“Aerotoxic Syndrome” Is Affecting Airline Passengers And Crews


Approximately 50% of the air circulated in commercial aircraft interiors is compressed "outside" air. The toxic air that airline passengers and crew members are exposed to is finally being acknowledged. Though there are likely a number of factors contributing to the toxic cabin fumes, is there any reasonable doubt about the contamination posed by the constant atmospheric spraying which is the major component of global geoengineering? All aircraft that fly through the sprayed heavy metal and chemical mixes associated with climate engineering are exposing their crews and passengers to a very serious health threat. Since many of the elements used in the geoengineering programs are bioaccumulative, the damage is now truly starting to show up in regard to human health impacts in those who frequently fly.
Dane Wigington


Warning Over Toxic Fumes In Plane Cabins

Source: The Telegraph, article by Andrew Gilligan

Coroner urges action to prevent deaths after warning toxic fumes in cabin air pose a health risk to frequent fliers and aircrew.


Richard Westgate died in 2012 after claiming he had been poisoned by toxic cabin fumes

Toxic fumes in cabin air pose a health risk to frequent fliers and aircrew, a coroner has said in a landmark report. 
Stanhope Payne, the senior coroner for Dorset, said people regularly exposed to fumes circulating in planes faced “consequential damage to their health”. 
Mr Payne, who is inquiring into the death of Richard Westgate, a British Airways pilot, called on BA and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to take “urgent action to prevent future deaths”. Most airline passengers, who fly only occasionally, will not be affected by the problem, but some frequent travellers who are genetically susceptible to the toxins could fall ill. 
Mr Payne’s call for urgent action is likely to be welcomed by campaigners who have raised similar concerns for a number of years. 
His report, obtained by the Telegraph, is the first official UK recognition of so-called “aerotoxic syndrome”, a phenomenon long denied by airlines but which is blamed by some for the deaths of at least two pilots and numerous other incidents where pilots have passed out in flight. Co-pilots can normally take over, but campaigners claim the syndrome is a suspected cause of some mid-air disasters.
Frank Cannon, the lawyer for Mr Westgate’s case, said: “This report is dynamite. It is the first time a British coroner has come to the conclusion that damage is being done by cabin air, something the industry has been denying for years.” 
Mr Cannon said he was acting for approximately 50 other aircrew allegedly affected by the syndrome, working for airlines including Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Thomas Cook and easyJet. He is also representing two passengers. 
Commercial passenger planes have a system which compresses air from the engines and uses it to pressurise the cabin. But it can malfunction, with excess oil particles entering the air supply. 
In a confined space, with the air recirculated, the cumulative effect on frequent fliers, especially aircrew, can be harmful, the coroner said. 
Mr Westgate, a senior first officer, died in 2012 after claiming he had been poisoned by toxic cabin fumes. 
In his “prevention of future deaths report”, produced last week, the coroner says that examinations of Mr Westgate’s body “disclosed symptoms consistent with exposure to organophosphate compounds in aircraft cabin air”. 
In the report, sent to the chief executive of BA and the chief operating officer of the Civil Aviation Authority, the coroner raises five “matters of concern”, including that “organophosphate compounds are present in aircraft cabin air”; that “the occupants of aircraft cabins are exposed to organophosphate compounds with consequential damage to their health” and that “impairment to the health of those controlling aircraft may lead to the death of occupants”. He also says there is no real-time monitoring to detect failures in cabin air quality and that no account is taken by airlines of “genetic variation in the human species that would render individuals … intolerant of the exposure”.
He demands that BA and the CAA respond to the report within eight weeks, setting out the action they propose to take. The report, made under regulation 28 of the Coroners’ Investigation Regulations 2013, is not a full verdict from an inquest, which has yet to be held in this case. 
Tristan Loraine, a former BA captain who claims toxic air poisoning forced him to leave his job, said: “I took ill-health retirement only a year after completing the Iron Man triathlon. I had about 10 medical experts give their view to the CAA that I was suffering from ill-health effects of contaminated air. 
“From the minute I got sick until when I left the airline, I never saw a BA employee.”
Former British Airways pilot Captain Tristan Loraine
Mr Loraine, who is making a documentary about the issue, said he had been left with numbness in his fingers and feet and that he sometimes found it difficult to recall information. He said that a friend in BA — not Mr Westgate — had suffered the same symptoms, continued to fly and died from a brain tumour aged 44. 
Mr Cannon said: “There are major crashes where we suspect the only plausible explanation is that the crew were suffering from cognitive dysfunction. More commonly, it causes incredible misery — very fit, intelligent and motivated people fall over sick. The first thing BA and other airlines have to do is recognise and take care of their injured aircrew.” 
Most passengers who fly only occasionally will not be affected by the problem, but some frequent travellers who are genetically susceptible to the toxins could fall ill, with around 10 per cent of the population affected. Their bodies are unable to detoxify quickly enough and an accumulation of toxic material over time becomes dangerous. The main vulnerability is suffered by aircrew, who spend much of their lives on board. 
Official records from the Civil Aviation Authority show that oxygen masks are being used by pilots and crew at the rate of at least five times a week to combat suspected “fume events”. 
The official safety watchdog, the Air Accident Investigation Branch, has called for aircraft to be fitted with equipment to detect any contamination of cabin air. 
A spokesman for BA said it could not comment on the case, but would consider the coroner’s report and respond. The airline cites independent studies commissioned by the Department for Transport, which found “no evidence that pollutants occur in the cabin air at levels exceeding available health and safety standards”. 
The Government’s position is that “concerns about significant risk to the health of airline passengers and crew are not substantiated”. A spokesman for the CAA said it would consider the report in detail but claimed it was “nothing that passengers or crew should be overly concerned about”. 
Mr Cannon said: “I see this as an impending tsunami for the airline industry — it’s been ignored for so long.” 
The disclosure of Mr Payne’s report comes ahead of a meeting in London this week of a group set up by the International Transport Workers’ Federation to examine the issue of contaminated air on planes. A spokesman for the ITF said: “There is growing published evidence of the toxicity of these oil fumes and the increase in reported fume incidents in which flight safety was compromised because of crew member impairment.”
Source: The Telegraph, article by Andrew Gilligan

27 Responses to “Aerotoxic Syndrome” Is Affecting Airline Passengers And Crews

  1. Carolyn Garcia says:

    My organically grown apples are being burned on the tree on the SW side.   Anyone else having this problem?

  2. talawanda78 says:

    Just an FYI for anyone interested.  The U.K. has been making a subtle withdrawal from supporting the U.S. agendas. Not only militarily, but financially as well. They are planning to join the BRICS nations, and leave America behind.

    I don't know….maybe the prediction was correct, when someone (past) stated that …"Russia will become the United States, and the United States will become the old Russia."  IMHO…that most certaily looks realistic from MPOV.

  3. Patricia says:

    My neighbor is an airplane mechanic who does routine maintenance and overhauls of commercial jets. Last year he contracted both Meniere's disease, an inner ear problem that causes vertigo, as well as a detached retina in one eye that ultimately led to nearly full blindness in that eye. He was out sick for months for both conditions. I don't know if either SAG chemicals or radiation could have caused his problems, but thought I would post them for the record. We live near Brentwood, CA, an agricultural area. There were many days of chemtrails in the past year.

  4. Judy says:

    Maybe one day they will release the info on how many pilots, and flight crews have had, or are dying young, from cancer. Perhaps the toxic cabin air, the additives to the jet fuels….and the radiation are all culprits.


  5. SarahADR says:

    Aerotoxic is a global Aviation coverup, where the Airlines chose profit over public health. The media are finally starting to get the message out, but only since the smoking ban have the public started to notice the 'dirty sock' 'wet dog' odour associated with contaminated air. How many people are aware that the air they breathe on board planes comes from the engines and become contaminated with toxic fumes from the lubricants in the oil. Orthophosphates are extremely harmful to humans. 10% more cancer among airline crew than the national average. Search fume events and see how common they are. With Pilot Richard Westgate's death being accredited to aerotoxic caused from the 'bleed air', this is finally getting the attention it needs. In 2010 an Australian woman won the first courtcase in the high court of Australia, despite a 10 year appeal from the Airline. Pilots, crew, and passengers have reported becoming incapacitated during flights with fume events. What if MH370 were all incapacitated from breathing contaminated air. Would it be broadcast or hidden from the public? A new feature film 'A Dark Reflection' based on facts exposes this issue. Watch the film, which is based on true events and see for yourself.

    • talawanda78 says:

      Thank you for sharing all the good information, SarahADR, and the name of the film. I'm certain that many folks will take an exceptional interest. 🙂 Blessings to you and yours.

    • Roberto Durante says:

      I think that the movie "A Dark Reflection" from this year 2015 is a good reflection and disclosure of this problem. 

  6. Hawkeye says:

    Thanks Dane for posting this news report. I saw it the other day too and thought the same as you. There was another report not too long before this one here, about pilots and frequent flyers being exposed to massive amounts of radiation up there too. Did you catch that one as well? All connected it appears and you don't need "machines" to prove it in tests, just a dose of common sense confirms that logical thinking prevails. We have been told since at least the 70's that our ozone layer is diminishing and/or has been ripped open from "our" use of aerosols. ( hee hee ) So now we have Dane's info. online also telling us our ozone layer is being destroyed by use of aerosols and so that can be a starting point to discussions with all ignorant minds towards this "geo" subject matter and might help them to be able to move forward and listen to more info. Taking it a step forward from there then it is logical to assume that planes being up in the sky at 30K ft. or higher are of course more at risk of solar radiation absorption in their bodies as the atmospheric air is thinner at that altitude, and they are closer to the ripped ozone area of the atmosphere in a plane. The article of news I read about this said pilots were getting sun burned in the cock-pits from this extra high level of solar radiation they are exposing themselves too by being up there. I find that when trying to discuss this subject matter with zombies if you keep up front in your mind examples – well known for many years – to compare to today's common threads and pose the question, rather then insist they swallow insanity, it captures their fuzzy minds better and that to me is a seed taking root. That is all we can do, the mind in which the seed was planted must be fertile for it to grow and that we can not do to another, they have to do it. It is OK, do not dismay thinking you are not getting anywhere with the masses. You just can't see, or have no way to know, how that seed will perform and you may never see either, but know it is they who now holds the seed(s) you put there. Free will is their own – given to all people by God for a reason. Be grateful that YOU see because you chose to with your free will, you have been blessed with sight for a reason as well. "All that is covered up shall be revealed" – Jesus – HE doesn't lie. Man kind does believe this even if they say no to Jesus – proof: "the truth always comes out" – man kind wrote that commonly used phrase and where do you think he got it from? "People don't realize the effects of their actions…." Zen Gardner – Yea exactly, that works both ways and is a.k.a – cause & effect. Can't be deleted ever by anyone or anything, it can only be twisted or re-shaped in to a lie. All lies have to come from a truth or there would be nothing to twist in to a lie. This is how you must speak to zombies (imho).  Best regards, Hawkeye

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hi Dane, et al – Last night after posting my comment above I saw a History Channel "documentary" titled, 'Declassified: Human Experimentation'.

      My jaw dropped open in shocking amazement for two reasons; it was a non-fiction tell all that included witness's and victims that were involved in this titled subject matter back in the late 40's and in to the early 50's giving their accounts on law suits they have against the federal gov. for being SPRAYED with harmful chemicals and bio-agents, bacteria's unknowingly and for gov. testing purposes. Since then there was another incident of this in the 80's or 90's ( going by memory ) or possibly that was when some of the cases went to trial. President Clinton was in office at this time of these plantiffs suits and he wrote an E.O. supposedly legislating this arena of government doing tests unknowingly on the population making it  harder to be possible.

      The other reason my jaw dropped was because I just said above the truth always comes out. I was not aware of these incidents during those time periods and so another example to others reading this on how to deliver your truth to zombies. It is already history the government has sprayed the populace before – right here in the USA AND the UK-  and of course known history abroad under the iron curtain.

      This knowledge makes it a bit harder for another to say this could not be because oh, it be, it happened more then once, it's History. One location in the suit was from Minnesota. A small middle America town and directly over a school military planes sprayed some crazy bacteria for "testing" purposes and not one citizen was told of this. Twenty years later all the named area's it happened in now have many of those effected people either dead from cancers or terribly ill today hence the law suits.

      I thought your readers would be well armed to have this information if not known to them already and I was also thinking if you might be able to utilize this in some way (ammo?) for our present sky situation? No email for me so I can only talk here in comments. Maybe post the video to your site or use it in your own fight? Just a thought! Thanks for your efforts. Hawkeye




  7. Melody Meachum says:

    I've already posted this in a prior article of a 35 yr old x-pilot in a neighboring city who died of brain cancer back in November. Prior to his diagnosis, he had "not been feeling well" and wanted to get out. He bought a small business to run, unfortunately he was too sick to run it for long and died after a 2 yr battle. Left behind a family! Very, very sad.

    We will see more and more of this either directly or indirectly as a consequence of flying in a toxic witches brew!


  8. TreeHuggerMN says:

    The chemtrails along with the WiFi in the Airplanes–an extra toxic combination.

  9. Marc says:

    Is anyone hip to the observations of Leuren Moret? (see her conversations with Alfred Webre on You Tube) She notes a substantial presence of Fukushima radiation in the upper atmosphere and strongly discourages flying as this will expose the individual to massive amounts of radiation far greater than at ground levels. This, coupled with geoengineering fallout, can only spell disaster for the airline industry and for us. If this scenario continues, and it looks very much as though it will, I can imagine no greater Red Flag to alarm and awaken the public than for a mass exodus away from the airline industry due to general panic. This will have trickle-down effects (trickle-up?) that are incalculable for modern society. Intolerable biological toxicity must manifest itself somewhere in this world. The unspeakable tragedies we are seeing in the animal kingdom will, and are, catching up to us. The ugly truth will soon be common knowledge amongst all of mankind, regardless of the pathetic manipulations by the ILLEGITIMATI.

  10. Bonnie Morgan says:

    How in Gods name can we stay positive throughout this devastating and and awful reality .. please some suggestions .. Its so difficult to take pleasure any more when one knows what is really happening in this world and your message falls on the  deaf ears of your family and friends who either think you are just out of the box or dont want to know .

    • bija says:

      Bonnie, the only way I can keep on keeping on is by staying connected here and to suggested links in order to continually educate myself. It keeps me busy and gives me new ideas and inspiration to stay active every day. I now have a little niche carved out in my life from which I exclude family and friends who don’t want to know. True to reverse psychology, many of them are actually feeling left out of my process when they see that I don’t need them to validate my efforts and take the moral high ground.

      I have to agree that taking pleasure in life is not what it used to be. But I do think it is like any other grieving process and each stage takes time. Take good care of yourself, love more deeply than ever, and know that you are not alone. The latest perspective by Zen Gardener, The Inevitable Awakening, is spiritually uplifting!

  11. Ellen says:

    During our flight to the Dominican Republic, I noticed that my eyes started to itch. When I awoke the next morning, the upper part of my face was totally swollen. The swelling lasted for almost a week. I noticed during our flight, two planes were flying above us, leaving Chemtrails behind. I am glad to see your report on this issue. Now I understand the effect it had on my health. Thank you Dane for your report.

  12. andrew says:

    1.  The Ukraine crisis continues to follow the exact sequence of events that lead to WW2.  We now wait for Poroshenko of Ukraine to continue to follow the example of Marshal Smigly-Rydz of Poland.


    Poroshenko probably already believes he can win a war against Russia, with US/NATO support.


    The final 2 events are:


    a)  Poroshenko will no doubt allow 'partisans' (from his Azov Battalion?) to ratchet up their horrific atrocities against his Russia inclined population – or probably in Russia itself. (n.b. this was written before fitness fanatic Nemtsov's apparent death- which is probably a "warmer into the bank"). 


    b)  The aim will be to provoke Russia to defend her population, which should bring US/NATO into open military warfare.


    It is just a matter of timing.  


    Global war has to come before Catastrophic Climate Change, as it will distract people from prosecuting those who have brought us to the edge of extinction with their geoengineering, particularly atmospheric spraying.  Why not grab control of as much land and resources as possible before the event?!


    2.   During most of January 2015, the Arctic Oscillation (AO) was in a strongly positive phase. 

    When the AO is in a positive phase, sea level pressure in the Arctic is particularly low.  Consequently, sea level pressure is relatively high in the middle latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_latitudes).  

    Typically, during a positive phase of the AO, surface winds push ice away from the shores of Siberia, and any young, thin ice that is subsequently formed is prone to melting in summer. 

    The positive phase also tends to increase the transport of thick, multiyear ice out of the Arctic through the Fram Strait.

    Air temperatures at 925 millibar (about 3,000 ft above the surface) were mostly above average over the Arctic Ocean, with positive anomalies of 4 to 6º Celsius over the Chukchi and Bering seas on the Pacific side of the Arctic, and over the East Greenland Sea on the Atlantic side.


    A global temperature increase of 4ºC is an extinction level event.  


    There are at least 47 feed-back loops in operation that are rapidly taking us to Climate Catastrophe.


    This 8 min video is worth watching https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/engineered-winter-engineered-drought/  A similar scenario is being played out to the west of UK.


    3.  There are now 4 huge craters in the Siberian Arctic, plus many nearby smaller ones.  These are probably caused by surface methane releases, which add to the methane bubbling up from the Siberian Arctic Shelf. 


    Methane will be released in a step sequence.  Surface level goes first causing further warming, this then releases the next level down, and so on.


    The person and nation with the best chances of survival will be those who are most prepared.


    Are you prepared?  Do you want to be?  Are you happy with how our Government is informing and preparing us? 

  13. bija says:

    Have you ever thought about the word IGNORANCE?
    That pretty well sums up the state of most of our populations!

    Thanks to all who don’t let this continue unchallenged. Being awake and raising awareness in your own way is our only way to combat ignorance!

  14. JR says:

    Maybe people will wake up huh?  Some do, others walk in oblivion and most likely will continue doing so, just plain stubborn and ignorance. Our rain clouds or snow got more than likely pushed up north towards Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. We remain dry here in Southwest-Southern part of State. God Bless this day All….

  15. Frank says:

    The one solution that many of my colleagues and myself included to bring this matter out in the open is lab testing. We need to form or find very independent lab testing facilities all over the US and Canada ect. We need viable water test done especially snow samples. The reason for snow samples is the saturation levels of these toxic chemicals that surround many of us all for months at a time. If these accurate lab test were too be put out in the open the spraying would stop immediately. Just think if mothers knew that there children were playing and building snowmen in this toxic mess they would freak out. To change a policy men would fight but a mother would scream to the top of there lungs to protect there children. The hardest part in this equation is to find reliable labs that have excellent background. We all need to stop these poisons before we all can't.  

  16. stax says:

    No mention of radioisotopes! They are TATAL and will give you RAIDS.

  17. stax says:

    Not to mention the man made radioisotopes already in the air,treat flying the same as fish and mushrooms-do not use,Toxic At The Atomic Level which will give you Radiation Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

  18. The symptoms are toxic poisoning, but the real sickness is detailed right here:

    ["The airline cites independent studies commissioned by the Department for Transport, which found “no evidence that pollutants occur in the cabin air at levels exceeding available health and safety standards”. 

    The Government’s position is that “concerns about significant risk to the health of airline passengers and crew are not substantiated”. A spokesman for the CAA said it would consider the report in detail but claimed it was “nothing that passengers or crew should be overly concerned about”. "]

    When "officials" openly claim that dropping dead from toxins is nothing to be concerned about, I think they are talking about their own zombie-like mental conditions. Hey guys: Ever notice a connection between cause and effect???

    Our executive and administrative cults are little more than ghouls making money off the death and suffering of civilians.

    All political and economic systems are traditionally managed by incoherent elitist slobs. Take a look at history. Is this the best mankind can do? The symptom is toxic air. The problem is a toxic social order; enslaved and stratified within a financial caste system…

  19. That's a coincidence: Just on February 25 I make a tiny video in German language


    asking the pilots of a German Airline in a tiny slide show whether they think, they – and their families – are not affected by their spraying and that they will bear the consequences of their doing sooner or later.

    Great job, Dane!


  20. donny darko says:

    I left the airlines back in 2008 after being furloughed from a financially struggling airline. Many of my fellow pilots talked frequently of other older pilots dying within a year of retirement and not getting to even enjoy retirement. This was back when airline pilots had to retire at 60. Not very good odds. I often wonder if any aerosols were emitted from the back of the planes I flew in retrospect. If so, I was definitely not in on it. Now that I am awakened from my pathetic sheeple like state, I am so glad that I no longer slave away at the airlines. To think back so many years ago that I was "living the dream". Now all I see is a bad nightmare.    

    • Tarrah nunes says:

      I had the Same problem!  They diagnosed me with long q t and put a pace maker in!  Till that point I could have 3-4 seizures a day! I almost died and probably would have had a nurse not have figured what they thought it was but I had to quit a good job with lots of money until that day!  I now have financial problems constantly because it is impossible to live on social security!  I wish I cud figure a way out of this!  



  21. Michel B says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many are suffering symptoms and are not talking about it, for whatever reasons.

    Add in toxic oil fumes from the engine compressed air fed into the planes to be breathed by everyone, then add in the Geoengineering nano particles of Aluminium, Barium, Strontium, lead, etc, etc, etc that they must be breathing by the bucket load and you have a recipe for a mushrooming health catastrophe.

    I have known several people who work on the airlines and they age very fast just from my personal observation. I was observing this well before I learned of Geoengineering, so you can't say I am looking for evidence of the effects of Geoengineering after the fact. I am not claiming to have uncovered a causal link, but given the stories now emerging about this 'toxic cabin air syndrome', we can only be concerned. Being concerned means demanding full investigations, not being satisfied with curt responses by so called 'independent' sources.

    Oh, but rest assured the appropriate authorities have reared their ugly heads to pat us on our collective heads and tell us there's nothing here to look at, just go back to work and keep sucking up the poisons. How thin the lies are. They will keep thinning out when pilots are dropping like flies and frequent flier members of the public come forward with their tales of health woes. The dots are being connected and the big dot called Geoengineering will be highlighted.

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