Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2016


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering is an undeniable reality as recent NASA satellite photos prove. Hurricane Matthew was a well timed engineered distraction that provided a great deal of cover for the now completely out of control power structure that is pushing us perilously close to a nuclear WWlll. Locations off of the US mainland coast (such as Haiti where the decimation suited the agenda of those in power) were slaughtered, while Matthew was kept from making catastrophic damage on US shores. Overhyped Matthew media coverage successfully eclipsed other headlines of imploding global ecosystems, and more lines in the sand being drawn from the global powers that have had enough of the US/NATO aggression. The pharmaceutical industrial complex has decided there is not enough aluminum in the existing Gardasil vaccination so they have decided to double the amount of aluminum in this already lethal injection. The fossil fuel industry has been radically underreporting the amount of methane they are spilling into the atmosphere, but the fountains of methane that are now blowing out in the Arctic completely overshadow it all. The Pentagon is pumping hundreds of millions into fake Al-Qaeda terrorist videos, and the US population is for the most part still asleep at the wheel. The human race remains on a trajectory toward near term extinction. The October 8th installment of Global Alert News is below.

Can we still make a difference for the better? If the masses can be awakened in time, possibly. Make your voice heard.

120 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 8, 2016

  1. Johannes Diekmann says:

    Hello all,

    I am shocked of the amount of flights in the air. I just checked on  how many planes there are in the air at the same time. There seem to be thousands of flights in the air at the same time and this is at 24/7. 

    I wonder where this leeds us… 

    Without developing alternative sources of energy that all the air traffic can run on, mankind is doomed to drown in its own carbon-fuels. Sience got us here – and now it must lead us out of this mess.

  2. "The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face,
    with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists.
    The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil,
    which has been introduced into our midst…
    It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy,
    which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."
    – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover –
    – 1956 –
    Perhaps Mr. Hoover was alluding to the philosophy of the "CORPORATION". The philosophy of the corporation exists as a group of philosophies that embrace: Extortion. Intimidation. Concealment. Collusion. And of course: Slaughter of anyone who isn't in on the game…

  3. Pia Jensen says:

    Think you'll be interested in reading this brief piece by researcher/educator Majia on autism: Sharp Increase in Autism Rate Among California Kindergartners:

  4. Pia Jensen says:

    Dane, thanks for the updates, esp.on the lawsuits. It'd be a real shame to see those get squashed. Excellent points about impacts of geoengineering on alternative/renewable energy systems. Still in awe at how political representatives remain silent… same deal on Fukushima fallout. The feds classified Fukushima so no officials can talk about the radiation falling over the US and washing up on the coastlines.

  5. Scott Davis says:

    Hello Dane, regarding rainwater testing. I have sent in previous samples to Basic Labs in Redding. Are they still the best place to send in samples? I live in Napa CA. They did alot of chemtrailing just before and during this current rain storm, (10/14/16) Friday. I took a sample last night as it just came in, I got the early rain as it first fell from the sky. I used 2 clean 5 gallon buckets to collect the first pint, that way I get what first falls. (a lab tech told me that is when most of the metals fall.)

    I heard that Basic was bought out by a company that is anti Chemtrail research (Geoengineering)

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Scott, thank you for your continued testing of precipitation. I do believe “Basic Lab” is still producing valid test results. If you do test your current sample, I would be very grateful to get a copy of the results for our data base. We are still in the process of accumulating facts for our pending legal complaint/action.

  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Hi Anonymous, Like I said about California trees and maybe Alberta, makes one wonder as I did about those 100,000 frozen cows: who took a hit out on them and why?  Do you not think Alberta was odd in that it was right after they filed against weather engineering?  And guess what?  Companies want 8,000 something areas to mine around the Grand Canyon.  For uranium.  It just does not stop.  A week ago Feinstein said 5.5 million more trees must be cut in California.  News today is that ALL pollinators are going going gone.  I keep thinking of all those 60s songs, like: Where have all the flowers gone?  Or, Pave paradise, put up a parking lot.  Even: I've looked at clouds from both sides now.  Makes me wonder.

    Years ago I started following Clinton and uranium as the two seem to go together, and basically, one only needs uranium for war.  When will these old farts see the light, all the good that could be done and and resources other than fossil fuels, war fuel, and wood to build for what?  People seem to think there Will be a future!  Clueless greedy idiots, like "my precious, my precious".  I am SO tired I can barely stay awake.  So sick of this.  I found out the Dem campaign is swimming in money, far, far outspending Rebloodicans.  Such a lot of money altogether.  For what?  not even decent entertainment much less a real election.  Inbox filled with hundreds of requests for money every single day.  Clearly, all anyone thinks about.  Sick of it all, ALL! 

  7. Dennie says:

    From the Department of "Famous Last Words:"


    "WE WILL BURY YOOOOU!!!" (sound of shoe banging on pulpit here) — Nikita Kruschev



    — General "Narcissus" Milley, United States Army

    Proving:  Be careful what you wish for, especially when speaking from your alcohol and other mind-altering drug-fueled rages ;-).

  8. rod says:

    The only reason society would collapse is because the people are letting themselves be enslaved (and killed) by the central bankers, simply because they gave up the power to create the currency to the central bankers, who then have the people borrow it from them. It means the central bankers are creating unlimited currency for themselves and using it all back against the people!

    This is the most absurd set up that was ever known to mankind, are people too stupid to understand  this simple fact ?

  9. rod says:

    It must be certain now that Geo Engineering is MORE damaging to the environment than Global Warming?

    So the conniving media is still taking "Global Warming", "Climate Change", and "Global Cooling", all meant to hide Geo Engineering?

    • Dennie says:

      Dane's explained this very well over the course of time.  Global Warming is now being called "Climate Change," they don't want you to notice it's actually getting hotter every month than the same month a year before and each month is setting record temps.  Geoengineering is certainly a part of all of the above.  It provides temporary cool-downs that actually exacerbate the warming because the nanoparticulate metals you're being sprayed with SHRED the Ozonosphere, Earth's protective insulation, meant to keep OUT the stronger UVA as well as UVB and UVC rays, which shouldn't be found down here in the terrasphere at all, but more like 100,000 ft. up.  What's next– gamma radiation (X-rays)– ?? Wonder if that's what "They" actually want coming here.  For such "smart" guys, the scientists involved in creating and perpetuating these megalomaniacal programs are dumber than the proverbial sack o' hammers.

  10. BaneB says:

    Strange?  I don 'think its factual but my weather icon, upon clicking my little town weather for seven days, shows my area in Mendocino for today with 5 miles visibility.  I have been out early and there are fake cirrus clouds/jet derivatives, but the visibility is way farther than that.  I have added various cities in California and around the world to see weather and make comparisons.  The one I chose to compare visibility was Los Angeles.  Visibility is 10 miles.  This makes no sense because my area is remote and free of major polluting factors.Maybe there are mitigating circumstances for why LA has cleaner air quality than does central Menfocino County.  Anyone know?

    • Chad says:

      Hey Bane Dane and others. Bane, I moved to Idaho.  Got out of Humboldt County. They spray like a Mofo here everyday too. Not making me quite as sick as there but still very,very bad. Been showing my coworkers they see it but don't want to believe it. Too ignorant. They can't seem to get it right. Called for rain last week, all week but only rained one day. Then they don't call for rain and it does. Went hunting last Monday and Tuesday and they sprayed non stop over the Rockies.  I felt them turn on the frequencies saw the waves in the man-made clouds, then the wind blew off and on up to like 50 mph! Sprinkled a little and stopped.  What a freaking joke! I can't fathom how blind people are, or rather how mine controlled people really are! Here's some things to look up and pass it on. MK ultra, owning the weather by 2025, 1959 Walt Disney Science Factual Chemtrail Weather Predictive Programs, 1958 Popular Science Weather as a Weapon, Fema Camps, Military Underground Bunkers, Martial Law, Obama's 923 Executive Orders, Jade Helm Exercises, Nicola Tesla, Adolfo Nicholas the Black Pope, 911 cover up and Building 7, Fukushima Radiation, Great Barrier Reefs and Ocean acidification,  fungus and fungal infections, blue green algae,  Haarp, Gwen, Agenda 21 Depopulation,  HE 2977, Michigan Ice Boulders, Predator Drones,  Chemical Ice Nucleation,  etc, etc, etc! All the trees,birds, bees,fish and everything dying including us. These people need to be drawn and quartered for these evil, genocidal acts of TREASON!  WE are in the End Times and Twilight Zone. What a Nightmare. May God bless all good people. To Hell with the rest. Keep up the good fight until it all breaks loose, and it will soon…!!!! Good luck folks, thx again Dane, you are an Angel or Saint.  Calling all angels and saints. Ayeeee! Wake up your friends and family. Peace Out!!!!

  11. Dave says:

    Aquatrails? . Saw this, anybody have any info on this, Thanks in advance.

  12. Wanda says:

    I live on the Southeast coast of North Carolina. I have been through quite a few hurricanes. Mathew was not a 'normal' hurricane. There were no sustained winds. The wind came in waves between lulls. On the radar, Mathew looked like only half of a storm. There appeared to be no East side. Dangdest thing I ever seen. Mathew was clearly manipulated in my opinion.

  13. renate says:

    Photos From Inside Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      Hello renate.


      These photos are worth a BILLION Words!!

      We need LUCK.


    • LS says:

      Thank you renate and your friend for the greatest compilation of Geoengineering plane photos that I 've ever seen. No wonder your friend wants to remain anonymous. Carol Fergeson is visiting here again, I sense it. Read the last comment after renate's photos. Occam's razor is a favorite reference of hers. And she completely dismisses the photos of course. We are under her skin and she's hooked and can't stop looking. Good work.

    • Dennie says:

      Many of the planes in the photos appear to be smaller air craft or older military air craft though a few are obviously jetliners retrofitted with spray tanks.  My hunch is these are mainly pictures of craft from businesses like Weather Modification Inc., established in 1961, in Fargo, ND:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      renate, Good God.  What the heck is that big circular thing on the tail of one plane?  Why are all those ordinary looking people smiling?  the guy causally leaning near chem vats, eating an apple!  Priceless!  And, horrifying!  Not to mention overwhelming.

  14. Lee Eyerman says:

    Sunshine and great weather for 10 days here in Ohio.You know when they don't spray the air is breathable and the sun every day feels less hot.This agenda and weather control attempt is criminal and everybody on this website needs to find the cause and reason for the spraying and quit wining about their ailments.I really miss normal weather and the non spraying I have been witness to for the last two weeks-first time in 10  years has given me hope that we can have nice weather again.

  15. Scott Davis says:

    Thanks Dane, I live in Napa County, and on Friday we got a heavy dose of massive geoengineering solar radiation management aerosols. It was Heavy! They where laying it down thick on Friday. And many of my friends who work in the vineyards saw one Jet do a low pass and a bunch of spiderweb stuff came down. I have pics of the synthetic web material.

    • helot says:

      After two days and nights of clear skies, on Friday the 19th of October we saw some of that spiderweb stuff come down here in Iowa as well. Creepy looking stuff! Today, the 20th, they are spraying like crazy, it’s a full-on gridded sky.

    • Dennie says:

      The spiderweb stuff was reported seen by a friend of mine in Novato, CA last Saturday.  Maybe from the same fly-over that dropped it in Napa County.

  16. Scott Davis says:

    Awesome broadcast! Listen to Dane's weekly radio show on:

    "Global Alert News Hour"  anywhere, any time! Use any podcast app on you smart phone. And search for 'Global Alert News Hour'.

    I have been looking for this for about a year, and Dane told me about it. I just want to share because people may be looking like I was for about a year for this podcast link!

    I have an iPhone and I travel alot and I don't have enough data to listen on YouTube (waaay to much data uptake) , but I have an app called podcruncher (any one will work) just do a search for Global Alert News Hour and you can play any of the recent shows and listen any time.

  17. Yar Swerc says:

    Dane Wiggington for president! Let's get the ball rolling for 2020. (If any of us are still alive…….) Go Dane!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Yar, I will also be writing in Dane Wigington for President. By the way there are only two G's in Wigington. If the spelling is not correct the vote won't count. President Wigington, wouldn't that be nice.  

  18. Valeta says:

    I keep trying to get the word out. I had my well man out Thursday checking my well and I started talking about all my dead pine trees on my property. I told him about the spraying of our skies and he had never heard about it. I showed him your web site and pictures on my phone which I had taken. Then Thursday evening the spraying started and Friday there were airplanes everywhere!! He got the message I hope. But as all of you have reported so many more refuse to believe!!!!

  19. David.pearson says:

    God bless you Dane Wigington 

  20. Elena says:

    This video came on after that Disney video about future weather manipulation:  , I recommend it. It mentioned something I had not considered before, that water vapor creation is used to cause tornados in the Midwest. If this is happening, couldn't that be a source of the global heating as well? After all, the water vapor is extremely hot, is created and then released into the atmosphere apart from the sun's heating of ocean waters. And it must take enormous amounts of energy to heat water to that level. The video also has a theory of wildfires, that they are deliberately set to augment the CCN for weather events, and he shows radar image of the wildfires in Alberta this year. There were several that started in slightly different places, all after nightfall, which is a strange time for wildfires to start naturally.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Elena.

      For the fires, I've learned here that they have a new laser toy to be installed in satellite ( if I'm not mistaken ), with a reach of about 3000 km. I think this new CRIMINAL "toy" suits perfectly for the creation of wild fires in remote regions..

  21. Ken says:

    Mount Aso, a super volcano in Japan, is spewing ash 11,000 meters into the air. Wonder if there is anything pointing towards this being generated by the geoengineers. 

    • Dennie says:

      The Kiddies in the Control Room are playing with fire and now WORSE– the Earth's very magnetic polarities, essentially using these to play "geo-acupuncture" for their own political gain (think: STUFF, the goodies, the booty, the gold, platinum, uranium, lithium, aluminum, etc.) that THEY need to make their goddamned WAR MACHINES to continue profiteering while killing any and everyone who would represent a threat.  Never mind that when THEY look in the mirror, there resides THEIR Biggest Threat of ALL!!!!

  22. Joseph L. says:

    Dane another very powerful show w all the dots to connect and there are many.  What is the name of that 1st movie that you mentioned sy war — about the populations being manipulated?  I don't think I have the correct name and is that on U tube?  Thank you for all that you bring to the table

  23. Thank you for another intense, informative and
    inspiring program Dane! It is a great boost to my inner energies to know that yourself, and all here at Geoengineeringwatch, are aware of the true situation our planet is in these days. It never ceases to dumbfound me how few people have any real clue about what attacks are being inflicted upon our entire ecosystem. Here in the largely rural Maritime province of PEI, Canada, the SAG is in sporadic bursts of heavy spraying, followed by some actual sunny days.This past week was a perfect example: last Saturday, October 1st, was horrible, at least 100 trails in 1 day, followed by complete smear-over…then, an entire week of beautiful, warm and sunny days! Like a flashback to the 1960s or something. Just when I had breathed in literal physical relief, whammo!
    Yesterday, (Saturday the 8th) it was back to many, many huge greasy trails and
    yellow-grey muck spread from eastern horizon to western horizon. Despair, and anger!
    And, here’s a gulag humor note for you: Yesterday evening, I took part in a local musical “jamboree”, which I had performed at 3 times previously. Last night, however, I committed the crime of daring to talk onstage about the SAG, and to play the song “Chemtrail Ghostriders”. I found this take-off on the old C&W classic here on Geoengineeringwatch, by the way.
    WELLL…after a brief spoken intro about the modern, unadmitted wonders of over-your-heads aerial experimentation, I heard some rumblings of shock from the crowd, and the house band onstage… But, I plowed on, like a 747 with a full load of nanoparticulates…
    BUT….By the time I’d got through the first chorus of “Holy *hit, why are they spraying?…”, somebody had turned on the house lights, the band was groaning, and stopped even trying to play along, and the shocked and appalled audience was getting up and leaving! It was like something out of a bad comedy movie!
    Welllll…I am now permanently dis-invited to take part in that jamboree. It was an amazing
    proof of just how dumbed-down and programmed your average sheeple is.
    La di dah,eh? To hear the oh-so-offensive tune yourself, please go to:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, thank you for sharing your experience, and thank you even more for the courage you have shown in attempting to deliver the truth about the climate engineering insanity. Those who roll their eyes and walk away will very soon be forced to face reality due to very rapidly unfolding circumstances, wait and see. Thank you again Steve, you have certainly done your part to shine the light.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm sorry to hear of your icy reception up there on Prince Edward Island, but.. I LOVED THE SONG and have sent the link to everyone I know who's receptive, with the command to pass this along far and wide!!!  You never know what kind of "spot fire" you're going to start.  Keep up the good work!!!!  It is certainly appreciated here in Marin County, in the (formerly) sunny state of California..

    • matt sarlo says:

      Steve, at least you tried. My family thinks I am crazy and maybe one out of 20 people actually listen to me, most call me "one of those people".  Most people seem incapable of using empirical evidence and simple research. 

    • MS P says:

      Excellent song. Well done! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Steve Thomson, I really like the song too and is my wont, I keep making up more lyrics-it so lends itself.   I think you should not have introduced it, just asked your mates to play along with a spontaneous addition.  You would not have had to even use the word chemtrails.  I mean, imagine if you'd just sung it, no prelude in the beginning, no explanation after.  Probably no one would have left, probably many would still be wondering what That was about, and conversations would have been started and you'd not have been banned.  I think this would have worked this way.  Right now, myself and I'm sure many more are just overwhelmed with bad info whether the election, threats of war, pipelines, on and on, cyclones, Haiti.  A Lot.  So people go for entertainment, a bit of relief.  As soon as they heard chemtrail, was as if a stress headache descended and outta there.  They just didn't want to be preached to.  Gotta be a bit sneaky.  But rest assured, many of us will be singing this now!  And it was very brave of you.  And too brutal too.  Oh well.  We all Love your effort! 

  24. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane, Very inforamative.

    Has anyone else here noticed all the "Chronic Dry Eye" Medication ADs? Seems to be on TV, more on chemtrail  spray days. Ads ran as much as election ADs. Go figure. 

    Last week was cool here in Ventura County. No visible spraying.  Then  TV weather predicts heat wave ,over the weekend. Friday AM heavy spraying. Big fat trails.  At pre-dawn hours. The oscillation in the trails,  makes the hot winds blow. Blocks out the sea breeze.95 degrees in Santa Barbara. On the beach. No ocean air.

    Good bye blue skies & ocean breeze. The ocean air was still flowing. Until  total White Out, in the sky. That thick doom of garbage, is hot,  & hard to breathe air. My eyes just burned.  Turning very red. Dry feeling. I want to rub the stuff out.

    These chemicals are bad to look at too. Highly reflective nano particles. Like starring into the sun. Except wre do not see the nano particles, or the reflections.


    On a side note. "Eyebright herb made into a tea, is a  cool refreshing eyewash. I use distilled water.  I strain it through a coffee filter to make sure the particles, are out. Clears the tear ducts nicely. 

    • Dennie says:

      We all got slammed up and down the west coast of North America on Friday with the massive heavy spraying campaign– pure and simple, this is war.  Yes, everyone's eyes are burning and more than nine out of ten people haven't the intellectual curiosity so much even to question what's causing it.

      The day after the massively widespread heavy spraying– yesterday– we had heat approaching 90 degrees and no breezed in Marin County, CA.  Working a wedding, I insisted on putting my players in the shade of the building during the ceremony, never mind the caterers who kept nagging me with what the bride wanted, and never mind I have my own contract with my clients (the caterers are NOT my boss) stipulating temperature requirements and what happens when it reaches a certain high temp number– now, honestly, do people really want the liability of melted glue on instruments worth tens of thousands of dollars?  Welcome to GLOBAL WARMING, folks!!!   Because this is what heat, even "just" in the shade, does– now, who really wants that kind of liability?? 

      During the ceremony we were treated to a view of the Blue Angels, here for Fleet Week, out in the distance frolicking in the skies over San Francisco Bay, while a helicopter chopped, whirled and whooped back and forth, umpteen times, picking up water from a nearby reservoir at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais and dropping it on a nearby fire… YIKES!!!  Yes, we all roasted yesterday.  Some of us more than others.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      MS P, Hello and well, obviously the election and its debates are Huge money makers.  Many people, older people? have dry eyes.  In my early 40s when my vision began going, eye doc said owing to not enough fluid in eyes to refract light properly.  Then he began thinking I had Sjogren's as my eyes are SO dry.  Doc I have now, best eye doc Ever, says I have The driest eyes he's ever seen.  Drops, ointments for night and necessary in that otherwise, if awakening at night, I see only a big white spiral against black and Nothing else!  Blinded!  So now I have inserts into the ducts because they take fluid away, they do not replenish it.  In fact he may close my ducts for good.  But after last Friday, and I was out more than usual, boy did my right eye itch for days!  Like poison oak of the eyeball.  Half afraid I'd scratch the sucker out!  Drove me bats.  Better now, but upped my fears of outdoors.

  25. i watch your reports every week  several times each and read all the comments from the people that i share a great deal with.  I am always left with a great  admiration for  you for your courage and leadership. I am doing what i can here in costa rica to talk about this and the vaccines issue. MY lafy friend of well over 10 years pays no attention, refuses to watch any videos even though she has seen the planes over head that i have pointed out to her on several occasions, but her mind wont go there. Anyway dane thanks and  , yea I WISH WE COULD VOTE FOR SOME LIKE YOU.  keith

    • Dennie says:

      We have a near-total lack of honest, responsible and responsive leadership on this planet.  I HONESTLY do not know why sooooo many Uhmerukunz think that, somehow, fleeing to another country is going to "solve" their problems.. A step-parent of one of my former students keeps talking about moving to Costa Rica or Nicaragua to get away from Fukushima radiation (it's just a matter of time before it also hits South America– duh–) and the geoengineering sprays.. BTW, his former lady friend, he says now, totally denies the existence of chem trails, even though YOU CAN SEE THEM (?!!) and she and I used to have actual conversations about them about twelve years back (..well, she comes from a socially prominent conservative family in Marin County, what else?) But I'm reading from other sources that the same sh!t's going on in the southern hemisphere, the same ugly nano-particulate metals (that supposedly are "cooling" the planet) and god-only-knows-what-all else "they" put in the slurries is getting sprayed there as well.

      I just cannot BELIEVE that stooopud Uhmerukunz actually think that bio-available aluminum would be a "natural" component of rain water– sheeesh, God Almighty, how f*ckin' far stupid does stooopid go?

  26. Peter B. says:

    Friday, the skies over California's Central Valley were crisscrossed with poisonous trails  You could see multiple planes. spewing crap into the air.  I am pointing this out to everyone, and some are open to discussion.   Unfortunately, most people  think I am paranoid.  How can someone looking into the sky not question what's going on?  I need to do more.  I don't see any more insects or songbirds.  I believe it is more than the drought.  I see "The Road" in the near future unless everyone gets on board

    • Wally Brown says:

      Peter – I testified before Wa State Congress last year about this. They were arguing Governor Inslee's Carbon Tax proposal.  At the very end of the hearing I got in there and testified that their basis was on climate change and CO2 poisoning. But that they do not consider the chemtrails overhead in this evaluation of the climate. That this is a military labeled chemical warfare term. "Chemtrails"  All their faces suddenly turned red!  They seemed to know what I was talking about, but were not at liberty to express it.  Now they had ammunition to defeat Inslee's bill! Which they did.

      As far as people on the street, these are not looking up because it would interrupt their lives and social structure if they actually considered it. People "go along to get along".  This is breeding. Training. Starts in the schools.  When the World Trade Center was plowed into by a jetliner, when this was printed into their textbooks in the schools, the children are trained into complying with the social structure. 

    • M. Smith says:

      Around these parts, I have been noticing wasps falling to ground; then they sputter around for awhile and then die. Saw one do that just this afternoon. Skies are eerily clear today (saturated for sure but clear) with no Chem Clouds, nothing. Strange for these parts. Very few insects left  and have not seen a bee in a long time. 

    • MS P says:

      YES Friday was very bad!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, it's October, but the damned HEAVY spraying is hardly a "surprise" any longer; much more like "business as usual."  What would be a REAL surprise is confronting the Key Bastards Behind It All, right on the campuses of their hallowed ivy-covered halls, and BLOWING THE WHISTLE on them in front of the kids they're charged with brainwashing, er, TEACHING, loudly and clearly ;-). Now I'd like to know, just when the HELL are some of the braver amongst us going to grow a backbone and actually DO this???

    • ron hall says:

      I've been watching Dane's site daily for a couple of years and I've never commented about the disgusting aerosol configurations which I've personally seen.  But, based upon the comments here the last 5 days or so and my own observations of the Central California skies, it appears as though the psychopaths who run the deep state are really focused on California and the Eastern Pacific ranging out hundreds of miles. Personally, I have never seen it this relentless. Obviously the entire earth seems coated and doomed and I'm stuck with this heavy thought that the BEASTS are going for the kill shot right now!!  I hope the hell Im wrong!              STAY STEADY NO MATTER WHAT.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yes!   Last Friday was very ugly here in Berkeley.  Even my daughter commented, finding this worthy of comment I guess.  There was a huge X across most of Berkeley that seemed to stay there 'forever'–and I do mean huge, covering most of the city.  There were layers and layers of huge, fat, round things, three dimensional and ugly.  And it was SO hot!

      @Wally Brown, Good for you!  And I agree with your take on people who somehow?!! don't notice this, are not concerned about it.  Your explanation goes far towards explaining why so many educated people I know just will Not discuss this, do Not even want to know about it, much less object.

  27. Steven says:

    Dane, is Russia and China being geoengineered? And if so, doesn't it prove that the hate and war agendas between US and them are completely engineered just like the weather? I was just thinking that Putin would have brought all of this to the light a long time ago if they weren't involved, and if the communists are involved then everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is bogus! Truth in Trinity

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, yes, all the major global powers are involed with the climate engineering insanity, all of them are helping to cover up the geoengineering assault. This being said, available evidence indicates that there are still major and very dangerous divisions between these powers. The US and NATO are most radically pushing all toward WWlll.

    • Dennie says:

      But of course– now that the oil's running low and we see fields shutting down production as they lose profitability, "we" (not me) have to find some "reliable" way of making money once again.  So kill two birds with one stone:  Kill a few million people and reduce the hated population while depositing the profits from the WMDs in the "Too Big To Fail" banks– SHEEESH–!!!  How far stoopid does "stupid" have to go to get–??

  28. gotta go says:

    And we wonder why we have bullies in grammar school…..some never grow up.


    Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuseintimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power,which distinguishes bullying from conflict.[1] Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assaultor coercion, and such acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets. Rationalizations for such behavior sometimes include differences of social class, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, behavior, body language, personality, reputation, lineage, strength, size or ability.[2][3] If bullying is done by a group, it is called mobbing.

    We need to get this general’s email. Clearly he needs to be dismissed.

    • Dennie says:

      Good catch– TOTALLY agreed– where the Hell is this particular IDIOT stationed?  There should be a CROWD outside their f()cking base holding banners that have the definition of "bullying" printed on them.  Kick these criminals out of the "military." BETTER YET, GET RID OF THE F*CKING FIGHTERS– just A BUNCH OF SICK AND TWISTED LITTLE JUVENILE DELINQUENTS, every last one of them. Personally, I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE MONSTERS–  USELESS BLOBS OF PROTOPLASM, every single one of them

  29. penny says:

    The Arctic (and probably Antarctic) sea ice situation has to be much worse than the measured extent would indicate, even if those measurements are accurate.  Many of recent years' increases in extent have come at a time when the ocean and surface temperatures were anomalously high, when one would expect more melting, not freezing… so that new ice was almost certainly created* by so-called geo-engineers (otherwise known as ecocidal lunatics).  That means that this ice has a higher melting point than real ice, so it is not able to hold the ocean temperature at or below 0 Celsius.  Which means that the worries about an 'imminent' ice-free Arctic are somewhat misplaced: effectively, we're already there (though presumably there is some ice that is mostly pure water – the ice that is calving at unprecedented rates from Greenland's coast, for instance).

    * excepting the ice that had broken off from land-based ice sheets, but that ice should have melted fairly quickly, wouldn't you think?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Penny, yes, you are exactly on target. We are effectively “already there” in regard to an ice free Arctic sea in the summer months. The reason this has not yet completely transpired is due to statistical manipulation and chemical ice nucleatioin. As the ice pack began to blow apart near the end of the melt season, the slush covers a wider overall area which is all being counted as “ice pack”. The surface area is then heavily ice nucleated, we have previously captured some compelling views of this occuring from NASA satellite images. FYI

  30. Marc says:

    Friday, October 7th over St. Louis was a reprise of some of the ugliest skies of yore. Incoherent cloud shapes and smears and wisps everywhere, criss-crossed by trails as far as the eye could see. If that weren't enough, a closer inspection would reveal jets defecating short, silvery trails above all this lower mayhem. Just who exactly do these traitorous shit-socks think has given them the right to commit forcible environmental rape? Because they can? And because there exist no laws that govern such behavior??? Friday's skies came real close to being in the top three most repulsive assaults that I have ever seen over my city. Then……….WHAM!!!!

       Saturday arrived. Absolutely crystal clear skies, not a single cloud in sight from horizon to horizon, not a trail, not a wisp, nothing! And here's something to chew on: on "Ugly Friday" I had to go to see a doctor and was riding up the elevator when a couple of nurses came on board who were chit-chatting when one of them said, and I quote: "Aren't you just loving this wonderful weather we're having?" And I'm standing there virtually rolling my eyes at the infinite cluelessness of those who remain inexplicably ignorant of this despotic assault fully underway right over their smiling heads. Ignorance is sometimes bliss, I reckon.

      Meanwhile, once Saturday arrived, skies were clear and I had occasion to go outside of the city into a rural area for a gig. It was there I witnessed a shocking scenario that I have never seen before, though I have heard about this phenomenon and have seen a YT video or two about it. I was outside gazing up near the sun with dark sunglasses on and suddenly realized there were literally millions of "fibers" floating EVERYWHERE from ground level up to possibly thousands of feet. NOT SPIDER WEBS!!! As some might deduce. These fibers or filaments averaged about 5-10 feet in length, though some were shorter. I photographed one of these "fibers" that adhered to my rear car window and sent it to Dane. This fiber was multi-stranded and had right angle offshoots that almost appeared to be reaching out to cling to my window. No way this was a conventional spider web. Countless millions of these fibers were afloat as far up into the sky as one could see. A shocking sight. Once I had realized this, I looked around and realized they were everywhere, clinging to telephone wires, trees, cornstalks, mailboxes, etc. Why am I not surprised? These diabolical big babies seem to be having so much fun raining down upon humanity their little high-tech creations. With these kinds of dispersions going on over my area, and presumably elsewhere as well, we cannot comprehend the full scope of the agenda at play here. But it is clearly disgusting, cruel, stupid beyond comprehension, short-sighted, dangerous, and ultimately, pointless. 

    • Dennie says:

      .. not to mention it's completely ILLEGAL to disperse this kind of sh!t all over the atmosphere– ARROGANT, "They" are REALLY riding for a very hard fall.

      Listening to General Narcissus, it's like listening to a petty tyrant/abusive parent on an alcohol-fueled rage attack– what a completely disgusting TOTAL a$$hole this Milley-prick thing shows itself to be– yeee-uchhhh!!!! Ya know, it's gotta be reeeaally EMBARRASSING to listen to this kind of prick ranting away, most especially if you're in the Army and you actually have to work with this bastard– how totally SHAMEFUL it must be to what is so desperately trying to present itself as an "honorable" institution.  Hey, Milley:  YOU've certainly made it more than clear, Sir, that all you eedjots really exist to do is to continue to ream out Mother Earth until there's nothing left, even for YOU,

    • squatterman says:

        Isee that white stuff all the time after they spray,  piece came floating by while I was mowing and I got off an put it in a baggie, I got open water barrels in my garage& basement, white film on them too ,when stirred it all clings together. Also notice it clinging to spider webs under my work bench.These nazi bastards are nuts, they don't spray here around chitcago on saturdays either, they know I will be at the market showing sheeple what their doing, then on sunday when their all hungover or in church, they smoke the sht out of us all. Got news for em, I call every one I can,get flyers printed in as many different print shops & librarys I can hit. I a'm handing out flyers to people who's property is turning black, and then ask them if the rain has always turned every thing black………mold? no sorry, not mold pal.MORE BLACK RAIN.

  31. Tim Pegler says:


    i appreciate all you are doing on this subject. I have taken this message to the streets in the Pacific Northwest, and Specifically called on Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon to fight for stopping the spraying here, as they sprayed the heck out of us this summer. Our course he did not respond. I am moving the ball up here however on every front as I owe to my kids, and do believe we are now over the brink, of which we may not be able to recover. I am working to have this sorted through legal channels, and am curious what happened to the US lawsuit. I have seen no updates, with the exception of the Canadian case. Can you please update me as I need to know where we are at so I can move this thing forward. I have worked globally for over 25 years, and have many international friends. I did forward the 60 day notice to all of them.

    Thanks again for all you are doing to help bring all the matters on your website to light. Hopefully people will wake up soon

  32. Dennie says:

    Osama Bin Laden had serious kidney disease and was in fact on dialysis, and was being treated at Bethesda, a military hospital.  It was reported in the main stream media that he'd died a number of times over a period of something like NINE YEARS after September 11, 2001.  Okay, so, um, now, just HOW could a guy with kidney failure, ON DIALYSIS, be making audio tapes in some CAVE in Afghanistan????

    Chief-of-Staff General Mark Milley sounds exactly like a sixth-grade school-yard bully on his way to becoming the juvenile delinquent he actually is, created by some sick child-abusing "parent:"  "WE'LL BEAT YOU, HARDER THAN YOU'VE EVER BEEN BEATEN BEFORE– MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!–AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGH!!!!"

    Well, "Sir," I wanna be "clear" about this— you sound like an abusive ASSHOLE.

    And your stooopid f()cking "War on Terror" is YOUR OWN INTERNAL WAR on YOUR OWN DENIED, HATED EMOTIONS– can't face your own fear– why not, TOUGH GUYS???? 

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Back in July of 2001 I picked up a copy of SPY Magazine.  It was not my habit to peruse the magazine rack at Safeway, but for some reason I did, saw this mag, and took it home to read.  Therein was a detailed article dateline Dubai.  I had not heard of Bin Laden, or knew virtually nothing about him.  The article was that Bin Laden was there in the America Hospital being treated for kidney problems.  This fact has been confirmed by other sources.  How this put-up for the September 11 con job managed to plan and execute the exquisite operation required to "pull" Building 7, not to mention hijack four aircraft, and plant copious amounts of nano-thermite inside The Twins, to bring all three building down into their own footprints, stretches credulity well beyond the inexplicable.  We have been had!  What we witness today on the international scene, with nuclear war with Russia, a real probability, is a direct result of the Neocon/ZioCon think tank position-paper agenda that set the policy back in the late 1990s to create a "new Pearl Harbor (their) words) for the very Zionist foreign policy goal to "create chaos" and "remap" (their words)the Middle East.  General Wesley Clark exposed their goal to take down seven ME nations.  Syria is now being pummeled and these Zealots risk sacrificing all of us to their God, Marduk.  The reason Syria is so important to their scheme is with that nation reduced to chaos, these connivers can take on Iran and do the same.  What we are observing is a foreign Policy blunder of Biblical proportion.  How these Zealots managed to subsume American policy to their cause is a subject about a silent coup, purges, and a national security apparatus stuffed with 'yes' men and women who are self-propelled to take us all out with them.  

    • Dennie says:

      Gen. Wesley-the-Clark was only doing what that EGG-HEADED bastard ZBIGENUFF BRZRRZZSHITINSKI told him to do–The bastards should all be dismissed and sent to take their orders while "serving" at MacDonald's, where they'd do much more good in the world.

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  I read Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, (Michael C. Ruppert, 2004) three times now… all 600+ pages of it, and every footnote, too.  Nothing you're saying is new.  And the Plan of the Anglo-American-Zionist Joo Cabal for controlling the Middle East and all the resources they can get their filthy, bloody, dirty, guilty hands on was most certainly put in place well earlier than the 1990s– you can bet it was there as soon as they knew about the vast oil reservoirs under Islamic territories, and then could grow the Rothschild Empire big enough to control the militaries of Britain and now, the U.S. 

      Remember the movie "Beyond Thunderdome," a post-Apocalyptic curio from 1985, starring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner, depicting a Mad Max fantasy world where people fight to the death over just a few drops of gasoline, under the blackened skies of a perpetual nuclear winter?  Remember the character "Master/Blaster," the big hulking brainless dude ("Blaster") who couldn't do so much as One Damned Little Thing without waiting for the thoughts and decisions of the little curly-headed monkey sitting on his shoulders ("Master")?  Well, Guess Who's "Blaster" (that's right, the United States), and now, Guess Who is "Master" (that's right, "Isra-Hell !!!).  I'm probably one of the very few persons who saw that movie that "got" it, in spite of the obviousness of it all– Duh.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Thank you for reiterating the Michael Ruppert expose and masterpiece, Crossing the Rubicon.  I know you are well versed in these issues of truth and consequence.  I have the book here on my bookcase.  However, I confess to only having read a few snippets, and am putting off the whole until I have the large swath of time needed to conduct a true study of all he has exposed.  He was invited to my area a few years ago and gave presentations twice over a two year period.  When I heard about his death of course I was shocked, and suspicious.  How many who expose the con and are a dissemination of truth have committed "suicide."  The list is long and growing.  There is much evidence that Osama Bin Laden was deathly ill with kidney failure.  And he is known to have been hospitalized many times during the period prior to 9-11.  And, as you likely know, the major Pakistani newspaper had printed a notice of his death not long after 9-11.

  33. stephan says:

    I was going to post a comment with this clip, but I truly couldn't find the words.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      David Rockefeller's 7th heart transplant at age 101. What a waste of a good heart! He wants to make sure his NWO plans take place, before he heads off to hell. 1,752 replies when I watched.

  34. Vanessa says:

    Wow!  A very compelling broadcast Dane.  I am so glad that so many people are waking up to this insanity. 

  35. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I am going to share something with you that proves how flipped for lack of a better word the psychiatric labeling is ,When I was young I had moderate to severe OCD I researched it. I know this because I came across a video that Michel Savage did ( and it explains how OCD and some forms of autism are nothing more than labels on a kid not real medical conditions while I do acknowledge that these behaviors might be considered by some as inappropriate that doesn't  mean or make it a medical condition but here is the catch I had OCD I didn't get diagnosed and believe me I am thankful of that I am already dealing with the nightmare of autism but getting back OCD they put you on psychotropic drugs thank god I was allowed to slip through and not be caught and labeled and then druged but here comes the part that requires you to be opened minded it's been a while since this took place and it happened without me even knowing about it but I actually grew out of that disorder/cured myself over time and never had had it come back ever I am cured and autism has the same story I am normal functioning but my doctors refuse to acknowledge that why because they are ignorant now why was I cured I have been eating healthier since around  2012 or later another factor is becoming mature and I was also done with my vaccine schedule I was attack really bad when I was in elementary school with vaccination my mind back then couldn't work properly because it was being prevented/impaired by the toxins in the environment I always felt like I had mad cow disease in the sense that I was always mad when I was young for both meaningless and no reason which is not true for me today ,these are looked as like permanent medical conditions by today's ignorant society I discourage this type of behavior from the medical community that cares nothing about your health the hour of deception is upon us because we love not the truth we are happy with a lie so we are to believe a lie. I am aware autistics fight organizations that call autism for what it is and promote a cure what an insane thing to do but you know what  thinking that your broken or something is missing from you even if that's true is apparently too sad so why not pretend you are fine that's the cowardly mentality we get from the autism community as well as other mental disorder groups I know this makes 99% of the population ears bleed but this is the right thing to do especially if you hold a position of power and that is BE PERFECT/STRIVE TO BE PERFECT that's a commandment that we must follow if we care about our future the concept of acceptance has left its scar of damage like many other things remember eat the fruits of righteousness not the rotten things of the word or example TV.  


    Side note: I don't claim to justify autism or any disorder or to be against its cure, I do know that this topic is very complex and due to its complex nature it is very miss understood also people shut down when something like this is presented to them it's simply too much to handle because they are not strong enough to endure.

    • helot says:

      RE: ‘psychiatric labeling’ and ‘OCD’.

      Jon Rappoport writes extensively about the fraud that is known as psychiatry, and their un-scientific labeling, as well as other frauds of true science, such as the vaccine nightmare pushed upon the world.

      His work is a real eye opener and is in tandem with many of the ideas put forth on geoengineeringwatch.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Free Energy Technologies,  I find you fascinating in your honesty and determination.  I'd like to understand more about your autism in your life, what it is like, what you could and could not do and now.  We are none of us perfect.  What better example than yourself that we should all strive to be the best we can be and not give up or give in?  I have been hearing and reading of autism and gut disorders, correct the gut, correct the autism, so you seem to be on the right track.  And you do not make my ears bleed!  One thing about being human is that we are each quite unique.  I think the medical community doesn't really get or accept that,  in part because they have forms to fill out in order to get the funding/insurance to 'help'.  I remember, not so very very long ago when the Diagnostic Manual for mental health was small, just small.  Now it is huge, probably too huge to carry.  Why?  Because of the sheer spectrum of the human condition.  The sheer variety which does not fit into neat little slots.  All the truly insane people I know and have known would never dream of getting help–or! helping themselves.  We should all strive to perfect ourselves and you give us inspiration and an understanding of this process and what it can achieve.  There is real need for mental health workers and shrinks, as well as a real need for drugs at times.  I have seen them work wonders.  But I do think, in general, that they should be temporary-the drugs.  To buy time, to give a 'leg up' until the person can stand on their own, and that one needs a label like a hole in the head.  I do think we are meant to evolve.  And you deserve much credit for doing just that.  I'd like to understand what you refer to as the nightmare of being autistic.  Not the docs or people around you, but your own perception of it and its affect on you.  Do you perceive any limitations?  How does it interfere with your life?  Besides the childhood trauma of it and being labeled?  Could it be that your OCD was a coping mechanism, which with time and understanding of your Autism, became less necessary as you took over your own life?

      I have a neighbor, a year younger than I am, who when I first met him introduced himself by name and then said he has a major depression disorder and takes a truckload of medications.  One heck of an introduction!  Hardly knew what to say back.  Over time, it became clear he has some kind of OCD and could be very controlling, wanting things to be just so, his way.  Much much time passed, him threatening suicide every step of the way.  He is very intelligent and well educated and has a large family of relatives, but never married or had children.  It was not long before I was sure he was bi-polar.  Yet he insisted on depression and I did not voice my diagnosis, he would not have listened anyway.  He even went so far as to have shock treatments!!  He wanted them!  He wanted the depression gone.  Finally! and not that long ago, he was diagnosed bi-polar and began those drugs.  Nearly overnight he was light years better and has been ever since.  Depression gone!  At this point, he was in his 60s, never had any sort of a normal life.  Now he does.  So given that time frame and those consequences, I'm not about to argue with whatever drug he is taking!  I know all too well how very hard he tried on his own, and failed. All of us no longer have to worry all the time that he is gonna kill himself.

      By contrast, my "mother" was purely evil and insane though she had a good 'moment' once in a blue moon.  They couldn't have children and my "father" thought that if they adopted, that would straighten her out.  It did not!  My first broken bone on record was my first birthday when she broke my left leg, badly too.  This was 1948.  These days, that is immediately seen as a crime as it is very hard to break a baby's leg, even in a car accident.  It takes a great deal of force and intent to do harm.  But back then, things like that slid by.  And extreme abuse continued.  My father, much latter, claimed he tried to get her help but every time she'd try to kill herself and 4 of 7 times she tried to take me with her.  But there was So much stigma then, and even now, concerning insanity and psychiatric issues.  So, I believe in being up front about these things.  I wish wish she'd seen a shrink.  I wish for the stigma to go away, and I Can see how drugs could theoretically help.  But, tread carefully.  All help is not equal and these drugs are serious and have serious downsides.  And then maybe you get a label, like a suit you have to wear for the rest of your life, but it no longer fits.  But, it is not all gloom and doom forever.  By the time I was 5 I was becoming a healer, mending baby birds.  Been a healer all my life.  There Are gifts in these trials by fire, if one is willing to unwrap them.

  36. Ron Barr says:

    Dane, please tell me where k can purchase a copy of achitects and engineers for 9/11 truth. I have to have one as there are many eyes that are starting to open

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, If you were in Redding Cal, you could get one from Orchard Nutrition as I mentioned. Since I don’t think that is the case,  I have attached the 911 A&E link, their DVD is available there. Thank you for helping to sound the alarm,Ron. FYI

  37. Yamakawa says:

    For persons curious, some issues and insights which are difficult to be backed by data, are mentioned. GWsite has focus, efforts concentrated on proof, based on hard scientific data, to guard against nasty distractions, unrooted speculations.

    Ep. 441 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dane Wigington: Chemtrails and Geoengineering LIVE

    • Yamakawa says:

      I have learned, am learning many from this site. Thank you!

      Especially, from “between the lines, voices” of hardcore scientific lines. Righteous indignation is still anger, it does boost the turbo, but it would not last long, burns out the fuel quick. I can sense the gentleness of love and respect to the nature and to the planet, and to humanity, that enables the long continuous ride.

      Great devotion, focused dedication. I would use those words rather than sacrificing one’s life. Personally, I was especially moved by the interview video with Dr. Wakefield. Quiet warm passion, the empowering calmness underlying the field. Simply wonderful.

  38. Free Energy Technologies says:

    You did such a great job you give back way more than the average person to the greater good make no mistake about that  . I am deeply concerned about the Spanish speaking population they are being fed just as much trash and  they are the most asleep of them all due to the lack of resources or sources of information that are transparent or true and good for example this site they are left behind and if you ask me that is not ok  people like me and / others should do more to wake them up as well how much more I don't know but at least make as many resources of truth telling media available  for those who want to listen and are souls asleep and if only they new.

    • helot says:

      Dear Free Energy Technologies,

      I have informed a couple of, ‘the Spanish speaking population’. It seems, they take it in stride. It appears to me, that to them, it’s just one more grain of sand of the avalanche of abuse which is heaped upon them daily and throughout the decades. It seems, they bear the brunt and keep on keeping on, like it’s not their place to say or do anything, much like the abuse they often have been dished, and put up with, just to stay alive.

      helot is pronounced, hel-ot. It’s an adjective and a noun. I often imagine much of the u.s. Spanish speaking population (and the Iraqis, the Libyans, the American Indians, and et al…) can relate to the infamous definition as every American, indeed – every non-Power Elite persons – are all helots in the eyes of our overlords.

      …Hmm, there’s no, ‘ of Europe’, or of Asia, or of Africa (that I know of)… is the public geoengineering struggle between the Power Elite, and the middle class English speaking WASP’s, alone?
      It seems that way.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Helot, yes, we absolutely need voices from other countries to join us in the battle to sound the alarm. Lets hope that begins to take place on a larger scale.

  39. Greg O. says:

    Dane, thanks as always for your continued work to wake up the masses.  We are in the last 2 seconds before midnight!  Today over southwest Colorado was the most aggressive geo-engineering assault I have witnessed yet.  The psychopathic behavior of the elites on a global scale is beyond any form of comprehension. We are on the brink of total destruction in this country either by nuclear war,  an EMP, or by any of the other forms of population reduction that the cabal has under way.  Can we stop this or is it too late?  I will stay in the light and do my best for all.  Dark, dark times have descended on us all.  May love and peace prevail!

    • Varg V. says:

      I went hiking in the Rockies in Northern Colorado yesterday (10/8) and it was worse than I've ever seen it.  A milky white, hazy, striated soup from horizon to horizon in every direction.

      Today it looks much clearer.  I find that disturbing in itself – does that mean it settles over a 24 hour period?


  40. Ann says:

    I live in Charlotte, NC and we are  experiencing some of Hurricane Matthew with heavy rain and some wind. Many evacuees came up here from the coast. As I was driving home around 7:00 pm, there were some breaks in the dark cloudy sky and I could see a plane dumping it's chemtrails above the hurricane clouds. What are they trying to do to the hurricane?  I tell people all time that our government is changing the weather and I just get dumbfounded looks. They have been chemtrailing the hell out of us here in Charlotte, NC. Even at night I can see the planes passing by the light of the full moon with their chemtrails. I've been suffering from upper respiratory issues and have engaged in a battle to protect my health. This is a war against the American people. 

    • Dennie says:

      We're hearing on NPR about the government telling 500,000 people they have to evacuate, and 2 million more to evacuate– EVACUATE?  Where ya gonna put 2.5 million people?

    • Dawnski says:

      Thank you for sharing Ann. I witness the same weather warfare here in the upper LKN region. I try my best to live as healthy as I can in this toxic day and age.

      I thought by applying for and accepting employment at the newly relocated EARTHKIND, Inc that I was going to be safe from additional respiratory attacks in the workplace. Au Contraire. I submitted my 8 page Resignation Letter (after a short 7 weeks) after I was exposed to recirculating TOXIC BUG BOMB chemicals that the plant manger detonated in our small office box built in the center of the production plant. I was shocked and appalled that a company receiving incentives for relocating to my town, one that claims they have created and produce an Earth Kind product to repel rather than lure and kill rodents, not only toxic bug bombed me in to respiratory distress, but also uses mouse traps that their product is supposed to eliminate.

      I mention this because of two things. One, because I gave the CEO of this company this website and two, there are comments here about bullies. When the CEO of the company you work for is married to the VP of Operations and he is a bully, it stands to reason they do not want to be held accountable for their negative behavior. I hope the government and public will. My chronic cough is because of your toxic negligence in the workplace! And I hope this management team is now aware of and responsible for helping Mother EarthKind. from the ongoing toxic global assault.

      Due to the negligence of this plant manager I submitted a Restitution letter describing what I feel was fair and just. I asked that they create an environmental conservation scholarship in the name of my son's German teacher who died from cancer suddenly during the summer of his Junior year. My son is studying Environmental Conservation in college so I felt it was a good compromise to seek something that will "Preserve the Good and Prevent the Rest". Which is the company's motto. I also asked for the plant manager to mentor at at risk, single parented youth at MHS as long as this company is profiting in my community. And I asked that my supervisor be empowered to be successful as the CEO dictates in her conferences for Women Entrepreneurs across the country. I they exterminated her. But I hope not

       In this seasonal occupation of life, liberty and the pursuit of non Toxic happiness, I will stand up and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. For my child. For Planet Earthkind. 

      Thank you Dane for this weeks PEP TALK!

  41. Renee says:

    Exceptionally excellent radio address today Dane. Thank you. Listened to it twice and now a third time with my husband. The segment where you played what were the recordings of a ranting,  egotistical,  homicidal,  manic and madman were chilling. Must listen for everyone, everywhere. We all must forward this to everyone who we all know. Thank you Dane for your invaluable and inexhaustible efforts to awaken the herd. You are the Paul Revere of our age. WOW!!!! 

  42. Roy says:

    911 will continue to anger and haunt Americans.  The song in this video at 6:03 is heartbreaking.

  43. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    Hello All.
    – – Here we can find a lot of information.
    There is a paid version of the site; , that can be acquired ( for 3 or 4 $ ) that enables to track directly the planes in the air and get info about the flights, with the android phone.
    For the ones that don't know; + app + ( GPS in the phone ) and Google Earth installed is = to tracking the flights with the camera of the phone and getting all the info about them.
    One small opinion;
    For me all science is only one way to achieve advantage over the other. science is not knowledge, but one cover to hide true Wisdom. ALL Problems come from science. science is the aberrant ego of the soulless and heartless MFs that are obsessed with their PSYCHO dream of regressing to the "momentum 0", to the beginning of things, to the nothing of the elements. And these COWARDS want to kill the World – the Web of Life, with science.
    "…all Truth come from the observation of Nature…"
    Nomadic proverb.
    Good Luck to Us All.

  44. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Hurricane Matthew skimmed the entire East Coast of Florida, without the eye making a direct hit onto land. A large blocking High Pressure dome over Tennessee and a Stationary Front, between the High and the hurricane, kept the storm from making landfall on Florida. The storm came within 40 miles of Saint Augustine, Florida, where the worst of the storm surge occured. 800 lives were lost after the hit on Western Haiti, with catastrophic devastation to property, agriculture etc. I sure hope everything gets better down there.

  45. Andrew from scotland says:

    'Malcolm Light et al' have done an October 2016 update of their "Planetary Genocide – Ecocide between 2023 and 2031": 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      It seems like IMPOSSIBLE but is true, the destruction of the Atmosphere, that is the only thing that allows the possibility of having Ecosystems and "things" like Elephants and Whales, can happen in a few decades.

      All of these because a bunch of masonic neo fascists and talmudic SOCIO-PSYCHOPATHS ( that have ALL the wealth in the F World ) want to have a global altar of sacrifice ( with our bones ) to their ridiculous little cult of their ""god""-money of death; their own satanic egos. The MFs!!!

      Good Luck to Us All.

  46. sharon scott says:

    Thank you Dane for including the Vaccine information. The killing us slowly is coming from the skies and directly from needles.

  47. drew says:

    I recently purchased a T.V. after not having one for many years. ( I am watching the free channels, I refuse to pay for cable). I was completely shocked at the amount geoengineering brainwashing all over every type of programing. Nearly every shot of the sky is laced with chemtrails and whispy artificial clouds. In the commercials, in the sitcoms, on the news, even in artificially produced backshots of sports and news shows. Its everywhere!!!  Even in highly produced expensive commercials where every frame of every shot is highly scrutinized for effect. One would think you would want blue skies and fluffy clouds in the background to show the magical driving experience you would have when buying a $50,000 SUV.  But no….the involvement in this cover-up is much deeper than many of us think.

    • Debbie Culver says:


      The chemtrails are even on kid's shows!


    • Dennie says:

      Well, and also, that's just how the sky looks so much of the time just about everywhere you go– none of the people filming who happen to get shots of the sky have called the geoengineers in advance just to get shots of the chem trails– they are ubiquitous and it's now harder to find clear blue skies than skies with chem clouds or trails.

  48. Modern Calamity says:

    Dane Wigington will be the name I write on the ballot for US presidency. There is no other choice.  He is the most qualified to run the planet and is our best hope for survival.  Get the word out (24 million possible voters here).  We need to start from scratch to salvage this planet and we need to do it soon.  Criminals have taken over our lives and this needs to stop.  

    • sharon scott says:

      I suggest Jill Stein MD of the Greens since she is actually on the ballot in most states and be counted as write-in, legally, in more states. Although not stating a stand on geoengineering she is open to all this kind of information and adamently against warring and Big Pharma, mil-industrial complex

    • Modern Calamity — Thank you for saying this. I am in complete agreement with you. A man with Dane's courage, will, and integrity is very rare these dark days.

  49. Ben Elterman says:

    I think one of the reasons they spray these toxic chemicals is to mass medicate the public.

    Check out my post on fb with informative links on this subject.

    It also includes a link to this recent document about using aerosols to vaccinate large populations:

    • LS says:

      This is ongoing. Why else did all the flying life disappear at the same time?  And it did in my gardens at the same time. Huge coincidence. Right when we were seeing the same low flying planes with the same nozzles at the same place on the wing tips as was spraying for ZIKA in Florida is when everything that flies died here. Dream on if you think they are asking for permission to spray anything they want on you from the sky. Our skies have become giant hypodermic needles. Search "Consumer Alert News," Canada.  July 2000 (bioweapons tested on Truckee High School) insane men attacking with biological weapons of war. Read it and weep as it seems impossible to not weep.

  50. Alberto fontanez says:

    Military industrial complex is out of control once again the total manipulation of  the weather our skies, the propaganda for more Wars and the big one is Yet to Come the one that will turn the tables and ultimately bring us to the knees of the oligarchs is this war on Iran. I would like to thank Mr wigington for all his efforts in trying to bring out the message, it is sad that is so many people out there that do not take heed to the warnings that Mr. Wigington has presented thank you and God bless

  51. BaneB says:

    Dane, never have I been more concerned about human survival than right now.  And my sense of dread has been exponentially increasing with every passing day, and with each and every war-mongering pronouncement issued forth from the psychopaths who squat upon DISTRICT of Columbia.  Is it possible?…a mass possession that has infected the ruling elite.  I listen to these Neocon-artists, and their liar spokesman at the White House, and the scheming spokesman at the State Department, and assorted generals who look like they are caught between a rock and a hard place, and the MSM talking heads who dutifully disseminate the lies to take us all into a nuclear annihilation, and I ask myself if there has been a reversal of the magnetic poles, or if perhaps Washington policy is subsumed by suicidal maniacs.  How does one prevent a cabal from destroying us?  Is this because we really are not "exceptional" because the world no longer requires a Babylon?  Just who is assigned to shut down the hundred of nuclear reactors in case of a surprise attack?  ….."sit there in silence and in darkness oh daughter of the Chaldeans…"

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  I'm right there with ya. 

      Everyone:  Please pray.  All the time.  We need more help than ever. 

  52. Arctic methane gas emission 'significantly increased since 2014' – major new research / The Siberian Times reporter / 04 October 2016
    New expedition in Laptev Sea suggests increase in the rate of underwater permafrost degradation. The findings come from an expedition now underway led by Professor Igor Semiletov, of Tomsk Polytechnic University, on the research vessel 'Academic M.A. Lavrentyev' which left Tiksi on 24 September on a 40 day mission.  The seeping of methane from the sea floor is greater than in previous research in the same area, notably carried out between 2011 and 2014.  'The area of spread of methane mega-emissions has significantly increased in comparison with the data obtained in the period from 2011 to 2014,' he said. 'These observations may indicate that the rate of degradation of underwater permafrost has increased.'

    • Earth Angel says:

      The methane problem is scary; you'd think if anything should END WARS and bring the world's leaders QUICKLY together in peace to find a solution to it all- if there is one- it would be this issue…Why Kill Nature?.. It's all we have left. Those responsible for carrying climate engineering (or disruption- as Dane says lets call it what it truly is; engineering is far too complimentary a term for what is going on) are truly evil & insane beyond anyone's belief. Great THANKS and appreciation to Dane for his relentless pursuit of exposing and bringing these awful truths to light and also to the many others who visit this site doing the same. We ARE making a difference thanks to Dane's excellent research and leadership and everyone's bold action. It would be great if some day we could all meet up somewhere in the event we survive this madness. Wish I were closer to the west coast or I'd have already attended some of the events. We're in this together and together we'll ride it out till the end. Proud to be in the company of ALL of you who visit this site and do so much to help our magnificent planet Earth and all its inhabitants.

  53. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 133rd emai to y contact list, titled 'Erdogan vs Smigly Rydz':

    1.  Will President Recep Erdogan of Turkey be our generation's Marshall Smigly Rydz of Poland?  

    Smigly caused the spark that ignited WW2.

    Last week, Russia continued to support Syria in reclaiming its territory from Al Qaeda/ISIS/ISIL/Jaysh al Islam/Fatah al Sham/Al Nusra/Jund al Aqsa/Ahrar al Sham, or whatever new name they are given.  

    Meanwhile, the US/NATO has been busy bombing strategic bridges and supply routes, and other important locations and residential areas (killing over 110 civilians in two attacks, for example) to hinder and delay the Syrian Government Forces advances.  

    The US/NATO are now considering bombing/missile attacks on Syrian airbases and have in effect stated that they will continue supporting Al Qaeda/ISIS etc in Syria and particularly in Aleppo.

    The variously named rebel militant groups have been promised slightly different things, and therefore often fight each other – all adds to the "Chaos" master plan…or should that be "Die Endlosung" (The Final Solution).

    A forlorn hope, but let us hope that the US/NATO heeds the Russian warning not to again bomb Syrian Govt forces, because Russia has stated that it will again give an appropriate military response. However, US/NATO will probably get Turkey to do so, which could cause the spark this time (neither the previous shooting down of the Russian aircraft by Turkey nor the Ukraine /Crimea plan worked).  

    So far, Turkey has established a 900 sq km "Safe Zone" in Syria – a Safe Zone for certain rebel militant groups.

    President Assad has quite rightly stated that the legitimate Government of Syria "won't accept that terrorists will take control of any part of Syria, not only Aleppo."

    2.  Icebergs, up to 20 miles in diameter, continue to drift south down the north east coast of Greenland at @ 10 miles per day. High pressure systems continues to be maintained over Greenland. The Arctic and Antarctic continue to have heat waves…anomalies of up to 10ºC in Arctic (15ºC over Greenland) and 15ºC in Antarctic – which has just had the second lowest maximum ice extent.

    3.  Air traffic controller to aircraft (40 seconds after takeoff, under 4,000 ft, 10ºC): "You've a chemtrail off your left wing, I just have not seen it that low before……OK, a contrail off your left wing"

    When will the "sheeple" realise that we are being atmospherically sprayed with toxins and that those are toxic chemical clouds above us.

    4.  "The Effects of Doplar Shifting on the frequency spectra of atmospheric gravity waves" Aug 1987.  Gobbledygook to me, but maybe someone out there understands it. 

    And from today's (8 Oct) Scottish Chemtrails email:  "Manufactured plasma clouds mix with water vapour from the Atlantic to block the sun and sunset once again, with it all being manipulated by the frequency rotation of the NEXRAD phased array network in the UK, installed, owned, managed and protected by the Met Office and MOD":   

    For weather manipulation, they just put small radars/emitters on top of the wind turbines/nacelles, plus the ones on so called mobile phone masts etc.  It all adds to the mix.

    5.  "Darkness can not overcome darkness.  Only Light can do that."  Dr Martin Luther King Jr 1929-1968. 

  54. CHRIS HEDGES: Apocalyptic Capitalism / Dec 6, 2015
    … The global elites have no intention of interfering with the profits… They siphon off trillions of dollars and employ scientific and technical expertise … to wage endless wars in the Middle East. … New technology … is about ensuring that consumption continues at unsustainable levels. Technological innovation, employed to build systems of greater and greater complexity, has fragmented society into cadres of specialists.  The expertise of each of these specialists is limited to a small section of the elaborate technological, scientific and bureaucratic machinery that drives corporate capitalism forward … These technocrats are part of the massive, unthinking hive that makes any system work, even a system of death. They lack the intellectual and moral capacity to question the doomsday machine spawned by global capitalism.   And they are in control.  Civilizations careening toward collapse create ever more complex structures … The systems and technologies designed to exploit these resources become useless. Economists call such a phenomenon the “Jevons paradox.” The result is systems collapse … societies fragment politically, culturally and socially … become failed states, bleak and desolate outposts where law and order break down, and there is a mad and often violent scramble for the basic necessities of life. Barbarism reigns … fighting for food and fuel. Whatever central authority remains lacks the resources to re-impose order. Bands of pitiful, maimed survivors scavenge among the ruins of grandeur. Grass grows in the streets. There is no higher goal than survival.  The elites, trained in business schools and managerial programs not to solve real problems but to maintain at any cost the systems of global capitalism, profit personally from the assault. … It persecutes dissidents … who try to halt the insanity. The elites don’t work for us. They don’t work for the planet. They orchestrate the gaiacide.  And they are well paid for it.  The Anthropocene Age—the age of humans, which has caused mass extinctions of plant and animal species and the pollution of the soil, air and oceans—is upon us. The pace of destruction is accelerating. … The breakdown of the planet, many predict, will be nonlinear, meaning that various systems that sustain life … will disintegrate simultaneously.  The infrastructures that distribute food, supply our energy, ensure our security, produce and transport our baffling array of products, and maintain law and order will crumble at once. … Soaring temperatures. Submerged island states and coastal cities. Mass migrations. Species extinction. Monster storms. Droughts. Famines. Declining crop yields. And a security and surveillance apparatus, along with militarized police, that will employ harsher and harsher methods to cope with the chaos.  … We have little time left.  Those who are despoiling the earth do so for personal gain, believing they can use their privilege to escape the fate that will befall the human species. … The idols of power and greed, as the biblical prophets warned us, threaten to doom the human race.

    • ron hall says:

      SF:  BINGO!!!!

    • Dennie says:

      "These technocrats are part of the massive, unthinking hive that makes any system work, even a system of death. They lack the intellectual and moral capacity to question the doomsday machine spawned by global capitalism.   And they are in control."


    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Sobering!  Thanks for posting this shocking indictment of a madhouse we have come to understand is peopled by the sane and the insane with the latter category peopled by self-destructive minority of suicidal lunatics who are more than willing to burn down the house.  That Chris Hedges invokes the image of the idols of power and greed, giving credit to the presient biblical prophets, and John of Patmos, from my perspective, being the last of the great Hebrew Prophets, is to understand just how dreadful is our global conundrum for him to wax biblical.  I would also add that when our very rich miserable leadership invokes how free we are, they refer not to my supposed freedoms, most  with multiple liens upon them to numerous to mention here, but to THEIR freedom… do their will upon anything that offers a patent, or investment, or destructive environmental practice for the love of money and power.  

  55. frank says:

    Just one example of the distraction factor – who would have predicted the unbelievable number of hi-quality TV productions out now? – from all sources – right now. All TV watchers, and that's most of us, know what I mean – and it is an unprecedented distraction, right?!

  56. The US Air Force Just Dropped Two Fake Nukes / Oct.6, 2016
    The tests in the Nevada desert come as tensions rise with Russia and the Pentagon seeks to replace its aging nuclear arsenal. A pair of U.S. Air Force B-2 bombers dropped two 700-pound faux nuclear bombs in the middle of the Nevada desert within the past few days. Now the Pentagon wants to tell you about it. Conducted “earlier this month,” according to an Oct. 6 press release, the test involved two dummy variants of the B61, a nuclear bomb that has been in the U.S. arsenal since the 1960s. One was an “earth penetrator” made to strike underground targets, the other a tactical version of the B61. Neither carried an actual warhead.
    NNSA / NATIONAL NUCLEAR SECURITY ADMINISTRATION: In collaboration with the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command, NNSA conducted successful surveillance flight tests using joint test assemblies (JTA) of the B61-7 and B61-11 last month. Analysis and flight recorder data from the tests indicate that both were successful.  JTAs are mock weapons containing sensors and instrumentation that allow scientists and engineers from national laboratories to assess their performance. The assemblies contain no nuclear materials and are not capable of nuclear yield. These assemblies also include a flight recorder that stores bomb performance data for each test.  The primary objective of flight testing is to obtain reliability, accuracy, and performance data under operationally representative conditions. Such testing is part of the qualification process of current alterations and life extension programs for weapon systems. NNSA scientists and engineers use data from these tests in computer simulations developed by Sandia National Laboratories to evaluate the weapon systems’ reliability and to verify that they are functioning as designed.  “The B61 is a critical element of the U.S. nuclear triad and the extended deterrent,” said Brig. Gen. Michael Lutton, NNSA’s Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Military Application. “The recent surveillance flight tests demonstrate NNSA’s commitment to ensure all weapon systems are safe, secure, and effective.”

    • JF says:

      Susan, WW3 is beginning, and few people realize it.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, of course– Since the oil's beginning to run low everywhere,"we" need to find a reliable way to make MORE MONEY!!!!  Now what about all the stooopid, brainless military kiddos who do whatever the fuck they're told?  Would they all take the "western exit" off the Golden Gate Bridge if their "commander" told them to?  How about the Jim Jones "solution," drink the cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, would those stoopid po'-ass military fucks do that if they were told to–?  I'm beginning to think maybe they just should, we'd be rid of them from the gene pool much more quickly if they did us this kind of favor, actually.

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