraying over the coast! 

  7. Free Energy Technologies says:

    The genetic hunt for autism is most likely just another outrageous act, the reason its being done is to make an impression that autism is genetic so nobody  feels the need to do anything about it , don't worry about the dying planet environmental causes of many disorders/sickness there is no cure go get vaccinated and watch some TV and take your infected child to (corrupt) permanent perpetual treatment and therapy in which they will never recover ( Is that the future we want people NO ,not for our kids not for our selves we want a cure period) from and instead they would make more $ made more dumbing down ,create the false perception of  false hopelessness to the possible cure ,very convenient for the agendas.


    Shame on all of you who participate in the cover up of the cure to autism,cancer , alzheimers and much more.

    • DonR says:

      People listen up The Cabal agenda is not to benefit civilizations Cancers  were  cured in 1935-40 with advanced energy I found a plasma energy combination with tuned resonance could destroy any disease

      i received insults and threats by gov and Pharma not to try and bring the technology to market They know it works but the profits are more important than human life A Pharma PHD advised they would break legs or worse .The drugs being pushed for profits only never cure anything 

      chemo is a great example  Billions of profits while very few benefit and are cure The change will only happen with a revolt by masses

      the establishment is now under lunatic control Just give Killary control and we will have WW111 . The end times are coming very fas

      The people let the evil shitheads get control It started with killing JFK and goes on

      9-11 was a inside. false Flag toget us into Iraq 

      Obama is just another puppet with Clintons lining pockets 

      what happens to all the drug money seized at borders ? Billions disappear  Pentagon has billions missing 

      20 Trillion in the NWO rathole Millions of innocent women and kids murdered in Mideast With. Nothing's to show 

      we are guilty for the people are sitting on Thier Asses and do nothing 


  8. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, several recently filed water quality legal actions dictated the updating of our documents. This being said, if all goes well, hope to have a very comprehinsive update later this week.

  9. Wayne says:

    I disagree with your statement that the mainstream media shouldn't be ignored.  It is a weapon of mass distraction and disinformation.  The reason I know about the EU missle crisis that will be real when the Poland first strike nuclear base is finished in 2018, is from alternative media sources.  I respect Paul Craig Roberts and his assessment of the geopolitical chessboard.  I hear this has never been discussed on the TV.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wayne, to clarify again, I did not say mainstream media should be believed, but how can we understand the tactics of this enemy, this “weapon of mass distraction” (as you correctly described), if we have no idea about the lies they are pushing on the population? Sun Tzu 

      “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

    • Dennie says:

      The Chinese have an ancient wisdom saying, to "keep your enemy close."  This is in Sun Tzu's classic titled The Art of War

      Allowing your emotions to run your life to the N-th degree, then getting pissed off like a seventh grader, consequently refusing to have ANYthing to do with such powerful people who in fact run your life is simply a really very B – I – G    M – I – S – T – A – K – E.

  10. Anonymous — Thank you!    :o)

  11. Veritas says:

        "Franklin, TN – The Cool Springs Family Medical Center just informed its patients that it will no longer be administering vaccines. The amazing letter, posted on the medical facility’s website, gives 8 reasons for the move, including the links to autism, dangerous ingredients, and their agreement with Wakefield."

    Good to see more people standing up for what is right.

    • Elena says:

      Wow, that's incredible news. I am finding a great deal of awareness already among the general public, even without seeing Vaxxed, word of mouth i guess. For anyone flying out of SoCal to the Redding event, it's much cheaper to go out of Long Beach to Sacramento, then drive. I"m looking forward to getting some good flyers, etc, that I can distribute; it's going to be an amazing event 

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      That is amazing I personally believe there are better ways to stop diseases than sticking a risky needle on ourselves like lots of nutrition for example fruit smoothies ect.(and they don't cause autism) a brain on foreign toxins can result in impaired parts of the brain also malnutrition (the lack of nutrition) the human body and its correlation to the environment is very complex and effort must be made to understand it.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Gee that's amazing. This gives some hope for the future. Kudos to the Cool Springs Medical Center for not towing the lies for big pharma and the criminal CDC. Wow- score another one for us underdogs- finally!

  12. Michael says:

    Almost no thick visible spraying for a couple weeks near coachella valley, but there has been a persistent white haze for all that time. 

  13. Dawnski says:

    The first only only field trip my sons political science summer class took was to Oak Ridge TN. I had no idea that secret town existed to develop the atomic bomb. Knowing what we know about geoengineered weather I can see how the governmemt is still up to secret agendas and capeable of creating communities for the workers to live in. Perhaps underground.

    Ironically, on the first day of class my son mentioned masonic and Illuminati secrets only to be pooh poohed at and four weeks later said professor takes the class to a secret community/society! Good job son. . .

  14. Marc says:

    Somebody please tell me how countless hundreds of grocery stores in this country are able to keep virtually all shelves and bins full? With climate disintegration occurring everywhere, off the chart uv readings stressing everything that grows, global dimming up to 30%, crushing drought in California and floods and droughts across the rest of the globe, and now an incredible heat wave blanketing the US, somebody f**king explain to me how the planet (Corporate Food, Inc.) is able to keep producing and distributing what must amount to absolutely mind-shreddingly VAST quantities of food……countless thousands of semi-trucks FULL of produce, livestock, refrigerated, frozen, refined, sifted, swirled, baked, chemically altered and abused gobbledegoop, speeding down highways in every direction, in every state, in every town and city and hamlet? You don't have to be a freakin' genius to see what's comin' right around the bend in the road. The unimaginable chaos in Venezuela is coming to your neighborhood, friends. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not by September. But I don't see how it CAN'T eventually happen here. The US is not magically protected from such a scenario. I understand all too well why most folks would prefer to not even worry about it. I'm scared. I really, truly am. Feels like 30 seconds to midnight.

    • Michel B says:

      Imported food? The soon-to-be last vestiges of decent food production?

    • sea says:

      Marc- I just had this conversation with a "believer" a few days ago.My comments to her were, " what are people going to do when they walk into their favorite grocery store for a "shopping experience" and the foods are gone off the shelves". Everyone thinks that "poof" it magically appears…No one has a clue (except those that are awake) how easily and quickly that can happen especially as the engineered drought here in Caif continues on its path with so much of the foods originally grown and produced in this state.Although those numbers have changed as we have relied on so much imported food, no one pays attention to the source of it all.

    • Teri says:

      it is disappearing marc. only no one wants to see it. the big grocery stores are hiding the lack of food stuffs with widening the aisles, stocking shelves only a few items deep on a very wide shelf. why would they have deep shelves and only stock a small amount on them? if you look at the floor you will see a color difference. that is because they have removed complete aisles and widened others to make it look more roomy. they turn the end caps around so they face inward hiding the face the aisle has been been widened. 

      they stock the shelves during the day now instead of at night. the packages of meat, chicken , fish ect are getting smaller and smaller. cereals, sugar, flour, are in smaller amounts. you don't see to many of the larger bags. 

       look at the produce. you will see the same thing. wider aisles to hid the fact they have very little there. the bins are smaller making it look like more is in them instead of less. 

      it is happening. food stuffs are getting fewer and fewer. some stuff is hard to find or non existent. sold out. or so they say. look closely and you will see the same thing. there is a food shortage. it is just being hidden to keep most people placid and calm. they don't realize how close they are to having nothing left. 

      if you look at the cheeses as well. medium cheddar for instance has the taste of the mild. that is because they are not letting it age properly. they cannot let it or it would be noticed that they don't have it. so they cover it up. lie about and make you think all is well. 

      watch closely and you will see it. it is right before your eyes. slight of hand. they are covering up the fact they are having a hard time filling the shelves. also, a lot of the produce is smaller or even not ripe. or even green like potatoes being green. they have to fill those shelves even if the food they fill them with is rotten or under-ripe. 

      it is obvious. and getting more so all the time. people here probably see it but i would best most people do not. 

    • Dennie says:

      The drought is engineered, we know that for sure.  There would still be food growing in the fields that are now fallow but for the clandestine water "policies" of The Powers That Never Should Have Been.  Doesn't anyone recognize the name "ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI??"  If ANYONE is an invading alien, it is surely "ZeeBig."

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is why it is more important than EVER for anybody who can to grow a garden of whatever food they can produce. I know it is harder than ever to get produce to grow properly with the toxic assault from above and the dangerous UVB/C rays burning & deforming the vegetables (at least that is what we have been experiencing here in north Georgia for the past few years) but we must try. Those fortunate enough to have greenhouses may have better luck. We are still having some success ( squash, green beans, tomatos have done fairly well but peppers- all varieties planted, eggplant and berry bushes are lousy so far) but it's an uphill battle and more difficult than its ever been. If not for watering frequently with good well water I'm pretty sure we'd be done. Harvest would be pitiful and deformed by radiation and toxic rain.

  15. Frank says:

    The first time this year I planted 2 tomato plants and some peppers in a large pots. I used heirloom seeds and organic fertilizer and filtered water. The plants grew and the tomato plants tried to produce fruit. Now the plants are more than 50 percent brown and dead. I even moved the plants out of direct sun and still it didn't help. The constant UV is killing everything even when more than 50 percent of the sky is hazed over because of constant spraying. Most peoples gardens here in SE Tennessee are brown and dying when our crops should be ready for our first harvest. We all are totally screwed as the extreme UV levels are at a point where life can't survive. What would it be like if the spraying were to stop?

  16. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and Friends, thank you for your Work.
    We are forgetting about the Homeless people in the US that have vanished in these last months. They ( the MFs ) are testing the system. Where are these Persons?? ( 200.000 ), They were, not a long time ago, working People and tax payers. They were left with nothing, and they ended on the streets, because of the ( designed ) crisis the MFs have invented since 2007.. 
    …Maybe it is better making a big noise about this PROBLEM. There's 800 fema camps to be filled across the US with capacity for 50.000.000… 80.000 in each one, and more 2.000.000 in Alaska. ..If no one cares about the missing Homeless Persons, maybe the MFs will think that they can make disappear a "few" thousands more.
    It was discovered a burial place in Texas with a LOT of giant cement coffins ( closed ), with heavy lids. Each coffins with capacity for maybe 30 bodies, easily.
    In several States "authorities" have criminalized the Homeless, and it is prohibited help or feed these guys in public spaces!!!
    It is he neo fascists / talmudic nazi F "new" era – the 4th reich.
    Other thing, can someon tell me, please, where is the post of our friend that give us the Info in the other day, about the foundation ( rockefeller's ) that have isolated the Zika virus, and that has the patent over the same?,, I can't find this post..
    Thank you.
    Good Luck to Us All.

    • Michel B says:

      Interesting points there, Pedro. But just a correction so we properly understand the real history: there is no such thing as a "talmudic nazi". That is an oxymoron, a collision of opposites. The Talmud is the vile bible of the Zionists. "Nazi' is the slang word invented by the Allies and attributed to members of the NSDAP which was democratically voted in in 1933. The NSDAP had policy for and practised the expulsion of Jews to Palestine, under the Havaara Agreement leading to the formation of Israel as the homeland for Jewish people. As we all know, this was unfortunate for the Palestinians as they suffered loss of lives and lands.

      As for the 4th Reich, no fears there as the Third one was smashed to smithereens. Best to think about our dilemma as another Communist plot unfolding. Look into the history of Communism, the groups behind it, the power centers they take over and all the atrocities they commit. I believe Communism has more to answer for all than all other political ideologies, especially our current woes.

  17. Arctic News: Sam Carana / July 17, 2016
    High Methane Levels Follow Earthquake in Arctic Ocean
    In the 12 months up to July 14, 2016, 48 earthquakes with a magnitude of 4 or higher on the Richter scale hit the map area of the image below, mostly at a depth of 10 km (6.214 miles). As temperatures keep rising and as melting of glaciers keeps taking away weight from the surface of Greenland, isostatic rebound can increasingly trigger earthquakes around Greenland, and in particular on the faultline that crosses the Arctic Ocean. Two earthquakes recently hit the Arctic Ocean. One earthquake hit with a magnitude of 4.5 on the Richter scale on July 9, 2016. The other earthquake hit with a magnitude of 4.7 on the Richter scale on July 12, 2016, at 00:15:24 UTC, with the epicenter at 81.626°N 2.315°W and at a depth of 10.0 km (6.214 miles), as illustrated by the image below.  … methane levels were as high as 2505 ppb at an altitude of 4,116 m or 13,504 ft on the morning of July 15, 2016. At a higher altitude (of 6,041 m or 19,820 ft), methane levels as high as 2598 ppb were recorded that morning and the magenta-colored area east of the north-east point of Greenland (inset) looks much the same on the images in between those altitudes. All this indicates that the earthquake did cause destabilization of methane hydrates contained in sediments in that area. [full report & maps]:


    • sea says:

      Susan thanks for this post, as always you provide so much information that is helpful to understanding the process of what our earth is going through as it goes down.

      I would like to add that on the blog I clicked on , "How to Cool the Arctic"

      this is powerful detailed lists and diagrams dating back 5 years ago, spelling out SRM and all that Dane references as the calculated plan.

      Here is the link to that portion of the blog :

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sea, yes, about the Arctic News site, though there front line data is useful. However, their calls for climate engineering to be deployed (as if it has not already been for over 70 years) makes clear that those who run this site are either not truly qualified for the post they hold, or they are lying. All available data makes clear that climate engineering is fueling the overall warming, and contaminating the entire planet in the process.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      They keep trying to knock the polar vortex down south into the eastern united states by installing high pressure offshore ,water vapor is not very heavy it is really light substance so if they claim to not transmit unimaginable amounts of power its because they don't need to air especially water is very light and easy to manipulate water the science is very important in this battle please correct me or add to this if needed.

  18. paul fowler says:

       A message to those aiding the criminal cabal . When you are finished doing as your told , they will dispose of you and probably your family and friends as well . I might be a loose cannon , but you are a loose end . I have a 5% chance of surviving this assault on humanity , you how ever have a 0% chance , after they are done with you . If you think the world is over populated , I suggest you take a little drive from Thunderbay to Calgary .

           There is still time to get on the right side . You have been infected by the cancerous cabal and we are your only cure.

  19. Teri says:

    after a visit to a japanese garden i can conclude that the majority of people are brainwashed zombies already. with gorgeous foliage all around them and much of it dead of dying in a well tended and cared for environment and not one looks up from their brain in a box. the ipad or smart phones. we counted 2 out of hundreds of people there. 2…that didn't have a box telling them what to think, how to live, where to go, what to do. they all look down at the box in their hand. never once looking up. they never see anything around them. not even their loved ones can command their attention and we think we will break through that hypnotic trance most people are in? not going to happen. 

    they have a new game that we witnessed these people playing called pokemon go. most of the 20 somethings were at the garden center solely to play that game!! sweet jesus…they are mind numbed drones. 

     go to any public place…a park…a swimming pool…a path to walk on..a play ground and look at how many people are watching the box in their hand and paying no attention to the children or their friends and or spouses…people have become selfish self centered creatures. no longer resembling human beings. there isn't anything alive behind those eyes. simbly robotic machines. racing from one place to the other for the sole purpose of saying they were there and posting it on their facebook page and we wonder why they won't see that they are being poisoned from the air ? we wonder that they hand their children over to an ''authority or doctor'' to be poisoned with injections. these people are too zombie like to care what goes on around them. 

    the planet could and is burning around them and they don't notice it. they wouldn't notice if they themselves were on fire. they would lift up their ipad and click a picture of it. post it on facebook and perish happily knowing they are ''connected'.

    insane world we live in now. where is the exit..i want out! 

    • a simple horseman says:

      Well written Teri, I know where the "exit" is. The question is, "how do 'we' get out?". I'm sure you know the answer. Sure would be nice if a zillion more could 'know' the answer. Soon!!

      Our home is counting on us….

    • Dennie says:

      "Poke Mon" = the latest electronic board game for Order Followers, by Order Followers, in the interest of creating more Order Followers. UGH!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Teri:  The masses have their heads bowed because they are "worshipping the IMAGE.."  Yes, this is a form of fixated worship of self.  Which is another way of saying selfish.  And for all of the use of the eye and the visual image, they see not because they are blind to the reality of the non-virtual world.  While the natural world is dying around them, the only thing real is virtual (not in fact).  How far will the crumbling natural order descend until their counterfeit lives no longer hide truth and they drop the magic box and run for their lives?

  20. MS P says:

    Has anyone seen the Political satire art of David Dees? He covers the spraying & mandatory vaccine agendas very well in his art. Hope it does not offend anyone to share this? Image 123 in his newest stuff shows H A A R P . Chemtrails & a snake with vaccine teeth.There is more to look at. GMO issues, the spraying & vaccines are a big topic in his art.


    • Dennie says:

      I L-O-V-E David Dees' art work.  I used to check it out all the time on, before he sold out to The Donald, apparently. 

      I can't imagine anyone being "offended" by Dees' art work, if they've honestly been coming here for cameraderie and support; only a troll…

    • stephan says:

      MS P – yeah !!! David Dees is awesome – thanks for the update.

  21. Concerned says:

    There are three movies by Peter Joseph titled “Zeitgeist” that are worth watching. They can be seen on Netflix.

  22. Rodster says:

    Parts of Iraq are sizzling around 116F while parts of the UK are in the grips of an usual massive heatwave with temps in certain areas in the 90’s.

  23. Timmy says:

    Flathead Lake, Montana. Spraying everywhere.

    • JF says:

      Strange enough, there has been little or no spraying here in Southern CA for the last few weeks that I have noticed.

      Has anyone else in this area noticed the same?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JF, look for silvery white skies, most visible when looking toward sunrise or sunset, the spraying is still going on almsot everywhere, the very visible trails are only one aspect of the aerosol operations.

    • Ryan says:

      We are visually tracking you observation which is over western North Dakota this morning.

  24. Lance Dickinson says:

    Central Wisconsin sees nothing but extreme humidity and endless cloudy days. When it rains we get more than our share. Interesting to note how the rain always is being directed towards the great lakes. Most likely to keep them full to sell back on the water futures market, which is a real thing by the way. Trying to make solar power here is a joke at best as we generally only get about 5 cloud free days a year! Looking at steam power next as the weather makers have a fetish with moisture and we live in a endless wood supply area. If they wont give me sun, then I will "burn" their water that they love to talk about from the National Weather Service! Liars and crooks…..all of them!

    • DJ in WI says:

       That's the only reason I could come up with, that they will eventually try to sell the fresh water.  It rains constantly here – moss and mushrooms everywhere.  Real sunshine is so rare that we drop what we are doing and run outside to absorb it! 

  25. Melanie says:

    Hello all,

    If you would like to help spread awareness, please consider donating to this go fund me billboard effort in Northern CA. If everyone contributed $20, we could get it up and running.

    Best to everyone.

  26. This is one of the big reasons I left New Zealand. China will eventually take the western Pacific. The last few years I was living in NZ the Chinese were buying up everything the government would allow them, from Auckland mansions – to vast family owned dairy farms. Most of the Americans had left. Statistics for NZ: 21K Americans and 96K Chinese.
    U.S. Warships Surround Disputed Chinese Waters, Prepared for War: “WWIII At Stake”    / Mac Slavo / July 15th, 2016
    Territorial disputes are a delicate thing… and potentially deadly as well. That’s why the U.S. is backing up its positions with an ever-increasing presence of warships  in the South China Sea. China is very touchy about these territories, and unwilling to give up what they perceive as their waters, even as a UN tribunal just denied their claims and strengthened the U.S. hand. Indeed, the entire situation is combustible and very dangerous.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Maybe we could find out why the newest aircraft carrier to be delivered this year (hope it's not named Clinton) cost 12.9 billion. Make no worry, the printing press will cover it..Red Flags are the even the most caring will get jaded.  How to distract litigation? Why just pull off something just before the Feds have to answer, then suspend the whole process in the name of "National Security".  Not hard to connect these dots.  Thanks Susan.

    • Cesar says:

      What? Why did they allow that in new Zealand?? I can't believe that. that is what's happening here in the United States. Chinese are taking everything.  Bastards.

    • Caesar — "Why did they allow that in new Zealand??" I lived in NZ for 7 years and slowly realized that NZ "pure" was not so pure. The NZ Prime Minister John Key: "Beginning in 1995, Key worked in Singapore, London, and Sydney for American investment bankers Merrill Lynch, assuming responsibility for various business units, notably international foreign-exchange and European bond and derivative trading. He developed a reputation as a smart risk taker, and in 1999 he joined the foreign-exchange committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He also took management studies courses at Harvard University." NZ banking, etc. was debit card friendly digitized long before the USA. It's a sort of NWO test.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Gee Susan!  I had NO idea of the sheer numbers of Chinese in New Zealand!  Stunning, shocking, and why?  Investments?  Seems so odd somehow.

      And yes, myself I've felt all this posturing over Russia was a distraction from tensions with China.  But never would I have guessed about New Zealand!  The "issues" with China are so many and so complex.

    • Dennie says:

      "The New World Order will be brutal but short."  — Michael C. Ruppert


  27. Worldview Images: Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management, radio-frequency/microwave ‘ripples’: Whidbey Island WA, New Zealand the North Island, the Great Salt Lake USA, and Arizona

  28. paul fowler says:

           Cockroaches have evolved and have become resistant to pesticide in many regions . When you compare a cockroach to a virus , there is a huge size difference . Generally speaking , smaller  creatures evolve quicker . Shorter life span and higher reproduction rate are the main factors . I am curious  how the medical industry hopes to keep up with that rate of evolution , when it took them 200 years to to accomplish their one and only claim to fame .Small pox

          There are some doctors that speculate that the small pox had panned it self out and the improvements in  sanitation also contributed to the decline of small pox. Viruses , especially flu virus mutate often . This fact makes me wonder even more . How will they stay ahead of the tumbling pandora's box?

           They couldn't even get their symbols right . The winged staff with two serpents was carried in left hand of Mercury ( messenger of the gods , guide for the dead , protector of merchants liars and thieves ) , oh,maybe they did get it right after all.

           We now know antibiotics have caused bacteria to mutate and become resistant to antibiotics , perhaps we should re examine vaccines all together. Not just the poisonous preservatives they chose to put in them.

          I searched  "vaccines safety and effectiveness " , that certainly didn't put my mind at ease . Trying to find any real data was impossible , dead end links or sketchy wordings was about all  I could find , except references to CDC studies . That is like asking the banksters if negative interest rates are a good thing  . In Canada all the drugs and vaccines get approved by "B.G.T.D. of  Health Canada". Who ever they might be ? All I could find was literature about how transparent they were. I can only assume this is Canada's version of the C.D.C. . Why we let so few , decide for so many , is beyond me , especially when the CDC has been caught several times lying in the past .Common sense has left the planet. 

          Search CDC whistle blower 2004 + 2014 or "You Tube" search  "60 minutes 1976 polio vaccine and the CDC cover up ."


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Paul, Hey, I know one reason, two actually, why antibiotics are becoming ineffective and that would be my daughter's grandmother and her own husband.  Grandma is dead now.  But both use only enough to get them a bit better, then save the rest for something else!  Drives me nuts!  Must take, if you must, full dose.  I compare it to lice meds in that first round kills the grown ones, second kills the babies of.  Sorta like that so that if you don't take the full round, you actually help create anti-biotic resistance.  In that the very young part of infection gets spared dose but has been exposed and becomes resistant through that exposure.  Myself, I am allergic now to almost! all antibiotics!  So,  they would not do the surgery for my mangled shoulder and right arm because of this.  Rats.  So I've just had to live with a permanently, partially torn rotator cuff, continually cut by two bone spurs from the broken bones!  This kind of thing has happened again and again for me.  So wish I did not have these allergies!  When I was a kid, every time one got a cold, one got a penicillin shot.  Then, at age 22 or 23, when very very sick, I got a penicillin shot and had an anaphylactic reaction and no more for me forever.  Which then seemed to cascade to other antibiotics.  There remains one kind I still can take.  That is all!

  29. funkadelics says:

    The trees are dying period.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      The media is too worried about the man finding his dog after three months ,stupid things like that.

  30. Ron Marr says:

    Today in Newport, Rhode Island as you cross the bridge coming and going there are flashing neon signs ordering you to mount your EZPASS transponder. It must be mounted by July 18th. As petty as it is, I hope people are not falling for the idea that obedience is freedom. The blatant use of electronics to send Orwellian type messages is disgusting at a very low level. We are high energy beings and they salivate when we give up our energy for low energy obedience. The only REAL choice we have is the freedom to be responsible. We are all responsible for our food, water, environment, the planet and humanity. We must work at discovering our freedom to be responsible. Man cannot cure God; but god can cure mankind if we only trust ourselves. Columbus,(yes, that guy) wrote in his log that after he had sent men into the upper country of the Americas that they had seen many villages and peoples, but nothing of importance. Today, people are still nothing important. We must change their minds and remember we are genius, gifted with imagination and immortality. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth.

    Marc, my good friend, who passed away a few years back, had aspergers. He shared with me many horror stories about his mother who didn't understand her son as a small boy. In spite of the mental and physical abuse he grew to be a very bright and focused man. His friend from college came up, after my friend had passed, to discuss a project left unfinished. This man has aspergers, too. He has written three novels and believes everyone should have aspergers. Your daughter sounds blessed to me.  

    • W.C. says:

      Having been said to have Aspergers, I myself would not be able to conclude 'everyone should have it'. While it *may* open up some doors in people that are said to have it, I feel it also closes some of the one's that make people able to enjoy life. (just speaking for myself).And too while it seems to make some people very able to understand what is happening and very sensitive to what people are thinking it may make it much harder if not impossible to understand 'why'. It can be a very very lonely existence. My best guess is that much of the 'syndrome' is simply a light form of 'brain damage' likely caused by among other things vaccine damage. The best irony though is that those that have been damaged by the proffiting "Death Cult' may in the end be the very one's at the front of the struggle to be their undoing. Wouldn't that be 'poetic justice'?

    • Marc says:

      Thank you, Ron Marr, God bless you.

  31. TNGeoWatch says:

    Drove by a field of GMO corn and GMO beans. Both dried up look terrible. No birds. It was very sad. 

    In this broadcast the heatwave spoken about is about to crush our food crops. 

    In this broadcast the comments on the trees was spot on. Walk in the woods. The trees look sick, bark tattered, leaves droopy and dry. 

    As we keep moving forward the tone of the broadcast has become a numbing one. I encourage everyone to bear throughout the upcoming events. 

    I'm networking locally to prepare for whatever end! Dane you are doing a great thing  keep it up!


    • MS P says:

      How terrible. Farming has become so toxic! I was disturbed to learn Hilary Hires Monsanto Lobbyist to run her champagne. A Vote for Hilary is a vote for Monsanto! After all; in case folks do not remember this? It was the Clinton Administration-that legalized GMO Franken Foods. 

      Now she is known as the Bride of Frankenfoods!


    • MS P says:

      I happen to live in a big AG area. Lots of flying-spraying goes on, over the food grown here.In this county.  

      Monsanto has a big building in Oxnard. CA

      Oddly with the major drought in CA, there is miles & miles of SOD being grown, in Oxnard.. Instead of food.

      All the farmers just seem to be slaves to their products. None look very healthy either.

      My best guess is due to lack of educational funding? Corporations moved in with literature. Shaping the farms into industrial ways? As the way of the future in the 1950's. Does anyone remember the Monsanto house, @ Disneyland?  (It's on You Tube) Stuff like this is how they duped society's children & future.

      I see guys in hazmat suits spraying the food, all the time. I wonder if they wear those suits, when they eat vegetables?

      The soil is awful too. My no spray-organic gardens have good soil. In a rich river valley. The commercial farms, the soil is so hard, one needs a jack hammer to dig a hole.A beautiful place has gone to waste. This is what goes to the packing houses & then the supermarkets. By the truckload.

      Yet we all pay big time, for food "Not" sprayed. If there even is such a thing anymore?

  32. From the long list Patents relevant to geoengineering and collected by Dane Wigington here:
    Process and apparatus for the production of nanofibers – US Patent 6520425 – February 18, 2003 –
    Abstract: A nozzle for forming nanofibers by using a pressurized gas stream comprises a center tube, a first supply tube that is positioned concentrically around and apart from the center tube, a middle gas tube positioned concentrically around and apart from the first supply tube, and a second supply rube positioned concentrically around and apart from the middle gas tube. The center tube and first supply tube form a first annular column. The middle gas tube and the first supply tube form a second annular column. The middle gas tube and second supply tube form a third annular column. The tubes are positioned so that first and second gas jet spaces are created between the lower ends of the center tube and first supply tube, and the middle gas tube and second supply tube, respectively. A method for forming nanofibers from a single nozzle is also disclosed.
    SUMMARY OF INVENTION: It is therefore an aspect of the present invention to provide a method for forming a plurality of nanofibers that vary in their physical or chemical properties. It is another aspect of the present invention to provide a method for forming a plurality of nanofibers as above, having a diameter less than about 3,000 nanometers.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, and the why of it is?  Does it say?  I mean, how do nanofibers benefit "them"?  

    • Rachel — These nano thingys are in the sprays. I assume this is one reason why the spraying is now less blatant, more diaphanous, wispy stuff – harder to detect for the clueless. Nano aluminum, etc. Easier to breathe… … Nano technology is another booming money-pit industry these days.

  33. L says:

    Dane, are there any measures being taken to bring legal action in the UK also?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello L, our team of attorneys are all from the US and Canada, Sorry we do not have anyone on the team from the UK. The US action is much more complex and difficult that the Canadian action (already filed), but should have a very important US update very soon.

    • L says:

      Hi Dane: many thanks for your reply. I realise how busy you must be with the sheer complexity of the two lawsuits so appreciate it. I hope someday it will be possible to do this in the UK (and other countries) too. Good luck and thankyou for all your hard work. You are an inspiration. 

  34. leo says:

    I saw a  jet flying in a straight line  with no trails behind it in nh today and 2 jets in the same area  with  condensation (haha) trails ….I do not think Hitler would've sprayed Germans like this. One of these days they will make a tic tac toe in the sky just to see if the zombies below will notice. The chemtrail jets like to fly at angles unlike regular jets…I must've been a real jerking in previous life to be here now living with evil psychopaths in power


    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes exactly leo; passenger jets generally do not fly straight up at sharp angles now do they? I flew every week, approx.50 weeks a year for 5 years in the early to mid 1980's- and never saw anything like this!  : 0

  35. Dennie says:

    Dane:  Have you heard the story re "The Antarctic Ozone Hole is Healing?"  I looked on the internet and couldn't find one story to the contrary, that would debunk an ozone-hole "repair," as we all know the deal with nanoparticulate metals and how they affect the ozone layer.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, about the “ozone recovery” lie, FYI

  36. Marc says:

    As the father of an ASD (autism spectrum disorder) child who is now twenty, I have lived most of these last twenty years blaming myself for "what went wrong" because of my drinking and recreational drug use (cocaine, mainly) back when we were trying to get pregnant.  Maybe those things did play a part, I don't know. It's likely they factored in somehow. But it has only been in the last two years or even a little less that my consciousness has been raised about this disorder. And it covers quite a bit of ground on the "spectrum". My daughter is a beautiful, high functioning college student at a fine university in Chicago, acing her classes and hanging out with her boyfriend, who, strangely enough, I actually really, really like and is a fine young man. But trust me when I say that raising my daughter was very difficult. My ex and I knew she was "different" a long time ago and certain behaviors developed when she was young that we found quite odd and inexplicable at the time. We had her evaluated by a psychologist and she was proclaimed to be Aspergers. Well, the more we read up on it, the more we recognized some things but not others. Which is why it is nowadays referred to as a "spectrum" of functional disorders. I remember my little baby, only 10 minutes old (so Dad could trip out on her while the doctor and nurses attended to Mom) whereupon they suddenly needed to whisk her away to another area for her "shots". Being basically a dumb-ass back then I didn't question any of it at all. And as she grew up I personally took her to our pediatrician periodically for her "shots". Again, never questioning the fundamental need for so many vaccines. 

      I cannot honestly point a finger at the medical profession to ascribe cause and effect for my daughter's ASD. But let me tell you….I'm suspicious as motherf**king hell nowadays, even as I love my daughter so absolutely!! I could write a ten thousand word essay on the subtleties of what my daughter is really like, behaviorally speaking. She is different in ways that the casual observer probably wouldn't see. But trust me, my daughter IS different. Knowing what I know now, my heart breaks just at the fraction of a prospect that by allowing these needle-happy doctors and nurses to carry out their mindless agendas, we are opening a Pandora's Box of biological uncertainty and a mind-numbing obliteration of basic common sense. And yet, we've ALL, ALL grown up in this culture utterly brainwashed to the bone that such immunizations are essential to a healthy life. And it cannot be disputed that certain vaccination programs have come close to eradicating a number of really dastardly diseases. But the "system" is now completely and utterly out of f**king control as Big Pharma sees only profits when they look at children.

     And indeed, the same can be said for so many other atrocities ostensibly being carried out in the name of our "protection".

    • Dennie says:

      It's a total shock to me that a newborn baby somehow needs immediately to be vaccinated– against what?  Don't very young infants have their mother's immunity, especially when breast fed?  Maybe it would be best to get the Hell outta the hospital a.s.a.p., before you wind up needing the shots, the place is so full of nasty superbugs.  What stoopid Uhmerukunz don't understand is that immunization and inoculation aren't the same.  My understanding is that the kind of immunity you get from vaccines is not the kind of immunity you get from actual exposure to diseases, for example,  measles and mumps. It's unbelievable that a kid younger than age two somehow needs to have 37 vaccinations, and that a center for "disease control" recommends 49 doses of 14 different vaccines before the age of six.  While I am grateful to have been protected against tetanus from all the rusty nails I managed to step on before age 11, and the Hep A scare while working in the theaters downtown in S.F. back in the 90s, I know I didn't have nearly that number of shots before the end of kindergarten; I screamed and cried whenever I had to get the goddamned painful-ass needle stuck in my arm and it would ACHE for two days every time– 

    • Well done Marc.


    • Jonathan Létourneau says:

      I feel your emotion as i highly suspect my daughters handicap is  due to vaccines she had while in her first two years, before I became awakened.

      I have never accepted that she receive furthur vaccination.

    • Mike looking up says:

      Marc, Im so sorry to here as I read all comments and I understand your emotions. Life can be hard and facing what you do under your own dought of self pain is the worst. Please, try not blame yourself. Yesterday is gone and today is all we have. Trust me I had some of your doughts in my own mind as I too made my share of mistakes from drugs and alcohol.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Marc, I am moved and stunned by your honesty.  Myself, I would blame the cocaine as in my experience with so many friends on this drug, which I abhor, is one of many many lost lives, not dead, but lost to the world, to success, to happiness.  My adopted daughter's last son is a bit older than your son.  I can't remember, but I may have miss spoken about how soon they give shots.  I checked with my neighbor who is a dhula?(sp) at Kaiser and she said No shots that early.  I'm going to get a list from her of what, when, and where, Now.  My adopted daughter had been given an open prescription! to Xanax at 18! owing to her mom, my best friend, being diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer.  Lord, she was the funniest-not on purpose-woman ever in labor!  Such drama from The drama queen!  The whole hospital was cracking up.  But right after birth, owing to a placenta problem she was taken into surgery and baby whisked off to after birth area.  Her, begging me to stay by her in surgery which they wouldn't allow and me promising to stay by the door-I lied but I did race back and forth for hours.  I was not crippled then and had on my Reebocks.  And so I raced for the baby first and it seemed like blocks away.  No shots.  But my God he was screaming, naked on a metal platform, bright light above his head, behind glass with a nurse in a mask, letting him grab her fingers and then letting go/fall! to check his reflexes!!  Measuring his head, his legs, etc., him just screaming, me crying when the nurse asked: Are you the Grandma?  Yes!! and another semi-lie.  And so let me in and as soon as I spoke to him, he turned his head toward me and quit crying and smiled. The nurse was impressed and called others to look.  I told them I'd been talking to him the whole 9 months, he knew my voice.  No shots.  But,My own 42 year old girl got no shots after birth, in hospital.  Adopted daughter's boy turned out fine.  But for having a drug addict of a mother.  And, unknown to me at the time, her Xanax addiction while breast feeding such that he looked like a little drunk, eyes were not co-ordinated at 2 months, couldn't balance his head at all.  I am now thoroughly confused by shots and am interviewing all I know in medical fields about this.  Supposedly the mercury was removed in 2001.  As I said, I am confused.  Nonetheless, so glad to hear this girl of yours is doing well!  My own daughter was Extremely difficult to raise, but grew to be and always was, a remarkable person.  With, in retrospect, ADHD.  Her two boys did not have early shots, the first a home birth-he is 21, the second hospital and he has ADHD, could be The poster boy with this, but is shaping up quite well at 12.  My semi daughter!, her first son, she diagnosed with Asperger's, via the net.  I just knew she was wrong.  And she was.  He is fine, more than fine, but when young had such a mind of his own, he would not make eye contact or anything he was supposed to do, against his will.  He remains willful!  The "whisk away" for adopted daughter's second son was not for shots, but to test reflexes, height, weight, length of limbs, size of head, ect.  Which just seemed cruel to me so soon after birth.  I'm a huge believer in home births, as well as birthing centers, totally separate from hospitals!  Giving birth is not a disease!   But hospitals are full of diseases!  Gee, what all has changed?  Or not?  I WILL find out from the sources!  And hope to post a list by hospital.  And maybe county.

      I so hope your boy is fine too, as fine as Can be.  I don't know what limitations he has, but we all have some.  I sincerely wish the best for him and wish I knew more.  There is no point in beating yourself up about it, or your daughter.  Myself, I well know how good it is to blame something other than myself!  I do have some blames to carry and I don't like that but nothing much left that I didn't do then, or that I can do about that now!  How wonderful that you really like her boyfriend!  Good luck to you all.  I plan to get various hospital's around here lists of what shots and when and starting or changing what when.  I will report back!  I can just imagine how many parents are freaking out!  And for good reason.   

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Motivation for dark times (

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, Good evening to you, Wow… thank you for some color into your own life and what you have lived. You have and always have, shown great courage. "I have it in writing"(grin). Thank you for sharing. Myself, I have 2 kids about 10 years older than your child. If I knew then what I know now, (right?). Both of my children show signs of "issues" beyond what life has thrown them. The compounding of the two factors are of great concern to me. Now all I need is a crystal ball and "1", only one, granted wish. Recognizing and acknowledging what is "real" and is thus pertinent is of the up most importance when it comes to "our" children (I have two, 'by design') and our grandchildren, (I have 6 of those little crumb crunchers). Marc, I know what you mean when you write about "things" that most would miss in behavior. Gracious, it seems that most of humanity has lost the ability to asses the reality as it were and "is", and think for ones self in observation. Both of my children are very intelligent in their own right, both are soooo lost. How can "we" over come the spell of those damn I phones and such? In many cases it is seemingly impossible. My children know me to have never told them a lie or a false truth. It eats them up. What's up with that? It is one of the reasons my family steers clear of me(so to speak). Shame on me for asking relevant questions in any conversation(smile). Funny, the consistent, soft spoken man that I am and known to be is shunned for asking pertinent and relevant questions. Lastly, if had known then what I know now, I never in a zillion years would have let my kids get vaxxed. It wasn't until they were 3 and 5 that I started to understand "things" about being vaxxed. That was 25 years ago, my feelings haven't changed and my discoveries have been on the same coordinate for quite some time now. Marc, and all, best step forward each and every day. Keep up the fight for the good of us all.

    • MS P says:

      As a kid I had some very bad reactions to getting shots in the 1960's. I always hated DRs & their shots!

      I remember where it hurt too bad to walk. For a couple of weeks. I'd get sick a lot too.After going to the DR.

       I no longer go to DRs, get shots, & am no longer sick either. No flus no colds, no problems. The chemtrails do bother me. When heavy spraying goes on. Down on my energy levels, as a result. 

      It seems to me there is more spraying going on at night. I went to the high desert. A place to see the stars. It was polluted with chemtrails that night. Not much to see. Lines in the sky. Not many stars up there anymore. Not like it was anyway. 

    • ron hall says:

      You have my deepest respect, Marc.  You support your children all the way, it is obvious.

    • Marc says:

      Rachel Robson, as far as I have been able to ascertain, a couple of shots are routine for newborns: vitamin K, and hepatitis B. Also, eye drops are administered. The hep vaccine requires three different shots, one at birth, the others to follow within the first 18 months or sooner. 

  37. Linda says:

    I was always told never to accept a microchip (by 3 spiritual teachers I greatly admire)…that it would practically erase our spiritual selves.  And I do think the reason they are so intent on vaccinating us is that it is one way to give us microchips.  I do not doubt this, and I know rather than succumb to such extreme poisoning by the vaccinations, I would choose to disappear in one way or another.  And I do not think we would be "penalized" for that….so I am told.  Hope it does not come to that….miracles can happen at any moment.  May the circulation of information and the prayers cause great awakening, transformations, and manifestations to 5D and beyond….to take us out of danger…. sooner rather than later.  May we stay strong and not lose hope in this time of great intense transition.  Do not forget to ask for help.  It really works.  Calling in the blessings of healing and love for all.  Linda Lee

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Its called the mark of the beast do not take it it says in the bible.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Free energy tech, and all, I pose a question, a quarry, and an observation of our "modern mankind" The question is this, "what if the mark of the 'beast' is a 'tatoo"?? Do any of us think on the behalf of the one that would call out the "mark of the beast"? As I see it, "the mark of the almighty beast" is simply a break down in moral judgment on a permanent scale. Does anyone question the craze of these later years? Food for thought my "religious" allies. The word purity comes to mind. I see it every day in my Mustangs eyes. It is easy to see it when you are able to give all for "us all".

      Birds of a feather…………

  38. Dennie says:

    We may not be Tee Vee watchers but you certainly hear more than enough main stream media if you listen to PBS and National Propaganda Radio, a.k.a. NPR, news on the radio, especially now that we have radio stations funded by the likes of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and anything that is touched by Emperor Gyorgi Schwartz, er, George SOROS:, a truly astounding deep and broad list of organizations that penetrate all of society in the U.S. You can also catch video uploads of main stream news reports from Fox and local network news, if you can stomach it.  

  39. Christine says:

    VAXXED is a good begin, which forces people to finally start thinking, but it is still far from the entire truth about every single vaccine. The presence of the increasing number of children so damaged, that their lives are one fight and a misery, is simply unacceptable. Parents need to wake up,  communities need to wake up, everyone needs to wake up. A second must watch related to VAXXED is a good response by Dr. Horowitz, with his movie: UN-VAXXED, available at:


    • BaneB says:

      Dr, Horowitz early on stated that AIDS was manmade, in a biolab.  Likely at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.  One need only read the 1969 Sikes Congressional Commitee report about how the military biologists were asking for, and received $10,000,000 to do genetic research.  The goal was that within 10 years they hoped to have "a novel virus refractory to the human immuno system."  That quote is the AIDS definition.  The biowarfare Luciferians did it within 10 years.  How they disseminated it is another wonder.

    • renate says:

      Lawsuits Against HPV Vaccines Mounting In Japan


      Unlike the U.S. where people who suffer from vaccine injuries and deaths cannot sue the drug manufacturers who enjoy legal immunity from the harm caused by their products, women in Japan have started taking legal action against the pharmaceutical companies that produce the HPV vaccine, which includes Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline. The Japanese government has withdrawn their support of the vaccine, and hence they are named in the lawsuits as well. You are not likely to read this news in the U.S. mainstream media anywhere, because all negative news regarding vaccines is heavily censored.

      Read More..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Christine, Hi.  Your comments make me think of what Dane forever says about synergy, combined effects.  Like how much antibiotics are in milk forinstance as well as growth hormones.  This alone is huge.  Then add in how our foods are made, raised and processed.  The runoff and poisons from in our waters.  Not to mention nuclear all and geoengineering.  All life on earth is under assault from so many directions it gets difficult parsing  one thing from another!  Or, say plastics and BPAs our children and us have been exposed to and lines most cans to this day, while the dangers of are well known!  It is a Long list of horrors for our health much less children and one thing plays off another until well and truly waxed into a corner.

      @BaneB, If what you say is right, how to explain the very long known "wasting disease"-AIDs- in Africa long before this?

  40. renate says:

    Unclassified: Research in Electrical Phenomena Associated With Aerosols


  41. SD says:

    Another outbreak of unusual seismic activity across the country today. A M3.7 EQ reported offshore from Daytona Beach, FLORIDA ! What's next? Miami Beach? Other quakes reported in BC Canada, Oregon, Nevada and Missouri. Something very strange going on folks.

    Several days ago another small quake was reported in the far north of AK above the Arctic Circle.  I continue to believe these are caused by HAARP Engineering of upper atmosphere, jetstream manipulation. I expect to see a temp drop and precip at each EQ location over the next 48 hrs.

    • Dennie says:

      It's freezing in the San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County) tonight.  BRRRR!!!  Yesterday and most of last week it was hotter than Hell.

    • Mark from SW Florida says:

      I've see a lot of what I believe to be HAARP activated clouds above us here in SW Florida on a regular basis

    • Edward Palys says:

      If one really digs deep and researches what is really going on, it's enough to think of suicide. We are being attacked from many angles and all those angles are covered by that evil cabal that is responsible for chemtrails. Their assault is at an all time high ready to destroy what they set out to do. A WWIII would be the better choice for them, but other methods will be just as effective. And yes, I believe it is too late to wake people up because as we focus on individual methods such as vaccines or chemtrails, all the other methods combined are way more dangerous.

  42. Keri Mason says:

    What can I do at this point except make people aware? I feel helpless and that's all I hear people say is 'So what can we do so I guess we do nothing!' My letters to our government branches have rendered useless and obviously fall on nothing but deaf ears of ignorance and blatant denial of the facts. If we don't do something DRASTIC like march against Washington and demand they desist with their evil intent we are doomed! So – again – I implore you – what can I, a lowly, poor citizen of this once great country – do??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Keri, your voice will matter more than you know so long as you can find the strength to continue sounding the alarm credibly and effectively. Unfolding condistions will soon force the sleeping to wake, wait and see. Also, we hope to have a major legal effort announcment next week, moving forward as fast as we can. 

  43. Jeanette S says:

    Yes, thank you, Dane for supporting Vaxxed. I have been telling everyone about the vaccines and the geo-engineering. And I also shared your regimen. Our group is into health from a health program and I thought it fitting.

  44. damon says:

    There has been no spaying in No-Cal for almost 3 weeks! What happened did that run out of raid to spay on us! Anyone else notice this,it's been very nice up here.Thanks Dane for all your very hard work on a very disturbing matter!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Damon, unfortunately, Northern California (and most other locations) is in fact still being sprayed. Massive amounts of aerosols are also blowing in from the heavy spraying that is constant off of the West Coast. The short bright trails are aerosol dispersions, look for the silvery white hazy skies, especially visible at sunrise and sunset. The fight goes on.

    • Dennie says:

      There was quite a lot of spraying yesterday, June 15, in Marin County and certainly up through and past Sonoma County.  There was also a lot of spraying last week/weekend that I could see in Santa Rosa.  Last week it was hotter than Hell in 'Rosa, into the higher 90s.  Today it's freezing– gee, wonder why– got any ideas, anyone?

    • Dennis says:

      Hi Damon,

      In southwest Ohio where I am I have also noted almost NO spraying for the last three weeks. However, as Dane commented you can be sure they are in fact spraying somewhere. The give away is the greyish not blue skies. Although, like here, there has been very LITTLE visible spraying rest assured they are spraying. I believe the lack of spray is why it has been so brutally HOT here ALL summer long all over the country. I truly think they have so completely saturated the entire air column that they do not need to spray us as much.

      I recently watched the horror show known as the international space station, and noticed how surreal our entire planet looks from high altitude. Not from space, but just extremely high altitude the whole freakin' planet is now white. Strange how this outcome was EXACTLY predicted, you know in the "proposed" geoengineering programs. Not that they are actually spraying us like lab rats. The end of this nightmare is, one way or another, coming to a grand end. They also need the resources to ramp up the hoaxes(police shootings, fake terrorism, BLM(Soros and others have backed to the tune of over $500 million, hows that for "grassroots") etc). Stay tuned folks things are going to be getting VERY bumpy. Our trees are turning colors already and the burning bush's are bright red, three months early too.

      One question for everybody. Does ANYONE have any apples this year? I haven't seen one yet and the apple trees have already lost most of their leaves. If SHTF there will truly be very little food to go around.

      Best to you,


    • JJ says:

      No spraying here for weeks either…just a couple days with a couple planes with very little spray.

      But, we here in Ky. have had 10 inches of rain this month already.

      Unusual??  Very.

    • Edward Palys says:

      In our area it's the same, no spraying for over a week now. ….until today. Started a clear morning, not a cloud in the sky, by 11:00am the whole sky was hazy and chemtrails were visible already dissipated to form that haze. The whole thing blew in from the north telling me that the spraying WAS as bad as ever, just in a different location.

  45. Dave says:

    Hello all, I just listened to the latest Caravan To Midnight hosted by John B Wells focusing on the vaccine Vaxxed movie with Dr Wakefield and two other activists-wow-. I know Dane has been on his program, and I always get more light than heat after listening to his programs,and would urge fellow posters to listen to the program to see just how deep the corporate/military/gov't/medical/ corruption is. I as a Christian, cannot let the twin evils of geoengineering and vaccine fraud, go unadressed as we are instructed in the Bible to expose evil. I also would ask forgiveness for the lack of involvement for the people of my faith, as I along with Dane lament lack of any spiritual leadership in these battles, shame!     

    • Dave, Yes Dave J B Well's  is very good at what He does, He is very wise to have people like Our Dane Wigington on , I would encourage you to Listen to Dane  guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report  Dane was great on the show, & He informs people that would for some,would not hear in great detail's about why ! they are spraying & from whom spraying is coming, the danger's to You & I , our Families & friend's effecting our Pet's The tree's, plant's even the Ocean's ,  all that God created and said  it is good, Yes that is the very nature of Satan to go after all that God Created to try to destroy, God spoke all of creation into being , it's taking Satan a much loner time, & with Dane The best in the field of exposing what Chem-Trail's & Vaccines are doing & we are trying  to join Dane in the Fight to get it stopped, The Death Vaccine's are a very Evil  & present danger, God warned us, You are in a Spiritual warfare not against flesh & blood, but Evil wickedness in HIGH PLACES",  Satan is at the top of the Pyramid  of those  that want to Depopulate  this Country America & other Countries , Our Brother's & Sister's are fighting against the same thing, their doing this all over the World, the only way we can fight is to speak up, stand up, & show up when Dane is in your area or if you can go to where He will be, He need's the support of all of us, donate to the cause if you can, but support  in the ways you can, ask your favored Radio or TV show to have Dane on, I can tell you He is the Pro in the Field of  Chem-trail's, Vaccine's , Man-Made Drought to which I can speak to  very much, California the Food Basket to the World, Why would they want to stop the Rain, stop the water from flowing through California, the answer is in its Name, "The Food Basket to the World", together with effects of Chem-Trail's what would happen when all the water stop's flowing, to the farmer's & Rancher's ?  Much has already had its deadly effect's  They have tearfully after Generation after Generation pulled in their Tracker's, paid the worker's their last checks, the land is dry the crop's don't grow without water, nor their stock can't be given water to drink, When you control the food & Water you control the people, starvation , not just to California but to the World to whom their crop's go, we are looking at –Ok are you ready here come's that famous  word again,  we are looking at INTENT to starve the people , like Big Pharma , it will be a food run Govt Corp , I jump around here but the importance of Dane's work to bring everything to the Table to the public , to reveal it all & Vaccine's are a Evil act of  Intend to make Ill unto the death of these Innocent children required by law to take these  Evil Vaccine's that have proved to be what keep the Body from fighting off things like tumor's & cancer to AT , why so many death's of Doctor's over 250, many are as  the last few year's even last year been Natural Doctor's, One who discovered that what is put in the Vaccine's keep the body from healing it's self, this same Doctor found a cure, one that would compleaty reverse what the Vaccine's have done to the Child, a very fast reversal  , they return to perfect health!  Praise God, what parent would give to see their Child  well & happy not a slave to Big Pharma ? That Doctor was killed & staff so frighten they went into hiding. on Steve Quayle's Home page on the right side it list all the Doctor's ,Scientists,  Trying to save their Cash-Cow  how very!  Heartless are these people , God give's a harsh warning , "To those that would harm the least of these My little one's, better you have a limestone tied around your neck & thrown in the sea, as to harm one of these my little Children".  .  God help ! & have Mercy on these Children God Bless Dane for giving His life to trying to save all our live's from all the things He speaks out on Please join Dane in the Fight !     Jesus Blessing's we will have Victory !

  46. Alan David says:

    Dane its been a long time since i communicated with you. I sent you by US Mail an update on the response of California State agency California Aeronautics division providing the Water Code Sectioins where the State ,cities,counties, agencies have been authorized to conduct Weather Modification operations and projects in concert with Federal Agencies, and by contract with private agencies, I mailed them to your po box by green card return receipt i never got any return reciept from you and i do not know if you ever received that inforamiton to pass onto the attorneys, please let me know if you received that mailing or you did not ? It is important. I need to know where your next public appearence will be I need to talk to you in person. thank you for your attention and response,

    Alan David

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alan, thank you for your message and for the package you tried to mail. No, did not get it, can you try again?

  47. Kenya Myler says:


    Thank you for all your work in the field.  As a senior I've started passing out flyers I downloaded from your "flaming arrow" site.  I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada and am finding about 5 out of 100 people are aware of situation or even care.  So sad.  And I too have turned to Epictetus for proportionality and sanity.  But we must continue to do what we can, what we must.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kenya, hold your compass heading, you are on the right course. The deaf ears will soon be forced to hear, their denial will be shattered. About Epictetus, “The Discourses”, yes, truly foundatioinal wisdom, my most valued literature. Glad to march with you in this battle Kenya, and with all other dedicated activists and individuals.

  48. Mirjana says:

    Dane, you are hands down my Hero!!

    Thank you for your never ending efforts.

    It's a damn shame we all have to deal with this.

    I wish more than anything to be able to attend your event on the 5th.

    Unfortunately i am on the East Coast.

    I hope this event is being video taped and posted on your site so we can all see it.


  49. Jake says:

    Wow, just wow! After the report that came out about 9/11,13 years later, I am really starting to worry about our government and what other skeletons they might have hiding in their closet. Sep 11th may not have been an inside job but to say something shady isn't going on is ludicrous. How much longer will it take until the absolute truth is leaked? I am even starting to believe that the moon landing was a hoax(a complete 360 turn around) of my belief system. 

    • Mark from SW Florida says:

      The Mysterious collapse of World Trade Center 7.  By David Ray Griffin

      320 page book with 50 pages of notes and bibliography.  I got mine at Amazon . Plenty of details.  Then I went to  an old photo book of the world trade centers and could clearly see the beams!   They were not twisted off or torn.  They were clearly cut with shaped explosives. Gods will be done. May the blessings be.  


    • Jake it was reported this week that Bush & one other made a request to the Govt FBI  who would be revealing the finding of 9/11 in the files they have, Bush requested that not  all detail's be revealed to public, Hey! the devil is in the detail's, the Public want to know the thing's  they don't want you to see, therein is proof in the pudding, Too! many have been let go of crime's they have blood on their hands for. The People are demanding Truth be revealed & Justice for all !

    • BaneB says:

      There is no doubt in my mind 9-11 was most definitely an inside job.  Given the size and scope of this con one can well imagine how easily fooled, thanks to the mainstream corporate media propagandists, we can be, utterly trusting in official pronouncements.  In our era reality is not at face value .  One has to search it out, and be prepared for astonishment and a realignment of previous notions, notions inculcated and accepted as blind faith.  Deceit is a lie.  A lie is to pervert consciousness just as assuredly as would 2+2 equals 5.  Nothing real and honest can stand forever corrupted by untruths.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Jake, I watched it all on TV and it definitely was somebodies' inside job!  People say of course Bush knew, but I'm not so sure about that, given Cheney's insanity and constant plotting.  I believe Cheney and other thought Bush dumb, and he is not known for smarts, but also I think they thought he'd not be able to control himself if he knew.  I was watching when they told Bush.  His eyes got so round so fast, no way could he have faked that.  I too heard about Bush wanting to review the papers.  Maybe he too is shocked by the architects and engineers work and movie.  Think of how "played" he would feel.  Or, lately, CNN has been doubling down against Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps that explains Bush wanting the papers.

      By the way, I have no shame in saying I don't believe the moon landing. As all I know gasp when I say that, I reply that in science, to be validated, an experiment must be able to be repeated.  This never was. And just prior had been all the "hoopala" of Sputnik.  Just Had to best Russia!  The Cold War was on and all seemed to be US versus Russia.  the thing just begs to be denied!

  50. paul fowler says:

          Here is one more fact about 911.

    Before 911 in the history of black boxes on planes there was never one not found , there was four black boxes not found that day . 

          I invite anyone and everyone to add one fact to this 911 fact list.

    • Laura says:

      that in itself is EXTREMELY significant……….

    • JJ says:

      No black boxes but a passport survived??

      Oh, yeah, right.

    • Paul, this comes from one who worked for the Air Lines of plane's that went  down, Terrorist suppose to have flown planes & the other terrorist on broad, did not die, found to be alive & well, one had taken the ID of  a man that still living knew nothing about the men. Security on  Air Line's owned by former CIA Member traced back to A Chany outfit,  Cell phone's do not work at height of plane when they were suppose to be in the air, back then cell phone's had their Limit's, missing  hour not found to be in the air, She thinks they were taken to a holding warehouse, She thinks that people on the plane thought they were going along with a Drill, they were killed on the plane in the warehouse, Code's suppose to be used by Air line-Stew's  above all things they stick to  what has been taught & drilled in to them, one person making call to home said, "There not here their upstairs , that's why She thinks they were in a Warehouse, why She thinks it is an inside job, Security Cam's removed from where people entered  area to broad plane, She was ask by one interviewing Her, "How could people plan on killing all those people before & after, how they had no Conscience, that they didn't look back with regret", She answered, "These Men gave no pause, no regret, they are not human like we are, they have no Soul's",  no doubt thinking former CIA Asses used as Hit Men, in other word's trained & experience Cold as Ice, lot more She brought up but I can't recall now, She had written a Book on  her deep research in this from a stand point of knowing how those Air Line-Stew's were suppose to act & talk, Many people connected to  Air lines contacted her after reading Her book higher ups, said they agreed with her break down of inside job

    • paul fowler says:

            First time a steel and concrete structure collapsed completely do to  fire. Building number 7 came down at around 5pm , it fell at the rate of free fall into it's own foot print . Demolition experts say that couldn't happen without a lot of help.

           Stranger yet , the BBC reported building 7 came down before it did .No the reporter wasn't Edgar Cassey .

    • paul fowler says:

        Cessna flight training does not prepare you to fly commercial jets like stunt pilots .

    • Gary says:

      All four were eventfully found. FBI said not them even though marked and hauled them away. Its a recent story by the founders of them, all found separably 

  51. Nikola says:

    My English is not so good, so I will keep it short.
    About film vaxxed. I am not in any position to see this film because I live to far to cam.Why don't they put it on internet for every one to see? 
    Like you do Dane, on this site. And thank you for that. 
    The message from this film is to important, and in this way, it is not going to reach everyone.
    I am spreading the message, but people are asking the same question that I just did, and I do not know how to answer.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nikola, yes, I also hope VAXXED is soon made available on DVD, I think this will be the case after a few more of the major screenings. Lets hope so.

    • D says:

      I wanted to address this real quick, seeing as I contacted some of the people working with the Vaxxed film about this exact same issue of making the documentary more readily available to people by making it freely available on the internet. I not only gave detailed advice on how they could easily make that happen but even would have helped personally make that happen with the experience I have. They rejected the notion of making it freely available because they are too concerned with making money. I'm not attempting to tarnish anyones name here or diminish the quality of the work of the film, but I personally feel it's unacceptable to put funding issues over the need to spread awareness on an important subject, especially when they are not mutually exclusive. Maybe you would have more sway over the people there at Vaxxed Dane…maybe not. I'm still here to make online distribution available for free though, as soon as capitalism releases it's grip.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello D, thank you for sharing your experience with the documentary source. I know that Dr. Wakefield, Dell Bigtree, and Polly Tommey don’t have control of the films distribution. I will hope that progress is made toward publlic distribution of the film and will converse about this point with Dr. Wakefield and the VAXXED crew when we connect. Hopefully Cinema Libre ( the film producer) will consider public distribution soon, I certainly agree with you D, such a distribution is absolutely imperative.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Follow Vaxxed on FB if you can. They post a lot of updates. Del Bigtree (producer of Vaxxed), said the movie will be released on the internet and DVD, but they are still busy promoting the movie. He said there are a couple of other excellent documentaries on vaccines, that didn't seem to go anywhere, because they released it early on the internet. They have just purchased a motorhome and are converting it into a travelling office (studio). They are hoping to start driving around the U.S. doing more major promotion of the movie within the next 2 weeks. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Colleen, yes, just got a message from Dr. Wakefield that the VAXXED bus is coming to the Redding event on August 5th, or at least that is the plan. 

  52. Greg O says:

    Thanks as always, Dane.  There appears to be a new delivery system in the skies.  The thin, wispy, striated clouds seem to just appear over the mountains, already spread out without the usual dispersion lines.  On all fronts, we are being assaulted.  This insanity is amplifying  in a magnitude that is unbelievable!  I am deeply indebted to you for your constant presence , delivering the facts and truth that hopefully will wake up the world population to the horrific challenges we face as a species, as well as all forms of life on this planet.  As always, I am honored to march in this good fight with you, no matter what the outcome is.  Your amigo in the mountains,  Greg

  53. Free Energy Technologies says:

    A critical mass of awareness is essential but if people refuse to wake up which may not be on our control just incase that happens start grasping the idea of tribulation(end of days ) it is not of our will that we end up perishing the harder we work the less the chance of that happening let this concern you or scare you in a good way peace.

    • Look at all the things Govt are behind, Man-Made Drought in California the food basket to the World, & Chem-Trail's  Killer Vaccines , Smart Meter's, Cell Tower's  all effect our bodies as well as GMO Food, It is Depopulation of a Nation, I address this to Dane, surly they must have a Antidote  that protect's these people that are behind delivery of all these things, We have to wake the Sleeping up it will take all of us One Voice at a time then Together demanding a stop of these things , I never seen so many sick children & adult's it's Shameful  we are God's Children  not to be Slaughtered one Weapon at a time used, all I listed are weapon's used to Depopulate us, God! Help! Us

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      Sharon O ,   Keep sounding the alarm that there may be people who would listen and want to know the truth that are lost because the truth is being heavily suppressed by the powers that no longer be.

  54. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    Alberta's Climate leadership plan to Breathe cleaner Air!!! David Dodge(Clean Energy Futures) is now after the Teens in High School…He's teaming up now with Shannon Phillips (Minister of Environment and Parks) Who last year said Alberta was on it's way to being the most Polluted Province in Canada. Then after Naughtly had a Bad Girl meeting with her, her story changed to the Air in Alberta is just Great!!! Liar, Liar Pants on Fire! They are visiting all the High Schools to get them onboard with their schemes. They sing in the end of the commercial… OOOH, OOOH, What doesn't Kill Us, Makes Us Stronger, I Guess I'm Stronger Now!!! OMG! Evil, such Evil! Not to mention the Arrogance. It isn't just SRM if they spray us all night long too. They are trying their damnedest  to keep us low in temperatures. Four weeks of rain now. Funnel Clouds Twisters, Tennis Ball sized Hail and it's just Normal! Wink, Wink. We have no Ocean nearby. This is not B.C. during the Winter. This is not Scotland or England. This is the Hot Dry Prairies with Months of Warm Dry Cloudless Weather, Blue Sky and Sunshine during the Summer. Mother Nature knew when we needed Rain that's why we have grown field's of Grains in Alberta since it was developed by our fore Fathers. They are now compensating Farmers for poor crops to keep them Shut Up. Now we have Mushrooms growing in open areas, Lakes closed due to Fungi and Bacteria issues. Trees look like Hell. Dying all through the Rockies and of course it's blamed on the Pine Beetle. As Dane says, it's the Symptom. They hit the Rockies Hard. It can't help but make a person Cry to see how bad, the Sick and Dying Trees look like in the Banff and Jasper areas. They can't take much more. No longer are there Rainbows and Calgary's HISTORICAL Chinook Arch is NO LONGER. The Northern Lights are Rare. I walked out of a Hardware store last week. The Sky was covered in a Toxic haze and in a patch of Blue that dared to show itself was a Jet flying through. I muttered to myself and right behind me walked a Women with her friend and a child in a stroller, The Women stated "oh it's Sunny"! I was speechless and torn to ask her where the Sun was. I couldn't have pointed it out if I tried. I will never forget her. And felt such despair for change when a Full Cloudy Sky is now Sunny. God help us all.

    • LS says:

      We developed some mildew in our greenhouse and when we asked our rancher friend what to use he said "propel". That is Propel as in made by Gatorade for human consumption. Who knew that we need an anti mildew in our performance water or that it treats mildew in the greenhouse??!!!   Use full strength.

      Keep up the good work. You lift me up.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      Today is the last day of the Calgary Stampede, here in Calgary, Alberta. People come here from all over the world to experience this 10 day event. Over the years we have had all types of weather. Heat, cold, snow, rain/hail, severe thunderstorms, plus many beautiful days. This year, was the craziest weather we have ever had. For the last 2 weeks we have been under almost constant thunderstorm watches/warnings. The constant heavy cloud cover full of tons of moisture,  produced torrential rain storms, which seemed to happen almost every 2 hours. 3 days these storms caused significant flooding. Evenings were always cool.   A few times these rain clouds parted, exposing the usual aerosol cloud cover. Our blue sky days are long gone here.  I have never seen the atmosphere so electrically charged, producing daily lightning. One weather chart shows southern Alberta covered in a weather system in the shape of a wheel. This wheel keeps slowly turning, keeping this weather system in place, unable to move on. The lack of sunshine, I think has affected peoples moods. In the last few years here in southern Alberta, there seem to be a lot more weather systems moving in from the U.S.

  55. Alistener says:

    Thanks for all that you do, I have been listening to your show for a few months now.  I appreciate you adding information about the medical industrial complex in with your programs.  Does anyone really think they'd add poison to vaccines and that's the only problem there?  Not to mention that there are many further arguments against vaccines being effective at all – see for example Suzanne Humphries' book "Dissolving Illusions".  I just read "Don't Let Your Doctor Kill You" about the many conflicts of interest in the industry.  There's a video series "The Truth About Cancer," and Dr. David Brownstein's blog and books about vaccines, statins, and more.  Not to mention psychological drugs – Robert Whitaker's "Anatomy of an Epidemic" is eye opening.  As one of an increasing number of people affected by auto-immune diseases I have been looking into this for just a couple of years now but it has changed my mind and opened my eyes about a lot.  That is what lead me to your site after experiencing some truly unnatural seeming weather.  Again, thanks for all you do – there are just always more layers to peel back.  I think the medical complex problems are the hardest for many people to open their minds to because we are all affected on such a personal level.

    • Alistener, Take it a step on, why have the Doctor's  been found dead? over 250 Especially  Natural health Doctor's, the Doctor's that discovered what was in the Vaccine's & found a cure,  bringing Children back to Normal health before Vaccine's, it go's very deep Big Phrama !  God Help! Us all & all the Children that deserve to have a Normal Life  In Jesus name Protect them & have Mercy on all our Country's because the Chem-Trail's are in  almost every Country. !

  56. Martha says:

    Dane, thanks for another great broadcast filled with compelling information and for promoting VAXXED. Speaking of vaccines, I got a disturbing phone message yesterday. I check caller ID and ignore  calls when I suspect it's a telemarketer or other entity I don't want to waste time on. I've received several calls in the recent past that I've ignored from: 312-578-7017 that shows up as "National Opinion."

    Yesterday, a message was left instructing me to call a specific number to report the vaccine status of all children in my household of a specific age. I regret that I deleted it so quickly and didn't retain the specifics. The wording used made it clear to me that they're not seeking "opinions" but want information – probably very specific information about you and your family – so heads up on that. Here's a link that may block robo-calls for some carriers (I haven't tried it yet):

    Does anyone know of a particulate mask or air filter that can effectively handle what we're being subjected to?

    • Carol says:

      Google CDC goes door to door.  The CDC makes these calls to check up on vaccine compliance.  They also go door to door wanting people to participate in a "health survey"  but really they are checking on vaccine compliance.  They showed up twice at my friend's house here in Minnesota, and she refused to talk to them.  They came back again, they are very aggressive and won't take no for an answer.  Medical fascism seems to be upon us unless we stand up and put a stop to this hideous system.  Also, google CDC mobile labs.


    • Dennie says:

      The particulates are now nano-sized and go through every known filter.  They don't make any filters that can screen this out.

    • Charlotte Collins says:

      HI Martha…N100 nanoparticulate mask available only at construction/ mining  businesses as far as I know. Thanks to Larry for informing me about that on this site also! Too bad we have to use them but I sure don't choke as much , helps immediately … for me anyway. Costs about $16.00 with tax up here in Saskatchewan Canada.  Take care Martha.

    • Martha says:

      I was able to retrieve the message which wasn't a robocall after all but a real person at a call center. The message in a very friendly, disarming voice stated: "Hello, I'm calling on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We're conducting a nation wide survey about childhood immunizations. Will you please call us toll free at______________ and let us know whether or not there are any children between 12 months and four years old living or staying in this household."

      The door to door campaign is concerning and even more intrusive.

    • Veritas says:

        N100 mask's are available on Amazon. They will not however filter out the nano particles as they are much smaller. Everything these day's seems to be a matter of degree's however and every bit of the poison you don't ingest is directly correlated to how long you will live. Here is a link below to some N100 masks, they are a much better solution then nothing.

       The problem is that the Cabal behind all this madness have more money and resource's than any people to ever exist in recorded history. As such they have technology that we will not see for many decade's if ever, to mitigate the damages for themselves. I am certain that technology used in " Clean Room's " to build electronics or study biological agent's exists that can filter this poison out, but is far beyond our mean's to acquire. I guarantee the Rothschild's, Warburg's, George Soros, Bill Gates, and all these other psychotic trillionaire's and billionaire's have water and air filtration us peasant's could only dream of. The only thing their money will not buy them is control over us all, and that is what they are currently pursuing with their Talmudic/Bolshevik ideal's, using our stolen money, technology, and resource's.

         Regarding the CDC asshole's, they are making a database of those who are good cattle, and those who still have a working brain and think for themselves. They always try to use fear as a weapon to beat you into submission, their Master's taught them well.

  57. The Inauguration of Police State USA. Towards a Democratic Dictatorship? Prof Michel Chossudovsky/Global Research
    National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) HR 1540… Barely noticed by our mainstream media,  HR 1540 (signed into law by president Obama on December 31, 2011) has set the stage for the repeal of constitutional government,  not to mention the development of the “Surveillance State”, which has recently been the object of heated debate. The American republic is fractured. The tendency is towards the establishment of a totalitarian State, a military government dressed in civilian clothes. The adoption of  the “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), HR 1540) is tantamount to the militarization of law enforcement, the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act and the Inauguration in 2012 of Police State USA. As in the Weimar Republic in Germany in the 1930s … Domestic radical groups and labor activists constitute…a threat to the established economic and political order. The media is complicit in the demise of constitutional government. All the components of Police State USA are currently in place. … They include: Extrajudicial assassinations of  alleged terrorists including US citizens, in blatant violation of the Fifth amendment  “No person shall. .. be deprived of life. .. without due process of law.” The indefinite detention of US citizens without trial, namely the repeal of Habeas Corpus. The establishment of “Internment Camps” on US Military Bases under legislation adopted  in 2009. Under the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act (HR 645) the “Internment Camps”. can be used to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security.” The FEMA internment camps are part of the Continuity of Government (COG), which would be put in place in the case of martial law.  The internment camps are intended to “protect the government” against its citizens, by locking up protesters as well as political activists who might challenge the legitimacy of the Administration’s national security, economic or military agenda.

    • thankyou susan, i have been aware of these things for sometime. thankyou for pointing this out for the people who may not have been aware of it. i mentioned this to my younger brother, but he refused to even consider this.keith crawford

    • Dennie says:

      "The New World Order will be brutal, but short."  — Michael C. Ruppert

    • Dennie says:

      Susan:  Before he died, Michael C. Ruppert addressed the question of domestic internment camps.  These were part of the Bush II Nazi Crime Family Cabal's Plan for Americans, championed by the likes of Rummy and Cheney, but we were later told that plans for widespread rounding up and locking away of Americans wholesale was shelved and by 2013 were off the table.  The rumors persist today mainly on the internet echo machine and in the camps of 9-11 Truth Movement hijackers like Alex Jones, a media personality having known ties to Stratfor, an Israeli intelligence gathering outfit that also started doing business, with identical mission statement, in Austin TX, in the same year, 1996:

    • JJ says:

      Carol, tell your friend to call the sheriff and have her taken away for trespassing after being asked to leave.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, I think many many know most of this.  But, maybe not the details nor the full extent of this disaster.  My neighbor friend, and I do like her so much, we recently had our first spat ever: over politics!  She was all for Bernie.  Urged me, but I needed no urging.  When it began to look as if he was giving up, she switched to Hillary, which based on my extensive research and experience with, I could not and will not do.  She flipped, pulling the Trump fear card.  She got very upset with me.  when I said that I knew more about all this than she did, she was highly offended.  I said I did not intend to offend her, it just is true!  She asked if I recalled what was going on when he was first elected.  Well, of course! and he worried me from the beginning.  Nothing to do with color of skin, but his promises sounded too good, and I wondered what was up with getting a constitutional expert.  Well, that has become all too clear.  And it gets worse and worse.  I don't want to argue with her.  So I'd dropped it but still feel like explaining.  How very well I remember and I could have voiced it to her in a way she'd understand, or else it may have been the end of our relationship.  Like so many, she feels he inherited the problems, and was opposed at every turn.  Uh huh. Yes, when he "won" the election #1, Bush et al had destroyed the economy, people's savings and homes, including hers, as Wall Street "walked".  So, "they" toss us a bone, a 'black' president and all were so pleased, finally, someone who could understand the people.  Finally, equality.  Talk about racial prejudice! Some kind of weird flip side of.  Reverse of.  And the bones kept coming.  And kept getting bigger.  Like legalizing 'weed'.  As in let the people be too stoned to notice or care what is going on.  Internet for all and all wired!  For pleasure.  Forever I've wondered how the IRS could just let America's biggest cash crop go untaxed!  But hello, the government and big pharma now have plans for the government to take over this sacred herb in entirety.  Few have caught on to that yet but it is coming soon.  This election, in order for the police state to proceed, one of "them" had to win, and so they gave us Hillary, seemingly another bone as in a woman president!  Yay!  Never mind that she's a major criminal and war hawk, chock full of Dark Money, far removed from "the people" and the times now, trying desperately to sound relevant to younger people, failing, and the dog and pony show began.  Obviously the opposition on the Republican side was no where near serious as this is now one government and Hillary needed to follow the course, but they had to make it look like a real election when it is not.  Bernie was a bit of a surprise that no one expected to go so far and to net so many young people, forcing Hillary to make some changes which she certainly does not intend to keep.  And Trump plays the buffoon so well!  Apparently almost no one likes Hillary, just the best? of the options left since they pushed Bernie out of the way while capitalizing on the peoples he energized, and pulling the fear card concerning Trump.  Wonder how he likes being played?  This has been the most transparently ridiculous election I can remember ever.  All the chess pieces are in place and by god they are gonna stay that way!  We are so screwed.  Obama has done such harm, but none believe it, they say, but the opposition, what could he do?  And now we know why they wanted a constitutional expert!  I don't see anyway out of this mess.  I sure as hell am not going to sign my name to it.  Have 'black' lives matter issues gotten better?  No.  Worse in fact.  So, what are we to do?  A full on real revolution would be nice if not for the downside already in place and in force.  We could hope that our bloated military will bail, but Really?  I keep remembering my Chinese history studies back when.  A major revolution every 200 years for 4,000 years, the military on behalf of the people against the grown corrupt power structure.  What are the odds?  In the land of Pokemon?

  58. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    I am such a Fan of yours Dane. I have researched your documentation and have watched the Sky for many years in Alberta and have seen daily weather warfare laid on us. Yet there is one thing I cannot accept that you say; We need these Pilots to help us. I think these Adult boys and girls are Faulty, Defective, Unworthy of living on Our Planet. They've shown by flying one of these Toxic spraying aircrafts more than once, that money is more important then the health of Our Planet or any Living being. Their Wives and or Husbands are no different, they too are enjoying the fruits of their spouses labor. And what kind of Parent wouldn't know what their Son or Daughters are doing for a living? How can any feeling person be proud of them and not feel anything but Shame and Contempt? For all those that have spoken out or quit their jobs, I have nothing but respect for. THANK YOU. You are Moral and have Integrity. Which this World is Greatly lacking in. When you've signed a Gag order, you know what you're doing is WRONG! If I could fly a Jet, I could put two and two together. We are not talking about idiots!!! These are specialized Pilots. Shame, Shame, Shame! I want to conk their heads together like Moe. WAKE UP, You are living in La, La, Land! YOU ARE KILLING US! And working for the devil. I am SICK and TIRED of Hearing them and Seeing these aircraft. I Hope you Feel the Disdain I feel for you when you fly over. We Know what you are doing. We See and Hear you flying over us each day. You are Fools! I Don't like You. I Hope it's worth it! Enjoy your Blood Money. When you stand before GOD, you cannot say; but I was told by others to do this or that virtue was not convenient at the same time. This will not suffice. Your Soul is in your keeping alone.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Gail, yes, certainly I and countless others feel the same angst as you in regard to what is happening in our skies and toward those that are participating in the insanity. It is important to remember and consider that the majority involved are either compartmentalized (and are not being told what they are a part of), and/or they are being told they are a part of a planetary saving effort.  I personally spoke to a KC-135 pilot, face to face, that had no idea what he was participating in. When he finally started asking questions, he ended up medicated and place behind a desk. A critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. FYI

  59. Cell Phone Radiation Study Confirms Cancer Risk
    By Lennart Hardell /Global Research, July 16, 2016 /The Bioinitiative
    The National Toxicology Program under the National Institutes of Health has completed the largest-ever animal study on cell phone radiation and cancer.  The results confirm that cell phone radiation exposure levels within the currently allowable safety limits are the “likely cause” of brain and heart cancers in these animals, according to Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the NTP.
    One in twelve (12) male rats developed either malignant cancer (brain and rare heart tumors) or pre-cancerous lesions that can lead to cancer.  Tumors called schwannomas were induced in the heart, in the same kind of cells in the brain that have lead to acoustic neuromas seen in human studies.  The NTP says it is important to release these completed findings now given the implications to global health.  No cancers occurred in the control group. …“The animal study confirms our findings in epidemiological studies of an increased risk for glioma and acoustic neuroma among people that use wireless phones, both cell phones and cordless phones (DECT).  Acoustic neuroma is a type of Schwannoma …  It is now time to re-evaluate both the cancer risk and other potential health effects in humans from radiofrequency radiation and also inform the public.”  says Hardell. “This NTP evidence is greatly strengthening the evidence of risk, is sufficient to reclassify cell phone radiation as a known cancer-causing agent, and confirms the inadequacy of existing public safety limits.”

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, There were a lot of tests done around the Bay here, way back when, particularly in Marin as a seemingly unusual amount of women had breast cancer and some brain cancers.  I have WiFi now instead of hard wired so that I can make long distance calls to my brother in law in SD which I need to do almost daily and I am so poor.  With this "bundled" deal, calls are free.  My landline was hard wired and had a long cord which I tripped over all the time as did others.  Got talked into a cordless landline that has a charger it sits in.  Would this apply to the above?  I mean I refuse a cell phone and would even if I could afford one.  I have so much trouble getting my little family to pay any attention to these warning.  More than ten years ago, trying to warn people was like trying to get people hip to geoengineering!  Finally, some use headsets which to my understanding is better.  For myself though, what about my cheap landline, now portable without cord, but charged?  When trying to explain to Comcast guy some of the problems I was having with stuff and told him I turn WiFi off at night, he made a face, said, well that is a large part of your computer problems as we do updates and such during the night.  Sure enough, all goes much better if left on.  But, I don't like it!  But, for now, just asking about the land line with charger.  I'm thinking no, no harm, but?  My daughter actually carries her cell in her bra!!  Thinks I am over reacting!!  And, of course, the kids will not listen.  But, explaining to cable guy about the WiFi and turning it off, he says-But, you are swimming in it!  Look at all the ones in your immediate neighborhood!  It is everywhere here and the pole in front of your house; would do you no good at all to turn yours off.  Dang.  I know the immune system does its' work between 10PM and 2AM.  I really appreciated Dane's remarks on sleep in health habits recently.  All my life until relatively recently, I viewed sleep as the 'thief of time' kind of thing.  And lately, slipping back into staying up too late.  So, I'd thought given this immune time period, thought it would behoove me to turn it off at night.  It is true that this whole town is Wified to the max.

      I was surprised the study here reported heart cancer, which is pretty rare.  Owing I guess to how long lived heart cells are.  So, that should be a giant heads up!  Thank you!

  60. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Its not about how Hard you get hit its about how hard you can get hit how much can you take instead of never even bothering to try to be a winner that is what true failure is failure is death we must stand up we must be hungry for success we have to be able to take hard hits we have to get serious if you claim to value your children or pets if that's all you have "Get up don't ever give up we can make a comeback we are already on pain get a reward for it (success is the reward ) don't make excuses not to do anything show how great and righteousness you are don't participate in the system of death now what are you going to do go live in fear and do nothing because then you don't have to deal with all the pressure then you are the wicked because you are participating in the crime I approve this message.



    Thank you for this show more power to you.

  61. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 122nd email to my contact list, titled: 'Humidity'.

    1.  There has been much talk on recent BBC weather reports of high humidity.

    Humidity is the unseen water molecules in the air (water vapour).  Moisture is when that water vapour condenses and we see it as clouds etc.

    A 1ºC rise in temperature allows for a 7% increase in humidity.

    Climate Scientists and others 'in the know' are happy to talk about "The Uncontrolled Global Experiment" aka Geoengineering – but do not to mention the intensive spraying from aircraft to create clouds, and the controlled water vapour and moisture generation from power plants and other specifically designed units.

    The Heat Index shows the effect of temperature and humidity on our bodies – which can be deadly as high humidity restricts the evaporation of sweat and therefore hinders our body's ability to cool: 

    2.  During the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) about 56 million years ago, temperatures rose by 5ºC in 13 years and caused mass extinctions, because most animals and plants are unable to adapt that quickly.

    Sam Carana has been saying that temperatures could rise by 10ºC in the next 10 years.

    We are now being told that UK temperatures could reach 48ºC within the next few years.

    48ºC/118ºF is not even shown on the Wunderground graph linked above. 

    However, let's think about this: From which direction is this heat coming?

    a.  If from the south (mainland Europe), then that area will already be devoid of crops and grass (and therefore livestock and wildlife). This will lead to mass migrations of starving people northward (already started), and then food shortages and probably civil unrest here.

    b.  If from the north (laugh not, Alaska is currently averaging 20ºC, and last week several areas of the Arctic were over 30ºC), then since mainland Europe will also be heating up, the UK will be squeezed between two parts of Earth that can not support life as we know it.  This could happen very quickly should there be a large Arctic methane release. There are currently considerable methane releases happening in Alaska.  The Arctic is heating up at a much faster rate than anywhere else on earth, and once the Arctic ice has gone, it will heat 80 times faster (it takes 80 times more heat energy to melt ice at 0ºC than it does to heat the same amount of water by 1ºC).

    A very rough calculation, that does not allow for salinity, ocean currents, wind, methane releases, etc, etc, shows that the heat energy required to melt all the Arctic Sea Ice in one year could increase the temperature of the Arctic Ocean by about 10ºC per year (if no sea ice reforms the winter).

    Enter the Hypercane (Nepartak will seem minor in comparison): 

    3.  Has anyone else noticed how the Arctic Sea Ice loss has been running parallel to the 2015 graph since about 10 April?  Weird or not – aiming for a 3.7 million sq km minimum?    


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Andrew,  Doesn't look good, does it?  I come from the midwest of the US.  Born in Tulsa, then by age 7 to the Southwest in Arizona where we were told that while very hot, upside was no humidity.  Then to Kansas City area, about 10-20 miles into the Kansas side.  Summers were so difficult because of the humidity.  It could easily be 90-100 degrees F, in which I can function, but for the humidity which just sucks all the life outta you, makes you feel as if moving would be a very big deal.  Which is to say I get your point!  About 1980, my small then, daughter and I went to visit my "mother" in the Sonoran desert below Tucson, closer to Mexico.  It was 119 degrees F.  My daughter turned purple.  Still, it was interesting how one could function. I could, I was used to heat.  Night was always welcome, and for entertainment, the grand lightning displays down there were hours of fun.  Oddly, one reason I moved to Berkeley was the humidity which is quite different, or I should say was.  It was refreshing!  Here, we normally have but two seasons-wet and dry.  Summers are dry for at least 6 months.  The day my daughter was born in early November here, was the first day of rain.  Unlike KC, the rain was such that you could walk around in it comfortably.  It seldom got very cold, in summer we'd have some days 100 F.  This summer here has been quite chilly with wind which way ups the chill factor, and the winds have been sucking  whatever moisture out of the plants.  Still, so odd so cold.  We once had warm summers, usually pleasantly so.  Oh well!  So, as everyone is baking, I'm freezing, not literally but figuratively, and it confuses the plants.  Point is, I was acclimated to heat and to cold.  Daughter was not and cannot function when hot.  Winter of '72, her father and I in the eastern high desert of Nevada survived a winter that last I checked still held the record at 47 degrees F below zero!!!  I was so afraid we'd freeze to death!  He had but a heavy shirt for a jacket and seemed fine.  Used to cold.  so that even within our own lifetimes we've each become conditioned, each with different tolerances.  Just as people in say India, can stand the heat but can't wait for the monsoon.  I have a feeling there will be a whole lot of very grumpy people!

      It is clear that people in lower latitudes are way over heated, parched ground, no water, no food and much war.  So, seems to me, this country is trying to get prepared to fend off intruders, fleeing masses of people in desperation.  As you say, this will get worse. 

      How is Brexsit going for you now?  Is Scotland "hosting" fleeing immigrants?  Were you and your wife able to find other employment? What is the feeling with peoples where you live?  How are crops and livestock doing?  And the trees?

      Thanks as always for your informative posts!

    • Andrew from scotland says:


      1. you are quite right, it is Brexsit – they are sitting on it!  Only when someone signs the Article 50 will the 2 year negotiations and countdown begin – by which time I think the world will have changed dramatically, so all in all it is another contrived distraction and disinformation scheme.

      2. Some hosting going on – they are hidden away and extremely well looked after, much better off than most of the local 'working classes'.  Very few press reports about them.  What I hear is that they are often ungrateful, selfish, do not try to adapt to/understand our way of life, and can be aggressive and violent.  Oh the joys of being the good guys!

      3. Yes, extremely busy – we are both self employed…as one door closes another one opens.

      4.  People are waking up slowly, but not often prepared to do anything about it.  At least one can usually discuss it though – even if only for a short time.

      5.  Crops, livestock, trees:  We are nowhere near as bad as yourselves. It is only just starting to be noticeable – maybe the old saying that "UK is 7 years behind the US" still holds true for the moment.

      Many thanks. 

  62. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I choose to be a part of the solution! Until my last breath, without fear trepidation or timidity! Great show Dane! Thank You.

    • Free Energy Technologies says:

      I support your decision .

    • Steven, Remember year's ago they showed a Commercial  on TV  where the Indian walked along the river looking at all the garbage people had left, it showed the Indian with tears running down His face. That is all of us now at What Corp's Big Phrama , GMO  & Chem-Trail's along with vaccines, cell phone & cell tower's , Smart Meter's Man-Made Drought  we all have sorrow & tears, I saw how the Fix was in at the Court House in Sacramento, when we fought against required by law Vaccines to be given to all children, It was a Fix before our very eyes with Ca Senator Pan, it was a disgrace , watch the U-Tube Video of the  FIX  before your eyes!  As what happened with Hilery, comey &  Loretta  it's a high Mountain to climb, but never stop climbing, never stop praying ! We will not go silent into that night without a fight for our very lives & lives of our Children& Grand Children, we won't let Satan win  without fighting in Jesus Name against those in High Place's , their mind-set is Depopulation ! Our is to live the best we can until Jesus comes to breath clean air, to see Blue,Blue Sky's & Cloud's  & see happy children free of Illness , all of us well , God said, "To those that endure until the end, I will give a Crown To", God Bless    Dane W  & all those that will fight the good fight of faith to Fight the Enemy, these people are Evil ! & will stand before God on Judgment day for people's lives shattered by Children sicken unto death by Vaccines & Chem-Trail's,   " If God go before Us whom shall we fear", To fight  the weapons of warfare , God warned us, "You are in a Spiritual warfare , not of Flesh & Blood but wickedness & Evil in HIGH PLACES ",   Elite Corp's  Big ! Phrama  !  We will have Victory !  Together !

  63. Joy says:

    Very few people are considering the fact that ALL these things are just pieces to a much larger picture. They are being seduced into believing the upcoming "announcement" of a "worldwide solution" is the only answer. Thank you for all the updates. Keep up the good work.

  64. Paul Vk says:

    Hi Dane, 

    Here in Utah one of the lakes is having a massive algae bloom that has caused the entire lake to be closed, I was speaking with my mother that told me that their neighbor in southern Utah found a large bloom growing in their pool and that they told her that lots of people in Salt Lake City have had the same thing which I think is not normal. Knowing that high levels of phosphorus causes these blooms. Could this be being caused from the spraying. Oddly enough we have only had two days in about 30 that we have had planes flying it's been clear otherwise. Curious.


    thank you

    • BaneB says:

      Currently there are in tandem tropical storms swirling out of the Central American eastern Pacific.  This is keeping the weather control terrorists very busy with their transmitters microwaving these and any hurricanes  that form.  There is a large clockwise high pressure over the five state region of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and part of southern Utah.  There was an intense large tropical depression over northern Mexico and southern Arizona.  The weather manipulators blasted that with intense heating and it imploded into steam.  Had that followed the clockwise rotation of the high pressure installed over the larger region as mentioned, you can be sure the jets would have been spraying you in force.  These genocidal psychopaths do not want any rain into Southern California, and are trying to dry up the Colorado River drainage basin.  1pacificredwood has figured out these satanists and their weather warfare strategies. If only all weather persons (meteorologists) had not sold their souls to the devil.  But, a paycheck, pension, threats, and herd mentality shuts down truth.

    • bija says:

      Dane, you have made it so painfully clear how our media and journalists have become nothing more than mouthpieces for military, corporate and medical interests. Research, investigation, and unbiased reporting are a thing of the past except for the few who have distanced themselves from the pack and still remember how important it is to think, find facts, and ask the tough questions!

      On another note, there is nothing authentic about the weather here in Southern Arizona. Like many who have reported here, one might believe that the spraying has all but stopped in so many places all around the country. If only!!!  Even the short, bright trails haven't been obvious as of late. Some days are very blue with little plane activity to be spotted. And yet, even as we speak, the thunderheads that have been forming all day have all but been obliterated by some form of spraying, as has been the case nearly every day. Another NO MONSOON year! We have been treated to a few deluges accompanied by uprooted trees, flooding, and a fair amount of property damage. Our beautiful monsoon season has been hijacked now for several years!. The heat and excessive UV is nearly unbearable. I had no choice but to be out for over an hour today and came very close to heat exhaustion .I Have only experience that once in my life and that was when climbing out of a steep canyon for half a day. I'm pretty desert savvy and serious about protecting myself in the heat. But this is another animal altogether! So keep safe, everyone, in the upcoming countrywide heatwave!

      Still out there peddling the facts to anyone who will listen. Not much I can say here that hasn't already been said or is being said with a whole lot more smarts than I have to contribute. All of you, and the information you provide here, are how I keep going every day without feeling alone. Thanks everyone .

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