VIDEO New NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren


The cloud chart from NASA is being used in public schools to teach your children that artificial chemical clouds (chemtrails) are safe and natural.

Source—>Global Skywatch

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Chemtrails in the Bible

“…for by your medication were all the nations deceived.”—BIBLE

More Chemtrail Disinformation Documents Used in Schools Today

See the 2 documents below the following picture.

Children looking at chart.jpg

atmo_ds_clouds1.pdf (4 downloads)
atmo_ds_clouds7.pdf (1 downloads)
Contrail Type.jpg


One Response to VIDEO New NASA Disinformation: Cloud Chart for Schoolchildren

  1. Karen Foote says:

    My son and I just came in after taking some very strange cloud and chemtrail pics. I came in and watched this video. I sure am glad my son is old enough to know what real clouds are supposed to look like!

    We did a lot hiking and just sitting around in the mountains looking at the sky when he was growing up. We know these clouds are not natural. You can see they are man made.

    Today is 2/21/2013. We live in the Pacific Northwest. The skies were totally unreal looking today. There were so many excellent shots we had to stop ourselves to come in to make dinner.

    This is insane!

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