Climate Engineering’s Latest Forecast From NASA, “Mostly Cloudy”


Dane Wigington

The newly produced map below reveals the most recent NASA "forecast" for planet Earth, "mostly cloudy". This composite image of Earth's cloud patterns shows NASA's Aqua satellite observations from July 2002 to April 2015. Colors range from dark blue (no clouds) to white (frequent clouds). Photo credit: NASA Earth Observatory


The next image is a combination satellite/radar map. In the combination format map the more heavily aerosolized cloud cover shows up as the brightest white. The goal of SRM (solar radiation management) is to blot out as much sky as possible for the stated purpose of global warming mitigation, but even NASA admits the "aircraft clouds" are making global warming worse overall, not better. A "Scientific American" published study states "geoengineering could turn skies white". Wherever there is moisture, there will generally be the most consistent and heaviest spraying. This has the effect of greatly diminishing the overall precipitation that otherwise would have occurred and scattering the aerosolized cloud cover over vast areas (though deluges can also increase where too much moisture accumulates). The bright white aerosolized cloud cover broadcasting out from the areas of precipitation in the map are indicative of the aerosol spraying that is taking place in each region. A massive heavily sprayed zonal flow of moisture is very visible plowing into the entire west coast, yet there is almost no precipitation showing up for the reasons already cited. Historically, counterclockwise swirls of low pressure storms constantly pounded the Pacific Northwest with heavy precipitation. Now, more often than not, there are just large drifting massive canopies of heavily aerosolized cloud cover with some rain in the most dense areas of moisture build up. "Mostly sunny" is now also a common meteorological term of choice and is often used in "forecasting" days with heavy spraying. "Meteorologists", in so many cases, are now simply paid liars reading the scripts they are given .


Radio frequency transmissions are a major component regarding the manipulation of the highly electrically conductive aerosol particulates being sprayed into skies around the globe. Though "official sources", of course, completely deny any connection between the radio frequency transmitters and weather modification, available date says otherwise. The map below from October 7, 2015, is only one example of the radio frequency bombardment occurring on a constant basis. This map does not reflect the much larger radio frequency transmitters known as "ionosphere heaters" (which have an even greater effect on the overall climate system).


Take a good look next map below, If you think the images in the map are just "clouds" showing up on radar, they are not, and the National Weather Service admits it. So what are these large and very distinct radar images from? According to the National Weather Service, it's all just "butterflies". No, this is not a joke. "Official statements" from "official sources" are becoming astounding beyond comprehension.


"Mother Nature Network" claims this upper level aerosol accumulation shown in the photo below (with a very clear radio frequency pattern) is just a natural "rainbow cloud", do you believe them?


Below is the NOAA forecast (scheduled weather) map for the middle of October. Each shade represents a 2-3 degree "departure from normal" temperature zone. Places in the western US are thus "forecasted" to be a record shattering 20 to 25 degrees above normal which has already been the case for an extremely long time. The record heat and drought continues to fuel record forest fires in the region.


The next image shows that the remaining pool of cold air at the top of the world is rapidly shrinking as the geoengineering juggernaut of insanity continues to shred the ozone layer and the climate system as a whole (along with other contributing anthropogenic factors).


The global temperature maps below reflect the true state of our rapidly warming completely geoengineered planet.


Ocean temperatures are already radically above normal, especially in the Arctic ocean as the mapping below clearly shows.


The current Arctic ice volume (ice mass) is at all time record low levels and continues to decline very rapidly due to all the record warm conditions already cited. 2015 saw the lowest Arctic ice "maximum" ever recorded. So how is it that the Arctic ice "extent" (surface area) hit it's minimum for the year on September 11th, 2015 (4th lowest extent ever recorded), and has increased since? Welcome to geoengineering and chemical ice nucleation. What is the true extent of climate engineering experimentation currently occurring in the Arctic?


Where are we heading if we stay on the current course? Few are yet willing to face the fact that our planet will very soon not support life unless there is a complete change of direction on many fronts, starting with the complete cessation of the climate engineering insanity. Geoengineering is fueling countless catastrophic scenarios on our planet including mass methane release in the Arctic. We are on track for "Venus Syndrome". Though industrialized civilization is already in its final stages and will soon collapse, we could yet salvage a planet that could sustain life. With each passing day we are determining our own future by what we do, or don't do. The greatest single leap we could collectively make in the right direction is to expose and halt the weather warfare assault. Arm yourself with credible data and pass it on to others. Ask them to do the same. We must make every day count in this critical fight, time is not on our side.  DW

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  1. Kirstie Marquette says:

    Creative analysis , I learned a lot from the specifics . Does someone know where I could locate a fillable OH ODT SD 101 Long copy to type on ?

  2. Jerry says:

    Prove me WRONG!!!
    Every TV show you watch. Always focus on the Clouds.
    Guaranteed. Look. Examine.
    That is exactly what they do.
    Watch and Learn.
    These Fck's want you to to think it is all Normal.
    As they are Fcking you over.
    Don't get it yet!!!
    That is way bad!!!

  3. gail says:

    I just got a notice that the Governor of California has declared a state of emergency for the area of Twain Harte, CA, which is in the Tuolumne Forest, off of Hwy 120. east of San Francisco; 145 miles East; in Gold Country; close to Hwy. 49, and  70 miles from Yosemite.  They have to remove 40% of the Ponderosa Pine trees this year, and more are expected for next year. Seems they are dying and infected with a beetle.  40 percent!!! That's alot of trees.  Article claims it is due to global warming and the drought. Global warming is escalating at an alarming rate; I believe due to the spraying of chem trails.   I have only recently become aware, and I can tell that when they are spraying, do not expect any substantial rain, no blue sky, and no air; very muggy conditions; terribly uncomfortable.  These chemicals are poising Mother Earth.  Why have the newscasters ignored reporting on this?     

  4. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Are we making PROGRESS here?  Monsanto is slashing over 12% of it's workforce and profits are down 5% because farmers are rejecting their GMO seeds and won't buy their weed killer RoundUp! Wondering if that includes the Aluminum-Resistant seeds, or is that gene already included in all of the GMO seeds? 
    Tonight I'm seeing it from the poor plants' point of view– those poor little plants– sooo very messed up, all in the name of profit– uuuggh!
    Normally I would not send a link to any site pitching for funding, but I learned about Monsanto going down on the ropes from an action kit at a site called Food Democracy Now!:

    • Mary Noonan says:

      They want to make us believe that they've been doing this for years, so we'll think it's okay, but in reality they started in our region late 2013/2014 and ramped it up through 2014/2015, with a massive spraying campaign in June. 

      In my area, (New Brunswick Canada), people are noticing the huge ramp up in spraying. We can't help but notice. We have a hard time to get regular air service here in NB, especially in certain rural areas, so when the skies start looking like LAX, people can't help but notice. The jets try and spray at night and above heavy cloud cover, to hide it, but people still notice. The sound of the planes are so easily distinguishable.

      My mom, who is a senior in her seventies, gets so angry at this daily poisonous assault, she just wishes she was younger, she said she would shut them down pretty quick……the old girl still has some fight left in her. lol

      But she has a right to be annoyed. Our province was the victim of Agent Orange spraying, they sprayed more agent orange in NB than they did in Vietnam. Then they used budworm toxic spraying, which caused severe health issues,  and we still see companies spraying herbicides along power lines and in the large forested areas and near peoples homes and wells, so understandably, we are all a bit testy in NB when it comes to being sprayed.

  5. whatClouds says:

    I have never (until today) seen spraying this bad over north Alabama. The horizon to horizon striping and "X" patterns were off the charts. Part of the title of this article is all I kept hearing from the weather folks on the radio. Mostly cloudy. It didn't matter the station either. Plenty of sunshine they said. Plenty of blue skies they also said. Bull shit I said aloud talking to the radio. The spraying was nothing short of horrendous to say the least. I know many of you here know what I'm talking about. It was just plane after plane creating the longest trails I've personally witnessed and it just would not end. 

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    @ Rachel Robson

    Hello, I wrote a long reply only to have it fail, saying the network was unavailable.  Edward Palys above wrote you a reply that correlates to my findings.  There isn't exactly a smoking gun, but there are statements by Dimitar Ouzounov of NASA that can be found in the MIT Review.  Be sure to read the comments there.

    Many of the accounts I read also suggest a dirty bomb undersea nuke created the tsunami.  It's hard to know what the truth is definitively.

    You may find this odd, but I found credibility in a short video done by low budget investigative reporters from Japan.  You can't beat the adorable advertisement in the middle.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Bella!  And thanks to Edward too!  I appreciate it.  My friend may be more inclined to believe the Japanese.  What a twisted scenario!

      I've been away from this blog for days, so glad to find these responses.  And for the feeling of being "home" with the rest of you.  Seriously, it can feel lonely out there these days among the "sleeping".

      Edward, besides thanks, I wanted to say that I know HAARP and its offspring can cause earthquakes, and I called one on this site awhile ago.  I was downtown in Berkeley, stunned by a Huge chem cloud right above UCB which sits on a fault line.  This huge chem cloud had mega obvious HAARP signatures, so very "in your face" I couldn't quit looking and thought…an earthquake is coming.  As soon as I got home I posted  what I saw and that I was sure an earthquake was coming.  Early the next morning we had one nearby in Fremont.  4. something, no real damage, but the second biggest one to hit us in 10 plus? years.  I was quite full of myself for a few days there!  As if I'd become some meteorologist, or quake savant!  Thanks to Dane.  But, why Japan? 

       Our local weatherman I watch in the morning has been acting almost silly these days clearly embarrassed, trying to explain the forecasts.  Saying he doesn't know how such and such could happen, but it is, various stuff like that, all but spilling his guts.  Clearly, he is irked by having to give implausible explanations for odd "anomalies".

  7. Donald Wright says:

    I just found this page today, after watching the skies in NW Oklahoma yesterday. A friend of mine and I were commenting on what were contrails, and which ones were chemtrails. Yesterday evening, several hours past spraying from approximately 7 aircraft for several hours, noticed the spider webs until dark. They were everywhere this morning and it was alarming, as they are very distinguishable from spider webs. I captured some samples and will capture additional ones to send for testing once I find somewhere reliable. I just found this phenomena today and it makes me ill to think that this is happening.

  8. Las Vegan says:

    Wow!  I just saw (still home on vacation) a video which showed the jet stream over the North America continent BROKEN into bits!!!!  One bit here, one bit there, one farther south, one askew and sideways.  Whew.  Also, several videos are showing the geoengineering of Hurricane Joaquin…frightening!!!  You can literally see a stream of water propelling from the main storm body (for no apparent reason) onto the eastern coast of the Carolinas.  Holy c***, Batman!

  9. Janet Jones says:

    Hi Dane,

    Do you think most politicians are aware of the geo-engineering crimes? If so what is their incentive to support geo-engineering, if the biosphere collapses, they die too?

  10. Rebecca P. says:

    Hello everyone, I live in central Washington and we are pounded with sheets of this nearly everyday with this Toxic Poison Soup. Thank you Dane for all you have done to expose this horrific TRUTH. I am doing everything in my power to expose this as well. I saw their will be a rally on the east coast on Nov. 29th and would like to organize a rally on the west side, maybe with enough help we could have on in every state. I have talked to many people and have had some who are willing to get involved to make this stop before we are all sick or dead. I find taking the flyers and talking to people on a clear day with the spraying going on has a more positive outcome with getting people to commit to help with this issue. It is shocking to the emotional system to realize we are being sprayed like lab rats and frankly hard to even believe to most people, because facing this is insanity and the worst assault man has ever faced. It warms my heart to see their are many of us out their who do stick together and help each other all we can. If any of you are in Washington or close by my state lets get together and make a plan. Thanks to everyone making this your mission in life to save what is left of our earth and life we love.

  11. penny says:

    Another unprecedented phenomenon: hurricanes with lightning in them (a physical impossibility in a natural weather system).  Even NASA openly discusses the abnormality at, although (as with Fukushima- and geoengineering-induced ocean extinctions), their scientists are "puzzled".  Which is to say, criminally stupid or criminal, period.

  12. Edward Carberry says:

    Hello Dane

    I am here in Prince George BC and see the spraying overhead all the time or see the haze of the spray when it is done west of here, a lot done when the cloud cover blocks there aircraft from vision. There was one last evening he was low in altitude to my surprise. The other day there were two about a minute  apart,then more came in from different directions  over the day we had nice blue skies until then it was good to see. I wonder where they fly out of is it here in Canada or from the US? A few people know about it but they don't know much about it yet.  Don't know  what to say other then it is very disgusting, thinking of having a place make up a poster for my vehicle. Don't want to steal a web picture maybe one from the area for people to recognize it as town. Please to keep up the work, it is heart breaking to see.

  13. Dennie Mehocich says:

    False Science is the Official Science, Everyone Else is Wrong, There Can Be No Debate or Disagreement, Because Anyone Disagreeing Is A Conspiracy Theorist:

    The "Copenhagen Interpretation" of science = "Shut up and Calculate!"  It is a "reality" in which numbers are endlessly crunched, with absolutely NO meaning.  Questions going in that direction just make the poor little "scientists" too uncomfortable.  What a bunch of Soul-less idiot LOSERS.

  14. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Zbigniew Brzezinski on Trial at the U.N. General Assembly 
    Here's the link to the source article
    WARNING:  The photo of the 87-year-old Brzezinski is really a big shock, so don't let any kids see it, really:

  15. Charles says:

    Is it truly possible that Methane emissions or eruptions in the Arctic can bring about Near Term Human Extinction (NTHE) event ???

  16. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….THE ROOTS OF OUT DECEIT………According to Amber Lyon, a three-time Emmy award winning journalist, CNN is routinely paid by the US government and foreign governments to selectively report on certain events. Furthermore, the Obama administration pay CNN for editorial control over some of their content…The roots of our deceit…./

  17. debra says: Thank you Dane for another insightful presentation. Ok everyone Global Climate March coming up on Nov 29, Time to rally for this big time. Make your poster,flyers,video's and show up in MASS. Pass on to all,and let's expose the Omnicide of Geoengineering.

  18. Frank says:

    The mainstream media of NOAA has reported a Deadly Worldwide Coral Bleaching Episode Underway. The real reporting of the destruction of coral reefs worldwide can be hidden from the real truth. What takes place underwater is hidden from most people. If NOAA and other mainstream reporting agencies are speaking up about coral reefs and there die offs, I can only surmise what is really happening in our oceans. The chemical Corexit being used in the Gulf of Mexico combined with excessive water temperatures are a lethal demise to all Oceania creatures. The chemicals from aresol spraying and runoffs combined with a depleted ozone layer causes real concerns for life on earth. Our oceans are the life blood of our planet and all human life. The article about bleaching of coral and many links also provided is below.

  19. nikki says:

    Extraordinary article.  Excellent info and maps.

    I am currently working on a bee/climate/geoengineering event and am keeping updated for our presentations leading up to the event.  

    The issues make me nauseous, however, I cannot stop trying to get the info out.  Seeing blue skies each morning and watching them become glazed over one line at a time is simply the best and worst way to explain it to people.  There are many more people that I've met in this past year who are noticing and wanting to know more.

    For people who think this is a tin-hatter's wet/dry dream, all I have to say to them is, keep your  head tucked up there nice and tight, because your lack of knowledge makes your life virtually stress free compared to informed and educated people. 

  20. Mal says:

    As has been mentioned before it would be necessary to get people within the military aware of the operations to have any chance of stopping it. This depends how many psychopaths are in positions of power as they are technically "not human" from a thinking and behaviour point of view. The other thing would be to reach critical mass of awareness in the general public which may in some ways be more difficult, there seems to be quite a number of otherwise educated people who are hell bent on clinging to the idea that we are witnessing contrails. It beggars belief how this can be the case really, you would have to be blind and quite dim to see the aircraft activity as anything normal! Over here in the uk we are heavily sprayed but the effects on wildlife etc is less immediately evident. You do however notice the intense heat often on a clear day. More information about how the particulate matter interferes with ozone formation would be useful. 

  21. Lainer says:

    Ever since I moved from CT to AZ in 2011, my health has declined. I have a thyroid immune disorder called Hashimotos. I feel terrible all the time. No amount of changing meds, eating correctly, cutting out foods that cause inflammation has made me better. I swear my thyroid's quick decline is a result of moving to Arizona. Dane, am I crazy in thinking this way? I've never felt so crummy in my whole life. And yes, I see streaks in the sky daily. I am wondering if it's due to no tree cover to protect me that I am having so many issues with my health (thyroid)? What's scary is I am reading more and more about people who have the very same thing, even though they eat all organic and healthy, and exercised. So what gives? Is one area of the country better than others in regards to the spraying? Is tree cover helping to keep this toxic spray at bay? Or does it not matter where you live? I am thinking of moving back to the Northeast or at the very least going to another state that has dense tree cover.

    • Susan says:

      Lainer — don't take any prescription meds. Side effects include that they don't work! Try colostrum. It will naturally boost your immune system and that may slowly help you.  Synertek is a good brand. Give your own body a chance.

    • Lainer says:

      The only med I take is WP Thyroid which has two fillers in it, ( and I'm not allergic to them), plus it is the most accurate dosage of the thyroid meds. So each pill is the dosage as stated. Not taking a thyroid med will enlarge the nodules I currently have and put me dangerously close to having thyroid surgery. Having Hashimotos, an immune disorder, I can't just stop taking meds, but if I am to take them, this is the safest, most accurate option on the market. Having sid that, with this immune disorder, I have to be very careful of what i put on my body now. 

    • Hello Lainer: Seriously consider talking to a lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) specialist. There is an epidemic of tick borne composite diseases in America and elsewhere. Lyme, CT is where the whole story began… Don't bother with regular AMA trained doctors, as they have no clue about the affects of lyme composites like Bartonella and Babesiosis and many other pathogens being released into the environment…

      Search YouTube and other sources for articles by Richard I. Horowitz. Hope that helps…

    • Las Vegan says:

      Hi, Lanier!  I moved from the Bay Area to Las Vegas many years ago.  I expected my stay in the desert to be short lived; unfortunately, it hasn't.  (I plan retiring relatively soon up North.)  I became catastrophically ill within four months of moving here.  I assumed, because of the new surrounding, that I had developed allergies or some sort of violent reaction to something in the environment.  I, then, treated this illness as such.  I continued this devastating flu-like condition (i.e., one week you can barely function or get out of bed with heavy respiratory problems and the "illness" takes literally 2-3 weeks to dissipate fully) nearly every year–sometimes 2-3 times a year.  Because I had been treated with antibiotics for sinus infections in the Bay Area (a Chinese doctor ultimately cured me of them), I sometimes convinced my doctors to prescribe them, and I would always improve more rapidly.  Four (or maybe five) years ago, I underwent an acupuncture-like treatment from a natural-type chiropractor for allergies.  I didn't have the illness for several years (although I had sinus/nasal problems) and then, this last June, got clobbered again with the illness.  FINALLY (I felt stupid), I woke up.  What the hell was causing this illness?  I researched ALL day one day and was led to an inescapable conclusion:  the geocidal aeorsol chemicals currently being sprayed by the government.  Out of all the scenarios the various websites listed, this is the ONLY one to which I am subjected.  I, then, began researching weather geoengineering and subscribed to Dane's site here.
      I believe a dry climate is disasterous with these chemicals because your nasal passages and respiratory system are so dried out.  I don't know anything about your illness, but Dane suggested at the end of the "Coast to Coast" program to develop for yourself a constant chelation diet to keep the heavy metals moving out of your system.  I have done an enormous amount of research on "natural treatment" websites.  I have considered many, many options (and, Lanier, many options exist and you should chose one according to who you are, your financial situation, etc.) I decided for me (who I am and the age I am) soon to begin my own-devised program of the Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol.  Perhaps a chelation diet or protocol will help you.  I do think you are being affected by toxic heavy metals.  And, yes, the lack of trees may be a factor.  I constantly observe my surroundings very carefully these days and notice that vegetation under a canopy of trees does much better than the actual affected or, in some cases, dying trees/vegetation on top.  BTW, colloidal silver has been an enormous benefit to me.
      Please take care of yourself, and I wish you the very best of luck and good health!!!

    • Jenny says:

      Lainer, we do have lots of trees here in the northeast, but we also have LOTS of spraying.  There was ONE day this year that looked completely natural (granted, I don't go outside on some days, so there could have been more).

    • Lainer says:

      To Paul Vonharnish: Yes, I've been tested numerous times for Lyme. I don't have it. But I will try to find a specialist in the area. Currently I go to an integrative MD who is much better than my general practitioner and endocrinologist. Most Doctors have no clue about thyroid diseases. Come to think of it, neither do most Endos! Then again, no amount of medicating or eating right will do anything if our skies are being bombarded with toxic nano particles through Weather warfare geoengineering. I will check out YouTube. Thanks.

      Las Vegan Yes, it hurts to breathe, it burns my nasal passages. The burn and ache. Only since moving here. My integrative doctor has chelation therapy. That's next on my list to do.
      Thanks to all who have answered.

    • horsegirl says:

      Parts of Arizona are hideous sometimes, much of it all the time.  A few corners like ours have "blue" skies in spates and no visible spraying activity although it's always ongoing out of sight.  Just hung up the clothes in feeble "sunshine" under a sky and clouds that look like they belong on Jupiter.  We feel for you.  

      We've traveled cross country back and forth on the Rocky Mountain north/south axis three times since 2014 and there's no doubt about it:  while climate warfare happens all over, the biggest filthy canopies of death are precisely concentrated over cities.  The color of bad mucous.

      But today is remarkable ugly for our area – no sight of planes almost ever right around the SE corner of AZ immediately next to the Mexican border (although the Sulphur Springs Valley going up to Willcox is choked with geoscatology) – and I took the laundry inside to dry as a formality.  We do police flashlight tests of the air quality on apparently clear nights, resulting in thick beams of concentrated yuck.

      We were silly enough to travel through Albuquerque a couple of times.  The last time I was reviving my breathing with drops of Nutribiotic GSE – one per oz water in a spray mister – coughing my way back from there for perhaps 45 minutes later.  Since then we've learned that traveling along 191 along the eastern spine of the continental divide is a good way to get from southern AZ up to Gallup, NM.  If you go up through Zuni you'll be amazed at the lack of traffic.  Maybe passing 30-50 oncoming cars in some 400 miles of beautiful country.  While there are heretical manmade clouds visible everywhere, there is nothing that looks like the aftermath of Nagasaki the way Albuquerque does.  Generally speaking travel is easier on two lane roads through scantily inhabited areas if you need to drive cross country.  I suggest acquiring a DeLorme gazetteer to pick the best routes.  The difference bewteen skies over cities vs that route is dramatic.  I mean to never pass through Albuqurque again.  Cities appear to be intentional death traps.  Jamming up traffic to maximize exposure to spray.  Saw a cloud of gas something like dark mustard noodling its way through south Albuquerque and it was as we crossed its path – trapped like rats on the interstate – that my lungs started shutting down.  The colors of some of the gaslings hanging over cities are totally over-the-top absurd.  Sarcastic fiends.

      We've also noted in travel that invariably the geo scat concentrates above interstates.  Go 80 miles away from it and skies are generally blue on back roads.  They sure do like to poison travelers.

      Probably you aren't looking to travel around in the SW, and I wouldn't blame you for going to a place that suits you better.  Curious where you are located.  I don't think anyone could pay us enough to drive through Phoenix.  Would rather take a 12 hour detour than ever go through there.  The interstates give the impression of saving time but there's always jammed-up traffic in cities which I'm sure is another thing the zombies have planned.  Can imagine the fiends at their summits, nodding in smug agreement that spraying all over the laundry is the best policy, such a sucker punch to the poor.

      Wish you the best.

  22. Muse Minus Time says:

    Beneficiaries to geoengineering are Monsanto and Bill Gates, here is a patent on an aluminum resistant seed.

    There's big money in this technology, so who needs us minions to muck up their works?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      So LET'S EXPOSE BILL GATES.  This little Lord and Master of Eleven Multiverses baaadly needs to have his corporate pants pulled down by the public this time, because when placed under the spotlight of Congressional investigation HE JUST LAUGHS in our faces, the arrogant little fothermucking weasel, the fatrucker!

  23. Muse Minus Time says:

    Yesterday was a major assault on the Central Oregon Coast and Douglas Co. for spraying and ionospheric heating to move the hurricane remnants northward.  It was at least 12+ hours of poisoning the skies.  A homemade herbal tool I use as a decongestant for my lungs is a tincture of oregano.  I grew the oregano researching its healing qualities and tinctured it. Every night I put a droppers' worth of oregano tincture in mint tea and by the morning my lungs can be clear.  This morning I had to use an additional dosing due to Thursday's assault in the skies.  Hope this helps some of the people suffering as it's helped me.

    • Nnikki says:

      Thank you, Muse, for the suggestion! Will certainly give it a try. So. Oregon was attacked yesterday as well. I made the mistake of going for a long walk today & it wasn't long before they were at it again. Now my sinuses are shredded, & it hurts to breathe. Never had it this bad before, & I've been walking for years. Maybe they added something new to their brew? 

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Do you mean that was Hurricane Oho they sent to Alaska?  WTF?  They do this because. . . . they can? 

    • Dawnski says:

      I must try this. The chemgestion can be so annoying. Even cloggs my hearing. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Melody Meachum says:

    I love it Dane…NASA indicts themselves with their own pictures & reports. Thanks for bringing it to a level we can understand.


     Every new day slips away!

    On the weather/climate front, the owned and controlled MSM, Unscientists, academia and politicians WILLING to shill and gatekeep for the cabal amount to glorified bar mops trying to clean up a catastrophic toxic mess with toxic and filthy cleaners…whether it's completely false junk science and meterology, to willful lying/denial and coy semantics, to forcefully shutting out the public's protests.

    We go around them…expose, expose, expose to keep raising awareness!

  25. J Rizk says:

    Heavy spraying over central coast of Oregon daily. I've sent pictures of spraying and letters to Oregon's Environment Department with no replies. Sent pictures to Environment Canada (of spraying in Canada) with no replies. As per Dane's suggestions, the letters are not scathing, yelling, cursing diatribes, just letting them know that we know what's going on. Had a great dialog going on with WA State environment head when living there. He acknowledged what was going on, but said they couldn't do anything as it is a federal program. I tried to post the weirdest picture I've taken yet of 2 spraying jets on collision course and almost hitting one another. The evasive action of one of the jets made for an interesting photo. Never could get it to upload here. I'm talking more and more to folks about the lack of water/rain and coming at things from that angle. That sure makes people stop and think and I've had a number of great conversations that I feel have gotten the ball rolling. I've noticed how the weather forecasters genuinely seem confused about what's going on. Systems coming inland with no water in them? We're in mid-October with no rain in sight?

    • BaneB says:

      Yep, true to form the jets came into Northern California and sprayed our skies into dissolved clouds to prevent that front from coming in here.  Also very obvious was the RF zapped clouds with the corn row appearance.  The destroyers do this whenever a front heads our way.  Today is of a relatively blue sky.  No jet spew, no sound of jet engines, the roar of our time signaling the end of an age.  The jets, spew, and noise will return with the approach of the next low pressure system headed this way.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      V-E-R-Y heavy, nasty-wasty spraying, from the OR border all the way south yesterday and the day before.  Ugly, ugly skies over Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin, S.F., San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties (I saw them all yesterday, long day on the road…).  Everywhere you go there is NO clean air to breathe.



      How 'bout another petition to tell that little fatrucking weasel to CEASE and DESIST, or better yet, LEAVE THIS PLANET AND DO NOT COME BACK.

      And One More Thing: 

      TAKE ALL OF YOUR SICK LITTLE PROGENY with their twisted-beyond-all-redemption GENETIC CODE WITH YOU, "SIR" Bill.

    • Tim C says:

      Colorado has been getting slammed this week with all out attack of spraying. Skies now are whited out due to this crud. I am sick as a dog from it as I don't handle the toxic dumping very well. These people are nuts.

  26. Marc says:

    A most sobering overview of the hard facts regarding the condition of our beleaguered planet. And while thousands of jets blast out deadly toxic aerosols over the heads of humanity, the vast majority of those same people are awash in distraction and disdain and remain just plain STUPID, while priding themselves on their hipness and savvy. Many are to be forgiven, though, for our access to the "real story" is being systematically scrambled and intentionally made obscure by a vast network of disinformation operatives working 'round the clock to create detours around the truth, not to mention outright lies of omission and cover-up. The deception game is the number one most repulsive behavior ever conceived in the mind of man. Or at the very least it is on a par with mass murder, genocide, omnicide, and military crimes against humanity. How so? It is how the powers behind all the mayhem cover their tracks and sustain their game, upon which they are perpetually intoxicated to the point of exhilaration. Power, wealth and dominance appear to the ignorant as real goals. These are not real. They will dissipate over time and leave one empty and spiritually bankrupt. We will all squarely face the grim reaper and when that time comes, what will our state of mind be? Will we even have any "self-awareness"? The vast spraying of aluminum aerosols is spiking Alzheimer's across the world. Is this the intent? Another manifestation of their dominance agenda? Take away even our chance to meet our death consciously? Why, we all ask ourselves, are so many thousands of our fellow human beings so committed to wrecking and trashing our beautiful planetary home? When even the science is crystal clear that geoengineering is not only NOT WORKING, but CANNOT WORK, the Cabal and their so-called "scientists/climate experts" continue on with a completely and utterly pointless toxic agenda on a scale beyond comprehension. Why?

  27. Larwence says:

    Bakersfield Ca. this week,  and almost every week is being sprayed heavily. I work outdoors and watch them start around 6:00 am every morning. They have really gotten good at coverage. I counted 6 aircraft all flying at once make the sky look like a giant tic tac toe game yesterday. 10/8/15. I sure hope WE get them to stop this soon. Dead and dying trees all over, even right next to the Kern river and in the parks that are irrigated. Big THANKS to everyone trying to get this stopped.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      It is almost like clockwork, isn't it Lawrence?

      On many mornings I look East over the Penobscot Bay here in Maine and see ten or twenty parallel trails all spreading straight towards the sun, usually around 6 to 7 a.m. (it used to be earlier during summer months, around 5 to 6 a.m.)  The spray planes tend to go all out in the early morning to provide the artificial cloud layers before most people are awake (let alone aware) – this concentration and frequency of aircraft in such close proximity CANNOT be explained by 'normal' commercial air traffic, because at no other times throughout the mid day do I see that many planes flyby except during Sunrise and Sunset.  None of these flights appear on the various transponder-based flight tracking applications.

      As many of you know, EOSDIS Worldview provides daily satellite photographs of the entire planet.  Though these images are heavily doctored in order to downplay the magnitude of the sprayjob, not all of the aerosol clouds can be feasibly hidden on Worldview and occasionally there are some very damning 200+mi aerosol grids displayed on there.

      During the Sunset is the exact same thing, the only difference being that the jets fly to West straight at the sun while they leave the aerosol trails.  It was not until the past few weeks that I can actually see the sun (a visible and defined glowing ball of light) descend below the horizon line; during every month from April-September the sun would "disappear" behind an aerosol sheet once it went below 20 or 30 degrees on the horizon.

      Has anyone else made similar observations of the sun being much more visible during Sunset in the northern hemisphere in recent weeks?

  28. Michael Arden Yows says:

    Diana M. from Altavista, VA writes:

    If Congress, all three branches, take off their blinders and realize that what is being sprayed above them is a toxic soup that is poisoning the air they breathe, the water they drink, the food they eat and is affecting every one of them, including their families, friends and colleagues, not to mention the devastation to the only place we all have to call home. Deliberate weather modifications affecting the planet is a far more immediate issue than anything being fought over currently in Congress. Do the right thing. Look up, wake up, do your research and take advantage of your positions of power to bring this horrendous project to an end before it is too late. Please. Do the right thing and make a difference for the sustainability of humanity.

  29. I don’t understand how the “they” that do this avoid inhaling the toxic particles. Where do they keep their children? In glass houses on the South Island in New Zealand? Where is geo-engineering not going on and they can live without suffering what they are inflicting on us. How do they escape it?

    • BaneB says:

      Obviously, contrary to natural law, these psychopaths have a greater obsession than the welfare of their children, so one can understand how little the rest of us count in their science schemes.  An earlier generation that invented the nuclear doomsday weapons did not care for their children.  How else were they so heartlessly able to carry out over 2,000 nuclear bomb tests in our earths atmosphere?  Clearly anyone or group that threatens all of us with mass species suicide are themselves suicidal.  These nut jobs don't love anyone but are in self awe of their intelligence honed for making mischief in the name of a great salary and all the perks derived out if working for warfare.

    • Aswellian says:

      Don't underestimate the power of denial, Susan. They don't escape it, they just pretend it doesn't exist.

      To quote the Metaphysical Musings website (which I first read many years ago, and really enjoy), regarding the symptoms of the Kali Yuga, “Base men who have gained a certain amount of learning (without having the virtues necessary for it's use) will be esteemed as sages.” This would seem to apply to the mad scientists, “they” who are employed by corporations that are not subject to oversight by anyone, who really believe what they are doing is needed, in order to combat “climate change”, or to “own the weather”, or [insert alternative theory here]. There are a number of theories about the why, and you likely have your own…

      The other “they”, the countries who sign on to the Solar Radiation Management programs offered by these same or related corporations, who agree to have these chemicals sprayed over their sovereign territories and their people, very likely also really believe what they are doing is needed, for whatever reasons. As with many things of this nature, there may be ulterior motives by those in the shadows, but the “they” you refer to, collectively, are likely mostly unaware of the consequences of their actions.

    • Marie says:

      I've been trying to figure that out for years myself. How and why??? I think these (people) in powerful positions are so removed from the natural world, they no longer have it in their hearts and minds. They live only in the thought of controlling ALL. They are smarter and greater than any Godly power, so they think. It's truly sickening. We must stay strong. Truth and goodness will prevail. Together we will stop the madness. Many thanks to Dane and all of those working people working tirelessly behind the scenes. We've got your back!

    • Susan says:

      Thanks for the replies everyone. Psychopaths is right.

      Aswellian! How fun that your quote to me from my own website. Yes, you are right…another symptom of this Kali Yuga. This aerosol thing is truly demonic. Perhaps even a harbinger of the close of this Cycle of Time. Thank you.

  30. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …Just a suggestion….forward these issues to your local editors… anyone who writes local commentary… an attempt to broaden their spectrum for grasping the actual big picture…..causes, results, what have you……they will always have an e-mail for contact…..just a thought…….anyones time is appreciated and I believe likely well spent….Regards…..

  31. wayne says:

    I sent this in to the Desert Sun Opinion page I'll let you know what happens, in addition, I have a meeting with the town council on the 20th which I'm going to pass out 5 CD's and ask them to watch at their leisure and I’ll follow up with them at the next council meeting to judge their response.

    Dear Opinion Page,
    Are the residents of Coachella Valley and the surrounding areas insane or stupid, is anyone paying attention to our skies? How is it that we are in the worse drought in years and yet our skies are full of peculiar looking clouds, Geo engineered clouds, on a perpetual daily basis for almost one year now?
    We’re in the desert folks, that’s why people have vacationed here for years because the Sun, almost 365 days per year of bright sunshine…..what’s happening?
    Our wonderful Channel 3, Desert Sun, NPR, Weather Channel , High desert Star, and other “Credible” sources back away from any coverage what so ever. I text pictures of the sky to my mother, 85 years old, who lives in the Northeast, her reply “Crazy… why isn’t anyone saying anything?”
    I do my best to spread the word about the Government’s attempt to obscure the sun through programs, such as, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Aerosol Injection whereby they (Geo Engineers) spray countless toxic tons of Nano aluminum, strontium and barium into the skies which eventually falls on you and I, and we like fools continue to go to the Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor for allergies, filling our bodies with useless medications.
    Please visit “GeoengineeringWatch”, get involved, look up, before the Biosphere completely collapses and life itself….expires on planet earth.
    Respectfully Submitted

  32. jill says:

    Question for you Dane:  I'm a farmer in the CA. Central Valley.  A couple of days ago they slowed down on the spraying, and I noticed that the sun almost felt normal.  I've noticed this before, although it is rare.  I have concluded that the spraying is the biggest factor in the elevated UV levels, even though the shredded ozone layer also plays a significant part.  However, I've also seen relatively clear days with intense UV.  This is a little puzzling to me.  Any thoughts on this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jill, yes, you are correct that on specific applications of the spraying (and rf transmissions) the UV readings to in fact go up as compared to an otherwise clear day. This seems to occur when the climate engineers are trying to build the strength of the rain blocking high pressure heat domes. 

  33. Elaine Woodriff says:

    Here in the CA Bay Area, north of San Francisco, the murres, (a water bird) are dying of starvation. Because the water in the ocean and local bays has heated up, the fish are descending down lower in the water. The murres are unable to dive that low in order to catch fish.

  34. Notmeofficer says:

    I live with you in ground zero Shasta county. We know Russ Bell of county and has been not only not helpful but has laughed off our requests for more accurate testing.
    As a farmer here we see daily the effects of getting sprayed.. Poison on us poison on our crops
    Keep the pressure on Dane. Please stay focused on this message on your radio show.

  35. someone who cares says:

    Great article- I have shared it with friends and others. Thank you for clearly speaking the truths of these horrors. I really hope geo engineering stops soon!

  36. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Just a RAINBOW CLOUD and BUTTERFLIES?  What's next UNICORN HOOF PRINTS for clouds broken up by frequency?  I'll keep posting and explaining as I do on several sites.  It's beginning to seem that there are those who know and those who just ignore my messages.  It's like trying to unite Democrats and Republicans.

    One has to wonder why they'd want the whole US (or the whole world?) unable to grow food.  No Sun and either too much water or not enough.  The molds and fungus will proliferate where it's wet, and the West will turn into a dust bowl.  These SICK MINDS AT WORK!


    Dane, these are amazing images, and I'll be studying them for a while.  I wish they'd stop toxifying the Arctic to increase the ice cap.  It's not working and melts immediately, only not so much as it's turning Winter.  But it is not progress except for one second's time.  They're killing the animals, but not outright.  They're suffering terrible illnesses, the thought of which is unbearable to me.

    Now NASA admits "aircraft clouds"?  Might this help us?  Of course NASA already admitted that Japan's earthquake might have been triggered by HAARP frequency.  How can people go on ignoring this?  Are there people at NASA who want this exposed?  Let's hope so.

    Wishing Love and Perseverance to to Dane and everyone who bravely crosses over to the truth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, NASA admitted Japan's earth quake "might" have been caused by HAARP?!  When?  Can that be found?  You'd think that would be enough for people!  My best friend who recently mocked me and belittled me in a Skype call to a friend I'd not spoken to in 30 years, first at least listened to me about geoengineering, but no more.  On another occasion I mentioned HAARP regarding Japan to her as she lived and worked for years in Japan and still from her home in Hawaii.  She either dismissed it or didn't hear me because she said nothing.  Perhaps that is what caused her to quit listening, because that would mean we are responsible for Fukushima's reactor.  Where can I find this admission of sorts?  It might go a long ways towards convincing her that this is not all the product of my mind gone wrong, giving some real credence, for her, to hear me out without such judgment.  She is planning to go back to Tokyo soon as she used to for a month's work.  I begged her not to do that owing to the radiation.  She was looking to me for a response, so I told her about the radiation, but she hears different things from people there she knows well.  I want that NASA quote!  Please?

      Like you, my heart just breaks for the sea life.  The mutations are shocking.  Hard to say exactly how much from geoengineering, or radiation-very likely-or our navy's experiments in their war games along coasts.  But I seriously doubt that NASA means aircraft are emitting chemtrail junk, rather saying that so much air traffic is causing too much cloud cover.  I'd be just stunned if any of these idiots ever came clean about what is going on, but these days, I guess anything could happen!  Your posts are interesting.  I hear you.  Thanks and for any help with that NASA admission.

    • Edward Palys says:

      Bella and Rachel. I knew that NASA would eventually have to tell the truth. The Fukushima disaster was researched by a few knowledgeable individuals, one of whom is Jim Stone. He wrote a damning report shortly after that disaster and clearly stated his findings based on on-site engineers working at the station. His report can be looked up quite easily. And yes, earthquakes acn be initiated by HAARP, a proven fact. You ever heard people reporting a deep humming and irritating noise? Well, that is really HAARP at work.

  37. stephen langley says:

    I live in South Louisiana and summer here is waning.  One thing I've noticed here is the decline in insect populations.  Growing up here, I recall summer as a time of extreme 'bugginess'… not so this past summer.  As Dane uses the term of "the collapsing web of life" I can relate this to the insect populations that are being driven to extinction… this actually causes the currently surviving species to over populate, which is what I've noticed… not as many kinds of insects, but the ones I see seem to reach infestation levels… all is becoming more and more out of balance here.

    • Rob The Scot says:

      I’ve noticed less birds singing  tweeting + flying in the sky. If the bugs are less, then so are the birds –how long till there are no humans? 

  38. Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

    her's how the zombies have dessimated The San Joaquin Valley…criminals all!

  39. Robert says:

    I live in Central Oregon which is in the flight path for the Aerosol Spraying of Northern California. Dane has shown these paths in  his article "Revealing Data Confirms Geoengineering Is Stealing Rain From The Western US", September 30, 2015. I will verify that Aerosols have been sprayed nearly every day in 2015. Also, it appears to me that the aerosols are more toxic this year than previous years because I start coughing and wheezing after being outside 1-2 hours.
    I have sent letters to my Senators by U.S. mail but so far they have not replied. Most of the people I know think that I'm nuts. However, some do listen. Dane's has a very good video that explains what is happening to us. I was able to download the video and format it so that it can be viewed on a computer or dvd player…even wrote on the disc. Maybe all this will help.
    My wife and I both have respiratory and skin problems. Doctors don't seem the be able to cure these issues. We are anxiously waiting for Geoengineering's lawyer's to file their Class Action Lawsuit.
    The insanity of spraying toxic chemicals and the use of Haarp has to stop!
    We pray for you all. Thanks.

    • Mary Noonan says:

      What do ordinary citizens do when they are under attack by their corporate-driven government and military? In my opinion, people should start retaliating. Governments only start listening when the masses rise up and retaliate. In my area, we have learned that a court case won't stop anything. You have to protest and act.  This means that when people see aircraft spraying, figure out a way to shut down the air space above your area. Use disposable cell phones and be subversive, fight fire with fire. Retaliation that hits them in the pocket book seems to be the only way they listen.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      We need the US military on our side Mary, that is the only way forward. Violence against the military or the authorities is exaclty what the power structure would like to see us do, this is not the way forward. If we can reach critical mass of awareness, and our military brothers and sisters understand they are killing themselves and their children along with the rest of us, you will see the wheels of the climate engineering insanity grind to a halt. I am already communicating with two retired US military generals, USAF and US Army, they are on our side and spreading the word quickly. When we reach critical mass military personnel will help with the effort to put those responsible for the spraying on trial, that is what needs to happen.

    • Mary Noonan says:

      Understood. However, my experience with government is that the political levels only care about being re-elected, the senior bureaucrats only care about keeping their jobs by appeasing the corporate entities who have money and wield power, and the military hierarchcater to those corporate interests from the private military corporate interests. So even if you get 2 or even 20 high-level military on your side, once a project like this is in motion and making money for the suppliers, the pilots, and their respective CEO's and Executives, good luck in prying their fingers from the taxpayers fat piggy bank. Sadly, we sit patiently while others decide to care, all the while, paying for our own abuse. Do we wait, or do we act?

    • Joe Sullivan says:


      pretty much the same here -,in my eyes they have quadrupled their spraying here. Goes on day and night now.

      we have more than several military bases here and the airways are always busy with Military aircraft taking off and landing

    • Corinne says:

      I'm wondering if Dane can let us know if there is a certain type of blood test we can ask our doctor to do for us to measure levels of these aerosols in our body???

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Corinne, check under the “tests” section on the top tool bar at

    • Ry Brannock says:

      I fully agree that the only way to press such a serious agenda as ending this evil geo-engineering is to make members of the military aware of what is going on.  After all, they are the ones with the right to not only question any attacks against the people of the United States but to take action as well.  We are clearly prey to a thug cartel who have no allegiance to the US apart from inflicting untold harm. They need to be weeded out in aid of the civil power.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Robert, Hello.  I am wondering what you and your wife's skin issues are?  I too am having respiratory symptoms, but I had 3 surgeries in 3 months and I was blaming the anesthesia, which from the last surgery was the most profound.  However, for about 7 years now, well, it's as if I've had a cold for 7 years!  But for maybe 6 months now I have a rash that varies but does not go away.  It itches very much, very very much.  What is yours like?  And have you found anything that helps?  My daughter got me some "Aveeno" which greatly reduces the intensity of the itching and sorta makes the rash of it go away or look less like a rash, except it does not go away and it has been quite awhile now.  Thanks for any info on this, in advance, as well as anyone else who knows? 

  40. Maggie says:

    I've been following your very informative website for some time now and share the deep concerns of many regarding the chemtrails that cloud our skies throughout the world. When weathermen point out the obvious, it's past time to wake up and pay attention. That said, I had an "aha" moment after connecting the dots on the politicization of global warming/climate change agenda recently addressed at the UN meeting, in which Agenda 2030 was introduced. Could the dismissal of concerned citizens about chemtrails by the governments of all nations, in fact, be due to the knowledge that the reason climate change has become an issue is due to their participation in altering the climate via chemtrail spraying? In other words, they are enabling and contributing to this manufactured event with the purpose of controlling humans through higher taxes, destruction of energy-related businesses, etc., so changing the subject or labeling those who are concerned with what we see happening in our skies as "alarmists" or "extremists" is a Alinsky tactic, a sleight of hand because they created a crisis (climate change) when in fact, they have caused the crisis. If this scenario is correct, this issue goes much deeper than we realize. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Maggie, thank you for making your voice heard in this fight. It is imperative to remember and consider that there are countless factors contributing to the rapidly unfolding planetary meltdown. It is not just a “this or that” equation. This being said, our most important objective must be to expose and halt climate engineering.

    • Joe Sullivan says:

      Great analogy using Saul Alinsky.

      Our president is his evil disciple.

    • J. Carl says:

      Hello Mary, I agree entirely w/your suspected outcome planned by the cabal who have their Agenda on track.  I believe it is for out and out control of every aspect of our lives; food, air, water, education (common core), Socialist professors, eventual depopulation, on and on – if you're old enough, you'll probably never remember a time in your life when life was so micro-managed as it now.  I am a senior and this has impacted me as a crisis unimanagable 7 yrs. ago. The suffering of so many people is heart breaking…now getting climate change legislation, creating gun control should do it for them.  The U.S. has definitely been changed.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with Maggie, Joe and J. Carl, and think we need to be wary of unknown entities calling for people to suddenly rise up and apply pressure to cure climate change.  I've gotten emails lately and seen some other stuff.  I think someone out there wants an excuse for carbon trading and for doing geoengineering out in the open.  They can say they are starting it because it's a crisis and the people are calling for something to be done.  Maybe we should be leery of these organized Climate Change rallies.  The President could just point to the huge number of bodies in attendance and say "See, these people want me to do something".  We could get the opposite effect to what we wanted.  Instead, we need to have things specifically against geoengineering, since that is the one thing we here all agree is going on and is harmful and must be recognized and stopped.

  41. Kim Ieland says:

    Rainbow cloud is impossible when looking toward sun.  We can only see a rainbow when we can see shadow of our head.  Keep their feet to the fire.  You're doing a stellar job.

    • Jenny says:

      I never saw rainbows in the clouds on sunny, nonmoist days until approx. 2 years ago.  NOW I SEE THEM ALL THE TIME.  And yes, they're always right near the sun.

      Speaking of "right near the sun", whenever there is a lot of active geoengineering activity visibly going on at any one time and place, almost all of it is usually in one area of the visible sky, that part near the sun (for obvious reasons).  I know that paid shills would make up an excuse to explain this, but I always wonder what regular old people who don't "believe in" geoengineering would think and how they would explain this if it was pointed out to them.  I suppose they would say that conditions nearer the sun are "ripe" for the formation of contrails, although I though "real" contrails were supposed to be rare and in cold, moist portions of the sky.

  42. michael says:

    A RAINBOW CLOUD? HAH! just when you thought the delussioun couldn't get any more absurd , I guess we can all be looking forward to racing on a real rainbow road in space thanks to the geoengineers eh?….

  43. Sean S says:

    Hello Dane,
    As always, excellent work. Thank you for having the courage and intestinal fortitude to fight for those who cannot or will not. You are the epitome of what a human being should be. Much love.

  44. Michael says:

    Wonderful article, Dane!!!

  45. Geoffrey B. says:

    Great article Dane! Will share with as many people that are willing to at least listen. People are starting to wake up a bit, albeit very slowly. I am not getting quite as many glazed over looks as in the past when I bring up the topic of Geo-engineering. I appreciate your steadfast determinism   in bringing this topic to global awareness.

  46. J M says:

    Thanks for all your work Dane, I listen to your radio show every single episode and appreciate all your hard work more than anything.

    I have a question for you really quick,
    You've consistently mentioned that if we have a big CME that there's a potential for fukushima x100 or x200. We have a weak ozone layer right now, so it could potentially wipe out power grids and initiate nuke plant meltdowns since they wouldn't be able to cool themselves. Geoengineering has, as you've stated, been used by the power structure to create artificial protection from this potential problem. The more they spray, the more they have to spray, right? So my question is this – We know geoengineering is a disaster and is destroying the planet. That said, if we abruptbly stopped geoengineering that would eliminate this artificial protection and could lead to this nuclear disaster right? So don't we lose either way? The power structure either continues to geoengineer, leading to a destroyed and toxic planet OR geoengineering stops altogether somehow and then we put ourselves at an extremely high risk of a nuclear cataclysm.
    So what is our true solution? We stop the geoengineering insanity AND close all nuke plants simultaneously? So if geoengineering stops then we will all have to face the reality of little to no power to run our civilizations? I'd be perfectly fine with this, don't get me wrong, but is this our true and only solution? Is it more complex than simply halting the spraying as soon as possible? I figure the answer is yes, but perhaps this is a bit too complex and the average listener just needs to become aware right?
    Sorry if this question seems a bit jumbled.

    Thanks again for all your work Dane,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello JM, there is no benevolence in the climate engineering insanity, a shredded ozone layer is just one more excuse for them to continue the insanity. The ozone layer would eventually recover if the constant geoengineering assault was halted. This being said, we would still have many challenges to face, on bridge at a time.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      J M, Hi and thanks for asking this question better than I did apparently as mine was offed, but in all fairness, I went on about doom and gloom. I think you are right, but then, before learning what all I know now, nuclear issues were first and foremost for me.  Any number of catastrophic events could set off a nuclear horror show.  I am all for shutting them all down Before the fact.  Given "climate change", floods and quakes, solar flares and all that, you'd think Fukushima would be a heads up.  However, all the geoengineering in the world, as we are witnessing, is not stopping the methane releases.  The Arctic continues to warm despite what they are doing, despite doubling down.  And, in fact, what they are doing by itself is contributing Hugely to the warming. So, I gotta agree with Dane, first things first: stop geoengineering!  Not to mention that would be easier to do and faster.  Then, begin stopping all the nuclear plants starting with the most vulnerable ones first.  If the geoengineering was stopped, solar uptake would work much better than now.  If a plan was in place, if all were willing, this could happen and quickly enough to give Earth a fighting chance and us too, maybe.

  47. James says:

    Operation Indigo Skyfold  is Spraying Us today,  in Amador County , California. 
    This is a  Chem Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 
    The Town of Mammoth Lakes is also under siege today .
    When will Our Current Government Lackeys'  Move on this Critical Issue ?
    10-8-2015  011:45

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