Climate Engineering Cover-Up: Geoengineering Over Our Oceans


Dane Wigington

NASA tells us that the shockingly visible and very extensive "tracks" (or trails) being witnessed on satellite imagery over oceans are ALL the result of pollution being produced by ships? Which is in turn creating “clouds” as an unintended consequence? Are NASA satellite images actually revealing a combination of solar radiation management and ocean iron fertilization? Does the official "ship tracks" narrative from NASA actually hold up to an examination of the facts? Please view the 7 minute video below and come to your own conclusions.

NASA is nothing more than an arm of the military industrial complex, covering the tracks of the climate engineers and SRM operations is a part of their mission.

Scientists are interested in ship tracks because they want to understand how human emissions influence clouds and, ultimately, Earth’s climate. (NASA)

Ship tracks have shown that clouds that form around man-made aerosols are brighter than other clouds. Man-made aerosols are smaller than natural particles, so the clouds that form around man-made aerosols are made up of smaller cloud droplets. A cloud made of many smaller droplets reflects more light than a cloud made of few larger droplets, since the surface of each droplet reflects light. The brighter clouds that result from man-made aerosols reflect more of the Sun’s light back into space, decreasing the amount of light that reaches the Earth’s surface. This interaction of man-made aerosols with clouds has cooled the Earth, offsetting global warming, though scientists are still not sure by how much. More accurate predictions of future warming depend on understanding how much cooling the brighter clouds provide… (NASA)

NASA, of course, does not in any way acknowledge the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management / marine cloud brightening / jet aircraft dispersions. The ongoing illegal global climate intervention programs are inflicting immense and irreparable damage to the climate and the overall life support systems of the planet. Each and every one of us is needed in the all important effort to reach a critical mass of awareness. Share credible data from a credible source, help us to sound the alarm.

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  1. Jerald Lynn Meiers says:

    Dane, My Lying eyes Saw, I'm an multi discipline engineer. The plane with " IE: Cryro-bombs ", was Not, with nozzles, or, air drop parachute type, it, seems to me, it was built for it. That is, the bombs were, perhaps 55 Gal. To 33 Gal..size, and dropped from bottom of fuselage. Not like, Bombay doors. 

  2. CCGreen says:

    Dane thank you for that excellent visual presentation! I think it was one of your clearest arguments yet, and the visuals are spot on. I have personal experience with the supposed "ship tracks" and would like to hear from others. For the past five years I have spent one week per summer in a house on the beach in South Carolina. In that time I have seen a clear horizon on only one day. Other than that every day there is a hazy bank of clouds dependably visible a few miles out from the shore just over the horizon. I have never seen a single large vessel in the area. The only visible boats are shrimp trawlers which do not leave tracks. Are there others who live/spend time on the east coast who have observed a similar phenomena? When this is in effect 24/7 we are truly in a full spectrum dominance situation. From my experience that is the case for the coast of South Carolina and my home state Tennessee. 

  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Thank you to all readers and informed activists on Geoengineering Watch.  I've said it before:  Kudos to all who contribute here.  Dane's interactive comments section includes a VERY RARE format, and has become a veritable fountain of pertinent information regarding geopolitical activities.

    Comrade Pedro (Iberian Peninsula) has really outdone himself regarding exposure of Cosa Nostra and political influence.  Please review his comments.

    Excerpted from: Sicilian Mafia – Wikipedia > "According to Mafia turncoats (pentiti), the real name of the Mafia is "Cosa Nostra" ("Our Thing")."   Yes Indeed!

    The executions of President John F. Kennedy (Nov 22, 1963) and his brother Robert F. Kennedy (June 6, 1968) ware were obviously mafia driven "hits".  People have been manipulated into thinking Richard Milhous Nixon was a paranoid-delusional thug.  Really?  Who pressed forward the formulation of the RICO ACT, and WHY?

    Sicilian Mafia – Wikipedia

    • Pedro says:

      Hello, Paul.
      It's extremely pertinent, the issue of the organized crime you brought into discussion, my friend. All crime organizations (including the international financial system), at the highest levels are strongly connected, and feed from each other. But there is also an important lesson and message within this reality that must be underlined, and this message is the fact that the bad guys can be fought. Here is the example of a man who has chosen to stand against one of the most powerful crime organizations of the world, and his action produced shock waves that caused fissures and cracks in an unbelievable way in the foundations of this same organization. There was a price to pay, but without courage there is no Freedom. It is extremely important when a population or even when some individuals of a community know how to say: No.
      "The Mafia's Secret Bunkers (Mafia Documentary) – Real Stories"
      The information you gave about the fly-coal ash of the power plants is so terrible, that now I'm not sure in telling what is the most harmful industry for the Biosphere between these two: the oil industry, or the power plants which work by burning coal.
      One thing in certain: climate engineering, the oil industry (all the petrochemical industry), the burning of coal in the electrical power plants (and elsewhere) and the nuclear everything, must stop fast. Because if not, the end is the next step. And the mafia bosses are the same.

  4. Brenda Aronow says:

    I am always thoroughly amazed at the people who claim that the spraying has stopped or they haven't seen trails for weeks or months. Even if it abates for short stretch, I always know they will be back at it in a few days. The illogical warm ups and cool downs wouldn't work otherwise. Our Arizona monsoons are being completely destroyed again. We had one week of typical monsoon activity and then -whamo – the spray has been super visible above the beautiful, naturally formed rain clouds. And then the promise of rain is shattered. Just a blotchy mess that holds in the heat and humidity and no rain. They are doing this every day now. Arizona will not survive another year of abysmal moisture levels and beyond extreme heat. No bugs, no mosquitos, no bees, very little wild life. My heart is breaking over and over again.

    • marc says:

      Brenda, I am in Tucson. I concur with most of what you describe. Today I witnessed spraying above developing cumulus clouds. One of these trails was of the on-again-off-again variety and I have the photos to prove it. All around the vast Tucson valley spanning almost 50 miles or more were gigantic, incredible cumulus clouds but absolutely no identifiable rain. This is virtually impossible were this a traditional "monsoon" pattern. Incredible amount of cloud development everywhere but no rain.

  5. orazio says:

    hello everyone, look at this video, this one that comes out of the engines is not condensation, it should have fogged the glass where the camera was

  6. marc says:

      We (the public) are being seeded with announcements about the developing status of the 5G roll-out on a city by city basis. No, I am no expert in this field. Don't even want to be. But I will wager this: if the cities that have been publicly identified as the first to go full-blown 5G (L.A., Oklahoma City, Dallas, Raleigh,NC, Charlotte, NC, Waco, TX, Atlanta, etc) are legitimate, I promise you there are scores more already on active 5G roll-out. These recent MSM announcements have the ring of disinfo all over them. They would have us believe that only the cities identified are ready to go 5G. I call BULLSHIT! 

      However, here again, I am no expert in this field. Don't wanna be. But I remain highly, highly skeptical of the announced timeline for these roll-outs. This reeks of the same bullshit we have been systematically fed regarding geoengineering….it's a proposal, it's a theory, it's under development, trial experiments are underway…..etc, etc, ad nauseum. 5G can and will destroy free will, destroy any slivers of remaining health we thought we had, can and will completely reshape consciousness…if the motherf**kers in charge so desire….Oh??? I am wildly paranoid, you say?? I am letting my ignorance and suspicion around 5G run amok?? No, I know just enough about it to know we are on the precipice of being majorly FUBAR. Don't share this paranoia?? You will……yep, you most certainly will.

  7. Gail~ Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    Jaw dropping photo's & images Dane. It would be insanity to think that one of them look right, to a logical mind at least. What madness allows this to be so extreme, yet not seen & demanded to stop?  How can the Oceans survive such a bombardment of toxic chemicals? They won't!  When oh when, will mankind give a shit?     Sicker & sicker of the ignorance & complacency of mankind.         Shame on you NASA too. You are all fools!!!

  8. JR says:

    Hello people, here in the Southwest, New Mexico area with some rain in last couple of weeks but no where near what it could be. The scum lowlife SAG/SRM  sprayers are at it killing what rain clouds our God sends us. It's to bad the majority of people choose not to believe in all the evil these lowlifes and their co parts do with SAG/SRM. I read once some years back that in 1977 under whatever sub committee Ted Kennedy was on that an Executive Order was adopted to spray viruses on us. This was done so in case we ever got attacked by Terrorists the U.S. would have made an anti-virus to cure us, in 1977? Who are the terrorists here on this earth and this country wanting Peace, right??? These punks spray heavy at night time over our rain clouds and demolish them. It's pretty obvious during the day when they spray but again I say the majority wish not to believe of such evil surrounding us in our own country!!! The Lord's Peace…

    • Brenda Aronow says:

      The deserts are in trouble too. They are doing the same thing to our Monsoon here in Arizona. The season started out perfectly – nature doing her thing. And then the S cum started drying up all the moisture and destroying the beautiful rain- bringing clouds. This past week has seen the decimation of every storm. The emergency flood warnings keep piling up on my phone but not a drop of rain falls to alleviate the unbearable, stifling heat. The desert Southwest is being destroyed and still no one cares to put a stop to this.

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was farmers market #11, 13 more to go and a bonus of more markets down the valley from me. Stay tuned for that one(or more). It was a some what slow day today at the Tonasket farmers market. There was an organic grower thing going on in Omak today, so vendor and patron attendance was a bit off. Efforts today were not without fruit though. I made a few good contacts locally and one with a traveler from Colorado. I asked him if he noticed the lack of bugs on his windshield. He came back with "Ive also noticed the disappearance of the song birds where I live". It was good to send him away with plenty of info to examine while he will be resting at his camp sight tonight. Tree die off was a big topic today for some reason. It just kept coming up. So was the awareness of how much above normal the temps have been this last few weeks since they quit chemically nucleating the moisture over our region. It was/is like turning off the air conditioner on a hot day in a mobile home.

    Tonight, I would like to reach those that have written in here and exclaim that they are doing what they can through out a given day. That used to be me. I knew deep down inside that I was only fooling myself and wasting my talents. By no means am I anywhere close to being the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know how to put a flyer in someones hand and I know how to set up banners. When I tended my first farmers market awareness booth, I had no idea what to expect. I kept my confidence up and my best foot forward. In the beginning I had a few "hecklers". Local long time folks mainly. I have since long out distanced them and their ridicule or disbelief's. I don't know about you folks, but the one main driving force that propels me forward in this fight is, "I am seriously not good with with game over". Not without a good fight.

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

  10. bleak says:

    Last week, as I was cooling off in the parks' parking area after a hike (western PA), a large tree decided it'd had enough and fell over, dragging down some smaller trees with it. Today, walking in a different park, came up on several large trees that recently keeled.

    Now for the "good" part… just up the trail was a lady in a khaki uniform with official patches on sleeves. I don't think she was insane (ie "cosplay" or whatever that shit is lol). I told her about the trees that fell and she said that that was why she was here; the tree falling problem.

    Aha. Had she heard of geoengineering or aerosol spraying? No. Otherwise known as chemtrails? Yes, but only little. So I launched into my usual report… whip out the cell photos (about 100 local photos), heavy metals, LONG trails, blue sky turns gray, HAARP, Tesla, Brennan at the CFR giving his infamous "SAI" speech ("only 10 billion a year")… and she didn't laugh or call for backup. I stressed this site about three times and she said she IS going to look. Not just an apeasement to placate the nut case (I can spot that all too easily); I think she is really going to look. And hopefully do some informed reporting to her managers.

    I don't use social media anymore. Twitter locked me out of two accounts. Facebook? Not. Youtube shadow banned me years ago. That's it. Done. It's only "word of mouth" now. I'll keep doing my little one-on-one amatuer reporting to whomever will listen because Mr Wigington does his great and professional reporting. Thank you, Dane!

  11. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I dun-know, man.  I've come back to this page a number of times since yesterday, and it seems you folks could use a little levity.  > This is a wonderful pantomime of American political choices since the Organic Act of 1871. >

    The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python – YouTube

  12. Sandy Patrus says:

    And what is all this spraying doing to our health? Some deny it is affecting their health..yet others are complexed as to why different health issues are occurring like for instance a person that I know keeps having seizures and last year his wife died of cancer. I recently heard that another friend blacked out at the wheel of his truck and wrecked…fortunately, he was okay and did not harm anyone else. He then went through a battery of tests and no health issues were found. Co My daughter who is in perfect shape and health works at a health spa resort and spends quite a bit of time outdoors taking the guests on hikes and teaching an exercise class in an outdoor pool. She has been complaining lately of feeling off now and then, and it really worried me when she said she felt real light headed for no reason and felt like she was going to black out while doing no physical exercise at the time. She eats very healthy and keeps well hydrated, and is normally always in great health. Could what they are spraying be the cause of these strange occurrences in otherwise healthy people?

    • Hello Sandy Patrus:  Fainting and seizure-like episodes are being reported from many locations around the developed world.  I'm familiar with these symptoms and have tried correcting the malady with diet, exercise, and various herbal remedies.  It isn't me.  It's the environment.

      Several elderly people in my building have declined significantly since the installation of a "smart" meter to monitor the buildings electrical usage.  There's a woman across the hall form me (who's name also happens to be Sandy).  Sandy fell down the other day and fractured her knee cap.  Another gentleman (Franklin) fell down crossing the street two weeks ago.  He lives right next to where the smart meter is located.  I have two friends in Grand Marias, Minnesota.  Both have complained of dizziness and nausea when walking downtown.  Margret fell two months ago.  Fractured ankle.  Grand Marias is a tiny town saturated in wi-fi (for idiot tourists).  There's also microwave broadcast chaff from the local coast guard "security" system located in the harbor.  The list could go on.  These are just people I know in America…  See this: >

      Pilots losing consciousness???

      "Reportedly, there have been separate incidents of two pilots fainting while in flight – apparently on aircraft with wi-fi installations. This could be a huge red flag. That sort of event in the air, with individual pilots being incapacitated, isn't consistently reported in the US because there is no clear legal or regulatory requirement to do so." [End quoteThis is not an isolated incident…

      What If You Could See WiFi? – Nickolay Lamm

      Does the above look like a depiction of a healthful environment?

      I've read over 100,000 pages of study regarding biological effects inherent in radio broadcast technology.  The FCC and Environmental "Protection" Agencies don't give a shit at all.  All top executives and legal staff need to be served with criminal indictments.  In America, it's called DUE NOTICE.

    • Dennie says:

      "What they're spraying" most definitely causes dehydration beyond what is normal, i.e., if "they" didn't spray.  BARIUM IS A DESICCANT, so beware barium.  As for dehydration and fainting, here you go:


      Too little water in the bloodstream lowers blood pressure, and stimulating the vagus nerve when the system is already a quart low leads to dizziness and fainting. There are many causes of dehydration: vomiting or diarrheaheat exhaustion, burns and more. Vomiting and diarrhea, specifically, also stimulate the vagus nerve—talk about a double whammy.

      I have noticed since spraying began very heavily in the S.F. Bay Area that I'm a lot thirstier than I used to be.  There are times when I also notice I feel dizzy– usually I need to drink some more water.  All of our weird symptoms on Planet Earth are not being caused solely by RF interference, though that is certainly not helping.

  13. Carol Freiberg says:

    More wonderful information for us lab rats. Not sure what else to do besides what I am already doing. Have been mentioning the HAZE to the locals here in rural Idaho and getting "that look". People seem to be in some kind of hypnotic state when it comes to the truth. Very, very discouraging to see the zombification of otherwise good folks.

    • Chad Haberman says:


  14. Wrightson says:

    All the mainstream media is concerned about is trashing Donald Trump! These total Idiots don't know what the hell is going on on around us! When are people going to wake the hell up! This could be the biggest story in history,my God wake up people!

  15. Pete says:

    I've not done any research into the the relevance of this or connection but fyi as a report I just saw:

  16. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I posted this link a number of pages ago.  >   CIA – Weather Control – Feasibility Studies and Monetary Considerations – November 22, 1960

    I sometimes wonder why I bother…  Why would the "Research Division of the Travelers Insurance Company" be sending weather control research to the CIA in 1960??? No one seems to have noticed.  DUH…

    Could it be that it's nice to know what the weather is going to be like, when you and "friends" can play around on the commodities and derivatives markets???  "Hey!  Let's make a killing!!!"

    Why would Lloyd's of London exclude coverage for RF/EMR claims?  Lloyd's of London is the largest insurance underwriter in the world.  If there were no damaging effects from radio frequency exposures, why would they be going into a defensive crouch??? DUH…

    Michael Hastings: Army Deploys Psychological Operations on U.S. Senators in Afghanistan War Effort

    How did Micheal Hastings die?  Why did Mercedes Benz stifle it's investigation into the cause of the "automotive chassis failure"???



    Who removed all possible forensic evidence from the WORLD TRADE CENTER site in 2001?  Who authorized it's removal??? DUH…

    The American Mafia – Hinchey Report 1986-87

    Why did anyone ever bother writing the Hinchey Report??? DUH…

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF:  Paul — Thank you for posting the link to this American Mafia Hinchley Report from 1986-87. As previously stated, I lived in NYC-Manhattan for 25+ years. Everyone knew and talked about the fact that the mafia had total control over disposing of waste (including hazardous materials and dead bodies), the construction business (Trump's real estate deals) and their unions, and trucking transport.  It makes total sense that the mafia removed the toxic World Trade Center debris, which might have provided forensic evidence. I was in Manhattan for 9/11 and you could smell the toxic fumes in my apartment up around 81st Street. This paper is further evidence of the mafia being ‘married’ to our military, which has been very slow to clean up over 59 military bases of the toxic contamination endangering soil and water.                                     

      Here are a few excerpts:
      Organized Crime's Involvement in the Waste Hauling Industry
      * The New York State Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee has long been concerned with the growing threat to the environment caused by the illegal disposal of hazardous and solid wastes. It has also noted that an ironic consequence of the development of environmental laws to control pollution has been the creation of a new era of opportunity for those who do not demur at criminal behavior if it guarantees easy profits.  There is a substantial body of evidence that organized crime controls much of the solid waste disposal industry in New York State and elsewhere.
      … There is overwhelming evidence, accumulated over the past 30 years, that organized crime is a dominating presence in the solid waste disposal industry in New York State as well as other parts of the country.  …  the findings of the 1980 House of Representatives hearing on the involvement of organized crime in the hazardous waste disposal industry in New Jersey and demonstrates that organized crime's activities since then have not abated but actually increased, despite governments increasing concern over the threats to the health and safety of the public posed by such activities.
      No matter what industry organized crime infiltrates, it not only threatens the integrity of that industry but it inflicts economic loss on society and tends to corrupt it.  Organized crime has played a role in many industries — gambling, banking, clothing, trucking, dry cleaning, cutlery sharpening, restaurant and bar businesses, real estate, meat packing, kosher food products, and vending machines — to mention only a few. Through its involvement in almost all of these activities there runs the common thread of intimidation, violence and even murder.
      The devastating effect organized crime's involvement in the solid and hazardous waste hauling industry can have on the environment is only one part of the problem. The other part is the threat to society contained in its ruthless methods and the economic waste it causes through its restraint of trade, price-gouging and bid-rigging practices.
      … Among the over 50,000 substances listed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as posing a potential hazard to human health are some of the most dangerous chemicals known to man. They can produce cancers, birth defects and genetic changes in animals and humans, as well as acute poisoning and a variety of respiratory, genitourinary and skin disorders.
      The threat to America's health posed by the leaching of toxic and hazardous wastes from a conservatively estimated 75,000 industrial and 15,000 municipal landfills cannot be easily dismissed.  Such leachates have already contaminated public and private water supplies throughout the nation. And once an underground aquifer becomes polluted it is often virtually impossible to undo the damage. Such wastes can eventually enter the food chain, first by being absorbed by plants and animals, and finally affecting humans.
      Organized crime has infiltrated a wide variety of legitimate businesses, but the waste hauling industry is particularly susceptible to the tactics that organized crime employs. Moreover, the fact that the individual carting concerns were originally small, family operations, largely of the same ethnic origins, closely knit and struggling to make a living in an occupation that was looked down on by the general public, made it easy for them to accept the "property rights" system as a means of protecting their livelihood.


    • Pedro says:

      >> Thanks Paul. <<

      "Organized Crime's Involvement in the Waste Hauling Industry"


      "What are criminal gangs but petty kingdoms?

      "A gang is a group of men under the command of a leader, bound by a compact of association, in which the plunder is divided according to an agreed convention. If this villainy wins so many recruits that it acquires territory, establishes a base, captures cities and subdues people, it then openly arrogates to itself the title of kingdom, which is conferred on it in the eyes of the world, not by the renouncement of aggression but by the attainment of impunity."

      — The City of God 
      Saint Augustine (c. 214 A.D.)"

      (he was talking about the military? or about the mafia?)








      Q. What were those rules?
      A. They also tell you, you come in alive and you go out dead.63"







      "All kinds of chemicals — old tires, old rubbers — still bringing it in — every other day bringing a load in from the rubber company — some garbage and some paint, lacquer, brake fluid — all that shit from the Ford plant; that's what's running down in there; that's what's going in the water table — bring them — batteries, batteries, dump 'em in the dump, cover 'em up and then it rains and it heads down in the dirt and it runs into the bottom and into the lake."

      –Bill Decker,
      from a tape recording made by the Penaluna women
      Committee Hearings, 1984279

      * * * * *

      Chairman Hinchey: Who is Bill Decker? 

      Christina Penaluna: He is dead. 

      Chairman Hinchey: Did he die of natural causes? 

      Christina Penaluna: I don't really know. …He was the caretaker when the Warwick had the landfill, and he stayed on because that was the condition, when Mongelli Grace Disposal leased it, that Bill was to stay on and take care of it and — anyway, right after Bill was always shooting his month off to everyone, Bob used to get mad at him, because he would tell about the "gosh darn Fords coming and dumping this and dumping that," and Bob didn't like it, and anyway he always used to tell Bill that if he didn't shut his month he would bury him in the dump.

      * * * * *
      Chairman Hinchey: Bob Mongelli said that to Bill Decker?

      Christina Penaluna: Yes, he is quick-tempered. 
      * * * * *

      Chairman Hinchey: Do you know what happend to Mr. Decker?

      Christina Penaluna: The only thing I know is, his wife died, after they closed the landill his wife died, and he moved to Warwick, and about a month, two months later, he was found on the railroad tracks. Now, they said in the paper he had a history of heart trouble. He did not have a history of heart trouble. We have known him for years, his wife had a history of heart trouble but Bill Decker did not.280"


      "Most petroleum products have a one-time use, such as in the gasoline that power our cars or in fuel or diesel oil. But there are other types of oil that can be cleansed of impurities and used over and over again. These are crankcase oils, turbine oils from aviation, and hydraulic oils. When they become contaminated from water, cleaners, organic solvents and metallic solvents from oxidation and wear on the engines they are lubricating, they can then be re-refined and used again. In the 1960s there were some 150 refineries in this country producing about 300 million gallons of such lubricating oil annually. By 1980 there were only l0 companies left, producing only 100 million gallons.

      In the early seventies, when the oil shortage developed, the price of fuel oil shot sharply upward. The waste oil collectors found they could get more for their waste oil by moving it into fuel oil than by selling it to a refinery. It was also discovered that by mixing this waste oil with untreated liquid hazardous wastes further profits could be realized. It has been well documented that waste oils, containing highly toxic materials, have been illegally mixed with fuel oil, or simply sold as fuel oil, and burned in apartment houses, schools and hospitals in the New York metropolitan area.328 An investigation of a Staten Island residential area led to the discovery of fuel oil contaminated with PCBs at three thousand parts per million; of a waste oil dealer selling oil that was twelve percent trichloroethane; of a federal study finding benzene, chloroform, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene and acrylonitrile in the air the residents were breathing."

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Yes Susan:  Thank you for your well informed reply.  The BFI waste disposal company (Chicago mafia) high jacked all solid waste disposal in Minneapolis during the early 1980's.  ALL local haulers were summarily put out of business with no public debate.  BFI subsidiary companies now control ALL rural hazardous waste sites in Minnesota as well.  Hazardous waste "disposal" is big business, and VERY profitable… The EPA is in on the game…

      Regarding the removal of Trade Center forensic evidence: >

      Obscure Company Is Behind 9/11 Demolition Work


      "The John Galt Corporation of the Bronx, hired last year for the dangerous and complex job of demolishing the former Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street, where two fire fighters died last Saturday, has apparently never done any work like it. Indeed, Galt does not seem to have done much of anything since it was incorporated in 1983."

      "The arrangement involving Galt — achieved after multiple companies that had bid on the Deutsche Bank contract were eliminated for one reason or another — is nonetheless odd for such a momentous job, one that is expected ultimately to cost roughly $150 million."

      "Greg Blinn, who is shown in city records as the president of the John Galt Corporation, said in a telephone interview: “I’m not really sure how I can help. My contract precludes me from talking to the media. I have to refer all questions or inquiries to the L.M.D.C.”

      "Daniel L. Doctoroff, the city’s deputy mayor for economic development, who was a member of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation at the time it approved the Galt contract, said through a spokesman this week that safeguards had been put in place to make sure that the former Safeway executives did nothing inappropriate — like funnel money back to Safeway." Complete text: >

      "Who is John Galt?"  See: "Atlas Shrugged"

       "When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you; 

      you know your Nation is doomed." 

      – Ayn Rand –

      (February 2, 1905 – March 6, 1982)

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      The first article below is a reasonable facsimile of original posts by original authors:

      Bin Laden & the 911 Illusion: Part II: Deutsche Bank & Blackstone | Left Hook by Dean Henderson

      So what does taking out the trash have to do with geoengieering?  Plenty.  See BLACKSTONE GROUP… See "COAL FLY ASH" introduced into stratospheric aerosols.  See this: >

      There less than Six degrees of Separation behind nearly all geopolitical "causes"…

    • Pedro says:

      From the post above, I think this passage is important enough to be underlined:

      >>>>>  "Coal ash to melt ice  <<<<<
      On February 18, 2010 the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began using coal ash to melt the thick ice on the Platte River in Omaha, Nebraska, in an attempt to prevent ice jams and severe flooding. Bruce Nilles of the Sierra Club notes "This strikes us as a strange and dangerous move – one community is going to add coal ash to their water while many others are worried about how it will affect their water supplies." It is also argued that this use could continue as long as coal ash is not regulated by the EPA.[68]

      In Feb. 2011, Nebraska officials said they are again debating whether to spread coal ash, despite its contaminants, on the Platte River to help break up 20-inch-thick ice into small pieces to prevent ice jams and flooding. It would be the second straight year, and only the fifth winter in three decades, that Nebraska resorted to using coal dust on the river, said Al Berndt, assistant director for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.[69]"

  17. Frank says:

    The government and NASA ought to say, "we are not sure what the lines in the sky are – we're just sure they are not chemtrails, geoengineering SRM, or any form of biological weapons or weather control." I'd feel a lot better.

  18. Dennie says:

    From  God's Holy child-abusers:  

    Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennet has insisted that Israeli warplanes should drop bombs over the heads of Palestinian children flying kites into Israel, Ynet Net News reported.

    During the meeting of the Israeli Security Cabinet on Sunday, which convened to discuss the latest Israeli attacks on the besieged Gaza Strip, Bennet said:  “Why not shoot anyone who launches aerial weapons at our communities, and at the cells?  There is no legal impediment. Why shoot next to them and not directly at them? These are terrorists for all intents and purposes.”

    When the Israeli Army Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot responded, saying:  “I don’t think shooting teens and children – who are sometimes the ones launching the balloons and kites – is right.”

    He also asked Bennet:  “Are you proposing to drop a bomb from a plane on incendiary balloon and kite cells?”

    Bennett stressed that the Israeli army should do this, pushing the army chief to say:  “I disagree with you. It’s against my operational and moral positions.”

    Most of the Palestinians who fly the kites during the Great March of Return, which started on 30 March, are children.

    [source article]:

    But don'tcha just love what Bennet said:

    “Why not shoot anyone who launches aerial weapons at our communities,  

    Indeed, why NOT???


  19. Sean says:

    Hi Dane, 

    Seems the geoengineers have made their focus the Arctic now, even moreso than before. There appears to be attempts to keep the entire sea ice area under cloud cover during the duration of the period of highest solar insolation around the solstice. Arctic summers used to be characterized by high pressure and clear skies. Now we see the opposite. 

    I believe this to be a misguided attempt at keeping the ice from melting. As you're aware solar insolation is a much stronger contributor to melting ice than air temperatures a few degrees above the freezing mark under cloudy skies. I feel that this is a main goal of the climate engineers, to prevent as much direct sunlight from reaching the ice as possible during the periods of peak insolation. 

    Of course this means the rest of the world will have to fry as the normal weather patterns are thrown totally out of whack, and I think we are really seeing that this year with the nearly global heatwaves we've been seeing this Northern Hemisphere summer. It would seem a certainty that crop failures,water shortages and massive wildfires will continue.

    I frequent the most popular arctic sea ice forum on the web and the contributors seem baffled that we haven't seen the ice entirely collapse yet despite horrifically warm winters in the arctic. They of course are not aware in the slightest of the manipulations going on by the climate engineers. It's really amazing to see that kind of ignorance, considering many of them are studying the satellite weather patterns daily.

    Thanks for all you do and best of luck at the event on the 28th.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sean, thank you for your report, and for your effort to help us sound the alarm. We are in complete agreement on the objectives being carried out by the climate engineering cabal, this is exactly what we have reported from GeoengineeringWatch since our site went online, FYI example of our ongoing reports here.

    • Jeanette S says:

      Hi Sean, Here in the bay area we have been having 60,70,80 degree temps for the last two to three months at least two months of 70-80 degrees. I have been wondering if they are not shifting the cold air to mitigate heat in certain areas. absolutely no rain because of the high pressure dome right off the coast they say. so to keep the drought not so noticeable they keep the temps down? we are having problems with fires and in the valley a half hour east they grow the crops and cattle. what do you think of that? Has this been showing up in the weather maps, "news weather" to you all? are they saving us for last? that is what I have heard.

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Total insanity sprayed over the Pacific Ocean on the west coast today – July 18, 2018.  Holding the moisture off as usual.  It seems that these demonic fools no longer care that the angular shapes, they are generating with their transmitters, are unnatural bizarre beyond belief. What next?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Very interesting image. "Very filtered" and still striking. Again, I'm getting pretty good at looking at nasa imagery and connecting the dots at ground zero. It was 'not' totally clear in eastern Washington today. I always pan out one click on these images. I want to see the bigger picture.

  21. Jeanette S says:

    Hi everyone, they sprayed us very badly today in the sf bay area. geoengineering lines from horizon to horizon. the lines that spread and look like struedel the lines from side to side. one wide one had a rainbow portion. they sprayed over the entire bay area like that. there were the patches of ripples then patches of fishscales which is the microwaving. then areas of the checkmark whispy clouds, they were like doubled like a "w". I did not go for a walk today. No way.

  22. Thomas D Pr says:

    I was racking my mind about how the people of this Earth can fight back. Mirr RS. 

    Reflect the object in Question.

    • Jeanette S says:

      I show great disdain and avoid those I feel are responsible for the world as it is. I do not invest in wall st.; do not pay them. at every opportunity I tell about the things that they do. I say how their housekeepers etc. should walk out on them, etc. do not covet what they have or buy it; it not only makes these products cheaper so that they can pay less or buy more and ask for a discount. It also empowers them when you mimic and is seen as supportive of who they are and what they do. they threaten the govt to leave the country because they are so important. do not waste electricity, gas, food, dont buy new clothes with every new fad. and last but not least become independently wealthy-be your own bank. they do not control you. become a homesteader, become a maker/repairer, do your skill for free or low cost to the disadvantaged. do not go out-bring back playing cards and making dinner with the neighbors or family. the list goes on. 

  23. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Why are Americans so confused, and so 'weird'?  Caitlin Johnstone writes very convincingly that Americans are the most propagandized citizens of Earth:

    "Even the sick things they consent to are rooted in basic good intentions. America is a country full of decent people with propaganda boxes around their brains."

    Anyone who understands the abusive technique of 'gaslighting' will see it's being endlessly employed by the Establishment against ordinary people.  In the realm of domestic violence it's called 'crazy making' and when employed enough it will work to teach victims feel helpless and question their own sanity.

    'How Establishment Propaganda Gaslights Us Into Submission' by Caitlin Johnstone, Feb. 12, 2018, Consortium

    • Hello Bella_Fantastia:  Both articles by Caitlin Johnstone are very well done.  Trans-dementia haunts the land. 

      "Capitalism is a sort of economic syphilis

      that slowly rots the collective brain.

      Due notice is the only curative." 

      – Paul Vonharnish –


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul.

      capitalism is like the poison of the snake, enough can cure, but too much, will kill. The problem is, for capitalism to work as a humanitarian tool, one maximum roof for wealth must exist, for individuals and for corporations. Nor a corporation, or a group of individuals could be equally wealthy or richer than the least wealthy country in the world. The perversion of what is easily understood by the common sense to be right or wrong is what brought the World to the vulnerability of a culture which is built over the reality of crime and immorality. 

      We can thank the masonic MFs of the talmud for that.

  24. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This is the introduction to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky's book The Globalization of War; America's Long War Against Humanity.  It is worth every minute of your time, imho.  It is not hard to understand that if taking down humanity is the goal, the rest of all Life On Earth will go with it, and will go first, as we're seeing.  Of course, the positive feedback loops from all the historical abuses of Earth are already well underway.  For myself, the narrative of 'resource extraction' isn't the bottom line or the goal of this sort of 'globalization'.  It's just a stop along the way.

    Imperial Conquest: America's Long War Against Humanity,, July 18, 2018

  25. marc says:

    When I finally figured out that NASA is really nothing more than a front, a good-ol'-boys club of freemason assholes who have systematically engaged in MASSIVE fraud going back all the way to the days of JFK, nothing surprises me now about this disgusting cabal of disinformation agents working hard every day to buffalo the American people into believing a long list of bald-faced lies. And yes, they do engage in real engineering and real science……sometimes. But it's science in service to deception and dark military objectives. That NASA's fingerprints are all over the "marine cloud-brightening" phenomenon does not surprise me either. One has to wonder whether some of the apparent increase in oceanic spraying is a response to the increasing pushback against their spraying activities over land. Or maybe not. Over southern Arizona I have noted a general decline in overt spraying over the last year or so, with periodic exceptions. 

      If they are engaged in massive spraying far out into the Pacific, I will assume they are doing the same over other oceanic regions. But a simple fact remains: those behind this program are the worst of humankind, from the bankers to the military brass, the scientists on down to the worthless grunts who load nano-soup onto the on-board tanks, they all, every last one of them, SUCK. And that includes the prick CEO's and their filthy ilk of each and every complicit airline, defense contractor, every stuffed suit asshole at every chemical company who is knowingly and secretively participating in this omnicide, The whole entire, gigantic spider of death will be soon be crushed under the shoe of apocalypse. Who will be left wondering whether or not they helped cause it??

  26. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you, Dane, your voice of reason in an ocean of insane, distracting details is sincerely appreciated.  Even in possession of relative sanity, it's easy to get lost out here.  One would think 'ship tracks' is a stretch even for the most somnolent. After all, who has ever seen condensation trails behind a cruise ship? 


  27. Dennie says:

    From Michel Chossudovsky:  Imperial Conquest: America's Long War Against Humanity:   "The U.S. and its NATO allies have embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. This “war without borders” is intimately related to a worldwide process of economic restructuring, which has been conducive to the collapse of national economies and the impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.The U.S. weapons producers are the recipients of U.S. Department of Defense multibillion dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems. In turn, “The Battle for Oil” in the Middle East and Central Asia directly serves the interests of the Anglo-American oil giants. The U.S. and its allies are “Beating the Drums of War” at the height of a worldwide economic depression.  

    The military deployment of U.S.-NATO forces coupled with “non-conventional warfare” – including covert intelligence operations, economic sanctions and the thrust of “regime change”– is occurring simultaneously in several regions of the world.

    Central to an understanding of war, is the media campaign which grants it legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion. War has been provided with a humanitarian mandate under NATO’s “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P). The victims of U.S. led wars are presented as the perpetrators of war. Civilians in Yugoslavia, Palestine, Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Iraq are responsible for their own deaths.


  28. russ says:

    We know this is going on. My question is how it is funded. Is it from the CIA  running an illegal drug operation? Is it possible they are behind the Heroin epidemic in this country? Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Putin Confronts The American Dystopia
    Paul Craig Roberts / July 17, 2018
    "War is definitely coming."
    … Why are America’s remaining good journalists, such as Chris Hedges, now in the alternate media? … The presstitutes are serving the interest of the military/security complex, which has ownership interests in the highly concentrated US media, to keep Russia positioned as the enemy that justifies the huge $1,000 billion budget of the military/security complex. Without the “Russian enemy,” what is the justification for such a waste of money when so many real needs go underfunded and unfunded?  In other words, the American media are not only stupid, they are corrupt beyond all measure.
    It is not only the presstitutes. It is the so-called experts, such as Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, a self-important group, financed by the military/security complex, that presides over American foreign policy.  Haass, sticking to the official military/security line, declared erroneously: “International order for 4 centuries has been based on non-interference in the internal affairs of others and respect for sovereignty. Russia has violated this norm by seizing Crimea and by interfering in the 2016 US election. We must deal with Putin’s Russia as the rogue state it is.”
    What is Haass talking about? What respect for sovereignty does Washington have? Surely Haass is familiar with the ruling neoconservative doctrine of US world hegemony. Surely Haass knows that the orchestrated troubles with Iraq, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Russia, and China are due to Washington’s resentment of their sovereignty.
    As the American media has conclusively proven that it has no independence but is a mouthpiece for Democrats and corporate interests, it should be nationalized. …  The armaments industry should also be nationalized. Not only is it a power greater than the elected government, it also is vastly inefficient. The Russian armaments industry with a tiny fraction of the US military budget produces far superior weapons.
    Try to find an American public or private institution that is worthy of respect, that is honorable, that respects truth, that is compassionate and strives for justice. What you find in place of compassion and demand for justice are laws that punish if you criticize the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians or leak information showing the felonies committed by the US government. With all of their institutions corrupted, the American people become corrupted as well. Corruption is what the young are born into. They know no different. What future is that for America?
    How can Russia, China, Iran, North Korea reach a compromise with a government that does not know the meaning of the word, a government that requires submission and when submission is not given destruction follows as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen learned.  Who would be so foolish as to trust an agreement with Washington?
    Instead of pursuing an agreement with Trump, who is being set up for removal, Putin should be preparing Russia for war.
    War is definitely coming.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      V. Susan Ferguson:  I really miss The Gong Show.  Even someone all cooked up on cocaine would Gong this statement from CFR asset Richard Haass:  "Russia has violated this norm by seizing Crimea and by interfering in the 2016 US election."

      GONG, GONG, GONG!!!

      Who's zoomin' who on election frauds?  Some ancient history. >

      Erm… > The following are 22 signs that voter fraud is wildly out of control and the election was a sham.  By Michael, on November 13th, 2012

      Erm… Are Diebold ballot machines stuffed with campaign finance? 

      "Beginning in the 1970s it introduced various Automated Teller Machine products. In 2002 Diebold entered the United States elections industry through the acquisition of Global Election Systems, a leader in touch-screen voting technology."

      "In August 2003, Walden O'Dell, then the chief executive of Diebold, announced that he had been a top fund-raiser for President George W. Bush and had sent a get-out-the-funds letter to 100 wealthy and politically inclined friends in the Republican Party, to be held at his home in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.[10]

      In December 2005, O'Dell resigned following reports that the company was facing securities fraud litigation surrounding charges of insider trading.[11]

      In March 2007, it was reported by the Associated Press that Diebold was considering divesting itself of its voting machine subsidiary because it was "widely seen as tarnishing the company's reputation".[7]


      In August 2007, Wikipedia Scanner found that edits via the company's IP addresses occurred to Diebold's Wikipedia article, removing criticisms of the company's products, references to its CEO's fund-raising for President Bush and other negative criticism from the Wikipedia page about the company in November 2005. These criticisms were later moved to a more appropriate page.[12]"

      ka- ching, ka- ching…

      Premier Election Solutions – Wikipedia;

      It is instructive to read the entire history regarding Premier Election "Solutions" (formerly a division of Diebold) as the known hacking of these machines has been a highly suppressed area of information for many years.

      Ka-Ching, ka-ching…

      Below is another "critique" regarding Diebold voting machines.   

      Hacking Democracy Full Length – YouTube

      There are many known election issues that remain unaddressed by our pre-selected leaders… I would call this treason.  What would you call it?

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      First link was axed by YouTube as I reviewed it.  Try this one.


      Hacking Democracy HBO Documentary – YouTube

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Great Post and article.

      It is important to underline that in the case of Crimea and East of Ukraine, Putin was forced to intervene. I'm not telling that he's a good guy (he's another oligarch), but it's a known fact that the intervention by force was unavoidable after the political change in the country, to a pro NATO/EU government. Everything indicates that more than 50,000 were killed already, despite the official numbers being much lower. This change in geopolitics that happened would mean that if nothing in the defensive plan would be done, more weapons with long range would be placed in all the border of all the East part of Ukraine. From there, the NATO weapons can reach the capital, Moscow.

  30. Abigail says:


    This truly is absurd! Are these people so stupid that they think 'WE' are the ones who can't even 'SEE' what the Climate Engineering Cover-Up is doing to our Planet,  Earth!? Dane, we truly need you and your wisdom in these matters. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH! Be careful, please. I know you are and that your comment a year or so ago, "I will remain at my post," is what keeps us going. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DON'T IMAGINE 'ALL YOU DO KNOW.'  Blessings. Sharing with Russ Tanner. Sincere prayers for all you do. Abigail~~

    As all of us are awaiting the pending Court Date. You surely are, and your evidence is stacking up against THEM.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Peace Talk Between Nuclear Superpowers Offends America’s Assholes And Morons
    By Caitlin Johnstone / Information Clearing House
         …     Though you’ll never hear American mass media talking about it on either MSNBC or Fox News because it doesn’t fit the narrative on either side, Trump has actually dangerously escalated cold war tensions with Russia far beyond anything his predecessor dared to do. From adopting a Nuclear Posture Review with greatly increased aggression toward Russia and blurring lines between when nuclear strikes are and are not appropriate, to facilitating the longstanding neoconservative agenda to arm Ukraine (a dangerously hawkish move which Obama adamantly refused to do), to repeatedly bombing the Syrian government and killing Russians in Syria as part of its illegal occupation of that country, to throwing out Russian diplomats on more than one occasion, to expanding NATO with the addition of Montenegro, to aggressive sanctions on Russian oligarchs and more, this administration has inflamed tensions along multiple fronts and increased the probability of something going disastrously, irrevocably wrong.
    Whether the US president has been doing these things because that was his plan all along, or because he is beholden to powers which wish to advance such agendas, or because he’s caving to political pressures from his opponents in order to avoid accusations of treason, is a question that’s open for debate. Personally, I do not care. What matters is the fact that these escalations are there, and that they need to be scaled down, and that I shouldn’t have to share a f___ planet with anyone who thinks otherwise.
    … I despise Donald Trump and everything he stands for, and I despise everything that created him. I hate that I have to know his f___ name. But he is the only President of the United States right now, and he is in a unique position to help steer us away from the iceberg and avoid a confrontation that everyone on earth should want to avoid. Any possibility of that happening, however remote, should be supported.
    Only assholes and morons oppose these peace talks. If you want to help steer this ship into the iceberg of nuclear holocaust, then I want you thrown overboard. Get a f___ grip, you raving lunatics. Stop this. Stop this immediately.

  32. Gina says:

    How in the heck can we stop this insanity?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Gina, in answer to your question the attached link is a start. FYI

  33. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, my friend I have met, and to ALL,

    Wow!! What a serious tool you have given us! Thank you. That was/is a seriously well put together video. I watched it 3 times in a row just so I could closer study the imagery. I'm getting pretty good at reading them and relating it to what is happening at "ground zero". Folks, notice how the filtered and unfiltered image portrayed in this video are very similar yet have some distinct differences. Once you start seeing filtered versus unfiltered images, it becomes pretty easy to fill in the blanks per say. It does take practice though. I paid particular attention to the dialog/script in this video. It makes me proud that folks that have watched the videos I have "loaned" them, tell me I sound like Dane. Folks, Dane "never" uses the chem trail term unless it is to point out what a curse and dead end it is. Honestly, the term drives me nuts!! I've come to make a game out of it when folks come to the booth and say they know all about "chem trails". I act like I am crushed and then I rise from the ashes with intelligent, accurate, scientific terms. Pretty quick folks realize they are not talking with just any old hickerbilly(grin). From there, the teaching begins. I love the people and I hate my task. My honer relies on me doing both well.

    Face to the wind and gaining traction on the ground,

    'a' simple horseman

  34. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Dane:  Thank you for this precise and focused dismantling of NASA's "ship exhaust" absurdities… These thrones of deceit are crumbling.  Perhaps this poem is fitting: >

    The Second Coming

    Turning and turning in the widening gyre

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst

    Are full of passionate intensity

    Surely some revelation is at hand;

    Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

    The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

    When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

    Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert

    A shape with lion body and the head of a man,

    A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

    Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

    Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

    The darkness drops again; but now I know

    That twenty centuries of stony sleep

    Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

    And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

    Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

    – William Butler Yeats –

         (June 13, 1865 – January 28, 1939)

    • Dennie says:

      We in America never heard about the mad grab for Middle Eastern oil by the Rothschilds and the British, whose unholy alliance centered in the City of London is now more properly known as the Anglo-American-Israeli center of money and power.  You don't have to be a Poli Sci major to tell that Yeats knew which direction the wind was blowing.  Of course he was warning us.  As was Mary Shelley.  

  35. Joseph L says:

    Great Video

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    This is a very convincing video. Thank you, Dane, excellent work!

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    DARPA: Nonsurgical Neural Interfaces Could Significantly Expand Use of Neurotechnology / New program seeks high-resolution neural interfaces for use by able-bodied Service members   –   3/16/2018
    Over the past two decades, the international biomedical research community has demonstrated increasingly sophisticated ways to allow a person’s brain to communicate with a device, allowing breakthroughs aimed at improving quality of life, such as access to computers and the internet, and more recently control of a prosthetic limb. DARPA has been at the forefront of this research.
    The state of the art in brain-system communications has employed invasive techniques that allow precise, high-quality connections to specific neurons or groups of neurons. These techniques have helped patients with brain injury and other illnesses. However, these techniques are not appropriate for able-bodied people. DARPA now seeks to achieve high levels of brain-system communications without surgery, in its new program, Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3).
    “DARPA created N3 to pursue a path to a safe, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once,” said Dr. Al Emondi, program manager in DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office (BTO). “High-resolution, nonsurgical neurotechnology has been elusive, but thanks to recent advances in biomedical engineering, neuroscience, synthetic biology, and nanotechnology, we now believe the goal is attainable.”
    Noninvasive neurotechnologies such as the electroencephalogram and transcranial direct current stimulation already exist, but offer nowhere near the precision, signal resolution, and portability required for advanced applications by people working in real-world settings. Potential N3 researchers will face numerous scientific and engineering challenges to bypass those limitations, but by far the biggest obstacle will be overcoming the complex physics of scattering and weakening of signals as they pass through skin, skull, and brain tissue.  “We’re asking multidisciplinary teams of researchers to construct approaches that enable precise interaction with very small areas of the brain, without sacrificing signal resolution or introducing unacceptable latency into the N3 system,” Emondi said. The only technologies that will be considered in N3 must have a viable path toward eventual use in healthy human subjects.
    If early program deliverables overcome the physics challenges, along with the barriers of crosstalk and low signal-to-noise ratio, subsequent program goals would include developing algorithms for decoding and encoding neural signals, integrating sensing and stimulation subcomponents into a single device, evaluating the safety and efficacy of the system in animal models, and ultimately testing the technology with human volunteers.
    DARPA intends the four-year N3 effort to conclude with a demonstration of a bidirectional system being used in a defense-relevant task that could include human-machine interactions with unmanned aerial vehicles, active cyber defense systems, or other properly instrumented Department of Defense systems.  If successful, N3 technology could ultimately find application in these and other areas that would benefit from improved human-machine interaction, such as partnering humans with computer systems to keep pace with the anticipated speed and complexity of future military missions.
    “Smart systems will significantly impact how our troops operate in the future, and now is the time to be thinking about what human-machine teaming will actually look like and how it might be accomplished,” Emondi said. “If we put the best scientists on this problem, we will disrupt current neural interface approaches and open the door to practical, high-performance interfaces.”  DARPA has invited federal regulators to participate from the beginning of the N3 program, serving as aids for researchers to help them better understand regulatory perspectives as they begin to develop technologies. Later in the program, these regulators will again serve as a resource to guide strategies for submitting applications, as needed, for Investigational Device Exemptions and Investigational New Drugs.
    DARPA is being similarly proactive in considering the ethical, legal, and social dimensions of more ubiquitous neurotechnology and how it might affect not only military operations, but also society at large. Independent legal and ethical experts advised the agency as the N3 program was being formed, and will continue to help DARPA think through new scenarios that arise as N3 technologies take shape. These individuals will also help to foster broader dialogue about how to maximize societal benefit from those new technologies.
    Separately, proposers to N3 must also describe mechanisms for identifying and addressing potential ethical and legal implications of their work. As the research advances, published N3 results will further facilitate broad consideration of emerging technologies.


    • Earth Angel says:

      DARPA = SATAN…  This is a totally sick and twisted group of individuals who are running this program- straight out of nazi Germany. To even dream up this kind of sh*t one must be deranged, let alone devise it into being. I hope the dopes who are being used engineer this insanity wake up fast and drop it like a poisoned apple- cuz that's what it is.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, Well, again, good grief, or bad, it is not clear, but they seem to have at least learned some language regarding concent!?  Is that even possible?  Or, just sounds responsible?  Kinda weird.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello V. Susan Ferguson:  This one caught my eye:  "If successful, N3 technology could ultimately find application in these and other areas that would benefit from improved human-machine interaction, such as partnering humans with computer systems to keep pace with the anticipated speed and complexity of future military missions."

      Sorry for the cynicism, but  these morbid ghouls really ought to first investigate the declining ability of humans to interface with humans. The most complex military mission should be limited to the use of a rake, shovel, and hoe… Maybe plant trees and restore the health of the agricultural lands that the stupid bastards have destroyed.

      There are already downloadable cell phone or iPad apps that perform rudimentary "mind reading".  I observe no "societal benefit" in such technology.  If I wanted to read someones mind, I'd offer them dinner and conversation…

    • Dennie says:

      We need look no further than the good ol' U.S. of A. to find the REAL N.A.Z.I.s  Take a look at who funded Hitler's Third Reich… the names should be quite familiar, at least to Americans of a certain age… Students of history know that during the trials at The Hague, the N.A.Z.I. Germans rightly pointed to the U.S.'s policy of "ethnic cleansing" of the native Americans to make way for white folks' and their wheat and cattle on the "fruten plains" as part of the "Manifest Destiny" of the white European in North America.  WE did that here first.  Long before the NAZIs did it in Europe.  Amazing to me that no one even thinks of this.  And no, not every German was an evil monster.  Not any more than every American is a monster because we now have one in the White (Man's) House.  I know Germans whose parents hid their Jewish neighbors at great risk to themselves.  So please, all GERMANS are NOT "evil monsters–" 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Spot on Paul!  Funny too.

    • Pedro says:

      100% correct, Paul.

  38. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Dane!  Even I can tell what is what from this image.  I do not excel at reading satellite maps.  But this one is kinda easy.  It is now my hope that you will do more of these how to read satellite images!  I do refer to them and ask people if they ever look at them.  All say no, some say they did not know they could do that, worse, they are even worse at it than I am.  This was Very useful Dane!  And will continue to be!  Keep 'em coming please!

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