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Hello , This is Dane Wigington with another installment of weather update for the week of January 12 2014.

As expected the extreme temperature rebound came to parts of the east as the completely engineered jet stream manipulated cool down earlier in the week, labeled the “polar vortex” fizzled out. Over the course of only a few days temperatures shot back up some 50 degrees in many places.


In New York, where the all time high temperature record was shattered by 10 degrees only a couple of weeks back, the temps are yet again went way above normal in the last two days as almost 60 degree weather with rain followed the record cold that was temporarily inflicted by the military/geoengineering/ industrial complex.

Something to keep in mind about these short “cool downs, often there is only a very shallow layer of cold air at the surface from these engineered events, not at all the natural historical and lasting “cold spells” of years now past. In recent days Billings Montana was back in the 50 degree range, also far above normal. The absolutely total disruption of the earths climate systems continue to manifest on countless fronts.

California had yet another chance of rain completely “sprayed away”. The total precipitation from this storm for parts of Northern California where I live was only a few hundredths of an inch, the weather makers absolutely will not let the rain fall in our state for now. To give prospective to this my location is now some 250 inches short of rain for the last 7 years, that’s over 20 feet of rain. In contrast to the intentionally induced California drought, on Friday Palm Beach Florida got pounded with almost 24 inches of rain. Almost 2 feet of rain in a single day. This is geoengineering, this is literally “weather warfare”.


A quick update on conditions down under, record shattering warmth continues in Australia, Tasmania, and many parts of South America. Parts of Australia are hovering with high temperatures well into the 120 degree range. Totally out of control wildfires are wreaking havoc all over the land down under including in Tasmania where such fires were unheard of not long ago. Parts of south America that have never had a history of fires are not also ablaze.

Australian Bureau of Metereology temperature mapAustralia’s meteorologists were yesterday forced to create a new weather chart as they prepared for the worst wildfires on record


How about the Arctic? Recently there were temperature anomalies of as much as 40 degrees above normal throughout the Arctic circle. The more the climate engineers spray, the more water deficits there will be. Water wars are now ensuring around the globe as the weather wars continue.


The constant spraying radically reduces overall evaporation and thus overall global precipitation. The toxic shroud of sprayed heavy metals continues to expand all over the globe. The good news is the Direct TV is likely dumping the Weather Channel from its programing. The Rothschild paid liars get the boot, perhaps people are fed up with the ‘weather theater” that tries to hide geoengineering.

Stand up, speak out, you may not have the chance for long.

This is Dane Wigington.



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