Proven, British Government Sprays Its Own Citizens With Toxic Chemicals


The scope and scale of the cancerous immorality and corruption that permeates our societies cannot truly be comprehended. As life on Planet Earth is beginning to unravel by the day, more and more light is beginning to shine on the countless experiments of unbridled insanity and evil that have been carried out on innocent populations around the globe. We are all literally in a fight for life, this fact cannot be reasonably denied.  All are needed to stand up and make their voices heard. All are needed in the effort to wake others who are even now still asleep and unaware of all that is unfolding. Each and every one of us matter in this effort, every day counts. The 30 minute video below is very important to view, the proof it presents of the willful and deliberate poisoning of innocent civilians is beyond dispute.
Dane Wigington

23 Responses to Proven, British Government Sprays Its Own Citizens With Toxic Chemicals

  1. Tony Browne says:

    There is a petition online right now with 19,300 signings its by and its called a worldwide ban on chemical spraying. please sign and pass it on.

  2. Gwen says:

    This is the most proactive intelligent comment yet… if you’re a disgruntled ex-gorilla vet perhaps. Seriously though, think about the ramifications of hundreds of people knocking on your door to have tea and a rational conversation. This type of passive non-violent pressure would be unbearable! Such said list could be posted on every alt-media site possible and called “The Tea & Crumpet Brigade”! Or perhaps people could send their Psychopath-of-Choice a black rose… or pretty vials of heavy metels… a geoengineered tick-in-a-box… a radioactive leaf from your backyard… the ideas are endless. White Hats… where are you… we need your expertise!
    You are very smart men, you and Utah.

  3. I consider all those posting and reading articles on this site kindred spirits. Like you, I too feel the frustration and helplessness that comes over me each time I see them poisoning us and stealing the sun from us each day. As a child, (I am 62)i never thought that looking up at a clear sky and seeing real clouds would be a cause for joy. Alas, demons in human form (royalty) walk among us, and unfortunately they wield great authority in this world. Remember Jesus said, “The whole world is in the hands of the evil one. Hopefully, not for much longer. So, let’s start exposing these demons and their enabling minions. Let’s shine the light on these cockroaches who love anonymity. Help me start the “I SEE THEM” campaign. Use the flyers on Dane’s site or Google Chemtrail Flyers and download one that you like. Write on the top or bottom of the flyer “I See Them”. Place such flyer/s on the back or sides of your vehicle/s. As you drive around town and elsewhere, others will see these flyers, and for those who are aware of this diabolical development, you will make their day, as they will know that they are not alone in their knowledge and angst regarding chemtrails. In fact many of them will begin to emulate what you do. As more and more flyers begin to be displayed on vehicles, others who are as yet unaware of this planetcide will begin to wonder what all these flyers are about. Such publicity in time will begin to put pressure on politicians, bureaucrats, health professionals and even law enforcement to do something about this criminal activity. So please friends, don’t just feel helpless and frustrated, help me instead kick-start the “I See Them” campaign.

  4. L. H. says:

    Time for a major tax protest. Since they ignore us, clearly we are not being represented. Ergo, we have taxation w/o representation. We need to STOP paying for our own destruction.

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  6. davz says:

    Its disgusting im a 28 year old man ive just had my 2nd child and my 1st son who is now 3 days old for them its such a scary situation ive took serious notice over last few months the last thing u want is ur kids everyday surroundings and food to be contaminated the government are very ugly and if everything they done was to help societies they would protect not neglect they would keep us well in the picture instead they feed crap that no 1 understands a lot of people are talking about it and if u research it makes sense I love my kids they dont

  7. JR says:

    Real quick, today again we had umpteen rain clouds around us but chemtrailed to death. I’m in Southwest, New Mexico USA as posted yesterday. I’ve seen this now for right at about 12 years thanks to a friend which has now passed on. He showed HAARP as well, GMO’S, etc. This is a curse no less in which we live and the Devil and its workers are having a blast but this will not be the end of life for those in Christ. The rest of this story we (you) should know. Hang Tough, I know it’s not easy. God Bless…

  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    ” The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.”

    Utah Phillips

  9. GWEN says:

    Thankyou Dane, you are my hero.
    I payed for private lab tests and they came up with dangerous levels of ARSENIC, CADMIUM, and ANTIMONY, to name a few. Main stream medical lab found nothing. I live in the “WORLD’s Bread Basket”, Saskatchewan Canada. Everyone is sick in my town, but no one is concerned. Classic entrainment response. I’m going to keep talking about it though, until it sinks in. Not fun.
    I Love all you guys for the difficult work you have been forced to take on. Thank you sincerely. You are truly loved and appreciated.

  10. GWEN says:

    404’s, missing comments, lost emails…. the corrupt sensoring is in full swing. Not much time left. We are about to bury a 4th relative, these were healthy people, just before their retirement. I was very fit mid 40’s, starting my dream career, and now I can’t function for more than a couple hours per day. “Unknown illness” say the docs, as the HUM keeps getting louder. My life is gone. I have lost everything. Those insane parasite-infected psychopaths at the top must be taken out, and fast. Where are OUR men in blue? Oh… I remember now… TETRA has them by the balls. Not even our strongest can resist. God help us all.

  11. JR says:

    Some of my latest posts were never shown. They are not vulgar so what gives? Here in the Southwest part of New Mexico our rain clouds have been destroyed to nothing, zero rain these last days again with many chemtrails up there breaking them down. We are whited out. I won’t write more than what I have, it may not show.

  12. Greg Smith says:

    Unfortunately, I believe the only ground left to fight is a legal one. There is a legal distinction between engineering weather “locally” and engineering weather globally.

    It seems it is legal and acknowledged that weather is being continually modified “locally” – from region to region – not obviously controlled by any central government agency or authority. Hence, it goes on unhindered.

    However, insisting that the weather and the climate (a global term) is being manipulated and altered globally, falls outside the jurisdiction of local authorities – and even federal authorities – and these destructive actions go on without being subject to “local” law and prosecution.

    Could it be possible that a global change in weather is really not the issue we should be focusing on? At least, if we want to exercise any human right against it?

    Is it also possible that a very widespread plan of destruction is being legally implemented by expressing it state to state, region to region, nation to nation? When a state such as California is obviously being targeted for destruction, can we determine that it is a state funded and state authorized “legal” operation – possibly concealed under the heading of “cloud seeding” or some other legally authorized program? Just as is the process of cutting off state water supplies?

    If any fight is possible, I believe it will have to be a fight waged on local soil, not global soil. City by city, county by county and state by state. Fight law, and the misuse of it at a level of government where such a fight can actually be won.

    Greg Smith

  13. Becky says:

    I have the same problem with anyone under the age of 35 to 40 has no idea how strange the sky is to me.

  14. Becky says:

    keep awake it isn’t over yet we are listening and talking and screaming and yelling. get this into the media, make songs, bang drums this is WAR

  15. SELINA SORRELS says:

    IGNORANCE— KILLS MORE PEOPLE- THAN CANCER… Stop running for the CURE… Start Working to Expose The CAUSE! READY TO WAKE UP PEOPLE??? Follow Us @selinasorrels on Twitter—- BAN! #Geo-engineering NOW! — SUPPORT THIS VERY CREDIBLE SITE. Before you find Yourselves on your Knees… DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH NOW…@

  16. JT says:

    What happened to my last comment? ? Are we being silenced here too? People really need a forum where they can communicate and discuss these issues, report what there seeing etc. A safe place, and NOT facebook.
    I feel like were living in a friggin science fiction nightmare!,
    in which theres no escaping. God help us all

  17. JT says:

    I truly believe that monsanto is one of, if not THE key player in this and there goal is world dominance and control. Evil without consciousness, control the food and water=control the world. And the more people that suffer and die in the process, the better in there eyes. Evil rules this world and it will soon be game over if its not stopped. If you have not yet seen this, take a look.

  18. Patricia Swanson says:

    Britain has nothing on us! “A doctoral dissertation that renewed public interest in the military-sponsored chemical spraying of impoverished areas of St. Louis in the 1950s and ’60s has spawned a lawsuit.

    It leaves open the potential for litigation related to more controversial aspects of Lisa Martino-Taylor’s work — questions of more sinister government experiments on human test subjects.

    Undisputed is that St. Louis was among several test cities chosen decades ago by government contractors for the spraying of zinc cadmium sulfide, a chemical powder mixed with fluorescent particles to allow tracking of dispersal patterns.

    The spraying was part of a biological weapons program, the government conceded in 1994, and St. Louis was chosen because its topography was similar to some of the Russian cities the military thought it might have to attack.”

    Check it out. When people say “our government would never do such a thing”, reference this documented spraying of innocent citizens.

  19. Hawkeye says:

    Frieda, next time you speak to your Utah friend ask them if they think God makes lines in the sky and FYI – you can google Colorado for cloud seeding and show this friend the legal use of it to make snow since 1960 and then ask why it is so funny that the government is controlling weather. If they knew to do that in the 60’s then why is this so hard to believe with all the noticeable advances in technologies?? Fools laugh and fools put themselves in harms way is all I can say to that friend. You may also want to point out that a vacation to Florida will be a waste of money because this poison geo spraying is out of control in FL and quite visible every dam day in the skies. Does your friend mind sitting on Ft Myers Beach and watching Dolphins wash up dead? Or maybe just sit on the beach under chem clouds blocking the sun? Well today we received a news report WARNING from the FL state Health Dept. because people swimming in the Gulf are coming out with lesions all over their bodies now and this is just one week after the dolphins began washing up dead on the beaches. Paradise is LOST – stay away from FL. Don’t buy real estate, don’t go to the beach and swim in the Gulf and do not fish to eat. FL is now a toxic state who’s environment of glorious beauty and wonder is quickly coming apart and poisoning everything in it’s path. It is UGLY. There is no more sun, no humidity, no rain, and chem trails to knock your socks off! I have called, photographed, emailed and reported to county officials, environmental organizations, law enforcement, political organizations, and every other person I come in contact with of this rouge spraying going on heavily for nearly a year now and not one single one answers me or does anything bona fide to support their environmental label, nothing. So hear this world: Florida is poisoned, don’t come. We can’t sell real estate you can’t go in the Gulf and fishing is a health risk if for food. The officials give NO explanations for any of it OR they make up virus names for the chem reactions, here see for yourselves and send this to your friend Frieda! Chemicals cause lesions, YES. Not a virus and still no explanation of why all of a sudden we have this, no time allotment for this “warning” either. They think people will believe that these virus’s just come from nothing, they just popped up. Well let me clarify for ammo to all – Cause & Effect is a law of nature and in play with everything. There MUST be a cause nothing just pops up. Something is causing this and if you look up, BINGO. Just might be the reason. Ya think???? NO, they think we can just hide this. LOLOLOLOL…… THEY DON’T KNOW ME VERY WELL BUT SHOULD WITH ALL MY COMPLAINING. ********DON’T COME TO FLORIDA IT IS POISONED********* http://www.nbc-2,com/story/25802495/health-department-warns-of-terror-of-the-deep And/Or:

  20. Donna says:

    I just spent the weekend with three teenagers at the beach. It was very heavy spraying and whiteout conditions. I felt headachy the whole time and had to drink massive amounts of water. On one particular day I pointed out the chemtrails to the kids and they all argued (they have never experienced a normal sky) that it was normal. Of course they all had iPhones (not my children), so I told them to google the term chemtrails and HAARP. They were fascinated and started to ask a lot of questions. The adults are usually the ones who roll their eyes and walk away, but the children are very curious. Just keep talking about it!

  21. francis m reps says:

    There is an old saying : ” A man convinced AGAINST HIS WILL ,is of the SAME opinion still “. With each passing generation of government educated people ; the number of clear headed, inquisitive individuals declines. The multi generational, inbred ,psychopathic elites, bank on ignorance and dis information to prevail over normalcy. The fact that they will also suffer the consequences of their disgusting actions ; never occurs to them. Our merit lies in our normalcy and kindness to others. Their degeneracy does not even occur to them. Truly an Evil breed of no merit that will eventually pass away. The creator will sort this problem out in due time.

  22. Rod Leonard says:

    My father worked at RAF Waton during the late 50s and early 60’s He died of cancer in 1964. Age 38….. Should I sue the MoD for leaving 4 young children and a 36 year old widow, who has also died of cancer 24 years ago.
    Wake up people it is happening NOW.

  23. Frieda Nelson says:

    Seems to me no matter who comes out and confesses that the governments of the world happpily sray us with nasty chemicals there will be a segmment that will never believe it. Spoke yesterday to a friend in Utah who is politically aware and she laughed and laughed that I could blame the government for the weather.

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