Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 11, 2016


Dane Wigington

Forests all over the globe are dying, Yosemite, California is no exception. I have just returned from a trip to this natural wonder and am still in a state of shock from witnessing the catastrophic tree die-off that is unfolding and accelerating there. I made the trip in order to connect with one of the world's most well known rock climbers, Ron Kauk, who is fully committed to exposing and halting the climate engineering/weather warfare assault.

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Yosemite National Park, California. Photo credit: Ron Kauk


Yosemite National Park, California. Photo credit: Ron Kauk

On other fronts, the power structures preparation for WWlll continues to be implemented, as the looming biosphere collapse is now fully forcing their position. The military industrial juggernaut will do anything in their power to maintain and expand control, regardless of the consequences to the planet's life support systems. An unfortunately high percentage of populations around the globe are still committed to keeping the insanity of industrialized/militarized society (and mass material/resource consumption) going. We are immersed in the zenith of human caused decimation to planet Earth. The last days of the Anthropocene epoch, the age of man. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Many who are already aware of the converging catastrophes we face are still standing idly on the sidelines, this must change. All who are aware of the truth have a burden to bear, a role to fulfill. An army of the awakened is desperately needed to help raise the consciousness of the "order followers" who are currently carrying out the bidding of the global power elite. Please help us in the desperate effort to effectively and efficiently sound the alarm.

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  1. wendy says:

    Humans will do anything,no matter how absurd,to avoid looking at their own shadows selves-Carl Jung 

    Natural "capital"? human "resources"? 

    thank you for all you do.i am a human being born on Mother Earth in a point in time and space that,according to my birth certificate,is the United States,inc. i wonder what is the point of "bashing" the "US" as the "evil hegemony" in the world? 


    • BaneB says:

      When one realizes the predicament is analogous to being on the Titanic,  whereby the aware travelers onboard know the facts about a mad captain and a greedy ego driven ship owner, the natural inclination is for self-preservation and to alert the other passengers of the impending collision with a iceberg.  The goal is for a course correction to avoid utter destruction.  Therefore, storming the wheelhouse and bashing down the door has a great deal of merit.

    • bill says:

      Some say the chem trails are coal ash. Radioactive by the way.

  2. Lori B says:

    Beaverton, Oregon as usual getting smoked and pummelled. This week we have 12 stripes at a time just like the Yosemite pictures, and ast week 'curves' and before that "criss cross'.  The "Drill" for Cascadia Rising ended ? Other events – Leave our water alone!- I'm sure it will catch up soon enough.  Here is site showing recent and year of die-offs (San Diego and Monterey latest) and lots of strange events and trends

  3. barbara larkin says:

     Here in the UK  this past week  has been excessive rain ,becoming absolute deluge ,the forcast for the week ahead  more deluge !   havent seen a  blue sky for weeks now , what i am beginning to understand fully is the multi layed  ,multi dimensional, hidden manipulations ,  above , below and on the surface of earth that is being played out ,i also fully realise the potential  of a dark negativity that has this planet in its grip, it is hard to aknowledge the reality that is possible for my grandchidren  in fact possibly no future at all, my heart is heavy with  a sadness to profound that i never  would have believed  in my youth. i have home made posters on the back of my car , iam attemting to put together a file of info for local radio to invite a phone in of discussion,  i am not a proffessional person so to speak but that does not really matter ,i will do my best to inform people , i have a huge respect for all you do at geoengineeringwatch and those who work to expose climate engineering ,i am humble in my attempts,to inform and do much research to gain understanding ,to learn ,  i hope with all my heart  humanity can  awaken so much more and show a love for earth that they have forgotten,,  with great respect for all who work so devotedly towards this  thankyou 

  4. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Dane,

    Like so many others, I am very grateful to you for your wisdom and your colossal efforts working for the greater good and for the forum you have provided here to enable connection, support, and precious information in this all important issue.  I've been listening to your radio shows and videos for a long time now and want to offer my heartfelt thanks.  Dr. Barry's report was disturbing to hear, but not too hard to believe.  Along with Wes and others on this site who feel lonely and depressed having awareness and knowledge of our dire situation, being able to express such sentiments within a caring community is helpful.  I often wonder how you find the strength to do what you do day after day, being the ever-vigilant champion for this issue when the message is so weighted with doom.  

    I just returned from a week-long road trip starting in Temecula, California and I drove all through central and southern Oregon. I noticed that they are spraying just as heavily in northern Cal and Oregon as they do up north where I live in Alaska. It was sad to see all the beautiful old growth evergreens suffering and dying along the roads and highways. Sometimes, while driving down the road, an old familiar tune comes to mind.  In my head, I've revised the lyrics to fit my musings and mood whenever I see those disturbing damned jet-sprayed trails overhead — which is sadly almost every day.

    (My adapted version of Peter, Paul and Mary’s song, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” I understand the wisdom in avoiding the ineffective pejorative: chemtrail; but substituting: “geo-engineered weather” or “sprayed toxic-trails” or “poisonous aerosol dispersals” would sure sound awkward.)


    Where have all the blue skies gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the clear skies gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the real clouds gone?
    Toxic chem-trails took them everyone. Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

    Where has all the fresh air gone, long time passing?
    Where has all the pure water, long time ago?
    Where have all the clean beaches gone?
    Gone for profit everyone.
    Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

    Where have all the forests gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the farmlands gone, long time ago?
    Where have all our freedoms gone?
    Gone for greed everyone
    Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

    Where have all the protests gone, long time passing?
    Where has all participation gone, long time ago?
    Where have all the defenders gone?
    Gone to screens and smart phones everyone.
    Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

    Where have all the safe streets gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the good jobs gone, long time ago?
    Where has all the honest news gone?
    Gone to corruption everyone.
    Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?

    Where have all the songbirds gone, long time passing?
    Where have all the honeybees gone, long time ago?
    Where has all the wildlife gone?
    Apathy and Evil killed them everyone.
    Oh, when will we ever learn?
    Oh, when will we ever learn?


    God bless you and your family Dane and all the good people here sharing on your website.  

    Love, Hope and Warmest Regards,

    Sue from Alaska



    • BaneB says:

      Sue from Alaska:  being curious about Southeast Alaska skies, I found the KPU Ketchikan webcams, six of them around that town.  Yep, there are jets spraying there.  And the atmosphere is often saturated with a almost blinding flourescent white glow.  Granted, the rain there is often days and weeks on end, but having resided there for a number of years, there were no geoengineering jets spraying the atmosphere.  NONE!  Looking south with a sweeping view of the Tongass Narrows, one can see the high strangeness in the atmosphere.  Thanks for the rewording that classic folk song.  Anthemic.

    • Debra says:

      Hi Sue, this is beautiful.  I'm copying it!   Thank you,  Deb 

    • Robin Sings says:

      Hi Blue Sue and Dane,  

      I am in SF and am disheartened and scared by what I see in the skies since the start of 2016. Additionally, I was also very sick from it 2x, a month apart only and it was painful in my joints beyond any sickness in my life prior with a high fever and unlike the regular cold or flu. Now, I avoid going out on windy days as the wind pushes those particles into the system easier and best to avoid high winds at all causes. Take it from me, someone who was so intensely sick from chemtrails. Ironically, after the SuperBowl was held here in SF is when I got sick the first time. Funny, how they had perfect blue skies and 72 degree weather for that billion dollar event. They don't care about people of SF or any people for that matter as no one who wanted to see that sporting event could even afford it! It was only for the elite and those who order the spraying in the first place.  I have a hard time dealing with this very real circumstance and reality in which we live right now. I am a sensitive spiritual person who cares deeply about the earth and look to nature for retreat and a place of peace. As a musician and singer, I need to breathe in the air and am afraid to now. What a horrific thought this is. Sigh. I have made those who seem interested more aware of the situation, but people have a hard time believing it, or believe it but don't know how to deal with it in daily life.  I have a litany of chemtrail herbs, tinctures and vitamins to take to counter the effects but can't always keep up with it. I do my best. I wonder if any person or you Dane have made any headway to get through to the right people to start outlawing this awful spraying that is meant to deal with global warming but intending to reduce human existence? Or, are we just doomed?  I also recently thought of the song, "Where have all the flowers gone?" It came to my mind so randomly too with sadness in my heart. I do wonder why I am on this earth at this time in existence…

  5. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    The Western Atlantic Ocean has experienced an eleven (11) year Tropical Storm/Hurricane Suppression. I know who and what is the cause to this phenomenon (Climate Modification/GeoEngineering). This Hurricane Season 2016 has already experienced 3 named storms ( 2 Tropical Storm's & 1 Hurricane). Hurricane Alex formed on January 13 through January 15, with peak sustained winds of 85 mph & a minimum central pressure (intensity) of 981 millibars. When Hurricane Alex became a Hurricane on January 14, it became only the second Hurricane to form, in the month of January, since Hurricane One in 1938. Alex was also, only one of four Tropical or Subtropical Storms forming in the Atlantic in the month of January, in recorded history. Tropical Storm Bonnie May 27 – June 5 with 45 mph peak winds and a minimum central pressure of 1006 millibars, was the second named storm for 2016. Tropical Storm Colin passed over the Central Gulf Coast & Northeast Florida, on Monday June 6. Colin with 50 mph peak winds and a minimum central pressure of 1000 millibars, was the earliest third named storm (letter C) in recorded history. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is June 1 through November 30. What will the pattern be this Season? I'm sure someone or the one's in control know the Forecast and intensity of each Tropical Storm and/or Hurricane! 

  6. Deanna says:

    In the Pittsburgh are skies were quiet of spraying for about 10 days following Memorial day. There were about 6 days of natural looking skies and clouds. Spraying has resumed over the past few days, today I photographed as much of the activity as I could from my vantage point. I have pics of heavy spray abrubtly ending at another line, I was making a vid when it stopped mid spray, and the jet zoomed off to the North. I searched the skies and found it had circled around and was making a line heading South. After this the haze formed radio wave like patterns appeared in it, forming straight line formations from at least four different directions, all pointing to one area of the sky. I took pics of this, as the NOAA satellite imagery was down for maintenance during this timeframe of the geoengineering event. All normal air traffic in the area is flying very low under all of this. I took a pic of two jets flying low in formation, not spraying heading Northeast. This does not look like SRM because the clouds are not buildind. Looks more like a high pressure ridge build up to bump the jet stream. I hear a contast high pitch note, but not insect like. These are my observations from East of Pittsburgh. 

    • concerned says:

      I hear the constant high pitch sound also, get pounded in the sourthern part of NJ, where most of the military bases are.  There are no prevailing winds any more, constantly changing direction with seconds.  Everyone is having ear pressure, chronic fatigue and respiratory problems.  Recently a co worker, who has been suffering these symptoms as I took a cruise to Bemuda.  She said as soon as she left NY, her sinus's, ears and allergies ceased.  When she came back, within 2 days, all the symptoms returned and I could hear it in her voice.  She now is saying her young daughter is having the same issues.  Dr's tell her it is just allergies or maybe the start of a "cold".  IMHO, the extra low frequencies, that "they" are purposely emitted, then conducted thru the chemtrails, is what is truly making us sick.  Our bodies function based upon electromagnetism..our brain, our heart, neurons…."they" are purposefully disrupting our normal electromagnetic field to make a weak and sick.  same with wildlife, if not more so.  That needs to be exposed as well!!

      I too see how the planes are flying low under the chemclouds…I am not in an area that every sees much airplane, because I do not live by an commercial airport, but by god, the military planes, are flying so low, like never before.  lately, planes seem to have been rerouted, instead of staying off the way off the coast t head for NY airports, they are flying inland, closer to the mainland bays.  

      I encourage everyone to do the research of extra low frequencies (ELF's)  and the effects.  The problem now is, "they" have so many of these particles in the ionosphere, even when it appears to be a "clear" day, I can still feel the ELF's…this is not about solar radiation management, this is about changing the frequencies around us so we remain sick/fatigued.    I know exactly when they turn it up, I get whalloped with this overwhelming dizsiness, the pressure in my ears is so instense, I get stomach cramps, and when I look out at the pond waters, the water is reflecting those frequencies, it looks like a a pot of boiling water.  Remember, our body is made of of 90% water, so these ELF's are doing the same thing to us.

    • BenBarzman says:

      Yes i hear the high pitched noise to!!! It is constant but oscillates up and down back and forth, kindof hard to describe, but always in the same pitch range and defiantly man made/digital sounding, not tinnitus. Some days its so terrible i just want to go to bed and cry, but then its to loud to sleep.

  7. Alan says:

    The Navy's partnership with Scripps Institute of Oceanography has been a long-standing one.  But, this latest"in your face" reminder of the real purpose of the research being conducted there is almost too much to bear – particularly the casual acknowledgment that there will be an ice-free path across the North Pole by 2030 without any mention of the environmental calamity that will result from it.  Unbelievable.

  8. Ernie from Portland says:

    Hello Dane,

    Last week, there was a notable Siberian heat wave over most of the land base of Russia, which overflowed into the Laptev and East Siberian Seas. Yet, the overall Arctic ice extent managed to resist much of this excessive warming. Was there a massive aerosol distribution during that time and is it something that can be monitored via the internet (such as earth.nullschool, etc)?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ernie, about the Arctic, yes, massive chemical ice nucleation assaults are occuring there as the power structure becomes ever more desperate to slow down the ice melt. They cannot offord the headline of an ice free Arctic at the end of this years melt season. This being said, every action the geoengineers make is only further destroying what is yet left of Earth’s life support systems. FYI

  9. Steven says:

    D.W., What do you mean by, "avoid black and white dichotomous thinking"? Do you think the mass global realization of a shadow government conducting geo engineering above our heads and behind our backs is enough to cause WWIII? And do you think this entity has already thought of this? Is 'global warming' itself a manufactured 'patsy' so to speak, a fake justification to spray? Truth in Trinity

    ps Dane do you send out email reminders of local events and meetings? I am 2.5 hours from Redding and would love to attend in show of support. You have many supporters here in Trinity County and us mountain people respect you and see the root of the damage first hand. I'll never watch Mike Kruger or KRCR again, I always had this feeling that he was a liar. Thanks Sir.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, about not thinking dichotomously, we simply must remember and consider that the equation of geoengineering/SRM/weather warfare,etc, is complex, as are countless other global events. Yes about about global conflict, as unfolding catastrophies close in from all sides, and the masses begin to wake, the power structure will be more dangerous than ever. About the planet, it is not just warming, but in total meltdown with geoengineering helping to fuel the overall fire (though again, there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the climate system, not a black and white equation, this is a primary point to remember if we are to retain credibility). 

  10. AWESOME…do watch… :o)
    "On contact" with Chris Hedges (Episode 1)
    Tariq Ali: Global revolt against corporate capitalism & inequality.
    In the first episode of ‘On Contact’, host Chris Hedges discusses the global revolt against corporate capitalism with radical intellectual and author Tariq Ali. Ali talks about how the world banking system pitched Greece and other European countries into financial difficulties, and how big business may be behind the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil joins the show with a report on global inequality.
    Recorded from RT, On contact , June 12, 2016

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Everybody..

      Mrs Susan, maybe this is the beginning..

      Awesome News!

      A Revolution is needed,

      starting among the High Ranks of the MILITARY and among the High Ranks of the Police too. Starting in the US. The big Heads of this piracy are in the US, as we all KNOW.






      Good Luck to Us All.

  11. Grant Jones says:

    In our human desire to solve this malady we miss that this Earth, GAIA, has already responded to the imbalance we have imposed upon "Her". Our hope is that we can preserve enough that humanity can document the evolution of Gaia as she heals herself.  And in that healing we learn to be in harmony with this wonderous Earth that provides for us. If not we will be another layer in the geologic history for some future creature to ponder. We will all die, yet we here attempt to save a truth for all.  Many thanks folks.

  12. Alan says:

    This a portion of William Clark's journal entry of July 4, 1804, when the expedition was in Kansas.  I edited it a little bit for readability but left the spelling, punctuation and capitalization pretty much as it appears in the journal.  We can't be too critical of Clark's writing because, for his time and place, he was well above average in that skill. 

    "The Plains of this countrey are covered with a Leek Green Grass, well calculated for the sweetest and most norushing hay—interspersed with Cops [copses] of trees, Spreding their lofty branchs over Pools Springs or Brooks of fine water. Groops of Shrubs covered with the most delicious froot is to be seen in every direction, and nature appears to have exerted herself to butify the Senery by the variety of flours Delicately and highly flavered raised above the Grass, which Strikes & profumes the Sensation, and amuses the mind, throws it into Conjecterng the cause of So magnificent a Senerey in a Country thus Situated far removed from the Sivilised world, to be enjoyed by nothing but the Buffalo Elk Deer & Bear in which it abounds."

    If only the "Sivilised world" had been receptive to learning something, heck, anything, from the country's original inhabitants….  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Alan, such a beautiful image he conjures.  But note the last sentence.  That says it all.

    • Alan says:

      Yes, Rachel – you're right.  The irony of this passage is one of the reasons I posted it.  It contains an eloquent and emotional description of a particularly beautiful part of the (then) unspoiled Great Plains and, in the same breath, not so subtly implies that it was all ripe to be plundered.   

  13. ron says:

    This video is a cold-blooded analysis of Massive nuclear explosions in our ionosphere. These experiments allowed cold-blooded scientists in 1962 to investigate different PLASMA PHYSICS effects. Some of the nukes were MULTI-MEGATONS(cf. Hiroshima blast @15 kilotons)! WTF were they thinking? That's a rhetorical question, since they may have been "thinking"(or were they lusting?), but their narrow focus eliminated a feeling of possible side effects.

    This period led ultimately to HAARP ON STEROIDS TODAY!

    This kind of non-feeling PSYCHOPATHY is what we face and what we stand against today. Unbelievable….but true.  Stay united.

  14. Dennie says:

    Here's a picture of what happens when technology becomes obsolete or backfires really badly and you must abandon an area and flee because of radionuclide contamination:  But that won't matter anyhow, because we can now withstand higher levels of ionizing radiation, the government has determined, setting higher dosage levels in the "safe" zone, amazingly enough, right before the quake and tsunami in Fukushima that destroyed three reactors.

  15. Pat in SF says:

    The Orlando shooter was a US Citizen who was a contractor for the US DHS and CBP. He was fully background checked and his guns were completely licensed. He wasn't a foreign born refugee fighter. He worked for the US Government. This was a total false flag to grab our guns and declare more martial law and further remove our civil liberties and constitutional rights. My prayers go out to the innocent victims RIP..

    • Marc says:

      Pat in SF, in total agreement, 


    • BaneB says:

      This outrageous bit of chutzpah continues the theme.  Founded upon the "sting" of 1993, and the con of 2001, terrorism has been transferred upon the West.  The question, ALWAYS, is just which of the dark forces benefits?  And, also, where is the metered charade taking the nation? And the world?  Only the death of 50 victims is to be reasonably assumed at face value.  Everything else about this orchestration is disseminated fiction until reasonably proven as otherwise factual….which is a talent most of us lack simply because we hold no cards, and are at the mercy of the planners and their version.  There does seem to be a general trend to garner as much hatred for Muslims as can be connived.  1948 was the year the curtain went up on the greatest show on earth.

    • Dennie says:

      How many times can CIA pull these extremely formulaic bullsh!t false terror attacks before the zombies who live in the United States of Amnesia figure out that there IS a pattern–???

    • Dennie says:

      @BaneB:  "They" planned for a long, long time before that very special Show Time in 1948.  The Young Turks were in reality old members of the original Abrahamic religion:  The genocide of the Armenians by "turks" was in reality a land grab for oil, which was known to be in the area for thousands of years.  The Armenians stood in the way because they controlled a lot of the commerce in the area.  The banking-corporate power cabal of British, American and (jewish) Rothschilds Money Masters concocted ways of using the anti-Armenian sentiments of the Kurds and others in the area to incite "ethnic cleansing," as the Armenians stood in the way of the western power cabal to seize the oil for an increasingly oil-hungry western industrial civilization.  The talk of creating a Jewish homeland was already in the air before the Armenian genocide. Establishing this was mainly a pretext used to gain a foothold in the middle east for oil-hungry western powers.  Notice how few Jews have actually moved to Israel to live– they are not flocking there and leaving large holes everywhere else.  A former Soviet Jew who lives here now bought his cousins an apartment in Israel. They moved back to Ukraine when they, with top honors in engineering schools, etc., could not get any jobs they applied for because of the prejudice against them by other Jews towards those who hail from Ukraine.

    • Veritas says:

      This is similiar to the false flag attack last year in Chattanooga, TN. They test the waters for gun confiscation and use these as a pretext for other nefarious purposes, and Psyops.
      @ Dennie, yes the Donmeh Communist Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was not an Arab or Muslim but of Khazarian/Ashkenazi lineage and an adherent of the vile Talmud as were his role models Sabbatai Zevi and Chaim Hirschel Mordechai ( Karl Marx ). He Genocided roughly 2.7 million Armenians as they were a threat financially and they are the oldest  group of Christians on the planet and never gave up their Faith in Jesus , Eashoa in Aramaic his language and theirs. My friend has family that were slaughtered over there by the Young Turk movement led by Ataturk. They butchered everyone except his grandfather roughly 100 years ago. His grandfather fled to America as he refused to denounce his Faith as did his family which they butchered and crucified. History is an important reminder of how bad things can get and that we all must fight for what is honorable and just. These Communist Marxists have the same in store for all of us as their Talmudic and Communist Manifesto demand.
      The cycle of ignorance and apathy must be broken, and the world and her people be given a chance to heal.

  16. BlackNikolaTesla says:

    Hello to all and replying to AI C and Jefe,

    i can understand very well where you coming from and i even have a name for this, i call it: the man child school yard syndrome!

    Actually one of the main reason why the so-called masses are still for lack of a better word, so asleep, is that they have been very skillfully for ages mind-programmed to become adults/grown-ups with the spiritual and critical mind of a 10 year-old; through various techniques including above all the media and entertainment industries forever displaying to them a vision of life you would actually paint for children:

    'No one can decide for me how i fill up my reality bubble and I have decided in a frown that anything that is traumatic, deranging or going against my family and/or my own emotional stability(like truths to start with) has got to clear out.My motto till death is that the show must go on no matter what.Let the worriers, the conspiracy theorists and all these others troubled individuals think what they will and waste their time crying wolf as long as they do not come and try to contaminate my sacred golden reality bubble where i work hard to keep everyone happy-go-lucky including my wife/husband and kids'. Unfortunately, that very man-child attitude towards the brutal realities of life (Big Pharma, geoengineering etc…) may and is sooner or later going to catch up with them and the very people they were trying to protect.A word to the wise…

    Thanks again to Dane and the fight goes on…


  17. READ THIS says:

    I am not stating our environment is not being initially poisoned, because it obvious compared to the rest of the world America is.  If the mentally ill that is chemically dependent upon psychiatric drugs (known for violent outburst) are not shooting up the place while the government ignores the cause, Monsanto's GMO products that are known for killing or creating chronically ill lab rats within weeks of consumption, are causing America to become dependent on the elaborate health care systems that was just so conveniently created for us.  How many people you know especially from the central to east side of the U.S. are chronically ill and are dependent on health care services by 40 or 50?  Obesity and diabetes has doubled in the U.S. since the release of high fructose corn syrup that is derived from GMO corn in just 20 years.  As per mid 2000 statistics 400,000 Americans die each year from a chronic disease many are diabetic or obese and prone to cancer, heart disease, etc.  I can say Monsanto has killed more Americans than any terrorist organization could every dream of while making billions.  A early 2000 statistic, at the current rate of growing prostate cancer if you are at the age of 30 at the that time you have a 1 and 6 chance of getting prostate cancer by the age of 60.  I forgot what the breast cancer statistic is but the odds are not good.  RGBH, Monsanto's growth hormone is directly linked to this cancer and last I checked this substance is only legal to be used in the U.S.A.  The U.S.A is the only country that has such a high rate of this type of cancer.  What I really should be stating is the U.S.A is the only country that has such a high rate of chronic disease, acute disease is excluded.  

    Concerning the conflicts between America, China, and Russia and the fact of the global elite running the world is conflicting.  Sure our economies compete and the dollar and securities tied to the dollar is what the elite is bought into at the moment.  The elite are going to protect their interest and that is the dollar for the near term.  However the IMO started by the U.S.A is now the only controller of the Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) that is made up of a basket of currencies; the dollar, ruble, pound, etc. and lastly the Chinese yuan got excepted last Nov. I knew the currency of the worlds' second largest economy that is quickly growing to be first was going to be included during the last vote.  I see the U.S. dollar slowly being replaced by the SDRs as the world's reserve currency.  The purpose of the SDRs is to bring the world's central banks (global elite) together to become the world's official unelected government.  The Federal Reserve already tells the U.S. what they are going to do.  The words from Janet Yellan's mouth sends shimmers down the stock market, not the president's words.  I also expect cash and gold to become illegal, some of the countries in Europe are already talking about such concepts while making negative interest rates the norm.  For this to happen the U.S. is going to have to fall and I see the engineering to make it happen.  The engineered subprime mortgage disaster of 2008 was just a stepping stone as our debt has tripled and the value of currency is disappearing creating the excuse to make cash illegal down the road.  Yes at some point I do see a war breaking out but I do not see the U.S. controlling the cards even right now.  Over the decades the U.S. has given China many military secrets.  The nuclear bomb in the 80s, and 90s Bill Clinton's biggest donator was given permission from Bill to send his scientist to show China how to build long range ballistic missiles that can reach the U.S. In the 2015 air show China's fighter jet is identical to ours as our governments' servers ARE NOT EVEN PRIVATE, just ask Hillary.  I knew since early 2000 China also developed a more economical version of our F22, and no fighter jet is supposed to match the F22. I wonder how bankrupt 2/3 of the citizens will be one day as their bank accounts become empty as a result of the IRS leaking 2/3 of the nation's information. Recently Obama just lifted the arms embargo with Vietnam.  I do not see Vietnam affording American high tech weapons but I do see it going to Russia.   As for the national guards equipment in many states, was never received back, the administration has stated it is too expensive to ship back here to the U.S.  This is why many states revived the state guard to not allow the Homeland Security dept. take any more supplies.  With that being said I am amazed to find in the new how mine resistant armor vehicles are being made for deployment not abroad, but here in the U.S. under the Homeland Security.  I see an invasion possible in the U.S. with the aid of our own military hardware after the Federal government sets this country up to lose the war,  if we do not bow to the New World Order, starting with the gun free states that are where the trade ports and government are.  New York, Maryland, California, Connecticut (you need a permit just to buy ammo in that state.).  Is it just me or is that convenient, coincidence or both.  We are already divided, confused, and cannot think for ourselves and when we lose the ability to put food in our children's mouths we will except any condition to have the hope of having some of our old way of life back. I see who controls the outcome of the coming war totally different than you do.  Just like the future of our economy was engineered to fail I believe the war will be engineered for the U.S. to fail.  Like I said, for a true one world government to exist the U.S. must fall to the communist.  So I am still trying to understand the true agenda of Geoscience maybe to depopulated the earth and develop a state that owns and controls how each generation of children to think? The global elite may believe the earth is going to be way over populated and of course to hard to enslave the population.  Geoscience could be used to aid in reflecting radio waves for satellite and cell tower transmission or maybe to adjust our brain waves to help keep us in a certain state.  

    Also I think you understand as well as I and the global elite do, if the circumstance do not affect a person right away, most will not take the event seriously unless the event becomes part of a cultural paradigm, except for the few of us who are conscience When there is a drastic change in our environment our brain perceives the event as extremely important,.  The only way to hopefully stop these events is to make this topic a part of the cultural paradigm.  To do this, I think getting some famous people that are considered idols to speak up and get involved with the program.

    • Michel B says:

      On Youtube there is a documentary clip called 'Sugar: the bitter truth'. It is science heavy which we need to fully understand how deadly is High Fructose Corn Sugar. It should never be consumed by anyone.

  18. Michele Brown says:

    I live by a cell site that was developed a few years ago, maybe 10/11 into this other purpose as opposed t simply an electrical transmission tower.  Initially when this was done I would occasionally hear t hum, actual physical humming.


    About 4 years ago it was upgraded to a 4G tower.  Since then I have been plagued with 'hearing' the other hum, the elf hum which sounds like a large diesel generator or truck, inside my home or outside, no difference and accompanied by the sensation of vibrations even though 'they' are not measurable in that sense.


    The year before last I lost in what seemed a very short time a young healthy live oak.  That Christmas , no wind, no rain and maintained by my irrigation even through the drought, three Grey pines utterly collapsed and took out another six sizeable oaks.,

    Earlier this year I lost another Grey pine from the same stand.  Just instantaneous collapse under no provoking circumstances and the appearance of health.

    I have been aware and watching the dispersal of chemtrails since 1999 or 2000.  Except for one week back in early 2006 they never stop working over where I live in northern California.



  19. Why Are So Many Bankers Committing Suicide?
    Zero Hedge – Jun 12, 2016
    During the past few years we have extensively covered the odd rash of banker suicides, pointing out the various conspiracy theories linking various high-level bank executives and inside scandals at the very highest levels across Europe's banks. It appears, once again, that those conspiracy theories are more real than many would like to admit as Michael Gray exposes, and one of the bankers' sons questions, why are so many bankers committing suicide? … While at least 40 bankers have killed themselves in the 17-month period starting March 2013 in the wake of the global banking scandal, the circumstances of Rossi’s death — and two others — stand out as particularly mysterious.   Videos and story:

    The implication that many of these men were intentionally murdered suggests that they may have been threatening to reveal what they knew and thus become whistle-blowers – now dead and silenced.

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, "suicided."  I wonder how many more are going to be murdered this way?  How many more can "They" take out?  I think both sides are doing this, and I think Justice Scalia was a hit by The Left, which has learned the dirty tricks of the Insane Right, for a number of (to them) compelling reasons.  If you ask me, he was and continued to be a major threat to the Common Good and sane society as long as he walked the Earth.  Now I want to know, who is doing this MKUltra crap, who are the Hit Men, WHO is behind the program and WHO orders the hits?  We need to get to the very bottom of this insanity.

  20. Steven says:

    Dane, If this is S.R.M then why do they spray late in the evenings sometimes when there is no sun to reflect? Some days I look up and tell people, "It doesn't look like anybody's flying to the north pole today." I can see the light bulb go on in their heads. Truth in Trinity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steven, it is important to consider and remember that the attrocities occuring in our skies are part of a very complex equation and agenda. We must avoid black and white dichotomous thinking, what we face is not a “this or that” scenario, SRM is only a part of it.

  21. Gary Pennington says:

    Again, thank you, Dane, for your relentless courage and energy. I too am stunned at the rapid decline of Yosemite's forests. Every year for the past 30, I have gone to the Eastern side and camped along Lee Vining Creek. It was So pristine not so very long ago, with clear skies and water, lush Aspen Groves and Jeffrey Pines. The only sounds the birds and the rushing water. Now, the skies are always striped, and hazy gray. Very few birds. Stands of dead pines, though they have plenty of water. It is heart wrenching to see such a grand, sacred place withering away. 

    I appreciate all who post here, and people like Ron Kauk, who care enough to see. Dane, most of all.



  22. Dave Giles says:

    the evil have been spraying the crap out us here on the coast,can't remember when the sky was blue for the entire day. The day begins nice bright blue then soon the jets begin laying down the trails,they fan out,an hour or two later the entire sky is milky white.I believe along with all your followers,that they are up to murder.It is time to take action!.Where do these jets come from and where do they produce the spay?

    • Dennie says:

      Is there any such thing as a Jet Tracker software that tracks the jets where they go, where they land and where they take off?  If this is contract spraying, that would be commercial craft operating out of airports that you think you'd be able to find.  If it's military, that's going to be harder, but why couldn't some clever computer whiz kid invent a program that tracks this crap?  They can do nearly anything else in terms of hacking government websites, etc.

    • bill says:

      coal ash

  23. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you very much for your Work.

    Everybody, stay cool, we are still alive and we need to push hard for our brains. We were born and raised in this "system", it was simple for them to fool us. But now we understand the Big picture. I've learned a lot since I've found this documents in your page.

    We are like a family of millions fighting against this evil, and this has Great Value. Don't forget that they ( the MFs ) fear families. They ( after cultural revolution ), have started to break us through Family. 1st – they break Family apart ( because Family relatives can't be together ). 2nd – they transform us in compulsive consumers. 3rd – they force us to be car owners ( in preference 1 car for every Person on Earth ), and oil started to be a big part in our lives. 4th – they indoctrinated us to accept tyranny over others, without big protest. 5th – they taught us to spray pesticides on our Food and to accept our children "vaccination", and now they spray on Us and on Nature. And 6th – they are considering the hypothesis of erase all, because as we know, this MFs don't have a soul. But more important; if we search in History, we find that every empire have crumbled because of its size. And the MFs know this. Very big empires are difficult to control, because to much land =  for to much People. And their solution is simple: Take all the land and its goods, and keep only the number of  Persons they can mathematically control.

    And there's too a racial purpose in these Madness. Is not about CO2, or "only" taking resources as we know. …Now we can understand better the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way these wars were and are being conducted.

    And the Military industrial F complex is not out of control. They are in control, this is different.

    Things are twisted because they aren't real MILITARY.


    And this is a old problem.

    I'm nobody but I Leave this APPEAL to the REAL GENERALS and Hi Rank Military Men and Women with Conscience and Morality:

    (The MILITARY are being played too, as we know. But the Military have all in their Hands.)

    Here a friend told me that who has the money make the rules…

    I don't agree. Read please – SUN TSU, the art of war. There, The Chinese GENERAL show us very well that who has the big arms, army and best strategies, have everything. This one Can conquer ALL.


    Generals of the US and others, Please make History and take it all from the talmud racist and pedophile MFs.

    You Srs have the means to arrest these "guys" inside the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. And take the trillion dollar cabal bank for yourselves and for the People, if you want.

    Free the world through a coup d' Etat, and bring Liberty and Justice through a military Government. And this would be an innovation, a real new thing.

    Make History as Heroes and not as butchers of Humanity.

    The MFs want martial law??, Give this to them. Arrest them and put them all in prison for their lives. In a building without ceilings, so that they ( the MFs ) can feel everyday the Elements of Nature that they are so obsessed to control. Rain, Hot UV Sun rays and the Cold .

    Break the Madness complex. And be MILITARY.

    Science makes sense only for benign purposes.

    Stop the destructive new Hi-tec weapons ( bio or not bio ), start thinking in doing a very big step back about the way you are treating Nature and People ( All Nature, All people, war Vets included ), and start Thinking in Your – Sons and Daughters.

    Relieve the pressure on Russia. Bipolarity of Power is a good thing for the World. The Russians don't want problems, they have an immense and very rich territory. Stay vigilante and end Please with this obsession to create problems that are build only for causing pain to Humanity, and create business to the evildoers. And step two ; nuc Disarmament and nuc tech Dismantling for All, and change the paradigm of economy centered on oil. This All is a very great opportunity of making Very Big Business through Peace and reason.

    Goes RONIN. Take all the money from the talmudic MFs and its associates and put them in jail. You are being PSYCHOLOGICALLY coerced and Ruled.

    BREAK free from this evil and be FREE.



    Good Luck to Us all.

  24. Dennie says:

    Amazing how the folks living normal, sane, moral lives and showing courage have been abnormalized and now are called "rebels," when it is exactly the other way around.  But then again, we are living in a crazy whacked-out CIA-matrix-controlled pseudo-reality where white means black, up means down and stop is the new word for "go–" UGH!!!

  25. E. Andrade says:

    So, what are the powers that be going to do about the 250 + missle silos and nuclear power plants in the U.S.?   Do they think they will be unaffected by the meltdown of these installations and continue on?   Who are the magic rabbits that will supposedly keep all these things running once chaos ensues?    No money, no food or medicine for the majority of the 300 million in our country spells doom for EVERYONE  including TPTB.     

    • Dennie says:

      I don't know how anyone can fall for the hysterical propaganda that The Powers That Should Never Have Been Have It All In The Bag and Will Be The Only Ones Who Will Survive, as they desperately do every last thing They can to cling to their dead and dying SYSTEM, including the nuclear network, the infrastructure of which is not going to last "forever…" (and their understanding of "forever" is woefully inadequate)  Oh, "They" might be all right at first, for a little while, living down in their D.U.M.B.s, like the psychic rattlesnakes they truly are, but that won't last– humans didn't evolve to live in deep holes in the ground for any real length of time, just wait and see.  Please notice how very energy-intensive "their" underground lifestyle actually is, and then connect all the dots.. where does It All go, for them?  The more you've bought into The System, the more you have to lose. 

    • Steven says:

      People can not fathom what 'they' have in their hats. This is all planned out. This will all come to the Light sooner or later, and you better know that they have already thought of this. For every action there must be an opposite and equal, re-action. 'They' know this. There is a much bigger plan going on behind the curtain, S.R.M. is just part of their agenda. If this was all about fixing the planet then they would have just come out and told us, "look, the planet is dying and we are trying to fix it". This planet has cleansed itself of natural Ocean oil and methane seeps, not to mention huge volcano fallout time and time again. This old girl is pretty resilliant. The elite wouldn't be doing this if they didn't have a safe house somewhere to sit back and watch their show. Where is it? This is all a test so they can see who the rebels of a totalitarian state are. "Let's try this, and see what the test subjects do." To kill a rampant problem weed in your garden you must kill the root. This is more like 'round-up' spray for humans. Their endgame of depopulation is way out in the future. They don't have to kill us all now. Think of the domino effect. They have.

    • Dennie says:

      I just don't fall for the Fear Program. that wants to insist that "They" are somehow "all-powerful," or even that "They" are all-knowing."  After all, these are just human beings with the same, or more, fallibilities as you and me, except that they have all the expensive spy gadgetry and nasty weapons, but who let them have all of our money by which to buy this crap?  The truth is, "they" lack empathy or even healthy fear, thus they are The Fools where Angels fear to tread.  Think about it.  Anyone who'd go around saying that atomic bombs are safe and you can blast away with open-air "testing" while allowing tourists to pay to watch is nothing but certifiably insane.  Money is more important than life itself to them– don't you think that is an Achille's Heel?  Because I do. 

      These A$$holes have Achille's Heels and if we don't outright find those, they will be revealed.  No, "They" have not "thought of everything–" !  If they had really done any kind of REAL thinking about "their" predicament, they would not have painted themselves into the corner from which we witness their snarling and snapping insane posturing.  Yes, it will get worse.  But when you poison the planet on which you depend for life, it's the same as suiciding yourself, don'tcha kinda think– ??  "They" will just be The Last Ones to go, but go "they" will.

  26. Steven says:

    The other night before the cool air moved into northern ca. there was a deep dark red sunset, and through a brake in the haze, I saw a tanker flying over to patch the hole I was watching it through. The way the sun over the pacific lit up the S.R.M. disbursement was like I had never seen before. The plume left behind the jet was five times as large as normal and lower, almost instantaneously filling the void in their web. Oh I wish i had a high quality video camera and aim on buying one. God help us. Truth In Trinity

  27. Dane — I want to especially thank you for this very moving intelligent Global News Alert. The sight of dying trees is heartbreaking devastating to us all. I often think that the insanity now embedded in the expanding corporatocracy military behemoth is in fact the resulting inevitable expression of our western consciousness. We are all to blame here, there are no victims. We neglected our responsibility to our planet Earth. It’s as if we became so obsessed with ‘progress’ and comfort, controlling Nature, and acquiring wealth that all these goals, which at first even seemed commendable, became a terrible vicious philosophy, a corrupted way of life, a 'godless' religion that submerged, suffocated, and drowned all thought of morality, true Righteousness, and the Common Good. In fact the Common Good came to be seen as an evil of Communism, the enemy. What we believe does matter. We are our Faith. It takes a strong-willed, tenacious, determined man like you, Mr. Wigington, to remind us of simple basic human values. This culture has so lost it’s way. I disagreed with my own father (born in 1898 in a small Texas town) on countless issues, but he was known to be completely honest in his business dealings and he revered God. I often reflect on how shocked and horrified he would be to see what has become 'acceptable' these days in our culture – that he would call pitiful trash. In my lifetime of 70 years, America lost her way to the clever and spineless, the greedy, and the morally unfit. Thank you Dane for standing your ground. None of us will ever know the extent of sacrifices you have made, but please understand that so many of us remain forever grateful to you and your courageous family. Thank you.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks for this post, Susan.  I completely agree.  I am shocked and horrified regarding what has become "acceptable," like ignoring something as major as human-induced climate changed exacerbated by the extremely visible overhead spraying programs going on every single day, while praying on Sunday to be good stewards of God's creation– really?  How?  At coffee hour I do bring up the topics of S.A.G. and S.R.M. and the fact that a keynote speaker, Rosalind Peterson, laid this all out at the U.N. summit on climate in 2007 and it's still on YouTube for all to see.  St. Paul's is all about creating a space for the Common Good but with regard to the weather and climate insanity, most people need to be educated about what's really gone on as well as what actions they can take now.

    • JR says:

      Thanks for the kind and thoughtful words along with Gail below on post. From Southwest N.M.-USA, inundated with spraying overhead in our sky and drought created by man on daily basis!!! I am also grateful for all the warriors in this fight here on this website. God loves all but not all our deeds such as SAG/SRM, it being an abomination in His eyes and a stench in His nostrils. One day we'll meet up on the other side, until then His peace be with you daily.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      "In fact the Common Good came to be seen as an evil of Communism, the enemy."  Thank you, Susan, for finally acknowledging what many of us who came from communist countries to the West during the Cold War in the seventies had to endure as the "enemy".  As a seven year old my school experience was so traumatizing that I never mentioned where I came from again until I was an adult.  Both my parents were freedom fighters in the Greek civil war and then exiled to a former Soviet Republic.  My parents were the most selfless people I have known who sacrificed their lives for the Common Good.  Unfortunately, they both died very disappointed with how the world had evolved.  Yes, our species must transcend all systems, but first the truth needs to be revealed about who the real enemies are/were, not only to humanity but all life, and from my experience I would say it's those who promoted consumerism, materialism and separation/fear instead of cultivating the soul through the arts, sports, collectivism and unity.  To see how few in the West have yet to accept that truth is quite discouraging, as it is to see the refusal of personal responsibility for the destruction of our Mother Earth.

    • Veritas says:

          Communism was never about the Common Good. It is about controlling the many for the needs of the few. Invented by Karl Marx as a set of rules to take God, Nature, and self sufficiency out of a nation of people. It was later refined by Leon Trotsky into Bolshevism, it is giving up your individual rights to people you never met because they made you promises of a better world. It was designed to enslave the masses, not liberate and it does so while promising all a utopia. The Common Good will only be realized when humanity as a majority become more in tune with Creation and have more Empathy to life, it will not come through political doctrine.

  28. Frances says:

    Australian SBS TV News last week showed a very brief clip of a plane (Air Force?) spraying over Sydney, I believe, and the news reader comment was that it was something akin to a firework display … something about electronic protection …

    • Michel B says:

      'Protection' from what? From life-giving rain, from fresh, clean air, from life-sustaining natural energies? Yep, protection from normality. Them using the word "protection" is at heart an insidious hidden meaning, the real meaning being they are protecting themselves from us flourishing in our own lives. When they use words in that way it is purely Orwellian. It is 'Doublespeak'. The MSM is completely hijacked and is the lying mouthpiece of the Hidden Powers.

  29. stephan says:

    cartoons anyone ?

    • Dennie says:

      This says it all like nothing else.  Terribly sad.  Heartless.

    • Dennie says:

      @stephan:  Here's another one for ya, (heard about it at church today… from a retired rector's son, ha!)  N.B.:  WARNING:  This song is about DENIAL, going all the back to Original Cause, and like the cartoon, where that denial leads us.  So if you are used to taking your religion/spiritual understandings and everything around those levels of understanding unquestioningly and literally, and it's outside your comfort zone to think more deeply to question your relationship to responsibility, both in the micro AND the macro, do not listen to this:


      All things dull and u-gu-ly, all creatures short and squat; All things rude and nasty, The Lord God made the lot: 

      Each little snake that poisons, each little wasp that stings, He made their brutish venom, He made their horrid wings.

      All things sick and cancerous, all evil great and small; All things foul and dangerous, The Lord God made them all.

      Each nasty little hornet, each beastly little squid– Who made the spiky urchin, who made the sharks–? He did!

      All things scabbed and ulcerous, all pox both great and small; Putrid, foul and gangrenous, The Lord God made them all. 

      No, NOT a "n-i-i-i-ce" little song.  It's about D-E-N-I-A-L.  And God does want us to end our denials– wouldn't you, if it were YOUR creation???

  30. Gail - Yellowhead County, Alberta says:

    I am sure grateful that Dane didn't think, there's no Hope for change. It's a Lost cause, Blah, Blah, Blah! We have got to believe we will Wake up the World. Stay in the mind of Positive change. The Energy Vampires are the only ones benefiting from these defeated thoughts, and Powerful negative words. Freedom is never given by the Oppressor. It must be demanded by the Oppressed! – Martin Luther King – – – Action may not always bring Happiness…But there is no Happiness without Action! – – – God did not promise days without pain , Laughter without sorrow, Sun without rain. But, he did Promise, Strength for the day, Comfort for your tears, and Light for the way. – – – Thank You Dane and all that help you each day to get the word out and for lighting OUR way.

    • Erik says:

      Beautifully said. God bless you too.

    • Karen says:

      That is a beautiful statement.  Gives me hope and strength to continue to spread the word even when people look at me like I'm crazy. I live in Vegas and spraying happens daily! My cats that go outside have recently become ill with tearing eyed, sneezng and terrible shedding/dry skin. But my cat that stays in is fine. Already been to the vet once. Work at a pet store, similar symptoms with dogs too. It makes me sick to think these scum of the Earth get away with these actions. There are more of us tban them……people need to wake up. Peace to all!

  31. Dawnski says:

    Bitter sweet day as my son and his fellow class of 2016 graduated on a hot football field this morning sans visible spraying thank God. I can only encourage him as he heads off to college in during National Pollinator Week  to major in environmental conservation and carry on his bee conservation pollinator garden awareness here in our community. And keep sounding the alarm. . .pray, fast, and mourn. 

  32. Marc says:

    Another hard punch to the gut by Dane Wigington. But you know what? Though most of us who are regular listeners to these shows can usually handle the grim news from the front lines, there must be new listeners who are blown apart by the revelations coming one after another in these shows. But I gotta say, today's show was particularly difficult to handle for me personally. Especially late in the show where Dane reads from a report by Dr. Glen Barry wherein the implications of our current trajectory are made blood-curdlingly clear. And it is terrifying. Many of us have thought long and hard about these implications for quite some time now. Many of my friends with whom I try to discuss such matters are either completely dismissive or will politely entertain these ideas but won't accept the reality on earth to which they point a finger. Can the absurdity of this be any more huge? But soon, very soon, all motherf**king hell is gonna break loose in the United States of so-called America. I feel it. Many millions are feeling it. But many MORE millions continue on as if everything's just peachy. 

    Is there anyone here who cannot see the extreme precariousness of our situation here in the so-called richest country on earth? As our government plays Russian Roulette with it's military and geoengineering strategies, the rest of us careen down the slide laughing and hollering not realizing there is the gaping mouth of a fanged monster waiting to devour us at the bottom. The whole goddamn continent is bathed in Fukushima radiation, microwave radiation, and geoengineering fallout, not to mention countless other toxicities from manufacturing and automobiles and agricultural pesticides and herbicides. Weather extremes will kill many this summer. It's a f**king miracle anybody is left alive after this assault. Many millions are succumbing, many millions more soon to follow. Doesn't seem right that evil corporate greed and stupidity coupled with an insatiable military will spell doom for all we ever held dear. My heart is very heavy tonight. Very, very heavy.

    Palms together for Dane Wigington. A true hero of the people. An inspiration and a visionary and a leader for whom I am compelled to express my deepest gratitude. 

    • Debra says:

      'Hear Hear'!

    • Ed Bee says:

      As I write this, I am sitting in a restaurant listening to a lady going on and on, complaining that her food wasn't prepared exactly as she ordered it, and it wasn't cut as she requested. What will she and millions of others do when they have NO food to complain about?  We are like passengers on the Titanic ordering steak as the ship goes down. I feel a growing sense of panic in me each day as I observe all around me drinking, partying, traveling, boating and living it up as if this kind of lifestyle could go on indefinitely.

    • Dawnski says:

      Ed Bee,

      I hear ya. My son and I celebrated his graduation on the down low thankfully away from the party down, pied piper crowd. I am so thankful he was okay with that. 

      We finally got the pollinator garden in and again, I am so thankful as he heads off to college, he is awake in a way many of his peers are not. As we were planting he look up and announced "they are spraying"!

      God gave me a Titanic vision 7 years ago. Around the time I first started being awake to geoengineering weather, while living st the foot of Mount Weather in the historic yellow schoolhouse.  I have a photo of K-i-l-l sprayed in the sky. . .if that's not enough to wake you up, I don't know what is. 

      Its also when we first became aware of colony collapse disorder the spring after our landlord wired their silo as a cellphone tower.

      I rotate between. Sad. Mad. Glad. Knowing God is in control. Come, Lord Jesus!

  33. ron says:

    In above link, scroll down and you will see to your horror that about 650,000 people were killed on June 5, 1977 in China by what was called "PROJECT WOODPECKER"–a US Russian collaboration of sorts. Most people cannot wrap their heads around this stuff.  We in USA are kept in the dark and a nasty stage of denial. I suggest that you strap in and read. THANKS DANE!

    • ron hall says:

      DANE: I'm switching from"ron" to my full name. I NEED TO SAY POWER TO YOU, BROTHER! YOU happen to be one of the VERY FEW with whom I can resonate! I've mentioned before that I was in the anti-establishment, anti-Viet Nam War movement.  Without doubt you would have been in there with us! You are a brother, of sorts to me.  I have witnessed many things since 1962-much awesome beauty and much awesome cruelty.  To hear you speak such truths which include a multi-dimensional understanding is, for me, a kind of healing. You are someone who knows many things beyond what you say–I feel that.  And, of course I can sense the urgency and frustration. I know you will stay with it no matter what may come–and it will come–that is crystal clear to me.  Now is not the time for us to blink.
      p.s. the Project Woodpecker link is above for those who care.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      No offense to those of you who don't use your full real names here. In my case, I feel that I have Been able to reach many more people being Steven W. Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy than I would have being just The Pizza Guy. Thank you Ron Hall for deciding to be yourself in this battle. You have my upmost respect. Never Ever Give Up!!!

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Breathtaking, Ron, and definitely in sync with some other reading I'm doing from Sr. Dr. Rosalie Bertell.  She contends the Earth is the latest weapon of war, with convincing evidence.

      She said this ELF manipulation could cause the Earth to have rings like Saturn.  And Tesla said the Earth could split? (according to the link you posted).  And did the link suggest the Russian Woodpecker caused the Chernobyl explosion and meltdown? Chernobyl was the power source for the Woodpecker and used one quarter of its energy to run it.


      Listen to why this was called the woodpecker:


      Ron, my level of concern has also taken a gigantic leap in the last few weeks.  Hold on tight,

    • Marc says:

      Great link, Ron. Thanks.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, use your real name.  Those who don't are either ashamed, irrationally frightened, or are trolls.

    • ron says:

      The above web site is necessary to put in proper perspective the ABSOLUTE HORROR that the US military was/is capable of.  Many estimate say at least 20, 000,000 bomb craters were left from the Viet Nam War. That was/is what we are up against. Most Americans do not know this fact. Too horrible to print in MSM or to think of, but it happened and Dane is telling us what HORRORS are unfolding now. It must be faced, come what may.

  34. Dave says:

    Dane, thanks once again urging us once again to not give up, as I must confess, crosses my mind, as the battle against state sponsored deniability,obfuscation, and threats to the weather service people seem too much to overcome. To my fellow Michinganders, as I've been traveling the roads quite a bit lately it seems as though the most of the pine trees are in the process of dying if not already dead. I wonder if it's because I'm just more aware of the consequences of SRM or if it's happening faster to them for some reason, like having a shallower root structure being affected by the aluminum. If so, it might be easier to point to them instead of up to the sky, as away to get people aware of the results of our toxic skies. Thanks in advance, and as always grateful to Dane, and to those who contribute to this site, by writing and or using the information to honor Gods beautiful creation. 

  35. Joy Williams says:

    Dane, how can anyone refuse to do what they are told in the armed services?  They will be court marshaled, it would take all of them at once.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      re not easy or simple (especially for military personnel that want to do what is truly honorable), but if the current course is maintained, very soon, all will be lost.

    • Dennie says:

      …including the order-following military personnel themselves, a.k.a., "cannon fodder."  Why do these flunkies not understand that is how their "higher ups" view them??

  36. Lawrence Beck says:

    Thank you Ron Kauk for these two exceptional photos that clearly show aircraft spraying as few photos have illustrated!  No one in their right mind can claim that those "trails" are natural cloud formations.  These images will go a long way towards opening the eyes of the blind and brain-dead to look up, open their eyes and engage in the battle against this horrendous genocidal effort at population control.

    To those who refuse to evaluate the clarity of the message these images exhibit… our time is not worth wasting on them.  Move on and spread the word to those who value life and realize that time is short.

    And thank you Dane for including these in your weekly post. 

  37. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Here in Savannah we get lots of chemtrails.  Major military is all around. I had a lovely "Christmas tree" red cedar in my front yard….another smaller on in the back.   The front one turned brown and died in a month.  Then the back one.   The giant pines have large brown limbs all over town.

  38. Free Energy Technologies says:

    How dire is this situation 1in10 children will not develop normally and 1in30 will have autism as the abnormality.

  39. jefe says:

    My own cousin, an intelligent and insightful man, replied to my FB posts with a post saying "GMOs and global Warming?  Fnck that, we're fighting CLOUDS! [ie, chemtrails]"
    He's quite the denier, in spite of all his other good traits.  My sis-in-law is the same. 
    When I post links relating to the spraying, the hate response is incredible.
    It's really a state of mind, I guess– it describes people who simply can't be bothered by what's happening overhead.

  40. Dana MacCuish says:

    Hello All, Thanks for speaking the Truth so clearly once more Dane.  I have started to read "Confessions of an Illuminati – The Time of Revelation and Tribulation Leading up to 2020" by Leo Lyon Zagami (June 2016), and a paragraph on page 37 seemed off key and out of tune:

    "The end" of HAARP?

       The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).  Designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT), it's purpose was to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communication and surveillance.  It's official closure was announced on ARRL (Americian Radio Relay League, the Ameriican Amateur Radio Association), who questioned James Keeney, program manager of project HAARP, the reasons behind the facilities closure: "Currently the site is abandoned," he said.  "It comes down to money.  We don't have any."  Keeney explained that the decision had been made two years ago (in 2011) because of costs.  Keeping open a facility like this one, he explained, costs $300,000 per month.  The Clean Air Act, an anti-pollution law that began in 2011, pushed for the readaption of the plant to new diesel generators with ecological standards at a cost to upgrade of $800 thousand dollars.  Hence the decision to close it.  The access roads were blocked, buildings boarded up, the electricity turned off, and the website taken offline.

       I have just started this book and Leo may have put "The end" I quotes because he has more information forthcoming, we shall see.  Does anyone know of the current ownership or any data on 2016 operations?

       A million dollar upgrade forced it's closure?  Utter non-sense.

       One note on the 'weather', I live in the Boreal Forest in Northern Saskatchewan Canada.  I glanced above the Spruce tops this morning and at that moment there were seven instantaneous flashes of horizontal lightening.  It was only twenty feet or so above the treeline.  I could see the individual bolt realight with each rapid pulse, it was so near.  I waited for the thunder to vibrate the ground I was standing on……   Still waiting…….  Might be a good thing I didn't hold my breath and count to see how far away it was….   How do you teach children about Nature when She has has been ousted by a sadistic step-mother?  She won't put up with this very much longer.   Mother Nature has yet to flex a muscle.

    • Dana says:

      Can we make the leap to man-made lightening strikes at Fort McMurray, arson of the highest order.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Dana MacCulsh, This would not be the first time they sang that song!  Long, long, long ago when I began trying to research HAARP, they showed shut down status, saying not in use for a very long time.  That turned out not to be true, of course.  But two things come to mind.  They've taken it so far beyond, including mobile HAARPS, that it may be this is outmoded for their purposes which they've been so busily perfecting.  Or not.  But recently, I was shocked to hear that many in high places in government are using their own phones, not unlike Hillary because they say the whole system for modern communication has not progressed at government level for lack of money!!  Our government operating on outdated technology?!  Meantime, many say our military is broke, even though they regularly cannot account for trillions of dollars and despite all.  Many areas of government crying poor.  This is hard to believe.

      What isn't poor, is the pharmaceutical industry.  I do believe people, like the ones on Plum Island of Lyme disease infamy, would experiment with various things in the spraying to cause and aggravate diseases, the more to study them, develop "cures" for them so that the elite can figure out how best to treat their own health issues, and Big Pharma mops up the money, complete with tax shelters.  Doctors have told me that Big Pharma is a huge cartel that would take many nations to bring down.

      A week ago Sunday, my paper had a news blurb saying: "The more frequent extremes being brought on by climate change are prompting some crops to accumulate dangerous compounds that can be a threat to human health, the U.N. warns.  The report by the U.N. Environmental Program says that crops such as wheat and maize accumulate more nitrate toxins while protecting themselves from extremes. 'Crops are responding to drought conditions and increases in temperature just like humans do when faced with a stressful situation," a researcher said."

      Some time ago I read that GMO crops represent, each, one kind of seed, one kind of variety.  This means if one goes down the rest of its kind will also, not unlike the Irish potato famine.  There is still some debate whether or not GMO crops themselves cause harm to humans.  But there is no debate regarding its harm to soil, to plants, to drain waters, to bees and wildlife, etc.  People tend to emphasize the harm from ingesting the foods, as opposed to the entire ecology or lack of in growing them, mega poisons and all.  If wheat and maize go down, we will truly suffer.  This is why biodiversity is so important.  And GMO/Monsanto, does not do biodiversity.  We who grow from our own seed know how important "new blood" is from time to time.  There are so many kinds of wheat and maize.  But not for Monsanto.  Usually, under stress, some varieties perform better than others and we growers know that.  Monsanto is waxing itself into a very tight corner, and the world with it!

  41. Yamakawa says:

    Here is an open information of, the technology of neutralizing nuclear waste. Hard Science. It is “open”, so it is still at infancy, not at an applicable level. But I hope you could see the positive potential.

    July 20, 2015  Unlikely solution potentially discovered to clean up nuclear waste

    Prof. Shafeev George A.  Laboratory of Nonequilibrium Process Macrokinetics

    Accelerated alpha-decay of uranium isotopes induced by exposure of aqueous solution of uranium salt with gold nanoparticles to laser radiation

  42. Marge Mullen says:

    All of the trees in my area (Rhode Island) are dead or dying.

  43. BlackNikolaTesla says:

    Hello to all,
    Dane I wanted to thank you for all the research and precious informations you bring out to us once more and take the opportunity to ask you what may come as a strange question but still here it is.
    Do you think that going to work and making a living, as we know it, is still really worth it. I can't help but thinking that when you check most people's priority on a daily basis; it all comes down to paying the bills, no matter what, when instead we could focus our attention out of this reality bubble routine and move towards a much more truthful and spiritual direction.Eventually what is the point of wasting so much energy and time day in and day out while the planet has reached a critical jeopardy stage.
    Peace to all

    • Earth Angel says:

      I agree BlackNikolaTesla. We must all walk away from 'their' system. As it has been said so aptly on a T-shirt.. 'The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play The Game'!!..BRAVO!

  44. Marlene says:

    A reflection/mirror back on humankind. "their" denial, is proof…so who is burying their heads in the sands….not us…"they" are creating and affirming, their complicencent/compliance/consent…upon which "they" will be truly judged.  the evilness and contempt for humankind, written by you in our skies.  Your wanting for redemption, this way, is nothing more than quicksand.  Humankind, will not tolerate anymore.  your constant denials, only re affirms, your complicent participation.  The do not understand, the true force,"they" are battling against.  

  45. R says:

    Dear Dane and fellow caring brothers and sisters, Thank you Dane for another week of fighting the insanity taking place on the earth we all love. As I went through another week of exposing this unbelievable horror we live I am seeing more people awake than ever before, as I was out getting business taken care of and speaking to everyone I came in contact with they all seem to be more aware than ever before the geoengineering and corruption going on and seem to have been scared but interested in learning more about how to get involved to help and believe me help is coming, I think and pray the veil has been lifted. I feel more confident the 1000s of flyers we have given out are making an impact. We need to also expose many other topics doing harm as well, I will list them, the so called Smart meters are pulsing through our homes with radiation causing many health issues,frying our brains,heart ect. (look it up), living near cell towers or an airport, CERN the Hadron Collider opening the gate to the abyss,this is melting a 17 mile round hole in the earth, HARRP in Alaska, GMO non food, kills rats when they eat it and banned in all other countries. Vaxxed documentary, purposely making our children sick and retarded. Bohemian grove or (Luciferians ruling our world with Alex Jones). (The New World Order Final Warning is a great U-Tube documentary is a good start). So many more issues than these few, you cannot make this sh=t up. Be brave and unafraid to let them (the power unstructured) know, we know what they are up to, the lies we have been fed, they will be accountable for the blood shed and killing of the planet, Please share all these issues with everyone you can so the whole world will see the TRUTH of what is and has happened, we need to all take a stand and not live in fear of this evil, this is our mission to expose these unimaginable atrocities taking place. We desperately need to have a wakening of the wickedness of these insane narcissistic, psychopathic murderers.  It is up to all of us, like Dane says.  Do not be afraid, (To Thine Own Self Be True) God is in control and does win in the end.

    Love and peace to all, R.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everybody..
      Never with fear my Friend,
      after we know these sociopath cousin inbreeding MFs – these devil talmud ignorant nazi baby killers – that are destroying the Biosphere and that want to make a racial Global Genocide against Humanity, we stand with the rage of Truth, and in our Hearts we will find a way to survive and expose these black book sorcerers.  …I in my life never could imagine that such a "project" like this one that is unfolding before our eyes could happen. But it's true. All life, 650.000.000 years of evolutionary efforts ( for macroscopic Life ) is in the hands of these compulsive narcissistic psychopaths MFs that see themselves as Gods. The sociopath clan that have pathological envy and hate about everybody and everything has our lives in their hands..
      Now I understand why Pine Trees are dying in mass for more than 12 or 15 years in Europe.. I bet that the GM eucalyptus and others like that live very well with the radiation and the spraying..
      …Good Luck to Us all..

  46. Al C says:

    Once again thank you Dane and all the folks here who are tirelessly working to get geoengineering a thing of the past along with all the corruption on this ball of confusion we all reside on that was once a beautiful place.
    I'm not saying this for sympathy or attention but what do you do when you have ptsd, depression and are taking care of a mother with dementia?
    I do my best to inform everyone I know about this "elephant in the room" and the whole thing just seems futile when these psychopaths in charge are crashing the planet intentionally…….. I listen to Dane's weekly broadcasts and am at once inspired and at the same time bummed out and have the feeling we collectively are on the edge of the cliff staring down at our demise.
    Sorry for all the negativity, but I think the Military Industrial Complex is so out of control along with all the other alphabet agencies that it's too late for a turn around.
    We can't get it right and I'm exhausted.

    • Cheryl says:

      You are doing enough! Now, each day you must find some joy and peace. The art in all this is to seek and be 'in the truth' while staying out of the fear and, equally important,  to have some enjoyment each and every day. Ultimately, all will be OK.

    • ron hall says:

      Dear Al C:  By commenting your situation to us, you are indeed being heard and appreciated.  And you are making things right for yourself, if I may say so. Hang in and keep commenting.  There are simply too many wonderful people on this site!  Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Al C, thank you for your ongoing efforts toward the greater good. Equilibrium is difficult to maintain in such times as these, and certainly we are all exhausted. but now is when it is most imperative to keep our stride in the battle.  The dark circles of secrete societies that currently run the world are made up of twisted deranged men and women, nothing more. The power structure is not invincible, if the order followers can be awakened, the reign of there global elite will disintegrate. No matter what comes, all that each of us is responsible for is the correct use of our own will. We must stand fast, never yielding to the gathering storm. Thank you again for not giving up Al C, we march together in this fight with all those that are truly commited to the greater good.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Dear Al C, Don't give up!  Bless you for what you are doing both caring for your mother and helping to wake up those around you that you are able to. I too am primary caregiver for my 95 yr. old mother, also a dementia patient. Its not easy by any means but has its own rewards- and we are doing God's work- in both areas. All of us are carrying out roles we are uniquely qualified for. Praise yourself for the courageous way you are living your life and as Cheryl says find what blessings and joy you can in every day. Thank you for all you are doing, we are all a part of this incredible team. : )

    • kathleen says:

      You dear soul, Al C — caring for someone with dementia is surely one of the most heartbreaking and mind-bendingly difficult of tasks. You are probably mineral-deficient (most of us are), so you might search that out. I'm composing a post on health tips, but it's getting nearly book-length, so will need to edit before posting. Look for it, or bits of it, coming soon. Hang in there, my friend.

  47. Michael says:

    My "Chemtrails: What we don't know could be killing us" bumper sticker arrived today. 

    Is the "chemtrails" term really that bad?

    Maybe I should throw it out.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michael, great message on your bumper, but I would of course suggest the use of the “climate engineering” term. Credibility is the first criteria to gaining traction in this battle. Thanks for all your efforts Michael.

  48. Neil Rushton says:

    Here is some frontline data about the Arctic ice melt, that is potentially going to shrink the ice to its lowest known extent ever this year:

    Sometimes the Global Alert News is difficult to listen to because it's so bloody terrifying, but, as with any type of personal catastrophe, these environmental issues will only be overcome by facing the problem head on. "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe" — HG Wells. I think the information is seeping into the consciousness of the general public around the world, but I fear the slow pace. The System is powerful and has many in its grip. I'll be delivering some Geo-Engineering Watch leaflets around my neighborhood in the UK this week… it sometimes feels like a futile effort, but perhaps it might gain some traction. 

    • Our task is like being told to bring water from the ocean to pour into a hole in the sand. The ocean is still always full and the hole remains empty. But the task gets easier with time and we are paid ( cared for ) every day. Rejoice, your redemption is drawing near.

  49. Wes says:

    Where is all the life? Where has it gone?  How can we be weeping in despair and utter sadness and the masses can't even sense the total demise of our planet and all life upon it.
    I'm in my mid fifties, I think back to my childhood;….. The toads under all the street lights and outside of every porch. Large and small always around the house. All the street lights and porch lights surrounded by insects of all different types. Remember going into the house at night in the summer. You could never get the door closed fast enough not to let in the moths and other insects. Hearing Bob White quail every night around dusk. The Killdeer, so numerous and now gone or almost gone. The flocks of blackbirds each fall, so many it would look like clouds moving through the sky together or all lined up on the power lines, thousands of them. The state bird, the Meadowlark, I haven't heard them in oh so long. Ants, I remember these big mouthed ants that would be climbing the huge Maple trees, I can't remember the last time I've seen them. Swallows, everywhere. So many different spiders seem to be gone. I had zero garden spiders last fall. They were very prevalent every fall. Daddy long legs, they were everywhere, now so few and far between. I have no roly poly bugs. I use to lift my compost pile tarp and they'd be there by the thousands, now they're gone. The nightcrawlers are gone. I've seen a Robin with a worm in it's mouth, ONCE for the entire spring. I use to marvel how they could land on any yard in a few minutes or seconds be pulling on a worm. I have not seen one baby Robin chick all spring. I've watched the Robins searching and searching in lawns and not find anything. The soil microbes have to have taken a huge hit. If there is no roly poly bugs and no nightcrawers. The microbes had to have taken the same devastating hit. The greens are all wrong on the plant foliage.  I noticed it last year and this year it's worse. Remember the swarms of nats hovering above the lawns? They're gone. No more ground squirrels in yards or parks. I remember pouring water in the holes and capturing them when they came up and out for air. I had no mice last fall. In this built in 1870 leaky house I live in. I would usually trap at least eight to a dozen each fall or throughout the winter. Bales of wheat with grain still clinging, rye grain I grew with the seeds still attached. A garage full of mammoth sunflower seed heads on the floor and not a mouse one ate any of it.
    The list is so long. The more I think back and realize all that is missing, the more I realize it's probably too late.
    Like has been mentioned here before, it's so lonely knowing this. I've tried to awaken people to no avail. I've alienated myself from most. I don't care. There is no way to not think of this. The first step out the door and your slammed in the face by reality.
    It's over, were only running on the residual, and that is fast disappearing. Our beautiful planet, they have destroyed it. Along with us.
    What a sick joke this society has become. The brainwashed vassals of the state. The most uncurious people in the history of the planet.

    • Neil Rushton says:

      Really heartfelt Wes, thank you. Don't give up — things need to get bad before they can get better…

    • R says:

      Thank you Wes, I feel exactly the same and am rowing in the same boat. Can I come and live with you? It is lonely at times, but we are with you! You brought tears to my eyes, my heart goes out to you. Cheer up, don't let them take your peace!

      Sending Love thoughts your way, R.

    • sargintrock says:

      I hear ya, Brotherman! I live in Florida and the immense flocks of sparrows I remember as a child are gone. First thing I slowly remembered, when I came back, where are the sparrows.

      To anyone living in Isle of Palms, S.C.. Do you still have Horny Toads in the back yards?

    • km says:

      Those things are still here, however, they are becoming less and less in certain areas.  Those things you described are still in abundance in this state!  Don't despair, they will multiply again – be patient!

    • TrudyB1929 says:

      Dear Wes, my heart breaks as I read your memorable moments of a lost serenity in your life on our incredible earth and >yet your youth decries that the good old days are what you are writing about!  Indeed, these are truly the times of our recent  and ongoing days and nights [24/7] everywhere in the USA [and elsewhere], and few appear to be responding with even interested awareness.  Those of us that are aware must begin to carry and wear the correctly sized  and fitted respiration masks for your own protection  as the spraying begins,  and point up to the sky  exposing the activity when the planes are seen during daytime spraying!!! This will purposely draw attention, which may be indifference or mockery (so point with  a stout cane!) [sarc]. But do not delay in your own response  about wearing the only protection possible in a respirator class mask >>>as you do not want to risk breathing  into your lungs, particulates that are then enabled to enter your blood stream and hence to the rest of your body to do much damage perhaps within days, but present therein for the rest of your life. [Yes, I have had that experience.]  The Sperian N95 respirator is disposable: the N 95 is  95% efficiency level against particulate aerosols [free of oil]. Higher N- numbers are available and reuseable.  Search all Brands.  Following exposure, detoxing your body competently must be ongoing.There is a great deal of help online. Do your homework carefully.!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark says:

      Thanks for the heartfelt post.  I'm 69 and have seen the world change too.

      The young have their noses in their smart phones all day…I hope they wake up before it's too late.

    • Maria says:

      It is true. Where are the lightning bugs? I used to see the whole field lit up when I was a child. No more. I have not seen a June bug in years. did not have one mouse all winter. Even our pets are lifeless. I see friends dogs and all they do is sleep most of the time. I have two bunnies, litter box trained, live in my home and they are free unless no one is home. Lately all they do is sleep. The evil scum who run our world are most likely in their underground cities. They are not affected by this. This is kind of like the movie the Time Machine. Evil rulers and the people were mostly oblivious.  Only it is not a movie. This evil is real. I try to tell people, they really do NOT want to know. They have this perception of their perfect little world and do not want to know that we are being poisoned by the very people who most of us trust. Big joke,  they do not give a damn about the general population. 

    • Ed Bee says:

      Wes buddy, I've noticed things changing like that, too. Life disappearing a little at a time. I mention my observations to others who tell me everything is the same as it always was. The sky is a different color, the haze is continuous, the air smells like chemicals, the trees are full of dead branches or dying, people are diseased and cancerous and the list goes on. Even the aware persons don't take what is going on seriously enough to actually do anything but occasionally comment and say, "but what can you do about it?" Each day I lose a little hope but still want to fight against this criminal cabal.

    • Mike says:

      Amen Wes. Yet, we must remain vigilant and hopeful or all is truly lost.

    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  You have caused me to remember an irony, one of many.  I grew up in a county in Virginia, outside Richmond.  The area was covered in Pine forests.  One particular acreage was slated for "development." A housing subdivision.  Split/tri-levels suburban homes were all the domestic rage.  The developers named their vain-glorious project WHISPERING PINES.  Such a pretty evocative natural sounding image-producing enchantment. Who would not want to live in there?  Some time after the completion of this project, I happen to be in that area and drove through to see the new and the "improved."  The houses were very nice.  However, there was not one pine tree standing anywhere.  The land had been scraped clean to facilitate economy of construction.  Here in Novato, California is a shopping mall named Vintage Oaks.  The gargantuan town-center replacing behemoth was built on Bay wetlands.  All but one oak tree was destroyed.  Which is to say the destruction of habitat is one of the primary reasons we are hearing not even a whisper, but a silent spring, summer, winter, and our impending FALL.


    • POW IN THE USA says:

      Dear Wes,

      I absolutely feel the exact same way! Everything you describe hits home, hits the heart, it is so depressing to watch day after day. Thank you for sharing your story, it made me feel less lonely in this battle that is truly unbelievable. I continue to plant flowers, because flowers are like smiles!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Dear Wes,
      Like you, I've lived long enough (60 years) to witness the very sad and disturbing changes you speak of and many others since I live in a different area of the country (south central Alaska).  In our neck of the woods, I have noticed the diminishing mosquito swarms that used to pester us each summer no matter where you lived.  The past few years, I've seen barely any mosquitos.  Likewise with birds and bird song 🙁 in my yard — so few it's worrisome.  The once grass "lawn" is now all moss since I don't use any chemical fertilizers or weed-killers.  The tall spruce trees in my yard produced more cones this year than I've seen in 20 years, and last year the birch left seeds that coated both sides of the roads an inch deep — weird!  All of the natural vegetation around here is clearly stressed, the leaves all spotted, and last year almost no dandelions popped up in my one-acre yard — there are some this year tho.  The aerial spraying is intense in our valley and like you, I am dumbfounded by the lack of awareness, the apathy, the total distraction (surely by design) via electronic media and myriad other forms of entertainment.  The pressures of life are increasing with year and each day we live on this socially, environmentally distressed, and ecologically assaulted world.  When I think to myself, God help us all — I can hear: God helps those who help themselves.  Action matters.  God bless you and Dane and and our brothers and sisters awake and asleep.  

    • ️Nance says:

      The petition says chemtrails, I was going to sign but that is not helpful when you are sending it to Congress and the President….

    • Catherine D says:

      Thankyou Kristin. Very glad to sign this,

  50. Stephen Mallen says:

    We need Billboards I guess. 1000s

  51. Reply to SD — Note to Susan F – "We need to know mechanism whereby excitation of plasma in ionosphere transfers energy back to earth (to induce quakes) via ionosphere/atmosphere/lithosphere coupling."  Obviously they are not going to say that they are causing EQs or ‘how’ they might do so, but if you read the general research, you can get an idea of how experimenting with "juicing" the earth from the ionosphere with phase array antennas, etc. is linked with various disturbances. Here is a collection of articles I found:

    • ron hall says:

      Susan:   As usual, thanks for the research articles.  I have a penchant for that kind of thing–Plasma Physics in the Ionosphere/Magnetosphere etc. and will probably get around to the pure, cold-blooded physics these strange scientists do.  They know not what they create.  Are we all living in a mad scientist's simulation? Maybe, maybe not.

      Meanwhile we wander around on the ground as the troposphere assumes the form of a toxic canopy.

  52. Brian says:

    If google can suppress searches on Hillary Clinton, they can certainly suppress searches of climate engineering and change. 

  53. Ellen says:

    OK! E X P O S U R E !!!! There is so many assults on so many fronts. This link is of utmost importance – It got on C-SPAN. This needs to be signed by everyone supporting Dane. We have to BACK UP the men who are doing the HARD AND DANGEROUS work on behalf of us all. 

     Is there a petition for stopping geoengineering ? The non-GMO project has stopped some major issues by petitions. Maybe I am misinformed-

    I have not signed one for Dane. If we don't band together and PRAY as well as fight it's not going to bring on any changes. This country, because of its love for God prospered. We are in a super natural world-

    If you aren't a part of the solution, quit whining and get out of the way for the BRAVE to do it. Dane, you are one of my heros!  EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!! 


  54. Greg says:

    Thanks for the work you do Dane.  Another motivational hour that has given me and many others lots to think about and act upon.  That famous saying with the image of a man climbing a huge mountain, (similar to those Ron has scaled,) "if it is to be, its up to me".  Stopping Climate Engineering is the mountain we face, and your message really hits home, stopping it is up to 'me' and all of us who are awake.  Thank you again for continually showing us the way up the 'mountain' and how to do it, Dane

  55. Toxic Skies over the Olympic Peninsula WA / June 7, 2016
    These are photos I took on the day the Navy was building up aerosol spraying and inundating the Olympic Peninsula WA on June 7, 2016.
    FAA Warns That Mystery Military Tests May Lead To Widespread West Coast GPS Disruptions / Jun 7, 2016 / Zero Hedge
    Starting today, and continuing for the next month, the FAA has warned airplane pilots that GPS signals on on the West Coast, and especially over California and Nevada, may be impacted.
    The reason why is not exactly clear, but as Gizmodo notes, the US military will be testing a device or devices that will potentially jam GPS signals for six hours each day. Officially the tests were announced by the FAA but are centered near the US Navy’s largest installation in the Mojave Desert, China Lake, located "just down the road" from Area 51. The Navy has kept silent about the nature of the tests. The FAA map showing the GPS jamming that will occur at different altitudes this month
    “We’re aware of the flight advisory,” Deidre Patin, Public Affairs specialist for Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division told Gizmodo but she couldn’t give any further details about whether there was indeed GPS “jamming,” nor whether it had happened before. Patin added, “I can’t go into the details of the testing, it’s general testing for our ranges.”

    • Neil Rushton says:

      The GPS disruptions are ominous. If I were of a conspiratorial persuasion, I might suggest the military-government machine was testing to ensure it can knock out navigational facilities to the population if it needed to. We've become reliant on GPS for finding places. I'd be interested to hear thoughts on that…

    • Gnoh says:

      We did have interference on my husbands 2016 Lexus GPS on June 7th in the Los Angeles suburb, we checked with Lexus and they had many calls with similar problems. Wonder if that was related to the earthquake we had during the night of the 8th. 
      Thank you Susan for sharing you research.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  the pics you have posted are just like the skies here, many miles south of you.  It would not be far fetched to suggest the same aircraft and methodology of spraying and ingredients.  Regarding that square cloud, I saw several over several days late last week.  The insanity seems to be increasing because the spraying and microwave zapping of the fake clouds is increasing.

    • Katherine says:

      First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks to you, Dane.  Secondly, I live in Seattle, Susan, and make trips twice each month to the Washington coast via Highway 101.  There is not only an abundance of spraying over the Seattle skies (and many trees dying in our lovely parks) but it is occurring over the coastal area, just as in your pictures.  I also notice an incredible number of dying trees on Highway 101 out to the Grays Harbor area on the coast during my drive.  A multitude of emotions well up in me from absolute sadness to abject anger.

    • Edward Palys says:

      And people wonder why birds are falling from the sky, why so many fish die off in one particular location. Notice how hush-hush everything went after these incidents were reported? I wonder who all these "scientists" are working for.

  56. John Frehse says:

    The reason the gov. put out an alert to prep is so people will spend more and more.

    • Joy Williams says:

      The other reason they warn us to prep is so they can say they warned us.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I have thought this too and don't do it so much anymore. It quickly expires so it is almost not worth it. I want organic food even in emergencies. It is the packaging that goes first, I am told. The glues. Ewww! I did go through a spell of buying but I am in prime earthquake country, am civil service (take care of your family first so that you can report back with a clear mind), and do want to make some effort because I think it is prudent. In the end, it is up to the gods and your best defense is NOT panicking AND not so much "trusting" but decent to others and of course knowing survival skills, at least how to cover the four basic needs. I did read many books and have an Urban Survival deck of cards. It is interesting, the tips they give.

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