Weather Warfare Assault On California Intensifies


By Dane Wigington

The climate engineers continue to hammer California with record heat and drought. Meteorologically speaking maps like the one below are historically unprecedented. This is what climate engineering can do, fry one location while temporarily cooling another. The geoengineers can and are continuing to cook California under a virtual target of heat and drought. Meteorologists have coined the term “ridiculously resilient ridge” to describe the engineered HAARP induced high pressure that is being kept locked in place over the West.  Are maps like the one below also meant to send a message with their bullseye of blazing heat centered exactly over the once golden state like a target? Let’s keep this in mind, the NOAA mapping is done by the private defense industry contractor Raytheon who is major player in the ongoing climate engineering nightmare. Those who are controlling the weather then issue maps like the one below that tell us all what they have “scheduled” for us . The unprecedented heat and drought is yet again scheduled for the western US is indicated by the map below, this continuous scenario is completely engineered and unnatural. In addition to systematically destroying the biosphere and contaminating all life with highly toxic metals, we should also consider this, the already operational global spraying network could be used to spread a deadly pathogen any time the power structure wishes to do so, who can stop them when the public is even now generally unaware of geoengineering and the atmospheric spraying?

Below is the latest NOAA map for October showing even more intensified heat and drought scheduled for the already decimated state of California.



Those with the courage to help change this equation will get off the bench and help to sound the alarm about the totally engineered nature of the California Drought cataclysm and the spraying in general. California is currently a very prime location to start an avalanche of awareness in regard to the climate engineering as people there can no longer ignore what is unfolding around them. Use the links posted below to further educate yourself on the ongoing engineered drought and then help with the effort to educate others in California that don’t yet understand what is happening. Two of the links below identifies some of the most impacted towns and cities. Those of us in the fight need all the help we can get to identify various agencies, organizations, and individuals that live in these impacted areas, and then to send them an email “heads up” of credible information on the geoenginering issue. The “flaming arrow” link below can be used for such mail outs and is all set to go with an introduction letter and informational links. The more people that help us in this effort, the better our chances of starting a “spot fire” of awareness that can not be put out. The more spot fires we start in various locations, the more likely these individual fires are to burn together into a giant blaze of awareness that can not be extinguished. All of this effort can be done from any home computer without any expense other than time spent. Please help us to sound the alarm, every day matters.

(Continued education on the situation)

(Towns and cities that are almost out of water)

“FLAMING ARROW” link for emailing out the alarm.


38 Responses to Weather Warfare Assault On California Intensifies

  1. Neil G says:


  2. Vanessa says:

    Hello to all,
    I am asking this community for a bit of assistance in shooting a ‘flaming arrow’. I just posted a comment on Reader Supported News, to an article titled “UN: World Faces Do or Die Carbon Threat.” One other brave soul posted a comment about geoengineering, and I backed him/her up with a second. I got thumbs down, and labeled a ‘conspiracy nut’, of course. So I responded again with a second comment, with links. Can anyone back me up with a thoughtful comment? You need to log in, but it’s a simple process. Please, give it a shot. Go to My sincerest thanks!

  3. k says:

    Carol, I’m one of those Californians, but I see what’s going on as do a lot of the rest of us that reside in this state. Why people aren’t compelled to listen to us appears to same across the rest of the country – fear, apathy, etc.

  4. k says:

    re Carol Friebergs remark… I am a Californian and very aware. I guess the reason that everyone isn’t is the same across the nation – apathy, fear, etc.

  5. Craig says:

    They’re taking pictures of the absurdly bright white sunsets. It’s like a sun cult. The sunset has been visible 93% of the time for the last 3 years in San Diego. Before then you’d see a sunset only about 1/3 of the time due to what used to be an afternoon marine layer, pacific storms and the Pineapple Express.

    It’s been great for beach city businesses and beer joints. The people are oblivious. They just say over and over how “sunny it is today” and how they saw the green flash or whatever. Then they go home and water their lawns.

  6. TP says:

    I saw the chem trails come back last week. Last week when they started my kids school was let out early due to heat. It was hot but not any hotter then past days. However there were a lot of chem trails that day. My sinuses act up and I get headaches as soon as they start spraying. I don’t believe there is much hope. I wish there was. I have tried telling people but the liberals I know attack me and say I am a conspiracy person and worse. I have connected the dots believe me. I fear for every Christian especially and our family’s. It’s worse if your white and Christian. Take care of yourself and your family. God is returning soon!

  7. Meridee says:

    this would be a good time to start praying…or keep praying if you do. Pray for our land and sea and sky. Pray for the people who are dying of starvation, pray for the homeless. Go out and teach the homeless about Jesus Christ if you are able. Pray for CA especially, for those who have to live in the heat and without rain. Ask God to send the Rain, and cool the air and rid CA of the relentless chemtrails, and the awful people who are doing these awful things to CA. I used to live in CA but now I live in OK and as I understand it we are getting chemtrails also. Dear Jesus hear our prayers oh Lord. Amen and Amen.

    • KathyKat says:

      Meridee, I have a better idea … how about going out and giving the homeless some shelter, food, money, or survival items instead? If I were homeless (and I have been, and may be again in a month from now), I would want someone preaching their religious beliefs at me about as much as I'd want a gunshot to the head! Praying is fine… preaching is an insult!

  8. Nick says:

    I think I see some chemtrail activity around here Friday. The sunsets looked so bright and we had three days of at least 100 degrees this month alone. Something must be done before we see another dry winter coming.

  9. J Sanders says:

    On 10/3.The Chemtrails returned to SW Riverside county. Following this, an overcast developed, tempature changed, against the local daily weather prediction.

  10. batshitcrazy says:

    Spraying since late yesterday here in the LA Basin.
    It’s a geoengineered drought that is amplifying a much smaller drought.
    Move mass populations out and off of California land. Buy up immensely rich farming land at pennies on the dollar after you bankrupt smaller farmers to consolidate food production and ownership into agribusiness hands. It’s all about tightening the slavery hold on us.

  11. Kim says:

    Why do they do this????? Control unnatural freaks. I suffer with morgellons disease. .. they now saying this could be a link to all the crap they genetically making and spraying. Maybe we put them all together do to them and there families what they doing to us. See if they like it. But they clearly have no feelings towards the human race. Just trying to be dick head heroes to see what they can control and not caring of damage they causing. PEOPLE WE MUST JOIN AND STAND UP FOR OUR SELVES AND FOR THE FUTURE GENERATION….

  12. jeanie says:

    Dear christopher, my heart goes out to all of you in california . I saved and copied the pics you posted . i will post on facebook and everyplace i can. the same thing is going on in oklahoma.I take pics and post to skyderalert all most daily.keep taking pics and posting every where you can. and comment on what you see in the sky above you. we must keep speaking out. sincerly jeanie

  13. jefe says:

    Also should mention– This is historically a very warm time in northern CA… when we have earthquakes and huge fires.

  14. jefe says:

    There was quite a bit of chemtrail over northern CA on 9-11, not so much right where I live.
    I took a friend to the top of Mt Diablo Aug 11 to see the Perseid meteors– there weren’t very many– and in the morning we watched the day begin over SF Bay. The usual morning low clouds obscured from the ground an enormous sunburst-pattern of chemtrails that covered the entire Bay! A lot of people were bicycling up the Mountain and stopped to admire the view below… I told them to look UP, and they did.

  15. Marc says:

    Amen, brothers and sisters. Well said!

  16. Paul Potter says:

    I agree with k brown,they have not sprayed over Los Angeles in many weeks until yesterday and last night.the sky is covered with their midnight there were still planes flying over leaving trails.this morning the sky looks sick.I now can notice my breathing,sinuses,fluid in my eyes ,or lack of fluid in my eyes being effected in a bad way.When I left the office last night in Los Angeles I could hardly breath.I passed out more flyers at work yesterday.A co-worker put it in perspective that most people I speak with who understand a little of what they are doing.his comment was ” I had to stop reading about the the bad things the elite globalist are doing such as geo-engineering because it has depressed me and I am having bad dreams.I believe this is a bad dream that will not stop until they destroy all of us.My advice to all is get close to Jesus Christ.His return is closer than most think.But before that happens this world and our country are in for some major changes.None of which are good.May God bless all of you.Thank you Dane for all your effort to educate the people expose these monsters.

  17. S. Mc Anern says:

    On the Ca. Central coast I haven’t noticed the trails as much, I believe people are questioning. We as people are too busy. I recently developed asthmas and sinus problems, so I’m trying to find why?

  18. Gerald Bischoff says:

    I have seen geo engineering in Italy, France, England, and on the Atlantic on a cruise from Bermuda to New York. The six week hiatus really spooked me. Did they run out of gas money?
    But yesterday they made up for it in San Diego for one. The sky started to spray up early in the morning and by the afternoon, you could hardly see any blue. It is totally disgusting what they are doing to us. I will hand out my flyers and do what I can to bring attention to this nightmaer.

  19. K Brown says:

    Woke up this morning to a sky filled to 75% or more with vapor. Saw a spider in full spray at sunrise. Obviously there’s a night shift.

  20. John says:

    Don’t just blame Soros. It is more complicated than that. David Rockefeller,Bill Gates and a host of other ‘eugenicists’want to create economic,climate,disease chaos so as to help usher in their plan to reduce the worlds’ “useless eaters”(the masses of humanity) to a ‘manageable size world population’. They can’t be too overt or people would notice. So they use a panoply of different tactics to kill people, either slowly, through birth reduction (soft eugenics) or some kinds of catastrophies that kill or cause to die early as many people as they can get away with and still maintain plausible deniability. This may sound like I’m a fanatic conspiracy theorist, but I’m not. There’s a mountain of evidence. One has only to connect the dots. So, destroying CA would harm a large part of our nation’s food production, especially produce, but other types of agriculture too. It may be too that in trying to ‘cool off’ the eastern US, the side effect would be to ‘fry’ California. There is something funny going on. I can see the chemtrails right overhead where I live. They are not contrails. They last a good part of the day and slowly spread out into a haze after leaving ever widening long trails that look sort of like contrails at first, but spread unnaturally outwards, slowly. I saw these things break up on incoming rain storm slowly dissipating the rain clouds and little or no rain came. This is life and death. We won’t survive as a country or as an entire planet if these evildoers like Rockefeller and Gates, as well as the right wing Koch brothers with their austerity for us all that they want, aren’t exposed and stopped somehow.

  21. I live in Orange County and can confirm this. I have taken a few photos from my property.

  22. says:

    I have yet to understand WHY they are targeting us here in CA. I’m beginning to think its because Soros, BO, the Democraps want to control our food supply because CA grows 90-95% of the fruits, vegetables and nuts for the entire country. If they destroy the good crop, which they’ve managed to do quite well, have seen orchards and orchards of dead olive trees being pulled out.

  23. Syn says:

    Oct.3rd – Orange county, CA. the spraying went on all day. The sky is covered. Elections are coming up Nov. 3 – I contacted the hopefuls for secretary of state phoned – then sent e-mails with links to Danes 30 min. youtube “engineered drought catastrophe, CA” & “shasta hearing….” I will be contacting O.C. Weekly to urge them to do a cover story to bring awareness. doing is doing – i will keep doing till the truth cannot be ignored any longer. love to all – Syn

  24. We are building rank here in S. Oregon. Thanks Dane for your support and relentless clarity. Eight of our best local citizen activists converged at Forks Park, in Cave Junction, on Sept. 27th for the Global March on Geoengineering. Out reach is compounding, emails, facebook, etc. We resolved to hold Film discussion nights in Cave Junction, Selma, and Takilma, form a posse and address our County Commissioners, and the city of Cave Junction at their weekly business session regarding disclosure of geoengineering activities, the chemical trespass and health threats. We stand ready to converge with you in Shasta and with other counties. WE must plan a conference, together, ‘we are the people’ and must liberate ourselves from this insanity. GA

  25. Katherine L says:

    I hear you. I feel there is no reasoning with them. They’re insane to be doing this to us in the first place. Try talking to a nut job. We need to hold our elected officials accountable and keep spreading the information about.

  26. Katherine L says:

    One thing we can all do and it’s free and easy is print those flyers and leaflet all over the place in our travels and post some at the local community centers, libraries and social media sites. Every little bit helps yea. We can also send links to friends, etc. Let’s not get down, eaten up by anger or deterred. It’s game time peeps!

  27. Katherine L says:

    People are going to be forced to look at this problem because it’s going to get to a point where things are so bad and people are so sick that the masses will have to come to terms and see this. The awakened crowd is already doing their part, whether it be prayer and meditation or hitting the streets and holding their local reps accountable, we are on the move. If we know it and the numbers are growing, that’s a start. Power to the people. Now the pendulum starts to swing THE OTHER WAY as the real law says. And so it is.

  28. K Brown says:

    The sky spiders have been suspiciously unnoticeable (maybe absent) for the past 6 or so weeks here on the central coast of CA after several months straight. Makes me wonder if it isn’t just the weather that’s being modified. Seems more like “dosing”.

  29. Thank you, Dane for all you are doing. I’m sure this is very stressful for you. I am sharing this with Russ Tanner’s Orbis Vitae website.

    Again, I thank you for using the wisdom that you have in meteorology to help all of us. That means all over the globe! Blessings sent to you. ~~

  30. Ria den Breejen says:

    “Human-caused climate change” is an absolutely correct term.
    Only the precise contents of the causes are concealed – or replaced with flat lies or specious pseudo-scientific explanations.

  31. MoonKnight says:

    Dane, can you refute or comment on the science and explanations provided here?:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MoonKnight, the article you refer to is like all mainstream references to the ongoing climate catastrophe in California, they will never mention the climate engineering elephant in the room. Though there are some accurate data points in the article, there can be no legitimate discussion of climate without first and foremost including the subject of geoengineering and its effects.

  32. carol freiberg says:

    What in the world are Californians doing not notice this assault? Seems to me there are many intelligent folks in that state able to connect a few dots and start to rebel against being purposely droughted out. Do they think that this is natural and will “get better” eventually.Good God, you people are under attack why can’t you see? Thanks again for the info Dane.

  33. JR says:

    I moved to Bellingham, WA 25 years ago and by now the temperatures should be falling and the rain starting. We’ve only had a couple of days of showers. As the video’s show, the geoengineers are killing the storms out in the ocean. We’ll see clouds coming in and then they just disappear. The spraying is non-stop. The magnitude of the coverup is mind blowing. Though I’ve used the information on this site to sanely point out what’s going on and once those people look up and start to believe then they just go back to their lives like nothing is happening. In some ways I do also as there is so much apathy about anything it seems whether it’s GMO’s or something as gigantic as this. I look at the youth that have never seen “normal” and never saw the beauty that was this earth and I’m talking young people in their 20’s. Their heads are down looking at their ridiculous phones. They don’t see the sky much less anything else.

  34. Annemarie G Wouda says:

    Stop this !!!!!!!!!!! you play with other humans, animals. kids and the nature . maybe you can move to another planet with your experiment so we other on Earth can live tranquility, peace and harmony

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