Mainstream French Newspaper Covers Toxic Climate Engineering Fallout


Our gratitude to the mainstream media in France for covering what US corporate media won’t, the ongoing climate engineering and the toxic fallout it produces. The article below was translated for For the original article in French, click the source link. Just as the article covers, many in the US have also seen the cobweb like filaments that occasionally litter the landscape after heavy jet spraying. I have tested some of the filament samples at the state certified lab and they were largely composed of aluminum. Unless spiders are using aluminum to weave their webs, this phenomenon is clearly a result of the aerosol spray operations. The occasional occurrences of the filament fallout are likely the result of a malfunction on the spraying equipment with specific aircraft. Many have reported becoming ill after handling this material. If we all keep pulling together in the battle to shine the light on the geoengineering nightmare in our skies, soon enough the US media will be forced into covering what they have tried so hard to hide.
Dane Wigington

Strange Filaments Falling From The Sky Analyzed By A Laboratory In Var (French Southern Region)



In Cuers (small city from the Var) filaments samples were passed to the mass spectrometer to analyze their composition. Luc Boutria

To understand their theory, you simply need to look up to the sky and observe. There’s a good chance that you come across one of those “beautiful” white trails left by jet-planes.Conspiracy theory, reactors residues … Individuals and organizations are questioning the discovery of white filaments. A laboratory in Var (French southern region) reveals that these filaments are not natural …

As good Gauls, we still fear that the sky may fall on our heads. This fear is justified, if one refers to the opinion of some individuals and an association, the ACSEIPICA *.

These long trails which run across the sky – which are called chemtrails ** in English – would contain strange whitish and sticky filaments, “airborne filaments” which disperse in nature … or in your garden!

These surprising discoveries on plants have attracted the worried attention of the people in the Var, as well as everywhere around France, who collected samples for analysis. At the lead you find the “AnAlytikA laboratory” in Cuers whose latest results on the composition of these mysterious filaments falling from the sky predict the worst in terms of public health.

Other scientists highlight the fact that condensation trails which can be observed at high altitudes of about 10,000 meters disappear quickly. While chemtrails appear at lower altitudes between 2,000 and 5,000 meters and disappear very slowly … Worrisome, indeed. (worrisome) To the point of constituting the subject of a “questioning” at the National Assembly by the end of year 2013.

In Cuers however people seem to stay away from the military-complex/governmental conspiracy theory which speaks of spraying desigbed for climate control, demographics control, or even “chemical warfare military researches” …

Yet some associations fear that we are the victims of risky experiences. A new X-Files season?

* Citizens Association for the Monitoring, Study and Information about the Programs of Atmospheric Climate Manipulations. ** Neologism built with the contraction of the English word “chemical trail” or “trail of chemicals.”


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  1. Cassandra Anderson says:

    This is dire and people need to confront this rather than run bury their heads or forget about it. It seems on Facebook people would rather make little snippets than take any real action against these geoengineering schemes. Everyone needs to get to work–NOW. I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the phone with a senior aid from one of my Senator’s office. You really have to push to get to the right people and you can’t be in a hurry. But when you finally do get them they will usually listen to you. She has promised a return phone call after investigating this site and doing some water testing.

  2. Jane says:

    Depopulation program

    Why does WHO have a patent on the Ebola Virus

  3. Blue Sky Lover says:

    Andrew, how do I get your e-mails you are mentioning? where are you at?
    I’d like to hear more of what you say…

  4. cherylee wilcox says:

    It’s a depopulation program

  5. Jonny says:

    I was down in the south west of France in the month of June , and witnessed blatantly obvious spraying over the coast line… It was heartbreaking to see a beautiful blue clear sky being sprayed. What’s left to do!? The minority aren’t being heard… Governments are acting with impunity…

  6. andrew says:

    My 10th email titled “Cold Clouds, Hot Sun, Grey Glaciers

    Cold Clouds
    Noticed how cold it feels when some clouds pass above you?

    Cold ‘sludge’ clouds are created by several methods: one is to spray a mixture of Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate (they freeze on contact), another is to spray cloned bacterial DNA segments (E Coli) for ice nucleation.
    Obviously cold air from these clouds sinks, so we think it is much cooler than it really is.

    For other examples please see the following patents: The Kollenberg Patent
    and The Weather Modification Patent by Royal Rainmaking Technology

    Hot Sun
    Noticed how ‘hot’ the sun feels?

    There is now a massive ozone hole in the Northern Hemisphere (and a rapidly growing one in Southern Hemisphere). This is allowing lethal levels of UVB and UVC to reach earth, hence the rapidly increasing cases of skin cancer etc.

    Grey Glaciers
    Much of Greenland’s ice sheet is grey and diminishing rapidly:

    Headlines released on 4 Sept 2014 from frontline arctic scientists are the most dire yet.

    On the current trajectory there will be NO LIFE left on the planet by the middle of this century.

    What is not mentioned in these headlines is that there will probably be a total end of life in the Northern Hemisphere much sooner.

    When the Arctic ice cap finally melts towards the end of next year, the Arctic sea will be aggressively heated by the sun and the Gulf Stream.

    Under these circumstances Great Britain and Europe must expect even more catastrophic storm systems, hurricane force winds and massive flooding after the end of next year due to a further acceleration in the energy transport of the Gulf Stream.

    If this process continues unchecked the mean temperature of the atmosphere will rise a further 8° centigrade and we will be facing global deglaciation, a more than 200 feet rise in sea level rise, and a major terminal extinction event by the 2050′s.

    (Actually it will probably be much sooner – caused by a serious arctic methane ‘burp’ aka “Dragons Breath”).

    Famous quote
    “The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it” Albert Einstein.

    Future emails will include:

    observations on covert atmospheric spraying (their tactics have changed in the last few weeks – this has been noticed globally)
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    Arctic methane
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    what effect is this spraying already having on us
    our forests are dying, our seas are dying, our biosphere is dying

    P.S. And now we have the “scarier than ISIS” terrorist group Khorasan. Guess what, that is the ancient name of Parthia in Iran, so we will probably have an excuse to bomb Iran as well.

  7. Sweden says:

    “Viva la Wigington”

  8. Sweden says:

    “Viva la France”

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