Helping The Geoengineers To Sell Geoengineering – Updated Jan 4 2014.


When alternative news sites and their followers jump up and down about “global cooling”, the geoengineers must be opening bottles of champaign to celebrate their success and the efforts of their newly recruited “sales staff”, many of whom are actually anti-geoengineering activists.To push conclusions of “global cooling” because of one very spun data set, without knowing or understanding the true picture or taking into account the effect of ongoing geoengineering on the climate, is to help the geoengineers sell their trade to politicians and leaders around the globe. It seems a great many people are not taking this into account. The same people also don’t appear to be spending the time to actually investigate the relevant facts on the ground relating to the supposed “global cooling”.
Dane Wigington

So What Are The Facts? – Updated January 4 2014
Updated information for this article is below, these are only a few of the stories corporate media is no longer talking about. It is essential to understand agendas have changed as the climate continues to unravel and the geoengineers fuel the process. We must all be discerning, we must all learn to “sift the baby from the bathwater”. If stopping geoengineering is the goal, thats what we should focus on while remembering the massive effect climate engineering is already having on the climate, overall, the planet is absolutely not cooling, though that is the picturet the geoengineers and corporate media has now decided to paint.Who is spending almost a billion dollars to have media show us the engineered cold areas and then ignore the record warm areas?


*NOTE.Click map to see the full view of the NASA information.

Global temperature map, deviation from normal temperatures. Note where the geoengineering focus is most centered, the cool regions in Canada and the eastern USA.

NASA GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Absolutely no “pause” in global warming

November 2013 was 345 consecutive month of above average global temperatures. (almost 29 years)

November 2013 the warmest November ever recorded

Record breaking heat wave hits east coast December 2013

2013 is hottest year ever recorded in Austrailia

Record warmth in Alaska
End of January 4, 2014 Update

Geoengineering The Poles, 24/7
Geoengineers Increase Ice Surface Area, While “Ice Mass” Continues To Shrink due to ever warming oceans.In spite of all the rants about recent “global cooling, 2013 was one of the lowest Arctic ice extent years ever recorded.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 8.39.21 PM

Though constant massive geoengineering assaults have managed to slightly and temporarily increase the Arctic ice surface area, the “volume/mass” of the ice is the bottom line.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 10.46.03 AM

The volume/mass is at record lows, even lower than last years (2012) record smashing ice melt.

Recent studies show the ice in Antarctica is melting rapidly from underneath. The plunging ice volume/mass in the Arctic indicates the same scenario there. This means that no matter how much the geoengineers cover the poles with constant spraying and chemical ice nucleation, they can only increase the ice “extent/surface area” temporarily and at a huge cost to the rest of the planet and its life support systems, while the total ice volume/mass continues to decline from the ever warming oceans below.

Are sprayed aerosols of artificial/chemical ice nucleation materials playing a part in the slightly expanded but still near record low Arctic ice “surface area extent”?

What about the rest of the planet, is it getting colder?

Are glaciers around the globe growing or shrinking?

How much of the sun is being blocked out by global geoengineering atmospheric aerosols? (labeled as “pollution”, no one is yet directly admitting to the aircraft spraying no matter how visible and obvious)

Is jet stream manipulation by the geoengineers also playing a part in the ever increasing weather chaos?

Is all this climate manipulation causing unintended and catastrophic side effects to the planet and the climate?


Even with the geoengineers throwing everything they have at blocking the sun with their toxic spraying, even with 22% or more of the suns direct rays being blotted out, even with the constant jet stream manipulation by HAARP installations and the geoengineers, even with the constant artificial/chemical ice nucleation, and even with apparent across the board data/temperature falsification to the down side, there is no hiding the fact that the planet is still warming rapidly. In fact, all available data indicates that though the geoengineers can and do create large scale short term cooling events, their utterly insane programs are making the climate/warming scenario far worse overall for the long run.

Lets not help the geoengineers sell their trade of planetary decimation by jumping to unsupportable conclusions in their favor. We all have a responsibility to do legitimate investigation before making up our minds due to preconceptions, bias, and spun data. The massive global geoengineering programs have very real effects. From the profoundly high percentage of direct sunlight being blocked by the sprayed reflective particulates, (global dimming),

To the constant artificial/chemical nucleation of precipitation which creates geoengineered snow storms.

There is virtually no natural weather at this point. The geoengineers decide who gets rain, who gets snow, who not, and how much.The entire global climate system has been radically altered by those in power at unquantifiable cost to all life on Earth. Our priority should be to work together on the task of exposing and stopping geoengineering instead of arguing about the climate. Only when global geoengineering is stopped can we truly have a clear understanding in regard to the current state of the climate system.

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One Response to Helping The Geoengineers To Sell Geoengineering – Updated Jan 4 2014.

  1. James says:

    Thank you Dane for writing a comprehensive summary, with links, of the global warming controversy and touching on the baseline facts; glaciers receding and polar ice sheets melting, and the historic 5,000 year high in global temperature change. The facts are, the arctic passage sea lane is opening to ocean going ship traffic two months of the year, Greenland is melting, Antarctica is melting from underneath, the arctic circle permafrost is melting, and pacific marine life is migrating northward. Meanwhile, in the midst of the planet’s epoch eco-cataclysm our friends at CNN play over and over March Of The Penguins, subtly reassuring us that it’s business as usual in Mother Nature’s domain, brainwashing us into a false sense of security – like singing a lullaby to a child being carried into a gas chamber.

    We need to bind together as a united front in an unbroken chain of hands. The cooling-warming saw is divisive. While there are many ways to spin the data, the immense global changes we are seeing are screaming meltdown. All of us need to find true north by reasoning, by using common sense, and do it in concert with the blatantly obvious factual situation of a planet in ACCERATING meltdown. There is no time to argue the politics of right verses left. People need to think on the reality that a world power has in effect high-jacked the world’s atmosphere, our air, and that society is intent on ignoring this fact, everywhere. Governments and scientists and academics openly lie about it, our friends don’t want to hear about it. They are in denial, heads in the sand. A wall of denial which is unreal, unfathomable to those of us with the eyes to see.

    I believe we must form a collective mind, keep our heads about us, and have the resolve to stay the course. We are fighting for our lives, and all life in this battle. It’s not something we can do part-time. On the contrary, we are immersed in it. It’s consuming us. This current assault of weather that has most of North America in the deep freeze, is a perfect example. I just went outside a minute ago, whatever that stuff is falling, it’s not anything that I’m familiar with in my 60 years. They say the Inuit, have over fifty-five words for snow. I’ll bet this stuff falling from my sky isn’t any one of them.

    Thanks again for your piece. It’s a strong lantern glowing in the deepening fog. We all need to seek the truth of what is going on about us, and as you say, there is little time left, the climate is unraveling.

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