1/10/2015 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


30-degree temperature drops in Denver when descending 100 feet. "Professional" terrorists dropping their ID in the streets. More marine life die-offs. Media tells us not to question the "experts". Experts advise building cities at sea level. Those who question are more sane than those who don't. Chemical ice nucleated snow storms everywhere. Removing aluminum from the body. How to get involved.

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  1. Higgs says:

    Two questions:  What mechanisms, if any, can filter this stuff from the air we breathe in the home? 

    And what mechanism can be used for detection?  Someone mentioned dispersion of street lights, similar to what fog does. 

    If humidity was accounted-for, would that be a semi-accurate measurement technique?

  2. Carl says:

    The Netherlands in Europe is even worse than Germany. The artificial clouds, created above the East Coast ocean of the US are blown to Europe, one after the other. These are heavily sprayed once reaching Europe. Spraying is heaviest early morning and evenings when most people are expected to be inside, doing other things. The planes sound heavy, cannot be found on flight radars, and take the sunlight away from life on earth.
    Every now and then one enjoys a (milky) blue sky, and immediately the planes begin blanketing to such an extent that the sky is heavily clouded within a few hours.
    The Alps are similar. The disadvantage is that the people are more often living in these clouds for the altitude in the mountains. These clouds are sometimes blueish, create a strange taste in your mouth.
    The only way would be to exterminate the influence od people who own the monopoly on printing and controlling fiduciary currency. Because these people and their institutes are immune/unauditable, they have to be placed under the legislative framework that the rest of the world lives with or be dealt with in another way.

  3. Dear Dane,

    I can confirm what you stated in the radio show:
    Heaviest spraying since the beginning of the new year in Bonn, Germany, as well.
    They started January 1 early in the morning. Those folks don’t waste time, indeed!

    The worst day, however, was January 6th,2015. They started early in the morning, 07:00 a.m., with really huge parallel trails of chemicals at low altitude directly over the city. Never saw that size here before. The sky was clear and full moon. Only due to this circumstances that crime could be noticed by the people awake. My boss confirmed the same situation for a town near by: St.Augustin.
    I had no chance to take photos of the monster trails due to lack of light but a bit later on, I took a couple of dramatic pictures during sun rise.
    That slide show can be found here:
    The text is in German but above I described the situation already.

    My local video slide show collection can be found here:

    I haven’t got a good feeling for this year: Spraying and false flags will intensify at higher speed, you are right – unfortunately!

    Let’s keep going, anyway, there seems to be no way out of this.
    Greetings from Europe.

  4. Ana says:

    So much mind control by Mass-Media(controled by Power structures) in our western world that resembles the worst of a no-democratical countries wich makes hard to reach people´s minds with any idea that could be out of the world programmed agenda or sold official Media news. people get blind of hate and economic problems in their lifes and the world financial and economic crisis seems to be the engine promoted by those in the governments as a way to control populations by all means by promoting racial and social conflicts.People are entertained in surviving afther loosing their jobs or loose their health system/assurance and having more taxes to pay and their salaries getting lower and lower and with worst work conditions (insecurity at all levels) …I think that our western model of civilization it´s already colapsing and i think it just can get worst while our Ecossystem is being engineered and controled the same way as we are and all just to sustain a few 1% of people that knows very well the real state of our planet and what is yet to come.they no longer need levels of population like this so :why would they give us better conditions of life and this way to improve populations health and grow ? Are people so blind that can not see that maybe they are being manipulated ? Are people so blind that can not see Bankrupting and wars and social conflicts as a way of implementing more restrictive laws or martial laws and to achieve less numbers of population (and a totally dependent few population)and more control over the remaining natural resources -we are already in a war for survival and we all know the law of the strongest or of the fittest(in this case those in Power)…but Geoengeneering is the tool used to deceive us of all the damages that were made (and that are still being made) by those in power to continuing controling our opinions and actions til the total colapse of our biosphere or civilization that that they seem to be expecting long ago and getting prepared to …meanwhile maybe they are preparing the path for not having population numbers that can be harmful to them when the moment of truth will come…Everybody knows the world will have no resources for 7 billion of people so we just can imagine if they would aloud more people in the world. I see no policies of birth control so for sure they are solving things “democraticly” by other means that doesn´t interfere with our “freedom” of choice.That´s one of my conclusions putting together the speeches of many “honorable” people that leads us! …good radio interview just like all the others!

  5. lora bruncke says:

    Thank you, Dane. We are being exterminated because we have been led into debt by criminal bankers so are insolvent. As debtors who can’t pay off our debts we are liabilities so our ELITE are killing us off. We must surrender and admit we are caught in their debt trap. XX

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