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  1. Chris Amend says:

    I appreciate all who are AWAKE AND STEPPING UP. I teach everyone I come in contact with. It is slow going, but the one thing that is helping get the point across is that people really are sick and regular docs cant help them so it is easier to explain to them the geo engineering phenomena as THE cause of All their symptoms. Unfortunatly, many will have to become sick and many will die in order that e the truth can be seen. I personally pledge to all who are reading this that I will do everything in my power to end this satanic assault.

  2. James says:

    There’s a current article on RT showing how Russia is having an unprecedented warm Jan., that being the flip side of the polar vortex in North America. Meanwhile on RT another article on their heat wave. http://rt.com/news/record-heat-australia-animals-388/
    There’s a massive beef slaughter underway, as the Aussie farmers liquidate their stock. Bats dying in the 100,000’s, dropping ‘like dripping chocolate’ from the trees. Its interesting that none of the comments on the RT article reference geoengineering – not one.

  3. James says:

    I got a lot out of this interview. I listened to it a few times, once was definitely not enough. It raises a thousand questions. The more i think about the complexity of the assault we are under, the more down the rabbit hole i end up, so far that I’m getting a deathly cold chill. Among other things, the vast elaborate effort to blend chemtrails into our history as the new normal is spelling out the Orwellian nightmare. The orchestration complete with doctoring of old movies, chemtrails in corporate advertising, and in the NEWS reels frequently, all this combined with the media blackout spells totalitarian planetary control. The planet’s population is being treated as one. We are now under a world regime, and its spraying the population with deadly particulates; and it controls how you think. We need to get this through our heads. In another era, we should all be heading for the exits right now, or for the lifeboats, but this time it’s not possible, there are no exits. The planet is going down; we are all together frogs in the boiling pot.
    The helplessness of not being able to prevent this calamity factors in. I find it absolutely astounding that no famous spokesperson has stepped up to grab the torch and expose geoengineering; subordinate their career to the importance of saving the planet’s biosphere along with we sorry humans. Nothing is more pressing, more urgent, yet there are no Bravehearts from the rich and famous, how utterly disappointing. Can you fathom it? What would John Lennon do now in this world, if he were here. How important now is the movie industry that produced Schindler’s List, when the whole planet is in a gas chamber. Shame on you famous people, your silence is damning.
    I am reminded of the well-known Aaron Russo interview with Mr. Jones. Russo lays it out simply. It helped me to see to see past 9/11, to see it as just one event in the wider spectrum. Chemtrails are another dot just like 9/11 is a dot, in that they are one piece of the puzzle. When you solve the puzzle, you get the big picture. It answers the question, ‘Where are we?’ We are solving the puzzle, and calling upon each other to join the battle to save all life in the world from this monstrous takeover of our atmosphere, and hence everything below it . As an aware activist, one can only do what one can do. But do it, we must.
    Thank you again Dane. We are beyond exceedingly fortunate to have your articulate, knowledgeable and passionate voice speak for our movement, for the life of this planet. May your voice move the mountain in time.

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