Chemtrails Pose Serious and Increasing Health Risks to U.S. Citizens


By Troy Phillipson, Abundant Life Wellness Center, Milwaukee, Wis.

When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory?  When it is the truth.  Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why so-called jet con-trails or condensation trails are so very different than when we where kids?  I’ll bet you you have been wondering just what those suspicious cloud-like streaks across the skies contain?

What if I told you that you and your family are being sprayed regularly with toxic aerosols?  It’s called Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering (or SAG);  better known as chem-trails.

We have also been told by local weather men that this is the normal exhaust or water vapor left in the wake of an aircraft.  Here is a brief description of the difference. When a jet airplane flies at a certain altitude, a visible trail or streaks of condensed  water vapors sometimes form in the wake of the aircraft – hence the name “contrail.” This is a normal phenomena and usually dissipates within a few seconds.

What is observed behind a SAG plane is entirely different. You only need to look up on a clear sunny day and observe.  Thick white lines that linger for several hours.  The upper atmosphere is very deliberately sprayed — often times in grid patterns (for more thorough coverage). These trails then appear to us as clouds – chemtrails.

It seems that the early mornings on very clear sunny days are the primary qualifications for this biological attack.  These particles can then quietly, without notice, fall to the ground where they enter our soil, water, and respiratory systems.

Reputable scientists have been diligently testing our soil and the results are shocking. Aluminum, barium and other elements were found to be thousands of times higher than normal levels. The high levels lead to very irregular or very acidic PH levels in the soil which can be deadly to ecological life systems. Peer-reviewed scientific studies have concluded bio available aluminum being found in large quantities in our rain water world wide is extremely harmful to our ecological flora and thus the eco-system.

I am sure at this point you might be wondering how this might be impacting the inhabitants of the eco-system – us.  As a naturopath I am constantly trying to inform my clients of the possible health dangers we are currently facing as a result of these deliberate attacks on our environment. I routinely ask folks, “How is your brain fog today?” It seems that along with the EMFs (electro magnetic fields) from our electronic devices, our brains are constantly under attack. One of the primary symptoms we are seeing is “brain fog.”  We are told that this is a normal part of aging.  I am here to tell you that this is not normal.  We joke about it, but should we?  I believe it is time to get angry. If being sprayed by brain-damaging aluminum does not make us angry, I might ask, just what will make us angry?

Routinely, I send out hair samples for analysis. The levels of aluminum continue to increase at a very alarming pace.  Here are a few examples of how aluminum adversely affects our health:  Nervous system impairment, Kidney failure, memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion, and disorientation.  Aluminum also has a negative impact on digestion because it reduces intestinal activity.

One of the most common complaints that we see today is some type of a digestive symptom. For you, it might be gas or bloating. For someone else, it may be constipation. These are just a couple of examples of symptoms that might, at least in part, be related to elevated aluminum levels.

Other possible conditions associated with aluminum toxicity include headaches, colic, dryness of the skin and mucous membranes, tendency for colds, burning pain in the head relieved by food, heartburn and an aversion to meat.  Later symptoms can be severe, including paralytic muscular conditions, loss of memory, and mental confusion.

Other sources of aluminum we can more easily avoid include the obvious beverages from aluminum cans, food cooked in aluminum cookware, use of aluminum containing antacids, use of anti-perspirants, municipal drinking water, baking powders, processed cheese, and bleached flour.

Many children today are born with elevated aluminum that is passed from mother to fetus through the placenta.  This may explain the rise in the number of respiratory conditions we are seeing today in our young people. The respiratory mortality rate has risen from eighth to third on the list in only five years.  There also appears to be a direct link in the rise of chilhood neurological disorders like attention disorders/hyperactivity, autism, behavior disorders, and learning disabilities.

When we think of aluminum we naturally think of Alzheimers. Alzheimers, and other illnesses neurologically linked, have risen around the globe at astronomical rates since the inception of the alleged spraying.  While dementia is often associated with aging, I believe it to actually be associated with the accumulation of more and more poisons, including aluminum, coupled with the inability to detox these poisons.  Recently, a nine year old girl was diagnosed with dementia – proving that age is not the only component of this dreaded disease.

The next question always seems to be:  “Yeah well, what can we do about it?”  Here are four simple things you can do to take action:

1)  Get educated!  Get off of your iPods and get engaged in the battle.

2)  Test your own pond, and/or rainfall for aluminum content.

3)  Spread the word to everyone you know, including your senator and congressmen.

4)  Create a citizens’ watch group in your area. Get active in legal and political areas.

Here are some great resources to help you get involved:   and

Here are some quotes to help you get motivated:

• “US Federal Government commits TREASON, officially disolving Constitution, declaring WAR on US Citizens.”

• “The entire Congress and executive branch now outlaws. Supreme Court co-conspirators by their OFFICIAL SILENCE.”

• “Allegiance to any of these criminals is in itself criminal according to the Constitution and Declaration of Independance.”

• “Congress has now passed the National Defense Appropriations Act, with Amendment 1031, which allows for the military detention of American citizens.  Ninety-three Senators voted to support this bill and now most of Congress: a roster of names that will live in infamy in the history of our nation, and never be expunged from the dark column of the history books.”

• “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”

• “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”  (Thomas Jefferson)

• “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”?(Hosea).”

38 Responses to Chemtrails Pose Serious and Increasing Health Risks to U.S. Citizens

  1. Rebecca says:

    November God, it's still going on. Day in and day out..even under the cover of darkness.

  2. Michael Singleton says:

    I wanna know… Does Trump, RNC, EPA KNOW THIS STUFF?

    • Tyler Draheim says:

      Trump does know just look up trump and chemtrails and a tweet he did to become president will appear.

  3. benaiah juma says:

    These people are spraying chemtrails all over Kenya. I have been trying to warn some people about this chemtrails but they think i am crazy. After people called my parents after i warned them about this chemtrails i just chose to remain silent and not bother myself because the deluded think that i am the one who is under a strong delusion and i have lost my way up there. The people who know about this are my parents and siblings. Majority of people in Kenya think that this chemtrails are just ordinary contrails.

  4. Robbie Gonzales says:

    I was in my yard a month or so ago.  I had taken my bearded dragon out to enjoy the sun.  We were out about 15 minutes when I began to see alot of chem trails going on.  All of a sudden I began to smell and taste what seemed like bug spray for the yard.  It was very potent.  We came inside at that point.  Same thing today, sat outside for awhile then all of a sudden that smell again so we came back in.  It is very scary.  Im about to plant a garden but am afraid of the chemicals coming down.

  5. A.salam says:

    We want the union organisations all the people around the  world that take a part that effect and telling the society

  6. This chemtrail conspiracy is beginning to break my feelings. There are also spraying chemtrails in my country Kenya.I thought that they were only spraying the chemtrails mostly in the USA. I saw chemtrails in kenya and i informed the people in Kenya and they did not believe me instead they called my parents and said that i was nuts, nowadays i don't even care because the people are under delusion and they love not the truth. 

    • Blu says:

      I was watching the sky's yesterday. From the morning sprays to the effect of the next day (blanket white) l have headache that won't go away. You are right, they are wrong. People are scared and they don't want to have to fight. It's easier to pretend its not happening. We need to get this stopped. The sky, sea and land are all poisoned. I feel so upset that these ignorant evil people have done this to my planet and are killing us slowly. I'm in the UK. Its a global issue.

  7. Mercy says:

    This evil is called Chemtrail Holocaust!

  8. benaiah juma says:

    Thanks for the job you guys are doing in educating the masses. I bet these guys are really evil. Crooked planes spraying poisonous trails in the sky every day.

  9. benaiah juma says:

    thanks for the job you guys are doing for educating the masses.

  10. SUSPICIOUS LETTER TO MY ADDRESS RECEIVED 1/13/2015 i capitalized the words, SALIVA and HAIR SAMPLES and NEIGHBORTHOOD for emphasis. ~Glenda Gammel
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    The Ohio Study is under the direction To Dr. Christopher Browning of the OSU Sociology Department.

    Our interviewers will be in your NEIGHBORHOOD soon.

    To find out more details or to schedule your appointment, please call our message center at (614) 962-OHIO (6446).

    We look forward to talking to you!

    The Ohio State University’s Office of Responsible Research Practices is in charge of protecting your rights. If you have any problems or questions about this study that you don’t feel comfortable bringing to the research team, please call Ms. Sandra Meadows at the Ohio State University’s Office of Responsible Research Practices 1 (800) 678-6251.

  11. Paul Lardinois says:

    I really don’t think people will ever wake up until their local weatherman says something. Call it ignorance. Stupidity. It’s funny how stupid so many people actually are who know nothing of this going on. It’s the 1%, hopefully more, who are the smart ones that will one day overthrow this scheme. Planet Earth was not put here with its beauty to be trampled on by the devil’s followers. How unfortunate we all are to be on this planet in this day and age. Not to mention future innocent generations. I would take B.C. times any day over this hell on Earth. Keep educating others like I do. It’s the only hope. Don’t stare blankly at a dead world. LIVE, FEEL, OVERCOME. STAY STRONG. BE WISE. DON’T GIVE IN. LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE ONE SHOULD.

  12. Tom Johnson says:

    The article is good but MISSES the “elephant in the living room” and that is the massive proliferation of electromagnetic fields (“electrosmog”).

    Every industrialized “urban” area is now suffering from levels of electrosmog that are ONE TRILLION TIMES HIGHER than those of just 20 years ago.

    The aluminum in the air (and other toxins in our bloodstream) now have EASY ACCESS to the brain due to the fact that anyone using a cell phone can easily DISABLE the blood brain barrier with those microwaves.

    Holding the phone away from the body, using speaker phone, headsets, etc. does NO GOOD. You can be exposed to the “second-hand” microwaves from cell phone users in your vicinity (a good number of feet away) and those “speed of light” and very powerful microwaves spewing from those toys of death CAN OPEN YOUR BBB and you don’t have to be using a cell phone.

    All those illnesses mentioned have increased on a dose-response curve that follows the proliferation of this “wireless insanity”. (Cell towers, WiMax, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and on and on are a major part of this problem and the ONLY solution is to “opt out” and do not contribute to this environmental destruction.)

    • Susan Remes says:

      My doctor diagnosed health problems (ear pain,brain fog,numbness of the entire side of my head) were due to cell phone use.  Dr. said I am hyper-sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and should not even use computers.  He also stated this condition is not uncommon. 

      Also, I have developed Asthma and COPD (unusual for a life long non-smoker) and have flareups of these problems whenever they have been spraying chemtrails in our area.  How do people with Environmental Illness and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities survive all the assaults on us? 

  13. Mary says:

    No doubt Monsanto is involved…

    • El Jefe says:

      Oh no doubt about it Mary. They may not have instigated geoengineering but I reckon that they have come along for the ride with the idea of making a few bucks on the side. I read online that chemtrails are being sprayed by both the USAF and private companies. I also read that Monsanto are developing their GM crops to withstand high levels of chemtrail-like pollution, see here-

      Several years down the line, the only seeds that will grow properly will be those produced and patented by Monsanto. They wipe out the competition so they can charge whatever they like for their poisonous seeds, exterminate natural pollinators such as birds and bees with Roundup and other chemicals, and effectively take control of crop supply with an iron grip.

      Anyone who thinks Monsanto are not capable of a plan like this should check into the company's history since its establishment over 100 years ago, they have shown time and again that they are compulsive liars who have absolutely no morals and always put their bottom line before people's health and wellbeing. 

  14. Earth Angel says:

    Yes thea- I too have had a strange unpleasant and bitter taste in my mouth for about 2 years now; ever since being sprayed at very low altitude in our area in May 2012. I believe it is mostly the ‘salty metallic’ taste that has been described by Russ Tanner of and in the Saturday internet radio broadcasts. It is terrible we are all being poisoned.

  15. Earth Angel says:

    No Louise- the entire globe is being sprayed and affected negatively by these criminal programs. Spraying is going on and has been documented over Canada and many European countries, Austrailia, even South America now. This is a worldwide assault on all life.

  16. Louise says:

    Is it just the US that’s being sprayed?

  17. KTB says:

    honestly I think it comes down to monies… when social security was first implemented the average life span was 55 …. thats why they made the age 65….they never intended us to collect that money … now the average life span is 72 ( i think for a physician it is around fifty five to sixty) and they are running out of monies… it is like a mass fumigation you will see cancers and bronchial issues.. cardiac issues skin ailments asthma i think is going to be the heaviest hit etc… you get my point … open your eyes look up and make a stand have an opinion don’t be ignorant and then try to blame some one else in the end ake responsibility for your own health and welfare……..

  18. KTB says:

    Monsanto has applied for an aluminum resistant seed patent .. why do they need that and what do they know……. that they think we do not know….. really?????

  19. david says:

    Monsanto is involved in these agendas. They have a seed that will grow in soil with the ph that is being created. this is about “full spectrum dominance” they want total control over the food supply. We are now in a self defense position. The war is against us.

  20. david says:

    there are many agendas with chemtrail operations. there is a great book that just came out called “chemtrails, Haarp and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth.” this is an amazing book. Details all the agendas and ties the loose ends together. link:

  21. Hawkeye says:

    Spot on Confuscloud. Protesting & writing the cons do NOTHING. They do not work for us they only take our money, and they “may” have a private anti-dote they think will exempt them from the poison spray but no anti-dote in the world will overcome Earth’s wrath that is upon them, as we speak here right now she is growling in pain and getting ready to vomit all over them. LOL… Their feeble attempts to save what they broke are just that, feeble. Earth can squash them like a bug and she is getting ready to fire back. No one is noticing or connecting the massive amounts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to this geo spraying. Remember it has been up there for DECADES. She has had enough and we are all in the way including the psycho’s spraying us. There is no anti-dote and no place for them to hide. Besides this fact their technology stinks. Nothing works, computers freeze up, get sick, run slow and need electrical power to operate. These are not the devises of all powerful people and should be considered to lessen fear and worry. What is the one thing that can ground poison spraying planes and ruin engines for future missions. What can do all that and also pull the plug on their electrical power supply? VOLCANO’S that’s what. God is in control – NOT them. Seek out this info. because that is the un-reported danger. Right now India is having daily quakes and has a volcano or two or three erupting. The ash plumes from these eruptions are posted by USGS et al and NO FLY zones are already being posted and in place for India. They are having a heatwave of 114 degree’s a day. Planes can’t spray in volcanic ash plumes and they are burning up. Mexico has had evacuation orders in place for about a month now as they too are quaking daily and have two volcano’s erupting hence the evac. orders. What is happening here in U.S. right now with “immigration” and “open” borders? Connect these dots and know what is really going on ( evacuations in mass exodus )not immigration, and don not worry, God is on His way.

  22. thea says:

    Why? is a great question. If “they” poison the Earth, what will they have left? Even if they have a seed bank, how will seeds grow? Are they that insane?
    Does anyone else taste the metals on their parched tongue?
    I am a teacher and today all my kids came in from recess with red and sore eyes and their allergies are off the hook.

  23. georgina christ says:

    “Why” is the first question 99% of the people ask when I mention this subject. Especially since “they” live on this planet as well. The only conclusion(s) I have been able to come to is; follow the money, control and power egos, and the description of the playground bully. The U.S. has a very long history of self vested interest in control and power at the expense of the worker bee – we the people of this planet. I struggle with the notion that there are people who would create the living conditions we are facing now as I witness the dead and dying trees around me and are they going to be replaced and if so are they going to be real/natural trees or the GMO, more people coughing, concern on the affects of the UV and if they are using sunscreen,…..yet, I will continue to spread the information I know because if I wait until I get an actual answer as to “why” from the guilty parties, we may be gone.

  24. Constant Walker says:

    Whatever the final outcome of this terminal phase of the Planet-wasting “civilization” disease, whatever the trials and tribulations of getting to it, those among the presently domesticated peoples who can get over the “self” sickness, and come together spontaneously as Free Wild Natural Persons in Free Wild Human Communities, will ‘suffer’ a lot less than those who remain trapped in their “individual”-ity, and so have to go through it alone. Trying to use its own mechanisms to derail the massive institutional and technological contraption being used to geo-engineer Earth’s Whole Living Arrangement (of which Humanity is a component of Her immune system) into something entirely alien and hostile to its Native Lifeforms, is an exercise in futility, despite Mr. Phillipson’s no-doubt sincere and well-meant urging here.

    The one thing still Humanly possible for our tame Sisters and Brothers to do, the one thing that will address the condition ALL our Condition is in to some mutually beneficial remedial effect, is for them to get over their own too-precious “self,” which is itself the active mechanism of the wasting disease’s immune-suppression regime. Anything else, or less, is doomed to fail….miserably.

  25. Gashy says:

    People here in England are so complacent they still think climate change is caused by burning fossel fuels.

  26. Kat says:

    Time to wake up the sleeping!!!

  27. Confuscioud says:

    Rest assured they have a way to protect themselves from this… Every move they make is carefully planned. As to why ? That is simple, THEY WANT YOU DEAD…They dont need your taxes, they dont need money, They dont need anything, but you dead, so there is no chance of an uprising to unseat their way of life. And them and their generations get to continue their way of life with only a few easily controlled slaves… Plain and simple!!!!!!!
    They have control of EVERYTHING on the planet….
    I can tell you this, speaking out, protesting, and writing congress will NEVER stop this… They laugh at that stuff…
    The schoolyard bully always stopped messin, when he got his head split open… Or his teeth knocked out though… Just sayin

  28. bobby says:

    I think our gov’t might be being held hostage. Like extortion. That would explain the eery silence. It would explain flight 370, 9/11, the Charleston Nuke scare, Boston bombing, all of it. Ok, maybe not the Fema camps with the guillotines. Is this not like a horror movie but in real life? It’s so utterly bizarre and unbelievable no wonder so many people can’t believe it. It’s like we’re fighting two fronts. The ones who are poisoning and slow killing us all whilst ignoring our inquiries and the other side of Fox News, Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars ‘Zombies’. Has anyone ever thought of the possibility that we’re the ones who have lost it? Or maybe we have died and are in purgatory? What’s strangest of all is that I discovered my posts on VT, a well respected, well informed, well written alternative media website wasn’t posting my posts, but I was seeing them, all of them, weeks in the past on my computer. But not my Iphone or any other computer. They simply weren’t there. It definitely is some sort of mind blasting, reality distorting event taking place and I’m as lost and confused as everyone else that isn’t just going about their day to day lives completely and utterly oblivious. But of course, I’m not giving up. I’ll keep posting, keep trying to educate and try to bring more and more people over to our side……there’s just a part of me, I’m sorry to say….that feels these clueless people are far better off. I mean, what good is knowing people are trying to kill you when no one else cares or believes it? Ok I got my little pity party over with. Back to business! Dane, you’re an inspiration and great example of pushing forward and not looking back. I’m trying my best to copy.

  29. patty battaglio says:

    Great article!!
    Too many people are still ASLEEP!!
    I pray they wake up!!

  30. Ginny Hunt says:

    The obvious question is why and they have to live and breath also. I see them for years. I believe they are evil but WHY?

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