New US Government Hearing On Geoengineering Amounts To Criminal Deception


Dane Wigington

The United States government is nothing more than an unimaginably massive criminal organization that exists for its own purposes and agendas. The vast majority of those who are a part of our government (and who serve it) are, unfortunately, completely willing to play their individual parts in the elaborate theater of the constant criminal deception of the US population. The video below is from the November 8th, 2017, hearing of the US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. The hearing covers the subject of geoengineering / SRM / and Marine Cloud Brightening. What you will see in this hearing is nothing short of a massive theater of total deception designed to hide the ongoing climate engineering insanity by pretending it has not yet been deployed some 70 years ago which all available data proves (including government documents and film footage). The scripted theater of deception in this “government” hearing should infuriate any reasonable and awake human being. All of those participating should be personally contacted to let them know that once the public is fully awakened to the ongoing climate engineering atrocities, that each of this hearing’s participants will likely be held legally and morally accountable for their part in the criminal climate engineering cover-up. Some of their contacts are below the hearing video (the geoengineering hearing starts 22 minutes into the video)

Contacts for the participants in this "geoengineering proposal" theater of deception are below. Taking the time to send them a message with credible data links, can have a very big impact. Let them know that we are not OK with the part they are playing in the criminal cover-up of geoengineering. If you decide to send a message to the participants of this hearing, it should be done in a peaceful and professional  manner.

Example link to forward:

Geoengineering introduction to media and the uninformed:

Available activist materials

Geoengineering informational flyers:

Geoengineering informational booklets: 8887s

Nashville,Tennessee. Photo credit: Brent Rodriguez

TX rep Marc Veasey:

Dr. Phil Rasch:

Dr. Joseph Majkut:

Dr. Douglas Macmartin (formerly Douglas MacMynowski):

(More on Macmartin in the link below):

Ms Kelly Wanser:

Congressman Paul Tonko, New York:

Congressman Bill Foster, Illinois:

Congressman Jim Banks, Indiana:

Congressman Bill Posey, Florida:

The 3 minute video link below has been added to this post as an update. The short government hearing excerpt in this link must be seen to be believed. These are truly dark days on planet Earth.

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50 Responses to New US Government Hearing On Geoengineering Amounts To Criminal Deception

  1. Carolyn Williams Palit says:

    If the original problem is crap in the air or "warming," then spraying more crap in the air, causing more heating, is just CRAP!

    Carolyn Williams Palit



  2. Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)


    18 U.S. Code § 2382 – Misprision of treason | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute


  3. Jeff says:

    Their freaking time is coming


  4. Del lindquist says:

    It appears that these folks spend so much time getting PHD's,and certifications in BS  they never go out side to see the effects of the quote" not yet implemented or tested large scale equipment " and it was nice to see that they are proud of the funding they received . However it is quite clear the agenda here is to have the government clear the way to eliminate any ligation as a result of abuse of the poisoning of the planet as we have seen by the lobbyists for the drug companies. 

    All any of these so called scientists need to to is go out side and look up. MAY WE TAKE A MOMENT TO PRAY FOR THE SCIENTISTS They truly believed the BS degrees they had received. 

  5. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    I agree Erik, all four Testifying mention GeoEngineering is in it's infancy stages and more research is needed to determine the risks and side effects it will have on the environment. The risks and side effects are being experienced now and have been for decades, GeoEngineering has been implemented for over 70 years, as Dane has stated many times. Not one person in that hearing mentioned the major climate & weather catostrophic disasters that have occurred! Neither did they mention any details on what humans can do to preserve the planet from inducing any further harm, other then discussing Co2 removal. It is going to take way more than only Co2 removal. The first and most important step would be to end all Climate/GeoEngineering programs!!!!

  6. Charles says:


    Wow.  It is astounding that such a public hearing has even occurred! In this echo chamber it seems totally lost on most of the comments that the official POTUS opinion, even as stated in the opening of this meeting, is that 'climate change' does not yet even exist. But this public meeting certain acknowloedges the reality that it does! Total Orwellian indeed!

    The increasing Global Warming that IS occuring even in the midst of the current Geoengineering programs must have finally spooked the climate change deniars that they find it necessary to publicly have a hearing about this radical solution to a problem that doesnt yet formally exist!

    ' I stand before you to sit behind you and tell you about something I know nothing about. This Thursday, which is Good Friday, there is a Ladies meeting for Men Only …. !!! '

    Yes, indeed, the deceit in the room was so thick that it was hard to decipher what this hearing is truly all about. But after contemplating the very existence of this public meeting it seems that the Global Warming and the tragic, weather disasters and events that have recently occurred have mobilized the US govt to put a public face on the geoengineering science to take it out of the closet and put it squarely in the middle of the room. With no intent to reduce CO2 emissions significantly, it would seem that the plan is to rapidly scale up the recognition that geoengineering can perhaps turn on the global air conditioner!  Its like, when I was a kid, and when it got too hot, but Mom would not let us turnon the air conditioner because it used too much electricity, we would open the refrigerator door and stand in the coolness of the refridgerated air. Of course we had no idea that in order for the refridgertor to create that cooled air, it generated heat which would ooze out the back heating up the room even faster! 2nd grader thermodynamics !


    Thanks again Dane for making this video available for us! At some level you have won this battle with flying colors! Solar Radiation Management has achieved existence in the government lexicon! Whether this episode relates to you legal processes, who can say? More likely, the reality of Global Warming even in the face of the public denials have motivated this plan B! 

    As Richard Feynman is credited to have quipped ;

    'For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.'

     in the shadow of the Space Shuttle Challenger having exploded upon takeoff in Jan 28 1986! We are perhaps in a similar watershed moment in history, that in the wake of the Global Warming catastrophe, perhaps the govt is close to abandoning the climate change denial as it morphs into a new process of geoengineering think that our technology can control the climate and maintain survival of human civilization on this huge yet frail planet. We have certainly not left public relations behind by any means, and we continue to try to fool nature in this, indeed. But in the end, 'NATURE BATS LAST' !!!

  7. karm says:

    When will the lies and madness stop. Just to prove we are constantly being lied to, please watch the documentary titled "Unacknowledged".

  8. Erik says:

    What a bunch of hypocritical people!! They are lieing up their ass. How can they just comment on something that is already happening above our heads and lie about it. This makes me mad to see how blind and deception they are. Why I ask myself are they pretending that geoengineering is not already happening and pretend that this is only a proposal and they want to start doing it. What a bunch of lies.

  9. Pedro says:

    Great Work Dane.

    A word to the "guys";

    "…to alter the Atmosphere in a way that produces positive outcomes…"??? , with FLAMMABLE and toxic heavy metal nano particles which are destroying the Biosphere, destroying the Ozone layer ( creating an escalation of global warming ), and that we breath directly into our blood stream???

    – F you, MFkrs!!!

    SRM – the destruction of the Rain cycles, of the Climate and consequently of Agriculture, for creating an open door to a global market for the (death) business of the transgenic "foods" ( among other things)!!

    this SS Fkrs talk pretending that reality is fantasy, in a profound register of satanic narcissism.


  10. barbzi says:

    Military analysts and scientists are mute on the subject. Meteorologists are not investigating the matter and environmentalists are largely focusing on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. The possibility of climatic or environmental manipulations as part of a military and intelligence agenda, while tacitly acknowledged, is not part of the broader debate on climate change under UN auspices….( per article)

  11. Lori Bridgeford says:

    This was the most INSANE charade ever on the climate casting couch !  Just in time with  the Hollywood   sex pedo rings, fake news, fake votes, fake air,  fake food n boobs, fake medicine, education and really fake MILITARY forces &  liberators. How bad when David Keith on fake comedy with Colbert ? NOT funny- was, and still is  sickening to watch this!  Decades of damage already done !!!  High 5 to Blue Sue synopsis (I took 21 pg of notes watching this hearing) They poise this as if in the future ! What LIES of epic proportion !  Many of us have photos /footage of criminal spray programs. Lab tests. Legal team in place , more whistleblowers  coming forward.  Countless tons have been released ! What is with their small scale jargon ? Horrid liars -pathetic words they use like trade-offs, premature deployments, mitigation vs. adaption, unintended, scientific unknowns, the future is bright for geo-E, need to keep adding geo-e , can increase side effects & risks -to use a s a supplement , bla. The buzz word used was simply small  "particles". What did "they" do to these 4 witness experts? they speak from some time warp – what will consider, will do , will see… What sell out prostitutes  – Damage already DONE. Harmed. Hurt and destroyed ! How many in your field baled out before you took a seat with this environmental sub comm. w/ Lamar Smith as chair ?  Did you all  need to be  over medicated to say such vast  & vile lies ?  Maybe chipped ?  Am stunned bt this joint hearing. Your  testimony Phil, Joseph, Doug, and Kelly  is disgusting beyond words. Such lies when say to committee  " our further thought , our  "close watch needed "  as if just know looking into this realm of sky aerosols .  Was hoping Posey (from the Vaxxed film)  would have went deeper than "cats out of the bag" on nano-tech and legit  question re what are OTHER countries doing ?  He knows this ain't right with heavy metals in sky, not just shots called immunization.  So, Why all  4 witnesses play so very  ignorant, stupid & clueless ? Slippery slope not answering  a thing.  Not sure, not worry , not detectable ? Unnoticeable  to untrained eyes , go careful,  move slow , and judiciously ? All this  excuse making sorta  fits if this was from  say,  70 yrs ago !!! No, this is now . Get off the climate  casting couch !   OUR precious  Earth is  far  hotter,  than your sorry asses.

  12. Justin Cowan says:

    I watched about an hour of the senate hearing. It was very bizarre. Even the pleasantries were scripted. This was a con job. They were all acting like they don't know the science yet they constantly spray us. They know the science. They're just running a show for us.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      OK,they admitted it.Where do we sign up for the lawsuit.My wife's nose wouldnt stop bleedng and she had to go to the hospital last year.I also had a bleeding ordeal not to mention ongoing sickness and aching bones.Dane,tell us what we have to do.These bastards need to pay all of us.What kind of lying do pilots do?I can only hope there is a God and they brethed their own spraying which will ultimately shorten their worthless lives.

  13. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    A Liar begins with making Falsehood appear like Truth,    & ends with making Truth itself,     appear like Falsehood.             – William Shenstone  –

  14. Rose Taylor says:

    One of the most famous Native Americans of our day, Russell Means died in 2012. He spoke great truths before he died. His message can be viewed on You Tube. He said:

    "If I want my people to be free, Americans have to be free and unfortunately 'Indian Policy' has now been brought down upon the 'American People' and now THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE NEW INDIANS OF THE 21ST CENTURY …. A COUNTRY FOUNDED ON DECEIT WILL DIE BY DECEIT." He was referring to the hundreds of broken Indian treaties by the US government.

    Unless more Americans find the courage to WAKE UP, sadly Means' prophetic message to us will continue to unfold. We have been living in the "belly of the beast" for far too long and now that beast has turned on the American people.  


  15. RThomas says:

    The sad/demented fact is, those behind the machine (which run independent of) those actually issuing the orders; believe that they are doing this for our own good. These people are like those whom sprayed agent orange on the jungles in Vietnam,Cambodia, and Loas "mission, to kill the vegetation Including food for civilian population? code name Operation Ranch Hand-" poisoning the water, and land.   Also denied by our government for decades. My Uncle was one of those people who sprayed from a plane. He died of multiple cancers of unknown origin. Most likely related to dioxin. The point is, they can't admit that what they have been doing for decades now, is having consequences that are off the charts. And they know that if they stop, there will likely be a whiplash affect that could be catastrophic. Stop though, they must. This is past the point of arguments, we have to make them stop.

    This is a clip from a study on the long term affects of Agent Orange, "Dioxin is a highly persistent chemical compound that lasts for many years in the environment, particularly in soil, lake and river sediments and in the food chain. Dioxin accumulates in fatty tissue in the bodies of fish, birds and other animals. Most human exposure is through foods such as meats, poultry, dairy products, eggs, shellfish and fish."   There was no thought of what the biological and ecological affects would be on the environment, and I'm sure those spraying it didn't know what they would be facing in the future.

  16. Curious George says:

    Watched with the sound off and subtitles enabled.  Just ate dinner and did not want indigestion.  Panelists seem unusually happy.  Duping Delight???

  17. Well, at least the gentleman was courteous enough to answer my e-mail

    Well Doug, thank you for your response.  The guy you are referring to must be Dane Wigington.   It must be him that put the high concentration of aluminum and barium in my hair when I had it tested a year ago.  Also it must have been him who put those chemicals or heavy metals in the soil both around my home and also on a 22 acre lot I own in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.  He must likewise be responsible for the regular aircraft releases of materials that build up every year on the snow here in Canada over the winter, and with the melting snow in the spring, form spider like webbing everywhere on the grass/ground, yes in the forest too.  But then the mind is a powerful thing, so I don't know which one of us is deluded? For the sake of your humanity man, face the truth.  All those geoengineering patents that exist and are easily verifiable were not taken out by these agencies for the fun of it, nor is what you do just a coincidence.  The reason is plain, or is it plane to see.  Just look up.

    On 11/11/2017 11:21 AM, Douglas MacMartin wrote:
    I don't know who you are, but rest assured that there are no deliberate geoengineering programs (nor is any nation capable of doing so if they wanted to), where geoengineering is defined as large scale modification of the climate (i.e., what I work on).

    There's no shortage of pollution, that's a real problem.  Though not aluminum, barium, or strontium.

    Yes, I'm aware that there's even a website devoted to telling you these things, but the guy who runs it just makes it all up, every last bit of it.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Ilievski []
    Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017 10:49 AM
    Subject: geoengineering

    Doug, we are living at a time beyond politics, money and going along to get along.  The planet is being intentionally polluted and systematically destroyed.  Thinking that  omnicide won't happen in my lifetime is not the answer.  We all must live our lives doing the right thing at all  times.  Spraying aluminum, barium, strontium and other particulates by millions of tons each and every day throughout the planet is insanity. I am sure that you, like millions of people world wide, are fully aware that geoengineering  has been, and is occurring
    right now.    Please Doug, for the love of your own family and the
    planet itself speak out, speak for the earth and us all, call out loud and clear to stop this criminal insanity now.  It may be that for you to do so may be risky, you may get a demotion or even loose your job, but we all must make sacrifices one way or the other.  I had a friend who had liver disease.  He feared loosing his job because of his illness.
    The man died.  We are all in the same boat, whether we speak out and risk loosing a job or other things, speaking the truth in the end is always the right thing to do because in the end it will always lead us to a better place both colectivelly and individually.

    • Dog says:

      I could NOT let this pass – here is my email response to Mr. MacMartin:

      Dear Mr. MacMartin,

      I have just read your email response to Steve Illeski on the site, To Wit:


       On 11/11/2017 11:21 AM, Douglas MacMartin wrote:

      I don't know who you are, but rest assured that there are no deliberate geoengineering programs (nor is any nation capable of doing so if they wanted to), where geoengineering is defined as large scale modification of the climate (i.e., what I work on).

      There's no shortage of pollution, that's a real problem.  Though not aluminum, barium, or strontium.

      Yes, I'm aware that there's even a website devoted to telling you these things, but the guy who runs it just makes it all up, every last bit of it.


      I believe that your response demonstrates an unacceptable disregard for facts and truth, and demands a rebuttal. You are insulting myself, and a great many other concerned people, with that statement.  Do you actually think that we are all that dumb? Have you even looked into the information presented on "The Guy"'s website at all?

       "The Guy" who runs the website has done years of painstaking research into EXISTING geoengineering programs. He has FACTS. The website has a great wealth of VERIFIABLE INFORMATION, including the patents for geoengineering materials and methods; government documents spanning decades, information on soil and water tests (no aluminum, strontium, or barium, you say??); an explanation of how high-bypass turbofan jet engines are NOT the source of the agents coming from jet aircraft, which we ALL SEE in the sky, worldwide, and so much more.

      OK – refute the information that "The Guy" is making up.  You are a scientist, are you not?  This should be an easy task if you are correct. We look forward to your response. I don't want to waste my time visiting a website with false information………………..

      You only have to do the research to verify that "The Guy" is NOT making any of these things up.  For you to say that he is "just making it all up, every last bit of it" is unbelievably ignorant, if you have not visited the site, and is unacceptable in every respect. PROVE IT!

      I urge you to not dismiss any of this out of hand, as you apparently are – please visit the website, see the evidence, and judge for yourself. Not everything on the Internet is "Fake News".

      Our planet is in serious trouble, and I believe that people such as yourself, who are in a position to help reverse the course that we are on, should not be so cavalier about the willful modification of the earth's natural ecosystems. All of our lives depend on this. Please demonstrate your commitment to your country, and to your fellow creatures on this planet, by telling the TRUTH.

      I hope that you respond to my email with the results of your verifications, pro or con, regarding whether "The Guy" is just making this all up. I also think that you should post something on the site that proves your assertions. If we are all wrong about the current geoengineering situation, then I would hope that you should set us all straight. Thank you very much.

      SO – let's all see if he responds……………..


    • Andy Nonimus says:

      Neither could I let it pass, Dog.  MacMartin, in my opinion, is a paid for globalist lackey puppet lap pooch incapable of honesty like our own homegrown Satan's Buttholes (U.S. Congress) that we suffer here in the USA.   They're only capable of serving their true Lord and Daddy.  These miserable and disgusting specks of human debris time is coming and their reckoning will be most harsh indeed.        

  18. Jeanette S says:

    No, it's "protect". you had it right the first time. (Freudulan slip)

  19. Paul Vonharnish says:

    David Keith – The Colbert Report | Comedy Central



    Info-containment for the masses… Let's all die laughing…

  20. Dan says:

    Excellent panel of witnesses my ass. Either their paid liars or just ignorant. Fact is geoengineering and all the criminals involved with it are about too be exposed and this introduction to geoengineering by the governments is their get out of jail free card. And they will probably succeed because too many of the sleeping masses are still asleep and will believe whatever the bastards tell them. I will keep up the good fight as long as I can but some days it is really discouraging as you all know by now. Take care

  21. Paul says:

    What absolute sell-outs these people are to the whole of the human race! What audacity it truly takes to stand there as 'representative of the people' and tell the most outrageous lies when the use of one's one reason (given to us by God in order to know truth,) should tell everyone, this is already happening and has been for over 70 years! They really expect us to swallow this propaganda? 

    And I thought that Hollywood laid claim to hosting the world's biggest club of paid liars …..seems I was wrong then as they kept the best for the government positions! 

  22. Joseph L says:

    Thank you for finding this and posting it. I was only able to stomach a few minutes of the video.  The whole system is corrupt from food  system , – GMOS, nuclear energy.  We have a bunch of paid liars running everything and do not give a damn about the planet.  

    • Gary Hornbuckle says:

      I'm not so sure it's a planet they don't give a damn about, I think it's us. I keep on going back to this when I post online, but I think it all has to do with agenda 2030 population reduction goals (of 90% reduction). And this would make it a conspiracy, I know, but obviously they are engaged in one here. They can't be that stupid. And the only logical explanation would be they are blind but knowing followers of the globalist sustainability agenda. That's my take on it anyway.

  23. Larry says:

    well paid liars! Well it's been nearly 15 years for me of watching the sky  and digging for info on the whole aerosol covert operations . Unless the Latest law suits to expose these crimes are successful we and the planet are doomed.  Dane has done a fantastic job of informing all that are willing to listen but unfortunately the masses are still clueless to what is going on in the sky over there thick skulls. We all have tried to show and tell friends and family but most don't believe, care or willing to read any of the documented proof .Its frustrating and Almost hopeless. Since ALL THE NEWS MEDIA OUTLETS ARE CORPORATE OWNED except for RT there is no chance of the truth getting out. And since 90% of the population only believes what the propaganda news says then It is pretty much hopeless. From my research from dozens of sites on the subject I discovered lists of who is actually involved in the crazy geoengineering operations. I have since misplaced the list but it is the US military, many huge corporate investors , NOAH, many universities, Bill Gates  the UN and the list goes on and on. It's Too big and so covert that in your face spraying and blatant weather manipulation goes un checked and total denial to anyone that questions the actions or results. I'm not sure why RT will not touch the subject but I wish they would. Millions are now watching this only well balanced with true journalism news outlet. Maybe more of us should try to send them some of these links to view and question then report on. But I will state again that without a widespread "credible" report on the largest and on going covert operation for the masses to watch  then we all will simply be viewed as conspiracy lunatics . I agree With Dane that time is running out! Will it take a accidental Man made Ice age or a total meltdown to wake them up?

  24. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I think deploying 20 million metric tons of aluminum oxides into the atmosphere on an annual basis, is an interesting way to begin SRM research… Just ask David Kieth. He's pretty well versed on deploying poisonous materials…

    Let's face it: The proletariat has been propagandized into a kind of cosmic trust in corporate mercenaries, "official" liars, and glamour seekers with no basic math skills nor concepts of accountably..

    Every one of these puffed up "panelists" are aiding and abetting mass suicide.  Who's to blame?

  25. This insanity will stop one way or another.  The earth will wipe off these parasites and their families soon.  The fools are killing themselves with their own poisons.  Nuremburg?, the idiots are constructing their own death chamber.  Unfortunately many decent people will share the same fate.  That is the price we pay for belonging to the inhuman race.

  26. Adam Coleman says:

    I keep thinking that someday we will all wake up from this nightmare and several,military commanders will march into the halls of congressluts and senatewhores and begin arresting politicriminal war profiteering, traitors and scumbags. THEN MAYBE the elephant IN THE ELEVATOR can gingerly take the first steps BACK OFF THE ELEVATOR!

    • Pedro says:

      Amen to that, for my "country" also. Here we have another problem; we also have whores in the high ranks of the military.


  27. James Wesley Burnett says:

    I couldn't watch more than 5 minutes from beginning of hearing without wanting to throw my phone against the wall! Thank you Dane for the summary. You saved my phone! What does it take to get you or another true geoengineering knowledgeable expert in one of these hearings? Is that even posdible?

  28. Jeffrey Fish says:

    For proof of the fact that this is being carried out by a power far above the one you are lead to believe is in control you need only to research this:                                                                                                            "Past presidents who gave dire warning about an invisible government that runs the U.S. with no allegiance to the people": George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John C. Calhoun, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kenedy, Daniel K. Inouye. These great men and their knowledge of the truth should show you why this blatantly outrageous attack on mankind and the earth is being carried with what seems to be our known governments approval and insane governmental talks such as the one being discussed. There is no acsess to this group.     

    • Edward Palys says:

      The best name we can give the government is the SWAMP. The worst invention ever was the start of GOVERNMENTS. It has become nothing but money making to the elites, which is the government itself. Look at any government on earth and you'll find the government people not only giving themselves a huge salary, but most walk away multi millionaires and security for life just after one term in office. The American government works for itself, not the people, not Americans.

  29. Jeffrey Fish says:

    It's obvious to me now that this diabolic destruction of the earth as we know it, is coming from a group that uses our government as puppets. This is coming from the power structure that works unseen and are the true rulers of this planet. This group has been known to the world's leaders for centuries and  there are many historical quotes that speak of them. Even U.S. presidents of old made comments eluding to them and that wise men speak only in whispers about them. It's obvious that it's happening but the U.S.A. is just the main tool being utilized to carry it out due to our massive amount of resources and sway that we hold over foreign governments.

  30. orazio says:

    hello dane, hello to all
    how it is possible that 4 criminals, demented and involuntarily
    they want to destroy the biosphere with all living beings.
    you have to stop those acefals.
    strength and courage at all

  31. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you Dane for making this video available to us.

    At a hearing whose alleged purpose was to discuss the viability of and any early stage research about the approach of geoengineering, it’s hard to fathom how the “distinguished” members of this learned panel (government, academia, think tanks) could be such flagrant liars.  They might sound smart, but clearly they are simply fools for hire when they collectively chime: we are years or perhaps decades away from potential deployment.   

    For those of you here that might not have the time to watch the whole thing, or can't stomach the sight of such blatant deceit, below is a sampling of what I took away from this very revealing video:

    Ms. Wanser formerly of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and current director for a marine cloud brightening project falsely claims it will take another two decades to determine the findings of their primarily “model-based” research. 

    Ms. Wanser compared a need for “shelter belts” in the sky with the planting of a long belt of trees in 1934 as a mitigating response to the environmental devastation of the dustbowl. Ms. Wanser also insanely suggests creating genetically engineered organisms and plants for carbon reduction.

    Regarding her domain, marine cloud brightening, Ms. Wasner says it takes months to analyze data and to study the systems interactions of the aerosol engineers.

    Ms. Wasner talking about geoengineering: “It would take 20 years to understand if it might be useful to do this”.  

    Dr. MacMartin (Cornell University): “The cat’s out of the bag” he says in regards to “the potential use of this technology”.  He states that research concerning SAI (adding aerosols) to the atmosphere, will take at least a decade, “we need to start it soon.” He concedes that the best efforts of mitigation “will result in some serious climate damage.” 

    Mr. Majkut likewise spoke of introducing these technologies at some later date.

    Ms. Bonamich inquired of the panel about the existence of any regulatory framework, and who might be leading the discussion regarding any ethical considerations of international research and/or deployment of geoengineering strategies.  Their reply: “This is in its infancy.”

    When the panel was asked if any there had been any “field tests” carried out by other countries using geoengineering, they all look at one another stupidly, and then the chief liar Dr. Rasch responded, “I’m not aware of any.”

    MacMartin (Cornell) mentions the “slippery slope” of involving the public in participation — referring to the societal concern that research would lead to deployment.

    Mr. Babin put some good questions to the panel regarding the safety and the environmental risks of geoengineering. He asked Dr. MacMartin for clarification about “the slippery slope” he had mentioned, inquiring: Is it a concern to any of you people that we could unleash some type of environmental catastrophe?  Dr. Rasch answers for the group in his ever so mild-mannered tone, “the changes to the environment would be vanishingly small” –- no more than that of an aircraft crossing the sky.

    Mr. Weber spoke of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which he says is leading the dialogue about mimicking volcanic eruptions and boasts, “The future is bright for geoengineering!”

    In response to another question about China or other countries deploying SRM, Dr. MacMartin replies: “I don’t think we need to be worried about anybody doing large scale deployments of geoengineering.”

    Mr. Tonko, citing “the conclusions of impartial scientists”, asked about any ‘gaps’ there might be in their own understanding regarding geoengineering.

    Dr. Rasch responds alluding to one such gap where “models tell us it would be different than (particulates) from a volcano; we would have to continuously put particles in the atmosphere, not episodically.”

    Ms. Wanser: We don’t yet have any technologies for producing aerosols of the type and at the scale that we are talking about; the input for our models are guesswork.

    Mr. Foster asked about international participation and regulation and he was told basically: “We are just in the initial early phase of international discussion on this issue.”

    Mr. Banks (aptly named) asked a question concerning the aspects and potential for commercial returns with geoengineering research alluding to the profit potential of public/private/partnerships akin to the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute where industry, academia, and state of Indiana form a joint entity to support commercialization of their research, which is  directed to endeavors that are commercially viable and produce a positive return on investment.

    Ms. Wanser in answer to Mr. Banks, said yes — in remote sensing, cloud computing, and exoscale computing opportunities (if I understood that part correctly).

    Please forgive any errors in my synopsis. 



  32. Alan says:

    I feel like I have a pretty solid mental constitution after having processed the knowledge we've all gained from this site and from my own research and experiences.  I can even handle the disturbing news Dane puts out there every Saturday morning on the radio, each report more dire than the last.  I don't like hearing these things, but I can handle them.  What I can't handle is seeing and listening to our congressional representatives and their so-called experts calmly and thoroughly lie in a public hearing about geoengineering.  As they say in Hollywood, "You know you've got it made when you can fake sincerity."  I had to stop watching almost immediately.  

    Yes, San Diego County was pummeled from above again today.        

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yes, Alan, I can relate, could not listen to such breathtaking lies. . . . .my immediate reaction was purely visceral : (

    • Donna-AZ says:

      The whole "scripted play" sounded like it was written by David Keith, then handed to actors. "I should have made popcorn!"

      Alan, I feel the same way, I can handle the truth Dane brings, and what I see with my own eyes, but not what the clowns and liars collecting a paycheck have to say. They looked calm, but are they really? I bet they are shaking in their boots, because they know, "The Herd Is Waking Up." Tic, Tic, Tic. Tic, Tic, Tic.

      Yesterday above Sun City AZ, it was one of the worst, cold-blooded spray jobs I've ever seen. "Oh wait, that's right it's not really going on!" With the amount of metals I saw with my flashlight at 2 Am this morning, I suspect it won't be long before there are no insects, think about it. Also at 2 AM this morning, Amazon Prime Air #5Y3514 and American Airlines #AA2406, were getting a "head start" on the days Solar Radiation Management program above my house. You don't need a camera, when there are only 2 planes in the sky!

      Getting really hard to stay professional Dane. Thank you for everything you and your team are doing. Donna


  33. Susan Ferguson says:

    From Superpower to Incompetence
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Having grown up during the second half of the 20th century, I don’t recognize my country today. I experienced life in a competent country, and now I experience life in an incompetent country. Everything is incompetent. The police are incompetent. They shoot children, grandmothers, cripples, and claim that they feared for their life.
    Washington’s foreign policy is incompetent. Washington has alienated the world with its insane illegal attacks on other countries. Today the United States and Israel are the two most distrusted countries on earth and the two countries regarded as the greatest threat to peace.
    The military/security complex is incompetent. …
    The media is incompetent. I can’t think of an accurate story that has been reported in the 21st century. There must be one, but it doesn’t come to mind.
    The universities are incompetent. Instead of hiring professors to teach the students, the universities hire administrators to regulate them. Instead of professors, there are presidents, vice presidents, chancellors, vice chancellors, provosts, vice provosts, assistant provosts, deans, associate deans, assistant deans. Instead of subject matter there is speech regulation and sensitivity training. Universities spend up to 75% of their budgets on administrators, many of whom have outsized incomes.  … This is America today. And the incompetents ruling incompetents want war with Iran, Korea, Russia, China. Considering the extraordinary level of incompetence throughout the United States, I guarantee you that we will not win these wars.

  34. Susan Ferguson says:

    Washington's Wonderful World of Corruption – Top officials sell out to anyone for anything / By Philip Giraldi
    November 09, 2017 "Information Clearing House" – One of the interesting side benefits, if one might call it that, of the everlasting investigation into Russiagate is the window provided on the extreme corruption of U.S. politicians and government officials. It has become evident that anyone can seemingly buy political and media support for nearly anything as long as enough money is put on the table.  And worse, the sell-out has clearly been going on for some time, with the disease disproportionately afflicting former senior officials that have been engaged in national security.
    If this corruption from the top down does not constitute a crisis that directly challenges the credibility of the entire U.S. political system, it is not clear what more would be needed to make the case. And it was not carried out by the Russians or anyone else seeking to bring down our so-called democracy. We Americans appear to have done it all to ourselves through inexplicable tolerance for a combination of greed and fundamental dishonesty on the part of our elected and appointed government officials.
    A recent story that received remarkably little play in the media provides some insight into how it all works, driven by a money-fueled corruption that sells out American interests by those who once had sworn to protect them. … …

    • Pedro says:

      Lack of intellectual honesty is contagious, this is THE problem of the anti-culture that is being driven in all the West World. The East was contaminated also many years ago with this infectious evil.

  35. These people are treating us all like fools. Infuriating! I remember reading years ago where Bill Gates had invested $400 million in geoengineering by 2008. We know of David Keith and Ken Caldeira being funded by Gates for years. These speakers are nothing short of criminals. Reading from a master script may be convenient for them but all life on earth hangs in the balance while the charade continues.

  36. Greg Price says:

    Mr./MS …….

    Do you ever look up at the sky?

    Geoengineering has been deployed on a global scale for decades. The Senate has already addressed this issue 39 years ago (1978) See the 786 page Senate report of 1978
    (“Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation UNITED STATES SENATE”  (34-857)) and Geoengineering has been intensifying at such an alarming rate in the past 10 years that it is now glaringly apparent that EVERY aspect of all life is being affected. The atrocities that are being denied can mean only one thing-that this has been a plan of deception from the onset.


    You are either asleep at your post OR knowingly deceiving the taxpayers and general public.

    These programs are so far down the road that it will take decades to slow the cataclysmic inertia that has been done thus far. GEOENGINEERING has done nothing but cause MORE catastrophic damage to the earth and its inhabitants.

    I can only say that the perpetrators of these crimes against MANKIND and ALL forms of LIFE AND NATURE- ITSELF WILL stir the public to bring a Nuremburg style trial to bring to justice the CULPRITS that have covertly destroyed our world as we know it.




    THIS WILL NOT STAND, ALL those who have FINANCED, LED, DIRECTED, OR OBEYED ORDERS in the execution of Geoengineering AND have and are still committing Crimes against Humanity will be held accountable.

     REMEMBER NUREMBURG……Choose wisely which side of history you wish to be on.


  37. michael says:

    the audio starts at the 22 minute mark

  38. Donna says:

    Must be another country coming over here and spraying, as these clowns seem to think it isn't being done.  This afternoon, the skies over San Diego were taking another licking.  For a country that's suppose to be so mighty, it strikes me as odd that 9-11 could happen without any response from our military as well as no military response for planes that must be sneaking into our air space to do the spraying.  This is sickening!

  39. David Haddon says:

    I can't watch more than 10 minutes at at time! EVERYONE is reading from a script . LIES! sorry for the caps. I am pissed off1

  40. Jim Schultz says:

    And they speak with a straight face. Apalling!

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