County Supervisors Blatantly Ignore Concerned Citizens


Those who strive for and attain positions in local government more often than not tend to be a particular personality type (very much like those who strive for higher government offices). I make this statement from 35 years of experience with dealing with such people in multiple counties of California and Arizona. What I have noted is this, there is, in general, a complete lack of honor (with occasional exceptions). The vast majority of "elected officials" and especially "appointed officials" are there for self-serving reasons, not for the common good. Personal ideology, paychecks, and pensions are what guides them. Again, this is not always the case, there are exceptions, but those are few and far between. The article below is a case in point in regard to the honorless self-serving individuals that so often occupy governmental positions from the bottom of the ladder to the top. They are nothing more than minions for the power structure.
Dane Wigington


Siskiyou County Supervisors Refuse Geoengineering Meeting Disregarding Public Health Officer's Recommendation To Test Water For Heavy Metals…

By Melinda Field Perlman

Dr. Stephen Perlman, my husband, passed away unexpectedly in January of 2015. Stephen served the residents of Siskiyou County for 38 years working as an emergency room physician, a family practice physician, and for the last eight years as the Siskiyou County Public Health Officer. "The role of the Public Health Officer is to be responsible for the health and well-being of county residents, to focus on the interrelationship between people and their environment while researching new insights and innovative solutions to environmental health problems.” Stephen was in charge of coordinating any and all health related emergencies.

In the fall of 2013 Stephen and I noticed strange white lines in the sky above our apple farm in Scott Valley. They became a daily occurrence, crisscrossing the sky in grid-like patterns. We noticed these were not normal commercial airline contrails as those dissipated within 30 seconds or so. These trails went from horizon to horizon and seemed to merge forming a whitish haze, blocking the sun, making our morning blue sky overcast for the rest of the day. 



Climate geoengineering over Mt. Shasta, CA
He began to research this phenomenon and after many months of reviewing the scientific data available, observing photos from around the world, and studying the USA’s patents for weather modification he became extremely alarmed. He discovered that the aerosol sprays used in Solar Radiation Management (SRM), supposedly to protect us from global warming, contained aluminum, barium, and strontium, which are known to be toxic to humans and the environment. He discovered that these toxic chemicals had never been tested on humans, flora, fauna, or waterways.

We attended a meeting in Redding, California before the Shasta County Supervisors where over 500 concerned citizens and a panel of experts including scientists, biologists, pilots, and physicians testified. In the words of the Shasta County Supervisors, “credible and compelling evidence” was presented. Not only did all 5 supervisors vote unanimously to investigate the aluminum contamination/climate geoengineering issue, they also said they would forward the video testimony of the proceedings on to all appropriate state and federal agencies and ask for a response.

It became Stephen's goal to inform the Siskiyou County Supervisors with a similar informational presentation where he would speak along with a panel of experts. He wanted the water in Siskiyou County tested for heavy metals. He was waiting until our new supervisor from Scott Valley, Ray Haupt was sworn in January of 2015. After Stephen’s sudden death in January before he had the opportunity to testify, it became my mission to speak on his behalf, along with an expert panel. An expert panel, which included doctors, nurses, and citizens (whose test results showed high levels of aluminum, barium and strontium) had agreed to attend the meeting and present information.

I met with my supervisor, Ray Haupt, who after listening to my concerns regarding my husband’s plans to go before Siskiyou County BOS and reviewing the informational packet I presented, said, “We listen to all kinds of informational presentations. I see no problem getting this on the agenda, go ahead and fill out the paperwork. I have heard of the spray concerns from other county residents, I am a scientist and have a hard time wrapping my head around such an operation but I pride myself in considering all sides of an issue. I will talk to Ed Valenzuela who is our chair about this meeting.” 

I also sent an email to Yreka supervisor Grace Bennett stating Dr. Perlman’s concerns and his mission to inform the board. I never heard back from her. Another concerned citizen shared that her supervisor, Brandon Criss, had been given an information packet, was dismissive, and gave no straight answer as to where he stood on the meeting issue.
Pics Dec 2014 116
Toxic aerosol spray over Sisson Meadows, next to Sisson Elementary School

I discovered that the form to request to be on the agenda was not available online. Hmmm… Why? I went in person and filled out the paperwork to be put on the agenda. The county clerk’s office denied the hour and a half I requested. They cut it to an hour, then half an hour. 

A week later I received a phone call from chairman, Ed Valenzuela, Mt. Shasta’s supervisor. He told me, “We are too busy, we cannot have the meeting in May but perhaps in June. I will give you fifteen minutes for your experts, the meeting must be a public meeting, your supervisor doesn’t know the procedure. We cannot just hear from experts and a few concerned citizens. Because of the Brown Act I cannot speak to the other supervisors about this. I am meeting with Les Baugh, Redding's supervisor, and will talk to Ray Haupt. If you don’t hear from me by September….” I said, "Excuse me, you just said the meeting would be in June." He mumbled something… then said, “Out of respect for your husband, Stephen, I will allow this meeting. Make up informational packets, don’t give us too much, a one page synopsis with bullet points and some articles. I want the others to have these before the meeting. Call me June 1st. I haven’t had time to research this…” It was then that I reminded him that his constituents in Mt. Shasta had been trying to educate him on this issue for eight years, which included multiple test results from an EPA certified lab showing dangerously high levels of aluminum from Mt. Shasta. I reiterated that Stephen’s recommendation for testing for heavy metals in surface water would cost around $100-200. 

I also informed him that Stephen was in the process of drafting a letter to all California State public health officers addressing his concerns. I stated that I would be persistent as this was part of my husband’s legacy. I explained that the sprays were so heavy at times that Stephen and I could not with good conscience take our grandson’s ages 1, 3, and 5 outside. Valenzuela said he wasn’t sure about chemtrails. I told him that chemtrails was a slang term for toxic aerosol sprays. 

A few weeks later on May 7th he called to inform me that he had met with Redding supervisor, Les Baugh and Scott Valley supervisor, Ray Haupt, and that he would not allow the meeting on the agenda because this issue was not important enough to Siskiyou County residents. I responded, “So public health is not important? Breathing is not important?” 
What did Ed Valenzuela say to my supervisor who was willing to listen? What did Les Baugh say to Ed Valenzuela? What gives these few people the power and arrogance to disrespect and deny the Siskiyou County Public Health Officer’s dire concerns? Not to mention, to deprive the citizens of Siskiyou County their right to speak out against what is certainly the biggest crime against our health and all life. 

Why does one man, one of 5 supervisors, have the ability to censure the concerns presented by his constituents and a respected physician and trusted public servant? Sadly, I believe the answer is “Because he can." Our local government is but a microcosm of the corrupt world of politics where crimes against humanity are condoned and citizen’s rights are silenced.

We must all be vigilant, informed, and persistent. I will take my 3 minutes and read this to them at a future meeting. I will let them know my husband's concerns are being shared by millions of concerned citizen networks worldwide.

30 Responses to County Supervisors Blatantly Ignore Concerned Citizens

  1. waverly says:

    It's time to ramp up the noise by demanding corrupt individuals  step down from their posts. Circulate petitions, obtaining local's signature's stating they feel it's in the community's best interest for corrupt members of board's of supervisors, committee members and other representatives of authority charged with protecting public safety to vacate office. Replace them with responsive individuals grounded in ethics, morals and truth. 
    The time for lying down is over. The public needs to seize back  power, NOW.

  2. Diana Moss says:

    Certainly supervisors and others clinging to their jobs and pensions are not immune to the effects of toxic metals. They, too, must be breathing the air, drinking the water and  eating food grown in toxic earth like the rest of us.  This planet, the only one we have, is theirs too.  It is so hard to comprehend that stupidity and self-interest can be the very downfall of a once and vibrant planet.  It is doubtful if there is much that can be done to, in the final analysis, make them wake up to their own vile  contributions, unless, maybe a brief intake of Methane.

  3. Ray Hoisington says:

    Great post as always Dane.

    It's time to gather the attorneys together and bring these issues to the courts.  I belong to a 2nd Amendment organization, The Madison Society – our goal is to protect the Constitution through the courts.  We participated in the Heller case years ago, and several cases here in California – my point is: elected officials MUST adhere to their Oath of Office – if it takes legal action to make it happen, so be it.

    I will gladly donate time and what monies I have for this effort.

    In the meantime I am researching CERES satellite data, trying to put data online that shows scientific proof of coordinated aerosol applications and the destruction of our atmosphere – times, dates, everything.  The powers that be are not making this easy, so far I have had to sign 9 license agreements just for the software packages from JPL.   Yes, I do have the computer skills to determine the software accuracy.

    I will not give up.

    I will not lay down and be counted with the dead.




  4. justacitizen says:

    First of all, my sympathies to you, Melinda. 

    Now my question; what are the BOS afraid of, that they won't even allow a discussion of this subject?

    If a test costing only a few hundred dollars will clarify the issue, why don't they just get it done? If there is no problem (via the test results), then everyone will be relieved.

    So, obviously, there is some kind of a cover-up going on. I wonder how deep it goes? Power corrupts, but it doesn't stay hidden (look at the former Oregon governor!).

    Remember when the BOS were going to shut down the public library in our county? There was a great outpouring of public interest and pressure to keep the library going. That is what we need here. 

  5. Mike C says:

    We do live in a world of control freaks. Many of our problems go back to the "greenies" looking for their utopia. Tree huggers who get so extreme as to make everything out of oil consuming plastic. Ethanol made from GMO corn(as opposed to God given food corn) to reduce smog. Now look at the SMOG from aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. Industrial Wind Turbines that are environmental avian cuisinarts.Their low frequency noise affects heath of humans as well as dairy livestock.It has been said both ethanol and IWTs WASTE fossil fuel. No doubt, they do. Yet we get so many of our products from China. They pollute like crazy to produce. Same world. I just wonder if we get what we deserve. These "green" utopians are the ones responsible! Now we all have to deal with what the Al Gores, Bill Gates and David Keiths dish out for all of us. They can pollute our skies on a mega scale, yet in my state(WI) in the late 80's passed L.A.E.R. our DNRs "Lowest Achievable Emission Rate". A utopian fantasy to recycle everything and incinerate nothing. Even if it is Waste-To-Energy..In many areas(NM for one since @ 2004), total ban on burning. PLEASE..

  6. Marc says:

    One of the posts here called it exactly right: "Twilight Zone". Does this account not seem an impossible outrage? Those who are sitting in the "power seats" are what my dad would have called "tin Napoleons". Small-minded, essentially incompetent little masters of their tiny little domain, feeling invigorated by exercising their tiny little quantity of influence. And yet, such buffoons have just enough power to be spoilers if they sense pressure being applied to their little domain in pursuit of some issue or another. 

      The SCOTUS is another example, albeit on a grander scale. Anyone who ever thought the judicial process involved impartiality is living in a dreamworld. Our so-called Supreme Court Justices are as opinionated (not impartial) as any Joe on the street. Is this an inescapable given in human society? Are we so imperfect that those who we elect or appoint to positions of governance serve to emblazon our imperfections before the rest of us? 

      I really think we as a people are "losing it". Whether from immediate environmental poisoning or genetic degradation over time, we are all sensing something palpably wrong with humanity. I know I am feeling it, in spite of many fine experiences and relationships we currently enjoy. The state of the world, as it were, is affecting us all in deeper ways than we can consciously understand and influencing human behaviors on a quantum level.

      Keep focused, spread awareness. It's the right thing to do. 

  7. Nicole and Family says:

    Burns my heart. So very sorry for your greatest loss Melinda.

    The core is rotten from the inside out. We've seen so many examples of this with government officials taking money in sleazy hotels behind closed doors from lobbyists

    And we know the banking cartel is a cartel because they already told us

    And Monsanto who holds half the seats in our government makers of Agent Orange and RoundUp and now aluminum resistant seeds to match the chemspray they surely have a hand in that is raining down and suffocating all life. It's a huge disgusting rats nest. 

    Some officials are afraid, others are just PAID. Either way they are complicit in the crime of omnicide, the death of all life on this earth.

    May you find peace knowing he was a great man, with a great heart, so worthy of a place in Gods Heaven.

    Nicole and Family

  8. Kristina says:

    I have an idea.  Let me know what you think.  We find people with plenty of money who feel the same as we do to put up billboards all over each city that say LOOK UP! GEOEnineering!   Fly airplanes with banners that say the same thing over beaches, lakes, and high populated areas to get people to wake up.  We need to do something fast.  I can't breathe!  I feel trapped in my world with no choice.  It is honestly mind bogeling!  I have one more idea that I think would make a huge impact.  Money talks:  so we have a set date throughout our nation where we keep all of our kids home from school for a week and we march with banners to raise awareness.  Please find me on Face book under Kristina Inman-Gotbaum

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kristina, your ideas are valid, let us hope those with such resources soon realize they won’t take it with them and the ship is indeed going down.

  9. Perhaps they are putting something in the aerosol spray which can change personality; i.e, where a person normally would respond to this program dramatically, but now, they are lethargic.  Kind of dumb down the populace so they are like lambs going to the slaughter.

  10. Patti says:

    This seems like the "twilight zone"…..Why would the whole world be a part of this? I just don't understand it. I know its happening everyday To deny it would be truly crazy. But the fact that so many people are oblivious is beyond comprehension. God knows everything, so He will be the judge of all who are involved in this assault on humanity! With all the nutty environmentalists, you would think there would be outrage over such a scheme. Praying for intervention! Soon!!

  11. carol freiberg says:

    You have to wonder how many of your supervisors have been compromised and are being blackmailed by the folks who are trying to keep this from the public. Sad but true. Who wouldn't want to expose such a crime and be part of the solution? People who have put themselves in a situation that would compromise their integrity don't behave normally. Being exposed for whatever reason would be more painful than knowing they are helping to hide the fact they are poisoning their own families and their communities. So sorry about your loss Melinda. Keep on fighting the good fight for your husband and everyone else that is being systematically poisoned by these nefarious players.

  12. Lou says:

    What groups are fighting to regulate jet fuel??????

  13. verna Smith says:

    My condolences to Mrs Perlman . Thank you so much for your continuing effort of your husband in sharing the truth.I am so disappointed in hearing that the Shasta County Board of Supervisors treated you as well as your late husband and the community with such disregard. Thank you for sharing. There are many like yourself trying to inform those in office in regard to the same concerns you and your husband have.We are beside you and behind you in your efforts.It is amazing to me that people do not either want to know or become involved in something that is such a detriment to all biological life.I am also amazed at the evasive answers,when asking questions in regard to Geoengineering especially hearing from someone in your husbands position. Below is a prime example:

    I called our County Commissioners in Grants Pass, Oregon.I spoke to the receptionist and asked if I could speak with the Commissioner that was the head of the Geoengineering in our area. I told her that I was told that Cheryl Walker was the head of that and asked if that were correct and she stated that " yes ", commissioner Walker was head of geoengineering in this area. I was transferred to Commissioner Walkers, and had to leave a message for she was not available

    Cheryl Walker,returned my call and left a message on my answer machine stating, and I quote."Verna, this is commissioner Cheryl Walker returning your call, you had called my office I believe it was last week, You asked a question about 'Geo-Generation Project' or something, it is not something that the county is involved in,nor do I know much about it ,huh ( she chuckled ) but anyway I just wanted to let you know I did have your message, get your message , I did check into that kind of thing here with the county and with our airports and everything,that's not the kind of thing the county works with or has any jurisdiction over.If you do wish to call my office 541-474-5221 (extension 2 ) thank you."

    I did not ask about Geo- Generation Project, for I had never even heard of it. Oddly enough the second time I called another receptionist by the name of Wendy answered my call. I told her this was the second time I had called to speak to Cheryl Walker.She asked what it was in regard to. I explained I had called to ask her some question about Geoengineering, and that I was told by the receptionist the first time I called ,that Cheryl Walker was the head of that department.I asked Wendy if that was correct that Cheryl Walker was the head of Geoengineering in our area? She replied "right". During the time I was speaking to Wendy I could hear a person in the background say something and then Wendy told me she would be right back and put me on hold. When Wendy returned to speak to me she sounded very strange and evasive, I actually asked her if I was still speaking to the same person I had been speaking to ,I asked if she were Wendy? The reason I asked her that, was because Wendy changed her tune. She said ,"oh I thought you were talking about GMO." I could not believe it. How can two receptionist tell me plainly that Cheryl Walker was the head of the department in this area in regard to Geoengineering,and one change her story after speaking to another Commissioner while putting me on hold.Wendy stated that she talked to another commissioner when she put me on hold.I then asked Wendy if that other commissioner told her not to talk to me about Geoengineering. She said,"no" (Talk about playing dumb! ) Wow!, then to get the return call back from Commissioner Cheryl Walker and her telling me she checked into 'Geo-Generation Project' or "something as she put it","that kind of thing," and " everything."

    It is just plain sickening to hear the lack of concern for something that is causing so much destruction.

  14. Reprinted @ . Thank you, Dane. I will be talking about chemtrail chemistry in the Ashland area at the Talent Library on Friday June 12th at 7:00 pm. I expect to have it all on tape – would love for anyone interested to attend. Will also say some things about acid mine drainage in river systems. Be Well.

  15. Rose Taylor says:

    Thanks to all those who speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves (the children, the animals, nature and the earth).

    Regarding the climate engineering it is happening in almost every country in the world. There is no place to run or hide. All one has to do is type in “skywatch or climate engineering” and the the country, state or city and you will see that citizens around the globe are tracking these planet killing toxic spray programs. I do believe we are reaching critical mass and it only takes more people to find their hearts and their courage (like the Dane Wigingtons, Kristin Meghans, Stephen and Melinda Perlmans of the world) and we shall together overcome this insanity.

    In regards to our “elected officials”, according to the German High Court, which ruled in 2009, “electronic voting and electronic counting machines are inherently UNDEMOCRATIC AND NON TRANSPARENT.” We are all voting by faith alone and until we have citizen oversight we will never know for sure.

    Another world is possible. It is up to each and every one of us to make the change that is possible.

  16. Teanna Flippo says:

    It's time the inhabitants of this beautiful planet wake up and fight for these basic human rights! Thank you, Melinda for helping shed light on this topic. I support you in any and all ways possible!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Melinda, I am in Siskiyou County and I wrote my supervisor about this and sent them the article. I have Grace Bennett. 

  18. Sunnutt says:

    Thank you Melinda for pushing on with this IMPORTANT issue! Have you considered contacting the Today Show, or one of the network news? Education is power!

    • Ralph Ely says:

      Sunnutt, I agree whole hardly, this is an important issue. Actually it is much more than "an important" issue. It is the Premier Important Issue of our day.  It is the issue of the continuation of our very life on this earth.

      We need thousands more like Melinda that have the courage and tenacity to stand up to those in power that are "criminally negligent" in fulfilling their sworn duties to their constituents and mankind as a whole.

      I wish I could share your optimism Sunnutt, that this could be called to the attention of the Today Show and would be reported on. However the "Main Stream" Media goes out of it's way to suppress this information as it goes against the Mandate of the 'Power Elite' to achieve it's stated goal of total control of all Governments and their people. 

      I submit the video link below showing how two FOX TV Reporters were FIRED for telling the truth. Take a deep breath this is an outrage!    watch >      

  19. David Casebeer says:

    Thank you Melinda for having the courage to speak the truth on Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management that is destroying all life. Dr. Perlman was a man of moral integrity and cared about our community unlike so many who continue to “Lie & Die for a Paycheck” mentality.Thanks again to all who have exposed the Geoengineering crimes and looking forward to this ending soon since the Global awareness has reached critical mass.

  20. pat pearson says:

    Thank you,Melinda, for pursuing this to an apparent brick wall. brick walls can crumble

  21. Michelle says:

    Do you know where we can get our well water tested at an affordable price? I’m concerned about how this might be affecing my health. I become chronically ill since moving here and now have neuromuscular symptoms. I had to go out on disability at work and have been referred to a neurologist. We’re investigating all possible causes. Thanks.

    • Kim Ieland says:


      Just finished reading "Brain Maker" by neurologist, Dr David Perlmutter.  He addresses the very issues you are dealing with and also presents solutions we can all use to heal ourselves from these toxins.  Trust me, we can overcome these power structure merchants of death.

      Good luck to you.

    • wes says:

      There is a lab here in Redding Ca that will test for metals.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wes, Basic Lab in Redding can test for metals, but I no longer trust their tests. The new owner has told clients its “normal” to have rain filled with aluminum and we have already had suspect tests come back. Whoever does your tests, don’t tell them why you are testing. We have a mountain of data, our time is best spent waking those that are completely unaware of climate engineering.

  22. Robert Cameron says:

    I appreciate your efforts. I have begun to believe the evidence we are seeing with our own eyes that something is going on and we are not being told what is afoot. Don't let them grind you down. 

  23. Geni says:

    Thank you for writing this Melinda!  I have been watching the Siskiyou County, Calif. skies for 15+ years and it is so sad to see what is happening to us.  I have watched whole rainstorms wisked out of the region many times over the years.  Much of the deluge, flooding and excessive snowstorms in the Mid-west and East Coast regions happen right after major chemtrailing and Haarping activity in our Northern California skies take the storms we see building that never drop, but are swept away.  

    The "California drought" is not a natural phenomena, but created by this geo-engineering activity.  It is criminal and needs to be stopped.  What this really is, is a un-named war where we are being attacked by weather- drought induction as weapon.  I pray and visualize daily that those pilots, their families, and everyone involved in that industry, they wake up, get real jobs that are life affirming, that they turn their backs on their employers, and that no one fills these jobs.

  24. Deborah McDowell says:

    This is important and the time to address it is now!

    • Kathleen says:

      I have found that Siskiyou County although very beautiful has the most disgusting, corrupt, ignorant board of supervisors and county leaders. I never understood how they get voted in, hired, and remain in their positions. I have never seen them do anything but hurt people. You would think the beautiful scenery would clean their corruptness out of them. I think due to lack of jobs, they are afraid to lose theirs by doing theur jobs. Its ok, they can deal with the lawsuits later when a lawyer gets,interested in fighting back.

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