New Science Study Comes Closer To Disclosing The Catastrophic Health And Environmental Consequences Of Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

The walls of the power structure are beginning to buckle, those that have served the power brokers are beginning to respond to their own instinct of self survival. The University of Michigan Department of  Environmental Health Sciences has just published a Science study, "Assessing The Direct Occupational And Public Health Impacts Of Solar Radiation Management With Stratospheric Aerosols" (excerpts from this study later in this article).

Climate engineering is weather warfare, nothing less. The highly toxic materials being used in the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying programs all settle down through the air column, this makes geoengineering a form of biological warfare as well. Unimaginable and irreparable decimation is being inflicted on the biosphere and the entire web of life by the ongoing climate modification SRM programs. How long can the insanity in our skies continue without the consequences to the Earth and the human race becoming total? Geoengineering programs are wreaking havoc on the planet from every direction, including being the primary driver of the ever increasing record droughts and forest fires.

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 Šiauliai, Lithuania. Photo credit: Zenonas Mockus

It must be understood that no peer reviewed science publications that openly admit to the ongoing geoengineering programs will be allowed by the power structure controlled institutions. The tentacles of this control are vast beyond true comprehension, penetrating and permeating every imaginable organization. This being said, many within these organizations (that have gone along with the insanity so far in order to safeguard their own financial interests) are beginning to realize they are also going to go down with the ship. Some are now whispering the truth in the shadows. The excerpts below are from the study in question that was just published on January 19, 2016.

Although much is being done to unravel the scientific and technical challenges around geoengineering, there have been few efforts to characterize the potential human health impacts of geoengineering, particularly with regards to SRM approaches involving stratospheric aerosols.

This paper explores this information gap. Using available evidence, we describe the potential direct occupational and public health impacts of exposures to aerosols likely to be used for SRM, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum, and aluminum oxide aerosols. We speculate on possible health impacts of exposure to one promising SRM material, barium titanate, using knowledge of similar nano materials.

Our analysis suggests that adverse public health impacts may reasonably be expected from SRM via deployment of stratospheric aerosols.

This paper will focus on SRM via stratospheric aerosol injection, and will describe potential direct human health impacts. We explore three knowledge gaps: 1) human exposures, 2) human health impacts, and 3) exposure limits. SRM may be expected to result in ecosystem damage and resulting human health effects through indirect mechanisms such as damage to, or contamination of, agricultural products and wildlife.

Sulfates and nanoparticles currently favored for SRM include sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide, black carbon, and specially engineered discs composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate.


Knoxville, Tennessee. Photo credit: Marla Stair-Wood

Population exposures

Due to atmospheric circulation and gravitational deposition, large-scale population exposures to atmospherically-injected SRM materials will almost certainly occur after their deployment. Population exposures could also occur through ingestion of food and water contaminated with deposited particles, as well as transdermally. Unlike occupational exposures, there has been virtually no research done to estimate ground-level personal exposures to SRM materials… 

No models appear to have estimated the potential global burden of environmental aluminum, alumina or barium titanate that might result from SRM.

… population exposures to SRM materials will be continuous and prolonged over months to years… Thus the health effects will be primarily chronic in nature.

In humans, and in particular asthmatics, increases in specific airway resistance or decreases in forced expiratory volume or forced expiratory flow are the primary response following acute exposure…

Aluminum is never found free in nature, and instead forms metal compounds, complexes, or chelates including aluminum oxide. Aluminum and aluminum oxide do not appear to differ in toxicity. Wheezing, dyspnea, and impaired lung function, as well as pulmonary fibrosis, have been noted…

Dilation and hypertrophy of the right side of the heart have been seen in workers exposed to aluminum powder, as have decreased red blood cell hemoglobin and finger clubbing. Helper T-lymphocyte alveolitis and blastic transformation of peripheral blood lymphocytes in the presence of soluble aluminum compounds in vitro were found in an individual exposed to aluminum dust.

In general, exposures to barium salts are associated with respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, metabolic and neurologic effects.

For public exposures – which would likely be widespread following SRM efforts – the EPA, European Environmental Agency (EEA), and World Health Organization specify regulatory standards for ambient air quality. Importantly, tables show a very small sampling of air quality standards in use around the world that relate to potential SRM materials, of which the WHO standards may be considered most generalizable globally. Exposure limits differ substantially between these agencies, but, more importantly, there are currently no limits set by any of these agencies for most of the substances that may be used for SRM.

The inconsistencies in established exposure limits for both occupational and community settings, combined with the absence of any exposure limits for a number of potential SRM materials, highlight the issues involved in protecting workers and the public from unintended health consequences resulting from SRM deployment.

The substantial potential exposures and subsequent health impacts associated with SRM efforts based on stratospheric aerosols must be considered further before any attempts are made at SRM .

Since exposures will inherently be global in nature, exposure limits must be harmonized to ensure that individuals around the world are given equal protection from adverse health effects. Global harmonization of standards related to SRM represents an immense but necessary bureaucratic and scientific challenge, and an important step towards establishing a formal governance framework for geoengineering.

very little has been done to describe the potential human health impacts of this emerging disruptive technology.

Though this study does not openly admit to the fact that global climate engineering has been deployed for decades (with unquantifiable and catastrophic impacts), the study does address the obvious, inarguable, and horrific dangers in the most direct fashion I have yet seen from an institutional science publication. The cancer that has controlled the world for so long is losing its grip, the cracks in the dam are widening rapidly. Coming legal actions will further fuel the exposure of those behind the curtain, along with their ongoing crimes against humanity and the environment. When studies like the one above are combined with the mountain of existing data (which prove atmospheric spraying and climate engineering have been going on for some 70 years), the dangers posed by the geoengineering/SRM elephant in the room become impossible to rationally deny. From historical US Senate studies, to half-century old presidential reports, to extensive patents lists and undeniable film footage of atmospheric spraying, proof of the ongoing climate engineering reality is there for any who do objective investigation. Now, more than ever, we must all keep up our stride in the all important battle to expose and halt the greatest and most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm, global climate engineering. All of us are needed to help with sounding the alarm.

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  1. Bob says:

    It is quite obvious that we are gaining speed. The Deployment of the SRM program is in full force. Go outside and listen. 

    If you think that the planes up there are doing you a favor.


    Think Again.

  2. Angelica says:

    Although it takes time, eventually more of the public will Awaken to THE FACT of SRM/SRG that in the (above atmosphere) are falling out over the people that reside where the Geoengineering modified weather is being done. Let it be known that the most of the Public are unaware of these actions that are being done on almost on a daily basis. Although the perpetrators have been doing this for decades and have the legal rights to do this because of their patents and the Law that escorts them to do it, the fact remains, that this demonstrates the ignorance of society in a whole and their Unwillingness to stand up and say:

    Enough is Enough, and we are Not Going To Take it Anymore. 

    One has to be very, very, very ignorant of just plain right Dumb or Blind not to acknowledge what is going on in a disrespectful manner (Noisy Non Stop Air Traffic) spewing (Coal Fly Ash and different ingredients) that the SRM chemical aerosol  spray over their heads, in plain site.

    I personally get sick coughing and don't feel good when this Geoengineering is being done.

    People accept what they are being told and fed and that is a Darn right Shame.

    Shame on each and everyone that engages is these cowardly acts of deceiving the public into believing that this is to counteract Global Warming which is not being disclosed to the Public from Main Steam Media (TV).

    The truth is out there. 

    Don't be deceived.

    Educate Yourself


  3. jmorpuss says:

    Is the wireless electromagnetic radiation industries going to deny this in the 21st century  , the same way tobacco did in the 20th century

  4. Craig B. Hulet describing the reason for the Navy Seal “invasion” here in the Pacific Northwest.
    @ 0:48:48   -through-   0:54:37

  5. BIOWEAPON! Zika Virus Is Being Spread by GMO Mosquitoes Funded by Gates! /Jan 27, 2016  /

    * The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil could be linked to the release into the wild of genetically modified mosquitoes in recent field trials in Brazil funded by the Bill and Gates Foundation, it has emerged.  Video & links here:

    • "The Level Of Alarm Is Extremely High" As Zika "Spreading Explosively" WHO Warns
      Zero Hedge/Tyler Durden 01/28/2016
      …today the head of the World Health Organization delivered a very stern warning when she said that the Zika virus, a mosquito-borne pathogen that may cause birth defects when pregnant women are infected, has been “spreading explosively” in South and Central America.   Bloomberg adds that according to Chan researchers are working to determine the exact link between the virus and birth defects such as microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and potential developmental problems. “The possible links, only recently suspected, have rapidly changed the risk profile of Zika, from a mild threat to one of alarming proportions,” Chan told members of the WHO executive board in Switzerland.  …there is no vaccine and it could take years before one is available.

    • Dennie says:

      Bio warfare and weather warfare are the same thing; they both twist nature to suit the evil, nefarious agendas of the Corporate-Military-Congressional Money Masters who believe that "winning" means killing everything that isn't "them."  Good luck winning, kiddies.

      Bill Gates IS a megalomaniacal ONE-MAN PLAGUE on humankind.  Worse than any virus.  Worse than cancer. 

  6. San Miguel Co, CO says:

    It appears to the sheep today that we have a great textbook Colorado blue sky day.  But they aren't seeing the whole picture.  The air and sky is completely saturated with miniscule metalic fiber-like things.  When blocking the sun with my hand or a tree I can see millions of these things falling from the sky.  I went and sat in a chair with my hand out and waited.  Several of these metallic fiber things were on my hand.  Anyone else see this and seen them up close?  They continue to rain down at this moment.  Southwest Colorado WAKE UP!  No one wants to know.  No one around here cares.  They only want a new Subaru, skis, and a vacation.  I'm getting so sick of this.  Everyday I try to inform people and they just don't want to know…anything.  Thanks Dane.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “San Miguel Co”, Don’t be discouraged at “those that don’t want to know”, you are still planting a seed of awareness that will very soon be forced to sprout as the walls close in. Face to the wind, lets all continue our march in this most critical battle.

    • donna ford says:

      San Miguel, Here just south of Santa Fe NM same thing except have not seen the fibers, tho small flecks so thick it amazes. I like you have been trying to tell people on line in chats on news web sites. 2 years ago I was mocked, this year no one mocks me they are silent, I think they are scared to death of what is plainly visible.Anyone that has lived in Co/NM for any length of time knows what our glorious sky used to look like and the change is horrifying  I have an in your face bumper sticker on my truck and wear some great tee shirts and all anti geoengineering. I got the stickers and tees at cafe press on the net if anyone wants to know. I don't wear logo clothes but I will wear these tees with great hope that it may wake someone. Please don't give up trying to awaken the public, it is a morally righteous thing to do.


    • Robert says:

      I have found that nobody wants to talk about the chemtrails, morgellons, harrp etc… It causes me to suspect that people are possibly under some sort of mind control. Sounds far out however the truth is stranger than fiction.


    • Gramma telford says:

      I know, it is very frustrating…..I am in Canada and see this every day and only a very few care or believe what is really happening up in our skies…

    • Vinny says:

      Loveland colorado here. You're not alone.

  7. Abigail says:

    THANK YOU, DANE! You are truly in a battle with this governmental injustice. Sharing with Russ Tanner's Orbis Vitae. PRESS ON! Prayers are with you. "If God be for us who can be against us?"  Their day will soon end. They will be sorry!  Yes, Jehovah looks down from the heavens and laughs. WHY? Because He knows and sees the ignorance of these people. Press on!  Blessings be upon you, Dane, and your family.

  8. BaneB says:

    The mystery of flight AA109:  1/27/16

    Flight AA109, a Boeing 777-300, left Heathrow for Los Angeles but was forced to return to Heathrow due to half the flight crew becoming dizzy and several fainted. A number of passengers also became dizzy.  The flight was about 1,600 miles into a 5,500 mile distance to L.A.  AA109 was just off the coast of Iceland and could have landed there but instead flew 1,600 miles return to London.  The passengers were kept onboard while a fireman/health worker took air samples.  According to those on board there was a "burning smell."  The possible considerations released for why the crew and passengers became ill are as follows:

    1.  Problem in gallery

    2.  Fault with air conditioning pack

    3.  Something in a passenger's bag

    4.  Human psychology

    The missing consideration does not mention anything about air quality outside the aircraft.  The plane might well have flown through a geoengineered trail or a cloud of aerosols.  Another consideration seems fair to suggest they inhaled a methane burp, not enough to ignite but to cause dizziness.  I don't think methane has an odor though you could fool me about that.  Jet travel is dangerous to the health of crew and passenger.  The atmosphere is a garbage dump.  And air quality outside aircraft pulled into the cabin ought to be a consideration in the investigation, too.

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      Had the exact same thought when I heard this report.

    • Dennie says:

      That's too simple to do.  .  I smelled that god-awful burning plastic smell back in 2010 when the U.S. Navy, bless their little shrunken hearts, decided to play "God" with the weather in the Eastern Pacific, just for fun, I'm sure, and to convince the Congressional-Corporate-Military Powers That Shouldn't Be of their "prowess–"  UGH!!!  Flying to Denver from SFO, you could definitely feel that the air was bad at cruising altitude.  It's everywhere.

  9. Marc says:

    I was reviewing your posted report on the legal team and the inclusion of Caplan into the effort. I understand that certain things cannot yet be disclosed but my question is: what actual entity will this filing be delivered to? The US corporation? The US military or some branch therein? Just exactly who is the legal team suing/

    • Marc says:

      Just exactly who is the legal team suing?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, when the attorney team sends the appropriate notice to the list of defendents, the data will  be posted.

    • BaneB says:

      Lynnd:  the earlier prediction concerning the "fabled" El Niño was for Southern California to receive the storms and rain whilst my area here in the north (Mendocino County) would get not so much from the El Niño weather pattern.  Looks to me like the opposite has occurred, and continues to dump rain on my area, for the past five weeks at least.  Indeed, another system is just miles from my front door and ready to pour out another aerosol laced inundation.  I have never in 24 years seen so much rain in such a small span of a few weeks.  I use the phrase 'aerosol laced' because the stuff is ubiquitous from everywhere these sociopaths spray their brew.  It spreads out and mixes like a bit of poured milk in a glass of water.  For the past two years, having finally gotten a clue, I watched these jets spray in front of every low pressure system that dared raise its life giving elixer to water our region.  It was so obvious one could not not notice the connection to the drought.  The jets were eviscerating the incoming clouds, dissolving them into a grunge canopy.  Yesterday the filtered sunlight barely poked through but the jets, higher than what has been the usual, were impossible to spot except for the aerosol trail as the clue.  Really, as a keen observer and always looking up, this is the farthest up into our atmosphere that I have observed all day long.  Why higher up?  The storm track and these many almost daily low pressures and storms are likely being steered away from your region by way of their perfected control of the jet stream. You won't receive any real relief until and if the weather warriors decide they own the San Joaquin valley land and water rights,  or until your region is devoid of any economic value.  Our representatives are worthless in exposing and halting the elephant in the sky. Good luck.  I wish some of the rain here could be sent your way. The perps know we could stand a few days of clear sunshine to dry us out some.


  10. Wayne says:

    I still suggest that we march on Washington, D.C. with almost 21 million hits I’m sure we can organize at a minimum, 1 million supporters to attend, the government nor the news media couldn’t ignore such an event, talk about getting mass public awareness and exposure.

    Palm Springs was absolutely ridiculous today the sky was a total whitewash, so many jets I lost count then at sunset the entire horizon was bright pink as they continued to fly, got home, walked the dog no stars just jet traffic nonstop at low altitude…….

    Really….. how long can we wait?????

    • Lynnd says:

      As most people who watch the Rose Parade on New Year's Day are well familiar with, Southern California is often a vivid shade of crystal clear blue sky. It isn't always like this though. In May, June and October it is not uncommon for heavy fogs and "marine layers" to settle over much of Southern California.

      2015 had to be the most oddball weather year in SoCal that I've seen as a native here. Heavy rains came into May, when May is typically not a rainy month and summer lasted well into October.  Now we are entering the end of January and not only has the El Nino been a no-show in Southern California but most of January has been unspectacular. Typically, January and February are the best months to see the local mountains. The rest of the year, unless you live directly beneath their shadow, they are socked in by smog and haze. But this January, even on clear days, have been days of below-average visibility, with none of the vivid blue days where you can see from the ocean to the mountain ranges and all parts in between.

      I remember a lot of rainy years and I remember a lot of dry years. But I have never seen a January so dull and hazy as this one. Before one recent predicted rain event — one that didn't materialize — I saw a lot of chem trails above a major airport. I am used to seeing huge airliners come in on this flight path but this jet was so far up in the atmosphere that it looked like an ant in the sky, with the only real evidence of its presence a long, double "contrail" (chemtrail). It persisted in the air at high altitude, far above the normal jet traffic, for an hour.

      The geoengineers should stop deluding themselves. They will be remembered in the history books as no more wisened in their attempts to remediate climate change than the slide rule-weilding curmudgeons who detonated nuclear bombs above ground during the 1940s and '50s. Make no mistake: Geo-engineering is "mad science" 21st Century style. Our would-be "Weather Gods" need to realize that whatever marginal benefit they attain with their "scientific method" will be far outweighed by the law of unintended consequences. Our major life insurance companies, public health officials and health insurance companies are paying for a sicker, costlier populous, and preservationists should be concerned with falling fertility rates among wildlife — much of it endangered (since they don't obviously care about human health can't they at least stop messing with everything from salamanders to California Condors with this nonsense?). All of the aformentioned should be stakeholders in standing AGAINST chemical-based climate modification.

    • Marc says:

      Wayne, I agree. I'm in. There WILL come a point in time when protests on a large scale would seem inevitable, unless, of course, they drug us or murder us or otherwise manipulate us into impotence.

  11. Marc says:

    The question weighing on my mind is: Where is the command center, where are the masterminds orchestrating ALL the flight plans and nano-cargoes? How and where on f**king earth is this being done? Would I be incorrect in suggesting that our military is SOOOO BLOATED AND SO MONSTROUSLY HUGE, THAT IT {MUST} FIND AN ENEMY TO OCCUPY ITSELF? And that delicious newfound enemy is us? Can a battle ready military remain forever only in "readiness" mode? Wouldn't these folks die of boredom and inertia? Does this help explain the likes of the military games in the Pacific Northwest? Are these buffoons so bored, and so well equipped that they cannot bear to NOT use their toys? Are there not enough worthy "enemies" around the world to fight using conventional warfare? Hence, Geoengineering? Chicken and egg: Terrorism and "War on Terrorism". Which came first? Hence, ISIS. Is what we are seeing direct evidence of a military cabal completely intoxicated with succeeding generations of advanced weaponry, with ever more on the way? Hence, Obama's just unveiled new package deal for the military which includes a whole shitload of new submarines and planes and so forth. Worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Really? And I voted for this guy? What a collossal disillusionment. And that's just the start of it. 

       Reports coming in from all over the planet reveal what must be absolutely astounding numbers of jets geoengineering our skies 24/7/365. We may be talking literally thousands of jets devoted to this one single agenda. Really??? How can we wrap our minds around the magnitude of the damage being done to us and to all living things??? If there is an "intelligence" behind all this, what could it possibly consist of? What is the nature of an intelligence that would coordinate a poisoning on a scale so huge, and yet not appear to exhibit the slightest concern for the health and well-being of not only the entire Earth, but especially for their own families, their own children, the families of their closest friends and comrades???  And again, what kind of intelligence is at the HELM of all this mayhem yet has not figured out that it is committing a grand suicide? If it is not an "intelligence", then what is it? HOWEVER………

      What if the population at large were designated the "enemy?" Then this "intelligence" I speak of identifies itself as being "at war". Then all bets are off, family or no family, and all is devoted to pursuing military strategies to accomplish the primary objective, which is to "defeat" the enemy. Is this not unlike what we are seeing, at least here in America? Morgellon's, cancers, asthmas, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer's, Autism, COPD, vitamin D deficiency, depression, heart disease………Again, what is the nature of the "intelligence" that would coordinate a poisoning on a scale this large, and remain unconcerned?

    • BaneB says:

      My best guess is this "intelligence" is a force that is weighted in its duality over onto the Luciferian side of death and destruction.  Is there such an entity.  Is there a supra natural existential threat that has a center from which the technology to which you refer is derived?  This is a genuine grapple.  More than once in my effort to gain a 3D vision of this seem beast you describe, my thought pattern hits a brick wall..except..and this is seemingly far fetched… the planetary ruling principalities and powers have accepted and embraced what is likely an invasion of a very wicked ET.  One movie (metaphor) is Independence Day.  Only rather than fight and repel the overwhelming odds, as heroically was demonstrated in the movie, our rulers, particularly Intel which is the global power now, embraces "SETI."  

    • Marc — The Navy exercises here in the PNW are typical of what's going on all over the country. As Craig B. Hulet has said: "This is not just happening in WA, they are actually doing this in 17 states all up & down the borders, the east coast, west coast, and the southern coast, and every military base and they are enlarging and expanding this area of electromagnetic emissions and weapons systems training"; because every other major power has the same 'toys' as you Marc put it. This is a technology that continues to be refined, to escalate, like the old "mutually assured destruction" only then with more and more nukes – which every major power also still ha piles of and plans to renew. There is no war anymore that is not EW, electronic warfare – and even that is rapidly being replaced by cyber warfare like Stuxnet.  To me this is evidence that humanity has gone completely mad, cut off from the sacred. Those in power appear to be increasingly more & more insane, and willing to use any & all creative human intelligence in the pursuit of potential total self-destruction and catastrophe. Maybe that's what it will take. Maybe only coming, racing to the edge of the real abyss and facing our planetary suicide/omnicide will shock our DNA and thus human consciousness into higher Wisdom. Even if there is a secret controlling intelligence behind all this, still there are thousands of people allowing it – and we all, as human beings must confront the demons within in our own Heart of Darkness. Hard times indeed.

    • stephan says:

      Marc – WOW – so true man – p/s – In Winnipeg Canada it should be the coldest part of winter – It rained this afternoon and as I write this there's lightning without thunder – holy crap !

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, everyone is the enemy to this crew of psychopaths. Or a useful crop, or one that needs harvesting or weeding. This morally insane or sociopathic lot have no boundaries to the horrors that they can dredge up and without conscience inflict on us, whom they see as lesser. They intend to make the planet uninhabitable as much as possible, excepting their enclaves, as a conscienceless mind will always gravitate to an assumption of superiority.

    • Marc says:

      Yes, Susan, I should certainly have put EW on my list of that which we are suffering from. War games? Because the military just doesn't have anything better to do? Jade Helm should be included in your mention of all the other war games being conducted around our country. And yes, I like your characterization of us as being "cut off from the sacred."

    • Marc says:

      BaneB, I actually concur with all of your observations.

  12. Dave says:

    Melody,thanks for the "shout out" to us michiganders. The reason I am posting is because of a couple of websites I've happened upon. The first is HAARP chemtrails how they change you -bioengeneering, Maybe most here are familiar with how far down the "rabbitt hole" this whole program goes, I was astonished, it certainly seemed a plausible explanation. The second sheds some light on Danes analysis that all can be traced back to the Fed/treasury, please check out Market Its a 5 part investigation into ESF through the treasury. Would like to get some responses back. Distributed this website to my prayer group Monday evening, hopefully get a good  response. Every day am reminded we are to faithful stewards of Gods creation, together with Gods help we can defeat this evil!    

    • Melody Meachum says:

      @Dave from Michigan…I agree wholeheartedly with all your points. I've been down many rabbit holes, so I understand when you touch on black ops! Over the next few days I'll watch the Market report you've highlighted and thanks for sharing!

      Many posting here acknowledge that churches nationally are so out of touch on environmental issues & most prevalent of all, the travesty of weather modification.

      I just don't understand the lack of care for God's earth or stewardship. The earth was His first creation. This is nearly a moot issue and seemingly no objections to weather modification, aside from NWO Pope Francis. Most just don't want to hear about it, let alone take time to investigate truth for themselves!

  13. This is my latest video covering aerosol spraying and the health issue as well:
    Bonner Stadtzentrum zugesprüht – Entgiften angesagt! / Bonn City Center sprayed – detoxification indicated! / Slide show pictures taken: January 18, 2016
    Language: German and English

  14. Dennie says:


    “While it is difficult to develop exposure and toxicological models which are representative of decades- long SRM deployment, these efforts are critical to ensure that reasonable, validated models of exposures and human impacts are available prior to any SRM deployment…"

    This is language that was in the prior edition of this report on the U. of Mi. paper– I think it's very important to see it here.

    • BaneB says:

      Thanks for reiterating this important insight.  They are projecting a future scenario and the POTENTIAL health impact.  Of course we know the existing and escalating health issues already impacting ALL life.  We can see it in the flora everywhere.  We can read about the die off of sea life.  We are advised the oceans are dying. The atmosphere is saturated with nano-metalic aerosols.  Autism is going to impact 50% of children in just a few decades according to a recent report.  Asthma is out of contro.  I won't bother with other medical issues that seem to be rampant, including "emerging" viruses and bacterium.  What is the latest horror?  A mosquito born virus of which I have never heard of it (yet again) that infects a pregnant mother, and her child is born with a smaller head and brain!  Zika virus.  I type it out and spell check does not recognize the spelling.  Rumor has it that a genetic meddling company in the UK, something named "insect bioengineering" (you will have to search it out under another name- sorry) that is funded by none other than Bill Gates, so it is said.  This company engineered Mosquitos that were suppose to cancel out Zika and other viruses passed from mosquito to human…..IN BRAZIL.  Now we are told the Zika virus is spreading out from Brazil.  There is already a reported case in Arizona.  Naturally, true to form, predictive, the coverup machine is in full swing.  The mosquito is to blame, stagnant water is to blame, Africa is to blame,  but never is it said that this may very well be yet another deliberately released gene spliced Frankenstein insect AND disease.  So back to Geoengineering….there staring in our face is a program that is destroying human health.  Unlike the need for a microscope to see the Fukyshima radiation, or the Zika virus that our high priest of science utilize to see and split genes to make their novel diseases, of which we have faithful trust, we can see with our very own eyes their nonstop effort to….dare I say it?…. to weaken us and send everyone to an early grave, shrunken heads and clogged lungs all.

  15. Hedges talking about revolution made me think of Craig B. Hulet saying the only thing the Global Corporate Regime fears is the American people! We came here to get away from bankers and royals in Europe. When they began to invade the east, we moved west. We have traditions of Liberty in our history, in our blood. Perhaps fear of the American people explains the use of lithium in the chemtrails and the frantic race to alter DNA rendering us passive with vaccinations. Are they intentionally making us weak, slowly destroying our immune system because they are afraid? Civil wars are unimaginably ugly. With no rule of law, neighbors often take revenge on the innocent. My great-grandfather came to Texas in a wagon with his pregnant wife and child after with a split rail, he had killed a carpet-bagger who was demanding taxes.  He died a bitter hopeless old man. I don't want to see this…

    Right of revolution
    In political philosophy, the right of revolution is the right or duty, previously stated throughout history, of the people of a nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests. Belief in this right has been used throughout history to justify various revolutions, including the English Civil War, the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

    • Dennie says:

      The lithium is used as a tracer to track upper-level winds.  It produces a red coloration.  It's also used for this ability in fireworks.  The red ones.  The brain-dead people you see were already like that before the lithium got added to the atmosphere.  Here's a link to a great deal of information about lithium and what it does, including therapeutic dosage amounts, side effects, etc.:

  16. Chris Hedges on What it Takes to be a Rebel in Modern Times
    “People are breaking down!”
    Nov 2, 2015 / 16+ minutes
    Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges sits down with Ben Makuch at the Toronto VICE office to discuss what it takes to be a rebel in modern times. Hedges discusses his new book Wages of Rebellion, an investigation of the social and psychological factors that cause revolution, rebellion and resistance. From Wall Street corruption to why the elites in corporate media have eviscerated traditional investigative journalism, Hedges tries to make sense of the world we live in.  "A revolution is all we have left….destroy the system of corporate power….a moral imperative for those who come after…remain passive & accept the death sentence being handed to us…you cannot 'vote' against Goldman Sachs…we know the game is fixed….the state is not responding…"

  17. Myxlplitzt says:

     The only thing to do get a piece of land all your own on the cheap. Make it chemtrail proof, the Freedom Ranger wrote some details on how to make a whole house chemtrail filter, I followed them and it works. I wonder what he is up to. Anyway thanks to the info here I feel a million times better now I just wait for the collapse. The only hope I have is the collapse, far too many morons to make any headway against. I cant wait to hear the results of the lawsuit

    • Michel B says:

      How do you GEOENGINEER-PROOF a piece of land?! By standing outside with a baseball bat and whacking the nano particles back into space? Sorry for the sarcasm, but your suggestion is unrealistic.
      If they drench the whole biosphere in their crap, it will pervade every part of your life and lifetime. It will be in your soil, water and air. It is now anyway. But how much more do we want? No more than what is there already of course.
      And what is this collapse which you so want? No one else in their right minds wants it. Perhaps we want changes to this industrialised world, but no one wants some disastrous collapse.
      And then, you say you look forward to the results of the lawsuit. A lawsuit with positive results will indeed be a better way for change once it ignites wider knowledge of what is going on.
      But 'collapse', only of the geoengineering programs do we want that. After that, good change can come about through calm, logical, knowledge-based decisions. We have got a long way to go, so let's do it the best way we can. The worst way just makes it longer.

    • Myxlplitzt says:

      Wow did you ever read the persons writing to which I am referring, no. It is actually a design involved in charging the nano particles then passing them over charged metal screens, not one nano particle can escape. It is really straightforward science, no filter can filter them so you have to charge the particles themselves and they will take themselves out of the air. then you overpressure your house and no particles will come in. My green house is part of my house and I RO all my water, so yes I can live in a bubble. Sorry I did that for myself.

      I want the system to collapse because I think WE ALL deserve what is coming, WE ALL took part in the pillaging of the planet and NONE of us are innocent. I am sorry I do not subscribe to the view that it is the "elite" I believe we are all getting what we deserve collectively. This is the judgment of GOD upon mankind is what I believe.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      I totally agree, Myxlplitzt, healing our planet starts with becoming conscious of our own participation in it's demise.  How many are mindful of the amount of paper we waste daily and where it comes from even now as all the trees are dying?  Healing starts with ourselves, when we take our power back we are no longer victims.  I learned this very hard lesson through several abusive relationship, as much as it was easy to blame the other person I finally realized I chose those relationships to grow and learn from.  The monsters in my life were actually my greatest teachers. 

    • Michel B says:

      Yes, I've heard of those electrical filter devices. I am not against them. But I will always look to the best solution and try to work towards that. The best solution should have the highest priority. Stopping the crap raining down on us should be our goal.

      But to say you want the collapse to come for all as all deserve it is a bit judgemental, isn't it? It is true that ignorance is at an all time high, but that has been cultured. How much more fruitful for your conscience to work against ignorance! If a 'collapse' comes (whatever that is) the ensuing Utopia won't be anything you can be happy with. It will be a vast Dystopia.

    • Dennie says:

      I'd be interested in a whole house chem trail filter, can you post a link?

  18. Melody Meachum says:

    Hmmmm….seems to me that while one side of the house (UofM 's Environmental Health Studies) begins to waive the flag against SRM/Geoengineering for common good, the other side (Research Sciences) knows where the butter for it's bread comes from. Most Research Schools are all about advancing techno anything and everything…and most of it not for the common good!

    Let's hope & pray this UofM report gains quick and pervasive traction, but will be very interesting to see which side of the house wins.

    PS – It's great to see several Michiganders posting here. An FYI that I poked through a fake dusting of snow 2 days ago and found itty bitty perfectly shaped FLOWER flakes. Last year NYr's & NJr's reported perfect STAR shaped flakes. Shortly after I saw & read such reports, I cupped a few of these STARS on my gloves during a morning walk & reported it here. It was an unbelievable momen!

    Newsflash….The "Playdough Factory" people win big contract providing for the Geoengineering fellas. 

    Wake up naive and trusting people, if you can't handle things the way they are now when we still stand a chance, what would you be like if it got really nasty?? Never mind, I don't really want to know what that would look like!

  19. kenny says:

    In southeast NJ, Got hammered with massive chemtrail planes at dawn yesterday.  Even after they had their solid layer, they kept putting more and more chemtrails below, that turned into dirty grey smaller clouds, yet the sun kept struggling to shed some "sunlight".  I was working from home, around noon, my neighbor called to tell me it was so warm outside (again not in our homes)  I went outside and sure enough, the temps must have been in the 50's, but ran back in after seeing the absolute insanely aerosoled skies.  I knew they had HAARP/ELF's turned to the max around 11:30, because of the severe ear issues/stomach and hand trembling.  My sinus congestion, post nasal drip, making me choke.  Like others have commented, the snow left over from Saturnday, melted, but now pools of water, it just "evaporated". THis morning awoke at 4:30 AM, no moon or stars could be seen, so it was obvious, it continued all thru the night.  Although the skies should have started to brighten at 6:30 AM, they remained dark, i wasn't until 7 AM, that you could see…a solid dark grey sky, from horizon to horizon, and my physical symptoms worsened.  The skies were so ourageous, HAARP waves in the clouds, then grey skies that looked like giant grey pillows, over and over again, with pale yellow horizons.  at around 11 AM today, started to see some pale blue skies in the west and the pressure in my ears and sinuses started to abate. Black helicopters in our skies, military planes heard over and over again, some seen, some not.  Skies trying to get bluer and bluer, but more chemtrails being laid down.  This time, the are only expanding just so much, and from my physical symptoms, HAARP/ELF…'s were lowered.  Like many of you here, it is so obvious, they are deliberately try to drive down the vibration/frequencies of our true universal planetary vibration.  

    As Dane eludes to, it is our spiritual vibrations/frequencies that have held us captive in this religious/warring mentality.  This is not of our free will or consciousness,  this is pure, deliberate manipulation, so they remain empowered.  It is we, the collective consciousness that they have harnessed, without our knowing, to continue to enslave us.

    Just what did the Templars find under Solomon's Temple?  My guess, the power from the most evil, that brought into existance "usurary" and the most bloodiest form of religious "conformation".  Those who led their lives spiritually, within their own consciousness of respect and community, were forced to convert to a religious faction.  Divide and conquer, we are tired of this "game" that was hacked into.  This is not the original program, I know it, maybe that is why I am so severely attacked.  I will not give in, and I will not give up!  They taught us to call it God, there's not mine…our true Creator, Source is benevolent, otherwise, how do we still exist?  It is those that gave us so called "gods/goddeses" (k)now of their very limited powers, if any, and use Humankind as their batteries for false empowerment.  They are nothing, they are the so called "wicked witch of the west" (get that now, with the so called "western nations and NATO)  Once you fully understand, the so called movie "the wizard of Oz" will make much more sense.  The "wizard of Oz" still needs to be exposed for what he/she/it is, a delulisional fiction of our imagination,   an old man, consumed by power, yet just a man.  There are no gods/goddesses, just a wold of illusion, mirrors of distortion designed to hide accountability/responsibility for the oppression of the many for the sake of one.  One, who thru his own insecurity and upbringing (and who knows what else) was given this grandeous belief that he/she/it  had the ultimate power and belief to guide/rule over Humankind.  I encourage you all to watch the full movie with the knowledge that you know have been given.  watch the backgrounds, watch the th scene about the poppies, to put the people back to sleep again, like the poppy fields in Afganistan, that our troops are guarding.  wake up…see the "strawman", see the lion that is afraid of it's own tail, the tinman left to rust…you have to innerstand what these truly mean.  This was "holly wood's" so called disclosure.  The rules engagement have usurped….please all, if you keep calling out for "democracy" you are perpetuating this. Democracy is mob rule, educate yourselves and your family.  Go to Black's Rule dictionary.  Wake up, get RE educated, erase the brain fog, apathy, and for the sake of Humankind, turn off your TV…do not listen to it…look at the skies, this is "their" ultimate card".  "they" (k)now us, they feel our consciousness arising out of the ashes, instead of "their" "phoenix"  

    hope many more start to see the bigger picture, and finally put end to this "game"

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kenny, though I agree that the western powers are a juggernaut of insanity which is wreaking havoc around the globe, there is no shortage of corruption and criminal behavior in all governments. Generally the level of criminality is in direct proportion to the power they each command.

  20. eqforecaster youtube dane. thank you so much for your great good work. no fear justice always prevails LIFE IS no fear JUST TRUST BEING LOVE. Due Diligence A Book Of LOVE 144 Angels Agenda 21 Depopulation See Zika Virus arkansas virginia elsewhere including australia youtube:johnmv8888  

    • BaneB says:

      Looks like the Zika creation is spreading like wildfire.  What are the eugenicists suggesting?…..don't become pregnant.  That ought to reduce the human numbers!

  21. San Miguel co, co says:

    We are getting hammered again this morning just like evrryday in southwest Colorado.  Still averaging at least 20 planes an hour.  Lately the larger planes have been flying lower with the fast little ones hammering away up higher.  The clueless local morning host for NPR stated that today would behold textbook Colorado blue skies.  I guess she never steps foot outside and looks up.  If she did she would have seen aerosols blanketing the sky.  Welcome to Colorful Colorado…

    • Hangin' Tough in La Plata County, CO says:

      Yes, what would have otherwise been a pretty morning, the effers were out bright and early dispersing the toxins.  Sadly, we haven't seen one of those "textbook Colorado blue skies" for way too long!  Recently took two road trips: one to Phoenix, AZ area; the other to Los Angeles, CA area.  We were sickened to see aerosol spraying everywhere, as far as we could see, day and night.  We imagined our exposure to the poisons doubled as we drove back into what was already sprayed above us!  San Miguel County is not too far from La Plata County… do you know of any groups in the area working to inform folks?

    • Sortinghat says:

      She knows it's happening.  She is just paid to say it or she looses her job and won't be able to feed her family.   That's our times. 

    • Greg says:

      Yes San Miguel County, we are getting hammered!  They are working twice as long with more aircraft.  I wrote Bennett and Tipton for the third time with more info and links.  Let's keep the info moving to all the citizens we can.  More and more people are getting on board!  Thanks!!

  22. Wyatt Berry says:

    Hi Folks,

    I just had one of those 1+1 moments and realized something.  Yesterday I posted about a strange smell in the air during the early morning (I could continue to smell it into the evening as well) – most of our snow melted here on the Midcoast yesterday and I believe it is very highly possible that what my nose is detecting are the agents that were present in the snow being evaporated out.

    Yesterday felt like spring up here in the mid forties and the trend appears to be going to continue for some time according to forecasts.  As the snow melted I sensed the traditional spring smells like the mud and grass, but there was also the chemical odor that I think is being released from the snow.  I have never experienced this during any snowmelt before.  Something is different.  Just wanted to share an additional observation with all of you great people.

  23. TNGEOWATCH says:

    ESPN Radio #RioWater went to the top trending hashtag in less then 30 minutes this morning.  We have to as a group #Geoengineering #SRM #SAG on Twitter as a group and make it a trend.  Dane can you set a time to and everyone do it at a set period of time?  If it is not allowed to trend then we know Twitter is monitoring the trend to prevent spreading of this vital information!

  24. droughtsurvivor says:

    This was in an email from a family member recently:  "I do not understand nor share your apocalyptic views of society,… and that the government is poisoning us with airplanes.  Conspiracies are fun to think about and discuss at a bar, but when people start making financial decisions, hoarding stockpiles, hunkering down in a society with distrust of their neighbors, fellow man and "dividing" family with scare tactics with fear and odd schemes, they end up in isolation, making irrational decisions, and they can't really be trusted." 

    How sad is that because every day I am doing something being a person of faith and not just leaving it in God's hands.  I am following the commandment to love my God with all my heart and being, and to love my neighbor as I love myself making a place for those that live in the big city to get to when the SHTF, to have food and supplies for them even though they don't contribute and to be a shelter and encourager.  That's hard to do as I was not taught how to unselfishly love or to be loved unconditionally loved for just being me growing up and it's especially hard to love and forgive those that attack with hateful denial and judge my words, motives and intent.  But I forgive this family member for being ignorant.  I forgive and pray for the pilots, meteorologists and scientists that are guided by evil and not let a seed of bitterness take root in my spirit and become toxic like the soil that will no longer spring forth life.  I may not file a legal brief or stand in a picket line but I pray and actively love and forgive every day and in that I am doing my part.  Peace

    • dawnski says:

      I trust you know exactly what you are being led to do. . . and I applaud your peace. I have family members I have distanced due to their ignorance/abuse, and knowing what I know I can not support their "party down" mentality anyhow. How many people got in the boat with Noah? How many drowned? Yes it is sad people haven't a clue. . .but I stand behind Rev. 11:18 and I don't want to be included in those that He destroys. It is a blessing to have a support group here from all walks of life. Shine on Sister/Brother droughtsurvivor! BIGG HUGG X

    • Drew says:

      They call us irrational, yet they are the ones that have the least knowledge about the subjects at hand, and refuse to "waste" any of their time looking into things.   Their "rational" thought is doing what the rest of the herd is doing.   Some you cannot convince, even with proof — no one is so blind as he who refuses to see.  Anyhow, we all faces these challenges together.  Good luck to all.

    • marc says:

      Droughtsurvivor, extraordinarily beautiful post.

    • Dennie says:

      Did you show the family member the Chicago Board Options Exchange site where WEATHER FUTURES are being traded and have been since 1994??  WHO would bet on the weather, unless they have a means to control it??  What about the patents going back to the 1890s, and the Air Force 2025 report done by the Federation of American Scientists and the United States Air Force?  Are those organizations figments of a "conspiracy theorist's" imagination?  For that matter, you can find a photocopy of the C.I.A. memorandum that spells out exactly how we need to deal with people who push for the TRUTH, and that was to call them "conspiracy theorists."  Great.  That's ALL "They" have now– ad hominem argumentation never stands up in any serious courts of law– meaning that once those A$$holes in C.I.A. and their Moneyed Masters who pull their strings pulled a seriously stoopid stunt like that, it was tantamount to saying "WE LOST– LOOKIE NOW, ALL WE HAVE IS NAME CALLING!!!"

      Yeah, yeah yeah, I know I know– If four or five good pieces of evidence don't sway a jury, neither will 400 or 500.  It's actually called "willful blindness."

  25. Dennie says:

    MORE research from universities:  Nuclear Power is Not The Answer:  From Stanford University's Atmosphere and Energy Program.  Could the Big U's finally be going in the right direction?

  26. Excerpt from an "insane world" article in the Economist Jan.23, 2016
    The Barack Obama administration has a trillion-dollar plan to renew nuclear weapons: Replacement of the 14 Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarines for around $140 billion for 12 new boats. $62 billion to replace the 440-strong Minuteman III land-based missile force: "America's land-based force will be needed of only as a 'sink' providing targets to absorb a nuclear strike." The new cruise missile and a $10 billion new version of the free-fall nuclear bomb called the B61-12. In October the air force awarded Northrop Grumman the $55 billion contract to develop and build around 100 of the new Long Range Strike Bomber (LRS-B), the principle carrier for the two weapons above. The new bombs have computerized guidance, manoeuverable tailfins and a warhead up to three times the yield of the Hiroshima bomb and will be accurate to within 30 metros to reduce collateral damage.
    "The Center for Strategic and budgetary Assessments estimates that even at its peak in 2027, the complete modernization plan will claim only 5% of the Pentagon's budget. Nuclear deterrence follows its own logic. So does paying for it."

    • Michel B says:

      That is proof that insanity is just like a cancer – it just keeps metasticising, until it kills off its host of course.

  27. The Sorrow in Science: rudratva in Sanskrit literally means to shed tears. The separation of knower, knowledge and known in erroneous perception and the rudratva sorrow and suffering arising from it affects all areas of man's activities. This is nowhere more apparent than in the enquiries of modern physical sciences, the very starting point of which is the perception of a world separate from the enquirer. The scientist looks out on a matter/motion world of substances and energies, and does not see himself in it.  His attempts to define it in terms of its physical origins are only in terms of the transitory appearances emerging…
    …In the fields of communications, travel, medicine, agriculture and industry the achievements of modern science are immense. But so are its achievements in the production of weapons of mass destruction and in the technologies which denude the land and seas of their riches and threaten man's very existence on this planet Earth.
    Science which does not regard its purpose as being for the good of Earth's inhabitants is unethical.  Sciences regarding a multiplicity of separate knowables in which the nature of the scientist himself is not the starting point, will fail to produce any lasting benefit for the world's beings. In this is the sorrow of science, its rudratva. …To remove the rudratva, the inevitable sorrow and suffering in science…a holistic science is required…
    — Muni Narayana Prasad / The Vedanta Sutras of Narayana Guru, D.K. Printworld

  28. Rob says:

    Here in Santa Cruz we are being hammered.  Relentless spraying for the last 3 days, amazing that they have the resources to have multiple planes in the skies all day.  When illuminated with a Light and Motion Urban 1450 lumen light at night you can see the thick soup of crap that is making us all sick!


    • Dawnski says:

      Stupor Bowl Stunday is right around the corner. Heavy tourist traffic. Oh, and heavy human trafficking. Why any Christian or humanitarian who supports human traffic awareness but also supports the NFL is beyond me. Oxyoron. Half-time satanic worship ceremony is creeeepy. Pray hedge-o-protection if you absolutely must watch. Commercials reveal the tentacles. . .

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      How can we get our "leaders" to acknowledge this, especially when it is literally staring them in the face?  Back in the 1990s there was a lawsuit against the govt filed by workers at Area 51 Groom Lake who were poisoned by toxic waste being burned in open pits and the govt refused to even acknowledge the base existed until one of the judges was driven directly outside the base and was asked, "that base over there, is that not Area 51?"  It was only then that the govt finally admitted to its existence and the lawsuit went forward.

    • dawnski says:





      1. a state of near-unconsciousness or insensibility "a drunken stupor" synonyms: daze, state of unconsciousness, torpor, insensibility, oblivion




      1. knock unconscious or into a dazed or semiconscious state "the man was strangled after being stunned by a blow to the head" synonyms: daze, stupefy, knock unconscious, knock out, lay out

    • Holly says:

      Same in SF Bay area.  I wonder where do all these planes come from?  Happening right now.

    • BaneB says:

      Made the usual spectacle of myself today.  Had to go to town and do some shopping for 'vitals.'  Everywhere, from early morning until returning home, the sky was a mess of trails being sprayed, trails morphing into the grotesque and bizarre, and much of it a sickening yellowish sludge.  The aircrafts are staying way way up there compared to the usual lower easy to observe planes.  Since I was in a very busy thoroughfare, and many autos and pedestrians, it seemed appropriate to whip out the spyware in my pocket commonly referred to as a iPhone, and demonstrably point it skyward with a sweep of my hand and arm in a some what subtle attempt to get other heads to look up.  Maybe I succeeded.  I was too busy at that point snapping pics to notice.  This procedure works very well in a supermarket parking lot and around the store entrance.

  29. Pentagon Eugenics FunVax Vaccinations to Alter Religious Impulse
    A vaccination for fundamentalists.
    Video here…insanely serious:

  30.  We haven't had any storms for almost a week now but still don't see much of the sun. At night the stars and moon are shinning brightly but right before sunrise a ominous gray chemtrail laden HAARP rippled cloud reaching about 100 miles every direction settles over the valley I live in and stays until late in the afternoon then I can see the spraying. Happens everyday like clockwork. Anyone else seeing this? A world without sunlight, wonder how that's going to workout for us.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, how is it suppose to work, this insanity known in science and government parlance as GEOENGINEERING??  There has been no unfiltered sunlight in my area of N. California for at least a month.  Today the jets flew in big loops as high up in the atmosphere as possible, invisible except for the aerosol spray trails.  This was additional spew added onto the grunge laid over the eastern Pacific and floating over Mendocino.  The sun was very dim and my thought was how is this darkening for weeks and months and maybe years on end effecting the trees and all the flora.  I know how it is impacting me.  I am angry about this sacrilege.  And it is depressing, too.

  31. Rosalie says:

    That's a good angle to take Dane. Thank you.  That's how I live my life every day.  Any opportunity I can find to get the word out  to people who seem remotely receptive to the topic of geoengineering, I do.  That is exactly how I feel: it is our duty as citizens to enlighten the masses of this horrible, dangerous situation we're in. I've tried to bring it up with both my children. Unfortunately, I'm not getting through to them.  I'm very saddened by that.  It's gonna have to come from someone else, I think.  I'll keep working at it.  You're articles and videos are making  such a great impact, Dane.  It may be hard to see it sometimes, but if others are like me, I value your updates so much and  truly appreciate all that you do.  

  32. Greg Price says:

    I have been visiting Utah for the past 4 days. They had a big storm yesterday and today they are out painting the sky nonstop across the Wasatch Front every direction

  33. Earth Angel says:

    The latest information Dane brings us is welcome news! The cracks in the dam are finally becoming larger and coming more quickly now. Deepest appreciation to Dane and to everyone worldwide doing all they can to END GEOENGINEERING.

  34. TOMBOLA says:

    Hi All,

    Talk about ramping it up, Perth, Western Australia has been absolutely saturated recently. I have noticed we are being stripped of natural sunlight in the early (sunrise) and latter part of the day. Not many sunsets to watch lately.

    How does this affect my organic vegetable garden (food in general)?

    Well not many tomatoes this season – too much variation in temperature coupled with humidity which normally does not apply here (Perth) until recent years.

    And white mould on cucumbers, zucchinis etc.

    I show people videos of planes spraying right over my house which is 8km from the centre of Perth city and they still think i am talking out of my `proverbial'. Extremely frustrating – and the common answer is usually `whatever happens happens – WE CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT".

    What to do?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tambola, keep sharing data and planting seeds. Those who are so far apathetic will soon reset their priorities when their life falls apart, this is close.

    • pharmer says:

      I'm a farmer too, and belive we need to grow under a greenhouse  to protect our produce, at least until we end the toxic aerosols etc.  I've had biological warfare agents dropped on my medicinal cannabis plants the last two years, which is another reason to protect our produce from airborne contamination.  Besides the toxic aerosols, they also use stealth drones (likely antigravity – I've seen one) to drop biological warfare agents on our plants.  They used oxysporum fusarium (looked like splattered white paint), caterpillars (ruins buds), and springtails on my cannabis plants, so I assume they will do it to other plants too.  Using insects as vectors for biological warfare agents goes back to WW-II, and Mr.Shirō Ishii .  He specialized in using insects as vectors for pathogens.  Many troops died from diseases inflicted by his hideous flea-born diseases during the war.  When they got the 'fever', they were put into an isolation ward and given morphine, because the docs knew they were going to die – it was a horrible death.  Mr.Shirō Ishii was incorporated into the CIA after the war (of course), and his hideous research was continued, then used on inocent North Korean farmers.  Now it's being used on US.  Growing under a greenhouse or indoors under lights is preferable in the current toxic climate. We need food and medicine, but growing under toxic skies is not a good idea imho.  Overgrow the NWO!!!

  35. finniansmom says:

    Just moved from SanLuisObispo county to Redding area.. Seems like no matter where you go, when the "haze" is in the sky, it's like ants under the looking glass.. Extremely hot, and so bright, you cannot even face the sun

  36. pharmer says:

    People are dying of hypothermia in Taiwan today, from a polar vortex which was pushed/pulled down there.  The weather-warfare continues, and seems to be getting worse.  I don't know how Dane keeps going, but I'm grateful someone with his intelligence and wisdom is trying to stop this insanity.  Why don't people care about our planet like they did when I was growing-up in the 1960's anymore?  Is it the fluoride, vaccines, microwaves, drugs, GMO food, toxic aerosols, and the mind-control programming by the MATRIX?This link reminded me of what people did back in 1967 to stop the insanity of war.  And make no mistake: war is being waged against us.  The Pentagon is heavily involved, because this is a military operation.  The Pentagon is controlled by the evil entity – not US.  We need to surround the evil building again, and maybe this time the police, military, and people who work inside, will all join us in shutting it down forever.  Geoengineering-warfare is a military operation designed to genocide over SIX BILLION people.  We need to save our planet NOW, before it's too late!

  37. Linda says:

    Addendum to previous post…this sent from a friend

    1)—-Jets Spray Chemtrails They rain down on population. They say 80-100 percent of US had been contaminated. ( its been reported that normal human pilots who have a conscience and are wise to the crime are refusing to dump chemtrails via jets and are being replaced with AI pilots who are reported to be cold, lacking in human feeling in their demeanor and unresponsive to social gestures ( like -good morning! how are you! ). They act like robots.


  38. Linda says:

    Many thanks Wyatt Berry for your brilliant and educational post…I learned so much reading it and sent it to many.  People who follow Dane's postings have great sensitivity/awareness to what is actually happening.   Sad but true…we are being steadily poisoned, and most folk cannot understand just how our planet and ourselves are much the poorer for it…and literally dying slowly.  It seems so important to keep circulating the info….even if no one ever responds.  (And very few respond when I send out such copies)  May something magical trigger a great awakening…..may we not give up….

    I am so grateful for this wonderful family of awake people.   God bless.

    And yes, like Wayne, I do wonder about the debilitating mental disability that prohibits people from waking up..A puzzlement for sure…


  39. Marc says:

    I have read every single word of this newly published science study on SRM's potential health risks and environmental impact considerations. I sit here slack-jawed in disbelief all over again. Maybe I'm just too impatient or too impulsive but good God, how can these academics bear to spend the obviously extensive amount of time preparing such a paper without "GETTING TO THE PUNCHLINE?" I understand the concept of academic conservatism and the need to be very measured in one's approach when attempting to publish potentially groundbreaking work. But I could barely get through the laboriousness of this heavy left-brain analysis of SRM. Can you imagine the lengths these fellers went to to incorporate the necessary restraint and omissions into their text so as not to reveal that SRM is currently deployed globally? I absolutely REFUSE to believe that these guys somehow magically "missed" finding the TRUTH that everyone who comes to this site has known for years. Yet, if you take the paper at face value, we are led to believe SRM remains virtually untested, in spite of some considerable data in the public record pertaining to toxicology of the relevant SRM materials. I personally find papers like this as maddening as I do promising. We are f**king running out of time!!!! By the time Academia submits unequivocal proof that SRM is far too toxic to attempt, and the environmental impacts too grave, we'll all be either dead, dying or living in a post-apocalyptic world too unbearable to imagine. I mean, think about how absurd this is. While these bespectacled pundits toil away in their citadels of scientific scrutiny writing papers about SRM and the dangers of it's deployment, many jets loaded down heavily with multiple tanks of  SRM-nano-soup are blasting out their toxic cargo right over the very city these geniuses call home wherein they toil away writing papers about the potential toxicity of SRM. But I guess you gotta start somewhere, huh? 

    • BaneB says:

      Marc, as usual, your post gets to the core of the dichotomy and the irony.  Thanks for the clarity, AND the exhibiting of your passion you reveal because the non-sensical SOBs know about the in-place currently operating geoengineering programs but won't admit it.  There is much these scientists won't admit about what they have caused that threatens us and all life on earth.

  40. dawnski says:

    I thought of the "tentacles" today when I saw today's Google Doodle. Google is obviously controlled by the evil entity. What I thought was interesting was the doodle itself. I have a degree in multimedia/web design and often find things that might otherwise be overlooked. I researched this dude John Logie Baird. He not only invented the first mechanical TV but he also was instrumental in inventing noctovision ie. "night vision". If you notice on the google doodle there is a 00 and then a 9L for the last letters of Google. No "e". What I discovered is that 9L is a scope and you may notice the Jade Helm familiar cross hairs in the google doodle. I definitely felt like I was in the "Scope" of things.

    "Baird's mechanical scanning did not cease with the development of electronic systems. Improved versions of mechanical scanning survive today in long wavelength infrared cameras used for military purposes, principally to provide night vision capability for fighter pilots. The picture from the camera is typically superimposed on the pilot's forward view by displaying it in the head up display. They have also found a use in airborne police helicopters providing not only night vision but the ability to detect heat sources (such as people) during the day."

    • Dennie says:

      It's KILL KILL KILL EVERYTHING that opposes, or could, oppose the Holy Will of the Will-less, the Brins and the Pages, the Gateses and the Murdochs, Rulers of Planet EARTH!  Surprised these Royals don't have their own private armies, but it doesn't matter when The Army is running everything on systems created by Google, started with a Dept. of Defense loan, by Guess Who, for.. guess WHO!!!

  41. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County update:  it sure would be a joy to see a clear sky and full natural uninhibited sunshine.  More than a month has passed and there have been many storms and much rain.  Yet, the sky never really clears itself.  Grunge and more grundge blocking the sunshine.  Today the rain clouds dispersed but the jets showed up to add to the blanket of aerosol induced clouds rafting in from the Pacific.  Today most of the jets are so very high up that I cannot make them out.  I can barely hear them.  The clue, as usual, is the lingering white line of aerosol spray.  The sky here has been obliterated.  Some if these jets are doing huge circles of which I can only observe a portion.  

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, folks, it has indeed been an ugly day, and last few weeks, in the San Francisco Bay Area– ugly featureless gray skies, piddly little spitting rain, wan pale skies covered with streaky white milky toxic metal "clouds."  Wish the pansy-a$$ed lily-livered "scientific" community would hold a real pow-wow in which they eat some actual red meat and come out pounding their chests, as well as the empty heads, of the dirty doers of dastardly deeds, i.e., the "geoengineers," such as Lucifer and Satan, er, KEITH and CALDEIRA, and their henchmen, the Generals, and their minions, the March-Together-In-Lockstep-Holding-Hands-into-Hell demented kiddies in the U.S. and other militaries.  Sick puppies need euthanized.

  42. barry verespey says:

    Just flew up from Ont to Oak, it's getting ugly quick in the Bay. Headed to the east coast. Should be a fun day to see the trails

  43. Dennie says:

    Hillary Clinton blasts Michigan, governor, for lead levels in Flint drinking water: 

    The real war is heating up.  If Hillary can talk about lead in drinking water, why the Hell can't anyone else also discuss aluminum, barium, strontium and more toxic metals being found everywhere from the goddamned spraying programs?  I think NOW is a really great time to bring this up to her and get it on the table of PUBLIC DISCUSSION as well.  If we are gonna clean up SOME toxins found in drinking and other water, why not clean up ALL the toxins going into the water?

    In Obama's last State of the Union address, he challenged America to be the country that comes up with the "cure" for cancer (as if it's somehow all just one disease– NOT!). HOW ABOUT LET'S START WITH STOPPING THE POISONING, by chemicals, toxic metals, and radionuclides?  Imagine, if all that sh*t JUST STOPPED– WHAT would the world look like, in terms of incidents of cancer–?? Can you imagine– ?? I CAN!

    • Myxlplitzt says:

      You should, I always though people who chain themselves to public buildings admirable. i think that would be a great starting point for you.

  44. Howard Taylor says:

    The criminal at Stanford University and the trolls are both one day going to be held acountable .

    • Dennie says:

      We're also really suffering in this "society" from the pervasive PSYCHO VIRUS that says "SomeOne Larger and More Powerful is gonna come down here, sprinkle their Magic Fairy Dust, then wave their Magic Wand and we'll all be just fine after that.."  REEEALLY, people– get a GRIP!  Because if that's your paradigm, you just believe in the Adult Fairy Tales. NO ONE is gonna stop these monsters unless and UNTIL WE ALL GET INVOLVED IN STOPPING THEM. 

      "GOD" is INCORPOREAL, WITHOUT FORM.  He can only work THROUGH us, so LET'S ALL GET GOING!!!  EXPOSE those Evil Bastards.  Write e-mails to them if only to say WE ARE WATCHING YOUR EVERY MOVE, VERY CLOSELY, and WILL REPORT WIDELY FOR ALL TO SEE.

  45. horsegirl says:

    @ Marc – a couple posts back you described losing favorite friends/family – who seemed otherwise aptly indignant towards corruption – over the issue of geoscatology.  Forgive me for putting an academic yardstick to your personal experience, but I wonder if those who are obtuse to the elephant in the sky tend to be the very ones who are believers in the Great Holy Demolition Day/global sanctification of the war on terror (war on terra?).  You know, people who believe 880,000 cubic yards of concrete could possibly instantly turn to dust in mid-air (begging the question of what is the purpose of a jackhammer)?  Ground Nero 2001 serves to rationalize global omnicide by our killitary.  Which has been a spiritual litmus test particularly for this nation.  Whoever loves to hate now has official unction to scapegoat "terrorists" and laud all manner of warfare against fictitious shades.  It seems that comprehension of the mendacity of Ground Nero is a sor of figurative glass ceiling for grasping current issues.  Minus that clue, one lacks tinfoil armor to navigate the media charades.

    FWIW I went ballistic on a a lifelong friend after conversational death by 10,000 figurative papercuts as she laid out her media-drenched hallucinatory world view.  I was civil for perhaps the first hour of conversation, but when she insisted that Shrub/Cheney were surprised by the demolition job of 2001 I went volcanic.

    The day Ground Nero happened I was driving to Sonoma, CA from Wyoming.  A staunch TV-hater, I just happened to be in a Nevada motel and turned on the TV to check the time when I saw the smoking towers.  My first thought was that it was a computer-generated image, not real news.  Of course I flipped when the towers fell, went PTSD and worse as I had typed papers in the north tower during four years living in Manhattan.  Wondered if those jumping out the windows were my erstwhile colleagues.  As I traveled towards the CA border I clung to NPR, because I figured I might be driving into the scene of the next attack.  I debated whether to 1) go home to Wyoming, 2) go to the closest BLM office, get maps of the backcountry and hide out or 3) keep going.  I opted for the third choice, figuring i could turn around.  I was afraid there would be an attack on the CA coast too.  Some five hours into my voyage I watched people bring ladders out to every gas station sign as the gas prices spiked hourly.  Telling a young man to cash out on his ATM card because there would surely be declaration of martial law and he might not see cash again for a long time.  Got to the CA border and you know what happened?  With warm smiles they only asked if I was carrying fruit!  I got testy.  Told them I'd lived in New York, did they not know it had just been blown up?  Was there no concern about who was crossing the border?  They thought I was nuts and waved me on.  That was my first huge clue.  How could the White House Pedophocracy possibly know the attacks were over already?  But we saw Shrub with that puerile crinkle of his eyebrows reading "my Pet Goat" expressing no concern.  If they really were surprised by the attacks, how could they know they were already over?  Why didn't he jump up, shouting 'my God, oh, Houston, what if they hit Houston?" or something?  Why wasn't martial law declared right then and there if it were a surprise?  Never mind that now my husband, who spent 40 years doing concrete construction – and half of every sidewalk replacement is jackhammering out the old concrete (he's easily logged 1,000 hours using a jackhammer) – assures me that concrete NEVER turns to dust.  That ripping out 8' of concrete doesn't result in enough fine stuff to fill a cookie jar.

    i know it was totally unproductive of me to shout at my old friend, but I lose patience with lies perhaps the same way people feel reality caving in on them by considering the malevolence of geoscatology.   Plus she's had much professional construction experience.  

    I'm not sure one can get one picture without the other.  Let alone that she ignorantly kept teling me there was concrete rubble on the site, which there was not.  Not a chunk of concrete the size of a peanut.  I've done my homework scrutinizing the photos and she simply has not.  THAT was what wafted all over Manhattan.  Concrete, not smoke.  Turned into finer powder than flour.  Something never before seen that must have involved Tesla technology plus nanothermite.

    Never mind Building 7.

    Anyone else?  How do these issues relate?  Can one grasp geoscatology yet think Ground Nero was what the media presented?  Don't you just want to ask them if they think the death of the Pacific might not adversely affect their pensions?

    • Horsegirl, your eloquent outrage is a real tonic for me, thank you, it renews my faith in the power of the human spirit every time I read one of your pithy comments. Thank God for Geoengineeringwatch’s island of sanity and sight in a world that oftentimes seems populated by robotized sleepwalkers. I have a friend who saw through the official lies of 911 some time ago, but still will not recognize what’s happening in the skies right over his head. Selective discernment is a paradox indeed. Is Babylon really in mid-fall right now? Is it time to “come out of her, my people”? I’m just an old fart musical type, nobody pays much attention, but I ask the questions anyhow…

    • Dennie says:

      The lop-sided Left-Brained OVERLY YANG idiots we have allowed to run the planet are sooooo fuuuuukin' compartmentalized, they don't even see the ocean as touching the shore.  They couldn't care less.

      If you REALLY are SERIOUS about wanting to know what went into the destruction of WTC on Sept. 11, 2001, pick up a copy of Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, by Michael C. Ruppert, 2004.  You do NOT have to look all over the internet, with it's troll-snares and disinformation.  They'll have this title on Amazon, and there might even be a copy in your local public library.  A copy certainly resides in the library of the Harvard Business School.  Gee, I wonder why.

  46. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Predictive Programming? X-Files stated weather warfare guys in the second video on this link.

    The word is getting out guys little bit by little bit. 

  47. Troy S says:


    They are going in for the kill on this one. "Asians haul out sweaters to cope with sudden cold snap". Semi-tropical Thailand no more than a week ago was enjoying high temperatures (93 F) on a Saturday then plunged to (61F) by Monday.  Heavy snow blanketed the popular northern resort city of Sapa, where dozens of cows and buffaloes reportedly died of the cold. This reminds me of the snow storm in South Dakota in October, 2013 where thousands of cattle were killed. Click on link below to continue reading.


    • Edward Palys says:

      To add more woes to that cold weather, buildings in the southern regions of China have no heating, only air conditioning. Just imagine those huge apartment buildings full of people staying inside to try and keep warm.

  48. Thomas Bruce Michigan says:

    This is very good news for our side. A paper from a credible University focusing on the potential environmental and health impacts caused by the deployment of SRM. They state; “While it is difficult to develop exposure and toxicological models which are representative of decades- long SRM deployment, these efforts are critical to ensure that reasonable, validated models of exposures and human impacts are available prior to any SRM deployment. In addition in their conclusion they state; “Based on our analysis, we submit that the current knowledge gaps do not justify deployment of SRM in the short term. Clearly they recognize that there are major negative environmental and human health issues associated with the deployment of toxic compound on such a large scale. As far as a validated model is concerned there is more than enough imperial data on the ground to make a strong case against the continued deployment of SRM. The pieces are starting to fall into place and the domino effect will accelerate as the walls start to crumble, very good news indeed.

    • Dennie says:

      “While it is difficult to develop exposure and toxicological models which are representative of decades- long SRM deployment, these efforts are critical to ensure that reasonable, validated models of exposures and human impacts are available prior to any SRM deployment…"

      I find this statement to be particularly amusing, in light of the fact that we have solid evidence and records going back for over a century now PROVING that this has indeed been going on for decades and the jury IS out: SAG and SRM are KILLING EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET.



  49. Wyatt Berry says:

    This morning here in Midcoast Maine there has been a strong chemical scent in the air since four in the morning and I can continue to smell it when I step outside.  It has been clear and cold for the past week, but now we are about to experience rising temperatures significantly above average for this time of year.  The entire country is going to heat up this week as Dane has indicated from the NOAA forecasts for the end of January.
    The cloud patterns are different today, much more low level cumulus that quickly drift over my house and up the coast.  I haven't really seen these sorts of clouds since the summer, I am not sure if it is "normal", if any of our weather patterns can even be considered such at this point.  There is an inconsistent overcast interrupted by patches of blue here and there stretching in most directions except to the Northeast where I can still see the sun rising.
    The most striking thing is the smell in the air.  The best way I can describe it is like a combination of burning formaldehyde and polyurethane mixed with other noxious chemicals that obviously shouldn't be in the air.  It may be easy for the average person not to notice because it is rather faint, but definitely still there for the past three hours.
    I recall experiencing this very frequently during the past summer months in the early morning.  I will sleep with my window open at night.  I distinctively remember on many occasions in the early hours a gust of wind would blow through the window and bring with it the noticeable burnt plastic smell very similar to what I described today.  The wind brought the outside air straight into my room and the scent was clearly from the atmosphere as no other source in my immediate vicinity could have accounted for it.
    I only experienced this during the morning and I never could smell it when the wind came through my window in the afternoon.  The aerosol particulate fallout reaches ground level in much higher concentrations during the summertime according to what my body is telling me (the exception being the seasonal barium nucleated snowstorms, heart palpitations and stomach pains come to mind, we haven't had much snow this year though, "luckily").
    Also, I surmise that these particles may remain aloft when excited by the sun, I further think that this is the case, not only because I can smell them strongly before the sun rises, but also based on the similar properties of the airborne metal particulates that I have observed in a high powered light beam at nighttime after a heavy spray day.  The very reflective metallic flakes are quite small, they do not stick or adhere to any surfaces, unlike dust or pollen, they simply bounce around and float like the flakes in a snowglobe and do not settle down.  They are completely invisible to the naked eye.
    From May to September there was constant S.A.G. almost every day without exception in Maine.  I have related before that during those months I rarely if even ever saw the sun go below the horizon during sunset, it usually disappeared behind the aerosols at 15-20* above horizon.
    This past month of January there has been minimal spraying (except for a few monster drops on the warm days).  Recently this week, however, I have noticed the trails again being laid to the south during sunset.  They are preparing yet again for another year of S.R.M. in the northern hemisphere.
    Also, one more observation, two evenings ago I saw a plane leaving a horizon to horizon trail.  I haven't seen a horizon to horizon in a few weeks so I checked flightradar24 to track it.  The aircraft in question was flying at 33000ft.  On flightradar I also observed another plane in the same airspace at 39000ft so I went back outside to see if I could see it.  I made visual contact with the higher plane and it was leaving NO TRAIL at all!  Two planes, flying in the exact same airspace only a mile apart, one leaving nothing (not even one of the “short” contrails), the other a horizon to horizon trail, they were both traveling to the North and East.  If anything, the plane flying higher should have been leaving a "persistent contrail" because of the colder temperatures yet it produced nothing, and I know that the engines had to have been on.  I highly doubt that the local humidity in the small region between the aircraft could have differed that much for one to produce no trail versus a horizon to horizon trail that fanned out to make a fake cloud.  The plane with the trail was a 767-ER and the other one was a 747 I think.  If these aircraft are operating high-bypass turbofan engines (which they are as almost all modern day commercial jets do) then how can this discrepancy be explained?
    One last note, the 767 was flying for Uzbekistan Airways according to flight radar.  There are two theories I find plausible, that the lesser and struggling passenger airlines have been contracted to do spraying in order to supplement their income (I have heard this mentioned before, along with arguments that it would be feasible to use a different fuel with the additive all the while streamlining the logistics by eliminating a "need to know" – there would be no evidence of the aerosol op as the refuelers would notice no difference).
    Or, that many of these planes are painted with an airline's livery and markings and given a fake transponder in order to fool those who check the radar tracking, when in reality they are carrying no passengers just a bunch of tanks of the deathjuice (I have also heard this mentioned before).  There are instances of the obvious military tankers spraying and not appearing on the radar (confirmed with telescopic video footage that identifies that they are military, KC10/KC135 etc).
    It has already become an open secret, the population all know that this is occurring, at least on a subconscious level, TPTB are simply attempting to pacify cornered animals as long as they can until the cornered are finally forced to lash out and take action.  The illusion is grand – get people divided and angry about Oscar “diversity”, bomb the hell out of third world countries and then demand that our people bend over backwards to accommodate the “refugees” who hate us for what our countries did to them, Cultural Marxism etc. – no one seems to care that we are all being chemically fumigated.  In fact, they vehemently deny any such suggestion as nonsense (contrary to their feelings for a stupid pop culture award ceremony that does not matter one bit when compared to our real problems).  Is it just me or does the majority of the population have some collective, debilitating mental disability that prohibits them from waking up to the reality?  Or do they just not want to wake up?  Are those of us who are aware just supposed to be keelhauled along for the journey?  Quote comes to mind, “democracy is the tyranny of the majority”.
    Increasing amounts of people that I know are to some degree mentally and/or physically ill, have financial problems, depression, etc. etc. and only seem to be getting worse.  If one is inclined to believe that this may be a localized observation, just turn on the lamestream news media.  Foreclosures, layoffs, mass poisoning.  Collapse is everywhere and it is staring us head on.  We (as a whole) are not going to alter course until unprecedented pain and suffering occurs and by then it will be too late for most, it probably already is.  Not trying to be a downer, just a realist.  Our physical realm is dying but it is not the only realm that there is.
    It is all too bad that this is the endgame.

    • Marc says:

      Absolutely fantastic post, Wyatt Berry. Many great and valuable observations. I know a guy who fits your description perfectly. You said: "No one seems to care that we are all being chemically fumigated. In fact, they vehemently deny any such suggestion as nonsense….." This guy sparred with me on FB and it became clear, especially after he was compelled to insult me personally, that he will cling to his contention that NONE OF THIS GEOENGINEERING STUFF IS GOING ON… to the death! I've posted about him already here but what astounds me is the degree to which some will get instantly confrontational and argumentative NEVER HAVING DONE THE NECESSARY RESEARCH INTO THE FULL SCOPE OF THE TOPIC. And yes, some ignoramuses, perhaps just by dumb luck, chose only the worst sources of disinformation to base their opinions on. But I know this guy very well, and he is one of the most cantankerous, "I'm right, you're wrong." kind of guys I have ever known. This brand of willful ignorance will forever astound me. I hate to say this, but a part of me is hoping for the opportunity to say to him when the full Truth comes out: "I told you so,

  50. Michael L says:

    New scientific study asserting man-made climate change is worsening the effects on temperature, even eluding to aerosols and other manipulation.

    • Michael L says:

      Another study determining that the massive cloud formations, which we know are caused by geo-engineering are actually heating the temperatures in Greenland by 2 to 3 degrees compared to no clouds.. This effect, as methane is released from the melting, creates more clouds, and traps more heat as a result. This is known as the "cloud-climate" feedback system.

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The following are statements from Dr. Kevin Trenberth on The Weather Channel, in regards to the Attribution of Climate Extreme Events: "The environment in which all weather events occur is different than it used to be. All storms, without exception, are different". "Consider 'snowmageddon' in Washington D.C. in February 5-6, 2010, unusually high sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, led to an exceptional amount of moisture flowing into the storm, which resulted in very large snow amounts". -Dr. Kevin Trenberth. Trenberth's statements are very vague and one dimensional, sure the warmer oceans are one major contributing factor, but there are several more atmospheric and environmental factors that need to be factored into the equation as well. Trenberth fails to give reasons why the environment is different now, than it used to be. Of course, GeoEngineering would be the number one factor, he does not mention that! I've noticed weather forecasts being changed multiple times per week, probably because the prediction of Climate Modification is more difficult, since it is so far outside of the norm, compared to the natural climate & weather patterns, that Meteorologists were taught in school. Since when is the Climate & Weather classified secret (Federal GAG Orders), when I was in the Navy it was not a secret, of course there was no mention of Climate Engineering at that time.

  51. Jeff says:

    I would love to share a photo of Alanta's skies this morning with anyone wanting to see it. I haven't seen anything like it before.

    • I would like to see your photo.
      Can I share it on the web ?

    • Dan says:

      Show me…show us. I'm just about to explode due to the excitement of all my questions being answered. I've been seeing these spray patterns for years and asked everyone I knew what they were and I was always told to not worry about it. It was just exhaust from jets and I was  just being crazy. I now feel vindicated but which I WERE crazy…I feel bamboozled and a fool for just looking and not trying to get answers. Thank God for the internet and Dane! I will stand with you forever.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Jeff, Please send your photo as a message to Dane's Facebook page. Never Give Up!

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, Jeff, I'd love to see what you observed.  Where are you in Alaska?  I'm sky watching every day in Anchorage.  We've been getting our bearings here since the Sunday morning earthquake, the second largest in 50 years.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Sorry, my bad, you meant Atlanta, and I'm still confused today.  My apologies, Jeff.  I'd love to see your Atlanta sky.

    • Abby says:

      Jeff, I'd love to see your pictures- why don't you try posting them here?

    • Jeff says:

      I tried to load it onto the comments section here with no luck.


      I am not currently on Facebook, but if anyone will give me a link to send it to, I would gladly sent to use however you like.



  52. ken says:

    Hi  , all and Dane  here is a website that may help you in some way to convince people that geoengineering is real . . . There are some places in this video that sum up what is really happening and may help people understand the totality of the events of geoengineering is real . . .

  53. Jeff says:

    Atlanta, GA-
    When I woke this morning and looked out my bedroom window, the jets were already painting streaks in the skies. Leaving for work, I couldn't believe the sky I was looking at. My daughter asked me what all of that was and all I could tell her was that it was pollution from those jets. Heartbreaking. I told her that there is a large group of people that are trying to make it better and I was one of them. At lunch today, still a full on assault. Unbelievable. All day warfare on us. This has to stop folks.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Jeff, I'd like to see your pic's of the aerial assault over Atlanta. I grew up there and now live about an hour north. We had heavy spraying over this area yesterday too. I'm assuming it is to keep the cool air in place and usher in the rain predicted for today. Weather whiplash- Last weekend it was freezing temps and a snow/ice storm; this weekend is predicted sunny and temps in the 60's. I know there are worse extremes than that taking place. I hate it when they spray us. I notice the elderly parent I care for shows more extreme signs of dementia during the spray days and the horses seem subdued and depressed. We MUST get this genocidal, omnicidal warfare against everything STOPPED.

  54. Dennie says:

    From 1959:  Disney movie on the future of weather control:  the artists' renderings of the technologies we know know are pretty much like the actual deal.  OF COURSE Disney and just about every other motion film producer is used as part of the Propaganda Machine– WHORES for the NAZI Corporate-Military-Banking-Pharmaceutical Cabal.

  55. Dennie says:

    A-men, Bija!

    • BaneB says:

      Reminds me of how Michael Hastings of Rolling Stone Magazine was dispatched.  Basically his late model Mercedes' on board computer was hijacked.  The automobile's functions such as accelerator, brakes, steering, were remotely commandeered.  He was slammed into a tree at 100 mph.  The vehicle exploded.  Oddly the engine was found 150 feet behind the burned out vehicle.  I think suspicion is a healthy response to the odd quality of the accident.  Thanks for the link to the news article.

    • droughtsurvivor says:

      Absolutely!  Made me so angry when Hastings was murdered.  Then denial, denial, denial.  Those that knew he had been murdered were silenced, I suspect even his wife after she toned it down in the media afterwards.  Wonder what kind of threats or payoffs were made.  Notice how many tv shows, drama or documentary, now use this concept for their story line?  But all the while people still think it's fiction because it's on tv.  Stupid ppl.  Wake Up!!!  They tell us what they are doing us just like you-know-O who continued to fundamently transform America.  Crazy stuff Maynard

  56. Rosalie says:

    A good friend of mine refuses to hear anything about geoengineering.  She says she's leaving it in God's hands. I'm a person of faith and I get so frustrated with responses like that. Any suggestions as to what I could say?  I've encountered similar responses with family members. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rosalie, I would suggest you inquire with your friend as to exactly what faith she is commited to. All major spiratual traditions teach that we have a responsibility to do what we can for the common good until our last breath. Sitting down on the bench and doing nothing is not an option.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Maybe ask them if they got cancer or any other kind of disease would they just leave it in God's hands and not do anything?  How about if someone sprayed their home with a toxic spray on a daily basis? 

    • Nicole says:

      Not directing this at your situation but there are a whole lot of people out there using religion as an excuse not to act, or even be honest with themselves. Just because they say they are leaving it up to God doesn't mean they are a Godly person.


    • Hi Rosalie, God bless you, I too am trying my best to be a Christian, and to alert friends and family to the dangers of geoengineering, nuclear power, GMO foods, Big Pharma, etc, etc, etc ad nauseum… I think anyone who reads all the words that Jesus and His Apostles said and wrote concerning the latter times, preceding Christ’s coming again, cannot fail to see that these will be, or indeed now are, times of great testing and trials for believers, and times of great deception and evil on the part of the spiritual Antichrist forces, and the worldly, greedy, cruel powers-that-be. One scripture that always reminds me of the crimes now being perpetrated on our home planet’s biosphere is Revelation chapter 11, verse 18. It is a promise from God to “destroy those who destroy the earth”!
      That seems to say, in a pretty straightforward way, that heavy-duty divine judgment awaits those who wreak planetary-scale havoc upon our beautiful world. Give your friend that one to chew on!
      I wrote and recorded a song along this very theme, and have a video posted on Youtube. It’s called “Boil The Frog, The Chemtrail Opera”. Yes, believe it or don’t…have a look, all ye doubters!

    • James A. Brown Jr. says:

      James 4:17  (King James Version)

      "Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin."

    • Tamara says:

      Rosalie, maybe a gentle reminder to your friend that God gave us free will. Therefore it's in our hands.

  57. Roy says:

    From Buffalo, NY: snow storms.  as I look back, the blizzard of '77 seems like that was a real arctic a real storm – very high sustained winds with 6" total snowfall recorded. Jump to mid October 2006 when 24"+ of heavy wet snow in 4-6 hours (no forecast/prediction) decimated power facilities and crumpled 200000 – 300000 beautiful trees in our community –  it quickly melted while many of our basements filled with no sump power. Jump to November 2014 a narrow snow band (less than 10 mi. wide) hit central buffalo with 7' of snow; temps rose in the next few days and there was no flooding and the snow seemed to evaporate and disappear…no flooding.  Then the next month the Weather Channel rated the year's 5 worst climatic '14 events on Dec. 26. Surprise:  Buffalo registered #1 above the floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes as the greatest national catastrophe.  I think 11 people died from snow-related causes.  What got me fired-up tonight was watching the large beautiful almost full copper moon rising ENE while chemtrails crossed it and hurled the appearance of steep light beams into the atmosphere.  I am so obsessed with this reality and NO one person in my family, friends, or engineering circle will discuss it.  
    I am also one of the only ~2500 signers of the movement…read 'Beyond Disinformation' by our group.
    Don't even get me started on the 3rd great coverup, that being COREXIT 9500 & 9527, coming soon to poison the next ocean oil spill.
    While I'm at it:This is a refresher for those of us who went into shock when George W. Bush lost the 2000 presidential election and went to the White House anyways….. the U.S. Supreme Court’s judicial coup d’etat– an event unprecedented in American history, with catastrophic consequences we all know by now; just thank Jeb from FL 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Here's the rub though Roy. Wasn't it Al Gore he ran against? (correct me if I am wrong, I can't seem to remember for sure that it was him, or was it John Kerry?) Either way it wouldn't have made a hill of beans difference if his opponent had won. That's the really sad part of it all. Sure the Bush family sucks, they are war criminals and worse, but alot of the same sh*t would have still come down regardless of which of them 'won'. That is the unfortunate truth.

    • Von Droid says:


      I also live in Buffalo and am continuously amazed at the lack of people aware of both geoengineering and the other issues you mentioned.  I also would like to do more about it and organize some action items around informing people of geoengineering.  Once I dressed up in a hazmat suit with a respirator and safety googles and held a large protest sign walking up and down elmwood, to the chagrin of many, the curiosity of several, and the joy of few.  Don Paul, our area weather man for channel 4, announces his retirement tonight.  If there's a man who knows about geoengineering and isn't saying it, it's him.  Perhaps we could approach him about the issue somehow.  


  58. New Photos. The two on the bottom are very different than any I've seen. The "spray" effect like gossamer lines showing up with the sun beneath??? Visual of the dispersion? Anyone see this before?

    • Deb Buckler says:

      Susan, that looks very familiar to me here in central coast, California. Our skies look like that most of the time. They often start out crystal blue in the morning but by late afternoon, they are a smeary white mess.

    • Lenore Cox says:

      I see this often. Northern New Mexico Colorado border.

  59. Michel B says:

    "…exposure limits must be harmonized…" That sounds so much like a politician when he says, "We are committed to…" It is a way of saying business will be as usual and nothing will change.

    This article is good in that it discusses a few of the horrendous health effects of SRM fallout exposure, but it remains totally frustratingly benign to the immediacy and urgency of arresting the programs. While it ambles on about that which is long known, that would have been known even before they sprayed the first barrel of crap back in the 1940s, the programs are escalating.

    It all seems like a sociopathic mad scientist who dryly and dispassionately watches the symptoms of a research victim suffering from the latest injections of experimental 'medicines/vaccines' while strapped to a bunk. Otherwise, how could the author describe those effects and then used the word "harmonize"?!

    The first rule of medicine is "First do no harm." This rule is not just ignored, it is the basis that drives the opposite action by those who pull the strings behind the curtain.

    The only way to harmonize is to totally stop SRM, etc and then start cleaning up the mess while rescuing as much of the biosphere as possible. Let the rain fall, let the forests grow (where they can), establish natural carbon sinks, change to non polluting technologies and review our societies and our lives. But before all of this, we have to oust the ruling elite, establish a holographic (not centralised) Constitutional Republic and start educating everyone on everything. Big ask, but that is how I see it.

    • Dennie says:

      "Exposure limits must be harmonized" sounds exactly the same as when "they" said that you can have a "limited" nuclear war.  HOW VERY F*CKING INSANE!!!!


  60. Alan says:

    Hoping it won't be too long before those responsible have a moment that is described best in this verse of "Once In A Lifetime" by David Byrne.

    And you may ask yourself 
    What is that beautiful house? 
    And you may ask yourself 
    Where does that highway go to? 
    And you may ask yourself 
    Am I right?…Am I wrong? 
    And you may say to yourself 
    My God!…What have I done?! 

  61. MS says:

    This paper is decent, but in my opinion it falls a little short.  It understates the problem by acting as if this problem of SAG is sometime in the future. The program has started, folks.  Anyone with two eyes and brain knows we are being sprayed.  I teach elementary and even the kids notice it.  Recent quotes from my students include: "Hey, look!  Its a rocket ship." "Do you see that giant X?" "Wow, look!  It's going right over us." And some just stare at the planes as they criss cross the sky.  What do I tell them?  "Sorry kid, that's how you are going to die."  Or "Don't worry kid, its just aluminum poisoning."  Or maybe I tell them that they were sold down the river by evil and ignorant people who don't really care long they live or whether or not they kill they only home they have.  I certainly don't want to lie to them.  I don't know what to say.  I'm a wage slave.  I'm disgusted with myself for being one.  When are the teachers going to take a stand and realize that if we are all going to die at least its our moral responsibility to tell the kids about how it happened?  I'm not there yet because I am a wage slave.  And I get a sinking feeling that soon we'll all just be slaves without a wage.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MS, the report is actually very helpful overall. As I said in the article, it is the most direct outline this far from a peer reviewed source. These researchers know, they just can’t say more and still get published. Don’t lose heart, the break in the dam is coming.

  62. I didn’t quite realize that David Keith founded a company:
    * Neverthless “air capture” technologies are being developed by firms like Carbon Engineering, a Canadian company founded by Harvard physicist and geoengineering enthusiast David Keith. They are ventures looking for a rationale, but that has not stopped Alberta oil sands billionaire N Murray Edwards and Bill Gates from investing.
    No wonder Keith’s considered a geoengineering “enthusiast”!
    Here he is being confronted by Dane. I never get enough of this video. It must make the fast-talker Keith wince.


  63. Frances says:

    The US has approx. 1000 military bases around the world.  Could spraying be done from each of them.

  64. kathleen says:

    San Diego, aka "America's Finest [particle-laden] City," is deaf to this topic, and sadly, but no surprise, since this town also houses massive industries that manufacture war-related weapons, chemical poisons, underwater "testing" of munitions that kill sea animals, and all sorts of bad juju devices and faux foods. Our skies are sprayed almost daily, our water has been poisoned for decades (I fought against that, to no avail), and our food, even if raised on pristine and mineral-added soil, is deficient to sustain life — at least a life that has a functioning brain.

    We have, on the good side, shut down San Onofre, but its waste will not deplete in 1000 lifetimes, at best, and be released for all in the next big quake. We have droughted our country's veggie and fruit lands, and are doomed to import GMO products. Our kids and their parents are being dumbed down by the minute, eating junk. And we are systematically being poisoned and made docile, due to fluoridated water, just like in the Nazi camps. Look it up: fluoride is a hazardous waste that we are paying for in our "drinking" water.

    It's no wonder that antidepressants are so widely prescribed, but I'll tell you, they are just more poison. Grow some fresh herbs, veggies, and fruit. Don't eat out. Buy purified (distilled or R/O) water. Add minerals. Eat colorful foods every day. Try growing sprouts. Cultivate wild foods, like dandelions (they also help our pollinators). Provide watering stations for birds and bees and butterflies, as well as colorful flowering foods for both you and them.

    And know this: you who are reading Dane's works, and the comments from concerned individuals, YOU are ahead of the game. Yes, it's a game. A sick game. I certainly don't know the outcome, but I will die fighting for sanity, freedom of information, and a hope of peace. All I can do is to respect the land and its creatures and plants. You can do that, too, even if just in baby steps.

    Thank you, Dane, and all the wonderful commenters and activists who are fighting for this planet. You keep me sane 🙂

    • Dennie says:

      Besides making the users even crazier, the "Anti-depressants" simply do their job best in lining the pockets of the shareholders in the Big Pharma gambling casinos known as the stock market.

  65. Roger Gibbons says:

    Its been clear sky's here in the greater Toronto area due to all the airline cancelations because of the bad snow storms along the East coast.

    But today back to normal spraying  unbelievable 

  66. Laura says:

    Awareness is key – tell everyone you see to look up while the spraying is happening.  Every seed you plant may not produce, but it's amazing when one you told becomes a local crier and tells multitudes of others.

    We're under assault today in Knoxville, TN – the skies are striped and quickly diminishing all of the beautiful sunshine.  We must defeat these cowards who have no regard for the health and safety of their fellow man or our future.

    • Dennie says:

      I know a lot of people who can't seem to tilt their heads backwards and actually LOOK UP at the sky, for cryin' out LOUD!  And even when they do, they pretend that what's coming out of the back of the jets doing the spraying are NATURAL CLOUDS.  People like that DESERVE to be on anti-depressants.  They are already crazier than all get-out.  There is NO POTION or ANTI-DENIAL pill.  Waking up is hard work, people. 

    • Laura says:

      Dennie – it IS discouraging that most foks do seem to be in a fog and think you're nuts for even looking at the daily skies.  But all of us are not fooled and you do have others out there that share in your frustration.  Be encouraged and let the seeds you plant fall where they may – better to continue to share than to allow a few to defeat you. 

      Meanwhile, total coverage today in Knoxville….

  67. Ron lech says:

    Start getting to the clergy where are they are supposed to stand up for God and feed the sheep the truth , here in Ohio constant spraying since 1998 and this is interesting the country I quess sports and partying are far more important then surviving the Ariel attacks soon no more partying instead replaced with crying 

    • Dawnski says:

      Many local, nationsl and global Clergy, Contemporary Christian artists, authors and speakers know who I am and I have yet to meet one who will listen, let alone acknowledge the peril of our planet. 501.c.3 non-prophets, false teachers, and chickens are afraid to loose their tax exempt status. . .yet I do not profit off the name of Jesus which they in fact do. I'm sure that has a lot to do with my Ezekiel 3 courageous calling. Onward through the chem fog ~~~

    • Dennie says:

      I can't even BEGIN to discuss this issue with our priest. It's only been in the past ten or so years that the Episcopal church has thought to include praying for the actual PHYSICAL health of this planet– like, somehow, it's OKAY to dump +2000 ATOMIC BOMBS ONTO OUR ONLY HOME, and of course, NONE OF US and NOTHING will bear the consequences– HUH???  His wife is supposedly an "environmentalist," and has a psychology degree but they can't seem to control their own children.  How am I going to begin to have a real conversation with people who so do not know what is going on?  These people are scared to death of losing their 501-3c status and pensions, that Almighty Dollar is just sooooo v-e-e-e-ry sacred to Them All. 

  68. Thank you Dane! GREAT find.

    20 Dead, 200 Hospitalized After Reports US Lab "Leaks" Deadly Virus In Ukraine  /Tyler Durden 01/25/2016
    Amid the so-called "ceasefire" in Ukraine, yet ongoing shelling in many regions, the Donbass news agency reports that more than 20 Ukrainian solders have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized after an apparent leak of a deadly virus called "California Flu" from a US lab near the city of Kharkov.
    As Donbass News International reports,
    More than 20 Ukrainian soldiers have died and over 200 soldiers are hospitalized in a short period of time because of new and deadly virus, which is immune to all medicines. Donetsk People's Republic intelligence has reported that Californian Flu is leaked from the same place where research of this virus has been carried out.
    The laboratory is located near the city of Kharkov and its base for US military experts. [A group of Dr. Strange Love ego-maniac technical 'experts' you would never want to get near!]

  69. tina says:

    they are spraying ça west coast fast and furious today. Folks, study Judge Ana Von Reitz. Returning this country back to "Common Law" is key. These killers need fast,fair,speedy trials by the people. Rothschild, u s navy, Monsanto, bill gates, all fraudulent politicians are in on this. Our dollar is about to go,no longer will these thugs have protection here. Where is General Dunsford?? He is to stop this  genocide.

    • Ken B says:

      Hi Tina, where are you? They aren't spraying the central CA coast today for some reason. At least not with the stuff you can plainly see. The sky is still whitish-blue though.

    • Wake Up World! says:

      We're up against a death machine, whose only agenda is genocide. They are doing everything and anything they can to exterminate the population including the LA Methane "accident". They are folding the world up in every horrific way the mind can imagine. How many people can really get their heads around that trauma and still function during a day? Most are right here at this website. The rest are seeking denial into oblivion. 

    • Dennie says:

      "They" all need to be tried for TREASON, for putting their CORPORATE interests above the Constitution, found guilty, then slammed in prison and then they throw away the keys.  At least.

  70. Chad says:

    It's unfolding as we speak. I'm doing my part to spread the all important words of Truth. People are waking up a little. Still too scared to talk about it too much. Another wonderful piece of hardcore evidence is Walt Disneys 1959 "Eyes in Outer Space of future predictive Weather"! Must see for your own eyes and hear with ears! Word for word and just what's happening. Talks how all life depends on weather, moods, melting polar ice caps, electro magnetic energy, cloud seeding, the whole nine yards! Before I was born! Taken off and stolen Nicola Teslas ideas and patents. Secrets well hidden but now openly being proven in our skies and earth surfaces along with weather warfare on a daily basis internationally or globally! Please see , you will astonished and Piissed! Knowledge is Ower! God bless and Amen! Keep on for fight of Truth and Righteousness for all our sakes!

  71. Helene says:

    southern west coast of Vancouver Island spraying for days in a horizontal pattern, lines upon lines going across and above horizon, when "normal" clouds blow away lines of chemtrails visible…crisscross pattern used rarely now, lines extend across Strait of Juan de Fuca to Washington State, sometimes it comes from US sometimes from Canada…all complicit in trying to control weather and poison us…thank you for your work and it's so interesting and both terrible and nice to hear from folks around the world reporting on their experiences…

  72. Bernard R. Hall says:

    I was told by a friend of mine that yesterday the X Files on Channel 5 mentioned Aerial Spraying. What was said I do not know.

    • Dennie says:

      CLEARLY a case of "Art imitates LIFE," and NOT the other way around; and isn't it soooooo sadddd that Uhmerukun idiots think they have to watch "fictional" television programs to "understand" what's going on in REALITY–????

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, I saw at least the second half of the first episode, which gave a very quick run-down of all the "conspiracy theories" one comes across often irl (FEMA camps for instance), and said they're all coming to fruition.  You can probably watch it on-demand if you are interested.  It mentioned something about drought caused by polluting the atmosphere or something and showed a satellite from above.

  73. peter says:

    Hi Dane. They have been spraying all day here in Hertfordshire UK 25/1/16

  74. Jill R says:

    Have you ever contacted the NRDC and asked for additional legal help in exposing  all of this? I know they've been funded at least initially by the Rockefellers so possibly the last thing they want to do is make waves on this, but they sure jump into the fray and do great work for other environmental causes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jill, yes, we have in fact. NRDC and all the major environmental groups are completey unwilling to face this most critical of all issues. It is up to us to sound the alarm. Our legal efforts are ongoing behind the scenes, and all our other efforts. When we reach a critical mass of awareness, the environmental organizations may finally be shamed into joining in the battle.

  75. David Kramer says:

    States and local governments have their hands tied; chemtrails are established by International Mega Corporations that hire third parties to conduct their genocide under the NWO maintained by the UN. In direct conflict with the illuminati, the false flag hearings at the UN succeed in blinding their identifications and as they have no power to cease the mass contamination or an air force to attack-is a joke on us. If any government was against the genocide they would have by now, restricted or shot down the offender. But as you can see, there is no action. They, as members on this NWO have their orders as well. Now, place your votes and plan your own demise. Canada for one has tripled the costs of basic food supplies and the oil fracking has destroyed and poisoned tens of thousands of acres of land and equal underground water basins. Here in America, toxic mine pools of poison have been released over millions of acres and water sources destroyed, toxic gas has been released poisoning thousands who have now been forced to move; the government of Michigan and Flint have succeeded in poisoning hundred's of thousands of people: all these cases are by accident if you are blind, deaf and dumb. They are attacking the human species from every direction-the evil is inherent. The hold of the NWO is within every US state and country in the world even China and Russia. And, they control our courts.
    What is your solution?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello David, no matter how controlled the “system” is, if we can reach a critical mass of public awareness on the climate engineering issue (and we can if we all work together), it will create a shock wave around the world. If we can fully expose the climate engineering insanity to populations around the globe, a paradigm shift will follow. This is not to say that our problems would be over, rather they are just beginning. But such an accomplishment would be the greatest leap we could take in the right direction. No one can see the future, but going “silently into the night” is not an option.

  76. Thank God that the good folks at the University of Michigan have finally published a paper that puts the grave dangers of SRM into fairly clear focus. This is a major step forward for the previously totally silent academic world, who seem to be largely composed of highly educated and technically-skilled blind men. Although it kills me (perhaps literally) that they still will NOT bring themselves to actually admit the ONGOING sky-crime, which their own eyes have been showing them for years (should they ever manage to tilt their heads back and really open those eyes)….
    Nonetheless, for these tenured and corporate-funded scholarly folk, this study is a great leap forward. Or, perhaps a first tentative step towards speaking the truth…Now, if we could get a bunch of courageous pilots to start moving towards disclosure as well, we might really gain some traction. Anybody out there know a pilot?
    Play this song for him, or her:

  77. jill sowdon says:

    yessss!! huge thanks and many well dones to those who have worked on, and for this paper.At least if more see the question of arm et al in a "scientific"format ,citing opposition then i feel sure that more will open their eyes and more voices will be heard against…I feel very moved by the many "gatherings" of people waking up and really looking around ,seeing what is being done,and,raising their voice….we are world wide having a huge move in the anti fracking campaigns,and reading this today here,gives more hope, to the anti chemtrailing marches happening later this year too. thank you, and well done for all the solid ,sound work.

  78. dawnski says:

    Major Progress. . . .thands University of Michigan!

  79. Kat L. says:

    All of this evidence is growing.  We're getting closer and closer to ending this 'death' agenda.  Honesty, did they think they would get away with this? This dark agenda ends in 2016.

  80. Dave says:

    Were being assaulted in Grand Rapids/West Michigan area today. I am passing along website to as many people who I would think would be responsive, some"get it" and others just a shrug of the shoulders. Dane,  Greatest admiration for all your labors for the good of mankind!    

    • Rhonda says:

      I live in Holland,Dave so I completely understand. On Saturday we got sprayed very heavily the day started off with clear blue sky's and by the end of the day it was completely covered. Using some of the material that Dane has on his brochures I ordered some business cards to  pass out in the area.

  81. Patsy says:

    who can I contact in Arizona for a public hearing on this? We need to stop it now.

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