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Dane Wigington

In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible on the dire issue of climate engineering, Geoengineering Watch has decided to produce an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”. We will try to post a new segment every Wednesday. Please check this post each week for the latest installment.

Climate Engineering News Q & A Question Submissions:

By submitting a question to this email you are granting permission for your question and your first name to be read online. If you do not want your first name mentioned, please state that you wish to remain anonymous. We apologize that we might not be able to answer all questions, though we will do our best to answer as many as possible.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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42 Responses to Climate Engineering News Q & A

  1. Lynn says:

    The darkness of the abyss we face surfaced in latest Q&A session. At times, it seems all hope is lost. Those who are awake and know the dangers we face are surely struggling everyday for the will to keep on fighting to wake others. I personally hold the belief that most people are good. Dane is right. We must hold those who are responsible legally and morally accountable. In the words of Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle into that goodnight, "Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight. Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light."


  2. Brent Papon says:

    One of the few rays of hope are these Q A s. The questions and comments show that people ARE paying attention.

    And Dane , the balls you have to take those questions and answer them honestly is awesome.

    Thanks Dane and All the people that asked those Great questions

  3. Esme says:

    Hi anyone here from South Africa?  Have been made aware of chemtrails by a good friend and following the chemtrails here , but would like to know more about how this is experienced locally, if that makes sense? Shared "The Dimming" and hope for someone to also look up in this neck of the woods.  Thank you for the hard work to teach us about the weather manipulation Dane and best wishes to all.

  4. YigaBlademaster says:

    We've had nothing but warm SW winds preventing much if any freezes and plants are at mid April levels here in Oregon.  This is one of the midlest night springs I've seen. Last spring had more sharp frosts lasting to mid April. 

  5. Nathan 808 says:

    Great work Dane, In Hawaii the native hawaiian Ohia trees  are said  starting to die, They say is from a fungus , But could be from aerosol spraying & the fallout  that make a thick hazy that you can see on the mountain range , Sometime it is salt breeze & volcanic hazy from the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii , now its erupting  little, but a year ago was dormant for some years & still there were pretty bad hazy condition, where did it come from, I live on the northern island, so the volcanic hazy  have to come from either SE or S wind & we are about 500 miles away , an the normal trade wind eastnortheast and still it get super hazy.  I was born & raise on this island about 60 years ago ,that hazy wasn't here  or that bad & also use to have a tons of honeybees ,yellow jackets & bumble bees & now I seldom see them when the fruits tree have lots of flowers, sad no pollination. Something is going on, must be Top Secret, especially when we are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean far away from other Continents.   Feel so sorry fo the next Generations Children….

    • Mac says:

      – friend, thought to share if you remember papaya and gmos, how began agendas was in Hawaii, I think because it was far away, as medias pushed things here. In nineties when first pushed it claimed papaya had problem in forties as if happened before so people would ignore what they were doing, but it was false, their talk in nineties was first supposed problem, same time monsanto agenda. Millions years it took for special things to be there, so, all of a sudden a problem didn't make sense.  Since then most farms here corporate gmo, soy, corn, ethanol, gmos patented to withstand aluminum, wonder why.

      Remember the birds there and other things, used to be so special.

      Something else remembered, long ago there, if were out during sunset people would stop whatever were doing, stop driving, stop  whatever and everyone just watch the sun set. It's just what you did, wherever you were. Wonder if people there do that anymore. Maybe all of us should have been, though can't see now most times, still keep asking how did we lose the sun.

      Appreciate note, people have to know


  6. liz b netherland says:

    Where can I send a sample of the snow that I collected?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Liz, precipitation samples (snow melt water) can be taken to any state certified water testing lab. I would highly recomend not disclosing the reason for the testing.

  7. Lynn says:

    Dane, thank you for addressing the noctilucent cloud issue in latest Q&A. I came across a couple articles talking about the increased appearance due to climate change. The photos looked a lot like remnants of spraying operations. so I had been wondering if the so-called experts were just making up cloud types as they go. They are telling the truth about climate change causing the increase, but, as you have stated so many times, not one single admission to the greatest cause, and I am convinced there will not be anytime soon. In the last few months, there has been so much more focus on climate change in the media with no mention of SRM programs other than the alleged "proposals" by Gates and others. Those of us who are awake know better, but I think the climate engineers know that everyone else is plugged into the system, a casualty of the misinformation assault. It is so difficult to navigate in this ocean of deception, and much like compulsive cheaters, the criminals in charge will admit no guilt. Instead, they want to place the guilt and blame entirely on us. We must continue to fight and try to pry open the eyes of the victims. May God bless you Dane for helping to lead the fight.

  8. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Great Work. I am spreading the message via Twitter with the goal of getting this message out there via Retweets by like-minded people. If you have Photo Quotes that we can spread with Pictures of Ravaged-Geo-enginneered skies, that would be most useful to make it spread exponentially…..    A report from Massachusetts……A very bitter cold with the 4th winter storm predicted/scheduled for Tuesday once again..each of the recent snowstorms have come on Monday or Tuesday….they are scheduling storms like the calendar…A bitter, biting cold, very unnatural, similar to dry-ice feel…The snow is not melting on the ground, even as the temps warm to the 40s….   This morning awoke to beautiful blue sky only to have it change within one hour to the grey-white opaque for the entire horizon….& nobody seems to notice…Another reason for me to move West as the East Coast USA a high chemical spray sacrifice zone..Unlike other promoinent people who say Nature Bats last, the game is over, enjoy your remaining time"….I stand with you , Stoic, and to the end protecting what remains, ready to survive what the future brings…. ..thanks Dane.

  9. Daniel kelly says:

    Hi i live in Europe, south Spain next to the Mediteranian sea, we are being choked by the constant aerosols, it seems to be a dumping area for the toxic chemicals, when they spray there's no wind at all when they stop that's when the wind picks up from west to east pushing the chemicals up the med to who knows where. I can see they use this as a wind tunnel. I have been following Dane. W. for many years now and spread the word to all that i speak to, with 90% of the people laughing or denying what they are looking at when i point it out. Bill Gates owns 30% share in Monsanto, are people not realising that this is probably the way we are all becoming ill with breathing problems and how come this cov bs is being created for his there gains through the vax sales, how did cov manage to get into the Amazon so quickly you have to ask your self was a virus sprayed from aircraft. I also feel there agenda is to push the months 3 months ahead of how the weather should be ( i was a roofer for 24yrs, and now a chilli farmer) I have always worked outside and have good knowledge of the weather it been part of my work to watch weather patterns so i can see this is not correct. Also the chemicals in chemtrailing added together form a drug similar to anti depresants it targets a point in our brain so we end up not giving a F what is going on around us it numbs our brains, do not ever forget Gates wants de population, our masks are made from gmo cotton (sprayed with cancer causing insectacides, and sprayed with teflon We a breathing this in. Wake up people. Thanks Dane for all you do keep on banging the drum no matter what. We can do this.

  10. BBB says:

    I do not have any intention of taking the Covid-19 gene therapy experiment.  At age 75 I have no intention of allowing unnatural fraud to be injected.  If these Big Pharma Big Tech pigs want to do something for me, take me back to age 20.  It's still not clear to me there is a Covid virus.  The images of the alleged virus are simulations.  Be happy we do not reside in the UK.  The brutality of the dictates and the police actions hardly reflects the population's acceptance of the official line.  The masks are utterly worthless.  CDC has stated this on their website.  OSHER has said the same.  The manufacturer of the n95 masks states (or did) on the packaging no protection from viruses or bacterium.  Wear a mask  out into a very cold day and breathe.  The fog bank expelled from the mask proves the point.  Are we suffering from a mainstream news created mass delusion?  If the lock down does not end quickly I expect to see social chaos to erupt everywhere.  How long can populations be abused, starved of income, and honest facts censored by Big Tech collusion?  Never thought I would se the United States devolve into such a pitiful herd of wimpy sheep.  Babylon has fallen, fallen….

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Right on BBB. No way am I taking that sh?t. The masks are worthless, the tests are worthless and the vaccines may turn out to be worse than worthless. And yet people line up like lemmings to take them. The land of the free and the home of the brave has become the land of the sheep and the home of the slave. Very sad.

  11. I live in Whittier California and we get hammered with poison trails almost every day, when i tell my latin relatives and friends that we are being poison by this trails and i even point to the sky when their spraying and still they think i am crazy.

  12. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Dane for answering my question about the winter weather patterns and geoengineering in the Midwest USA. I am enjoying this format of answering questions and am learning from it.

  13. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- great Q/A sessions!    Writing from state of MA, USA:  very bitter cold here, just been hit with first wave of snowfall; heavy & wet.  Expecting temps to plunge much deeper this week-end.  It is very dry, here; I feel my skin very dehydrated, so many desicants in the air in play, drying out the air….   I encourage the readers to use Twitter and social platforms to get the word out; on each tweet or posting make sure that you add ..… .and confirm that the photo link comes up at the end of your post…people are resonating with this message….

    • Hannah says:

      I share this the geo-manipulation/chemical spraying all the time and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE is interested in this. I just don't get it because this is the BIGGEST assault on our lives, Air/Earth/Food/Water poisoning. It seems I'm just out here howling alone and everyone else is MIA.

  14. Andy says:

    Now isn't this interesting – if I attempt access to GAN via Chrome (ie Google) I am blocked from being able to watch ANY video. Whereas if I access using DuckDuckGo I have absolutely no issue whatsoever. Is this representative of active censure by aforementioned Google platform of this site, and contents? Has anyone else experienced this issue I wonder? It doesn't wholly surprise me as, as mentioned by Dane in prior posts, Google is actively suppressing GEW and its critical data from Internet searches. 

    • liz netherland says:

      Yes. Google has made an agreement with fb/twitter/and you tube to cut out this kind of info and same with the VAX info that doesn't fit with msm lies! Just like the Nazis did…they first controlled the media.

  15. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Great Q&A Sessions.  I have been posting on Social Media, Twitter this issue of Geoengineering, with good  results; many likes.

    Reaching many people as I include the site address…  which  then adds the website address to the posting!  I am posting to other groups like Sea shepherd,  too..  to enlist their assistance.  

  16. Mary Guillemette says:

    I have been on a break, but periodically checking in. It is so disturbing that the respected universities are harboring and validating junk science. People who have no science background are then likely to *believe* these con artists who speak as if SRM / SAI are just nascent ideas that deserve to be tried—when the lower atmosphere aerosol loading has been blasting full force since '16, and up and running for five or six years before that—one of the first test programs used to calibrate their software was run not far from where we are in southern New England. 2011-2012 you can look it up. Year long "research". But this is definitely a globally administered 'program,' and an insane one for sure. I heard that the Paris Cilmate agreement was where countries confirmed their support of it–but it seemed to make no difference when U.S. pulled out. Not sure about this, I could be wrong. A key piece of the atmospheric "mitigation" is ionospheric heating–doubtless honed to an extraordinary level since it became available in 1996, and "fully" available 2007 (?)….screwing with our atmosphere this way can't be good: all our trees are dying out here and the vegetables won't grow, look weird. Everyone's sick as junk from the radiation but they do not know it's radiation sickness. What a mess. I just cannot get my brain around the notion that any entity–private or public–has a right to meddle with THE ENTIRE PLANETARY LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM i.e., our atmosphere.  Of course it goes way back to the fifties at least, as you have so well documented—that alone is a Herculean service to us all, and has not gone unnoticed! There is also, if I understand correctly, some evidence that rocket launches–every single one, and there's now hundreds, (dozens a week I'm guessing, worldwide) each launch creates some chemical and or radiative waste in the ionosphere (chlorine? I'd have to look it up) which in turn takes down the ozone *irreversibly* another couple of percentage points….so there comes a critical number of rocket launches beyond which guess what No ozone left.  I hope I'm wrong about that.  These people (the ones in power designing and supporting these insanities) do not seem at all concerned with the destruction they are continuing with.  It boggles the mind. The "Global Warming" herring and the sort of fiat "Climate Change" [no, it's not "changing," it's being actively destroyed. This is essentially a LINGUISTIC problem we have on our hands.) make it doubly difficult to communicate to citizens, to others who want to keep this Earthly home, if we can….

    • Michael says:

      Hi Mary,

      As Dane has pointed out, the Elites are clinically insane. We must approach all issue from four angles — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Dane is pointing out the science and the obvious that can be "seen", but there are also forces that are unseen. Continue to dig and ask questions.  There is Evil in the world, and they are it (the Elites that are destroying the Earth).  Most people won't go out on that limb to say they are clinically incase and possessed by Evil…used by it.

      Hang in there, I have been tracking the Geoengineering worldwide since 1999. I had nowhere to go with it for the longest time, until I came across Dane in 2008.  He is the top geoengineering watchdog in the world. 

  17. John says:

    I don't understand how this trajectory we are in will lead to less clouds or inability to form clouds…I thought hotter planet meant more evaporation from the ocean (in the absence of geoengineering) which leads to clouds?

    What am I missing?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, John, in regard to your question about clouds, Yes, a warmer planet within a specific limited range would contribute to more cloud formation (so long as clould contributing factors like forests and plankton are not already decimated). This being said, once temperatures and greenhouse gasses have passed tipping points (for Co2 this is about 1200 ppm), and forests and plankton are greatly depleted, evaporating H2O simply fills the atmosphere with water vapor (which traps even more heat instead of reflecting it as natural clouds would have). The dynamics are complex, but these are some of the basic pillars in the equation.

  18. jimmy b rogan says:

    when the stupid humans air   from uvc to  x ray    no rock shall be left unturned   many radioactive   substances are close to the core….. love from j- rod and draco

  19. Paul G. says:

    I spend most of my days outside for work or leisure. I now notice some form of geoengineering going on every day. I see people commenting here how "they haven't sprayed for days where I live".  One may not notice the spraying going on, but it appears to come in all forms including very short trails that do not linger, and some to believe to be contrails. From my daily observations these short trails seem to accompany high pressure domes and very little wind where small clouds may form but quickly disappear. Also, there may be no visible trails for most of, or all of the day, as the sun sets look at the horizon and see the toxic filth that is so clear as the sun begins to set.

    Here in North Idaho we will get cold dense air that sinks to the ground and will create a frost at lower elevations, while higher up in the valley it wasn't cold enough to make frost. We have very little wind now most days with sudden wind storms of up to 60 mph. The cloud layer is very visibly moved with washboard type radio frequencies.

    My point is just because you didn't see any spraying one day doesn't geoengineering wasn't going on over your head.

    • Susan says:

      Same exact "weather" next door in n.e. Washington. Days of geoengineered "clouds" and no wind at all.

  20. Doug Roehr says:

    I live near San Diego. 99% of the people will not notice the SAI even when I point it out to them and explain it? Either something's in the water, or something broadcast on the evil TV lie box is making people really stupid and self absorbed. They have no ability to cognate what is spoken to them, and they seem to only believe what is broadcast on TV. I feel like I am living in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Seriously. The Mask People….like a herd of cows they just watch TV, eat GMO trough food from Costco, and say MOO! Their brains have been dissolved into excrement. The trees are all dying, and plants are growing out of their normal cycles. 

  21. Paul Davis says:

    Dane, Great work. Great resources here.  Your Geoengineering flyers are excellent at getting the urgent message out. I am beginning to utilize all sorts of social  media platforms to spread this most vital message.  Are there resources of photo quotes that we can use to copy paste to get the word out on social media? If not, are there readers here who have this expertise that can help build resources here for others to use?  With all of the lockdown, at least we have some time to use social media to awaken others…  Dane…really appreicate your efforts….

  22. Tim says:

    Dane, Have you heard of people feeling like crap on days that they spray heavy? I mean, it is making my partner and I fatigued and allergy like on days with nothing to be allergic to since it is Winter. 

    Thanks for all that you do. Tim

    • sunny says:

      I'm on the west coast and when our skies are heavily sprayed (which is pretty much everyday) I feel like crap with burning throat to heavy nose drainage, sometimes feeling like a cold is coming on then suddenly symptoms go away. Numbness inside  my nose…

    • Raymond says:

      Tim, I know exactly what you and your partner are going through. We went 26 days here in north central Texas recently, without one single trail being sprayed in our sky. I never felt better and prayed that just maybe the geoengineering insanity was coming to an end, starting with this small part of the world's atmosphere.

      But the madness came back with a vengeance and the spraying was more relentless than ever! Soon after, my severe allergies returned and I began sneezing so much… that I was suffering from chronic nosebleeds, a persistent dry hacking cough, severe headaches and toothaches, migraines and extremely painful burning eyes!

      Which always floors me now with everything I just mentioned on heavy spraying days. Fatigue beyond comprehension too! Christmas day had so many trails by 10:00 am and I felt miserable all the way through to New Year's Eve. Where we got slammed with a massive chemical ice nucleation snow event that made me feel chilled to my very core, like no other time in my life!

      Every time they spray their toxic particulate aerosols, latent with heavy metals and radioactive crap. I sneeze like 3,000 times a day and my ears ring very loudly. They are definitely killing us with all of their spraying assaults and nothing I do brings me any relief. Except by sealing up an interior room with duck tape and running three large hepa air filters. Then laying down while wearing a dust mask and try to sleep through my suffering.

      But as soon as I step one foot back outside, I begin sneezing my head off and all of the accompanying ailments, start beating me down into complete submission all over again.

      I have been so miserable for so long now. I sometimes forget what feeling good… feels like.

      I never had severe allergy attacks in my life, until geoengineering aerosol spraying was forced into my life and destroyed my health and peaceful existence. I can completely understand how millions have had their health stolen from them and their lungs and immune systems compromised, by geoengineering atmospheric assault crimes that makes them highly susceptible to getting the deadly virus.

      This is Genocide pure and simple.

    • Tim says:

      Raymond, it is just terrible. They nailed us today really bad and I am in bed, feeling horrible as if I am getting the flu but it isn't that. It is like a bad allergy or intolerance to the crap they spew. I can smell it in the air now. My partner cannot even go outside on a day like today at all. 

      I don't get how these people doing this aren't having the same symptoms? Thanks for your reply. 

  23. Randolph Directo says:

    According to Physorg report at, it looks like the geoengineers don't care who knows about geoengineering – as long as no one else can keep up with what they're doing. In their own way, they've raised awareness about their own activities – knowing that most people can't do anything about even if they do care. What can we do besides raising awareness of these nefarious activities?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Randolph, Thank you for standing with us in this all importan effort. In regard to reachinig a critical mass of awareness, in fact, that is the only way forward in this fight. FYI.

  24. Yar Swerc says:


    How is it that I have found myself in such absolute agreement with someone, with the exception of Henry David Thoreau, (who first reassured me over 50 years ago, that I was not insane. Another mind had thought like mine) as you? You, on the other hand, are a contemporary, assuring me that thought, realism, and truth have indeed not gone extinct. May you, and your tireless efforts to restore sanity be blessed. Thank you Brother!

    Be blessed,

    Yar Swerc

  25. Rodgers Shazhira says:

    Why are Chemtrails still being sprayed in our skies 

  26. THOMAS EQUITZ says:


    • Robert Quintrell says:

      Hello Thomas Here in W.Devon, in the SW of England, During the day, skies have been clear of trails since the Xmas period, except you can see residue of trails in the form of flimsy stretched out clouds very early in the mornings obviously the result of overnight operations. They don't stop.

    • Paul Davis says:

      Who knows Isaac Asimov?… On you tube, you can find a speech of his in 1989 at the Humanist Society..“Isaac Asimov – Keynote Address to the Humanist Institute, Jan 1989”..   he talks about the Green House effect and touches on how when humanity keeps pumping CO2 and destroying trees/forests you are going to change the atmosphere, he was way ahead of his time..



      Isaac Asimov – Wikipedia


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