Climate Engineering Awareness Efforts, How Do We Sound The Alarm?


Dane Wigington

We collectively face a long list of planetary emergencies that are unfolding on countless fronts with blinding speed. Will we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by the darkening horizon? Or will we face the gathering storm head-on, prioritize our efforts, and each do what we can to effectively and efficiently sound the alarm in order to wake the masses? Of all the threats we face, the ongoing climate engineering/weather warfare assault is the single greatest short of nuclear cataclysm. If we are to have any chance of stopping geoengineering, we must first expose it, this effort will take all of us. Powerful awareness raising tools like the jet aircraft particulate spraying shown in the 2 minute video below are an example.

Many other methods of raising awareness can be utilized in any city or town in the US or the world. There are currently four public transportation buses running in Redding, California with the “Stop Climate Engineering” banner. Our deepest gratitude to Brian Schuler and Melanie Moran for making these banners/billboards happen. Click here to support stop climate engineering billboards by Brian Schuler and Melanie Moran. Buses

Five new digital billboards (three of them are shown below) have gone up in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada (2/11/17). Our most sincere thanks to Dwight Erickson for spearheading this effort. To view articles on other Geoengineering Watch billboards/signs check the attached link: 775 106

It is absolutely crucial to fully expose the ongoing global climate intervention/weather warfare atrocities. The path that leads to the desperately needed critical mass of public awareness on this issue has been long and arduous, but our grass roots efforts are the only way forward. Rapidly worsening weather whiplash and converging climate catastrophes are finally forcing the planetary geoengineering issue out into the open. Now more than ever we must all continue to credibly and effectively sound the alarm, make your voice heard.

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  1. James says:

    Southern California is under the heaviest spraying I have ever seen. So many trees are clearly dying. Frightening! Lots of people sick with "head colds (including me) and allergies and eye issues" I have pointed out to multitudes of people what's going on and at this point if they cannot see the sky for what it is now, their denial is so deep that they will never acknowledge the geographic engineering of the sky! The sky in May in Southern California is so thick that it looks like December in Michigan with it impenetrable cloud cover. I'm certain we are all going to starve in a fairly short amount of months. Once the trees are gone, we are on our way out. The trees here in Southern California have very few leaves that are clearly brown or no leaves at all. I am also concerned that any trees being planted are GMO trees. If there was a ship off this planet, I would grab my family and go today!

    • zach says:

      there was alot of spraying going on over where i live the last few day except for today so far..i use a flight tracker program and even though i live west of Baltimore and DC there are alot of jets that fly over as they start thier approach into DC or Baltimore, that said theres alot of air traffic over our area and believe me on days heavy spraying goes on me and my daughter and other people can physically notice symptoms like hard to breathe, itchy eyes and skin along with other things..its just horrible and i dont think that spraying is helping…just wanted to share..thanks


  2. Splinter says:

    I suggest everybody to write emails to the political parties with photo's and links.  It is small of course but they feel it.  That is why I name called myself "splinter".  It is seldom that I get answers but at least they do get our mails!   And the more mails they get the better.  One of the answers that I received was that it only concerned tests at a very small scale …. Which is not of course.  The larger political parties did not respond at all, which I see as an invitation to send them them more mails.   I also sent mails to the EU in Brussel as nowadays more and more legislation is delegated to Brussel (without any democratic leadership).  Let us make ourselves heard again and again so that they cannot ignore us.

  3. Marie says:

    I saw my first chemtrail back in 1998 and immediately i knew they were not natural. I am older in late 60's. I may not see the end of the earth, but my son, grand daughter and great grand daughter may never live to my age. Very sad and scary.

  4. Tim says:

    Now I have a major fracking project going up next year 1/2 mile away. I need to move. I cannot breathe even more toxins. This Fracking boom is adding to the meltdown with the methane. Humans deserve to go extinct. We are greedy, petty, jealous, self-centered, ignorant morons. You could turn the grass purple everywhere and nobody would notice.

    • BaneB says:

      Tim:  Before you move, raise hell!  These creeps will destroy your area's drinking water, pollute the atmosphere, and inject major toxins into the earth to extract their liquid gold.  And they return the clean water back into the ground as  a poisonous brew.  Make waves, protest, get in their corporate faces.  Is it not amazing this destructive practice is allowed anywhere by the EPA…..another agency fraud that allows aerosol spraying 24/7 of the continental United States.

    • Patti Minter says:

      Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:

      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.


      Please take time to click the link and sign this petition.  We have to do what we can to fight back against this.

      Thank you,

      Patti Minter

      Sealy, Texas

    • cnit says:

      I couldn't agree more.  Ignorance is everywhere.  As the saying goes "Logic is not a gift, it's a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn't have it".

  5. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, Great idea, but may I suggest "death sphere" as opposed to box?  I mean one's head is more spherical than box like, and the Earth definitely is.  Otherwise, I foresee jokes to be made.

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    A great tool to use for people who are in denial, when they say the spraying is just Condensation Trails, is to show them the Modern Bypass Turbofan Jet Engine diagram on the home page! If the planes above are not spraying SAG/SRM, I rarely ever see any trails, when I do see an actual Condensation Trail, it is very short in comparison, as well as short lived (rapidly dissipating) compared to the aerosol sprayed trail!

  7. BaneB says:

    Not to belabor a post that I posted way below here, but the site address was incorrect.  Here is a correction for anyone interested: 



  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, good evening to you all,

    Straight face here, a few days ago I wrote about the fighter jets performing text book aerosol dispersions. Well, only one of you wanted pictures of the jet fighters. At the initial period in time I was pointing out to an individual what was happening above our heads. Wasn't thinking about the unique and "rare" photo op I had been given. Well I missed it, right? "Wrong!". Today was 100% more blatent and time consuming. 8 plus fricking hours(pardon my french there) of jet fighters laying out text book aerosol dispersions. The individual that wanted a photo of these fighter jets spaying aerosol dispersions "GOT ONE" from me this afternoon. The "fun patterns" for today were 3 complete circles slightly spiraling upward in a 15 mile diameter "without" any break in the trail left behind the dispersion from the observed fighter aircraft.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      'a' simple horseman, I would love to see a picture of the fighter jets that sprayed you. Those that are paid to protect, and are now harming us. How fcked up is that? I have only 1 picture of a F-35, drawing a P, or was it a b over my house? Most, but not all of my pictures are of commercial planes and cargo planes. I have pictures of Korean Air Cargo (747 at 38,000ft), and Cathay Pacific Cargo, (747 at 34,000ft) both flying out of Guadalajara going over Phoenix and leaving the worst of trails. I see and have pictures of 2 different trails coming from these 4 engine jets. Two engines leave the widening, lingering trail, and the other two leave skinny broken-up, barb wire looking trails. When I first saw that Korean Air Cargo jet, it was over Phoenix coming in my direction, the sun was behind it and the trail looked like blood. I thought "what the hell" and ran in the house to get my camera, but by then it had past that point and was just disgusting grey. With all that crap coming out of those planes and the distance they are traveling (to Anchorage, and Vancouver), I wonder how much room is left for "Cargo"

    • MAP says:

      I have a question. Does anyone have a best estimate on the timeframe where we reached "tipping point" with Weather Modification/Geoengineering? Specifically, about what year did we begin experiencing more than 50% of "un-natural" weather due to Climate Engineering, et al? 10 years, 20, 30 or 40 years ago??? Thanks and God Bless…..

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello MAP, in regard to the planet being past the point of returning to its former thriving state, the tipping point was decades ago. All forms of anthropogenic activity that alter the Earth’s energy balance most be considered forms of geoengineering. Can we still salvage some of the planets life support systems? Perhaps that depends on us. Thanks for making your voice heard in this battle, MAP.

    • BaneB says:

      'a' simple horseman:  We all want to see your pics I am sure.  I do. Can you link here or on updated forward post?

    • susan says:

      Could it be that the circular aerosol dispersions are sound amplifiers? Or the sound of a tweaked beam from a tower be it H.A.A.R.P. scalar microwave or otherwise?    When watching about the trumpet sounds or loud strange sounds  there is the circular aerosol pollutant signature.

      Thoughts anyone?

  9. Carmichael says:

    You're a good man, Dane. 

  10. Dennis Godfrey says:

    Dane, I just saw a commercial for At the 3 second spot ,it shows a large curtain like Chemtrail on a bright sunny day. You can run the commercial on their website to verify. The commercial may not be up for long with this scene in it.We all know why.   Keep up the good work, Dennis

  11. Mario says:

    You can add Dodge City to the list.  The transmitter is located at the airport, right next to the main building west of the runway.

  12. Alan says:

    Today in northern San Diego county, we were treated to row after row of obviously manipulated "clouds".  There were sets of parallel "clouds" and other sets of parallel clouds at a near 90 degree angles to the other set.  At about  noon, I felt like my brain had done a backflip – very light headed.  It last d for what seemed to be about  15 seconds.  When I got home, the first thing my wife said to me was "I got really light headed around noon today."  So, so far, I'm not really enjoying being microwaved.  This is complete insanity my good friends.

  13. Gary Dalton says:

    Lot of people on site now. I hope our new President deals with this as he knows from talks with Chuck Norris.  Drought then heavy rains seem to go together, when that much moisture is held back then by and by it will be a river in the sky. We now have more countries in on the weather warfare program, not a good outcome for us humans. When you post on FB about geoengineeringwatch Danes logo will pop up. This man does a mighty job for a long time we owe him. 


  14. Rosalie says:

    My heart goes out to Californians, for what appears to be a pre-planned "take-down," of your beautiful state, with all of it's abundant natural resources, via weather warfare.  Next door here in Canada and I'm sure in many places around the world, the excessive spraying is making so many sick.  I have been very sick these past few weeks, as well as Family members in Ontario. Is the poison plan for the planet being expedited?  I think so.  With the shut down of free speech accelerating on the internet, it's a struggle to find out what's the truth anymore.  Part of the plan? I think so.  

    So, while the masses stay determined to remain in their slumber, I think there may be a way to knock them into a more awakened state:MONEY & LIABILITY.

    Government workers who maintain parks and rec and outdoor maintenance are at risk of singeing their skin in the under reported UVB and UVC levels. (see Dane's verifiable facts on

    Farm workers, the outdoor restaurant and tourism industry just to name a few, are putting their employees at risk of sun stroke and skin cancer with these extreme temperatures.  

    Drivers hitting pot holes from the damage from the fake winter ice nucleation chemical bath that's soaked into and weakened and cracked roads, As well as the many buildings and cars breaking down from these toxins and excessive heat.

    By using Dane's verifiable facts to back up lawsuits and insurance claims, the costs are enormous.

    When taxpayers and employees get this information in their heads, and proceed to file insurance claims, suing government and employers; that's when the big wake up could happen. This is where I think we need to increase awareness.

    Would the taxpayer be ready for alarming tax increases, or massive insurance premium increases from the avalanche of damage claims?

    When you hit the public in the pocket book with projected, head spinning dollars they must pay for damage of all those chemicals that are rotting away at society on all levels, (backing it up with Dane's verifiable facts) suddenly people may finally wake up to this madness.

    I think it's also time to start compiling mailing lists, and go back to snail mail and door knocking.  

    I'm weak, I'm worried for my children and I pray that more will join in this fight for survival, with helping to raise awareness alongside Dane and all the many genuine people on this site.

    God bless!



    • Dennie says:

      @ Rosalie:  I am a California native and property owner.  Studying the weather patterns of, first, the "ridiculously resilient ridge" of planned high pressure droughting the state for so very long, knowing what the military motherfckerz wanna do with the moisture coming in from the Pacific coast of North America, as if somehow these Almighty MILITARY MOTHERFVCKERS OWN IT– JEEEZUZ, IMAGINE THAAAT!– and now the ongoing storm-after-hundred-year's-storms, I don't think actually that ruining the state is on the top of "their" list– more like COVERING THEIR A$$E$ now that THEY have ruined the entire planet, while trying to hide the ruination to the vast majority of Uhmeruhkunz by the artificial cool-offs east of the Rockies– think about it– they have to direct that moisture over the most populous areas, at least until the Generals and admirals out here decide they wanna take the grand kids skiing, so, just make more snow,

    • Blam says:

      They will just print more money, the fed prints money out of nothing and gives it to who ever they want without oversight, you need to wrap your head around that to understand the root of the problem. Money is meaningless, its time they want.

    • Dennie says:

      No more time left since these military motherfckerz and their "scientist" "masters" ate it all.

    • BaneB says:

      Blam:  "It's time they want."  Do you suppose somewhere in the collective unconscious madness of the science gods, the  nerd priesthood is seeking eternal life?  The high priests of ancient Egypt, and other ancient Mesopotamian civilizations are said by archaeologists, and historian to have been fixated on time.  And on eternal life.  They built towers and pyramids, and assorted structures dedicated to the " gods."  I suppose in our day the gods are dollars and the science that can purchase, and NYC is one megaGlopolis temple.  And where did purchasing the ephemeral get them?  Time ran out for the Ancients.  They bit the dust.  Their greatest "achievement" is what we see of their vainglorious efforts……a landscape ruined.  Deserts the size of continents.  Environmental degradation of what was heavily forested,  incredible wildlife, fertile lands, and rivers teeming with fish and birds.  They threw it all away on the twins, politics (war) and religions (war).  Here we are in 2017.  Nothing about the human stupidity has improved.  And we obviously have no more time.

  15. MS P says:

    Whiplash Weather-Cold nights in So CA

    A week after our rain event, we get a cold night. Colder than when it snowed. (What is wrong with this picture?)

     Up until last night the nights were in the 50's plus temps. (Warm nights- I suspect even warmer than the upper 50's. By the way it had felt.)

    Yesterday during the day it got cold.The sky was clear. As it gets. No flying, that I saw. The day  just seemed to get colder as it went on. Last night into the freezing temps. This morning the sky looks micro waved. Mostly towards the Los Angeles county line. They got it bad, in that direction.

    On a side note I am watching  desperate or greatly misinformed (?) About  the commercial  food growers in USA. 

     AVO farmers, with some kind of notion to chop off all the tree branches. Leave the trunk, & a few cut limbs.  Paint the bark, to prevent sunburn, and have this idea to place other types of AVO trees nearby, for cross pollination. Maybe Monsatan created a GMO AVO tree? Any way I can only guess all these chopped up trees, will die. Maybe their insurance payout is better than what any harvest can give? The shaded ground is now exposed to the up coming hot summer. Round-up ready for weeds.  These farmers are doing this a few months before harvest time. Very high Avocado  prices coming to store near you.

     No BEES=No food.  There are no BEES! How can any tree cross pollinate, with NO BEES???? 

  16. anotherAnon says:

    Taking a beating here in the southeast today. Started off clear and now around 8:30 AM you can watch as they turn "on" then "off". They are so high up you can't see them until that happens. Sickening.

  17. barbzi says:

    Cloud seeding itself dates back to the late 1940s, and appeared in Popular Science as early as 1950. Early attempts to pull rain from clouds, like Project Cirrus by the U.S. Army Signal Corps, released dry ice B-17 bombers to encourage the moisture to coalesce into ice crystals that then fall as rain. Another method injects silver iodide into clouds, where it works as a sort of dust that the water in the cloud freezes around. “There’s inherent risk in conducting aerial cloud seeding operations,” says West, “because the aircraft have to fly under dangerous conditions: low altitude, usually close to mountain terrain, in icing conditions, and quite often in high winds.” Drones are the best solution for getting the same effect of an airplane without putting a human pilot at risk by physically being in the vehicle Taking the pilot out of the cloud seeder makes the act of cloud seeding a lot safer for the pilot, but West cautions that cloud seeding alone should not be seen as a one-stop solution to drought. He notes the role of conservation in a water-limited state, and that while cloud seeding can increase regional water supply, it can’t will it out of thin air. “You have to have clouds, and clouds under certain conditions in order to seed those clouds. So you can’t literally bring water out of nothing,” says West, “but it can enhance precipitation when it’s properly done.”

  18. BaneB says:

    Anonymous:  Wondered where you've been.  What you say about USA, USA, USA…a haughty nation that became the global top cop is so very true.  The leadership lies, the people pretend, and our jobs and treasury are looted.  Our war-for-profit machine has murdered millions of civilians around the globe during my life time.  I have observed this monstrosity take over the constitutional government via blackmail and assassinations.  What was and still is the military-industrial complex is now referred to as the deep state.  It's not so deep, not hidden at all and actually is out of the proverbial closet.  They are easy to spot with every militarized over amped heavy handed police operation by military types pretending to be civilian law enforcement.  Obvious signs are flashing like a neon sign exposing pieces of a matrix such as the mainstream media, the high tech spyware computer industry, Wall Street, gun running, drugs and money laundering, secret courts, secret laws, secret prisons, 17 Intel agencies (that are officially admitted), and of course the a pentagram and its hordes of self-dealing 9-11 liars and participants.  Just a small part of a global octopus that has hollowed out Babylon for oil and Israel.  And thus Mystery Babylon (Rev. 17 and 18) can be said to be a zombie nation twenty trillion dollars in looted debt for endless warfare, an empire gone psychotic, and a president who is a symptom of the disease.  That disease IS the deep state.  And to stay on topic, one can be sure Geoengineering of our weather is just another warfare profit center they can't live without, and we can't live within.

  19. stephan says:

    I can't put my feelings into words like many who post here can. I am not into any religion, but I know this realm we are experiencing, is of intelligent design. Here's a good rant

  20. paul fowler says:

    More facts on fluoride

  21. paul fowler says:

    A little advice for the fluoridated

  22. Dennie says:

    My letter to Jared Huffman today:

    Dear Sen. Huffman:

    Please avail yourself of this video of the burning out of the DPL protesters:  Interestingly, U.S. media did no filming of this atrocity committed by Americans (in the name of Big Oil) against Americans on American soil, at a time when we've already committed to getting off of dirty, climate-changing fossil fuels.  The United States Military calls climate change the Number One threat to national security and you know that.

    You're an environmental lawyer and I'd expect you to stand up and voice opposition to this massive insanity and huge crime that's been committed against peaceful Americans, many of whom are military VETERANS standing up for a clean environment and no more selling of dirty resources to Chinese for the Almighty Dollar.  


    Thank you in advance for your reply.


    Dennie Mehocich
    San Rafael, CA

    LOOK, PEOPLE, writing letters like this to your elected representative IS NOT GOING TO HURT

    But sitting at home flipping them the bird while feeling bad, mad and sad WILL HURT. 

    Goddammit, get off your BUTTS and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.  UGH!

    • Mario says:

      Dennie: a military coup happened in November, 1963.  These "elected" representatives are a part of the sham, rogue, fascist, corporate government that has been running the world since '63.  "Their" interests have nothing to do with the interests of everyday people living here.  You'd be surprised how many of the Washington elite are dual citizens.  But you are right . . . people need to get off their butts and do something.  I wish we could educate all these people protesting Trump and re-direct their energy. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, "That" is a great posting! Please, let me re-enforce your statement, for me, "it didn't hurt one bit writing to someone of influence". It can be habit forming and should always be kept in check "too". I have no tolerance for hypocrisy, None! And neither does our Mother.

      "Parallels in Nature", They're much like a symphony orchestra, or visa vi.

    • BaneB says:

      Dennie: Ah yes, my congressional rep:-)). If he is a genuine environmentalist specializing in environmental law he surely must know there is a unwritten law about lying to constituents about the deplorable physical state of our spaceship earth.  His office denies Geoengineering, and  mails out to inquiring minds a lying disinformation paper about aerosol spraying being contrails.  Given the amount of Geoengineering taking place over Marin County and his other counties, of which he surely sees the air assaults, he remains officially pretending he is deaf, dumb, and blind.  I long for the day when an opposing candidate includes (first priority) halting Geoengineering as a campaign pledge.  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, That person was Dennis Kucinich!

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I was here on 11/22/63.  I was only 6 but I did know what happened.  I started asking about the Warren Commission a few days later.  If you've ever lived through a presidential assassination and didn't notice, and that never affected you, so sorry– you are brain dead.

      Denis Kucinich got pushed to the sidelines.  He tried.  I voted for him.  We need MORE like him.  WHERE ARE YOU, KIDS???

    • Dennie says:

      From, JFK's Murder:  A "Coup d'Etat" in America

      The later House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) contradicted the Warren Commission by concluding that JFK’s death was probably the result of a conspiracy involving two shooters. Today, however, most newsmedia and government figures publicly accept the findings of the Warren Commission, even though polling consistently shows that the vast majority of Americans have serious doubts about its conclusions. 

      The article contains a link to a video presentation of a talk (and transcript) by Cyril Wecht, J.D., M.D., forensic pathologist and elected coroner of Allegheny County in the State of Pennsylvania. Dr. Wecht:  "In 1992, the United States Congress passed the JFK Records Act calling for the release of all the sequestered JFK materials in the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of pages. I don’t think anybody really knows what is all there, for those to be released in 25 years. That will be October 2017. We are focused on that. So we need your input. We have the membership forms out there and we invite you to join to become active members, and to tell us what committee you might like to be on, and give us your expertise, your knowledge, your courage, your strength, and your hard work, your productivity."

      So the records are going to be released (we hope) in October of this year… 

      [source article]: 

  23. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Feb. 23, Toronto.  What started as a relatively clear, washed out sky quickly turned into a mass of fake clouds and no plane in sight.  Then later around 5 p.m. while walking my bully terrier I counted no less than eight planes in every direction spraying the crap out of us. 18 degrees  C to 6 C in a couple of hours and now the "weatherman" says enjoy.  I've lived here for decades and February has always been the dead of winter not the beginning of Spring.  It has become so obvious that even normally rational people do not even consider that this is not normal. Keep up the good fight, all.

  24. Roy says:

    Listened to journalist Arnie Reisman talk about Media and Mediocracy in  San Miguel yesterday.  Asked during q&a why this important geoengineering subject wasn't mainstream.  His reply was that pbs has had programs & coverage on this.  Why not mainstream I asked:  chemical companies etc. don't want this covered or news stations lose funding.


  25. Dennie says:

    Standing Rock burned out by U.S. Army, from Russia Today:

    Now, just why is it that only the RUSSIANS seem able to tell more of The Whole Story in Uh-mer-uh-kuh any more– while the U.S. LIES THROUGH ITS TEETH about Russians as Boogermen (like Sasquatches), while we do THIS to their diplomats (from Four dead Russian Diplomats in Three Months: 

    And now, HERE'S WHY: 

    The Bankster Cabal does NOT want Russia taking over as a major trading partner with E.U. 

    So kill their diplomats– naturally– so as to make your job easier in persuading the E.U. and Russia to lay off.  Duh.

    TOO MANY good people have died unexpectedly of "heart attacks.."  Well, kiddies, GROCK THIS– Live videotaped Church Committee Senate hearings on biological warfare and their "heart attack" gun, with testimony from William Colby, then head of the C.I.A.):

    • Hawkeye says:

      Thanks for these links Denne. I checked out yours on the Standing Rock protest and one other that was in there because I am unfamilat with these protestors and what transpired with authorities in the videos. What public property location is it? DAPL? 

      Well while I was in there, there was also a link for news of a huge carbon pool of some kind going on under Yellowstone, hmmm interesting. I saw something else in news titled similar but never read it. I know too much and just couldnt bare paying all my attention to it all anymore! So now I don't know what Standing Rock is about, what stage is Yellowstone at, how did the banksters and insurance criminals that took my house become treasury sec of my country, Donald Trump is president…..what???!!! and why does it never feel like the temperature that it is said to be? Lol…. seriously on the temps though, does anyone else notice this? I am in FL, so maybe the tropics gets a different dose then the N and W, but in summer they say it is 94 and it feels crazy hot, so I had an indoor digital weather station where I resided and it was always reading 5+ higher.

      In  winter here this year we are @ 70 at 7p.m. with 8mph winds and it feels colder and windier…??? I guess because it is mostly artificial is one way to reason this sensation but sometimes I think this is accurate and not me but intentionally done so we think it is 94 when it is really 104 and vise versa in winter. 

      Imagine, FL is the same temp as the NE and parts of the Midwest in FEBRUARY!!!!!!  And people think it is just weather! Ahhhhhhh!!!

      Thanks for the chance to talk like this.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Hey, I forgot to add something to my feelings about the temps mentioned in my previous comment. In addition to the temps not always feeling like the temp posted by local news, is at night here the temp goes up from what it was after sunset. I wrote it was 70@ about 7p.m. Now it is after eleven p.m. and I began to feel warmer, when just three hours ago I was chilly at 70 outside. Interior thermostat read 74 and outside news said 70. 

      So now feeling warmer I looked on my tablet and it was warmer… 72 outside and 78 inside! This happens a lot too. Anyone seeing this? Check your temps folks and let me know!

      Also along with these strange things, is sometimes it is just after a cold front and so windy and chilly air blows all day, then walking I seem to walk through a warm spot, or sitting on the porch I feel a pocket of warmer different air pass by. I am not kidding it is weirdo stuff!!! 

      Is their almighty spray not functioning properly any longer, or is it just the fake air cannot be all through out like normal and just a silly quirk? Wondering and curious if anyone else has noticed this. 


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I'm glad for my sanity that I am not the only one that sees this "stuff".

    • Concerned says:

      Hawkeye, I am in FL and experience the temperature variations you described. I notice pockets of air at different temperatures as I am walking. 

    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeye:  20F here in "sunny" Northern California at 5 a.m..

  26. marc says:

    Maybe I'm a bit off topic, maybe not. But you gotta wonder just who are these EXTREME LOSERS who happily bedeck themselves with riot gear, sinister looking helmuts, flack vests, kevlar, billy-clubs, jack-boots and the latest in automatic weapons, not to mention tear-gas grenades, tasers and probably things we're not allowed to know about, all so they can feel fully "prepared" to disperse PEACEFUL PROTESTORS, be it at DAPL, or any other city or town, just come up with a name. Yes, I understand these guys need to pay the f**king rent, too, just like all the rest of us but I'm gonna go out on a limb here and challenge any one of these total dumb-asses to give me one good reason why they're so comfortable whoring themselves for the corporate/industrial/civic rapiers. It's a paycheck? Ok. So you will happily strong-arm defenseless peaceful protestors because it's your job to do so? Never seems to be a lack of machismatic (?) fellers out there willing to put on the costume and play the game of institutional thug. Have you seen the monsters in "law-enforcement" costumes at DAPL? Unreal, yet all too real. When real-live collapse of civilization commences, what? Are there gonna be a sufficient number of these pitiful macho-men to "keep the peace" when literally millions of people are wandering the streets starving to death in abject desperation? I will wager that by then the only use these bastards will have for their riot gear and guns is to make a stand to guard their few remaining canned goods and jugs of water. But hello? Eventually, the playing field will be leveled for ALL of us by the out-of-control consequences that their former employers will have unleashed upon the world with their craven psychopathy, ravenous greed and profoundly short-sighted stupidity. Yeah, I know, that's a lot of big, DANGEROUS words for a guy whose only threat to the PTB happens to be a love of peace, diversity, harmony, music…..EARTH…and….LIFE. 

    • Mario says:

      I think part of the answer lies in the indoctrination methods that these people go through in the military and other various "academies".  Remember the first 20 minutes of Full Metal Jacket?  First you dehumanize the person, strip them of their identity, and then remake them into order followers with a war cry.  Teach them killing is justified in many cases and then give em all the weapons they can handle.  Finally dress them a snazzy, heavily armored uniform with a cute emblem.  Alpha males, ex and current military, ex- high school football stars . . . It has little to do with the public good and much more to do with ego and power.  Dress someone up like RoboCop and it makes them feel powerful.  I see the same thing when my buddies kids dress up like Batman or Iron Man.  It validates them as heroes in their own mind. 

  27. Rachel Robson says:

    Woke today to ice on surfaces and it is SO cold, but at least not raining, in fact seemingly no humidity at all?  How can that be?  Myself so tired I spent most of the past two days sleeping!  As if drugged!  As if not enough oxygen.

    Spoke with the woman who usually answers when I call my brother in law at the 'home' he is in, in SD., slowly reeling her in via weather which we now 'joke' about.  Was 60 degrees there yesterday, with a blizzard scheduled for today!

    Serious crime on the rise in my neighborhood.

    Past Sunday's SF Chron's "Earthweek: a diary of the planet", offered this among other things: Human Climate–Human activities are changing Earth's climate and altering its ecology 170 times faster than natural forces, says a mathematical equation developed at the Australian National University.  Chemist and climate change expert Will Steffen says that for the past 4.5 billion years, astronomical and geophysical influences have driven Earth's evolution.  But he found that during the past six decades, human forces "have driven exceptionally rapid rates of  change in the Earth system."  Well, we Do know what has been going on these past 6 decades, don't we?  I wonder more about this Will Steffen person…..will he speak out?  Nail this one?  Earth chugged along for 4.5 billion years until the big brained ape wrecked it all, just because it could.  And, had the hubris to think itself the top of that ladder!! GRR!


    • izzy says:

      “Top of the ladder”? The late Joseph Campbell used to talk about the existential distress that sets in when, after all the effort to get up there, you realize your ladder is against the wrong wall. We seem to be entering that state collectively. Karma, as above.

  28. Steve Romine says:

    Toxic Tomorrows, Perilous Times

    What can we say we say when evil moves in and poses as a good. It's a frequent scene that comes in  different colors .  Democracy  eroding fast as the fearful set up security to protect against the unknowing enigmatic evil enemy. Never mind that one has way more of a chance to be killed by a police officer that any brown colored terrorist  from  across the sea.
    The second leading cause of death is being in a hospital but no, medical reform is out of the question.  Build walls they say on our southern borders, all the while the undocumented slip  in through  tunnels right behind all the drug traffickers. While we're at lets insult our neighbors leaders and threaten to send in troops and destabilize the whole region. Ingenious criminality bar none goes with  the territory demanding judicial intervention say the liberal pundits.
    Toxic oil pipelines  that must be built  in our water supply  hammer home the message that the way we live is the root of the problem. Clean coal is a figment of imagination destined to pollute and salute the God of Industry. Those troublesome women marching for the peace and justice. Don't they have anything better to do says the  iconic unread  gold plated man.  ? Lets blame the immigrants for everything as the  financial fiduciary freaks foreclose on your home, steel your pensions, ship your jobs overseas and give you a gold watch when they close your shop.

    And what of the children, shall they escape the radiation bath they get everyday in school ? Never mind  the birds and the  bees can't find their way home through the invisible toxic  microwave smog   left for future generations to figure out when they are born. Autism and sterility may be the final product of a world gone wrong . But no worries the corporations will protect us. Those impeccable  mercantile  money managers   whose climate control techniques zigzag the planet covertly in plane sight may save the day for all who can breathe toxic heavy metals without batting an eye. Fascist families pet  their corporate dogs that have no leashes.  It's all good, it's only perilous times marching  forward in goose step as  the times they  are a changing. No looking back. The eternal  pendulum of  destiny  moves across the ages with no remorse and the dead in unison shout  from their graves stand up for your rights, it's the only way.

    • BaneB says:

      Steve Rimine:  Life feeding on life.  It's the natural order of things. Yet it seems unnatural for sure that a "spiritual" creature would resort to cannibalism of its own variety by way of cooking us in their techno/microwave/ionospheric heating psychotronic soup pots, and seasoned like some sort of salt and pepper via their sprayed aerosoled particulates.  It's warfare on a universal scale. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Steve Romine, Wow, that was so well said it was damn near poetic!  But that pendulum of destiny swings just two ways and we are back into dichotomous thinking.  Which is one huge problem we can't seem to get past.  This, or that.  When both choices suck.  There are other ways to think!  If only….

      Glad to hear mention of tunnels which too true and big enough to drive trucks through!  That wall would seriously interfere with wild life habitats, as if anyone cares.  Not to mention pissing off Mexico which supplies us with 80% of our foods in winter.  The Cheeto dusted puppet of Bannon has no clue, and no brain.  Tacky gilded lily that he is.  Whom I suspect has ADHD, is dyslexic, and does cocaine.  It is all so embarrassing but worse, so many people actually want this thing.  And what goes with.  Unbelievable.  All these ancient men.  I mean really old.  Even I am not That old.  Old fossils craving older fossils endlessly.  As Susan F. has said, He reeks of the mob, but that mob is so old it is past tense.  Seems almost as if born again!  Out here, the mobs are Russian and Chinese, and they, especially the Chinese, are bad ass.

      We have been one of the least free Nations for a long time.  The noose tightens.  Getting harder to stand up for our rights and that field is getting  more crowded by the day.  More and more rights to defend and proclaim.  Fight for them, don't give up.  Remember them!

      I took another look at the Nuremburg trials.  What Dane said is too true.  The second one was for ones who followed orders, who assisted in any knowing way, even office clerks.  I don't think tossing that one around facilitates communication, but hey guys, if You are reading this, think about it and more than once.  History does have a tendency to repeat!

    • marc says:

      Steve Romine, awesome post, my brother.

  29. MS P says:


    The final day to introduce  new 2017 Bills, in the California  Legislature, was Friday FEB 17, at 5PM. With a total of 2495 bills; 808 Senate, and 1687 Assembly. Other Bills may still be amended to include our issues. Some may continue into 2018, the second year of the term. No action can taken, during the" 31 days in print" rule; following the bill's introduction date.  

    ►I have never seen this many bills written in CA, since I have started paying attention to this.  (Time to do some serious reading. Paying attention too.   Especially  the water, &  clean air bills.)

    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  A few years ago the California state legislature ended its legislative season with a proud boast that they had passed over 300 new laws.  I recall laughing out loud.  And muttering about that tired old refrain of the legal industry that says "ignorance of the law is no excuse."  How convenient for them to legislate their high standard of living on the backs of the ignorant and upon the tired and the poor yearning to be free from legislative oppression.  Really, go to any law library and ask yourself how one might not be ignorant, and why one cannot afford to pay for an attorney, a barrister who he or she too is likely ignorant of much of what is passed down from Sacramento.  Rare is it that laws are repealed. Their dead detritus remains as a convenient possibility of resurrected power when least expected.  Would it not be great if these egos who claim to be doing the people's business could take off about ten years and make no new laws?  

  30. MS P says:

    On the food front. I have noticed there is a lot of stuff to be concerned about, Check out Center For Food Safety website.

    Lots of news & issues there. 

    Even the labeling of GMOS is in new danger, with this new (Meat & Potatoes)  Administration.

    Not to mention imported foods are less safe to eat than ever before. No surprise there. Here is a very sick example (warning)

     Since the OBAMA-Nation Administration…. USA sends  USA farmed chickens to be processed in China. They send USA back meat, packaged up as chicken nuggets.


    • Bija says:

      Friends, be an activist with your $$$. I was buying dog treats from a Rhode Island company that claimed to be "natural". Do not trust labels. After my dogs had several episodes of letghargy, sickness and one with seizures,  I closely inspected the packaging and discovered it came from China and the contents were irradiated! The chicken itself is suspect, but c'mon!

      While looking into fluoride, I found out that it used to come mostly from Florida, but not any more – now it comes from China. Besides the certainty that it is a deadly neurotoxin, labs have had difficulty determining exactly what else is in this Chinese fluoride! It will eat through concrete and yet we accept our governments putting this in our water!!! China won't do it, nor Canada, South Africa or Europe. So what is going on here? When will we all fight back against being deliberately poisoned and slowly exterminated??? Stop supporting the evil that is insuring our guaranteed demise. I am trying to remove myself from the experiment with all the choices I make now. Some things, like the nano particulates I am unwillingly breathing, I cannot control. But I can sure kick and scream against this tyranny! I don't see any other way to hold it together in this prevailing climate of ignorance and evil. 

  31. BaneB says:

    The website that just keeps on giving!  Otterwalks world  Search it out.  It is amazing. Having no mind for science detail, I cannot speak for its voracity, needless to say.  However, if imagery is worth a thousand words, this website is a mind blower.  And aside from the Haarp ring evidence scroll down to the pics of the "fire rain bows."  "Uh Houston, I think we have a problem."  His commentary regarding ongoing events comports well with what we understand to be existential devolution of our earth's environment from the ongoing Geoengineering warfare.

    • BaneB says:

      CORRECTION:  Wordpress!  Not world press.  The website is: Mario…do you know of this website?

    • Mario says:

      Yes, BaneB…I have read his website.  He's very comprehensive, more so than me.  He has a detailed description of the scalar events happening in between Nevada and Utah…I saw the same thing on the full Conus map last night.  Western Nevada energy beams crossed with with Salt Lake City or Ogden.  Or both.  Nikola Tesla technology.

    • sea says:

      Hi BaneB- this is an amazing find, even though I must admit I am overwhelmed by the information- it seems like something out of the Twilight Zone series (anybody that is old enough to remember how bizarre those stories seemed and really arent anymore).

      I don't mean to correct but I struggled with finding it.You are missing a period.

      You and Mario along with Susan F are so far above my absorption rate of this craziness but thank you all for the digging deep – it is truly mind blowing what the govt is /has been doing and plans to do!

      I just am thankful for all of you that I can read, agree, commiserate and learn etc

      By the way- suggestion for anyone looking for an easy avenue to talk, I had success speaking to a couple of firefighters I met at the farmers market- I hit them with the dangers of firefighting and the heat intensity due to the spraying…they listened.I am aiming to hit the stations and drop off info- their lives are at stake!

      take care all…also want to mention we need to help Dane, he has given his life and I am guessing his families life savings in the last 15 years to bring geoengineering to this level of awareness.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Got it thanks to sea.  Been here before and recognized the name.  Awesome pics and vivid descriptions of our demise.  It is so hard to digest such realities.  "All the kings horses and all the king's men", couldn't put earth together again?

    • MS P says:

      Thank you Bane B So much to look at & learn about.

    • BaneB says:

      Sea and Rachel:  Sorry about the missing dot.  I realized it after correcting yet another mistake in the website address.  But figured it would still pop up easily enough.  I use a phone for my "total information awareness:-)" and it's all thumbs and lousy eyesight. I usually live by candle light and kerosene…..excuses, excuses.  Believe me that website information is way over my head.  Yet it slowly comes to me from earlier understandings that his observations are right on.  It's a damned weather warfare machine and we are the Guinea pigs.  He really loads up on the graphics.  One thing of interest is his assertion that the NEXRAD facilities are staying "turned on" for long periods of time but being deleted from the visuals the public sees. The time stamps seem to prove it.  Little by little we will discover the machinations of the Beast.

  32. Donna-AZ says:

    I saw in the local paper 2 days ago, the "Sun City Independent" (which pledges to print the news, but won't print any pictures or comments that I send about what is going on above our heads) that there will be a meeting on Climate Change in the city next door "Surprise". One of Arizona's climatologist will be there to talk about "climate change". I will be there with my sign of many pictures, and plenty of cards to hand out. It should be a clear day, as of this moment, there is no moisture to suck up. When it's clear, it makles it easy to explain these lines, cause everyone knows commercial flights are on a schedule!

    • BaneB says:

      Donna AZ:  Yes, RAIN on their "parade!"

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Update on Climate Change meeting. I was in the parking lot 20 minutes before the meeting started with sign and business cards in hand. I talked with many people as they arrived. All but 2, were very interested in what I had to say. The attendees looked hard at my pictures which were taken approximately a mile from there, and at the sky which was clear of any lines or planes. The 2 woman who refused to see or hear, said that they had a science background and were not interested, so I moved on, I had no time to waste. Many thanked me for coming and for the information, and one lady in her 80's? said she was looking forward to hearing me speak. LOL! It was open to the public, and I was invited in, but I told her I couldn't stay, I had previous arrangements. Shortly after that, a lady came out and said I would have to leave. She and I had a good conversation before I left. We talked about the aluminum and barium in my rain test and in the soil test from off the roof of my house. She asked for a card, and was wondering if this could be why her husband has been sick. Anyway, I ended up giving out about 20 cards to people who showed concern, and hopefully will investigate.

      I also saw in the same paper, that next month there is a meeting on Alzheimer's in Sun City, I think some of those folks might want to know about the aluminum they are being forced to breath.

      Thank you BaneB, and everyone else here for all of the positive, and inspiring words.

  33. Mike looking up says:

    These RECORD TEMPS are making everyone think and are helping here in the Midwest, making some waking up. Detroit a few days ago 69, today tomorrow and Saturday 55, 65, 60. In Berlin Germany today 53 and old Stalingrade 35 Remember all the WW2 German Soviet clips of the battle of Stalingrade, below zero temps. Throughout Europe TEMPS 10 to 30 degrees above normal.  God help us

  34. Dennie says:

    Found at, a comment on the causes of "clinical depression," "Long-lasting Sadness and Behavioral Dysfunction" among American girls [source article]: 

    Gary G. Kohls, M.D., takes on the "On Point with Tom Ashbrook" radio show's guests' support of the Big Pharma solution to mental illness, never mind that "99% of our celebrity-worshipping and excessively fashion-conscious American girls are trying to survive in a junk culture while simultaneously being mal-nourished, sleep-deprived, over-stressed, over-drugged, over-vaccinated, sexually-harassed, sexually-abused, and screen time- and pornography-toxified all the while trying to pretend to be happy and not emotional distressed! Impossible!" 

    "The underlying motivation of your two guests seemed to me to be to get everybody alarmed that these girls are being inadequately diagnosed with mental illnesses and therefore are being insufficiently “treated” (read “drugged with psychiatric medications”).

    Therefore, I implore you and your producers to arrange a series of interviews with a number of the authors listed in the bibliography at the end of the article below. They will convincingly refute much of the Big Pharma propaganda that your guests were able to spout without a dissenting voice.

    Your guests were obviously firmly in the pro-Big Pharma camp. It is well-known that most psychiatrists reflexively prescribe cocktails of psych drugs to 99+% of their patients, and they usually do it in an alarmingly unscientific trial and error manner. And what should be truly alarming it that those cocktails have never been proven to be safe in either animal labs or in clinical trials.

    It is also well known that most academic psychiatrists have heavy financial conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry, and, of course, most physicians have deep professional conflicts of interest (and thus they often blindly – and obediently – follow the community standards of care that have been set up by authorities that may also have been under the influence of corporate powers that may have undeclared conflicts of interest).

    It seemed obvious to me that your guests were not-so-subtly promoting the specialty psychiatric industry (and thus indirectly promoting the increased use of Big Pharma’s lucrative brain-disabling drugs)."

    Kohls also points out the repeated exposures to highly neurotoxic metals, including mercury and aluminum, from the large number of vaccines required of American children as a cause of psychiatric drug-induced brain disorders presenting as mental health problems, more rightly classified as iatrogenic (doctor-induced) disorders.

  35. Nikola says:

    People around me do not know and do not care, even if you tell them.


    • John says:

      NIKOLA:  Don't waste any of your time on the People around you that do not care.  Find the People that DO CARE.

    • Dennie says:

      @Nikola, and all:  This morning while leaving the local market after shopping for food, I ran into one of the stalwart elders of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in San Rafael.  We were talking about the political situation.  When I remarked that DEMOCRACY IS PARTICIPATORY and if we do NOT show up at meetings locally, whose fault is it that we don't like what our "leaders" decide for us, she rather agreed, all the while walking decidedly AWAY FROM ME— !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Blue Sue says:

    I recently discovered this American-Egyptian poet on Wisdom Commons:

    'Stand up to hypocrisy. If you don't, the hypocrites will teach. Stand up to ignorance, because if you don't, the ignorant will run free to spread ignorance like a disease. Stand up for truth. If you don't, then there is no truth to your existence. If you don't stand up for all that is right, then understand that you are part of the reason why there is so much wrong in the world."

    – Suzy Kassem

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, thank you for the very profound words. I will remember them.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Blue Sue,

      Good poet post, and it is correct wisdom. Its exactly what the Bible teaches us to do too! Rubuke them! 

      I must say, though it is the right thing to do, without leaders participation in this mindset the masses will be of no help to stop this assault on all life. If we were making any progress towards awareness this new admin has essentially pulled the plug on it by their outright denial and deletion of the entire planetary meltdown situation and it is very disturbing to watch that and how supporters of this admin are cheering it along. 

      I saw a news link on Drudge Report yesterday saying there have been 2805 record high temps in a month (Feb.), compared to just 27 record lows."Middle America is basking in unprecedented Feb. warmth" was the title, by the Washington Post, 2/21/17. Extreme weather is all over the place and it is every weather system now. The skies are littered with chem trails, fluorescent clouds, abnormally blinding brightness, white haze to the ground, serious lack of green healthy colors in nature, massive wildlife die offs, abnormally high amounts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, food shortages and famine globally, economies that cannot grow out of financial insolvency, ….. on and on it goes and all our arrogant leader focuses on is walling us in and fear mongering people abroad and at home.

      And the voters for all this see none of this! We just took a massive step backwards towards awareness I'm sorry to say. But, I do believe Dane's post here is correct that the examples I list are so abundant now they are pushing this issue out in to the open more then ever before. Which will lead to this admin to be forced to address it publicly at some point soon……. But that IMHO will only lead to an acceptance of the geoengineering spray assault by the masses. Sort of like a terminal cancer diagnosis. There's nothing else we can do and we, MAN KIND, in its arrogance will not act as your poets words but instead will convince the population it is safe and effective and just go back to biz as usual.

      I hope to be wrong but this is what I see. 

      They are treating Earth like a cancer patient and the spraying is the chemo. 


    • BaneB says:

      Hawkeyes:  "Rebuke them."  Does that include the high sign?:-))

  37. El says:

    Hello Dane,

    I hope I am not repeating a question but – I have lived in CA for almost 70 years now and these new clouds are NOT NORMAL.  I live in the East Bay Area and when the clouds come in – it's like there are 2 sets.  The clouds that might be fluffy or look like real clouds (if one could see them) are above and below that floats a dark fog like mist – what is that layer?  And why – when the sky is clearing and most of the clouds go floating by – why is there often a very large blob of this very dark mist that hangs in the blue sky and doesn't move like the other clouds do?  It's very dark (almost black).

    Also, since they were able to control the weather enough to give us a drought – what is the purpose of all this rain?  Is it to cause the dams to fail or what?  I mean – you would think they could give us another month of no rain in order to repair the damage.

    And were all the little earthquakes that were happening in the valley last summer related to what's going on now?  I can't remember the name of the you tube but the narrator said they were shallow quakes and were happening in a grid pattern (as if on purpose) somewhere to the northeast of Clear Lake area.

    Thank you so much.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello El, there are many agendas being carried out in our skies, many objectives. The larger picture must be considered, the biosphere is imploding on countless fronts. The ongoing weather warfare/geoengineering assault is in a constant state of flux, an open ended experiment of total power and control.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello El, I live in the East Bay also.  Berkeley.  The clouds you describe are but a fraction of what I see-a fraction of weirdness.  I too see the really dark ones that just sit, but also shades of like mauve!  Which I refused to even accept as a color for some long time such that when it showed up in 'clouds' I found/find it unbearable.  There is dirty looking stuff too.  The clouds also don't move like they used to.  They also refract color in weird ways and seemingly project that color onto things.  Often the sunrise appears to be in the west!  The colors are in the west!  And sometimes sunset looks, color wise, as if in the east!  Nothing makes sense anymore!  Why most don't even remark on this is beyond me!  Keep watching and keep sharing info!  Hopefully, not only here but with your neighbors and friends, strangers too!

    • El says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I live a little further east than you do and there's a large hill to my west and my city is on the waterfront as well.  However, I too have seen the pink clouds in the morning – but I especially see the lower misty stuff and it does not move at the same rate as the clouds.

      I see chemtrails as well – but we have a lot of haze around here so I notice the dark stuff even more.  The chemtrails are white but this dark haze is definitely a dark gray and it sits below the clouds and chemtrails.

      Something has obviously gone wrong because I haven't been able to grow any vegetable plants on my balcony for the last 2 or 3 years and it's not just that they are stunted.  My cucumber plants didn't produce both the male and female flowers at the same time – I even hand pollinated the flowers and half of them didn't take.

      The only bee I saw in the last year or so attacked me and now we have some new kind of a flying biting insect and it's not a mosquito and it leaves a big red itchy welt.  Of course, without birds we'll have a mass invasion of parasites. 

      We all need to keep our eyes open.

  38. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Alright!! I've had enough!!! I wasn't going to write about the aerial assault this latter day, BUT, after 4 consecutive hours of being spayed like a bug from "fighter jets". Yes, that's right, fighter jets laying out text book "aerosol disbursements"… and in "fun" patterns too! Interesting that our temps are going to drop back down for a few days, so the weather schedulers say. And a question here, why the fighter jets? "Crop dusting?". "Specific dispersion?", There's a lot of theater going on above my head tonight and I'm not enjoying the show.

    • All jet aircraft are involved. They can't fly unless they spray. Go ahead buy a jet and try to fly it without spraying. THEY won't let you. Oh Yeah, the fighter jets, they spray the most toxic crap of all. Yes, that's right they ALL spray!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Steve Chamberlain:  Maybe they are all plumbed to be sprayed.  But in combat I bet they do not.  They do not want to be given away at high altitudes.  Which brings up what flies over my area.  Very few commercial jets.  Lots of tankers that do spray.  But the large gray transports that fly so close in pairs (they reflect only one radar return?), they never spray.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Bane B — The fighter jets spray for CHAFF so they can cloak and confuse enemy radar, this typically contains the same toxic metals as SRM.       Chaff – Radar Countermeasures
      Chaff and flares are defensive mechanisms employed from military aircraft to avoid detection and/or attack by adversary air defense systems. Chaff consists of small fibers that reflect radar signals and, when dispensed in large quantities from aircraft, form a cloud that temporarily hides the aircraft from radar detection. The two major types of military chaff in use are aluminum foil and aluminum-coated glass fibers. The aluminum foil-type is no longer manufactured, although it may still be in use. When ejected from an aircraft, chaff forms the electromagnetic equivalent of a visual smoke screen that temporarily hides the aircraft from radar. Chaff also serves to decoy radar allowing aircraft to maneuver or egress from the area. It consists of small, extremely tie fibers of aluminum or aluminum-coated glass that disperse widely in the air when ejected from the aircraft and effectively reflect radar signals in various bands, in order to create a very large image of reflected signals ("return") on the radar screen. In the air, the initial burst from a chaff bundle forms a sphere that shows up on radar screens as an electronic cloud. The aircraft is obscured by the cloud, which confuses enemy radar. Since chaff can obstruct radar, its use is coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). … two types of chaff, aluminum foil and aluminum-coated glass fibers. Both types are cut into dipoles ranging in length from 0.3 to over 2.0 inches. They are made as small and light as possible so they will remain in the air long enough to confuse enemy radar. The aluminum foil dipoles are 0.45 mils (0.00045 inches) thick and 6 to 8 mils wide. The glass fiber dipoles are generally 1 mil (25.4 microns) in diameter, including the aluminum coating which is 0.12 f 0.06 mils thick. A new superfine glass fiber chaff is being manufactured that is 0.7 mil (17.8 microns) in diameter.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, Steve Chamberlain, Steve, yes, "they're all involved". Even the hopper flight prop jobs. And BaneB, I'll bet you lunch that "they" do spray in combat. Least we not forget that those airplane jockeys live in an electronic world. Their sensors can be thwarted. I shutter to think what that would entail.

      Thank you both for your chiming in.

    • BaneB says:

      Susan:  Thank you for that report about chaff.  It is rare to hear or see a fighter jet fly over here.  Chaff is sprayed to confuse enemy electronics.  But a high flying jet going over enemy territory would likely not want to emit a visual tell take sign of its precise location such as spewing a hundred mile long trail. That in itself would be reason enough to to have a non-emitting high by-pass turbo engine.  

      'a' simple horseman:  Thanks for the input.  No expertise on my part.  It is more a speculation.  And what I observe over this area.  Thanks.

  39. Mario says:

    Funnel cloud in Oroville in the area of Table Mountain 2-22-17.  If I were a betting man I would say that the Table Mountain area is where that Oroville transmitter is located.  I haven't gotten a visual on Google Earth, but after watching this area for the last few months, it seems the most likely spot.  BaneB, any guesses?

    • Donna-AZ says:

      There is a NEXRAD WSR88D Doppler Weather Radar "Big Golf Ball" on the west side of a golf course on Oroville Dam Blvd W (Hwy 162)

    • BaneB says:

      Mario/Donna AZ:  The things are sprouting up like golf mushrooms!  Not having a computer, and lousy phone service in my location, it's not so easy for me to search out these "machines."  Mario, did you read a weather report about the funnel?  It's interesting how many there are of these microwave operations scattered about in remote locations.  It seems they are peppered all over.  The more powerful golf balls, due to microwave power output, cannot be placed in the town square.  Donna, thanks for the locale.  Seems rather fitting to hide a giant golf ball near the golf course.  

    • BaneB says:

      Addendum:  Did some research on the Table Mountain Golf Course microwave facility.  Even located a photo.  Location is 2810 West Oroville Adam Boulevard.  I would not golf there. It's  way too close to the transmissions according to what I have read about the physical effects from being close in the beam.  Oroville facility #110041657356.  At Beale are there two facilities?  NEXRAD and Pave Paws?  And, search out website:  Whoa!!  Can't give you a direct link but aside from much images and info about many regions, I did find assessments with images of radar returns from the Oroville location….NEXRAD RADAR, EPA facility.  Site owner has much to say.  How far is Oroville from Beale.  Not anywhere near 250 miles.  These facilities are close and majorly overlap.  Just some thoughts and food for further consideration.

    • Mario says:

      Thank you Donna-AZ! 

    • Mario says:

      BaneB: There is a transmitter at Mather AFB that is less than 1/2 mile from an elementary school and neighborhood.

  40. bob says:

    The last few days were nothing like ever before, the sky was purely blocked out in shiny aluminum and it was getting dark yet the sky was bright.  It is actually an easy talking point though, saying like, notice how is it that there is 100% 'cloud' cover and no sun anywhere but its too bright to look at anything?  Then tell how it is aluminum being sprayed and it is reflective.  Easier in small doses too.  Point out a piece of info based on what is going on that day or what the stupid weather man says.     People know a purely white and shiny sky and thick haze and 76 in Feb. in Ohio, or fog that never goes away even when the sun comes up is weird.   

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Bob, good observations. Indeed small doses are best. Chipping away at an obstacle one hammer stroke at a time. "Parallels in nature".

  41. BaneB says:

    Blizzard condition here at 4,000 feet central Mendocino County, Camifornia.  Windy and sideways.  Temp at 32F.  Am I tired of the weather? YES!  I do not recall snow for today. Rather, last evening the icon showed partly cloudy with snow on Friday and Saturday.  But here it is.  And yahoos weather, run by a weather outfit, will not download and has been dead all morning.  

    • BaneB says:

      Addendum:  Morning.  Cold, cold!  Snowed off and on overnight.  Windy too.  Not more than a couple inches.  The snow is actually more like tiny pieces of ice rather than a fluffy.  Too much winter this year. Never seen it like this.  And still no sunshine except for a bit of peek a boo.

    • Earth Angel says:

      So sorry you and so many others are struggling through such conditions BaneB. The national weather map couldn't look any crazier than the one I just saw tonight. Draw a diagonal line across the nation and the northwestern half is experiencing record blizzards and cold- the southeast record warm- spring is here in February; grass greening, jonquils blooming yellow, frogs chirring already! If people don't see something is drastically out of whack- they are truly deaf, blind and dumb! People, if you haven't woken up already its time to. Our prayers are with those suffering the artificial winter conditions, man, beast, and plant life included.  : 0

  42. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Sunday started with a bright deep blue sky in Chicago… But ridiculously warm. Then headed north down 94 to Milwaukee and noted bizarre "HAARP" plasma clouds; could not take my eyes off of them as we traveled north. Milwaukee bright deep blue sky except for the triangular formation with plasma streaks "bleeding" off of it. Had an errand on Milwaukee's south side on the way there noted two long parallel spray lines (BTW I haven't seen the like in Chicago in over a year). As we left the store the spray lines turned into a milky iridescent blob of SRM plasma that kept expanding. Managed to take some pictures of this… as Sunday progressed the sky in Milwaukee, Wisconsin started getting freakier and freakier. I know I've been observing the spraying, SRM, GeoEngineering in Chicago for the past several years but in Milwaukee it is even more insane! Every time I get up  there there is much spraying and plasma "clouds". 

    As a visual artist and photographer, and former (25 years) Science teacher I have been documenting this for years now. I also create digital art examining the absurdity and evil of what I term "DEVISIONIST" Society. Few people respond to any of this they'd rather see pictures of Anime/Manga cartoon characters I guess

    When I was teaching, (a combination of illlness, "burned-out-edness", and the fact that I wouldn't toe the fascist Common Core Power School corporate model of education line finally prompted my early "retirement"), I'd play the GeoEngineering Watch weekly news on my SMARTBoard and the kids were so interested and fascinated with all the "Shadow Govt." knowledge and environmental degradation… 7th and 8th graders in an urban school… They are smart, interested, and want something more than Beyonce and Selfies… But of course I was called on the carpet about not following the curriculum. Well I so appreciate Dane and all the comments here… It's great to know someone DOES CARE! Peace. Always!

    • MAP says:

      Thank you eyepilotX for standing for Truth.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Conviction", EyepilotX, you have it! Welcome to the crowd…

    • Blue Sue says:

      I applaud your deviation/rebellion (from Common Core) in teaching what matters to your students: The TRUTH.  Peace and good health to you. 

    • Dennie says:

      @EyepilotX!!!: Thanks for your great comment.  My cousin's daughter is a PE teacher in Fort Lupton, CO.  She had only the most disdainful comments to make regarding Common Core curriculum.  My mother offered to pay for my teaching credential years ago and I said no, the public schools aren't the way to go to get a decent education, I'm going into private teaching.  Since I got my Suzuki teacher training last year I've been really pretty happy, as their thoughful, wise and kind system comes with built-in support and part of our job is to educate our students' parents so they can educate the students the rest of the time.  Anyhow, the public schools are turning out a lot of students who are bored, under-and-over-challenged all at once, directionless-  unless they decide it's okay to be a part of The System and perpetuate the hellish mess we've allowed those in "power" to create– and frazzled to hell. 

      I often dream that I could find several teachers and start a small private school where we can give the students the kind of education they really do need, not just what the corrupt corporate-controlled government-run schools intent on treating humans like dumb livestock insist upon.

    • Dan G. says:

      Ya wish my ex teacher wife could read between the lies .


    • Rachel Robson says:

      EyepilotX!!!  Thank you for this.  And for mentioning how interested kids are in the truth.  My ADHD grandson, age 13 now, is mostly home schooled, some time at the school which oversees all this.  What I do hear of his studies in Common Core has impressed me, but I don't hear much.  Can you give me a heads up to exactly what(s) is wrong with common core?  He has learned some stuff that seems far beyond what I was taught in school oh so long ago, but also my daughter's education, if you could call it that-it was useless.  So, when I hear of the young one learning ancient stuff correctly, I am impressed.  He is very hip to reality and to geoengineering.  I love the way his brain is going.  He tries to invent things, modify things.  I need to know what to look out for with Common Core.  The most common thing about it that I hear are complaints, but I never hear about what.  I need to know the what.

      Given how people I respect on many levels, grownups, will not listen to or believe geoengineering is going on, I am not surprised the school you taught at did not like you teaching this.  What a shame, but not surprising.  Still, you got those kids interested so some joy there.

      When my daughter was young, her school had me come in to talk to the kids about Native American issues and lifestyles.  They asked some pretty stupid questions.  Clearly, they knew nothing.  So I began telling background stuff and I did not sugar coat anything, even though the kids were young.  They were fascinated.  Riveted.  Afterwards, the teachers said they had never seen that many kids sit still for something and pay attention Ever!  And they gave me carte blanche to come back and teach more.  Which I did.  And they finally hooked up with a tribe who sent a bunch of kids and their teachers to visit and for us to host.  Kids want the truth!  Crave it!  They seem to only shine adults on when talked down to, treated as if they are subhuman.

    • El says:

      I always did well in school – but thanks to Common Core none of us old folks are "smart enough" to help the grandchildren because Common Core is really foreign crap.

      I liked math – but Common Core math is enough to drive you nuts.  Yes, the children are exposed to all kinds of stuff but they don't stick with any one part of it to get a good grasp on what math is.  For example how can they add 2 and 2 in their heads and be sure it's 4 when it could actually be 5 in this new math.

      And God forbid they should ever become Accountants if they can justify any answer they come up with.  Most people need to know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide and understand fractions and percentages.  Most people will never use algebra or geometry or any other higher math ever.  Most people probably can't wrap their brains around higher math anyway.

      If everyone was really learning the basics of math and had a good understanding of it – we wouldn't be in the financial mess that we're in.  Because it seems that the Banks and the Government and Big Business are all using fuzzy math.

      Written English is most likely on it's way out the door.  Kids all seem to speak in abbreviations such as IDK for I don't know and stuff like that.  I'm not up on all the short cuts so I have to look them up on the internet.

      As it was they spent too much time telling us about Christopher Columbus when I was young and how everyone thought the world was flat.

      Kids would be so much more interested in school if they knew that Columbus actually had maps, and that there were giants and that maybe there is some truth to the fairy tales.   They might learn to understand politics better if they learned that Columbus wasn't just given a boat to sail around with – that he might actually have faced some rather harsh circumstances if he failed.

      The biggest thing wrong with Common Core is that Kids are not encouraged to wonder WHY?

    • El says:

      I meant to say WE older folks aren't smart enough to help the young learn Common Core – because it is foreign to us.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great job on giving useful knowledge to these young people. Be proud of your actions EyepilotX!!! Thank you for your courage in bringing truth to them. I'm proud for you too!!!  : )

    • Dale K says:

      Author on Common Core: ‘A Comprehensive Dumbing Down of American Education at Every Level’
      By Barbara Hollingsworth | CNS News
      November 17, 2015

      “The major criticism coming from the scholars is that it’s lowered standards in both math and English language arts, the two parts of the K-12 curriculum that the Common Core covers,” (Peter) Wood told 

    • Dale K says:

      Common Core Teaches Kids New Way To Add 9 + 6 That Takes 54 Seconds
      Eric Owens | Daily Caller
      Sep 3, 2014

      “With the Common Core, students need to understand why” 9 + 6 equals 15, a bubbly WGRZ reporter explains.

      Fourt-grade teacher Eileen Klag Ryan then demonstrates the Common Core way to add 9 + 6.

      This Common Core method takes nearly a minute.

    • Dale K says:

      the deliberate dumbing down of america
      book by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

      the deliberate dumbing down of america is a chronological history of the past 100+ years of education reform. Each chapter takes a period of history and recounts the significant events, including important geopolitical and societal contextual information. Citations from government plans, policy documents, and key writings by leading reformers record the rise of the modern education reform movement. Americans of all ages will welcome this riveting expose of what really happened to what was once the finest education system in the world.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      EyepilotX, my gracious but how you have created a stir here in this column. A respectful nod your way. Rachel and all, "what do we look out for in regards to 'common core?"… "EVERYTHING", that's what!! Personally I am mad as hell that the science classes I took in high school are now first and second year college "courses", WTF…..

      "Stupid is as stupid does" Anyone ever read text books from the turn of the last century(pun intended and meaning intent). How far backwards in human evolution will "we" go until the apparatus that holds us upright collapses? Hang on to your seat, We're gonna find out.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I actually like this!  News guys, math is fungible!  And, by the way, our kids could not get any dumber!  We lag SO far behind the world it is ridiculous.  As it Was, even kids I knew my daughter's age who got to go to pricey private schools were not qualified to get into any good universities without having to pay a lot of money to gain the math skills at one first!  I get how difficult it is for the teachers to do things another way, change up their whole mode, but the kids were stupid!  Yes!  Play with math!  Screw  it up and put it together again!  Way back when, I was classified as a math genius!  That was lonesome territory.  Rote memorizing is not learning!  Rote is what Muslim boys at madras schools do.

      My 13 year old 7th grader is excelling.  But then he has ADHD and nothing is rote to him.  He doesn't walk in a straight line either.  Cartwheels, handstands, and how can he reconfigure a skateboard into a rip stick?  He taught himself to cook when he was 3 and seeks out good foods, has a sophisticated palate.  He can discuss mystical Islam.  He catches the fish when no one else can, then on his own takes the extra one to the old man who fished all day and caught nothing.  He sees the world in complex ways he finds fascinating and ever changing. Bottom line, he is learning, the older ones did not.  For them, math ended after rote.

    • Mario says:

      Rachel, it is great to hear your child is succeeding.  Yes, he sounds like a very smart kid.

       Mind you, I am a teacher.  I concur with the conclusion that Common Core is an intentional disaster.  A well placed land mine full of extra steps, abstract thought that children aren't cognitively ready for,  highly confusing linguistics, and poorly written questions.  I would argue that your boy is as smart as he is because he comes from a nurtured environment with good parents.  Id argue it's not the Common Core…or The Core as they call it here in the school districts…but rather his environment at home.

       Part of math is rote memorization.  There's just no way of getting around that.  In order to do mental math in everyday life, you have to memorize some things.  Is what it is.  

    • Dale K says:

      How far has education in the US sunk to?

      Link to the eighth-grade final exam from 1895 from Salina, Kansas. It was taken from the original document on file at the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, Kansas and reprinted by the Salina Journal.

    • Dennie says:

      I see too many kids from too many schools telling me what they're learning– just pushing down stuff from higher grade levels onto younger and younger kids, like what someone learns at age 11 is something that a smart six-year-old should be learning?  I don't think so.  I hear from one fifth-grade girl that they have to do book reports every month at her public school– EVERY MONTH? WHY???  Can't the students ever just give a two minute synopsis verbal presentation in front of the class?  Why does every damned thing NEED to be WRITTEN??? These kids are getting NO public speaking skills.  Now imagine what you need to be able to do when you go to a school board, city hall, county supervisor meeting?  Just sit there?  Oh, and hand them a written report???? Seriously?????

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, the stuff on that 8th grade final exam from 1895, we didn't know one tenth of that by the time we left high school in San Rafael, in 1975.  We were never much seriously taught grammar at any time that sounded like the questions on that test from over 100 year ago, "creative writing" was the word of the day, or reading literature and discussing it.  Most high school kids couldn't pass the arithmetic, geography or history parts of the test.  Kids haven't a clue what is a Promissory Note, just get out the credit card.  No wonder we had a mortgage meltdown.  I'm afraid kids these days are being groomed to spend much time in sports, or computer stuff, programming, and prepare for careers in the biological sciences, creating vaccines, doing genetic modification and making components for biological warfare.

      Yes, a lot of learning is rote.  It has to be if you want to do things quickly and so it must be automatic.  In music you need to memorize whole and half steps as well as scales and many many MANY patterns for the left and the right hands.  In writing and speech you need to remember irregular words, LOTS of them, in English, as well as many irregular diphthong sounds.  It is a very difficult polyglot language that takes time to learn.  You need to practice-practice-practice when learning math or languages.  That's The Deal.

  43. Susan Ferguson says:

    LA TIMES: “San Jose was hit by what officials described as the worst flooding in 100 years as the Coyote Creek, which runs through the heart of the city, overflowed, inundating neighborhoods and forcing thousands to flee. About 14,000 residents in large swath of central San Jose were under mandatory evacuations orders. Evacuation advisories were also issued to 22,000 residents as flooding closed the 101 Freeway — a key route through Silicon Valley…”

    [SF]: The recent untenable amounts of rain to California do not mean that geoengineering has stopped, rather it means that these arrogant fools, who are meddling in subtle electromagnetic forces beyond their capabilities, are even more desperate and are trying another insane approach. Obviously once again the consequences of their operations to us, who are helpless, with most completely clueless as to what is in fact occurring, are of no interest to the mad scientists and military. I also consider that the appearance of change in the competing factions, which control and run the decaying corporate globalist empire has initiated some alterations. It is obvious that there is a war going on between the two tyrant-based factions, both want to dominate. Now that the Obama sock-puppet has been removed, and replaced with the Trump puppet, we will see shifts in power, but nothing that will actually effect the well-being of the American people. Only the corporatocracy will benefit.  This noisy showtime media ploy is very clever, using the populist twitter, etc. to insult the corporate media makes the general population believe that Trump is fighting for them, once again they “hope” for change, like the Obama HOPE psyop. But this change will not ever occur. The Dakota Pipeline protestors are being cleared as I write this, the EPA is headed by a man who sued the EPA for years, the oil cartel is fully supported by the Deep State and the Pentagon, Norway is now committed to extracting oil from the melting Arctic, as Norwegian energy companies are planning to increase drilling in the country’s Arctic shelf in the Barents Sea. We will see what other mirages our television-personality President will be ordered to perform. Meanwhile, the transmitters that are stationed all around the planet continue to destroy the atmosphere – and consequently the ozone.


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Norway: The Oil in the Norwegian Arctic Shelf in the Barents Sea
      January 04, 2017
      Experts believe the Korpfjell license (PL859) could hold up to ten billion barrels of oil. That would make it an «elephant», a field with huge resources. The PL859 is the northernmost license ever awarded on the Norwegian shelf. It is located on the 74th parallel and was obtained by Statoil and partners in 2016 as part of the 23rd License Round. The other license stakeholders are Chevron (20%), ConocoPhillips (15%), Lundin (15%) and SDØE (20%).
      Cooperation with Russia:  The Korpfjell is not only located far north, but also far east — only few kilometers from Norway’s maritime border to Russia. … it would not be unlikely that the reservoirs stretch over to the Russian side … Both the Korpfjell and Perseevsky areas were opened to exploration after Norway and Russia signed the delimitation agreement for the area in 2010. Both countries have since conducted comprehensive seismic mapping in the area.

    • Dennie says:

      And just where the f*ck are fourteen thousand people in San Jose, a city of nearly one million, supposed to evacuate to— Santa Clara? Sunnyvale?? Mountain View?? LOS ALTOS??? Fremont???  OAKLAND????


      I saw the political Hegelian Nightmare coming waaaay before "Oh, Bummer" got elected– not that he was worse than Bush Baby, a certifiable NAZI.  But Oh Bummer had his cadre of ghouls, as they all do, behind him.  With Trump we have a whole new level of L-O-W in Uhmerukuh– UGHHH!!!  I and others cannot imagine him serving out his remaining 47 months in office without somehow managing to do something stupid enough to wind up getting kicked out.

    • Beth says:

      Could you please post links to the two source news articles? I want to share them. Thank you, in advance.

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Beth — I wrote the [SF] comment and the flood story is here:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Makes me think of FEMA camps and the why of that.  Did they see stuff like this coming?  Are they planning on lots more 'stuff'?

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Susan Ferguson, I don't know if I had thanked you in the past, But your posts are one of the posts I look forward too… The information and research is innumerable of accurate and well documented, fact base information on this subject, many other from this site. Again, Thank You! For every post. I just wanted to let you know. Sincerely, Joe Ceonnia.

      Again, I know I have thanked Dane. I want to thank Dane Again and again, I keep going back to every weeks past post up-dates. Without people like Dane and many others, that have done their homework I thank you. I've been able to educate others, and more Importantly, Educate Myself. Thanks to all the persistence of the regulars who participate, post here at this site. I'm exhausted, can't sleep. I've been awaken.

  44. Dennie says:

    Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador to the U.N., died unexpectedly last Monday, Feb. 19, of a "cardiac problem" (translated: heart attack) at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York:  The job with the highest mortality rate by "heart attack" and outright murder seems to be that of Russian diplomats at this time.  Are we witnessing the work of the "Deep State" Assassination Crew, with their "heart attack machine," yet again? Do THEY reeeally think we're that stooopid out here????

    • Dennie says:

      Five Russian diplomats:  Lesin, Malanin, Kadakin, Karlov and now Churkin.  What do they have in common?  From

      Each of the recently deceased Russian Ambassadors were high profile targets for miscreants and criminals, whether state actors, mercenaries or fanatics.

      Lesin was a instrumental in the creation of RT, a news outlet which has come under constant attack from the western establishment.

      Malanin had overseen a period of warming fraternal relations between Greece and Russia at a time when Greece is feeling increasingly alienated from both the EU and NATO.

      Karlov is said to be responsible for helping to facilitate the rapprochement between Presidents Erdogan and Putin.

      Kadakin oversaw a period of renewed tensions between India and Pakistan at a time when Russia was trying to continue its good relations with India whilst building good relations with Pakistan.

      On the 31st of December, 2016, Churkin’s resolution on a ceasefire in Syria passed in the UN Security Council after months of deadlock. The resolution is still in force.

      Anyone who wanted to derail the diplomatic successes that the aforementioned men achieved for Russia would have a clear motive to extract vengeance.

      For further reading, [source article]:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dennie, the information you have posted from the Global Research site is important and should be considered by all. Unfortunately Global Research is not reporting accurately on the state of the global climate system and is thus actually pushing the desired narrative of the power structure and the geoengineers. They are thus “Toeing The Line For Big Oil And The Geoengineers”. FYI  All news from all sources must be examined for accuracy. 

    • El says:

      Every organism vibrates/resonates to a specific frequency.  That's why I always suspect when only owls, or blackbirds fall out of the sky or a gazilion of the same type of fish float up dead.

      So I guess now they can pinpoint hearts of specific people. Or maybe it's just the reverse theory of shocking a heart back to life – you interfere with your internal electrical system and kill the heartbeat.

  45. Sherri says:

    I would love to see some banners and billboards down here is southern Calif in the San Gabriel Valley about the geo-engineering and making everyone who can read aware of what is happening globally – i also wish some of the seminars/expos could be down in this area as i wild love to attend – LA Convention Center comes to mind but am sure it is very costly as well – would love some stickers, pamphlets to hand out to educate everyone i cross paths with aware of the sick crap that is going on and seeing if we can make this stop NOW!  Trump needs to get involved – the more we make our voices heard the more of a chance we can make it getting this stopped – there is power in numbers, maybe it is time to stop being such peaceful warriors and have some demonstrations as others seem to and then they get the media attention as well…just a thought since i am an activist for many causes.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      "Sherri", So when are you going to organize some? I know of several here that would attend.

    • Beth says:

      I'm in SoCal, too. I have so many photos of this. Everyone I know is sick after several heavy spray days last week before all this rain started. Including myself. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis, an Upper Respiratory Infection and the Flu. Even after the antibiotics I am still fighting this. Next they want to try steroids! Nope! The increase in respiratory illness is astounding yet people still can't see beyond the end of their noses! 

    • MS P says:

      Earth Day events, Farmer's markets, arts & craft shows. Communities that are into healthy living. I see some folks in Ventura doing some posting here & there on community  billboards. (Thank you♥)  Even small posts all over.  About Geoengineering & VAXXED 

      It's up to all of  us down south here, to get it going.  Start by looking up upcoming events, take it from there.  Event the AAA had events in their magazines. Something going on every month, everywhere.

      It could be as simple as parking a vehicle where everyone can read a sign as they enter such events. Or talk to the promoters of such events. Lots of non profit groups get their  booths for free.   

  46. Bija says:

    Hi Dane…still with you every step of the way! I just started listening to this show and these guys are directing folks to this website and are interested in having you on their show. Their current report on geoengineering (chemtrails) has over 3K views right now and their youtube channel has close to 12K subscribers. 

    GNN- Steiger Olson Report


    Hope it's another avenue for you to reach and wake up more people! They called you "the biggest patriot for humanity",and I agree!

  47. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane for the inspiration.

    Will think on how to do more. I agree. We all must start local, to make this alarm sound  loudly, on a global level.

    So why not go to city council meetings? Events, festivals, &  even educational events. Or just join one of these pre-planned marches, but march for a greater cause? March to your own tune. (Not theirs)  The fight to save planet earth. Maybe some will join in?  

    Perhaps the voice of a small child might be listened to? They are the future. It's their future at risk  too.  If I was a child. I'd gladly take a F grade, just to get up in front of the entire class, and talk about geoeengineering. Knowing every classmate might just go home & tell  mom & dad about it? 

    Thank you to others for the realistic rants, of our planet being destroyed.  All I can say in reply, to people anymore. 

    "If you are not outraged, you are NOT paying attention" 

    Peace to all. 


  48. Dan says:

    You need to add the following to your signs and billboards, "it's killing our children"…

  49. LoriBridgeford says:

    To Amy and those wanting materials to advocate> Just take it upon yourself ! I ordered  custom pens, T-shirts that have Dane's site and front words that say Look Up Wake Up and Speak up, small refrigerator magnets, and bumper stickers. I keepin my car with the glossy jey spray  flyers & my favorite hand-outs.   Dane has no time/ or staff to do this x-tra task of stocking and tracking such supplies. WE MUST ALL TAKE AN ACTIVE ROLE and stop asking Dane to do even more. His life has been forever altered and need flow/support to keep this going.  Please , let Dane run this website ,  focus on 1 hr. radio news broadcast and being interviewed. You will best know your own city/ composition.  Same with bus signage (which is a great option)  Hope you have a place in your area to order these simple items -otherwise the inet has many  options. Even just ONE  item you prefer (pens /bumper stickers so affordable)  will help tilt the scales in awaking. Pick one and go for it ! Start now as earth day is April 22 nd.



    • Yoninah Yisrael says:

      Hi Dane, just checking in from central Illinois. I wanted to put some pictures up of the spraying the did last week. There was spraying today too. Could somebody help me with sharing pictures please?


    • marc says:

      Online print companies have all the tools necessary to design your own materials. And of course, one can upload photos or graphic art to these sites and really fine-tune your end result. I have "Stop Climate Engineering Now!!" banners with my own photos uploaded and incorporated in the design currently on order with Vistaprint. Yes, there's a cost but so the eff what.

  50. ron hall says:

    HERE YOU ARE DANE!  Momentum which you created!

    • Cynthia Cox/ The Elephant Underground says:

      Ron, thanks for this but here iswhat I wrote to the hosts.  I think you'll agree that it's correct.

      "Guys, love the coverage but PLEASE consider changing the title "Chemtrails" as Dane has repeatedly qualified that he never uses that term as it is not the correct scientific nomenclature. Why not something like: Geo-Engineering/SRM (Solar Radiation Mang.)– a.k.a. in street language as Chemtrails. It is important to stay within the scientific realm so as to debunk those would counter with anything they can. Thank you."

    • TNGeoWatch says:

      WSO/Steiger/Olson have been pointing out SRM in video's for months now.  

      Again, the concern I have is people know about this and are digging in.  It's easier to prep and enjoy the ride while it lasts then to grow up and make a difference.  

      There are a lot of people out there in my area now that totally agree but don't want to say anything they fear a false flag event if to many people get active.


  51. SD says:

    Major rainstorm which moved through SoCal last Fri knocked down perhaps 1500 trees.  Heavy rain/LOW BAROMETRIC PRESSURE with high wind swirling.  On/off light rain all weekend, even this AM. I caught a glimpse through the cloud canopy Sat and immediately spotted telltale high altitude spray runs. UNNATURAL continues to be best adjective.

    Most of U.S. seems to be 64F with cloudy skies now.  Welcome to the future. 

    Story in today'a LA Times about accelerated beach erosion in CA.  Last year's El Nino being blamed? Climate scientists need to MOVE BEYOND ENSO model, because it is mostly OBSOLETE in light of weather engineering!  Both USGS and Scripps Institute scientists involved in study.  Still no thought or mention of Geoengineering effects causing high waves?  I continue to believe many of these LOW PRESSURE SYSTEMS being generated in GOA or elsewhere in Pacific result of upper atmosphere heating by artificial methods.


    • BaneB says:

      SD:  Scripps Institute.  Scripps-Howard owns the Redding rag referred to as the Record Searchlight.  Ah yes, collusion and incest assuming these two are connected at the hip.  A media empire and an institute.  One to cast the lies in stone and the other to disseminate.  One to set policy, the other to propagandize.  I read somewhere recently that the great sin (crime) of the mainstream media is less what it broadcasts but rather what it omits; the half truths and deliberate mis-leads that create a false narrative among its consumers.  The Record Searchlight is such a creature, fit only as a fire starter, and piddle pad for my miniature terrier.

    • MS P says:

      I do think you are on to something with the high waves mentions. The beaches are eroding away. Every year the area of sand is less & lees. Also harbors need constant dredging, so the boats can go out. Very old Palm trees, along the shores. (Santa Barbara)  going down is a good clue. Piers they come, & go over the years. .(Man made). The trees along the coast tell the real story.

      Our limited media only reports the beach/pier closures, flooding,  & that surfboards are being split in two, by the waves. Off the Ventura CA beach coastline. 

    • Dale K says:

      Right now, they are attacking and destroying a major crop-growing region of California using geoengineering technology. Given that we're concurrently seeing un-winter like temperatures in mid-western cities like Chicago and St. Louis, I have a feeling that they will next target America's Heartland with low rainfall and record-breaking heat during the late spring and early summer months. Afterward, when they've completed their planned destruction and small farmers are destitute and unable to grow food, the media shills will be prodded by the likes of Monsanto to promote GMOs (not just corn and soy, but also other items that have been developed in labs like apples) as the savior of a starving populace.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dale, yes, the ongoing weather warfare is wreaking havoc. This being said, it is imperative to remember and consider that there are countless sources of anthropogenic damage to the planet and the biosphere. If all human forms of activity were to stop tomorrow (including climate engineering), the weather cataclysms would continue to would continue to unfold due to the immense damage already done. All this being said, my focus will remain on exposing and halting the geoengineering insanity. My gratitude to you and all other activists that are helping to sound the alarm.

  52. Joseph L says:

    I found this music video– Time has Come  by James Payne— it uses this site  at end of video to learn more about geoengineering.    Sometimes music if spread around can educate people too.

    • El says:

      I was trying to say the same thing previously.  Maybe if enough people could get on the same page and think positive thoughts about what life on earth should be – it might make a difference.

      Even if they don't feel like they can do anything – maybe just listening and praying could help.

      Given how many deaf ears I have spoken to – maybe the deaf ones will listen to music.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “El”, yes, our intent matters, but it is also imperative for us all to prioritize taking actioin, this is essential. Though all of us are in different and unique situations, there are always available ways to raise awarness with others. Always possibilities for sounding the alarm.

    • Joseph L says:


      Look Up — Music Video by Cali Will

      Dane I bet you know this one because they use your voice  a few times in the video and mention your name.. I personally have handed out thousands of Your Look Up flyer and just found this video.

  53. Wanda in NC says:

    Dane has said that if the oceans die, we die. Watching OKEANOS Explorer in the American Samoa Islands is proof of the oceans dying. If you watch these dives, listen to how many times the words, dead, dying & death are used. Not a good thing.

  54. Seeing Clearly says:

    Spraying chemicals in the sky should be banned, all forms of weather control should be banished. 

    • BaneB says:

      Seeing Clearly:  Prying the Geoengineering talons off of our weather systems might well require "destroying the village in order to save it."  In other words the system and its worship of profit til death do they part is the other half of the destructive "good" embraced at our bosom. Buried within the bloodsucking gargantuan Pentagon budget where few know of its existence, the money making machine just keeps on giving to those Who self deal..  I really don't see how this can be halted short of a mass uprising, one which is deigned to occur as an out of control synchronization event of like minded deficits in need of a perfect storm.  Mankind is headed towards a "reboot."  We capture the wheelhouse after the fact, shorted of straws.  Who shall live and who shall not.  A lottery surfs the waves of eternal tomorrow's, a crashing wave its hiss and roar the sand flees from its rage. It's the Spirit righteous and inexorable.

  55. Mark in OZ -MN native says:

    So many out there that could be a 'voice' joining those here, are still sedated with the propaganda that trouble is 'coming'–some where in the 'future'. It's here now!

    The emergency sirens and lights are ON now. This is NOT a drill!

    Keep an inventory of 'loss' events to help 'slap the ignorant out of it'. And the closer the event to where people live, the better (harder) the impact (slap).

    The largest marine plant (sea kelp) are disappearing rapidly off Straya's Tasmania. The reason? Rising sea temperatures.

    Similar to the great land based evergreen and deciduous forests, kelp forests can reach heights of 30m (100 ft) and their departure indicates yet another collapse of our life support system.

  56. Amy says:

    Dane, I realize you don't sell anything on your website, but have you ever thought about making available Geoengineering Watch t-shirts? I would buy and wear one if they were available.

  57. Adam Coleman says:

    They spray here in SW, OHIO almost daily. Don't these basturds ever take a day off? Sprayed Sat & Sun and I have THOUSANDS of pix showing it. Sadly, the sheeple who are this beautiful pink sunrise are calling it a blessing from God when the exact opposite is true. I pointed that out to a friend's friend who had a pic on FB saying God made it so I sent her the 16-20 mile S pic of the same thing with a jet ahead of it. Think she cares? Sometimes you can't bother wasting your time knocking on the door of a house you know that is abandoned. Even if they're home, you know they won't answer. SO MOVE ON TO SOMEONE WHO WILL.

    Fed.a few squirrels again today. I wonder if I'm the only thing sustaining them? That walk right up to me but being squirrels, they are still squirrelly and won't eat from my hand, yet. I would feed even Hillary Clinton if the witch was starving because hungry doesn't care what it eats as long as it fills them up. People get hoongree enough, they'll eat dog food. If they're starving, they'll eat it and like it too which is exactly where those who survive what's coming will be eventually doing. "Wait and see" as a good man I know often says

    • Blam says:

      If people get hungry enough they will eat each other

    • Donna-AZ says:

      And, to the servants that will be underground with their masters, you will be on the table when the food runs out. No one gets out alive!  

      Speaking of….Dane, estimated release date?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, about the film, the release is up to the producer. I hope he will release it soon as this tool would be useful for our efforts.

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-AZ:  Yep, keep the assistants nice and plump until time to go underground.  Reminds me of The Time Machine, and Hansel and Gretal.

  58. Reid says:

    I believe it is most important to get local anti Geoengineering groups established and active in the fight. It is absolutely critical to establish a new decentralized grass roots environmental movement. Different communities would use different tactics decided on the local level. I believe it is possible to breakthrough the controlled environmentalism and sick university scientism by grassroots anti Geoengineering groups at the university level. Some how the ivory towers guarding academia must be breached…..To be honest I don't completely know how to do this???@$#!?? …. But this I do know …this is a spiritual battle. So many have this fearfull fatalistic world view like a the "deer in the headlamps" with a good dose of denial.

       This is why local groups must form. Only in like minded community can people deal with fears and the reprogramming from the delusional democracy and global death cult fascism. Also many people are not ready to hear about geoengineering but would be receptive to other very serious issues like medical fascism and health issues like the dangerous vaccines…anyways I am running on about two cylinders and I'm really struggling with a serious illness….but I'm still here and I'm very much in this fight till I cross over to the other side of reality.

  59. barbzi says:

    How about lets all get a pair of car or truck magnetic signs displaying stop toxic climate geoengineering. Magnetics are usually sold in sizes such as 12″ x 18″, 12″ x 24″, 18″ x 24″.

  60. Dan says:

    Today we awoke to what people on my commute and at the gas station referred to as fog.  Funny thing was as I left I checked my RH meter and noted RH was at 30%.  I also awoke with a dry throat and nose bleed.  Dense hazy fog at 30% RH.  Impossible.  Then I noticed that temporary signs had been placed on the highway advising motorists that a controlled burn was under way.  No smoke stack for 50 miles in either direction to indicated a large burning significant enough to fog out a 150 x 150 km area.  Only one insignificant smoke stack was noticed just outside calgary on the north end but was far too small to create this massive haze out.  The county and the municipalities are most certainly in on the lie.  As the morning continued and the haze settled out on everyone and everything the signature lines and crosses littered the sky.  I think everyone in Calgary has been dosed up so much they no longer recognize reality. 

  61. Al C says:

    I just listened to the interview with Greg Hunter and I want to thank both of you and everybody here contributing in the best way they can.
    During the interview, dementia was mentioned a few times.
    My mom has dementia and while still functional, (eating and bathing), she has to be watched constantly and I'm her primary caregiver. Every day is a challenge and while there are often humor filled moments, it is an emotionally and physically draining journey.
    I've often wondered, because I believe there are many agendas behind the aerosol programs, if Big Pharma has a hand in it.
    Increase and give whatever disease to the masses, even the flu so you'll go running to the doctor for your shot or the latest trial drug for their newest experiment.
    Are these people, corporations, that evil and psychotic?
    Tell everyone every day even if you get the "tin foil" hat look…….You see the marches that are currently going on against Trump (Not my President)…………Maybe that's what we need, a march on Washington.

    • Rodster says:

      I can relate with you Al C. I took care of my mom who had Dementia in the last 3 years of her life. Stay strong !

  62. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Although professional commercial billboards may be bigger and more colorful they are expensive and may seem out of reach to most of us. Supporting the efforts of people like Brian, Melanie and Dwight on some level is a must.

    Another way to get the word out is to make your own sign. For under a $100 you can make your own changeable letter sign. For about $80  you can get 450 8" letters and the plastic strips to hold them. A 4' x 8' piece of 1/2 inch plywood painted white will run about $20.

    Attach the strips to the plywood and put whatever you want to on your sign. Change up the message daily or weekly but make sure that it always has on it. If you can find a lighted sign like mine better yet, but a piece of plywood will do.

    Here is a link showing some examples of my sign. Putting up your own sign will be exhilarating for you and enlightening for others.

    Just do it!   Never Give Up!!!

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      If you own your own business, try setting up a monitor where your customers can see and hear it. Play a loop of undeniable spraying videos along with some of Dane's presentations and interviews. You can set up a playlist on YouTube and let it play ALL DAY, EVERYDAY. 

    • Randall says:

      i agree with you, I have a 4×4 sign at the end of my driveway. 

      I bought stencils and have had many people stop and read the sign. 

      I felt like a wing nut at first, but now after 8 months I feel I helped and hope Dane got some hits from n Wisconsin. 

      We do have to speak up fast as its getting out of hand as to crazy weather events and the dying off of so many trees and other vegetation. 

      The wildlife demands our protection, the ignorant need the wake up. 

    • CatherineW says:

      You are truly inspiring, Steven! Thank you!

    • Randall says:

      If anybody wants to they can go to and bookmark it. 

      It now is showing the crazy wind patterns off California. It seems to me that the wind patterns do not support the so called moisture river they say is flowing into the state. ????

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I started a website to do my part linking to a variety of websites including Geoengineering watch.

    • Seeing Clearly, What is your website? Can you post a link for us? Never Give Up!!!

    • Dennie says:

      Steve Chamberlain and all:  I have a rental space on a major surface street in Berkeley.  On the northern edge of the display window I've posted one of Rosalind Peterson's glossy color handouts that shows about eight different geoengineered skies, next to "real" clouds from days of old, stating "How do you like your skies?  Natural, or man-made?" The poster also points out tree decline in California.  I put a sign under that that says "NO: SAG/SAI, SRM!!!! STOP toxic GEOENGINEERING"  and under that I've written out "visit"  I get a lot of people who linger outside my window.  I see them staring and pointing at the pictures on the poster.

    • Seeing Clearly, What is your website? Can you post a link for us? Never Give Up!!!

    • Dennie, Many times they turn white and their mouth hangs open as they lock on to the wall of photos and information I put up for them. You can see the devastation they are feeling at that moment. Often times if you interrupt them during this blank stare they will instantly respond with a unnatural smile and laughter as their brain attempts to wash away the pain and fear.

      Great work Dennie, Never Give Up!!!

  63. Steve Parsons says:

    Thank you so much Dane … for all your efforts. … Please know that this article link has been distributed on multiple social media platforms. 'We' will never stop awakening the masses …

  64. barbzi says:
    A rare cloud phenomenon over Singapore has delighted people in the city-state.
    The multi-coloured glow appeared in the sky on Monday in the late afternoon, lasting for about 15 minutes, and was seen across the island.
    Media reports said it was likely a fire rainbow, which occurs when sunlight refracts through ice-crystal clouds.

  65. Wendy says:

    Hello Dane
    I live in Osoyoos BC Canada. I have noticed over the past two years that are trees alone the canals water edge are dying, there was little to no fish in the canal and I have witnessed dead fish everywhere exspecially within this last year. We have eagles migrate through here every winter this winter they were starving due to no fish left in this waterway. Two years ago Osoyoos lake filled with a green algia for no reason during this time several of us who frequent the area ran into three  border security agents two males and one female who were there for several weeks prior to the algia outbreak. The lake bottom Is now covered in a dark green algia and everything is dead. My quesion is how can I get our water supply tested and the dirt and soil in this area. There has been a decline in deer, coyotes and small rodents for the last two years in the area. Can you tell me were I can get these samples tested.
    Thank you

    • r says:


      Wendy says: 

      >Can you tell me were I can get
      these samples tested.<
      The Internet is your friend
      type in:
       "What causes green algae to kill
       lake?"   …AND…
      "Testing  lake water for algae toxins"

  66. izzy says:

    As we live in a culture shaped by advertising, this is probably the most effective way to spread the alarm. Just seeing the message in this familiar format tends to legitimize it. Like the lawsuits, it’s an effort worth supporting.

  67. L says:

    What a brilliant idea to have the buses with the logo on aswell as the billboards. Thank you to all behind these great initiatives.

    • Randall says:

      Beware of dressing your vehicle however since it might invite vandalism. 

      Person to person is best. 

      the Wisconsin DNR have heard many complaints from my lips  


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Randall, "Are You Serious!!" start waking people up with every means possible. Tape flyers to the inside of your vehicle windows. How easy can it get! Big print outs are even better. I did not write what I really felt when I read your comment, I'd like this posting to get "posted"

    • marc says:

      I had a big window screen made for the rear window on my VW Jetta. It's been on the car for a year: "STOP GEOENGINEERING-" etc. With a background photo of a huge military jet laying massive trails. I don't drive a whole hell of a lot but when I do at least I know there's an off-chance someone will read the dang thing and possibly a question or a resonance will occur in their minds. I also know for sure at least some people are noticing it because I get close tail-gated more than I ever used to. Usually big babies in muscle-ey SUV'S or big pick-up trucks. Can't say for sure, I guess, that my window screen is the reason. They may just be garden-variety assholes who delight in intimidating others. I also have 4 smaller "bumper sticker" sized stickers on my car that say: "Spraying Skies/Telling Lies" with a graphic of a spraying jet.

        What if fully HALF of the vehicles on the streets (including buses and big pick-up trucks and semi's and muscle-ey SUV's) had anti-geoengineering signage?? The other half of the drivers out there would be wondering what all the ruckus is about and just might seek an explanation.


    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Randall.  I have had my vehicle dressed up for over half a year now.  I have come out of stores and encountered people lurking around my vehicle, only to find that they were talking and looking at the sky.  Doing exactly what the back window asks, LOOK UP, WAKE UP.  A couple times i have saw people take a detour to walk closer to read what is written under the picture of the sprayed sky.  That is simply If they are curious enough to read and learn for themselves, great.  I realize I can draw way more awareness in this manner and reach more people than I could ever possibly physically speak with.  And as far as vandelism is concerned, none whatsoever.  Only initiations of conversations deeper into the matters of geoengineering.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Randall, I have a big banner on the back window of my car and I can see people taking pictures with their cell phones. Many drive by and give me the thumbs up. We have to bring awareness any way we can. Once enough know, it will spread like a wild fire. Good luck from Arizona.

  68. Craig Smith says:

    Dane, I would like to hear your opinion on all this talk from Bill Gates and an inevitable it seems pandemic from airborne biological pathogen …and his efforts it seems to if not already developing a worldwide vaccine…and if you think the worldwide geo-engineering aerosol program could be used as the vehicle to administer such a pandemic or maybe already in motion… Just cant help but to connect dots with the Globalists plan..Agenda 21, 2030, to reduce the population. Also, is there merit to stories i'm hearing about Lithium being administered through chem-trails?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Craig, yes, there is no denying the eugenics aspect of what the equation. This being said, there are many more agendas being carried out, the horizon on this issue (geoengineering) is much larger.

    • marc says:

      Craig Smith, are you the same Craig Smith who plays bluegrass banjo? I know of a video on YouTube (audio only, I think) wherein a NASA scientist openly admitted, to a woman questioning the spraying programs, that lithium was, in fact, used over a huge swath of the east coast but ostensibly only as a "radiation management" substance. Bullshit!!!! Anyone with half a brain and an examination of the historical record must ASSUME we are being sprayed with toxic cocktails we can only begin to imagine the contents of. My own granddaughter in London has Scarlet Fever right now. Hello? Scarlet Fever? It is apparently on the increase dramatically. It is a bacterial infection that killed many thousands, including children, but mostly back in the 19th and 20th century. I have nothing to base this on but I absolutely wouldn't put it past the bastards to inject this bacteria into the atmosphere so as to infect general populations. Again, nothing to base this on other than my own outrage knowing of the historically verifiable instances of such bio-warfare over US populations.

  69. Cherie says:

    You know, I remember at a much younger age than now, when they were claiming hairspray and aerosol cans, Freon, etc were causing the hole in the ozone, which at that time was not big.  Trying to hold your hair-do together from pump bottles and the big change in coolants, who knows what else they blamed it on that we were emitting as this cause!  This kind of arrogance only comes from little white lies covering up the massive amount of secrets of evil purposes to play God with only experimentation of unproven methods to reach the possibilities of ever becoming our Finite Creator!  I heard it said best from an evangelical when he put his theoretical perspective the spiritual fight…."God good – Satan bad"!  

    I have not been in tune with myself as of lately, a lot of bad days, painful days, serious brain blockages and all I ever wanted to do was write my story, through the mind and heart of the only Father I can count on throughout my abusive childhood, marriages and even my own abuse to myself, which was lead up to by the process of Satan interweaving himself into every sector of religions, families, education, government and finally corporate control that seems to be all fed by pure greed that never satisfies.  

    Today my head feels like it's in vice grips, my neck feels like a drawn sling shot at any moment ready to release my brain into splatters!  I'm tired of the piercing frequencies I listen to day and night, hums, buzzing, off tone trumpet blowing, whispers of whissing, whooshing and hissing, a medal ball being rolled around in an oblong metal bowl is the best way I can describe one sound!  What's really bad is hearing them all at the same time!  Watching the radar on my phone, I've about figured out that everytime they change wind direction to steer their manufactured weather patterns, are my worst days!  Right now they have developed a secondary low that's seperating from the once steady northern stream of weather coming up from the gulf!  Once again a tremor on the Madrid and who knows where else one may pop up around TN.  Sorry this is long, but it's not getting better, just in my body alone and that's why I pray for those who refuse to acknowledge evil for evil before they are taken out without the knowledge of God's infinite love.  

    Two weeks ago, feeling not myself, that I had finally admitted to myself I am having a total breakdown and lost all sense of even the slightness of existence.  I struggled all morning, mostly with my head down, dizziness, making it from one resting spot to the next.  I just wanted a shower and get out of this freakin house.  Next thing I knew, I'm waking up, disoriented, weakly and painfully pulling my head up from a pool of blood in my kitchen floor.  I was alone!  Managed to pull myself together enough to call one of my kids.  All the tests, CT scan, blood work – showed nothing and was sent home!  Other than a pair of broken glasses which gorged 1/4 inch from my eye, bruised my cheek bone and a shiner from hairline down and an already fibromania ridden body, spondylitic, arthritic, neck and back issues has been thrown completely out of whack!  This is not the first I've felt this way over the course of this past year.  My first question in my mind was "Do they have the degeneratives tagged that worked hard their whole life, now through no fault drawing disability, (which is no way a living)?  A man who brings home less pay nearing retirement after sticking with a crap company nearly 30 years of labor, should be rewarded for his efforts, not treated like an undeserving broken slave who's pay had been capped off years prior to the costly expense of just trying to keep just 2 people, who have put 5 kids to flourish in this destructive corporate world, from desperation!  

    It's all moving too fast!  My mind can't keep up much less my body!  I don't believe in religion, I believe in a relationship with the Christ that lives in me and though I know He is in ultimate control, others are being deceived by the mimicking sorcery to portray God's wrath!  The God I know only has vengeance on His portrayer, not His children!  Jesus holds the keys to hell and He will be our vengeance and justifier.  There is an inside feeling in me, I pray it's God, but what I've heard of the two horned beast with one foot on land, the other in the sea… could it not be the makings and signatures of HAARP and all these other destructive gadgets to do what Jesus did when he calmed the stormed…for Satan has no control over God's creation, only the minds of those who allow his deception to be in control.  I do not look at the pyramid on our $$$'s, it is false advertisement, and if you would allow me to ask it… Which god is really being portrayed as the one we trust?  I only know this, if he can't meet you where your at and you have to treacherously climb to earn his graces, he is no more than a stone cold murderer of his own demise!  

    • Blam says:

      God's infinite love? Is this why we are living in hell? God's infinite love eh? Where is God, would be nice if he would make an appearence.

    • Dennie says:

      People have totally missed the real meaning of the second coming.  That will be when enough of us finally realize that the Christ nature is within us, waiting for us to discover and act accordingly. Waiting for someone else to fix our problems is a colossal waste of time and a total cop-out.  It's completely irresponsible, can and will only lead to massive failure of very large systems, which is where we find ourselves right now.  In case you haven't noticed.

    • Blam says:

      Who said I was talking about Christ?

  70. marc says:

    While the vast majority of humanity doesn't seem to give a shit (or is utterly ignorant) about the blatant SRM and SAI going on over their dumb-ass heads, we have the multi-layered problem of leading climate scientists openly supporting strategies to address global heating. These strategies (vis-a-vis Arctic News/Sam Carana's "Climate Plan") include carbon sequestration, carbon "feebates", solar radiation management, expansion of Arctic ice and snow (chemical ice nucleation) and unbelievably, "relocating methane clathrates" from the Arctic region presumably to other regions where they will remain stable. This so-called "Climate Plan" has been up on their site for quite some time and is presumably endorsed (and created) by a consortium of climate scientists. On the one hand we have the "Climate Plan" (on paper), on the other we have their dire assessments as to how much of a remaining window we have left to do anything before collapse of habitat and thus civilization. Add to this the incomprehensibly huge problem of achieving  the "orders of magnitude" aspect to their "Plan" and also the undeniable willful blindness to the obvious fact that SRM and SAI have been going full bore for many, many years. That so many scientists would go on record calling for geoengineering, when the very field in which they presume to be experts (climate, weather, biosphere, etc.) has magically blinded them to what is right in front of their noses, leads to only one possible conclusion. And it is one which Dane and many others have lamented for years, now. They obviously KNOW. And yet they call for geoengineering to save us, when there are mountain ranges of data proving that not only does SRM and SAI not work, it is acting like a magnifying glass of sorts upon planet earth, destroying ozone, aggravating the loops that add heat to our atmosphere, etc. So for these fellers to call for SRM AND SAI, though not exclusively I acknowledge, this absolutely borders on criminal behavior. If all of this were not enough to drive a guy like me out of my f**king mind, we have onion layers of corruption enfolding every government, every multi-national corporation, every military. Not to even mention the unapologetic corruption of the human mind and body as imposed from without by media, subliminals, bio-warfare, poisoned food, EMF, ELF, microwave, social engineering, false flags, disinformation, misinformation, ionizing radiation, aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese, flouride, cross-domain psuedo-biological critters sprayed over our heads infecting every living mammal on earth…..gee, what have I left out? It's a f**king miracle we're all not already dead, dead, dead. Why are we not dead yet? Well, many are. But I'll tell you what. Until my number is called I'm gonna keep doing what the pussies (apologies, just a slang term) at Sam Carana are too spineless and pasty to do: I'm gonna keep calling for immediate cessation of ALL GEOENGINEERING IMMEDIATELY, NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! And to the secret agents and trolls who monitor and surf this site, you know where the f**k you can go.

    • ron hall says:

      Marc:  Thanks for your intensity!  Even though many of us expect your much appreciated edginess, it's a good thing when you cut loose. We have all wandered through the "looking glass" now. Orwellian to the 4th power!  To quit is not an option.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Yowsers Marc, this was one of your spicy- er rants, but I am on board with the message!

    • Dennie says:

      I just reeeallly h-a-t-e it when people try to tell me to calm down– WTF??? UGHHH.  Well, MAYBE if THEY would feel a little more, we'd see crap move to change sooner.

    • Oldbaygirl says:

      Marc, thanks for succinctly voicing your opinion. I agree with everything that you say. For the past year, since I became "aware", I have been depressed and dismayed at the levels of corruption in EVERYTHING. I am so pissed since discovering geoengineering and very disappointed that most people I have tried to sound the alarm to dismiss the issue with absolutely no investigation of their own. I find that the more education a person has, the less likely they are to accept the truth of geoengineering. My father-in-law, whom I love dearly, has a doctorate from Harvard. I urgently related to him the geoengineering information and sources when I discovered them last spring. He and his retired attorney wife shot me down so fast, saying they just don't "go for that conspiracy stuff". Despite my providing them with references and sources of information. This is only one example out of many. Only my mother and twenty-year-old son believe me. My attorney husband, specializing in scientific intellectual property law, refuses to even read the numerous patents I have sent him and he ridicules me in front of my three children.  Even this past "winter" of 72 degree days in February doesn't concern him. It's infuriating and frustrating but I don't care anymore if people think I'm strange for talking about geoengineering. 

    • matt sarlo says:

      I am with you Marc. I also flip the bird to the NSA and all the trolls spreading disinformation. We have had record breaking highs here in Loveland, Colorado, but most people just seem happy it is warm and do not grasp how dire an indicator this heat is. One person I knew said it is "forcast" to cool down Thursday thru Sat and this was enough for him to be dismissive of what I was trying to tell him. Nine years ago there were foxes, blackbirds galore and lots of bugs here in my town. Now I see a few robins and some crows. I no longer hear any owls or crickets. My soul is crushed by what mankind has done to what was a paradise floating in space. 

  71. Should we protest in DC sometime this spring? Get answers from congress.

    • Randall says:

      I agree pal. Time for some million man marches in the states this summer. 4th of July would be a good time. 

      Im sick of bitching and conservative action. Time is short now and It's time to march and disrupt the lives of the deniers and the masters. 

      Im in Wisconsin , anybody want to March???



    • Dennie says:

      To paraphrase one activist recently heard, it's FINE to march– as long as it gets you MOTIVATED to get OFF YOUR BUTT and into meetings of local governance. 


    • paul fowler says:

      I agree , but I'm Canadian , southern Ontario . I suggest Saturday July !st for any Canadians that wish to protest . I give Dane Wigington from Geo Engineering Watch .org permission to forward my email to any Canadians wishing to help organize a protest for July 1st 2017.

  72. Ron Marr says:

    A quote, "The Murder of Reality",    A deceiver of humanity-the reptile contrives social, religious, political and sexual boundaries. Ideologically, it governs and opposes, democrats and republicans, capitalist and communist, fascist and liberal, green and global, compartmentalisation of all the world's religions is regulated through the partition of the priesthood. This includes, the Sunni and Shiite, Catholic and Protestant, Pharisee and Sadducee, Hinayana and Mahayana (Buhddism), ad infinitum. Masonic societies describe this duality as 'Ordo ab Chao' (Order out of Chaos) a motto attributed to the 'Shatani' ( an adversary or opposer).

  73. SoFrustrated says:

    This morning in east Tennessee we are being totally covered with fresh sprays over every inch of blue sky.  The temperatures are causing blooming and budding of all of our precious plant life far too early. 

    Every day my husband and I tell everyone we encounter about the travesty of the biological attack on our planet with chemicals – most just look at us with a blank stare. 

    We hand out business cards with websites to visit to educate themselves, stuff them everywhere to be found by servers, waiting rooms, etc, but still feel frustrated at the lack of awareness.  We know it's all happening and people are starting to come around, but looking up EVERY day to the spraying is just so frustrating.

    Can anyone update on the awareness of our new administration about the problem?  Do we have advocates working on our behalf?  What more can we do to help them, if so?

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