The Video The US Military Doesn’t Want You To See


Psychologist and author Scott Peck (The Road Less Traveled) stated
“Mental health is an ongoing process of dedication to reality at all costs”

We must all stare the truth head on, without flinching, without fear. There is an unimaginable cancer in our midst. This disease has permeated so much of our reality, so much of our society, our government, and especially the US military. This being said, there are still many great men and women in our armed services. Men and women with courage and honor. Its up to all of us to give every bit of our efforts to the task of sounding the alarm and shining the light so that our military brothers and sisters, who have not given in to the cancer, have the confidence to stand up and make their voices heard.
Dane Wigington

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  1. URGENT I contact ALEX!!! I NEED HELP!!! I have rain samples for cloud seeding geoengineering attack over SONORA CA june 26 3am 2014 I made a video documenting the whole event start to finish I contacted KCRA new Sacramento, I was shot down!!! I was ignored and told to contact FCC and Congressman Tom Mccintock to make a complaint !!! no ones listening I need these samples to be tested to prove my case! of the un warned weather modification not reported on Doppler radars and precipitation forecasts before during or after the rainfall at 3 am today ! I am outraged at the cover up I DEMAND to know why they are not warning FLORIDA about their tornadoes and giving them enough time to prepare! I knew this was all going to happen days before they occurred NO one listened to my warnings and are ignoring cries for help!!!!

    Please watch my evidence I have worked very hard to gather and alert the masses!

    also my current reports and footage on KCRA and live calls made to news about this mornings rainfall going unreported after documenting cloud seeding I am downloading to YouTube right now it will be available to view and use for my case this along with the water samples is all I got to build a state hearing and bring about a Criminal case Nationwide Law suit against the persons responsible for this geo engineering attacks across the nations!

    Please respond to me ASAP Alex !! I am desperate to get this out NOW! and have this crime against humanity and my family STOPPED! I am out of time !! I feel endangered! all of us are!

    Donna Stensland 209-769-****

    This is a copy of the email I sent to the military hygienist Kristen Meghan

    From Me

    Today at 5:08 AM

    Today at 5:04 AM

    Dear Kristen

    it is urgent that I get in touch with you

    I have rain samples from yesterdays cloud seeding geoengineering attacks from my airspace at 3 am June 26,2014 today it rained and went un reported on all local news weather forecasts and Doppler radars did not even report the precipitation from this rain fall at all I called my local city council to report and kcra news in Sacramento CA at 3:30 this morning to report the cover up and they wanted nothing to do with taking my report I questioned why their is no weather stations in all of northern ca reporting the chances of rain she said now they know because I reported it that they would mention it only after the fact I looked up several stations and web weather report stations no mention of rain in the forecast or during the rain actually falling after, I was denied a report to make to kcra .I continued to collect the water in glass containers all around the APT****** ST Sonora,CA complex and I have gathered a cup worth to get tested I went back onto web to see if the news station local for Sonora reported the rain and they mentioned it for June 25 2014 with a note stated my comment that surrounding area received report of rain which was from me solo at 3 am on the June 26 morning 3 am not yesterday I noticed also they reported nothing for the 26th and no percentage of precipitation documented for the 6-26-14 3 am down pour..anywhere.I am disgusted at this garbage coming into our community contaminating our soil plants water and persons with these poisons an seeing that no officials want to take action or even consider listening to what I have to say in the matter we are hitting our heads against a wall no one cares!

    where do I send my samples???

    Please contact me ASAP



    Donna Stensland

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  2. Truthbetold says:

    Check out and you will find answers there why Americans Military are committing such horrendous crimes against civilians.

  3. G . Williamson says:

    A very daunting video …so sad to see what has happened to our world all in the name of money greed, good video except for the loud music made it to theatrical unfortunately

  4. willie biemen says:

    who is the lady giving the speech?

  5. Becky says:

    people! are you ready for your brothers and sisters of our great military to come home? You’d better get ready if your are not because they are coming home. It is going to be a true United States challenge.

  6. Constant Walker says:

    That “unimaginable cancer in our midst” is nothing but the invasive, usurping, alienating, and crippling “self” infecting the muddled masses of homo domesticus. It is the active ‘mechanism’ of the immune-suppression regime of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease.

    Before those afflicted can do anything remedial about the syndrome’s undeniable devastation, as is partially described and decried here, they will first need to get over the crippling sickness that is their own too-precious “self.” Of course, having it thrown back upon each ‘one’ of them in this Way, instead of having some ‘outside’ to blame target for their “self”-inflicted predicament, is not a Natural Fact our artificially “individual”-ized Human Relations want to face. The rule-of-fear to which they’re subject has its ‘hook’ in them entirely by-means-of of their “self”-possession.

    The entire Planet-wasting contraption runs on fear based solely in the fever-dream delusion of “self”-preservation. Wake-up from it, and get free of fear’s rule.

    Then, as Free Wild Natural Persons coalesced spontaneously into Free Wild Communities having the Organic Integrity to fulfill our Human Function as a component of Earth’s immune suppression, our presently tame Sisters and Brothers will BE The Medicine we ALL need. The thing is, though, there’s just no faking-it….no cheap imitation substitute for actually being WELL.

  7. Carol says:

    I feel sorry for the young men and women who enter the military with honorable goals, only to find out the truth later. What is even more disturbing, is those who enter the military and NEVER figure it out. It is these who must have their eyes opened.

  8. Ann Petersen says:

    And we wonder why they have “insurgents”!!! We have to STOP THIS!! Be wary of the propaganda machine!

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