Global Geoengineering – The Ever Changing Experiment


It is a challenge to predict the outcome of experiments that are being constantly altered. The saturation of the atmosphere with particles has specific and well documented effects. It forces a complete disruption of the hydrological cycle with a tendency toward CAUSING DROUGHT overall. 

Dane Wigington

Numerous geoengineering patents state the expressed goal of creating artificial cloud cover by spraying nano particles of aluminum, barium, and other heavy metals into the stratosphere and/or troposphere.The ongoing saturation of the atmosphere with these moisture absorbing nano particles (desiccants) has created protracted drought in many regions around the globe. Blocking a percentage of the suns’ direct rays (GLOBAL DIMMING) is an expressed goal of the geoengineers.  However, if the sprayed materials change, if the size of the particulates change, if the atmosphere becomes too overly saturated with moisture, or if there is a temporary reduction in the spraying, the outcome changes. Regions that have been experiencing years of protracted drought, can flip to constant deluge or vice versa. Nothing can be set in stone in regard to the ever changing experiment of global geoengineering. Currently, the WESTERN US IS LOCKED IN PROTRACTED DROUGHT while the much of the eastern US is receiving record rain. Moisture that should have fallen in the west is, in effect, migrated east by constant spraying of geoengineering particulates. Much of this moisture eventually comes down in the eastern US. Some of the areas in the east that are now receiving record rain had record drought only a year ago. Europe is also experiencing “weather whiplash”, the DROUGHT AND FLOOD SCENARIO.

Changing Conditions

Though many still wish to argue the cause, the planet is getting warmer, and fast. As the planet warms, the atmosphere carries more water vapor. No matter how strong the drought causing effects of atmospheric nano particle particulates, DELUGES WILL INCREASE in conjunction with a warmer planet.

Atmospheric particulates and 911

The effect of the constant spraying of the atmosphere was truly REVEALED IN THE DAYS AFTER 9/11. The grounding of air traffic allowed a very unique opportunity to document profound atmospheric changes. There was an immediate increase in the clarity of the skies over the continental US, the daytime high temperatures rose significantly, and the nightime lows dropped significantly. This is exactly what would be expected with the temporary halting of the global geoengineering programs over our air space.

What Do They Have “Scheduled” For Our Weather?

The Global power structure owned “Weather Channel” has just released the long term forecast for the next three months (summer 2013). What do they have planned for the continental US? More of the same, or worse.

Blanket spraying of the Eastern Pacific off of the US west coast continues day in and day out. Any moisture that manages to make it over land gets heavily sprayed, greatly reducing the potential of precipitation in the Western US. If the constant spraying continues, protracted drought will only worsen in the west and the deluges in other parts of the Eastern US will continue. In the last 7 years, the exact location in Northern California where I live is almost 200 inches short of the precipitation that should have been received over this time period based on historical averages. The historical average in my location is 69 inches annually, we have received an average of about 40 inches a year during the last 7 years. The decrease in rainfall has correlated closely with an increase in the intensity and frequency of the aircraft spraying of our skies and off of the US west coast in the pacific.

The Bottom Line

Geoengineering is truly wreaking havoc with the earths climate systems, decimating the atmosphere, and saturating the entire surface of the planet with toxic metals and chemicals. Though the whole spectrum of human activity has done great damage to the environment and climate system, global geoengineering is the elephant in the room which is doing the most damage of all. Scientists and environmentalists seem all too willing to ignore or deny geoengineering, and the public at large has been blind to it due to constant media and societal conditioning. Its high time to break the mold of denial on this most critical issue, all is at stake.

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7 Responses to Global Geoengineering – The Ever Changing Experiment

  1. Anoymous says:

    What a shame this is for everything on the planet.

  2. Rina van der Merwe says:

    We have to start with ourselves. Chemtrails supports the signal for Wi-Fi and Smart Phones. The iCloud and Pseudo Clouds/ electro-magnetic fog goes hand in hand.Steve Jobs is the last on my list of heroes.Give up your cellphone if you want to take the first step in making a difference.We are buying into the trap which has been set for us.The profits which are made by cellphone companies are being used to poison us and our Natural World. Cellphone towers are true weapons of mass destruction.People are not intouch with Nature, their noses are constantly pointing towards the screens of their iPads.

  3. Karen F. says:

    It is so great to hear these kind of comments from others. Not that I like what is happening to our planet, but it gives me some hope to know people like you guys are out there.

    I am so sorry to hear what you are going through with your kids. That must be very frustrating.
    This PROVES our education system is corrupt and only there to keep people thoughts controlled. How can the children learn common sense thinking in an environment that is so limited their only function is to perpetuate the lies?

    I live in the far northern part of CA and we are having a crazy dry period. Trees are dying. Wildlife is suffering. We have dwarf deer now.

    We have been observing the increase in spraying over the last 6 years or so. During that period is when we started to see the changes to the deer and other creatures that share this place with us. It was such a relief to find this site and know that others were asking the same questions as us.

    We don’t feel like we can let them continue this harmful experiment another day. This destruction has gone on too long. The changes to the environment are way too much.

    Accountability for the destruction the spraying has caused is needed RIGHT NOW. The spraying must stop. The experiment has failed.

    How can these scientists look at all the beautiful creatures on this planet and do things to change their habitat to this extent? I have been looking at pics of the wildlife Australia and New Zealand. How can they feel okay about the destruction this spraying is causing?

    It brings me to my knees.

  4. Kristie says:

    “It is easier to fool the people, than convince them they have been fooled.” – Mark Twain
    Sad, but true.
    I live in the Coachella Valley, Southern most part of California, Palm Springs area. Since Oct. 31, 2012 our valley has been dumped on, almost daily. Our skies are gray, the wind blows, NO rain, and I’ve lived here 26 years and it is COLD. I photograph the chemtrails and am forced to come inside because I begin to caugh and my eyes dry and my contacts solidify. Drs. come out and offer free medical clinics now. I read a Science Journal Report by John Hopkins and Rutgers University re; geoengineering with aerosol Sulfer Dioxide and was horrified. What scares me even more is the fact that I seem to be the only one who notices the 9 jets overhead, the chemicals falling… when I bring it up, I am called a conspiracy theorist. My Highschool children’s teachers told my kids I was crazy, that they were merely clouds or contrails, my kids believe their teachers. I think this an outrage. Play God all you want, BUT LEAVE MY PLANET AND THE AIR I BREATH, THE WATER I DRINK, MY HEALTH, MY KIDS AND MY FREEDOM to live as I choose, out of your sick power games. This is in direct violation of UN Treaties WE DID SIGN as it will cause drought and devastation to India, China and Africa and MILLIONS are going to suffer globally and we are NOT to HARM other countries like this. THE LIES we are being fed is astounding. And I don’t understand why WE ARE ALLOWING the wealthy few to remain this powerful. HOW DO WE CONVINCE people to OPEN their EYES and their HEARTS? BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. This planet may be the only heaven we will ever know and we seem HELL bent on destroying it as fast as we can. IF we remain this ignorant, we do not deserve this planet. We rape and plunder, consume and devour, and I wonder, does any one really care? Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    • wolvenwood says:

      Kristie: you may feel like you’re alone, but remember that you aren’t. There are many of us who know and understand the danger. Sulfur dioxide is the worst idea ever dreamed up by the power-hungry elites. My husband, an award-winning biologist taught at one of the 2 top public schools in America. As far back as 1980, he taught everything he knew to be true about global warming, which is pretty much all the horror stories you read on sites such as this one. We’ve seen the spraying every single day – it isn’t natural to have 30 big white stripes across the sky, maybe you can show them pictures? Do these teachers never look up at the sky? Few people understand the seriousness of our situation right now. We have very little time left, if any. The Arctic will be ice-free very soon, possibly by next summer; then we will find out if the Venus syndrome is possible or not but by then it will be too late. At this point, I’m just praying for a quick end to all this and that the only ones who suffer are those who thought up and implemented these evil schemes. Hell is too good for them.

  5. Stephen King says:

    I think if you look at this trend toward desertification on a global scale you will find every continent on the globe is suffering the same fate, certainly Australia with its desert centre and coastal green belt and New Zealand a place of traditional high percipitation.

  6. TERESITA LAO says:

    I am compelled to educate my family, friends, church and everyone i could reach regarding this biggest lie the globalist have been preaching.

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