Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2017


Dane Wigington

During the course of human history, how many populations have paid for the plunder of empires with their blood and the blood of their children? What will it take to wake populations to the fact that the leaders of empires care not for the carnage and suffering they cause? The United States of America is the largest and most expansive empire in the history of the human race. At this dark hour, many are finally seeing the empire for what it actually is, a massive military industrial machine that is only concerned with it’s own power and proliferation. When the empire’s soldiers are no longer of use because they have been maimed or retired, how are they treated? The answer is shocking and appalling, so why are so many still signing up to serve the empire? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The Orwellian world of lies and deception that has enveloped us must be exposed. Every single individual who has participated in the unfolding insanity must also be exposed, and then held legally and morally accountable. This most defining battle requires the effort and energies of all who are already awake. We must share credible and compelling data to help wake others around us, and then ask them to do the same. Only by reaching a critical mass of awareness can we have any chance of prevailing, make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booth is at the Monterey County Fairgrounds, Monterey, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


99 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 25, 2017

  1. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    A good amount of what Dane stated in this broadcast, about what the Military has used, to test on humans/veterans, I was not aware of! How more worse can it get? This is beyond insanity!!! Do any of you remember in 2014, what the Veterans Administration was doing with Veterans scheduled appointment wait times. The V.A. appointment schedule employees were manipulating the appointments, by making the appointments appear as if they were completed within the 14 day period, when in actuality they were not, by being completely omitted out of the system, as if the appointments did not exist. There were even performance bonuses given out to those who were involved. Is this unbelievable or what. The Phoenix, Arizona V.A. Facility was the first to be exposed, followed by others across the country. All V.A. personnel involved need to be prosecuted for that behavior.

  2. Black Cat Italy says:

    Dear Dane,

    I have just watched a docu-series on iThrive on the pandemic of diabetes affecting the world. One doctor said that one of the things that drives diabetes and Alzheimers is toxins.  He said that it is estimated that Monsanto's Glyphosate is now in 60% of the rainfall. Glyphosate allows toxins to go deep into the brain because it opens the body's barriers such as the blood/brain barrier and the tight junctions of the gut (causing leaky gut and brain fog).

    Which leads me to ask Dane – if you can test for this in your testing of the snow and rainfall?  Maybe the 'powers that be' are including Glyphosate in the mix they are spraying above us now as well as farmers using it on the land. For anyone who does not realize how insidious this chemical is (and it is similar to biological warfare in its action): 

    Opening up the blood/brain barrier allows heavy metals like aluminium  and mercury to cross deeper into the brain.

    Other studies have shown it disrupts the P450 pathway which is the detox pathway – it is shutting it down so we bioaccumulate more toxins in our cells turning on certain genes.

    It kills the good bacteria in our gut – the microbiome. These bacteria affect how your brain works, you immune system, how you feel and how you function.

    Glyphosate kills of the bacteria that makes TReg cells (that calm immune reactions). Without enough TReg cells it leads to auto-immune disease.

    It also kills the bacteria in the gut that makes amino acids that you need to make certain brain chemicals like Seratonin and Dopamine. (hence the epidemic of depression and people on psychotrophic drugs).

    Glyphosate also disrupts the gut bacteria that you need to make Tryptophan and Tyrosine. the brain chemicals you need to feel normal.  

    Also, interestingly, they spray it on grain and it desiccates it (shrivels and dries it up) so it makes it easier to harvest.  (we suffer with dry mouth, tongue, skin and plants are drying up!).

    They spray it on every grain and is sprayed on fruit and vegetables and on potatoes before they are harvested!

  3. PO'd in Western North Carolina says:

    Watching this video of this Keith person was quite interesting….  for those of us who are invested in 'the Dane effect', watching this is like an adult sitting in a kindergarten classroom, watching the kindergarten teacher try and explain something to the children that she knows has already happened, but that the children do not know has happened…. watching her lead them down the path to 'enlightenment, acceptance, and understanding'.   Masterful manipulation of the 'facts' to achieve a result in which one has convinced others that 'hey – this may just be the answer', when, in reality, the answer was known, and implemented, long ago…



  4. Wes says:

    Did you read about the latest celebrity deaths? David Cassidy of the Partridge Family fame. Dead at 67 years. Malcom Young, guitarist of AC/DC , dead at 64 years. What did they die from……dementia. 

    We're all going to get it. Including all the people involved. Idiots


    • Black Cat Italy says:

      Its a tragedy so many like David Cassidy and Malcolm Young have died from dementia BUT I think there is another factor to consider -were those celebrities on Statin drugs?  

       The Statin drugs for lowering cholesterol are causing the brain to malfunction and creating memory loss.  The medical/industrial complex are trying to get more and more of the population over the age of 40 onto these drugs which stop the synapses in the brain from working correctly.  Yes, we are all breathing in the aluminium from geoengineering which is compounding the problem but I bet that most of the Alzheimer/dementia is caused by Statins because SO MANY people are taking these and there is a epidemic of these diseases in the UK and US.  

      One of our family members aged 42 was put on the cholesterol lowering Statins – despite the fact he was athletic and had a very LOW cholesterol level.  Since then he cannot remember things and has to write everything down in order to hold down a job. 

      It is the biggest Big Pharma con of the century. We need cholesterol in our brains and our cells to function correctly! 

  5. Prairie Explorer says:

    Our temperatures here in Chicago are all screwed up.  Our highs each day in the upcoming forecast are for the mid-to-high 40s to the mid-50s.  It is practically December.  Our temperatures have been like that for the past few weeks, and we also had some low-60s thrown in.  Every single year for Thanksgiving, from the late-1980s to the late-2000s, my family and I would travel to a relative's farm in central Illinois.  We would usually arrive there the Tuesday or Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then drive back to Chicago late on Sunday.  Frequently, we would have to leave early for Chicago on Saturday or early in the day on Sunday because there was a snowstorm moving in and we didn't want to get stranded.  The temperatures for those Thanksgiving weekends would be in the 10s to 30s, sometimes the low-40s.  With those two things in mind, go back and read the current temperatures in the first few sentences.

    I predicted in a comment on another article on this site a month or so ago that at the rate the weather was going we would still have some green trees here in Chicago in December.  Unfortunately, that looks like it will be the case.  We had a couple of freezes a few weeks ago, that turned a bunch of bright green trees brown over the next day or two afterwards.  Those trees never got a chance to show their colors.  Despite this, there are still some trees around here that have green leaves on them, as well as some bushes.  I've even seen some weeds in neighbor's yards and along the streets that are still bright green.  Once again, it's practically December.

    In those same previous years since I was born in the 1980s, I remember all winter there would be snow on the ground and it would just accumulate more and more until it would start to melt in the spring.  By mid-to-late-November, the ground would also be frozen solid and the grass would be turning brown.  If it wasn't snowing, the sky would be crystal-clear and a deep, dark blue with not a cloud to be found, and yet, the snow would remain and continue to accumulate until March.  Right now, the ground is very wet and mushy, the grass is still bright green, and for the past five-plus winters, we haven't gotten a lot of snow, but instead we get many days of rain and the sky is completely overcast, almost like it is fall.  This happens even in January and February, now, even though February is when we would get the largest amount of snowfall.  We would also sometimes get snow into March, but that was every few years.  This winter looks like it is shaping up to be like the past few winters, or the dystopian "new normal."

    • Norman says:

      I live in the high desert in VERY rural New Mexico and we have had a complete artificial whiteout for the past 4 days.  The worst I’ve seen in the 5 years that I’ve lived here.  Occasionally I can see the trails above the white/grey haze.  We usually have beautiful clear blue skies.  Has anyone else noticed a surge of activity lately ?

  6. Kazadum9 says:

    I  am truly at a crossroads with talking about this shit. There has been a change, my wife talked to some young people about it, they know, they just dont care. More and more we talk to people and they know but they always say what can we do about it. So many just dont care. Its what I feared most, those who are ignoring it, know its going on, but they just dont care. Its not about awakening people its about how you snap them out of learned helplessness which is basically what we are psyoped with our entire lives. No matter how many millions awake, the establishment will ignore our pleas to stop. Not only will they ignore our pleas to stop they do it more and more. What is the answer to such tragedy, I feel like we are Cassandra telling Troy of its imminent demise and we are being laughed at. I want to fight but fighting the establishment in actual revolution would require at least 100-200 million globally and i dont see that. Protest is meaningless under these circumstances. Are we resigned to playing the role of Cassandra because I honestly dont see how we can be anymore effective than that. Our only hope is that the US military rebels, if there is some other way to stop this other than a violent revolution in the US or a military coup, i just dont see it.  Elections are a joke. Representatives who represent the people are non existant only interested in creating a feudal society with themselves as petty barons and lords. O God I hate waking up to this shit every day, this gossamer filth which blankets the sun, sky puke for clouds, and I am breathing all this shit in. O truly, truly I am beginning to hate. Where are you LORD, seriously, where are you or do we all actually deserve what is happening? Maybe, I have resigned myself to the judgment of the LORD for I know in my heart his judgment is altogether righteous and holy.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kazadum, yes, anyone who has been in this fight for any length of time understands your angst. This being said, know this, unfolding circumstances will force the sleeping masses to wake soon, lets all keep banging the drums in the meantime.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Kazadum9, re your crossroads, I suspect that if you choose the easy path, you will never be truly at ease with yourself.

      Best to hold true to your beliefs, set your targets according to what you are are comfortable with, keep an open enquiring mind, and keep on keeping on.

      I am often pleasantly surprised when an acquaintance, who is not on my mailing list, says something like "Yes Andrew, I read your emails on facebook" or when I hear from someone on my email list who tells me that friends of theirs have asked them to forward my emails.

      "It's a sair fecht", and one we need to continue. 

    • sara trudo says:

      Kazadum…thank you.  Finally found another person that has posted my thoughts and heartfelts.  I have paid my dues for 70 years with good stewardship but  seem to be outnumbered by evilness.  At the point now where I'm openly speaking to God to come finish this and be sure mankind gets everything deserved. Supposed to be a happy retired person but have turned out to be the angriest angry person around.  I am paled by the lack of respect, concern and regard for Mother and feel like a one person band planting masses of pollinator seeds to feed those that no longer come.  I too do not have an answer but am definetly glad to be on the backside of life.  Like Dane Wiginton posted…just keep on, do your share, what you can when you can and we'll all meet up on the top side. One final thought..have you EVER seen where Mother Nature has not done a pay back?  She is out getting new wheels right now but will be around eventually.  Bless and stay strong and me too!   

    • Nina says:

      Hello Pedro, these people are no longer Human. Demons getting "High" on the suffering of sentient Beings.   The Controllers allowed us some rain at last, a heavy thunder shower. Must have been worried about their Golf courses.

  7. MS P says:

    Last Friday, top of the grapevine I-5; There was a very strange layer of very heavy white cloud. Driving through it, was like driving through  the thick smoke of fire. It was heavy & set low, on the interstate. One could see it 30 miles away. Low heavy white cloud of ????

    Lots of whiplash weather up this way too. Yesterday was very hot. Geoengineer planes flew heavy.  A calm sunny clear AM, turned to white out by the afternoon. Winds come with this too.

    It was blowing hard last night. This AM, still blowing hard. Looks like rain. Smells like rain. All this in less than 24 hours. Hot to cold!

    No sun today. Just wind.

    Many days there is heavy SRM clouds over the miles of solar panel farms. Maybe the wind farms & solar farms have to pay ransom?


  8. Lori Bridgeford says:

    We all look forward to the Mt Shasta sample taken last wk for lab review , and wonder if radioactive numbers are even possible? not surprised if spike further in heavy metals based on spray programs/damage done.  Must also give proper thanks to Joseph L for the film referral of PBS  "Shadow World" yesterday post  as I watched it  free on net & stunned at the footage, detail, precision . Will be sharing along with others as a baseline to awaken greatest population being so USED. Someone else sent  a Bill Clinton '95 apology clip- This never ends. I think we all can do a RETRO  viral share by forwarding these gems from past.  We did not have "viral" in '95 when Clinton doing a half smile apology .  The media was  essentially drunk on OJ Simpson trial/ verdict. Addicted.  Even then it was a freak show -circus  when I was living in LA.  TV screens on at work was so weird .  Distracting .  So, let's dig up what is still avail.  on net and blast the hell out of  it all!   Use it to educate ! Not too late to make past CRUCIAL to exposing the crimes that escalate ! Thanks to all submitting these  ideal gems from  the net-I try keep up & put to use today.  Vets are usually deeply programmed/indoctrinated – need several"doses" of reality. No one warns these eager & young ones   enlisting > as they are consumed to an ultimate  carcass in some cases. Just look at some of  the homeless on our  streets- as released military experiments. Thank you Dane for the work you did with vets and still do to disclose everything !

    • Blue Sue says:

      Recently, I sat down to watch the film Winter Soldier recommended by Dane here. I agree that it should be required viewing for any young man considering enlisting in the military today.  Even though its message and content was not unfamiliar, as I remember watching the awful imagery of the Vietnam War on TV as a teenager, the film was powerfully unsettling to say the least.  So very tragic how these countless naive young men, many enlisting with good intentions to "serve their county" — many others drafted against their will, were so thoroughly indoctrinated and brainwashed, as to become capable of such shocking savagery and heinous deeds and and even be able to laugh about it.  It's hard to fathom what damage and perversion the military's method of "training" produces. So, so many horribly damaged minds (by design) and wretchedly injured souls. I pray their psychic wounds and shattered hearts may heal. Beyond sad, beyond tragic, and the beat goes on . . .

      Tonight I watched Shadow World (recommended by Joseph) and seeing all the those evil crooks Reagan, Thatcher, Blair, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, again, was near nauseating.  The documentary was excellent, but extremely excruciating at times in its raw exposure of that vile menage a trois, the criminality and corruption of our "government", the pathological mercenary military (think Blackwater), and the criminal corporatocracy, with its lust for profit and craving for domination via the death and destruction that feeds it.  Well worth the watch, but like the other film, hard to stomach. 

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    This is from Ireland, filaments covering fields…

    • Dennie says:

      The video uploader got The Most amazing photo of a spray jet in action.  Really clear.  We have people writing in here who are seeing filaments.  Anyone know what they're made of, and what's the purpose?  Chaff, for radio communications ops?  It's ALWAYS Something Military.

    • barbzi says:

      United States Patent and Trademark Office​… 7 of 150 patents….
      6110590 – August 29, 2000 – Synthetically spun silk nanofibers and a process for making the same
      5639441 – June 17, 1997 – Methods for fine particle formation
      4129252 – December 12, 1978 – Method and apparatus for production of seeding materials
      3994437 – November 30, 1976 – Broadcast dissemination of trace quantities of biologically active chemicals
      3808595 – April 30, 1974 – Chaff Dispensing System
      3659785 – December 8, 1971 – Weather Modification Utilizing Microencapsulated Material

    • Pedro says:

      Chemwebs are Phthalate Endocrine Disruptors, French Scientist, 2014.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello V. Susan, I had the exact same webbing (here in Alaska) that likewise covered everything in my yard (in fact the entire neighborhood) with a spider-web like filament that sparkled in the early morning sunlight.  So freaking weird and scary! That was back in 2010.  As I type these words I hear the b@s-turds flying overhead spraying their nightly dose of filth. It's enough to make one go screaming mad!

    • Dennie says:

      @ barbzi:  Whenever The Skeptical make snide or snarky or just disbelieving comments to me about government spraying operations I always tell them we have over 100 years of weather modification patents going back to before 1900 and they can look these up for themselves on the website, then point out that the patent application process is such pain, why would you NOT use your invention if you bother to go through the expense and the trouble?  They invariably fall silent when I tell them this truth.

  10. Grant Jones says:

    Whoa. Polarized, Are we not? As a Vet from a Family of Veterans I discard the notion of label or activist. We will survive by reverting to true nature, "Ie" we are true animals. As such we strive to survive an propogate. So as we try to awaken those around us who seem to be in a fog, let us not forget what exists at our door. It begins with wonder an evolves to participation with all we see. Pause, an talk to all those "critters" you may see, including humans. Participate in the life you see around you. Educate an provide an example that others will wish to emulate. Dane, You do this so well.  Live this life in a manner that others will be encouraged to follow.  Keep on, my friends. G.

  11. Jeff says:

    Alabama has been sprayed everyday for t

    three strait months. I have proof!  90 damn days in a row!

    • Dr Jeff says:

      Yes indeed Jeff, another Jeff here from Birmingham Al.  It's always heavy spraying here. Tennessee too.  Just went to East Tenn for the holiday and they begin terraforming the blue sky early in the morning.  Tons of planes. It's sickening

  12. Marta says:

    I do see more and more people waking up to geoengineering. a woman followed me until i got to the bank and rushed up to ask me about my stop geoengineering bumper sticker. she was so grateful to be able to get info about the lines in the sky. and everywhere i go when i talk to people i mention it. i point out an srm spray line and comment you know that is not normal and that is not contrails. Most of the people i talk to know say yes i know. woudl it not be great if we coudl at least try the experiment to stop the spraying and stop the microwaves and see if the planet could euqilibrate. then on to the dr. matsuo experiments to neutralize toxins….


  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: My photos of the toxic fibers I have found inside my home made it to YouTube:

    Also I am morphing to V. Susan (my first name is Virginia) to welcome  and make room for the other Susan's to Dane's comment section!


  14. Jeanette S says:

    Dane, I would like to see all of this geoengineering quit but I am not sure whether cold turkey is the way. For some addictions, it is the best thing. I do not think this is the case for GE. If Katrina took up half of TX coast and a hurricane came along that was its entire coast wide…I just might be persuaded that a little ge might be ok. Do you think that is what that man/general was trying to say just in too many words that are subject to being misconstrued? If I had to answer is it irresponsible to let a full coast hurricane hit when we could possibly steer it or lessen the blow, I would be tempted to say yes. If it were coming my way, I would want somebody to try to help us. 99% no GE but if something bad is happening with the weather, it may be prudent to lessen it, just until the weather equalizes itself. Maybe that is what he was saying. If I were the leadership that is the methodology I would choose. But then I am not sociopathic like the nutbags we have now and get confused, think the door has reopened that I can just do as I wll and as much as I will. That is the definition of sociopathic; what we have at the helm at present. Anytime you hear about a good leader in history, that the people loved and did economically well during their tenure, not the merchants on up but the poor, they were the mentally normal leaders. Medieval poor people were quite aware of the nutbags, their sociopathy and economics. They fought inflation regularly. That is how the "best man" got invented. The "best man" would keep the woman's family from stealing their normal daughter back from marrying one of the aristocratic sociopathics. (Why wouldn't they want their daughter to marry somebody financially affluent?)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeanette, in theory your line of thinking is, of course, reasonable. Unfortunately any and every interferance with Earth’s natural processes comes at great cost. Man’s attempt to “engineer” the climate is the ultimate display of human insanity. Modern industrialized / militarized society was never sustainable, the anthropocene era is unravelling by the day. As I have stated many times before, the single greatest leap we could yet make in the right direction is to expose and halt climate engineering while before there is nothing left of our planet’s life support systems.

  15. Jeffrey T King says:

    Don't know what is up with the govmint, but they are bombarding West Virginia with chemtrails. I am also seeing a lot of low level jets under the cloud cover. Plus white jets with no contrails that might be drones. We are getting saturated every day. Even saw chase planes following a couple of jets. So did my girlfriend. People are just dumb sheep. Enjoy the slaughter.

  16. horsegirl says:

    Somewhere in the mountains north of Albuquerque, we are wasting away from filth in the sky.  Which is peppermint tea compared to the vile hearts of those in charge who bring this to us.  Getting our heads around the point made by Greg Caton on Veritas that there is a veritable army – millions? – of evildoers helping to wreak all this upon humanity.  What a noisome carbuncle on the nose of this people the clergy have become too, in their cowardice (and worse) whereby they are too self-important to address the deliberate, systematic poisoning of all life.  Emblematic of it all is the letter to the editor we just saw about the selfishness of the commissioners, that there literally is neither soap nor toilet paper in the bathrooms of some Albuquerque schools.  The commissioners of course voted themselves a generous raise last year.  Kids get vaccinations but can't have toilet paper, hmm.  Hubby keeps calling it dumbocracy.  Saying that all flags are false.  The character of this people fairly reeks of stench.  Two months before Halloween plastic skeletons fleered everywhere at the public, with mottos like "make this the scariest Halloween ever."  Goodly holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas?  There is no tinsel, no decorations, not even Christmas carols.  Santa Claus, an apostasy I never imagined I could miss, is not even seen.  Is it illegal now to mention Christ?  This country evidently deems itself too good for Christ.  I see no future for such a colony.

  17. Dan says:

    Well here we go again. another winter without ever seeing the sun. Clear starry nights and then right before sunrise here come's the gray featureless cloud cover. F&*king assholes. Whatever give them the right to play God.

  18. Carol says:

    Has anyone noticed that Trump still hasn't picked a science advisor? Holdren was all in for GE but some of Trumps potential candidates are actual "free thinking" scientists. The final choice will be very revealing to Trumps frame of mind about this mess in our atmosphere.

  19. penny says:

    That report (or rather, propaganda) on expecting increased earthquake activity in the coming year is patently false, contrived, infuriating…   The 'scientists' behind it build their pseudo-argument on the basis of a cyclical fluctuation in earth's rotation.  That is, a pattern that repeats itself every 7 or 8 years (I forget the details – had to spend hours screaming after reading the BS in the 'study').  In other words, these massive earthquakes should have been happening every 7 or 8 years throughout earth's (recent, at least) history. 

    I find it disgusting and deflating that people cannot see through such obvious crap.  But of course, they don't want to.  One anecdote sums up my despair of humans ever waking up: my sister, the nurse, assisted in violently dragging a cardiac ICU patient back to his bed and locking him into 4-point restraints to prevent him from going outside to have a smoke — and she is certain that she was helping him!

    • penny says:

      Anticipating reactions to that comment, I hasten to add that I have not given up; I'm not sitting on the sidelines.  That's not in my nature.  Having no hope equates to being unattached to the outcome, in my world.

  20. terry turner says:

    "Climate Change" is a clever way to state the Obvious.  Seasons are an example of " Climate Change ".  The Buzzwords which are used to inundate and overwhelm the majority of the under educated and insouciant Americans   seem to be working.  The only way to counter this nonsensical propaganda which obscures the geo engineering activities that are damaging our environment is to contribute to people and agencies which are fighting  this scam.  The " Donate " box on Dane's website is a fine way to start doing your part. Words are great ; but coffee costs money.

  21. Nina says:

    Here in our area of SW Portugal we have had almost no rain. Just a little toxic drizzle fell and not really of much benefit to my garden.(The leaves on many plants turned yellow and sick-looking.) The sky is a filthy grey mat   of sprayed "clouds" and there is a constant drone of jets flying above it. They are flying very low as they are out of sight.  It feels so lonely to be aware of such evil when most people are so deeply asleep.

  22. In 1995, President Bill Clinton apologized to the American population for "thousands" of biological and chemical experiments, over generations, on an unknowing US public. This is Clinton apologizing in a 3-minute video. Interesting that Americans didn't jump on this!


  23. Jeanette S says:

    For those thinking we have not been experimented on…what about Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring". I could only get through half the book, incident after incident where they dropped chemicals for essentially just to see what would happen. The story where all the cats in town died is where I stopped. they described exactly what happened to our cat when we went on vacation. Our cat died while we were away. Our friends felt terrible. They thought that he got in a fight with all these little cuts and then swelled from infection. They sprayed our friends and neighbors while we were gone. Something that got on the cats fur and of course the cats cleaning themselves get a mega dose. They get like infected and literally float around in their own skin, so much so the skin splits like little cuts. Their bodies eventually lose the fight. RC described this exactly. Another instance, pristine, never touched by chems…western New England, just mles and miles of this one type of tree. So what does some buffoon do. something they knew that was toxic they threw on these trees, the debris from the dead trees was recycle into the municipal compost system of a person that was growing an evergreen tree for like Macy's, some city's tree lighting, and it died within three days. This person threw a fit and when they found out the whats and whos, sued big time for their (stupidity) and extreme negligence. That is where the OMRI seal on potting soil and soil amendments and organic seals on the bags came from. I was one of the people that didn't trust the potting soil as far as I could throw it. Then WF sold it and then I guess they had to keep up. 🙂

  24. Maria R says:

    Here in Dalton Ga we had 2 and 1/2 whole days of blue skies and today( Saturday) we got hammered with the crap all day 

  25. Christina Parousis says:

    Hi Dane, can you please comment on this, Guy McPherson now saying we have "weeks or months left, not years." ?

    Thank you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Christina, about McPherson’s latest report, it is a combination of truth and lies (like the rest of his reports). Is the climate and biosphere as badly damaged as McPherson states? Available data indecates the answer is yes. But what is Guy still completely lying about? The geoengineering reality, and what happens when geoengineering is brought to a halt. Will the planet warm even more once climate engineering is halted? Initially, yes, but once the hydrological cycle is allowed to kick into high gear, once the planets life support systems are released from the geoengineering assault, we will be in uncharted territory. McPherson seems to relish the part he is playing, pretending to be an oracle of truth, while at the same time blatentely lying about the reality of the single greatest climate disrupting factor of all, climate engineering. The greatest leap we could take in the right direction is to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity, and McPherson completely denies the entire issue. FYI

    • Dennie says:

      I wonder if, with the precious little time we have left according to his prognostication, McPherson is living the "life of excellence" we were told would be the only choice left… I'd like to know how you do that when the U.V. freely makes it here due to the geoengineering sprays shredding the ozone layer, the ionizing radiation from Fukushima and now Somewhere In Russia or the FSU satellite republics, the oceans are dead zones hot as bath water and nothing grows.  I suppose he's well-stocked up in his Arizona desert stone bunker….when not out jetting around the planet, earning fees telling everyone The News….

    • kazadum9 says:

      naw he (Guy McPherson) saying we need to massively geoengineer the whole video is geoengineering wtf? He is obviously on the payroll.

  26. Michael says:

    CERN sucks……..

  27. Susan Ferguson says:

     "I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession, I never had an original thought until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of the higher- ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service."  — General Smedley Butler. USMC (Ret.) 

    • Dennie says:

      Butler's excuse for somehow missing that the military is a racket even before signing up is in a dead-heat tie with Charlie Rose's declaration that he thought that any sentiments concerning his dalliances with various members of his "Band of Angels" were somehow genuine and reciprocal, actually.  This is now soooo fcuking blatantly in-your-face, it should prove beyond any shadow of a doubt to anyone with eyes to see just what kind of monsters we're dealing with whom we've allowed to "rule" the planet.  To spell it out, the Corporate Money-Master Luciferian Angels and their brown-nosing toadies like Charlie Rose who make their money off being their mouthpieces, and their ugly progeny, the bad-ass bouncer-boys in the military, are truly out-of-touch narcissists who actually believe that the universe revolves around them.

  28. Dennie says:

    I am hoping we'll soon be welcoming Taina Amayi, a tribal chieftain, to this site.  I'm hoping we'll all soon be able to realign with Native American energy via this and other movements and on the ground!  

    "Now is the time to pray for healing, in The Night of Broken Dreams."

    — Chief Taina Amayi, author

    Author's comment:

    The night spoken of is not when the Stars come out to shine, and Grandmother Moon shines her gentle light upon the Earth. This "night" Is a long period of time spanning millennia; a period when people have lost their humanity in the name of "progress", and the greed that moves it towards total annihilation. This song, and video, are prayers, as anyone wishing to view it will know. I needed to make this video within the framework of my own pain and sorrow; my "dark night of the soul". The story needs to be told, and I pray that this video tells the story well…

    Prayer:  In The Night of Broken Dreams


    With broken hearts, we come to You.  

    After centuries of genocide, violent crimes committed against Mother Earth (Keystone XL pipeline) and against Father Sky (geoengineering trails across a sky at sunset), the abuses and murders of all our Relations (photo of the clubbing to death of fur seal pups), our hearts are shattered, as our Mother cries and bleeds (an image of infrared-mapped Earth shatters and falls)…

    What have we done?  What future will there be (background painting of industrial smokestacks and black-smoke filled skies), if there is to be a future (against a background portrait showing black, stormy skies and the Golden Gate bridge with angry, roiling ocean water starting to cover the roadbed– which is currently situated several hundred feet above the waters of the Golden Gate– a sea level rise of two hundred feet….feasible here?)?

    Grandfather, we desperately need Your forgiveness. Arrogance has poisoned the human spirit (photo of a fat white guy), killing and destroying all in our path (photo of dead beached whale with human passerby on a far northern hemisphere beach).  We have forsaken the Sacred Ways of our Ancestors.  We have turned our hearts away from the Creator.  We all must return to the Sacred Ways, remembering that we are all related.

    Grandfather, we are in the night of broken dreams, with tears that fall like rain.  We, Your people, offer smoke and prayers in our tears.  We pray for Mother Earth, We pray for Father Sky, and for All our Relations so wounded by cruelty and greed (photo of mustangs being herded by helicopter).  

    The time has come to Awaken.  

    The time has come to Return to The Sacred.

    Now is the time to pray for healing, in The Night of Broken Dreams."

    — Chief Taina Amayi, author

    Here is the link to the video of Chief Amayi's prayer, titled Night of Broken Dreams:

  29. Jeanette S says:

    The power structures gives "free" or "lowcost" pharmaceuticals and probably procedures to the military, families and college students and I have heard foster care children and the elderly are also guinea pigs. The They are the "human" tests. College students are also test subjects for all the projects, thesis, studies at colleges. I have a friend that was sitting there get shocks and I said, I don't think they are licensed if they are still going to college…All the survivalists tell you "You do not want to be a ward of the gov't". Walk out into the woods and be bear meat before you become a ward of the gov't at least the bear would kill you quickly. You lived life independently, did what you wanted instead of being tied to a potty pan, shot up with pills and vaccines and eventually murdered.

  30. Joseph L says:

    War Is A Racket

    By Major General Smedley Butler

    Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corp Major General the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.


    War Is A Racket

    WAR is a racket. It always has been.

    It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

    A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

    In the World War [I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict. At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows.



    NEW STUFF  I watched this on PBS yesterday. Very well worth watching.


    From Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama, from Margaret Thatcher to Tony Blair, Shadow World reveals the shocking realities of the global arms trade, the only business that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives. Based on The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, the acclaimed book by Andrew Feinstein, the film explores how governments, their militaries and intelligence agencies, defense contractors, arms dealers and agents are inextricably intertwined with the international trade in weapons, and how that trade fosters corruption, determines economic and foreign policies, undermines democracies and creates human suffering.



  31. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Wow, My thoughts are deep tonight coming home after working and 'finally' getting to listen to this weeks global alert news. Each week I sense the up-tick in the alarm you present, Dane. I'll just leave it at that. Your broadcast this week was spot on and I'm sure will get a great deal of "feed back". When we put it on the line and it comes back "positive"(reactive), we then know we have expended energy in the proper direction. There was a great deal of time contributed to the "veterans" in this broadcast. I, the grateful self that I am, am proud to call SGT Charles Sanders, USMC, the big brother I never had. I'm still discovering things he tried to teach me. "5" tours of Vietnam, volunteer, and two titanium hips compliments of "the core". There wasn't much "Chuck" hadn't seen. One day, Chuck and I were having b-fast at our desks and he for some reason he confided a story I could never have thought of knowing the man I knew at the time. My friend SGT Charles Sanders last duty was as a USMC boot camp "drill sargent"… As I heard it, his entire world came crashing down when he drove a "new recruit" so hard he dropped in his tracks and died. He told me he liked that young man and was trying to push him to a greater space(conditioning). It was there he began to question his own "space". Shortly there after, his own regiment caught up with him. All those years of avoiding the pain stood up and said "hello". Two new hips later and an honorable discharge Chuck was cast out into the world. "Good luck Chuck", (Not my words), (grin). Chuck and I spent almost 5 years working together in R&D engineering for a very prosperous heating stove company. He was built like a 6'2" Anvil. Had a booming voice with a Kentucky accent. My little kids loved him, women blushed around him and men respected him. Chucks last endeavor I knew of, was helping veterans with alcohol problems. Chuck and I plowed more than a few down, together. He taught me, "you control it, don't let it control you". Not just talking about beer there. We had b-fast together for years, 6 AM sharp. Don't bring no excuses if you're late. I remember it well…. I learned a lot.

    • Dog says:

      Horseman, in this context I think that you will appreciate this man, Sarge Lintecum, his music, and his commitment – recommended!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dog, thank you my friend I haven't met. I didn't know if anyone could relate to my contribution or even read it. I don't often listen to music anymore, but I sure do like listening to the blues. I'm sure Chuck would approve and be tapping his foot.

    • Dog says:

      Horseman, thank you for the acknowledgement! I had the honor of playing in Sarge's Vietnam Blues Band back in the late 1980's, when he was just starting to get his well-deserved recognition. He is now well-regarded nationally by many veterans groups, educators, and others – he was interviewed by the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress, for example, among other things, and is involved in PTSD therapy –

      Before that I had little idea of just what it meant to be a Vietnam veteran, although I knew a few.  As Sarge says in one of his song preambles, "Now you meet two kinds of Vietnam veterans – Some can't talk about, and Some can't stop". He is of the latter type.

      Sarge did three tours of Vietnam, and returned even after being wounded on one of those tours – he believed in the cause and was willing to sacrifice his life for it. He is now using that same tenacity in fighting the real enemy, which is War itself.  That's why his first album is called. "Combat Tested Blues…For Peace". His second album is "Post Traumatic Distress Disorder Blues" – this is smart and entertaining stuff, at the same time. He advocates for a healthy skepticism of power.


  32. susan adams says:

    …..was that 'decay of the false vacuum' in reference to some scientific experiment whereby Fortov and his colleagues sincerely believe they could actually make 'permanent changes in the physical properties of the Universe???…..or perhaps, a Freudian slip…….referring to their own pathetic inability to appreciate that 'the Universe' does not tolerate childish games or incredibly egotistical presumptions on the part of the 'scientific community'. 

    • Dog says:

      "It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature!" –

      A tag-line from a 1970's TV Commercial for a MARGARINE product, that has a certain relevance, now……..

  33. horsegirl says:

    My husband and I appreciate this presentation so much, Dane, particularly for your lavish expose on veterans' issues.  Taking dictation here for Mark, he conveys to you that he lived through Viet Nam (during Tet in early 68 as an eleven bravo point man (for those who don't know, that means infantry – on the front lines)) for 364 days.  Every day he says this is worse than the Tet offensive.  Every day.  And to think most of the public doesn't even perceive the war waged against our own nation.  From within.  We are dying of treason.  Thank you for your excellent work and your integrity.  You will be eternally rewarded for your courage we have no doubt.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Would that be "marc"? It's a relevant question.

      I've been curious as to where he's hiding.

    • horsegirl says:

      My horseman friend, thanks for bringing great mirth to my face.  No, not Marc. Think he's doing a sabbatical.  Bet he comes back with fire and lighting rhetoric before too long.

  34. Susan says:

    I am interested in spreading the word but I do not hear about events in Indiana. If you have any suggestions to up my participation, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I too am sick of seeing a perfectly beautiful day trashed with geoengineering fallout and not knowing the effects on our health. No one else seems to notice or care where I am located, so besides expressing my concern vocally I am open to other suggestions to spread the word.

    Thank you,


  35. Sanddollar says:

    I am a Vietnam veteran with  (100%  PTSD.)  Now you can understand why my comments have been so strong. 

    I know the truth and I am fully awake. 

    My advice to all is: wake up and stand up before it is to late.

  36. keith says:

    Keep up the great work . We are all trying  thx  K. Owen

  37. Tina barrett says:

    Hello Dane:

    I really appreciate your work,  so does my husband,  we are both 84 years old,  and we are Bible believing Christians.    We have been  watching the chem-trailing for  quite a few years now,   we read all about  HAARP in Gacoma Alaska,  and the power they had to steer even huricane's etc  it get's very scary but we know it is true,  all the weather changes ..   But have to tell you that when we try and share this with people,  even Christians,  especially Christians,  will always tell us that  GOD  is in control of the weather,  period !  And so they blame God for all the destruction !    But,  there is a verse in the Bible that to me proves otherwise,  this is it.    Revelation 11:18, "And the nations were angry,  and they wrath is come,  and the time of the dead that they should be judged,  and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets,  and to the saints,   and to them that fear thy name,  small and great;  AND SHOULDEST DESTROY THEM THAT DESTROY THE EARTH."    SO we may have to wait,  but God's word is SURE.    

    Not to say we should not do all we can to share this information,  and I will continue to do what I can to share your information,  and Thank you once again for your great work.

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      So thankful that you Tina, & your Husband, found this site, and that you see the need for Christians to get off the couch & speak out.  Because, Silence in the face of Evil, is Evil itself; God will not hold us Guiltless. Not to Speak, is to Speak. Not to Act, is to Act. Christians were never asked to roll over & wait for God to fix it.     It would cause me, Great shame as a Christian, not to stand up against those that are destroying God's Creation.  And only a fool would do so, in my mind.     The words, A tenth is the Lord's, is becoming clearer & clearer to me!  We are up against an Army, in more ways then one !  God Bless.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Hi, Tina –

      You're post of the verse from Revelation is one verse I have thought about a lot in relation to the ongoing assault on our planet.

      The are two other passages from the Bible, as well, that sound eerily familiar to the present and the future.  I think you, or other readers, may find them interesting, as well.

      The first one that I got to thinking about a few years back was Revelation 8:10-11: "10 The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many people died from the water, because it had been made bitter."

      I have always wondered about that passage, and while thinking about the ongoing poisoning from Fukushima, I decided to look up what percentage of the Earth the Pacific Ocean covers.  A quick search online shows it at 30.5% of the Earth's total surface area.  I'm not saying that verse corresponds to Fukushima with complete certainty, but I find the numbers awfully interesting.

      The other passage is from Revelation 6:15-17: "15 Then the kings of the earth and the great ones and the generals and the rich and the powerful, and everyone, slave and free, hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains, 16 calling to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who is seated on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb,17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?"

      This to me sounds like the Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs).  We have read they are all over the place, and especially in the mountains, here in the US and elsewhere around the world.

  38. Laurie Buckley says:

    I have been a big fan of this site, and I want to thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed…bless you all…lb



  39. Brice says:

    It was 63 degrees here in Minnesota on Friday. Plus it is forecast to remain around 40-50 degrees for the next ten days. I was surprised when there were no trails in sight to block the warm sun. Clear blue skies throughout the whole day. Maybe they want it to warm up. I can't really make sense of this anymore. Everything is starting to accelerate and I am not keeping up anymore.

    • Dennie says:

      Biosphere collapse is accelerating at an exponentially increasing rate and there will be a point where we can't keep up with it any longer….  We've been hearing this from Dane and others for some time and it's pretty well understood we've certainly already passed may important tipping points already so the bickering at the climate summits and agreements are mostly moot, because the temperatures are rising faster than "they" can keep up with and be able to do anything that would actually put the brakes on it.  Besides, no one wants to have to change one thing about how they live, in order to save this planet.

      The Carter Administration understood this back in the 70s.  And so what did "they," the Petroleum Bastids do?  Got their minions in the C.I.A. to set up a bad situation in the middle east with the hostages, and who got the U.S. of that, at a most opportune time, right before the presidential election?  None other than good ol' Ronnie Ray-Gun, stooge of the M.I.C. criminal cabal, whereupon he removed the solar panels from the White Man House, forced Saudi Arabia to "pump-pump-PUMP," encouraged Detroit to build SUVs to get Uhmerukunz to guzzle-guzzle-GUZZLE that oil, and so destroyed the Soviet Union by undercutting the price of their oil– Check-mate! Game Over, Breznev!– and voila– near-total U.S. Hegemony on Planet Earth.

  40. Justin Cowan says:

    In Round Rock Texas here. We haven't had any spraying since the 19th. This morning they sprayed till about noon then went away and now the sky is clear again. I counted 2 only planes.

    I'm confused…

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Maybe you are having an impact Justin.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Here in Chicago, they quit spraying either the day before Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving.  The picked up again full-force today (Monday), like they were making up for lost time.  They sprayed just a little bit toward the horizon at sunset yesterday, but other than that, the sun was completely unblocked and felt like a heat lamp (not in the good way).  It was almost as if they were giving the pilots time off for Thanksgiving.  I swear this world is a madhouse.

  41. michael says:

    Hurricane Dane made landfall… wreaking havoc with the status quo !

  42. horsegirl says:


    A great Veritas radio presentation by Greg Caton.  He touches on geoengineering.  His recent book lays out the essential nature of government as antithetical to our well-being – pathogenic one and all.  That all governments maintain what Caton calls negative reciprocity in relationship to all populations.  And that by nature these juggernauts – comprised of inherently psychotic individuals who enjoy harming people – can not possibly benefit us. 

    • Michael says:

      I would like to point out that if the Illuminists that are behind all the pollution and corruption were psychotic, they would not be as dangerous as they presently are. Their seemingly insane agendas make sense only when viewed from a non-human standpoint. The reason for this is that they are controlled at the top by something that is not human, that craves human suffering. Look at the "All Seeing Eye" on the obverse of the dollar bill,and you will see the symbol of their leader, Lucifer.

  43. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 193rd email, titled 'The Veneer of Civilisation'.

    1. On 24th Nov, Arctic sea ice volume was reported as 5th lowest @ 10,800 km3…but official figures do vary by as much as 2,000km3. They will be aiming for a daily volume of 22,000km3 by end April 2018. Annual average volume, recalculated every day, remains at record low – currently @ 12,745km3. 

    Next week there will be major heat anomalies over the whole Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Baffin Bay and Ellesmere Island areas.  

    2. Donald Trump (Nov 2016): "You know what solves it? When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell, and everything is a disaster, then you'll have riots to take us back to where we used to be, when we were great" 

    Professor Kerry Emanuel (Nov 2017):  "My parents generation made enormous sacrifices for my generation. It’s time for our generation to step up to the plate…To do so, we in the United States need to remove this present Satanically Corrupt administration. It needs to be done with the corrupt governments all around the world. Rise up people, the enemy is standing before us."  

    In 1962:

    Nothing changes: 


    Excellent Yemen update:  Whenever the BBC reports about the blockade and resultant famine in Yemen, it always fails to mention it is a US/UK/Saudi blockade…rather like the humanitarian aid delays in Donetsk, and Rukban camp in Syria, etc etc. 

    There already is enough CO2 in the atmosphere to fuel a Permian type mass extinction. The food chain has been broken and is falling apart at the seams. No amount of emission cuts is going to stop that. There are over 65 feedback loops already happening (many are self-reinforcing) and new ones keep appearing. We are in a runaway greenhouse scenario. How should we prepare for what is coming at us? Should we just keep burning fossil fuels, or stop 'civilisation' completely and allow the "pollution" to fall out of the atmosphere and get to the end game even faster?  Cities are not self sustaining. 74% of the human race lives in cities (5.55 billion people) – these people will die first.

    If they stop the global toxic atmospheric geoengineering aka "aircraft pollution", then within 4 days global weather will heat and change dramatically. This does not mean air travel has to stop – just the toxic geoengineering/atmospheric spraying. When this truth (and many others) is out , someone will probably come up with a sensible, realistic and workable solution which the whole planet will adopt and cooperate with.  To stop the toxic geoengineering does not necessarily mean that our possible 8 more years of life would be shortened down to 8 months. 

    Guy McPherson still thinks that we have less than 2 years – based on/starting from an ice free Arctic Ocean and resultant methane releases:   Guy, Paul Beckwith and most others still refuse to admit that intensive toxic global atmospheric geoengineering is currently being conducted. 

    Joe Nuebarth:

    3. Notes to Self (week 46 of 104) Our veneer of 'civilisation' is very thin – last week, at least 15 hungry people died and 40 more were injured in a stampede at a food distribution site offering them £12 ($16) of groceries (Morocco, but happens everywhere e.g.Venezuela) 

    "Don't save anything for a special occasion – being alive is the special occasion"   (Particularly for Alaska Blue Sue's 140th response on Global News Alert).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Andrew, thank you for your report. Yes, the horizon looks very dark, but we must remember and consider that no one knows how powerful the planet’s life response will be if we are able to free it from the geoengineering straight jacket. Yes, industrialized / militarized civilization is already in it’s death throes, another step forward in regard to salvaging what is yet left of Earth’s life support systems.

    • Dennie says:

      The veneer of "civilization" has ALWAYS been very thin.  Now, it looks threadbare and almost completely worn out.

      Re:  Donald Trump (Nov 2016): "You know what solves it? When the economy crashes, when the country goes to total hell, and everything is a disaster, then you'll have riots to take us back to where we used to be, when we were great" 

      … ummm…. Oh–kaaaayy… so, uh, "bring it on," actually, hmmm?  Trump and nearly everyone else has zero idea of what it was that made America "great."  Including the so-called "greatest" generation, whose only claim to greatness was having emerged at a point in human history that saw the confluence of a great supply of natural resources in the United States (oil) and the rise of technology and weapons of mass destruction (and the "people" operating them) that depend on the oil to run their goddamnable machines of domination.  Peak petroleum production occurred in the U.S. around 1971.  Just take a look at U.S. history since those years.  Don't think the two are connected?  

  44. horsegirl says:

    Beware the blue skies.  We have them rather often.  See what we call the “daily dosers” planes which leave short-lasting trails.  The planes that must be flying at about 40 mph.  Really slow, you could beat them on a horse.  We – very fit, accustomed to hard work – experience an elevated pulse rate after the slightest exertion outdoors under these “blue skies.”  No problem inside, but neither of us has ever had heart issues.  Hypothesis:  this is a super-fine nanoparticulate they now deploy with “daily dosers.”  It gums up the lungs in a way you almost can’t perceive, which cuts back oxygen intake and sets the heart to laboring harder.  My test is spraying the GSE/water mist into my mouth and inhaling, which causes the gunk to loosen up and expectorate.  When I do this routine, the heart settles down.  What is probably giving people heart attacks is actually a fine coating on the lungs.  This uniquely seems to be the case on days of alleged bright blue skies.  Those are the days my vision is worse.  Oddly I can see better on days they spray the mucous-colored filth.  Under “blue skies” you see horrific glare off everything.  I’ve noticed for a couple of years that I seem to develop a cough on the best-looking days.  We even have three of our oldest cats with chem-cough.  One is cured now after repeated use of GSE which I spray into their mouths (they get used to

    • Roy says:

      Here in Guanajuato state Mex, it's been totally blue skies and only a couple planes spraying in the past 4 weeks.  Constantly looking up, spraying has been much more intense previously during the past 4 years. However, the sun still burns hot even at 70 F.  I agree with horsegirl: Beware


    • Jeanette S says:

      It has been hard for me to breathe lately. I have to get water in my Plant Air planters. Is that why? It seems worse when I am outside.

    • Dennie says:

      horsegirl:  Much of the crap has barium in it so your heart IS going to race.  Because that is what barium does.  It screws up the electrical signal system by displacing potassium, causing your heart to go out of rhythm.  So get potassium supplements, pop 700 mg when the crap starts falling and stock up on the avocados, potatoes, orange juice, dates and dried fruits, spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables containing potassium.  Bon apetit!

    • LavaLady says:

      Horse girl, what is GSE?


    • horsegirl says:

      @ LavaLady – Grapefruit seed extract.  Use only Nutribiotic brand – it's my experience other makes are very watered down.

      @ Roy – breaks my heart.  We lived in Guanajuato awhile.  First time in ages we've read a comment from Mexico.

      @ Dennie – thanks!

    • Martha says:

      horsegirl, please tell me what GSE is? I may need it. My lungs haven't been the same since breathing forest fire smoke mixed with the ever present aerosolized toxic brew sprayed above the smoke or weeks on end this summer. I agree with your hypothesis about current "blue skies." I also think they're doing major dumps at night instead of the many obvious trails (tic-tac-toe patterns and huge Xs) of years gone by. Any info on GSE or any other remedy will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Martha – look up grapefruit seed extract on Nutribiotic's site.  I mix one drop per ounce of water in a spray mister.  Inhale it when my lungs get gummed up.  Don't get it in your eyes or put it full strength on mucous membranes etc.  I do use it topically on skin.  I recommend only Nutribiotic brand as the others tend to be rather watered down.

    • Martha says:

      Horsegirl, thanks for the valuable info. Do you use the maximum strength or regular concentrated version? Thanks again!

  45. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Vladimir Fortov was until very recently, head of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences. In “Extreme States of Matter, High Energy Density Physics” [Springer, 2016], Fortov reveals the facts concerning the accelerators that generate the highest energy densities attainable under terrestrial conditions in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The most well known of these accelerators and the most powerful in CERN in Switzerland. However there are many such laboratories throughout the world, including Menlo Park California, Brookhaven National Laboratory Long Island, FermiLab Illinois, the Facility for Antiproton & Ion Research in Darmstadt Germany, Japan, Russia, China, etc. Here is a comprehensive list:
    There are said to be around 30,000 particle accelerators, but the majority of these are of much lower power and used for practical material purposes, and not as the principle tool in “nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, quantum chromodynamics, and superdense nuclear matter physics research.” The construction of each of these unrelativistic hadron accelerator complexes amounts to several billion dollars. One wonders where the money comes from to fund such experimental research and why.
    Fortov admits that “during the preparation of these experiments there emerged concerns about their safety, because of the possibility that a black hole would emerge in laboratory conditions with the subsequent absorption of our civilization.”  I sincerely admire Fortov’s literary skills. Surely most will find a sense of wry amusement, if not outright humor in the velvet-like cushioning phrase “the subsequent absorption of our civilization.” In other words, even though you ground-based earthlings have no idea what we — the elite who are playing with high energy density electromagnetics costing you the taxpayer billions of dollars — we by chance might just conjure up a black hole that will suck you and the entire planetary civilization into reset oblivion. According to Fortov, the “possible concerns about increasing the energy of collisional experiments were analyzed.” He states that: “The matter is that the collisions of energetic particles may, in principle, trigger a phase transition of the first kind, whereby a decay of the false vacuum and a complete change in the physical properties of the Universe will take place.”

    • Dennie says:

      Sounds like Fortov got pretty excited at the notion of all those "Sorcerer's Apprentices" finally attaining a kind of "power" equal (?!!) to that of their Creator… 

  46. Dawnski says:

    Amen and Amen

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