Carr Fire Catastrophe, Front-Line Footage


Dane Wigington

The global climate engineering assault continues to be ramped up, geoengineering operations are mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we collectively face. Though there are countless forms of anthropogenic damage to the biosphere and climate system, in regard to the off the scale increases in wildfires, and in regard to the unprecedented fire behavior, geoengineering is the core causal factor. The Carr Fire in Northern California continues to rage out of control. All over the planet unprecedented wildfires are consuming forests, homes, property, and most tragically, lives.

Carr Fire, Redding, California (7/26/18). Photo credit: Kathy Burns

What has caused such an immediate and dramatic increase in wildfire catastrophes? What massive factor in the equation is not being acknowledged by any “official" source? The global weather warfare assault. How bad must conditions get before the majority are willing to actually investigate facts and face reality? The short video below contains front-line footage of the Carr Fire devastation. wishes to extend our most sincere sympathy to those that have lost property, homes, and even more tragically, loved ones. We wish to also extend our deepest gratitude to all the firefighting personnel who are doing their best to battle the blazes. The conditions we now face on our planet are completely unnatural, the consequences of continuing on the current course are unthinkable. All of us are needed in the critical effort to expose and halt climate engineering. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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The commentary below was added to this "Geoengineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes" post in response to many sensationalized claims, narratives and conclusions that are being circulated about the creation and / or causes of the recent and ongoing catastrophic California firestorms.

How do we most effectively expose and halt the catastrophic global climate engineering assault?  We must stand on solid verifiable ground in regard to the data and conclusions we share, or we will lose all credibility in this most important battle for the greater good. Any propagation of implausible sensationalized factually unsupportable speculation (that by its very nature provokes disbelief) only undermines credibility as we attempt to expose the very real and terrible climate engineering crimes being perpetrated against our dying planet.

Are recent and current California fires behaving in unprecedented ways and burning at exceptionally high temperatures? Yes. Are there reasons to believe the public is not being informed of key core issues that are directly related to the exponential increase in global forest fires? Yes. Does available data make clear that climate engineering in countless ways set the stage for the firestorm nightmares? Without question. 

All this being said, in regard to the recent and ongoing California firestorms there are a great many claims circulating on the internet that should cause us all to take immediate pause. These narratives include claims that everything from laser beams to military incendiary bombs were used to cause/create recent and ongoing catastrophic fires. Though laser and directed energy weapons do exist in some forms (, there is no documentation whatsoever to confirm any sky to ground laser / directed energy platform is even remotely capable of causing massive and instant vaporization of countless structures over vast expanses. If such instant and extreme destruction were to occur (from massive laser / energy beams, spiraling down from the sky in the middle of the night), they would certainly have been seen and documented by countless individuals. If such instant destruction technology does exist, and was used, why is there so much film footage of extreme wind and heat driven flames during the fires that caused structures to burn for hours? If “directed energy” weapons of this caliber and strength existed, and were used, CAL FIRE and thousands of residents would have to be a part of such a cover-up (which is completely implausible).  Again, though available data indicates that current laser technology could facilitate the ignition of ground fires from an airborne platform (any arsonist could do the same), there is no acknowledged technology that an airborne platform could completely and instantly "vaporize" structures in an instant flash of immense heat. There is absolutely no documentation of structures being instantly incinerated. Powerful lasers are ground based in massive facilities that require immense amounts of power, components, and personnel.

Something to consider, many are claiming that standing trees next to completely burned to the slab structures is proof of  "DEW" weapons. Why? It is claimed that highly flammable structures that have burned to the ground should not leave adjacent living trees that didn't burn to the ground. Is this accurate? First, lets examine and consider the historical photos below from the 1923  "Berkeley Fire". These images reveal exactly the same "standing trees next to burned to the slab homes" scenario that so many claim is proof of "directed energy weapons", the Berkeley Fire happened 37 years before the first primitive laser was even invented

The 1923 Berkeley fire aftermath exactly resembles current fire ravaged landscapes (including standing trees near burned to the slab structures).

Another image from the 1923 Berkeley Fire

The image above (also from the 1923 Berkeley Fire) is especially revealing in regard to the false claim that still standing trees adjacent to burned to the ground structures are "proof" of "directed energy weapons" (DEW). Again, the photo above was taken 37 years before the first primitive laser weapon was even invented. Unfortunately, sensationalized false narratives completely distract from and undermine the critical effort to expose and halt global climate engineering operations (which are verifiably a core causal factor fueling the exponential increase in, and ferocity of, global forest fires).

Historical videos of the 1923 Berkeley fire are even more revealing than the still photos of the event. Below are two short film footage clips of the historic Berkeley fire. This footage reveals structure fire behavior scenarios that are parallel to what is occurring today.

Many are further claiming that such structures are now burning at temperatures much hotter than a "normal" fire because of "DEW" weapons which it is claimed is the reason that the structure burned to the slab. Again, historical images prove structures have always "burned to the foundation" under extreme fire conditions (now made far worse by climate engineering). Does the "DEW" weapon extreme heat and vaporization narrative even make sense? If a structure was instantly vaporized by a some sort of laser weapon that delivered an extraordinary blast of incinerating heat to a dwelling, why would there still be standing trees anywhere near any structures that were incinerated in the manner described? If (as is being claimed) a "natural" fire would never have burned so hot, wouldn't that make it more likely to see standing trees next to a structure that was burned by expected combustion processes? In regard to the still standing trees near burned structures, more later in this report.

Again, though some have referred to technology (that does exist) for extremely powerful laser and plasma beams, emission can only be produced from a ground based source with access to extremely high levels of power. Any such powerful emission could not be produced from an overflying aircraft or a satellite. Even a full scale massive electrical power plant (that was somehow able to fly) could not even begin to produce such an emission. And consider this, the most powerful laser beams (that have been created under test conditions in ground facilities) only existed for a trillionth of a second, and was only 2 millimeters wide, thats it.  We must remember and consider that the California wind driven firestorms raged and spread for days over extensive areas.

We must also stop to consider all the converging factors that are fueling the firestorm cataclysms.  Record low fuel moisture contents (directly connected to climate engineering). Extreme and unpredictable wind conditions which can be directly connected to convection manipulation via jet aircraft dispersions of atmospheric aerosols (that are a core part of climate engineering operations). Accumulated incendiary dust (from climate engineering fallout) not only laying on the surface of forest foliage, but blowing in the winds around and above the fires. About the trees that are still standing in many photos of fire burn areas, green living trees are not prone to burning beyond the foliage and thinner branches. Larger living green trees will not fully incinerate (unlike dwellings that contain no imbedded fuel moisture). In the case of the Santa Rosa firestorms many of the trees were Redwoods which are extremely fire resistant. All should take the time to look up more information on this, here is one sample link, FYI

Redwood trees have very thick bark which has a lot of water inside it. They also DO NOT have any pitch inside the trunks which is a very flammable substance found in many other trees. Another factor that helps to make the redwood trees fireproof is the fact that they do not have any of the resins that other trees like pine and the sap that the tree contains is made up of a majority of water also adding to the fireproofing ability.

As already stated, other species of living and green trees would also not completely burn in the same manner as dried and fully cured building materials, not at all. Any that have ever tried to burn a completely green log in a fire will know this. Such a piece of “fuel” will not burn, the moisture is too impregnated in it. Ever put a paper cup filled with water in a fire? It, also, will not burn until the water boils out. The top of the cup burns down in pace with the water boiling out. Though the crowns of many pine species are, of course, highly combustible, the trunks and heavy branches are not (assuming the tree was alive when exposed to fire).

Back to the extreme heat and wind in these fires, like a bellows (or blower) for a forge, such extreme conditions can rapidly increase combustion and thus temperatures. Such extreme conditions and winds also scatter embers at unimaginable speed onto landscapes, into attics, eaves, etc, where the embers are fanned by the high winds into further combustion. Many older homes are built with extremely flammable materials (with eve and roof vents that DO NOT stop embers), and many even with wood sub-floors which provide even more fuel at the critical base of dwelling fires. Once sub-floors have been burned away, it would provide a cavity for some larger incombustible materials to fall into (such as porcelain sinks and toilets which extreme heat can also shatter).

Structure fires are much hotter and burn longer than a forest fire, and in many cases, what you find is a single home ignites and then like dominos falling other homes catch on fire. This is exactly what is occurred in California communities like Santa Rosa.

As homes in close proximity ignite, all of the natural gas and / or propane supplied to homes adds further fuel to the wind blown furnace flames. Once fully ablaze, one home can ignite those immediately adjacent to it from the radiant heat alone. Homes across a street could be far enough away to be spared. Also, in scenarios where one home was in ashes next to another that did not burn, fire crews may have been present and actively watering down homes that had not yet ignited. Again, some next to other homes that were fully ablaze. In regard to the many badly burned vehicles, none of those making the "directed energy weapons" claims have bothered to mention the obvious, vehicles all have fuel tanks that radically accelerate and heat fires once the vehicle is fully ablaze. Those that have ever seen the remains of a vehicle that has fully incinerated along the side of a highway know that such vehicles look exactly like those in the firestorms. 

I viewed a number of videos that show trees burning from the inside out, with some claiming this was proof of a laser weapon. This, also, is verifiably false. I have personally witnessed  this exact scenario dozens of times over years of controlled burns on my own habitat reserve land, and fighting on the front line of wildfires that have occurred with staggering frequency on and near my acreage on the east side of Lake Shasta.. Any ember that settles into a hollowed out and decaying tree trunk will start such a fire as those featured in videos claiming directed energy weapons were used. In several instances I have witnessed trees that had a rotted hollow at the base of the trunk which allowed air in, and embers. Once the rotted core ignited and burned up through the rotted center of the trees (completely rotted cores are now common in still living trees due to epidemic fungal infections in the forest), the trees  literally looked like a blow torch with flames shooting out from the top. Please, don't believe me about trees with rotting cores burning from embers being common, ask any wild land firefighter how many times they have witnessed this phenomenon, it is extremely common. About the extreme heat and wind blown fire scenarios, again, if and when the heat plum from a fire is blowing along at ground level, combustibles one side or another may not be very effected from the directional flow of flames and heat that is being pushed in a particular direction due to the powerful winds. I am speaking from personal experience, not from speculation.

Some videos claimed brick or rock walls on some sides of some homes had disappeared, all of the “before and after” photos I have seen of this showed veneer walls of brick or rock, not walls that were actually constructed of these materials. Some of the same circulating videos claim that glass or aluminum could not melt in a wildfire, also false. Anyone that has ever put bottle into a hot camp fire and left it in the core of hot coals all night knows better. The same with an aluminum can. And, again, to be clear, all the factors I mentioned in this report must be remembered. Yes, these fires are unprecedented, the heat and behavior is unprecedented, geoengineering is inarguably a major factor that set the stage. Fires are increasingly ignited in the worse possible locations at the worst possible times. Do these fires serve many agendas of those in power? Yes, absolutely, but we must still stand on solid ground with the data and conclusions we share with any breaking news story if we are to retain credibility.

I know many people who are now claiming no one died (and no one was injured) in Las Vegas, claiming that it was all staged. This narrative is also very harmful to the cause of credibility. I have a long term friendship with a former Green Beret who just lost two close colleagues in Las Vegas. Though the Las Vegas event also has countless unanswered questions, and appears to be anything but what official sources are telling us, people were injured and died. The notion that thousands of people, including emergency workers and hospitals, could all be in on some grand conspiracy theater, is not rational. Are we to believe that 9/11 was only a staged slaughter? That people did not die there? Let’s all remember that those in power do not care how many they kill (collateral damage) to accomplish their agenda. Are we to believe the power structure would go to unimaginable lengths to avoid killing anyone in the Las Vegas event? Such a conclusion is also not rational given what we know about the demeanor of those in power. Many of the sites and sources pushing the " laser beams / directed energy beams" created the fires” false narrative are also propagating the “Flat Earth” and “global warming is a hoax” false and highly discrediting narratives.

William Thomas, a former member of the U.S. Navy Reserves, author of Chemtrails Confirmed, and the reporter who broke the “chemtrails” story for Environment News Service in 1998, observes that smoke is the bane of atmospheric lasers. 

Directed-energy beams from military lasers are scattered and diffused by curtains of smoke, as well as water vapor (clouds) and rain.

And sandstorms. “Just look what happened during the U.S. invasion of Iraq when directed-energy sensors on aircraft, gunships and armor were shut down by blowing sand,” this author of Bringing The War Home wrote to geoengineeringwatch.

There is no way (unverified) space-based lasers could penetrate the smoke over the vast U.S. wildfires with enough focused energy remaining to light a campfire.

In the case of the “global warming is a hoax” disinformation, this is in fact exactly the false narrative that the power structure and the geoengineers want. Why would anyone who claims to be fighting climate engineering / geoengineering push this kind of disinformation? 

There is also the false and completely undocumented claim reporting  “water vapor machines” are producing all the moisture for storms. Again, this narrative is verifiably absurd.

Credibility is so very critical in the fight for the greater good. Logic, reason, and due diligence investigation must be a part of the equation, or hard earned credibility is completely sacrificed. The truth is more than alarming enough, we must make every effort to stand on solid and factual ground. Credibility is extremely difficult to earn, and so very easy to lose.

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25 Responses to Carr Fire Catastrophe, Front-Line Footage

  1. Dennie says:

    That is some really great archival research re the Berkeley Fire of 1923.  Looks a whole lot like Santa Rosa.  Speaking of, here's excellent footage of the Tubbs Fire taken by Press Democrat photographer Kent Porter as the fires were in progress.  You can very clearly see the extremely high winds driving the fires and spreading embers like never before seen.  There are standing trees in Coffey Park, just like the Berkeley Fire, seen in footage shot on October 10, 2017:

  2. JUDY DAHLGREN says:

    Too many dumbed down people now. Even if I tell someone to look up at the central laden skies they don't believe me. Now that's REALLY something when you don't even believe what your own eyes are seeing. And they call me the conspiracist??

  3. Diane Maupin says:

    An Accuweather news report about the Redding California Carr Fire had the Cal Fire Operations Chief's statement on 7/31/18, and I quote: "Every single person I've talked with mentions, I don't know why it's doin' what it's doin"…It's burning differently, it's burning more aggressive than it has in years past. And I know we say this every year, but it's unprecedented!" Steve Crawford

    People need to wake up. Our future and safety is at stake. We need massive but peaceful demonstrations in our cities, peaceful revolutions. But we need numbers and people brave enough to come forward and speak truth to power. The military industrial complex is a monster, out of control………….it needs to be stopped!

    • Dennie says:

      Well, I know why it's doin' what it's doin', and so do most of the rest of us who gather here on a very frequent basis:  Aluminum nano particulates, sprayed all over us everywhere, 24/7/365, in the name of "saving" the planet (not really, more like droughting the enemy…), piling up, then ignited, that's what.  Ever see the lab experiment where they heat up the particulates?  The smaller they are, the more readily ignited at increasingly low temps.  They'll go up at 100C (212F).  They explode when they ignite.  That's why it's so freakin' crazy when there are fires now.  

      Here it is, from "Fire and Explosion Properties of Nanopowders," Research and Report RR782, UK Health and Safety Executive:  

  4. James says:

    Let's take a look at more BS from "research" . When are people going to realize that these researchers are making everyone appear plain stupid for not asking the obvious about their their study.  Perhaps one day some folks will see the obvious as plain as looking at their cell phone screens

  5. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Major Gas Leak Leads to $120M Settlement

    A Southern California utility reached a nearly $120 million settlement over a massive blowout at a natural gas storage field that became the nation’s largest known release of climate-changing methane and forced thousands to flee their Los Angeles homes almost three years ago, officials announced on Aug. 8.

    The settlement between Southern California Gas Co. and state and local governments aims to mitigate the greenhouse gases that spewed uncontrollably for nearly four months. The October 2015 blowout at an Aliso Canyon well sickened residents of the San Fernando Valley and led to evacuations of 8,000 homes.

    Under the settlement, the utility agreed to pay up to $25 million for a study of long-term health consequences; reimburse city, county and state governments for responding to the blowout; monitor chemicals in the air along the boundary of the facility for eight years; and not pass costs of the settlement along to ratepayers.

    “This settlement says that they have to eat all the costs,” said City Councilman Mitchell Englander, who lives in the area. “During the blowout, their stock price actually went up. That was insane, and it was insulting, and I know the people that were living there were very upset about that, and they wanted it to come out of their pocket.”

    [source article:]

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:


    Published on February 7, 2014

    Listen carefully to the above presentation.

    In addition to the pulmonary risks of geoengineering particulates in the air, PLEASE BE AWARE that construction products and interior decor materials in modern homes exude massive amounts of noxious gasses when smoldering or ignited.  Inhalation exposure to these gasses can kill you in less than a minute.  PLEASE investigate appropriate protective masks here:  >

  7. Sherrie says:

    Here in the southern SD Black Hills we have been sprayed for months. Now I’m seeing the pine tree branches turn brown.

    we are a tender box here and I fully expect a fire anytime.

  8. Roma says:

    Thanks Dane, very informative video.  New Zealand would sure burn well with its commercial pine forest plantations.  Our famed historical Kauri trees are dying, and our native Cabbage trees.  And so many trees with dried brown leaves still hanging so close to Spring.

    While talking to a new friend I brought up the subject of geoengineering.  He said he had heard about it but just wanted to live the rest of his life being happy and worry-free.  Seems there are a lot of people who acknowledge what's happening but don't want to know about it.  Guess they're just as happy to accept early dementia/early death courtesy of the TPTB without complaining.

    Our National TV weather forecaster said we'll have nice Spring weather but a probability of two or three more cold weather snaps before summer and "that will make the ski-resorts happy". Yeah, all those ski-resort investors will be real happy.  You'd almost think they planned it.

    My new neighbor, a 72 year old man, a wee bit low IQ, panicked with giddy spells and ended up hospital.  They kept him there all week and did all sorts of tests including a cat scan.  Seems it was just new hearing aid problems but he said they told him he had metal in his brain and might need an operation.  Wonder how that got there. Anybody else heard of anything like this? 

  9. Thalia Ashe says:

    Check out South Africa Knysna fires. Very similar, just smaller scale.

    • Dale K says:

      Utah firefighters' latest goal: Keep the Coal Hollow Fire away from U.S. Highway 6
      Nate Carlisle | The Salt Lake Tribune
      Aug 11, 2018

      The Coal Hollow Fire, already covering about 19,400 acres and blowing smoke into Utah’s second-most populated county, is again threatening one of the state’s most important east-west corridors.

      The blaze moved overnight and on Saturday approached U.S. Highway 6. Leann Fox, a spokeswoman for the firefighting team, said the flames are nearing an area called Knoll Hollow — about 20 miles east of Spanish Fork in Utah County. Firefighters are working to contain or repel the fire there.

      “They are concerned today it may jump [Highway ] 6,” she said. “If it does, they will close the highway.”

      The latest map shows Highway 6 on the fire’s north flank. Television news crews on Friday night showed firefighters setting controlled burns along the highway to remove fuels before the larger fire reached them.

      As of Saturday night, the fire hadn’t crossed the highway, but officials said it was “actively burning” along the corridor.

      Fox said the blaze also advanced on its southeast flank Friday night and Saturday morning. The latest measurement places the Coal Hollow Fire at 19,360 acres and 4 percent contained. Lightning ignited the fire Saturday.

      NOTE THIS: Officials said isolated thunderstorms that developed over the fire Saturday didn’t produce any precipitation, just gusty wind. 

  10. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Today on NPR's Science Friday they were openly discussing geoengineering as a possible solution to stop the global heating.  Specifically they were talking about volcanoes' contribution to global dimming and global cooling, soooo… what–?  Activate a bunch of volcanos, and that will stop The Problem of man-made green house gases and the metal particulates' destruction of the ozone layer??Idiots seem to have left out some very critical information, I'd say.

    You can see large sheets of smoke going over the Bay Area from time to time, most days in fact, for a few weeks now. On the NASA satellite pic you can see the smoke plume making it's way east to well over Nevada.  Terrible, just terrible.  Gov. Jerry Brown says it's bad and it's going to get worse in the future.  WHY won't these guys all speak up at once?  I have neighbors here now openly talking about the metal particulates we're being sprayed with because I have pointed up and got people to look up, and it's opened the door for discussion.  It works because I already have an established long-time presence and reputation for being reliable, honest, intelligent, well-informed, no bee ess, and I will talk about problems that need to be talked about.

  11. Kenny G says:

    Here on Vancouver Island in Canada we have out of control fires burning everywhere. It’s total insanity. The planes are always there spraying. When will people wake up? Thank you Dane.

  12. Stuart says:

    Here in Orange County, CA we have had several days of smoke from the nearby Holy fire.  A light OFFSHORE breeze was blowing the smoke towards the ocean.  Also mixed in with some clouds of monsoon origin and I believe SRM spraying as well.

    This afternoon a M2.6  EQ was reported approx 6 mi NE of Trabuco/ Holy Jim cyn.  This is exact location of fire FRI.  A cool ONSHORE breeze started this evening.  Temps in fire area forecast several degrees cooler thru midweek.

    Similar situation noted last week near Carr fire.  Aprox M2.6 EQ reported near Bella Vista just as higher humidity and slightly lower temps moved into area.

    Engineered Cooldowns still coming amidst all our record shattering HEAT past six weeks.

  13. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Dane: Thank you for clarifying fire behaviors within building structures and types of ignition points as related to intense fire conditions.  Fiberglas or asphalt composition shingles are an insane idea when building homes in densely forested areas.  Traditional stucco and brick exteriors with tile or metal roofing materials are the only way to build in these high risk situations.  The Great Chicago fire of October 10, 1871 was a huge wake up call for city planners and developers.  Many replacement homes were spaced further apart, and built of brick or stucco exteriors thereafter.  History always repeats…

    I've posted information related to The Blowdown event of July 4th, 1999 in Northern Minnesota before.  I lived about 800 feet off the shore of Lake Superior at the time, and have never seen a barometer drop as fast and as far as mine did just prior to the "storm".  In my opinion, this was a HAARP demonstration of the first order.  The blow down leveled a swath of forest over 30 miles long and roughly two to four miles wide in many places.  200 year old white pines were snapped off like toothpicks or upturned at the root.  The mess was never cleaned up, and the forest will never recover due to present soil conditions and mankind's stupidity…….. Anyhow; I think readers may find this article interesting:

    Note the mention of full perimeter and roof top sprinkler systems that are employed by persons living in Cook County, Minnesota.

  14. Helene says:

    Thank you for all you do to help bring awareness of the geoengineering.  Thank you for sending the booklets as I continue to hand them out to people.    My prayers are with all of you.

  15. simone says:


  16. Mary Nix Hollowell says:

    When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. 

    – Isaiah 43:2

    • Inge Perreault says:

      Oh really? Ask the people who lost their lives, the innocent animals who are perishing. I can't stand the religious ranting of people who use man-made writing (and the Bible was written by humans) as a shield waiting apparently for the apparition of Jesus or some Messiah when we are dealing with pure evil of the power-mongers who are responsible for Agenda 21. All of this is man-made and you can pray day and night it will not go away unless people wake-up. I know I am going to offend some people but I am offended by their ignorance and unwillingness to open their eyes and I have never been politically correct. Dane is a hero by doing what he has for over a decade, I don't know how he keeps so calm and focused in the face of a population that is blind, unwilling to see reality. If you are looking for a "saint" he is the only saintly person out there with his organization of like-minded intelligent people standing-up for what is a just and urgent cause, the most urgent task we humans face.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Inge Perreault, I don't believe Mary was ranting here. Just to give her the benefit of the doubt, I'd bet lunch that she had a meaning behind her contribution. Personally, I think I know what she was trying to get across. I won't tell you, do your own thinking, Sir. Tell ya what else, I'd bet lunch that Mary has handed out more flyers than most that will read these words. Would you pay a round trip ticket from the east coast to the west coast just to get to Redding? Mary did, "twice!" Frankly, I believe that the "awakened religious people" are the most dangerous individuals of all, "to the power structure". Thank you for your contribution, Mary, my friend I have met. Oh, and Inge, I never buy lunch.

    • Gail~ Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Not nice Inge.  I wouldn't call mary's words ranting. We all need some Hope & I am sure Mary has nothing but Love for the those lives lost along with all of the Birds, Animals, Trees & Insects. We all have ways of expressing ourselves. We must get along. Divided we fall! Read the next reply & ignore all with the name Jesus & God. 

  17. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for the up close and personal account of what is happening in your region. Thanks most for pointing out the obvious aspects that most "truth" channels fail to report simply because they can't seem to find the energy to get off their asses and go look for themselves. I'll even once again, go so far as to say the evidence of DEW's is nill. I went out and about just as you have done in this video back in 2015. I paid close attention to what did or did not burn. There were many significant differences in the habits and dwellings of those that did or did not get burned out. I hope I put that in a politically correct form. Personally I am sick and tired of dumb asses that don't know squat about how our "modern" dwellings are constructed, continue to blurt out like the sheep they were designed to be and try to make us all think they are so smart. It makes me mad as you know what and drives me hard to be heard over their half truth redoric. It all comes down to where the rubber hits the road, obviously, some don't have the nads to go out and see for them selves and report the "whole truth". Please my friends I have not met yet, know that these statements are coming from someone that has been there, done that in regards to wild fires(3 so far). It has created a division in my heart and mind. Part of me wants so much for the rain and dew to return and the other part of me won't rest until it happens. Bring on the cat 5 storms, our mother has a lot to get out of her system.

    Thank you Dane for getting this video and commentary "out there".

  18. Dan C says:

    Sure are a lot of trees still standing in those pics…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dan, yes, large living trees almost never burn to the ground, even in the most intense forest fires. Consider the after photos of forest fires, do we see bare dirt covered hills with no sign of the forest that was once there? No, what you see are standing scorched trees. Now consider this, boreal forests (northern latitude forests where most of our forest fires take place) are generally conifers which are filled with pitch or sap that is flammable (and again, even then, large living trees are ALMOST ALWAYS left standing). Next, consider this, many of the trees around homes are deciduous trees, they do not contain flammable pitch (making them much less flammable, leaves included. Such trees can be burned, of course, but they are not prone to burning.

      Many of the trees around Northern California homes are Redwoods, which are especially fire resistant,

      Further, in the case of dwelling fires, the heat plumes can tend to go more up than out, this is why one home can burn to the ground next to another that is left untouched. Consider that the trajectory of the heat plume in a fire can completely determine whether or not surrounding trees are heavily burned or not (again, the tree species is a major factor in the equation). These factors do not just apply around dwelling fires, but also in the forest. I state this from years of first hand experience with controlled burning in forest land associated with habitat restoration projects. Many species of deciduous trees in or near such fires are left standing with a full canopy of dried out, semi-burned, but still hanging leaves. I have also witnessed the same phenomenon while operating bulldozers (Hightrack Caterpillar D-6 & D-5) on the front line of wildfires, even working directly with Cal-FIre pioneering fire breaks across mountainous forested terrain. I have spent much of my life in forests, I have been around wildfires and their aftermath since I was very young (my father was an arborist). I am very familiar with how various species of trees react to fire exposure. Relevant facts must always be investigated before conclusions are reached. All of this being said, the bottom line is this, illegal global climate engineering / geoengineering operations are the single greatest causal factor in regard to the epic forest fires burning all over the planet.


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