Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 5, 2015


Corporate media continues to distract populations with completely irrelevant dramas while the power structure maneuvers to secure their stranglehold on the population while the biosphere implodes. The former US military chief of staff becomes a banker for the top banking cartel one week after retiring from the military. Who is making money from the ever increasing climate catastrophes? The weather trading derivatives gambling casino is run by those that are directly involved with climate modification, no surprise. New studies prove neurological disease and mortality are going off the charts and the studies state conclusively the increase can only be from "environmental factors" that are unknown (or unacknowledged). The highly toxic fallout from climate engineering programs is contaminating the entire web of life. The ship is going down, all are needed to help sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Eti says:

    I feel I am speaking & trying to raise the subject of geoengineering with friends & Family can be rather frustrating as all they say is why not leave it to the politicians to sort out and if it was so bad then why isn't this broadcasted on TV/radio??? 

    I will continue to bring up this subject & educate as many people as I can although one has listened over many. This is sad as people I know seem so brain washed with eyes closed to what's in front of them & ears opened to news not even important to this. Thank you all for bringing this to light. Eti from Australia (Parramatta)

  2. Steve in Toronto says:

    Great job Dane, I've woken 5 people up over the last month or so and have several others currently researching. All from my workplace … family is a write-off however … they think the government would never stoop so low. I'm a fighter and will continue educating !

  3. Enclosed please find another example of weather manipulation crimes in Germany:
    English translation is provided.
    Maybe it is the last opportunity to upload a video as our colony is deliberately being flooded with migrants and civil war and/or unrest is likely.
    Fight on against the evil anyway!

    • Dale says:

      Another weather modification example – this one taking affecting Japan.

      Freak Japan floods: Houses swept away, people trapped on roofs, 170k evacuated (VIDEOS)
      RT | Sep 10, 2015
      Tens of thousands of people have been ordered to leave homes across Japan after Tropical Typhoon Etau ripped through the country. Military helicopters plucked residents from the roofs of their homes.

    • Dale says:

      82 contaminated waste bags from Fukushima washed away by typhoon floods — RT News

    • Dale says:

      Evacuations as California wildfire in San Andreas burns 65,000 acres, threatens 6,000 structures
      RT News | Sep 11, 2015

    • Bija says:

      Karl…I think we are all in for some serious unrest! Keep up the good fight and I hope you are able to keep getting your message out! We stand with you. This is bigger than any one country. I appreciate your posts here and hope that, united, we can make a difference!

  4. Annie says:

    Great show! (As always) Thank You so much Dane for your continued leadership, research and monitoring!

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Dennie Mehocich, Hi.  I am observing the same weather conditions in Berkeley and yes, the heat is not normal at all.  Last night at 3 AM in my house: 79degrees!  That just never happens.  And the dryness, my skin, my thirst, the plants and trees.  If a potted plant is thoroughly watered one day, the next it is dry as a bone And pulling away from the sides.

    So, Dane, I'm getting really curious about what desicant is involved.?  I am beginning to think the aluminum itself.  True?  If so, that would endanger forests even more, making them more flammable by drying  out the forest floor's mulch, no?  One look at all the leaves around and they look as if all the "juice" is sucked out of them.  Me too!  But if aluminum sucks up the liquid, well there I begin to get confused….

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, aluminum is one of the desiccant elements, but the equation is much more complicated. The light scattering aerosols radically alter evaporation, convection, and wind patterns ( a overall reduction of all). These are aspects of the equation that interect with each other and must be considered.

  6. Damon Duval says:

    "Stephen Hawking has a theory that evolution has a fatal defect. His theory is that intelligence does not evolve fast enough to prevent it's own extinction. There are people who are intelligent enough but they have to be in the majority, near majority or super majority without the minority being able to block them to prevent intelligence extinction."
    ~Harold Hensel

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Damon, interesting and somewhat true.  What Hawking says.  I've tried before to post if anyone remembers Marshall McCluen-if I am spelling that right.  He had a "rear view mirror" theory in which he felt that we are forever looking in the rear view mirror-as in the past, past techniques and accomplishments-even as we move forward and so are perpetually behind.  Chained to our past.  He felt that emerging countries would not have this liability.  He seems to have been wrong about that.

      You may be grossly overestimating the average person's intelligence.  Also, there are different kinds of intelligence.  Average IQ so low it would shock you.  Plus, our school/education systems suck and ranks way low compared to the rest of the world.  But still, I think it is more a matter of ethics and morals.  Because that is what puts the brakes on an otherwise bright idea, not thought out all the way through.  All may not be bright, but all can, most can, have a moral compass and ethics, which in a perfect world would be learned at home, then hopefully reinforced as one's world enlarges.  But no.  The pressure begins early to ditch those morals.  It takes work and vigilance to maintain a moral compass and to develop ethics.  The Dali Lama teaches this.

  7. lora bruncke says:

    Dane, thank you for the advice to be honest to your children. I have understood usury for two years and it has been pure hell knowing and trying to explain it to one other person. They think I am delusional and are too negative to be around my own 19 and 20 year old. I feel like I am fighting WW3 by myself and the bankers are just laughing at our stupidity of how money works. You are my HERO. Xx

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Lora,  Denial is the most powerful of human emotions, but unfolding realities will soon be impossible to deny for any that are concious. “To thine own self be true” as it is said, follow your calling Lora, your children trust and respect you for your courage and honesty. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      They don't know how their own money system works because it is now so abstracted and convoluted you almost can't follow it, even when you're in The Biz.  But there's one place they can't go, and that is the place called Honesty.  The Honest Truth is that you cannot have an Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm on a planet of finite resources. 

  8. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Laure!  From Rotterdam yet, half way around the world from me!  Really helped me to know others are seeing this, though I didn't doubt it, just the first I saw of it.  I was so pleased to get your comment first and it sounds as if you saw the exact same thing.  Of course! NOT at all pleased that this is happening.

    Lucas, it is not mizzle and no rain involved at all.  We have had no rain and it is hard to explain to those who don't know firsthand, how very, very dry it is here.  This was a Very hot day and would have been a clear sky if not for chemtrails and fake clouds here and there.  So, it was totally inexplicable.  It in no way looked like snow and was not whimsical as it fell, rather just steady and thick.

    And Andrew, you too in Scotland?  And for years?!  The building I mention is just 18 feet away, so, not quite 5 and a half meters.  14 feet from my window to the big fence, then 4 more feet to that monstrosity next door.  I have lived here almost 36 years now.  This window is above my kitchen sink, so I have stared out of it half of my forever a lot, I and we do a lot of cooking and I now use my computer here.  So it was very close up, and new to me.  On the other hand, as I had become clinically blind, got new lens implants starting in June and I do see way, way, infinitely better than before, so cannot be absolutely positive this was a first here, but pretty sure.

    Yesterday I woke a bit later than my usual 5 AM, closer to 6:30.  And there it was again, but not as thick and heavy as it fell, but falling as if rain, but not.  Which means it went into my bird bath in front under the redwood which takes the brunt.  We have California Towhees who are among my favorite birds.  The chicken yard is outside that south, building facing window, and the window by me here is west. street facing.  One Towhee has become a special family friend for more than two years now.  It is a kick to see them bath as they really get down and shake their booty.  Then fly to a redwood branch to dry off and preen a bit but never for long, just minutes if that.  But this time, Towhee could not seem to get his feathers unstuck!  Struggled and struggled.  So very long.  And he had a lot of blue on his sides and a bit of his back.  This is not normal at all.  He was watching me watch him, then sat on a branch and just stared at me as if for help.  I opened this window to west, which only opens about 6 or 7 inches.  Patted sill and asked him to come in.  He seemed to be considering that.  As it is, he follows me everywhere, and up my stairs, hangs with the chickens even trying to sleep in the coop at night!  But he wouldn't come, eventually flew off.  Gee, it seemed as if he could not get his feathers separated and what the hell was the blue stuff?  And no bird at birdbath since.

    Lucas, I finally did get a strong flashlight as opposed to all the weak ones I had.  I have not yet tried the night thing.  I do remember floating stuff in the sky and air, even in house since I was about one year old, one of my first memories.  I know that there are fall blooming, pollen trees like Cedar that let loose their pollen at night.  Under normal? conditions, I would of course expect to see stuff against a night sky.  I had to have a separate 3rd surgery which has me laid up, so soon I will try this.  When I can.  It is very dry here, very, far more than ever before.  The chicken yard is nothing but dust.  And wild fires everywhere.  Gonna be hard to tell what is what.  I'll admit I'm a bit afraid!

    Speaking of which, what are throat stones?  Never heard of of such before.  I feel like I can't recover from this last anesthesia.  I can't get enough air and I am so tired, so tired.  I do have a bone spur in my throat from when jaw broken.  Takes up about 1/3rd of my throat, but you mean something else?

    Thanks to all!  Despite my own travails, I do manage to make people aware of geo-tinkering, averaging 20-30 per week I am guessing.  I think the main reason why people are in such denial is that they don't have Any level of awareness.  Especially when it comes to governmental stuff. When it comes to geo-tinkering, it is not just one thing to learn, it is a paradigm shift  of major consequence that just keeps on going.  And, to most, even believers, a hopeless feeling.  Some seem to think it is an addiction to doom.  But I have always lived in hope, else I'd be dead by now.  None of all this excellent info is wasted on me-nor yours Paul-just what to do besides awakening others?  Thank God for Snowden in that he opened eyes, to a world behind our world, sort of breaking some ground for us.  In terms of peoples' mindset.   

  9. JACTN says:

    Look at this chart in the Arctic.
    They are hoping it is a glitch.  Anyone know any way to confirm?

  10. Jeff says:

    Our Government has been hijacked and nobody but us are listening to anything you are saying.  They own the media, military, law enforcement, state officials, Congress President, banks etc., and every other avenues we have. This journey will have to be done by us who care about life. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      And yet quite a number in law enforcement actually do know what's going on.  And they do NOT like it.  At least as much as you and me. They read Crossing the Rubicon, a most amazing book written by a former LAPD detective, Michael C. Ruppert, a genius who blew the lid right off the events behind 9/11– get a copy, everyone.  It's all documented, mainly using the government's own documents, BTW. 

      Out walking through the campus of Dominican University this evening I came along the path with a security guard at the school.  They are very aware of false flag ops because one got perpetrated in the neighborhood and the word got out on our local newsletter, that a woman was assaulted in front of Angelico Hall when no one knows anything about the woman or anything else said on the subject.  No one called the campus security and no one seems to be able to find the woman who was allegedly assaulted by a Latino male.  The longer the time passes from when the event occurs, the less we know about it.  The stories and the information you get that comes right after an event is often the most reliable– remember the stories from very credible witnesses of the explosions in the lower ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina had passed, then the flooding, and stories of second shooters in places like the theater at Aurora and the Sandy Hook Elementary School, which at the time of the shootings, had been closed for a number of years and wasn't being used– WTH? Are we not supposed to notice any of this??

  11. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Business Insider's one of the better pubs in terms of actual truth-telling, but here they go on the subject of water (I'm sorry, you'll have to copy and paste the link):

    All these satellites that can control our lives from Some Point Out There in Space, where "They" Can See It ALL (or so "they" believe).

    Still, NO mention of geoengineering as a major cause of all the drought.  THAT'S GOTTA GO.

  12. Ted Krupp says:

    Dane, Have you tried to contact Jim Hightower at the Hightower Lowdown.Org He is very aggressive in a lot of the behind the scenes shenanigans that are perpetrated upon the public. His monthly publication "The Hightower Lowdown" is a very informative read with a lot of contacts. 


  13. Dale says:

    Typhoon Kilo is closing in on a tropical depression in the Western Pacific and both may have an impact on Japan by late next week.

  14. tina says:

    Northern California is saturated with chemtrails this am. People need to be in numbers at your Public Health offices,Air Quality controllers and blanket your Supervisors meetings. Tehama Co just made a ridiculous rule, why? because the Feds told them to. WTF!! They are out of control, because no one pays attention to the blatant abuse of power.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      How, and when, do we get "them" to understand that we can too measure particulates in the air that are not from combustion, and when do we get to hit them in the fact with all the massive data as evidence???

  15. anotherAnon says:

    Here in north AL the sky is solid white. It's one of those where you can see some clouds, but higher up is the haze – not the see through kind either. In the other direction away from the sun you can see some blue, but not much at this point. And people come outside thinking what a beautiful sunny day it is. Yeah, the sun is shining; through garbage floating around. 

  16. Leo Derosia says:

    I know obama and ted cruz are not article 2 natural born citizens  ( born in a country of parents who are it's citizens – minor v happersett ), fires do not bring down massive skyscrapers like the wtc, lbj killed jfk and bush, clinton and Ollie north brought huge amounts of cocaine into mena ark airport in the 80s and I also know the clueless, indifferent public does not care or would not even do any research. I can see why the elite psychopaths could get away with chemtrails. 

  17. I think I may have discovered how the makings of chemtrails are carried from source to processor right under our noses.  I started to notice dual powdered goods hauling trucks in S Bay area especially on the 405 freeway going both north and south.  It is said that these trucks haul petroleum coke to the port of Long Beach (bound for China), from the Chevron refinery South of Long Beach.  But why are some of these trucks headed north of Long Beach?  There are no refineries north of Long Beach.  Please look for these dualies owned by Savage trucking.  Look on their corporate website.  They mention hauling alumina. We must uncover how this is being done to stop it!

    • Ted Krupp says:

      The "Savage" trucks that are being viewed heading north on the 405 are owned by Savage trucking out of Utah.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Here in the S.F. Bay area you see sea-land trucks zipping along 580 and 880 with the kelly-green color and typical font-styling saying "EVERGREEN" that we've all clearly seen on YouTube vids of the chem spray company.  As well as tankers chugging into the bay that are clearly labeled "EVERGREEN."  Wondering what we can find out about that company and how it operates?

  18. Members of the Council on Foreign Relations – Wikipedia It is instructive to scroll down this enormous list of traitors, ghouls, psychopaths, media henchmen, and foreign agents. An insightful person could actually notice a theme… Be sure to look carefully at the list of: "Notable current council members" section of the page. The CFR is where monopoly money joins with propaganda thugs and military idiots. The banking circus intends to slaughter you at any cost…

    • Steve Parsons says:

      Thank you Paul … I reviewed the entire list, .. and have saved that list for future reference.  ' We ' (collectively) will certainly need this reference list … as the 'big picture' situation develops …

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      So, um, what can we DO about these subhumans who've sold their ego-deficient shriveled souls to, what, gain a "better" self-image, and more "power?"  Rat out where they live and where their kids attend school?  Personally, I'd like to see that.  Soon, "they" will literally all be going down their rat holes to live in the D.U.M.B.s, where they allegedly will be able to grow all their own food, and then what?  How does anyone actually live without sunlight? and ya know, the AIR that they still have to breathe WILL BE THE SAME AIR that "they" are forcing you and me to breathe.  With the toxic metal nano-particulates measuring 1,000 times smaller than a particle of tobacco smoke, you KNOW that there is no filtration system that can catch this crap.  "They" can't get away from their own sick karma no matter how hard they try.

    • Thanks Steve. I often feel like I'm barking at airplanes. (Kim Carnes) Very few people follow my drift. I've done vast amounts of research on the background organizations that are feeding us the shaft. Few people even bother to read the information. Like they're too busy to save their own asses…

  19. Michel B says:

    Our visible authorities are blatantly and obviously being paid to deny what will be their own and our destruction.

    Whoever is behind this, and of course it is the combined efforts of many groups, but most likely under the direction of a small central force, they have carefully plugged into every power center around the globe. They have become the power centers.

    If this small central power group engages in warfare with other power centers, it is only to overcome them and take that power to accumulate even greater power. Case in point, North Korea and Iran. Those countries have an elite who own or control mostly everything and operate through authoritarian dictatorships, but they have resisted so far being taken over by a foreign power elite such as that of the Anglo American Empire aka the Western Hegemon.

    The Western powers wish to own those economies as well and exploit the people in those countries at their own will. The Western powers do not wish to liberate those countries from oppression, they merely wish to impose their own oppression on all.

    How ironic that the UN is making announcements of a program to save the environment through a global program. The Pope is a spokesperson for this next step in further tyranny-to-come. Who would sacrifice the global environment for a global system of domination? Regardless of who it is precisely, they are obviously clinically insane.

  20. Mike says:

    Left with family Friday, August 28 from Vancouver, BC to Anchorage, Alaska on a 10 day cruise and land tour. Today we are at the Denali National Park (formally Mt. McKinley). Spraying NEVER stopped from Vancouver to Alaska. The sky was beyond saturation, apparently spraying overnight.
    Cruising about 10 miles offshore, everything was covered looking back towards land. Looking out towards the horizon, the sky was light brown from the toxins they spray.In Ketchikan,  they historically get 15 or more feet of snow. Last year only 2 feet. In Talkeetna, 2014 was the hottest winter and summer  in their history.
    One day we were just offshore, within 200 yards of land in Glacier Bay. The sky was semi-blue,then here come the planes, spraying horizon to horizon at 7am while everyone was on deck looking at the glaciers. I had Dane's flyers with me and handed them out to the tour guides on ship and during the land tours.
    I thought the spraying was bad in Northern California. No comparison to up here…just disgusting!

    • J says:

      Hi Mike, I know what you mean, cause I live in southern southeast alaska. Its ugly, pathetic, disgusting how much spraying is happening when not only is the whole world prescious but the northwest coast also is the largest intact and untouched forest left on this planet, which is unfortunate because even here logging has hit most of the forest already since the 1950's. Geoengineering will polish off the rest. Anyways, there is still hope. Im one of jehovahs witnesses and if one of those folk knock on your door please take the magazines, as annoying as a knock might be! Haha. It was prophesied that man would someday bring the earth to ruin, but, that before earth collapsed for good it WOULD be stopped. Paradise conditions will soon be here. But regardless we should still try to make this world a better place! 

      I also grew up near denali, so enjoy the beauty of alaska while there's still something left my friend 🙂 peace

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Blue-n-White Chem-Trail Plaid skies yesterday, and worse here today over the S.F. Bay area.  Keeping that high-pressure ridge shooting our water over the arctic.  Also, the wind's stopped and it's getting H-O-T again here.  The "heat spells" have no rhyme or reason or even regular rhythm except to their relationship to the chem spraying.  It's getting harder to breathe every day.  Even with nearly brand-new casement (they shut the tightest) windows, the crap gets in my 20-window house more easily than it does in other houses that don't have as many openings.  That's what I've noticed.  This stuff dries me out, I'm constantly licking my lips and swallowing, I need to drink a lot more water now (WHAT'S THAT DOING TO MY KIDNEYS, YOURS TOO?). 

      WHERE are the PHYSICIANS For Social Responsibility?  I went on their website here and have noted that there is NOTHING covering the topic of geoengineering.  They are egregious in their total absence from the conversation.

  21. PLEASE notice there are many new names showing up in the reader comments. Bravo!!! This is an excellent sign that people are willing to comment about geoengineering events and the catastrophic risks involved. Many ask what they can do as individuals.
    The political and financial systems that made this disaster possible need to be charged with crimes against humanity and arrested by local sheriffs. This is not idle talk. The arrest of these persons relies on an informed public that utilizes OUR legal systems to advantage. PLEASE join in efforts to put an end to this Para-military democide.
    Take the time to peruse the many pages offered you by the organization below. The site offers enormous amounts of background information on financial and political histories leading up to our current situation. These persons are very, very serious. They need YOUR support: >
    National Liberty Alliance
    There are links to county level activism in the tabs, along with member phone numbers by State and county. If you wish to view an explanation of what this organization has accomplished thus far, check out the video below: >
    Government Officials Facing Possible Indictments & Death Penalty
    Published on Jun 17, 2015

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you so much Paul! 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Paul, Nicole and All:  Here's another one for us all, from An assistant professor from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point recently declared that professionals critical of the “War on Terror” constitute a “treasonous” opposition that should be subject to military force. He believes the U.S. should have the right to attack people who are critical of U.S. military operations — specifically, professionals, legal scholars, journalists, and other people effectively spreading ideas that oppose war. Professor William C. Bradford went as far as to publish a long academic paper in the National Security Law Journal that aggressively promotes suppressing dissent about military force, civilian casualties, and expanding military operations in the Middle East. Using the excuse that victims would be “lawful targets,” Bradford argues that “law school facilities, scholars’ home offices and media outlets where they give interviews” should be targeted with military force to suppress dissent. He asserted that the war on terror should be expanded, “even if it means great destruction, innumerable enemy casualties, and civilian collateral damage.” Source: So, um, actual DISSENT now being regarded as "treasonous," now "they" are going to resort to "Targeted Individual" Warfare, presumably, and shoot their EMF Death Rays right into your house where you sit writing at your computer? 

    • Hello Dennie Mehocich: Yup. Welcome to 1984 on steroids.  Lies get the Nobel Prize, and Truth gets life in prison. Makes sense to me…

  22. debra says:

    I live in central Sierra Nevada foothills. My yard used to be full of birds. Sparrows,Finches,Robins,Blue Jays all gone. Have counted 3 honey bees,and a few more Bumble bees,that's it. Have always had tree frogs,gone. Screech Owls at night,gone.The only birds around are the Buzzards and a couple Wood Peckers.    And right now these bastards are criss crossing the sky poisoning everything. I have contacted every Gov agency possible,blown off. I have also contacted Sierra Club,NRDC,,Earth Justice about this,and their lack of confronting this issue,nothing. Perhaps a mass protest is in order.I assume flights are coming from the Air Force bases. Any thoughts? I will never give up.

    • Carol says:

      Debra, I have noticed the same about the birds in North Western Ontario Canada. "Sparrows,Finches,Robins,Blue Jays all gone. Have counted 3 honey bees,and a few more Bumble bees,that's it. Have always had tree frogs,gone. Screech Owls at night,gone." 

  23. Cjay says:

    Dane, not sure if you are familiar with this lady (Abby Martin).  Maybe she would be willing to do an interview with you.  She has a large following.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cjay, yes, I know Abby and have communicated with her on a number of occassions. Unfortunately she is not willing to discuss this issue or openly consider the reality, it is a bad career decission ( as if that matters at this point). Anyway, she is not willing to go further.

    • Steve Parsons says:

      Cjay and Dane,

      Dane I am surprised and disapointed that Abby Martin has ( …according to your reply to Cjay) decided not to address the reality of geoengineering and how the psychopathic elites are killing humanity and planet earth.  I agree with you Dane … Abby has not helped to further her stated mission on this one … sad.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dane – How about Ben Swann?  He may be willing.  He does like to expose truths, even if controversial.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Abby Martin = antidisestablishmentarian controlled-opposition shill "gatekeeper."  One step up (or would that actually be DOWN?) from the First Lady of Corporate-Controlled-Media Gatekeepers, Amy Goodman. Think of a Millenial's version of Amy, and more nicely arrayed on-camera. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, yes, the story is the same with Amy Goodman whom I have met twice. Amy is bought and paid for by the Ford Foundation, they now tell her what she can and  can’t talk about. Amy refuses to touch the climate engineering subject.

    • Hello Cjay: I dig Abby Martin too, but she's ducking bullets already. Abby hasn't been playing the game the way her early handlers would like their game to play out… Too gorgeous to throw away… 

      Hello Dane: This person may not be your cup of tea, but he's raw, merciless, and honest about the corporate theft of American rights and liberties. He seems to have a fairly large support group, so his show might attract new geo-warriors…  

      The Pete Santilli Show

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, Pete is a definite ally in this battle, I did a show with him recently.

    • debra says:

      Thank you Dane for all your dedication. Now I understand why Amy Goodman won't touch this. I've written her three times. Very disappointed with Amy and Abby. Will keep trying different outlets. Was happy to see wake up world on board! The air so thick with spraying today, so disgusting. 

  24. Ana says:

    Excelent presentation Dane !…

    The hurricanes would help the oceans to release the heat (trapped/absorbed by  water) that then would be released to land and would make the temperatures rise at land and would make the Arctic  methane release situation worst, isn’t it? (that’s what I understood from Guy in one of his videos? My english is not like your native language…) If that´s the case isn´t  natural that somehow these hurricanes are being suppressed  by these global geoengineering programmers distorted minds in a way to not hit land  ?Yes ,that could mean more  0,0ºC above average than what is told to us ?,could mean hiding the far worst situation and killing/sacrificing  our oceans at first place to hide the true warming situation from us( Paul Becwith from ameg said that  a 5 to 6 ºC increase in a decade or two  has been triggered and the prognostics are getting worst while the time progresses) ,but soon will be no way to hide it  anymore and what they are planning to do?how they will be capable of mending the total retail they already made of clima and planet earth?They´ve been mending the clima after destroying  it with their abusing of geoengineer experiments and profits  but they continue to pretend that geoengineering programs are not real and that they would ask us permission to use geoengineering -it´s a naive belief !specially when they(at Media) say how bad it is as if they didn´t know already WHY geoengineering is not good or would do the things worst and that are the things that are happening now…

    The Arab spring started because of the bread (wheat and its price)and of the bad harvest in Russia due to the drought (Russia was their supplier ,they didn´t produced enough for intern consumption ),so when people are hungry it´s easy to sell them dreams of democracy and prosperity with hidden purposes….The resources are disappearing and soon in Europe and rest of the developed countries will have hunger  and unbearable prices of food  like was in Somalia ,saudi Arabia ,Egipt ,Libia,etc …So ,nobody is safe from what you are warning us about Dane? you are so right !…They keep distracting us ! …and you know what is the most frustrating to me is that people with responsibilities continue to "suppress" geoengineering factor from their "calculations" to how to help the world(Ameg) or from their speeches or Presentations of the "truth" (Guy MacPherson)… and most frustrating than this is that i don´t believe people enough  will ever know to do  anything about geoengineering  cause as long as it doesn´t become official news  nobody will take this in account and the "normalcy bias" will prevail till the end … people seem to  deny things in front of their eyes if they don´t hear it in official news  ,looking up seems to not be enough to who is not able to look to building 7 and to think and to see 9/11 lies or is not able to see all types of Nuclear proliferation everywhere  or even see lab tests of  measures of aluminum or nuclear radiation or solar radiation or neurological diseases epidemic,you are talking to this kind of people that think that they are very smart /very learned , and that we are just lunatics, as long as our governments will keep the silence to hide our true dire situation …

  25. Toby Dent says:

    All l know is that chemtrails have been here for many years and are getting worse. Trees are dying but they just can't leave our skies alone. When I go out I'm short of breath. Weather reports call them 'clouds.' A CBC radio announcer said 'Look at the chemtrails today' and then he said 'I mean contrails.' Not allowed to state the obvious, it looks like the US military machine is in all out war against us. Don't they realize that once everything dies off they'll no longer be in business? To top it off they're spraying monsanto chemicals. Between our food, our earth and ourselves there won't be much left. If this sounds pessimistic, it is.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Toby and All:  These "people" running the show here– call them "elites," or "TPTB," or whatever– just DO NOT HAVE THE TOOLS by which to discern that they've got a huuuuuuge problem, and that would actually be this:  "THEY CANNOT FEEL (!!!) ANYTHING."  It's a huge Achilles' Heel, in fact.  It operates exactly like an "Electro" that has pushed away it's "Magnetic" part.  No difference, except that now it continues to be endless acts of Mean-Spirited stupidity in an attempt to eradicate our Will.  "They," their minions and all the rest of The Fragmentation have either denied half of their true essence (their faculties of Feeling) or, being mere fragments, don't have the power to change anything much on their own, without the help of their more parental parts.  It's hard to know this, I don't know where I'm getting it, but I think it's becoming clear that the minions of sheep have Another Process.  We can't change that.  Too many are simply in the numb stage on the way to their total demise.  They are already gone.  That does NOT mean we're off the hook from persisting here.  The good news is that it is not going to take Every Last One of us to "wake up" to end the insanity.  My feeling? Any system that has a built-in Suicide Clause, such as the current Infinite Economic Growth Paradigm upon which the visible sky-evidenced insanity rests (yup, m-o-n-e-y, and how it "works" now), will in part take care of itself by falling apart, at least up to a point, which it can't help but do.  It is up to us to join with our Indian brothers and sisters to "dream a new dream, one that includes their and others' points of view, then work together, to be the Green Shoots of the change that we want to see.

  26. One of the hardest parts of this struggle is the loneliness. After a year of speaking with everyone I can think of I still have few who are prepared to get involved in activism. If you live anywhere near Santa Rosa Ca please email me so we can join forces. Otherwise if you live elsewhere please email me we can build an email support network to encourage and share strategies and small victories,etc. thanks to all who love and care about life! Thanks Dane for providing us with your work! My

    • Elaine Woodriff says:

      Hi Chris,
      I pasted your email address and replied to you, but got back the notice that your email address is not valid, and so my email reply to you was not sent.
      Elaine Woodriff
      Petaluma CA

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, thank you for your continued efforts in this battle in spite of the resistance you have encountered along the way. Those that have turned away from your efforts to share the truth will very soon be forced to wake, wait and see. There is a much larger current of awarness than is yet visible, we are getting ever closer to critical mass. Lets keep up our pace, every day counts. Glad to march with you in this fight Chris.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      I feel you , it's quite bizarre that the deeply beautiful people around me either glaze over or look @ me as if I'm just 'out there '  ! We aren't alone  & Dane is a big part of that !!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Yes, Chris.  I hear you.  We are not alone.

      — Dennie from the County of Marin, state of California.

  27. Irene Parousis says:

    "How simple is that?"  No Oxygen, No Life!  People are so addicted to their lifestyles they'd rather give up their breath than their brands or programs.  The conditioning is so ingrained I imagine it's like a cancer cell gone haywire.

    • michael drown says:

      Yes that "Normalcy Bias" is very robust.  But I think there will be an awakening and I hope not too late.

    • Nicole says:

      Sadly, what the people want has never mattered. They don't even consider us. Bill Gates decided years ago that poisoning human beings would make him rich beyond his sickest dreams.

      The Rockefellers of RI moved into CT and then NY starting in 1901. They owned Standard Oil, which was outcast by all of society as a brutal monopoly that resulted in the loss of jobs and deaths of so many. John D. Rockefeller called a murderer at the Ludlow massacre in 1914. They went into the 1920s buying property, remodeling the world around them including Rockefeller Center in NY. They bought up forest land by using their power and manipulation, and constructed parks where people could go, yet it kept people from expanding on what was now their land.

      Nelson Rockefeller became Gov. of NY and then attempted to take it to the Presidency but the Republican party wouldn’t have it. He was literally booed out at the convention. He returned to NY and spent all of the taxpayers money building – like a Rockefeller. 

      David Rockefeller became President of Chase Manhattan AKA JP Morgan Bank, which brought the family together with the Rothschilds. Under the false pretense of non-profit, they continued to devour America. Today they own Tejon Ranch “Conservancy” in CA, 250,000 privately owned acres of forest land which is now being partly developed into a sustainable fema camp for future peasants. You park your car, permanently. But don’t worry, there’s a Pottery Barn within easy walking distance.

      Film: The Rockefellers

      Europe’s Rockefellers are the Rothschilds. Blood diamonds, gold, stocks, art and bank takeovers based on financing war.

      Small family? No problem – join the Bilderberg Group. We’ll teach you to be a proper psychopath so you too can make squatters of the 99% Not yet ready? Join Free Masonry, learn how to play Monopoly and we’ll select you from our All Star line up.

      If you believe in morals and ethics, you can’t measure someone’s greatness based on their skill at exploiting and manipulating others, and rarely is financial power achieved without this level of criminality.

      When it's all over, please put this last Billboard up. 

      Greed kills.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I have often said to some musician colleagues, also "movers and shakers" in the anti-geoengineering awareness effort, that "When money is more important than life itself," you have got an awfully Big Problem.

  28. Malinda says:

    NOAA weather statement for Baltimore, Maryland read :"Clear with Haze" a couple of days ago.  What kind of doublespeak is that and who do think they are kidding?  NOAA now has new icons that go along with their forecasts.  When I see an undulating pattern on the clouds with a forecast for "partly cloudy", I know the sprayers will be out in force that day.  And driving to work in the morning, I often hear local radio announcers say that skies are clear when the sky is a a silvery white color.  Instead of just reading the script, they should look out the window.

    • michael drown says:

      Very well said.  I observe the exact same thing here in Ohio.  I remember as a child I spent hours on gazing at the sky making shapes of all kinds with white puffy cloud and the beautiful cobalt blue sky in the back ground. Now in the very infrequent times there is somewhat more blue sky than "haze" there will be multiple jets spraying them.

  29. Frank says:

    Dane, you are the light at the end of the tunnel. The insanity grows daily as the power structure know our time grows short. All of us have made a big difference in exposing Climate Warfare. We are the true leaders all of us who daily expose this insanity of Climate warfare. I thank you all and never give up.

  30. Katie says:

    Being a British ex-pat living in France I find the problem is, that the other British ex-pats think it's a conspiracy. Most French aren't bothered about chem-trails and cronies, they think it's natural. The most common remark is (with a stupid smirk on the face) can you proof it or where is the proof. They think that governments won't do this to people, they remarks are why would they do it. Wearing pink glasses and seeing everything in a rosy life form is the most ignorant solution. But I think 70 years of extensive brainwashing is taking now a serious effect on people 'in their blindness.

  31. scared to say says:

    What do I tell my kids 18 and 21?  They are gonna die and there is nothing they can do?  We have ecologically already passed the tipping point.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      No matter how dark the horizon is, who can say what the future will be? Who can say what factors there may be in our favor which are as of yet completely unknown to us? Life has never held any guarantees at any point in history for anyone. What matters is for all of us that are awakened to focus all of our efforts and energies in the right direction for the right reasons. It is true, all data indicates we will never again know the planet we once had in any time frame that matters, but we may yet be able to salvage a planet that supports life. In order for this to be achieved there must be a total paradigm shift. Such a shift can only happen if we abandon all fear and concentrate our efforts on the correct use of our individual free will which is the only thing any of us truly owns. If we can fully expose climate engineering, the walls of the collective insanity will crumble. Tell your children you are directly engaged in the fight to save the world, literally, and their help is needed as well. Never give up, ever.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Please don't be scared to say anything. Your kids are adults. You must inform them and recruit them to join the fight. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  32. Dane, the time has come for us all to raise our positive intuitive awareness, yes if not were all doom..
    This is totally a Global Reality

    • Anna Burke says:

      Totally agree that this is a big global problem. My brother was part of the British Antarctic Survey in the '70s. He is a Geophysicist. He thought the equipment he was given was broken due to some of the readings he was getting and sent for replacements. Same reading, and that was forty years ago! He has also noted  odd cloud formations recently and other phenomena that cannot be explained easily…unless you accept that some kind of weather manipulation is on-going!

  33. Frank Belcher says:

    I turn 80 in 2 weeks.  Neurological problems being studies by neurologist – for the past 20 years I have been condemning chemtrails -I am still a licensed multiengine pilot – many times I look up at fleets of tankers spewing out chemtrails and using 10-power binoculars on those overhead I often see the chemtrails coming out of NOZZLES on the BELLY of the aircraft just forward of the leading edge of the wings and absolutely no sign of contrails emanating from behind the engines, just white "stuff" !  Disgusting !  How stupid do  the elite rulers think we are ?  I had been a cattleman-farmer for 54 years, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in agricultural production and animal science from Univ.of California (Davis) in 1959.    Now retired, and tired of the white powder that floats down onto my vegetable garden rendering it almost totally nonproductive – my congressmen and senator tell me I have got it all wrong ! 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Frank, It was good to hear from you given your background and knowledge, and powers of observation.  I assume you live in California because of your schooling, but, do you?  The voice of real experience really counts.

      Yesterday, for the first time, I actually saw this stuff falling for the first time up close.  I am in Berkeley, CA, and I was sitting here in kitchen staring out at the hideous wall of a big house built cheaply with a cement like walls in a very faint shade of green-cement green.  Previously, more than a decade ago there was a much smaller old cottage with a wide brown edging to the roof and against it, I watched the rain fall often, such that I actually felt I saw how wind sheer works, studying the rain in wind.  Now that this "new" big wall is about all I can see out kitchen window, when contemplating something I'm reading, I stare out it and to my horror, actually saw the crap falling.  I was stunned.  It was very fine, and at first I thought drizzle, or what they are now calling mizzle.  Looked like more than mizzle to me, I'd been out for much of the day and it was hot, no rain expected, needless to say.  But there it was.  Looked white against background.  So I looked out at the street from the window to my right, looking for any signs of wetness, even if faint.  But no.  Like a trainwreck, I could not stop watching this.  It was almost sunset, not a lot more time to watch, and it just kept coming.  This with my naked eyes.  Which are good now thanks to lens implants.  Today, I stare again, nothing, but I keep trying to imagine I'm seeing it, try to distort my eyes, try to come up with something else to explain it, but no.  I've been following and active about all this for many years, but never saw this before.  Despite being informed, I am shocked, just shocked.  This was one heck of a lot of steady whatever falling.  I can't be the only one who saw this.  Horrifying, despite knowing about, seeing it like that, and right over my garden to boot-but it had to be everywhere around here.

    • Laure says:

      Rachel, in Rotterdam, Holland I saw yesterday the same: small particles falling, easy detectable by the eye, no wet streets. Appalling !

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Our representative to Congress out here in Marin County is generally aiming in the right direction but the kind of responses I get back from his office whenever I've sent requests to open up a public discussion and educational process regarding what's happening right over our heads, in plain sight and literally hitting us right in the face, are just dismissive "explanations" of what I'm actually seeing– and this guy's an environmental lawyer– ??  Have these people actually been threatened?

    • Richard says:

      Rachel, after the sun goes down, if you dare, take a strong flashlight outside and point it towards the sky. Just don't breath deeply when you see what is falling. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Rachel, I have seen that for a several years now.  We have a dark building about 20m from our kitchen window, and as I write, clear(?) blue sky and 'drizzle' can be seen between us and building.

  34. Get the scientists to talk.

  35. Marty Snitkin says:

    Thank you for working to bring this problem to light.  Much appreciated.

    • Lucas says:

      Mizzle? I see it too! Whenever it starts to rain, it'll come down , looking like snow but finer particles and falls more whismically . 
      I've done the flashlight test. I dont know how humans can live breathing this stuff! Does anyone know anything about it clogging intestines or causing internal obstructions? Also – has anyone heard of "throat stones" and how they may be connected to the aerosol fallout. I think everyones got those two symptoms in some degree more than others. 

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