US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water


Dane Wigington

The public has been trained and conditioned to believe that federal agencies like the EPA exist to watch over them and warn them of any potential dangers. This notion could not be further from the truth. Though there are honest and caring people within these agencies (like the scientist who has drafted the statement below), the institutions as a whole exist to hide threats from the population, not to disclose them. The majority of the public continues to convince themselves that if there was really anything they should be concerned about, someone, somewhere, in some federal public protection agency would tell them. The statement below should be a sobering wake-up call for us all. It is yet another confirmation of all that has been stated above. From global geoengineering, to Fukushima, to toxic fluoridated water and lethal vaccinations, the public health and the health of our biosphere is being decimated. Where are the official warnings from official agencies? The truth continues to be hidden by the government agencies that are tasked with hiding it.

Michael Davis is now a former EPA scientist who is working with in an effort to get the truth out, his full resume is at the bottom of this article. Michael was recently terminated from the EPA for daring to tell the truth about two extremely dire public dangers, the highly toxic fallout from climate engineering, and the willful contamination of the public water supply with industrial waste. I had the pleasure and honor of working with Michael for over a year, he has participated in conference calls directly with the Geoengineering Watch legal team. Upon being terminated from the EPA, I asked Mr. Davis if he would draft a statement for, that statement is below.

A Statement For From Scientist Michael Davis

My name is Michael Davis, I was employed as an Environmental Engineer for nearly 16 years in the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Programs Branch of the Water Division in Region 5, Chicago of the USEPA. I was terminated as a public servant performing a public service for raising the issues of anthropogenic deposition of aluminum due to atmospheric geoengineering. 11009

Geoengineered skies, Woodland, Michigan. Photo credit: Kacy Blair

In addition, I brought up the industrial hazardous waste byproduct of fluoride known as HFSA (being sold primarily by the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries) to drinking water utilities for disposal into the nation's drinking water systems. This does not include pollutants that are discharged from wastewater reclamation facilities into receiving waters.

The issue regarding anthropogenic deposition of aluminum due to atmospheric geoengineering came up in May 2013 when a colleague in the NPDES Programs Branch sent a general email to everyone regarding "NPDES and Climate Change". I sent a six (6) bullet point one – sentence response to my colleague. Nearly six (6) weeks later my supervisor (at the time) set up a conference call to inform me that I would be receiving a Letter of Reprimand for making false, malicious and unfounded statements against colleagues, supervisors, management and elected public servants. Furthermore, my then supervisor claimed that my statements damaged the integrity and reputation of the agency.

In April, 2014, my last supervisor assigned me to the Beloit, Wisconsin wastewater reclamation facility DRAFT permit review. I asked the permit writer why fluoride (a poison) was be disposed of in Beloit's drinking water supply?  She could not provide an explanation.  Approximately two (2) weeks later my supervisor placed a "gag order" on me barring me from having any communication written or verbal with anyone unless he approved ahead of time and was present on all conference calls. It was claimed by my supervisor (and management) that the "gag order" would remain in place to prevent me from making statements that would further damage the  integrity and reputation of the agency.  

Furthermore, my supervisor kept giving me assignments like Beloit, Wisconsin where fluoride, along with other pollutants knowing that I would describe the adverse human, animal health effects along with adverse environmental effects of them in my DRAFT Permit review reports. The adverse human, animal and environmental effects were completely ignored by my supervisor.  This was even more profound when it came to the issue of fluoride as HFSA being deposited into the drinking water system. This is in violation of (1) EPA's Policy on Scientific Integrity, (2) The Precautionary Principle, (3) 5 U.S.C. §2302(b)(8) and (4) Informed Consent.  My supervisor informed me that the EPA does not regulate fluoride in the drinking water systems under either the Clean Water Act (CWA) or the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). However, FDA under Health and Human Services (HHS) regulated fluoride in the drinking water systems.

I eventually crafted a general description of the adverse human and animal health effects in an email to my supervisor and upper level management.  Initially was ignored by all of them. I had to send the original descriptive email several times over about a six (6) month period of time before I received a reply from the water division director who just parroted the corporate agenda pertaining to fluoride disposal into the nation's drinking water systems.

The label in the photo above should be shocking to any that are even slightly awake. Highly toxic industrial waste that is officially labeled as a "drinking water additive".

In doing my own research into the issue of anthropogenic deposition of aluminum from atmospheric geoengineering (as well as fluoride and other pollutants) in an attempt to determine why there was strong opposition from my supervisor and the EPA in general it this (factual reports on the issues). It is because the EPA wants to continue their cover-up, collusion, and criminality pertaining to pollution and contamination being perpetrated by their puppet masters, the multinational corporations. The EPA (like the FDA, CDC, etc) is a complete sham. Because the "P" in EPA stands for protection of corporate profits and not for protecting human, animal and environmental (or biosphere) health. The EPA like other governmental regulatory agencies are corrupt to the core, completely dysfunctional and have been completely hijacked by the multinational corporations.  

I will not allow any of my ex – supervisors, ex – branch chiefs, ex – divisions directors, ex – EPA acting regional administrator or ex – EPA administrator or other individuals either identified or unidentified to get away contaminating our one and only biosphere (soil, water and air), and causing untold adverse human and animal health effects. 

The threats we collectively face are immense and grave. These existential threats are being hidden from public view by government agencies which are completely controlled by a criminal power structure that operates in the shadows with impunity. Those who serve public protection agencies must find the courage to stand up and speak out as Michael Davis has. Others (in the same agencies), who have committed themselves to being shameless tyrannical order followers, must be exposed and held accountable, legally and morally. The battle before us to fully expose the truth requires our full commitment. Each of us is needed, all can make a difference. All can and must make their voices heard in the fight for the greater good, we are rapidly running out of time. My deepest respect and regard for the courage and concern for the greater good that Michael Davis has shown.

Michael Davis resume is below:


To obtain a engineering position in the water/wastewater/alternative energy sector.


  • Solid training and education in chemical/mechanical engineering both supported by Bachelors and Masters degrees with concentration in thermal sciences relating to kinetics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics, as well as combustion, pollution and energy control types of engineering analysis.
  • Knowledge of solar engineering, thermal radiation, air pollution, heat transfer, and advanced engineering mathematics.
  • Research and design experience that has been applied to laboratory testing for fluidized bed, char analysis, ash analysis, and air pollution analysis in the development of pulse combustors.
  • Substantial background in procurement for mechanical design.
  • Excellent problem solver combing a high degree of innovation and follow-through.



Environmental Engineer

  • Performed engineering review of multiple million dollar grant proposals.
  • Performed technical reviews of wastewater treatment plant and pretreatment draft permits.
  • Special assignments.

2000 NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNIVERSITY, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Fargo, North Dakota 
Laboratory Instructor for Mechanical Systems I (M.E. 455) & II (M.E. 456)                                                                                                                                     

Summer Industrial Fellowship Advanced Gas Turbine Systems Research (AGTSR)

  • Performed an empirical heat conduction analysis on the inner and outer bands of the first stage vane doublets with and without Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC). 
  • Performed further empirical analysis on different film cooling hole patterns on the inner and outer bands, as well as, the design and manufacturing aspects on introducing these film cooling holes.
  • Continued an extended analysis on hot streak on the second stage vanes and how to suppress this hot streak by introduction of film cooling holes on the transition duct. 
  • Having my analysis interpreted in performance of both turbine and engine found that it was in good agreement with only a slight increase in combustor temperature was needed in order to maintain the performance power of the 501 industrial engine.

Summer Industrial Fellowship Advanced Gas Turbine Systems Research (AGTSR)

  • Performed an empirical heat transfer analysis on the first stage compressor wheel, which was comprised of an exotic material.

1996-1999 UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA, Mechanical Engineering Department, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA, Grand Forks, North Dakota
    Masters in Mechanical Engineering (2000)
    Independent Study: “The Influence of Turbulence Level, Scale, Wake Effects, Surface Roughness, Body Shape and Leading Edge Effects on Stagnation Region Heat Transfer.”
    Master in Chemical Engineering (1995)
    Directed Research Project: “Study of the Use of Intermediate Reboilers and Condensers for Industrial Distillation Systems.”
    Bachelors in Chemical Engineering (1994)
    Senior Design Project: Plant design for methanol synthesis from methane gas for Fluor Daniel, Inc., Irvine, California (Project duration = 12 months).


  • Authored: “Transport Phenomena in Bioprocess System (Sludge)” (Spring 1994).
  • Co-authored: “Design of a Solar Water Heater” (Fall 1994).
  • Project: “Comparison of Plate Radiation Using 3-Node and 7-Node Method” (Fall 1994).


Inducted into Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society
Member, Water Environment Federation (WEF)

May be freely reprinted, so long as the text is unaltered, all hyperlinks are left intact, and credit for the article is prominently given to and the article’s author with a hyperlink back to the original story.​

203 Responses to US EPA Scientist Fired For Trying To Tell The Truth About Climate Engineering And Fluoridated Water

  1. James Brown says:

    For filtering water, A MUST HAVE is any decent reverse osmosis system. You can buy a good system for $300 and it strips 99.8% of crap out of the water. They're the best systems for pure drinking water.  

  2. Lou Lou says:

    Hi! I had the fortunate experience last night of standing in line behind customer who was courageously talking about the information from Kevin Shipp and this site at a local grocery store to the cashier. I feel fortunate to have found this information and group and have already shared it with a few friends and will continue to do so. My one question is where and how do you find good water filters? Or how do we protect ourselves against G5 or EMF with actual products that work and not snake oil. The few water filters I've tried or ones that my friends had, tasted way worse like chemical and I don't know where to go to find products that work. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!

    • Ann M says:

      A little late to the conversation, but I wanted to say that I use a Berkey filter. After much research, I found it to be the most affordable option in removing flouride. The flouride  filters are purchased separately. I have never had the water tested, but Berkey is considered the best by many. 

    • Jason says:

      Distilled water!

  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Just think: Personnel working for the EPA and other federal agencies have been drinking and bathing in fluoridated water since childhood… I’m thinking’ they’re feeling pretty stupid by now…

    Story at-a-glance
    • Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is among a coalition of environmental, medical and health groups suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban artificial water fluoridation
    • The EPA has been served with a petition that includes more than 2,500 pages of scientific documentation detailing the risks of water fluoridation to human health
    • New study quantifies fluoride’s potential to lower IQ in children. There are now over 100 animal studies and over 50 human studies proving fluoride’s neurotoxicity, prompting the U.S. government to fund new studies

    Unprecedented Lawsuit Could End Water Fluoridation in US

  4. Venamarie says:

    As a student of Psychology I see the intent of the manipulators and the ignorance of the manipulated. I am saddened, Not for the current lack of awareness, but for the future suffering of those forced to endure the repercussions of apathy and ignorance. There appears to be a high price that must be paid by many for the greed of so few…..

    Sensitive, Spiritual, and Educated individuals around the world who possess the foresight all know… that what comes to pass is necessary in order to re-set the balance of all things. There are so many signs that the scale of balance is off…Animals tell us through unspoken words, that speak volumes to those that hear.

    Mass die-offs of countless species in the skies, in the waters, and across the lands. Deformity and disease reflect the condition of the environment across all boundaries, affecting all life forms.

    There have been indicators and warning signs across the globe of what is to come as a result of our actions, yet most are too distracted by media nonsense and techno-crap to even notice…Sheep…blinded by an influx of imagery, bombarding their every waking moment. Molded, and manipulated they go unto the slaughter…unaware…without concern…blissfully ignorant…

            Keep your eyes open my friends….

  5. says:

    Minha voz interno falou para mim como se eu
    fosse uma menino estúpida: Shae, mande tudo pro inferno!

  6. Carol says:

    I live in a town in Illinois that sprays permethrin for "nuisance" mosquitos on a REGULAR basis. There is no West Nile Emergency going on. Been fighting with them for years about what it's doing to our lake; killing dragon flies and frogs (natural preditors), crayfish and fish get sickly. I had calls with EPA in Springfield and I can tell you they don't really care, the laws are ambiguous, a facade to make you think things are under control and being watched. They won't do anything, no laws in place to protect us. Even with pictures of brown chemical scum and tons of dead species and I had the water tested in a lab. Also the corn field rows nearby are planted 14 inches apart, believe they're being sprayed and that spray is also drifting. All the corn died, their GMO corn must not be working out. Horrible transpiration occurring in the Midwest from the corn planted to this extreme, worst humid conditions ever last year, trees all had fungus and mold, diseased and dying. Found out EPA directed more corn production to up ethanol production. People started mowing their grass twice a week, instead of once a week (more pollution). When you know what's going on, it's really hard to look around and see what destruction is taking place.               

  7. Thomas M. says:

    May I ask you to read the letter concerning additive toxicity of tap water fluoridation and fluorine containing drugs, sent to the FDA and other competent medico legal authorities in 2012?

  8. JR says:

    I was talking to folks in West Texas, (Pecos) area where temp. Friday 10th was 90 degrees, and today 11th was 92, that's just plain crazy. I was there in area recently and Fort Davis area where Chemtrails where berserk….off the chart. Of course there is a lot of fracking of oil and natural gas going on in Pecos so we can have cold weather now can we! There and here in Southwest, New Mexico people coming up with Bronchitis….What a coincidence with the scum spewing their trash up there SAG/SRM, suckers….Salty Bastards……

  9. SortingHat says:

    Problem is calling Trump a NWO advocate is like calling Halo a racing game just because you can drive a warthog in *parts* of the game. 

    These rich elite NEVER look at the sky and are always on their smartphones or in their office buildings never seeing the light of day much. 

    They have no time to research as they are overloaded with email and requests that they likely throw them all out or you'd get millions of them.

    The whole government system needs to be reset from the ground up as thegovernment is too big to know what it's doing.  It's all compartmentized against each other.

  10. SortingHat says:

    More spraying today with nothing yesterday.  Cmon Trump please help us out or everybody is going to lose!  Even the rich won't escape.

    The bible even though I'm an Atheist the bible does say people will hide in caves and underground praying for the rocks to bury them for they feel ashamed of the lord.


    What I think that translates into is things getting SO BAD that people who have lots of money to lose will flee underground to bunkers and DUMBS for them and their family thinking we will all suffer. 

    Other passages say that people will bar themselves in their homes afraid and the world will have a lot of *birth pangs* and droughts will be more widespread then ever.

    Non of that cane be done without massive geo engineering which will backfire.

  11. marc says:

    How else are whales gonna let us know we're destroying the whole f**king world? They don't text. They can't call world governments on their cell phones to plead or protest. What do they do? They commit suicide to draw attention to their cause. Whales are wise. In fact, whales are so wise and so loving they are willing to terminate their own lives for the greater good. I submit that any ONE of the whales that just died on the beaches of New Zealand is infinitely wiser than the pathetic cow-pie who is our President now. Upon reviewing the photos of the many, many beached whales just now, I could not stop my eyes from welling up with tears and my heart from bursting with anguish…..Lately I notice more and more that I am experiencing spontaneous rivers of emotion for our beloved Earth, for non-human creatures large and small, for children, for my cat, innocent and insulated as he is from the cares of this world about which his owner is so distraught. Even the little round-tail squirrels that live down in holes in the desert dirt out in my back 40 have become, to me, creatures deserving of my tenderest regard and admiration. They are so……… they are. Living in timeless suchness, absolute thusness; living expressions of an unbroken ancestry that predates even the Hohokam peoples who grew squash and beans and corn for thousands of years upon the very dirt my house now sits on. 

      I went out dancing tonight. I had a moment there before I got on the dance floor, during which I was consumed with emotion as I watched the entire dance floor undulating with human bodies…..all of them….every one….GOOD PEOPLE!! Beautiful, loving, caring people. Some old. A few almost elderly. Many in their twenties and thirties and forties and fifties all dancing together on the ballroom dance floor. United in the joy of dance to an African dance band. What are the chances we could help heal this whole world if only, IF ONLY we could get world leaders and generals and geoengineers out on a dance floor together to dance a new kind of consciousness into being?

    • penny waters says:

      dear marc

      you are not alone in your tears my friend – we weep together with many others

      i have begun to feel, virgo like, that i am feeling the anguish of the earth and all of us creatures

      take joy in your moments of pleasure – they are obviously the upside of your pain

      the joy of goodness of sensitivity – how can some remain not aware

      some years ago i attended a vipassana meditation course of silent 10 days – teaching me a technique of distance from feeling

      i enjoyed the technique – it showed to me the energetics of my life

      now i know that we are firstly energetic (we are made of star dust) that makes the physical, that holds and moves the emotion, that our intellect is meant to work out

      but their idea was to not feel – to distance from feeling – considered a suffering – the buddhist idea that to be alive is to suffer – i get that but…..

      to be human is to feel – tis not life to me if i do not feel

      if your feelings get too much then would suggest a technique from the retreat i went on

      concentrate on the feeling of the air being pulled up up your nose – the feeling of air on your top lip – not you breathing but the physical feeling of the colder air  and out again – your mind will start to talk to itself – pull your concentration back to your physical feeling – try to let your mind go and concentrate on the feeling – it comes with practise but will give you and your body a rest from the pain

      hope it will help – when my pain gets too much i engage with that but i am used to being in pain now – i carry it with me – don't want not to feel – like so many people who switch off

      wanted to pass on some stuff for people – 2 things – volcanos going off around the world but mostly the pacific – think geoengineering stupid – all they needed was for the earth to catch up – we have no damn patience

      second thing – radioactivity in the pacific – spect it will be world wide soon – buy seaweed now – atlantic seaweed – if you get my drift – cos the drift will envelop the atlantic soon

      and eat fermented food – japanese man noticed that people in japan who had been living in two cities bombed by nuclear bombs who eat miso (fermented soya) lived much much longer than people who didn't

      fermented beans peas (legumes) and grains (eg bread beer) – natives around the world have eaten ferments for long time – puts bacteria back in guts – so use local plants

      realise that geoengineering wipes out bacteria – but you can't keep bacteria down

      many books on ferments – wild fermentation by katz

      not miso out of a packet – has no life but buy ferments alrady made that you add to soup at the end on a low heat – to get the fermentation bacteria to grow in the soup – then you eat/drink

      if you can protect your gut

      and stinging nettles are the best blood cleanser out there with lots of minerals and vitamins

      woke up this morning to 'snow' – do not recognise it

      have noticed long time how water seems more viscous – sticky, thick

      remember years ago going to scotland and drinking from a cold spring – how hunter gatherers lives must have been fiiled with the magic of nature – alive – not the deadness i feel from human 'civilisation' –  but full of energy

      back to energy – found out that the sperm has energy in it – seeable energy – but then it has to move so needs it – meets egg – potential energy – join and build human – head first down to tail – where the energy resides till puberty when it is supposed to shoot up the spine and back again

      during life it again travels up the spine till reaches the top of head and connects with the universe – tis the 'payment for wisdom is age'

      all that stuff in eastern tradition – we have become materialistic – so have lost the magic energy and the story which we are based on

      do you all think that we, who plug into this site, are feeling the energy – which is why we are having such pain in our view of humans 

      do not feel alone marc – think the universe is with us – not the deadened  humans

      feel the joy my friend – tis crazy to be human – especially conscious – we see it all

      much love to you all


    • Ron Marr says:

      I feel you, Marc. They are the master of illusion, trickery and technology. They made Clinton disrobe and show the tire tracks down her back, as to be the criminal she is; so Trump could be elected. A trick. When they trap our energy in an event, they can then manipulate the outcome. For example a Super Bowl. An illusion. Humans are killing themselves, too. As I walked in the snow covered streets, the birds were have frantic conversation. I stopped and listened. I apologized. I left them with a smile….knowing…that I am a FOOL. I still want to leave the earth in better shape than I found it. I am not finished. This power belongs to us. Faith and love. We cannot lose our faith. It belongs to you. Protect it. We cannot give our love away. It is too big. It is for humanity only. We must pull back from the fake reality of technology; as they, in turn, pull us deeper and deeper in to their artificial, virtual reality. We can break the trance by giving our inner world the respect it deserves, holding material symbols and myth as sacred. We soar much higher and faster than the illusion of  their rockets. They can't even get to the Moon. We are spiritual and must frolic in the material while remembering the days we soared among the stars (at least, I do). Hey, Marc, why don't you take a trip to Phoenix and tell my son to watch the movie 'Vaxxed' I sent him? (just kidding). He is just proof of the serious indoctrination humans are suffering. Take Care.

    • Blue Sue says:


      Marc, penny, MS P, 

      So much tradegy in our world today. It goes beyond measure and even description. Yet we cannot help sharing our lamentations. You all express your feelings so poignantly, and I sympathize and share them with you. This is an amazing community of souls that have found common cause, comraderie, and even a spiritual community here thanks to you Dane.  Marc, I'm glad you got out to do a little dancing.  I used to love to dance (ballroom, CW, R&B, whatever –) it was my therapy (sort of like golf was once upon a time).  But, now my teaching job (Waldorf education) is pretty much all-consuming, and at 61, I just don't have the stamina I used to. Truly, I love what I do, and each of my precious twenty-four 5th-graders bless my life, but at the end of the work day, I'm ready for a "chill pill" (some peace and quiet and glass of dry red wine). It may sound weird, but reading all the posts and connecting with the intelligent kindhearts and awake souls here on this site, is a sort of strange therapy for me; it helps me feel somewhat sane in this very insane world we live in.  God be with you all and know my love shines upon you from the northland.  

    • mary says:

      People need to look up in the skies to see what's really happening, we are being poisoned by chemtrails, our water supply poisoned, the soil we plant our food poisoned.  An all out elimination of American people is the reality, and unless we stand up and fight for our survival, then we're already doomed.  Only in America, people.  Only in America  and by our own military.  Unbelievable, undeniable, but I've had enough.

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    My buddy George Carlin on global warming. This video is a bit dated, yes. However after watching this video, in my mind, the worst that can happen is "Venus syndrome". I love our Mother with all my heart and soul. What is described in this video is the "least" I wish for our Mother and my fellow living beings. But as for a "spokesman" for our Mother, humanity aside, could you be any more correct? Don't get me wrong here. Me, my "self", will fight for the good of the many until my last breath. I could not think of a greater conviction.

    "War" is over if you want it… OK, so ya great, what's it take to end war? "Good question isn't it?". One I hope will get asked more often.

  13. SD says:

    Today's rainstorm which swept in from the Pacific was accompanied by two small EQs (approx M2.6) offshore Santa Barbara/ shallow depth.  I consider them to be of suspicious nature due to their location (17km SSE Santa Barbara) and correlation with rainfall inland near Cachuma Lake. which remains at very low level, while all other reservoirs in CA are overflowing.



    • MS P says:

      There is a lot of fault lines out in the ocean just off the coast of Santa Barbara & Ventura. Most have not moved for about 65 K years. The Topa Topa bluffs (Ojai)  are the ocean floor; up side down. I find sand dollar fossils & shells up there.  Something major happened when those bluffs were created.  Also Santa Cruz Island has a major fault line right through the middle of it. You can see it from the air. Or on google earth. It is as obvious as the San Andreas fault line. I can also see the same fault line in the ocean, when the water is clear. It's major.  Just 2000 years ago, Mammoths had roamed that island. They were a newly discovered sub-species. Now the Bald Eagle eggs crack there. That is a very bad sign.

    • SS says:

      Seemed like very little spraying in SB in summer and fall.  They ramped it up huge today.

  14. Blue Sue says:

    KTUU TV in Anchorage, Alaska reported tonight that the University of Fairbanks will be firing up the HAARP array to "create an artificial aurora" — because . . . ? . . .  they did not say.  Is there no limit to scientific stupidity and hubris?  (Stay tuned for the light show.) 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bue Sue, Forget the light show. "Why did "they" openly admit the firing up of the HAARP"? "Enquiring minds want to know".

  15. Joseph L. says:

    Another sad story for the environment.  Snow Storm over yesterday late afternoon and the aerosol spraying going crazy today again all over NYC long island etc. 

  16. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska update;

    It hit the 50's today. The sky was a mess with a constant aerosol  attack. Heavy trails laid all day. It's suppose to be warmer tomorrow.

    Sicker and sicker, this is what I see. Man the last couple of days have been off the charts from people sounding raspy and throat clearing, yes me included. People are really looking rough.

    Small town post offices have what I call the death board. A small metal plaque they put a card in when people die and when the funeral is. A customer probably in his early sixties. He says do you have any of those cards that go in the plaque. I say no the funeral home puts those in there. He says, I need one to write my name on it. I've felt like dying all week. He then goes into a raspy coughing spell.

    As Dane says, we are in uncharted territory.

    I figured out a way to end this instantly. Somehow block those entrances to their underground cities. Before they blow the hatches closed, fill those places up with toxic nerve agents. I guarantee you these programs would be shut down instantly if they had to stay up here with the rest of us.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, the Idiots-In-Charge are sitting ducks while underground.  "They" still HAVE TO BREATHE AIR, never mind what's in it.  "They" have also been responsible for the underground nuclear blasts.  How close are "Their" underground hidey-holes to their toxic nuclear waste dumps?

  17. Alan says:

    Sea surface temperature anomaly map off the northeastern coast of Japan shows 32.5% F higher than normal in spots, according to

    • MS P says:

      Interesting definition  Google►


      the deliberate large-scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming.

  18. Chris C says:

    I live in East Central Minnesota.  This morning the weatherman, Keith Marler, forecast "filtered sun and a high of 45."  As of 2:35pm, the skies were littered with "contrails" that were spreading out and not going away.  This is absolute bull$hit that needs to be stopped.  If you are someone that thinks "chemtrails" are a conspiracy, you need to get off your lazy a$$ and do a little research.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Hear, here" my friend I haven't met yet. Well stated.

    • Suzanne says:

      Chris, I live in west central ND (Bismarck.)   The spraying here is continuous, day and night.  Plus small white jets flying low over the city every hour. We had one day with normal blue skies and clouds recently (Easter Sunday) then spraying all of Monday. Late that night a thunderstorm came through with what sounded like hail.   But was more like a kind of frozen rain.  I am waking up every morning with my nose and throat clogged and eyes almost swollen shut.  But when I try to talk to people about what is going on, they say I am buying into "conspiracy theories."  

  19. MS P says:

    Last night I watched the Waxing Gibbous Moon rise. The clouds were so fake, that they had Sun Dog rainbows, reflecting  in the moonlight. 

    Not even real  or pure Sun Dog rainbow colors either. Dirty at best, in the metallic colorful cloud reflections.


    On a side note. There has been some very low flying jets above our clouds. The military kind. For they have a flight pattern, going towards PT Magu. (Base) Only such planes will fly. Most often it's an official on this route. Lately this is happening more often. They fly low (above our low cloud line) & are very big & very  loud! I can hear them over  any other large aircraft that flies by here.


    On a side note this email post just had mysteriously  disapeared from my inbox?????

    All I can say is…..

     Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

  20. BaneB says:

    Maybe this article has been linked to and addressed on this board.  If not or if you missed it, has an article dated February 3 titled Climate Change Causes Fundamental Change In The Chemistry Of Soil.  The author is Bob Berwyn.  It's about the shifting balance of nutrients.  Two key nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus are shifting fast.  The ramifications are not good.

    • Wes says:


      I've been thinking all along with people commenting on how hard the soil is and it's not holding water. Healthy soil has anywhere from 4000 to 12,000 pounds of living organisms under an acre of soil. All of this life is in the top 6 inches or so.  I think these soil organisms are dead and dying. All of that life is how things operate naturally. It's a jungle down there. With these microbes and life eating each other and defecating all on a microscopic level. There is more living organisms in a handful of healthy soil than all people on earth. If all of this life is dead of course the soil is not going to be functioning as it should. I think this is another reason why everything is dying. No soil life.

      Pebbles Trippet mentions deep soil gardening. I have a different take on this. If we don't have healthy top soil, if it's all dead, it's game over.

  21. marc says:

    A solid week of daily spraying over Tucson. And to the dumb-asses who contend or interpret this as just passenger jet contrails, I say to them: Oh? Apparently almost ALL passenger jets are grounded today? For today there are almost none of the trails we have become accustomed to seeing in the sky this morning. Every previous day this week it seems the cheap, low-brow thugs behind all this have gone out of their way to psy-op the population of southern Arizona. Over and over and over again they leave long, almost horizon to horizon parallel trails RIGHT OVER THE SANTA CATALINAS, which is the largest and most impressive range of mountains on the north perimeter of Tucson. Then late in the afternoon yesterday several extremely long lasting trails were defecated out right over Tucson all by themselves as if to say: "Fuck all you losers who are afraid of "chemtrails". We're the ones in charge and you tree-huggers can all go to hell. Here…..breath this, you dumb-asses." Obscenities aside, I am absolutely convinced there is at least some of the time, a psy-op aspect to the timing and placement of trails. No one will convince me otherwise. The appearance of isolated trails right over heavily populated areas, sometimes alarmingly LOW in altitude, convinces me of the bio-warfare/psy-op truth of my contention. I have seen this too many times in cities all over the country. About a week ago here in Tucson, this exact thing occurred. I was on my way to a cafe and after I parked and got out there was an intense trail hanging RIGHT OVER THAT PART OF TOWN, ALL BY ITSELF, AND EXPONENTIALLY LOWER IN ALTITUDE THAN MOST OF THE HIGH ALTITUDE TRAILS WE SEE. You could almost have reached up to grab the damn thing. The level of visual detail present in the way the trail was dispersing was also remarkable and is something one rarely sees. So……we have to ask ourselves why. Why these lone trails? SRM? Bullshit! SAI? Bullshit! Mitigate global warming? Bullshit! Water vapor in jet fuel? DOUBLE BULLSHIT!!

      The low-class thugs who inhabit the White House are truly providing a high return on THEIR investment of bullshit. Disarray, preoccupation, obsession, confusion, rage, anger, violence, mobilization, disbelief, indignation etc. are all combining to have an inordinate influence upon the collective consciousness of America and the world. But they couldn't have done it all by themselves. The media/internet enable this consciousness to blossom into full expression. Here again, I can't help but agree with Dane and so many others, that the "Trump" thing is a marvelously well-crafted psy-op on a grand scale. Call me cynical. Call me one-dimensional. I still firmly believe it to be true. We are, every last one of us, being played like fiddles and banjos at a square dance. And folks, this is precisely why I meditate. Gotta pull out of the mess at regular intervals. Take a deeper look at who or what I actually am. Then I send healing vectors back out to this beleaguered world. While ranting, cussing and flipping birds to spraying jets feels pretty good, it feels just as good, if not better to pass out flyers, talk to people about geoengineering, and share data on FB or elsewhere. But I always need to return to the zabuton or I just can't stay right (sane) in my head in the face of the 100% pure evil stupidity loosed upon this world almost everywhere we turn.That's right. I said: evil stupidity. An oxymoron if ever there was one.

    • JR says:

      Hey Marc; Here in Southwest, New Mexico and over West Texas, El Paso. The lowlifes are really going strong here with an all out assault ape…. spraying and destroying what ever clouds were present days back. It's way to hot down here as well, so much for curbing global warming. Poor kids and of all ages sicker than a dog claiming flu's and colds. You are right on their attitudes man on shoving that crap down our throats as if they owned us, I hear you. They are totally Evil. East to West is their favorite fly patterns but they fly from North to South with big curves up there, those mostly East to West. Most people don't get it or want to get it. On a higher note I look to God Almighty who knows all. My health is not the greatest either, one day at a time brother. What His plans are we know not other than weeding out the bad seed. Peace to All in this fight…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, brilliant contribution, mucho thank you. I am happy to know, through the vibrations of your writing you are doing well in the new land.

      Always, it lifts my soul to read what you have written. I hope you never stop writing the words that need to be written………

    • Bryan says:

      An oxymoron is perfectly apt to describe what's happening right in front of our eyes. On the one hand I understand why people refuse to accept the massive stupidity and evil right before them. But when it's family and otherwise citizens you know to be intellectually smart the torment inside you just builds. Every morning I step out to assess the situation and take my dogs for a walk, before the onslaught begins. But lately I can't bear to breathe the stuff blatantly raining down on me. And I won't l let my dogs drink "fresh" water when all the trees and bushes around them are dying. And yet…here are the neighbors conducting business as usual. Everyone at the corner store discusses sports and the "weather," remarking how odd it all is yet rejecting my calls to look up or search geoengineering or come to this site as "crazy talk." Family won't listen – hey, George Clooney is having twins! Baseball season is almost here! 

      If it weren't for this site I'd go mad.

    • Chad says:



    • Justin says:

      Hey Marc, I couldn't have said it better. I'm also an avid meditator and know exactly what you mean. I have lost faith in my community of friends and family considering I've been telling them the facts of whats happening to our skies and our world for a long time and still unless the Washington Post or CNN don't collaborate my story then my information must be "fake news" How ironic that the men and women whom spend countless hours actually researching Chemtrails, gmos, 9/11, vaccines, fluoridated H2O, and countless other attacks on humanity are considered less informed!!!? We truly have lost the collective to a day dream induced by the newest IPhone while uploading pictures of their meal to Facebook to receive fake likes from fake friends. Then I must remember to breath what clean air is left and return to the Meditation cushion for if I didn't I may lose my mind in this mad world. May all you whom are awake be at peace.

      Om Mani Padme Hum 


  22. Bryan says:

    I don't know how Dane will pull off his show this week. 400 whales dead, Trump blocks endangered bees from protection, "thundersnow," methane meltdown , fukushima reactor news…way too much chaos for an hour broadcast. 

    Trump reminds me of Bozo the Clown from my childhood. He's all bluster and distraction, a sideshow act with the power to launch WWIII for his mad handlers while little kids applaud and await their prizes, begging for the fun times to continue.

    Roger Waters released a great album in the 90s based on a trenchant book called "Amused to Death." As he so eloquently puts it, "Give a species too much rope and they'll f.k. it up."

    I can't believe the global situation is this bad and the vast majority of modern civilization has no idea it's even happening. 911 must have proven to the PTB that they can literally get away with anything, more confirmation to them that the rest of us are docile sheep.

    And every day that passes without fighting back we keep proving them right.

    • marc says:

      Bryan, brilliant post. Thank you.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Bryan, love the way you said it so straight. Damn straight!


    • aL c says:


                     You took the words right out of my mouth brother!

      "If it wasn't for this site I''d go mad!"……………That is my daily mantra.

      Wednesday, here in Southeastern New England.t was 60 F and yesterday we has over a foot of snow.

            Today, during cleanup, the planes were back up to their diabolical actiivities of threading the normal clouds with their poison.

              I want to know the BIG why in all of this?…….If you've been here for awhile, you know there could be a multi layered agenda behind this all over the world.

                Why is it a secret in plain site?

                People see it and just brush it off which really pisses me off!

      So you are not alone in your frustration here and we have a brother and sisterhood that I believe will validate the saying "Power to The People!"……………..Sorry, I'm from the 70's.

           This will end!

    • Chad says:


  23. Wes says:

    Some more words of wisdom from the late Joe Bageant.

    "Dispatch from the Chinese Landfill"

    I think this is the way most of us on here commenting view the world, I do anyway. A short clip from Scott Nearing.

    I love Eliot Coleman's analogy of the way we see things as opposed to how the masses see things. Speaking of the natural world.

    We see the front side of the tapestry, how beautiful everything fits together all of those other people see the misconstrued backside.

    Ralph Borsodi saw it as quality minded people vs quantity minded people.

    I found a picture to explain the color of those particles in my melted snow water.


  24. MS P says:

    Mother Nature telling, something is wrong….

    Sad news for the Sauces Bald Eagles on Channel Islands. There was 4 eggs laid & all  had cracked, & failed. Last year this  same couple had raised 2 eaglets. There is some citizen science members talking Fukushima. As to the reason why? One mentioned that the GOV quit testing? Whaaat!!!!????  (Read the blog posts. )

    No mention of our heavy sprayed skies. Then again the site is owned by the GOV.  Since it's National parkland. Also Audubon people do not talk about it. Nothing new in regards.

    Snapshot gallery

  25. W.B. says:

    This account by a brave whistleblower greatly benefits our efforts to expose these crimes.  Dane I have no doubt you will continue to post these accounts.  They are so important as evidence for the poisoning and cannot be ignored by those who claim that no "professionals" have ever spoken out about atmospheric spraying.

  26. Blue Sue says:

    Another horrific tradegy that screams: toxicity — HELP! This will make you cry.

    • MS P says:

      I am crying, so very sad!♥

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, MS P, and All, I choose rationality over emotion when I learn of these unprecedented die offs. I do this so I may enable my 'self' to ask the important questions and convey them to others in a way that will get through their thick heads(lol). Some questions I might ask in the case of the whales beached in NZ would be this: "There sure is a lot of military and HAARP activity down that way, could this be a result? Did "they" get the proper permits like our US Navy did to kill millions of mammals? Did underwater explosions damage the whales sense of "hearing/navigation"? Why do whales strand themselves in groups? Are we next for this scenario? (Parallels in nature there). Did the settlement of stratospheric aerosols contribute to the demise of the whales? Will there be tests performed to determine this? I believe that whales are extremely intelligent. They posses the navigational capabilities of a bat in the night combined with a better than modern day GPS unit in our vast oceans, which cover most of the world. I watch the "end time prophesy" site death chart closely. Blue Sue, the article you contributed is just a small glimpse into what is happening world wide(not new news to you  I'm sure) and is a blazing example of how the masses these days are unable to connect dots. Dane says often that, "it's not a this or a that but a few other things as well". Those whales and so many other species of life on earth are subject to sooooo many hazards of environment they did not have a say in for lack of "stewardship" necessary by the "masses" that consume them. The Creator will provide for "us" as long as there is stewardship. A men…

    • Blue Sue says:

      'a' simple horseman, all you say is true, and I hope your rational approach bears fruit.  Regardless of all the facts behind the phenomena, being known ( I'm aware of many of those you mentioned) — my heart still breaks at such a pitiful sight.  The ways of men can be so very evil, and the more secretive, the more evil they are. I detest what's been happening —  thanks to the military-industrial-chemical-agricultural-pharmaceutical complex — NOT!!!  in my lifetime!  It STINKS to high heaven!

    • STEVE says:

      Perhaps "toxicity", but what about all of the radio frequencies and sonar the Navy uses underwater, perhaps the whales were just trying to escape from their natural habitat, because their senses could not tolerate the frequency "blasts" from Naval Exercises nearby

  27. Mary Hollowell says:

    – report from AFB mentions Lockheed Martin's aerial spraying, Atlanta Journal Constitution 2/10/17 p. A10

    Mary Hollowell Blogs & Letters 

    AJC Business online link



  28. CJ says:

    That minister that was mentioned about the stuff in her lungs. Her name is Michelle Hopkins. She has many videos out on this Chemtrail BS. Well worth watching. About that Nucleated snow. Here in Ontario Canada the maple syrup gatherers have an annual festival where they take the syrup and put it on the snow and feed it to children and adults. They don't have a clue how bad this Sht is. Look at those accidents in Boston and other areas from this Owning the Weather Sht. Make people die or injured severely. Then the weather man always saying its Lake Snow Effect off or Georgian Bay or some other Lake. Bull Shit News. I have my doubts that anything will change soon. The only change I see is it will become worse. Lets the games begin. Fun and Games.


  29. LoriBridgeford says:

    To beloved Michael Davis -you are in good hands here–we are the tribe of truth.  Very soon , many will be running from these noxious corp/ NGO/s… I salute you for enduring such abuse/ emotional harm. People with your rare courage are a threat to these pathetic profiteers.  Hold your head up. The cover-ups and damage control will be impossible real soon.  per your resume,  I grew up in Grand Forks area, the college in Fargo Moorhead>>> then ended up in Long Beach –WE have a similar trajectory-Dane has my contact info.  Bless you & yours as you severe with EPA  (Environmental POISON Agency)  The  "Vulture capitalist "  are finally hurting. Hard.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "we are the tribe of truth"….

      My friends I haven't met yet, indeed we are 'that' tribe.

      Sure feels right, don't it?…… Yes, it does!!

  30. Irene Parousis says:

    I wanted to share about some devastating news, but thought no one here would know him or understand why this would have such an impact for me.  Since Wes mentioned Givi, Mikhail Tolstykh, I decided this is a sign to share.  I came to know of Givi since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and have followed him during this whole ordeal.  I'm not sure why, but this young man encouraged me to not give up on LIFE, just like Dane and all those who selflessly sacrifice for the GREATER GOOD.  The news of his death couldn't come at a worse time as my will is being tested, once again. In honor of all those who fought selflessly for LIFE, I will not succumb to those who destroy LIFE, their deaths will serve to strengthen my will and fight to ignite whatever little spark of LIFE  is left in me.   Thank you, Mikhail Tolstykh and thank you, Michael Davis.

    • horsegirl says:

      Irene, I didn't know him but my heart goes out to you.  Thanks for your word to me about the eyesight.  It has been hard laying hold of reason and calm with vacillating use of the most critical of senses.  Perverse as it is I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

  31. Wes says:

    Here's an update on my most recent snow melt from eastern Nebraska.

    I have about 3/4 of a quart of melted snow water in a mason jar. It's full of particles. Lots of these particles when you swirl the jar around remain in suspension a long time before they sink. It's full of tiny particles and it looks like a few fibers like the last snow. Here's what is weird about this batch. When I shine my light up through the jar, many of these particles reflect the light like a shiny metal would. Many of these particles are a florescent yellowish green. Metallic florescent green, I wonder what that could be. I'm probably not going to be making any snow ice cream. Remember that?

    • BaneB says:

      Wes:  Sorry to be so sketchy but several months ago there was a link to a utube video narrated by a woman who discovered this stuff in her lungs.  Having it analyzed she discovered it is an amalgam of aluminum and Fiberglas, bonded.  The video showed the process to create the strands which were put together in bundles, and then turned into a powder.  A microscope revealed the colors of the metal and the edges were greenish/yellowish/pink.  I wish I could remember her name.  But I recall she was a minister.  I think a search of Fiberglas aluminum might pull up something.  Good luck.

    • Mario says:

      Wes: I posted on another thread about my experience with a baby bamboo tree that was sitting on my kitchen counter.  One morning I came out to find the tree had yellowed overnight.  When I looked at the roots there was a clear, almost see through gelatin that had coalesced around the roots in little clumps.  I pulled them off and the clumps just stayed together . . .  like Jello.  I left the clumps on a plate to see how long they would last.  They were still like Jello over  48 hours later.  I've also seen it form like dew on the outside of my windows, but the droplets stay there all day.  No movement.  And not frozen.  Imagine this stuff in your lungs.  I've the seen the same viscosity in my mucus recently during a serious bout with "pneumonia".  Sorry for being graphic.  I held up a flashlight during a very heavy down pour here in California, and there is a fine mist of particulates blowing sideways and up and all around — totally separate from the rain drops.  It light and very fine.  Easy to see the difference.  During the heavy down pour the mist of particulates was extremely thick.  Yes, you're absolutely right, don't use the snow to make ice cream.

    • horsegirl says:

      Wes, I wish we'd written you a note of appreciation before.  Very sorry to hear how badly you (and your community) are suffering.  We know (I say we because I type and my husband has to proof because of my vision issues) how it feels to be so sick with skyarrhea a person wants to die.  That's how it's been all week.  That mucous colored sky from another planet, lungs so full of the filth that when we force all air out of them to try to clear them it sounds like crushing styrofoam.  Please hang in there, and know your astute observations and eloquent capability to express them are much cherished.  Thank you for being a part of the forum.  Our condolences.  If for some unfathomable reason you decide to dart down to Mexico to explore other skies you're invited to drop by Fort Wigington here as my husband has named our ranch.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  You describe what I notice, too.  Rain drops but totally of a larger size embedded in a very thick fine 'mist.'  And as you say the lighter stuff blows sideways while the rain falls to the ground.  It's weird looking and the mix is odd, which is why it caught my attention.  My powerful light really shows this clearly.  Another thing is this fine particulate stuff absent the rain can show up in copious amounts, but when I stand outside in the midst of it there is no sense of it being wet.  I put my hand out to feel the contact with skin but no moisture sensation.  Today is Saturday morning.  All day yesterday about every 20 to 30 minutes a jet would fly over, heard but unseen due to the lingering cloud cover.  This went on all of last night.  The area over my region is not a commercial corridor.  I do see very large gray looking military transport aircraft, and oddities of conjoined flights……which NEVER leave "contrails."  Which brings to mind a simple question:  why would military craft want to leave a location marker identifying a visual location that leaves a plane vulnerable to visual targeting?  The high bypass turbo engine prevents this.  Therefore, aside from some dated aircraft still flying, the "contrails" that are the aerosol trails we observe, are deliberate spraying of our atmosphere.

  32. Wes says:


    I could not have written it any better than you have. Mad and sad, same here. The last few days have been bad.  Totally pissed at the apathy of the common person. It's seems like the effort is futile to wake people up. The more I try, the more pissed I get. I hate Americans. It's so bizarre watching this all unfold.

    It sure does seem like they put Trump in as the actor to start something big. Have you seen what's happening in Ukraine the last few days? You guys saw how McCain went over there a few weeks ago. I'm sure he gave them the go ahead to attack. Like I've said previously, this whole demonization of Russia is pretty much the same as they did before WWII. They haven't moved all that hardware on Russia's border to not use it. Did you see where they murdered Givi. Kind of looks like Ukraine might be the flash point.

    Here's a quotable quote I wanted to share. It comes from another vaccine video I watched. Maybe slightly paraphrased. Speaking of vaccines. "Here's the worst thing about it, finding out they lied to you, here's what's even worse, finding out you weren't worth the truth."

    What a bunch of losers, all the people monitoring us.


    • Wes says:

      My statement of I hate Americans, is a little off the cuff frustration showing. I suppose it's not their fault they trust these institutions and authorities. It doesn't seem like they can escape the total life indoctrination. It sounds like it's more than just Americans. Lots of people commenting from many other countries are experiencing the same thing.

      Watching the total disintegration of everything I love, the natural world, is a heavy burden.

      Someone recently wrote to be happy, spring is almost here. That is a double edge sword. It also exposes and peels back more layers of death. Every year, day by day, it's worse than the last. And at the same time it seems to be accelerating. At some point there has to be a systemic collapse.


    • sea says:

      Wes and everyone here on the forum, I am so comforted to know that like-minds actually exist in this world anymore. I too become more discouraged by the blatant ignorance, ho hum "oh its raining or oh its snowing" Doesn't anyone question the fact that what everyone used to call "Mother Nature" no longer exists…as a matter of fact just the opposite, it is all "Big Brother"

      I am saddest for the children of the world- they did not choose oil or coal or killing of the oceans when they entered this world, it is not fair. Instead we threw at them "the sexy toys" of the I Phone world, new fast cars, Facebook and all else.They are the ones I worry about, they (under 30) are losing their minds and they don't know why.If we are going to poison and obliterate at least tell the population when…the smart ones will run to the wilderness and live where no one can find them.Maybe this is good- they can start fresh away from the high tech poison it has inflicted.

      I worry about my two beautiful sons…

      We must march on and continue to help Dane and Michael to support this unbelievable energy that they have put forth to push the  ugly, sticky grease out of the cracks of society!


  33. This is why some suggest deep soil gardening as opposed to top soil which may be poisoned from chemtrails/geoengineering. The scope of this information has been accumulating for decades, largely hidden from the population.

  34. CJ says:

    Too many people like watching the News on TV. They are in an OBLIVIOUS TRANCE. Keep watching the News.

  35. Bryan says:

    It's hard to not break down in despair reading Twitter comments under the hashtag #thundersnow.  All the talk about fake news but everyone adores fake weather. How marvelous! Look at all those climate changers shivering in the (man-made) snow event!

    Meanwhile, So-Cal is having its rain stolen by the weather pirates. Or are they vulture capitalists? I watched heavy, toxic spraying until noon, wafting out to blanket what started out an above-normal, spring-like morning. Told the wife she wouldn't need her jacket as she left, the sun already felt hot on the skin. Yet just like that, the temp had crestfallen, and white dandruff snowflakes were covering my smartphone screen as I sat out to watch the sky.

    I know I'm breathing this crap in. But so are my dogs,, the trees, the birds, all the precious mammals of the earth. 

    I'm mad. I'm sad. I watch/listen to the news in French and German because my own country's media has become soft-porn peddlers, spinning lies about Syria and Iran to foment war, never mentioning the peaceful protests in Romania and the dire refugee crisis in inconvenient places like Africa and Southeast Asia.

    I turn to CNN and MSNBC only to discover they are the left-hand brand of Faux News. Instead of hard reports, I'm invited to vent on weather Christie Brinkley should be posing in SI at 63 and if Tom Brady is the Greatest of All Time. 

    We're going to wake these people up? Really?

    On Monday I'm getting the rest of my amalgam fillings removed so I can finally begin a full chelation protocol. My holistic dentist and I have become good friends. He said normally this is his slow period, after the holidays but that this year is different. More people are sicker and sicker. Even disbelievers will seek alternative medicine when they begin to suffer.

    Will it take that kind of personal grief to finally awaken the masses? Must their lives be touched in such a direct and painful way before they see the light?

    I hope not. But I doubt it…

    • Mark says:

      To the above comment, the expert highly skilled mind control with the universal use of Fluoride and the ownership of 95 percent of all media is amazing  to say the least.  The only news I pay attention to anymore is  

  36. CJ says:

    C'mon Donald Trump. I don't want to fire YOU!  You know Troy. I expect the best of you to get rid of this Chem-trail BS that is an ongoing issue. Unless you are and are part of the Globalization Depopulation Agenda, then you will stop this. If not then it is quite clear that you are one of them. Do something about it D.T. 

    Get out of the Fantasy World and jump on board with REALITY.

    Please Mr. TRUMP.

  37. Shaun southampton UK says:

    Hi Dane and everyone.

    I've just come across the news about the Oroville damn which looks to have been sabotaged. This look potentially very serious indeed as it could easily fai now that water levels are rapidly increasing causing an unimaginable catastrophe. I haven't heard anything about it on the MSM and wanted to inform Dane in case he is in the vicinity as well as anyone else likely to be affected should the worse happen which I pray it won't.

    Details at this link




    • Mario says:

      Shaun – they've closed all the schools in the area.  If that tells you anything.  More chunks of concrete blew off today as well erosion on the side of the spillway.  As many have seen on radar, Oroville is a central transmission point utilized heavily during January and early February storm creation in California.  Maybe its just one hell of a coincidence. 

  38. Donna-AZ says:

    Michael Davis, Thank you for being brave. You are a good man like Dane, and in good company on this site. 

  39. Susan Ferguson says:

    An Antarctic Iceberg the Size of Delaware Could Break Off in a Matter of Weeks
    A fast-growing crack in the Larsen C ice shelf signals the accelerating changes underway on the southernmost continent.
    Feb 9, 2017 / CIARA O'ROURKE
    Scientists are eyeing a growing crack in one of Antarctica's ice shelves. A portion of the Larcen C shelf the size of Delaware could break off in months, or even weeks — an event that could signal the impending collapse of another of the southernmost continent's ice shelves and an ominous sign of the impacts of a warming planet.  … once they begin to break apart, their collapse may be just around the corner.  "If you lose pieces like this then you get closer and closer to collapse and destruction of the entire ice shelf," White said.  … observing changes in Larsen C helps scientists understand ice shelf dynamics, which could help them make meaningful predictions about other shelves, like the Ross ice shelf.  Ross is the largest ice shelf in the Antarctic, covering an area roughly the size of Texas. If it collapsed, huge chunks of West Antarctica would become unstable, White said. "When that happens, I think we can term that a 'holy shit' moment," he said.

  40. CJ says:

    It’s Official: Covert Global Depopulation is Long-Standing United Nations Agenda, Not Conspiracy Theory ….

    Google the above and read through this entirely. Unimaginable. Unbelievable. This is reality though.


  41. CJ says:

    They are doing their darndest to freeze it up around here. It seems to be working. At least we are getting some sun through the thick mess that is all over. The visitor's on this site will soon top the 26 million mark. By then I would think that that is enough people seeing that this is absolutely NO CONSPIRACY anymore. The people that still believe that it is a CONSPIRACY may as well be part of this Agenda. More and more videos on youtube recording this SRM management are a sign that people know the truth. The truth will set you free. 

    • Seeing Clearly says:



      The complacency of the population to be not good members of society instead are lukewarm people who seek to do good only if its the easy thing to do and is socially acceptable and expected they are not willing to take the heat and go through pain or any struggle to do good they would rather be complaisant than feel a little pain . These people claim to be good and justify there complacency by saying its too painful or there too tired and make excuses up for why not to do good because in the interest of everything to be easy and anything that poses a treat to there comfortable lifestyle is something they flee from. They  don't want victory over evil bad enough to do something about it it I would estimate this to be a form of cowardliness . 

  42. Dennie says:

    … so um.. let's see… we have the EPA worried about their, um integrity and reputation, while knowing about the REAL facts of aluminum and fluoride toxicity and their presence in the water we drink?  If it weren't so serious I'd find this completely laughable. 

    Here's what political satirist Randy Rainbow has to say about "Alternative Facts (sung to the tune of Angelical Cats):" (with apologies to Andrew Lloyd Webber)

    Maybe Kellyanne Conway oughta check her facts:

    • horsegirl says:

      the "the people" people

      You'd think that anthill of mortal deceit might dread being foisted with its own canard…

    • Bravo3 says:

      KellyAnne is nobody's fool, but she should not have used the phrase "alternative facts". She should have pursued their "facts" vs. the DNC or corporate media's "factoids" — statements that have the veneer of "truthiness". Factoids like "near full employment" under Obombya come to mind. "Russian hacking" is another howler of a "fact". CNN seems to have cornered the market on truthiness. Maybe "deplorable" Americans have finally realized that the warm, yellow stuff running their backs is not rain after all.

  43. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    It is so good to know of honorable and courageous souls like you Michael Davis.  Thank you from the bottom of my/our heart(s) for your bold, honest, and beautiful stance against the contamination of our biosphere and the dangers to human and animal health perpetrated by the EPA.  The truth is coming to light slowly and surely and will win in the end.  Such knowledge travels from mind to mind more than we know.  Thanks for inspiring us all and may your purity and goodness be rewarded many times over in the coming days.  Live long and prosper dear soul.  Water is the gold of our planet, and truth warriors such as you and Dane are the gold of the human race.  A humble bow of gratitude.

    Sending your statement and Dane's summary to everyone I know.  May we all stay strong, balanced and clear as the drama to reclaim a healthy earth/cosmos reaches new heights.

  44. Blue Sue says:

    God Bless you Michael Davis for speaking truth to power.  It's terrible that it cost you your job, but through your integrity and bravery you are a beacon;  your righteous deeds may bolster others to follow your golden example. Thank you for helping bring light to this dark world we live in. 

  45. Dave says:

    Michael, I just wanted to add my thanks to to your courageous stand for the truth as have so many others have offered. Prayers go out to you for your safety, and effectiveness to expose this evil. Kathy, would you keep us posted as to the progress of the Calvary Chapel effort to get information out to the members, as you seem to have more of a direct line? Much thanks fellow posters, as I feel somewhat heartened today!

    • Kathy says:

      Yes Dave I sure will. Thank you!

      TIM since you attend Calvary and I attend the online service ( I am from Washington and doing this via internet and phone) I would like to give you some info on who to connect with for the movie VAXXED you are attending Thursday etc…. 

      Thank-you Michael Davis, no words can express my the gratitude of appreciation for your standing for the Truth at all costs. This is the Highest honor.

  46. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    A shout out to Michael Davis, for his sincere bravery in exposing what he observed! What a shame that he was punished by exposing the truth, but I'm glad to see he is communicating with Dane and GeoEngineeringwatch. Hopefully there will be more  government employees to follow.

    • MAP says:

      Does anyone have a "guesstimate" on when we will begin to see massive food shortages and high food price inflation in USA and other western countries?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MAP, your question is an extremely important one. All available data indecates that a monumental effort is already being made to keep US shelves stocked while much of the world increasingly going without. This efforrt is to try and keep the US population oblivious of the converging cataclysms untill the last possible moment. That moment is now likely very near.

    • William says:

      Do you think any of the so-called 'Contributors' to that website even mention climate engineering?  

    • TNGeoWatch says:


      Where are you getting your data on the effort to stock shelves in USA?

      Also, what do you think will be the determining blow that will cause the dike to break?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello TNG, any one of a many links in the current “chain” that facilitates our present reality could break at anytime. About food stocks, the import deficit has tripled in recent years, FYI

    • stephan says:

      @ William / TNGeoWatch post 10 years or less: Watch the short video that is with this article and SRM along with snow and ice creation are shown as a fix.

    • MS P says:

      There is a water shortage EVERY NIGHT at Vons market. Shelves are M T

  47. Dr Loomis says:

    We need an army of souls ready to just quit their jobs and stand up for the right to live. This is nothing short of annihlation. If you think I'm overstating, ask anyone who doesn't live within the fantasy that is the reality of homeownership or renters, grocery stores. When drone strikes and missions become the norm and not another "terrorist event" I dare you to say you are not being annihilated. Everyone walks out. Stop the money flow. Stop living like shit is normal and then the abnormality shall shine. 

    • penny waters says:

      with the earth the way it is don't think anyone, and i mean anyone, including la-la land people, will get out alive

      oh dear am i being so down – someone give me some heart

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Penny, facing harsh realities and potential outcomes is the sign of a healthy and rational mind which you clearly poses. This being said, as dark as the horizon is, no one can know how profound the planets life sustaining response will be if we can free her from the climate engineering assault. If we can accomplish this, we have many other challenges, one step at a time. We must focus, we must prioritize, we must make our voices heard effectively and efficiently. Stay strong, all are needed in this most critical battle. FYI

  48. lorenzo says:

    Well, it hit the mid 60's in NYC today Record setting for Feb 8 Probably would have hit 70 if we didn't have so much aerosol spraying ruining the blue skies  Weather forecasters are predicting 6-12 inches of snow tomorrow That's got to be a first in NYC history after a record high temp setting. But of course the weather forecasters have gag orders! 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      lorenzo, what you wrote is off the charts to say the least. Seems like weather "lash whip". Maybe you could ask some old timers a select few questions after this event and reply back to all of us here. That is some storm you folks out there have coming. "All tattooed and fired up, ready to spin anyway the transmitters push it, nucleate it and then they blow it up". Kind of gives new meaning to the phrase, "all the worlds a stage". It just rips my you know what that people who are directly affected do not connect more dots. Could they even follow a freshly laid bread crumb trail? To bad this all isn't a fairy tale, eh? Close the book and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and everythings Ok… "Not this time Dorothy"……

    • penny waters says:

      again and i shall not let this go and shall continue to ask because it was in a reply to me

      to 'a' simple horseman what does PTB mean?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Penny, I believe if you do an online search you will find that PTB refers to “powers that be”

    • William says:

      Good morning Lorenzo,


      NYC weather…   This morning a total whiteout (after record high temps yesterday).  All perfectly normal, of course.  Take care.

  49. Bobbyndallas says:

    This is one of the finest articles yet published on this terrible, horrific govt sponsored terrorism. I have been reading about how the agencies enforce their secrecy policies. The only and surest way to defeat the evil who perpetrate this is simply numbers. More who are aware and in the know like Michael, with real credentials, and are not scared, and we can put and end to this. I just wish more americans had some backbone and principals 

    • Chad says:

      Well spoken Bobbyndallas, ive been saying this for years. Talk is cheap!!! Problem is people wont wake up. Too deep in mind control, i wish people had balls to and became TRUE PATRIOTS INSTEAD OF COWARDS!!! its the only way to begin stopping this madness. TOGETHER WE STAND, DIVIDED, WE SURELY FALL!!! GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE…

  50. Gretchen says:

    Thank the Universe for courageous men of outstanding character like Dane Wigington, Michael Davis, General Albert Stubblebine and Kevin Shipp; and for EVERYONE selflessly doing the right thing for all of humanity.

  51. Don says:

    Harrisburg accuweather forecast for tonight predicts 41 F and rain at midnight. Then snow at 1 and 2 AM while still 41F. At 3 AM snow and 35 F.  Eventually by 8 Am it dips to 32 F. 3-6 inches predicted. Is this chemically nucleated snow? What is the maximum temperature that snow can fall? In the 40's? 

  52. penny waters says:

    will 'a' simple horseman please tell me what PTB is

    i used to get angry when i was younger and try to change things by barracking people – i diplomatically emailed doug macmartin – he has become a very frightened person who doesn't understand why people hate him so much – just confirmed to me that many people who run things aren't very bright

    to be an academic is to become an expert in isolation – life is not about disconnection – anyone with imagination and ability to connect information is usually viewed with suspicion – because other individuals aren't very 'bright' and don't see that everything is connected – and we are not taught to open our minds

    the gentleman above who lost his job as he became aware of what was happening – that was his awakening – and now he is like the rest of us who can put stuff together

    i am a virgo – another discipline that 'scientists' think is pseudo science – the fact that people used it to live in tune with the world and its place in the universe was denied when people began to 'understand' mechanics

    how we throw the baby out with the bath water!

    but as a virgo – the original melancholic – doesn't mean miserable – signifies a thinker – the ability to pull things apart and understand how they connect.

    have often wondered if you, dane, have virgo in a significant position place in your chart

    you certainly understand much detail and can put it together and get very upset by it all – have much feeling – governed by the gut – take care of your digestion if so!

    interestingly trump is a sagittarian (the arrow that hits the target – wow what he says hits targets) with leo rising ( pride, arrogance, a leader but also a liar – oh dear – but an individual who wants people to be happy!)

    makes me laugh – maybe we cannot avoid our fate!

    helps me a lot when i get down – as does buddism –  are we not the engineers of our own fate?

    tiny creatures living on a bit of matter spinning in space – how long we meant to be here – who knows?

    have been trying to understand why all the 'clever', 'powerful' and 'rich' people make such a mess – like they really care!

    but to get to be 'clever', 'powerful' and 'rich' you have to push others aside!!

    no-one who wants to be a politician should be allowed to be – should be a lottery – every 5 years – change – but one has to be over 50 to be in the lottery – not saying young people aren't bright but ' the payment for wisdom is age' and also old english saying from 1600's said by a preacher as he passed a gallows 'there but for the grace of god go i'

    am glad when people wake up but it hurts so much to see how stupid people are

    i wish you all peace in your hearts – to take things too personally hurts – try to take the long view – watch – you cannot make people do what you want – i wish we could and we could live in peace but it don't seem possible because people seem to be in so many places of understanding

    much love to you all and cry along with me and i shall ask my friend who is a christian to pray for calvary church and i shall try to send good energy

  53. Ron Marr says:

    Thank you, Michael Davis. You are a bright light of consciousness. As the light grows the Rumble of consciousness will explode into an  avalanche of Human Spirit, joy and inspiration for the love of life. When we have all awakened, like you…. together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. Today, Rhode Island is suppose to  reach 60 degrees. I did enjoy a bike ride, even thou they are spraying. Sometimes, It smells of finger nail polish…remember? Anyway, tomorrow, we are suppose to get 8 to 12 inches of snow. Sounds NORMAL to me:).  But, to destroy impoverished countries and then send in humanitarian aid… to reap the profits, is NORMAL. 


  54. John says:

    What a wonderful example of a brave and courageous human being is Michael Davis and how indeed we need more of those! 

    It is truly breathtaking to realize the scale of evil, depravity and  greed lurking among us, cleverly cloaked within  the people and agencies tasked with the job of protecting us.  The breath of deception simply beggars belief, how utterly incomprehensible, how truly demonic.  God help us all!

  55. izzy says:

    Considering we just ‘elected’ an administration headed by a pathological liar and riddled with mean-spirited ’alternative fact’ proponents, it doesn’t seem like much relief will be coming from officialdom anytime soon. In spite of this latest brave truth teller. Perhaps, as they say, the darkest hour is just before dawn. We can only hope so, and keep on keeping on. A good flashlight and spare batteries might also be in order.

    • Bobbyndallas says:

      I just sent this article to a friend who says our new hair guy in D.C will stop this. Just give him some time. I really do not believe the president has the ability to stop this, or any of the insane programs our mil/intel/corp complex are running.

    • Hawkeye says:


      I agree, but why do you (or anyone else, maybe Michael or Dane, can answer me on this) think the newly elected liar is reported to have passed an order to shut down, or go after the EPA? What's really up with that? He has deleted all prior climate change\warming info. off all guv web sites. He has stated publically with his froward trumpet mouth that it is all a hoax …., etc etc. 

      My pub friends who do see like us think maybe by this EPA attack will stop the planes poison but I tell them no, this is only for "his friends" and his own biz ventures to be able to "develope" without over site and fees. 

      I think I just answered my own question! Lol…. 

      Well if anyone would or could elaborate facts on this it would be well received to listen to. 

      Thanks to all for all the info posted and commented and links! Good stuff!

      P.S. has anyone had a look at the pics from the new Earth viewing satellite called GOES-16?  It is a shocker and brought me to tears. The Earth is now white not blue, just like our skies! 




    • horsegirl says:

      Hawkeye, it's great to see your name again after what, more than a year?  Hope you get a mind to post more.  We miss your excellent prose.  And I googled GOES-16 (  The first thing that struck me about the image of the US' slathered skies is that Mexico stands out beneath it as relatively clear.  Certainly not unvisited by the evil campaign, but at least you can make out the topography.  This is consistent with our daily perusal of infrared satellite shots comparing global locations.  Some places clearly are getting it worse than others and the US is radically more abused with aerosol spraying than Mexico as far as it appears.  Also consistent with friends' reports there, where we lived for seven years.  If you can recommend a more extensive display of GOES-16's photos please pass a link.

  56. BC says:

    I have noticed that during the last engineered low pressure RF contrived storm that hit the pacific north west that they have blocked out the color & contrast on the pacific ocean off the Alaska peninsula on the environment Canada website. I have checked all across NA but it seems that only in this area they have done this. Whether it's permanent or temporary is to be seen. They seem to be causing these large lows & RF clouds from a transmitter that appears to be located at the southern end of the Alaska panhandle. The activity has been Very intense the last week. Another health observation. We moved off grid pushing two years ago & at that time stopped drinking city water laden with fluoride & chlorine. I have suffered a rebellious prostate for years. We drink mountain water here off grid & since then  the plumbing has slowly improved to where now it is functioning very well. Connections??

    I assume the character assassination & destruction of Michael's educational merits  will begin in earnest!

  57. Susan Ferguson says:

    January Arctic Sea Ice Volume is Lowest On Record by a Considerable Margin  / Feb.8, 2017
    Almost continuous warm, moist air invasions of the Arctic during fall and winter of 2016 and 2017 have resulted in the lowest sea ice refreeze rates on record. As a result, the amount of ice covering sections of the Northern Hemisphere ocean is now remarkably lower than during past comparable periods. In other words, we’ve never seen a winter in which Northern Hemisphere sea ice was so weak and reduced.  One key measure, sea ice volume, has shown particular losses when compared to past years. And even taking into account a long term trend of ice losses for the northern polar region that has been ongoing since the 20th Century, the 2016-2017 losses stand out like a flashing red indicator light. A trend directly related to the human-forced warming of our world through fossil fuel burning and related greenhouse gas emissions. (Significant sea ice losses during the winter of 2016-2017 show up clearly in the above PIOMAS graph. PIOMAS is a model measure of sea ice volume. And as you can well see when looking at the red line at the left hand side of the graph, the departure from past years is currently quite large. Image source: PIOMAS.) In the above PIOMAS graph we find that January sea ice volume averaged around 14,000 cubic kilometers. This reading is roughly comparable to the early July average for the period of 1979 through 2016 — a time when the Arctic saw continuous declines in sea ice. The present reading is also about 1,500 cubic kilometers below the previous record low for the month of January set in 2013. And anyone looking at the above graph can well see that the departure is significantly below the trend line (about 8,000 cubic kilometers below the falling 38 year average for this time of year). It’s worth reiterating that these are the lowest sea ice volumes ever seen for this time of year in the Arctic.  A new record that comes after consistent new record lows occurring throughout the past 38 year period.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      From Dane Wigington’s in 2013:
      US Navy predicts summer ice free Arctic by 2016
      December 16, 2013  /  The UK Guardian
      An ongoing US Department of Energy-backed research project led by a US Navy scientist predicts that the Arctic could lose its summer sea ice cover as early as 2016 – 84 years ahead of conventional model projections. … The new study supplements earlier research published in Geophysical Research Letters demonstrating a link between Arctic sea ice loss and extreme weather particularly in both the summer and winter, including prolongation of “drought, flooding, cold spells, and heat waves.” Last year Prof Duarte was lead author of a paper in the Royal Swedish Academy of Science’s journal AMBIO warning that the Arctic was at risk of passing critical “tipping points” that could lead to a cascading “domino effect once the summer sea ice is lost.”  Prof Duarte said at the time: “If set in motion, they can generate profound climate change which places the Arctic not at the periphery but at the core of the Earth system. There is evidence that these forces are starting to be set in motion. This has major consequences for the future of human kind as climate change progresses.”

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, though 2016 has now passed, the Arctic “blue ocean” event is now likely very close. The attached two links will add more clarity to what has been (and is) unfolding in the Arctic.


    • TNGeoWatch says:

      Today the temps in SE tn held in the upper 50's until about Noon.  The sun came out for about 45 minutes with minimal spraying.  At 1:15 the entire sky was gridded and the sky's went overcast and temps held near 70.  Little over an hour of sunlight and we jumped 12-15 degree's.  All this heat is rolling north yet there's a snow storm brewing.  Seriously we got to spread the word immediately.  It's getting serious beyond explanation!


  58. Wes says:

    Eastern Nebraska Update;

    Ealier this weeks we had a couple of days at 47 and 48 degrees. Now were having a high of 20(maybe), it's 13 now at 11:30am. Friday and Saturday were suppose to be in the mid 50's. Unreal.

    Woke up this morning with "snow". I gathered some more before I went to work this morning, it's in the process of melting now. I'll report later on what it looks like.

    I don't have children. Here's what I can't understand. How can anyone with children, or how about people with grandchildren, if they're aware of this, not feel committed to doing anything about it. Isn't the protection of their offspring more important than saving face? How can they not care that these precious little beings are breathing this crap. They don't care what these babies are breathing. Unreal

    I teared up watching those innocent babies being jacked up with those vaccines. What a crime!

    As Dane had pointied out they are all cowards. It's a nation of cowards. Panty waists is what I call them. Adult bodies with child like minds.

    Lately I've been telling these people I've tried to wake up. I look them in the eye and say; "you know, I hate to say this, but you deserve all the sickness and death that is here now and more along the way, you're a coward".

    Here's a good one for you. Can anyone say Police State!

    • Rosalie says:

      Wes, I'm a parent of two young adults now living on their own.  Raising them, I went the distance, ensuring they had filtered, clean water, and organic food and doing the best for them.  I tried to dodge the vaccinations at school but their Father believed they should be vaccinated.  I was able to get my son away from his last shots in high school by downloading an exempt form and paying a lawyer to notarize it.  Sadly, my son received three Hep B shots when he was a baby.  My daughter is almost two years older, and did not receive these shots. However, my daughter did have at age 4, what I believe now to be, mini-seizures with high fever for three days, following this double vaccination. I would give my children a homeopathic remedy from my GP that was supposed to lessen the risk of side effects with the vaccinations. Sadly, after all my efforts and attempts to instill my natural beliefs in my children, they seem to be indoctrinated like everyone else.  My daughter especially, since receiving a degree in Health Sciences and getting flu vaccinations in university two years in a row. It breaks my heart.  They eat healthy but they can't seem to understand the dangers of GMOs, vaccinations, etc., and I can't even "go there" with geoengineering.  I made a few attempts with my children and the rest of my Family to discuss the manipulated weather. Very isolating when you know and they don't or choose to remain in denial. As soon as my son is finished his exams for this term, I will make another attempt to prepare and warn them both.

  59. CJ says:

    Snow Removal. Lots of ice here. Sidewalks are a disaster. I watch people falling down. That is fine when you are a Spring Chicken. Not so nice when you are older. Fall Down, break your Hip or Wrist. Then you see the snow removal people with their tongues hanging out, wishing for all of this Weather Modification. Throw more salt and sand down. Kill them trees and foliage. Do the snow removal and sander people even have any idea WTF is going on? PROBABLY NOT. Just interested in that Paycheck. If you tell them, they think you are NUTTY. Well who is NUTTY? The people that know what is going on or those that don't? Good question.

    • MS P says:

      S CA is also a mess. They are flying here big time.  Low Cloud Rain covers most cloudline activity. I was appalled, just  like many here to see the jets blowing "streamers" from their behinds.

      On a side note. I also have noticed the road designs for rain to be quite different in N CA (PNW) compared to where I live. It's not new either. For when S CA gets a few drops of rain. It' was major NEWS  headline;= disaster news. 

      Why not get the same engineers, from N CA, to plan the S CA roads.?

      Fed disaster funding, is my best guess?????


    • Dane Wigington says:

       Hello MSP, the roads in Northern Cal are also having serious issues, FYI

  60. Laura Kozicki says:

    Hi Michael, you  have my sincere appreciation and respect. It isn't easy to do what you've done and to take the risks you have. I hope your courage will be an inspiration for others to set aside their own best interests in order to contribute toward the greater good. When enough people will do that, we all win.

  61. horsegirl says:

    Michael Davis, you are fantastic.  Take courage, you're with the right community here.  Thanks God for your excellent example to a depraved society where children have so few persons serving as model citizens.

    And a question..  In these maps, Dane, ( the filmy whiteness on them indicates geoengineering activity, correct?  The smeared-up chalkboard effect, as the European, US and Pacific maps here always appear since we began daily watching them?

    • horsegirl says:

      Please refer to various world maps below the Mexican map as well.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      horsegirl — Regarding your question about your eyes. I asked a friend who is a MD doctor, and he said there are just too many variables to make any diagnosis as to the connection. I feel that each of us has specific physical vulnerabilities, in other words, when our immune system becomes compromised weakened, our cells will react breaking down according to our individual proclivities. I use colloidal silver everyday for my eyes — with a Qtip cotton swab I very carefully go around my eyelids. I don't know that this would help you, but you can try. Sorry you are suffering in this way. I also am a painter, landscapes and clouds too. God Bless.

    • horsegirl says:

      Thanks Susan for this invaluable tip about colloidal silver.  I have wanted to know more about its application.  Someone mentioned carrying a spray mist bottle with colloidal silver at all times, but there was no specific instruction.  What piques me about the vision question is that when the sky clears up, so does vision.  Right back to normal.  I have wondered about the various frequencies and their effect on the amygdala into which our eyes are hotwired.  Hence effects both on emotion and vision when these disturbing wave forms occur in strength.  I read on the history of the GWEN towers, learning that in the early 80's many protested their construction based on the concern that their concentrated effect could produce a broad-based mind control by mass disturbance of brain activity.  Always welcome to hear more on your research.

  62. Alan says:

    Go Chino Hills Calvary!!!  

    New study finds 11 different metals found in children's vaccine, according to –

  63. Seeing Clearly says:

    ADHD DRUGS AND MASKING OF PROBLEM I also want to point out for those who take your free will / freedom for granted I just became aware of a disorder called ODD for people who rebel against there parents or an authority figure and therefore seek to destroy it so for all you who are seeking to destroy the establishment of not already it may be considered a mental disorder to do that therefore you will need pills to "manage " your symptoms because your wired like that and you will have that disorder for the rest of your life does anyone see the insanity going on? I got depression (pill) why not resolve the problem instead no you just try to hide from it by taking pills. Rebellion (pill) why not try to reason with the authority figure and have a conversation so you can understand each other better and then decide if it's ethical to obey the command or to give the command . 
 Too much energy (pill) why not take a break and get your energy out before you can sit down and read that boring book. 
 Obsessive compulsive behavior (pill) why not talk to the child so he becomes aware of what he is doing is wrong and discipline him "he who spares the rod hates his child " Adding to that he who replaces the rod with mind suppressing or symptom masking medication loves to see there child doped on drugs. 
 For those of you who still think it's ethical to put your children on drugs be aware that your signing up your children to be life long drug addicts (prescription addicts) who can't get off those thing without almost dying from side effects from withdrawing just like or worse than what you experience when your quitting a street drug. 
 There no management of ADHD in drugs what your really doing is masking your illness by suppressing the symptoms just like with weather control we are managing I am sorry we are masking the symptoms of global warming with hurricane suppression , ice nucleation and weakening of storms   . We are masking like we did with the golf of Mexico oil spill it's like looking at an orange from the outside and calling it good the outside doesn't say much about the inside te part that your acutely going to eat and we have people in our society calling masking treatment like if you where somehow combating the problem or illness when in reality the illness root cause is still there your just hiding it and making it worse. I do firmly believe psychoactive medication which is not medication at all its drugs should be illegal as hey are not medicating or treating there problem or illness there just looking at the outside symptoms without looking at the root cause this is medical abuse. Why do we have this kind of nearsightedness in our society who thinks the shell says everything about the core when the core is what holds everything together the shell can't survive without the core and if the core becomes unhealthy the first thing to die is the shell and yes it can also be in reverse the shell can be rusty and  bad and the core can be gold and pure we have to look an the whole thing not just the outside.

    We must end this behavior not justify it by calling it a disorder or who you are or something.


    • MS P says:

      Funny how the "Simpsons Cartoon" is all about rebel against GOV, Teachers, & Parents. 

       HOW ODD?

      How long has that show been on the TV airwaves?

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      MS P;

      I never personally watched Simpsons Cartoon but I know it is really popular.

      I encourage/ advice everyone to read the DSM 5 and do a honest unbiased investigation about psychiatry because if we are being mislead on our health isn't that to be considered a public health threat I would say so . I also believe that if we are going to take action on climate engineering we can't do it as effective and as well if we are doped up and our health is not functioning  and we are not able to think clearly and make critical connections when we are on these drugs. I also believe fake disorders (labeling based on stigmatized behavior) is going to have a negative impact o how in touch with reality these labels / stigmatized people are and I am not saying some of the people that do get diagnosed sorry labels don't have severe problems but is the label that they are given representative of there health problem or a deception because these disorders in the DSM are based on a checklist of what you can see and judge from the outside not on core root causes thus they are treated with drugs that don't treat the disease they just suppress the symptoms there's no blood test or critical evaluation as to what is causing you to have those problems and how you can acutely be helped if you can be helped no genetic testing no blood testing or anything that is critical and ethical its like it's based on a deception psychiatry is a lie from top to bottom with very little if any exceptions and yes our mood and behavior does have a tendency to fluctuate based on world events personal events and the individuals health which is influenced by that they breath and eat which we know is not good given we have climate engineering and GMO's  and processed artificial food or fake food , we are in a very dark corner no doubt about it.

  64. Sharlette price says:

    Hi Dane. I'm sharlette from long island NY. Yesterday we had a little sprinkle of rain sprinkle of rain and today its 50 degrees ant tomorrow we're having wwe are having a winter storm they say 6-10 inches. Are they using tlittle rain to turn it into snow 

  65. Adam Coleman says:

    A great man to be sure. Time is not on our side.

    While I do not condone violence either, when under attack, sometimes the best offense is ….

    Sadly many alphabet agencies are continuing to do the opposite of their charters. 

    How much does a soul sell for these daze?

    The proverbial S is about to HTF and I suspect in this first quarter things will get very ugly. I hope to see at least a couple genocide jockeys get their warnings and opt out or bail out but get out just the same.

    Been saying this for a while now, …


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Adam, always, your input is needed and welcome. I enjoy your input and use it for "our" own good. Indeed, a very big elephant is in the elevator. So we must ask, "how much weight can those cables hold?"

  66. Catherine D says:

    Utmost gratitude to you Mr. Michael Davis for having the courage to face losing your job in order to stand behind the truth! It's so uplifting to know that there is an official with the honor and integrity that you have! I'd almost given up hope that a person such as yourself even existed anymore. Many blessings to you, to Dane and to all involved in this battle to save our world! Your unselfish dedication is truly beyond adequate words to describe.


  67. Terri says:

    Welcome aboard sir.  Glad to have you on our side.  God bless you, be safe.

  68. Paradise says:

    I thank you for risking your life and reputation to get the truth out there. IMHO i would suggest you con't to get known by radio, tv, utube +++ etc. Because an unknown is easier to have killed then someone well known. Also not to be called a conspricy theorist but besides the depopulation agenda, its my opinion from what i have read over the years the Elites use Fluoride not only to poison us but to calcify and render useless our Pineal Gland. We humans for the most part have not unlocked our true potential and because the Elites DO KNOW those potentials and what the vast power we have as a collective mind, have invested a lot of time, money, and energy to keep us suppressed and controlled. Keep fighting for the truth, the more of us that "awaken" the more power we hold as a whole, the weaker they will become as well as thier ability to control us. They see us as cash cattle as it is instead of equals. Believing in thier royal bloodlines and such nonsense. Best end my post here for at the end of it i started to think very negative and best not con't. Love and Forgiveness is the key not hatred…

  69. stephan says:

    This is well worth watching

  70. Kathy says:

    As a nation we are so buried  under lies, deception, false reporting etc for pensions and paychecks,positions and titles, that anyone who dares to speak the truth is putting their lives at risk as we are all witnessing.This goes for those trying to make a stand in the real world in our jobs, stores, banks, churches, families.

    I ask all of you here that feel led…to first PRAY for Chino Hills,CA Calvary Chapel and those involved this THURSDAY FEB 9th. In the evening they are airing the movie VAXXED.Second if you can send them a note of encouragement. This a HUGE for a church to make a bold step like this and long over due. I personally spoke with the event coordinator today and please pray for her  as she shared that right before my call she had a Doctor contact her and basically blast her for showing a movie such as this in the church. I was so impressed with her response as she shared what she said to that Doctor. She said this is information that must be told, I dont care what stand you have on this issue people need to know.  As a church we are not telling people what to do only making information available to them. I am working on getting her geoengineering information as we speak. She is very open to this. I commended her for her bold stand on bringing this movie and producer to the church and thanked her for tremendous research she is providing that church. There is many others opening up. Please pray that this Thursday not only exceeds beyond their expectation  but that this opens up the door of awareness  on this horrific global assault in the name of Geoengineering to the people in the pews all across this nation. Its all connected from gmo's to fluoride to vaccines to central banks you know the story…..keep pushin, keep knockin and putting one foot in front of the other. With all the credible data and information that has been made available, we lay it into their hands and tell them to research because you never know where it will lead and we have no other choice do we?

    • Tim says:

      Hi Kathy, not only am I praying, but I am attending the film.  I have been wanting to see this production since it first rolled out.   I am wide awake and I am attending the church.  I am hoping to meet this person you are talking to on Thursday and offer my support and assistance as I have been following the evil climate agenda for years!

      The video that really woke my up was the Former FBI chief Ted Gunderson.  He died soon after he released a video calling out to the people and warning them that the chemtrails was a form of genocide.  He further went to the airports to investigate…

      I really hope to be of assistance to Calvary Chapel.  But yes, please pray for us there, I feel there has been many spiritual attacks launched against the church, including an assault spiritually on our pastor.  That's just my opinion, but I know how this enemy operates.

      Anyhow, thank you for your prayers!!  God Bless!

    • Laura Kozicki says:

      Bravo to Calvary Chapel for airing VAXXED. The role of the clergy is to protect the flock. When I had talked to church leaders about geoengineering, they responded with comments like, "I don't think we should scare people," and "It wouldn't be my style to talk about this to my congregation." I will contact Calvary Chapel to thank them for their courage and compassion toward humanity.

    • Nancy says:


      Thank you so much for letting us know about the film. I have not seen it, but know about it and am so glad to know that your church is actually showing it! I will definitely be praying for the showing. I am going tonight to our church for a monthly prayer for the nation and will add this to our prayers.

      I am just sick and mad every day I see chemtrails here in Denver. I pray all the time for someone to step in and stop them! I also pray that President Trump will get in on what is really happening and the right people will help him stop this.

      I can't thank you enough, Michael Davis for standing up against geoengineering and fluoridation! I will be praying for your safety and favor with all the right people to get these agendas stopped. If enough people start to see the lies and what has been going on, maybe we can turn things around and God can heal our land.

    • Wonderful news that your Calvary Chapel has the courage to screen Vaxxed, bravo and may God bless you! I pray you had an amazing, mind-opening screening. It is high time that Christian churches realized that they cannot ignore the evil agendas going on in this world anymore. Spiritual combat must involve spreading awareness of the truth, ALL truth. Please let us know how this evening went!

  71. Mr Davis, I thank you, thank you Sir!                                                 Perhaps we could move forward, to see if our President, Mr Trump, is aware of the terrible issues that all of this is causing us. Arizona is on the top of my list!

  72. dave says:

          Great work Michael davis! I would suggest you apply for a job under the Trump adminstration–maybe you can even contact the Donald himself (twitter or?).So far President Trump has saved us from the ww3/nuclear war that Rothschild/Soros agent Hitlery was/is  attempting ("Russia did this …and that…"…blah blah), and Trump has come out against the vaXXIne scams As far as I can ascertain, Trump is (he has to go along with some of the Banksters and their garbage to make any significant moves in the right direction) a  man of integrity and would appreciate your dedication and honesty! You might be pleasantly surprised! Thanks again and good luck!!


    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I don't trust trump is going to save us from WW3 any more than Hillary seems like trump is stirring the pot for world war three maybe not with Russia however trump can get pretty fishy when it comes to nukes 

  73. ron hall says:

    Michael: Just like Dane, you, sir, are a true WARRIOR in the finest sense!  You are oriented to helping humans and will not quit taking the high path.  I can only imagine the hell you went through–meeting "sold out" associates at damn near every term and leaving friends who could only dream that they were like you.

    You have my utmost respect and honor.  Interestingly, karma has a way of coming around to those who have integrity–those without it will receive a different variety.

  74. Joseph L. says:

    Well some much for progressive websites— I personally was kicked off of commondreams about  6 months ago after posting this website.   Tonight I posted this website including the epa whistleblower  and now I am thrown off again.  I am  so sick and tired of being political correct when I know and everyone in here knows the truth about geoengineering.  This is a very sick society and so called environmental groups and progressive groups by covering up geoengineering is disgusting.  Sorry for the rant I am very angry now.


    • Kerri says:

      Feel your pain Joseph. Good on you for having another go. Perhaps one or two people noted it before it was taken down. The fact it was taken down may attract some attention for further investigation too…


    • Gaianna says:

      I got kicked off of CD for similar mentioning. They are the worst. Never donate to them.

  75. BaneB says:

    E P A = Environmental Poisoning Agency.


    • William says:

      FDA = Federal Death Administration

    • Wes says:

      GMO= God Move Over

    • Joseph L. says:

      FDA— Fraud Deception Administration–


      I have a great site — maybe the best on GMO — I even met the person Jeffery Smith in NYC– Manhattan  after he spoke at a rally against Monsanto.

      I have tremendous respect for Michael Davis.  What more is precious for this planet than clean air , water and food.  ?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Jeffery Smith is great!! I love his film documentary on GMO poisoning "Genetic Roulette".. A must see for everyone.  : )  Also, Great thanks to you Michael Davis for your courage in standing up and speaking the truth about the willful crimes being committed by the EPA and other alphabet agencies of the government. With our voices joined in solidarity and getting louder the bastar&s will not continue to get away with this all out assault on the earth much longer. We're mad as hell and we're NOT taking it anymore. The scumbags responsible for all this wanton death and destruction will soon be held accountable. Wait and see- we're coming for ya'- you gutter rats.

  76. Mario says:

    I cannot express what gratitude I have for you, Mr. Michael Davis.  Thank you for your courage to tell the truth.  There is a war on for the truth.  You are on the right side of history.

    • Kerri says:

      Second that comment.   Michael Davis, thank you, thank you from me, my ancestors, my forebears, my global family, my planet and every living thing she supports. We and our planet are sentient and we are being chemically exterminated like insects. Who are these greedy sicko's? They'll have their day in the dock and you will be the hero Michael – you already are.

  77. Tag says:

    All I can say is WTF are they thinking?  What Einstein EVER thought this was a good idea.  Thank God I saw the dangers in the 1980's when I instructed my young children during a dental cleaning, if the dentist EVEN mentioned the word Fluoride, to scream and I would come running.  And yes, I really did. 

  78. James krisiewicz says:

    Cannot believe all the crap Obummer pulled while in office and that so many people think he was the greatest.  Now he is being backed by Soros and other big money to start a speaking campaign against Trump.  How can this piece of crap continue to get away with it.

    • William says:


      With all due respect, you are being played if you believe that Obama, Clinton and Trump are any different. They are all part of the same team and work for the same boss.  As Dane says all the time, "Don't believe me, do your own research."  Follow the money….

  79. WILLIAM says:


    • Tag says:

      LOVE of money is the root of evil.  And yes, these evil people only see the bank account.  Money can do a lot of good also when you learn to give to stop these evil people!  Money (and guns) don't kill people, Evil people do.

  80. jeff says:

    Not to sound like to much of a conspiracy theorist, but I was just looking at the satellite image of the storm passing over Idaho(where I am at),and I notice the square shapes in the clouds. The areas were flashing out to what they described as ice pellets. There was a chart below this showing pressure,temperature lows and highs,that looked strange also.

    Thanks Michael,and Dane

    • MAP says:

      Jeff: Since many "official" US Government documents exist on Weather Modification-Weather Warfare; and since we have published Congressional testimony on Weather Modification – Weather Warfare; and since patents exist for the "ingredients" used by the Climate Engineers, therefore our discussions here have nothing to do with "conspiracy theory". We are engaged in intelligent discussions and declaring naked truth observations. 

      Just a thought. 

  81. Edward Palys says:

    If it wasn't for whistle blowers like Mr Davis we would all still be praising the EPA and all the other agencies. I'm almost tired of reading all the whistle blower accounts on social media. It seems like Obama was doing a good job of gagging people. How many other whistle blowers conveniently disappeared never to be heard from again? We should also remember that BIG gag order from Obama on all weathermen in the country when hurricane Patricia fizzled out so softly over Mexico. THAT was an engineered hurricane if we ever saw one. 

  82. Laura says:

    Wow.  All I can say is that you are a true hero, as corny as that may sound.  The courage that you are displaying by exposing the truth in this matter is phenomenal, and you couldn't have chosen a better associate (and hero to say the least) than Dane Wigington.  These days play out like a Greek drama with unbelievable heroes and unbelievable villains, and you sir, are definitely in the in the former group.  Ever day that I educate myself  about the true and actual operations of the planet, my jaw drops more and more. Layers of naivete keep being shed, even after thinking I've finally lost the last one.  Thank you so very much for what you are doing. 

  83. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Mr. Davis,

    Please accept my most sincere gratitude for having the courage, integrity and moral fortitude to stand up to monstrosity called EPA. 

    For average "Joe" it is difficult or even impossible to imagine that these agencies are so committed to lie and deceive the public. After all, they are people living on this planet too. But that, in fact, is the reality we deal with. I enclose the link explaining psychopathic traits and behavioral patterns, which should help to explain why many high ranking officials are so committed to wrongdoing.

    Thank you again for doing the right thing, Mr. Davis.


    Respectfully, Maciej Kocialkowski.


  84. Marla Stair-Wood says:

    We are all in your debt, Michael Davis. I am deeply grateful for your courage and persistence in helping to expose geoengineering. Thanks, Dane!

  85. Rod says:

    First, I would like to thank you Mr Davis,​ for having the fortitude to stand up and be counted, hopefully others will follow, we need people like you who have been in the " inside." To start to correct the wrong for ALL SPECIES on our little blue marble. We are their voices, to speak of atrocities they have put on them and our children's children's It's the only home we, you, I and them [species] know and many may feel the same way.  

    I'm flabbergasted and appalled that NPDES and all your supervisors had the balls to say you're damaging the integrity and reputation of the agency. WHAT THE FUCK! Are you kidding me? What planet do they live on? All of the supervisors from the head of the department down to your direct supervisor are FUCKING SPINELESS, didn't and don't have the gumption to stand up to say: what are you doing? What are you thinking? Noooooo! We are responsible adults and we are killing them slowy. I will not do this! You're fucking mad…

    They are kissing their asses and rationalizing what they're doing is good, and thinking my family, friends and all other species don't have to worry. I got a paycheck coming in and I can't think for myself, because I'm a MINDLESS piece of shit. 

    I'm so mad I can't think straight.  Sorry for the strong language… 

    • marc says:

      Rod, on a scale from 1 to 10 your post is a 50. Strong language is difficult to keep censoring when we encounter such unspeakable corruption as Mr. Davis has exposed. And what makes his revelations exponentially more devastating is that, just exactly like the CDC and vaccine fraud, the EPA is an institution we have all long thought to be committed to actually fight for the health and well-being of the entirety of the American people. Instead, we find the whole f**king house of cards tumbling down in disgrace and bottomless ignominy.

    • Dan G. says:

      we must keep a light on at all times for these honest truth seekers a refuge . EPA needs to be reminded they work for us lets go give them son of a bit his the bums rush

  86. Marilyn says:

    Dane I have captured his statement and saved it in a format that they cannot delete.   It is shown on the website page above

  87. Yar Swerc says:

    Just more affirmation of what the few cognizant already knew, but thank you, Mr. Davis, for your courage, and thank you, Dane, for providing him a platform.

  88. Rosalie says:

    You risked everything, Michael Davis, because deep down in the pit of your stomach you knew it was the right thing to do.  Thank you so much for your courageous act. Such a shame that your ex-colleagues can't find it within themselves to join you in exposing the corruption in the EPA.  I believe that someone soon will hire you for a position where you can work in a dignified role with a clear conscious.  Keep fighting the battle with us here, as we all try to wake the masses, before it's too late.

  89. Joseph L. says:

    Wow I am happy to have this news and having someone with such tremendous credentials from the inside speak the truth.   Dane I hope that  you bold this link at the top of the page for future reference – especially when referring 1st time users to your website. 

    Everyone needs to do there part and sharing credible info. like this website so the public can get well informed—

  90. Laura says:

    And to Michael…you, sir, are a HERO in my book!  Your bravery and dedication will not go unrewarded.  Bless you and your family and thank you for being a warrior in these causes.  You give me hope 🙂

  91. Damon A. Duval says:

    Great News! The team grows. 
    Grow Baby Grow!

  92. Lori Flynn says:

    Thank you, Michael Davis, for having the integrity that is sorely needed within all the government agencies that are poisoning us into sickness and death, to speak out for all of our benefit. I pray you find another position-one that brings you decent pay and an employer that values your honesty along with your experience.


  93. Melanie Moran says:

    Mr. Davis,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for having the moral fortitude to stand up for what is right. If only we had more out there like you, we might not be in this mess.

    Deepest gratitude,

    Melanie Moran


  94. Kate says:

    Have you contacted the President to expose what's happening?  He recently appointed Robert Kennedy to lead a vaccine committee. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kate, Trumps top campaign people have had geoengineeringwatch data and DVDs for over a year, so far, to no avail (the data was passed on through a retired USAF major general that is a geoengineeringwatch contact). The catastrophic climate engineering assault is even now still being ramped up to ever greater levels.

    • Laura says:

      Kate – this is an EXCELLENT question.

      Dane – you and all of the geoengineeringwatch supporters are incredible and do a fantastic job in awareness. Sounds like we need to help our USAF major general locate a new contact who can get Trump's ear – or several.  We don't have much time to waste.  We watch daily in east Tennessee as we are bombarded – every sliver of blue sky reveals trails.  Tonight's pink sunset is striped. The weather is so out of whack- we have blooms and green grass in FEB! 

      To All of You Out There – If you have a contact or can suggest someone, let's get this going. Based on his track record thus far, I would think that President Trump CAN and WILL do something if we can make him aware.  Our thanks to the USAF major general – perhaps if you are reading this, you can comment further to assist us in understanding anything WE can do to help you. 

  95. Al C says:


                    I commend you for having the courage to speak out on the arrogance and corruption put forth by these psychopaths in power.

    It seems it's the alphabet agencies that are the one's who are totally out of control and are bloodthirsty with power.

           In your 4th paragraph regarding the gag order put forth by your supervisor and management so the "integrity and reputation" of the agency wouldn't be compromised.

    Are you kidding me?……………We truly are living in opposite land.

        My hat goes off to you and I wish more like you had the guts to come forth and I truly believe this will eventually stop if we all stick together in this fight.

         I just hope it's not too late.

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      we need to outsmart the system or establishment we need to have the ability to look farther, we have all this nearsidedness all this dichotomous thinking all this deception and corruption and delusions that pose a threat to that which is good.  We must continue this battle and look for all the muckrake and expose it all don't be deceived by Trumps troglodyte character he is not going to save us he alone cant do it he also has a dark past and doesn't look much better now by the way he throws a few bonzer bones here and there but nowhere is that enough or anywhere near enough to what we need in this battle don't warship him he may be a convincing puppet yes Hillary was a big abomination both are hedonist at least that my conclusion about them we need to bring order and morals and truth out ino the light . (i don't mean the NWO)

  96. Tim says:

    The only way to get their attention is through class action lawsuits…Please say you are close to filing yours. Talk does nothing legal action is required.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, though we are pressing forward as fast as we can with our legal efforts, winning the battle to expose and halt climate engineering depends on reaching a critical mass of public awareness, that effort requires all of us. Even the legal filing is ultimately aimed toward reaching critical mass, that is the bottom line. FYI

    • Bill says:

      What is the end game?  When we have a significant amount of citizens "awoken" from their delusionary lives, what is then the recommended course of action?  Protect at Air Force Bases?  Wasington DC?  Please help guide us, Dane.

  97. CJ says:

    Unsolved Mysteries Poison Rain "YOUTUBE".
    I hope this man gets another job, and a job that he is able to question, anything that he deems inappropriate.

    • Jose says:

      Please excuse my ignorance at times. When you say flash point. Exactly what do you mean? My head is over spilling with the truth which I am absorbing daily. 

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