Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 10, 2018, #135


Dane Wigington

The weather makers continue to fully unleash their fury on the planet, further fueling accelerating climate chaos. Rapidly unfolding weather events and scenarios around the world will soon make climate engineering denial all but impossible to maintain even for the most programmed individuals in society. The parade of completely engineered East Coast “winter storms” has continued along with the associated weather whiplash. The climate engineers have dealt a severe blow to agriculture in the US West and Europe, how much will harvests be impacted? As the biosphere goes, so must industrialized / militarized society. When will the power structure instigate global conflict as their final option? When will the majority of the masses finally connect the dots? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Will a form of feudalism develop during the rapid transition to total societal collapse? Or will populations around the world accept and embrace the potential power they collectively have to peacefully stand against the insanity? Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the great imperative, sharing credible information is key. All who are already awake are desperately needed to join the critical battle to help sound the alarm.

This week's outreach booth is at the Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


196 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 10, 2018, #135

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Bubba Sue, I totally agree with your statement!!! Mainstream media states the Economy is in good shape, when we have all these well named companies going out of business, that Dane mentioned. The company I work for EarthWorks (Garden Center/Nursery/Landscaping) has taken a hit from the harsh January weather & freezing temperatures, that caused severe damage to our Palm Trees and Tropical plants. Weather Whiplash created by those in power.

  2. Bubba Sue says:

    Patented genocide. Did you know Costco has a great deal on coffins ? Get yours now before they sell out. I was riding my Harley in February in central New York 70 degrees. Something is very very wrong for that to happen. We are being slow killed. I am glad I never had any children. There will be nothing left for them but a scorched lifeless earth. Lets accentuate the positive. There will be no need for g0vernment banks or insurance companies when there is no life.

  3. Ed Bee says:

    I think that everything Dane said about the weather engineers becoming ever more desperate to hide their crimes is true. But I am also convinced we are in the final stages of life on Earth as we know it. As I wrote in an earlier post, I believe this past winter would have had average temperatures in the 80's here in Wisconsin had it not been for the artificial cooldowns. Not once during the entire winter season did I see real (natural) snow. The pattern never changed of heavy spraying followed by or accompanied by unnatural bone-chilling cold and sugary or styrofoam ball-like snow. Two days ago was crazy with intermittent bright sun and almost white-out snow recurring all day. And all I heard from people is how beautiful it was, or that is just the crazy kind of weather we get in spring. Folks are always pulling over to snap photos of things like this or the unnaturally wildly colorful sunsets, sun halos and odd cloud formations we continuously get now. I hear the northeast is probably going to get an unprecedented 4th "noreaster" soon. I guess my question is, are we really far closer to the end than even the enlightened among us observe? Do you see that the final act is here right now? I truly am alarmed, though no one else around me sees anything out of the ordinary and natural. As my Christian friends say, "It's all in God's hands." I, too, am a Jesus-believing Christian, but feel God gave us free will and stewardship over His creation, and we have chosen to rape, pillage and plunder it into certain oblivion. And now the consequences of our sins are upon us.

    • Felicia Lewis says:

      Matthew 24:21 is certainly shaping up. 1John 2:17 is also what we are seeing as well. But our God is coming with salvation and wisdom, He will not be late!!

  4. Dennie says:

    Toxic vaccines and over-vaccination aren't the only problems happening in so-called "medical" treatment.  As this excellent documentary by Gary Null points out, we don't have a "health care" system, we have a "disease care" system:  Death by Medicine,

    The latest thing for women's "health care" ?  3-D mammography, essentially a CT scan of the breasts, exposing women (who cares about them? They're "just" women!) to even greater doses of ionizing radiation:

  5. Martha says:

    Out of curiosity I looked up Paul Beckwith and Douglas MacMartin to see their bios and learn where they're coming from prior to Dane's debate with them tomorrow. Interestingly, both seem to be in positions that have the potential of enabling them to monetize the climate in one way or another. Mr. Backwith who apparently is currently in a PhD. program "is involved in the very early stages of developing an entrepreneurial startup venture based out of Northern Europe, using the latest in innovative climate change thinking to examine climate change solutions that can prevent catastrophic climate disruption. This means an approved sabbatical." It would then make sense that his stance is that climate engineering doesn't exist. If "climate change" isn't related in any way to jet tankers spewing millions of tons of toxic particulates into the atmosphere, ionospheric heaters, manipulation of the jet stream, scalar and other technology resulting in extreme weather and abrupt climate changes  then he would be free to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures to create "climate change solutions." He would want to argue that geoengineering isn't happening because if the right people grasp the reality that it is that would thwart his business plans.

    Dr. MacMartin is already a colleague of David Keith who we know has been involved in and continues to pursue climate change-related business ventures for some time now. Keep this in mind when you hear the debate. The issue for two of them is closely entwined with their livelihood and perhaps also professional prestige. The issue for Dane who has used his own funds and works day and night to expose and stop this atrocity that's destroying Earth's ability to support life is vastly different.

  6. marc says:

    The utterly worthless vermin who are behind the strategic deployment of SRM and/or HAARP (or similar) have been busy shredding the f**k out of southern Arizona skies today. Around 9 this morning I was at my desk when suddenly a "concussion wave" hit my house. My arms were propped on my desk so I could literally feel the desk shake for a moment from this blast. Windows rattled and walls creaked. There were no military aircraft of any kind that I could hear or see when I went outside. And trust me, I see and hear plenty going in and out of the that big-baby sandbox they call Davis-Monthan Air Force Base here in Tucson. But as soon as I did go outside I was awestruck by a bizarre skyscape: an extremely long ropey formation demarcated the sky into half "blue sky" and the other half a complete mess of small "puff-balls", amorphous whitish-gray filth, and other incoherent shapes and forms. The entire spectacle was moving west/northwest to south/southeast, as confirmed by EOSDIS observations. This ropey bank of whatever formed the boundary between west and east making the whole entire canopy of sky into two distinct scenarios. As the rope moved it began trailing weird elongated wisps. THAT'S when the spraying began. The shithead-pilots started dropping gigantic X's right at this ropey boundary. There were three X's when they were "done". All of this occurred right over Tucson, Arizona. 

      As regards the concussion that hit my house, I cannot conclude anything other than it MAY have been related to some HAARP (or similar) event associated with this massive manipulation of the sky today. I have experienced identical concussions here and in Missouri that just seemed to come out of nowhere.

    • marc says:

      I must post a follow-up observation to the above observations of yesterday. As the weird "bipolar" sky moved slowly eastward throughout the afternoon the ENTIRE CHARACTER of the sky changed within about 1-2 hours max. Quite quickly the entire canopy of sky from the Tucson mountains on the west side to the Catalinas on the north to the Rincons on the east side (a spread of 50 or more miles) morphed into what I can only describe as resembling those puffy flat-bottomed clouds I remember from being out west in the 60's and 70's. Dare I say it? It was actually quite a beautiful sight. But the rapidity with which this entire qualitative transformation occurred was, I confess, disturbing. I'm talking a COMPLETE QUALITATIVE TRANSFORMATION of the clouds, as if an entirely different meteorology had been substituted for the one before it. And all in a matter of only an hour or two. It was NOT as if some front from the west moved in causing the changes. It was like POOF! and suddenly the sky was completely different, like some diabolical bastard had flipped a switch in the Truman Show control room.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Marc: I’m glad you brought up rapidly morphing sky conditions. I’ve observed the same thing happening on a regular basis here in southeastern PA. 

      The fact that sky conditions change every two minutes now is bad enough. And, as you well know, it seems no one remembers that it wasn’t like this 20, 30, 40 years ago, but I remember. And, since gray, overcast, gloomy, rainy/snowy weather is to me what salt is to a snail, I’m acutely aware of every new nefarious change going on in our skies. It’s gotten so I can predict what’s coming by what kind of tones I’m hearing, how dry my skin feels (if it feels powdery as well, I know now that means some form of precipitation is being manufactured or moved this way), and if my mouth is burning. This is about all I have to go on at this point, since I’m apparently still pop-up ad blocked from Intellicast. 

      Anyway, about six weeks ago, we were having a very rare blueish sky day with more sun than clouds. The sun was extremely bright and strong, especially at around 4:15 pm. I was doing laundry that day. We have to go outside to get to the basement, and at approximately 4:15 pm, again, bright sun with very few clouds. The sun was so bright that several of the black feral cats we feed were sunning themselves up against the white stucco exterior of our building, and the sun was literally gleaming off their black fur. It actually made me smile. I came back upstairs and sat on the couch until it was time to go back downstairs and put the laundry in the dryer. After about 15 mins, I noticed it was getting darker. At first, I thought the sun was setting and sinking behind the homes to the west. Then I remembered the days were longer and that isn’t happening at 4:30 anymore, so I got up and looked out our west-facing kitchen window. There was, out of nowhere, a long, dark cloud bank, perfectly straight, moving in. A long, dark cloud bank that hadn’t been there just 15 mins earlier. It looked like a scene out of the remake of “War of the Worlds”. By the time I went back outside at approximately 4:45 pm, the sun was completely covered and the cloud bank had taken over most of the sky. By the time I had to run to the convenience store at approximately 5:15 pm, there was complete overcast, and the clouds looked, to the untrained eye, almost like natural grayish white rain clouds that had been there all day. It didn’t rain or snow, but the temperature dropped pretty fast. Not drastically, but fast. I’ve read comments here from people saying they believed the black clouds that show up out of nowhere are probably chemical ice nucleation dispersal. After months of observation due to months of relentless ice nucleation – it almost never stops at least nine months out of the year – I believe this must be the case. However, never in all the years that I’ve been observing this death from above have I seen such an extreme change in an hour’s time. Things have changed, just in the last few months, and it seems the death from above technology is growing exponentially. 

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Yo marc:  There is some weird shit going on.  I'm not getting hammered like the people in the western states, but HAARP cloud patterns are clearly seen all the time.  The constant ambient noise and head ringing is obnoxious… Fast-track changes in cloud composition are attributable to some of these wondrous chemical cocktails: >  Excerpted from: Hygroscopy – Wikipedia Deliquescence

      Deliquescent materials are substances (mostly salts) that have a strong affinity for moisture and will absorb relatively large amounts of water from the atmosphere if exposed to it, forming an aqueous solution. Deliquescent salts include calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, zinc chloride, ferric chloride, carnallite, potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, ferric ammonium citrate, ammonium nitrate, potassium hydroxide, and sodium hydroxide. Owing to their very high affinity for water, these substances are often used as desiccants, which is also an application for concentrated sulfuric and phosphoric acids. These compounds are used in the chemical industry to remove the water produced by chemical reactions.”  Complete text:

      Not all desiccants are applicable to geoengineering aerosols, but many are described in patents.  The metallic compounds are even more wonderful and imagical…

  7. Diane Friday says:

    Hello all, 

    I haven’t commented here for quite some time, but I visit every day, several times a day, and continue to do what I can to spread the word and speak the truth whenever possible. 

    In light of the comments regarding the ever-increasing internet censorship, I felt I had to pass this on. I have been going to the Intellicast site for a couple years now, since I cannot and will not watch any weather reports, local or otherwise. I get infuriated beyond words at the lies on top of lies and the veritable circus they’ve all become. So, having learned how to read satellite and radar, staggering number of transmitter signatures included, Intellicast has been my go-to site to see what weather’s being made and where. However, as of this past Sunday, it seems my IP address must’ve been flagged by the PTB at the NWS and NOAA. Since Sunday, I am no longer able to get on Intellicast for more than a minute at most before I get one of those pop-up ads that purport to be from Amazon, announcing I’m one of 10 winners of a new Samsung phone or whatever it is. The kind of pop-up that you can’t get rid of unless you get off the site completely. At first, I thought it was yet another glitch in my phone since the latest update, but when it happened every time I tried to get on Intellicast, I knew it must be intentional. 

    Not one to take this kind of authoritarian b.s., I fired off an email to the NOAA webmaster, which address I found on the NWS conus full loop map. I’ve not had trouble getting on there for some reason, and how lucky for me that I found that email address. I fired off another email today when I found I still couldn’t get on Intellicast. In both emails, I basically called out their lame and cowardly behavior, made sure to mention my awareness of the ongoing weather modification programs, and asked what they were so afraid of that they might block a civilian’s access to the site. I finished by letting them know I am not afraid of big, bad Raytheon or the big, bad DOD. Tonight, I went to the Weather Underground site to check the weather in another state, and there was that same pop-up Amazon ad after about a minute or so. 

    I would say this could be a peculiar glitch in my phone, or perhaps some kind of virus, if it happened while I was on any other website, but it doesn’t. If, in fact, my IP address has been flagged, I can only take from this that, as the number of people who wake up to the ongoing atrocities increases, the more their cages are rattled and the more pissed off they get. While this is bad in terms of gathering real-time evidence, and the censorship walls closing in, it means we’ve done at least that much, and that’s something. 

    If someone’s more knowledgeable about how these alleged smartphones work, and if these pop-ups could be some kind of virus, please let me know. I do have the pop-up ad blocker feature on, but that doesn’t mean much. 

    Also, Crest is now making a gum detoxifying toothpaste and happily advertising same. This, in addition to Parodontax for bleeding gums, which was heavily advertised last year. Knowing firsthand what this chemical ice nucleation crap does to one’s mouth, tongue, lips, gums, soft and hard palate, esophagus, and stomach, it’s safe to say the manufacturers of these products have gotten the memo. 

  8. Roy says:

    I have heard the thunder snow over the years.  That is when the concrete heavy snow falls & grinds all traffic & electricity to a halt.  It's peaceful to the ear except for the hundreds of thousands of large & aging trees being crushed & limbs cracking. This concrete snow brought WNY to a standstill particularly in October 2006.  I can only imagine how the mideast US cattle suffocated in this sticky nucleated substance.

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: As if the oil cartel was not destructive enough, Mr. EXXON has been replaced by Mr. CIA, a spook of the Deep State. We are being driven into a nuclear WWIII and the genocide of millions of ‘eaters’ — us. The Empire's elite will head for the Southern Hemisphere. The goal is to reduce world populations, get rid of national identity, and bring in the digital World Order.
    What Secretary of State Tillerson’s Firing Means
    Paul Craig Roberts / March 13, 2018
    The firing of Secretary of State Tillerson, the movement of CIA Director Pompeo to Secretary of State, and the promotion of Gina Haspel, who oversaw the secret CIA torture prisons in Thailand … indicate that the military/security complex has closed its grip on the Trump regime. There will be no more talk of normalizing relations with Russia. The combination of the Israel Lobby, the neoconservatives, and the military/security complex have proven to be too powerful for peace to be established between the two nuclear powers. If you look at Trump’s administration, the above three forces are those in charge.
    …an agenda has taken precedence over truth. This is an extremely dangerous agenda. Russia’s new weapons easily give Russia military superiority over the US. As China and Iran see the situation similarly to the Russians, the US is greatly out-classed. Yet, Washington and its vassals persist in making violent and false charges and threats against Russia, Iran, and on occasion China. Russia, Iran, and China know that these charges are false. Confronting an endless string of false and hostile charges, they prepare for war.  The world is being driven to war, which would be nuclear, by a tiny minority: Israeli Zionists, neoconservatives, and the US military/security complex. We are witnessing the most reckless and irresponsible behavior in world history. Where are the voices against it?

  10. Barb E says:

    Well talk about ice nucleation… in New Hampshire we're in the grips of the 3rd "blizzard" Skylar in 13 days. This one is the worst of them all and we've gotten about 15" so far with hours yet to go. Took the dog for his walk and those velcro ice balls sticking to him were huge and it took me a half hour to finally get them off and dry him.  Everyone cleaning their yards as we walked was bitching about all the storms.  A few of them said they will checkout this website. Let's hope so and hope they tell their friends.  They are still up there spraying, we can hear the planes. I for one am just about at my breaking point.  I can't stand this hell they are causing us.  About the bee's starving, yes they will. My native Mason bee's should be hatching out of the nest tubes I provide if they didn't freeze in the 35 below weather we had. Even if there were any flowers for them they will be under another two feet of fake snow tonight. 

  11. Bluesky says:

    The FOX News weather woman MJ in Seattle says at 8:00 am this morning that the temperature in Seattle is 63 degrees and will be 47 by this afternoon. She said "we had the wind coming in from the East and now it has changed and is coming in from the South. Okay then, that sounds logical!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Any other north westerners beside me remember "the pineapple express?" It would poor for days on end…………

    • Dennie says:

      …..oh, r-i-i-i-i-g-h-t……. wind coming from the south is always 16 degrees F. colder than wind blowing in from the east….

  12. Bluesky says:

    If you really care about what's going on you need to make your voice heard, as Dane suggests every week!

    COMMENT! and get others to comment!

    NOAA has an open comment period right now on Weather Modification Activities Reports.

    Show this to people who don't believe this is going on.

    Show them that they have had this law since 1972.

    Tell NOAA that you want all past and future reports to be made public!

    Tell NOAA that you want all federally funded weather modification past and present disclosed!

    Tell NOAA that you want Full Reporting in accordance with the 1978 United States Senate Report

    Open comment period ends March 30, 2018

    • simone says:

      Let's keep sharing with this link – it is on all my pages and sites already. Endless Thanks, Bluesky!

    • Dennie says:

      Looks like they're just asking for comments on how to collect information and they're not asking for the public's opinion as to how we feel about actual weather modification– they're gonna do it any way.  Though it probably wouldn't hurt to put THEM on notice that WE DO TOO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING UP THERE, there are whole bunches of people fouling the skies and NO AMOUNT of NAME-CALLING is gonna change The FACTS, which we can easily prove, that CRAP is being sprayed on us ALL, including the Order-Followers who are collecting the information about how to collect information– sheesh!

      Here's what's said in abstract:

      "This request is for reinstatement, without changes, of a current information collection.

      Section 6(b) of Public Law 92-205 requires that persons who engage in weather modification activities (e.g., cloud seeding) provide reports prior to and after the activity.  They are also required to maintain certain records. The requirements are detailed in 15 CFR part 908. NOAA uses the data for scientific research, historical statistics, international reports and other purposes."

      Comments are invited on: (a) Whether the proposed collection of information is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the agency, including whether the information shall have practical utility; (b) the accuracy of the agency's estimate of the burden (including hours and cost) of the proposed collection of information; (c) ways to enhance the quality, utility, and clarity of the information to be collected; and (d) ways to minimize the burden of the collection of information on respondents, including through the use of automated collection techniques or other forms of information technology."

      I'd want an answer to these questions:

      * Does having to provide reports before and after modifying the weather apply to the United States military operations?  

      * Does that include notifying the public of the proposed weather modification?

      * Why do the Oh-so-Special Beings called "military personnel" not ever once have to ask permission of or forgiveness for, or otherwise answer to their massive heinous sins against God, Nature and their fellow man?


    • To Bluesky, Dennie, and persons of integrity:  Seven Billion civilians, and an entire planetary system at stake.  Are all the attorneys in the United States  just hanging out in bars?  You must be pretty drunk by now.

      Excerpted from: Grand juries in the United States – Wikipedia

      The United States is one of only two common law jurisdictions in the world, along with Liberia, that continues to use the grand jury to screen criminal indictments.[1][2] Generally speaking, a grand jury may issue an indictment for a crime, also known as a "true bill," only if it finds, based upon the evidence that has been presented to it, that there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed by a criminal suspect. Unlike a petit jury, which resolves a particular civil or criminal case, a grand jury (typically having twelve to twenty-three members) serves as a group for a sustained period of time in all or many of the cases that come up in the jurisdiction, generally under the supervision of a federal U.S. attorney, a county district attorney, or a state attorney-general and hears evidence ex parte (i.e. without suspect or person of interest involvement in the proceedings).

      While all states in the U.S. currently have provisions for grand juries,[3] only half of the states actually employ them[4] and twenty-two require their use, to varying extents.[5] The modern trend is to use an adversarial preliminary hearing before a trial court judge, rather than grand jury, in the screening role of determining whether there is evidence establishing probable cause that a defendant committed a serious felony before that defendant is required to go to trial and risk a conviction on those charges.

      California, Florida,[6] and some other states,[7][8][9] also use 'civil grand juries', 'investigating grand juries', or the equivalent, to oversee and investigate the conduct of government institutions, in addition to dealing with criminal indictments.” [End quote]

      Complete text:


  13. Adaline says:

    Bless this website!

  14. Teri says:

    one thing i see that i don't see a lot of people talk about is the death of the honey bee's. oh people do talk about the colony collapse and blame all sorts of things that probably do have an effect but how about mass starvation? the geoengineers hit our area regularly, year after year after year. first they hit us with a warm up. (our spring is normally around march) then a freeze with their chemicals. then with another warm up and then a freeze. our fruit tree groves start to bloom and then the blooms freeze. killing off the blooms and potential fruit. this also kills the pollen that the bee's might have had for food. an early food source wiped out year after year without fail. those doing this know exactly what they are doing and they know how to force an emergence of flowers only to cover over again and kill them. it is deliberate. it creates starvation of bees, birds, animals, and people. only monsanto crops are untouched. their frankenfoods remain and all the other small farmers driven out. it isn't just the farmers and it isn't just the people being murdered. it is the animals, plants, and pollinators. it is just another effect but one i have not seen people talk about much other then the usually colony collapse from pesticides. it isn't just that killing them. it is the early spring starvation. bee's cannot live on sugar water or syrup alone. just another thought on another victim of the mass spraying. a friend of ours told us that 90% of the human population in the usa is on 3-5 drugs a day to stay alive. i am sure it is world wide as well. a silent killer people don't notice. the very air we breath is killing us slowly. 

    just my 2 cents for what is worth Dane

    • David says:

      A good two cents though. But dont you worry they're designing mini drone bee just for that reason.  we had the warmest feb ever here in FL then it cooled right down in March again as everything is budding prematurely.  there is even an oak down the street that is budding with fresh brown leaves!  Im not kidding the leaves are like the fresh green ones but brown and they're not dead!  Was just chatting with my Canadian friend and they're experiencing what she considers the weirdest weather ever where it gets sunny then suddenly a blizzard out of nowhere.  On and off like that.  she said she's never experienced anything like it. 

    • Marie says:

      I live in the country in NY state. A lady friend about 8 miles away has honey bees. About 6 yrs ago her nests would be good and live all thro winter. I saw her recently and she said that every yr she has to buy new bees as all hers die off in winter. She has like ten hives and they all die she said. Hah. Soon she won't even be able to buy bees. She is clueless. A couple yrs ago i showed her the X in the sky and she said, "X marks the spot". She had no clue.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Teri, You have a good, provable point.  I mean, being me, I'd argue it and say how very much info crosses my email about bee death, how I recently watched native bees at work where I live, how I get bees in house often, honey bees, but then there is someone less than a block away who has a hive on roof top.  And of course honey bees are not native here.  Or, so things say.  Then I remembered what I read from National Geography's 2008 issue: This Good Earth.  It profiled various Earth ecology things around the world and is an excellent read.  One of which was about what Mao did to China.  He restructured agriculture, terracing everything.  That failed big time.  Could not stand up to weather and erosion, I think.  Upshot, agriculture screwed forever there and no more bees.  Ever since, they pollinate by hand!!!  Buying from Europe.  Everyone seems to buy from Europe.  Here's hoping Europe holds up.  And this thing about Mao and agriculture deserves some consideration now that All of Nature is being so manipulated.

      @David, If I see a bee bot I will swat it dead!!!! 

    • tom liccione says:

      Interesting theory, Teri. We lost a volunteer bee colony that lived under the roof of our sunroom for over 30 years. Over the last few years I observed they were more aggressive. I got stung more often, for no reason. Several bees would be seen on the ground fighting. They have been gone for over a year now. The very last year, they swarmed twice! I never saw that before and they were finding their way into the sunroom. One morning I found over two hundred bees inside the sunroom. I trapped them gently and moved them outside. The next morning more bees had moved indoors. I freed those also. After that there were less and less bees to be seen both inside and outside. Soon, they were all gone!  A nearby friend, a beekeeper has lost 3 colonies about the same time and other friends have had partial or total colony collapse. Strangely they all speculate about all kinds of possibilities for their colony collapse except the ubiquitous aluminum!

    • Pedro says:

      Honey bees must stay with half or even two thirds of the honey production in order to survive through Winter and through the beginning of Spring, when the weather warfare that is being orchestrated is most felt. It is not possible to remove the same quantities of honey that it was usual in the past. If the colonies are weak, they should stay with 4/5 of the honey.

      Humans need in first place the food Bees pollinate, not the honey.

    • Teri says:

      i just wanted to add a bit since some wonderful people have replied and confirmed a theory i had on that. I wish to say thank you to all of you. plus. i too raise honey bee's and i spend a lot of time studying them. i did notice the lack of pollen has caused a great deal of distress in the hives. gmo flowers which almost all the garden centers sell have no pollen. they are silent empty flowers for the bee's. Bee's will avoid them. i noticed that too. we have to plant our own non gmo flowers from seed. plus rely on wildflowers but the geoengineering spray kills off so many flowers that there is very little left for the bee's. hence the die offs. starvation. we feed them sugar water but it just isn't enough. even enhanced. vitamin supplements made for bee's ect. but again. not enough. like the tree's. the bee's end up weak and sickened. lacking the food they need so desperately. so many gmo crops. gmo flowers. gmo trees. none of which produce the pollen the honey bee needs. like the trees. they sicken. then the commercial bee keepers fog them. treat them with chemicals. do all sorts of things to help them fight off mites and other illness. all of which is treating symptoms without treating the disease. the spraying and heavy metals which kill off the natural food supplies. natural flowers. natural pollens. it is a losing battle as long as they continue spraying and they won't stop that as long as there is still something wiggling and alive on the surface. they won't stop until they have wiped out all natural life. to be replaced by their diseased gmo fake life forms. 

         when the bee's go and they are going rapidly. year after year. as they go so do we. or so i have heard. it is so hard to watch and being helpless to stop it. we can only help with the symptoms with our bee's but can do nothing about the disease that created this disaster. the sickened mind of science. 

    • Teri says:

      pedro. most beekeepers know when to harvest honey and know when not to. at least the ones i have talked to. it isn't because they took too much honey. the starvation is because there is very little pollen and nectar that the bees need to survive on. they can be provided supplement food but it doesn't have the same quality that natures food provides. no matter what people claim. no matter what science claims. man made supplements do not provide the same nutritional needs that the bees require. we raise bee's solely for ourselves and not commercial. for us. it is about trying to save them. not us. we haven't harvested for two years. there hasn't been enough. or we feel there isn't enough for them and us both. we prefer to leave it for them to have and live off as they will need it. some people harvest spring, some in the summer. some in the late summer. and in this area with the people we talk to they haven't had much to harvest. the crops are dropping, the natural flowers, buds on trees in spring killed off with ice nucleating chemicals has taken its toll. and it is getting worse. the bees then die off from starvation despite our best efforts to keep them alive. they die from sickness. colony collapse they call it. which to us is a symptom of a greater disease that is the mind of men of science who create the geoengineering and pesticides ect that have destroyed so much and gained little to nothing. again. my 2 cents worth. that is 6 cents i have spend on the of course) . it is just another symptom. not easily seen. same with butterflys. other pollinators. dying off rapidly. even ticks. which i don't miss. but they are dropping in numbers and are a food supply for other things. birds. turkeys. ect. the birds are dying in mass numbers and i am sure starvation is playing a part in that as well. working its way up the food chain. one species at a time with little notice. excuse after excuse issued by science claiming this thing or another thing caused it without one bit of truth to their claims. people believe it and go back to sleep. confident that 'science' has the answer. instead of being the cause. 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Teri.

      I am not an expert on Bees ( my Grandfather was ), but let me ask you; In a extreme situation of starvation, Bees do not survive from the honey reserves?, If yes ( and I think yes ), and if even with honey inside the hives bees are dying, is because the honey now is loaded with aluminum. This is very interesting ( and disturbing ), but some months ago my wife was buying a bottle of honey in a supermarket ( from the lidl group ), and on the bottle was written that the product was not indicated to be consumed by children under 12 years old (!!!). I am not joking. I told my wife not to buy the honey, but she bought it (she is the boss), at that time I told her; If they write this on the bottle label it is because they know the honey is loaded with aluminum.. The nano particles are inside pollen and nectar ( the particles are absorbed by all plants ), it's because of this fact that in every Spring, people stay with a lot of seasonal allergy problems, when all flowers and all plants and Trees start to release pollen in big quantity. I am aware of the parasites that are killing the Bees ( because bees are very sick due to the aluminum that is present in the climate engineering aerosols, making bees more vulnerable ) and I know about the large number of bees that are being born with many physical problems and defects because of this same environmental contamination. Thanks for the reply, good luck for your Bees.

  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Geoengineering Watch provides a huge amount of informative video and corroborating evidence (documentation) which can be submitted as apostille or notarized statement. (see notarisation ) Local and/or international courts can be induced to comply with these sorts of fact finding efforts.

    28 U.S. Code § 1782 – Assistance to foreign and international tribunals and to litigants before such tribunals | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

    United States Apostille – US Legalization

    See complete page for individual States under separate flags:

    Hague Apostille Member Countries    

    See complete page for individual States under separate flags:

  16. IdahoAnnie says:

    Hello Paul Vonharnish: Thank you for you input regarding Mr. DeMeo.  You were absolutely right. I shouldn't have wasted my time.  His response to my email was condescending and demeaning.  He slammed Geoengineering Watch pretty hard.  I should heed some advice I was given years ago. "One cannot enlighten the unconscious."

    Thanks again!

    • Hello IdahoAnnie:  Really sorry you had an unpleasant experience.  Life is tough enough without that kind of exchange… Maybe this will bring a little smile. >   

      "When will science get enough of reality to understand that it exists?" 

      – Paul Vonharnish –

  17. Lee Eyerman says:

    Just had 50 mph wind with snow squall.Is this the new fake ' Cyclone Bomb'? Have another friend with cancer- this one has throat cancer. I have been sick with snots,cough,and headaches for 2 weeks.Rinsing my head with salt water helps for a short period but the cocktails and death sprays are changing so often,we can't get our immunity up.Question to anyone out there.I run the nutrition program for a Senior Center.How is the population of 90 year olds going up,while people my age 55 to 65 are dying so fast it makes your head spin?Are doctors practicing on the real elderly to have a formula for keeping the old,rich,elitist bastards alive forever?I'm not kidding,people over 85 don't get sick and aren't aging!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Lee, Just a knee jerk response, but lack of cell phones and computers?  And, perhaps a balanced diet, though I say that with some reservations. Do your seniors get vaccinations?  Oh, and lack of interacting with the public and public places much, especially children, the little vectors….

    • Blue Sue says:

      Those older folks were not vaccinated like us baby boomers, and all to follow, and when they were in their youth and still developing their physical bodies and constitutions the soil wasn't yet thoroughly denatured like it is today. Also. it's likely that they didn't spend the majority of their lives in front of a screen. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Blue Sue, I asked about vaccines because in my overseeing of my brother in law in a 'home' owing to an accident causing brain damage, he has been in various places for more than ten years and it finally occurred to me that he and those others there are like sitting ducks for pharmaceutical Everything!  Like people farms for Big Pharma!!  Oooh how I'd love to compile the info and monies involved with that!   

    • Marie says:

      I believe it's because the  older generation is still healthier as they lived in a time where the food was good and the air was more pure. I am in my late 60's. My mom lived to age 92 and only cuz she stopped eating. Her sisters were all in their mid 90's and one was 104. The generation after me like my 47yr old son lived in a more contaminated world and they won't reach age 60. A lot of baby boomers are dying at age 60-65. They will never make it to 90 like their parents. Also read that the living age is going down and not up anymore.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Blue Sue, Gee, I rode the first baby boomer wave and I am now 71 and was never vaccinated.  I also think though our soil is in much worse shape, much of the damage began with the first moves west, and that was long ago now.  Not to mention my baby boomer time period followed the very first atomic and then nuclear bombs, and way more here and above ground than Japan had to deal with.  But one thing really stands out when looking at old time photos: weight.  People of yore look so thin!  As if starving!  Yet way more healthy.  This thing of three square meals a day is a joke.  Studies on rats showed those who did not get 3 squares, who were fed irregularly and varied amounts, lived much longer.  Remember the Haiti earthquake?  Remarkably, many emerged from the deep rubble long after the fact and alive!  That blew my mind.  Proof that going without most of one's life is a benefit!  Easy 'bad' foods and foods/drinks such as soda, even diet soda has been proven to be a health risk and Will put weight on a person.  As will most GM food stuffs.  As a teen, late teens, I recall the first ever that I knew of burger joint to open.  19 cents yet.  Alcohol puts on weight too and once it was sorta rare to know an alcoholic, but not anymore.  My 'parents' put on weight in their 50s, my 'mother's' mother who lived with us weighed 350 pounds or more when last we knew having this estimate from the fire department which we had to call when she fell and 3 of us could not get her up!  Doc said 'grandma' was healthy because she'd always been heavy and it was not a shock to her heart or rest of body.  Whereas, he said, by middle age, many have more money and so indulge in steaks and rich foods they did not eat before.  Thus gaining weight and that stress on their hearts and other organs not previously stressed.  I think there is some real truth to this. 

  18. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It is entirely possible that Dane or V. Susan Ferguson or others covered this already, but it is news to me. 100 old growth trees got knocked down in one night with no storms or winds.  They appear snapped in the photos.  From the article: "University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass investigated the mystery like, in his words, Sherlock Holmes."  Good 'ole Cliff came up with an absurd explanation.  No Shit, Sherlock.

    Read more here:


    What Knocked Down 100 Giant Trees on the Olympic Peninsula?  2/14/2018 by Craig Sailor,

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Bella-Fantasia … Good call! Yes, I agree. Cliff Mass is a disinfo ratzoid of the lowest order. Ever listen to him? He's a Brooklyn boy – or one of the city boroughs (which is fine), but now passing himself off as a WA State local. I have often wondered how much he gets paid. The twisted lies spew out of his mouth six ways from Sunday!

    • Frank says:

      I don't know – the professor may be revealing his true knowledge of the more exotic workings of GEOENGINEERING. He talks about warm air suddenly rising over cool surface air – sound familiar? – and did you notice the mold on the fallen tree? I live near a cemetery full of trees like that – that fall whenever they get a chance!

    • Blue Sue says:

      Seeing the trees break, snap, drop, flash out, or suffer a slow demise under coats of  fungus and mold just breaks my heart.  It's everywhere now.  In my heavily wooded semi-rural neighborhood where I walk my dogs daily, about half of the old growth 40-60 foot tall spruce trees are flashing out or are already dead. It's shocking how fast this is happening. Many local birch and cottonwood trees are just snapping mid-trunk and/or falling over in forested areas.  Most all of the deciduous trees a heavy coat of lichen growing on them. It's probably the combination of electromagnetic frequencies (cell towers are everywhere) and toxic aerosols that are decimating them.  Still, pretty damn bizarre how those old growth trees on the OP all snapped like that. 

      Like Teri says, the bees are surely starving!  There are so few anymore during our short summers.  Same with butterflies and I grow flowers all over the place to attract them.  The dense and giant mosquitoes that we were once famous for here in Alaska, are almost non-existent anymore. I think I saw about 10 mosquitos all summer long at my house. Do you remember that bothersome thick film of bug guts on the windshield every summer? — also a thing of the past.  


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Blue Sue, Please tell me about the lichen on deciduous trees!  A couple of months ago I found a circle of lichen laying on the sidewalk and picked it up, pretty, thinking for my green roof birdhouse.  I'm not used to thinking of lichen as a bad thing, but I did wonder where from.  Looking out side yard window to see if my old, rare plum was blooming yet at all, I mean other things here are, this tree always slow and never all at once, and I was pleased to see green shoots, then noticed green 'stuff' as well, glommed on to some branches.  AIEEE!  My whole urge is to scrub it off if I could.  What causes this thing, what happens next, before falling over dead?  This tree has been dying as long as I've known it and that has been almost 40 years.  Lord, I swore I'd make scions of its precious self last year and did not.  It must, must make it long enough this year for me to make the scions!  What to do?  Any advice?  Yikes.  I'm a bit more worried about the huge redwood just feet away from me!!!!  In terms of just falling down one day! 

  19. Kathy Coffey says:

    Dane…what happened with the law suit that you had against the national science organization last year?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kathy, our legal actions (so far) are against the US Department of Commerce (the overseeing agency for NOAA). The attached link will give you an update, more announcments to come. FYI

  20. simone says:


    The point is that We All have to PLAY with GEOENGINEERED TERMS/LABELS  in order to NAIL THOSE CRIMINALS, with  THEIR OWN NAILS. 


    Mighty Nature's Wisdom be with You, Dane! 

      I'd like to re-publish this very important recent post by GRETCHEN: 

    GretchenThomas says:

    March 11, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    Every game has rules of play and the psychopaths that control everything created a high stakes toxic game called, "Climate Engineering Coverup." If this was a high stakes poker game would a player make up his own rules or use Old Maid cards? Not if he wanted to win.  I meet people frequently who know and use the slang word, "chemtrails" but have never heard of Climate Engineering or My truth journey started when a couple people asked me, "what about chemtrails;" searching that term on the internet generally leads to Wikipedia and conspiracy theory first, and I almost stopped there. The slang term "chemtrails" is a joker; part of the deck, but useless in the high stakes game we're forced to play. Gotta play by the rules and use the science and technology terms so the uniformed can become informed and empowered to join the battle to expose and halt climate engineering.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Gretchen is so right — using the pejorative and common epithet "chemtrails" is the JOKER in the deck, but this can't be a GAME that's being played. It is far more sinister. 

  21. Terri says:

    Thank you Dane for your fortitude.

    Thank you all for your comments and videos.

    I yet again, learned so much more than I knew.

    Hanging in here with you all,  God bless us.


  22. David says:

    Director General of WHO says pandemic could breakout at anytime and not could but will have 'terrible toll" on human population.  And how could he be so sure of this? I wonder.

    • Hello David:  Erm…  Look at the Director General's picture. > Worth a thousand words, eh?  Must be nice to stay a few days in one of the most expensive places in the entire world.  A top floor suite in Dubai can run in excess of $4500 per night…

      I wrote a very cutting set of remarks regarding the Robert Mugabe regime back in 2008.  I was a bit foolish (stupid) at the time, as I published it on the BBC network… I got into nothing but trouble for it… Seems the Chinese government was sending shiploads of armaments to Mr. Mugabe, whilst at the same time – hosting the Olympics in Beijing…

      Mr. Mugabe was quite busy slaughtering tens of thousands of his countrymen at the time.  But it was just business as usual.  Same ol', same ol'.  He's been a genocidal war criminal since his first days in power… Zimbabwe was once considered the breadbasket of Africa. 

      Appointing criminal despot Robert Mugabe as a 'goodwill ambassador', pretty much indicates where the Director General is coming from…

      From the cited page: > This is priceless:  "At the time, he credited Mugabe for prioritizing universal health care.  And this week he warned the absence of such a system is 'the greatest threat to global health'."

      Can you say: "PsyOp"?

    • Dennie says:

      Maybe Dr. Tedros is taking a page out of Mugabe's playbook and has hired him as a consultant in planning an actual pandemic, ha ha!  On the other hand, the story's full of half-truths if not outright lies.  Zika is endemic to South American and over 75% of the people there had already been exposed.  It's more likely that the pesticide that arrests neurological development in mosquitoes is the agent responsible for the abnormally underdeveloped heads in human babies that had been exposed in utero after the government sprayed the drinking water with Monsanto's special "Kool-Aid" for South Americans, then blamed it on the mosquito-borne virus called "Zika."

    • Kinda like this: >

      "In May 1965, vulnerability tests in the U.S. using the anthrax simulant Bacillus globigii were performed in the Washington D.C. area by SOD covert agents. One test was conducted at the Greyhound bus terminal and the other at the north terminal of the National Airport. In these tests the bacteria were released from spray generators hidden in specially built briefcases. SOD also conducted a series of tests in the New York City Subway system between 7 and 10 June 1966 by dropping light bulbs filled with Bacillus subtilis var. niger. In the latter tests, results indicated that a city-level epidemic would have occurred. Local police and transit authorities were not informed of these tests.[7] "

      "The U.S. government has previously disclosed information on chemical and biological warfare tests it held at sea and on land yet new-found documents show that the U.S. Army tested biological weapons in Okinawa in the early 1960s, when the prefecture was still under U.S. rule. During these tests, conducted at least a dozen times between 1961 and 1962, rice blast fungus was released by the Army using “a midget duster to release inoculum alongside fields in Okinawa and Taiwan,” in order to measure effective dosages requirements at different distances and the negative effects on crop production.[13][14] Rice blast or Pyricularia oryzae produces a mycotoxin called Tenuazonic acid which has be implicated in human and animal disease.[15]"

      Complete text:

      And the beat goes on…

  23. Alan says:

    Silly me.  All this time, I've been laboring under the impression that skywriting was the carefully timed disbursement of smoke from an airplane for the purpose of creating a readable message that will linger in the sky for a considerable amount of time.  Now I find out that it's actually contrails!  Thanks to "academia" for setting me straight.  

  24. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for another brillant show.  The weather has been strange all over the planet and getting worse it seems w climate engineering and geoengineering and haarp etc. I can't believe were you live not one day over freezing.  I bet decades ago you would have many days over freezing In Mt. Shasta region. I know that Mountain from the 70s and 80s when I use to hike it.

    Overthrowing other people’s governments: The Master List

    March 3, 2018 by Edward Morgan

    • GretchenThomas says:

      America: A Nation Deceived thought-provoking documentary goes into detail about the who, what, when, where, and why the US of A, INC. military is nothing more than a global mercenary organization for the psychopaths that control everything and their Zionist agenda…


    • GretchenThomas says:

      And 9/11 Truth.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Benjamin H. Freedman's excellent speech on how World War One (and Two) really started and why the U.S. was eventually drawn in.

      Wesley Clark on America's Foreign Policy "Coup"

    • Hello Joseph L:  Excellent post!  The hit list will continue growing as long as there is money to be made from war… I came by this last night.  Bold inserts are mine: >  Excerpted from: Kerry asserts American authority  

      07/20/2014 12:02 PM EDT

      Updated 07/20/2014 11:58 PM EDT

      Secretary of State John Kerry appeared on all five major network news shows Sunday to re-assert American leadership on the world stage amid two major international crises unfolding in Ukraine and the Middle East.  “The fact is that the United States of America … is more engaged in more places in the world, and, frankly, I think, to greater effect, than at any time in recent memory,” Kerry said on ABC’s “This Week” as he condemned the actions of Ukrainian separatists aligned with Russia and offered administration support for Israel.

      “I can’t think of a time when the United States has been engaged in more places, where people are worried not about our — our — our staying, but they don’t want us to leave and they recognize that American leadership is critical,” Kerry said.” [End quote]

      Complete page:

      The "conflict" in the Ukraine was a planned option, and covertly financed by the U.S. State Department…

      But wait! There's more! > Excerpted from: Sen. Corker considering subpoena for Kerry – POLITICO   Published October 8, 2015

      Sen. Bob Corker is considering issuing a subpoena for Secretary of State John Kerry, reflecting growing frustration among Republicans that Kerry is stonewalling the panel in an effort to avoid testifying about the Syrian civil war. Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations committee, also alleges the State Department isn't being truthful about Kerry’s schedule to avoid a panel appearance.

      Corker (R-Tenn.) has been trying to secure a Kerry visit to discuss the brutal Syrian civil war for more than a week, sources said, but the chairman now claims that Kerry won’t return his phone calls, wants to send “underlings” to testify in his stead and is sending Congress signals that he is out of town when he is not.” [End quote] 

      Complete article:

      Where was Mr. Kerry? Who was he talking to?

    • horsegirl says:

      Gretchen, fabulous post.  At last a roll call among th guilty.

  25. Dog says:

    A meaningful debate on these issues with academia, for starters, is LONG overdue. These debates should be carefully watched and shared.  

    I went on a road trip recently, very early in the morning, and out on the Interstate, as the sun was coming up, the activities of the spraying planes, that could be easily seen by anyone who was looking up, were INDISPUTABLE.

    Trails sprayed, spreading, lingering, and expanding over time. I pointed this out, and it was acknowledged by others who witnessed it happening.

    There is NO other explanation for what was going on in the sky, easily visible above us, at that time, that would make any sense.

    I was not alone, and was able to point these activities out to some of the people whom I was with at that time, and who agreed with me,

    I sincerely hope that the panelists will provide an accurate explanation for this kind of phenomenon.

    It was blatant and undeniable, even to the people whom I was with, who saw it with their own eyes, and who had never heard of, nor thought about, the geoengineering issue before they saw it.



    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Dog, once you see it happening before your eyes, you can no longer be a skeptic…my husband once was until he saw blue morning skies turn white in no time.  Our skies are so heavily aerosoled that the tourists are noticing and don't want to come back.

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Professor Michel Chossudovsky has a Plan which takes on the Military personnel in order to wake them up.  (His knowledge of weather warfare is expertly informed, so he's portrayed as a 'conspiracy theorist', of course.  That's why he has my utmost respect.)  His Plan is comprehensive.  It will require everyone to play a part, even at the community level.   Still, it is a plan, and there are not many others out there, if any.  I'm reminded of Dana Scully's loaded quote, "Mulder, not everything is a labyrinth of dark conspiracy, and not everybody is plotting to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate."  Thank goodness.  But that's what we're up against in the Matrix of these times.

    In case the link fails, the article is titled 'Fake News' and World War III, The Danger of Nuclear Annihilation by Michel Chossudovsky, March 9, 2018,

    Allow me to extend my Love, Respect and deep Gratitude to everyone here for how they deeply feel, what they know, and what they do to be part of the solution. Solidarity of purpose for the Altruistic Greater Good can never be wrong.

    • Hello Bella_Fantasia:  Michel Chossudovsky's comments bring to mind a favorite quote from Micheal Evans of Laguna Beach, Cal:

      "You can't kill bad ideas with bullets.  You need better ideas."

      There's a huge increase in the uptick rate at Geoengineeing Watch the last three weeks.  Also many new commentors from around the world.  I'm not into doom and gloom.  We can succeed in bringing an end to the mindless machine – by becoming more mindful of the world we wish to create…

    • Pedro says:

      I agree, Paul.

    • Dennie says:

      And the missing, magic ingredient is (ta DAHH!): The WILL to move to do any of this.  Where is the WILL for Every Last One to get involved in this kind of responsibility-taking enterprise?  People are much too lazy.

  27. simone says:

    DO YOU SUPPORT MONSANTO BY BUYING COMMERCIAL FOOD AND MEDICINE, BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT ORGANIC PRODUCTS DO NOT EXIST ANY LONGER: everything is polluted???  THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT WE CALL ORGANIC AND GMO IS COLOSSAL!!!!!!!!! No matter how much of man-made garbage gets into all living nature, LIFE itself has fantastic abilities for the sake of its survival. GMO IS ULTIMATELY MANIPULATED BY MAN, therefore, CANNOT REPRODUCE as it is very stiff,  resisting everchanging environments. When Life Reproduces it means it is correcting and improving.   Unlike  programmed, no-go  GMO,   all ORGANIC sorts of Life  (even when badly polluted)  POSSESSES  THE NATURE GRANTED POWERFUL MECHANISM FOR SURVIVAL IN CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS. Some forms of life, especially  if  less manipulated by stupid humans, do not die out as all GMO monstrosities,   but use their INBORN deeply intuitive LIFE MECHANISM, navigating them in challenging environments, therefore, they become stronger. ~~ PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUPPORT ORGANIC FARMING AND THESE HEROIC PRODUCERS WHO FIGHT FOR  NATURAL LIFE ON OUR PLANET !!! Yes, we are all polluted and effected by smelly and deadly human garbage.. That is WHY you must  Ignore all Monsanto  “productions” and very quickly  starve to death these  industries who feed not only stupid population, but the HELLISH GEOENGINEERING TERROR. YES, We CAN STOP brainless, suicidal manipulators destroying our planet, having no bloody fights. No profits coming from our pockets — no chance for the terroristic monsters..  

    If you still are a skeptic believing that EVERYTHING is POISONED and POLLUTED, even allowing yourself to call the organic food producers “liars”  ~  YOU ARE ALREADY STANDING ON A HELLISH MONSANTO’S SIDE!! Think and think and think again, about NOT providing a great HELP  for fast growing monstrosities, DO NOT be this very “convenient idiot” (that is how Russian Gov-t calls everyone who buys Russian “excuses” covering up  their  camouflaged, sinister,  illegal and very bloody actions).    



    • Pedro says:

      genetically modified organisms are not Food. These products are real poison.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Simone, I did not mean to offend you. We should all support organic farmers. I am one of them. I would just say that buying and consuming non-certified organic foods from reputable producers is the wat to go. "Certified" organic is a racket. The "certified" organic label raises the cost of the product for the consumer. Buy from someone you know you can trust, not the guy who paid for the "certified" organic label. The food that I grow and sell is "organic" and sells for about half as much as the "certified" guys product. The added cost of "certified" organic goes to the government scumbags.

      I will never be a "certified" organic farmer. All of the cost to do so would have to be passed on to my customers. They would be paying twice as much for the same product.

    • Mark says:

      Do not pay for your own disease, eat organic                                                       


    • Teri says:

      with the air, water and soils saturated with chemicals from the geoengineering program there is no such thing as organic anymore. yes, you can buy local and  hope for the best but every single bit of water and soil is poisoned. the air is poisoned. they spray toxic chemicals on every inch of the country so there is no place untouched right now. organic is irrelevant. meaningless as long as the crop are up-taking geoengineering chemicals every single day.  i do grow my own good stuffs but no matter what i do it is hit with toxic chemicals from the airplanes and the evil jerks in the pilots chair willing and able to do it to us. you can wash some of it off but not from the inside of the plant that has been exposed to rain laced with chemicals. soils laced with chemicals dropped from airplanes. not possible. organic is another lie. 

    • simone says:

      Sending Love to you, Steven Chamberlain 🙂  My point is that Everyday we deal with crooked Governmental systems and made-up laws, which  goal is instead of encouraging and protecting the best  of the best of what we produce and serve ~~~  do everything to paralyze our best productions and services.. The Gov. "best effective" strategy to kill our best products and services is to mix  and mess them up together  with mass-produced poisonous garbage. So people would not notice the difference!!!

      You say "The added cost of "certified" organic goes to the government scumbags. " So True!!!

      But WE ARE AT WAR with monstrous industries.. These are HIDING THEIR MASS-PRODUCED POISONS under their "beautiful" false labels illegally using words like "all natural" "nutritious"  …  

      Every time when we, consumers, pay extra for the produce saying certified "organic" and "non-GMO we HELP ORGANIC farmers, like you,  to be RECOGNIZED AS HEROS FIGHTING FOR OUR VERY SURVIVAL. MOREOVER, THESE PRECIOUS  LABELS ARE TO SHOW WHAT ORGANIC PRODUCTS MEAN!!! GETTING ATTENTION FROM IGNORANT POPULATION. This way we Covert more and more thinking people into our Fighters, our peaceful army  against Poisonous Industrial Monstrosity.   (when at war soldiers are dressed in their uniforms to be recognized..) 


    • Dennie says:

      I think most of us here understand why we need to eat food that hasn't been poisoned, grown on soil that isn't poisonous but rather amended with nutrients that will eventually feed us and keep us healthy…

      @ Stephen Chamberlain:  Thank you for stating your wise advice on how to buy organic food.  One of my roomies comes from a farm family in Santa Cruz County, CA, and says exactly the same thing you're saying– the certification thing's a racket that raises the cost of organically farmed food to the consumer and you can buy organically grown food without the certification from trustworthy farmers.  So you gotta know them.  Personally, I simply cannot afford to buy such extravagantly priced food items every single time I go shopping, not on my music-teacher budget… Marin County, CA is one of The Most Expensive places to live; the strain being placed mainly by the burgeoning tech and biotech industries on the short rental housing stock supply means, as of today, a 2 bdrm apartment in San Rafael is going for as high as $3850/mo.  And owners are getting it, too.

    • Marie says:

      Sorry to say, but don't think just becuz you are eating Organic that you are safe. The nano particulates are in the organic veggies too especially the leaf ones we use for salads. So eating them you still are not eating healthy. I read that the nano particles  can't be washed off, but i don't know. I still rinse my lettuce leaves under running water to try to dislodge the particles. I think that the root veggies are safest.

  28. SD says:

    Many Californians are familiar with Huell Hauser and his California's Gold travel video series. Over 400 episodes were filmed from 1991 until approx 2012.  I have considered it a good documentation of the condition of California's skies through the years.  

    Only TWO episodes that I have seen captured  "Engineered skies"  as we know them. One was the "Jojoba Farm" from approx 2004 in the Mojave Desert. The other was concerned with "Disappearing Glaciers" in the Sierra Nevadas also from 2004. My personal observations of this activity started in December, 2006 in Los Angeles basin.

    Then last night I watched a rerun of an episode from 1991 which showed conspicuous "aircraft trails" over the lightship Relief in Oakland Bay and also over the concrete ship/pier near Santa Cruz. This seemed very much out of context for the time period and I DO NOT RECALL, having seen this episode in previous reruns.

    • SD says:

      Corrections –

      Both the Jojoba farm video and the Disappearing Glaciers videos were filmed in 2009.

      Also, I just viewed an online copy of the Lightship Relief video from Chapman University's archives and it DOES INDEED show SRM trails along central CA coast in 1991.

       Just viewed an online video produced by the American Chemical Society explaining "chemtrails" as ice crystal or water vapor.  SHAME ON YOU ACS!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      SD, Native relatives in Oregon, one of really blew that whistle to any who would listen or not.  She was screaming about trails since late 80s. 87 or 88.  So. 

    • Vj ross says:

      The 1992 movie "Bridges Over Madison County" has aerosol spraying in the last few frames of the movie.  I noticed this in 2007 when I watched.

  29. Martha says:

    Dane, I remain grateful beyond words for all of your efforts and for yet another stunning, vitally informative broadcast. Gratitude extends to all of my "friends I haven't met yet," to borrow a pertinent phrase from "simple horseman." Honestly, without you I might not have any hope left at all. 

    Currently, is hosting a free 9-day series of online presentations on the dire state of the planet, restoring soil health, dying oceans, toxic pesticides, increasing nutrients in food, changing to earth-friendly methods of agriculture, etc. They've gotten a lot right but seem totally clueless about massive aerosol spraying operations, ionospheric heaters, weather warfare and everything else associated with climate engineering. Most speakers appear to be cutting edge in their respective fields and some are absolutely brilliant. Many talk about ways to "reverse climate change" but they're missing the big picture. Totally. They completely miss the most serious threat to the planet of all. All of them.

    My plan is to contact the eat4earth's founder and all of the speakers with a well-composed, informative email in a friendly but urgent tone inviting (if not begging) them to visit this website (wakeup!), become informed and band together with us. I invite you who feel so inclined to do the same. If many of us do this it will have more impact than just one. I also invite you to check out their currently ongoing program. Some presentations are extremely on target and helpful but… and it's a big "but" they're missing this extremely vital element.

    How anyone with any earth intelligence or Nature consciousness at all can still be oblivious to the enormous "elephant in the sky" frustrates me no end. Please consider checking this out and dropping them a line. They're on the right track but need to become much more aware and definitely include this in their focus. Thanks


  30. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Check out the 2018 Sony World Photo Contest.  Photo 1. will gobsmack you.  Some photos are remarkable and make you want to save the world, and then some are just so, so very wrong.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      404, again.  More than ever it feels like I'm being thwarted from sharing.  Please try going through google.

      The Sony World Photography Awards, by Alan Taylor, March 5, 2018,

  31. IdahoAnnie says:

    Hello everyone. Mere words fail to convey the deep gratitude and respect I have for all of you – for Dane and his superb platform for communication. At times I feel so disconnected and disheartened, because almost everyone I talk to about this subject either counters with some lame argument about contrails, or attempts to placate me with comments like, “Don’t worry, God must know what He’s doing”. Good grief, I feel for all of us as we trudge down this lonely and sometimes perilous path toward awakening the masses. It’s exhausting and drives a wedge between relationships.  Oh well, I don’t live to pacify other people’s expectations and never gave a hoot about what people thought of me. I won’t back down from a good fight.  AND THIS FIGHT IS A WORTHY ONE.  Thank you for the safe haven by sharing your thoughts and credible data.  You help strengthen my resolve.

    Years back, due to my interest in the dangers of vaccines, I stumbled upon a doctor, by the name James DeMeo, Ph.D.  Maybe some of you have heard of him.  He gained my interest due to his fervor in revealing some very damning revelations about the AMA and the FDA.  I recently went back to his website, because I wanted to peruse any material he might have on geoengineering.  Granted he wrote his comments a couple of years ago, but after reading his opinion on geoengineering; which, he insisted on referring to as Chemtrails, I was shocked and enraged by his slanted view and belligerent stance on climate engineering. Until yesterday, I’d been hesitant in posting a comment to Dr. DeMeo’s website, because I chose to believe my little voice couldn't possibly make a difference, especially directed to highly educated doctor.  In case you’re interested his comments are under Special Topics, “Chemtrails” Critical Discussions,  

    Thanks to Dane’s plea for more help in the fight to call out government officials; media and academicians for spewing their disinformation and skewed opinions, I changed my attitude. I have emailed him at and used the flaming arrow package on

    Thank you!  May we all draw strength from each other.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello IdahoAnnie:  I read Mr. DeMeo's treatise titled " S A H A R A S I A" years ago.  Though it was an interesting perspective, it was largely refuted by many competent anthropologists, archeologists, and persons well versed in early languages and ancient history.  Other than that, it was an interesting perspective…

      His ideas regarding "orgone" generators, reflect the opinion of a person who knows absolutely nothing about physics or even basic electronic theory.  Other than that, he has an interesting perspective…

      Just sayin'  Don't waste your time…

  32. Donna-AZ says:

    In 2015 before our roof was coated, I sent 1 cup of dirt from up there to a lab. Aluminum was 16300 mg/kg and Barium 160 mg/kg. I just got results back from dirt that had only been up there for 2 1/2 years, and Aluminum was 22800 mg/kg and Barium 186 mg/kg. There's definitely an escalation in the spraying. 

    • simone says:

      Tons of thanks, Donna-AZ !! Please keep the records in a safe place. If we, awakened ones, want to take an important step before drugging weather-makers to the International Public Hearing, it is crucial to show the evidence of the bloody crime, including how quickly those concoctions of deadly "sprayings" build-up in our soil and water !!! I am about to send to a lab our rainwater next time.. well, when they bring here some rain again. Seemly "small" actions help us make a gigantic change… when we repeat these intelligent actions. Blessings!

  33. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, thank you and I so look forward to your upcoming debate!  Please, with Douglas MacMartin, please run by high by pass turbo fan engines and how they cannot make these 'condensation' trails.  In an email exchange I had with him, he tore apart my comments on this and I was unable to affectively nail him as apparently due to hate mail, he quit communication.  Very irritating and I really hope to see you break this down with Him!  Make him squeal!  

    Sometimes Bill Maher's show is worth it as it was a week ago last Friday.  He had but two panelists, usually more, but only John Meachum and Eric Holder.  They were discussing our issue with election tampering from Russia when Bill said: "Well, our government has messed with other countries' elections, have we not?"  John M. and Eric H. froze in mid motion.  One could have heard a pin drop.  Then, Meachum quickly says: "Picky, picky, picky" in effort to get past that moment with humor, as Holder stutters, saying that just because we have done that does not make it okay for others to do that to us.  !!!!  Wow!  What a moment that was.  "Do not do unto others that which you would not have done unto you."  By the way, many think that Bible verse is Do unto others…but no. Correctly, it is Do not do unto others….which makes a lot more sense.

    Yet I have some hope as there really is a resistance and a big part of it is truth, truth outted.  I somehow caught a brilliant woman speaking about how 'our' forefathers were very much against a two party system, saying that would ultimately spell ruin to a democracy.  Wow.  So, aiming for a whole new system, not dichotomous!!  More representative of a diverse nation!  Music to my ears anyway and I'm very glad I am not the only one thinking these things!  Change is trying to manifest.  If only there was time for such an evolutionary leap.

    And I wonder if you would agree to the importance of shutting down nuclear power, which I suppose at this time would mean using fossil fuels.  In prior post Paul was saying CO2 was not a factor in our planet's warming, Pedro argued that and I agree, we need to breathe and then too the issues with the Arctic and those CO2 releases among other things like methane.  But, given various issues, not to mention a magnetic reversal–something I was concerned about so many years ago and so, surprised to hear it mentioned again–but even if 'only' because of global warming and the seas and hurricanes and all that, seems imperative to shut down nuclear if that is even possible-I mean we have plenty of oil, plenty of fossil fuels.  To me the largest issue with them is the mining and drilling which Trump is giving free rein.  Those two things do the most severe damage to everything and it could be stopped.  We, even the world, have enough already so why are they doing this?  It is just like nukes.  We have so many thousands!  There is no reason at all for more, yet? 'everyone' seems fixated on this blast from the past.  Just because it was a money maker for awhile anyway.  So I think this insane push to drill and mine is like that.  A scorched Earth scramble to stash more money.   'Monopoly' money.  Pretend money.

    Which leads me to stores that are shutting down.  In my mind anyway, some of them should have shut down long ago, limping along on a long past 'name' that once meant something but no longer does.  So much has gone digital, computer buying and to some degree that makes sense.  Stores take up real estate.  Real estate is more precious now. This 'new' way eliminates need to hire, and insure, and all the personal issues that go with having stores peopled.  But, I think they have even more in mind than that, like tracking money.  Controlling money, pushing money itself out of the picture as all are virtually mandated to have credit.  That is a big deal.  Forcing debt.  One must have a bank, like it or not.  One must have credit cards, like it or not.  And of course they can shut down the grid of choice and off everything for so many in a flash.  Plus, they can use this digital info to track what you buy and where, what you eat, every little thing.  I think that is the goal here.  No more privacy or independence at all, complete dependence.  Easily whisked away.  Not to mention a total set up for crime, already proven. Heck, even the government could seize one's monies if they wanted.  All this has been coming quite awhile now and I foresaw the upshots right away and have so far resisted well, but for how long?  And of course, when forced to go this way, one will have to pay for this convenience in fees we never wanted.

    Last Friday, I was set to show daughter how fruit trees are slow to flower this year but no, within a couple of days, all in bloom.  Not mine, but in deep shade ours are 'slow'.  Daughter says the almond trees are in full bloom and gorgeous.  However, walnuts are now 16$ a pound!  That bites as I love toasted walnuts, make meals of them and goat gouda and raisins, which are costing a lot too.  In this weather we have here, how the heck did they make the trees flower?  Was this in the spraying mix?  I mean really, in Lodi the other day it was 27 degrees!  So?  Come on!! What gives?   Seriously, is there a spray to force blooming?, must be!

    • Pedro says:

      In a normal World, an increase in the CO2 levels would probably not be a very concerning fact. But together with the rapidly decreasing levels of O2 and the rapidly increasing levels of atmospheric METHANE, the CO2 factor is gaining another weight in the calculations and in the chemical balance of the Atmosphere. In my opinion, the worst is not this part of the problem ( all of these factors are building a terrible scenario ), but the OZONE DESTRUCTION is the greatest problem we are facing, together with this new vast variety of heavy metals and chemicals under the form of nano sized particles which are being sprayed into the atmosphere ( causing OZONE DESTRUCTION in the stratosphere, destroying / altering the rain cycles and creating a new factor in the greenhouse effect scenario ) because of the climate engineering programs ( a.k.a. Biosphere destruction plan ) which are being conducted in a global scale. And this cycle of OZONE DESTRUCTION is the key to ramping up global warming. We can not forget, that over the Arctic region, we have the –» OZONE HOLE. The amount of UV radiation that is not being filtered and that is reaching the Earth must be gigantic.

      And I think that what Paul said, was not exactly what you are saying, Rachel.

    • Martha says:

      A spray to force blooming? I don't know, but what seems to be the pattern is now that blooms are on the trees watch out for the freeze that may be planned to come and kill them.

    • simone says:

      Greetings Rachel !  I feel we are about to establish the NEW GOLDEN RULE based upon MORALS established by mighty Nature. Everyone is unique and more-or-less creative to choose its ways  but in tune with nature's unavoidable transformations. In this world we cannot be the same even for an instant in order to stay alive, be identical units, or mimic one another as such units..not under any bloody regime or  even in labs.

      I'm publishing my NEW GOLDEN RULE in my "Noble Society of Bullford " Utopia/eccentric wisdom&life of Noble Bullfordians 🙂 /in print this month./

      "NEVER TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED  YOURSELF — unless they agree to it first –because what is good for you may be deadly damaging for others." Vera Nova /Simone/

      =====  Here is what some history from our not-so-wise  Golden Rule – I say that endless confusions in those old sayings keep  provoking endless arguments, violence, crimes and bloody war… 

      Confusianism: What you don’t want done to yourself, don’t do to others.

      -Sixth Century B.C.


      Buddhism: Hurt not others with that which pains thyself.

      -Fifth Century B.C.


      Fainism:  In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self, and should therefore refrain from inflicting upon others such injury as would appear undesirable to us if inflicted upon ourselves.

      -Fifth Century B.C.


      Zoroastrianism: Do not do unto others all that which is not well for oneself.

      -Fifth Century B.C.


      Classical Paganism: May I do to others as I would that they should do unto me.

      -Plato – 

      Fourth Century B.C.


      Hinduism: Do naught to others which if done to thee would cause thee pain.

      -Mahabharata – Third Century B.C.


      Judaism: What is hateful to yourself, don’t do to your fellow man. 

      abbi Hillel – First Century


      Christianity: Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them.

      -Jesus of Nazareth- First Century


      Sikhism:  Treat others as thou wouldst be treated thyself.

      -Sixteenth Century A.D.




    • Dennie says:

      Someone needs to send Mr. "McMartin" ("formerly MacMynowski– WWT? Easier to spell–?) the link to the high bypass turbofan jet engine tutorial found here.  However, whether Mr. McMartin will actually look at it is another issue altogether.  As Suzanne Humphries has said. you can "believe" what you believe with religious fervor and never question what you "believe."  And, BTW– Belief has not much to do with facts.  You can believe that Earth is flat, or that Americans never landed on the moon, but that is not the same thing as knowing the facts.  As someone should have told Kelly Anne Conway, "You're entitled to your opinions but you're not entitled to your own set of the facts."

    • Dennie says:

      "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." — Matthew 7:12, King James Bible Online

      "Do to others as you would have them do to you."  — Luke 6:31, New International Version

      "Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them." — Luke 6:31, Christian Standard Bible 

      "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."  — Luke 6:31, American Standard has a lot of translations of this particular verse from a very wide variety of bible translations: 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Good God Simone!!  Wow.  Well what got me started on this is while I was helping people give birth and caring for babies in need of being saved from going into the system, my best friend was helping people die!  Course, I've done my share of that too, but one case of her's, a man she did not know, she was giving him bites of fruit-wait for it- that she likes!!!  I like a few fruits but by no means all.  If someone was feeding me something I hate while I was dying, I might be pissed.  So in mentioning all this to another friend, she ran by the do not do unto others that which you would not have done unto you, and gotta say, I like that version so much better.  And, as you've so ably shown, nothing new under the sun, but for geoengineering, and oh yeah, GMOs!!!! GRR

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Pedro, I was not responding to Paul, so I don't get that.  I do agree that our ozone holeS are the defining issue among all in the end so to speak. And, you didn't factor in radiation.  I have a recurring 'vision' of nuclear plants going off like popcorn all over the globe.  We, they say, have 5 times more oil than we can use.  Ever.  So, I want the mining and drilling stopped now before more methane is released, before solar storms and such, or, war, can off our electrical grids that keep nuclear plants cooling, for one thing.  Everyone has gotten way too comfortable with nuclear energy, I think.  Have you looked at aerial images of mines?  Holy Sh**!  Besides as ugly as it gets, there go trees, wildlife, any life at all, while poisoning waters, setting off earthquakes, causing haboobs, all that dust blowing God knows what in the wind, which they say winds are and will keep on increasing.  Look at what happened to Puerto Rico.  I did reference you and Paul, but this is my take.  Natives have Always opposed mining saying: "Why would we rip and tear at our Mother's breast?"  It stuns me still, to read these words from long ago, how prophetic, yet taken as poetic.  And, perhaps, given smelting, the first? cause of CO2 discharges polluting skies way way way back when.

  34. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Greetings from Punta Gorda, Florida,

    As it becomes more and more evident that our civilization's self annihilating course cannot be altered without understanding and involvement of society at large, I myself realize that all my efforts to not only do what I can myself, but also encouraging others, are not enough. Locating articles, studies, publications and such that lie by omission, excluding climate engineering, or simply do not present truthful picture, and then contacting and confronting their authors in a proper, non threatening, yet decisive manner, is skill and knowledge requiring and time consuming task. And it needs to be constantly maintained. I actually have done it on several occasions, and can attest that those kind of messages do not sit well with those individuals. They do not like it, and they really do not know how to respond, because there is no good way to respond rather than starting to tell the truth.

    The problem is that occasional email is not enough to get those people out of their comfort zones. It must be done in sufficient numbers to overwhelm and "break" these individuals from their deceptive and traitorous track record they almost all currently on. 

    Vast majority of population not only are not willing to do anything (if at least they admit we are in trouble) about it, but do not even wish to be included in such a communications as one of the "cc' contacts. I have lost some of my contacts and had complains and requests to exclude them from future communications of that sort. Of course I honored all their wishes and apologized.

    The point is that if so many are so out of touch that receiving back and forth emails is such hassle to them, how can we expect them ever to embark on a path of any meaningful help in this unjust battle? This attitude must change and change quickly.

    On the other front here is a video I recorded yesterday during our monthly climate engineering awareness booth staged at Historical Train Depot in Punta Gorda, Florida. This kind of activity is another way that we can contribute to growing awareness about climate engineering reality. The event went well, flyers (supplied by were passed on, also DVD's, mini cards as well as cards with our local "Halt climate engineering billboard" information (which Punta Gorda is home of). Even a "Stop spraying us" T-shirt found a new owner. Everything was given away. 

    Coincidentally the focal point of the video is chemical ice nucleation factor, which much of this episode of Global Alert News talks about. I recorded the video before listening to the Alert.

    I hope all is good with everybody here. Take a look:

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      And here is Maciej promoting awareness in Poland!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Marciej. You are great.

      The idea of putting 2 or 3 gallons of ice nucleation chemicals in a swimming pool to see what happens is excellent. I would like to see that video.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Maciej, My friend I have not met yet. You are seriously "The Man!" Every video you produce is better than the last. Good Job! You speak very well. Sounds a lot like someone else I know(grin). Wish I could talk that fast. Not really, it wouldn't fit my personality, but it sure does fit yours. Like a glove. I like your paper weights on the info material. I use flat rocks at my/our booth. What a dingy sky you had in the back ground. Not like the Florida I used to know. I hope this video gets many views. You put the truth out there straight up, "with integrity". If I were more high tech I would do videos. But that's not my specialty. "Face to face" is where I play the game the best. This year I will do 48 farmers markets, 3 parades, 2 Gem Faires and 1 Barter Faire. "And probably go broke(er) in the process"(smile). I get energy from folks like you that are laying some rubber down on the road and actually getting some traction.

      I am seriously not good with "game over". When I meet my maker, I will have answers I can stand by. I will stand firmly for the actions I took. Always, "In Pursuit of Honer".

      Love and strength to you Maciej,

      'a' simple horseman

    • Hello Maciej Kocialkowski:  Your public awareness efforts are very much appreciated.  As you note in your post, it's difficult to break through the normalcy bias of selective idiocy and self-destruction.  The Hollywood media circus has done an excellent job of indoctrinating the masses…

      "Be careful when you follow the masses.  Sometimes, the M is silent"

      – Anonymous –

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Maciej, Wow, I love your explanations and analogies for chemical ice nucleation.  Unlike Pedro, I fear such a demo in a swimming pool might well break the cement!  But, it is a 'fun' idea!  Love the snap, cold pack explanation as most can relate to that.  Really, really an excellent job here from you, breaking this all down.  Thank you so much.  It is true that you just get better and better.  I guess experience helps!!  And shows.  So impressed I am!  Well done you!

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Maciej for your absolute dedication to the most important issue we are all facing. You have inspired me to keep working on spreading awareness now more than ever. I was horrified to see all the loss down your way. Particularly haunting, was a short video of a man chipping ice from around an alligator snout that was sticking out of the ice. Surreal and really sad. 

  35. Mary Hollowell says:

    Irish color-coded weather warmongering

    Naomi Wolf called it, early on clip from The End of America film [10:29 – 11:12 min]

  36. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 208th email titled "Freezing Rain/UK's Sea Crustacean & Echinoderm Die Off".

    1.  On 8th March, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume was reported as record low @ 13,102km3.

    Next week there is a persistent heat anomaly just north of Svalbard – where the global seed vault is!

    2.  With Crown Prince Mohd bin Salman's current visit to London, here is a recap of what we are jointly doing  in Yemen:

    Senator Whitehouse's 199th weekly speech to the US Senate:  

    3.  Notes to Self (week 61 of 104).   The "freezing rain" conundrum. BBC weather reporters state that it is caused by above 0ºC rain falling and freezing on contact with the ground. This means that a). the upper levels of the atmosphere are above freezing – a worrying anomaly, and/or b). the ingredients of the geoengineered ice nucleation failed to mix and only do so on hitting the ground – which is probably what was intended in order to create cold in the area just above ground level – where we all live. 

    About the 1,000s of star fish, crabs, lobsters etc that have been washed up on beaches here – blaming it on the storms. Maybe the toxic ingredients of the geoengineered ice nucleation, unusual ocean hot spots or oxygen dead zones are to blame. During a storm it is relatively quite on the ocean floor, unless you are in the area of breaking waves at the beach. A global map of ocean hypoxia – two areas off the Kent and Yorkshire coasts.



    • Hello Andrew from scotland:  The crustacean die-off is horrendous to behold. Too much for me to even comprehend.  Similar die-offs were noticed on the Western sea board of America a few years ago, but people insisted it was Fukushima related.  I think its chemical and electromagnetic warfare (Mobile SBX and Nexrad)… Check this out:

      Take note of “Assistant Secretary” names and related duties. > Excerpted from: Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs – Wikipedia


      “The Bureau is headed by the Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs. As of April 2014, it is headed by acting Assistant Secretary Judith Garber.

      The Oceans and Fisheries Directorate has two offices dedicated to international oceans issues. The Office of Marine Conservation focuses on international fisheries matters and related problems and the Office of Oceans and Polar Affairs has primary responsibility for international ocean law and policy, marine pollution, marine mammals, polar affairs, maritime boundaries, and marine science. It is headed by Deputy Assistant Secretary David A. Balton.

      The Environment Directorate deals with environmental issues including environmental aspects of international trade and [Insert diabolical laugh here.] > safeguarding hazardous materials requiring multilateral agreements within the Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Affairs. The Office of Conservation and Water develops U.S. foreign policy approaches to conserving and managing the world ecosystems and to transboundary water issues. The Environment Directorate is headed by Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Reifsnyder.

      The Health, Space and Science Directorate includes the Office of International Health Affairs which works with U.S. Government agencies to facilitate policy-making regarding international bioterrorism, infectious disease, surveillance and response, environmental health, and health in post-conflict situations. The Office of Space and Advanced Technology handles issues arising from our exploration of space to assure global security regarding this new frontier, and the Office of Science & Technology (S&T) Cooperation promotes the interests of the U.S. science and technology communities in the international policy arena, negotiates framework and other S&T agreements, manages the Department's Embassy Science fellows program, and takes a leading role in representing U.S. science and technology in multilateral international organizations, such as UNESCO and other UN organizations, APEC, OECD and others. The Health, Space and Science Directorate is headed by acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Jonathan Margolis.” [End quote]

      Complete text:


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Paul. Maybe they were dumping the nerve agent used for the false flag on Sergei Skripal…? (Joke?)

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Just like to add that it is a truly amazing coincidence that the Sergei Skripal nerve agent incident happened just a couple of miles from the UK's military and civilian chemical and biological warfare research centre at Porton Down.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul, you might find this of interest.  At least a year ago I think, I posted from our Sunday paper's section called Earthweek a reference to wee critters of sorts, ocean, that rode the wave here, they say. from when Fukushima 'failed'.  Bacteria, all sorts including 260 some different things, tiny critters of various sorts that rode the ocean here to California on bits of plastic!  This could be one of the many factors that affected our sea life but in the main, I blame our navy's war games.  Regardless, there is something to this international mix such as my Asian Fruit flies.  When I first asked our outstanding organic nursery here, this 7-8 years ago, about them, having also heard of the damage these were doing to soft fruits up and down coast, the guy looked at me in horror.  He grew blackberries and seemed terrified and had not heard of them here yet.  He said: Well, that would take a Japanese neighbor (check), who makes frequent trips to Japan (check), And brings back plants and rocks, soil (check!) and done.  These extra tiny fruit flies lay worms of sorts in the fruit and you really can't get them out.  What a shame.  Ours are so outstanding, taste like blueberries, prolific, beautiful, bloom lots and make the whole place smell like blackberry pie all summer.  We used to half live off of these in season.  So, damn.  But at least they do attract butterflies and the birds love them, so not a total loss, but….Much of what is grown around here is not native to here.  More and more this is an issue all over the world as someone's favorite whatever mixes with local whatever to local's detriment.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Oh, Andrew, my heart breaks for the caribou who need to access the lichen on the ground, their only source of food in winter.  It has been admitted that ice on the ground has a profound potential for their starvation.  Musk Oxen also ground feed, and they can die from wet hides, even though they are amazingly insulated by their qiviut.  I worry for their hides freezing by chemical nucleation, and the iced ground starving them.  These powerful species have thrived in the harshest conditions on Earth. . .  up until now.

      Articles from a few years ago about the Starfish Wasting disease, and in Alaska the tumors, extreme respiratory distress, balding, and crumbling organs found in Arctic mammals have been mostly scrubbed from the internet.  Necropsies had been done in Fairbanks but we never heard the results.  They did say that radiation did not seem to be a factor, but WE know the extent of toxic dumping that has gone on in the Arctic!  We love our Arctic creatures, and now the Sea Crustacean & Echinoderm Die Off!  This is the food for Sea otters. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      I know, Bella, my heart breaks as well.

  37. Grigori Rasputin says:

    Any chance we could get ine or two of those Winter storms down in SC to make up for the two weeks of Winter we got cheated out of in February?

  38. Lori Bridgeford says:

    The sea & starfish mass trauma -kill is beyond an accidental low tide, or cold zone-so obviously SOMETHING was done by the images and  short vid below. Find it hard to ascribe this  Star-Armageddon to Storm Emma only. Was there some other silent weapon ?   Another experiment gone bad ? Like the Navy experiments in Pacific , Fuku radiation, any underground tampering? We fail to get the truth on so much.  Look forward to  live debate  on 15th as Dane has waited for opportunity to expose those who should know science . Sad about the elephant trophy situation ok'd by Trump. Just sick. There's no business to be done on a dead planet ~  David Brower.   Beach vid below & more on the net.  Cannot help but imagine we are next to suffer in some germ/ bio chem "accident". Power structure keeps practicing their Luciferin rituals to depopulate earth. We are with you and yours Dane. Bless all to keep exposing, despite the ongoing battle fatigue.


  39. Dennie says:

    "The whole of the climate science community that's sounding the alarm on the planetary melt-down needs to be publicly called out for their criminal denial of the ongoing climate engineering atrocities.  Publicly messaging academicians, agencies and media for their criminal omission of the climate engineering assault and sending them credible data at the same time is a burden that must be borne by all of us.  I often get messages from individuals that mean well but who send me long lists of people that they say I need to contact and to send data to, and to educate– I can't do it alone, I simply can't.  I'm doing my best and I'm trying to provide the credible data that can be sent to these individuals but I need help–  I need help in accomplishing this process in ferreting out all the articles, all the academicians that participated who have denied the climate engineering reality. 

    If we all work together, if we all help to wake others up around us and ask them to do the same, passing on credible data– that's key– pass on credible data– and then find authors, again, of articles, studies, reports, media people, agency people, elected officials– send them credible data.  E-mails work well if you cc many other people; openly cc others with those e-mails so that that elected official or meteorologist or article author knows that many people are witnessing the conversation.  We all need to do this; time is not on our side and it will take all of us, it can't be done by a few.  This battle cannot be fought by a few on behalf of the many; it can't be done.  It takes ALL of us."  — Dane Wigington

    ~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~

    Maybe I'm a little bit dumb around the edges but I'm thinking it would be helpful to have a "take action, pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword" activist writers' corner where we can write in people we need to contact and create a list of the people, agencies, authors and officials, meteorologists and others to call out, using credible data?  I'm thinking we could cc others on the list while calling out and handing credible data to the offenders…. 

    • Hello Dennie:  Excellent post.  As you may have noticed, I've been pretty focused on data exchanges that can (or should) be implemented through the International Criminal Court. Transnational geoengineering programs and biological sabotage of sovereign civilian States; is a  criminal offense.  I'll pound that old drum again: >

      Excerpted from: Hague Evidence Convention – Wikipedia

      The Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters—more commonly referred to as the Hague Evidence Convention—is a multilateral treaty which was drafted under the auspices of the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCPIL). The treaty was negotiated in 1967 and 1968 and signed in The Hague on 18 March 1970. It entered into force in 1972. It allows transmission of letters of request (letters rogatory) from one signatory state (where the evidence is sought) to another signatory state (where the evidence is located) without recourse to consular and diplomatic channels.[2] Inside the US, obtaining evidence under the Evidence Convention can be compared to comity.[3]

      The Hague Evidence Convention was not the first convention to address the transmission of evidence from one state to another. The 1905 Civil Procedure Convention—also signed in The Hague—contained provisions dealing with the transmission of evidence. However, that earlier convention did not command wide support and was only ratified by 22 countries. The United States initiated the negotiations that led to the creation of the Hague Evidence Convention.[citation needed] However, insofar as requests to United States courts are concerned, parties may also use the simpler discovery provision codified at 28 U.S.C. § 1782 (see Section 1782 Discovery).

      Between states of the European Union, the Hague Evidence Convention has largely been supplanted by Council Regulation (EC) No. 1206/2001 on Cooperation Between the Courts of the Member States in the Taking of Evidence in Civil or Commercial Matters.” [End quote]

      Complete text:

      Also see:  Excerpted from: Apostille Convention – Wikipedia

      The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, the Apostille Convention, or the Apostille Treaty, is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It specifies the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory countries can be certified for legal purposes in all the other signatory states. A certification under the terms of the convention is called an apostille (from Latin post illa and then French: a marginal note). It is an international certification comparable to a notarisation in domestic law, and normally supplements a local notarisation of the document. If the convention applies between two countries, such an apostille is sufficient to certify a document's validity, and removes the need for double-certification, by the originating country and then by the receiving country.” [End quote]

      Complete text:

    • simone says:


    • simone says:

      IMPORTANT STRATEGY!!   Thank you, Dennie.

    • Dennie says:

      Great!  Now, whom do I write and where do I find their addresses–???

  40. Heather Nordstrom says:

    The Gem Faire and the booth were great! I went today and spent 3 hours there walking around the entire building. The volunteers at the booth were very helpful and engaging. It was interesting to hear some of the passerby's reactions… from a sort of surprised curiosity to skepticism. The volunteers did great with even the more negative reactions. They stayed calm and logical and tried to engage the suspicious passerbys. 

    • Dennie says:

      Please say "Hi" to Steve.  It's an awfully long time but I'm looking forward to the Gem Faire here in San Rafael, CA in July…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Heather, I've been waiting for your posting here. I am glad you took a little time out of a day to spend some time hanging out with the big dogs. I know for sure that at least one of the folks you met yesterday will have tended the booth all 3 days, bell to bell. It Matters!

      Thank you for reporting. The Gem Faire does not get enough play in this comment column.

    • Heather Nordstrom says:

      Dennie: Well, I live 2 hours away from Pleasanton, and I did not meet a Steve. 

      A simple horseman: What do you mean "waiting" for me? How do you know me? (Just confused.) I took an entire day to drive 2 hours one way to go to this Gem Faire. It was worth it! They are dedicated, all of them!

  41. Star Messenger says:



    52,000 Square Miles of Permafrost in Canada Portends Huge Carbon Release

    The above link explains the immensity of carbon release in Canada's and Siberia's permafrost and how it will accelerate global warming.   I just signed up for their newsletter.  

    Below is another site that deals with the "health" of the Arctic.

    Both sites should be of interest to you, Dane, as well as to the listeners of  They have a wealth of information on the Arctic.  The Arctic is like the canary in the coal mine.  As you say, Dane, if it dies we die.  The same applies to the Bees, the Oceans, and the air – "ChemTrails".

    All this is part of the bigger picture that few see coming.  But Cheers anyway, Dane.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      There's that term again. For the 3rd time in 32 comments I'm going to call it out. "They're not chem trails!!"

      Geesh, how hard is it to replace the 'new' c-word with "aerosols"? We can not change the programming that has already been installed in the mind, but we can still manipulate it towards waking up. "Chem trail" shuts people down and "aerosols" is acceptable in the programmable mind. So use it!!

    • Dawnski says:

      Yeah! All one has to do it remember how the airplane is like an enormous aerosol can of RAID. And describe it as such. In the comic commercials the bugs finally figure it out after the RAID cloud has already settled in to their environment and they are going to DIE

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great visual Dawnski.    It is a Perfect discription.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Every game has rules of play and the psychopaths that control everything created a high stakes toxic game called, "Climate Engineering Coverup." If this was a high stakes poker game would a player make up his own rules or use Old Maid cards? Not if he wanted to win.  I meet people frequently who know and use the slang word, "chemtrails" but have never heard of Climate Engineering or My truth journey started when a couple people asked me, "what about chemtrails;" searching that term on the internet generally leads to Wikipedia and conspiracy theory first, and I almost stopped there. The slang term "chemtrails" is a joker; part of the deck, but useless in the high stakes game we're forced to play. Gotta play by the rules and use the science and technology terms so the uniformed can become informed and empowered to join the battle to expose and halt climate engineering.

  42. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I Pray the live stream event will be a Great Success on March 15th & that it awakens millions more.  I am Thrilled to hear that someone is willing to go up against you.    I can't wait to hear their arguments/denials of the ongoing Climate Engineering programs. You may just leave them speechless!   We will all be standing with you.   I hope our energy is felt by all involved & listening.  You are making great Strides Dane & your Strength & Dedication keeps us going.    You are my Hero!

  43. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Another Great broadcast Dane. I cannot wrap my brain around the reports on the Oceans & the true amount of Death within. How can any creature reliant on this food source then survive? Impossible!  Yet we still take what's left. The Right Whales no longer giving birth. I guess they know there is no sense. Their lack of  health & hunger no longer allows them to give birth?  And how about those continued ship trails they dump to finish off the rest of them along with explosions & seismic eruptions, lack of Oxygen etc. etc.  We don't deserve this planet. We have failed at every turn for the past century & longer. Yet man still ignores the results of their actions. We are squeezing it Lifeless!  Next we go, as Susan reported on the next phase of their actions.  These engineered winter, or any season cool downs, with toxic chemical ice nucleated substances. Then heat waves in the Arctic.  63 degrees above average in Greenland.  What the hell will it take?   This is Global Omnicide!   And Global Stupidity!

    • Yes Gail, it is Global Omnicide and I've tried to discuss this topic with others, even offering proof of what I have/had to say, and so often they say, "That's ok" and move along.  Still, we must continue our efforts.

  44. Christine says:

    MANY Thanks to Dane for the fight for the truth. Maybe, how about putting together a data base with essential emails addresses which should be included in every important conversation? To confront the official "site" with simple questions related to their scientific models falsely justifying the geoengineering, their assumptions and consequences would be one thing to start with. 

    • Hello Christine:  I LIKE your idea!  Most corporate web sites have a contact page.  Corporate CEO's can be traced through different channels such as Bloomberg and (oddly enough) Wikipedia.  Local "officials" need to be pestered into a sort of awful wakefulness…

      The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Corp) needs major wake up pressure in terms of disclosing registered flight operations. > Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO)

      The Department of Transportation (DOT Inc.) needs public pressure to disclose hazardous waste shipments and carrier logs.  Many geoengineering materials are indeed hazardous waste.  The Environmental Protection racketeers know damn well what's going on. The public needs to inform these various "actors" that they will be held accountable for their illegal actions and criminal neglect…

  45. Phyllis J Brockman says:

    For the second time Channel 5 TV news, NBC, in St. Louis has reported the appearance of a strange cloud formation.  This latest one could be patterned on a horseshoe.  The happy weather man is overjoyed to report on the shape and the origin of the cloud.  I want to know how I missed seeing these weird clouds in all of my 81 years on this earth.  How stupid do they think we are.  Don't answer that, I already know.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Well said Phyllis !

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Phyllis, thank you VERY much for your report. I copied it and sent it to my mom who is 2 years older than you. Mom thinks I'm nuts as does my brother. They have been tough nuts to crack. I used to think they were "forward thinkers". Mom even protested nuclear energy back in the 70's. I wonder what happened to that mind set she once had?

  46. To all readers and activists:

    When doing research or viewing documents and web pages: I strongly recommend downloading the document or web page to permanent storage on your personal computer. I've "noticed" the disappearance of many pages and web links the last few months. Just sayin'…

    • Roy says:

      I'm glad to hear that somebody else has noticed the emerging and alarming censorship of targeted sites and topics by the search engine algorithms.  I've also noticed recently that YT now gives top ranking status to videos that are clearly designed to damage legitimate arguments, causing curious researchers to discard honest inquiry in disgust (controlled opposition).  The censorship appears to have accelerated in 2018, perhaps because the 'establishment' is beginning to realize that it is losing control of the narrative.  Regardless, the Internet was once a pillar of digital democracy and the free exchange of ideas (no matter how silly); now like all things that give power to the people, it is being increasingly controlled by those with nefarious agendas.  Welcome to the Brave New World.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Paul.  I have always admired your dedication and contributions of positive law to this cause.  You have pointed out more than several things that this reader did not know.   You last comment spurred my ribs to add this tidbit of my life experience.  About a dozen years ago I purchased a house at an auction in a small Saskatchewan town.  Upon moving there I met a recently retired gentleman (in every sense of the word) who was aware of the trails of aerosol and had a cloudbuster built in his attic to clear the sky above his home.  It did make a difference then but am not in that area of the province now,  so haven't had a hands on 'looksee' at how it is doing today with the much higher concentrations of particulates.  I sidetracked a bit,  apologies, here is what I wanted to tell you.  This gentleman had a shed in his backyard that he had organized floor to almost ceiling with durable bankers boxes.  Inside the boxes were piles of information he had compiled and printed on parchment.  He would let me take a bankers box home and read one at a time.  He has been stockpiling and archiving for a long time.   By no means did I get to go through everything but the advice you give is priceless as commerce (knowledge) always is.  Thanks Paul!

      PS – I installed tin on the roof of his house, his garage, and the 'Shed Vault' so I trust that information will be there safe and dry for a number of years.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @ Paul,  Too true.  For maybe a month now and accelerating, more and more of page not found, or, just plain blank screen, or just aggravating difficulties.  Does not bode well.

      I do not expect any request to know what hazards are flying over us to be answered either.

      Sometime ago I voiced my fear that our military would take over this presidency.  They have.  Finally today I saw a MSNBC guy press that with a general.  A retired general.  Who admitted it, for all practical purposes.  Saying it was not such a bad thing, all good men.  But, acknowledging that it might seem disturbing to some.  Uh huh….And so we see Trump announcing a spontaneous in person sit down with Kim Jong Un, then a military dude saying, well, no.  That can't happen.  

  47. damon says:

    Hi Dane, Thanks for all your courage in exposing the truth. I can't wait to hear you debate with Paul Beckwith and Douglas McMartian.Stick it to these blatant paid liars at least they debate you unlike Ken Caldra and David Keith.I have 100% faith that you'll do what you do best present factual evidence to these climate deniers can't wait to hear the lies.Go Dane Good Luck P.S. Will you have a outlet for us to listen live

  48. simone says:

    MARCH FOR OUR LIVES in SMALL OR NOT-TOO-SMALL GROUPS. GO PLACES, EVERYWHERE.  MARCH HOLDING HUGE RED ARROWS  POINTING  TO THE SKY, and keep distributing flyers, with Dane's powerful messages!!!!!   


    P.S. Sorry, I'm attacked by that special killer,  Geoengineered Asthma "effect" that finally left no physical strength left in me .. cannot complete my music recording.. when I start singing I begin to cough,  every few minutes, and cannot breathe for a long time.  I'm not too sorry for myself, not really, but I pray for the birds who are born to sing for the sake of mighty Nature… not for some wretched market "profit"  These blessed little marvels are now under the brainlessly "modified",   hellishly geoengineered  Garbage overwhelming their clear air.. They're getting  as badly sick as I am.  Even that fighting for living birds makes my life more meaningful.  Cheers, my good friends!



  49. Gary Cristani says:

    Thank you for all you do and for waking people up.Keep up the good work.

  50. Bigbucky says:

    Tomorrow 3/11- the AHC channel 195 on dish has a show on called ( what history forgot—5_6am)—it will highlight geoengineering weather during the viet nam war.  Just in case anybody is interested and wants to see weather warfare in its earlyer stages. 

    Ps. I am wintering feeding (mild winter,low snow depth) 58 deer , about 20 turkeys, many birds, about 20+ flying squirrels, many grey and black squirrels, myraccoons showed up a 2 days ago a full month early. I have kept the wolves away successfully and have not lost any deer this winter. I do this yearly at 1000$ plus, to give back for letting me build my home in their homeland.  Will say it's the best entertainment in my life. Many lessons learned by observing the deer herd..

    Mainly – they are not afraid to fight for what their family units want. Cowards 99.9 % humans are!

    • simone says:

      BLESSINGS!!!! I live a large city but feed my birds, whoever is still around in my small very green backyard … I so wish  that those very STUPIDLY "caring" for nature people  would learn NOT to feed wilderness and birds with commercially sold, means GMO garbage…   I make my organic cane sugar thick-syrup  with highly purified Spring water for my tiny hummers, I feed finches and other visiting small birds with ORGANIC seeds, those I use myself (flax seeds, sunflower, millet etc,)  also fresh organic oranges cut in halfs,   and I keep  my little running water Fountain purified ..  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Simone,Thank you for feeding the birds, I do too. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but nothing is organic anymore. Everything on earth has been and is continually being contaminated by climate engineering and other sources. Also, many of the people that grow and sell supposed "organic" feed and seed are lying and deceiving. Most producers only have to pay the right people for the license to call their product organic with little to no oversight. Organic is just another scam against us all. Sure some organic products may be healthier than others, but you never can be sure.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      As man destroys the habitat of all the other creatures on this planet it is crucial that we reverse that trend. I find much solace in feeding and watching the birds in my yard. I'm reverting about half the turf grass back to native "weeds" and planted fruit trees and nut shrubs that I can eat too.

  51. CP says:

    Thank you Dane for another good broadcast.

    With all of the store closings, think of the millions upon millions of retail square footage that will be sitting empty, much of it in large malls in Everycity, USA.  Very few stores will go back into those locations, as the idea of massive indoor malls is a dead/dying trend.  When was the last time you set foot in a large mall and actually purchased something?  For the first time in a decade, this past Christmas I actually went into a mall with my daughter and walked around for a bit.  After we had left, later that night there was a shooting there with several people hit.  Malls will become vacant monuments to man's foolish need for more 'stuff'.  

    • Dennie says:

      The Northgate Mall in San Rafael, CA is dead.  Sears is closing it's store there later this month.  That had been the big "anchor" store when the mall opened in the late sixties.  The mall got a face lift in the 70s with newer-style wooden siding that was very pleasant, at the time, with open-air, under-overhang open walkways and splashing fountains.  Then it underwent yet another major overhaul in the 80s or 90s when the whole thing got totally enclosed, everything all indoors, in one huge box, complete with air conditioning and a regular group of seniors getting in their daily required number of steps each day.  Now the S.R. Planning dept. has plans to turn the giant Macy's box of a building into multi-unit housing.  Well, that's good because we don't have enough housing in Marin and there is precious little "affordable" housing for seniors or really anyone else who doesn't have an income of at least $120,000 a year here.  The median price of a single family residence in Marin County hit well into the $900,000 range early this year.  My financial plan to keep afloat here includes renting out the two bedrooms in my modest mid-century 2-bdrm house that "fell" on me when my mother died while I save to convert my 293 sq ft garage into a legal studio apartment where I hope to live, tho I may have to rent it out and take a room elsewhere, maybe look after an elder who needs someone to keep an eye out in the overnight hours.  No telling what's gonna happen if/when we get into the 100s of degrees on a daily basis– the oceans will certainly reach a saturation point where we start to see the land temps rise really fast… if that isn't happening even as I write this….. absolutely scares the crap out of me… extrapolating out from the reports coming in from places like U.C. Davis and U.C. Stanislaus re the "future" destruction of the California food orchards by man-made climate change, it's virtually our sealed fate that most of us will die of starvation first.  

  52. BC says:

    Watching the deep states attempt to engineering another East Coast storm system. I always admire their days in advance predictions of right down to the time and states or provinces it will affect. The satellite shot shows intensive spraying into the jet stream coming down out of the three western provinces into Minnesota and Wisconsin where they are turning on what looks to be refrigerant chemicals to cool the air mass. Wait as it's directed towards the east coast where low and behold the gulf coast jet stream will miraculously just start to rotate perfectly and just in time to clash with the approaching barium front. On brighter news at least we in the west of Canada have, finally, received some relief, at least for a few days, from a never ending winter of cold and deep fake styrosnow. Even blue sky today! Whoopee!  I ask myself what they have in mind for our Spring? After the great 2017 burnout of our forests what else is up their sleeve to terrorize the masses. Could it be the cold late Spring followed by a sudden sky rocketing of temperatures that will bring rapid melting of this deep fake snow pack. Maybe the great Fraser River will drown the Fraser delta in the Vancouver region? I wouldn't put it past them. Stay tuned for the whore weather networks possible prediction of the dike busting inundation…….

  53. Sandy Patrus says:

    Thank you Dane for everything that you do.  I live in Santa Fe, NM and no one here wants to touch the subject of geoengineering.  I can't find any groups willing to fight against this and our skies are a blanket of white daily!  I have been sick since December with Bronchitis off and on and finally went to a Homeopath for help who did a blood test on me and the results showed I had many different viruses in my body along with very high levels of aluminum, barium and radiation.  I took homeopathic meds to detox all this from my body and felt like I was dying in the process.  I was suppose to take them for 14 days, but only lasted 11 days because I was so sick.  I feel that my lungs have been compromised and will never be the same again a.  The point I am getting at is my health has never been poor until this year and I know that what they are spraying in our skies has something to do with why I have been so sick and everyone else here in our city.  My 6 year old granddaughter has been sick 5 times this winter and not one of those times did she have the flu.  I live in a heavily wooded neighborhood and our pinon trees are dying from needle scale and no one has a clue why, except that we are in a bad drought.  The HOA is having our trees sprayed again subjecting us to chemicals instead of looking into the real problem..the white elephant in the sky!  I am going to print up your information on this and hand it out to all the homeowners and maybe some of them will wake up and maybe they will get our soil tested!  My family tells me to give up because most people won't listen to me anyway.  As long as I am living I will never give up and will keep writing letters to the editor of our newspaper until they finally have the guts to publish one!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Don't ever give up the fight Sandy. I admire your efforts.

      Thank you for your report, it matters.

    • simone says:

      I have a very similar story… (many do) I cannot get really well since Dec. … cannot work productively on my urgent projects… If you have Bronchitis and cannot breathe well PLEASE TRY LOBELIA – it is a miracle for me, stops even my hellish Asthma attacks .. I use LOBELIA  Liquid Extract made by  HERB PHARM  , it needs to be diluted lightly,  before you use these wonder drops.  THE VERY BEST LUCK!!!! 

      Hope that those who spray us from "above" are already halfway down, towards burning HELL where they truly belong.  

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Simone, thank your for the advice on how to conquer this Bronchitis.  I will try the Lobelia.  I can't eat a single thing without having a coughing spell.  The worse part about it is that I have never had these respiratory issues before.

  54. Suzana says:

    I am from Croatia. They are spraying us since we get in NATO.

    I must do something. I open community Nebo-sky on Google+.

    Anybody who have picture of chem trails, strange clouds or suspicious sky is welcome. Together we are stronger.

    We put satellite view with sky mess all around the globe…we have proof for this weather terrorism.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "They are not chem trails". We are not conspiracy theorist!

      Use proper terms. It matters!

    • Hello Suzana:  If you have internet access, search YouTube pages for anything geoengineering related.  Use terms like "weather control", "weather warfare", "cloud seeding", "chemtrails", "fake weather", and all terms as suggested by Dane Wigington on this site.

      There are allot of poor quality videos on YouTube.  Lame videos with music are usually the worst.  Don't bother with them.  There are thousands of hours of good video images available.  The process will be time consuming.  Take your time.  It's worth it to remain credible.

      Once you've found a good series of pictures and/or videos, be sure to download them to your personal computer.  Always have back ups available… YouTube has been actively shutting down "unfavorable" and/or truthful sites… Always be respectful and within the law…

      I wish you the very best on your endeavors. Thanks for being here.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Suzana,  Hello.  Have you been here before?  Is the proof from here like yours in Croatia?  You say since NATO and that sounds right as it does seem to go with NATO.  How many are you where you live who are aware of this?  For me, spray trails works, as a term without the negative connotation of chem trails.  Here, if one looks up chem trails, it goes straight to 'conspiracy theory' at which point most people bail, throwing  info away.  Stay in touch, tell us what is happening in your country.  That can be helpful in completing this picture of around the world efforts, both in the skies and from whom, and damages, as well as peoples involved against this.  Thanks.

    • Marie says:

      I think it would help you a lot if you wear an N95 dust  mask while outside in the yard. Going from the car to the stores either breathe into your long sleeves in the wrist area or the inner elbow, and in summer carry a "hand mask"….get a bandana, fold up, then open and put inside a flattened piece of dust mask, can pin it around. Fold bandana over it. Carry in hand. When walking around outside or going to stores, leaving the car, breathe into it so you don't breathe in the nano particulates as they will make you worse. Stop breathing in this poison stuff. I wear a mask outside in the yard all the time and breathe into my wool sweater when leaving the car for the stores. In summer i will use the hand mask. Silica will remove the heavy metal particles from the body. Either buy the pills or a cheaper way is to use food grade Diatamacious Earth a teas. in a bottle/glass of water. use a smaller amount for a small glass. I just add it to a 16 oz bottle.

  55. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane. Prayers go out for you and your long hours spent to alarm us that Weather Warfare is destroying our foods, animals, and atmosphere. NO, this is definitely NOT NATURAL! Sharing with Russ Tanner. He is very ill from the spraying up in Maine. NO, they don't care about us. Please PRESS ON! They will BE SORRY! This can not continue, as you keep telling us. Sincerely blessings be upon you and your family. You are very intelligent in knowing about the weather and it's destruction. We are so blessed to have you and your website. Closing with prayers and sincere gratitude to you. I've heard SO MANY people who continue to DOUBT our Government would intentionally do this! DUMB PEOPLE!  No, I'll say they are STUPID!

  56. Phillip Brooks says:

    There seems to be nothing anyone can do except alert people to the dangers of chem trails. I have contacted our news channel but no response. Unusual weather everywhere but no mention of engineered atmospheric conditions of cause. Do folks even care, I don't think so from what I have seen. Most appear to be ignorant and I am including so called educated people. What the heck!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "They're not chem trails"… !!!

      I'm sure you will find that folks will listen a little closer if you use the correct terms. They make you sound like you know what you're talking about. Isn't that what one would want?

    • Marie says:

      Nothing anyone can do? Take steps to PROTECT yourself. Wear an N95 mask while out in the yard. Do not breathe in this poison anymore so your life can be extended. Breathe into your sleeve or carry a             "hand mask" and breathe into it. See my post above. Pretend you are living on an alien planet and cannot breathe in the air or it will kill you. This is exactly what is happening here!

  57. Arthur Radtke says:

    Has anyone considered asking why the 100 trainee's quit the training program? Perhaps a handful of them know the truth. That these drones are going to be used to geoengineer OUR skies with the poisons sprayed on us: I'm wondering if those few may be able to be spokespersons and maybe we may hear from them soon. Anyways—thanks for the info and thank you Dane for your continued fight for the inhabitants of planet Earth–OUR PLANET and not the insane power structure liars! 

  58. Chad says:

    Time is short. Enjoy it. Something on phony news about stopping the geoengineering.  Made me chuckle. IDAHO weather whiplash.  Spraying every day. Snow and teens one day, week later, 40s to 50s. How are people so blind? Plus the chemical ice doesnt melt very well and whatever it touches becomes slippery with little foam bubbles in what puddles you can find. What a nightmare. !!!!Take care and God bless.

  59. Patricia Croft says:



  60. Sandra Marie Beebe says:

    thank you so much Dane for all you do to wake those people UP..

    I appreciate all you do !!  God Bless, Sandy

  61. Patricia Croft says:

    I recently read a story from one of the alphabet channels telling how The DRONES found a lost hiker.

    They put a Fuzzy Face on these drones. Just like Bill Gates.

    They DON'T tell you the DRONES CAN COME FOR YOU!

  62. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    America’s Troll Farm Media
    by Gerald Sussman / March 9, 2018
    "There are a few signs of life in mainstream journalism."
    … MSM management and their boardroom bosses have long understood that as long as they spice up their “nothing burger” news, ratings and advertising rates will keep them in business and please their commercial and government clients. Tabloid journalism, which can describe most American mainstream media these days, even when wrapped up as “all the news that’s fit to print,” is in constant search of sensation, scandal, gossip, and profit – and only occasionally in public-oriented investigative integrity. … But it’s not a new game, because despite their “free press” claims, American major news media have long been instruments of state propaganda.  In the 1970s, Carl Bernstein exposed the fact that the overseas branches of US MSM had long served as eyes and ears of the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird,” and it’s very likely than many amongst their ranks remain agency assets. … During the GW Bush presidency, the Pentagon recruited over 75 military generals to spread propaganda in the mass media, fed in camera by leaders at the Defense Department, the State Department, the Justice Department, and the White House. Their responsibilities included their employment as “objective” foreign policy and war analysts for major network and cable news channels, many of them concurrently receiving pay by military contracting firms. The Pentagon referred to the on-air military propagandists as “surrogates” and “message force multipliers.” …
    A study by Carnegie Mellon professor Dov Levin found that between 1946 and 2000 alone, the US intervened in foreign elections 81 times, which does not include its invasions, blockades, sanctions, assassination attempts, and other regime change initiatives. “The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries…”  In 1996, the US intervened in the Russian election to prevent the Communist Party from returning to power. Have the MSM also forgotten the lies the government and the CIA told about Saddam Hussein’s WMD and connections to terrorist movements? Or that, thanks to Edward Snowden’s exposés, we know that Obama’s NSA bugged the phones of 35 foreign political leaders?

    • Hello Susan: Thank you for another fine posting. I came by this item the other day. (Hey! Maybe we're channeling!) 😉

      The linked "memo" below; specifies a man who is completely enslaved in the throes of corporate delusion. He trusts in the removal of disagreeable debate from academia – even suggests that all free journalistic endeavors should be systematically repressed. Our current paradigm plainly echoes flaunted administrative belligerence made malignant through massive corporate racketeering. As Dane suggests in today's presentation, this paradigm must end, or the human specie will soon cease to exist… 

      The page cited below is long and drafty. Within it are laid the early ideals of a pathetic individual who believes the corporate estate should be cloaked in deception and sustained by a media which is forever on sale.  Here's a short quote from his closing remarks: > 

      Quality Control is Essential 

      “Essential ingredients of the entire program must be responsibility and “quality control.” The publications, the articles, the speeches, the media programs, the advertising, the briefs filed in courts, and the appearances before legislative committees — all must meet the most exacting standards of accuracy and professional excellence. [???] They must merit respect for their level of public responsibility and scholarship, whether one agrees with the viewpoints expressed or not.” 


      You really need to read the entire text to get a sense of the Orwellian double-speak and social contempt he openly displays… 

      The Powell Memo (or the Powell Manifesto): Text and Analysis

      August 23, 1971

      He was a very sick puppy…

    • Here's another double-speak expert who works hard every day – perfecting the implementations of Delphi Technique throughout university campuses, news mediums, and technological debate groups.

      Richard Silberglitt – Profile | RAND

      Richard Silberglitt – Double-speak expert…

    • Dennie says:

      People have no idea just how rotten the System really is, they have no idea that by supporting The System they are just destroying themselves.  Wouldn't want that, now, would we.  Didn't thinks so.  Catherine Austin Fitts found that out, too.  People would rather support criminal enterprises that invests their money so they can retire "comfortably" than stop all economic activity that involves anything that would hurt their grandkids, including management of the massive international heroin trade by C.I.A. and the U.S. Army that even smuggled drugs from the "Golden Triangle" back to the U.S., inside dead soldier's caskets.

  63. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Scientists warn of mysterious and deadly new epidemic called Disease X that could kill millions around the world
    March 10, 2018
    "Disease X represents the knowledge that a serious international epidemic could be caused by a pathogen currently unknown to cause human disease."  Norwegian scientist and WHO adviser John-Arne Rottingen said that it was likely the next outbreak would be "something we have not seen before". … Disease X could even be man-made, rather than a fluke of nature. There are growing fears that the use and development of chemical and biological weapons are on the rise. In Syria's bloody civil war chemical bombs have been dropped on civilians on numerous occasions. … “Synthetic biology allows for the creation of deadly new viruses.  It is also the case that where you have a new disease there is no resistance in the population and that means it can spread fast."  … “The intensity of animal and human contact is becoming much greater as the world develops. This makes it more likely new diseases will emerge but also modern travel and trade make it much more likely they will spread,” the WHO adviser Professor Marion Koopmans … Giving a stark warning, he said: “With disrupted supply of food and medicines and without enough survivors to run computer or energy systems, the global economy would collapse.  “Starvation and looting could lay waste to parts of the world. “It’s a disaster movie night. Yet it is waiting to come true thanks to ­influenza, the most diabolical viral killer known to humankind."

    • renate BC Canada says:

      Right on Sue. Lay down viruses and then activate them with sunlight and/or microwaves/frequencies. Barrie Tower said the grave diggers were well aware of this. Another reason for covering the sun.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great job Susan. Alarming ! They seem to get Great Pleasure from telling us what they plan on doing. They are kicking it up a notch!

    • Dennie says:

      It's been noticed by law enforcement and psychological profilers that mass murderers often give warning that they are going to strike.  That's how I look at this.  Prince Phillip and the Rothschilds, as well as the Elites behind Wall Street in fact do understand that "the game" is over (the Anthropocene, the Nuclear Age, the Age of Oil– call it what you will), they're now digging into their underground bunkers and heading to hide in places such as the more remote mountainous regions of Romania, and wouldn't at all mind when their beloved little order-following lapdogs, the military, unleashes deadly pathogens in a completely demented attempt to bring "balance" back to Earth– 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Chilling, isn't it, V. Susan.  Thanks for that.  Having seen something recently about how the door has swung open again in the US for the development of new bioweapons, I got the first 2 pages on google about bioweapons from North Korea, which is absurd.  It shows the evidence of the heavy, new devoted drive by google to liberally spread propaganda with an iron fist.

      I found this though, about gene editing to wipe out whole species, being developed for benevolent purposes (not really), but others around the world seem to be suspicious of Darpa (wonder why).  Of course the standard reasoning given in support of its projects is this:

      "Darpa believes that a steep fall in the costs of gene-editing toolkits has created a greater opportunity for hostile or rogue actors to experiment with the technology.

      “This convergence of low cost and high availability means that applications for gene editing – both positive and negative – could arise from people or states operating outside of the traditional scientific community and international norms,” the official said. “It is incumbent on Darpa to perform this research and develop technologies that can protect against accidental and intentional misuse.”

      Who believes that excuse anymore?  I've got a bridge too far to sell. . . . .

      At least some folks are wondering about violations of the ENMOD Treaty.


    • Pedro says:

      Excellent post, Renate.

    • Dennie says:

      Measles is an infection of short duration, moderate severity and low mortality.  The medical people have it all wrong in regard to "herd" immunity.  NATURAL immunity is conferred by actually having the measles and allows mothers to pass their immunity along to their very young children.  Adaptive immunity, conferred by vaccine, uses a different process in the body and is not at all the same as acquiring immunity by having had the infection.  Vaccine "scientists" and their echo machine got it all wrong, making me wonder just how much the "scientists" actually do understand about viruses and the immune system, and building a virus that will in fact kill every last human here– them included!!!  Dr. Humphries does a great job of explaining the mechanism of the immune system.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, there is more than one version of measles, I had two as a kid, as did my sister and father.  As usual, mom was bummed in that she Never got sick, but forever had to take care of us who did.  One kind can do in vision.  But, what I remember the most is the vast numbers of indigenous peoples who died from this plague, and it was a plague for them.  Historians say that when whites started showing up they found few Natives and those the survivors in mourning and grief as the loss was so great.  No immunities to be had for a foreign disease.  But, I do agree that this herd resistance thing is too dependent on endless vaccines as opposed to Natures' way.  And I love hearing our houses are too clean.  I find it a bit creepy, the degree to which people trip out on manmade surprise diseases.  I almost fear someone giving away good ideas on how to do this.  Everyone seems to expect it. Almost willing it to happen?  Is there not enough real-now threats to our well being?  You would think so, given what all we are marinating in.

    • beatriz says:

      thanks Renate, excellent post! a must read by everyone.

  64. Milt Farrow says:

    Hollomon Drone training program failing as hundred quit after starting program – Pentagon has increased bonus to 125,000 a year for trying to maintain numbers-( *This hopefully is a good sign) The Drones were supposed to replace larger more costly to run KC 130 flights with huge fuel consumption and flight crew mandatory numbers – 

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Milt Farrow: You must be referring to this: >

      February 05, 2018 06:39 PM

      WASHINGTON — Holloman Air Force Base will soon get a new addition.


      Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., announced Monday that the base near Alamogordo will receive $85 million to build a new training facility for three MQ-9 Reaper drone squadrons. The squadrons will be training units for new pilots.

      Here is a statement from Heinrich:

      The Remotely Piloted Aircraft mission is one of the fastest growing — and demanding– missions in the military, and it is of critical importance to our national security. The decision to invest in Holloman is a reflection of the tremendous community support and the exceptional training environment and expertise that New Mexico has to offer. Located just six miles from Alamogordo, Holloman contributes to the local economy and is part of a top-notch community that supports its airmen unlike any other in the country. This is a smart investment for a state-of-the-art facility that will create jobs at Holloman in the interim and hopefully for years to come. I will continue using my position on the Armed Services committee to highlight the unique advantages that our state and our people offer to the military

      I guess there's PLENTY of cash available for the Reaper… Too bad I'm not for sale…

    • marc says:

      The Holloman drone program is of critical importance "to OUR national security." Really? Who's f**king national security? Not mine. It is becoming clearer and clearer that the worthless vermin at the helm of the military are fearing for THEIR security and that WE, the American people, are counted among the enemies, the real threats which these bastards have added to their list. Hence the obscene militarization of municipal police departments nationwide. Furthermore, I've said it before, Dane has said it, others have said it here also, as long as food stocks fill our grocery stores, the tendency of the human organism is to imagine that everything is great. Life is good. "What? Me worry?" As Dane has reminded us countless times, when links in the chain of distribution start to break in a major way, all f**king hell is gonna break loose in these United States of America. Until then, trying to detail the coming apocalypse for the slumbering babies will remain difficult if not impossible. I have 4 or 5 friends who have forbidden me to talk about geoengineering in any form. Some friends, huh? Some of them actually understand the direness of what's going on but they've chosen to live "as if" everything is fine. Incredible, is it not? And yet, I kind of understand in a way how they cannot subsume any more of such dark truths into themselves. It is almost as if they are saying, "Ok, we're all gonna f**king die. So the f**k what? Next subject." 

    • Dennie says:

      Milt Farrow:  Can you write back in with a link to the article about Hollomon Drone training program failing?  Is that in the Army Times (or maybe Air Force) or The Stars and Stripes?  Haven't looked yet but will…

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