Spring 2014 Is The Hottest Ever Recorded


Even with constant and radical falsification of “official” temperature readings and records to the DOWN side, high temperature records around the globe continue to be broken. The warmer our planet gets, the more the geoengineers ramp up their already relentless assault of toxic aerosol spraying on our imploding biosphere. Though the climate engineers can and have cooled down specific regions in order to create headlines and confusion as to the state of the climate (like the Eastern US), the overall effect of the spraying is accelerated warming. Climate engineering is tearing the planets life support systems apart from top to bottom. The nonstop toxic spraying is literally poisoning the entire web of life. We must all stand and make our voices heard while there is yet time to make a difference.
Dane Wigington

Hottest Spring On Record Globally, Reports Japan Meteorological Agency

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported Monday that March-May was the hottest in more than 120 years of record-keeping. It was also the hottest May on record.


This is especially noteworthy because we’re still waiting for the start of El Niño. It is usually the combination of the underlying long-term warming trend and the regional El Niño warming pattern that leads to new global temperature records.

You may be wondering how the world is setting records for the warmest March, April, and May (the boreal spring) when it wasn’t particularly hot in the United States (assuming we ignore California and Alaska). It turns out there’s like a whole planet out there that has been getting very toasty:


The Siberian permafrost, for instance, has seen relatively sweltering temperatures. And that’s not good news since carbon emissions from the permamelt could add up to 1.5°F to total global warming by 2100 depending on how fast it defrosts.

The JMA is a World Meteorological Organization Regional Climate Center of excellence. In the coming days we will get reports from NASA and NOAA on May and spring temperatures. At this point, it looks like spring 2014 will be the second hottest on record in the NASA dataset and first or second for NOAA.

It seems all but certain more records will be broken in the coming months, as global warming combines with an emerging El Niño.

Source: ThinkProgress.org

4 Responses to Spring 2014 Is The Hottest Ever Recorded

  1. sk1951 says:

    Seems it is setting records everywhere but where each person lives. Amazing.

    • david says:

      sk1951 yeah ask a Californian what he or she thinks about your uninformed statement, ask someone from Calcutta. You sound like an person who knows only his own front porch. The North Pole was 44 degrees ABOVE zero when it was -10 at my house in February, so ask SANTA….o o o o o o k cool guy. Rudolph cant take the heat he moved to OHIO

  2. Ginny Linn says:

    Natalie, is right on the money. FEAR is how they are controlling us. They keep us at base consciousness so that we have no hope. Fear is being pushed by both sides (mainstream AND alternative. It’s called “controlled opposition”. Who do with trust with the Truth? We can only trust our logic and ability to sort things out for ourselves. That’s why we have brains.

  3. Natalie says:


    It seems one of the basic tenets of the worldwide group trying to create a “one world order” is keeping the world unstable and the population in a state of constant fear e.g. financing both sides a war to keep conflict going…. creating financial depressions where there is not enough food, water, shelter etc.

    The more fear they can generate the greater the feeling of powerlessness,then it is easy to take control.

    If they can control the weather and create a feeling of powerlessness and helplessness and a belief that God is punishing people for not caring about Earth, then it is easy to control the people. Fear is their greatest weapon.

    If we can find the solution to exactly how we can bring these criminals to account then we can start finding the way to shedding the light on their sick antics and take our power back. We need to start healing our world sooner rather than later.

    Is there any real evidence that there is a group which finances war and keeps the country in perpetual debt and fear?

    See: Cathy O’Brien who became a super soldier robot through mind control. There are many apparently. This is her testimony in 1995:

    Cathy’s testimony in 2013: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0Pzryzr1Rs

    The trance-formation website: http://www.trance-formation.com/

    This video clearly shows the way to create a debt free nation and world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUC7BbBC3mU

    The secret lies in bringing together all the evidence that can lead us to the solution!

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