Our Forests Are Dying, Are We Next?


Trees are the terrestrial lungs of the planet, and they are dying all over the globe. Government agencies and mainstream media are not reporting on the unfolding cataclysm of this die off. Though the changing climate is correctly associated with off the chart tree mortality, the even larger issue of global climate engineering is still being ignored and denied by the scientific community and media. If the forests die, we will soon enough be next to go. The 10 minute video below should be very sobering to all. Our biosphere is dying. The human race must completely change direction starting with the total cessation of climate engineering. All are needed in the fight to expose and stop the geoengineering insanity, the spraying must be halted if we are to have any chance of salvaging a living planet.
Dane Wigington

26 Responses to Our Forests Are Dying, Are We Next?

  1. William H. Osborne says:

    I live in the St.Catharines, Ontario Canada area. The trees and bushes in my backyard are now damaged by UV rays. more can be said of the trees around the city in general. Everywhere you look there are dead and dying trees, trees obviously stressed as there are bare branches at the top working their way down and trees totally devoid of bark and leaves. And not just a tree here or there, there were large groups that were not in a position to be shaded.
    I have contacted the local government and have heard nothing. The pleas I have made on Facebook have been ignored completely. When I approach anyone on the subject my comments are met with anger of a refusal to listen.

  2. Lonnie hogenmiller says:

    Millions of trees dying in New Mexico too, Chemtrails sprayed day by our criminal fed govt.

  3. Lonnie hogenmiller says:

    The criminals running this government should be stopped from ruining this planet for my grandchildren, keep complaining Ana, you are on point girl

  4. Lonnie hogenmiller says:

    I live in the Sandia mountains outside of Albuquerque and I have lost over 500 piñon trees in the last year. I even lost a 40 foot pinon(~100+years old) that I watered from my gutters , giving it 25% of all the water from my roof – the DAILY spraying of aluminum, barium, beryllium , Flouride , etc…but especially the aluminum , this government is and has been under both parties a criminal organization blaming Americans for air pollution and LOL man made”global warming”, well if there is warming and it is “msn made” The United States corporation is doing the pollution and then blaming it on carbon and EPA regs will penalize states to institute a carbon tax to clean up the heavy pollution that the us government is creating!!!!!!!!!! The Who was right ” meet the new boss, same as the old boss” This entire government , except for a few demonized congressmen and senators who believe in limited federal government needs to go, but 50% of the PEOPLE keep electing the criminals, they buy their so called social”security” and will lose their freedom. They spray Chemtrails EVERY DAY here , to make our drought worse in N M and we are in the DESERT!!!!!!!!!!!! So all of our moisture goes east to Islip NY last night 13.26 inches of rain, they’re kayaking down Main Street . I’m on 5 acres , surrounded by 100,000 + acres of private and forest service land and the piñon trees are BROWN 50,60,70,000 trees -DEAD, DEAD,DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! These politicians are evil men and women , who like Obama and Hilary worship lucifer , as they are followers of Sol Alinsky , who wrote “rules for radicals” and dedicated it it to the ” greatest community organizer in history, lucifer”. These are your leaders America , God will judge them all, God doesn’t like it when you mess up HIS planet.

  5. Terri says:

    Forgot to say that our 12 sugar maples around our place are all dying. Dead branches spread rapidly and kill the whole tree. After a rain they die with green leaves. rapid flash kill. beware the rain! If the rain does that to trees what does it do to us?

  6. Terri says:

    Went fishing this weekend and found the trees along the shoreline are dying. this lake is forested with oaks, maples, elms, sycamore ect. the shoreline is filled with dead and dying trees. it isn’t the water of the lake killing them. it is chemtrails.

    we have had a drought and a 2 inch recent rain. everything started dying AFTER the rain. flash dead. alive one day. dead the next. usually after a rain the trees start dying. The birds as well. It rains just enough to wash their chemtrail poison down on our heads.

    The trees are the canary in the coalmine. Without the trees there is no life. no oxygen. how will they produce oxygen with their GMO silent forests? man made forests without life.

    This garbage is in the air, water, soil and all foods we eat. There is no such thing as organic food with chemtrails raining poison down to be sucked up by the plants and animals we eat. It is inside of us. inside the plants, the animals. the honey. the trees. it is everywhere and needs to be stopped!

  7. Pebsworth says:

    Sadly, might doesn’t make right. It doesn’t make people (in charge) smart either. If the masses aren’t smart enough to pay attention to what’s going on around them and courageous enough to take action to eliminate threats to their very existence, then perhaps the human race should go the way of the dinosaur. Humans, in general, have proven to be very very poor stuarts of this planet. All the other species (plant and animal) would be much better off if we just simply weren’t here.

  8. Constant Walker says:

    Heartsick’s “I” has indeed misconstrued this Old Man’s meanings. Maybe that mis-take is only another by-product of the I/ME/MY/MINE syndrome s/he evidently suffers-from.

    This Old Indian’s comment below was in-response to the implications of the ‘headline’ to this item suggesting that domesticated Humans are somehow only “next” in-line for the fate of Earth’s forests already occuring. The Planet-wasting “civilization” disease is already having the same fatal effects on its erstwhile domesticated Human ‘agents’….who are rendered severely dysfunctional organically by the “individual”-ization process of the
    “self”-infection that is the active ‘mechanism’ of the disease’s immune suppression regime, and so incabable of fulfilling our Human Function as a component of Her immune system.

    Heartsick will be much better able to resist these depradations once s/he gets over his/her own crippling and alienating “self.” Then s/he will see there’s nothing “personal” in any statement of Natural Fact. Anyhow, She is not “our” Earth….we are Hers.

  9. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.

    Utah Phillips-

  10. Ellen says:

    Then why don’t we sue the federal government and the US Air Force and any chemical company that is involved in the atrocity and put an end to it. Someone needs to start this class action lawsuit before it is too late.

  11. Tim says:

    I follow this site as I have been researching and observing for many, many years. I was in the Air Force and the entire SAC command was dismantled in 96 or thereabouts and resources now used to support this efforts. Speaking to a active Air Force officer a couple of years ago he said the pilots now call themselves sky spiders. And those who question are told to shut up or get out.

    I am glad to see efforts like this… I have been watching and helping others to see here in New Hampshire the changes and effects. We see certain types of spruce standing silver… all dead, entire stands. Most maple are also dead from their very center mast. I have been explaining to a farmer that he may very well be looking at the end of his maple sugar crop. I said this to him two seasons ago. This year his crop was half 50% in one year.

    I am researching permaculture methods now and exploring things like Walapini’s, bio filters etc to develop ways to mitigate the ‘effects.’

    In my opinion the time has long passed where everyone should be on a calcium bentonite clay protocol to bind and pull these metals from your system.

    Running or other exercise outside should be done only after a heavy rain.

    I also know that the FDA is focusing on at least one source of Bentonite Clay in California (for your safety of course). Their reasoning was that it contained…. aluminum. Imagine that, we are supposed to believe they are concerned about aluminum in clay? (naturally occurring aluminum and at 1 parts per billion) When they are spraying 100 million tons of Aluminum, barium and strontium at nano sized particles?! Really?
    The thing about clay is that it binds and adsorbes. It will not release that trace aluminum even if it was bad. And what is the governmental response for aluminum? Certainly not 1 ppb!

    So the only conclusion is that they are beginning to keep things that would truly help people away from them. Since fukushima they first prevented a person from purchasing more than two bottles of 2% idodine here in NH. I know I tried, and the clerk got all nervous and said she could not sell more than two to any one person. I asked why (full knowing) and she said she didnt know. NOW, the same idodine has been replaced with an alchohol based substance. You cant even find it in any drug store or supermarket I have yet to go into since. And I have been looking.

    So subtle moves like these are taking place. We are all looking for answers but when their actions are blocking access to things that would assist us to mitigate the effects of these aerosols sprayed.

    Explanations attempting to rationalize these events as possibly for our ‘common good’ become harder to grasp when things that would help us are ‘controlled’ (no access) in the name of public safety? Really?

    I am way beyond wishful thinking. There is a bottom line to all this and eventually its full disclosure will play out.

    In the meantime, enough has been done to reveal what is being done. Now, we need to focus on the effects and move to mitigate them as much as we can.


    • Lonnie hogenmiller says:

      Go to magneticclay.com and buy all the 2% nascent iodine that you want, also check drsircus.com, he has written a “cancer compendium ” showing how you can cure cancer with natural chemotherapy like iodine. Magnesium chloride, selenium, sodium bicarbonate , not the chemo poison given by western medical corporate quacks.natural radiation therapy , a biomat, google it!!!

  12. Doc Noss says:

    Dane, How would you recommend communicating all this dire information to young people? For example, my granddaughter is 18 and goes to college here in St. Lucia. It breaks my heart every time she talks about plans for the future, raising a family, etc. In my opinion, I doubt we even have 5 years left. Does it do any good to speak the truth to a teenager and tell them they’d be lucky to reach 25?

  13. Heartsick says:

    @Constant Walker, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? You sound like you are cheering on the destruction of our earth. Your statement makes no sense and sounds very much like ridicule to the great people who care very much about our world and fighting so hard to save it. Im sorry if I am misunderstanding but thats what it sounds like to me.
    The pain I feel in my heart, knowing whats happening on a daily basis is so hard to live with as im sure it is for everyone who knows but I will never give up my hope or faith and I will not give up trying.

  14. James says:

    Very well done video, thanks for posting. It spells it out clearly, through drought combined with higher temps the earth is quickly losing its forests. I found a paper written by Dr. Craig D. Allen, the American scientist in the video.

    Quoting Dr. Allen:” in the case of high severity fire patches in southwestern ponderosa pine forests quite possibly is unprecedented since before modern climate, vegetation, and fire regime patterns established
    6,000 years ago. Similar patterns of increasingly extensive high-severity fires and drought-induced
    tree mortality also have emerged elsewhere across the intermountain West (Westerling et al. 2006,
    Raffa et al. 2008).”


    What’s beating on my mind is the fact that these scientists like the good Dr. Allen are making observations, reports and projections/timelines without the benefit of acknowledging other disciplines; in other words they must see the world the only way they can see it, through the lens of their own discipline, especially where publishing is concerned.
    Dr. Craig D. Allen is not able to say, ‘..oh and by the way, this timeline does not account for any one of the 30 or so feedback loops that Mr.(lost-his-job) Guy McPherson talks about…’ . But he does talk about climate models, and says that the models they use are not able to ‘kill trees’, because they don’t know their tipping points by species. Well of course they don’t know, but i guess we are all going to find out. Now, consider the amount of CO2 uptake lost in that collapsing scenario, and its eventual impact on the scientist in the next room who is making glacier melt projections, using his own stand-alone model.

    The forests are in transition, in some cases to grassland. It’s a nice way to say they are dying. And there is apparently no historical precedent for the speed of this change. Its a curve, accelerating – we humans don’t grasp exponential change very well. But world without our forests is a dead world, full stop. Is it 50 years away? Or 40 yrs? Could it be 20… Who would you ask? Who really knows…

    James (in Ontario)

  15. manor dweller says:

    I love trees

  16. Tim says:

    Sadly, Guy McPherson, a famed Scientist states as temps rise, habitat dies and it is going to get worse. He sees complete extinction by 2030.

  17. Gloria says:

    Sorry for UK

  18. Ana Santos says:

    All this crime called geoengeneering taking place is very strange and should worry all of us a lot but unfortunatly there are people that prefer to make fun of this subject and to call us the alarmists or conspiracy theorists. Seems to me that they (the orchestraters of this poisoning scheme) are just gaining time,as if they were letting people talk/expose the chemical trails problema to not bring suspicious thoughts to more people outside and sometimes admiting chemtrails and other times denying it !-makes no sense,seems like they are playing with legitime need and search for answers, looks like if they want as much people they can to be in ignorance while they seem to need to use another kind of aproach to people already aware of all this but keeping them in expectation with promesses of investigations that they must be tired of knowing what the result is and whhat is happening …Some people say that must be military communications purposes (but with such letal substances? strange) but all the UN are taking part in this project (or projects) and some countries considered enemies of others wich makes me think why military comunications project would be shared between all these countries with nothing in common between many of them ? whom is the real enemies to all this countries in this precise moment? us? are we the enemies and the environment? It´s some higher purpose that Unites all these governments and it´s lobbies in these common project or projects (haarp and maybe others)of spraying us like mosquitos and manipulating the weather? And if they are gaining time (till everybody starts look at the skies and wonder about their sicknesses and dying world) they are gaining time for what?they are preparing for what? what their next moove will be? and by military means? or til people die in more significant numbers and drop the number of population in the world? or what?

  19. alan robert coe says:

    Hello I live over here in the United Kingdom. We have lots of chemtrails every day are am appauled bye what they are doing here, I am with all my friends in the usa. I have noticed such a change in our weather. Just last night the 27/07/2014 we had 2, inches of rain in 90 mins with the most violent storm I have ever seen.we have had 12 storms in 2 weeks. Dane keep up all the good work you do I stand with you all to fight this terrible spraying and the harp they are using god bless I pray for us all love and best wishes.

  20. Kathy says:

    Oh, my!

  21. Rachel Smart says:

    It makes my heart ache.

  22. Constant Walker says:

    The domesticated peoples are not “next.” They are, just like the forests their relentlessly “self”-referential attitudes and behaviors are killing, “dying” already right now….and of the same Planet-wasting “civilization” disease they are the witless ‘agents’-of, here in Earth’s Living Arrangement…which might-well also perish in its entirety, as the disease, now deep into its late terminal stages, “progresses” to its DEAD END conclusion.

  23. sherry taylor says:

    Yes Kathleen, up here in Quebec I have noticed and it is eerily quiet in the forest..and we are talking marshland bog.
    There are still bugs..but where are the birds and the bees?
    There are a few but it used to be I had a hard time picking out one to identify..from flocks of many.
    I am very near the forest..I do hope they are up north somewhere..but looks like the methane release has shifted to Hudson’s Bay and Baffin Island in Canada this year..I’m sure nature doesn’t like that. Drought in BC also..but…they do have blue skies..which I hardly ever see anymore.

  24. Philip Dec says:

    Kathleen, having watched and documented the poisoning of our skies here in central Maine for 2 decades, I am convinced that if the chemtrail spraying stopped, most of “global warming” would cease along with it. Just a few days ago, our skies were considerably clearer than usual and the temperature dropped to a comfortable 72° Today rain is pulling a lot of the particulate matter out of the sky, and for a while it will be noticably cooler without the sun’s rays shining through the metal particles. Thank you for taking the time to write and post your interesting and well-written letter. If more people who know what’s happening would speak out, our situation might not be as bad as it is. I must thank Dane, again, for his steadfastness in warning as many people as possible regarding what is happening to our environment and why it needs to be taken seriously. I look forward to seeing the latest video of Shasta County residents speaking out on this issue. I am in full agreement with Dane that this is the most serious threat to America and the rest of the planet. Thanks again, Kathleen, for your post.

  25. Kathleen Gabel says:

    I am watching trees decline where i live in Maryland. Just on my street, many are dying. Some are dead. There is a desiccation in the leaves. Despite sufficient rain here, leaves are curling and withdrawn. Many trees in the places I travel are the wrong color green including evergreens. it is a sickly kind of spring-ish green… besides the chemical burn from recent geoengineered snowstorms and daily chemical aerosols from climate engineering, perhaps the SolarRadiationManagement is reducing their photosynthesis. I am also witnessing trees that are overcome with fungus…a sign that they were previously weakened and already sickly.

    The GeoEngineer Academicians and Military Industrial Complex are missing the point. What they willingly spray in our atmosphere is quickly killing LIFE on earth.

    I can keep my windows open at night with no screens in them. Barely a bug flies into the light. When i drive, bugs no longer hit my windshield. Bugs no longer congregate at street lights. The moths are nearly gone.

    I am not a rocket scientists or an entymologist or a forester, but i am certain all such academicians would agree that nano-particulate of toxic heavy metals is a killer of all life they study. All must look up and wake up to the Genocide of Earth precipitating from our skies.

    If humanity does not quickly reduce its global warming footprint and if geoengineering is not stopped, sadly, all life on earth will soon end.

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