Climate Change Advocates Ignore Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

Collective efforts are essential If we are to have any chance of exposing and halting global climate engineering operations in time to salvage what yet remains of Earth’s life support systems. All are needed in the battle to sound the alarm on the critical issue of climate engineering.

28 Responses to Climate Change Advocates Ignore Geoengineering

  1. Andreas says:

    Hello Dane,

    a German translation of this insightful broadcast is available at

    Futhermore I´ve "tinkered" a banner which refers to I hope that´s OK.

    Best wishes


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Andreas, thank you very much for all your work with translating, and for your help with sounding the alarm.

  2. Paul Vonharnish says:

    At 8:00 minutes into the interview the gentleman asks: "How can people do the mental gymnastics?"  [Of denial]  Simple:  It's learned behavior.

    The masses have been hijacked into false personal identifications with media prescribed cultural definitions, and government funded education has become a form of adolescent potty training.  Weak egos leave all rational debate to assigned "experts" – who might as well live on Pluto… See John Bolton…

    "Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance." 

    H.L. Mencken

    (Henry Louis Mencken)

    (September 12, 1880 – January 29, 1956)

  3. BlueSue says:

    Dane, great to see you reaching new audiences with the truth of geoengineering. 

    If you can stomach the lies of David Keith and his vile ilk:


    • roma says:

      Great little video –  love the bit at 2.20 mins where they show a balloon rising into a sky full of "chemtrails"!

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Blue Sue:  Perhaps David Keith and other pro-geoengineering "scientists" have never performed an atmospheric heating analysis using valid physics criteria found in the First and Second Laws of thermodynamics.

      1.) How much total aviation fuel is expended by aircraft when the target atmospheric release is 20 MILLION tons of aluminum oxide PER YEAR?  You have to loft these materials to altitude.  An average fully loaded Boeing 747 uses 1 gallon (or more) of aviation fuel per second… Yes, other aircraft are often identified, but gross fuel expenditures are similar.

      Observe the background images in any Geoengineering Watch's weekly broadcast.  The number of aircraft trails is staggering.  A simple definition of how energy is converted to heat can be found here: >

      2.) Add the above criteria to "other" geoengineering exercises which loft multiple pollutants like barium nitrate, strontium, silver iodide, carboxymethyl cellulose,  ferric chloride,  Manganese chloride, suggested bacteriums like Pseudomonas syringae, and other nasty particulates like coal fly ash.  How many aircraft are in use?  What's the thermal expenditure?

      3.)  How much thermal energy is released within multiple processes of mining, manufacturing, and shipping raw "global warming solutions" between facility destinations?  Erm…

      4.) How much energy is released in the transport of these materials to military and civilian airport facilities?  How many train cars, semi-trucks, pipeline pumps, etc?

      5.) How much thermal energy is released by electromagnetic facilities such as HAARP?  Look up the advertised magnitudes of power in watts.  Go back to the second law of thermodynamics.  Calculate.

      Admittedly, I haven't done a full analysis of the above parameters (as I lack a mainframe computer and physics) but it seems obvious that geoengineering will not offset direct thermal contributions.  In my opinion, a full computational analysis would reveal a net thermal gain in terms of atmospheric heating…

      Mummified intellectuals like David Keith need a rubber room, and those who build geoengineering aircraft need to spend life in prison…

  4. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    The Purpose of Debate 
    People have asked what's the purpose of debating the vaccine science.
    1. Democracy is built upon debating any important issue. It's how people decide which side has the better case. The Supreme Court has 9 judges so they can debate the issues. Otherwise it's a dictatorship. It's like any good murder case. When one side presents their case you think 'well that was convincing'…until the other side makes their case. And then you're like 'well now I'm not so sure". Then you realize there's more to the issue than you first thought. 

    2. With vaccines we have a dictatorship. The media won't discuss the negative impact of vaccines. The media are ruled by their financial ties to the pharma and won't entertain any open discussion on the matter.

    3. With vaccines for example, you hear that there use to be 4 million cases a year and nearly 100 deaths from chicken pox. And that sounds like a convincing argument for the vaccine. Then the other side reveals that 'since the vaccine, shingles has gone up by 4 times and autoimmune disease has gone up dramatically as well'. Until you present both sides people can't evaluate the risks versus rewards because the pro-vaccine side only talks about the rewards.

    4. If vaccine science is so solid then what's the fear of debate about? Show the world how solid your science is. But they're afraid their weak science will be exposed and people will see how problematic and biologically faulty the logic is of tricking the immune system into thinking it has gotten a disease by injecting viruses and toxic metals into babies. It would be shown that the death rates had gone down' 99% from many of the diseases before the vaccines came along and stole the credit for eradication.

  5. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    What product, injected into our body, is so “safe and effective” that we have to threaten our citizens with denial of education, $1000 fines, and incarceration in order to achieve compliance?

  6. Oshkaabewis Puck says:

    I attended on May 5 2019 a (so-called) Climate Summit sponsored by the (Hon.) Carolyn Bennett, Liberal, Toronto-St. Paul's Riding. The Summit  was a Carbon and Plastic Culprit fest. My purpose in attending was to have the  Military component to climate change placed on the table. When my comment/question, referencing Dr. Rosalie Bertell's Plantet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (2001), was raised Ms. Bennett was visibly shocked/surprised. I was subsequently informed that her office would be in touch with me (we will see). The public has been successfully inculcated to not even the of the Military as an agent of ecocide. Dane you are very much appreciated!!!!!!

  7. Terrie Petersen says:

    For the last few years it’s also very obvious that we no longer have our 4 seasons. As a gardener and anyone who loves the outdoors, one should be very aware that spring has been manipulated to stay cold, cloudy with ongoing snow storms. Our Indian summer has been manipulated to be a continuance of our hot dry summer, with skin burning, tree killing heat … then bam! An extreme temperature change from heat to below freezing temperatures over night killing yet more vegetation. It blows my mind to see how most people just blow it off as normal!

    • Dennie says:

      I've noticed that, too.  Goes from warm to c-o-o-o-o-l-d nearly overnight, right around the end of October now.  Once, back in 2000, it felt so cold I said to myself, "We're going to get frost tonight– how very weird?!"  That was on November 6, and I live in the northern San Francisco Bay area.  We've had really heavy fog laden with the air crap that makes people cough, sneeze and noses to run– of course, it's "allergies," what with the heavy rains and all we've had here…. Today the fog's gone.  Out sweeping the driveway at 11:00 a.m. I had to come back inside and apply sunscreen, the super-duper heavy duty kind, to keep the ultraviolet and infrared radiation from burning me.  No one notices.  The bicyclists are all out tearing around in their lycra outfits, the kids are all playing away under the sun and it's burning the crap outta everything– no one notices– amazing, huh???

  8. LaShon says:

    Alot of people don't even look up in the sky.

  9. Dennie says:

    Here's something else that should be a huge red flag with regard to strontium:  It spontaneously ignites in the air… now connect that dot to the massive wildfires we're seeing everywhere:

    Strontium does not occur as the free elementStrontium is softer than calcium and decomposes water more vigorously. Freshly cut strontium has a silvery appearance, but rapidly turns a yellowish colour with the formation of the oxide. The finely divided metal ignites spontaneously in air.

    • Hugh Borthwick says:

      Where did you find the information on this? What is your source? This explains so much… it would be great to know where is published. Thanks.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Dennie... BIG Gold Star! Thank you!  🙂
      Back to Elements List

      The isotope Strontium-82 is used for cardiac imaging via Positron Emission Tomography (PET) at hospitals nationwide.
      This is an image of a heart during a normal rest-stress myocardial perfusion PET study. More on Sr-82 production at LANL.
      Atomic Number: 38
      Atomic Radius: 249 pm (Van der Waals)
      Atomic Symbol: Sr
      Melting Point: 777 °C
      Atomic Weight: 87.62
      Boiling Point: 1377 °C
      Electron Configuration: [Kr]5s2
      Oxidation States: 2, 1[3] (a strongly basic oxide)

      Named after Strontian, a town in Scotland. Isolated by Davey by electrolysis in 1808, however, Adair Crawford recognized a new mineral (strontianite) as differing from other barium minerals in 1790.
      Strontium is found chiefly as celestite and strontianite. The metal can be prepared by electrolysis of the fused chloride mixed with potassium chloride, or is made by reducing strontium oxide with aluminum in a vacuum at a temperature at which strontium distills off. Three allotropic forms of the metal exist, with transition points at 235 and 540°C.
      Strontium is softer than calcium and decomposes in water more vigorously. It does not absorb nitrogen below 380°C. It should be kept under kerosene to prevent oxidation. Freshly cut strontium has a silvery appearance, but rapidly turns a yellowish color with the formation of the oxide. The finely divided metal ignites spontaneously in air. Volatile strontium salts impart a beautiful crimson color to flames, and these salts are used in pyrotechnics and in the production of flares. Natural strontium is a mixture of four stable isotopes.
      Sixteen other unstable isotopes are known to exist. Of greatest importance is 90Sr with a half-life of 29 years. It is a product of nuclear fallout and presents a health problem. This isotope is one of the best long-lived high-energy beta emitters known, and is used in SNAP (Systems for Nuclear Auxilliary Power) devices. These devices hold promise for use in space vehicles, remote weather stations, navigational buoys, etc., and where a lightweight, long-lived, nuclear-electric power source is needed.
      In addition to the medical imaging application described in the image caption above, strontium has found use in producing ferrite magnets and in refining zinc. Strontium titanate is an interesting optical material as it has an extremely high refractive index and an optical dispersion greater than that of diamond. It has been used as a gemstone, but is very soft. It does not occur naturally.


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Link to Strontium on American Elements:

    • Dennie says:

      The quote is taken from the page on strontium found here:

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, I just got home a bit a go from tending the Geo engineering awareness booth at my local farmers market. First one of the year. #56 for me. This is my third year. What a nice surprise to see this article you have posted while I was out today. Good job my friend. I truly admire and appreciate how consistent you are in your presentations. When you first announced that you would be on info wars, I thought, oh boy, another Alex Jones exploitation. I do not know who the young man is that you spoke with, but he did a pretty good job of establishing a "non scripted" format. I'm glad the two of you addressed the "obvious" questions one faces when one is confronted with the climate engineering issues. Dane, thank you for all you do. My world wouldn't be the same without you. Especially on Thursday afternoons at the market.

  11. Robert David says:

    I stopped contributing to an environmental group when they didn't get back to me with their position on the ongoing climate engineering. No response at all.

    • Mike UK says:

      Same situation with me, Robert. I don't know where you are, but here in the UK both the Green Party and Friends of the Earth deny that there is any evidence of climate engineering being carried out. So like you, I stopped contributing. At least they responded – or lied maybe – but really, you do despair sometimes.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, the situation is REEEALLY depressing. This week we see in the printed news that insurance companies are canceling the policies of those homeowners who are living in wooded areas, such as the upper reaches of Mill Valley, San Rafael's hilly wooded neighborhoods such as Glenwood, Santa Venetia hills, Marinwood and upper Lucas Valley; unincorporated ridges between San Anselmo and San Rafael, usually with plenty of very pricey real estate; Novato and woodsy areas of west Marin County.  It is simply too much of a risk to insure their properties now.  I have no idea how these people are going to insure their homes in case of loss.  The price tag for the Camp Fire in Paradise and two southern California fires last year topped $12bn… yes, "twelve billion dollars."

      All around me I see people squabbling over resources and concerned with economic growth, and share prices of IPOs from companies like Uber, basically a company banking on the desperation of the disappearing middle and working class, capitalizing on essentially slave labor– too bad the n*****s taking their work didn't think to unionized the minute that exploitation corporation started doing it's business.  I see people on commentary throwing around facts and figures, unmasking the criminals and preaching to the choir.  I do NOT see elected representation effectively moving to STOP the insanity of hydrocarbon burning.  I hear nothing from my students about the schools' curriculum and what they're teaching them about the melting of the tundra and the release of methane– school kids never hear about methane and we all know here how much worse it is than CO2….  Instead we hear about building more technology to get us out of the mess we've allowed "stupid, stupid men" (… thank you, Helen Caldicott; and some of the women, too… certainly the ones who benefit from Daddy's paycheck and say nothing, for sure) and squabbles over what skin color's "the best," or some other such idiotic non-argument, while we are all dying from a much bigger threat to everything and everyone on Earth– So what, who cares?

  12. Sean Cregg says:

    Every time I fly on a commercial flight I bring 4 large envelopes each containing the Fact Booklet and 2 different professionally printed color Brochures. I remain on the flight after landing so as to be the last (or one of the last) off of the flight. Upon de-boarding the plane I happily thank the flight attendants and then approach one or both pilots usually near the cockpit area/exit door.  The pilots are always there waiting for the passengers to get off at that point.  Once I see a pilot I say "can I give you some information" and at the same time hand the pilot 2 envelopes, then state "it's about the weather" (one for the Captain and one for the Co-Pilot).  Then I just keep moving and say "Thank you".  Every time the pilots have been friendly, seemed interested, and thanked me.  I believe pilots already know, but may need more facts since they are an important voice.  Imagine if pilots went on strike to raise awareness! I hope we can get this information to many more pilots.  Thank you!

  13. Earth Angel says:

    Fantastic!!  Love to see Dane as a monthly contributor at Infowars- another huge global outreach with the Infowars audience. We just keep picking up steam. Way to go!  : )

  14. Lori Aitken says:

    Excellent interview Dane! I’ve already forwarded it to some people and will continue to do so!! Short and straight to the point!!

  15. James says:

    Excellent! Keep it up Dane, you're the man!

  16. Holley Ohar says:

    I'm from Connecticut I sent in my own sample of snow that I collected falling from the sky into a sterile bowl then I let it melt  and poured it into sterile mason jar from the March 13th 2018 noreaster that we had here which was I think the 3rd noreaster in 3 weeks. The results came back way over the reporting level on ALUMINUM BARIUM STRONTIUM AND SULFUR.

    • Ollie says:

      Excellent, Holley!   As I type this Houston is under a Flash Flood Warning and a  lightening and thunder storm is raging outside!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Hi Holley:

      Can you post the levels for each element found?  Reasonable, logical people all should understand that there should be Z-E-R-O Al, Ba, Sr or S in our precipitation.  PERIOD.

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