Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3, 2016


Dane Wigington

With each passing day, with each passing week and month, the overturning of our former reality is unfolding. As countless individuals in our society try desperately to cling to the fading paradigm they have known, their propensity toward total denial is reaching ever more astounding levels. Others, in agencies and the media, are displaying unimaginable levels of tyranny and public betrayal as they grasp for what they falsely perceive as security by conforming to the herd mentality. In addition to the 24/7 climate engineering toxic aerosol assault, citizens in the US and elsewhere are now being sprayed with incredibly toxic organophosphates under the guise of mosquito abatement. The economic implosion continues to move in lockstep with the unfolding biosphere collapse, even Walmart is letting 7000 employees go. The US has become a war state that is simply a tool of the military industrial complex, but is this really anything new? How close is global conflict? How much longer can the biosphere function under the all out assault from countless directions? When will the apathy and denial of first world societies finally shatter? The latest addition of Global Alert News is below.

Each of us is responsible for ourselves, for our own conduct, for what we do (or don't do) toward the greater good. We must stand together with unyielding resolve to help with the most critical effort of all, to wake the sleeping masses. Make your voice heard, make every day count.

141 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 3, 2016

  1. And some small studies and lab assessments suggest they’ll kill the fungi and treatment
    the situation.

  2. squatterman says:

    They have killed us already here in IL & midwest USA this summer alone. I live around 1000s of acres of land that has never been sprayed w/anything up until this genocide from the sky. I can leave my greenhouse open til midnite w/lites on and I only had 3 gnats and one small moth.Most all Insects have come out here and died 2 weeks later here this summer. Our yellow bellied politicians are starting to take some heat here in IL, but we still have mostly zombies, public and political now the traitors want to turn internet control over to U.N.

    • squatterman says:

      Sorry I havent been around, just busy. I spent many years on an open tractor seat cultivating corn and beans here, I know what the sky is supposed to look like. I have hunted for stone age tools for 52 yrs. now. I just walked at least 6-8 miles in the last month, gully washes along water ways & low growth areas where the ground is open and in the corn. I have only seen 1 mantis,1 banana spider, few grasshoppers gone weeks ago now, and not much else but crikets, my bee keeper spent 7 thousand on new bees this spring. Try to comment soon on more recent story, thanks.

  3. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Our government expects us to follow their rules, even if it is secretly harmful to the environment and our health, how corrupt this is! The government agencies, scientist's and other government run businesses, experiment with toxins without knowing the results of the outcome. I do not understand why they would do this. It is all about power, money and control which obviously benefits them. How could any of us want to vote for, or have any of these people in charge running the system?

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Amen!  I miss Paul, I remember Paul and his constant admonishments to us!  Such as: "You don't need to ask permission to live!"  I wonder what he would think of a quotation by Frederick Douglas I read last night and thought of Paul right away: "Power concedes nothing without a demand.  Never has and never will."

  5. Larry Blugrind says:

    If possible, put this manipulating of our weather by geo engineering on television news networks if they will let you so as to spread the word of this crime against the entire human race.

  6. frank says:

    A Gordian Knot – one that cannot be untied – we must have weather control before the Russians – it must be hidden for fear of the damage it will cause – when it is found to actually be destroying life on Earth, it must be kept secret because if we stop it the Russians will win. Same old story. 

  7. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Until This is exposed in the main stream media nothing will change.

    Is there no one willing to make that leap of faith? Just like 911.

    As Americans we used to disagree with respect, now if you disagree

    you are called names and the mainstream media will label you a 

    "Conspiracy Theorist" I hate that term now because It can be use by Politicians but not by normal folks, are not allowed to question, and when I grew up all news media DID NOT take stories from the White House Releases at Face Value Alone.

    Although I distinctly remember President Bush, right after the questions arose about 911, President Bush and his team came up a theory and then came on TV with their own Conspiracy Theory (Hijackers and only Hijackers were responsible for 911 with instructions from a man in a cave) and that was not to be questioned by the media nor anyone else for that matter, no one was nor could question his bush teams narrative regarding 911/ That's the one take away I truly remember about those Main Stream news agencies, was not question a crash with no debris no seats no luggage no bodies, as the man said "it was the cleanest crash site in the history! Folks have questions.

    Why is the main stream media hiding the question???

    The question was not to question which when I grew up we had a news origination like 60 minutes that ran for over 20 years questioning the politicians.On a huge scale. 

    • BaneB says:

      The Record Searchlight is a perfect example of the takedown of reality.  Corporate(CIA) subsumed, it is a front that is all about obfuscation.  Obfuscation is to maintain a lie.  A lie is to conceal a truth. A truth is covered up to play for time; to stall the growing pressure that holds the lid on reality.  Stall long enough like has been done with the string of assassinations beginning with President Kennedy, and the perpuratrators get away with these heinous crimes……because 30 years or more later many of the traitors are deceased, and while most people seem to accept what went down, they shrug and accept it as the fait accompli.  Oswald, Sirhan, and James Earl Ray are the patsies.  It's classic.  How many years now since 9-11?  Keep the lid on, murder the most strident truthers, writers, books, whistleblowers, Internet Indy site owners, and soon enough the government's lying official conspiracy theory will be the gospel.  And you, me and millions of others who know the big lie will be gone from the earth.  History is now what the lying news rags and talking TV heads say it is.  The history books that lie to the young and impressionable are taught Oswsld acted alone and shot the President.  And 9-11 will be taught as bunch of Arab hijackers who were commercial jet pilots and they knocked down three building, and ruined one facade of the a Pentagram.  Of great hilarity is the canard that Osama Bin Laden outwitted the entire US military and intelligence apparati.  The Commission Report is pure fiction except that there was the attack and buildings fell, people died, and commercial jets were involved.  From that day forward our nation is self entrapped by this lie of lies, suiciding its wealth and power, sold out to globalists, a bull with a nose ring being led about to do the bidding of an elite few for that most profitable of endeavor, war and heroin.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Joe Ceonnia,  Hi, I think I have an answer for you and note the date because it would explain lack of news info on 9/11 also.  Dr. Sister Rosalie Bertell, was until her death 6 or more years ago a nun and the world's foremost expert on nuclear everything and a recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, and a brilliant been there done that woman.  Her second book, published in 2000 and 2001, Planet Earth, The Latest Weapon of War, mentions the answer you are looking for on page 106-gotta love how this woman organized her books.  She is here mentioning that computers, while serving the military well, began to cause problems in that citizens were chatting too and asking questions that often conflicted with what was said, so:

      "To counter this, President Clinton issued Presidential Decision Directive No. 68 on 30 April 1999, forming a new International Public Information (IPI) group 'designed to influence foreign audiences in support of US foreign policy and to counteract propaganda by enemies of the United States.'  The US Information Service, precursor of the IPI, consisting of the Airmobile Fourth Psychological Operations Group (popularly called 'psyops') was also stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  About 1200 soldiers and officers are commissioned to spread 'selected information' to the media.  Major Thomas Collins of the US Information Service has confirmed that psyops personnel have worked in the Cable Network News (CNN) centre in Atlanta Georgia, as regular employees of CNN."

      I'm guessing that was the end of news as we knew it.  I've always wanted to check the timing with Ted Turner's sale of the company which I believe he was not happy with.  But I have yet to do so.  This is alarming info and damning too.  With that set up, the new administration was covered for 9/11, truth and inquiry out the window.  All of Dr. Bertell's work is straight from government records and the horse's mouth, as it were, which ever horse.  I've told people this, I guess no one hears it.  Her book, this and one other can be purchased from Amazon and is worth its weight in gold both for info and reference.   

  8. Dennie says:

    Ken Caldeira should have to eat his own words.  Here's what he wrote in 2012:

    "I hope that we never get to the point where people feel the need to spray aerosols in the sky to offset rampant global warming,” Caldeira said. “This is one study where I am not eager to have our predictions proven right by a global stratospheric aerosol layer in the real world.”

    [source article:]

    Here's Ken Caldeira's e-mail address:

    I say let him know we have actual PROOF of the existence of the "global stratospheric (it's closer than that) aerosol layer in the real world." 

    Mr. Caldeira, we are not blind.  Or stupid.  Or pushovers.  And we are watching you.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie:  Yes, what we lack in moisture here in California, this meddler's salivating makes up for it.  With the huge increase in aerosol spraying for the past 20 plus years, and he knows this is an on-going program since he is a participant, the man's disingenuous statement is his indictment.

    • Dennie says:

      And not only Caldeira.  I listened to the ClimateOne broadcast this evening on KQED (88.5 fm).  It was all about getting to non-carbon energy 100 per cent.  The tone was overall very hopeful and the participants all said we HAVE to get there if we're going to save the planet.  Everyone said that nuclear is OUT, it is also especially not attractive from a financial standpoint and it's much cheaper and faster to get solar online.  One speaker, Mark Jacobson from Stanford University's environmental engineering dept., made the remark that if all the particulate matter (a euphemism for nano-particulate metals, I'm sure) was cleaned up from the skies right now it would be even hotter, so it looks to me like The Plan is to keep up the spraying until which time we're significantly off the carbon-burning greenhouse-gas polluting energy.  That's when I think "they" will stop.  Maybe.  Here's the link to this event on the ClimateOne website:  The recording of the event will be available on iTunes soon. 

      The good news is that at least one of the speakers said that the reason he's pushing for getting this done was sitting right in the front row– his daughter. The tide IS indeed turning, with the Golden State leading the way!!

  9. naturemyreligion says:

    Price for the consumption of animal protein is great because just such food is the most inefficient form of feeding humanity. The price for this is the destruction of the biosphere. Humanity is wasting too much energy made from oil and coal to make food and gadgets that nobody really needs but the "economy" .

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Naturemyreligion”, yes, the animal protein business has brought great destruction, but it is important to remember and consider that there are countless other anthropogenic forms of damage to the planet and it’s life support systems.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dane, thank you for stating what you did here. It's not the meat market that is the problem. It is the way the meat is raised in accordance with nature. Big feed lots=Big no, no. Especially dairies! They have it all wrong. Ask any "old timer". California dairy assoc, says "happy cows produce better milk" and more of it. HogWash!! They had a great "marketing campaign". It did not expand their markets. Thanks to geoengineering.

      How's that drought working for you down there? It sure is having its severe consequences up here on the north Okanogan!…

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great point naturemyreligion. I'm so sick of the gadgets & junk being produced that nobody really needs. Especially the techno-junk like smart phones, tablets, computers, etc., etc. which become 'obsolete' 3 months later. I have never participated in this insanity. It's also a colossal waste of hard earned money in addition to destroying the planet on numerous levels. Oh for the 'good ol' days' when things were built solidly and to last. I remember a slogan from years ago; I think it was for whirlpool products (not that I'm such a fan of their stuff but it was a good slogan). It always stuck with me- "Things of quality have no fear of time." So true, and so seldom seen anymore!

  10. Michele says:

    Two questions:
    1) Does anyone know of a quality site where I can find more info about patents for hurricane suppression? 
    2) If the spraying does not stop, approximately how long will it be before earth is uninhabitable? 5 years, 10 years?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Michele, one hurrican suppression patent is attached, there are more. About our time horizon on the current course, yes, your estimates are on target for the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere perhaps 5 or 10 years longer. We must alter our course completely, this is the great imperative.

  11. Ron Marr says:

    The Mark Twain piece was very enjoyable and humorous. I believe the higher species live in consciousness. The human mind is constantly under siege. Anything outside ourselves influences the mind. To be  literate is helpful depending on the source. Mark Twain is wonderful if we could all be raised on that. We wonder how the people in our world can make the choice they make in regards to human survival. I believe we must remember we are consciousness and that the material or visible belongs to them. Through consciousness we can control our minds for the benefit of mankind. Mind control takes us in a different direction. Through consciousness together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth.

  12. nobodiesfool says:

    Yes, these insane nucleated cool down events are causing brutally cold nights , and it hurts the body like no natural cold ever has. All we take with us is the love, and knowledge and skill. Keep learning, everyone.

    • Dan G. says:

      Yes I believe they are doing the chemical cool downs the last 4 or 5 nights here in  Oregon. I guess to usher in fall 

    • BaneB says:

      DanG:  the weather is cooler here in Northern California, too, and it's a relief.  The weather terrorists have placed the jet stream over Washington State and northern Oregon.  That is bringing you the cooler temps.  It has been held in check and is not yet been permitted to dip down into my region.  High pressure is being maintained over California to keep the moisture out and the heat in.  Hurricane Newton is being blockaded on its western Pacific side and is being steered into Arizona.  This maintained artificial high pressure ridge in the southern part of California has prevented tropical storms that would normally move into the State, shunting them away and into Arizona and other flooded regions.  Our denied moisture is brought to them by Flood, Inc.

  13. Lee Eyerman says:

    Heres a good laugh.Bill Clinton gave a labor day speech  at the annual Union picnic at Coney Island in Cincinnati .You would think the bastard chemtrails sprayers would give this area a break during his presence.Nope,guess again.The sky looked like a tic tac toe board with no less than 5 X's in the sky.So,whoever is behind this criminal activity doesn't give a damn about either political party.So,even after the November election nothing will change and the sprayers don't care who is president.We are all screwed.Someone needs to invent a chemtrails head smock to protect us from the 120 degree sun that is killing us.Or we all need to start digging caves to go in.

  14. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane, another Shipping container bankruptcy, South Korean giant Hanjin.  Perhaps the collapse of the economy is one hope for change. Your home page is awesome now, just what i was hoping for, clear links to individual topics.  Take heart, stay peaceful and happy. Angels walk with us.

    • Dennie says:

      Hanjin bankruptcy was front-page news on the S.F. Chronicle on Saturday.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Hm, isn't it ironic that we now see in main stream media, alternative uses for shipping containers. I've noticed the price of them is coming down over the last few years. An FYI for you all, a used container costs between 3 and 6 thousand bucks. The scrap price of a shipping container is around 200 bucks.  If you cut it into many pieces. "They" won't take it other wise unless you practically give it to "them". "Connecting dots".

      "Speculation: I figure there are enough empty shipping containers to house every homeless person or family on the planet. Talk about god given opportunities for the "good of the many!" Sad that the masses will not see it pass in the night. Dane is so right about the BDI index and how it is and will further indicate things happening and things to come, soon.

  15. Linda Nichols says:

    I live in Colorado Springs, and we have had completely bizarre weather! A week and a half ago (mid August hottest month of the year) we had lots of snow on Pikes Peak!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Linda, there are many articles in the attached link which will explain “chemical ice nucleation for weather modification” in more detail. FYI

  16. richey says:

    GeoEngineering allows the Central Bankers to control the weather but it has the side effect of causing Global Warming. This can be felt because whenever the air is saturated with particulates and the sun is out it is very hot and muggy, When the sun is not out is is very cool, this means the particulates are heating up and casuing Global Warming.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Richey, yes, climate engineering is making the planetary meltdown worse overall, but it is important to remember and consider that there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the planet and climate system.  FYI

    • richey says:

      It important to NOT let the Central Bankers[who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank and stole the Power To Create The Currency from We The People, and now use it to bribe all the politicians to transfer all the power away from We The People to the Government] have any logically valid argument in favor of GeoEngineering.

  17. Marc says:

    Nothing in our English language exists to fully encompass and convey the depths of depravity to which the military's pet scientists have fallen. Is it a foregone conclusion that in order to achieve financial and professional success in the service of the Elite+Military one must remove one's heart and sell one's very soul? Who exactly are these worthless, heartless eggheads who scurry around laboratories designing and refining their next nano-nightmare? Every one in America, if not the world now has Morgellons and other cross-domain critters swimming around in our bodies. And that's just the start of it. We cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude of the conscience-free evil that has been allowed to flourish for so long in the minds of these inventors and geniuses behind all of this. And to think this represents a colossal collaboration between multiple corporate/military entities in order for us to have come to this point is nothing short of wretched. May God help us all.

    • JR says:

      Hey Marc and the rest of the Concerned Citizens here. From Southwest, New Mexico around the Las Cruces, N.M. area and all directions, N-S-E-and West. The Mesilla Valley and El Paso, Texas area are as the rest of the States mentioned here under an assault from the SAG/SRM Devils. We have received some rain but not what normal would and should be. These sorry bastards as accustomed like to fly from North to South west of this valley destroying our God given rain clouds. They also like to fly along Interstate 10 which intersects with I-25 headed towards Albuquerque North of us. This does not exclude their love of spraying from East to West. We are dealing with Scum Lowlife with no life, Did not Bob Dylan sing in Slow Train Moving we would serve one or the other? My internet was down for well over a week folks, so Thank the Lord I still live to put in my 2 cents with good and caring people here as good stewards. Thank You All Very Much, He knows…..

    • Killer Dana says:

      You Speak the Truth  .
      We  will know the truth and the truth will set  us  free !
      The  Health Associates Medical Group  in Sacramento , is  doing  a great  job with High Dose Vit C in a  IV  solution .  50  grams of  Vit C per dose should  do the trick to Kill the pathogen We call Morgellons .
      If  you  suffer from the Morgee Bugs and live  close to Sacramento …
      Give  this  clinic a call  and  set  a date  to get  this  done .

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Marc, I fully agree. And to make matters worse, the english language is the most explicit language on earth. And yet, as you say there is no word for what those folks you mentioned have stepped into. I've often wondered if they have rationed in their mind that it all goes away when they get home for the day? How else could it be? And like sooo many in those realms of the bureaucracy, maybe they get a power trip high by playing "I've got a secret and I can't tell you". Good grief, take a few steps back dude. Maybe that secret is 'not' good for "us". Wake-up!

  18. Eric says:

    It is a white out spraying big time here in lansing mich. We always have hope pray and don't stop in Jesus name. God bless.    Frustrated. Eric in lansing mi. 

    • sea says:

      Eric in Lansing hang in there- I live in Santa Cruz County in California and we had a white out for the last 60 days, it is not only frustrating it brings me down and I am not that way.Finally a change- white out on the horizon pretty seriously but slight blue to the sky the last few days

      Dane and his team work so hard to keep us on track we have to support everything he stands for as he is doing this so unselfishly.

      I am so grateful to read the posts here everyday- it keeps me sane, thank you everyone.

    • Dennie says:

      The near-total White Out caused by the nano-particulate metals nearly killed me today.  When I was outside, "something" attacked my GI apparatus, coating me with something hot and sizzling I could feel it all the way down on the way to my stomach.  Came in and sipped my lemon-water, felt better.  Felt dizzy off and on today, not sure the air crap's causing it but it feels like something like powdered cayenne pepper got added to the mix of late– WTH do THEY put in this crap?  I thought we got ice-nucleated like crazy, it was so cold yesterday here in Marin, and of course, H-O-T once the sun comes up– Icy-Hot-

    • Diane Friday says:

      Dennie: You're not imagining that feeling of burning in your GI tract. It's been happening to me for many months now. It started with just my tongue burning. Usually just the tip but sometimes half the tongue. Then, as early as last spring sometime, I started experiencing burning lips and burning on the insides of my cheeks. As time went on, I began noticing my throat burning, which I initially thought was as a result of the thick post-nasal drip that I'll have on almost all heavy spray days. But this burning is different. Now, there are many days when I'll feel it in my esophagus and into my stomach. It can be particularly bad in the area of the esophageal sphincter. If it's bad enough, it can lead to some rather unpleasant digestive issues as well. I know now that when this happens, I'll have little or no appetite, and pretty much anything I do eat will make me feel sick. I believe the stomach becomes overwhelmed with this obviously toxic substance and simply can't handle having anything in it. I also experience bladder irritation: feeling like I have to go but nothing happens, however no other symptoms of a UTI. 


      I think whichever of the metals or pharmaceuticals or toxin is causing this is tearing up all the internal mucosal membranes, in addition to our eyes and nostrils. It's causing systemic inflammation. Our skin is being affected in a variety of ways. Clearly, there's been a spike in the number of cases of plaque psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's Disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Thus the endless commercials for Humira and Enbrel and any new ones about to hit the market, I'm sure. 

    • Dennie says:

      I AM BEYOND ASTOUNDED that NO ONE notices the UBIQUITOUS White Haze.  How far stooopid does stoopid have to go, to get?  It's a race to the bottom for sure. I'd say we were already there some time in the 90s maybe, except that I'm finding out first-hand that unlike talent, there's no limit to stupidity.

  19. don says:

    Obama is working DIRECTLY for the Central Bankers, who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, and stole the Power To Create the Currency from We The People, and now use it to bribe all the politicians to support invasion by illegals, which the Globalists stated is the Achilles Heel of Western Civilization. Thus the Central Bankers (Globalists) are funding and training Muslims terrorists to invade Sovereign Nations to create a terrorist threat, thus allowing the Central Bankers to use the Terrorist Threat to take all the power away from We The People and give it all to the Government, the Central Bankers use the unlimited Currency they get from their Currency scam to control the whole government by bribing all the politicians.

  20. Sunshine says:

    Dear Mr. Wigington:
    Pain is in your voice and rightly so.  My friends and I have been warning people for many years regarding events that are coming to fruition and yet, many do not take note neither do they care.
    The "normal, day-by-day lifestyle" is their mentality.  Because we live in a selfish, me first society, many will not take note.
    But there will be some who will listen and when they do, our hearts rejoice.  

  21. SF: No wonder they can’t think…or see what’s in the sky. Too busy eating chemically saturated food!
    America: At Least 1 Out Of Every 5 People Are Obese In All 50 States / By Michael Snyder, on September 1st, 2016
    The United States officially has an obesity crisis.  According to a brand new report that was just released by the Trust for America’s Health, at least one out of every five people meet the clinical definition for obesity in all 50 states.  But of course in some states things are far worse than that.  More than 35 percent of all adults are obese in four states, and the obesity rate is between 30 and 35 percent in 21 other states.  And it is important to keep in mind that just needing to lose weight does not mean that you are obese.  According to the CDC, you have got to have a body mass index of at least 30.0 to meet the clinical definition for obesity.

    • Dennie says:

      The Chinese have done research on metal toxicity and have found that aluminum poisoning is responsible for weight gain, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.  I posted a link to an article about this very subject not long ago.  It's danged hard to get and keep weight off when we're being sprayed 24/7/365 DOUBLE TIME now with shit that actually poisons your body and makes you gain weight

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  In my day the term utilized was 'fat.'  Here in my locale 50% are fat.  And the local grocery outlet is chocked fat full of junk food, isles of fat-inducing candies, sugar-sodas, chips, beer, pies, cakes, ice cream, and assorted high calorie finger foods and colorful cupcakes and smeared icing.  Outside of the fat-disseminating outlet are multiple soda dispensing machines painted up in bright Las Vegas colors not unlike slot machines.  I read there is another culprit besides the diabetic-inducing sugar addiction, and that is the bovine growth hormone so prevalent in dairy products and laced into most other packaged foods.  The liver is impacted and causes the body to produce fat.  My terms are non-science but clearly the food-science gods have played a role in fattening up the "cattle."

  22. Teri says:

    Those who rule us with an iron fist think they can continue indefinitely. i think this is a result of their losing their power and people awakening to the fact they are being poisoned. 
    Now they make the claim they can give themselves the power to detain, round up or force vaccinate anyone they choose..
    They will do so of course but only if people are willing to LET THEM without a fight. the word NO…comes into play here and a willingness to back it up…if they come at a person with a needle it is because they intend to do them harm. the person about to be injected should at that point bring into play something called ''self defense''..
    Amazing we are at the point where a group of people claim ownership over another group of people. the people being owned seem to think it is perfectly okay to BE OWNED and those acting as lord and master seem to think, in their diseased minds, that they have RIGHTS that the slaves do not have. the right to do harm or force their will on the body and person of another. truly…absolutely insane….and people accept it as legitimate and continue to ''worry '' about their cirrus of pushing a button to choose who their new lord and master will be. 
    How did man's insanity ever this point? truly, mankind is a species that actively works for its own extinction and is the one species who DESERVES to be extinct.

  23. lennox says:

    The Central Bankers, who stole the Power To Create the Currency from We The People, and now use it to bribe all the politicians, created the Petro-Dollar, which FORCES the use of Fossils Fuels, which pollute the environment. Clean Energy will end the Petro-Dollar, therefore, the Central Bankers, who privately own the Federal Reserve Bank, will try to stop Clean Energy.

  24. lennox says:

    All the Patents for effective Clean Energy are purchased then stymied by the Central
    Bankers, who stole the Power To Create the Currency from We The People
    and now use it to bribe all the politicians, to support Petro-Dollar.
    Nuke plants poison the Earth forever, Fossil fuels heavily pollute the atmosphere. Clean Energy MUST be developed.

  25. paul fowler says:

          We sure could use the help of the military forces around the world , however I don't think they will . My next eldest brother spent 17 years in the Canadian army . The military training they all go through teaches them about  guns and war tactics but the single biggest purpose of basic training is to mold their minds into being blind faith killers with no ability to question authority . My brother has been in denial about many obvious things in life , ever since his basic training . He has lost his conscience and his ability to empathize with others . Not that it is their fault , but this is so  with many of our military brothers and sisters . 

          Personally I think the media is the answer , not that they would be willing , but it would be the best way to reach mass awareness . I hope the hackers of the world will take the message to the airways , it will be our best hope . 

  26. Carrie says:

    Thank You Dane, for all the work you do.  You give me hope that things may change in my country also.

    Report from Australia, west of Brisbane, nightly covert aerosol spraying.  Chemical clouds can be seen daily early am & than around dusk.  Spraying must be further west through the day as the chemical clouds regularly drift across from the west.  Mostly blue/white haze to the south & to the east, along the coast.  Very dry the further west from Brisbane you travel, any rain clouds are dispersed with increased high level spraying at night.

    Read a disturbing article for you folks in USA about a new law your Government wants to enforce.  A proposed rule by the Health & Human Services Department. Control of Communicable Diseases   (Hope I got the link right)

    Fukushima will kill us off if the geoengineering does not, (not to mention Monsanto & Big Pharma who also do a pretty good job at it) Very disturbing facts about Fukushima from Leuren Moret  Shes also on utube.

    Thanks to all & for all the informative comments.

    • sea says:

      Carrie- Thank you so much for the link re the CDC new "RULE" — EVERYONE please go to the link and post a comment regarding mandatory vaccinations! This is on its way just as Dr Tenpenny warned at the Redding event.The last day to POST a comment on the CDC  is October 14, less than 6 weeks away!

      We ALL must post comments on the CDC site- this is the next phase about mandatory vaccinations and what the govt plans to do if there is resistance- we have to create numbers resisting this "NEW RULE" !!!

    • BaneB says:

      Carrie:  is it not supremely ironic that an agency in the business of creating "emerging diseases" should seek a power grab to force vaccinations, and incarcerations of the Citizenry?  And by the way, the CDC is under the authority of the Pentagon.  The nation's Surgeons-General is just that …. a General.  The history of the CDC began with the American replacement of the French failure to complete the Panama Canal because of Malaria.

  27. Crow Firethorn says:

    The masses are blind & always have been. This fact is how most folk have been sucked into the horrors we've faced throughout centuries of greed and conflict. Our species is inherently stupid due to our instinct for procreation at any cost. We crowd ourselves because of this. Our predication for breeding and wealth has brought this horror upon us.

    The so called, "Chosen Ones" with all the power are going to collapse our global civilization through weather weapons, diseases and war. (Natures way of population control.)

    Get ready folks, this is the downfall of our way of life and a cleansing of the world. 

    The fun part is, the dumb bastards that are doing this to the rest of us will not survive the insanity they've brought down upon this world. There is no hiding from toxic air, water or chemical laced food.

    The "Mother" will always win no matter what minor specks infect rocks floating in space.


    • Kat Lopez says:

      I agree with all you said but let me add that "they" can go underground and not have to breathe this toxic air once it gets to be too much. Or they can go off planet. We, the masses, cannot. The masses are waking up and will really wake up when full disclosure is revealed. IMHO. Thank you.

    • sea says:

      In all this madness, I don't want to be a "mole in a hole" – I don't care what "amenities" might be afforded to me underground or on another planet.That is not life – not a connection with what  keeps our spirit and our soul intact when we are healthy, and can love one another ,a living earth and living human beings.

      I love Mother Earth and weep at the destruction we (as a global people)have caused out of selfishness and greed. As my deceased father would have said "and all in support of the almighty dollar". 

      I continue on Danes path to educate the masses and only hope those of us that survive  this absurd reality will work to heal nature, which will help heal what is left if anything of humankind.

  28. greg says:

    The TPP completely destroys the sovereignty of Nations and turns them into slaves of the Central Bankers, who stole the Power to Create the Currency from We The People, and now use it to bribe all the politicians. The TPP is 100% One World Government. It MUST be STOPPED NOW !!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      greg, hello and I could not agree more!  This Really bad idea has been held in near total secret for a very long time, years.  I have been trying to fight it.  Only recently has it come into the open.  Few people understand it.  It is even more than what you say.  It's affect is sweeping, from jobs to intellectual property.  Yes!  We Must stop it, must inform people-not easy, but what is? 

  29. AR says:

    Mark Purdey was an English organic farmer who came to public attention in the 1980s, when he began to circulate his own theories regarding the causes of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or mad cow disease).

    Purdey's interest in the disease was triggered when four cows he purchased for his farm developed the disease, though no animal raised on his farm ever contracted it. He published a number of papers in which he set down his belief that was not an infectious disease, contrary to the mainstream scientific view, but that it had an environmental cause. He suggested this cause might be Phosmet, a systemic organophosphate insecticide that was being spread along the spines of intensively farmed cows to eradicate warble fly. Purdey believed that the chemicals, derived from military nerve gases, disturbed the balance of metals in the animals' brains, giving rise to the misfolded proteins called prions that are regarded as the cause of BSE. Through the High Court, he successfully challenged the British government's compulsory warble fly eradication program, which would have compelled him to treat his own cattle with the insecticide…

    The Lone Voyager
    My story begins in 1984 with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) Warble Fly Order, which called for compulsory treatment of UK cattle with toxic organophosphate insecticides. I fought the order for my own pedigree Jersey cattle herd and won a precedent High Court Judicial Review ruling against MAFF, debarring their enforced insecticide treatment of my cows. 

    The insecticides applied to the backlines of UK cattle was called Phosmet, a systemic acting chemical that, amongst a myriad of toxicological effects, disturbs the crucial balance of metals in the brain. I was therefore not surprised to witness BSE rearing its ugly head in UK cattle in 1986. In my opinion, this was a direct legacy of the UK government's warble fly mandate that exclusively enforced an annual dose rate that was four times higher than the application rates employed in the few other countries that used this type of insecticide.

    I was a working dairy farmer with first-hand experience of BSE erupting in cattle that had been purchased into my organic farm. But I was struck by the fact that no cases of BSE had ever emerged in home-reared cows on fully converted organic farms, despite those cattle having been permitted access to the feed that contained the meat and bone meal (MBM) ingredient as part of their 20 percent conventional feeding stuff allowance decreed in the organic standards.

    The UK government was quick to blame the origins of BSE on the mysterious "scrapie agent," a malformed protein or "prion" found in the brains of all sheep who are suffering from the age-old neurodegenerative disease, scrapie. The "experts" argued that this supposedly "infectious" agent had jumped across from sheep into cows as a result of feeding cows with meat and bone feed that had been contaminated with scrapie-affected sheep brains. Relaxation of the rules governing the manufacture of MBM in the early 1980s was supposed to have initiated the BSE epidemic.

    Flaws in the Conventional Hypothesis
    From the beginning the flaws in the Establishment's theory were evident: 

    1. Thousands of tons of the incriminated UK MBM feed was exported for cattle feed during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s to areas that have remained BSE -free to date, such as South Africa, Sweden, Eastern Europe, Middle East, India and other Third World countries. 

    2. Changes in the temperature and manufacturing techniques of the MBM rendering process in the UK were blamed for permitting the survival of the scrapie agent in dead sheeps' brains, enabling the "agent" to jump across into cattle, thereby producing BSE . Yet in other scrapie-endemic countries, such as USA and Scandinavia, the exact same continuous flow system of rendering was adopted five years before the UK, yet these countries remained BSE -free. 

    3. Several US trials failed to invoke BSE in cattle after feeding or injecting them with massive doses of scrapie-contaminated brain tissue. 

    4. More than forty thousand cows born after the UK's 1988 ban on MBM inclusion in cattle feed have still developed BSE . Furthermore, a small number of cows born after the further additional 1996 ban on MBM inclusion in feed destined for all types of livestock have already developed BSE . 

    5. There have been no cases of BSE in the other ruminants, such as goats and sheep, susceptible to transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, despite the customary inclusion of an MBM protein source in their feeds. 

    6. Four of the original five kudu antelope that developed BSE at the London zoo had no possible access to MBM-containing feeds. 

    7. The UK government's former experimental farm at Liscombe on Exmoor was designed to raise suckler beef cattle on a pure grass-and-silage system without any resort to feeding concentrated feeds at all. Yet BSE struck down four animals on this holding. 

    8. The UK's mechanically processed meat products and baby foods blamed for causing vCJD in humans were exported all over the world to countries where vCJD has not erupted. Likewise, the practise of "skull splitting" in small rural butchers was offered as an explanation for the growing number of vCJD clusters in rural areas. But this has been practised by the smaller butchers all over the UK for centuries without any outbreak of  vCJD

    Despite the myriad of epidemiological flaws and millions of dollars worth of research failing to ascertain any association between the origin of these diseases and the scrapie agent, the whole propaganda myth that BSE was caused by scrapie has become gospel to the mainstream public and professional mentality.

    It is easy to see how such a reductionist mindset took hold: the media loved the theory because they could drum up a viral holocaust-horror scoop. The vegetarian lobby found themselves endowed with a powerful propaganda weapon on their plate, whilst the scientific institutions could carry on drawing generous funding for their hyperinfectious witch-hunt without the embarrassment of having to account for years of barking up the wrong tree. And the government could conveniently off-load the blame onto the vagaries of some naturally occurring phenomena for which no vested interest or official directive could ever be held accountable.

    Mark Purdey ended up dying in 2006 from brain cancer….

    It is criminal and insane, like so many countless other things going on simultaneously, that our government is spraying our people and all life with Organophosphates and it must be stopped. I thought the beekkeeper at the Farmer's Market yesterday was about to have a heart attack when we started talking about it.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      AR, Thank you so very much for an insight into this I'd never heard about before.  Very enlightening!

  30. littleoaktree says:

    Thank you, Dane. We are soldiers now. We never asked for this. We never signed our names, our souls away. We are here in this now and we do not consent to this abhorrent corruption of our water, air, and sanity. WE DO NOT CONSENT. I am not rich with fiat currency; I am enriched to know my truest family here, on the edge of our physical oblivion. Dearest Dane and my brothers and sisters, I pray for our strength.

    • matt sarlo says:

      Well put. I am proud of all of us who are trying to raise awareness. I march with all my fellow people to hopefully make some difference. 

    • Debra says:

      Yes, littleoaktree, We ARE Soldiers now, Together.. World Wide!! Awesome, huh?!  I wrote something about that a while back. . We are located all around the world and share the same great concern, the same mind, for Our Planet, Our Home, and Fellow Man. It's a great awakening from sleep and brain washing that has been going for for all of our lives..ha  Little did we more ways than one. We are honored to be a part of this time in History and to be a part of…what more can I say? We Are truly brothers and sisters..I can honestly say, I love you all, also..This Is It kids..  

    • John Miller says:

      Dane, thank you very much….   I love you brother..     I preach to everyone what you have taught us…      we need to talk….    I can not sit and watch any longer.. I will act.     We can't afford soldiers to waste lives in any other way.     Wtf. Thank you very much for your time…..     men who care must act.      Call me now and keep trying.     I am real man who is f***ing pissed off…

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      John, If I had your number I would call you. I have a phone list of over a hundred activists but you are not on it. Yes,men who care must act. I am a real man who is pissed off too! Maybe we can act together and do twice as much good. Give me a call at the pizza shop. (907) 776-8778
      Your amigo in Alaska

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Please leave a message in no one is in.

  31. Marc says:

    I went to a Lowe's hardware store today to get some stuff. The parking lot was gigantic affording me a huge, wide open view of the sky. Hanging right over Lowe's and surrounding municipalities was one of the more bizarre "cloud" formations I have ever seen. Imagine a monstrous, dense spiraling "rope" of white cloud-like material, with uncountable numbers of fine filaments running alongside the fat "rope" and wafting off into "mist" on all sides. This spectacle was monstrously long and wide, easily spanning several miles. Meanwhile, as I'm standing in the parking lot marveling at this atrocity, many folks were going about their business oblivious to the ominous apparition overhead. And over to the north, a teeny-weeny lonesome spray trail cut across this mess, as if said trail was acting like a wannabe alongside this huge, attention-grabbing formation. 

      Ain't nobody gonna convince me that that big formation was "natural". While it did not look like your textbook "chemtrail", it reeked of artificiality. Question is, what kind of deployment results in what I saw? I apparently first glimpsed it too late to see the jet that must have been responsible. I have never seen a "standard" trail morph into what I saw today. Makes me wonder what the f**k these bastards are doing up there.

    • LS says:

      Marc,  I saw what you describe here a couple days ago. We have had every type of spraying, chemical dumping, red spray, four nozzle dark brown spray right over the house and of course, off the hook r/f microwaving and EMF's in the last 2 weeks. It is everything they have, I would bet. We have all been really knocked down with weird symptoms. My husband who has a science fiction like mind says we are in the last throughs. He is convinced that they have self pollinating seeds ready that won't require any of the flying life we have known, in order to propagate. If you can think it, it has probably been done already. Who could argue with Twain's logic about humans? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello LS, yes, the power structure most certainly has many plans, but if there is not a complete course correction, none of it will matter. Lets keep up our pace with sounding the alarm.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Marc: I know what you mean. Here in SE Pennsylvania, we've been having the same bizarre cloud formations. I cannot imagine what new and improved mixtures and methods go into making these things, but after months of observation, I have an idea WHEN they're made. Since we've had an unusually hot summer this year, and because I tend to stay up way too late every night, I've spent many a night outside on the porch. I clean the ashtrays we keep out there and the table they're on, then I have a cigarette before coming back inside. I don't know exactly when I started noticing the late night bombing runs, but it was probably late spring/early summer. Every night, without fail, I'll see one plane after another, flying the east to west pattern that they fly during the day. Since I've been observing and taking photos of the spraying for quite some time, I know their patterns all too well. I've never observed any legit commercial aircraft flying over this location in all the years I've lived here. Military and private planes, but no major airlines. Some of the spray planes resemble commercials aircraft, as we all know. 


      Anyway, since we also got far less rain this summer, there have been more mornings with "blue" skies. I noticed there didn't seem to be as much obvious spraying for a time, BUT natural-looking clouds would begin to form early in the morning, and these natural-looking clouds would form in the exact flight paths that the planes were flying the night before. The more night flights, the more clouds there will be. These clouds, no matter how real they may look to anyone who isn't in the know, develop in rows from east to west. Sometimes, they move very little. Sometimes, when the HAARP is cranked up, these rows of clouds will begin to coalesce into a temporary cloud cover with the telltale signature of HAARP activity. 


      There are days when the psychos will still engage in all-out daytime spraying, adding to the existing chemclouds and sometimes causing them to almost "knit" together. All of last week, and today, the smears of "clouds" are bizarre and just plain evil-looking. There was a bank of these things hanging in the sky to the south-southeast today that lingered in the same place for at least an hour, maybe more. 


      Whatever they're doing now makes taking photos useless, because again, to the untrained eye they'll look like real clouds. Even the streaky, smeared, surreal messes that I saw today. And whatever new and improved toxic cocktails they've been using are making us sicker than ever. I won't list specific symptoms – why let them know what's working best in our little corner of the state – but it's most definitely making us sicker. 


      I've looked at Susan Ferguson's photos on her blog, and we're seeing similar trails and cloud formations here in SE Pennsylvania. Now you're seeing them as well. Looks like they've got us all covered, literally. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Marc, I am grateful for your posting, your observation. And let me add, I think there is not enough importance focused on our individual and credible observations. I'm sorry, but that counts out "most" of our folks under 30 or 40 "or so". Just sayin. Myself I have written to many that the HAARP effects in my skies recently have become more "complex". If was privy to read "their" manual in how to carry out the said goal, I would be able to speak more informatively. But, in the case of what I see unfolding in "our" skies, I did "not" get a copy of the "manual of said goal". Back in the day there were "trackers". Good ones got paid good money. Those of us "older ones"(grin) can be good trackers. We know what we are tracking. How well can we "relay" what our findings are? This is our direction (us older ones). There are many things to track, "credibly". It will take us all in our many different skill and mind sets to…. "keep track", And, "Relay". Credibly, just like Marc, just like myself and so many others that will take the time to put it descriptively short and "sweet".

      Maybe you have experienced what I have in regards to folks reply that are just a little awake. It usually goes like this, "what can 'I' do?". Meaning, I'd rather be a helpless little mouse that open my eyes to the reality that surrounds me. So I pondered a great while about how to answer a question or remark like that. I took it seriously. How could I not. The remark kept popping up. So in reply to them as it stands these days is this: "Well, you can start by just watching and talking about what you see as 'not' natural in 'our' skies. Secondly, you can clearly see that what I have spoken to you is not a conspiracy theory, it's real. And third, don't believe a word I say, look up what I speak about. Look at the web site I have given you. (Sound familiar?). There you have it, not one but three good things to say when posed with this brain washed remark. And please, speak with the upmost respect. Be nice, always. You're not running their life, but you sure do want them to know the truth as "it" is, right.

      Marc, and all, I will offer tomorrow what I witnessed today in my own region. Lets just say it rained HARD!!!…. For an hour…. Totally engineered(I could hear tankers but could not see them), and totally in my sights today, I had a front row seat as to what I drove home to. (Yes, I worked today in the valley and I live in the mountains).

    • Wendy K says:

      Hi Marc, Dane and fellow Earth lovers,

      What you described Marc, was exactly what I have been seeing here in south Jersey.  The dense spiraling rope I witness is vertical, it is either coming out of a "normal" cloud or it is above the horizontal milky substance that disperses the sky.  

      And yes, we are all soldiers now fighting for the common good. Whether we consented to it or not. 

      Dane, I paid the nominal fee to watch Vaxxed, it was very informative and appalling.  I am glad I was able to view it.  There is powerful information to learn from the video. It is amazing that the majority of college educated people that I talk to about SRM and vaccines, are oblivious!!! They either did not know OR they don't care.  Most of them believe that it doesn't affect them.  One thing my husband says to me is: " it doesn't affect me", or " its way up there, it is not going to hurt me". I tell him otherwise.  I also want to let you know that I bought a bag of Fritos last week (daughter begged me), after we opened it, I looked at the bag & it said "this is a genetically engineered product". I was really upset with myself that I did not read the label.  It did not taste like real corn and I had stomach cramps after trying a few.  I threw them out.  I realize that most corn products are GE….. I don't know why I thought this bag would be different. Ha. 

      God bless you all and Dane, thank you so much for your wisdom and dedication to helping others wake up. 


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, Diane Friday and a simple horseman, Yes to all but a simple horseman, in that I know plenty of people under 40 who are aware.  It is not just us older ones.  Diane, yes to night time spraying or whatever!  I often see big black clouds at night.  I seldom hear the air traffic anymore and often don't, can't, see the plane heading a trail.  Something has changed.  Here, the night "clouds" seem to come from the northeast, moving south.  Still, after a few sorta beautiful blue sky days, not the deepest blue, but blue, all kicked in again with a vengeance.  Seemingly outta nowhere, every manner of fake stuff, over the top stuff that in no way resembles reality.  I do think many people are confused these days and having trouble remembering what clouds used to look like.  Perhaps not trusting their own perceptions.  And yes, many feel as if what can they do anyway, it is beyond them, and they are loathe to become part of a "conspiracy" group or site, fearing the stigma, which as we all know too well is not for nothing.  So, yes to kindness.  I dislike shaming people.  I find that does not work well at all, just gets their hackles up.  Even so, there are ways.  The friend I mentioned who recently posted on FB a cartoon saying: "This is Dick.  Dick believes in chemtrails.  Don't be a Dick! "–upset me so much, his wife my best friend, and in Hawaii right by Volcano national park-perhaps Vog gets in his eyes?  but they travel all over and here as well.  To his credit, if he deserves it, he asked for science, totally believing in contrails and persistent contrails.  That latter term does us no favors.  So, I began blinding him with science and lesson one was about what it actually takes to make a contrail, why it cannot happen now (for the most part) and how a high bypass turbo fan engine works, encouraging him to use correct terms and to do some research.  Wiki will tell you about the high bypass bit, and just plain looking up jet engines will.  And note how the price of flying came way down when converted.

      Given that we live in a police state now, and that our government is to be feared, I think some of this "blindness" is from fear.  The more numbers we have of informed people, the less, I think, others will fear this stigma.  These friends live in Hawaii, which was pretty much ground zero for so many things apparently including spraying, and GMOs, not to mention nuclear, and intense military presence.  So, these guys are ignoring their history and present reality, even as they cling to being Hawaiian now that they've been there so long, living in "paradise".  I think I've mentioned before that on the Big Island, up high by the volcano, all have to truck their water and use catchment systems.  Their sewer is a lava hole/tube!  Yet non feel bad about this, even as e-coli outbreaks and worse make shores and swimming chancy these days.  You'd think that people aware of doing that, might not find it such a stretch to contemplate geoengineering!  And why Peli is unhappy.  Many are active there and aware.  But others cling to the cache of Paradise.  To bite the apple or not to bite?  Once bitten, no more paradise.

  32. LS says:

    Hello All and Thanks Dane for another report of the real news. What a week this was. The President, Gov Brown, Senators Boxer, Feinstein and Reid made were at the Tahoe Summit claiming that the environment remains pristine due to 20 years of projects completed. Really? Seriously?  Just saying it apparently makes it a reality. My open letter to them that came out a couple hours before they arrived was met with scathing criticism for expressing facts and opinion by some family members. Who do you think you are? I was asked. I was screamed at that my tone was too serious. (I believe it was too mild) Especially since my father was high up in the DOD and didn't speak out. He couldn't . But he inserted himself in my physics studies long enough so I knew, never nuclear. Never Nuclear. He inspected gov't contracts including nuclear and this he knew. He also said that a country that enriches its public servants in their retirement like we do can never survive.                                                    I will not go gently into that good night……..

    The title on my letter was changed so I assume the editor went to and read the 60 day notice.  It was in Search Letter; Government needs to Stop Geoengineering.  The links to this site and LASG were in my letter but were removed. I watched the leaders of our country speaking and I believe they saw my letter and it weighed heavy on them as I said " the eyes of history are upon you as you face this most critical issue of our time". Pressing on. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, Well done you!  You make me and us proud!  Took some guts, especially given your father.  And your well done follow through.  Pristine my ass!  I mean, besides geoengineering, so many other things that clearly, they are whistling Dixie!

  33. Free Energy Technologies says:

    I am so happy geoengineeringwatch support to VAXXED I would like to introduce "Documenting hope" a cure organization for all these illnesses we talk about here at including autism ,ADHD and ADD, asthma and more its goal is for every child and being to have access to a cure they are not suppressing my cure they support it if you join them then you are the resistance.  

  34. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Please share this video with your family while doing so you will help people like me with our effort towards a cure for autism (

  35. Rene Trost says:

    Sol: "You know. When I was a kid food was food. Before our scientific magicians poisoned the water, polluted the soil. Decimated plant and animal life. Why, in my day you could buy meat anywhere. Eggs, they had. Real butter. Fresh lettuce in the"
    Det. Thorn: "I know. Sol. You told me before. A heat wave all year long. A greenhouse effect. Everything is burning up."

    From the movie Soylent Green 1973, portraited the future of 2022. It's happening now, fiction has become reality. 

    I wonder how much worse it must get on Earth before people realize that it never was and never will be a good thing to blindly follow orders. Everyone single one of us always has to consider the effect of our actions – especially when it comes to follow orders. 

    It's good to see that more and more people around the globe realize that and have the courage to speak out against insanity, injustice and madness.

    And I have no doubt that the future belongs to those people – they are the future of mankind.

  36. William Abrams says:

    Hello all,
    Trying to locate the study from the NDCDDI, but to no avail.  Could anyone point me in the right direction?  Also, been trying to do more research on the lack of first amendment protection rights for govt scientists, but have been finding it hard to find an exact source for this phenomenon.  Executive order, a particular piece of legislation? Does anyone know?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      William Abrams, hello and I hope you check back here.  I left a note saying I'd look into this, gone now, but I am not-yet!  Was/am injured so took me awhile.  And only for part one of your question: the study from the NDCDDI.  Which, when I looked them up: Norwegian Drug Control and Drug Discovery Institute, AS, Ski, Norway–seems an oddity but does get interesting in two ways and I'm not sure what you were after.  The whole of it confusing to me and complex but seemingly two possible things, no link, sorry, just looked them up.

      Thing one is about drugs and military personnel: War psychosis and Drugs–Toxic Drugs, 2014.  A paper presents evidence of additional toxic stress by contaminants in medical forms and intoxication by toxins of military personnel  in different conflicts during last decade.  Toxins inducing crimes and war crimes with low quality pharmaceutical forms.  And here my note keeping fails me, my wrecked right arm makes reading them impossible but I believe a drug called quinocila, a contaminated pinaquine.

      There was a second part regarding publishing of findings.  In general?  Or?  Saying:  (1) "Even if a manuscript has some interesting scientific information, it will not be considered for publication by the editors as well as the publisher, if it contains criticism of the Industry or other scientific group(s)."  (2): "The main criterion for good manuscript to be published is that it has to focus strictly on the scientific find-ings, which implies no criticism can be made about the unreliability of facts presented by industry or other scientific groups.  Also, it must not there be a sign of criticism towards towards the pharmaceutical industry, as well as towards other scientific group(s)."  Considered a breach of author copyright?   Under: Analytical Methods in the Quality Control of Scientific Publications.

      Clearly, both of these are of interest.  I don't know which you were looking for.  As I said, I just looked them up.  I did not ask them for the paper on toxic drugs, but they do go into more detail than I said.  Damn notes from wrecked arm/hand.  As for your second question, my best guess is executive order since, for one thing, the climate discussion for the National Academy of Sciences last year, headed by Dr. McNutt before she became president of Academy this summer, was at the behest of the CIA.  Need one say more?  But, I can ask a scientist and I will.  Hope this was of some help and you will let us know!

    • William Abrams says:


      thanks a million for responding.  i will look into executive orders.  hope your arm gets better.  perhaps chiropractic care might be of good help.  check out this chiropractor on youtube: dr john bergman. im a patient of his at the moment and have had great results as a result of his practice.


  37. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, that was a "spot on show." Thank You. Things are indeed getting harder to hide. From Zero Hedge:  The other half will be in the southern hemisphere? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, yes, Zero Hedge is beginning to wake, but they are about 34 years behind schedule as far as their prediction.

  38. frank says:

    Doesn't it seem funny that this Florida hurricane appeared right after you stated last week(?) about the lack of hurricanes in the gulf for 11 years?

  39. Doug Souders says:

    I live 42 miles east of Cleveland, and watch the unbelievable assault each and every day. But the last 2 days – not a drop of spray – not a drop… and what event is happening in Cleveland this Labor Day weekend? The CLEVELAND AIR SHOW with tens of thousands looking up at the sky. They must keep their fake, manufactured, dumbed down masses under the belief everything is ok. Sickening.

    • BaneB says:

      Doug:  Many years ago I had the opportunity to embed myself in with some well heeled individuals who had their very own pylon racing aircraft.  It's a rich man's, and woman's sport.  Being young and stupid and impressionable, I was in awe of those who race around those towers.  It is a dangerous sport.  And a noisy one at that.  And because everyone is looking up at the sky the weather control terrorists might very well have scheduled a clear blue sky.  Thanks for an almost forgotten memory.

  40. Michel B says:

    Near term extinction is the goal, but 'they' intend that for others and not themselves. As such, biosphere collapse is not even really collateral damage. It is part of the intentional process. To control populations you have to control the means by which they survive. The drought inducing effects of SRM/RF will be enough to destroy food production wherever it is deployed for long enough.

    If SRM/RF etc were intended to be a fix up of a warming world, then why is there not a concomitant effort to reduce greenhouse gases? How long can you keep a lid on a boiling pot? No, this is an attempt re George Bush Snr's speech as per Youtube on the advent of the New World Order to usher in a second Feudal Age, though as a technological one.

    They will reduce populations, sterilise the soils, own the only seeds that can grow in it, have the surveillance society well and truly established, have a smaller slave population and rule with a totalitarian iron fist. I imagine that is their wish.

    They have to hurry and try to achieve this quickly as we are at a juncture in history. There is easily enough of us to overwhelm them if we were to wake up en masse and they know this. They are afraid of losing their upper hand. They must stay ahead in the game of lies and power because they are very few but very ambitious. This is why the SRM is being slathered across our skies very heavily now. They are going for broke.

    But I do predict it will fail. It is too ambitious, too destructive and too chaotic. Even the bottom one percent will be cut off by those above them. There will be power plays between those at the helm. They will not trust each other; they don't trust each other now. There will be insurrection, internal collapse and revolt within the power centres. When those with a conscience finally see what is going on, all hell will break loose. It will all be ugly, as it is now, and it will get uglier.

  41. Alicia says:

    Thank you Dane and everyone who is continuing to spread these critically important truths! The fate of Earth and all future generations depends on people like us who are refusing to give up. The more we connect, more and more people are awakening everyday. We are making a difference, I just hope we can reach a critical mass of conscious individuals before the "shit hits the fan". 

  42. Carol says:

    Hi Dane  !! if u look up the a history of Leicester on vaccines from  1996 .. 1898 about smallpox you find that very interesting ((( jj.Biggs ))) how we got rid of smallpox ??? I have got literature that people went to prison and paid fines because they refused vaccines ,!! If every body refused  vaccines what  can they do … Stand together. Its biggest lie ever told …. Wake up people to the truth about vaccines

  43. ron hall says:

    Dane, my brother!
     You hit the nail directly dead center on the head with the intense wisdom of Mark Twain! Interestingly, he died in a place called Redding in Connecticut in 1910. Then the human species had reached a world wide population of about 1.7 billion. Today our species numbers about 7.3 billion! If he popped alive now, one can only image what he would feel.
    I am in total agreement with him and it seems you are as well.  This brings us to the crux of the matter: IS THE HUMAN SPECIES WORTH SAVING? Therein lies the paradox, does it not?  I personally–like some of many who comment-am stuck.  I don't want my loved ones to die and friends and various people who comment here, including you. But THE HUMAN SPECIES has blasted and plundered each other and the biosphere to a catastrophic hell! In my gut I have felt for some two or three decades that IT IS OUR TIME TO EXIT! We have done enough.
     I return to the ideas of Albert Camus.  I am alone-like each one of us. And I cannot leap of the cliff (suicide as an "answer") or leap into a religion. In this Absurd context, Mr. Camus suggests the only thing left to do is TO ACT, TO STRUGGLE against the obviously absurd odds. No quitting allowed in this struggle-absurd or not.  

    • LS says:

      Mark Twain was a seer, intuitive. Read "Mental Telepathy again". Also, "The Sandwich Islands" where he sees early in his career that the Hawaii he is seeing and loving is destined to be lost because it sits between 2 continents.(perfect military position) We couldn't resist destroying their islands and culture. Some of humanity is worth saving. Find these people and become part of their pack. Like all of you awesome lovers of Life and earth, here. Thank you.

    • penny waters says:

      dear ron
      once read :-
      pay attention
      believe nothing and…….
      don't take it personal.
      often helps me in times of need……..
      after all……..
      are we really special……..
      in the great scheme of things

    • Rachel Robson says:

      ron hall, I love that you mention Albert Camus, love that guy and what you close with.  Much of my past reading included Mark Twain, of course as well as much of what Dane's reading was and is.  I too think we are unworthy, but we ARE.  And perhaps we are at the forefront of an evolution, a refining of humans.  Who knows, but yes: To Act, To Struggle! against obviously absurd odds!  We must!  Not with a whimper.

  44. Roger Gibbons says:

    Again no spraying in Southern Ontario today. This as been four days straight with no spraying. The sky as been blue with white puffy clouds.
    The country’s largest ribfest has been going on for the past four days in southern Ontario so maybe that’s why no spraying. Too many people would see it and that wouldnt be a good thing.

  45. David Smith says:

    Yes here in south Florida the deceptive weather news media plants the seed of a storm coming and there will be rain in random locations. The sky is gray/silver/orange everywhere and with no distinguishing edges or shapes and the Sheeple think this is normal because the media says so. I have lived here for 58 years and Florida skies do not look like this. The storm passed and the radar shows only a few spotty rain clouds but go outside and the complete sky is white/gray/orange/silver every color except blue and gray rain clouds as it was for thousands of years.

    Today we had warnings by the news media about air assaults for mosquito treatment. They let us know someone will be spraying from plane (crop dusting) the community. What gives anyone the right to poison a community in the name of a disease created by one of the world assault kingpins the Rockefeller foundation .  By the way there were 5 cases in south Florida where 3 were transit visitors and left town the others were travelers. So 5 people cause a state of emergency where the governor had to come down to Miami to put on the horse and pony show to get his cut of the requested 1.9 billion in money . Another game of smoke and mirrors to deceive the public as Dane says multi-levels of assault.

    The issue is the majority of mosquitoes have died in the everglades and without mosquitoes no zika. Without zika no money so let’s treat and say we killed them not the geoengineering assault.

  46. Kevin Damhansen says:

    Good one buddy!…I have not missed a show….You are a hero!

  47. Dawnski says:

    What appeared to be a normal September day in NC which came after Hurricane Hermine blew through, I thouroughly enjoyed. Nice breeze. Puffy clouds. And eventually the coal ash darker and lower ones. Interesting when I googled Hermine the top of the list was a German who was a concentration camp guard and further down a child psychoanalyst. They don't just make these names up. The cuckoo's clock is ticking. . .Rev 11:18

  48. Joseph L. says:

    Dane you do a great service on your weekly show. Most of what you say I already know. I hope new people listen to you.   Anyway, I  live in long island N.Y. and continue to hand out flyers on nuclear power and geoengineering.   I have a flyer on the dangers of Indian Point nuclear and then of course the great Look Up flyer. The way other people could hand out flyers  and I carry them w me– Is ask someone if they think the weather is normal.  Today I met a structural engineer and he was happy to take all my flyers.  I do all this in passing while I am going about my day  —etc — going to the supermarket  or going to a free concert– Last week I personally handed flyers to Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul and Mary— He was doing a free show about 45 minutes from where I live.. It would be great if some famous persons did a benefit concert against geoengineering — like they had a NO Nukes concert in the 1979 w Jackson Browne, Crosby Stills and Nash, Tom Petty and many more etc.    Sometimes it is discouraging but everyone has to do their part and keep fighting  for the greater good– words that I get from listening to your shows are inspiring.
    3 minutes of the great late comedian George Carlin—We need someone like him more now than ever.     Video on who Really Controls America

  49. Marc says:

    The broo-haha with the Searchlight is a hologram of what goes on in the bigger picture. Countless franchises for the "illusion" routinely ladle their pap out into a world full of gaping "garbage-disposals". But as regards resistance to understanding geoengineering, I have encountered a range of nuances therein. Not the least of which is what I think must be a "self-preservation" instinct: a strong tendency to repel away from one's self any information that is perceived to represent a threat to the overarching paradigm of how our world is put together. Most, including close friends of mine, much prefer their Truman Show existence and cling tightly to a mind-set that reassures them "everything's basically ok, we'll get through it all somehow". I kind of understand this mentality, and yet, I still feel anger and resentment toward those that won't even bother to look at the data, much less the sky. I ask myself: just exactly WTF is wrong with these people? 

      "We are nine meals away from revolution", to paraphrase. Unfortunately, that's what it's gonna take to yank most people off the barstool. Meanwhile, we cannot know to what extent the government bastards are spraying us with pharmaceuticals or biologicals to engender our passivity. If they are fully prepared to spray their motherf**king NALED (pronounced "nailed"? Ha!) over entire regions to allegedly fight a phony little psy-op virus, what else wouldn't they be prepared to do as it relates to spraying bio-active substances across the whole goddamn country? 

      Great radio show today, Dane. I shall listen to it again this evening. The intensity of your frustration with all the converging scenarios is unmistakable. Thank you again for your dedication to putting the truth out there.

  50. America the Illiterate / By Chris Hedges / Aug 31, 2016
    We live in two Americas. One America, now the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world. It can cope with complexity and has the intellectual tools to separate illusion from truth. The other America, which constitutes the majority, exists in a non-reality-based belief system.  This America, dependent on skillfully manipulated images for information, has severed itself from the literate, print-based culture.  It cannot differentiate between lies and truth.  It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clichés. It is thrown into confusion by ambiguity, nuance and self-reflection.  This divide, more than race, class or gender, more than rural or urban, believer or nonbeliever, red state or blue state, has split the country into radically distinct, unbridgeable and antagonistic entities. … Nearly a third of the nation’s population is illiterate or barely literate. And their numbers are growing by an estimated 2 million a year. … Eighty percent of the families in the United States last year did not buy a book. … Political propaganda now masquerades as ideology. Political campaigns have become an experience. They do not require cognitive or self-critical skills. They are designed to ignite pseudo-religious feelings of euphoria, empowerment and collective salvation. Campaigns that succeed are carefully constructed psychological instruments that manipulate fickle public moods, emotions and impulses, many of which are subliminal.  They create a public ecstasy that annuls individuality and fosters a state of mindlessness. They thrust us into an eternal present. They cater to a nation that now lives in a state of permanent amnesia.  … We prefer happy illusions. … We confuse how we feel with knowledge.  … Political leaders in our post-literate society no longer need to be competent, sincere or honest. They only need to appear to have these qualities. …  Those who are best at artifice succeed. Those who have not mastered the art of artifice fail. In an age of images and entertainment, in an age of instant emotional gratification, we do not seek or want honesty. We ask to be indulged and entertained by clichés, stereotypes … It feels good not to think.  … The core values of our open society, the ability to think for oneself, to draw independent conclusions, to express dissent when judgment and common sense indicate something is wrong, to be self-critical, to challenge authority, to understand historical facts, to separate truth from lies, to advocate for change … are dying.  …  the awful reality that awaits us.


    • Mal says:

      It isn't just the USA it is the same in the UK and other countries!


    • I find it interesting that the word liberty has as its root libro, or book. "Liberty" literally means "access to books."

    • Joseph L. says:

      Great article — Chris Hedges is brilliant.  Actually, we have 3rd parties running but not allowed into  presidential debates.  Politicians are mostly all puppets in the democratic and republican party for the lobbyists and corporations and power structure that they represent. 

    • DrDignity says:

      Thanks for that reprint of Hedges' article, Susan.  Here are the same characters of "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, now made flesh & living in 2016 USA.

    • jim stewart says:

      Dear Susan,

      An elegant discernment. And by their grammar you shall know them. Stay judicious.

    • Marc says:

      Susan, illiteracy is not necessarily a vitamin deficiency in a given society. Are not the vast majority of our present travails direct evidence of a literate class run amuck and backfiring on itself? Historically, literacy was often sequestered into the hands of the few, the elite, while the rest of society floundered on as slaves, or commonfolk or the like. I understand the point Chris is making, which is mostly in the context of politics. But it is literacy itself that created the nuclear bomb, geoengineering, GMO food, pharmaceutical poisons, advanced weaponry of war, etc. Some of the wisest people I've ever met would not be considered very "smart", and some of the dumbest dumb-asses I've ever known are high functioning professionals in their respective fields. It works both ways, all ways. Perhaps our marginally literate will produce the next Chauncey Gardener. 

    • Marc — I feel you have misinterpreted Mr. Hedges. He is not praising and eulogizing the elite literati.  Hedges is addressing the fact that the majority of the population “cannot differentiate between lies and truth.  It is informed by simplistic, childish narratives and clichés. It is thrown into confusion by ambiguity, nuance and self-reflection.”  He’s talking about the current miasma of amnesia created by the sad fact that most people get what amounts to their excuse for 'thinking' from the corporate media. This leaves those who do not read vulnerable to “carefully constructed psychological instruments that manipulate fickle public moods, emotions and impulses, many of which are subliminal.”  The herd are intentionally kept in a “state of mindlessness” that has no ability to think for itself and be self-critical, the herd that “does not want or seek honesty” and only wants to escape into temporal creature comforts that gratify and fill fleeting desires, a new car, etc.  Literacy did not create atomic bombs or any other the other evils you list.  This is simplistic to the point of evoking a confused emotional reaction — like 'throwing out the baby with the bath water’.  Access to books and thoughtfully reading them can give any of us the opportunity to evaluate and consider conflicting opinions, and that knowledge, which is most often gained in quiet contemplation, may lead to real Wisdom. Authentic Wisdom is scarce, if not unknown, in our culture. Without the written-in-books wisdom of people like Mark Twain, Chris Hedges, Dane’s Stoics, Rene Guenon, Lao Tzu, the ancient Sacred texts, and others, there would be no authentic guidance to lift the veils of deception that infect our hearts and minds, as we approach the close of this cycle of time. Without books and the written word, we would be even more lost than we are now. No North Star.

    • Ken says:

      I agree that a literate and educated society would not only benefit mankind in the big picture, it would also individually allow each person to  make more informed decisions. I think gist of what Marc was saying is that being literate and educated guarantees nothing. You can be as literate and educated as possible, without love and morals it will fail. People think too much about themselves and not enough about others. Society, for the most part rejects the creator, who is love, and wants to live apart from love. The answer to the worlds problems is love. Education, technology, military power or political movements will never solve the problems.

  51. Chad H says:


    I recently went on a short two day trip in the Glacier Peak Region. I was shocked at how many dead and dying trees I came across. Wasn't sure of how to get these pictures to you so I'm just going to do it this way.

    The link has all the pictures I took while on the trip. I really wanted to get the pictures of the hillsides full of dead trees to you so you can get an idea of what is happening in this area. I listen to your show every week and try my best to get the information out to people. Thank you for your dedication to the fight, you've inspired a lot of people to get up off their butts.


    • LS says:

      Chad, thanks for the photos. It is like looking at the final scene in American Beauty.  

    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you Chad for what would normally be lovely photographs of the Glacier Peak area if not for the trees dying in such dreadfully large numbers. I have noticed for several years the thinning of the tops of the conifers in my area of the southeast and the deciduous trees as well. As Dane has pointed out previously it amazes me as to how many dummies are out there who cannot tell the difference between a healthy tree and a sickly one. I try to be positive but it looks like we are doomed. I cry mostly for the animals and nature who had no part in this yet face destruction as surely as we will. Listening to the writings of Mark Twain I understand why for the most part I have always preferred the company of animals and nature to that of my fellow human beings. They are much more peaceful, loving, decent and honest individuals. I truly feel more at ease in the solace of their company.

    • Jenny says:

      Wow, Chad, thanks for the photos.  I can see how this was a beautiful area but is starting to look so depressing due to the dying trees and the geoengineering and chembows.  Same feeling I get walking around outside on the opposite side of the country from you.

    • BaneB says:

      Chad:  I did a double take.  Those images could have been taken here in Mendocino County, in Northern California.  Clearly we are witness to a  environmental meltdown of epic proportion.  We also are witness to a deafening silence from media.  One would believe this destruction of the life-support systems in rapid decline would be a matter of extreme emergency. Yet, silence prevails.  I notice in the images the usual jet aerosol induced fake clouds.  We can't see the heavy bombardment of microwave energy but it is surely part of the indictment, too.  Were you able to talk with a Ranger?  I would be curious as to the official line from a employee who is witnessing the unfolding disaster.  People in my area seem to not notice the meltdown though I can't fathom why not.  There is no discussion on the local community radio stations.  It is as if the population accepts this as something always having been and a natural fact just like the acceptance of fake clouds and a fluorescent white atmosphere.  I first noticed the dying flora about 23 years ago.  Two items parallel each within the time frame.  Cell phone towers (microwave sources) proliferating, and a obvious atmosphere assault utilizing jets and aerosol particulates.  From my perspective this is the main cause along with other known anthropogenic inclusions.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, Gee, what an interesting comparison you make!  Indeed!

      Bane B, Well, at least the SF Chronicle has been reporting the massive tree deaths.  About every other week it's front page on Sunday along with very long articles about it.  Which has come in handy for me and those who don't believe me, saying most are fine.  They believe me now! So, obviously it does help to have a news paper print something besides sports and drivel!  Searchlight can take that and shove it!

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Thanks for the "heads up" re. the SF Chronicle.  

  52. we – IAAM, International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – totally agree. We have frequently pointed out at the earth-threatening insanities of geoengineering.


  53. Free Energy Technologies says:

     Is it justifiable to eliminate to Zika cases and produce 100 neurological/autism cases why don't people question it makes me so upset even though I am not in the area that is being sprayed ,and the answer is no by the way it's not justifiable.

  54. Free Energy Technologies says:

     Technology is artificially inflating our health and standards of living without technology the planet has been so damaged that if we live we would live in poverty , however the miss use of technology  due to our disability to handle large amounts of power the correct way has been one or is the reason we are at end times.

  55. izzy says:

    It would be hard to consult the stars, tea leaves, and not come away with the impression that our current dominant global cultural paradigm – Western Industrial Civilization – is well on the way to total failure, and much of the ecosystem we rely on to support life is going along with it. Protest we must, but “release attachment to outcome” is the operative philosophy at this point in the drama. The understanding we develop now will be the seed for any further human adventures, assuming anyone is left to carry on after this. It’s the Curse of Interesting Times.

  56. k says:

    Dane and friends I rented Vaxxed this week, I have always heard we "parents" are on either side of the coin with vaccines, either anti or pro. I have a fully vaxxed child and a child with 1 the hepatitis b at birth which I was told would be illegal and cps would get involved if we refused…(and of corse the whole your baby will be sick or dead if you don't) I guess my point is, this is the first time it's been brought up that the anti vax community isn't anti at all. They, we believe in the system, got it all on schedule and were damaged. I have seen first hand how the pediatric doctors treat you if you even hint that the vaccine could have done any harm. It's like being stuck in quick sand while someone is running away with your children. Climate engineering doesn't even give us paperwork to see any possible side effects. I have brought this up to my doc on a very heavy spray day and asked about air pollution, she actually became frustrated with me for thinking our air could be sickening us. I guess that's one reason I haven't been back to see her. Are there any doctors or nurses that know what we are up against that might have some info on what happens inside our children in today's climate? We need health info available to get rid of all these toxins if it's possible. Much love


    • MJH says:

      K…..find a functional medicine doctor and/or a naturopathic doctor.  They are in the know, that's why they aren't involved in conventional medicine.

    • MJH says:

      K, I should have given you more info….as a start, go to  You can search for whatever info you want on his site.  He has articles for everything, including how to get rid of heavy metals in your body.

    • Martha says:

      Hi K,

      There’s considerable information available online about the harmful effects of vaccines which you can find via a search. The vast majority of doctors and nurses don’t think twice about injecting your children or anyone else with toxic vaccines. It’s part of their job and they are part of the problem.  

      I happen to have a valid RN license. I’m also largely unemployable in the current Big Pharma controlled  operation referred to as our “healthcare” system. I can proudly say that I have never given a vaccine, not even one or flu shots either.  If I were willing to do so, I could easily find employment.

      Dr. Russell Blaylock is one physician I recommend that you look up. Here are two of many links offering information – both are from 2013 but still helpful. There’s likely more recent info available as well:   

        “What Chemtrails Are Doing to Your Brain”  

       Other health related info on this site can be found by using the search box at the top of the page.

      Some basics to decrease the body’s overall toxic load include the following:  Avoid fluoride – in toothpaste, at your dentist, in your drinking water – some but not all water purifiers can remove it.  Avoid GMOs. Use organically grown food and if you eat meat buy meat from organically fed animals – it’s more expensive but worth it to avoid the harmful toxins.  Avoid using chemicals on your lawn or garden (glyphosate –the main ingredient in Roundup is extremely toxic). Use non-toxic cleaning products. Learn about the ingredients in cosmetics, soap, shampoo, etc. and use natural products instead.

      Information on all of the above is available via an internet search. I didn’t use “Google” as a verb because other search engines are much better. Start Page ( won’t snoop on you and can find everything you need. I hope this helps…  

    • Dennie says:

      K:  We have in Marin County, CA U.S.A. something like a total of six physicians who practice wholistic medicine.  Unimaginable.  There would be more if patients insisted on this. I have a private student who's a physician at Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael, CA.  She says we have to write letters to Member Services and insist on them hiring more wholistic docs.  As it is, you can't get to see an L.Ac. unless you get a prescription from one of their "gatekeeper" M.D.s.–

  57. Duane says:

    Another compelling report, Dane. The masses don't know how lucky they are to have you fighting for their future. They will know soon enough though. I, among others, do very much appreciate what you are doing for humanity. Stay safe.

  58. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 129th email to my contact list, titled: "Spurious and Inane BBC Breakfast News".

    1.  Over the last few weeks, BBC Breakfast News has become even more spurious and inane.  It is like a comedy, chat, or "Reality TV" show.  There is little world news of substance, and what there is, is biased.  The weather reports are a scripted sham.

    We are being deliberately deceived and dumbed down using the classic Zulu two pronged attack: lack of accurate intelligent information, and the aluminium and fluoride mix that is raining down on us and that we have to breath and drink.  The 'buffalo head' being the global despotic political/military/industrial/pharmaceutical cartel.

    On March 6th 2012, Obama signed Executive Order 13603 which gave him full dictatorial control over the USA. 

    Recently, Germany followed with similar legislation.

    What laws were passed in the UK during the Brexit Referendum and other recent distractions?  But there again, who of the general public has sufficient brain cells left to care about it. 

    Worth reading if you have any morals. "The death toll in Yemen is now so high that the International Committee of the Red Cross is donating “entire morgue units” to hospitals still standing, having so far escaped the illegal Saudi assault, backed, advised and armed by the US and UK." 

    2.  With the current massive increase in methane release in the Arctic, it is worth reviewing the "Planetary Omnicide between 2023 and 2031" chart.  

    We are probably ahead of the projected 12Gt/1890 ppb methane release – of the 50Gt/2400 ppb total required and depicted. During the last 2 weeks, Barrow Alaska has averaged about 2100 ppb, with the area around the Kara Sea equally high: 

    On 24 Aug, FEMA ordered 5 million bottles of water for "Subsistence". Bottled water usually has a 2 year expiration date.  It must be one of the last things on their list – they already have the weapons, ammo, food, equipment (comms, water making and purifying, clothing) etc, etc.

    3.  Someone asked why it is that we often see large numbers of tree die-off and yet the grass seems lush and green.

    I am not a scientist and can only offer some logic and common sense – something that is sorely lacking  in geoengineers.

    Many of the atmospherically sprayed materials are in their soluble nitrate form (others for example, are fine dust  for sublimation/condensation nuclei or for radar and electronic reasons/warfare). 

    Plants need a number of minerals for healthy growth. These are absorbed through the roots as mineral ions dissolved in the soil water. Nitrates are important mineral ions needed by plants for making amino acids, which make proteins.

    Nitrogen is a component of chlorophyll and therefore essential for photosynthesis. It is also the basic element of plant and animal proteins, including the genetic material DNA and RNA, and is important in periods of rapid growth. Plants use nitrogen by absorbing either nitrate or ammonium ions through the roots.

    An increase in nitrates, as with any salt, will increase the osmotic concentration of the soil solution. The roots of the plant then have to take up minerals from a more and more concentrated solution. If the solution 'outside' gets too concentrated, there will come a point where the plant is not able to take up any water against the concentration gradient and the plant will become stressed and susceptible to fungal, bacterial, parasitical etc infection, and die. 

    If too much nitrate (or fertiliser) is applied, then it cannot be taken up by plants fast enough, or retained by the soil, and it will be washed with the drainage water into rivers and seas. When this happens, algal and other water plant growth is stimulated. 

    Back to our trees and grass. Initially they might enjoy the extra nitrogen (if that was all that was being sprayed – such as over 20 million tons of aluminium).  Thereafter, trees are much deeper rooted – where the leached nitrates and other toxins are probably more concentrated. Grass, being shallow rooted and whose 'leaf' is much closer to their roots, draws from the more frequently washed top soil – until it succumbs to the intense UV radiation, drought, other atmospherically sprayed toxic cocktails, or the same fate as the trees.

    4.  An auld Scots toast:

    "Here's tae us. Wha's like us?"  

    "Damn few, an they're a' deid."

    "Mair's the pity. May those who live truly, be always believed."

    "And those who deceive us, be always deceived."

    "Slainte Mhor"


    • penny says:

      As always, Andrew has provided an insightful and brilliant analysis – this time, to the grass/tree question.  There may be another factor at play here, as well: the comparing of apples to oranges.  When people mention grass, are they, possibly, considering the grass growing on manicured lawns?  The grasses through which I hike, surrounded by dead and dying trees, are themselves mostly dead.  As is the grass in my yard, which (much to the neighbors' dismay) I don't water.  There are many different varieties of grass, too, some of which do very well in conditions that other varieties find too stressful to survive: thus, a careful look at type of grass might show that not all of them are able to take the metal-bathing assault.

      An unsophisticated, disappointingly bland approach to the conundrum, but one I thought I'd throw out there for consideration.

      Another consideration is that the trees are dying from a combination of factors, the synergism of which makes them vulnerable beyond their limits.  Drought, radiation (from nuclear power plants and waste, from cell towers and wi-fi, as well as UV-C), pesticide pollution and other stressors play a role, in addition to aluminium and barium &c.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Penny – and yes, all life forms are suffering from a combination of factors and every species and individual will cope differently.

  59. jennifer says:

    Dane,trying to awaken the sleeping masses is indeed a daunting task,but,I will not be giving up.Yes it is hard at times and I do get discouraged but what can we do other than continue to inform and educate people on the reality that is upon us all.I really appreciate all you do on our behalf Dane.I get so sad inside when I see so many who refuse to see the truth that is right in front of them.We truly live in a society where the sheep have been completely programmed by the msm b.s. and will not or cannot see the reality that is becoming worse as each day passes by.I mean really,how can there still be people who do not see that our formerly blue skies are now reminiscent of a nuclear fallout? As depressed as I get at times,I appreciate your tireless work Dane and I wish you only the best.May God bless you and thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.

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