Climate Engineering Reality Acknowledged

Many ask "why haven't the experts spoken out about climate engineering"? A handful of honorable experts have spoken out,  mainstream media is completely ignoring them. Denial, disinformation, and deception, these are the tools of the power structure and their media puppets. Climate engineering is the greatest untold story on the planet, it is also the greatest threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm. The legions of cowardly scientists, agency officials, and experts, who are perpetuating the lies and denial of those in power in order to protect their paychecks and careers, need to be exposed to the public at large for their part in helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering crimes. The short seven minute video below contains expert testimony on the dire threat posed by global climate engineering.

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  1. Rosie says:

    I commented on one of these blogs, that I experienced difficulty when following your video links. I’d get to this website okay, but when I clicked on the specific video. I’d get the message, the link was “in error”. This has happened too many times to be a coincidence. For others that are experiencing this same problem, go to and with a few key words from the article, I have been able to find the video…

    I have NEVER experienced this difficulty with other website links and I wondered if other people experienced the same difficulties at this particular website.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rosie, thank you for your comment of concern. On top of the recognized internet manipulation by those who pull the strings, we have also had so much traffic on that the server could not handle it (which is good). In an attempt to remedy this, we are in the process of transferring our site to a designated server. Hopefully this will help the situation you described. We will continue to do our best to get the word out.

  2. Dave Bear says:

    I have been photographing chemtrails for about ten years and have talked myself “blue in the face” trying to wake up the people to the dangers of geoengineering. I have not been able to determine the bases from which the aircraft take off and at which they are loaded with the poison that they spread. Sooner or later one of these aircraft is bound to experience a crash which may provide some of the answers to pour questions. It is very unfortunate that it would take a catastrophic event to get at the truth. With regard to corporate control of information, notice in almost every commercial on TV which shows the sky there will be seen a chemtrail. Well hell, isn’t that the way the sky is supposed to look?

  3. Tim says:

    Boulder is getting crushed daily with the onslaught of chemtrails. Those that deny are crazy. We used to have dark blue sky here, now it is a mess of white haze from the spraying.

  4. Becca says:

    I am in Colorado and reaching out to anyone who can help. I brought up chemtrails at my kid’s school and was immediately banned from premises. Schools and courts in BOULDER, COLORADO have flat-out denied there is any such thing as geoengineering or chemtrails, so has my kid’s dad who works in atmospheric research at Univ Colorado (seriously!) The school helped her dad take custody away because I had the gaul to argue with them when they severely embellished upon my comments (to adults only) about chemtrails. I NEED PEOPLE TO SIMPLY WRITE LETTERS THAT THEY BELIEVE THOSE ARE CHEMTRAILS because Boulder’s most ignorant & biased judge DD Mallard explicitly said “99% of people know those are just contrails” and I was a danger to my child because of my beliefs. I can now only see my daughter with a social worker standing over me taking notes, and the judge said this was so that if I “mentioned chemtrails they would put a stop to that” (SERIOUSLY!! IT IS THIS BAD IN COLORADO!!) There have been NO child abuse or neglect allegations, no protective services, no criminal charges etc, my daughter wants to be with me and of course is not afraid of me- this IS about my beliefs. PLEASE spread this message to anyone who might be sympathetic and PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU WILL WRITE A PERSONAL LETTER JUST STATING YOUR BELIEFS. It is no risk to you, it is just to demonstrate that many sane, intelligent people know those are chemtrails.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Becca, I am sorry for all you have been through, but I hope you do not give up. It would be helpful to your plight to use the hard science terms when you are communicating about this issue, it will be much harder for the to marginalize you if you stick to the science terms. Keep marching Becca, we are with you.

  5. Pine Trees says:

    You are right. It is truly desperate. Most people and officialdom really do have brain damage, they were genetically engineered to use a small portion of their brain, to be retarded, narcissistic, and just astonishingly dishonest when it comes to their work$$.
    They ARE retarded and they will not change before it’s too late.

  6. Paul Thomas says:

    Beautifully and succinctly put, Dane. Thank you!

  7. Ana says:

    This were that important meeting with the panel of experts speaking about geoengeneering (with very useful and important information to the public)and that the Media decided just to ignore as if we (the people) that are concerned about this subject are less important than the ones “worried” about their football teams or about their favourites Hollywood stars etc .Media just seem to publish lots of rubbish but not the “crazy Geoengeneering conspiracy theory ” as they call it , especially when this taboo issue can be taken seriously with several experts speaking to public…This world already forgot about the priorities that counts for their existence .Sometimes it sounds like the story of the boy that have said that the king “wasn´t wearing anything at all” in the tale “The Emperor`s new clothes” of The Danish author Hans christian Andersen (everybody already saw the planes geoengeneering our skies but no one wants to be labled as stupid or crazy or conspiracy theorist etc ).I can´t see the coward scientists saying that the the “king is naked” or that mankind are doomed by their own stupidity and blindness in “following the king/the lider” or following the social oficial lies.
    If we are good observers we can see that Chemtrails are not only white trails! …what kind of clouds or “contrails” are these ones of the photo i took (on the link down) ?or this is considered natural also?seems that NASA has a kind of an album with “new clouds” or fake ones,maybe a photo like this one comes on their album explaining how does it happen “naturally”?…hope the photo link is ok.if not ,sorry.

  8. David Pruett says:

    The problem is multifaceted. Some recalcitrant elements of the public, scared of their own shadows, are more comfortable crawling under a blanket. Other’s are so religiously bound, that they think it’s god’s will. All aspects of Officialdom feed on their own propaganda, like the ouroboros. Also, how often have you seen a high priest of ‘science’ admit the dogma that fills his sails, is in error? Maybe one or two, here or there. But for the most part, they’re all prisoners of their own dogma.

    How to confront this is a real conundrum!

    To be physically proactive, I suggested elsewhere, why aren’t we burning up FAX machines and telephone lines, demanding answers. It’s absolutely absurd and irresponsible for officialdom to think they can treat the public like dirt. And it’s asinine for the public to accept this.

    How do we defend ourselves from these overflights, which, obviously, don’t have our best interests in mind?

  9. Elle says:

    Dave- Not too long ago, observation (done correctly) was seen as highly credible. Today, it seems that we are being told that we cannot trust what we see with our own eyes. However, making observations and then forming conclusions based on what we have observed has traditionally been viewed as very scientific. Good luck to you!

  10. Tina says:

    Seems that the spraying has dramatically increased in the past 9 months. I see it every time I travel, in lots of states, daily.

  11. David says:

    Thanks for some good information I can forward to my skeptics.

  12. DebW says:

    all the people thinking that crap in the sky was real clouds…we older ones better hurry and keep pushing because we are the only ones left that remember what “mostly” real clouds once looked like…and “real” weather…

  13. Adam Richardson says:

    Just wanted to say you are great for the work you are doing. I live in IA and they spray here all the time. It seems to be specifically close to times when a system is coming that is suppose to be delivering some type of moisture. I am always trying (with little success) to get people that don’t believe in chemtrails to just enlighten me why every jet everyday doesn’t leave them if “It’s normal” as they say. Keep up the good fight.

  14. Dave Jennings says:

    You need to take up a collection and get some spectrum analysis equipment. Take spectral samples of the exhaust plume right at the exhaust nozzles of these aircraft. Then there would be no argument, these criminals would be busted. We can analyze galaxies and stars in deep space, cars with emission tests, and any matter in the universe using this technique.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, though a spectrum analysis would be helpful, those that refuse to examine the actual film footage of the spraying, and the countless lab tests, would likely also refuse to acknowledge any other form of data. Lets keep trying to wake those that are willing to open their eyes.

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