A Child Reports On The Chemtrailed Morning Sky In New Zealand


This video was sent to us by Paul Mac, who is working to bring awareness to geoengineering in Australia and New Zealand. I’m with him, the video brought tears to my eyes.

From Paul – Australian Geoengineering Protest

As a Global Community of Skywatchers its important that we stay motivated to document the Geo-Crime taking place above our heads on a daily basis, this is vitally important information that needs to be captured and documented so it can be used as proof about what is really going on. I hope you enjoy this little clip and it refreshes and energizes you, leaving an erstwhile reminder of why we do what we do to raise awareness and what its all about.

Young Tobias from Nelson NZ is the son of one of our members in Melbourne Against Chemtrails. Tobias woke up at 7am one morning and while his mum Lousia was still sleeping, headed outside with her phone to document what was happening over his part of the world, his narrative is wonderful and should stir even the most jaded of us into putting in extra effort, his care and concern for his fellow man and the state of the planet is astounding, what a champ and a hope for the future – Well Done Tobias , You deserve to be recognized for this great effort mate!!! – Paul Mac

God bless you Tobias! Stay safe and keep making the adults look up!

7 Responses to A Child Reports On The Chemtrailed Morning Sky In New Zealand

  1. Diane says:

    Well done, Tobias!  Keep up your great research and keep spreading the truth.  You are truly an asset to humanity.  I wish we had more children as aware as you are.  You are doing an important job.  Keep telling everyone what is happening to our once beautiful skies.


  2. KimBerry says:

    Once a child’s heart is captured and their words come out, there is nothing like it. I know for me, as an activist and parent, my child inspires me. She speaks at rallies and is very much on board with our movement. ~~Our children are our future. Teach them well, and let them lead the way….~

  3. Angie Home says:

    Well done young Tobias – you are aware more than some adults I have encountered. A good example to us all. I have yet to master a decent video with my phone. Though I have experienced a lot of examples of jets spraying I have a lot of trouble even taking pictures.

    All of us who are aware of what is happening to our skies must carry on trying to make some impact on our respective Governments. We have to stop this now – its destroying our world.

  4. What a tragedy little children see what grown ups cannot truth. No wonder God loves children they see him and truth

  5. Brisbane Chemtrails - djmskinart says:

    Great job Tobias, great to see a young fellow wide awake. Its incredible how so many are so blind to what goes on above their heads.
    Some adults (and a lot have children of their own) should learn from this young fellow… LOOK UP and realize Tobias and his generation are being robbed of a natural sky, a natural earth and every dam breath taken, is another lungful of ingredients, that should not be in the air.
    Here is a young kid, whom probably has NEVER seen a actual natural sky, but here he is, knowing full well, what he is seeing, is NOT NORMAL.
    Great job Paul Mac, for getting this article to Geo Watch.
    Tobias, you keep them eyes wide open, you do your generation proud young fella.

  6. Louisa Susanna says:

    Thank you. Tobias does all he can to spread awareness and spurs me on!! God bless you also

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Smart fellow Tobias! Bright children like you are the hope for the future of this planet. May God Bless and watch over you and all the rest of us. Keep up the good work!

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